Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: June 23, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Newspapers   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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-. 4 IBAHAMA ARGUS. was sorry thai the Noble Load had thought it nec.'sMry to mont of such measures, this House looks forward to a pro-
-refer to the transartioln of eight or nine years ago: and gresuive improvement in the character of the stave popu-
PUDLISilBD BEMI-WE.KLY IN NASSRA, N. P. with respect to Mr. Canning, nothing that had been done lalion, such as may prepare tiom fur a participation in
or said by Mr. Canning, or any one else, would justify His those civil rights and privileges which are enjoyed by other
llfht 1111ar per anainm---en advance. Maiesly's present (Government in doing or saying any classes of Iis lMajesty's subjects."-Did a i opn differ
Sting that was nut in itself justifiable. lie thanked Mi- from tlle opinion expressed in this Resolution I No one
nislers, however, lor what they hail alr.'udy done on the tllat lho was aware of. TIle only dlilfetnce of opinion rtc-
subject. llo hoped they would go frlthlr ; I.e hoped that spected the rate of' proceeding. The lion. Member for
what had been done might be considered as an inhlicalion We' ymoull woull halve inlum diato emancipation. Iln
of a change of policy towards the West Indies; and le (Mr. IIume) would not. Forwhat imusthe thucounsequencr
hoped and believed thai it would be received it else Colo- of immediate emancipation, unprepared as thel s
SI iles wiui a a esponsive feeling, and would be pruductiveol'' were fur the sudden etaloyeL tul of tile blessings of s-
------ -- -.-. grtrat riationa and confidence. donm I Let tle slave be lfrst put in such a condition It
POETRY. Mr. llumoe observed, that Ile question was wailhetel we enjiy the blessinigs f fre(edoima before freedom was confer-
ne to retain ou ( ul iesI in such a waiy as night li, red option hlin. 11e aidilid tllal tsccessive Adainis-
MAD. TOI'S SONG. libnefitc.ii ii ts, or in such a s ay as should cotint e thIrn tia uns hal poised on tih Colb:,i. measures, which, in
The great round moon !--lu-wia' tu-wlhou tie blot which tally now were upon our policy. On a tie siew of those .Adminitlratiols, were calculated to -f.
I ride on Is rin when I've nothing to do- subject uf so IIIIlCI impol lance h lahe II ntd titU House would I lle the im.lprovement of thli character Of the slave popu-
i--lsfde on an rim, andl oil :lwa., allow him to iake a Ii w ohervalionl. For ears pist he lalion ; bit hl did not think thal thu Noble Lord w;
And I dash oll the stars liomt its side like spr. lIad been conipl.ainii ouf thle evils wliiclI lad arisen fronm "artauid in lsa ing lhat nothing had been done by thli
Were ysou eer 't sea when tile sats ran h rl llthe negligence of tlis country, and its litisovernniant ol crloU"ie IllMt.isls>es thallt tendency.-Sucrl un a-
And the hip e aa titihn tcne all. ablnse the Cotili s in all parts of tihe ril. T Ie principle of Isrtion as not coni stlnt with the Papers which tad i en
Did yo'u hear tie cries ofle seamn bold attetoinpi t ov l Ctl Dgowiing-strt.l lll I laid Ionii tile IItble, aand "lhili proved lie l int dInlerlent ca.-
Did y u hear tlle sque.ig of ithe rat ina the lr li been pIrodictilte of ,n eIIer-sryi-r iln preLnallnt with I nimes n land been teken tl o a meliurate the condition andt
I tle igreatesl evils. The COlst at Clthanl ge f A i:t1lai ira- inpro the i chararr:r of the I.vL.ei. lThe Nuble Lord
But what a a voyage along ile *ea. I iou,, iand lli, tolnsilqlnlueit ihnlll l IUv ucyof the Colonial iihi thitk, as I' (tl. IIUi.) did, tlalt nureo ought toI be
T'F. lr' all the sky wall mn I)ep,ai tiin Ilad i lu to a si, resii, of claoig-s in ir l die ; but it %a, tot I ar inl the N Iub: Lord to state, or
Over Ithe loati-lo and a Ive ratilbI w'a rall',
Over hla tnops uan the seraiabuu. o rtu, f le o .,n ug-ig r Clolit's. lo|lu could the 1aolo- at iastl ti liavt it to be udt' stood, that no prors alwalt-
vlii-i be satiliied or hltoslprous unit, r urih ci rcuntanc-nes I evr had bt'in ruaJdUe by the to evit L that whit I
The great round moon tin-whlat Il-shno 'lie rconseuiLlnce os l, I ai ssy itn %s%, thlt w other at thiu lose l of Cs o monaIm l.tis li.solutionu iiinttelid il l- t'
When there'% frnil in the rr. her note louk-'ue le i, CI ipe" ojd I IIi..-, ii Cani, ,i or in the West Ill- |I.'t. Now wlha- mln ti the ird lResolution 7?-" T]llhat this
iHer nno o looks bile and her crlel.ks liAk retl. l id,, h ri, ,, thii, but dlis co tli'l He dlidj not i:n- IIt""" i t.l s iuu" f i;tr I .i a;' ir n lidl.l menl lf thli .Ilpotl.O. to
And hereyes come siartigu hall out of h-r lbead. I e to any of h, n ,-,estie Atl.iniitrations "f t, 1 le .liMt period Ihl ..ll be com "nible ith tl., +l1-
Yet better loves s hhe the frosty nig.'. county a dispiosiio to do any t'li,,.% : injrious to tihe CoL- Ileing of the Islar et- ail -.ns ilvA%, illaI tlh safety f tile ')-
1~lhn ie. ler round her are cl.nkl..g l riilil. nis ; ii1t 1 iu resil u. lile -s -i in to whlill lie Ishad alluled lonies, and with a fair and t'1tllalll(l conu iderTaion ulo thI
And juniling like hells a. s11 i.oinlvle o.i. Was, iatl .rhr il .c u u t to thu Col onlil (;overn- inl(rests of private Ipr-pirtr ." llr I a.erd lthe Nul le Lord
Than a sky made warm by lle summer sun. I ai.Its, asli Ic urlerr lhad b-'en sulbse4iunntly rEvuktl., andl whllter the latl condition nlentiontld ill tlhis Ilr..leli.l;a lhad
Better loves she llte snoew and the hail, l'en a a'n tnforred. I l hat view it sas that he'tttd' ever been attendedlll to ? Ila! atI) aidmini-tration, iin pri.
VedlaI Ithe arlth with their elsair -r veil, 1111 llha i.t (;.ov1 rnint lll uf tsl,, ce,)ounlly h nort mall) C e ,ars '~ ing ia cipati I, pro l i't i s It ia m nn r a tihe 11 *ll ii ng flower< l Ithe- roIy prin da 1, lai,.I lhl ua:lel C ilia i vs!i .1'a inl] coun:r l iuiill, j i t | U I [att' l "aI i CtI'" ld 1.1 l' ii 1 |iIIP II ( prI rl) IT
That lift up thb r heads to llte sun-their Laii nrder to asrea iai t helha r a tlt C.lunie s here noi fin to. if ', it s 'rli 11 av ,, their n .iiTdi in-tal b in kept in luiding- poed p p iliu ns l i h did not irltde lthal atttilatlo
l, I h li lat aal ..aila.e IIne- r illo a n.i1d toi ta-teal It bi'it, l .t Ala n Ah 1"'- I it i ti' .i I "
Away' h.f ore tle wi nd t trI mm J ld t jctefid to IIle nluC a ln n ean aeaa I.t U 'l 'tiI nl 'st 1I riatt rbOeal t 1t I lIr ilesltl
alo- arl. kI i tl n a a lur sla r |>, ilig-sttr'i'. lie r 1pu It.'d I that lie did lot aaribula "t l:.ta Iiit. r o C', ',i,,i,.is lilad di'tarI. d ..llt tu l,. 111, -
Is as bright as lthe train o a shootingg str. tite A-s I a.iti i. ;l.d in. the C(olonies to any intrtlia llon I iai i 'lltl sn. PI s It oit hil li nlk
e IL rl f ll u (.(r te plllart of thiri G ernment if i tis couritlly but to lte l ter iIIe llhus ni ni onI le o mt o oi urn irl antl slt,
The gr.eni mriin, tn tIh iakea I$siea which b a been purs pd. HI regr tti d, in s hit precis- r .itinn ll. un' it r a niitl Ihr s lae' wire t,
n -. Fill -ha tier rail alslaaU I, hia a taa Isic 'IIi i i I5 S ihii iaia 'i 51s .It;li'sl'rll tl Cf I1 iiia'II helit lai
I ,1 Il, li rm wh"l I h.e Onh g o tiee.lolre, that is .Mj,,est.- inp set,, ..n Mini.sters, on cominatg 's. pri. t coln beli n
I n.le an iri l u ah I ti o i 'to 'T'c. bh nail t 1,1 lhe an Illatltemplt to fratne somi e gea.t'raIl t11ht it I in tplend I the ll (-le'rnis e i nt ,of thll, cuntlr
at all thaa lt pu'ngthe eabbelus i m of a more s,.i,lcloryv .a:uit. lie also r(.'ret:ce "I lI e. rh l il n tal.i l l l a lin ; a, til, rt, all i,.,t
Men flatrer a lordline who rnmes ,anl.i Iial til at tvris .\lAllniua.slotiJl:o in l ; lCjni tlry for a lUnii p.Il i l 'lt la r 'iti] a'liil' r .ii' C ,.IlI]ratln ol o i] ri !ill of propl rly)
Just l ,., a 'XIl. l exnll nl. l h.ed' in spl.ce : i ,f li ll ho n ld .1 p. ,t di u f r uleu illlt of 'all1.1 i.u llr te.lln orf the II. uf ( rIll.
Men -pjt a o'r a s r re l hal h i- rrl .il IPr I lilt, .f un:illl ot d u c on i' 1 iL'd l:,ei I n to ldu l i l1. i- r! (Irs ril' r .** .'. I l1!t piricip'i laid dluo n ill I .it
Just as I Ise a world emerge i llln to laclll I a .l r l 'l.lioht.s t t~ioni i.ll I I) lol.u flil hI, 1:i. 1, r l l I l'"" I" 1 1!:. j .1 'Ii 1 istiis 'l 'rP dtlt irol l.
if lhev r.,' n he si., lhr' ith e hr .Inoll.s illr. b' ad i.Iae' ,ihd hfl,'th, lh rl u, re i o t rc i -d .: I 'tt i i "ll" l i I "1' t I i.lmph le ti .mani i latltn U iclh
Thv :. I I I.I "i .v i 1h orol-- t'. M '. o I allo t l..>t .l h hl.,i ov anld iiattenllli,:l Ilml ..lilt ni oiit cr :tl. ha e a; ia" l lit""'IIhI'li\ r i .a-ir;ail.l li. nl t lh!,l out tlhe
Tlir' v w itl.I il n ir their nn01w1 l f vI rltie ar nd -a n. bt'.i xi c:l i l. II. h itf i 1ii iihun 1 a it l., %: ia r' 'r ortl li i ih a'lfl a."n t lI l iI II s .iol l ii n ; .iil I lIl, in Itli- ol ne hanil,
Anil weigh'gainsl their worll ihe hre:ld of a pin 0 1 1 v hik 'a) atat(.on ay Cul i) li-I h.. isie is]t to 1, l. I the proll1' e in11 iiation- on the other o l'l, lla
S' ,d ... l a c, iiu ,a ou to s.e sni s>) : .. o .. r. l aut oli u hoi .. in ell, 1 1i:1 i lt rn., the rigllt
ahtitIt tlah' C liilll be .u- filed 1ti supp1 -rt l'ltnl- 'I if 1roti1' t li ses I1. l Is l I'h ll u iter soulil e I.-pa Ictie!.
IIPERI:A Is i R L 1.1M E"N T. snI, Iand ltube no lne, r lunIr thia oeirnmo,.en of i.,l -,, i :.I r' tIrt .. hh eit I'nIn 11 i M.i.:sas '.
Sidul wIiltl h tell no ianllneiiate co:lnetaioi.- (;ot'e-nlinel lld. l .tOlu Woll t\\ InWtl lia P'oprirtirs ai.y
HOULE OF" CUl.M.ONS. IIlwould prorrel ii, inake a few il.narki on alial hId lip, or 'ai,-d tllin io r ,s in l, thiiih their prup.tny
tl5RCHt t.'. fallen froum the Noblu LadL. The 'oble Lord Ihasl, aill i. il Ia"' *l p tl,', sl.t) is aelo I %c r l a fair Conideitdiu la
c-.rat pllriu Ct leinnlll C'td lii .otUrlvaltils by :I rl.Tr- and conlap lil-l.a:i. fr tlhe Il.s of ItII. aibour of their sl, es,.
Cnosa tm n riEa ence to Ill, Heolutlon.i i'l tih Ifi la S of M 5y, i 3, anid tl"i*' w hI lill l i t1 re Il. to tear t assljas. Tl .e
(Contned rlfrom our last.) had staledl ill l lip .Il Ill rc-ile'an i were nia t I,)i 10 ir errN : lI' LorIl s~i.II w e weIU o a frililgtfil preclpice. lie
Mr. Rolabrt CGordl.n w.n s happy in say that the Noble ithoe Heslotia int into ll' r a. Ni man wlh posses s.cll II (Mr. IIt .a ) adniilt.' i,. \ et. Hihs 3.iji t.(' (ioern-
Lord whlo intro.l'uccd tllih, < ion to Ilt-l Ihli l. (I.rl cord lin !inrm ln t h iilt ro;all rai III- sa ni to no ""l I''i.inii of horna l rah rert to averlt th in-pl ndling ca.
Althurp) haJ not uttered a single word to whi, l te it m..l I!i.iab li.l lmiris.-B Bt a ure iItv 1 I N.Thble lI W'ly1 a1. -lllry p.-pareild will meancure conAsilc.i.e
sen.tisi on this nolot senitive soj.tet c.rl cul oject ; and IL Ia r, had nm a a a trieai not. .l. h-e. lh Uppl.,s..,l thlis H, ih' the conIdilions prtresribed in tlie Illird R(solotion ip.-,
he earnestly hoped lhat lite 1l.a.a,'.age of the Nlhle Lord i tlutions to co.ant o at i l .try didI not (intalini ; and, in l '1 hv t ale. Hl.n of (:a,,,l.nn il I 41 Prol o -anis.
was miore ihe evid -nc of lthe N ble L.ord's ack n )wledged conselas.nce o0f similar errors, tile shale of tlle dlspuli s the Ordelr 'i (Counacil o, Nvamnib, r b.aen made lIy
kiln.ldois of heart rhan of tlle g,-ner;il fcelihns ,f IIf. M.- and calamities in Ihe Colonies had resull-ld. In thin. as in rrini .ld. .St. Lcia, DI)nieraia,, and almost every oulb r
jesty'% (jverinmen t (hear !). B.lieving Ibis, Ine rer-retted all othel r agreements, there i ar. tw1o part's. In this, in est In ldia Cuslny. It ai no, t arl I ism,- that that ordir,
t:at lthe Liarned (Gonlel-man (Mr. Burge) h.! entered into fart, there were ihiec. One party ais the II of i"ltpr'leod as thte Colot..,ha nt !r.i'ly in l rpi),ia.ld ,1, ]ta la tl
Ihe larger (;i'astlon on the present ocrasicn, because le Cionim,.m whio were bonld tI a. daut:r prv- lead tI. ll-. rai-aur U hirh hlad Ia,,.in nailtaltd. l11 I. .-
Laew it cuuld never be dilcuss'd wilholllt cr-aling so:n'r scrbild to thl i.e Ib ihumanilty; ainolhr party Was tlI 1pro- ped therefore, llal it. l1..l i:;'i (Gulernl. att would da.-
euciltelm at-. 11 thouSllt too tlha the Na.cle Lord (Lord prirtlors of sa'.ves ill ile C(,,;lni., a. I were justilcal Ir InelV ..IL to l1 a rln illtr inl d u o ll'd p ,.
Ilowick) had himself entered rather too nmuh lati the assertion their ju.t right-i, to wiich lights, the greatest al- sectionn to Iprul rl' y: the C dloi.rl a; ain. li was quite
grievances ol tho past, while it was to be wilhel, that all It.,lison oug:lt Io be paid ; anl el third party was the Ue"'t.l j peop!eof aliscoualty Were i.ota so uIlIilI .
would now rather look to the future (hla(r !). 11 would shlavr, It wl omi we were biondI to ard every protection "i wi to desuoy thla property ahi.h llau Culonists had
say let there Ie no morro of the representations of tje dis- Ircnoatliblae with the undemialble ricgts of tlle planters. derived ftom their fathers, withmlt granting them that rcl-
gun of lhe Mother-Counlry on the one hand, or of ihe dis- This country senedl to hase hre'n led away by feelings of silderation and compensaliai tlro a l hl they ,were tctilled.
satisfaclijn of telo Culoni.s on the other; but rather let hnamar.ilv (which no ltan waa less ,]isposed to blame tllan lie thonight the '.asnre wwhichi lha. b.en adopted hy Iii,
their state of surfering lead all parties t a consideration of hin.rIaif), and, by a wish to remove rte hlot of o eal present lNay-jsty's Governnwrti in SN.vermbt-r list, a rash one; and
the means through whlicl these measures cmn be defected,' Colonial system, to forgel that that blot was not lle crea- he "rlretted tllatthlev lhad not paused until a Culmmitte,
whicl will be agreeable to Parliansnt and the country, tion of the present period, and IIlt it was not created by of that iouse had examined the suhjecl. lie was farher
and, at the same time, be compoerat with the presom-rvam- tie present proprietors in tile West Indies. To do jus- convinced, that if the ysaem of dealing with the Coloni a
ien of tleo Colonies themselves. His Noble Friend (Lord tice we should nout visit on in l;iduals acts which were by Orders in Council were changed, and the measures to i,
llowick) had expressed hil sorrow for having gives olTeoce not theirs, bill the arts of their fathers, to whom they be adopted were brouelht under discussion in that louase,
to Ie Cjlooials on a former occasion ; but it seemed to be had succeed d. That sernled to le forgotten by many much evil would lie anaideo, and that rancour and ill-Will
one of the anisforlnnes connected with this most unfortu- persons. Tile lion. cr..ber for Weymou:h was oln of which was produced by ill-limed Orders, such as that of
nate question, that no one could enter 0o it without using those m.itaken persons lho sreemied to have entirely for- Nov,.ml-r last, would no longer be generated.
expressions in some degree calculated to produce eacite- enotrn that thocs acts were not ile acts of the present pro- Mr. F. Buxton observed, that the IHon. Member r
ent ; and the Noble Lord had not, on Ihe present occa- prictors, but the acts of their predecessors. What was Middloex had complained of al tIhe parties concerned
sion. steered clear of that influence, or been quite so the first of the Res lutlinn agreed to by Ihe lHoue of in this question, one only excrpled-the planters. In
ruirded in his language as his friends coull have wished. Commons on the 13th of M.av, ICt2?-" T'lat it is er- their conduct the Hnn. Gentleman could see nothing
(Hear, hear !) fHe trusted, however, Ihat Ihe Noble Lord pedient to asdopl elfectual and dIlecisivo measures for ame- wr"n". He had aid that l never marief an any planter
(Althorp) intended the announcement of that evening as liornting tlle condition of thle slave population in His Ma- who o"Ijected to the Resolutions of mlt. Not in word,,
a favour to the Colonists, and he hoped the Colonists jesty's Colonies." Had the proprietors in the West In- but what lhal been tlle ats of Ihe planters? lWhatl as
would receive it in that way, and take it as a phldge of a dies ever denied this expediency l Hle hadl nev.r met the last point dicouss.d is ihe House of Ass..nbly at Ja-
desire to consider their state of smlTering tnder a more with a single man who did so. On ihe contrary, Hl all "maic before thl late events in that island ?-W-ihether
favourable light (hear!) Under that impression he hoped concurred in assenting to it. Wl ,hl. as tlie second HPso. w'oien shouldbefn- flo;, in pIulic [ro, no. !. ] e lrepreat.
also that the Noble Lord would s-e the propriety of re- lution --" That through a d-r-trmined and persevering, cd that that was the point discussed in the Colonial As.
un.sidering the tquetiai, ofu t!e I'iscal ritlei'riuon. lie i' bu. at s' 1- n '' '. I *:'I J ;:-itl1 ficprate. c;for:. / Ci'i.t a rn e r liat Pa~ e.)

1 Ma!_lEamJa Rargvu.
,^me g of mind, should have spared hi from e utrdier pub- gratlfd. I believe, Sir, no peron adminiaerM 1,
Ta fR y licfy; foryoumau sf. B r,howfew ew are.thetwould vernmenttnputb handintiothe,,h
have had courage to make so large a sacrifice to character unction; and they know their uty to their GOa,
aend feeling, as the worthy Police Magistrate has done King and their country, and we do notdoubt their inrs'i
SATWUUAYT Jw.1IR 1 189 There are, however, sane remarks in that letter, which Why the writer in the Argue should be Ityled by 1
SbAT Ay has allusion to him as a Member of our Colonial Parlia- poordoalingoldfool, A LoyalHubject, heradicalij.n,
ment: itha, in my opinion, hai not only Tfiled to serve cannot discern. If, to love our King. and hnour
It iwib u sih please, tai we give a place in our him, bot has most unkindly exposed him to the prejudiced laws, with a perfect willingness to risk life and limb f
columns to die letter of Mr. Lockyer, an officer of His feelings of his numerous enemies. the honour and well being of both; if, to hold is abber.
Majety's schooner Fnsly. In refutation of the charges He sus, the Houe refund to pass a Bill brought in rence, all tyrant and persons who would, for personal gr
abrogt egiast Lieut. McDonnel, the commander of that by the Police Magistrate," and leaves all the evil con- tification and vindictive feeling, dishonour every
b l mo e oi s nce complained of, to the violent leaders in the thpt is virtuous in our nature, or honoured in society
veel, by t m r of the American ship Sirc, whose late House of Assembly." This assertion is, at least, trample on our independence ; be the conduct that janif
ltatemdnts o i Inserted. The conduct alleged to have ery mukind; for it is sery utcrue. Does not A Loyal the name of radical, then, Sir, but not till then, may ie
been exercised by Lieut. McDonnel, was not only so Subject know, that, with the exception of Mr. Malcolm, writers in the Argus he called radicals.
compleelyat variace witb the general high and chivalric the Contract Baker, there was not, on the occasion of The writers in the Argos have only opposed 'ma. ,
character of the British navy, bt so opposite to that throwing out that Bill, one dissenting voice 1 destructive to our liberties and properties, that have a.
clrae of he Bnnh navy but ppot t t hat iA Loyal Subject tells us, the Police Magistrate has other been approved of by the Sovereign, nor ae l .a-
omfys own well known gentlemanly deportment, that we hisown peculiar duty to perform." Very sagacious, upon cordance with our laws. They have manfully aet ti
ft.. iconvioced, when we read the publication in the my honour So has my right hand on particular occa- faces against oppression, tyranny, and all those low, ik,
Savinnah Georgian, that dhe facts of the cae had been sions. But does not the all-wise Loyal Subject know, vulgar acts, of domineering impertinence, which nav
greatly ditorted-if not entirely lost light of. We now that the Police-Salaried-Sitring-Magistrate, Ihs very dif- often, under the protection of office, been observed o
sinerely trust, that theoccurrence will not be the cause of ferent duties to perform frnm ithe other Magistrates; that them; and I will now tell A Loyal Subject, that his
ctingcerely usi, the occurrence dic ot f he beeef sitti.n, picking his teeth, for four or five hours a day in nature is a misnomer-for the only Disloyal BSbjec
exciting jelouies, or creating discordant feelings, between his office is not exactly what he gets his salary for --A which my honoured Sovereign has in this hin la of
any of the countrymen of the different parties; for it Loyal Subject's sagacity has also found out" that a Magi.s New Provilence, ii the junto of six, vi. His-
curtainly should be viewed without any reference to their rate is nut to perform the part of a Constable." Per- L. K., the P. M., P. P. P., A Loyal Babiecqrs
national character, and a reflecting discredit upon the haps not.-But sill he dare to contradict the fact, that it Colonel B-; some of whom, long ore this, l2ould as
mnast of the Sira, as n individual, alone. is the Iunden duty of a Pulice Mag state, to see that li been taught that their lurdies were too heavy for
Constables moving under his a athurity, discharge their their craigs"
S21 Ju, 1 duty honesrlv to that public who pays tlemnr s it proper I am, Sir,
NAau 2 June, 82. for A Loyal Subject to justify Mr. C. R. Nesbitt, in say- Your obedient servant,
To the Editor of the Bahama Argus. ing-for llis is thi moaning-since the House did not think HONESTI'S.
Sm--Will you be pleased to publish the accompanying proper to pass my Bill I'll enijsi my salary; but I'll be
letter from a Captain Hewitt, commanding the American damned If I give mysel'fany tr,,ublh A L 'l Subject MINA AND MRS. CHAPMAN.
ship Siroc, with a few remarks I feel carled upon ti has, I regret to say, made it too plainly appeal, IIn I such
make. Without entering intlo a detail on this dirty alfair is the feeling of his friend thle Police Magistlrae.-This is The Chapman Trioal.-The investigation of the An
of Captain Hewill's, I merely beg to say, I was i;e Mid- another cause, why I think A Loyal Subject's letter was da"loh""a nlrder has at letelh been brought to a clew.
shipman he states to have boarded him. The only nes- injudicious. Both ol ti. accused persons lin, i1 turn, undergone the
sage he requested me to deliver to my Commander was, I now cume to the fourth paragraph ol this ill-advised terrible ordeal. But though they stood charged stgether
an apology for coming in contact with the Firefly, and prodiclioa. lie says, had, however, the Police Mazis- as partners in crime, and their fates seemed inseparably
carrying away a part ol her rigging. Had he given me Irate been invested by law with suficient authority. &r." inlerwoven-though they were immured in the usn
s insolent a message as he is pleased to state, I should -Was there, coull there, have been, in any part of the prison, and sat, ide by side, in the same bo--they are
certainly have oored lhim on his quarter deck. We world, a House of Assembly more unanimous in every now in situations, asitespects each other, widely,tree.o-
have no sin pounder on board, or any man who would thing they did during the last Session !-The Members dously apart. She no longer dreads the penalty of the
willingly do injury or insult to auy one, without reason ; who composed that louse, well knew who Mr. C. R. law ; bit again walks upon the busy stage of lile. The
and he who would create bad blood between nations, to Nesbit, the Police Me.istrate, was; they could appreciate verdict of not guilty has relieved her from the peril of
gratify a villainous propensity for telling falsehoods, I an. his ahili-ies; they could estimate his worth, and they knew losing, at once, her lberty, her property, her life. He on
sure every honest nman of every nation, would ded lre he the depth of his understanding.--nd if they thought, that the contrary, is this moment treading the floor of his dismal
oug to be damned. Mr. McDonnel, my Commander, lie was totlly intficient, either from wait of inel.ller, cell, absorbed, no doubt, in the thought of his impending
of course cannot think it worth his while to deny allega- nerve, or character; it they said, lt us have fur our Po- "ate. Hi jny Ihtve pronounced himu guilty of murder si
tions from such a lame deriner as Captain llewitt. lio Maaistrate, an honest man,-one who we cani conrfi, the first degree, and lie remains to sufler the penalties of
I remain, Sir, in,-one whn. bh shewine a proper tenacity for hit own the law.
Your obedient, humble servant, charaailr, will indurl nstiu h*liev hin capIble of bing T th terminated two of the most important trials
H. LOCKY ER. ie guardian of our'a,-we will then conie forward to make lnal ever look place in this county. I1 this evalence oe"
a liberal provision for a Constabulary force. tlt myse,-rioui working ol divine Proiu idnce. the mind of
['rom the Sarannah Georgian, of June Ist. I say, Sir, if the late Honourable House of Asemnbly usan nay coentreplate with wonder and astonis.menl, and
The ship Siror, lies it, arrived Ia Mobile ou thite 21st bought proper tbus to reason, and paree am.,net hem- although tile wicked may for a tiuie lemn to go o sand
instant, from New-York. Extract from her log-book :- seves have no- we, their coi,.tiients, murh can. to be lIp rpr in sin, ytl crime is sure to n.uet with its reward.
On the ltth of May,at 4 o clock, P. M. fell in with his pro ul of, and thankful to ni-n, who have so carefully .r i poil fr a uderer to escape detection, it
Br. Majesty's Man of War sch'r. Firenv, laying too, itll avoided placing a pnrt of tlh public funds at thle disposal ""'i erm i' this i srance eve ry tliing promised to the
Ier head E. by S. Her boat came off from sore ; she of those thiy had o confidence in.-Tis also, Si, is aricipators such a .tuit. MA. Chapman had been in-
hoited her jib and filled away. The windl being South, I anolu r arguntrnt in proof, how injudiciuus A Loyal Sub- lisposewd f'r some litte when the poison was administered,
was close hulel, heading W. S. W. The schooner a jeci's ltellr has been. and was given in such siall quantity as not to excita ws
point under my lee bow. I saw she was trying to weather I now come to lle last paragraph. l\\hile however," picion, but Ite doses were repeated until death ensued.
ime, and would certainly get athwart my hawser, the ship says he, a raldil junto, &c. set lhe injudict eiou umple h"i interment took place, and was attended by his friends
going six knots. I put my helm to port, but finding I o, disr',sioc, &c."-and I would remind Loyal Subject, and neighbours who believed that he died natural deah,
could not clear, put my helm to starboard, which barely that respcl has a strong resemblance to a finer, and inore and three mnotls lapsed before suspicions were awaken-
loared, our sides touching. Ile luffen under my stern, delican ;' resp ectl elov,,rnus he wonf ous d, that there had been foulplay, when a post Imotem
and hailed : Who in hell are you ?" My clours being t here are thoe, no double, whose subordinate silu4ions e"aminnation took place. The parties were arreasud-
set he t line, my answer u .L, my cIolouli al I rertilv riler it e Iltlic l ta hay llt unllldntu e ol rresper, cl n i Irled, and one hIs escaped punishment, probably from the
who I was. He fired u usi piuisl u!,l a, nihli lruick p l,,.11ps I, e .p t ,llhll, l. and cni.mpl, are the intnts i furluntale circumniance of their trials being separated.
within a foot of my rudlIr, and lithn iavL orders i otf tlir i.II l .--Buitu a ilue of .I iuihiI, like the mind -Bucks C. Intel.
" Shoot the damn Vinkee's colours down"-fired again that is iniidelwndenli, upritlll and hiniouraile, will always
at my colours, myself standing sn ithe ship's round house; scorn to sucunmb; particularly, to those wllo hllnrto, llor- INDI .
tis ball passed between my main amd miren-masts, so near getpul of true dignity, refuse to them, those courteous DtAUrtUL uHtRRICANE I INDIA.
my right shoulder, ; could heta it whiz. I hlive too, his civiliies and allentions, which unaullidoised arrogance, and Extract frtm a pliiale letter, duted NovePmber 10,from
boat came on board with a Midshipman, to know li ship's puffed up consequence, would exact frout olters. .;e neighbourhood of Balasore:-" I can think of no-
name, and where bound. His excuse for hiring was, that I should have earlier noticed A Loyal Subject's allusion citing but the hurricane which occurred here on the last
I aine sear running him down.' From the situation of to what is evidently, a very sorte subject with the six_ day of October; such a calailty I have never heard or
both veels, I fel justifiable in asserting, that any nau- getti rid if an unconstitutional printing act." I woul read of: at least 10,000 persons in my jurisdictoo were
tical man will coincide with me in opinion that Ili Maies- ask, had not the Ilouse of Assembly's just cause to be drowned, ard I fear the accounts will show double that
ty's Commander acted die prt of a coward and no sailor. indignant, when they nw a man who had grown gray in number, including children. The high road front Mdra
FRED. HEWITT, Master. their service- hlio had been their printer for very many to Calcutta runs through Balasore, about sis miles north
years-coming forward, in consequence of an advertise- of tits, and where it is ;n a direct line ni;Oe miles from
SBy this Mihshipman I sent my compiments to the com- met from ,the Commissioners of Printing," and tender- the coast, the sea crossed it, carrying with it every living
mander of the Firey, to y. that his cton was Ihat of ing to prit the vey sae work for about one half the s thing in tat space in that direction. At least 150 square
co-rd. and that. if r ever met by me in Pr.Tp.huud hpor ting to print the vry 1in i work tur dbout ofoe al h1 sue dee.
him o personal respoibilivt for his condact. l l e had, fur wen ty years before, been annually in the habit miles were iluudated from 10 to 15 feet deep.
pa l mp ibl i of clargine What, I would ask, does this look like I The sea came up to Balasore, and to the nortward
But we ave now a competitor ; and in consequence, also the inundation was little less. The deck and part of
Nasar., June 19th, 1832. Mr. McQueen tenders to do the public printing, at one half a vessel re in the road. Where the sea crossed it on the
To the Editor of the Bakami Argu. the charge he formerly enacted from the public; and is west dle, and where its process was checked by the road
Sm-Any thing more at variance with prudence, than under tendered even at one half, by lte lioest Editor of on tIh east side are lying, all deal and heaped together,
A Loyal Subject'" letter, which appeared in last Satur- the Argus !-" Oh !" say the junto of six But this men, tigers, biffnlaoes, cows, &c. I have sent out h-
day's Gaette, I have seldom witnessed. I should have horrid man was convicted of a libel on our amiable a.,ll dreds of people to burn and bury, but if it does not breed
thought, and I believe I am not singular in so thlinkng, worthy Guvernor, and it would be dreadful to to allow him a pestilence we shall he lucky ; it is not easy to dispel f
that tie Police Magistrate had already become sufficiently to have the job." Now, Sir, who cares a farthing whotller bodies covering miles."
conspicouus, without again being dragged before the public the Editor of the Argus. in thie honess feelings of his con- The Bengal Hurkoru, after describing the total dstrc-
by the ill-advid writer in the Royal aazete. The science, has libelled Sir J. C. Simvith, or not T Wlhetllr tion of the crops in tie above district ; states, dat on th
ever castigation talicted by Mr. Wood, was too green he has, or not, held up to public execration, those a he are night of the 8th of November, 7000 niasond of grain had
in our memories, (ead will nutasily be forgotten ) to need the enemies of our well-being, cannot, should not, have been despatched for the use of the famishing survivor of
that ;l-advised letter of A Loyal Subject, coming so soon any thing to do with the printing act.-Who will do it the dreadful flood.
after as it doe, holding him up to ridicule and notoriety. best, an cheapest, is the proper consideration for the
However worthy or worthless the Police Magitrate may guardians of the public purse; and here again, I sy,-as Character of General liolf .-It rarely indeed hap-
be, his situation, lest, ought to be respected, and every in every thing else they have dune,-the House of As- pens that so hort a life-not four and thirty yeara-l-b
thing tending to bring that situation into contempt, ought sembly have shewn, a true regard for our interests, and been able to comprise such great actions, and to acquire
to e avoided. It is certainly a cause of gratl regret to u are entitled to our gratitude. But that louse has been such a mighty name; but Wolfe died in the happy ma'
ll, that he should have submitted to be told he was a dissolved-their acts not passed; and, so far as the Execu- ment of success: and the consequences of his achiee-
coward, and a liar, and to the threat of a horse whipping; tive is concerned, the Editor of the Royal Gazetle, nents proved the best comment on their importance. Nor
but the world is ofeo harsh and unkind in its way of who, by his late offer, baa shown that for iia last 20 was the voice of a great orator and noble-minded mas
thinking, and has failed to give him credit for that loyalty years he has been charging the public one half more wanting to do fulljustice to the merits of the dead officer.
to the laws, which, as a Pulice Magistrate, he so properly than he cou!d have done the work for, is, by command Lord Chatham then Mr. Pill, in moving an address to
evincd, by submitting to on abject an insult, the rather of His Excellency, conlioued tim King's printer !" the King, to petition that a monument might be erected
than offeod against the niajenty of the lans. This noble- But to tllic Mlrbers of Council, nc baec cause to be to Wulfc in Westmrinster Abbey, pronounced a splendid


flu Ma a awma Urges.

yrki upon the man by whom courage, persevemaee, I Asociated Reform do.,4 Baptist, 8 Methodis Epipco-
-sd talent, one of his own gretest schemes had been pal,3 African Episcopal, 1 German Lutheran, I English '
to complete lucceu. The voie of dhe whole Lutheran, 1 Seamen's Bethel, 1 Evangelical Reformed, I
Sseconded the appeal of the Miniter; and bright- German Reformed Calvinist, 8 Friend, I Unitarian, 1
0s the immensity of lying epitaph and vain maau- Dunkards, 1 Misionary, 1 Scotch Seceden, 1 Branch
h which in alages and all countries, hae attributed Tabernacle, I New Jerusalem, I Univeralist.
lptiotes virtues to the dead-the marble to Wolfe is a I O
ls aonunent of national applause, recording qualities BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
lt existed, riumpbed, and were valued as they deserved. O027710t & t13 eP Pno
0usmporary praie paid every tribute to his memory, -n Moinday eaM the 25 iuattt,
d sing yearn-those telltale discoverers of hidden (7 Erery peron about to leae tase Islands, after AT THE VENDUl OU1SE,
ibtes have detected no flaw in hi noble reputation, lavin resided thereinfor tihe apace OfTHISTY DAYTS, mas 1 L .
id he lived longer-fortune, it is true, night have Will be old
aled, his schemes might have failed, his exertions give security at the Secretary's Offe,orpa up hilnae i FOR CASH,
Pd ineffectual, but still Wolfe would have been a great said OjceforIrTrEN DAYS preVious to hisdeparture-af Superfine Flour, in barrels,
p. As it was, kind, generous, liberal, brave, talented, Corn, in bags,
lsiuatic, he lived beloved and admired for his shorn ter which, at any time during roTT-rFvrE DAYS, a Ticket Choice Sugar, in barrels,
ace of being, went on through existence from success may be obtaliad. Butter, Lard,
eoccess, and then, like the setting sun of a summer's NAMES OF PERBONS I keg Fig Tobacco,
br,he sunk with the blaze of his glory all about him. I yion Teo, Paint Oil,
%oir of Great Commwader. AaoUT To OBTArl TIcKreS Fro D3PA5TUtE. French and Latin Books,
E2d February Elizabeth Sullivan Six pieces Check,
The Bank of Eigland.-A meeting of the bank pro- tMa April W. I. Alexander With various other articles.
iors was held on Thursday, when a dividend of four 4th John Ahlay ALSO-
to wu held on 'hu ay, whnn a diviJend of four June Francis Montlel A Houe aid Lot, situate in the Estern District, at
Scent. fo the half year ending in April nest, was decla- d ri Jhnon Houe and Lt, e in Earn Dirict, at
a.-A proprietor asked whether government had adopt- eth William Ilobson present iu the occupancy of Mr. Thomas Pinder.
jailt-'.eps relative to the Bank Charter ?-The Go- ltth S. A. Bode AND-
senor replied that ministers had intimated that, if possible, 14th John Walker At one iMotL's Credit,
bey would after Easter propose a committee to inquire I hhd. leal Geneva, in llot to suit purchasers.
to banking affairs generally. The affairs of the Bank of A lew dozen choice Tenetiffe Wine.
England would form prominent part in the investigation -J.rna"-._ _Sn23d._ BiY -. June 23 .l
lfals "subject., ,l, c.-A& BY HIIENRY ADDERLEY.

The Princess Louise.-Tlhis amiable and interesting PORT OF N INMNAU N. P. On M. nday nest, the 25th instant,
roung lady, who is niece to Her Majesty, lies on the piinit ----- --- -- A-- T THE VENIIi HOUSE,
o death, in Windior Castle. She is between 17 and 1H ARRIVED, At 10 O'Olook, A. A .
pars of age, and has been afflicted front her infancy with June 21st-H. M. schr. Fr, fly, Lt. McDonnel, Cruise Will be sold
complaint inhe spine, which has at length destroyed .. M. sch. oo, Li. Hookey, Ditto Superfine Flour, in barrels,
Mr constitution. Sheis not expected to live many days. Sugar, in ditto,
rle queen sitends upon her with the most unwearied asi- CI.. \t ED, Irish Butter, L'ird, Hams, Dacon,
laity. The Duchess Bernard of Sane Wiimar, mother June 20th-Am. sclr. Sar, i & Ilannah, Spencer, Rice and Corn, in bags,
f the princes, is expected daily from tile continent. Rhode Island Paint and Paint Oil,
*22d Sp. schr. E.siella, Arguda, Culia Kegs Barley,
Female Setaimanentalist.-There is a great deal of spu- Dry CGolod, &c. &c.
rioussentiment in every thing. And tie aff.tlation or Termsr-CASll, before delivery
misapplication of feeling is tlr more prejudiiced than its NOTICE. ALSO-
rcess. TThusthe sympathy which woaks of fiction excite, N consequence of lie revival of the old and explodedd (Without reserve,)
Ibough it has in it something tender and romn iitic, by no i as'ion iof Mlsachoes,* 'the rubsrriber hers leave to At three Mnmths' Credit, on giving security,
means involves real feeling. The young woman ulho is l'rm the eentll-nn uiblie, that he has on hand a variety ALI(K, MARY ANN and Child, field hands.
versed in rumances will ino doubt, arcuire tile lan,,.ua ,. of mall Miisciw* Tooth Combn,sonie years ago admired June 21J.

of sentiment. Sie will have a sih and a telr for every for their uilultne's and scieintlfic ounsluction. He has.
ccansiun,-a languishing look, and a nervous palpilation ; also on hand, which he will sell cheap to ladies. patent BY IENIIY ADDELRLLY.
she will condole with every itle of distress, anid he eIubea- SIbR.larles, so made, that if a lady or gentleman of w.ak
mat, at least, in her professions of synipiallty. Sihe uill astOlach, ..nhl d lunforlunAtely av dinner be placed oppo- On .Monday next, the 25th instant,
een iinagine it pretty and picturesque to appear in a cot- site one of Ihe SLAVErF.a of beef gravy, porter froth, or A THE VENDIE itcE,
Ie, tiI drop a Luinia oi a iuor nmln' lable and to re- custard cream, ibte ineo'isduly turii thdisusting medley At 11 O'loIk, Aa. W.
mive, wilh tlhiL ei, i aih luh I s li vishth.ik.-Bit when into Ihe most cleanly, beautiful and transparent soap-suds. Wa'll be sold
tIe efort is really to be m.imr.,-w-ltn slhe fiJd that chlilS .\ppljry Io, That valuab!e and sell known plantation, called Cocoa
involves self-lenial and .eertioni, lla! she must ris from MUSTAPII A JEMMISON, Ntu (imuie, about iuo nilis tn the Westward of the town,
he luxurit)is couch, and soil her silken sandals, and en- No. I! Back Ruad. conuaininig 3It .acres-a creat part ol lhich has never
counter, perhaps rudeness and intralitude from the oh-- elii unIdr cubualIion. A "oiil one hundred acres are en-
pcl of her relief: and that all this is to be done without l W\hose many a beuleouus hate lhall shortly prove. ,Ta' i bhy stone walls, in ten arre pastures.
ntesrvalion or applaue ; that there is no one to overhear I ie a K h Ca,' lau. ov. .ere o, th tiact, an immense quantity of
Firesouod, dltch would reniler it a valuable consideration
er silver voice, or to watch her gliding footsteps, or to XUMA SALT, for sale at 13 cents per bushel iF any' person lisped toenier ito a valract ol the supply
trace her fairy form as she passes down the vi;llag street,- i Apply to of the arrisu n. Its ine, tu er inu cntopertes, on the supply
Ien her philanthropic ardour shrinks from the THIOMAA S TIIOMPSON, of paestrarme, ri. Io eli knownil requires no recommen-
pinful duty, and discover tIhat what is very interesting At ELuma. lation.-Trae, Freit otell knon innuerable, nd o emeny
ud poetic. The very nmorbidness of her u-nsibiliit is a February 4th. lailin.- e Fu ree e innn rble ad of every
hTrto the real exercise ol lenevolence ; she cannot bear"_ el-- ri tlol alorded on thi- Island.
I look upon pain; there is so much that is offensive in NOTIC'. In tr.Il, tihre are Iroin 10lo 1 lacresof GuineaGrass,
lman misery, and unromantic in its detail, there is su IIE S'BSCRIII: l..ini aluii to leave the Iv!,rl,i wll established and from 5.10 to 700 Cocoa Nut trees-
much that is appalling in scenes if misery, and sickness,, rqIes atn iinlarmIl ae setI m.ll f alll cmu, it 1l .ty in bearing.
and death, that she rei ;I fr, rn the mere observation fll due him, or they ill be pul in suit, in.liscriiilinirl,. ALS O-
calanities, and shuts her eyes and closesher ears to ge- W. II. FULFORID. S ThI fullu ing valuable SlavesC vaz.
nine ditress, from the same feeling that causes her to June 15th. SOPIY, 31 year, an excellent Cook, Wasmr and
scream at the approach of a spider, or faint at the sight Ironer.
of blood. Yel she delights to nurse imaginary griefs, in NOTICE- SI:sAN, 10 years, llous Servant.
e in an ideal world, and so to pnpr hier fancy, and lIE S'BCRIE hav ing enlared one of his E, years, a good Cook and Washer.
excite her sensibililvy, thal they almne hconem to hlir pro- I I 'I .OY, 6 years.
lific .urces of unhappiess.-.Mrs. .Sanford's Iman iw i Stores i. Market-sireet, and turned he ,ock WILLIAM, 3 year.
hAr Social and Domestic character. two into one, offers for rent, the southernmnst; also nolifies, ......

.PEGGil., :3 years, Cook and House Servant
JACOB, 10 years, very handy about a ollinr.
POLIDORE. 50 years, a Driver and Field hand.
BIN III, 41 years, ditto.
JEI'FE:RY, 17 years, accuslomd to work with a Maou
and Plasterer fur the last two years.
PRINCE, 47 years, a Carpenter.
PRINCE, jr. 15 years, accustomed to drive a Cart.
AARON, 13l year, a very smart waiting Boy, parti-
rularly handy with a Ilorse.
GORDON, 11 years, in constant employ with a Dray.
JERRY, 10 years, handy about a Ilouse.
7 erms-three months' Credit, on giving approved se-
June 20th.

Firech Settlers in Canada.-We cannot but be
plea.Ad and happy while travelling through them. They
assuredly seen to be the very abodle of simplicity, virtue,
and happiness. We pass along delighted thruueh a beau-
tiful rural country, with clumss of wood interspersed,
amidst cultivated farms, pastures, and herds; decent
parish Churches, and neat white houses or cottares. The
inhabitants are always, not only civil, but polite and hos-
pitable; and the absence of beggary, and the squalid
beings, whose misery harrows our feelings in the United
Kingdom, is thie best proof heth they are in comfortable
circumstances. Thefis are rare, and doors are as rarely
locked. You never meet a Canadian, but he putshis hand
to his hat or bomnet rouge; and he is always ready to
isform you, or to receive you into Iis houm ; and, if you
hs hungry, the best he has is at your service. The
famner of the women and children having nothing of
the awkward bashfulness ahich prevails among the
peasants of Scoland, nor the boorish rudeness of those
of England. While ue know that each may be equally
correct in heart, yet we cannot help being pleased with the
manners that smooth our journeys ; and often have I
compared the easy, obliging manners of the Canadian
Asbitl with the rough What d'ye want 1" of the
English boor, or the wondering What's your wulll" of
the Scottish cotters.-Magregor's British America.

CAgrckes in Battimone.-There are 47 churches in
Baltimore. Of these 5 are Catholic, 4 Protest-
ant Episcopal, 2 Associated Methodist. 4 Presbyterian.

that he has received an assortment ol Iresli (iuGos plwr
Eupherna--hich, as well as those previously on hand,
he offers fur sale at ve-y reausoible priren.
T. W. J. NECKs.
N.R.-T. W. J. Necks forewarns all persons irom emn-
ploying any of his Slaves, without a written order from
June 13th.

A TRACT of L:nd on I.,,e Island, containing 500
acreq, within the virinity of the Salt Pond at Great
Ilaibour, well adapted for the culture of Corn and Cot-
ton ; bounded Easterly by Peter Dean's land, Northerly
and Southerly by the sea, and Westerly by Peter Dean's
land. Particulars will be made known, on application to
Wm. J. Weech. Eso.. Nassau: or to the subscriber. at

Eluma. A credit of six months will be allowed the pur- FOR MALE, p
Little Eua, TRACT of Land on Hog Island, containing 160
19tlh Mev, n132. A A acres, enclosed with Stone Walls, being the last
tract upon the Island, adjoining Kemp's tract, and ex-
NOTICE. tending tothe Narrows. It is an excellent stock farm,
A LL PERSONS having demands against the Estate with ready prepared wateringplaces; the very best pau-
of Joseph Saunders, late of the Island of New ture, and upon itthere i a large quantity of firewoed,and
Providence, gentleman, deceased, are requested to render also a great plenty of ballast.
the came duly attested; and those indebted to the said The above will be found well worthy the attention of
Estate, are likewise requested to make immediate pay- any peron inclined to raise stock, being handy for the
ment, at the office of G. P. Wool, Esquire. Market; or for a Plantation, the soil being very good.
THOMPSON SAI'NDERS, Executor. For particulars, apply at this office.
April 2 I June 16th


rt snagazsa gvgs.
S(C mclfddfa/ te flrst Jge.p .yes esinjared states would have baun subjected to M ina n eacellost charge recent delin- d o*
sembly, that obedist Anmly, which, according to the lltion and rain. M uey. Esq. to tie Grand Jury ofKing"-o :.I
S lion. Mestiar fWr allies, was sl ready to conform Lord Handon did not mean to defend all the acts of the If e turn our view homeward, can we be
to the wilse of Partelme Twice, oear by majority players; but when thsy were m frequently ttacked,and wise hen grateful to the Giver of all Good lier i
of 33 tu bad alm llwui of Assulably rejcteod dw point suOered s extremely, it was by no mnans strange that geler heppmess of our own condition in this fe-i e-
which had been mo insisted on by Dir. Canning in they should occasionally indulge in intemperance of lan- thriving province t Here, the people are blM ed
Id Ia~-rm ly, tr Leogging of omen in public. What guge, and even violence of conduct. He observed, tlat abundance. Every man enjyin pe the fruit fl
single seps bd l the Assemny taken to improve the con- time question concerning slaves generally, and lthe diicul- exertions, and no one can take it rom him. Labor
dilioo of the slaves, and thereby to lead to the extinction tie of managing them, were very great; and he wished ever in demand, for our nmbera are not, as in t
of slavery I If he had sn any dispuition on time part to know from the Noble Lord what was the course he in- times, so great as to outstrip employnuen, or prm 6
of thbo Colonies to prepare Ihe negroes fur freedom by re- tended to pursue respecting tle recent Order in Council. hard on the means of subsistence. There is no
ligious instruction, it would have been some satisfaction; Lord Althorp replied, ltat time Government proposed o who cannot in a few years become a lord of the se
but mhe whole aim of tie Colonial Assemblies, ihr.oughout eat upon tle principles ltl forth in that Order in Council, purchase, and exercise the proud rights of a freeiby
time whle of tie Colonies, had been to slppruss religious but that upon practical details connected with the manage- 'he utmost freedom prevails with respect to i ni
mlucatlis. That was the distinct charge which Ime made. meant of slaves, this Government was willing to receive opinions and worship. Justice opens her doors alike
S Lot the lloue recollect Missionary Smlith, at DUmemara. suggestions, and, if they seemed good, to carry them into the affluent and the needy, and affords to every O 'is
As a corollary to that transaction, a Resolution had been effect. almost complete security of person and property. ,
passed at Demerara to banith tim Missionaries, and a law After a few words in explanation from Mr. Gouulburn taxes, even when united with the rates assessed fo dl
lad been parsed to prevent their entrance into the Colony and Lord Althorp, the House resolved itself into a Com- trice uses, are scarcely felt as burthens; and dhey ae s;
Ilkfuture. In Trinidad, a a meeting superintended by a mittee of the who'll Ilieese. judiciously imposed, that while articles of prim, 4m.-
pbllic functionary, a ieaoluion had been agreed to, that On the motion that the Bill be read paragraph by para- sily, such as clntlis, cottons, and other British aulfat
any altumnpt to instil religious instruction into ile minds of graph, cures, are subject to an ad valorem duty of 24 per ce.
tile slaves was incompatible with tid continuance of slave- Mr. K. Douglis proposed, as an amendment, tlat thie on inmportation, rum pays a daly equal to about a die of
ry. liloe the fact was plainly broaehedl, lthat te two dutly on suaar should be taken Iby wiiglht upon leaving their its value, and all other spirits and wines are also litl to
blessings of Clristianity and slavery were incompatible. waureholuse, and not iupn lentering it, so as to save to die heavy inmpositions. Tihe produce of our fields aadln foi
In no Colony had thi spirit of perecutioui been more importer the cost oflweigh. never fails to command renmunerating prices, owing to e
ulleequivucally mianifulted than in Jamaica. lel referred Lord Althorp stated, tlid no diminution in the price of privileged terms of its commission into tie imperi~hift.
to the Act of tim Legislature of that Island in 1826. segar lead taken in copesequlnce of the renewal of and our general peaceandl welfare are provided for 4y
Thlat Act had been rejected by .Mr. lluskismon, and the tiim duties for six meontle. Indeed the price lead increased. Legislature, of which our representatives, freely c bl
Government to which lie belonged-by the Rig Ilon. An lion. Member observ.e, the price had increased in constitute a brandc. Emigration pours its living tide into
literonet opposite, anil the Government to which he br- consequence of tile trouble's in Jamaica. the Province, causing its solitary wastes ton smile lilk
Imeed, and by the Noble Lord and tile governmentt to Leord Allhurp proceeded to say, that he would oppose Eden in l-rr summer dress," and adding incalculably and
winch he blounged. By Mr. Iluskisuon it hail been reject- tim amendments, because it would occasion to the Govern- with unesixalpled rapidity to its wealth and strength. Such
rl because it was a viulutiun of dla toleration which iment a loss of between 90 anld 10,tX) while it would being hlle state of things in this country, lhat other can
uas due to all lis Mijcst.y's sulbjocrt." This A t, which only grant n saving of 201b. In the liigsiead. lie re- at the present moment comnparea iit it in point of ral
in Jamaica lad belen consider-d als one of supeifleuots marked, that their irreular discussion alluded tu lead enolt aleppiness, and substantial prosperity.
liberality, hald eeln rejcited in llis country as one of arisen at hies .ide of ilie lloui'.
unbearable bigotry. T'o do that by L.eeslsltive means 1Mr P. ITh'lmon ol.serv.d, that iif lhe principle were LL(.. NEW fOl7K l'PE FOI!Ny,
which lead been duno by violence at UarbadIs, avl bvyto be established mui h resiecl to .y:ler., I' 1re 1 'as no I E'S E W 'iYTi E Fs u i' 'RY, E o
m.urerder at DLenrnrar, tIle IouOs of Assemi0ly at Jataica reason why it should not be appll.el I uo.iert aSil,. tabl w ed i 1813.--l he subscriber has cumpleied
It down the achles, shut up the meetine-houses, and Mr. Warburlon inlinnie-d, tlat he hlal a n inteion, atin ne an oh book cu" Speuemes with wbic bi
bieliishfd rt-legious insirection altogether. le would state futc re period, of propoin that the duty should be fixed in clo ers, aupplie oei aplicatirs upoo d to buylV Iroen im,
,no or two cases which had occurred at Jamaica of relici- proportion to the equality of the- s.urnrs. n.lad 21 AgsuppIui street. n iind iate City oallr. iN. wuld
tam persecutio in its worst storm. Tie first was of a re- 'The amendment was then negative without a division. I read 0r, gur stu iftremetio bhind those yo lave Inot bee l
slmecable uegro, of cime name of Henry Willie-m., lwhl The Chairman reported, and the Report was ordered Ite habit, o' elie f irlation o, atos because a different pen
Ii ad only one fault-he went to Chapel several years; but to be taken ilto consideration on Monday next. tie ihais he L sEne t iely is elecaeI, tclat ilis book co erin
it was with hoe concurremee of him mnstl-r. Hlis master _____ ti been extenively introduced, els hfis book contain
rdying, a new nman.aer wis plpointed, o tihe name of I:.,n\ IT beat thle actu al Ipructions1 "f his ten a new eaanager ws piaminted, ot te n nof NATIONALITY OF POLAND DESTROYED. adll a true specimen of lhat ill be fiurnisledw
letty, who threatened if ever % illimsns went to CIhapel I
s, s.,nd hlle to Rodney-flall Workhouse. This man. A proclamation of the Eml.erorand Autocral of all the orders. The aiimtmenet is very cumipl-te, lia. been de.
Illitty, caused u young woman, ho Iau s4 iglhd at see- Russldt"*, King of PolandI, Ac. &c. was published at lIburatly and c.-frlully ill twenty years b lunght to its pr.-
ig icr brother punished, o be s earsaw mon the MaNll .rLch I.le, in whlichl aeli' r recoutling stc I high state! of pllieclion, and embraces a varien ut
aid floemnged before all tie slaves. Willanmsfor nut bring- all s" farew and i mecicess wici le and ies hroler li i siles, adapted to illr-nt tastes il to mie various delari
iini ui hle, gang, awa sent to Rodney Worklhous-., tll eed 'lrece'""e i'emperer hall ch unl:oe-l ul)poi, and Ihw nlectcc of printing Necspaper, Book alnd Job, highly finii,
re-lealcrdlv. laded will clains, and senl to tie leospilal, iligra trlull snole Ilesmeiillfaigy en Uale lor all tihe benlifts ed, andil cast of tie nmost seris c,.abilie B l.- I Notl to ntice
ilie-r, lie was obliged to liu cuntinually on his stoinact I. co"iferred, lie concludes in IllIe fIllwihgwi words: I he tarieltics uluichl are disticlguished b ) leir Luun bers i
ii,> li.Isk )leine uno nias of corruporr in. Tini niglll I mn We tlslrefoer, in ior puer.lIermt soliciide for the welfare I til Iiook, il couilains of
I.nlyv one act uo brutal tyranny, and le did nu charge of our faithful sule|cl., emisllid-: it to Ib oIur most sacreId lt)O.'\LN and ITALIC 27 sizes, from tmflse-lin Pica
such cmeondent on time Colonsits generall,.--But ihe noilt ''ly t'm preveol, liy all mincacs in our piwir, tlie return of to Pem'alr.
alppllin flrat was, llhat sech conduct was strictly legal., ilis.stors similar to time clicl hei ve belailen ihl.em, 1I 'T U-LINE anI TITLE, 135sima.T, ,o-liic Colulu-
;as was proved by a reference ou the case to the law aulho- ;'Ioprivillg the evil-disluio-d eol Ihe inieanils by lo, hiI, a it lian l0 ,)nte.
riels both i tie island ad at main. Spposa tlha ie was"".e. they tiiIr c,..eeil i dsl.tilhieeg thie public peae.-! .il11 Dl), 11 siizs, Tcn-line Pira to Loing Prinier.
rnt, t hih leadl lately occurred at Jamaica (Hear, hear ) we,, tM-idi-, dclne to inwire to ner slmjects en ,i, 1 1' 1 \, 7 silas, esmn-line I'Pca to Leonr Prnemar.
-It might leave been mlore--it mirht have beh.n an ineur- killmle"nl of Polani,. tih perImaimnry of all time happ|in .ANT1QI E, 17 iz. rein-iin. to Noiared.
rerrion-althllorh, if so, ihe cnld show wlo were tile in- ;a'"t is -uclm-i. r ir ilhe wllare oi every ndi'si in l m, ilL ( i'k, l2 sit.e, Irocir-line le'i ca to lMinion.
sllrg.'il., and that it was the planters by wlihi im lad been i I'arliculars, aSndu of li cunliy) in general, s\r.: tll. e e- 'OPLEN ILACK, 5 siz, -,'uul-il I I'iLd 0a lt leat Prri
cau ed-sueppose that rel had occurred on tie occasion teriy of' ,pe Ilnsit dl pruerty, liberty consri-ol(e, and n tr.
uithi lihe bul alluded to, wiho could have lamnlt-ed it Ir If all dime lawsr and prisiliegs, of the cities and comummans, in ('Ril'T, 2 ,izcs, Double Small Pica and Greals Pn
tihe misreaant ho ad ro mmihed o ie e atrornv lead been orderr 'tat tihe' kiIs.I!toi of IP laidi. a it a separate adi- m-r.
-puto lc.i ath, wlho could havo lamented it I Another case "iniitien liun, adlllprd lti its wants, may not cease to be Besides Muoie, Back Slope, Ornamenled Letlels eIJ
was iat l ol a negrn namnd (Georce Andrews, a lin Inld n integral lart nil our empire ; and liel llt. inliabilalli. Lottery Fieures, Piece Fractions, Superiors, Astronoeical
lern detected in tie act of prayer, and nothing niore. I ftllha kingdolm nai hblenceford, form, togemlrwilwih le Run.- and other Signs, Space Iules, Brass RIele, Ornamenlud
I f tiia crimln he was conv elrle, and sentenced to six si"n", one nation, liound together Iy unilform and paternal Da hlics, Long Braces, more lhaln 2(10 kinds of Flowers,
Irnti' inprisonme nt (ohl, lil '!). Mlr. N -entinlenlt ; we, in conralnnsfity willd IIse ierincriplcs, have I and 1000 (Cult, and Ornaments for School Books, News-
Mr. urge rose, bu wuacalled to order, halaing already reolve'lI by our gr rcious oil anic sltaltes gr;antld us tlis papers, and Scientific works.
"spke. .day, to introduce a new i,rln and order in tie admuinita.- Orders for any of tiee, and also for Presses, Cliass,
Mr. F. Burton proceededl: Mr. Nihb., a dissenting tion of our kilngdioU l of Poland." Composine Slicks, Cases, Furniture, IPrinting Ink,or any
'lIcrryman, had a i.ongrc-iation which nect tir praver. t-hincg required in tihe Printing business, sill be esrcuted on
Time ucly llini proved against the negro was tie noun- Thlo pr.e-ent contest helaeen tan rival Governors of I1he mios favnurablh terms, and wilh the ulnmos prompli-
. trous ae of pr)iaing (oh, oil !). Ilu did not wonder aH i.mllportant irovincesof the Turkish empie, slows, hevoend t le, a large stock oi the Fouundry articles being aila)s
tl'e untohllnent of tile lion. Gentleman. If thel Noble all ldotil, the growing weakness of the Sublime Porte; o land.
Lord said Ite deviated ever sn ltile from lll e truth, or the but what is of infinitely gre-rr consequence to Europe is c Poi"nrrs of newspapers who publish this advertis-
I;entlemen opposite that he misprepsented lim occurrence, the issue of this cruntes. If it fail, the fanaticism of time e o"'" tI" mee' i-, ani fursard a paper conlainine i to
lie would sit down, but not before. 'Tie negro was tried Turks will sill keep S) ria in a state of barbarism and in- te Foniadrc a ill receive paymnaent or lie same. ifthry pur*
t or playing, and convicted. tl was alleged that there security, asd continue to render that extraordinary coun- case irom tile Foundry, to four times the amount.
sas no Act against praying, but on tim other side it was try almost inaccessible to foreigners ; wil.-,, on the other GEO. BRUCE.
contended, that teero was an act against remain, an handifthe Epian army succeeds in ainin possession w York, January, I .
ltat praying andl reaching were tie same thing; so be of the fortrea of Acre, the entire Pealalic of Syria sill
was sentenced to hard labour, and to be forged. After be open to, tme vi ceriosii arms of the FCypllian clipf.- NOTICE.
mentioning anodier case of a similar nature, the lion. Should such fnrtunately be ithe ica.e, there can he nn doulne II SUBSCRI. ERS offer for ley private
Member proceeded to contend lhat tmh disturbances whiclh that the eonlieghtened Musoulma. who governs Ervpt, art- s b
lhad taken place arose from the conduct of the planters ing upon the ame hlberal principles as lthoe which have 6 lelds. choice laleira Wire,
themslveL.-For a period of six nanths the planters had led to so vast an impmvenment as that which has, under his 44) doen do. do.a d
)i-d meetings, and adopted every mode of agitation. In humane government, raken place in liha country, will ren- 60 oen do. Tenerie do.
proof of this, he red several extracts from Resolutions der Syria-ineresting on so many accounts, as well it I runok Gentleene's Shoes
proposed at Parish Meetings in Jumaica, and alluded to the the antiquarian and to time Christian, as tc the trae eller and 21 blue Dinner Sets.
threat set forth of tie Colonists joining America, and to the man of science-not olpn and safe to travel IIl-NnS Y GREENSLADI & CO.
doing all the ihy things they profesuod. le observed than the road from London to York, or than is, at present, December 24th.
that llvs W lfyldiro, since the white population every part of Egypt. Of the present dangeroi state of
did net, incdt all maoe from sixteen to sixty, amount travelling in Syria, no farther proof ml be adduced tlan l t NK FOR.s, of esery description, Peay le pro
to amoere dS M the British Consmil-(icncral, he sailed from England in fl cured at this Officre.
Mr. Qolnburn strongly deprecated th line of observa- the middle of last vear, lor the purpose of proceeding to N. B.-Job Printing executed wit neatness and div-
tio in which the lion. Malibhr had indulgeal, and wished Damascus, had not, by the last accounts revived at Maltna patch, upon good paper. and un olodcrace terimi
to bring the House back to the true consideration of the although he had longreached the coast of .\sia Minor, been Ja.nuoary 4, 1; 12.
question before them. He thought the Noble Lord.when able to pursere his journey into the interior will safety.
he proposed a continuation of the Sugar Duties for sis Undersuch circumstances, how much i it on every at- FOR SALE.
months, should ave declared the principle on which he count to be desired that the Pacha of Egypt may succeed 1 The choice of 2 Lots of Land, with tle
intended to found his Bill; because great embharrasseet If he does, he well knows how to find the means of making buildings and improvement thereon, situate in
wa created by the uncertainty as well to the consumer his peace with *he Porte; and Syrit, under his dominion Pri.cel tr adeet, generally known by the aee o
Ma to the importer.-lle thanked the Noble Lord for the will no doubt, make as rapid progress in improvement as Liglttfoot, or Cupid's Howh.
relief which had been granted to the sulferers in Jamaica, Egypt handone-an event which may not, under other For Terms and oer particular, apply to d Sub-
and declared it to be a wise act; for had it not taken circumstances, occur for ages.--Couri;r. scribrs.
place, tire would have been a grlt number of segroes IIENRY cGREIrv1: ADF& Ce
ca.I up)i tlhe country) i. a state ul deatltution, anld all lthe Prsprify of r8),cr (C,,mad,.-We ded the ,ilc- in March i:,

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