Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: June 16, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Newspapers   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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geORGE BIG(4., Editor. S nATURDAY, JUNE 10, 188". VOL. I-No. XCV .

THIE BAHAMA AIIUUS. that thie hopes of this country, and the and I met here in their erroneous course of Ceolw pli~ y
entreaties of Government, directed to what is called, but and regulations. General Grant may be, and Ie halevl
PUllaLi LtlED 4r..fI-WERKKI.V IN NASSAu, N. P. erroneously called, melioration of the condition of Ime is, a very gallant soldier; hut ie hidamoadecUlm he aew
-ligL asa_.-' auwa.a slaves, in conformity to the spirit and time letter of tim far p ropounds, shows bis to be a very unk parss for a ciil
Silrght Deoa per sasam-no adlv t. feared resolutions of 1823, hd been in wn instance ful- Governor to rule fremeo.a Sc an ap~oaimment ought
jitled"-" utterly Unsuccessful," and that the experience not to take place, unins thetae is ooer Protector, with
rational doubi, ilhe fact, which independently of such ex- houses and pigeon holes of the oees of the Protector and
iepricnce mightt have been anticipated, that laws framed the Governor, in order to ascertain what they re abhl,
inu the Colonies, and passed by the Colonial Assemblies, that so mIe free, as well as the bod, may enjoyproeetldo
for the improvement of tihe condition of slavery, are de- ill time ( Colonis.
....... licieniin that quality without which all legislation mut T'I'lhe despatch from Lord Goderich, dated 10th Dec. al.
be nfgutory." Coupled with these bolm and startling reidy alluded to, slmws in a very striking point of view,
P OETRrY. aviromemnti, his Lordship, in the same despatch, tells time the etrente" ignorance ansd thoughtlessness, and preci-
S OD TO TH clemarteredml Colonies, for it is to these tII time despllach is pitancy, with which (Government pursues its work of Co-
LONDON CENiA Co IT IEAL se, that Ilis Majesty's Government have reeol- lonial legislation. His Lordsalip commands the G,,vernorm
LONDON CEN'TRA.L COMIT'I'Ea OFi IlEALmIit. ie.l to eunfoicu" the Order in Council as time law in all the of the Chartered Colonies, to inla nlt thms wlhimo tidey
r JiST nH roue, E"q.. P. 1. F. Colonies ;-that l is Majesty's present advisers have re- govern, that, in the fnoancil measure, of tIhe ,ar, a
I greet you well, ye chosen few, solved to pursue no further a course of warning amd measure of substantial relief to tile West India illtert'tm"
Atmmmhonur give where honsur's mImie, entreaty," but that their commands contained in that ca- would be brought forward, and that that financial 6 tmen-
'Tm. your's-ye men ofm timlents tried-
WheT pnicsu e mai amnn ere us. lehrated document must simply, and without qualifi- sure will be so framed as to take effect apo the prodlre of
When fell disease is spreading wide, cation in terms, or limitation is time," be made the so- the Crean CoIes, a a matter of course ;" but, uamn
IFomi cholera to preserve us, preune law in every Colony. lis Lordship, moreover, that of those only of tIm other Colonies in a hich die pro-
tells them than in doing this they are not only redeeming visions in their precise terms, and in their entire mxient of
Tm yon we owe that teacIne's Srmping. tie Iledges given with the concurrence of the 1W'est In- HIls Majesy's Order,"-" shall have acqui'med in i.erp'lits
Am IN.emehmouse, Bearmunsl ley, and Wapping miu bdly, in It9 ;'" and that furthelar, they must do it on the force of law." Well! time Order Ilas hee vr!Illf-
A1d. f. i chiefly haunts ile poor, account of the influence of public opinion, in this coun- gated, and, as it was imperative, enforced in itit '' ':i
Yomir mtivmes.m I amn very sutre, try, and time direction of it upon the subject of slavery," Colonies; but we have Dot yet seen nor heanl of i:.
Artr quite I inmetrested, and Imecaue their refusal to obey implicitly every arbi- duce of these Colo ies being admitted into tolis ri. :,.
trary mandate, which crude and rashly are daily issuing upon more favourable terms than tim produce of the o tlhi
eIrl thoughtless people, if they please, from this country, is leading more and more every day Colonies, a proof, as the Colonists in li. Lucia t. -
'h lItm the trdcar a --se fr to precipitate a powerfulparty in this country, in tie op- serve, that it would be prudent in evey Cummt~ot L .. ,
te we know well. fur these attacks psiteextrnnme." front those mild and reasonable demands before they yield up their property, or tit, c. nl .
Tlherem nothingg like a glass of mat --and commands of His Majesty's Government. what they are to receive in return for abe surtir:' :.
With opium and camphor. Such is his Lordship's reasoning and the gist of his further, that nothing short ut prior cotpellll's i'
statements. Factsare stronger than olffcial averments, induce them to give up voluntarily any fartlmer
And yet 'tis very strange to see and truth paramount even to ministerial statements and our property ;" believing as iswiy do, and they a
I.\l learned emiler rusbsn:se authority. Ilis Lordship is in many points painfully their belief, that ever sinLce IN:r., ie lasn l guag. ,
Fm,r smnme usert. ia teems emphatic, wrong, and in every point he lies departed, widely depart- by Lord Godericlh has Imeenl employed n, J o, i
'Ti, not lie ge.nume .Asiatic, ed, frouru e te ruthl. is office is full of documents which we now see) to our destructll '"I L,r i .
But common mulligrubs. cannot be contradicted, sewing that time Colonists have to blul,, when lie tells those :i, rl. I, ti. ,
Sflk aeracted u to the resolution's of IM?3; nay, in Imis Lordship's vantage will boasllirdedl it T, I, i..
Pnme folks mrunlintmesly, assert. famous and imperious despatch of tihe 5tl November last, time, taking security for .11., ..
Icl lura~ge iti adsllaes; lie boldly claillls tile enforcement of thie arbitrary decree in bamhalf of time slaves '" It i .
Amdl it ym wish I-l thie scourge lltldumed, as a mattellr of no interest, aid no danger, because their planter tlist ought to h..I., s .'. I.
I'rurltde ti.- huimabler class with food, was nmthliug in it but what is already getierally enacted as time (iovernmenl thler',OI. 11 i
And letter their liulamces. law ini every Colony His Governor, Genteral Grnm, is it has inim, I'i o-i i,.
sings out in the seiame strain. It is not true that ties West strmoyed % ti .. ,n'- ,iI ,
Sen r~lc l polI d ay, Ildia body,." ill this country *sanctioned tihe resolutions of poaie ,l-ul glart n," mm I' i t .
'Ihs, clilc mat loe nors'd; I821i. 'nley never saw tmeni--tiley tiever were bell,- ailing, irmnickl g Gasv''rnmUi I ... ii in ti mi.t.Irv.
whi 'I. girast remes d.11ty al your mill, miitmed to theem ; and the individuals who, to please that l.mrl (;Iolerch., .tl ihusn: hiii La ..iur m, leis s omlion
KIep up time glorious humbug still, ambitious and profligate minister, Mr. Canning, betrayed with himm, may attempt ito discuie Irutli, and misrepresent
Nor let ie bubble burst. time West India interest, ani tihe Colonies, are now mourn- facts as much as they m, .s., hiut time mlints at issue are
A little, maI sting in the trips ing in sorrow time loss of all their properties. front tlme dthee :--TIm Colonists do nUt refuse to nmuliorate, and to
A lil see for cholera in the tribes Irp iscllief which they and Canning let loose upon the Co- -
SIard se if ever cher a n a; ponies. Lord Goerich must know these facts well. We letract of a De)l.spmh (frm Major General Sir Lewis
tim mif mIme mparment wiill not die, deny that," public opinion," in this country, seeks either Grant to Vlicount (;Gderich &c. &c. &ec.
A. imtit.r systems you must Iy, the robbery, or the destruction of our Colonies, and we Government House, Trinidad,
AmJd go. himin a further deny that that ignorant ecitement, which the lies lash January. tas.
of the Anti-Slaverv Relorter, and its disciples,in tle (;i- I have the honour to setrumin year Irdship, that on the
vernitment, or in this country, have called fnorlh, in het hlis hm mau. I Issued the Royal Proclaamaen of ed Now. taUt,
'rom the Glasgow Courier, April3d. Lrdship asserts im to be," public opinion" in this (C'u- and hat I have forwarded copies therof o tc e ePp anmm l e
THE COLONIES. try. We tell lis Lordship, and the Colonies, that it is .aalemm and mhat I have rdored a sepilement number its a
not so; and, with regard to tim precipitation of tie pirihtel to uipply all the prnlmrlors or manaq of the sas
Tel debate on the Colonial Question, on the 22 ult., powerful party in this Country," we ask nis Lordship, emates. 8nn alter mthe arrival od the f ma Couail, a
searemarkable liar two dtinme-mn.ely, Ist, the hideous how that party" has become powerful ?" How bumt pnmepirirs. calling themselves mesmber of a committee, ea-
elaresentatiuns lwhicll tile relrorhls have put into a speech, by the ignoaence, the weakness, tie treachery, and tie Ia'mrhe'dl a wh It hare am intlerowr with me on its sebject, I
mid to have been delivered by Lord Hurowick, in which olllitial profligacy of the Ministers of Great Britain. Ulmjectil to achoowledlge them officially, but renieIed them as
Ieret is in every paint a departure from truth : and, a- Lord Goderich ought to shrink abashed and aslmeid, reipetahle pmsmen. 'The clotu-s N. I. was frarded
from afe hvn ll aiues, as a memurmnlum of the aonvema m which
sJmlllyi, mimi miln with which those false statements were from public view, alter having made much a humiliating pasdl. a rolpy of my letter to Mr. Jack. tmebahed to the
or" i Iih Weii st India interests; for it dose not up. confession--scht a mortilying disclomre--that law l ad a memorandum will shomew the esxception I tooc to W.
S 11'.1 i,.i u.. i.. attiiiemptedI to contradict what his Lord. justice are to be trampled upon, and violated, and our "1 On the Ilh ime. there was brought forward "6 tie CabiMo
,tii. I, ".c mim'.tid to s. ,il. Mr. Iltrge, who coulil most valuable transmarine possessions destroyed, and the moi,on of which, Kaclusure No. I, iam priaeldep;) My
ie '. trc I.t-d th.i stateIiemeas, unfortunately spoke be-. hundreds of thousands of British subjects reduced to mi- obser nion u the tiabimlo on that emsase w a the efrea
Lo i:,,. I. l. ,, .1..l, by the rules of the Ilouse, could sery and beggary, by the enrene" folly and precipitate Corregidor, objectl in the mainie: shat witbehnpe
',, ,n1'1 to emi'ak in reply. This was bad tact wickedness of a powerful party" in this Country for the authority of the illunmnous Board. I weald never l-
4, 1 mi klim knmwm that some individual on time In tile correspondence alluded to, we find a letter from ter, connected houhl ca rimil r hataiever to intseren ieor wm
I .i l, 1 .ll acquldailnted with the sniubject, and General Grant, dated 'l'rinidad, January 13th, IrS32, to llh. MaIJe.ty'scommands rreardmg ahem. that I considered the
'' ii l lftl, and pretpared to reply to what- Lord Goe(;, couns lling His Lords dip, that w lile he pmwers of the ltard to he entirely nf a municipal khad,
1r,, .r l-,u.p mi i tate. Tile couir e h m wou l ake ,uist tmodlfy some parts of thime Order, vet thlt lie must chelly rmnfined to he tawn of I 'ort I)'E.pagear. and that
m,', I i' :! t i i l:ii l il:'ilnim l, and il tl rcflore lrela. stick htii mart slhiimh iui hlor..'ms Ihu 'r;otector Io -nlter ae ll'.1 init. cooained to this. I should ie happy to take rheir
rtmiis !, h to hII -i' bien taken to inert it; but thini. dtes upon t'enidi' and n-i ro hNoimse," at all lines to Ihunt out ou pImon andm have their co-operation; that I igan hem tis
it u ;tp or tir II, Iive I,,in I)donei, and thus, as in every mor- fil:encen, emoting as a reason for thius sticking to time tao notice lest tmie iassumi of rtle PIsrclamatee, witeamIt doiage,.
necr ucca.iiml, thllc ('1lodi.1l cause is left to suffer from part, thil, within time blat two hours, a manager Ioes been appear ia Iugramsus act en my part.
want of prdner,', firlmitms anti foresiiglit, and tile most ibroelit tip from the country to gaol, ho is to be indicted 'nclqure No. J, will shuw that part of their proceeds,
unlamp.led a;Itecaitimis fsalid as facts recorded against for murder and rep-alted cruelly." Now. sill, all defer- which rechedN me : and nunesed to pha is the reply iIae
flml. trco to letr gallant (;nmeral, amid free from the fear of Al- them. I m"st injulire to the renmlemen hooerop the
We forbore to n;lvk the obseervations on this debate, dermlanMl lrvrs rl'.nlanI ttile reason wlicl he Ias addluredi deputatin say that with n'o mre than ore er two eseep.
which thie reports ill thii dily jmtrialos tirded room to to reliaiu tlme ih,lnoimas power of tlie Protor, is mo er e most mon. their language was highly moderate. sad oeir oedas
make-, lest there might have been errors in these reports; rcogent rea-on that can he arddiced, why that power should Ithroaughout the ocerAsen, perfectly no tieease.
bst in dmriuinents amistietl Iy authority, and published by he taken awsay; hratiose, if any manaLer or other indivi- I As no papers hare reached ma to be oforwmded I ma
harder af ttie ll, oe if co('onllnm., no such difficulty can dual can be si readily brought ip "from the country to lispsd to think that relpresentations wll reach yemr LeAd-
beca no err can have crept into dhee reports. gaol, to Ie indicted r murder and repeated cruel ," by Vhaterer you r l hip may in induced to do, is regr
We are ed to tlihes obt.crvationo Ity another budget of the prerviom existing laws, an we find was done in thills t modificonrn. I would most strongly reeemmen d thal the
Calnnial paper', via. : ('i nce Itleween tie Co- case, there can he no me for the application of frenl power Aof he Porerimem r, to enter Upon estates M ntao nsgro
lunial A!eomritih- .ini tIhe Scretary i(f Stale regarding ,mbnoxuios nol arlilrary laws to secure protection to tihe houses. In order to ascertain thie actual condiatea the sl aves.
the enforcement anmd tie rtiree,iclon of Ime Orderr in Comn- person, wh'mthei the Iprson he hand or free. What more 'm cases where he may he re aseos to sapews mpaser reo.
cilof td Nuv. lXtI, which hisi juIol cone into our hands. can he asked What remains fmr tie law to do is, to try, coedings, should aot in my way be corarmled.
We would shortly direct the allpntin of our Colonial convict, awlsi hang the criminal. The Protector, indeed, Every day instances am abrouight imewe me, to Jlhow the
leaders and time public, to a fiw of the more important is to be Jude and Jury ; hut it has not yet been proposed cursy foa anr soch a power beiering. Within the oury to
pints which these papers contain. that he should be ecorutioner alan. Thi arrest which the gaol. who is to e indicted framurder lnd repeated entey.
m.oS (i.lerich, ;n a dispatch dated thie lth December G(neral mentions, took place under the old Inaw, and he- *.. could m mat are case so your I.ndship. but they
m oequallv unronmtitluiounl and imperious in nedn- finore t nlrr nrdrr came ineo operation. It is a pity that will appear in the report of the Protector.
far din meilter with either of mlie two previous des- the f(' !tmist.q rannot lie made scquminted with nuch corres- I have. & c.
cdhmed ting to the Order ill (ounrcil, and wllihll we- as now lie's l.-fore uo, I raluse, if they wcre so, (Signed) I..EWIR GRANT."
bonthS ago alluded to, tell, tihe Colonies anld the wolld Itt,. would discover, blt It) tint, leho adv\ils tihe Govern- (C'osmlinued on lAt laoIst age.)

.aniamly .g red m eoiie th Houe oa Lyrds to pass The leat a e P, m Pu., whies. deing4m,
lar W EidlOnmy.ailrd a Alih for dir gat eer rt sois s r .Actoml ed ihmu l a
prefrog ad mi.ppmm th iase. 00 ItsoireaappIar In dhe da9y i
_,_ _,_ L.i re-r ,a-- -L ae. ho .i a, N L, O P a d
af ava. J a P t .-Thopir "s acc"usie Libon, of the L aire I eko, L.mlAides, Es a1
S r I14th April, as. frllhi. 'h wrase w mill Incru- Caleb, VOar, aum. iad oa-k 'Tlhe dt. at
Oir Sa th i"pae. and by AIn boomr Fa- ind, rlw having heb iMeed to apprehend may person as a bes ane m I es a m.ighl been e
vr, b d, rm.N,, ~e ah Londo daome to ith 0Uth who hdu not paid dhe fbad Ibo, sgditect hi to a par- Froae Mi, b ohe o m i d dity yam otod ory to- eR t
ApriaIP- coojr Mplv-long extracts from titcula plce of residence; asolt 100 eminot parsolns disease hr ye visited -yeas.
we P'" k L I .. of d-. were in conseqaeane i ading pieces ; when they were
'wici, we a o; ae n tan they seem, ,la dy mot to dongeee al thew h. In the Fausnch aes pgeain. of the Chiee*.
Gh'elt itome o ifW lon o m mt rm UL tier.-About twety Pr.nusias were wnaly killed by hIele kldiaglud dal urni oaly, tlopl i.-
The CLinO s I Pri, has been asnded with great the uatndats of D Tipu., bis ered Majesty hovin l telliipaoe TbheLrseomei s pdfotlace have been hrd
i -W.IO peean having bee autd to have gone ou in i., evend aaet hen recognized in due piallin, It l O tl th violence f 1.-
denimc hs WOte in. teal Capital., bud hbapre-a.d_,I v
died u tha city alow., many of rwhs were peramos of t"n. salultin fury through thDpropmiu The'I.,i,. ,.
dliatlmd Spi.-The latl mdvie Ifrom Madrlu give reason to Iorts of lie death ml Perl, mae aid not to b,. drl.;,jI,
Tet cai Cholmderam lie i Loado, on d hope for speedy asmsrance of amatrnfctory neutralily on, upon. They p pp only the returns of o s,,
S th April, .5; ia te com y, 1. de of Sain i respect to the ipedng lsrulgl i ik"nting fatally within tihe vali of Paris, whle t .
Prtugal0.--lebe. ir raging wihk awful destructiveness in all tie envireLs
On Wednesday evlemg, the ith instant, in the Gala U Many of thi me ol e n am t sodical mien livre lalln a, .
wl was experienced m er, the schooner Lady Roll., CIIOIERiA mORUUI. I. ll to it. TInIt delth in Paris, do.%i to tile 2911 ,f
which esrk ieae, dh the shoor Lady RHoi\ p-|ril, ere estinled in letters from nmudi-,I taen, at flow
htvine heard RBoert Taylor, Equir, of thi Town, By the oeicial report of the Cholera, published by lle 'i t00 to30,000 (lneo. Tlhe o ccounil tuo the 2t ,
aid him wo Dughtern, bound t Ew mai went ashore It Central Board of Heahh, on 28th April (SSaurda;y,) tlle stated time deauds in tlim capital to have amountlu to 21c
Gemu Key. We are happy to state, however, ltal nei- ttal cases in London and in vicinity from the coiiinimiice(- (00I. Therm ld been upwards of 10tl) deatil a s-
tdrthle Paur alen or ie veiel Pacaived a*ny injury- "menu of the disease, ry 2542, nd the duath 1331 ; uly lo day. The leatieal t Roue l.hve not beenrfo nau,..
43 cams. tbere remainlaig. rui as might lave beon expected. Fron tlh t h to he.
de ormer hving returned yesterday. I rise country, the olal cases reported on time same ldat 23d, they amounted only to 03. Tim disease ha ntu
The slkep Wllingtol which left here Mt the ime time are 979, and the deaths 3229. Remaining '96. yet visited Lyons. By order yi tle governmentt, I.,
for dwrheveplace, wa totally IloN mr the spot wheru CHOLERA AT PALSLEY AND THE UPPER funerals are conducted by nigh, and trenches, iniead of
de Lady Rolle went asoe. The whole of dm crew WARD OF RENFRW E.rr are dug fTi tim reception of idies, which i,
Wveal. PslJytl, Apri V5.-Remaini,,g st last repri,. 1; i carl-loads to t1l3 meielly plac J spps.
New Ca es, ; died, 0; Reciveredl, lia been the mortality late!, that the er-.
From ll si S;tastmt Georgina of 6 isltma. pr has oe obligle to employ the arti llry Iesorrs il
VERY LATE FROM EUROPLE. Died, 1 ;Rervered, 0; Reominine, 12; l'otal case 401; Thei mortality has been eqully creal ith tce at.tnd.
We are inderhbd to our ntentive correapomenls of the Ieuld, 22"2; Recovered, 1tit. Besides these deals then ing the mravae of t la ee n equal ndon, in w It attend
ew Ynrk Mercantile Advertier, fr a slip contailng Li- have beun several new casms tiis mtoriog in various pl (in" Ihrle ug 1.Te odethe Plageat tin ,meon in tid s ver ti
verpNdl datle to the I May an d London to the 30il. of tIle town. .\ very hIad case of cholera ias occurred at exceeded 1000. per day, or 701mU per week.-The tal
April, both inclusive, received it hat port by the ships Niiltil,iear lure. eer o r da, during he coninner
SNa saln id NIrth America. I'ollo J'' .pral 5.-Renaini l .--T that tome-as, drinod o conien o oig the pa6-
A .prmtesa been d esnl by the Duke of Wellington 15 ; Dead, 70; Hecovered, 75. Yesterday l tre si. ,, 7tOo .-The porulaion of Parisn larger aih w
and cases, against the d ad 7 Yesdiv ti poe-a period of Pvrien r t hen win
nd eM lyhr e oslh Pers against the eformn Bill; 4 cases, and 4 detls. of London, at the time referred to; hut the death
k i id to be te composition of Earl BatlhEls. L.nrd FI'ro rihe GLas Chronicle, 27thl .April. Ila also been more oumero.u in a give period.
lollaoddrily obimard tet e Noble Firl in tiae House-, CHOLERA IN (;L.\Sc;\. i
I sm You have aid nodlng in the Protesl about a -rr. April 26.-ftriaiing at last ripuri, 21 ; uw Crss, A lettr front Paris under date of 15h April, ta pe.
ies of Persr"-alluding im the fact tlmt the Datliurst :, Dead, 7 ; Rt covred., 3; Re aniinsnig, 2.. tlelnan in London, ays-.
Peerage was one of the batch created by Lord Oxford in TItal cases since 12th Feb., 9.7 ; Diud, 4' ; lte- I If the ieaws of your Cholera, which we fad in the
tle reign of 4nnea. The Tory Earl was dumb. Tie covered, 425. I.ondlon Ppers, he Usu, I cn amureyou that the disas
Protest ad beter never been made, perhaps, for it will T'li disease he coninlir.d to vary daily from 8 1s I it a notIi been so gentle on the banks of the Seine. The
have noelect up Meetings had been hide au various places, both of Eng- deaths. A dcenile caw e has ocurriel at P'on DlII,,Il. i ravese' enough. I vl is the coinioon foase large I
land and, which were attended by vait iuliuh- Iwhere, we believe, ilt never aplearned beonlrO. Of tlhe wH ile enough to cootain a company of soldies in lie.
tlids, all urging upu ahe Lords dti necesuil of passing rc.iu.s )srternay. only :1 were within thi royally--viz: I'lThe swrluns have not time enougholi to arrange he budli
ihe Reform Iill- grua prsoofo how anxiously alive the in D)rpgar,, in (;illwu.,tl, and I in I i lvannah i srna l. re couilinally arriving in a ll sorts of vehicle, er
People are for its fate. Il would be much beiter to ac- Tlierc ae 2 inG urhil, 1 il Anderston, an i (ill al,,,. '"' 'Ite military lhonpital wagons. The aulineritin lurs
complisli a rnrolain by law tIan by the sword. The'lrel hv,.lie teathli wuck lthre, cases at Crossnvi .,.1, I' I)llltged to employ the artillery hois from, \I,-
TIe following summary is from the Liverpool paper in tihe ri. ul Cithcart. Ou of them is a ch ar ,: '.s s' to relieve Ilhe employed in tie h o es ,' k-
ste l ny. ofh i on. It is that of the tman appointed to guril I le' toadics, which are no longer sll, to cunc, : -ed.
Grand Reform .tretng at Edinmburg.-On Tueloay Ia lo' ill sici the first persist stizcd was Ilm toheral o all take te by i I
last a msintig of the inhabitanlts of linburglh was I.Id ld h;,, d-ben often ill tie habit of going into the hmmuo. anti : iV.ilt .tMoUsatIrtre, and alter Ihns hurrorI. II s I
the King's Park, to consider dien popriety of petitioning i'hquirllg for the patient, and uven felt hiis pulm rep;,at'dll'. tlmre, witnev lod, I ran affirm tle ulicial noul'b,
the Hiouse of Lord. to p th Reform, Hill ia i t presti The aiura naio ltended thu man was dlso seized. She! is at h'." not eras erated. ,
stne; and it will ard a pretty conclusive answer to tr Imehoever, recove .i ; 'but dm guard died. In vain do our ourl asnrrr u. ls i the virsfr.e
ll;ndon il ..~llalb. ibs tle dl nase h. ,, dihJiibd, hill .e ,, -Ih1 a Ir, ,'ful
amseriom respectig the inhdiffelea.sim, ihe people ou thit CDIfpL.RA AT GREENOCK. u.ccrssin of funerals m d the I.eeri of -'ar.. "'-irh
questlml, o ate dat not less hdu 60,I0) person were I April on.--il em dining at las report, 44 ; new cases, he grave dvenrs lave mnt time to cover, busy as I .) 0nw
prma a lthoccM ms. John Archibhld Murray, Esq. 9; del I ; recovered, 9; remaining, 4.. in tmeasoring tdie intervals bolween lfll grown boldi.eL,
wr s callh odm cha ir The m.elig er addreak d by Apri) 26.-R-.naiiing at lst report,43; now cacse,2 order to fllthem op withchildren and women. Thirty
SDevid' Sir J. Darymple, Sir Jnl Gibson died 3; covered, 9; remaining, L. thousand at leat wll have fi. victiius to Clalerl be-
Crai, BSr Thomas Dick Lander. Sir Alexander Maitland Total caes fo the eanom nment, on the 27th Feb. fur, it quits Pari.
(ihma, Sar Rohel Dick and many other gentlemen. A 252; of whoie 1I9 hoes died,lad W9 recoverml. In the lower partaof ae mton, er t lPlace de Grew
aeries of reslatiea, wd a petition, expressive of the .cnce the making up ef tw les nLigit's relpot, tllrer or along tim river, di hearm pass n frimdoor t door, m
tniractiun of th meeting at the second reading of the four nowr cas Ehae ocenirred. The cases, we arn, rr" cortrd by the polic, who n scarcely prevent she wrelk-
Reaunn Bill. nsd praying Ihe Hose of L rds to pMem i in of the w meil ddmriptlo as are above reported. One ed peipl fire fighting for the elandcholy privilege of
iam p seml fra, were unamiouly agreed o. The pro- oft the new cae ri daisy, is tlha of a woman whlo rivii- having a dead rilation or friend oarriwel o Ihe Crawe
aotinpo were emndcted dhrugbon s with dthe annlst re- ated as isur to two dimlers patients who re-fued lu b e thase more pp conveymaces, to avoid Air briag
ularimiy "lddemarm removed to the hbpimal. A great change has been hIddledinto an husibler ellicle.
aendm. jialrf.-Th acwauaw brueo t by he a- wrought i theb public mind as to lth necessity of prompt
Je from Paris ds morning st rather of a waHiLe applic o ddial aaanon as soonU as te p roni- k of the i M. Poer, e Loi
d iuripom, be dthy have received o credit here. The, tory *ympome re discovered. ReSp the odl a ol Ponr, t Lod
emsiil with ite very precarioo. st of M. Perier's CHOLERA IN IRELAND. low this removal from or may effect te policy
beehad caued he feeds to decline. The Five per Lisp Ma I.--I Ireland, and re.e!ivlly In the of France, aid th destinies of Europe, it ey Ibe we-
am o d ed as Wedlreday at 96 45. and the three per capital, the diem apprer. to bh making cosiderable simpthlmd 1to aemip to detemis. This only Pappas
C oiU at t P 8. progps. On Friday 11 ne came were annt:rei ed in certRin tl t i will it dicafri toform a new Admino-
The aidvick f I HIlland bring an political nasof Duhfi, ld A deaths f.emalre commwoenwet ,n lth tralion, without inIroderin a infusto ohe invehm" l
hpoa Te Duel femds i d drdned a little ; the disea .ounled to e26. The nmichief is considlrl I) mrv How l nnioly M. Perir hl lf headed th
Two a d a Hlf p a mas were at 42 13-16th. increased by the absurd prejudices of the popllh.e, ws i dIst chang is ob us fIom h retaining G oeral Sc
The dals iee Lodma is now reduced to so resist li le attempIl mwa to remove infected pir-,n. eientin cace, i mero uin d his health
ery fw c tha it i haMdly worth while to ise avy the hompitl, from an impruon that their bhties are Thoestte of Frni o i indeed ,ao lithealt -" nd
me balomtian k jet.' For the las three days only oedlfor analoicl praposs. In Cork the diseaea i' 'inurrectioum ar ocrring eyery dao ion.d&rceI
IS5 ca h" ee"' reported, and those renmining coming frightful progrers.-On Thurnday last 77 new arts of the country. The n are agai raging in r-
hwvedeeMWdle commercial world are wauilig cases ware reported and 17 deaths, unkinte from the day wer-I od he previece, and the ione'iaris are dob*rIt.
*M i es n helme e iibl of health to be granted, on which it si broke iat, 548. caseo. and 160 deodm. inflnced by political molivs. Trade i r ily
hih mlle. tm ,oItv e b se a deals te die a. FR ANCE--F.CotiEa. injured, and tlhreua rof ept'y-
T-l. d Iiba i i wad e whic hu mis ae o thin o latest .4Ara C1 I Ar in P .ri.--We lave re- .hle in th midt fl we e no tn e di I-e
dillbi isbrues b e lk b 4ta.'degvee, a iif hoped ceived itoM mPursi to the d l, ; in em of which milistion, nodesire to before the ed Idt ninom
1 (lOsvruseat el a on* dely on eled this act from a disiai d phsicia reside i tin city, we I Ihem, ht o the contrary, the spirit of enmll
e jetie to the commercial Interests of do coallry. are asld b pt from the irruption of Cholera up to the to rise amidst the warring elements. and whilc "'In c' -
C= hadn comtinmad eseady all th day atMS al abovedate, ,0,000 perans md acertaind to have dlied delir -yu for pmn.r i,'igy they blasphe, llhe IAl a ,
teratalj ad L fLnor a me a, r a o of the dime is the French capital aloe. Although td
y .. violence of thi epldemic Ims mso wha absted, the num- PORTUGAL.
.e A, 9.~T elne .1 k ,....t mi_ hrIm atthacedstsill continue very large; and nothing like FITAI..'1.
g iea .accan of metm ed -- e of M. a ny of pien a t the mn eiciet etothd of I know the affairs of Poruial are ,t so I i','"
Cas Prer. i. Dopi _e d.' _or tre' tmont but ye heea mhished. I addition to Ile th wer id at large, a those think who r id ".
SMiaftier;' sad is is M .'o a tl fohrmerlist of medical who had been attacked, we mini.on. Notwilthsindine I will venture tonntis""' "'
ct ag. The Fr ench m m ia a .l.. y m tionl M. M. d'iHalapemnt L* Fevre, and Lat- plrnulamn. Ou little town looks quite v; '
ASPr C" es 69. o L n -I -. that Cs- irs, gir; Augomrd. Deil.des, Boaher. Dul do Viller., I Moldian ad silos. P.rl of the espedin, I "
rin' der the itisr eat a brai f ve. aInd r countryman Sir J. Chermaid. The three first o it out here. TMher are two EInCl' I. T!h)I tit 1
have aud under rise dise1 the othes *are doing wll ; n.lssow re, which hois Donna Maria's n(lor--,o I Iso
V it L ndi t.-.- t a merring fthe Common ithe last were happy to may, has already recovered.- : is the.ligale Ihal brohlnel Imt Eci-Finprr.r, Do s
Couaci of the city of London, held o-'nThurday it was .rledicral Gactr. or rather timh Duke of BrAganza, frum BIlkeil-. It

ols a thist la, end befe the eaped iom T gL.
which psM ably wi mno be before May. AN them EORGE WATSON, Clbck uad Wechlmakier,
' e r m see enoi olye, Mnrdetda6m S debot E L o thankful for dheoscouragement sad mppomt hbe ba
ml sucmes, andoely s hed cone a be **- received in his line of business, bhep to aqalist his
ai ed0 bly, without Ou oppprteity of ghting. Io friends and the public, that hue setem d ine Cepat-
think it amt erunate &eaomwne" the *A nership width Mr. JAMES KNOXI Clock and Watchmkme r.
that they have doe DmI6 eo It n c -' mad triast sha, from .unumalIk uad atssaIm ton.
t33 guit lwie Do Den M I (o tr i m 0 stilisl 1100, I 4a Mo'Snumew of lealt d .o. BY HENRY GREENOLAD9 A CO.
.4,0 aomn ldimer, comider King *sm a demigod, The ibsui will he i foanu, eoaductid under the -
ad If they had not, neam o to him. I would mo t ,rim of and Knox. (On dam a, Mm,.s. IA fdiiih ,.
uch for their rvery. do not think we can real- N. B. Jewellery ale cauefiay aed eetly repaired. aT Tus eunmn oeidL.
od hrship dl 4i pelvatie to which the emigrants Quadrants mnd Cumpase meaM y cleaned and adjusted. At go Wil ,A;
pan Piringal have buen m d. MNoy made thdir o- June 13h._
Cape i.n a Itele dret, or smr other diguis; and emay s.. Fo, is btin,
arrived in Enloeed withoustriands ormoney. There a NOTICEM. Co..i b..
o,~ ;ip. ols oeu sinty, sead en" bdaemia frPot HE SUBSCRIBER having elrged one of his Choie Sugar, I whe nd haelf ernisela
S Ssili S.evernal have died sdie their arrival ore turned the Stock of Duter, ar,
irceir, from the eposuire dthy ejdmed before they two into ne, ofwii for reni, the qutheemo; aetiDe, oap, C adle,
mbark,-d frIm 5,onm porr in Galiri.a, emdi great num- that he has received an amortmeot of fis Goods per Hymn Ter Plhil Oil.
have n..r heUard, word Irum their families or friends Euphomia-which, as wellU as those previously on amnd, with various eher aicles.
mce thyt lift P'or gal four years ago. heery T J. NECKS. Ju e ASHbefore
N.B.-T. W. J. Necks furewamrma all permsfone erm- o
2104 playing any of his Slaves, with a written order from BY HENRY ADDERLEV.
..ry person aiout to leae these Island4, after June 13th. O( Mmday ma, te 18IA e.
Atm i resided thretinfor the Sptce OfTHIRTv nDAY, WI FINAL NOTICE. VoAt er A -
gS.e ecur'iq adle 8euretery otEe, er put up huAnaoe i. IIE SUBSCRIBERS, having closed the mernetile Flel, in al hderl i bals
saidOfr'forWrrararU eAT prIiludtO1 hisdeparture-af- J coicernsof the late Elias J. Solomon, Eaq.,hereby s br to elm,
Ir which, at any ti d ring roarT-riVen usA, a Titcke "itify to thow who still remain ladebted to his Eastto, Comi, i Hoem, Leaf suAar,
that unless their respective deiiands are liquidated p r- Sap, Clm Laid, Better,
may 6e obtaaied. vioi,, to the Ist June, they will he placed in the hands of Navy Bead,Dry Goods, cn.
NA.MEB OF PERSONS an Atturney-at-Law, for immediate recovery. T A...sCA H, .d .
AnOUTO To O'TAlt TinkeTs roa DrPArTUcE. E. M. SOLOMON, Executri. Ai
2ud Febl.ruary Elihabeth Sullivan C. S. ADDERLEY, Executor. At ime NaetAs' Crdit, we ".
slit April W. 1. Alexander March 31-t. 15 pt.woda Jam*i RemI
4st John Aliay pbe-- Jm-k- f---g- Rie ,
1l10m A Franci. Moilell XUMA SALT, fori mase atI 15 cents per bhuatel, 0 cho e iae.
SMaNri. Johnson I Apply to H"am
W iSll. A. bson THOMAS THOMPSON, Jume 1th.
14th John Walker 4th. At E a. BY JOHNSON & SAUNDERS.
February 4th.
L&FOR SALE- AT Ton3,s v a ni oMa,
i A TR CT of Land on L Islad. contain S00 At ZO s A .
acres, within the vcinity of the Salt Pond at teat Will be sold
__,_ _-_ -_---. ...-... .--. br, well adapted for the culture of Corn and Cot- FOR CASH.
PORT nI NA AU, N. P. I,. n; h,,ounded Easterly by Peter Den's land, Northerly
ARRIVED, aind Southerly by the e., and Westerly by Peter Dean's Rice, Corn, H gmt.
June h-rr. Cr ier B L Idil. 'articulairs will be made k iown, on application to Lard Cheese, Beef,
Jue 1th--Brig Courier, Baird, London, Wi. J. Weech, Esq., Nmswau; er to the sub criber, at Herrings, Oars, &c. c.
tutl--SchBr. ivourite, Brek, Savanngah r uEni. A credit of six months will he allowed the pur- mAND-, Or,
Rice, M, llama, Shingles, Tar, chaser. Al am mnml' Caredi-.
to F.cNC. MOnTELL. Itle Euma, EARS. A capital family Gig, In good order, with
to Ftchr. s HIon Cha o LtlEunkal Aine.
CLEARED. 1th May, IZ., I June 16th.
June Lily, flail, Bahama Keys B LANK FORMS, of eAery decrip io, ay be pro- BY IIENRY ADDELEY.
S .-lth--Brig Courier, Baltl, Ilavana B cred at this Office.
16li--Sh.p Signal, Griffin, Boston N. .-Job Printing eseculad with noetne uand di- 19 ,
Sliop Pioneer, Beker, New York patch, upon good paper. and on moderatetm. ~PA-edec of Frueac MoBt9 a stqi,
Sloop Bo, Teno, Jamaica J ary 4, 1832. At redenc of Frci o l, t re, in Market
SAILED, AIid Willbe old 1d
June 13t-lI. M. .chr. Frefly, Lt. McDoonel, Cruise AUCTION SALES. (Without remervt,)
S* Bchr. Primrosme. Hudson, Charles.ton' ,- AH bI Homebold Fumiure. comatii oof
14th-H. M. shlp Sapphire, Captain Wellesley, BY IIENRT ADDERLEY. Bedstmda. Ward rube, Secretary and Bookcas,
Bermuda -- Cham Dreve.,
pA NF.r A ivO Mamlay, ftie 18(4 iuiost, Diming rad Tea Tables. Bideabord. Sofas,
I PA bi CaoENGEBS ARRIVEDi. v Cane bottom Chai., Toilet Table and Glass,
Inhe beg Courier from Lo d on :-Ensig n Wilson Al u ea1 S a _s A Clock, Chiaa, Glass a Crockery.rare,
Mtd Emig. lgar, of 1. M. 2d W. 1. Regimentr. At is In__ L Plated were, cons0stiog of Fruit Ban k et,
--or _Will be sod Candlesticks, Snuffers and Stands, Coffee, To,
FOR MALE., That valuable nd well kown ptlammtio, caled C"oe. mad Milk Puots,
a Y PRIVATE CONTRACT, Nut Glove, ahow two miles to d. Westward of the oCa, Soet of balanced handle Table Knives and Forks,
A .containing S60 cres-& g E pan of which has never Deern ditto.
A ACT of Land Hog Island, ii160 bee under cultivation. About hundred acres are n- Te--A on deliery.
A cres, enclosed with Bik Wel., being d am osed by m e a, ,inon w e h we p aser. rA-ASIl, on deliv,
tract upo the Islanrd, adjoining Wp' tract, eand e- There en the above tract, immenw qeaity of A '
leading o the N.vowui. It in so exicillmot stock foarm A 12 monhm' reInt of the dwelling and on Ilo.y
eing o she Narrows.uI is a frm Firewood wu, whih wesl ade itt valmhu le csieratonu lately er ected.a st Ii
with re.dy prepared watelri, placs; the hve1 o p- to amy person disposed toem il coMtrcs oie supply AL -efpld
turT, nd o ann itohnig man ao-r o t aiy e r ,rwondad Ar POIDOO-. 50 -
and it the a large ti nd of the (irrmon Its ineamablepsr- is%, on the oi. The 12 monllh' rent of thal desirable Shop, lately
e a "It plenty oef bllm. of psruI e, are o well known, it requires no recoammaen- occupied by M MontelL Pe__a_ will Ih
The hove will be. fond wel wisory the Jetoi f dation.--Tha Fruit timbre inalinErable, sad of every v an oJuly.,
any person inclined t mie mtock beine hlndy far 'the d iplio fforded n this Island. J
Market; or for a Plantation, the mil being very good. in front, there am Ire lO 14 4cresof Gouineo Grems im. eh.
Ferpanwalar, apply at hi ks. well establihed and from 50to0 700 Coco Nut trm- BY HWRY GREENSLADE & CO.
Jute 146th. many in bearing. A.'
NOTICE. TALSO-- O 11, iry, Ai flat m -aA,
d L APT. HOB aN. N. request that all accounts The followag valuable Slve, via. AT T11T 9 Or..tI ote.
q l/ against him will he nrenderd o oor before Wednes- SOPHY, 34 year, aa excellmat Cook. Wouher and At 11 OLtoe.
d;y next, the i0th install, for payment. Ironer. Will he ohl d
Jan, lf6ih. _o _____ SUSAN, 10 years, Hoar Ser ut Wihum s t fa Akea ewme.
Theitflwing valuable Slvem belonging to t Ems"t of
etH B NOTICE. JANE, 22 yeans, a good Cook aid Washero. the Inla Mr. Jo, ep Thil mpa
HE UBSCRIER being ahout o lve the Island, TONY, 6 years. ..
L remin'stl an imnmdiate metlemnt of all account WILLIAM, 8 years.
du him, or they winl be put in suit, i6discriminntJlv. OAN ndh l ,ETE dAA,
W. H. "FULFORD. Pyou, Cook Aad Flowe fk-rnt l JOAN, end a 2childr, 11 ESTERnod BARAD,
aW A TD, man pf god chrmtor, hT Dcn POLIDORE. 50 yeaws, a Driver d Field had. RACHAEL,
VV ho, wll recommendiud. to be employed in an B INAH, 46 years, diuo. LA
Auction ht, re.W Apply au this office. JJEFFERY1 I "yer,aecinom toworkwith Mma JENNY, and four childme, ADAM, L DONDO, j HN
June lItrh. and Plasterer for the last two yearn sod SAAC--.umined is Fi wor.
"i[ iCEt-.- PRINCE, 17 years, a Carpenter. OEORGOE, FRANCIS,
A LL PERSONS having demands awuinxi the Estate PRINCE, jt. i5 years, accusind to drive a Cart. MOSES, ANTHONY, > Gootd swou
of J.neplih Smundcrs, late of the Island of New AARON, 13. yours, a very smart waiting Boy, patrti- DEAL, TOM,
Prnovilence, entleninn, deceased, ar requested to render early handy with a Hone. HARJRIY, Field hbead.
the ianio ilulh attested; and dim indebted to the uid GORDON, 11 years, in constant employ with a Dray. ALSO--
lstate, itre likewi rese,,sted to anuke imniedilate pay- JERRY, 10 years, handy about a Houe. The fiemH aiiagdloopWillim & Rear '.
aunt, at the twice e ,f (G. P. Wuiel, EF.tire. Iems--.krce Mwoah' Creit, on gum dppvvd at- TERMS--3 Mehe' Credit, on .ribil lpartm -
TIIO.1IPSON SAUNDE.RS, Executor. city. Charity.
April 2d. I June 16th. June Nih.

ge, gaae_____r aP >ne

improve t uima i .lM They chatl
I neu inqui' L'fiJt at e l sbut hyrefsine,
i.ndi justly sl istI ad sheir libr-
ties, without i ,pr oe,; ad they
re4u0l to re li ot only tie c llngH l d regulations
of tieir priru is ermty, lmt del the p of
tlllat au I l w 1 * e "powerful
party n i ls nry 'ie ihthecile rulers of it to
seek. Th'i trI e in Cumedi secretly and in-
sidioutly le; ga4I4 1 wat its application will accom-
plish. Lord ( fri ta bIuso blinded as not to be
ablu to ae, umi r fd tOimlmprehend tlis result; but
llat is no reason why lmao who are tIn he the sufeurrs
hilulmd Ih equally ignorant, or, like lis Lordslip, hug
llhemnlves in Ia ontrary belinC
Tie simaltion uf (overnors in tie British Colonies, is
now one of a humiliating and degraded character. They
are merely tile machines to rugilter and to enforce tihe ar-
bitrary decrues uf arblirary Brilish rulers. They, in dlis
in.ftnce, call upon tie suffering population under their au-
tlority, to aldoptit instantseslvy the Order in question,
nomt Icau.m the eilict is neerosary. just or proper in htslil,
huot iiuply becamue due dictatorial dspatc of ano inmpe
rious Colonial Secretary, requires it to be done, und of
tiemn to ee it done. If Itm consequences were not so
imelancbuly and destructive, the lalmur of this conclave
of' legislators migiJt ecile a smile of derision. No one de-
nies, that, in point of lubour and worldly comfort, tle
Woesl India labourer is equal to any labourer in time world;
yet tluh whole object and effoer of those arbllrry and i-e.
nal law., in order to raise him in the moral cale, are to
esiond lmh one, and to lessen the other,-to keep him as
idlle, amll to iamillper him as mucl as possible: while not
Bsintile ihinbi appeaur in ill this muhlimlrious legislation, to
inilrove hit mental faculties.-The gentlemen in Down-
ing street and elsewhere, may take our saying as truth ;
lltat they may as wll try to wash the negro white, as ut-
tellmlpt to raine him in the moril scale, and bring him to
be a Imeing fit for the enjoyment of privileges in free civil
Imsiety--a to expect to make him ft for such ia action
willout improvement in his mind; yet where, in thie eohrse
4sf any one of their labours, do we fid say means bestow-
ed, or lft to the Ill fated Planter to bestow, in order to
accomplish this mot important object Even (;rneral
Grant, who msens to le one of he Imost forward andI
active lubourers in this vineyard of bewildered philanltro-
py, leave tle disbanded Afriran soldiers, under his o.u-
vurniment to relroumle so rapidly Into harbarismn, that they
are at present IInly in cutting pieces of sood into figures
representing African deities, and bending in worshlip be-
(fre then as tIly were adcrustomed to do in Afrira!
Time criri of lic Colonies is come The fate of Ithose
pusesisons is in the hands of those who iniahbit lthei !
Tie hour is niomentous, and requires all their energies,
all their exertiuon and all their prudence, and all their
jllgqimnl. If they yield to the present mandate, diir
lilmuoties, and tlleir independence, and their pro|twrties
are gone for ever.-Downing street, and those who may
in any enlmihuiastic or dirty way drive Downing street,
ran ever afterwatri legislate for and drive them as they
please. Let them look at tlis. Let them uee it like
men. Let themi be calm, respectful, judicious, and firm.
Their ate and complaints require no anger and Indigna-
ltin, though Iuch feelings have been provoked to the lit-
must, to set them oIl.-Truth, justice and rigim, are all
on their side. Let them not by angry or disrespectful
feelings expraed In discouions with Government, lose
the adnsatr e Weich this state of hingagive diem. The)
ranmot, without encountering dange, which it may lie im-
prudent at premo to brave, turn aside rIe maddened arm
of their maniac csmtry, but dey can throw dhe responsi-
bilty of the rasA and lleal conduct of her rulenr and
herself upon a he ad and upon tirir head-sthey can
tell them calmly and firmly, tt the law of Great Britain
have counailued their dsav private property, and that no
ju law can be made to take tiln away, or to Injure it
iithllu conmpametion;-they can tell them that they will
not surrender their privileges as Britons, nor their pco-
Serliei, as men, to any Govemnment whatever ;-(hea if
erte flFe i employed to bereave them of dicse, tley
smay be compelled to Wboir ; but that they never will,
with their owe lands, forge the lettno which will make
tdem daes, and give their propertie into the hands of
oilers, to a saltified, an unrighteoes, and an ungrateful
country! Taking their stand, on the most solemn pr-
*est, againstt mach destructive and irrational proceedings
as are ew goi g eo, uoe of tdm maulive so see the
day when retlning reason will bring the popidltion of
tim ULited Kingdom to demand the ohet of those guilty
Statesmeo, who may leave robbed British subjects of their
property, and deprive(l Gret Britain of her Colonie.
The time chosen ase i r the enfreemmnt of this rigo-
rom law i worthy of mark. It is the hour when, by a
can ieCigBramea, the ditre of the Colobni
wa extended aImo to the UnIem pitch at human endu-
ranc. At euch a moment, when they are, of course,
mn helpless, th demand is made upon them to submit
to ai Wr ih iteve tema no a er my eontmsel af
them property, thereby ramdrie the iejeice move s.
ver, and the oppremain moe bitter. To crown th whole,
k determined, and proclaimed, that the law mll be
eafrced under a system altogether new, and hitherto
mneard of, i the asamief IqisniMe-nael-y, disci.
minating duties up e li produce of ath obedient, or dis-
obedionm subject, violating thereby, very principle upon
which the Brilhb Coastutin, and Ow mmset, or any
(iovernmett was, or is, established. If right, the poiwe
of the Empire i at hand to enforce e act, n if wrong.
it ought to be abandoned. That it i wrong, the mode
prposed to esaie i, af itselfclearly deemarnte No
isih Minister cn venture upon such a course, except
one. who, conscious lie is wron. takes lths course to di-
vide tloue e seek, toe enthall, uliile the tears pretended

_ _

a mu.

A aineular echo is heard in a grotto near Caule Co.
CANADA. inr, in Ireland. No reverberation is observed till ti
Serious and it appears bloody riots have taken place liteiner is within 15 or 16 feet of the extremity of te
last month in Montroal, during a protracted election, in grutto ; at which place a most delightful echo enchants the
whicl th il rival candidates contiluud to receive an ulqual car. Does there exist any one who has not heard of the
number of votes. mag;lu's nest near Mucross Abbey, on tim banks of the
Fron tet Canlmdism Remord of 22d Vfay. Lake of Killarney I This celebrated rock send lkunh
the ntmo fascinating repercussion. Sound a Frendci r
MINImr EveNINuI 5 o'clock. bi,,ilehorn, echoes, equal o a Iundred instruments, .uer
AWFUL EFFECTS RESUILTING FROM TIlE to tihcall. Report single cannon, tiue loudest dtlmase
RIOTOUS CONDUCT OF TIIE MOB-FOUR reverlcrate from the rock, and die in endless ahg
MEN SIIOT-SEVERAL WOUN)ED. tle distant mountains.
With the most painful feelings we have to state thial
from tie riotous conduct nianilt-sted by time lower order f RUCE'S NEW YORK TYPE FOUNDi Y, u
of the (Candians and Irsh partizens on Saturday, the Poll uCE'S NEW YORK TYPe ubs er lies com
was adjourned to this day. wire the Magisiracy andl a ablisied in 1813-The susrrier las completed
large body of the Constables very properly attended a new edition of his book of Specimens with which hi,
We have been informed tilt dlroughou tile day tihe most customers, and other Printers disposed to buy from him,
evident symptomnsof increasing insubordination and desire iay "le su replied on application at bis Foundry, Nos. 18
for iiot was manifested, more especially when any of andLM Augostustreet,behind the City l.ii. le .uld
thI.le persons favourable to Mr. Bagg printed tilleemslves. remark, for tile information of tltose whio iave not been i
Toutirds evening tde Constablesweru bu atlen Irnom tllir lie lhalit of dealing with hliml, and because a dilkrent pra.
posts, and many of thom mtst scandalously ill-treateld. ice' has been etmrnsively inlrouluced, thai his book contains
It was at lengtli found acessary to order out tihe Mliliay, nothing but the actual productions of hlis own Foundry,
tlo promptly attended, under the cumlandi of Colonel ""d presents a true specimen of what will be furniJhed
'Macinaisl. ullders. The assortment is very cumpcivi, las been de-
Tie Riot rt was then read. On our arrival at the lhbrately and carefully in twenty years brought to itlls re
Frenci square, .o found a large number of persons col- sen" high state of perfection, and embraces a variety of
clcted, amd every now and lien some person or other us- style, adapted to different tastes and to tie various depart-
suhted and knocked down by the" bhd ie" in attendance. ments of printing Newspaper, Book and Job, highly lmish-
On the poll closing for the day, anolber indiscriminate at- ed, and cast of the most serviceable metal. Not e notice
lack was oade on the Constables--nd also, as we hase the varieties wlich are distinguished by their numbers i
been informed, upon Mr. Hagg iimaelf-whio, if we are die Book, it contains of
correct, was shamefully misused, as wells several others ROMAN and ITALIC 27 sizes, from twelve-lin Pies
whemr ulw wdesdeed--l-Mad very much. Atlength to Pearl.
the Military wee caHen. on t disperse the mob--wio TWO-LINE and TITLE, 15sies, Two-line CUlum-
were seen approaching towards the place where they were bian to Arste.
held in readiness,shouing and bellowing in le most in- 8HADED, 13 sizes, Ten-line Pica to Long Primer.
furiated manner. On the approach of the Militar, tile ITA LI AN,7 siles, Seven-line Pica to Long I'rimer.
mob fled down St. Jamen'-streat, die military taking the ANTIQUE, 17 aizes, Ten-line Pica to Nonpareil.
ame direction,headedby theircoromandingolficer, (colM.M IILACK, 12 sizes, Four-line Pica to Minion.
About tlis time ie stwasagain began to fly from the OPEN BLACK,5 mies, Four-line Picato Groat Pri-
mob in the most lhogertuws anmer,and. tha ilart of' lme "'r.
town has been recendy maraudmied, tle mob lad a pll.n- SCRIPT, 2 aies. Double Saill Pica and Gea Pri-
tiful spply of tousaealdy at hand, which, we lament to mer.
sy,they unedwidtdredful deatariy. CoL M.and seve- Ueii1h's Music, Back Slope, Orwnmenedl Lettlesand
ralof tet other fcots and mn were sruck. the former Lotery Figures, P*e Fractien, Smerion, A.r.,monmical
vary mverely. 6ill, the umsmet exrtiona--beomot per- and other Signs, Space Rles, Brasm Rules, Ora.s ldl
suading entreaties were us d by bath Col. Maciniel;, itle IL)"I.m, Long UBrces, mre Il n '2I ) kinds of Fin "ers,
Maistras, uand them inaudarity, to prevail on thim mi,- and 1UI() Cuts and Orsamenta for School Books, .i*ls-
guided and inlatumod mob to dispers-hbul to no e~ lct. Ialers, and .Scientitic works.
Tibe alomsandothu uimsilesetioueml to be dtrown, andi t(rdi-rs for any of dthae, and also for Presse (.'l*.
mvera! persons wee kancd down before our eyes. Com"mposinig Sicks, Cae, Furniture, Printine litk, or ai.
At length the faal word wu given,-Ftia !-an in 'thI'"' r.-uired in tie Printing businem, will I. ex, :: on
another moment fea perwn were lyingdead in the astrles, tie mot liavourable erm, and with thie uli.o
and several wounded,-me of them a young ma not tuke, a large stock of l Foundry articles ,
rlore then 15 or 16 yards of age. The mob lhen lel; o" hand.
the military taking p a position at e bead of St. Jm.nes I Plinterof newspaplme who publish thlli ...
tireet, adjoining tle lHay Market, under a most dreiclncin "'" nt th rel ti*s', and forward a itir tiuntiui I
rain. On our return through St. James' street, we ,o- |The Foundiry, will receive payment for tile nsan.ifllhc I '-
served htie blg-ays literally alrea d with gsones, which cImsi from tIe Foundry, to for simes llw atiumnl.
had buen thrown by the mob at die military, as no row GEO. BRUH(E.
lad previously taken place at that quarter. Tie ton n, Nw' York, January, 1f12.
at present, as faru we can learmis quiet, bht the great- NOTIC-.
it alarm is prevalen--and we believe that the entire of OTI
the military, inceiding a portion of tie Royal Artillery, lTIE SIBSCRIBERS olfer for sale, by private t
are under arns-ready to act at a moment's warning. gain.
No blame can possibly attach to the military; never 6 Ihhml. choice Madeira Wine,
did men act mue calaly. With outaretched arms, we 40 dozen do. do. do.
observed Col. M. and Lth Magiserate, elreating of the 6i down do. Teneriffe do.
mob to dsperaq. I trunk Gentlelmen's Slhoes,
We regret to add, that a poor old man, seemingly 4 Ca- 2 blue Dinner Sets.
nadian, in no wise conrerned-foll a martyr to the impro- lIENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
prieties ofotlers. On die heads of such be the blood of I)reremheIr 24th.
Ilese men.
One o'clock on Teadslt JAerwi.n.-The Iroops are FOR MALE.
still under arma, and th Offmnr riding along the varioilmu The choice of 2 Lots of Land, with the
streae tse ring any movement that takes place. We. hoildinga and improvements thereon, situote in
cannot but rejoice asd be tankful for these prccaution- l Prince'satreet, generally known by the name of
ary steps, for had they mot been atnewmed to, we really LitRtfoot, or Cupid'a Row.
fear our account this morning would be fr more lament- For Ternm and other particulaes, apply to the Sub-
able. The Military have suffered very severely, from the scribers.
quantity of rain which Ia Ifallenl the most part of yes- HENRY GREENSLADE& Co.
terda%, and iluriig the nigls. M31rch 11.

Sto bhi Ied l Itheir biltr Vdmsu cedonied distress, can
only he viewed as adding lnsll to inuulicf.
Tlm Is the course to purue. The Wat India 4e-
cialon of this city have boldly led the way; and we re-
joice to find that the course which they have adopted is to
be allowed up In every quarter where there are interests
connected with the Cooinile Not a moment ought to be
lot in doing this. In face of accounts received from
every Governor, lat the Order in Council cannot be en-
forced without utter into property, Lord Goderich, in
a ldesi1lch daued March 14th, yet olbs Sir Benjamin d'
Urban to inform the inhabitants of British Guiana that he
cannot hold out" time sdihtest expectation" that the mea-
sure will be revoked ;" coolly remarking, that, if he is
not obeyed, the Cuotie will bring" hdlemnelvLe more
and more witllin liedagenr of calamities far more grie-
vous lln any that can e caused by commercial reverses,
and of dismnters from which it may he beyond tei power
of any government to protect them ;" in plain Englimli,
their slaves will nmasacre them at their convenience.
Such is the language of a British li Minir,tjn the lacr
of tle dancers he has called forth, and tlie lemiprls which
lie haa raised,-llis laiguge, too, when he inius know that
the sentiments, feelings, and wishes of his Sovireigmi,
decidedly opposed to the system pursued, andl who n lo
only firis most keenly for tlie miseries which |)r, i1pon
tile Culonies, but declares that they have been most ln-
justly accused, basely neglected, and imnst shule!'mll'y
Created. On delse facit, the Colunists and tis country
may depend.

Eckh .-Edmco reside, for the most par, -a
abheys, in caverns, and i. grottoes: tdy ret i"*sa
anong asmOaina, whisper in the areas of muique
i the widinga ofllu pe gee, and in die n I -
ai.slr of arched cahdrab. Thee is an aonci nt
eor the teple of Clyomes, in the district of Cil i
which repea three time, on which account it i
time Eclo. At Wuaeoo k there wasu one which rt|,
seventeen syllable during tie day, and Iwunly in tLh agh
In the sepulchre of Meulla, the wife of 8 ll, ,a
repeated five dierent times, io live differnti keyas,
Barthius, in his notls owutatiu, relates, that on blt le
of tlie Nahbs between Bingen and Coblemul, an echlt
citud seventeen time. lie who poke or sueng .
scarcely be heard, and yet the responses were lod
distinct, clear and various ; sometimes appeari i t a
proach, at other time to cmne from a great distance
alter the manner of ep Eulian haip.
In the cemetery of tlim Abercorn family, at Paisley,
the county of Renfrew, there is an echo encadinl,
beautiful and romantic. When the door of the caaa
is shut, lle reverberations are equal to the mound of IM
dir. BreRthIe a single note in music, and the tone ancea
g adually, with a multitude of echoes, till it dies in se
ndm aust bewitching murmurs. If tlloelectof one inme
Unlnl is delighlfui, that of several in concert is captivain,
exciting the most tumultuous and rapturous mmp
In this chapel, lulled by ethereal echoes, alemp l ryt
lie Ilu.lghlser of Bruce, the wife of Wallace, andl thebm
tler of Roberl, King of Scotland.

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