Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: June 13, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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lfght Dollar per mnunm-

M --


Yes beauty dwells in all our
But sorrow too is there;
How oft some cloud within us
The bright still summer air!
When we carry our sick hearts
Amidst the joyous things
Taht through tile leafy places
On many coloured wings.
With shadows from the past w
The happy woodland shades
And a mournful memory of thi
Is with us in the glades ;
And our dreams like fancies Ic
An echo's plaintive tone
Of voices, and of melodies,
And ofsilvery laughter gone
But are we free to do e'en thu
To wander as we wall-
Bearing said visions through th
And o'er the breezy hill ?
No in our daily paths lie care
That oft times liind us fst.
While from their narrow round
The golden day fleet past.
They hold us from the woodla
And ilie violet-dingles back.
Andl from the lovely sounds an
In the shining river's Irack :
They bar us from our heritage
Ofspring-tine. hope and n1n
And weigh our burrden'd ipiril
With the cumbering dust uo
Yet bhoulld tihl r- ?-Too mu
Itespondinonly we yield I
A better lesson we are taught
By the llies of tie lield !
A is ieter b) the birds of Ii, av
Which ellII u in their flight.
Of one that through the drelrrr
Forever guides them right
Shall not tins knowledge calm
And bid vain conflicts cease
Aye. when they commune with
In holy hnours peace,
And feel that by the lightly and
Through which our pathway
By the beauty and the Rrief al
We are trading for the mkire



WED sESDAY. JIUNE s1, 18le.


GUS. Thirdly, from a mischievous abuse existing in the sys. Resolved, That of late years many laws have been
tem adopted by different religioussocs in this island, tsrm- passed, and many regulations hive been made, for im-
NAASAU, N. ed Baptists, Wesleyan-Methodists, and Moravians, by proving and meliorating the condition of th slaves, but
* Indvanmee. their recognizing gradations of rank among such of our that, instead of becoming mor grateful to their owners,
slaves as had become converts to thlei doctrine., whereby and more obedient to their masters, conspiracies amongst
1ile less ambitious and more peaceable among tlient were them have increased.
made the dupes of the artful and intelligent, who Iad b., i Resolved, That in consequence of insubordination and
selected by the preachers of those particular sects to fill a detected conspiracy among the slaves, His late Majaety
the higher olfices in their chapels, under the denomination King George the Fourth isuned his royalproClmation, ant
of rulers, elders, leaders, and helped. official copy of which now lies on our table, and which
SAnd lastly, the public discussions of the free inhabitants declares the slave population in our said colonies and pos-
here, consequent upon ltie continued suggestions made by sesssions will be undeservince of any protection if they
the King's Ministers regarding further measures of ame- shall fail to render entire submlision to the laws, as well as
H.- lioration to be introduced into the slave code of this island, dutiful obedience to their niasiers.
paths- andil te preaching and teaching of llereligious sects called Resolved, That notwitlstanding tile above declaration
Baptists, Weleiyan-Methli ists, and Moravians, but more of Hislate Majesty, and notauiistanding thl ptoclanl.ltion
dims particularly the sect called BIaptists, which had tie efect of Ilis present Maiesty, promulgated to the slaves, entitlli
of producing in tlhe niinds of the slaves a belief, that they By the KlIng,"
abroad could not serve both a spiritual and a temporal master, A PROC('LAMATION.
triersy ocasonn tiet to rsis ita .aau ,utort 01. ... s..


e fill
nd the wiu1

e grove,
we see

rk's haunTii
id gleams

S d(o" n
ch too sool,.


our heatr
i hemselveR

ArPIL 26, 1-I12.
Ordered, That the Report of the Comuittee onl tie
Rebellion be published once in the several papers in this
By the House,
JOHN G. ID IL, Clerk,
to the Assembly.

Your committee, appointed to in.ilirre into tihe cause of,
sad injury sustained by, the recent echelliun among the
leaves in this island,
That they have taken the examinations, on oath, ol
various persons, which examinations, with till original
documents sunt dnrwn to the House ty Ivis Excellency llie
Governor, on the I1lth March last, (and referred to the
committee,) as well as sundry other documents, respect-
i the late rebellion, accompany this report.
Your committee express it as their opinion, and do
export the same to the House, that the causes which have
Sto the late rebellion among the slaves of this island, are
u follow :
The primary and most powerful cause arose from an
eil excitement created in the minds of our slaves gene-
rally by the unceasing and unconstitutional interference of
His Majesty's Ministers with our local Legislature, in re-
gard to the passing of laws for their government, with the
intemperate expression of the sentiments of the present
Ministers, as well as other individuals in the Commons
House of Parliament in Great Britain, on the subject of
slavery ; such discussion, coupled with the false and wicked
rpaorts of theanti-slavery society, having been industri-
oosly circulated by the aid of the press throughout this
land, as well as the British Empire.
Secondly, from a delusive expectation, produced among
dte whole of the slave population, by the machinations ol
rafty and evil-disposed persons, who, taking advantage
of the prevailing excitement, imposed upon their disturbed
imagination a belief that they were to be free after Christ-
mas, and in the event of freedom being then wilhbeld
from them, they must be prepared to finlt for i' "

thereby occasioning them to resist the lauIul autllorlty ol Wa.I.SM
their temporal, under the delusion of rendering themselves Whereas it has bee. represented to us tha" the ia lds in
more acceptable ua spiritual, master. some of our W'est India colonies, and our possebsiuln son thi
Your comnniitee furirwr report, that the injury sustained Continent of South Ameli.rirc, lihave been led
by the late rebellion, by the slaves wilfully setting fire to to believe thlt orders lhaI been sent out by us for their
buildings, grass and cane fields, destroyed, robbery and emancipation. And whereas such belief hu produced
plunder of every description, damage done to tie present acts of insuliordi.tiuon, which have excited our highest
and succeeding crops, loss of tie labour of slaves, besides displeasure-We hlae thought fit, by and with the advice
the killed in suppressing such rebellion, and executed after of our Privy ('Council, to i.sue this our royal proclamanion
trial, as incendiaries, rebels, and murderers, has been as- -And we do hereby declare and make knows, that thl.
certained by means of Commiis.sioners appointed under an slave population in our said colonies and possessions ill
orildr of Ithi llouuse, anir by tie detailed returns made to foricit lll cliiin rn our protection if iley shall adl to ren-
the coumittltee in confalliiily wilh such orduri, to amount der entire suimnasion to the laws, as well as dutiful obedi-
tl tile following sums of ulmoney, viz.:- ence to tleir masters-And we herebv charge anil coin-
In the paris ulo St. James, the nmand all ou (;l Goivrnor of our West India Colonies and
sumn ol ... ... 606,( 0 0 0 pos.reioin to give tie flilleds publicity to this our picl.a-
In ihe paris of IHanover, tie sum imation, and to enforce, by all tire legnl means in their pon -
of ... ... 4253,il4 15 0 er, the punisi nent lof those wsho ary disturb the tranoquilli-
In tire paill.i of W\stmor land, tie ty and peace of our said colonies and possessions.
isus ol ... ...7 (7,09 Given at our Court of St. James's, this 3d day of
tI r li parish ef St. EizaLaet.h, tie Jrine, I :.l, arnl in tlli second year of our trigri
sumn of ... ... I-t,1o 9 7 (,iGi, hsV: Till: KIN;.
In tile parisliof Trelasny, the sunm titli l1d, Trlit t11, s,1al s Ies a ill, in open violab,;l ,,
of ... .. 4,illO 7 i; and in delinice, of the Kint's procla. tuition, continue i.*
--- rll1l against thllir inlasteir' lia flIl titihoray, did burn, I. -
Amount of injury suirsined inte stro, urnd dles.tire their (o ner' pro]perier, anud did
County of Cornwall l1lfi,2r,7 12 1 ri iily opipoae His lMa e'.t'sTlroopsand the Mililary
In the parisi of Forces of hlI island.
1Manchlester, sie Resolved, That the slaves have thelef ,re forfeited all
sulll of .1i,27l1 It t* claini on Iis | irutcTlioln, aci usdli to litr roy)i
-- prorlaniation.
Amountof injury sustained in tilhe Iteslvied That ie ule thni prler protectors of our
(oulnty I f lhllddlcese ... li,,170 0I (I a sl.l ,a, olilll' l'irill kinril.dl' ..inid rIrrxlI lirin ', the biesr
In llte l risi of i jul,. of tlsi la s ret( iisite It r their (ldecipline, protection,
I'ortll.nd, the anid inlrovr. enit.
sum or 772 10 It( lel. i.1, Th'at Ille llouse was no partly tohe Resolii
In tire parihi of lullons l)pa.,.d in lli< lluof of ('oimmons in NMiy, I::it,
St. Tlholma in but %lrich sermn to Ib, l r srlted truem tllirr origin .l intent
tlle East I2~t 0 0 as aiplears by iwoi ptitions, one of ahich %ai prescnled
ito ti Iliunous ofl Lor, hby Lord tl \ incrnt, and tll
Amnunt of injury sustained in the I her in tle lloeu.-r f C('omnim.ns by Mr. C harl-s It. "lli
County of Surrey ... .,l62 10 0 (now Lo-,l Sriford). in M1. I 2li, in both of swhilih thl
I----- l allowing drlaration is, rtz. :--' Thlal tire peti-
1,1 I.'513 J 2 tioners fel tlemsl'lss aulior iera-o derlare Ii.s thie opii-
To uhich is to lie addeil thie inir of 161,596. 19>.. 9'. ons, aallch in ISL'1 aire en.eisseId to I is Majr.ety'.
being tire expence incurred ai suppressing the late rnb, I- Min sters b.i several | of colonial property resi
lion, and a further expncre nut yel ascertained, which has dlent in tins country, anid U lih II hav' often, in discussion
accrued since martial law ceased, being the pary and ra- upon this isnb;ect, been referred to, were directed solelv
lions of a portion of tihe naroons, as well as detachlents towards pleasures of a lllliorali':n, and did neither cull-
of tle island militia eriplioy)d in the pursuit of such of tenarplate anll crnpJllllsor)y rd aniiissiiin of tile slavPs, nor
tlit, rebellious slaver a liI have not surrendered llemruslves, anry ruorstraint upon thle indllreihlence of ttie colonial I-
but remain out, and are slltelre'l .imongsll thi almost inac- eislaiures, in n which sentilnits your prlitinnt rs coinlllde."
press lile forests and fastnesses ill tie interior districts of Resolved, Th'lat tnls Ill.uoo II at various times endea-
thi,'sland,. vouredl to t.l .ind reprlst 5IIhe inmortation of slaves inlt
Your committee recommend thal the examinations taken this island, bhit tiit Brilt isl (Gosernnent (runltl latIlc) al-
before them, tire confessions nunrilred from one to eleven, ways prevented tile arrompnIlisirmnlt of tiil olijec, and
and the detailed return, of the Conmilssioners alpointed on tlle contrary enilravonuld by posiiive orders to
under the order of tire House to ascertain the injury sus- increase thellir inriportlrtsn ; for t it appears on reference
tainted by the late rebellion, he inserted in the Minutes of to the Journals of ouln II us now on tihe table, that so,
the I house, and printed tlherewilh, and that the remaining far back as llI- rer,'i of <..oiir n ItheI Second, in the veal
documents be lodged in the oilirc of tile Cleik of the 1732'. His Mai esly in C(,uril si .i out instructions to tih,
Louse. (Governor, s lereof tire follow Ing is an e\tract, vir. :-
An ul hrras it appears by the said report of tfle Lords
HOLUSE OF ASSEMBLY. of the C',nimillee of tih (',mincd, hlia the said lasi in-
FanIaY, April 27. structions of ilre lOth DIrcrmner, 1731. strictly rerquirin/
Ordered, That the Resolutions referring to lie late the Gosernor of lis Mal.-st's island of Jamaica, upon
rebellion, agreed to by tihe IHoue on tie 5th instant, he pain of Irs MIle tsl's lhitihl.s disple'asure, not to assent
transnmittedl t tile Azent, and published once in ithe Hoyal to any law impis ing duties upon slaves payable by t lr
Gazette, St. Jago (azette, and Colowall Chronicle, and importer, or upon any slases elnported that hase not been
injile Kingston ladly papers. sold in that island and continued there for the space of
By the House, twelve months: and that this instruction hath been thought
JOHN G. VIDAL, Clerk, of such importance to the British trade and shipping, as
to the Assembly. to be made a general rule for all lis Majesty's colonies
--in Imerica, and that therefore the said Lords of theConm-
HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. miee were of opinion that the said instructions ough' tli
THRnDsnsv, April 5. be onlinoued." No withstanding an address of the ('oun-
R.-oled, That the late rebellion of our slaves has cil and Assmlely of Jamaica to Hiis Maiesty lor revoking,
been of a more extensive nature,of a more daring cha- the same, lls Mal,-sty was thllrefore tlis day pleased,
ractrag and more, destructive of life and property than with Ie adirce of his Irivy Council. to order, as it i.
any rebellion which has taken place in this island since it hereby ordered, that the sail instructions of tire 10th I)e-
belonged to the British Crown. member, 1731, do continue in force, and that tihe Go-
Resolved, That it has been a remarkable and unpre- vernor or Commander in Chief Ilis Majesl'a saul
cedented feature in this rebellion that many of the chief island of Jamaica for the time being, do strictly adhe .
conspirators and ringleaders were to be found among the thereto for the future."
slaves who, from their situations as head people or con- BR tile Iuse,
fidential servants, were the least worked, were the bct Jt)ON G. VID A, :("
c rlthed, and received the mo't indulgence 'e A"cu,, 1

_ __ _~____ ___










Cogt Malasna 1arV4s#

",oraa, boarda,(a.evl e-,. vie, i-nlg) being uncon- Cheistlia and surname,. ol ts ow.s., Ira ai
T ,At S trolable by lhe Adeir, y. lie prol.-oe the abolition the penalty.'
of these two boards, and that the n,...iagement of naval After a brief consultation,
.s aff aila, al ll that concerned the building uad o" alips, vict either lhe King or his drivers; and bve r .a
WE3* Emt A J IM I3. I tl* or a tlry for the support f the navy, ih..s ,r,',.1a0io, to peered that laws were not to be broke whhk l
Parlinemat for smaasn to meet the naval service, kc. should cept at head quarter.
li We nref'ournresdesasto Uovernmeat Notico Ni. 1, bo.placed under the sole control uof Ililt Ir),mr, wlhich
We r ourreds Uoveral Nle No. r alone responsible t i e nlnmnt, thus placing this onl Paris, April 14.-TIh Cholera still conalh
in the third page. the same fouling as the Board of Ordnance. Ife divided in this city. It Ilas carried off several Membh r
n ay oni e s S the Admiralty Department it.i five branches. The Hon. Chamber of Deputies, and also two Peers, ti
On buaday mornina,H/Majestly' iship Sapphire, 28 Baronet then stated whul reductions hadl been made, and die Crol and the Murquis de Malleville. Th Ui
guns, Captain the flHeomoul William Wellesley, arrived what he should effect byv tis system. Last year there is the statement of the official bulltins deril
from Jamaica, via. Havena, having on board Lieut. were redured four comnissiioners, teilt a saving of 1400 dlareedays:--During 24 hours preceding Wsas li
Frenhand a party of the Royal Artillery-consisting of a year; ihirty-seven priorr officers, 9470; tw.nly- -attacked, 493 male and 35'7 feuole ; died,. ?
two no.cOmmNiod Officers And eight c who n e -five inferior officers, 125; anol eigllt clerks, 1970. and 129 f.naes : durig 24 hours to ThOarlldy l
wooncom i rel iouedit. Lke and eiglt oepa n; who have (ndor the present arrangenieni't (s should be able, to re- ma'cs nd 367 females; died, 176 males and 141
come o rellve Lieut. Luke and his party, .now on the durt five commissioners at C6000; tllree secretaries at during 24 hours to Friday noon, 466 mnala, and i
eve of returning to Jamaica, to join their company, pro- 2600; twenty superior officers at 10,280; six inferior nlales; died, 192 nales and 121 females Tiotal
viously to their embarkation for England, ha,.. nearly officers at 1440; and fify-four clerks at 11,930. The commcnceennt, 8,349 cases, and 3,226 deaths
completed their live years' selvtiude. We understand. account walsl i'she rtantl th'-Rudic'rl nine omms- Te following vivid desriptionof the chiuln' hi,
that Sapphire will leave here to-orrow, for Bermuda.; three secretarie, 26; si-s of the most celebrated physician of France:
tiittmSayl~l_~e~a-__ superior officers, 10,750); thirty-one inferior officers, "Those wlto are attacked become ca dtarswa ia aa
Yesterday afternoon, six manned boats from Hlis Ma- 272,; and sity-two clerks, 1,92) frming; a lot ments. This word saysmore than all dcripio It
jesty's hips Sapphire and Blosso, went out he saving. if his nmeaure were cedI to, upon the civil es- is a complete cessation of life, a if it epart f
jesty's sips Bsapphire snd Bloto.,, went out to hIbe blisment of the n leavinosrprranuatiosoul of ie ,as i .rsep r
atablislnent of tIre nav, le;lving oridtr'tnuatitrtts tiIt at ite ite body by [lintl 'Ao hlas the power of giving it. TI
assista.capf ti American brig Nestor, Ulanchrd, ma- account, of 49,Z10. Sir T. B. Martin, Sir (. Cork- whole frt. e bcecold; the skin of a ividmlh.
tor, whlirbppeared in the offing at noon, in distress, 34 burn, Sir T. Troubrnid.e, anti Sir G. Clerk defended ith blood Si l Tgr Circulaes .; tle heart ceases to S1o Ihe
d:y from Portland, (.Maine,) bound to No a Orleans, will, Present system, and expressed their fear that these allura- byes sunk into tile head, lose their trunspareateb the
SCargo consisting of lumber, hay, bricks, &c. ain would not Ive beneficial. ll lids the appearance of a corpse of tlr day"
The Nestor was brought into Purl I.ue in tlhe evenier', Ships of war building, or urderedl to lbe built at tlhdif-
having lost her malinmasi and nearly all her sails, besides feett Iloyal Yarlds in En-Ilanil.--PIinoihll: St. George, Important, *if tr,.-A discovery, say Galdpimi,
sustaining other serious injury, in a violent Galo on uThuro- 120 ; Nile, 92 ; Ilindosrin, HU ; V,ali.rln, 76 ; 1Piquer, Mlesnger of the 9th ullinno, nmad at Allona oa
day last, in at. 25 45, Ion. 75:. 46; Slatira, 46 ; Tigris, 4i; I)|lhin '. 20; Porcupine, v 'ssls' of a noew constructin by the men fre f l i
d t0; 4IRedwing, l; ScorpioniI, 10; RI.ralarril s.ranim I "wave,' hao excited considerable interest. Accstiq w
Tli'e American brig Louisialn, L);vsis, mater fr, oro Portsmoulth : Nepriti,,', I2l); Ki,.l rerick, 1211; iatl illn |[r(pers,.,l, these, vessels can hie mai.l t. pfe r
Ne York, bound to Mobile, was wrecked ott the I land IndJ' 80 ; Electra, 1-; Ilaznr,! It; Iluzz.ral, li1; i li lir h' againstlle wind. ile furce bryhicklhj
of Abaco on Wednesday ldst. Calgo Ist .-T i Lr 10 ;ap Termagant, 10 W,,,' a Ith: U.,rrtctr, SO ; are implled, is sain lube superior to llal of stea.
ofC C'l.lirutiner, 52,; ,al ,,in 3ni 36t D ,ee ,, sraer; M,||r r
nlnd crew arrived here safely on StundIay, in one of ihe ,ieamier ; Phirams stcAInn ItI rtfird: Wirrester, 5r. From tIk Ntr York Daily Adrrrtisr.
vlecking voaels-which brought, als, the giaeter part Castlhaia : War'rluol, 120 ; L.unIoln, 9)2-; .Moinarch, 84; DECREE OF TIIE CONVENTION OF NEWGRE.
of the vessel's materials. Meander, 16; \1r.tal,28; R.,ser, In ; Scout, IN; Sea- NADA.
------- -q- gull aihooner, 6; Spiler bri,.a'ntine, 6 ; Cihron steamer. The Convention of the state of New Grcoada Deab:
U Wo understand tllt the Salt season, at Tui ks Islands, .li'iernless: Incnstant, 4i ; C.lliopen 2 ; Sal.inran- An. 1. Tihe executive is authorized to recognisa, by
ias commenced propitiously, and that tue price has risen (der tareimcr. l'eoiabroke. : lItvya William, 12-l); IRod- Ire.aty, he new sate loritied in the S lutlh Clumbia,as.
I ryv, 92 ; orill, -16 ; Alarns, 2 ; Aniruolaciel, 28; Ipoi of Ithe Departments of the Eqlualor, Atuai ial
to 20cents per bushel.__ rrier, 18 ; Corckalrice bli.iantinr, 6. (;uayaquil, in the limits which it lhad in L30, filed bylie
N t, Ju 12th, 3----- law of June 235ll, 1824, on territorial division.
.T the Edtor of the .l hana r, .. F'romn t/he Irlfast I 'ig, of 19th. Art. 2. Thu treaty salll contain precisely the following
Sta,-The deplorable state into vlalch our Police has The rerres and the new Prerr.-Earl Grey ha, al- P"r"'"sions.
fallea is thever day conversation oul aiost ..v'rv inha- terert hl il.nii,' n fr i..a lin into Co i lUitt'e, ,in Hile R,- 1. Ti parties shall respcL each oIlier's hlis.
bitant of the towu. To detail all the scenes of ldep'railv, fart i Hill, lifar li'. .a'r er, s. Ts. .rte ourn, nt l a 2. e shall Ileoinlo promise 0 pay respe tiv.l ltrl
whirh daily present tlhnmselves to our view. would s ul al. a -eIecral to nake Ila, e, 'ster'lav or tr-day. ThI l. lai- irts tie ir iestic "anil eigCn debt as ilntegral Pns
must ; in fact, Sir, would be unit I(lr a place m ?',l paper. I .a's% are to Iet rather IILogTer Ihal i forme.rlka, nltheir L,,ial- "1 Ie L' Ilte "hI'lic f Co luorbia, lhich recognid
Hut tiat it may not .b srippoed. I ant compla, initi; olr a i th. e ('b iI' of.1 nirai intrnrrm. a, ill not re.- s- liI '* uIole, i, srlII, ; and to ;account fuor dt properlyn
tIle existence of a .use, I .,llll p.arltcr i k.l tiek a I o'r iofi' l' s ill :f1,1 rI ,vi .., II 1..1 (t ,'rnrr fllt 11 l, 7r1. t ra I leIre I a c nl' 1o vlii act li. disrp,.r d.
filrre on rro,'ne c.--lthe frr'qru.ncy ot lir-ichi, sn l,| Irera ir (' v rai'i e ia. i-, ln,'i -.w. shal r s f s r d r th 'bi a
ble., is not only ilisLrar, fll iNi arly coUlllnllniv, I I Iadd I, .l rIll alll.p aiI wrir l hi n Ii s t tri ,,i, airl, tc lic treatit's tlrarioil by irie Goernils
lult hieldi r'.lleLling ul.rn thi. cliaracti r and thie ellici.en,' r arn sub e n l or a i trIl,., w s .all tl it grudeIrL to lia, or ( lo eirti Hi foreign sationsI uail th.y slasn I.
of lile lerson, whIose pallicular dtLy It s lio 1lut a strop to N 'n.l-wrs, Pve.rillv ose of tile Cormau ns a ciue or a1 Ir.ia'""l "r uedIlired uIld ccouding to the principles ftil
tllrm. Rarely does a day pass, but tiay be seen frIom three weeks of hoiidavs. irs ,' narl ionr.
manlty of tlle Iuses oo tihe bao, |Latrsos.s of all .ages aInd W\ith :Earl Gre.r. ltie recess will not he- l. i1,h II I .s T > shl also engage to send their deputies at
If' all culours, nut only bathingg. busi ,silis m,- p,radiing ,an in.portantl ,tr.''-le before lhimo ; anol, .n the orraun-c- "ronseraientl lme, to ras lure aslsemably of plenipoteniiat
tie wharves, as naked as Ithei %cre bule .--'The Vindue i ii, ni. which he shll ain.k,, daring tie.. ,ita, nir'h aill tI r such bodo or au hiorit as may have to delisneare r d
louse, generally acknowledged lo be tlle coolest and dlt'inIl tfr srl'r ina i vi .r. W,. have real nover lhi. ar- 'I r0.' .li:ll r lllls nllnii id ll.rt.e accua se iinto nch
isost refreshing spot on our I.inaa, ld%, eer since its' tit'.l of nlorlt of rllse lhaiinla: Londan joirn:l s ,r S IInrtai I ( lrtollria list been lit id0el ; asid to deliberate and dIa-
,rection, been a temporary refuge ifrolln ile oprprtssivre ainl Monldi.r illsl a vir-, to re, Uliretllirr rlyV throw any "m11 e' s i" Inr future a rifare.
teat of our clinlate-as well by those w. o la'e e cn I zll"it upon the courae h.h l irs Lonrlli nntans ti, alopl. 13. s uil s t h dielreatio.l and arrangement shall aLe
anxiously engaged in business as Iy' other, entirely ab.- T 'I'r.lllol ourraa;llollalni,,n it.,lhIl t aihli-v. lthev an Ipac", lhr 's.lll e.age to preserve uninjured lie inriln-
str.cted from it. The sparc., round lhii builii.g are no% s nucli nat sea on tllr 'srtect as oiraselve.. All the lie- is1 at tn' ri iiiry ol Ctolombi, ails.,ut being auilbol1
.I.aily occupied by men and lao)s, plaieL at dlnlrt' lll r "nt trmpaper'slpiakwilllllr isellnlllsrlio n,of lhectsorn onI to uaske ressil ln or concessions which slay ia say degtr
gaimes-gantbling, swearing,and ligtlilgi,. ." t:ery vsni inn tih' wUreond reading.; and, in general, appear sulici.tllv I lili i ; and nIat peruisil any foreign power to Ie ir-
tile inside of tli building is commrunly filled iv basket c' confident, thai E rl (irev I ill not erinit hinlsilf iu b. iIroiredi l wthin their icio,'lcise limits, for whlch oael
women, as they ae called ; aittndint on ihois, are a I diefiated. "lie e. xlitiled" sa% tie Times." nl mark of Ihey shall promise to fuinish such aid as may bestiplated
nuniber ol idle vagabonds, whoso conduct and coUti r- weakness, or liniiiyii. .r hIesiilion,in his pUowrfrul,Ispeerh by conventions.
nation are most intolerable nuisance to tlo rrepecltble al.en ihe maintained irhi right of the prer,,ative to rceae Art. :. 'rie Exeritive powerrshall grant all that is ay
luhabitants who reside in its neigihbourhlool P'eers, lel's itnithr Ie nreesiarr to prevent arollision be- consi"dr convi.ient 't til interests of New GresiL,.
I recollect, it was tie practice of the late Pulice 3.Mais- twee.n thi IIw laluse of Psrlidtaent." BUh," aidd tie aild hice lit may abe able to obtain from the state of tbi
trate, to ridle daily along the bay,as .sell as freretirntly tlo ,"san journal,1 "of those alw o 'voird personally for Ii, qs-'- Eqsatlor, anld siall submit the treaty to lie next coln-
visit tlle maole retired situations of the town ; and a slop, round reading nore itan l twenty are pledged against the' lutis'al" Cons-grss.
of course, wans immediately put to suct irlegulailiies. I main clauses of thie Bill." Given in Bogotaul, Feb. lo1I, 1.2. Of indepoeadeir
lead *served. also, that Magistrates, thm, were not back- 22.
ward io using tleir authority; and I, conscquentlv, took C IIARGE AG (;A\i TIlE KIN;G. JAN IDE L \ CRI'Z GOMEZ,
the liberty die oller day of pointing out vi. I., ans occur- Queen Sluare.-On Wed-.I-sa, Byers%, ll.t informer, I F. Go zs rZ, Secretary.
ruce ol loo indelicate a nature to nimnlil,,, i.,' rlsressed .:Ia .in of hi union, brochl two covered earts to the OZL Sicreary.
some surprise that it was not notice by him. Hr reply i flish ie, elin with, belonging to IIs Majesty, which tate of I'eezulda.-l)epartment of Foreig Rei-
wa-were I, Sir, to intet fre, I should, at lire very least, he htal isied in tli, 'r, r nuo ( ritian ,s.
be insulted; and no redress is, nowadays, to be obtained and Msrnan1u of the pr,,pr.iar (p;tintr i ,. r. a n, arrrlanes ( rc t, Feb. I1 .t
at our Police Office. Would it he tu arduous n inddr- to the provisions of the Nw Ilacknev Coach Act. A Sir-The Government of Vene.ztula animated ith
taking for the present acting Magistrate, to copy the con- vas concourseof persons who ihd witaiesid re seizure ate roniest deiire to se thie conclusioD ol friendly t"
dJcl of his predecessor t BSurly so terror may, at least followed the carts, and great interest was excited to know ties, most favousable to the union of the political i-
for the present, 6e appreealdcd, so as to deter him flou i the result of this ernraordinary proceeding; as it was the ence of the states which once formed the Colombita
Arowing himself in rie more public places nf tile town, lirst tinie that ever 'uch a cilcuinslance had taken place tion, and the regulation and denarkation of concer'ucm
where eicesueof one sort or other, are daily occurring. Mr. Gregoris said the informer was justified in seizing ti' men to all parts, from haingrisen when they were nii
Much was expected from this very active and inlellig. nt carts, as there was no name on them to lead to a warrant. under the ame law.l--ha seen, winh great satlsftios,
Police Magistrae-even a reforuiation in tlie manners I Mr. Parsons stated Ialat tire carts belonged to the King, P"rolm'sitin made through you, in your note of De
and conduct of a certain class of nolorious females, whio, and were used al the Siatiouar Office. Bvers rea sh llre 't Istl, for the appointment of plenipolentiiries, tl
t all bours of the day, parade the most public part o f tl inscription oo he carts- Il Maj- ty' Sltaioinary office neosiale on these subjects with plenipolenstaries ofhe
town, and outrage al decency. A high personage had Janme. street, Buckinglham gate, Westmir.stier," and one rsae." [The Serretary proceeds o say that the mb
declared, tha this reformation was iie peculiar duty of the was inulbered 8.,239, and tile oller 65.530. This was will be early decided on by the Congrn.]
Magistrate: and as little less lian his God, dues Charles I nit in compliance wi tlile act, and he therefaLn e sized Itheinl Fromr Ie nationall Gazltte.
Rn.,era Nesbitt, lhe Police Magistrate, worship this per-; otll. I," said Byers; o by the act of Parliament, We find in tie Gaceta of the H1th of March, a vry
UsnaeP, we were prepared to expect the Thaies of our wlich isvery rlearon tile point." I says, that no person, important and interesting decree. It authorils tle EI-
to'wn metamorlarph d into Daphoes and Diana. within five mik-s or London, shall drive any cart, wagon, ecutive of New Grenada to concert with the GoveiWa
lam, &d. without the Chrisian and sui name of the owner be of Venezuela and Ecuador, a convention of pleoipo"s"
Mr. Editor, painted thereon; and in this case we have nothing If the liari.e of the three republics, to discuss and aeree Ip
Your obedient servant, kind." new terms of union between them-- federative o C
CIVIS. Mr. Harriott-" It istheestablishedla wof theland, that noat, of which the following stipulations will form I
tle King does not come within the meaning of any sta- basis.
The .Vary.-Sir J. Graham has brought in a Bill to tute, unless specially named." The three Staes to be but one bdy politic or
amend the las of the civil department of the navy, and Byers-" But, your worship, I charge the drivers with of treaty or compact with Spain ;-neiiher to treat a wi
to make other regulations for more effertually carrying on the olfence, and not His Majesty. The words of the act Spain without the previous consent of ithe others
its duties. lie pointed olut the evils hiclh arose from the' are, If any person shall drise any cart, &r. villhout tihe The Nilional debt to be equitable and ratably distr

e Sflauaa rge s.

aid among them, and a commission to be appointed to
investigate and settle the whole subject.
In no case of dispute, recourse to be had to arn.s or
houlilities of any descriptiun-but all dillerences and I'p ir-
nob to be rIferred to some corumeon arbiter.
Neither of ih,- Smiten to enter into any treaty or agre.
amet with any foreign power for a transfer, cession or sale
of territory, without consulalion with tihe otlIrs.
The three Sates of Colombia to Mnske common cause
ei every exigency, for the defence of their independence,
the integrity of their territory, or any other imlllprlant, ge-
aeril right and concern, against any insult or aggression
on the part of any foreign power.
Neither State to impose any dmlies of importation un-
der whatever name, upo orein reign mn ufactires and mer-
chandize arriving in its potis in order to be carried into
either or the other States.

ti Every person about to lere these Islands, after
caring resided therein fr the space f THIRTY DAVy, wIst
ive security at thl Secretary's Ofc, or put up mim name in
said Officefor nrTceu on sa previm to hki dirpartire-af-
ter which, at any time during FroTV-rPVE DAts, a
may be obtained.
.3di I 'iiaruary Sullivan
lasl April W. I. Alexander
411i, John Allay
lnt June Fralnris Mlonell

eCB m


On Thlrsdny, lke 1slt intant,
At 11 O'501k.
Will be sold
W'ith t thk l ai Rnurne,
The following valuhiblr Slaves belonging to the Estate of
tie late Mr. Joseph Thompson:

Tie slave Trade to be for ever, absolutely and entire.- d nlar.a Johnson
ly forbidden by all the States. 6th I" ,lhian lHubson JOAN, and her children, HESTER and SARAH.
A republican, popular, representative, elective and re- Ith S. A. Iallte PlIIILIS., and her intent Child,
iponsible government to be perpetually maintained in rach -- H IIAI'L,
State, as the beat security of their common welfare, and .ILLA,
for the duration of harmony and family between tlli tllre.
A central, cunsolidated government to be avoided, in J.NNY. and four chlilrrn, ADAM, LONDON, JOIIN
whatever event; but ian agreement inmay le made for the s i .. ___ . IS.\ \('-a.rccsinnted to flied work.
establishment of a federal system., to be prIpaned by a iORT k 1-'0- N, i.AI P I (EOl(tir, .Fit1 t ,I
convention of delegates from tlie several States, to be sE s. T'IIOll (jood Sailor.
cbeoseer.poIi i1eo d is of population. roM
---ARRI IXliHYa Field hand.
b June 13Ill-Schr. EImmia, Illalihwayt, TuIrks Islands' ,I ISO-
From Colombia.-The Journal of Comnnerre hnq re- -1 1 r p I LSO ,
Fdoa paperso t ari h cninin Ithie flw, Sugar, Flour, Pork, Beef, Oars, The fisI sailiiie oiop Willisi o & Ili.rn.
ceived Bu,,mia papers to Mlarclitih, coataimning the follow- T. l'l.lS--;I imunis' Crelit, on giving approved s'-
ig proclamation. rll
Fellow Citizens !-The government of New Grenada, CLE% \ED, JI ,'I Ilih.
regardless of the calamities of civil war, lhas dIclaredI'i June I l:th--Sch!r. 11,lison, C'harlson . ____
hosiilities againsl Ecuador, in a manner unusual among ci- Smlir. Hubert& .tmes, Huow, N .ortlk I JH)llNON & SliANDERS.
vilized nations. Tile Comlmandant General of (Catila, in
violation of his piromisel anl oath to sustain nor inslli- S I LED. 'm..mnrrnm, Thuralny, the 14th instant.
lions, lhas raised the standard of mililaly reelllion in I'u- June 7th- i. shr. SI h irm. 1)i, ry, Illiiinore
payan-Ihas employed thle arnis wilh whicli h ou as e- Slt i \n. sct. \ilba.i, .inmth, Nt ,rik A O'clock' A.r.
trusted fur the maintenance of the laws anil secnritv if llthl-Schr. (1., Ilartlii, Plliiladlphia ill lo. i
the public lilbeties, in oppies.sing theIeIi e,-l-as il- " Slhr. M 111.m, \, Cii'ia R iSll otn livrv
avowed thelegitimate authorities, anil d clred hlini)elf IIhi- i. s-Ihr. lt -Clhanct,,, New i,,rki ( (A I oE livry,
arms(on campana) against Ecuadur. by virtue of the i IIli .\na. i hr. ('Cugress, luone, Ncw Yurk S.,rfi freh lr, Iic, Crn, rea,
posters veMsed in himn by tile govirnlmein of the Cellire --SMilirf, le faesi F.i,|r, l t',r, Sio, read llli.r
VIISSI, NGI; I' S."I A tIIlio ED b M ,.,l, Ihean%, 11 P ,,tato i, Sniokecd Ilelrie-,'
(New Grenada) as Ge;,tral-in-clhi.f of its arnv. TIH. 'F nnI X.I, .l IS 4ltltlX C- ISoa [ s, Tar, Asl Oars, & m. &c.
history of Colomibia dous not present an act if revolution l aIsn,0ers i" lii miL a, iio1 T k, Ill,n,l, IaS- i i, Io, r, Ash O &r. l
more degradlinll, no a war so uniUl ani Iatlriuilal. c.i :-I.lin 'l Into.lh an. Johin (. K. PIidulo, Esi. ;
Tihe qilisttion in rerIird tIn Canmia, is ItIh prertex mal.l' MisesU LuckhIrt .and hiM. lY IlENitY I;ItE.NSI. IDE & (f)l
uer of by our enemim s folr lilelinil ,i .. ili,1 lo l im r l, I' \.-.n-l ';lltt IIl . U). i
palriots, anld lur dlisins, tlie ,Orll iils a sem.t uof uo In the siioneiittr (C Io, for :--Mr.1r M ,inu ,i l O / a n rt1, he )th itanit,
lheard-of lh rrolr-; hut tll e rred l ilkirct ., a ulMrpatllion io Arrcon ioll o II. It ti li W hi M Jilhi Siorr, F.liuie.
our territury, in order io e\iend that of Ne lv (1rm'nadila iI At II O'Olock, A. A .
tlie rivla M.lcara. 'Th r 1 IIs (:iiil.rls all o l r \ GOVERNMENT N OTICE. % Ill Le sold
I ugita laive ulcr lir nel lltf-s. aintimliuii views. N N i 1(55 trim s I'.s liarl ,
Fellow Clit-is .! Tie inm]epete,,e off the ite, onur E.I... Is, tie SIt,. ms i II hI.s of th, tosn ,I mmI m- linller,
Ire|REAS tie Ineilll i and. le ,.VI li te t to 5.1 al I "v'i I
nicreil inmiluti.i s, a ,u *liaut is mi,,r., II. tmonour of II. y y l ,alai, a. ts b ,e ii il b-t i kn, as d,. 15,tti I l.,ircks,
country, is at slake,, in the war we ar. ui ndrT- i kI. k ,hhPiie Iiri s ail lh1 i ,. 1 , I di , I d isby s it f Ii ,i A qintlilty of Sl,no,,k,
Put ywlrs.len under arle ; andll I oiler you a ipleindI anIi o r I
gloriou, victory. I pruloet tat I ai uralY to .is rlirt my .' and I mt miin vs ll, l, tal .o d emmir lisll l S11t,\' :1 ii) bar eli Ma lkeri.-ii r l rinTvrtta%.
life for tile jutlice of mour cause., ans i di,,lh.i e oif ,th .hi p. ,; th,,ough t n, I ,l. termed and ku.,i a I lA.L -
oath which I took in Ihi,, (Condr s, of RioliamlMnih. I mIl arih I.s Ti I.all l Man iri i1 l ll io i meriran lrig Nestor.
tlu fmulill lis piruomise,, andi I late in the -i i rcime of iexr.C y I li. M,,1,i'ev'i Connmmandm Illim i.ii.l, iisi li lt h p ort in dnisti'cs., auid coil-
tler functions, a patliimic, illisiriuis anil.en er.tirc, nia- s NI E\L.4 QU EL t), Puhblic S cetiary. i l 1.m a li.-ril oIl t iiv's.
gisiurte, our ioriliy % ire Pre id.inlt. N% ,s l tlit J lIE, I. T >-(I \ 'II, bli:,]me (Iirlvry.
Soldiers You art. -',in, to fulfil hell nmnot sulli e l o st l Jun. I ll..
whhl. I'roildence or meniL caln deposit ill arnmi,,-the TI -
slcurily iof a free' people'1 M t1 infdtiaoil liVy IIIe .,- I ll III HLE Y.
rations of viclO ry, dire tl inult mle conllitirurs uf tIhreer Iu a'nt \\.Iti' U" (l.,k andl \\ .ulclllI..:,r.. I
great arnies. kll o tli.r in. eiri,- ura.mntl and 'upp liIi i. On Mlndav, tAr l-th instant,
Thi ,y ell bavr to repent of Iheirtlpidl r. liness, and rim, ,ed iI In liir I e l III II.m ., 1H 'lgs mh alll ..imnl hii-t
ec will leach Ih iin on tll,' i-ld (of amle, t hal tat in FeKrua,lr fit l .ls ml. d ti1i, p hllh tih.,1 Ik. hlii entered nto ( 1I ,,p i- A A "Ii i% li 1. tie s,
to be peifidiolls and tyrannical, Is nou time rad it imlnior- lrsl,'lltslllt Mr. J.\MI> KI\t)N\, C'lock aI.1 \\,I l.clnakr, At 11 O'clock, A. M.
tait. andl trIi ,l llia t Ir i11 pmii rio11. iily and alttntiuon, to mnrst t I'ill Itw old
ir N lLORIS. a r,,ltiIUnce. oIl' l1 ir l Ivoollr. Tillt .ilualei anil wl knou n plantation, called ('Coro
Palace of tile (overnfment in Quilu, I 1 Th,11s ill I-' am future, conducted under the Nt (;, ailit.ii ilo inli,, In th \\m' eslward of ithe town,
31si January, I1.1. I fli I of Warlsn ;a d Kiuno. im rimil.iiiiL 310 i .rrie-a real part of wiiclh lias never
\. I). J.-A.Hll. r\ ,il-( car''ii 1 andi nearly r|pkaired,, heli. n der c ltivation. miul one hundred acres are en-
Tile l lloin remarks on libi doriumen as made iy the Qi.,ri, ..andi Cuiomahls nrall) y i aei d and adjla uslyd. 'lmea d I i.. Ito.. .ll", is i ni acre impa nsirel
official Journal of Nw (;renada. under date ol MarlhI jn,. il 'l. There is, on tli abl\ tIr, an a immense qamrity of
'1-i: .-- Flre'ir mol inirl u ouldl rendl'r 1 a valuable consi3rlation
The fri-endlsof hunniay, pi nr andl tihe naltinal laononr, N, OTIC i Iany [. rscin dlipo-.d lto e r ii, ennlract fot the saulpply
ive at hlentI In stled new tears mr,.r mime sal inlalinatlin Fi|1|E SI 'BESC(ltilitL lAm. ; enlarc.ged onto of li,' of tlle (;arrcion. Its inerlinmalilr proertlier, on time sole
whl'i h is nmliat.anmiri, to re-knde i h li- torilTl of ilicoird J St ,l. I 11 M.rket-strcet, ail lunl i lt eI Sto k mm oi pastirili ,lrl ii so trll klnoln, l reiqllires noe recomml n-
mining Ile (Colomtii.nll. Thi PrIclaIlnalIunl o (;of n. I i- into one. r a lle Iir fr r ints liilrrni nlo; alio notilis, f datlln.--'lih illim Iti 's ale innliiemerable, sad of every
Fil-re is a andalois dlclaration of' war linlch he hadl Iht lie has rei-r-iv'd an asiortmlmin of fre.1s (Guoids Iper idtsriCll) tinl allrded on Il. Ianl.
remlv.,d i mi a gi a,"amnl i ioer r talthrr tio runtinnm', for aliain aIs wll a i om-- prenvhiiiy on aiiI, in fruoln, llere ,ire Iroli I1ll 14arreof ;uinea Grass,
tue lir eis he itr it I .,i' haracte; of acill eimelnv. .h ,T.r, fjr ste .it sery r.v aoinal, prit s. well ,sl.ll.ibl'iied and frunim I ) to 71)0 Cocoa Nut tree--
As his pretext for so doing, he RlIr,:es tlle ir)nronllaiii T. W. NECKS. many Ii bearing.
nme.Iti f P,,iavan in lavour of this StatIe to which I has N R.-T. W. J. Necks furcuearns all persons from erm- .I.SO-
althl belonged, and, % 1'h i' wa. only separated an o. o'i Slaves, it;hluul a writcn order fromn Te fUll owin vi.,aolel Slaves, viz.
provisionally during tlih commiienlaice ol Ithe usuipation S(OPIIY, ;1 \earl, an excellent Cook, Wasier anil
birch hail dPsrovyed the legitimate government. Is Ihl 1i June n Ironr.
Ijut cause for making war upon a StaIe 1 All ha the _. -- _% N, 10 years, Ilouse Servant.
tcvernment of Nw G(;renada has done is. to reclaim by I OTI('E.
pacific man tIhe Pro\incen which compass the Ih art- LI PERSO'S~ hlavige ,dmands aeninst tihe Estate J \NI:, 21 )-yars, a goood Cook and Washer.
mtntof Canra, anil to declare slal in re.lwrcl o said Pro- of Josmphl Saunders, laIe of the Isiand of New 1"1,Y, 6 years.
vier it cannot relinquish its right. * * Prul .lence, e eltletiman, derre.asell, ar, requclltd 1. renlder ; \\ LLI \, 3 y)'ars.
We learn that (;en. FIlores arrived at Paito on thie I4th ithe same duly a:tirteI l; and thione indebted to tlie said PE i' .;;Y, 6 eanrs, Cook andl louse Servant.
February. and entered the town with about 400 men. Estate, are likU- o rii1 ileld tI ko make imoaediate pay- J \(OH, 10 vears, very Ihandy about a Ilouse.
--- nR E e- e- mnt, at the oille, of (. Wo, .le. I DORE, 5>0 year,, a Driver and Fkid hand.
FOR MALE. TIt)OII.MPUN SA\LND.UIR, Execulor. L \11, 46 r,.m,,) disso.
A TR CT of Lanlo. Lnle lnlmd, containing ') A prl JEFI'F:ItY, 17 vnari, accustomed to work with a Maso
acres within the v icnits f tli( Salt P'oill at G(ireal' FIN L NOTICE. an '1lr'er for tih lasl two sears.
ItaioIbr, well adaited for ltlce culture of Ctrn and Col- I .1 N CE.
t;l b.anlei E.aserlv by Peter Dean' land, Norihcrl (IF St II HiRS, h ,vi' cosed mite merrantile PRINCE, 17 years, a Carp nt er.
ta Southerly by the sea, and \'Westerly by Pi er D.-an's I concrno.of ie late Lia, J. Soloion, E. q., ihrell, PRI'HI ir. 15 years, arctomem to drive a Cart.
land. Particulars will be made known, on application tI, notify to l)te lho still remain indebted to hi Estate, t AARON. I: years, a very smart waiting Boy, part-
am.e J. Werh, Esq .,N u ; or to tell subscriber, at Ihat unlesstheir respective dl.meand] are hil,1'idated prl- eC.Irrly hanrlv with a IlorrD.
luma A credit of six ruonmins amii be allowed Ime par- %iois m to Ihe Ist Jote,, they sill he plaeel in time hands tl (GORI)ON, II sear4, in rmn,mtant employ wihta Dra'.
dimsr an A.mrney-at-Law, for imenndiate' cover. JERRY, 1) vyars, hlmuyi about a Ilouc.
) VID S E U .. M. sOLOMON, Executrin. 'I erms-thru manlthf' C(red(it. in e'ling apprmorod rt
Little Erlnmm.a I I. l lILE, E rutor. rurrty.
ii .-, June 2'-i

May, l
ici t.

'ir. I I

eit sMauowa gmXgau.

FACE. assist Don MI ml, the firbl question is this-is Spain in, Ap c itill condition to make head agionl 10,000 owen, who are
Paris, April8a-Ourdo itiote>Uloce is still ofa do o st i any on -Bt epe
sombre hue. Firem by incendiaries occur daily in the de- ready to wage hoatilities against any one 1-But ape
Inartments to the naorthat of Paris. The cholera conlin- cilly, is it in a state to yield important assistance to the
pume its ravhel In eh ety; but it is sT horte from nuln- Portuguese nation, which has ever been the object of
ru itt on a tie daise, the number of da0st on0 tim Spanish. hatred Tie true policy of Spain, if she un-
r t6St (Monday) having been euly 512! A delinoe this, derstood her true interests, would at this moment be, to
thank God, csalinly. b-the mebar of deaths on tbs, licit an alliance with that Sovereign who, no doubt, will
preceding Monday havg base, it is now admitted, 861 e called to the throne by the united voice of the Por-
I have no desire to d l eo this most melancholy sub- tugues e.
ject, and shall only add slit is now clear that peens Lisbon, April 3.--Th Gazette contains a decree of
living in elevated slmade me more anf from attack by His Majesty, confirming and extended the provisions of
tiie malady theleate whe dwell on the borders of rives, the decree of the 9th of February, 1831, by which two
or ia other low or snken disllricts. It appears that not commissioners were appointed in the cities of Lisbon
single c haer occurred in the town of St. Germaion-en and Oporto, to try and condemn criminals guilty of time
Laye, while in its immediate vicinity-at Conflane St. causes of excitement to revolt, sedition, tumultuous assem-
lonerine, for example-the scourge sweeps off innumera- biges to the detriment of the security of the state, and
ble victims. The same remark applies to Mendon, in other similar acts of treason.
which not one case has occurred, while at Sevres, just be. His Majesty has issued an extremely long manifesto,
low it; on the left bank of the Seine, the population has in which he combats the pretensions of his brother, Don
suffered"esceedingly. I could multiply these instances, if Pedro, and of his niece, Donna Maria, to the Crown of
necessary ; but shall merely add that Cassel, in the de- Portugal. Ilis principal argument is, that Don Pedro
apartment of tho Pas-do-Calais, must, it now appears, be had accepted the Sovereignty of a state, which, by Art. I.
added to them. The cases of the disease that have oc- of its Constitution, cannot be connected with the king-
aurred there were confined to the parties by whom it was dom of Portugal ; that he had caused himself and his
Carried thither. children to be naturalized, not only as citizens bill as
The disease continues to carry off many persons of the princes of Brazil, by several articles of the charter; he
easier classes. Among its victims of distinction yester- had bound himself by Art. 104 and 116, to reside con-
day were M. Loyer, Deputy for the eparment of the staly in Brazil; that on the 15th July, 184, had
Cutes do Nord, and M. Charon, who presided at the cele- voluntarily declared to his August father, tlat hie had no
bratod Federation of the 14th July, 1790, in the Champ claims whatever upon Portugal; that to be Kingof Por-
de Malrs, on which occasion, it is hardly necessary to re- legal was imcompatible with lite interests of Brazil; that
inid you, Prince Talleyrand (then Bishop of Autun) the fundamental laws of Portugal require that the Kings
celebrated mass, attended by Baron Louis, (now Minister shall not e foreign Princes, and that they shall reside in
of Finance) as Deacon. the kingdom."
Tis is thefirst of thethree greatdays in the year for the The manifesto proceeds to show that even had Don
displayof equipagesand dress,in the celebrated procession Pedro succeeded to the throne of his father, and taken thlu
to Loagchamps. On former occasions every person who requisite oath, le could have no right whatever to change
had a carriage, servants, or horses, or who could even lhe fundamental laws of the kingdom, without the consent
boast a decent coat or a new bonnet, paraded them be- of the Three Estates assemnled. in the Curtes. But, as
tween the Place Vendome and the Barriero de I'Eloile, a Don Pedro was expressly excluded firno the throne of
tki top of the Champs Elysees. Patroles innumerable, Portugal by the fundamental laws both of Portugal an,'
of cavalry and infantry, were required to enforce order Brazil, he could not exercise any act as sovereign of Por-
in the cavalcade. A line of carriages, at each side of the lugal, nor abdicate a crown which he did not possess.
road from the points above mentioned respectively, con- This abdication in favourof the Princess of Grand Para
training all the rank, beauty, fashion, wealth and vanilv of (who was besides herself a Brazilian Princess, and con-
Paris, was to be seen on those days in otler years. The sequently disqualified) was of course null and void." The
centre of le road was occupied by the equestrians and manifesto proceeds to show the illegality of ithe measure
the carria of privileged persons (I mean of persons si- taken by Don Pedro, and the absurdity of promulgating
milar in rank to those who cnjot tihe entry on levee or laws in 1ite name of the Sovereign who lhad abdicated.
drawingroom days of S.James's Palace.) Thedressmna- Meantime a strong party was formed in the kingdom in
kerlberu so jealous of their reputation and so anxious to favor of Don Miguel,whiclt in July and, 1826,
preservethe secret o a newly-imaginedrobe,turban,hlator proclaimed him KIIgI in Trais-vi-Molntes snd Algarve, and
bonnet, that, in order to guard against treachery. or indii- formed a Reivncy in Iii name, in whicl movements lie,
crolion, they confined their work-women to ihte house for residing at Vienna, had no concern. The Posers ofl
months before the days of Longehamps. Nothing of all Europesaw that such a state of things could not endlure,
thsl is to day observable, or has hlis year been necessary. and that it was necessary lie should return to Porlutal, to
I will nol say that the streets are absohialtlv emply, bull which he consented, having firls, %lhil' at the court ol
they are comparatively desert l and desolate. Paris, in I Vienna, made an reser; ioli of his rightss" 'Th'
sact, presents, in its most fashionable quarrer- hi ap- manifesto then recites the return of lthe Prince to I'Pr-
pearance of an English county town the lday after its races. tgal, and the convocation of the Estatles, by whii. I he
Baermu .-The Moniteur annoulncs tho law for lie was declared King. Tie nlmnifi .tou lelaiis, vel i.j.. .'!
banishment of Charles X. and family-alsoati ordinance against the tlmocralic ansl disorganising faction, d.1 .-
de.priving Count de Bourmont of his baton of M lrslal of tools the fidelity of oe Piortu.uese nation, ahich, rill
France assuredly defeat the most rash altemnpl ever niade biy that
rebellious faction, if they should basely come io "aLi, k
..P. n PtTheir own country with tihe h11' I of foreign vagabondls
S*PAIN AND PORTUGAL. banished from their own nation. The Pariu, April 18.- An incident has been this d.ay an- wlole kinidlom, the firm supporters of religion and the
nounced in the muonirer, which may open a .wie tield for throne, renew the noble example they have at all times
speculation, and for the operation of the alarmists; and, given. The Nobility are in tle ranks of the arnv, and
in order to save trouble, I shall hero quote tle article in the numerous and valiant troops hasten to arms. "Every
ques on:- moment His Majesty receives proofs of their fidelity.-
M. de Raynovl, appointed our Ambassador to the Lastly, the whole nation rises like one man, ready to de-
Court of Madrid, who left Paris lately to repair to his find itself; and, as is took a solemn oath to me, by its
pet, is expected to arrive here to-day or to-morrow. The Representalives in the three estates, I lave to pel furm'llat
qsauasdiim to rhih te lpanma .th o Aulotia rie shd to which I took before the same Estates, and ihi, promise of
subj t hAi is not the oly molten of An" return." he AL.Ntloinr made to the Iloiy Kine, Don Alphonso
he obvious interpretation of his paragraph is that Ilenriques, on the plains of Ourique, will continue to be
the pansh Government has resolved upon supporting fulfilled, to save these kinedoms from impiety and anarchy.
Don luel, and scorns to carry on the farce of a pro- Palace of Quelux, March f2, 1812.
sonded good understanding with the French Government, TlE KING."
which has threatened to send an army into Spain the mo-
met it should be known that a single Spanish soldier ITALY.
shall have entered Portugal. Paris, April l@.-We have nothing new from Italy,
That the French Government will also indirectly sup- except some vague, extraordinary, and amhigiuous re-
port the expedition of Don Pedro is, I believe, beyond ports respecting that eccentric Sovereign tihe Due de Mu-
a doubt. The King of the French and his Ministers re- dena. One of them represents him as insane, and under
main unchanged in their view of the struggle between treatment; another that his illustrious relative thle Em-
the two brothers for the Throne of Portugal; but the peror of Austria, had commanded thle seizure of his per-
cass has sunk lamentably in its popularity in Paris. It son,and his removal to Mantua, in order to prevent his
is, in fact, rarely thought of here at present. If a war incurring, as the hands of his subjects, treatment similar
ensue in which France will be committed, it promises to that experienced by the ci-derant King of Sweden,
be nearly as lukewarm as that undertaken by Louis whom be is mid in many respects to resemble.
XVIll.,intheyear B11 The comparativemeris of the GERM tNY.
brehrel, Migel and Pedro, are too little known to enlist Paris, April 18.-From Germany we have only the
on the sie of the latter the affections of the French nation repetition of two tale reports: the first that a ConLress,
or those of its army. If a campaign agins the Spaniards to be composed of representatives of the principal Ger-
becomes neeat ry, the French troops will do their duty; man States, is to be held at Berlin in the rcnorse of the
but there will be none of the eclet, nor of the enthusiasm present summer, to regulate the affairs of the Germanic
that would characterize them in warfare with the soldiers confederacy, now said to be in an unsa'isfactory condi-
of a more Northern sate. I shall not trouble you with tion, owing to the spread of liberalism; the second, that
apeculationa n the probable consequencesof the menaced a Congresof the Ministers of the Gral European Pow-
intervention of King Ferdlinand in the affairs of Portugal. era is to be held in the same city to arrange the affail of
They aro such as will mge themselves to every un- Italy.
Mdrid, Apil 9.--ur government is afraid even to Prishing.--It may, perhaps, be a matter of surprise
place two regiments in theme m quaamrs. The distribu- that the art of printing, which throws so much light upon
tioe of the troops deetinad for the frontiers of Portugal almost every other subject, should throw none upon its
sfcinto' stifle the apprehensions of the governmnl, own origin. The tima when, the place where, and the
The thole of he provicial niilit ia placed on the ide person by whom it was invented, are equally unknown.
of Gallicia : it amounts to 6000 men, and is stationed there England, however, is not concerned in the dispote. The
as an army of observation. Whatever, therefore, may most we know ta, that it was discovered either in Ger-
he said as to the resources with which Spain intends to many or Ilolland, about 1440: that the tir.t ti ne, c re


tablhised in 1813.-The subscriber has competed
a new edition of his book of Specimens with which hi
customers, and other Printers disposed to buy from him,
may be supplied on application at his Foundry, No. 18
and 20 Augustus street, behind the City Hall. He would
remark, for tie information of those who have not been in
the habit of dealing with him, and because a different prc-
tice has been extensively introduced, that his book contais
nothing but the actual productions of his own Fonsiry,
and presents true specimen of what will be furnishdlte
orders. The assortment is very complete, lias beead-
liberately and carefully in twenty years its pe-
sent high state of perfection, and embraces a variety of
styles, adapted to different tastes and to the various depa-
ments of printing Newspapc., Book and Job, highly fnils-
ed, and cast of the most serviceable nietal. Not to aoie
the varieties which are distinguished by their numbers in
the Book, it contains of
ROMAN and ITALIC 27 sizes, from twelve-line Pica
to Pearl.
TWO-LINE and TITLE, 13 szes, Two-line Colum-
bian to Agatle.
SII ADEI), 13 sizes, Ten-line Pica to Long Primer.
IT \l.I \N, 7 sizes, Seven-line Pica to Long Primer.
ANTIQULE, 17 size%, Ten-line Pica to Nonpareil.
IBII CK, 12 sizes, Four-line Pica to Minion.
OPEN BLACK,5 sizes, Four-line Picato Great Pr -
SCRIPT, 2 sizes, Double Small Pica and Great Pi-
Besides Music, Back Slope, Ornamented Lettersand
lottery Fiigures, Piece Fractions, Superiors, Astronomical
and oilier Signs, Space Rles, Brass Rules, Ornamented
DI'-es, Long Brares, more than 2WX kinds of Flowers,
ianld 1N) Cuts and Ornaments for School Books, News-
papers, and Scientific works.
Orders for any of these, and also for Presses, Chaes,
Composing Sticks, Cases, Furniture, Printing Ink, or any
thing required in the Prnting business, will be eecutedon
the nost favourable terms, ndl with the utmost prompti-
tulle, a large stock of the Foundry articles being alina'
on hand.
07' Printers of newspapers who publish this advertise-
ment three times, and forward a paper conlainingillo
the Foundry, will receive payment for the same, ifthey par-
chase from the Foundry, to four times the amount.
New York, January, 1832.

E XLMA SALT, for sale at 13 cents perbushel.
Apply to
At Ezuma.
February 4th.

T IE SUBSCRIBERS offer for sale, by private bar-
6 hhds. choice Madeira Wine,
40 dozen do. do. do.
60 dozen do. Teneriffe do.
I trunk Gentlemen's Shoes,
2 blue Dinner Sets.
December 24th.

B LANK FORMS, of every description, may be p-
cured at this Office.
N. B.-Job Printing executed with neatness and dii-
patch, upon rood paper, and on moderate terms
January 4, 18132.

A The choice of 2 Lots of Land, with the
building and improvements thereon, situale 1
Prince's street, generally known by the namely
Lightfoot, or Cupid's Reow.
For Terms and other particulars, apply to the Su-


made of wood, not metal, and that sorme onf =6,W
printed works were passed off as manuscripts.
Tke two principal cities that lay claim to thie *l
tion, are Harlaem and Ment ; either from one or the
or perhaps from both, it was conveyed to ,the di
cilie'and countries of Europe. t
The introduction of printing into England i uIada-
edly to be ascribedto William Caxton, a modest,
and industrious man, who went to Germany enti.l a
learn the art: and, having practised himself at C l",
1471, brought it to England two years afternwrds.
was notonly a printer, but an author ; and the book whiL
he translated called" The Game at Ches," and a.
appeared in 1474, is considered u the first productio O
the English press.
The seal engravers, were, however, the first prilaa.
and the art of printing with blocks was merely an 16tn
sion of the att, from impreuions on wax to inpressou on
paper or vellulm.

Sadnesu.-There is a mysterious feeling that frequealy
passes like a cloud over the spirits. It comes upon the
soul in the busy bustle of life, in the social circle, in the
calm and silent retreats of solitude. Its powers are alike
supreme over the weak and iron hearted. At one lie
ilt is caused by the flitting of a single thought Iecrute
mind, overshadowing all the blight hopes and aqiae
feelings of the heart. Who can describe it, and yAlide
has not felt its bewildering influence.

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