Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: June 9, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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THE BAHAMA ARGUS. In granting the admissibility of alave evidence to the ut- tion of the planter to give his slaves grounds should
most etoent a wherever the rights, property or interests of precede by twelve months the release of his obligation to
rUBLItanID IEmI-WBRKLT IN NANlAU, N. r. that class were involved, the legislature judged proper to feed them, or the land allotted for that purpose should be
gllht DOlinI per anUum-In idvuea.e afford the owner a protection front the annoyance and loss already in a state of cultivation, and bearing provisions.
of tilme to which he would be exposed if his slaves be- On the whole your committee do not see that ilte istroduc-

no wise affecting hreir rights. slave.
Clauses 88 and 89 of the Order contain regulations res- The next clauses of the Order No. 90 to 96 prescribe
pecking the feeding of tile slaves; your committee premise tlhe duration of the labour of slaves. The regulations
their observations on these clauses with the declaration here laid down would, in their strict interpretation, ope-
that had tile whole Order in Council, to use the language of rate very injuriously on the cultivation of tim Estates, yet
,- --- Lord Uoderich, been unconditionally adopted, these re- your committee fatter themselves by introducing amodili-
_ gulations would have created a feelingof angry excitement cation to no very alarming extent that the benevolent in-
STANZAS. in the slave population of the Island, the extent of which tensions of His Majesty's Government may be fully ef-
Life hath its sunshine : but the ray it woull he impossible to calculate. It will be readily col- fected wllhout serious iniry to tile growers of produce.
Which flshes on its stormy wave, ceded, that it is much more easy to withhold from that class In this latitude thie duration ol the day differs from eleven
Is bu tile beacon ol decay, an indulgence to which they are nthlabituated, than to ab- to llirteen hours ; the sun setting on the twenty-first ol
SA meleor gleaming o'er the grave: And though is1 dawning hour as bright ton and the laws of the colo.,y,lthey have been taught to half past five, and there is about half an hour of Iwi-
With fancy's gayelt coloring, regard as a legal and positive right. The number of agri- light before sunrise and after sunset. The morning
Yet o'er its cloud encumbered night cultural slaves is 13,00( ; ol these about 7500 are em- Idwn is employed by the negro in preparing his break-
Dark ruin flaps his raven win. ployd in the cultivation of coffee, and about 5500 in that fast, and he goes to tie field about sunrise; in the after-
Life hath its flowers : and what are they ? of sugar. To the whole of the first and about a fiflh If noon he quits his work at sunset; le then returns home
The buds of early love and truth, the latter number, a dav in every week hias long been al- with the grass he had previously collected, throws it intu
Which spring ant wither in a day, lowed for the cultivation of their grounds, to supply themn- the castle Iens, and attelds the calling ever their list ou
The gems of tarm confiding youth; selves with provisions. The Order in Council allows only na"es : this occupies lle period of tie s light, and lie
Alas, those buds decay and die forty dlav in tile v:lr r Itr this purpose; ,thus M ) slaves then returns to his hiut until the next morning. This is
Era ripened and matured in bloom-- ll nrl lin lil nri lu n i l
Then in an hour behold them lie i in this colony would I' each deprived of twelve days in the early routine of a lield negro's labout, and it wil
Upon the still and lonely tomb. every year, for it would be ri-fining too much to suppose not be lound to differ materisaly from lthe provisions et
that tile owner, bound down ly the ir.striclions of slave the order, but on bllth tlle sugar and college Estates, du-
Life hath ilt pang: of deepest thrill, Ilablour, would voluntarily supiplv ithe deficiency of the Un" thle ltIIle of crop, certain manufacturing procuses are
lThy swina re.lenless nmeor y c co le. Youcr committee lei cu ovin.led that it never could necessary which dttain those eml.ployed in them sorie-
Whioh wakes ool, pierceased to unl have been in tlle conieinplation of lls nMajsitvy's Govern- what longer. On ite former properties no canes
Their. hen theo heart ed i ts pae, nent to inlict on the slave population of this Island ,so brought to tile mill alter sunset, ithe grinding is continued!
Theh, uhen he heart o in t bes I .l"' fo ialbou " le PiloslIu sti tao his sr ae e o'
Anti cold affections gather o'er, g rea a hardship and privation. Thie vil only requires to for about an hour after, and u hours more are reploy-
Thy mournful anthem doth real I bIe pointed out in be remedlied, bilt it allrilrs, at lthe sane ed in b ailing the can' jjir intlo sugar; from teIn to tIelve
hiss which hath died to bloom no mnor. ltimi, a striking proof of tile impracticabiliy, not to iay lm'ople are oiltloy'ed inand about hle ntll,.tan fi~ nnei tl t
Life io irii blessings : bu tire strni intiystice, of attelmpling to enforce on thei whole of ther tei "li and about ihe boiling house. Ol tle rillie r.slatlr
Lie hl.nh blessings: bur the lerm loni oei unifin systnim f ilve Go(;,rnivernien. la- ihe berries are thrown into tihe receiver at sunset, and
Sleeps like the desert wind in wrath,"- et po are (otitie ooadtreht
Tlo ,ear and light the loveliest form rioum local circum.stanc's alld dirlferert local eniaclnmens eight people are occupied between two and three hu.t
YWhih sort, on earth's deceuil pal t i,'e niveui 10 the po|platioi of rea(i Colonsy ht.ilits 1it in pa sg the through "iw pulping r"ls. It is tler" -
Oh tnon the wild heart-bruken wail, would be unwise astilv to disturh, aind wl at tlr, have or apparent that if ii either case the n.aufacturint pr..
So changed from youth's delightful tonm, lone been accustomed to consider a matter io right, it scs stiould cease at six in the c~cinsg, itht thl field I.i-
Itloai. 'nouurnlly uon ihie ;gle, would lie equally inipruilcill inlerr'ri witl. Tlit hest bu"ir iust terminate at threc in the afternoon. Your
When all isdesolate awl lone. nieans to raise the c,"oiliiin 'if .r li, in flIr %cnl- of no- comnittie must object strongly to such minute inlerfer-
Life hath its hope : a fleeting dream clt-y ainl gratluall tI i niilate it. ers\ lie statr, to ithat of' ence % itl slave oovernimenit as is indicated by the 9'2d a i
A cankered flower, a selling sun. free persons, is to renider hlin, as inichl pissii,- .- 94th rluases. hey must presuppose ih body of pro-
Which casts a ransitory gleam dei non his towi. Upon the even rloudt of don. wanls and llltainal'de indlullencr;e it crCdlis I.luhit if in- inanlty, but also ignorant of their own interests s ith wsl hi
Pass but an hour-that dream halh led, I diusry andt sol.riety, an i moreover a firlint of i Ilepen- Ito" wllare of lthe shares is also intiaeily connected.
The flowers on earth forsaken lie dence in it'e (nnd of lt i slave, whichh not mnilat .u d 'ainr I I1t cIilern arr' Iii)1myidi i labou" suitable to their age
The sun has set, whose lustre shed I te authority of the masctr, but on tlle contrary piuonpt- Fer.'ale slave in a state of' pregnancy and aged people
A light upon the shaded sky. ing hlii to perform his allottrd tisk readily and cleerflll, are employed in light work. hiie slaves are perfectly
-[O.I.rCal itshlould Ie theddutyof tlie Leislatlureto prmniotLaii ad aware of these privil,.:,e whith long customn lhai sanction-
1W30 I.II ragoe. With a view to this ,!eirale attainment the flith ed to dtheu, and niev-r ladil to complain of any infraction.
TIIE ORDERS IN CO{UNCIL. clause of the slave act directs that on no pretence wl.t- 'Th1'e lendrr oild .i i such case be liable to plnishnlment
E ORDERS IN COi N evei shall l ss than Iwenlty sin da\s in each year ie allou d UI au' ir tie I-. i t.iu we of tle sive act, fur ill-treament.-
RoIEINc, April t each slave, ad r hait C h on it shall i la- i il'T a:i,,e coun.ider.sti ns induce your committee to rc-
Do rt o te j ful io withhol tlle .s ordav. tree pounds of sally fi l shall l couillendl an alieni.i ,1 il e 1ii clause of Ihe slave ait
Report of the joint Committee app pointed to investile he ive, to ', .o' aivi teil yevir. Tie lwli it% to the iie 'fc il li6114 liel duration of slave labour through-
firt isitekingit f 'I waiie toysunse, alitd allos ing hall a it
and report their opinions to the alternative o b das out of crop alite for work i provision egiods out i, v d ir Im ,suirisc to Sunst, ad allow ing hall an
taken, whether of unconditionally adoption or all- were judged sflicient to furnish such a sulpplyv of vege- hour ale-r sunlre for lthroingsu grass nd culling the litr,
solutely rejecting," thli Order in Cuncil of 2d N,- lbls as to render it unnecessary to include llem in Ihe .ia pro% .,on Ihal .lurinl crop It shall be lawful to en-
vemher last, and how far the provisions of lhe Order tales as o renr r cou mices are however of opinion that I' on i uar a .ps stu s any number of slaves not exlited-
it Council are imt by tire Slave lict passed in June allowance. Your comiimiittee are however of opinion that ,piy on sugar y.'sar,- any nirhrer f slaves not onctoel-
ain Councl ar mr bylh lave \ pased June il a some addition thereto mght Ib madle ; to such roprie- Iing twele in an I about the mill house until seven o'clock,
st, anud als olh far the said Order in Council mnay tore as cannot afrd an increasld allowance, ihdalKern. andl any number not exceeding ten in i..l about thie boul-
be adopted wilh safety to the Colony, an without giving every Saurday thrugout e year is or- in-house until nine at night, ani on coffee estates an
fringng unnecessarily on private property. ed, and it would tend to priuce a result so desirable in nuiher not exceehdig sixteen till eight o'clock. Tlh 91t'
(Concluded from our loal.) lte opinion of your connimmile, that what is now lte cla"us o the order to be added to the said alteration.
The 69th clause is provided for by the 20h clause of general, woulIl shortly beonme the universal practice. Your coninillcie have now reached to the Will, 9.h..
the slave act, with this difference, that tie former rextnds T'he same clause of the slave act directs that half an acre and ilth clauses of the order, which regularl llhirlolhol,
the age of tie child to sirsoen, while the latter lioit it to of land shall be given to each slave, so that a family will and other articles to be furnmihed to tie slaves. Thei
twelve. In this respect your committee do not recom- four childri.n have three acres for their cultivation. The clauses have iaen considered by thle planters, and not
mend any alteration in the slve law. quantity of land llarlache to each est ire in this Island ren- without reason, to be ie most obnoxious of Ihe lilde or-
The next lifeen claues of tlle Order No. 70 to SI re- ders thi allowance a matter of so difficulty, indeed many der. They triple rte th penre of clothing the slaves, b)
ul te the proceedings in ile cases of Alanumissions. industrious negrons possess froi three to five acres each of prescribing aricies some of which are us.-leu, others e\-
These rea fully provided for by the 39t, 40th, 41st, 4'2d, provision grounds. The ordtr in Council direct that one travagnt or not appropriate. Ihe shols alone would
43d, 44th, and 45th, clauses of the slave act, and by tie quarter of an acre onlv shall be given to slaves under fi- entail a heavy charge, as a gang of ninely-ninc people ,
act for abolishing all duties or taies on tlie .Manumission of teen years, and the allowance of vegetable provisions air- allowing a third to be children, would require one hulr-
laves. The said clauses of the slave act were adopted pear strangely disproportionate. It would be as impos.- dred and sixly-five ilirs of shoes. Tih. prescrbing of
from the Trinidad Order in Council and do not appear to sible for a healthy grown up nrgro to consume eight pounds this aricrl' Iletrays an gnorance of tir lhibalts of the slave
devote materially from the present Order, with the ex- of yams a day, as to satisfy his appetite with eight plan- population. Slaves, and indeed many of the poor plant-
eption that any donation inter ieos shall not entitle a tains. The articles of wheat, flour, and corn meal, your e", never wear shoes except to shew off their finery on
slave to purchase Ilia fmedom. The reasoning of Lord committee will not allude to. In this colony where li religious festivals and ceremonies and on days of merri-
Goderich on this point, .n his Lordship's explanatory supply of vegetable provisions i so abundant, a well di- me"t. It is to their love for display on such occasion,
letter of fifth November, satisfies your committee that the recited policy would limit the allowance to such articles as that the slavesl devote lthe fruits of their industry in raisila.
exception maybe omiti.d without fearof prejudicialeffeclt, are cultivated hy the slaves, and which they prefer for food, provisions and rearing sock. The shoes procured would
sad they recommend therefore such omission according- an no permit t any substitution eept in seasons of ac- certainly be of a coarse quality. The slave would despite
ly. tual scarcity, or in the unfortunate event of such a calami- them as an article of dress, and to compel him to work
Yourcommittee are compelled to withhold their assent ty as befel the Island of Barbadoeslast year. The direc- with them would be equal to the infliction of a severe
to the Kth clause, which would establish a power of in- tlon contained in the eleventh rule of the h8th clause to punishment. Tre 38th clase indeed give power o
terference with Legislative enactment. cluarge some other lave with the cultivation of time land ublulng for the shoes other articles o equivalent
The 86th clauseestiblishes rules to be observed in ques- allotted to an orphan for the benefit of such infant, is quite value, but why exact front the impoverished planter the
tions affecting the freedom or slavery of individuals, and inpracticable. The infant is, in such ease always nourish- extravagant cost of useless and unoecmmsry articles, by
Your committee see no objection to the adoption of this ed at the charge of the master, until ii attains an age a- empowering the protector to substitute others, atthe d-
clause. able of self support. The twelfth rule is superfluolu, the a"te of his fancy, a unnecesear aend perhaps equally
Clause 87th enacts that the evidence of slaves shallbe slaves possess a dance of seds forplanting,and cultivate useless 1 Straw or chip hats foF t females are neither
admissible in the same manner as persons of free condi- their grounds with the implements of their malers. With durabl nor useful, in order to afford any protection against
tion; the 17th clause of the slave act which admits slave regard to the sixteenth rule your committee observe that it the sn or rin ; they should be made of felt. A blanket
evidence i as full and effectual a manner as is provided is always the duty of a manager of slaves to pay alten- in each year is an etravagant allowance, so likewise a
for in the order, contains a proviso that lives shall not lion that the Provision lands are duly culivted : but if Sau cpa and kettle, pet or cauldron. This is in fact
bear testimony against their owners except for personal he is forbid by the 36th clta. of the order to compel a holding out an encouragement for waste and carelem ness.
eiunries. This condition was introduced for the purpose slave to labour in the general work of the estate, what With respect to the latter articles your committee re at
o preventing the liability of slaves to be subpoenaed, at power has he of enforcing the observance of this rule I some loss to understand the meaning of the tenth rule r.f
the suit of third parties against their Owner, on any civil Your committee have not overlooked what appears to them the 88th clause, which directs that lie slates shall be tr,.
't criminal process in which the silat werr njt renn crne .' to he a sin:l o rssion in t h, c rer:-ilation,. Ill, .l.T. f r unn d oil' 7. [ I'-

We MaWame argvu.
I---11r of y Our EIcellnc of the IL h February last, the evil tendency of it as whole, wblch if tm
?afw AA fl3c7f accompanied by a despatch from Lord Viscount Guderich, and indiacriminately adopted, would be in
Ills Majosty's Secretary of State for the Colonies, bear- destructive, to the rights of their constitueamt, sa
So ing date the 10th of December, 1831. to the total ruin of thi colony. and even to the dimes
SATiU R AY, JUINE 18U 9. The houe has taken into consideration the Orders berment of all the colonies from the parest *u.
A JI in Councilof November, 1831, with the deepest sense feel themselves called on, having already fpas. a
New York papers to e.dth of May have ben of the vast importance of ie subject to all classes of embracing moa(of the subjects referred to in thi Orer
New York pprto the op Poay have been recei- this community, with a sicere and eatnetldesire to meet todeclare that they will not entertain any BM
red by thedoop Pioneer, Capula Baer, which arrived he views of hi Majesty's Government, so far as a na- adoption of said Order u required by His Majesty's
lul night. The Europoea deate contained in them ore rural and proper regard for the protection and security vernment."
no later than them previosly received here; therefore, of property in this island will allow, and, above all, pre-
we have eot deemed it necearly to make any extracts serving its judgment most carefully from being influenced DOMINICA.
from them, as their ionertion would exclude nuch of the in the examination of the subject, by the uncourteous, NOTICE--VY tila XCLLx.NCY TaI OOv OL.
olon matter imIortae now on d harsh, and imperious language in which the objects of lis Whereas there is tihe aiosN l reason to believer
Coleoal matter of importance now on hand. Majesty's Government, have been conveyed, and their evil-disposed persons have on actively spreadinge,
Theplosure, however, which the follow from the New reasoning supported, in the despatch of the Colonial So- the negroes a malicious report, that certain benefit gr.
York Courier and Enquirer, of the 26lh, will afford our cretsr ed to tlem by the King, are withheld by tho"en .
readers, impels us to give it a place in our columns: TIh attention of the house as naturally been d- whose charge and protection they are placed, which a.
While on this subject, we would remark, that in the reeled, in the first instance, to the charge which has been port is calculated alike to injure the slave and the oer
S le on tb ubm woud remar ade against the Colonial Legislatures, of having wholly -It is hereby declared, that the aid report is fale, 5
late debate in the House of Peers, on ti subject of ela- disregarded, or carried into effect but partially, the reso- utterly without foundation; and moreover, that should e
very in the West ldies, the Duke of Wellington con- lutionsof the House of Comlnuon, inl 1823:-as it is upon good conduct of the slaves procure, through HisMl.
demned the policy ol the present Minilsry, uan a asserted this ground llat slis Majesty's Government havejustified ty's paternal cave. such advantages, at any futumrepio
that he and his friends wore totally averse front taking Ihe necessity of the present Order in Council, the house it will then be incumbent on the Governor tomake kates
any stp t could depreciate the value o the pro- has most carefully examined into the several enactments to them, tie nature and exteot of these concession.
auy thp that could depreciate ,tl value of tbne pr- passed by the Legislature ol this colony, in conformity to ensure their immediate enjoyment thereof.
perty of the planter without granting him full indemnity. with those resolutions; and lte house feels bound to de- If, in disregard of this his solemn assurance, say.
This declaration will attach to him and his party tie clare, that any necessity or expediency to be deduced edition or insubordination shall be exhibited, Ilis EXceh .
whole of de West India interest,and isa feature in British from such an inference is holly inapplicable to this Co- cy earnestly warns the negro population, that the asO
party politics well worthy of notice." lony. prompt and irresistible means will be used to quell de
The house confulendly appeals to lite slave code of sane, and to chastised in the severest manner, te rin .
On Wedoesay night, this Island was visited with a 1825, and prior and subsequent acts, by which the most leaders, whose disibodience can but tend to posp.n.eiu.
violent gale fom the nothw w fo the sht t anmple provision has been made for tle moral and rrligi- ,dlgenccs, vwhicli it may be the gracious wish of HL .a-
violent gal from the northward, which, for tim short l ine ou instruction of lie slaves; lior tile personal comfort jlety tie hinlg, eventually to besto.
it leased, did considerable damage among tlle veelis in and well-being; for tie protection of their acquired rights; And, where:a, nulroius appeals have bwen iddreeed
the Harbour ; nearly the whole of which received more and in short for all that can tend to elevate henrn in llte to His Excellency, by slaves, to the great inconvoniene
or les injury. The week commenced with rain, whicl scale of society, and gradually fit tihen to become uOa- f distant parties and witnesses, it is desired to be us-
continued almost inceusantly until the ti(me previously I ful ald industrious meolhers of society. l erstood, and to be carefully explained to them, that rie
entioned, almot incessantly urtil la i te previn ll i Tle house feels itself bound to olscerve, with feel- Governor %ill listen to no complaint, unless satisfied that
metined, wn e wind increased, ad in fell ini of alarm, Ite marked discrepancy between the se1nil- ite complaiman has previously applied to the nearest
sq-h torrents, as to lead those bettor aciuailned with lthie ients, ineasures, and object of Ilis Mt.jesty's present Justice of t e Peace: and those desirous of submitting
nature of hurricane than we are, o suppose that we were (Governmnen, and those expressed by Mr. Canning, in appeals to tie Governor, are hereby further cautioned,
to experience one of those calamities, so prevalent in tlhe I propoing tlle resolutions of I-3. that while thie stricltet justice ill be done to any slave
West Indies; but at an earlier period, lan lley generally I Thai which was the regarded by the government ihon ay hIave been wronged or injured,, the applicacs
tas a fearful questionn" and beset with ditficulies of the will fiid an equal determination on Ills Excellency's part,
occur. utmostt magnitude, is now Ireated as one of lih most easy to cause the infliction of such punishment as may be due
The gale commenced at the eastward, thence veered solution ; the extremo of rashiness succeeds to that of to persons guilty of wilful misrepresentation, whenever
to the northward, and finished at the northwest-from caution ; and in place of that gradual extinction ol sla- thecharges, thus prerfered, shall prove unfounded, frivo-
which point it came with redoubled fuiv, and occasioned very compatible wil th e well-being of the slaves them- lus, or v ealious.
i selve*, withi thle sa.ftfv of tle Colonies, and wuli R Inith a I f.a neIed4 viCrR F:OR. Pnar
the principal part of the disasters. Some of the wharves selves, iti the safety of the Colonies, wit a air ad J. MURRAY M'REGOR, Governor.
tli oIlaro e se uef the qvl .itahl. consUieration of the interests of private pro- Cuvernuent Ilouse, Roseau, 13th March, 1832.
have also suffered, in consequence of several vessels hav- pert)," recognized by those resolutions, the important prin-
ing broken their cables, and drifted in contact with then. ciple of comipensatiotl is passed sub silrntio, and we are
The greatest injury, however, appears to have fallen upon now called up on to adopt a code which, after the most MONTSERRAT.
thoe least able to bear it-the ferm ; whose sacks n;lid and liberal -anmintilon into it, must inevitably put REFr'SE BUPPLY.
thr all thl, illterests to tile greatest hazard. SATURDAY, February IR, 18.
al the market wharf, were entirely destroyed. It blew The th .use protests, in the ioust energetic manner, Tile following message was transmitted by the Iloaoof
so violently, that several trees in Bay-street were lorn up against tle assumption of an unu willingness to forward the Assittibly to the Boiard of Council, and unanimously con-
by the roots, as well as many others in different parts of great obijiec of ameilioration. curred in by that Board:-
thie Island; and a giest dea! of the fruit of those that '" The Ilouse would wish their legislation to be bene- The f;alti mn of the Assembly,
ei-l;d gale, wai n of i ie a ri all par ries, and therefore reflect the adoption if To the President and Council.
weathered the gale, was blown olf, bth in a ripe and t he Order in Cuni il reconui.nnded b, Ilis Majesty's Go- We Iwg to state, that from the wretched and destitute
unripe state. vrmlelminit, hlich would loosen the'ie between iIaster and situation into which we have been thrown and are at pre-
On the whole, however, the gain was not so calamnilni,, ji.l,,engeaitlr thet nust violent and danlgeruus dissen- sent placed, without the means of ipporting ourelver
as we bad reason to fear it would be, from the decided i tons, and virtually confi freildoli upon a class as yet un- and families, ot giving lo our children the common rudi-
convulsion apparent in di elements. We: have heard of l~'"eared it appreciate the gilt. months of education, we feel onmpeel!d to notify to the
but one instance of he loss of lie reulg f it, and Tl- n. IlUuse csainoI but rl'g.ird as a great injustice to IKing's Governnlent our total inability to provide anv Act
bu on instance of te loss of hi resulting rin ell culmoni d olf Ihle Itat iliads this new ;atinipl to legislate of Settlement in future for any Governor that may be p-
that wa tlie accidental drowning of an indebted Alrican fur then ilth.ut previously instlltting ilme inquiry, which pointed to this island, and to signify this determination, in
in the employ of II. Montell, Enquire, whilst on hi has been so longl and so often prayed for, into !he actual order that His Majesly's Government may he apprised of
passage from Rose Island to visit his friends in town. condition of tlwir slaves, and the elect of the laws now it and fully prepared to raise a sum of money from the 4
-- iol. ration. They claim to be juldged by the evidence per cent. or any other fund they nisy deem proper to re-
It is a source of pleasure to us to state, that a sulscrip- 1 fIlclso and mdlemnly protest against being condemned sort to in behalf of the individual they may select for the
tion was commencod, on Thursday last by a number of iupn the partial statemenLts and gross nrisepresentations of situation, and which sum will he deemea commenuramts is
S a party itt the state, who are known to be the inveterate the loss he will sustain from the deficiency arising from Oa
humane gentlemen of this town, for the purpose of indem- enemies of the Colonies. It cannot be unreasonable to contributary portion of settlement towards the waioe-
nifying thne who are unable to bear the loss of their expect that thle nation at large will look with suspicion on nance of his Colonial Establishment. To which we -
smallvesrels, and particularly the fialhrmen. The amount measures propounded in such a spirit. quest your concurrence, and that the President and Speak-
alreadylubscribed, we understand, is upwards of I As ite I sves in this Colony are at present better fed, er be inetcurled to forward the same to Viscount Goderic,
double the sum prn rquir; nd the balance it better clad and better lodged han the generality of the Ils Majey's Principal Secretary of State for the Coo-
double the sum at present required; and the balance, it peasantry in Great Britain and Ireland, the House is nies.
i understood, will be deposited in the Treasury, to be willing that those provisions which custom has long anc- (Signed) W. D. FURLONGE, Speaker.
appropriated for the relief of others meeting with similar tioned in these atniculars should be specifically defined by House of Asemnbly, February 18, 1832.
misfortunes, but yet unknown. This prompt alleviation law, and that the hours of labour should also be re ulated
of the distrcnes of the unfortunate, sufficiently demon- by law ; in doing which no unnecessary delay would arise,
srtesas the present Slase Law of the Colony will empire dou- Translated for the Courier and Enqoirer from the Breme
Slrales the characteristic liberally of the inhabitants of rinv the present year. Zeitung."
Nasau. Tihe Huuse hope that Ills Majesty's Government Protocol No. 56 of the conference which was held o
s ill arrest these propositions anan earnest of itsreadiness the 51h April, o19, at the office of foreign Affain is
The sloop Liberty, M'Kinney, master, from the south to sccede to the measures submitted to them, coaismently London-
end of Long Iland to this place, encountered the gale on with a due regard to the rights of property; and that they Present, thePlenipotentiaries of Austria, France, Great
Wednesday las, and leot Ihegotrter pa of her deck luad, will attribute the objections to receive the Order in Cuio- Britain, Prusia and Russia.
consting of live tockp cil to the apprehensions which itc local knowledge and ex. The Plenipotentiaries of the five powers met together
co tg ____f liv ___e t_ perienqce ind.iced it comscienliously to entertain of the evil in conference at the foreign office. The Plenipotentiar
REJECTION OF THE ORDERS IN COUNCIL consequences to all parties from its adoption. of France and Great Britain opened the conference wit
SLATU T BARBADOES HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. The two months have already expired since ite 91I
LEGSLATURES OF ST. VF.YCE.YT AXD The louse on the motion of Dr. Young, adopted the January, when the ratificionof treaty of treat 1
BARBADOES. following as its teply to the Governoi's memage, with the November, were exchanged with the Belgian PlekipoeDo-
T order in Council, recommended fur the adoption of the diaries.
SAINT VINCENT. Legislature: That by the protocol of the conference held on that o-
HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, ApsR L . Thi House of Amembly beg leave most respecfully casion, it was left open to the three Court of Atria,
The report of the special committee appointed at the to lay before His Excellency their answer to, and final Prussia and Rusia, to exchange their ratifications at *
last meeting to port on the Order in Council, was determination on, the dictatorial desptch from the Right subsequent period, in order not to disturb the lrod undr-
ltg ht apand d ite. Hio in. the Secretary of State for the Colonies, bearing date standing which hasto this time, happily prevailed between
The houmrmo lk itself into a commntee of the the 10e lof December, 1831, and the accompanying print- the ive powers, and on the continuance of which the pr-
whole h e, to tak te me into cositlderstia; Mr. ed document entitled by his Lordship an Order in Coun- seration of the peace of Europe actually depends-
Sowe i the chair. The hose resumed, and adopted the cil, whih wren id before this Houe by Ilis Ecellecy That the determination on the part of Franre and Ea-
followiag as their wer to the message of Hi Excel- on the 17th ultimo, and to which they that day replied, lad to wait for communications from their allies o the
leacy, under dea tae 10th February last:- that the subject should have due consideration." This object of the ratifications, is a strong proof f the i'-
"To lis Ezcer eacy the Rigt Heourble Sir George House has attentively and with every feeling to do justice portance attached by the Courts of Englandsad France l"
"Ftgerald Hill, Barone, 4c. -c. 4-c. to all patties, considered both the Despatch and the Order, ite preservation of harmony and of general peace. Tht
The House of Amembly beg leave, most respectfully, and being left no alternative bilt either in adopt or reject communications which the two courts have lately received
rto la before your Excellency, their answer to the mes- the vshAle of the Order, and vicsin; sith likely concern give them reason to believe that the plenipotentiarine U

81j Mfauasa lrrgs,

isr ae provided with the necessary itructiow the Cormes, whm I will convoke iaedtdlely, dshe doide
r nlsiAcation of the treaty of the 15th Nov., ad whether it he expedient that I hold continue i the e-
arendly required for the peace of Europe tat the rcies of the rights provided by the Arnicle, the 9th, tI
ain should be speedily iledd, the Plenipo- coauitutional charter of the Portaugau moacchy I sad
of France and England invite those of Austria, when this question shall be resolved armately, I will take
.a, and Russia, to declare if they are ready to ex- oaths required by the same chapter for the exercise of the
Sthe reaifications of the treaty of the s5th Novem- permanent Regency. Let this be understood by the Re-
i if they ar not, to explain the circumstances that agency, and orders be given accordingly.
titit. (Signed) DON PEDRO, Duke of Bragssu.
The Plenipotntlaries of Austia, Prussia, and Rusia, Given on board the frigate Reinhe de Portugal.
pa to reply to the Plenipotentiaries of France and Ordered that this be registered and elocuted, and the
st Britain. necessary notices be given. (Signed.)
hey declare that they place a due value on the as- MARQUIS DE PALMELLA,
es repeated to them by the Plenipoentiaries of CONDE DE VILLA FLOR,
Iman and Great Britain, and are happy to have been JOZE ANTONIOGERREIRO."
opthe opening of the Conference, the medium through [Here follows a Proclamation of the same date, more
eal the pacific desires of the three great powers they fully declaratory on the motives of Don Pedro in resu-
eslent, have been exposed-desires which have indu- ming the Regency.]
sod will farther induce, them to neglect nothing that -
scontribute to the preservation of general peace and Ports ope-.-Capt. Hand of the brig Tweed, which
understanding between the ive courts. arrived yesterday from Barbadoes, infoms us, that the
The Plenipotentiaries of Austria, Prussia and Russia, port of Barbadoes is open for lumber and building materi-
bherdeclare, that they are not yet aulhorixed to cN. als fto one year, from tml lhh March last.-And that of
bag the ratifications of the Treaty of the 15th No- St. Vincent, until the 1st of January next, faee of all duty
ember; that the three great powers have been led to de- -the Governor having issued his proclamation to that
y the exchange of these rtifications, until they have effect on the lth ult.-New York Paper.
nerainedie effect of the representations made by them
Ibe Hague, to indoe the Kingof Holland to sent to .w
M4 articlesof the 15th October, and that the zeal,
sch they have shown in endeavoring to attain this
rahed for end, is the strongest proof they can give of .
ladesire of the three powers to preserA the peace of PORT OF NASSAU, N. P.
empo. That the result of the last step taken tow ardl
LM. the King of the Netherlands, and the effect of tlie
lnet declarations made to him on the part of Austria, ARRIVED,
fmia and Russia, cannot yet be known: that it has June th--An. sloop Iionee, Baker, New York
lfore been impossible for the three powers to send Flour, Corn, Rice, &r.
anitive instructions to their Plenipoltuntiurie in Lon- to JoHasoN & SAU. Esns.
s. Thattide Plenipotentiaries hope, to receive thoiu CLE- RED,
saructions very soon, and will, on receiving them, hasten 6th-m. s. D ,
Communicate it to the Conference. 611-Am. schr. S.,ls, Surry, Naltimore
WESSENBERG, Am. sclbr. H'ahuln,, 8itiilh, Ne. Y.,rk
NEIIMAN\ Am. sloop leru, Hinilale, New York
TALLEYRAND, 9th-Am. schr. Congress, Ruse, New ork
TALLEY I AND," Schr. Clio, BHrtletti, Philalelplia I
P:LOME TON, Am. schr. By-Chance, Baker, New Yur
ILOWEN, Sclir. Maria, Wilson, Cuba
Extract of a letter of 12th April.
You are wiuhoutdoubtanxious to know what effect the On Monday, the Ist instant,
isdilplomatic note of the London Conference (called pro- AT THE VsNII'E not ME.
col 56) which was received here on the 9th, has pro- At 11 O'*lock. A. W.
eed mnong iu. The first moment (it came rather un- Will be sold
apected) it caused some surprise, which was increased by That valuable an well known plantation called Coa
mysterious secret session of ihe Chamber of Repre- Nut Glove, about two miles to the Westward of the town,
slatives, but now this has passed away, and we are only oNut Goave, a t cres-a great pathe f which hil nive
hey with our preparations for war. In the Depanment containing 360 acreulti a great part f wundrich acres r
d War an unenampled activity prevails. The strictest been under cultivation. Anout on. hudred acres are en-
atructions are sent to all divisions of the army to be in Thcl rei son the wals e i te an immense ity of
Threre'i, on the arove IliclI ;to immense quanlitv ot
emaplete readiness to meet the enemy. A aew battery
Firewood, which would rend,,r it a valuable consideration
f artillery is organiod, anoil Lietut. Cul. Pruxynski, who any person disposed to eer into contract fu e sply
d gone to Paris to engage officers of Artillery front u ton) person d isposed to enter into ontrac the slll
gsees the Poles now there, has been reralleil. A n on- o th G It i a ,one .oe
ht the Poles are making sthervic, has been the Inantry an- of pasturage, are so well known, it requires no recommin-
oles a king service i tegihe ents.antry and C daion.-The Fruit trees ae innumerable, and of every
niry Regiments. description afforded on this Illand.
In front, there are Ir.,n 101 1 Hacre of CGuinea Grass,
Lmeddo, April 13.-We have received by an arrival well established and front 00 to 700 Cocoa Nut trees-
huTeiceirs, the papers of that Island up to the 19th many in bearing.
it. They ciitain, among other articles of interest, tle ALSO--
ecre of Don Pedro on assuming the regency of Portu- The following valuable Slaves, viz.
pi, ad another decree establishing the custounary forms SOPIIY, 34 years, an excellent Cook, Washer and
of Gove rnment during a regency, according to the pro- Ironer.
isios of the Comsitutional Charter. Among the acts SUSAN, 10 years, Ilouse Servant.
d the new regent, we find a decree relieving the people
of his dominiuns from the burthensome operations of the JANE, 22 years, a good Cook and Washler
Tiheu, and another asulling all the acts of confiscation TONY, 6 years.
kthe usurper against the faithful Portuguese, to whom WILLIAM, 3 years.
Daa Pedro promises fill compensation, in proper sea- PEGGY, 36 years, Cook and House Servant.
sa, for the injuries which they have sustained in sup- JACOB, 10 years, very handy alout a House.
pting the rights of the Queen, and adhering to the Con-
itmional Charter. One of these paper gives a long and POLIDORE, 50 years, a Driver and Field hand.
wy gtifying account of the reception of Don Pedro in BIN H1, 46 years, ditto.
eishand of Terceira. It appears to have been of the JEFFERY, 17 years, accustomed to work with a Maaon
amt ardent description, and will prove a bitter disap- and Plasterer for the last two yea.
patomen to the Miguelites and si-disant liberals who PRINCE, 47 years, a Carpenter.
hd speculated upon a different result. Our private ad- PRINCE, ir. 15 years, scrustomed to drive a Cart.
n l from Terceira announce that the Conde de Funchal AARON, 131 years, a very smart waiting Boy, parti-
hbeen accredited by Don Pedro to this Court, anti his cularly handy with a Horse.
anival here may be hourly expected. We sincerely trust GORDON, Ileyars. in constant employ with a Dray.
tat e will be immediately recognized, and that out JERRY, 10 years, handy about a House.
Ioernment will take every opportunity through him, of 7erms-tArce months' Credit, o giving approved se-
prooting the cause of the legitimate Sovereign of Por- curity.
SipL June 2d.


On Monday ert, the 11t instant,
aT TER VauI C ovea.
At 1 O'Ooek. A. SL
Will be sold
The Cargo of the American sloop Signal,
(Without the least reserve,)
50 barrels Superfine Floor,
20 do Pork,
5 do Beef,
16 kegs Lard,
100 bags Corn,
A quantity of Bacon and Ilani.
Soap, Candles,
2 boxes fresh Garden Seeds,
Hvson Tea,
I Wardrobe, &c. &c. &r.
Terms-CASH, before deliver.
At lro months' Credit,
200 Moho Ropes.
Sllar, in barrels,
Paint Oil, in jugs,
Beef lnd Pork, in harl barrels,
Brandly, in lots to suit purchaserr,
Teneriffe Wine, (6 crars bollled,)
A .NI)-
A large quantity ofwhile and Spruce Pine Lumnbti.
June 911'.


On Monday nctl, the Illt instant,
At 10 O'Olook A. S.
Will be sold
Alt a Crdit of tro MontAs,
The Cargo of schuoner Sarah Jane, froUm Saint Juloi.
New Brunswick,
Flour, Corn, Rice. Cheese.
Hams, smoked Beef, Kits Beef,
Codfish, Markerel, Spiced Salmon,
Smoked Herrings, Polatoes,
Oasl, Grind Stones, cr. &r
White Pine Bonads,
Shinglhs, Ash Oars, &c.
25 barrels Prime Jamaica Sugar.
June 9th.


)O Monday next, the I tA instant.
AT THE VENDlEt Hnltit,
At 10 O'Olo0k. A. S.
Will be sold
Superfine Flour, in barrels,
sugar, in ditto and half ditlo,
Bacin, Ilanm, Irish Buller,
Lard, Soap and Candles,
Rice, in bags, Coffee, in ditto.
Luaf Sugar, VinegAl.,2),(UMO Cypress Shinglos, &
PEGGY, a valuable negro woman, and her 4

Immediately afterwards, fronting the ComnmissariaM.-i
A quantity of ep*ny Biscuit Puncheon'.
Pease and Fluur casks,
Lime Juice cases, &c. &c.
Termis-CASH, on delivery.
June 9th.


On Monday mne, the I1t iuatnt,
At 10 'eloek. M.
saill 1,..l.

The Regency having represented to me, by means of a LL PERSONS having demands against the Estate FOR CASH,
Dputation to my august Daughter, the Queen of Por- A. of Joseph Saunders, late of the Island of New The lHouse and Lot, in Culmer-sreel, lately occupied.
bsl, and myself, the lively desire which is felt by the Providence, gentleman, deceased, are requested to render by Captain William G. Fulford.
people of the Asores, as well as the other faithful subjects the same duly attested; and those indebted to the said June 9th.
If Her Majesty residing in those Islands, that I should Estate, are likewise requested to make immediate pay-
ae upon myself the part which belongs to me in the i ne nt, t the office of G. P. Wood, Esquire. FOR -ALE
Sof Her Majety, a her fathergurdi, and natural THOMPSON SAUNDERS, Eecutor. TRACT of Land on Lon Island, obtaining
oatecor, and also as I head of the august house of Bra- TRCApril _L.aew nd"_y on Lan Islnd condtang Area
IPua ; and considering that these sacred titles, above all, cres, within the vicinity of the St Pond at Great
i rlvation of the state, impoed upon me the duty of FINAL NOTICE. Ha hour, well adapted for the celtire af Corn and Col-
tltiescing i tihi jt representation, I consent for this FiHE SUBSCRIBERS, having closed the mercantle itoo ; bounded Easterly by Peter IDean'sl lend, Nonrherl
.ipom to re-cmma the audhsrity which by the force of concerns of the late Eliu I. Solomn, El., hereby and otherly by the sea, end Wesidrly by Peter Dean',
trcmsances, I had depoited in the hands of the Re- notify to thoer who sill remain indebted to his Estate, land. Particulars will be made known, on application to
PaCy,coiderig that body from this moment dissolved. that unles their respective demds are liquidated pre- Wn.J. Weech, Esq., Nmeu; or to tII sub1criber,
Sapplad thbe members of that body for the zeal with vioue to the Ist June, they win be placed in the bands of Enume. A credit of as meell.m will be allowed the prr
'hick they have hitherto exercised their authority. I de- an Atorney-at-Law, for immediate recovery. chser.
dlar that I will retain the authority which I have re-al- E. M. SOLOMON. Executrix. VII S ER'
tmed, until the legitimate government of Donna Maria C. S. ADDERLEY, Executor. Little E, tni.a,
'he second shall be re-e-tablislid in I'uvrri:,l and until Marrh :l1" IQlh May. l.1-2.

g afj mlasa rgsm.

.....h onsi m os. to pholud d asersr by every human o iimo, the cook, was watching te skiet. 7 tI ---
i (Cewh e.e peopfef Ppne.) Catmer that -ar granted to ua by Our late revered Dolly; It boils," said Benjamin; Ithboi
vided wi th a s t prpery p p- .s) oy belovae d esrein O rge the Third- pay dhe gat; mad It boils," echd J5 a
vision floor hbass rsi asn e asp. enad pot at ch.rtr n wrested lre the reluctant bands of a tmid and Numidia. "Put them i," said Mr. La ..p
considered s i fr l perp or wht. interpre- en bld King by held and overbearing Barons, but the said Jobs; Put them in," "aid Pomp; "
tusion is to he pot ol the rule 1 The kalve resy orm, nod fr eootnus bo of a wise and benevolent Monarch. eried Dolly, u she drop the Ogg into the a lsll
ciusors re csditly conceived hi tc npdt of very miute Your Committee have di brought to a conclusion the ly a minute and a half afterward, by his
egistioo, ad might hae .be connected with equal inquiry with which they were charged, and in parenting Mr. Lee called out Done;" and done
propriety with shaving brhes, and oap, nelle, pins, the r of their laboursto the consideration of your Ho- from mouth to mouth a before. The perfect
and lhimbile. The clothing provided by the first clau 0se
of the sles. act Is for e of the groes whe caum- sourable Board end House take the opportunity of decla- whole process consisted in Dolly'swhip1 t
of the slave act l l .,me sof the negen when e- ring tha, in the olisereations they have felt it their duty in half a second from thelest echo of the crliald
lod in field labour, m other ocstions, as before de- to make, it was far frum their desire or intention to raise In this smnner the eggs were always boiled toi,
ralwaybed, they isustitt for t ter terly, under the captious or unreasonable objections to a code that had satisfaction.
always been fold onialtdeit bust le early, unde pr th received the sanction of His Majesty's Government, and
heavy prsu re of colonial direu, uu.ny of lhe poor ,|,,,,,,o,,Blv reo mmendb db h noble Secret1ry n I RTW RIa (tPP tn
owners beoeeab which was so earnestly recommended by the noble Secretary
owners became able In purchase i. Thia conviction or the entetes. Strongly impreued with feeling sof
induced the Legislatore in the second clause of the sid the colonel. Stony imeed it a eeing of e
act, to authorize such poor persons to give twelve daysvi the respect due to the Govetnment, and anxious to evince
to their slaves in lieu of clothing. I isvei a singular that feeling by a fair and candid examination of the order 7' Every person about to leav these ia,
to heir aveind lieu of clothing d a ed b sthe singular in council your committee have not been without a hope having resided thereinfor the apace ofTn trI asn,,
coincidence tdiat the tfrty days allowed by the Order in that His Majesty's Ministers might thus be induced to re- give security t the Secretary's Office, or pat liim
clothing the slave make together the exact nomherofdays lax from the strict teoor of their declaration, and to ro- said OcfceforsFIFTEEN uDASpreeiousto hi.sIf
which. in this colony, is allotted for food only. Your consider those parts, which a knowledge of the local con-
committee are so far from wishing to e the condition of edition and circumstances of the colony has enabled your ter which, at any time during FORTY-FIV9 is1, a Tti
lcommit t clae annulled, that ti sattie sentiments which committee to point out as objectionable or unsppropriate. may be obtained.
inlutic d u uller observations on the e8t clause o thich any of the provisions of the order, your committee have NAMES OF PERSONS
Order would induce them rather to advise its extension recommended for adoption, and if they have withheld that ABOUT TO OBTAIN TICKETS FOR DiEPAis.
OrIer bouldy induce ths To a e re sing of Lord recommendation from others, it was from a perfect con- e3. February Elizabeth 8uilion
Godtich. tlat the slave is entitled to these allowances in eviction that a cmpliance with them would involve in t- April W. I. Alexma
dlieu of wages is perfectly correct; bt if in a flowae tr distress ad irremediableruin, the wholebody of land- 2tth John Aid
lieu of wages i perfectly correct; but if in a free state in land, where, whin he lat ten June rnci Mntll
the wages of a labourer exceed the value of his work, ed proprietors in this island, where, within the last teon s a M aee
who would hite him I It will be answered perhaps, that years colonial property, affected partly by thile depression 3d Maria Johnms
if sixty-four days oti of three hlldred suice for food and f the markets principally, however, by the insecurity of -
iraimet, tiyur da hinder is the moundet ou tnie saves profit its tenure, occasioned by the hostile and unceasing attacks tR CE'S NEW YORK TYPE FOUNDRy, a
raimaster, but remaindr he ma unt other pe slaves proih of the advocates of emancipation, has greatly diepre- tablishd in 1813.-The subscriber has complda
t hi nager, bunt of slvre property iser subIectd to cwich ciated in its value. a new elition of his book of Specimens with which
a luntolgemnthr the in s properitaly ivs ubcteld omitoing Your coommiltee would ill discharge the important duty customers, and oilier Printers disposed to buy from hi,
tllueeler he inreton ie capal eattendac ed icine, core- conumititd to them, did they, before closing their report, may be supplied on application at his Foundry. a. I
llao cio barresuir of medical autndaice Hid c ticie, colo- fail to draw the attention of your honourable board aud and 20 Augustus street, behind the City Hall. "He wdj
nial axatiofn, ranagrsi ov buildings, csuplhies fir tf stuck' nou to that partol Lould Goderich's despatch to the (Go- remark, for tle information of those who have not bees
lecturing process, building ad ov repairing tLro Its, riomanu- vernorso f the Ciown Colonies under date the ffilt Nu- the habit of dealing with him.aod because adifferentp.
hlaing, procSg, andbuilding sl repirian nsdro itirn, or d- veber last, wherein h. states that the order in council tice has been extensively introduced, that his book coutri
eased slaves, d c. The two lgng charges it world o oust be regnatdd as a measured and cautious, but at the nothing but te actual productions of his own Fuadnr
Spear to your co c. The twoe ee totally eare would ia same tite a decided advance towards the ultimate etiuc- anwl presents a true specimen of what will be furniliadi
iar your r iCouminttcil- e Ihet inforiallv uverlioked o tion of slavery. otilrs. The assortmtent is very complete, Isas iMeen
ter in Council- e been a to obtin on lun wshiect of h Your committee feel themselves bound on every con- lilierately and careftillv in twtlety years brought to its pnr
roluintoe have ben abl to obtain on which they ct of hle ily sideraion ,rion if inp,,itlan if tlh lm slijec .al,,nilled :r -..1 higi' state of per'ftcion, and enldraces a variect a
expkclse,i ad onit the accuracy ol wiicl they rslI ly ttheil report to recu end to your honourable board and styles,adapted to different tastes and to the variousdepl.n
relully jumineit he ll heavy h Hidn on h r proce n house tile vita necessity hat devolves on the Legislatire men. tsof printing Newlpaiper, Book and Job, hiehlv fiih.
to ly aJUsltiol i f these clauses n w l their rolner. i of l tese Colonies, to press on lthe consideration ot Iarlia- ed, and cast of tie most srrviceable metal. Not olloic
The sce itng clausese cNo. IK), 101, andl 102 re .- imnt a declaration of the inviolability of the rights li h atte nce of slaves Te est diN. a propd etors. the Ilook, it contains of
J. P LOCKHART, Cilairaman. ROMAN and ITALIC -7 sizes, from twelvs-lne Pia
distance is limited by the order to any church or chapel Conmittee IRoom, J2ld March, 18\2. to Parl.
iii,ii sit umile from.i tL resileoie of thle slaves. rhe TWO-LINE and TITLE, 15 sizes, Two-line C
till clause of tll slave art contaills no such liilil.lion,d annil
it is well known that slaves frequiinly attend church from GREECE. bin to A igte.
,i.i.aer dlistince. As, ow,,,tere ca. lie no doubt The Courier dle la (reece, tie official paper of 24th l l I)ED, 13 sizes, Ten-line Pica to Long Prime
,I thie wilhlnnless ci li owner i o.lliw his to antudl, Fibruar, CUrontins lit ulloing IT\ LIA. sizes, i eun-line Pica to Lonug PriLm.
.iltliiiui beyond tie limited distance, your committee The blisterss elloent of France, Great Britain and ABL N\CK 12 sizes, TFur-line Pica to Minionp.
ouldl rrcuounend tlhe adoption of tlese clauses, extend- Russia, delivered yesterday in their official capicitics, to I LEN BLA, CI sizes, Four-line P ica to reMn Po n
s,.I however ltle excelplon of clause 11)2 to attendance of lis Escellency the 'resident of the government t of F a
tu sick, iwatclhmon, stuck-keepers, anil also to slaves con- Greece [Aug. e'apoil'lslris] the protocol of 19th January n'i.CRPT, 2 s.ris, Double Small Pica and CG t Pn-
til|d bIy .orler of the tlana.ger ot of a nidaistraite unler tIH last, wlich tle Plenipulentiaries ot the three Powers (wo RI 2 i oube S l Pa ad r
:thlt and 3lth, clauses of the slave act, and with power to concluded the treaty of 6th July, 1I27) signed at Lon- "nc" ,ie d
llit mian.agr to detain on tlie estate one third of the ef- dun in relation to the affiTrs or Greece. ,idey Miltuic, Bcack Slope, OrnaSnented Ltroo d
rcltive ilrnighl of lthe slaves fr the purpose of re.lllerins Tlis protocol stIts i,1 Al iba;lad urs of tie threepow- L otery Figures, iee Fractiulns, Saperions, Astron cil
assstance ill cases of lire. Witll regard to lite exception r eraing,,esl in conhrence at the olf ce of frrign a f ts and "herr Signs, Spac ls, ras ,. Ornaines
lf slves under confineinient on .stlali, vour couimmiittee in London, had con idered on ithe measure to be taken a .Lo, g li ases, more than 2. i, ind ofl NeFk
netd only observe that the solitary confiniiHwnt of a re- in consequence of' the crime which had deprived Greece d Cu and rnmn fr hool ,
tractory or evil disposed slave on a SiindAv. wlhcn his of its Presid.nt, and had agreed upon tlhe following fun- papers, and Scientific works.
,lloauaareenjoying themselvesinuncontroullel liberty, has damental principles, wlicl had been communicated to Orders for ay of these, and also for Preimn, Chas.
,ou sel lom operated to produce reform that corporal pun- the commanders of the sea and land forces, to serve for Composing Sticks. Coues, Furn;lure Printing Ink, sns
i.linent had failed to effect. their Government. thing required in Ite Printing busineb., will beexeanrd 0m
To the I. dclauseyourcommittr see no objecion,as it Having believed at the moment this protocol shall be the most favourable terms, and with the test prmp
willonly make that the law of colony, which has officially made known in Greece, the National Asenmbly ude, large stock of the Foundry article being alwn
hllherto been time custom. .t Argos will have already taken steps to establish, or on hand.
Tie 104th and 105th clauses respecting medical at- have established a provisional Government,-that Go- 0' Pinters of newspapers who publish this adveri-
tendance on the slaves appear to your committee too one- vernment, regularly and in due form organized, will be meant three times, and forward a paper conaini i
rous on the owner, u imposing upon him an obligation considered by the resident Ministers of tim three powers the Foundry, will receive payment for the same, iflhy pr
that ie may be unable to fulfil. Lord Godericlh abours and by the commanders of their land and sea forces, as chase from the Foundry, to four times te amounCE.
under an erroneous impression, in respect to iliis colony, the regular provisional Government of Greece, and ac- New'or, January,
at leak, when his lordship takes i for granted that medical knowledge as such.w ork, January
men can be so readily procured, subject to such harsh re- This Government, it is hnped, will gvern the country NUI\ SILT for al at 15 cent per bubel.
gulaiions; hore, from the small ninmber of practitioners, with mildness, juice and imparlialily, and wih a view cens per
but chiefly from the great fatigue and' diificalty of corn- to remove all te difficulties and disputes which have of Apply t THOMAS TOMPSON,
imunication withsome of the windward properties, it is late prevailed in Greece, and the resident Ministers and At Eiums.
considered no slight favour, and no small inducement is Officer in Greece of the three Powers have been di- Februar 4.
requisite to prevail on a medical practitioner to visit those reacted to promote by all time means in their power, these Fruay
distant states. Ten joes (fourteen pounds sterling) is ends NOTICE.
tie customary fee for each journey. Your committee Topreven piracy ssea, the offers conmndingveasels PUl1E SUBSCRIBERS offer tor ale,byprirateab
would propose that the clauses should be modified to meet ofthe three Powers, have been directed to allow no vessels 1 ogn.
he localities of the-country, and tie medical men reliev- to pra which are not provided with regular papers from 6 hhds. choice Madeira Wine,
ed from the harsh rules which the clause imolses ; the the provisional Government of Greece. 40 dozen do. do. do.
imrpose may beas effectaliv attained by directing the In regard to the demand for a loan of money made by 40 dozen do. Teneriffe do.
manager to keep a book in which his medical attendant the provisional Government, it has been determined to trunk Gentlemen's Shoes,
will enter his visits and prescriptioia. Iay this demand before each of the Courts, and that each 2 blue Dinner Sets.
Tie 10Gth clause your Committee recommend for Coun shall grant to Greece, such pecuniary aid as in its IIENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
adoption, u likewise the 108th clause. opinion the situation of Greece urgently requires. December 24th
The 107tb clause i unnecessary, as the slave Act pre- TALLEYRAND, D m-~- -.-___2
scribes the punishment for each offence. The maximum PALMERSTON, f LANK FORMS, of every description, may be ro
of pecuniarypenalty, Fie Hundred Pounassterling,isex- LIEVEN, cured at thi Oice.
resive. The 13th chlam of the uter Act fxes tie msn- MATUSCIIEWITZ. N. B.-Job Printing executed with nealness and dis-
imum of pouishment for cruely to a slave to fine of patch, upon good paper, and on moderate terms
Two Hundred Pounds, aad imprisonment of in month. Etrace fro Paeldiag's Azure Hoe.-Mr. Lightfoot January 4, 1832.
The remaining clause of the Order No. 109 to 121, Lee was particular in boiling bis egg% which he wasccus-
are introduced onh amumption that the whole of th tohe d to my required more direction than ny other FOR SALE.
preceding clauses have become the law of he coonary, breach of the greaurtof cookery. The preparations for The choice of 2 Lots of Land, wilt de
and ar principally calculated for the Crown Colonies. thi critical affair were always made with dues lemnity. building nd improvements thereon, sia ti.
They would of course require to he adaptd to our code Firet, Mr. Lee st wih his watch in hi hand, sa the paru-. bH Prince'snr, generemy known by the name "
of civil and criminal jurisprudence, and to the right o door, ell u the other doors down to the kitchen, Lightfoot, or Cupid's Row. b 0 fb
our independent constitution. However it may please wide open. At the parlor door stood Jubh, his oldest, For Terms and other particulars, apply to the Su'
His Majesty's Government to pas slightly over, or rather, mst confidential servant At the end of the Iall leading scribers.
wholly to overlook that consilution, it well becomes your to the kitchen, stood Pomp the coachman; at the foot of HFENRY GREENSLA .DE C
S'onimn ttle. proi:in.g by it, benefits and participating in the kitchen stairs stood BenjSmin the footm an: and Polly. Marth S!

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