Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: May 30, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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GEORGE BIes,8 Editor. W'EDNEDAY, HAY 't, 1 eS. eL. I1-Re. XCL

THE BAHlllAMA ARGUS. thousand. lledoes not prouume that this class of Ithe f you Thikiye for oanmo that y are euin
-- Populace have any deep political projects. They have he s in A file of him Iroa whos cunasela aI was-
SPUBLI.iUtD rN1-WVKKL IN NALIAti N.. noobject beyond the immediate fruits of plunder-idlenoa dom and might do came Think e-{lm hom go le-
lifht atll pr anul- n advu eee and debauchery. They consider themselves, however, iman was here iatmeptd by coMudi cries of Ad-
o_ _____pposed to the communityand tle laws; their habits ind lourn !" Diide !" QUe inm I " (i on !" &c.)
danger make hilim cruel, and mhey would rejoice in any 'he Chlanceir of the Ecihequmarre ad md-ilappre-
evenl tlst would give them pouer over tie city; and head that the bne member ameal te move n adjourn.
whenever of late there has apparedu a prospect of po. oant. If that is his object, it i net my intontile to oppose
litiml disturbance in London tile thieves have made leady tim motion. Mr. Percival coainmed-I say to this house.,
Their projects are Ileliberatoy formed, do you expect any blmsing to come on yo*-or on tli.
and they wait only for a large congregation of people in nation, i the great work which you are called upon to
.... tih. le street, which would naturally lead, as it did at Bristol, perform 1 You are called upon to establid dm basis and
POETP7 Y. toa collionm between thie i opile unmld u government. roots of a constitution, but do you believe for an instant
Z=- --- Mr. Wakliield states that rili plan was to have been that the blesing of God can rest on the laboum of men,
SLA. \'T oHUUS OF 1.011D) O DUYIU. carried into ellcl on tihe occasion inentionedl above, tile who think not of him in their welk, but sit ia counsel for-
9th Novembeir. Ilud the King 'isited ilm city, timl prin- getting him entirely ? (Cries of "adjour !" mingled with
I must ileep nimr."-Hyiro. crilpl streets souldl lave been filhld ith people and ihe cries of hear !" were hereresuned.) Thinkyouif that
--obrved, in passing several imues through one of tIe gangs which is written be true-when it is mid, "except time
The splenalour of rite poet's lyr,- of Thievei assembled at Temriple Bar, liatt although tile Lord build mll house, the labour is lost"-thisk you, for an
'Th e.ri'i.rpne ofr 'inr-- iboy"s picked his empty Ipoket.%, yet the tIIen directed their instant, ad my thlt your work will be blamed Uow
T.he iroy anid ihihe ianr- whlori armiftion to p giing uip a fight with te police. stands the account of this house with their God at this
Tli' calir wino th.e Ileae I T hlie'r ve would lhasm Iten joined by lle Rubble, lime. I will heae tim Comalne caled upon to humble
The i.roudl mars tan illit ianrd lIbysuchlbodies ofr le orkLing people as were disssafied themselves before God, and l seek his bsing by contri-
Tlhe power--lthe nerrr-g--the iud iislh lie (ive'rrniment; Ile streets would lave Ien bar- lion and repentance. (A. this moment several lon.
L'uunterbly brigt ricrid.dr, as they were in I'aris-the prisons would have mIemubers as both aidq of the heam,ppre njy with an un-
Te ea .r h bem n ia te forced-and lhat part of tile loni within the bar- derianling that the debate ws to be adjourned, #ns and
Tie heart i awt she, ie owrn rirt ne.. ricilds pludllured ard ackil, if not burned by an army left. 'The hln. member continued.) You all depart when
I minatlrns s Oni r.f- robbers, during that night and ilI ensauinig day. Mr. I (God's name is mentioned though you would have st till
(''hat raidmai uol the hram ')_ \Vakr;ielialci lu, s wlherihr thl hIousehuld trohlps qarltred firve-ave, six o'clock-if he had no beenmentiooed. Mr.
Arrea hlit tr.imsrmripts irush- in Lulonlon rcould be made l. act with ;iny oflicirnry, if at Hunt rose to order, and moved the adjouarme of the
ietlllertions of uii, r% ,- .Ill, aisinost the populace, for they leave but little disposition debate.
Anid speak Ii min. amil ines to you'll, fnlit the ninli, and are intimaltelv connected with tlle I Mm. Percival-I do not a nme to move sy adjouament.
Olfuture diual-olery lrwarti ch!As of proslilultei-wlich i similate al ten a lshu- You had at here till sit o'clock, it God's name had not
Irep'-with thy gl.rv mroanl illt hea.l- 'said, and likely to prove a uichl nmorrue etlclise fuoce omi beelrn mentioned. Now sit, and hear me. I staud here
a;r frnsn thie gra.isp' ol wron ; tle side of confusion and rapine tlha the minale number of again to warn you of the judgment or God that is coming
HIIhep --irlgti*sr a,f'tlhe mighty 'lead- men. on you. Do you thiLk I sead lire in my ow urength I
Th'oImu il.lmeiJ ul tong ?' Tlhe Rablel, the adj :nrct of the Tlieves at all times ; Could I stop 500 men in di. hmume and coummil mham to
S ;le*l.,'-un ha;tr wii a living tnmb, is composed of Clrsterimongers, drovers, slaugtelrers of listen to tme, if I stood not in reliance on hium in hoen
'v Withui Illa heart' warm core: cattle, knackers, dealers in lead bodies mld doig-uInenl, name anil despised love I implore you to listen to me for a
Nw ri l'. inr ara. mor ihlhi., noar glmo6'. bricrkliakers, chimney sweeps, nightlmon, scavengers. &c. few momnern. I stand not in my own strength, but in
Nor.xr. l lll mourients Istand not in i, own strength, but in
SMa ever machine niseralle, iignoranl, decradehd, the Inslots of society ; dey that of Jehovahl. The House of Commonsnn hiu wben
I nilg myn vruleonri hki ;i lea, are ruckuned within five mile of St. I'daul's at filly thou- twice called to humble itself before (God ; but the moiionu
)n 'T. in'4 .lia o triis treI.n : siand. sa; got rid of by a miserable subterfruge. You have now
T., fli. existeiile ira il m.d brief, T'I' Illintile and Owenites, are compared at not more litr scourge in time midst of you, which croesud tie womld
The rrconri oul drem :; Ilan one thouusnd, but arm the nmstl troul esiome and lmll to gekt a you. When a bill was brought in with respect
ls erarmt ll bll a lIhng forgot-- dangerous no. TiLe first division of this class is com- to that srourge (we presume the hio. member mnet the
\ rh lBrillth Ilmnl remeiher not poeed of radiieal and jacobins, who desire tue establish- cholera morhus) an hon. member of thi Iease opposed the
Thy genius aod thy fame! inent of a republic with Mr. Ilunt the blacking mhikr or recognition of living Providence ia tsh scourge The
sowI om other Jack Cade it the erad uf it. The followers house would int make that acknowledgno l, but toaed
eIaec '-in th mi m"jt alon"- ouf ()wn d'oire v new state of society, in which here lte name of G(od out of thim hole. I told the house be-
No earhlvliy srild ma thln: hall be a comniunily of aoCod, ; hilitas preliminary to i le Ifre, that its (;d was tihe people. The people you have
Sleep '-with a kin luom l r nlay throne-- state of Iltings it is nererssay tiat all tie present laws and exalled, and to them you lave bowed down and worship.
SWirp N! .al llie voie of nuh.a ak, institutions shouldd be overthrown, oraes Mr. Wakef hl smn peda; and you did a in the Scotch bill relating o this ver
The ilonrou. nil tlie brave: they woulll destroy the ixistiing race of men in murder to disease it wss noo in your harts to huoble yooeelve
Hlee : 'till Eternitv shall lreak replace it by another which should condemn the couuli- before your GUlo. You Imve done it-but he will st now
Time slumber of le grave tution of property. arccet of it. Your God is not a God to be mocked. He
SAll hee several classes of the populace have a natural is a o(d that e*arrceth tle hearusof men; and this hoee,
A I) \RK PROSPEC'T FOR LONDON. Antipathy In the prensnlt order of things, anil in times of which hears me., knows full well that it was not in the
We lhve r.m l wih ll niixed l liniis of ,i Ilis'la ar li.r. trouble I %wuld cimlmbiie l.iouils'r to attain tie different ends hearts of thi Council of lle King truly to humble there-
tor, a paimp>lilet lailly published inl lnmlin, v bl.u ard by Conion iimeiin In cma of an insurnrection,thew sealevesbefor tlieir (lod. You are not approaching lum ia
Umbliun ,.k.'iL'ililI, entitled lIHouseholdi in danger fanatical followers of Owen will be found Captains and a spirit of contrition, humiliation, and supplication. Yoa
fram tile IPpulare." It consiss osT a series of facts wilh I leaurs umong time thieves and tla rabble. Thlrv are Ile do not approach him as men who feel that in him, and in
wichll tie tilithr iecare 'iiliar while confined with the most intelligent, or at least tle most scheming o'f el po- hiom alone is their blesing and their prosperity. You have
raligate of all descrillions in Newgrme. (where, s manvy place. Thby piopose the destruction of thlPost OI1ce, not m*btnitted yoonselve day and night in his sight, and,
aders will recollect, ir, was imprisoned or the 'abducti a 'o sop the Utansmission of inelipgnce ; tihe destruction if you have ordered a fau, I y i ha e a been is a pirit
of Mir Tauror, a wealthy heiress) and of his own con- of the dividend books of lte Bank, which woukl spread of repentance and humiliation before your God. (Cries
dcsios and spoiulatioan. ly l" lHousaolders," Mr. confusion through the land; the destruction of Ducltrs' of Adjourn.")
Wakelield means that large e class of working and business Commons. which wild so unsettle property as to render The rulers of he land have not in 'heir hearts cotri-
people who are confined by their prolesion to one spot tile best Litles difficult of proof, and of course facilitatethat tion and repentance, and die work of you and you rulers
elK of irwse property is, for the most part under his state of society in which property should be in common; hall not be acceptable to (od. The cme of yea Gond
*wa roof, and who in case of popular commotion, wol the destruction of deedl in Banks, lawyer' chambers, d.i. is upon you. (Cries ot "Oh, oh I" ead Adjeure.")
e obligeed to leave his property to protect Iis family, o, for trhe same purpo, and, finally, in order to bring about 'rime curse has been hanging over you ever sise ya diZ
end them away from London unplrotersdl or wonrt of the division of property with tie least bluod.hed, to take regarded the call of the Load. (Cries of A nu.rn.")
all keep lallin villh hi:n to take tllrir chance in Ihi, clh,- the wives and children of tle wealthy as Inlueing.. It I told the house and IlIe people of this country that I fail
ftr of areildenma.. Mr. Wakefirld asrtr., that li' Iaou- is dificllt tio conceive an) limits to the anarchy and con- committed myself to this talk wih moch prayer, and I
lace whi have or supposed tdem vsevs to have an in- fes"ion which would result front tihe scces of any of the' will not be turned away by mwn from the rtak which I have
lest opposite to that of ime community at lar-,;" sad I Ilans".-From Mr. Wakefield's plausible statement, Iow. undertaken. I tell this hose Ihat this land will ie dle
who are enemies of tie protective lawn by which so- ever, i does appear that there are no less than ninety desolate- tell you that yet a little while and ye aal
aety is uplh.ld," are at this nonemnt bent on prslucing i thousand people, in London, compsaing this populace, howl and lament, and your land shall be deaoltle--1 lll
anarchy. It will Ie seen that .Mr. Wakelield dividend who are bent pon mnisrhief, and who will have a very you that rie pestilence which tie nmrrcy uo your God Ia.l
society into more nunw-rouo classes than are recognized Ifavourable opportunity to commence, whenever a visil of been holding in, and which ye have been despkailg ia yor.
in this country. lie dies not include among l is House- tie Kine. or a general illuminalion, or any oiier public lears., will be let loose amonlst you. I ell you it will
ladser lluose iwe are mlie owners of mansions ; or Ihose occasion shall ill tIhe slreets will people. The pamphlet and I tell yotu Iatl the sword will folkIl. I hsn. y.o t..,
ho have the ability to run away from the dancer should of which thlis is an extract L. addressed to the ehousehlders, hings. and I tell you that tey are the word of (;nd. I
mny arise ; neill.'rd ues he. include in wilt he denominatem the inhabitants of ti w streets within the ciy, ar lle l tell tlli house mure. I tell yoa lhat the churchof thi I; ,,lo
l" pompulace," peopleof anv character or respeclabililIt property would necessaril lie sicrificed at the breaking hall s Ie llai Ilo', andle tie eourge shlll bi ,.oln e I,..,, '
Whatever ; they are a class bent upon producing anarcliv out of an insurrerion, andi who could not be proIermedl by yoyu ums it ruling. The cihurchl hall lie laid l,,w ;nd ilr.--
with a view t the plunder and destruction of psriprlt. the soldiers ef the government or tle oi lire ol the me- trate, for law has corrupled nher wayo h,fr.. God. She has
Hesubdividestllw popular into three clamses-O neme Iropolis. The remedy propl,.ed I.y W mi elic!l, is to arm ar played the Iariol with the iae, rul has forsoak lse dor.
Tiesea, Ih iRab iL-hat is. persons who., elrene the tll HUielolde, ima they mn.yv protect I lliem.Iives; or in tries o)f tie Lord. thing eill coma.e l psam-so ,r
party, frequent unsati ed huloer and brutalism pur- other words, we suppo.e, to form a National Guard like i ees shall mae theme. Therefore, trouble ntht ourwslves
ies rea.ler them as dishonest as thieves, most of them that of France.-Iloaoa courierr about this bill, fo this is your doom, iand his is le de-
ciale conta,lllly wril thieves. an.l none of whomm whd -- rneeof tho land. I has gone funrth. You may mork
slect a favorable opmprlonitv of stealinn-and Des- From Pouslo's i'Pilndrlr, Adrertiser. me, and tink me mad. Yne ay m k mim e as oe
Pm s e, mot of whom are working people, diciples of The British Parliament voted to have a Natisnal Fas.; beside himself, but the hoe r is coming L wh ye shal know
Owen and flloweraof" and, accordingly, a day was st apart. Pariiamemt, hoe. whether the thileltha I lak are *dmy uwrn cal d, or
Mr. Wakefield processes to speak of the number., dis- ever, assembled in time morning, with a view prohebly to are tim words of God.
pmition and pla. nqf these people of his own kknowledare, an early adjeornmeni-to I)inarr. The reform lerstion Mr. ihaw rose, and ,ald perhaps his hauiable friend
acquired while lhe wan confiired anllimon therm. 11 fixes wa taken up and discussed with much warmnh-bl thlie would allw him, in a pirit of the imolmtoni almintion
ho number of ti e (:Comni Tlie'n isL London, at thirty debate wan saridlenly ws pended by tie risin of Mr. of hs own motives, to neraat that he would et hinmelf
IemaaDd, which ariamate hr says is founnd oln in fares Apwe Perciral. make the house ac coltrar nl the sprit in which be was
carefully veriia.,l. IIe stna, that during IIe nincht of he Mr. Spencrr Perrival theln ros and addrlawd the house maniona that the debate s oui conclude. lie e*trealed
"t No vmber, 14tti, when it was ciperled tlhl Dake of from i he back ben(lim-, in an emphatic Ione, aind with his kmnourrle I(rend to allrw every inrme r to retire who
WdlUington and Sir Robert Peel would acrriiio:inv tIn w ieislln gesture. The lion. menler bI can :-In whose wished to keep he day in the manler in which his honour-
ls" to G;iildlhll. Ime saw several boulies of thieves, in nanm doaou sit herr 1 (lll-ippr,..'sd la ghiter.) In is I able friad was desirum it should be kept.
Sri mI plarne, aimiuniting in nulier lt ai leiat usven name, at the mention of lhmn tilter and user come fortl Mur. Prticnal rose o older, and said he must act a hi









gcn i mct a The hative d. oates eted Pre s t he Wed lav, thln e hasa year in be qu00m0, hic in alne
f coa r e e dra n le r ns dlsYdialip h owe odi onW and i i g chainvels. . ,
cauIght hi h i isi yei. el an nts bre, at City of London To vern, .t oee Btart fra m Antwerp, ta te s k1 n i Kming st.
sal y E dSt o'clock thhd to take is* ratIon Goe dri iudtr nw w ic r yhs s yiliauy frte. W iat
ad tei y i. a Al at oee1 of lthe Coonie. tr Meatio .a Cheaoi ., i thi. rigd in darcy i ncomesqau e trg,. rna.
gt iin. nI Ddr n. nciar, uy.oadnm4 d, *iM a" t-e r Cuir. Iia . h.e pu i .. n.. '.
Illauulen L d. -k hI JoearL -mi 1 4 Trade he is is o ustoe~f Ie uUL-ot depression, and Waeilvehord from so many.quartsnthit, ie
S,-forp~ lltiayrroua'. ir l1ll-l.h,w i the distress prevailling is nprecAenled. The Cholm ricor Cc'tsau hhsbeenofoli redilwol VAI .,inla
i' his love for lo e W tL e ye did bl, blood cundtines. but' iot with any incrype of viruelehe. There Vicar of Islington, that although f'i aine de i"ed.
stream from the fim *emnamio 1pm e ar you t- ire OM remainui In.die metropolis 0 coals, and liae lousy, we can no longer doubt the fins Tr pro.siti .
and ye think ao ILL. Whoi year Od and your w cas yesterday, wit 590oanhi deaths 30. In tile we need scarcely add, wa miade'throegh.lli,,.;
SaviourT Hi itQlllhl at whoe coalg n siludl other paru of Oreal Brital-, '92 clais remain, and the anld iillueece of the Right .HoI. Chlrloe 6lav .T .
turin to the reca tn tl elm. neiw cases io yesiday's report was 4l; the total cais in Rev. Oouodelan hasu refaued tlee uoter,
.a bieo*a hl in bter e le o r e, and ld that dhan Londlon, from the comeno-ceunml, have been 20 ), and physical infinities.--Courir.
weae 1eM lan rthe liau The Spreker ordered mnr- d deals 1001, in tie country the cases are 7331 and on r, lnh 19. .
Prtto wirlrlaw, aid Mr. Percivil Instantly caed, ald 4g. City I o'loc-" ConolsarBetilqoo t alj .
it dal I m. Indearibable con.finlon prevailed during The Reform Bill willbe read a second time in thie Lords chequer Bills 8 9 premiumla; lad lodikh bendk .
ti es rerle part of thu honourable gentleman's speech. on Monday nest, but great aoubt appears to be entertain- couut. .
1'TIe aembert stood piunped on die door, r 'in the gl- ed of its ultimate passing into a law. We Ihve lad suine In the Foreign Market, RnMsitam octk I M rl ta
kri., eseily observing him, and the cries of Order," runimo'rs of an approdchiig change in tim Ministry ; but Spanish 1)6 14j ; Clilian 16 171 Dutch 48)(; Nadi'.
and "** lIdmru," ilogelhfr with the noise raumed by gentle- there appears little foundation for liiq. The sapint Cur- 31 to 1i; Greek 28 9; and Puorltltaun 40 50.
Isen r.rismfnf, occeolmied frequent interruptions, and run- poratiun of Loandon presented yesterday a petition to lte Half past on.-onnial remain l ( ;rt ..
dJrl some or the honourablegentlenu n's ulsorvations in- House of Comnmons, eopriuive of their approbation of
aiiudibl in tlle gallery. The motion for the adjuurnemnt the Orders in Council it out t to the Westn ldi These It is needles for mu to replet a truth already inprs i
mf ltie diebte was then put and carried. Tiheotherordern blockhlads, whose knowledge of the matter is about upon upon ite mindsof the ereat bulk of ouiJrmden,.-m.l.aa,
of the dluy having been gone trough, the huaisessaiuurned a par with the calvne' heads, of which their mock turtle tiat until the means of carrying thritllh the ihos e
lt is. 'lck.-'k." is luade, lave thus thought proper to put on record, ona Lords all those provjionsof the PBi wrhih are r grofl
utlh r instance of their stupid ignorance. by tle country as esential to any systeil of solid ln.
The accounts from Paris mention the appearance of tin' provement in the ripresenation,--ndmil such means t*
TJiE IARS3 (Chiletn there, with a degree of virulence really alarmi- be in visible existence, at the dhposal of Ie Mvlafj -
_ ___ min"g.--The number of person attacked ul to the afternoon Ministers, nd ready for imibise use,--ne rpm o.
=if: -i t-ae 31, was 735, of whom 267 had died. It is aim tisfaction can be enjoyed by theli'ends of re'fi .
IWBD nVEm B l Yl 30, I l83 ,aid to have appeared at Sevroe, Eltmpas, Calais, Tours, Alniut every body, since Monday evening, bas e
S==--- (; Geneva, and Berne ;-the greatest alirn prevailed. himself, whether relr stands in i bette or aore 1.
This mamorning, the Mail Bout Fadviirile,Captain Cuoke, C(:onidurable rioting had taken place, the military lead lition than before 1"
Irrnvrd fIron Kinguaton, Jamaica, via. Cmuoked Iland, I Ibeen called out, and fired upon tldu people, wounding se- Appearances, we are bonnd to sy.iprmaie no n
bringing in d April Mail, with London datm to the 5th, vral and killing one. favourable prospects, so fur as the coimbTntion of alh
an.d h n to te 7t, brut ot in i M he medical mo rent Paris appeared to be completely at partying the House of Lordi're concerned.- `ries,rt.
aildl Falimnouth to ibm Isli, brought oost in His Majesty it os how to treat riedisease. I it provinces various
IPacet Rinaldo, Lient. 11111, 2 ilays from 'iilinmuih. Our outrages continued to he committed. Public attention in the city continues to be unch to.
files .f Jaimas; pmaltareceived, are to tle 17th instant; Tlie account from Holland and Belgiun, still give but 'cupied with tle Belgian treaty, the raticatiosof which by
but, from the lstten of tle arrival, we have not been little hope of the teriniation of a tedious dispute between the three powers which have not yet signed it, i fi6 d ftu
of l States. The advice, to-day state, tllat the Belgians to-morrow, beingon tlleir part the 2d poatpoei t
able t.o tie as lengthy a summary of news as we coullhad a assumed al offensive. atitude, and that tloy t inh ede d tI e luestioo. The statement current on the suject .a
have wishci-neider could we insert, very copiously, ex- attacking tlo Citladl of 4lwerp and Maestrirlt. as much at variance with each other as emetnly, lat th
tract iroai thrin. We have. however, givco such Ias p- Tlie adJvices from Italy imaention several movements of belief reens to have gained sltengih that the ratiiat
p.'ar to lit of Imnt inlurtalnce to this community. hle tiiltrien troops, who uhad coimplletely hemied up the by Ha, atall events. will be further opened. A
It is sita.l, that tile Reform Bill is now considered Frenchl in Ancona, and were saout to take p .-sion of IIh sane tie it is affirmed, that Autria nd P s
Si (va \ ecihia. Tlie eapolilan (;dverrntent continued ""not t "e influenced by this determination of thale at.
sulitic of tinur importance, cunmpared with that of theI i ;act Mnos rigorous .itaiya preciautinmis. Consider- and itat thi ratification of the treaty, therefSe', ,y the'
Wi t India imi.m; u and the late rebellion in JaiInica Ice dllai hia.l two daue in various parts of Italy, b powers, will take plce to-morrow.-I6. .3).
apprier Imo Ive ltad a very salutary elTect in working a I vrre soirks ouf cai(i .i:ike. At, every iounu --- -
clange in tie sealinments of the people at hmlnus: it ham lhad iele dliiiu.,'d, lthi Clihucli of SI. t'iter u.lhsti: edii From Mr arogr du rlmhr siof .VmA IT.
placed in coluass too bright to mistakelLn, the mreul and itl, r injury do*. ()iher towns had also autTlred The piassini exciteJd by the Duitch C.overimrni LueI iit
l.i .ght hbe eprn r. in the Ihful coeideribly, amn griat' lliran prevailed. .sulijets against the Belgians and the Fre uh hare jo< ner .
which origi be expected flute persisting in the shilaumiei a u' iimei a most unforsuaate russ. and em whir ,otl -n uaui..
. .A reprts was current la Pdils. li theile French and EnR. """AlI a moo unfloua"te evens and newhlh ty hav s..
o.pnitilin to the interests of tile planters of lti western lishi Squsudrons attacked luat of Rusia il the Lealt in i 'uns nIlequences. We allnda to Mso at of i Wti -rile re.
w..rl. In l. ,,rdon, a nm.elit.g was held on Thursday, lthe ruonmuince of the Russian troop liavin jttinel Colu- I un ,m rIs R agao*es at Rhet on l i .i ani.u .
having jn I .-was tuorr, n from his carriage an threatened with wIti, floli
5i,1 of April, by irnny of ItI, mlot opulent mercliant and cotrni and attacked ite French. We do not, h over, i in bhe water.
s'Ip Iowner, who have an interest in tle trlae of the West place mcth faith in this. The followeing account of the fct is givea hither n apo-
vInllas, whIUha n in i lrvl of he Va Ii I reland, matters are as bad as they well can be, and dir. of Iruisselt.
Iir;'i, i wich dccastion, the Earl of. lrewood waa outrage and disorder ruled supreme. M. Laurnce. Coni of His Majesry the Kin od e
r.llud to tll chair. In owning tbe meeting, the Earl e:- We lave tlh declaration of ilhe Emperor of Russia, in F'rench. at HItoterlmes, escaped a few days agl iatsin the
prruss hi uisqualiled regret, at the prejuilice which ex- I nich Ile states lie will not Lecumne a party to coercive 'r("'U" f ipopilar haired. M. Lnarnwme. acumpensed ib ha
isteel aeins IILs Majesty'sdistant subjects; and depreaP i mnsasures being adopted against tihe Kin. of I landan, bu i wIe as io s p ing ee of the rea O t ael say in is csmutre
when itlmn reaching a bridge nea the harhour, hia-rannae
t1. in no a ed ro tie rvoltioniin Orders in Ipr s g lly hi p of a pacific concluion to in slped by several individual. two of sh m. well dressed
'r^ncLr **i? 0-"0-'s. ** r"! M,,lri,,.i.l n,, ^ ^ ^ ;^.\^ ^ ^ :
t(,cdil : In ctieni d r dte West Irdiane, the protection diIi''uncet. and s e;aking the French, uttered a thouu.and impracation
ci climd f die t i tie protection t is understood here, that Earl Mulrve ill not I- ain France anid it govermen. d threatened n
which is every Briton's birthright. Lord Selkirk could part for the .Governmoento Jamaica, ,ill he la eivn all the C'.,,,il into the Water. Upon theetqii..rv l. M.. Iauerr. ,
n.. but rconiuler, that the prosperity of English comn- I e votes lhayt nay be waited from liini in favour of ithe they knew in whnmthev were lm-.Li;na. ihe rieple.l.
urce was. in a great measure, depending upon the Reform Bill. I'- we r know vuyu plrfemiy. Imu are tir Fnryloi It'Hpble
Cloie. A nu r of other iaaed and hb e We learn from Syria, that Ibrahim Parha was still b-'- cat.s si Juohin* n of Paris. %e ihave no wih for iou. Ta
SA n r o her d d highly singing St. Ja d' Acre, and that the Turkish flect wa the water! To the water The Envoy of the King osfe
prtable gntlmean, expressed themselves convinced of aboutolkove ll Dardainlle.foertlecoatoflSyri.. Larg 'I n"The, then siaedM. ,Lunmn dr,,ge'l him mlhibr-
the ilarmiag sate of time Wet Indie ; and invriably rein'rcemenis were being sent from Egypt, to rei.lrce riage, anl were a ut to throw hin itio he aster. ba ato
concluded eir energetic addresses, with a aguine the besieging army. I cr i of his wife. which itrnetied other more humnme mohi-
hope, that di rebellion which threatened the very exist- Tie accounts Irom China, by way of New York, affirm tent, ho put the uasilonts in fight.
c of the I d of Jamaica. would imph un the dilerenv bewn Ihu Cmpny and thie (oiern- M. Laurenre on teaching his house. hastened to au ir
rn di I-lad of Jlm aicai, w d 'p ren upon the nM.t, had tereinated, but no particulars are given, detailed lport of this occrrence to the French Amhribad r
minis ihe people of Great Britain, Ihe danger to her the Iague. The Dutch G(oernamet ilid all I ill pIow
frnign pumsin ons, of agitating the subject of slavery. From th Juami n Royal C7 rite,. M.lny I. 10 bush up the aLfair and keep it a secre.
This i eacmuaging ; we stil lave hope. of sting peace TIHE FRBENCII ('COIONIES. "
and properiuy reored to the West ladi. We think At a period when England*s to consider the colnisn F'rom tkA London Cou'rie, of .arcl 19.
i ,hI pb0th Wreind in We think Rolmere objectss for tpltiicl elps..nment. nn which to Ir% the PORT UGAL.
dthat th reaction ia the public mind in the mother coun- etrelmity of eaha.stion. it i. inialicuinu is behold the puIntc. Letters frilm Lishln, of teil )lh uoh. state thasl, afr
ry. win ac the rac of orne of the bnooxious idividu- in kinlness exlended by the Freic h Guo.,ntrn, to its pln-. the arrival l the Sandwich pocket, o t i h .2' f 11 .
**ren tami.O y ,t";uu a aW eoatllfatilon hlas i a IaIees to each, which. i
als, w have d every opportunity to dirow mrands thouho inferi r to or old and chartered rights. is much bruiry, with London newspapers of tl II, l diui
Mang t slaves. rior to the improvements of the Board of Couo usl gre tea 'exrio' s were ndedo to diM-.ltch the reniniirreuwvr -W
Trinidad. The MonilMer of the 17th December. gives Ihe 'tr"p to Madeira. and that a corvelle, a brig of war, f, r
Thi Conre r was sounUmod on Sunday last, to hold alm"rble rmoleiing of M. de Rigny. the hbt of Navarino, store dsips, and five small schooners, haid tlat illleoran I l
an in the body of a i the dild of now Minister of the Maries. wh, aftle poinina out the inef- to ea,having on Ioarmn from one thoumined to terer nn*
a iqest upno the body of' n inat, the daiid of an it- cieey sad impeataahihty of dihe colfmos,hpting represen.l dend troops, in the hpeo recig Mdr lr i
dented African to Mr. Crry in Market-street. The tarvss t -he Imperal lgilhatuore,. and rerii the ew arrival thrch of Dn lPe r
evident of a h fale witme, lagethir with the opinion of reul.vatns and establishment. thus closes hi spech:-- I Time troop- comnrine two regin. nt, s.lrleid Lg af
aMdicl praciter, lwi ben o te ot mete chmnehe ofr ea to Frence ;they te a loyalty to Don Miguel; but their conduct, or ein_ fdi
a Ml iherd, de Jbi wur, wih- members of the incial body--they ie distit, buhat integral i r, a uch asto It very aubt.. .on t er ,i.
na rMlring, delivered a verdict of acidental dsath." m pens of the kingdom. shore, wai such las o make It very diubtful whle' r stnai l
For a keag time we ealtmies irte nhe aeidemd n loyally could be dependle on, if thev founil tll. sfadar
IFv Ile aie 'mCom-r, of Mey 10. instrOmeumt o poib pow rnld we h-is'taihmir f of Donna Maria flying on tlleir arrival at l.dl'irs.
nFROM OUR RIVATE CORREaPO DENT i*r. d a impact ~p to cedoimers d. e ednro Lisbon wa. in i stale of great excitement,l a;il mse
FROM OUR PRIAT CORREPONDENT to ea.dhe chai of eonreioeetwen Frane of Don Pedre's manifc.lto and Proclarntnl hal not
Ltworep April 5 and te ~at of the orkl." w oly been circulated In actually posted on "e C',irot
Thle. paodsee arts an segrde lega5 nas last week sad Church doors, aid evendsovheah nf. p mw re arln-ri
Is. lower kr Mp l cvedqoh the dema bd kmo hC Con- THE REVE.N E. Nop Church doon, baJ me immlnstaem"d 1* e"li
timenl beinsi ttlhr prie wa-r remivrW at Tuesdrl's The accew of tia Rev e i No proceedings h b'a ldi ootK b*j b

m P ad t w. S re at yar. o t oen l a II i r against Baron Quintello. Political arrest *ife occurie
Me. q d 1 11. Cth Co"s ais a of s lid Be.i Bill, ad die Cammnercii rftrigtiA s ho- daily. ,
wea was v ipa a band diase ds nta t e in co ve~nc of the Chlers. Don Miel, in the midst of all this, had gnat -
e efi ly a a a ri h to4abe,. m arins l amai Ti'" e Commisiomer for the redemptioe of the N- river to a lPre heout twenty miles tron Lisbons, .
w .ily atd rdi '~ e. ao 4s. do &lie d la l eI tn si Daol t h ve met, snd hare ascecained that .up to sh ntineerc'mion.
ordi-sary87LIe Th. i ameasdi i 8 Rum10 which ad I the 15th iaL then sla u Iphw RBavene for ltnt re. The Constivutionalits were highly delighted at lh is-
ordianry l. m M a The duma.l he Ram, which ied iepiei of ay larte porn tei debt-. This fact.l elligmrnc contained in tmhe Corier of uIs 2l of Febra
ssuiehl Ilt.e L ai" :r mirsis, and hlewuarl e the ,Commia er i O announce ad wi ll, at te n l, that dte English and French e rnma nts bad in"e"
Sd t sau uie, slatenolciilly the auounam of tu eli ienc) fur posed to prevent Spai i front intertferiig in lme titafui

l% s m .st to have deow a, taee er e .,1 111
as m troop were the ftro hr,, !. "
dncTi sLoeas& a"shim19th. al I-h*, a^olLw m
A t 'ie i' rwe a dilmrent veroned a rit dus
"hl ae f r DM Mig tu uaMs eh Isl pt ter, F *W GBE 1
a.t is eNgs hi country mnm to Spa n. POT 6OP NA-A. P.. .'
eslmtper Thim ontersraeceived wear wri-

0i con.iqisoge of which was, Ohft their commi- Shot, TaAllf, Chair. Orgma IC
eMaMrbeskee f, d hs.C Mre SSu Chs C Sail e Paro dh Caspd d>m Ihsm -
L edaboM ER.e couLains a letter, written, il state, o Rigg ing, SpYa B fr l ,mmd Inck d.
ra.w.iglskAire" so acounA of the troops of 9h 8aGI, r, JKey W t 8 Domigo Key. which was ieqlw o tikb part by
of Desat idea anmaidg only to fie toand S29h-A. ,oo uGdry weckiel i ofI D
etf wrhomni wese oacripus, eoMpeled 'in the r- or. Pork, Beef, Ld, Meal, Cori, dCllrtein mumaik o
d printed iit by martial law. So far, we un- Chairs le., Do. MTma.i, is asea,
(ays tlhe Cmourr) from this heing the carse, hais 30th Rh. Marn, WIn, J.mia Chempeio, in baukts,
Ltens imounts iii upward of eight thousand picked M os, .ourite, C, c .anaicacase nest,
u wir.m, 'nly mt dhmland eight hundred are re- Bat Cok Ji Bakeu, io es,
as.d f sthme the Uaety i re vulunlteer. nCLE RED, E (ueea e PAu ,t g1
sPmnnesrived itTeraia for the |.rpou My aq A._ s lop ,n", *. N NYork Sl:t, in She o,,
,ab stated, oa bieine foromlly declnr d Ma 2 th-A-r. Poop Counters nR e, PN wph r Tables, C hin
He wo s received with wthe gaet enthsian Ot A, Orgao, ,
Marble Sa Che,.
GREECE. THE BLACKMJITmg8 MHOP I Chain Cabloe, 90 faribone,
rsofrom Grseece oate ta the Oppositin pwr itively Parliament- Rsir oppIoile the corner of the Work- Sail, Rigging, Spun, Boa, c. :
ise nominlaion of Pria Otince Ot (hi ai Ki, f ( II h5oums Wall, -is now in operation; where every kind May 3Othi. .
F rBfLdeo ..... i al +.,

Slodosng but foreign iter!e^rence can force him of Blackmith'swork will be ecuted in a w kmnlike Y
i country. Under this Kingr fif tien ear ol, n, eand with al pomible diprch The sbKriber BY HENRY GREENLADE & CO.
Oleould, they maintain, he governed by rftuim, and intending to superintend thin businee himself, will be
Sa province if the Cuar, oven if prierseil by thankful for all work in th line, which shll be done on Oi Maiy me, the Is Jam,
linttio which is m eany for S.vereigns to vilute or reasonable terms. "AT Sho vtn, o e i, ba
Plha. TIh .,e thirds o era for Peloponn pos, s ays .tha THOMAS NUTTAL. At Yr TaO ohA. M .
I H ir w, aii eliif ilt the Rguouoliol Chiel' had May 30th. Will e old
detECE. T(EhmuL CorinLh to join the 5000 noen police
d~jteir comimnd.-Whet this junction hsi taken EXl'MA SALT, for sale at 15 cents per busheL SueIne F lour, p
,theyv will pet down the remains of die faction wlich Apply t Coro Mail, Coler Pory id
SSico.ngb daily nInre unwitrlinig to follow him. A At Eunun. nlwil bBued in rd,
i intmlr of oldirs have dewrted his camp near Febraiy 4th. po The mhaiber, BuY Y GE ,
ilol, the P.lopo.nessu efuse o proceed i undNOT indiin ICE.s Thmssf wu etr illt hdivesry.
obilion. which is two easy for Sovereigns to vioOTE or reasonable termba.Ars deliveIDr yOF6. 4

SPAIN. A LL PERSONS having demands agMinst the Estate May 30t sh.
il Kingof Spain ham Iprdoi the rcater portion of l of Joeph Saunders, lae of the Island of New -BY NADD
ga,.r he ving tiken put in the conpiracy of 1n827, the ame duly nested; and lhoe indicted to ihe said O n M a a the iC, .Jm
the of them lon already arrived in Cataloni. '.ian, ae likewise reqto eted to make immediate pay-
areallllowh, l halfpay, hut hove certain towns as- ent, at the office of (. P. Wood, Esquire. AT rl vnNDU OOLtnE, o
rid eo ihem for thrrthy cannot TIOMPSON .AL'NDEII, Executor. At 11 *'lesoh A. K.
mniq ,m eciaj i pelmaina n. April 2d. Will he old4
--i be- dThat valuable and well known plantation, calHed Cor, B
Wsr itA the Naires, at Africr.-fl leter from til. FINAL NOTICE. Nut Glove, abeo two mlel o the Weler rd of the town,
* Alrica laili a id of JN.ury, we leri itht tih LLHE SL OBSCRIIEII, having closed the niercatile containing 3tiU acre-ta- gre par of hich bi nevw
S inwarfarne I flver Gambia with l,> h li., tribe, i J. concernsof the late u i asJ. Solomon, Eq.,hereby been u Bdercultivtion. About oeE himdml ne reuse e-
anmii, tie Kfin havin t greed tall be t'roiinilmnd- notfy ito hose who still remain nedctad to hasd tasie. eloded by sone walls, in te are pstures.
L hAer ia einKaig em t in which lip hiimnsil w.s w.inded, thea Ii u their respective diem nds are liquidated pr- Ther is, on the tbone lrat, an inmmi se quatit o:id
diM 1 mawa killel, and 40 or 5,) nusoodv.. The bat- vioui to the It Junoe. they *ill be placed in te handsI ol Firewood, which would rvnd'er t a vauIable conideraiioall
m fouht by a detchment of the frican corps, Iun I n Attorney-at-Law, for inmedieate recovery. ny person dipoisd toener ino cotrict fr the pply
* Lmioe, joi 4 to tl o uoit,. .,eamiin aond maris n- M. SOLOen, ON Eee ue . o rrson. Is iMeti ble proAprtTi, on the nere
It Pmthper gun bri timdonly eKn liw h t anel on the C. S. ADDERLEY, Executor. of pUaurIge, ai so well known,it require no rrecemnin-
at the time, o'whot one man (a seamen) wan Marchils. dation.-The Fruit trees al innnmermble, and of very
m dd. Time blacks mustr.d I.) lis iThl; me n,nd wel- description afpfrded on this island.
gll entrenched is nstockadid toiwn, a Iew !,e s frnm I RI 'CTS FNE'W YORK TYPE FOUNDRY, Ea- In front, there re Irem 0to t 14aresot Gu(linea;rton,
i lIt of the river, in whi,', they were atta.ked bv I tahluld an 1l. II.-'Th'he nbs'rilar Ias completed well estbliahed and from. 51i to 700 Cocca Not tinre ..-
ilrk i a on ihe 2.l Decenmber. f new edii'us oft hsI b.Hik of .Siperiuein with wmhicl his many int U bearing.
t -arfr i he nce o .evflit ers i c o tomern, and other PriterI di, J.o.e to buy frot hin, --cult lin. Ab i lase
a hi Kng bv ing asr trill fer . .. lla- W, Oihn to thoi u ho itill rontln i nd-in I t d S o hlt E.sup . Ioload by sn walla, in Fondye po.ure

heint r ins r n at mtte s it i tr n d- ) A ustuss chi Cty HalL le would SOPIIY, .1 y r, exceln-t Cook, Washer ,d
S*i s sk e he nin lhi u" th o l, tie a, o wllnd rd n. rk, lor the informetive ol tho e who h dae pno bTeen n Ir on er a
a L3 n killed 'u a hn 0 or 5 etr) t,"'!.' ie b she albit of dealing, with him, ande ca i different prac. SUSAN, 10 years, House Ser valt
I -a i pe thnr Ie t r .orpst Ioln I a ticor a be~s eten irdiae recovery. a JANEy p years ad to enter intgd ook ad Washber.
I atLuvnn,: te ds om.. th"wlk, o f1d m.- a prOLOMt Farid. ot te ohrrion. Itb ineuriahe t WILLIAM, 3t st ut.

hb further where you will fnd eternal met Wirt- otdera. Ti . u t .ent is very InGan.et3, ,asha. Cl-
y havre to emontrer betwIeen the crlel n ileC. S. AD t ERLEY, Eec utor. fc PEGY, 1 iereCooe k and H house Servuoa.

I bhe o ionied. Te uniw e re dn i n tns e sent high stei of1 pv.^ction, a,-d embraces. a variety of J COB, 10 years, very handy about a HIue.
y m big wh innmerble e yles, adaed to dierent saed to the varou depart- POLIDORE. 5 yearn, a Driver and Fis hen,:.
t in n, bu burin ribl ment printn Newspper, h d Job,blhigc ouhy f limnl nish- BlIN rH, 46 ve irs, di e.
Iu revolntre d isnk .own ca use l y over this o h d, and rast of the mCs servi cable asal. Not to notice JEFFEHY, 17 yth ere s ccstoe t1 work with a MAon
t, diversified in luence.-li r tc he variety which are dis -tinguish by their numb er in and Plaslerer for d 5 last to year. N
Ildk n c l the Book, i2 contains of
=lw ;.ls o ----= ROMAN and ITALIC 27 simL, from trwlvT-lie Pit. PRINCE, 47 earn, Ca .pentr.
96 r a villaiJfor. WhaLt matters; it it^ '' o~ tsupplia PRIeNCE, jr. yj. ccomnn at ed Foun driva a Camr t
O tletsthdin. ast Ilpiar tonr I anl, bh William Bmith. TWO-LINE uad TITLE, 15sihi Tw-tline Colum- AARON, 3IS years, a very smnar waiting Boy, iparti
. I. Benjamhi Robuertu. to Mie nary Rangier, both bia to in A rgie cularly handy with I lorse.
"t 'he. o SHADED, 13 siies, T i en-line e Pica to L n Primr. GORDON, 11 years, in csant employ wih Drey.
IID ouITALIAN, 7 si e, Seven-line Pic. to Lhon Primer. JERRY, 0 years, handy about a louse.
0. Inday he. in B t. Matitewa Parish Mnr Charon.t ANTIQUE, 17 M Tn-ine Pis to Nonpreil. er -a krt mMtLs' Croued, em giiag pp 'us -,

M yaa rMesetable merhant ion thi place, mer. 8 Pc n;t
as whr ty SCRIPT,u si e, Duoble Smll Picw -ad Great Pri. NOTICE,
16 fordler we ylfHE SUBeCRIBERS oyWer for mTli,bywhe e vr. .
youhove to enounter bieteen the crdle ck the liOrermly add L'b ettes and THGE 6 fos Co by ueeas

Severry operm abt big with e inumrabea, nc adtery iferento i A romito 6 irihds d. c0 Madeira Wi, ..:.

"o r/ ,r rRoles, Rule., Ornamented 40 dosen do. do. do.
I n resided there fur iefwt n, fut burl ATn,mao Dashen Long Braces, more ther a00 kiMd J of Flowerns 60 doen do. Tenerife do.
mrty at e Sretary'a Ofte, orpup km and 1000 Cu tend Ornt senit for School Books, tiew I itEFF Oiealnenm' Shome,
iOs fernrrol osevaw pred un pwncau. papers, and Sciltilc workL. d hlumn Dieane Bet tw .

.ir, A ay time daag roanr-rum oars, a Take Orders for any of thtan, and asio for Primes, Chases, HINRT OREENSLADE A CO.
dieiCompog Sticks, Cas, Faratre, Prig lak, or -y December 14th.
thareq Boo i the tn heite, 4wi7 eai, FOR ALe.
t o.ME, OF PtERON he emr orale tr es, and wi the atmt pm,~i R AL .
Am*er to oinru at Iarbou mIn Irasti. ale, l.-E stock of dte Foundry rides being lnyh TIem coiCo- sfm Lou f Lat, d wih- I
aJP.. Mr. Benjamin Roberts, yo Mass 7ary Danger, both bin to Agate. culbuv handy with a Ilorse.

r.uace. EbahSH D, 13 had. l aTen-le Pa to d mPprorimeve theMeOR, 1 M a .
01 AY Il. aer nM Crl ANTIQUE, of wsapera wie pbh th advunpreis. 7 rnAce's eas, gedeaty hoireway da esaw i-

Lt ruion the Atl March It. John Hihae tt tihe tiqs, ON B forward paper cotliegl l Lighfoot, or Cpid'sa.

t W.I. lenesander the Foundry, wi l racive payimenlt .rtdetsemm,lfdhy per. For Tarm aed otber particalast appl' so the Sub-
Ss. chase from de Fomedry, to Our imer E a am 1 rivers.
' esk i ilD a Da rcny e. HNRtY OGREtNLA E& C. I"
1 Jos AohIyt New York, Onr, II. MarDie U. I t
115.______OFPRSONS__ sad Biwol ----- .a and with the ontnPa .FOf

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904 WMatauga UrgiS
,to or6ad iherepWdism, .he w d awedinl la Oians. he We t Weied i
ipt- h w wad lit lma l we al
Pqst.c I M -mi me or Ii p'r Wha sh Ki of Pru-WsC-SSbKb had
st them, o aue upM pon he subject, I. (I;u ot, bo clldm m Blhe nowm? b
v I .--i. - ppi m iui l see Jie.liel--, J enerd meet, o pn. khkeM bem ilmg wish ths Pla
mis* &m ,blan eshave theCbit-| sitot slsksame Ii. Adie flolinog i. :-- Tie duelndeb nlpledn Ipr (ofhlet
I .llO m dWal bl. i ham. principles and be afes of our Revolution ought to be eo- ildeamble mou rham it. vailu. The l r fll
b Ile aths. ll d gol doe, d di amy,vi: add to evesy people; but SpaiM amese than any oah it. d d ed he would sever hlme e itin
-I in Sa. Ainalaqnnmr-- iS. Jea nrt de, 1 in C- an hae a eightt so make aclim l p u in reparaoll n semad to him hf aion ae .mT. K. he
I nlihrn-ascl i t: i-m I i Hlat lMin, I in of reiam cumismtd apiIls hea.' I luok dows his 1pe- ane of his walk d b t he miller r .e- le.a
M"tluaine, and l hgl* L1~! u e@ eIpreniloms, because I agL boanol to transmitl boLuolig A ilkgtb irrniated Witi h th Wllis'
T ium eiiiA Id M la" I riote jli yet samr. I the to hos 0 hd mnt e lo him. Thia swe tlle i shim a*"ou n e leut io be alure chat I .
Timee nuegd aim
tI ns.. Neuly nil who b e beo enaclukd bilung oi lIPilaoe of all tbl uepnbenl of the Council, and their '' 1..relired ierwon eno *le ti
the elkl r dof and l eM in cnl d nle row- wods were an.wernd by ltnir ctionf. 'he Prefecof have j. I'd t Berli "' Frederick ,as
Id, st. rdmeiMtaeo y ah e alyiy l It appears Ihat a Police received orders to deliver, upon the demand of thie the anwer,. ha, he abandoned his plan and fa
rOui er chmllmdhi one of tU prlnaipm ceas of Iwe Sp anish Coinllenl anld to all tlik individuals wiho r sshd to as nolt I inletere with the Iptrimony of thLaise
di-ease. lo proceed it Iliw Spdmnish frontier, not only plasports, but p in the econdimn of a people, when a oornlle,.
We think it is dut dly tf the Pgovermet provide ih, route hills, giving ren a claim to 1all ti I'.ilities of ili- oppre era uplifted am. cn coi nole kimsef wt I
poor. .1 nIlunwrouu in Pari. rti I wmlielumo ld aimd tary met. Cuonsmqiently, troops ruipos d "m ie ans eerejudlgesin he and."- rdJ
cliilhinu.-'rhis meoalw, whli is ready practiced In Liou. ls uof foreigners thin ltil rombala.,s of July, !lOsue ah- of F ret'irick te Grail.
d..i, wouldd probably save the live ro many lmhumeld. "ce from Paris was een i lli pleasure, procederd to lie From t I (Cthe ra ) Chimne Regser. tI..
It is a remarkable fact llst di milady hak mude its Pyrenees, their ofcer a their head, ant their Ilai unfurl- TIw isvtein of falsehood clrriud an by the Cli
appearance under tll influence oa a Nioth wind, lwhiclh ed. Thie isulcrilliuns received by i (ICioinelilleii to: im mn'sicaliol with foreiners, M scarcely ened i,
ruiaiiniIed In blow for llhre davy. i m"ake dail-y imymients for nullmroius places inll d Dili- I hol have not had practical proof of tih fuaet i ,,
Mioruuaer it i1 cerumiu tllat ti dise se noi aln l ruon- genese, fur sending olf convuts of ole oil foot, and fiur- neaxircn, whether upoln the qubjectof eommienrlrdim
sloious as Ipl Ito lis tiute no phliysician or seller pem, is hing tell llw ilth arms, didl nt c e onlvll l Iii llml i en lho ti cruth is neler allowed for an instant to Intrfeit
riiOll.iye*.l aimot Ilih sick. huns beeni attacked. i leave since been designed time ciput mound or the na- rrrfcmestsm;ad n Vryu m rue and w manrpry eru
haie circullnllue will serve l tim lel |,niC i hich, lion-General Seln.utioni, for instance, suoscribd Lx)Ofr., .;nIrelo. tmldl to ml an inherent
Il, i.uJd rn l iMiany fi.milins w e a ) Iprparin I,, and General ,orao'rd 1Ol'r. A great mnI.IIy Deputies Ie lilnrl in Ihla people in every nkn of life. In hin I
klivoe llm rcpiitl, niot rrllietling lims if tie disease wa. lneingi 4i) lie Cetlrs't. as well u to tl ile Cule Cource, w hazardl nothing. Daili and hourly espe.= e k,
runl.gioima, it would muson fellow tml sto lu iir placus ul also ireuielud llsir uociigsI. In file, gifts much more, Inlfirm the novice in his opinion ul Chin asil i
retreat. i onsderable, sent by special agents to Bayounne id .Nlar- The ieriud appean to be at had wil h the esmdin o
P.S. half past 4 P. .W.-Eitleben new caes le;ve se illes, formed lle foundation uof tlhe Iiililarrv chest ul the fi)rei-e reiidenma will either be much improerl, ir
bren amnounmrled tim-Hv ; 14 have hien rat to tim l Iutel l. Sianiaris. All liese facet hanvc len little d in l memou inl n'"uch more uncomfortable: and is i well to couide it
i I I ce irhiilicl dmem:mccu IIc be made spin she Cbin0,
IDNeu I to lth Ilapllal 'lleer, and I o lla Pili. addressr d to (en. l.aifa's it oni he 3: Noveunlcr, 1Ircl), I ic, In ij demands me be md an enei Cline e,
'fie weather cuo0tum a.i, emd the id still blow. when dleinternal policy of the country vs clianged,h icci c tal alurs otfnhe ondai rine : the ilnmltionr of c i
front, tIho Nortlle: Eust. I mllellorial was, I heliev, laid belotre tile King, n1ld read iin lin lpivolv : an increased and mmire ronvnienil sler (.*1
Iln lgeeral tlere is not IIIInc'h pair anmoeg the lirlmier ir lCounril of Minailles. aromminmdation of foreigners: and a free conmua0nocalu, though reerl cliang.l have been olmurviul in tie C crime now to the principal alijer of tile letter of Macao; appear to be some of the inuil Iderabk.
di'l uof Isnie wiho frueimnt Ihe ceufem hiloes and restura*- .`. Caisilir Plrier, Jr. Tli Sjcisl Cinmmmille wa l Thi. is certainly a formunidaclble catalogue; but as I
lourt, nidl aim in eim rugiiimn of privUre families. iiirnIed iy lliu Sociley Ui, L C(ie ti'uleral.' As I ci"Con of any one will be difficuI. and require |mid
II is amid Ilere will nut in molure dun fie days interval w. nol lIen na nienilmr of tlut society, I could not be one a little erlfa msnagemenl. backed by an effeclive fime.
IN-lwee.n the two se.siuLn In lluil cam we IImusct tnher of lhe C:omICill. ani d (nd illili I)Lri.r became a mean- gain the whole. Except in the cas of Capllis Wadl,
will be few pre.snl to deliberate, as ihey alU emo dinepn- her before I was. I ldve still in ly hands tlirty-dire, Sir M. lsawrell, the Chinese have never witnessed t
orf foreien fored against theirownpeny and iaeffek w
edI to losert, either on arrn taunt s' .ime las Liludie o'f .air., comcnissioni delivered t e ile eorrespondcn cl iI ths coli- and thef e reamples, thonuh very admirably answerihltm
Sor 6" cl trh Cloler. ; slill ie, dule.ld the 2ih. 27 *ll, 2lilh, and :)h of .Aulp p.oes for whlrh they were intended, are rifling to ieS
-Paris, .hllrf 1f.-Thin morning the Dili t L S enc filled will timid Ieople who are lreavin the campialu to si I all lie nmelI'rs .i di- Conilililce, including thal of 31. any warlike >aempi is made against lhe Chinese leet m t
f*r santv in the PProvinces which thm (lholera lIu nuo viii- Casli"ir IP'rier, Jr. bult bo Illaring rmine, for I was not enr*e. a s*hoiuldi be done most thoroughly ; for nmee, il
IA.. SuIli a panir was inevirtbinlte a s t f bnrs kien our I- hci ad ll l ci upon lie C imnnuill ce. I could not, iliure- I bc hoped from a favrourale beginning. r.iild., hoC.a,
el. *Such a asikiws ec pum y ir lira I1ing icons rum )UI .. I
of th dinalis, and th mime ...,n account of I'e niden b eeiv t se iss lfto I p"lpod to l Cm. Cdsiniir "lc"' *lngrl from this eedion bilin i i if .N, m I
manner, in whichl it an onmneed in tla capital but in erier, J. join 'i. % % a I dii ('Am l % sici no coul" old ther hr cmset is iepa ure s ill ler la,
tlivme oir flia days People will thiuk nou mre about iit-ini lai given rise i ctle IIlunlake lie ci s I'lnn iel) win at : c ,ll-e i neale i dparthre .ll111 c-. I.f ,1 ;n
five lays they mill laughlt il,-andl in uOiL' ilys llDey will later I"riol. and i n the presence of lils fallmer, whose con- vernmr nl s an de.I In order wi rl .rs s Ioe ritmi
carkcaillar it. ik4 prsonm in mad lu hve died uf slite C( r- sent i vsir) properly risliried, lo induce ilii l iilc nue peaeft'ul elnjoylnenl il" asny privileges they may tdesle, I
lore ilam dev sille at Calais. his rcl-ollerautio in oulr I.siouis, for I am ionlllld tl dlecdlar e Ieresary tli a I)low ie struck at Ihe onaiional nndiy u Ci
.Iarec 24.-.Some iilportlnl discoveries ha ve bsn liAl it was not only ait te ginning of August, nour fr li". Ind hiis she he tloullhi by a isuinmary Ilei-s sl lr l*
mla as to lie la Ite llcp ipto t fre to tl aisoil. A th first and only licm t .i c 1. ('ilm mlir si Pri:-r, Jr. attend- nor the ino11""rlhii nation which she presumes le tha k h.
nmvic ld ,nue overtures o a silor o Iecunse oi of ed a the Sillilngs of lif CeConillmee. ll, still seconded ui sef; aiI1 if a lsa *limion Is noing is n lhr o ert :u carl
an asociamion of ncendMidris, to whom ion lfrnc e fa y wish m1l the vivacity of a n.ew a nd sincere opinion, wl.a whi s hehe reciprciy ylen e which portion). hgei-icr h I
.eo th p w fully execuled. Tie si- ie .Spaniards pass tlle frontier, rmsn in hand. I limave i co her trade hab Icrne ncers.mry. ast l ; .
lor bhvinl revealed tis application. ltn im coufl wa now before me a letter liilten hy him to lisi colleaguels Imeas irr. ners arv it her; also |er.i-. 1111 ol il. ].
rifinedramd the confmusd withi double irons. Tie fiale o" 'm 1" I thi SeptemLwr, cxrusing lils asence for an oiuli, s litiln, but the ipoer IIr ti .crvince her oil ice e rmn... i, f y
La iBllone, received orders th evenin.i to make prepa- 'l:ich he was about lia pas in dime rcouniry, and wlirl Ie h' astng. and the sanity o her protennioell.--l.erl II In p.
rains flr the coveyanre of 440) men of the Loegion ofl conclIudes with tlhe following words:-' lie assured chime, poie and let her |nsple sfor a few ye rs more inwm lloe
'origners to Aleirs. Vesrwdiav our cathedral su tim though by circumstances indlpnden t of my own will, i I e "ice Ierb ihey so fallely report of thmni.el.n: I ir
scritiih et'o" trade he ipehed. and then we Icall iii m ai gil
eneof disrraful tumult, udrculssneld by the preaching l"` ai Io a'*c tim s"le nnifwnni alicil, ierl r on av s *re tPm ia iep ll and mlcll blll aiolly )a l ,"i
u a missionry. en l tn all ha we a present suffer is a trifle. lid ll Cf,'
Ihichefntr to fullcln w iniii ither wih si cciii'
Comp inug Its tio SI1011o redsc ate.+, thrt doubllirso QIlu-,
Pai, .VerA It m.-TIhe Miniaser of War is miid to be whro commi nm sh n 1 icse an.y l (onr igir en ir thth ro hei thg c milh ser co o e uach ib*"hs doh noumu C
a ei in edevouring to merle h ccditalon of produce of tie collecti wn s enplyed in arin ul when ie immense Inflll of BIlciili e i" pais o
the oid refunge es, cedi t ha ci o n sho fr ending the Refugees against he n Spanish government, was these cuniling politician. lhen we shall see that. psuma
the following llo ne fur leigim p o Snumy to he IgrVned of the propasnd. I cannot. upon Ihe india.rnosibilal, of their commerce to nforign nl h
mthe oifceiameil, t time superior officers ad cptains, therefo, believe tllat he will now vIulmnitarily disavow il fr el all former insolenre. andl le no hope rf("
lnfr. a moneis, mnd lieuenants ind sub-lie.ennants, IJfr. senainmen which hwer congenial to hi.s re, his educslion, 'Ires, except from a late crhalisemenl, which met Ie i
a roonh each. Tim pay of the non-commissionel officers and his character, ndi which he took honousr in him'isf mon severe. because a tlong dea cl.
imme aereignellrs retrirsel here.'la ma Japan. the raw ass
has uern lied al 8 saos a day, with a reason of bread, and partaking ih us. The nature of th ac 1stios r i were frieisers rericted here.' Japan. the es w "
>partlek,, us. dTh, nandture.,fon of baccsadi brt ouil if." bearable; bua her we ae lihe ,i a ,Iel pw,'und
the Npriee in fmi. .ll d nd indhi a ein of br nyad against me raI for an answer. I Iha given il--con- PIrdtes which we never enuoy, nd whch are sura
Ti. Nnlica fe thaimtm thhm is any foam- fining myself enfirilv to whit affected me pioamnaily and rsrufcie from year to year.
sas.s for the reports in chrulation of dle intended recall am red to prove Iv dacum ents ied oninpeacl ,a eit- dror.
im Tm dated she 2ose, %e a neleme, t.he truth of all I have advanced Opium L ir in r tChim-We prrereie u a lace Pruq
lrm antler from Toulon, dated the 21hot Ways Or Gazelle. I new lnw al alst the us. of of11 l m, made by O
hate srriwed here to fit oimt 30 ships of war, of which 6 J~uiepo r. a t the a llsew mic n of lhe criminal wastd. h ice
ae otrrim lr e i ft ri es, and Ii ofe f nwerich R 1:1. (Prite Co.ponlen.)-" All F np the mine tln .rof the rimnion I d. Tnmce
fo reign newIcalpeiso as, prohlibitedi, mz is. that i nv of she military or rimination people deavrortdilaw
Tbhee preparation.s he en ri e to a hound o. except them for" ie u .e of (pium. shall be punished with onhe unleil bleiws
.heor. Soss poionsre given rihse tohmr an ntsml cemaJec- semral Ambamadon and other diplomatic resikets. Ili two months pillory :-of refusin to pono out athe pIer
leMd for pee unzrdilon in cu emplatioe araisntI Coirs .- luli.ines refuses to make nvy furler concessiuns then timse whm it was purclalsd. the punishment shall ohe th *e
hine and Bona." C granted by rie edit. Prince Frederick of Names has Ihat of the seller. vi.:-one hundred low., and Itherm rie
The prn rne.ulin the imprion of corn of the (r reached Fecrrre wilh a reinforcerinlt of '110 Austrian. transnirtation. The punishment of any officer aor ofic"
Tinhe. a ice rh wilin the imprirshtn ohe c1 of A il a Rinforcemenls lave been sent to Civita Vecchi., hoe gin r"endant uing O)pimn Ishall be one degree more rseerm. T
inAt. end hch mi be published tn i ef Apri, is not a sinle Frrnh ship of war whIs isn seen off the purl. prepoterobs lsserlly of thio law in alone eicienl .o ilep o
lMrmie, S.o d Il imepor tantiaon wIlrll adon itheMdi It appere to he decikd, that in case the Frencli ind in maaticalea Evci onhe ove G rn F r L L
Marsmeilles, andoilmaaitprt to retrei nil1 persons eipfm is ha. bit&
ien elanof the Mediterranean, the Austrians are to oeculv a bond hat they oeevr ose Opiam.-C-altoi Regislr, :.
PrivM -sa fom CablenRe omf the 1 hbu. sa Row ad the Castle of Nt. An lo.-'The French are
cths three veels arrived cre men he 19th with bou. olleing oierble forces in orsc. A scholmeer heari one e( his scolarse the ail
when he came lo the nr Honour, pmnounced VlA "W elf
irm l, piily from Bese aMl patly froshe (the 'd The following anecdote illiustrate the rvale of n inhlepe. n the mamiet him it Ihoul oh pIokeo wrilloat the
Duhy of Heem. They are their wy to Narth Ame dal jdlicry mri n the jum rights of de oaiwe. n rml e ry eI. lir. repd te d I ill
rice. i Plfti gl d o then ir she exercise of despolic por er. The forsh urlur." Aye. said hi. mater. L.' always dslPl .'"
Glim i's (Pris) messenger. ld eCmsi h rino Ia amt Mtnd he ushj'ec of -'l"The next morning mbe maler's tea with a hoe I us n h.l
Ie GeligaIs (Pas) N m. ~ any luovesrm, is a miseruile promlectioo. if Ihe aposihio baen beughl so hi dke; hbt she dlties of his iiiMtn
M. Lois. Vinrdoti hi ptablished Ihe following letter in of the lia by the judges are not respecteri anid oheved hy ma m mwam entil il was r,ld; when pet akt iss os
answer to that of M. Casimir Peria, Jr.i quoted in the the ereaetive. InCt. the ItrnIoest piint of dnitacrtion he w he sIId him tn take tihe muffn to she rfie ahn
.. :. p .,, .. a. ...... he,,- t-- .he sol.,, t,...'," o ,hte the muffin.
Mwyn..r Pea, J weren a Korer-ment of I mired powers and equal riches. and Yes air." replied the scholar. anid inking it iss he thr r
"The letter of M. Casimir Perir, Jr., mo depIm. consists, In the former ham eatrnni by the Prn y the mater alls tor hai muffin. I have are i'
Th kter of h. Cadmiri Periesw Jr.. hi happens an rosem e s. and s Itr being e y lawle hid me'" saull the I.y r ale i,. ouni.rel ? I bide d. il
me rpnm n-lm I libd" l d hi "toeet en at m Aw B- me d pmt he .rbitmrer will Oi a d Aiespor. A f inlot he ire anhI s eas i*t.' "*i Ll.. ralm liwlb c Ll"
ciaaton, he rl "a osat r i I toceaaled from hin,, people. p amas the invaluaible priilege of anil and re. s ther fareand oil .me alwa"L to Bu.She .
r iq*a a mw ir d, a sig he hle h truth re- ligiona lI r.and a constitution based upon popular terdy -yo d me aays to p the 1H.
htile ai aIm efa pl. sheoml-lwaleh w-th jealous eye. every emerachment Sohm.--Ther ii e mvleriun re.le ling t qIt
ABSlr do I vaanlkn of Jely, slhe opw pi* fea uponth nrCght.urdis.regard rl ,fth lecsocli'nj. pfu r tdehue a a.isem or hepirtr.i"mmd uid 5a .,,
w"'alter Fro ..e la .,,i a. .p., W .OU Y. Th INbulwarkh of a fic rej u pa Th lik e a u over the ra It c luhp
.li,.d a Fn. e be, r., w d they a permit this hulr if a fre r lic o be hr- in he busy htle f likf in ihe sa-m: circle. in the ce
as weifrnm p pn ciple ji a ri, kr owf le- l h do. her lihmeih s oill rll wh I The .t als sllenst mreaslof aslitude. It.s --- are allkerupn "e"
renotpl, iot maa lPISin r ld de- ant l he Iallelndd wih any sencou danger: %eak an,l iron hearted At cine ime r is- caus-d by the h '*
irst, reirsslne .O lomin that liberty of which she hnd de- biholl when th et Paice cmine bIiccme mIIeme the l.w ol ansllcgl ucivcmug across iil.he cXIccPrh finig'll edCk''
li realHtt ih4Sl. Neverlifmelem befo re lthey summoned eaW, t mu algua ir ... arema. m hcl sher n Iiei. lhe llcl,,l Iai n guie lllaiofl hl he.l i s ti h( ci" II,
the r.l. eigresr~indi in Enlglandl a.nd other countries, and rares anie a mto r d-.,.p." t1. r dtLOis ,ing itr lie lo"n ll in I e1 ll hi. not iifelr it .ihe hrlerri ; iicflueacr.
l ~ ~~ ~~ u uoif!rn llo il' an I"-'"lihh-nolfrll aseti'

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