Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau Bahama Islands W.I
Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I
Publication Date: 05 26, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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TIlE BAHAMA ARGUS. ivm she Unied Kgmigdm. India.-Our urde with Chia. invelvir n hi o o
The condluc of Lieutensnt-Genernl Darling as gover- lim does property to ithe extent of 60,5000, 0 sterling,
ruB.LInEis SEis-wr.MKLr NAI AU, HA r. nor of New South Wales having been cummentod upon i n uow je dy., s hr che Cosa h urt o0 DitlO -
iht iDollr er uDu-p advans. various letters inserted during ine lst fortnight in the co- tor of tim Eas nldi Compay have very properly lekt
flt o lutlns of the CAronic, a champion in tie person of Ilis the recent dpmemo between the Cnlesn authorities amd she
Excellenyv'i brother, has most imangnainiously, though in-. ritish free and sai corported merchants trading to China
judiciuusly, entered the lists in his behalf. 'IThe de|per.- Al a oermoslequgstio ; end we tru it will be take
mlion of lie ease has, however, compelled this advocate of up with that spirit and liberality whih the imuportnnce u:
a lad cause to resort to threats of legal proceedings, or the dem subject so imperiously demnds. We certainly *'Iir.'
still more asrgumentative inuendo of bullets and triggers; an emnib y ought to be mat from nor Sovreigin tuo t.
Sfor arined with a colonel and a lawyer, it appears by his Court of Pekin without delay, in order that our e Iu
S_ .... _____ ______ __ | public Adrertisements," liat lie lhas vouclsafed a visit to commercial relations with hat extraordinary people misy
--- dCP Yime editor of ite 1Chronicle with a view to intimidate himu be placed on a more pernimnent footing than they lhvo
P O TP Y.* into silelic. hIillroru hben. The ambassador to be chosen should be a
.- .--. -.-. Tile stireminit o hin, t I has called forllt the wrath of mani wlo to sound practical knowledge would adid dignity
-osM aFte IA CABmim .t'r. Li.eutelnani-coluinel )Darling on In-lamlf i1f lii brother, ap- by his personal appearance, and authority by his nien;
PI'ECIMEN OF A CAUINIET COL ONAI. ill the 'Aronicleof tl. 14th of Duoceimlll last, under for among all demi-civilised nations, the two latter are im-
Gaffer Grey. GaLfer G(rr. I the signature of Miler," which amnoiunts to nothlimig miore p'ortnt points; a respectable naval slqudron, widl a mall
lTh.ough the IHalicat. ;y, |than a recapitulation of cilrumlllitaircs i that hlave alrailv complement of Ellrfopiran troops, from the Bengal Pre.i-
Thal yo.r Iposilar wlt pass; aroused tile aitt.nsion and just ceunire of our journal; and dency, ouglht to attend tle expedition ; and aoln a ew
t is clear Ie Slate, h iiclh no in;inuity can palliae, tnor sophistry fallaciously sicam-boats from Calcutta and Bombay. But the import-
Thus you're an egre.sou, ass. vindicate. It is not Ite subterfu re of an appeal to mime ant point to be decided is, shall our anibamdor perform
Ghlfer Grey, w|iciousmntaxim, audiallorapiarftem,uliichl (ul. Darling no he helu (knocking of his head on dmeudiencmetool) i
Thla yuuo'e an egreriusu ans. cilifilently quotes, that can n.w avail ith a public house before the Ilhose of tile Celetial Empir 1" We re-
Lorl Brougham. fdlironim. isind has been enlightened on so manly acts if iuross olp- ply, most certainly. Where is the diferaen in realiiy
lr t lroulllhnm. Iord lirn ham prescion and lheartless tyranny which hlse eimanu;ited fromun belween knerling before our own Sovereign, or ktrouing
or reform i en vlur Chcrc.lrllly tI uncuntrolled sceptre of general l Darling. That meo- before ilio Emperor of Clina Tlhey are bot ll nmru
Hle civil, be ea.r er it ory caution should long ere this lave reen sounded cereinonies, equally devoid of meaning and ignominy.
Kiep ope your e'e ill the ears io those who ave sIu ppirtld his mnlteure, in Wlhal sesi*able moan thinks tine in bending til knee to his
dl anhandon lprlmuluncs and swearing. I)Downiig-slreet ;-lten would iunt the ulinfrlunate viclinlm King, lie iniplies Ithe saisl reverence as when comimning
a Lord Brougham, o f Iis uniresarained severity lit-ln lelt to mourn llmeir fate witll his Creator 1 And as far as mere personal feelings
IAhadaoluu senes and swearing.t in pis'rl'y and distress--nor the widows and orplhais blen are concerned, the kisiang of dieo Pope'stoe is much more
Lord Ilolland. aor, Illl.mll, n al- dlstitluit, thiruslgh tile loss of tleir protectors by ile rep"gnant and huniiliating, yet how many anmbMsador
No iglsaes fnmi l)ollolnd cruel lIarslneuss of Ilis government. perform tle act without thinking the dignity of their sove- i
Arer si ed oJ I ee yiu must 'aill; No l'os than forty-filar riril serrnitl IsaP hbeen re- reigns at all compromised by it Tie life of man i in-
HI. lest lent derieI. moved from their offices by tllis second Dionvsium-munos deed too brief, and Iis business on earth too important to
Yoi yet ..feIy may rule, of whom have never learnt the caur On the bonny Kry rsesoe ui your stall, ilispleasnre. On dte I lii Juner, I10l, lie attention of nation, as well as an inlivilnal, lowers itsell by departing
Lord H ollld*. Sir George Murray wa drawn to this 'uhijc bl y Mr. from the principle of inIral rectitude, hen indloed it must
0a the bosiyl greym Tey in your. si:l. Ilumle ill ilie Iouse of (uomllmns, wlell that iho.i. ie.- be1 despicable, in its own eve as well ia in those of All
Iirdl tlihiiirp. asrdl Allhnrp, lser ,irve notice of a oilllllun liar a lieln ot 1f ill Alipin othr nations ; hut the ceremonin which we recomnieil] l
(Can LunuI.n si Ir lalhhirp, lullsm in New eSouthl WaRls, (f govirnnment by G;.- the fulfil"niel of, conveys nio hIlomage, imlplies mii1 sal)r-ll -
A builgllr mor ,iuil Iallorl irirl Iirlin ;" buit on lise sic I /,, sir jubra principle of a lion, and detraclt front no real dligniy, and we trust our
lPriz Illcksil anr l pils S.crelar' of .SmaeI, thi return amai pssitis .lv refimle oluntrymevnen have toI much good une.r tI pay the slightest .
S;l- fi ii. 11 ilie-o t hiii Tlius alhamled to publislh tile inl riuus arts ul' their ro- attention to what others miv think of dleer conduct. hils
e -thm-sr I t|ge ry, or I arful of encoiintelring the aniimiilversnions tihae are as incapable of appreciating lofty purity of native as
Set i, I., feel 1,sc,%_oh 1-411
Bat ul .iiacers--tm ,, t tlill ensre, ho latem ministry tstirt +,,;.i ""ii a ^p;me prlciple o action : in fine, it it for pitf dei u d
l ,on ....... -,."?,; si,,,t." thrones aml e I""".ssr' als to seek to prop up lettering
I.ilnerulnl, Palmerston, possessed tie power, from me execralion of tile sorld l. a rl nh- i ll 'a .iinlir b tbin
y. .m. ,, l a gu. i lBut Lieuelnant-coluonel DI)rling aflirnms llhn thie ay o f of pIp, alid mIme fu i lsut j l Iolfqr eiiiilq
Wlty le wad wirceuile war'i, ? retributive justice is at hanll, when the accused ill in c.el empiree, n t m
If yur Uworl wlere tile I. his opponents face to face ; for tihai "I (neraI ; Dili l" i Whose aro is n the mounip.- wa,
Tou1 putch ou re ute dvimet s tolilj expected in Englanl in May iner." Tige ity of te ..nd in ned of no ulch gewa ; nthe coniuion
r l'merol., Lieutenant-colonel will tio dtloubt be offlenled at any sur- tan in need of no simr gegsi s ; nIl the cnm iueil ounl
Yo,,il ,itch to lite devil Reform.! vlise which may cast a reflclion on his veracity ; but Muoards who su.ys elIs destiny of this conlmerciel coun-
ie isiie Ii lve rnl tro inlLo ns vers IrS iliw u as- has the Ihappiness of Iis suhljects, and indeed those of
isic liet hs vitared to make v io very postve an .on. n., i
L,,I Privy, Lord ',, r., trance (as there are I, ii dolls upn hae sulnlet uf 1 l nu ckiod, to nuch alt heart o be for onem in nt in-
\larml prammes to give e. (eitneral Darlille' return i hIlis country,) sc trtst tita it.. I Ituenced t inyie feelings which two un frequently govern Ie
Wr tih.e not0 .n LIker, trfu~ir : "."' e ,, n "bii un- 1 procedings of ro hlly : we therefore firmly elwm our m '
Tl'he sratel.- mike your ill, llUiieronlt individuals o are now proecuting tlhiir (cno- e w e (m e
lr'n lare kiu. in.y your fill. plaints at the Coloial Office, and before Parlinmelnt, ill Iiie that ui! course abosv poinltl out will he
S or a ea cel s e. yout 'll fior dlle ih, or else tIere is not an old woman in EnglailI,
L Wholl i, ar ire ll p-l you t ks t Ielan conclu ir ei eoullr 1 ion Ia iean tllpr.ant lt o- TI iOSP BV A H ADMIN PTrI ATION.
f Lurd Privl, cerkrery will soon e on tipes to oal their l aclhusinu r. h ma not er on abe derive. d of he refrehin hlea r. r
hi )uu are I greatly Soloa-- ose. Tile last sill which (uitlt Sydney tie IiO J 'o Il whirt t ir-rs a source of enjenymt m t within the rmlch of
erPert Sae Pe Sta nley ved ne ral Darlng in posseion of the government, ti nd ihe poor ai s well as she rich. anid urni. e ibes pas l e-
pWItrch mlert s Cr a n. equaltin in the prospect asu a lonp e continuasi therein ; venue of upwards of Ir L,nU. frSo, paid into the British h

J( mmyT Graham i Jemmy Geaham, lo tial Se pretar o, wlo, although not n o prmin tnrl.11 h -- ... ha.. "*lo u ,d lnoi .h. country. Th ;n.. a eI e -
a pipous m bn eqully culpabExh e with chimr in evary cs of iroulnd nue di the curl-
T lhinkd yu'rned a inning young ma; so mlllUy during he l just pilears with his eldest s rter th i on,o troulitsoh
lut as clever you'll 6.iu. whom h iad sent lhome so EI gland for e location. lcti" ng
WWho i ill pay you In knld, In conclnsiu i, we would fain caution tile pr. rsenl. tel h o-
flya'll search Iruoe Beemheba to Devl. ri'irs, if slIsy be not intpervious to advice, Ihat lesa ing re- TII'. L.oASFSI5 li' A %l l111 AI.)MINISTRATION .

smi, od, ,Gen me al, D fr li, by! la ne r n pponlnt of stnrat 'y'a ending atsh pstrl saoe . . . abes aei
l'ertpiSyyoley i improved (oenerk, l Dar rioli from lis overnn rnl, luly voisi t in pwer iJuly rrae. . . ll.n en os th
Ifyou'll i. l from LBalheha to Dlm.. reqeally with ihce r di1 oleanure Ieis prime llr ipter, the Cu- 1greive fall in she revenue r. .he pol.ticl alll. In l o h
Jemmy ralham, Jenmy Graham, lnioul Secretary, whlo. although not so pronlinent, ita they have Inirdu'cd tolJ r Te th . . tlt e s-
It's pileoU m. anm baen qcullre culpable with himn in every act of disrulfetion 0 Tl nndi h l thle lexhis i the mpsoireoeue detin ie thlir t,
rhus stayed is sihe gmaojriso anl ;inIille.,ality luring tie last sis years in Soew Woulh es''. quarter ofhe hs l ihe Welliigton admaatltman ; a
Wlhen h biies you'inprl Why time ait eI nie w sio m hil liens u been ilelarled from,- yer during the flur n o whr h ihe reductsn in .lt
You were only aItb-. uof dismnissiig tile secretary at the same title a ill ilse beer dosy. which l and XLSl0,00 aterlsngl, came into
Je nm a ph) ou'e Gt in cum (;,vernor. it is dificult to discover. If Lord CGoiderrich o[m hhhin.a Adii talserroar
Ahat dn pity you're first in comman!he d lic lio a.urei, by Ile late lpoinlnienl of (can nl i Yer ending 5sh April. A18 . .. . i l4.nOm
SIlurke, to allay the irrigation which he Imri rule co Isis 5th July . . ... l.tool
Billy lam ih. Gilly I Gmb. prnelecessor hali so lon eceo mayd- is lr adlip were h October ... . 4. 0 ,I
Is a iel lf a .aionus. by a ch anre of Baulers, st) effect a clmamege of in a-5h Jnuary. I8Ir . . e.o
harl t natrr yo u a vase curr; supres. or d esiros to conciliai tlhat spirit of disiffliction Th neat table ehhill bdine pmilr Irve dcn line d ,. le r l
h'llh your own pretty i c. e the Gcovernimhn which lad beln s universall h d enen- sene iTuring the fl.i r quart.l of the (mrng a tiremisati. n in
AtMe sh aGniesthe plp ool Itr-nurse. matedl i alt at eM ...o o o. cahm into opn a dton.
Tasi hestin ps ofl iyou Billy L. mb, councils of tie new i(;oernir ithe pr aripaol ol in re l r e i t dio. 5 r mdbof te aiaidliaa n l. h
Absdn the post otdrnune the despotic oneas res of aenerl Darling. It can onl Year edi pp g ith Aprl, IIi o
Sbe accollnlel for in Ime infatuatlion whicls marks tie con- 51h July . .. I
Lore Jodlhnn. L oll Johnnylerich, c rema of thclog ore presn concliuliy in retaining so many ad- lh October ...... f)7
lell are y Iouir hel -'- "i "i tat colony -[.r. I Tha Duk of Whllolr ons lll E lIh o terluelng fWllln .If
h Youatrtiorpies are advert e to tiat spirit of liberty awlih they prim- Thi e while tbo-yo mea dmlg will, she neneluding 1wno
Vot. hearing ac tiouk 1,r .he I n
T gh th took it foe chinak- f to cit 'W h .m and yeartaill. Surely sonttedsing shueld tie the r arn though embcrcn a cinmi, P ol Joh ..ny,. n r. oIh Tran opor. Board, o on de(l colo- -ve.- of |
Goe Gomdirh, to a dtorougn clandc of late proeed vlus in Npw S- Flst M ndon, hs -p- n-d 1

No allionto the Clancrllor cap. mhilm uoce we pstad- m ea nicoii m sf sie sapisal of mIme colony, Sydney, istsy iiru hIe hown 0 o upon sih table; *I i ha moieme n, Dr. s
e ~ ... | -, fn:(emr racieng oilr eroin ml ls h oo me L u,
The jingle of bell mn our cup. Wales ;-and tlie Colonial Secrelarv of Smete eay rest mROiscts. gioutyi a In
.r J n lrd Johnny, alsued. that o long as anty one mnena;er of (General Da,- other wmu p. .ppoting s he t1 rou
Ss mhe oue it. lin'gs council remains tu logi or frtra e Ihe concilatineg government had been equal.. n.
w he tar vessell. sea s....teer o.e l asor. s of t he new (;ovrrnor, peace and lharlmoy ran- from the Whig am I .essmv e a i l h
Blw well the you re set a 1m-ilseer sats t o tti soy Lord hp
Yosrsatin's you ill. not he established in tlat inmporlant colony.--[ %r. Th Dlukedof Wallhs aoohe Id' Earl swr aikmhg fami'
rh a ea i sill. M'Lv (the colonial secretary of G(enerai Darling re- tio000 a ).. 'bi tha kul ew O u
Thegh they say Y)ou are .ot a l.atedJ r: ceaisvesc200 a year; thf L Ci). was grant as a pen- Ivault of all the Capules.-S- j'Md s Helm
Ilord Joh.ny. sion from tite Transport Board, aol is paid b Lie co --
'relh they .sy you ar not a La Itdar, he- "--loo othis, iny Lord Althep! Ite Ilv Le- When the late Adlmiral Crosby was dining with Colu.
tNo allsitun to the ('ancellor's nall white Rose es plead- Sid's grants of land of the iullut valuable palt of si:e Filglraeld at MIbrisn snare, Lndon. he impi..n-d so
i f.,o itihe. i si' aid viciit l lif. te capital of Ili. colony, .Sydney, Iey Isis huge bown hLt upon Ide table ;at the sunicn, DI)r.
ill- .. t lloo sI alted at least at frionfortvc tofifty tAtmousd rounsd!i Jal! efnkins alto is m very short smlmtehi, casting him eyes round i
-t.1,-Iou hcr. ywmuisou're rv ord GuJcrtcl and Ilou irk, mime tabhl in carCh uf a I ,f uf bread, I.lllrned to rt
,,flo ... ,,0 is .hi, ,% .Lords ,,

__II _

u,- Ja hi Co mmand t 0 af4 5.n oa mft4.
or mur Im l on ..W Uil. the ortd pat dI eas he

theom enthe Al wil ett lle I o ,l, b tMe v fr art of> ia sA t ohna epA.E XP har, I fa Oh I t
,. awounr,. ,l. in a ,,, i. ... s. .....Is to r J a lt er paoinence, will however interrupt mlucha b-
-lr'ii rl : rlaed time mel fIst tamamishY the About i of r ofnditmlr l te scl as dcssl vice of this piece o ordice. Th clibe a
d-I' ill ifp you. rok T Ihe m l- ty'lo "h t AI t uwll. 1 lin| t e m n f von u il n on l l 0 tl p t of thIil le iBe
dorm she hi brl sm ic.l,,.tl.y critied ea dekr e eial oh tbwo oif noa, ,|n Iis 1 tc a tu$he a wn e apl u rotl o
mime Adtoral of himil,l me .d o mIuum; tine cn panyv ,of tite pu blic am o4umw, Turk ; and a writer iT the Niew
witthatmuZ. dw law"st ah ttU dat sl ow table were Yak Caieda commealal, ahat mie view wlida has been POLAND.

.takn of dr ubjec is tie Londlon dMonig Hera ld isn, Wai s, Marui 6-Int is just known th ee ui
in lai n) respect.L erroneous andtllat ilge Ansurilcan shius a part of h ut Russian iroop will leave sie s
; rI w l rl l,. n f ll i. v a not mo, a ure lon dnre the sene clai of ve el built itn The first division will Rst sl on t lloe I t o Ap rll i.
Startle frm le Kn ; of May woill hveieft Polasndecepta s ed

l.l,.h, will inform of r r .n Ie al dn lO l.he l iysem of mi"lrulh the growl o1 h em and making of iron li oone, aofd co- sun le liia w Turoers o h1 o Mari, |
tl,, waiter begins by admits i wd is c r As e Ial oy will not train upon ti te f ros, sar L
S,, .. ld i .- in Aaee .ric l.nd i Eglend ; ald Iten lie quot s tiae weearn tlobe dit ributedin tile interior otf HtMir, h, ,

SATUlDAYhn AY innn. following paragrapl f nrutl time .rcing lHOr :-" Stlip ste is equivalent to a redaction of tile RIussian rmy
wgrn, avtil er pr m itai pa little hIigiher in A erics tt n Time clarmeming reports of tine vest pInijectof r 'to

O1i. r ,lim i r t riif li lya paler, w iai in rated in 1EEn ll r., Idue Iron, cftm r ge, alnd sails aere, s a isice ort l authority in l rope d Asia,
alrn incle-- prli nn nii eiled ar duly. h s not oilnu a little e ii d anr ; b. t t.1 se will s,.on be as low as in nifow to btnlere fCbles. Russia, e n the g od trory, m resia
., n article inst i i no ngla ndl, as ilte Anet icen f prote iv I, ste. in e ll images p ln ce, a n itiv dbeefis l on wlici, ith r e st o suho re, rele
ni'.ith :wil iofr intr e i; and riltr igi ot nit teinl la .r)" at2 dotrs siy sm o t tslt t gns ooirfo -14 iI en fui r llinte l- Iti, exfPlen d. ivu l t u rye l rt r o lar s.

t, he, ,+.lied intf, to Iome tn, tolll fll cn "a l v iewi l-rlenl qurelili-s-whilst hre our p.rIocling Iy lning :#2 into thfee provinces, eache of which is to hlave its a Uoi
wif nir llov rn nl Ili iam ns. T ia two alns of .M alr ,no. 4l | ri.nirls lo 37 doilrr a ilo It.h prices are th. %]u1- pro Inta '1ve s'se .
I h. sIl t,, r kl t c"r llln d io In anti itt othi. ir u uy ti ly to. t tielars i r,, ani of im n st, r al r i a lo isim 'r l m ll T amab rg Patpert to mire l:i of MNarc, i ,
,,l 1. W-st I nd l i el Cotin ies alinir. ie i iint l titH anIe uti i a it)i on ship, it r n s l or arh .-tlltter imd S telalt" in ainno t o e condi o u la
lial Ofice to tiaoe af tim e Iae iic Occeon at. On t Itis pargra hir ll .ire orekw l th i eriteo wricl: add i le that by Iac uno t ro env as recepl ed i t re frt )lit e, Lld mia

w l% l Pllaevr, olda rEnglail I fro m ti tie foi anim ,e iay ti h hip ct lo i t'rl 0 lllrgesi >i gl.hii athe -I4i fi1. s lerl-i tlllt p lersc tions by lt it I a, ss hans ia rite, aure oi tesirs
.liln i-l ,r nreiL rch anlt m anirkof di. no. r tow r* I lst l ',iae t l ( tlts. ip r a I IL) thre-m i ll hAier ia) tiell tae mi adn i nequerilt Thear itlltri t ot on lte ltier -C e 5tll
fllr m l l ettta-em -rt nier t i f atilitary dariy, lils not itn- a mllt it ula l ll lie hItat .5,0'111 lMlhill it Et ulnla lid. i'to ris. Ml archl L2.-Wu are infitrnmed lirt in Belitbe l.

flo rn .i.e Iin duly. We.nre nol rodlientl y vermn i" weihavelno ay N. cent. 1.rlh..n ih.lnnr, 9 o I.olgna, March ]n.--T'e inrigues of the F rsnc
ii lar.i ai rtl, s tl l iv one of I r schrr epolla d nt, is e ifa|- I t isn il t the ir.- I ipu of Iit n will reiut o iron. th- ir t of dRute mouaenswn, thil prcs l on the f lo Preie n
rll.nlnd hai m rle hir sa Ull a tin anti adnlv ite d details s In f, t1t ftIo. k i 1 t tOllt | rlitg a th n, ai i iirlti e dclration w il ti o to li one ti e roa sn.
c i..alen i n trtiieti m wti e m enrtinC antitfrt i als i bee dolla nchir s 12 t1 i to 44lll ir l:s 44 ein ts for tl d il- li nu i tl'l d. Tihui t country l i A IlutioT lois lio i ds
iW. rall d inet hemt, to rial o y ro ll mar ytial. vinnewted fr r-t liil|-s-sX tOit, lre our prutectini aIity Imeinlg 2 into hree provines, eaii o. whir h is to have ituresol me
as nt.r g, oi-rntlem n re wi rians. T in two sons of Ml t rir lli for s hip) s lt :n1 dollars ;ia utl, i i e prices il ar e nr u i tIere ontat ive sl emi
\nrl, ol r lce ,s a t he flank r ni s o f irs u l i i m akij i mr a ll. aoI iti lelltri a m I trI flri illi iroii work ,if a i p II TiP r li; EY P i
2tl Went lIndia Rlefinrmni, and Lieeutr. H i, of i Lilt tilt itri iott 43 tlollIs s ta ti tngtrn that, itt EmlKt & iiP.

ili .m y ane d bof in ori nw h viiu, Ihp lal l a Iti eas outt llt L4 t. 14 at uile ire a 5)0 ton st ip, it e t lts I London, horh 26~- Lettes f ornm lts annoeion
nei m tun leav mo es n em ler a-, ihm hve Iofen i ..ttls ert ant ik ,. we a l 11 n re t iti tin i li tl which ald mie titat by aruno.-ts r e.ilv received th l her frc mi ti Lo n
t t i-islt r tamn tl* I ndt-imelm to e wnalllor f o n I ln l s s ll cr, l l d, nN-ri- l ,s orites of chain t .slll is t i acalrs, i l price) rc st il il n flanry l n:out arhe and ny hunt r i iryl .It
a-t. hblie sr, t lhia tmntimo s fromni thm c4itnom ti is it iA) 'If mili former titiog wh ensi iti :1e ns ceris pl, l if. (i17. blte.- attacksmof 'lhl bralmeini P rri, ot tire adjre t i inl fa oiR

i*t ulld foe named m silllar al o sin" ail t il moarlsin illie h is lpr 112 ntilb) c ane of re llat erl l -l KIha ntki 6 mn per tad cleeall zpubeitted to, and wla ohe rcei nd nt of
fllo run i- ltr the dis a lle of a en lwrr l ane ir, v.rn led y h e in ll, s ( 7s tir 112 linrs l ra ai--l Luxin, Irrum Lo- r barts being Egytwii lrrn
ne laInone in dulty. W rn not im-ln ive c.tit per .I.. i- chltains, a dl 2 cP.ots per lb. tn Anit tr..

l l . al l i I wThe la' l i n IS A c-inl is liti. itn it .lta, i ul] .1 I Arliulngrla, frc i th e lu i nriguen s o to e Fh a
iifo rndv ti, hi, d e clare that ri has e llen c I-, o i n time fai.t I .in l 11 la y l er. ilm of. 5J ) n will reuie .5. pm irty o' tile imovenen ti n i ni epr o n of the Fr ints
dof ithll- thefmurs; bau we arp e aso ifrmedl ht In ctliin wotd- 1i 1 I ,. e s air lb. e, cdil en g 5 cents a I tr1 ( mret (ficerin at A consw andl n thie wholu ve r, c oll v of e Fread
id mnt. make iaoirn iln eion i ti h ITeRuient not la i t i"i suit ais t k here ra 1. ) ther o lr, i thaln 11 Pr ,n i s in. iian dr ot ler here tend to revulttioni e Italy. iPlnral
tviahste, tham mime Connm aller-in-C vlbmf in Jnistotnira ill of: s:itors at 1 ctrois, I -ttilics, sell titie tile cost it' ltthtn patriots, sit hase nothing to louise bt every. mii

fi r e ,'thl han lioe pritte of pn lmo lC.nlliltl iy in I uli nal, Cc n o pO la lial reIvltion C f Ihele prov ince.n tu rth ir .
Sli b lw i"n elirete : w ll l tit hlllt tirefore, 4I inIk fh l lwlm n hi iiual b ills pei illiail l l i inu iitl Li s trn the t- -- i

slt y hd, I pot de. s ol a ion, a r noi k l dtrlr n s. .onnecrltIe . l full ion( il ll"t It Iv>ite t i ile, wils l cbr i h tr i b t- Tei (' .-Tii.h( niAtes um tr hide Ihe rim nlm iri
ind is wowel. llfid us metler of serhns ealillisclion, couki Iween : ) asd "2,10 Jllirs-- 6i,,+' llll dollar 1-4 i or ieoweilis uo" Teial ;are dilinr~uised are ,alled Trl
w I. ell t r r detlmen ti ew ict sound Ihnat w oi emisnted t ini cent on ws i sc ill be 1,ait dolls i .. au li t .r e pcer e rel arkahe i fr h-at ir h ite in T s..Ocni-
as tie er tl, at last a friends of Sir Janmes (arnoi- a ill use it, leass oi her a l n lt umsak e on tsit p a .t. ut Iit ito s ran ti,r a ny vlro slrcl : l tey IItationI tioite qealit if

chil mai onmv and by si a we hpve rim cr 1 thou-e h s upon di.. i i laei i r cnialt l y i ili I i 11tit tt aniT tCo io li i il t iy t in o Ct llitt I il l ianesii Falti, anti illem, imnl

dorn ilK Un wio, nd k of llic workiund ~Fri o in i "" .ic" i"' riilrl ll y Oinl lnl,# all iil,, ihi I ni hu <"lil pnlr Ih I TInr. Ihl lh p /l,-sir nu ilrTn pcnpujntll /z. Tl"
ihesbj ecl (ratheras pocl aeno sLone,) t O( shall allow everv tinu n m uch loino delall I, Ic us tee how e .a ame, Nikshi n A r ungrker ar ( e.

one o I mI n him nelf ith hi h own spe rulaions. i ow :- (I- I. it inid s ,elle n heifc ealo r em if u,,lrehng lr (,imr n ',,
c..lice. of. con dm crA ship n ttive sv on will conint h tere m nr by tire factl, t int it pi .ct .m otie pror arcr r -p. ution.
(ananali sl heroto .-- he sts o" Marh e ms clesrted, in h l n n i n b ..o.i.. line() oIfs ciarlila nhrlyv, are h..ld in Ihe. hiAh-411 ,1to s h ier n, i. in rio ;
L a .en an ti ng front Ii, cilt) tllo, ites, flftic I ears Il list, if intti I n m.ilestit at have i itnlherto been in gaerr in niter e, e glig mU Ru
i I fore n*m anmeti nehAir al amu ." as it carrie. in ii nI thtis t an llt y cinr i i p .. . ,i i- k:entik) t l m lst rat e and w copet I tei Ieir purcI the n gim e t r of L.
fromn ti- plissneema mark, simile performing mite anrthmaott vsttns,' te dutay times being 411 llirs toss tiff(ill aliluirs a itel. terliads aitti Loses, fron LoambtIardy, which aill sake
dBity of, p,iren ad aliimr CIie Palerlso n, we eaile in- kiggl nti, ; soils, Im a. rope ,47 I n htt nrld h forcing tPre Loegtions an ount itr) .) e

oi ~I. di a ell in Eigland the p ice o ivt by cuiae isp -ir- % t- a uIallyr w ofrien, snil oar informte llamel tr Inel.
fortieal o hes pude ic. Tlh m uis Elc of linst and CoIm-i .7 lilli iern Te I:! l.. say tan rde n o wheilh Rin of fmtune rued.,r Ao

do an it h t in m In o tin e io a rme, hreat Ili ne whic c annis er I uI.; d miTllIti Ie prel. e ioi ie, i riki llhe nmil cusilt my ksl ind n i i iois en coilan ..t ll ih rtiA-

e rvcellemr w d no r mef p ee orrn iin they oonef o fir whon s wilp tr ahle may I llf stai In rle i I.r l iN lls. So ivefry pl, ,lnuiit, h e r n.i'l, Inr L' 6ilW
lir l-, i) do llar t, and s ore ta n i counrtre 12 ho n o If hiin say tar Ilia we 'hisl have war, anti it ixs mit b n t u io
als under n Ctuhes, tht Col. iLet on ihd done i. Nal icas re nasd pii i f w. d in 1 rnlland ann iina7 mi Slarse. lleri u e I a vien of hiatenind g ml e cun ien a minoh ol slr li-
haeM M n pt ed up for rn ruehason of lthe Lon- Sails nd iginee ralter c ooniullr-y weatIn r c-n Ine diT. i .n onri of tIheI t e ptie diiniie rmun ition ovide n sumpta
1don IL hi l t r nion, nd tr o es e working l a isshre on hi I ien e iien o i consianlle y l I ig against she Am ran o e le ntri neiia trl rea lire erti nus or nf thesprle irioni
dalhe ove n nt isse d a pr lama im fmier hidin ay hip. Mos of he ri sips, h b% actual bills pitill i ine if we .iIIIelieve th r wil, par
hey hrad. sopen mio action, krroked their he ad to gether,I A full slit for a hlip n r it -mih, will e imat ir- l- Teirnds of ham.- e n price if a l t im is cha e d fvin g ens
andhe im li. But it ha d lita m e efr fect, tas a pres2eil on ween 2,11 enmi 2,0) llir--sof r2,l ) toliarn ;--44 air cing,-itti s of Ta-a are co niinui ships. arby tcl ced pnlT

mre smll rades the eact uend that rme, a mittoed Ihrv pr cnt iron wricdla dill he 1lIs, dollars. n c i an, alAnrent iar nr.- il)urlinl a tiorll n linpnd in 11 e
the dir. oof io rinl, som r. we have r hown mli s u i other pa int ntedl os l hip, cot apl oed Ilr ll.ea I lan fwe py very strict alladl atinn to the qe lihl "
Ship Ti hPeo twoth i" do-titl itt ngl *enl whiat i i ry 1v0 er. c.nnonit ,l ca tla he ai pifr o lla ih r erpemael it-
thew mjet (ray their portie, hou ower,) Isc toler ear' mllch erial t al tni, let uhrds see how ie we pa0. t anled l .inge KS-risre, Kia g of h t eo. r (ntry lain

one to sum bitter with Iis own sper ulation our vig no -ll h- n ltoie Ithem an-ienl treal, lang. Tno In ew "

o v -e n e renliev'ed from some part of the enormous burdens infed antiquee, Themnorel may nnrd anrusr.enlwn bo lhu. q.>n
humoud, nd no oue were ommed y way il of dtni) tons will cont her n ail-clrtn )lo l e lrl neliml i. 4.-.i Silo of ti e rainc gl siuri I cnt
Osmat Fatnrrs-Time Is.i o March wns cr-ilhltred, in ,rsit. wonIi lHl an ensl ien lbomr......... -o lte l atr llilt are held in .i h ii

It alpers l that ther rel nowin fhe AicIat N tvy, 40 Cap- inavialinn of englMan, or still cheaper uf "Swedoo od A charter grented h< 1alconne Ken|H,,d Kin o S" it-
Lomn lie. ao Day o Fas inland prayer to th n l imedfhip.ri- at ............t -------ive aio ee B ar Iln by thie r Chinese d Nhr
B-meg, fit pt-semis ft-tint the changens of the 1 s-in Chains anchors ---- .......... 1,1491 omm rare wotl costly it-ms ever purchaisedi by rim-i to.
pmdhwkc& rmay was well ell, Rlugging, XMi7 ; sails, 1,I- .............. 4l.47 (11 In mite neicllbttitming Provincemu Ieh-keea, or ('LITos
pmensotlc n r Midhim. e oemvel bin e lmmisi pcli as it ier.-m vessels whch all written nd arinform the lall- an m5t
usipsa of trhe li.e TI. louse of Lonls and Coln- wh krdre 1o o om annns, earht Thevt at-nde ls el whihe mar-h of fhorlm s fr ,e
noes rd1 d in prc espsiona u a Abmny,. ser. ivine which cannot the enmi of the vest sel. Thiou will t rilm m oo coi kinornds of ta ll brr n ortritnv s -il hunarpW
She, wae peimfo hs ed.n pr were ris pricri or5 enbl pepuin he best oof al sip, whose wle val on le atel rrofw-n thri-ie. So veso oe pnisv li se iI hie
thip s. a iithe lineA. 5 fteian snd hapo r. nrlielr lo-n eni rmed eel o i o pre th i i w th m seh tre M rt il res iy wie- ia nd tinls
taLoeOf te Chtcimes, foll title benefit of the a. Noi.' n-ased prltce of rued is Enoglnd, and inaunmcl as tIo e oceil- rrn man indi-iduall to ripnsru a c ame h K i.urer Kinl
having beRron p, on rste ip for and pnellsion thai Lordn- sails and iggiog ar cuntihesll y d ek-ring ma, tIe di-c- in oni- .f imi-se ita part tia oan woll o enviirel lr sMrare wi
don Pulrica Union, an h thrf ite working clas" onIt is that oence in cat i constantly aoprating against the Ante-rican olt, entrarinet liar a greater nmlire of perso.s. Th
d ,Ihmn Governnent iatned a perociautirmn forbidiing aily ship. %lood of the Britisesm ips, howvrr, being built in is ut difh'culi to imagine if we believe that fur sant pat-.
Minch precemona, end direc-ting the people to amsmenin frone ite colonies, shers timnher is muthb cimsuer than in mime cular kinds of tea, time price of ata'l is ctaigred for reth
themoves.Butithad little effectas a procession ort I ited -9teti-, I believe I small not he contratlicted in as- cop LCCumom paper.
the massage. et it had little ehcm, as a preceamion of rungin,-them Britislm columnial ships by time cla-epn-s if
mare thea 32.000 people wes formedel, s moved ttmt-ta I oodl, iron, conrnge and ails, do nmmt cos two-tltirl s as Ancieat Charter.-l)urine a suoloitrt in vinlland in die
nienyof Sll principal Satrets. Wherever their prnom-i much as our ship do, and are of maim smaplilied mwear year hell, we Iski-d op tic fallm'wing copy of a thimel
was impelled by the p hoorev~r. the proc ssion learned and tear' mIaaterial at half to two-thirdsathu- price wa- pay. granted by laicomnr hennmmmme, Kin! of tmIam coillrm, bag
was into byther pmstier. Thepeor hew preie teneal goalo Fromn the foregoimng at a clear mhat our -vmgaiuon inmst he to be Ime most ancient criae-atheinonlit. To loestn of the
humoof n ,t eln no s lmert, peoe comr in gnel. g a -ieved from some weIrt of l en aloams baidens napse-d Anittiqie, ls noorc m-a y ninny allot-altm-nooi Ic. the tditoilt
hhy way of dar0on mI, iromi amod sail-cimth, ort we shell ness of its piarastlot iw ch certaial., gises sotfattet
It appear% -lat w neAeia 4 he der carried nod driven frot the ocean I1% time clmaoapar lamillele.
e. Nester. Cossmendaam eo lectheeA~~ nrs, viSairgon of England, or emill cheaper of Swedema atd A charter granted It Mamilcone Kennitre King of Scot-

asn.eaaljls6idshitiew- V eaasslssiorn....isfrI .krned Sqteasr.-Ihe iartnestiam vessels which are .h all the hmaiands witlmintile- fimesus-itl ahc Illtm mod
aleope oo wer. end I eoasema Tel TO ats lathe i avys now in p10gm-a o bedding, in Shmm-m Clomusam, and I Ilasietown, ammini all mit bounds tim antidd niw above the
7I ships of the lies mad maid? iniad. 10frites Slid 7 uuiwicim dock .ards, are to ceiry so bomb cannons, earth to heaven-end ell below hie earlth to lall-l- Ir'e
7sarpe fimaweal. Ies each 5 ce war. and m shooet to fses an Foorned on piviita, nof toI commend en extensive range to the sand thine, as ever (;ui gave to me end rnmneo~nild
nt-artye til sleepsmint arr.ured, horms. a lseside-mm witiont. i ing mime roorse of the vel, This will Ilmat for a bow anal b-oal arromi when I rtmnr to hunts ape
th eps e t he ti m br b e b e e n n e n r cm v sia o n Ip a p cair (l o fr e na b l e s a t e e s se m I t o b e p u t in th e he s t p o s sib ie pa s i mio n Y atrta w -.l a n u i fo r th le m -o o t h ontl l f tI is I Ity m e mite iah i m a
ships of the line, frige-s. endS e iuisf wee. relativeiv mean enemy's stnred vessel, so as to project the w with my mm-s-tm, l;tre Martu- my site, and MaCI
-or- Hvrn o ri-ipmdle dooslra fineelfrom shot. One cannon is to he sil- ely nttmse-ttic n Sutscritum. laluOnac cimeamuore king-
Latch Heron, on reom-is-ing mime inmllii-ne. that Lord tamHed on ti1e 1n pen of the dleck as to ringe entirely Maceatt site,-.,.
CxastIreegh lied cmnlt his throat, renmarkem, am It is that best v r othfc the Stern, and as fir fore-atd as mitt iellml; M I autie. Witmies.
elhing ha has ever done for his country ." man-n sill PMal. The umber is to be tmoiaunted before tIe 1057.

Sb, Manva 11.rI

Febraryv 4lh. I
"er-O- -nh -" -O O .fmlndy net, the 2tAh ualat,
4 LI. PEIISONSC hIvine dl,.nands eaiinst the l':.:I ar TIE vYENri HOIr.eL
aL nf Jospld Saunders, Inte olf tl 1,l'l n1of New At 10 O'loeok A. S.
h ruii,.nce, eentlesman, deceasle, are req stetl rec ,ier '\\'ill Ie wold
r luni duly llestrled ; an.l those i,,lldtli ; ,ii) SEar, in ba rrl.,
tlato art likwise qasuiled to niake inlliaeldiale pa t tre-, in bh..
sal, aHI Ii',fK of I;. I'. Wsol, Et4im'ir. Soap oled Caiallr in boxes,
ilT110.lIPt ,N SA;.UNDERS, Execotor. L :ol, bSuar,
lril 2'l. j Spielm. C.nalles, in boxes,
FINAL NOTICE. Butter and Lard,
IIE St .SCRHIIIERS, havinu cla..l ili, nierrantili I bale \\Whte Cuttons. &r. & r.
concicrrn- of ul's i ilu Hlins J. Suloiiino, Ei|., l crebi ANDI-
ot Vol t!iiwe hlio still remain ii.nleblid to his Estate, TO (LOSE SALES,
ia uialih their rispectlive adlinnndi are liauiil;ateil pre- I I) I) f". Corn,
Is in the I sl Julne they ill ie. pllced it thle hands of 20 barrels superfine Flolr,
a\ttorauy -at-Last, for iiuinlle'liei.e Iteclvery. 23 ditto middling ditto,
E. M. SOLO.ON. IElecutris. 4 doren very handsoine Chairn,
C. S. ADI)RLEY, Executor. I pair ditto Cane seal Setees.
1. lit631-t. TTrm i-CASII, on delivery. "o
,'tI l-.:'s NF.W YOlk TYP'E FOUNDRY, Es- May ih. ,
13 toaliahed in I\HMi.-The suiibidier bhs comipletil Y JOII\l ON & SAUNDERS.
a1. "iliiio i ol his book of SpIcinliii.s ith which his I
re..-.M,., in ol ,llhr Pri.tilr. Ilispl-edl to buy from him, I O M.adaynext, the 2tlh istant,
mae *,i|pliid ,111 applircasin la his Foundry, Nos. S1, X
s40t t!nati, street, lb.hind the ( iy Ilall. HIe would AT THUE 'eNDIer NUA1L"
sa4,k, for tie information of those who have not been in A it 10 O'lolk. A a.
i hbitnlf dealing will him, and because a different prac- Will be old
has nbeen extunoively iltrixlices, that his book contains FOR CASIH,
hbingl but the actual prodirtitins of his own Foundry, Superfine Flour, Beef, Pork,
Jal renlts a ine specimen of what will be furnished o I Pouants, Cheeer, Lard, llham,
T*W. The aiLOrtineent is very rnsicplet, has liwen de- Butler, Breal, Rice, Corn, Candles,
h.tly and carefully in twenty vears brought to its pre- Soap, Dry Goods, Ar. A. i
'n lo1, state of perfection, and emslraces a variety of A.VD-
'ta, al.iaptedl t different tastes asll to the various depart- At twre months' Credit,
w,i of prinioih Newspaper, Book anl Job, liuhly finish- 40 barrels light brown n Sugar,
,.ind m t a of thI most sirviceahle metal.,d Not n notice 12 do. Long rlaf Tobacco,
'e talri r r* Ioak, it reintail of 25 boses Soap.
ROM IN and ITALIC 27 sizes, from twelve-line Pica ALSO-
sP.*r. At thre mnths' Credit,
TWO-LINE and TITLE, 15 siM, Two-line Colunl- A neat Curriage, will Harness (conm-
hita arnte. ilete) lfr a pair of Iorses.
ll WI)EI), 13 sizes, Ten-line Pira to Long Primer. May 26th.
ITALIAN, 7 .ies,. Seen-line Pire to Long Primer. --
ANTIQI'E. 17 .izes, Tin-line Pira ii Nonpareil. BY JOHNSON & SAUNDERS.
IL \,'K, 12 sies, F,.or-lino Pirs to Minio, n.
UI'EN BL \CK, 5 sizes, Fuur-line Pica to Great Pri- O .on dan y nxt, the 2tA instant,
ICRIPT, 2 sizes, Doulle Small Pica and Great Pri- At 10 O'Q 01 k A. K.
Ok Will he sld
Liesdn Musir, Bark Slope, Ornamented Letter andl FOR CASH.
LiOWY Fiuore., Piece Fraction', Siirri,r<, A.troooiinircal A.
athlier Sicns, Sp~c Ruile%, llrt. is les, Ornamented The Cargo of the sl.op Cluntierin, Captain Rowe, fro
SLotn: Brace., more than 201 kinds of Flower, New Haven, consisting of-
N luil Cots and Ornnments for S-hool Books, News- Flmir, Hay, POtatosI, Butter. Lard,
rm, and Scientific works. Pork, Cheese, &c. & orders for anv of thee, and also ir Presses. Chases, May W6th.
r' in Stic s, Cases, Fllrnitaure, Printing Ink, or any
f'sired in the Printin ho.iiine-s, will be eecured on FOR SALE.
**ml favonhrahle lerms. with the iimoet prompli-
large stock of the Foundry articles being always Tke choice of 2 Lnt. of Lnd, with the
loI. I bhiildingiand improvements thereon, situate in
U Printer of newspapers who publish this advertise- is| Prince's street. gneraly known by the name of
lthrre timns, anid I;oll d a papicr rena.ininie in to I Lighfoot, or Cupid' Row.
li'orldrv, will re,,.rir anvn,.nt for tlh same,iftlry pur-. For Ternu and other particulals, apply to the Sub-
w lfromn h te iioir, I. fou tanners tl BIreI's. II.ENRY GREENSLADE& Co.
Y.ork..J.u 1 l'. Moarh3d. B
lirv tuck. r11NIm1 a, 1' 1 March 3d.

bg o'atArmT^ onjta.
. Evrey person bui t ta Iree thest Islmds, after
ro nsided thetuisfor re sipac efTIuTV RAts, mua r w
irenirityat t Ihe Secortly' OJC, orlapa Mip Ati is
i offU forr-ranru DAitV prriues to hisdeparhm i-a/- -
o*r, S ,ikata taie during roanu-vi*v DAYS, a Tidcke BY IIENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
be obtained.
NAMES OP 'IE.RSONS On Monday aext, the A28t insist,
.l1 February Eli.heth Sullvnsa At 10 O'1 .ke A. a1
I$G ithler ltobinnu Will be uld
It* April AMarrat C ciluas Will be
gi s W'. 1. AlRdLader Siupel fine Flour, in barrels,
Jibh Barlh lildwiu llams, Cheese, Butter,
Illh (ro. S. Roy Lard, Soup, Candles,
Ilh SFamel Johnson Sugar, Corn, Ac. rc.
lli aJohn ailal:y A.N4 )--
2 boes of well assorted Garden Seeds,

i Sundry articl, of llurlshold Fuarnltuie.
Terrnm-C.\ Hi, brlore dillivrs..
S.. t teo M.onthsA Cr dil,
POirT 01' IVAMN. AI', N. P. 6 pincheons high prool'f Windward Island Rus.
SAH I El), --- ......

]g, 2i:l- -.\lu. slop, C,,,ta.isisn Rowe, N.w II ,, In BY HENRY GHiEENSLADE & CO.
'Flour, Il.iv, PuaInlops, (C ,.lI .u, Lord, I
Pilk, Bread, &r. On Monday nrt, thr 29th instant,
to Joil\usor & SAt l~u:it. Immediately afterrthe .Sat at the IU.dan ouseu,
At tIn Stores ot' Julo Storr, ELiquilc,
CLE It1:1), .Hi ca.k C('lret Wine,
iothlll-Sl oop Industry, l)amn-iait, Cuia 71) hbaL Shot,
i 77 ciirlihel ware Pans,
S AILED, ess.l' materials.
lily 241hli-rlr. John llenry, Joiie, Il:l;fax BUin, part of lie Cargo, &r. saved fronithe laie Ameri-
I ill Am. rbllr. Caa Ann, Miller, 'hIlla.llllphla can brig Challrlc., Captaiii SIeson, wrecked on St.
dbtill II. M. schir. Nille, I.t. Iatllinrv, I('`i" I Dllingo Key,and brullglll to this port by tihu loup Sea-
I .-l aFlower.
i.MIA ALT, iur sale at 1) ccits iur lbusiel. Tercm-C \SII, before delivery.
Apily to i MaY Q i"tlY 26th.

May v6th.
On Wednrday n.d, the 30th inutt,
At lte store of Mrs. Montell, in Market-elm,
At 10 OOln k. A.M
Will be continued, willtout ihe lo resrne,
ie alo of the residue ot her Stock in Trade, comuistio of
Laceu, Lace Veils, Silks, Satins,
Velvelt, Gauze Handkerchiefs, Drill,
gentlemen Cravats, Black Silk llandklrchiefs
Black Crape, Bomasilin, Beads,
\ est lstlerns, Twilled Royals,
Lack and ruloured Bombaseite,
Towels, Madras and coloured Muslin Hldk.
Gill Pearl Buttons, Pryer Books,
G(ienleen's tiffeners and Shirt Collas,
Ladies' Leghorn Hats, Combs,
'Tooth and Nail Brushes,
Seidliz Powders, &c. &c. &c.
Consisting of a variety of
Scented Soaps, Lavender, Cologne,
llhney and HIon Water, Es nces,
llair Oils, Pouatumn, Hair Powder, &c. Ac. dc.
Terlnri-Iinmediate CASII, for all stills under . ;
ver ltat amount, a credit ol 3 monthly will b allowed, Uo
isin~ ppruved security.
May 26tilh.

On Monday, the 18th Jm,
At 11 99'lk. A. a.
Will be sold
That valuable and well known plantation, cauld Coco
ul Glove, saout two miles to the Westward of the owe,
onaining :io acrre-a great part of which h mOer
ben under cultivation. About one hundred acm ure sn-
lmned by stone walls, in ten acre pasture.
There is, on the above tract, an immense quantity of
Firewood, which would render it a valuable cosidrtion
u any person dispose to enter ilto contract foe dle apply
of the Garrison. Its inestinlable propeltie on thbe orse
f pastursag, are so ell known, it requires so recoomme-
dation.-The Flult tree are innouerable, and of every
description afforded on this Island.
In troni, there are from 10 to 14 cresof Guinea Gra,
well estalisled and from 500 to 710) Coca Nut tre-.-
many in bearing.
Tli following valuable Slaves, via.
SOPIIY, 34 years, an excellent Cook, Waiher and
SUSAN, 10 years, Ilue Servant.
JANE, 22 years, a good Cook and Washer.
TONY, 6 years.
WILLIAM, 3 years.
PEG(Y, 36 years, Cook and Ilose Setvant.
JACOB, 10 years, very handy Ilot u I ouse.
POLIDORE, 50 years, a Driver and Field hand.
BINAH, 46 years, dit o.
JEFFERY, 17 years, acctomed to work wih a Mason
and Plaserer for the last two years.
PRINCE, 47 years, a Carpenter.
PRINCE, jr. 15 years. accustomed to drive a Cart.
AARON, 1:4 years, a very smart waiting Boy, parti-
cularly handy with a Horse.
GORDON, 11 years, in constant employ will, a Drav.
JERRY, 10 years, handy lhout n II is..
trms-tkre mIaloth' Credit, os giving appred m-

May '6th.


On Mond" Seut, tAh 0iB ime.
AT Tea II vuaMe oAg ,
At 18 O eAh.
Will bew w
That valuable Lot of Land, with the Buildinp and
other improvemma thereon, situate at tie Soutb-wet
corner of the Earm Parade, td property of lhe late
Mr. Joseph Hall. A full description will be gives at the
time of ale.
Terms-sz massti' Credit, o- giing approved a-
May 19th.

On Tuesday next, ths 29t instant,
At the rsilderrce of Mrs. Saish hnldwin,
At ZO O'clock. A. m.
Will Ie sold
(Witlout reserve,)
All her llousclild Furnitire, consisting of
Mahogany Dining Tables,
Card and Tea ditto, Clain, Sideboards,
Sofas, Looking (lassoe, Book Case,
Prints, Chest Drawers, Wash-stands,
BIedsteadn, Beds and Bedding,
Dinner, Set, &c. &c. &c.
An eight day Clock,
1 Piano Foite,
All het Kitchen Furniture.
Trm--CA eSII. rofore deliver.


.1Vl .~1 ,~

-- --

8co uauasa Argig.
-PRE dVesire i aso hL m a skyed wle e lmk as di Pgy aEI m of ereal Ahu.-T
AOluMTe tun Vof U syt U rUoSba sky, we ik t as-i reMw U I1n Mu. Thae ya la Jh u h ri*n prited by onrtern
u ol a re 11 V orhs, f5 e gre gat a l lw.agnIa I efrenhing d s Foo the armary of *is documnt we n, 'lle,
The underlined. CadiMl crMlasy otf Sate, ihas to --it ill ai do to cag dIe dues. They come out of ulaion of England was, in 1801, 8,l '3
r.ied by prime from the Pro-Lgsew ( A toa., and pocket ously know bow or wima. We Oae so much in 588W1 ; behlIg intceae of 14 par I8i
front tIhe (OAK 8o drit fnmt -wauI r repl e ru ii bm" of g psd p on, do we always e ,pel ll,961 A"l,,bring os increase o of pr w ; d1,
of a. lowest wlsbk hs e y friny friendly state of the rl- il, are prepared foc it, iy iun it, nd, more dtn all, we 181, 10LIll, m increase of 19 g if
li, mtI amIl i t --l i ad li Mje M.sty the are ready to py for at. We go Uo ase a magnificent increase wiin thi e last t thirty years hu ,
king of at French, atere sw pped decaratlums of tIhe pectcle, and cees pay a higher conmplimrnt or more The summary of the annual value of r olosi"
(;uernmentl of lHi MUjesty. d it wlisled to gearaee Ihartily espresso our admiraion, than by saying it was a England was 49,744 ,62; in Wales, f2,t"l1
IIe iNegUityr ad iJdepmandee of die kea m of thi Hluly u eoI imposing spectacle. WIom me look al the panoramn in Scotland, 6,653,655, ring I total of ;E5 i
Su u..l allr the Iw wre alddresd by de under r l an siged of London, as exhibited in Ihe Culomulu; we ore do- The population of Wales stands thns:-lo I...
I, vaor Ecialmlency, bhurinng e dlae of thele alnd 1th of lighted at tle perfect impotiionn that is practised upon us, 546; in 1811 611,788; in 1821,717,438. Sd,;
Flr..ry, appearmbuolutly incredible. This occurrence and when we get on the o sieide of tim building, and look 805,M.T6. That of Scotland am follow.: i I1,
i insubaibly kenow by thin liane to your EscollescyandI on reality, we are almon angry that it is not a piculme, 1,599,068: in 1N11, 1,805,69b8; in 1821, 20931
: s.>- iiluersigned la no doult dtAt you will be equally ur- 1 snd we think the painting a Letellr likeness dhan ilie ori- and in 1831, 2,605,107. The unimary of 'tea
prild at i. inl. W iu an inn|lsing ceremluony is a coroulltioln, or an i as follows:-In 1801, 10,942,(46; in 1811, 1i2
Ou dwe of le present molh, Ihe Ffrech qidron, intallioti of a Loight f the garter! If w ploe go to w being an increase of 15I per cent.; in 1Jij it.
Cl go' esKLuffrein of 90 gUie ; a rigpe, lle Artu- sig, or lto witneas a ceremonyv, end Ildre is noting ini. 39)1,(11, an increase of 14 per cent. ; ad in 1 "1
niolm, lof .'6 I as ; and ltm fria La e icioire, f 44 uis, posing in sid sighi or ceremonan, we lwinik ihat we nave I 16,(,7,49tI, an increaseof 15 per cent. In i1'1 8
iingi froi Ali|rs, (time Iner lueving still a Imtion ol beton cealtedi, and that we have piur npi onur y onir I ai t nluber ol fonmales in Great Britain wsi rj,49 g~
iunMrantnll to perfulms.s not having accnmph"lish ie it in n or litm for nothing. We look to be imposed Ulpon, even 18',1, 6,269,(50, an increase of 14-15 per e as
'iTulon). iretrntedl iWlf hauftre tim city of Ancona, at ,a in llo sarredl s;wat of Juslice, we reverence tie Ilowing In '2, 7,25 ,(l:<, an incense of 1.-71 per c nt
few ililes dlianit from i | witg iand rcarlel roies of tie julde ; we respect tlie cors in I8 1, 8,375,781, an increase of 15-45 pvr
On tlue day of the "id of February, tlle Captain of lie eanal line black gowns of the barrister, and tint nmre of iapopulallion of Lundolun (tlltl in .ie nmctroiolis) was in Ill
fort wrlns, in tIm namir of dIua rerulariltlive of lliu (Go- llne ChaiIcellor, not hecauset justice is thieretly ex|Hsdited, 8mil,S45; in 1811, 1,009.546; in 1821, 1 ,225,6 !1
wvronnaul of lii. holiliness, to odffr el Comunmalner of liie or wisioinm is comunntnicated to Ilegl decisions, but nil twe in 14l11, 1,474,069 ; males, 681,441; lenstk-i', 7',
sitaimialrn, a*ll il the latter imiglt lanIl in neeid of, anad ailsi can say for tie matellr is thalt there is sUomellinag so iaDm|s0- -John Iull.
lii. own |eralinallrvices. TleCousonanderof tlmsquad- sing inll them-and so long us we are inipolsd upon we are --
I ni imprasi d his grateful acknnwledlgments for the ull;rs pleased. We center tie- cold caraedral, smelling tie' Tine Sueldi Army.-The military force of SwreO L i
maine lim, anul declaitd tell on LtIe morning of lhie 2:,1 of nlertality, sail walking in ant artificial twiligllt to whichli! iel[ mto two disinct classes ; of which one. called h
lie wulil enter eIlI port, as l that he would not fail to fire poetry gives tile nlame of a I della corps is permanent. being lurarnil of men whi enie r
lthe uosad ualule, which were to be returned by tie lI. r. -eiia religius light. I lte: nt he other, tenrl thle l'arr" corps. conllnteitit
'Time utiqnlate to Ie olnarve.l in case e t Cuoi of kna w well enCoalh tiat it is din, and we know thatI I., an i maintinel in a lor ve imlle, sln at he Irs
i.a, soldron mhoul land wasalo agreed upoon. N ,tIhinm it is not religio n, buit wLe will not I told s p ba.caus- mth re IsnIaular manner. One or tIo regrimenlt lve qisntl a. Itlw ..,n lsi I'apa anuherities and the Coom..m- i o m.thing so imposing in it. We hear ice v o i ,1 ,led lle in a partirllar prince. an.d ech o n
l,,r ,.l' time Iunch qo..ulrun whlicl did not Jene lim ol d r,o seining hey are i i ) lin kils b l, i v(a.n n chaUeI aI g P rl the i rna I lucu a I oarm aeppnriaPilel ht ,,
frinVllv uender.ltandii. 'he C.onllnnlgdl of the wimned- are somgiuhk l. nyU. in a l m...Jio t an Inn h common sn he r hldir ac rohn cabr iad 4 piece oa l rii.
ie u rsi. eCImt i thmomghtless tongue tine molandalo of time churarla, andi s a p eea a
rrun iuanlifi-.ted iamns displeasure, soluly arn accunIt of ar e n n i I fcienlly large to provide him with foil : and is supplied. ,
aili rnlii. prnien uof quamauic which die frigate Lu they clminas r e ol e t--llpre is g o mi liary equopmenrl the public eape Ea e.
illlmposing in ltime sound. Wle otnlhe1 ti pi.nlorn of a draw- pan)oy, bomb officer sa soldiers. as q msneld unomlnic
ictniro hmal still a prlmm. 0niot ; unilrmillam of very grade, sll., slatins. gold, dlie- village, ana lteml e lem for exeercise ond iosum tkne rF.
On ( im I.ifd of Fubremrv, at three o'clock in the morning, Inmluode, eastulr, anl ull thleparap alrin Il imteed vanitv menl iamclf il emoahled untlder teats once y r ial t s
the Freacs trfroop landed clandlestinely, anal placedml anu e and milliners; andl we are delighted with tlse spectacIhI, military evolutions for a space of three weeks, dungI d
1.51l1 mnia. whne began by throwing dowr the gale called tIhre is unn.mhing a, ilsp.oing in it. We see an :ho lle of which period i is mainltaned at Governewiep.
M4re.llo. which Ws nl gutarded ; fcrum thncu heny pro- em, nv dlrawl uant ill battle array, colours flying, druans beal- t I.."ger comls. fur the exercise of brigadna of regmm, m
el"e to make wimelnvel ms nmors o'l oIe t lep of tiuf itllng alnd sruomel s.mionding, bright waods a .nl bayonetm Eccasioalily forned.-United Serice Journal
cilty, dis.tinann al Io sm iime tim Panpl (;ulrd. il:.oinoi in me Ilm. toimud m)imned Pa n ii*lasin o[ Ie hnrtlliren
TIey Iurpnrisal, with aboat one Ibatalion, else ,rln l Im a m ,,,,i nn n, ,. es e ,al nN sti iI- f tolian Tyra y.- I All ht (;in M rir 'iie lelPe
dwelling. of Coldnel Lazsnrini, Connemander of the lort ,aio of saubllinityv ; lIr tlere is iiotinuling no inlllsi n inl srvd of Sov reign power was an unb>ounded inmlaulenre
sad cilt. TIhy lthen sent .pl o tie l le of the nColnel' Ihe ..rt;m-tlac lien Is. ilaisitioin iuse. ge lv te cut iovrvice. His lberlinism would hardIly heae ha
rel.;ace a w-arj.ant of iiw PIap Gu(urds, whose vice ,gone. Ie le aRlect of uieil, we se a mn f li remarked ; 1ie os chiefly signali.sed y ith,. rilhU lpi .
was Lkaiwn In lli people of *ihe Ioua, and at wh dn,.- ren of no inconnderdble ny,|, of s nfiv |ear. sure wh'ch he Ioutht in ile pearale of crI -ll'. H, s,
inland the lurs were upenel by iletm. Colonel im- tan, grac ll i i llnillaenli. ill aonanding oc. I lr pass)ionately devoted to ltie cIli.aI ; but such .ol.pri v,,
1l pnleh se nlu^lh hiullmef 10) ll@ Cu ,>:..-ndler, si ,,d Id .l l ^.n ,, ,,,, n l oi 'li u lail n (i, l hi llrl fr rr lhe. Thl ue I t'm u ,..
mmmnese iesanitumseif to mime Cama::nier, iand 1- tof setir possession ; we coinmend Cliam as a maro] i. man- tailed man nenc hib liral for crani Thle mres
clalon londth l tlin it w isonet r of wae r of France un il.. [ rld nn f l nte snumal, no finding hC.I I preJ i ll Iv,, spe,,
Il lle i-r e er, l he frle, to be ly y ore 'u t mim dee I rue 'e in alniion. lv know w ta li lion actor, srl 1" il coirae ep I 11lf tl faeroui n idam l "i en s.IrpW.
ItIlat. The. (.oum.i ,ader reLr.ado io l. end the Colonil. It matl ain it n er ner to a ct el' as 'an i alt , isrolv.d Ian etiine im.n 1r I.,rle ninm.
ruamedl hinn to e comnlllced, with lhe Ad,.eantd-Me or n f ie si- t act a t, a ily a w. n, l I ,ad cias .d all thle crim nal. condcnln,,il ly lce iriiu na, r
ti ) rrirsd not seven sednt all. Not on ly (In we wislh tatlh
lln, | IelI topee e Ihe pnl.r of ,llu |ro-L.r.e to (,t, ,. ,11 "^ 1 .. n.'e nr tn 1"n" ' ol.t o" "l*"1in1un"' 1rI
ielia toos, the palace o ie Pr-L e, to others bnhoull illais' lpon us laos we tke al poile ie givon p to hum t aljcts af diis innl atri. i
whIichl place in Colonel n Iatmcif r etrn.d, to intine n o l lad bi b a fl n hhoon( fe % i a h'*'1d i ll al, in lan'. r to a r'a
Iii ofHC (IUle d I.ilf ant tn in spnn u pon supri vlin ours A eVne, W h e are hX, i "u .mh
Ia,- (',nlmnnder hint he IhIould noN hte mt a liberty mntil oin tove witla oII I o arslvet rm a so unal, thn l n ore, e i l Isi in tl-ain lle viinm ; r I

truat d both wrdnd in oth ioK agac.:Y1inst t;Is as o in lovae with inisl non tlimt me pncuace at in alaar I at his oers, an heslf made vernes; he
til faorir s d,.le. s e op. 1 inn civrinmg anotir re-ions adn our onmicipltion. WLe. know Ii iraltnr victim we ra- lcar( i. ai-, il,, ,,ral .
refusal lse declared that the Co anr, a. well as. he o. n l or we alih ty if we iLull th our min nais "ls' n tIe crin' i i~in ia ,ic ..hl Ii li,:i-d, ,.i '
firaln funr ct nlrtitihth s nd llierv ted r I fer vedcl ol l ic les a ,e n r th e a Iond ln i lnf ialin.11 er1a'.o ;orl nh, toi..
lieses, -fi r ionrio,. ad nmlltr, e plmey s, were prs,.mr. ise m neve r Ibnen cloUUdles, nor a lr l)aan, l iree flron r cor anale r im s i i' *- ; i an II*
pEg-nlinu them o fle parole oCf lie lComauunder permineoln non noureoes devuldf tr.u wr, b an w a l ok on te 'ei.rd Il.'u to hi Iunlo mun rnian, S pljai. l.ra .f
tuo c nt ide ae nrit) their or o5nk I ea od oee le I and tiu k oiden we if our IhAf forgnott n in W prcvidlin for tie durcal clear li ....u.. I .
About thu,,,re tinlatu ishutoy,, r a lonlur or,,,,lo le th|re wuan h m i d* I hfa t ino tir Aea d "m of Scecs
n-arnl, Ia suprimr officer intrlth.lal limncir nlo i ,,o ,when all wasslu ilo, sA er the inert kaw inu 'ie 1leh of' May, 1412, a.xfltsinnt.,i lv lin, .-
n-1ri-nhuln ot ulir nor-Lremle helrunrnitne by a Puf a o rrow, auni te eve slc nii,) iear i u e. rl linen hinaL. Nlie.-- .nl r' Cabinrl ('r,i nllio ; S.swieda-l
h-naruf te ProLe ma ir-p oen omrso vs with nt i ciptiri n of boiling l I litnry oj' tiee Itnlian RepsbalPer.
oairer. wso lolad bn prvi.oudly on gurd o tim, Plce; castles with ll.lns lwlol. i hi outrucei lun ac t of lie Origin of li ali /n II. .
Ise delare.d to tho Pro-LeLtl luit sb hid occupied lb rlglives of dru|. Tlul dod Undr itn Ilie Iu Lrs an i. o/ell b l age s bi cl 1ect o, i met fla l i er. 'Ie, I
milil.ry partl of th i chy, and he deumanded tIn, cessin of rn-i o er in d a well by langaoe by at cni,,i o ,,t chim ,a The I
lu l shirip a l committee T| di *ame l n m staina liln lnMon1a. lpuken ei hi rura, ina rue al tgrrr in pts
The firtner to aid in h ihe g or blee. of h y DI)ouhllmena the plelasture a n great, in common uoe tIhmr huu Italy. regarded only m a .irIp
Thie Pro- r lh,, ayprnl d l. uch l prirheedin front In einmg cheltled ae to heael. lon of L. tin; he epllnrded himhlrlf ilh eleance i this la-l
1Ietposilf fr hlPower, dehlmnd to the olonel I We inipse oe n urlr in mime ene l ic we m te gae. which fM ma hls lime. waO den s iadeale nn el the ra ,
inht he selst not les himself II swch darmnnd, and pro-r. of- r w d i mo,-.rce aili ws-- lad innearm nrfiairane. lie enronralei the ir sl i; rho mw
H-'i bo in wnrds mand in wtieing against this attack on e dote a'e tunohv nder la no tino nntrt. Ile Ih::n phloye r i at an mcur... ir and hen h.atulf lmade eres; he
te s a i a y of" mfime Pop.. nco woh. anleran now no morn. hl oerate anti enoureaed learning; he lonu e dreld ai ,1el
t rh is l enlnesly. ohfnct in een clhosen Lord Matyor, anl lmlore lem entered upon and nlversii.,ties hre romolrd distinguished men: he vpote
rnl, ilep rmihe hiimney difal Ie.i tated i tivne of tffi,-e, his. crrage onei day enxiwiencm,.d interruption in .ilh eqlai frelit, Llin. G(erman. French. n',rt
iIrial r d'peara i frch li Itse ah-signed lis ten's'ivent, ets
Onhrdenl irens nhier of eln th .l loid hen I oi .elh omnh e "Cof l" narrow atree ion he city. In dIe iinMlw.uosily nd Antic ; he hai Ihe inlellcclnal uppienr,. and r...
On b. g lniCmw of nil miis, hn ll in.s dto th I f hi I. ithulh iin tion Iu mluat his importalnl ieald mut of tlmn peculiar n tine men of rhelouth. there an af iealna c. lise Ir
persuanedl thatl a r-sess In I te againsll hi Sorernty 'oar lr o l s mllla. bwling out, wlho dares to stop may car- phileapoph.. nI alt Lres independence of oa llian.--U LedJ-
cannols ,iwocd fr mr e or Iler of IIi. BM jnsly the Kinl riorlgI n am he Locrd i o h," y Cr (lnltssa f lo ir ('' n.l.
nf ie is'rench, nf o from l tlom of lke (;ov.l nrnmen, amld elect r. tche w sine i is t I ry imt asiug in this I eOn iio.- I the Acale .. nf es Pit
Ua it i h orcuers without the knowledge of your eF. rl- el c; r w ** in r hllu in tii | v/ s trfsn/..-Tl Ihe Aaden.v nf Siren, i"
ni-ncs, nuteithlnslndinI Ildi, fint lse prolection of Iis Sove- i Paris, a letllr was lately ne-d from M. Roolin. a )n"I"
n'in rights, he Ihv conntmndd thim tinalesigned tn lar Tie present Pacha of Egyp is i peronage of very I I'hytician of reminentl ability, in ihich hie indicslled i1
thafer yeanr E tellnl y all lse circutntances, mad to d- lira-rl mnin, anda has rnt s several men nof promising lalen 'niriive >ropntics i of gehrline and pointed ot rthe n l-
lru na follow:-- to different places in Europe, where they may arequiire ihe I lte necrnily of ll e cntlrine intu the rsienf of
Ili llolinresu formally pnilates against lhe violation of lnguares, and be iniliated in ihe imnproverm-ntll of lt i sniah upo n bhnon ll effect of difTerent alament ro sb
tle Puapl teristnr, which wat accomplished on the morn- reln-'clive countries A young Persian of Lood family, tances wai to ie Iried.
in of lf tihe of February by the French squadron ; lalely esilding at Florence at Ihe Pichia s exxanse, w p As a profof tihe nmnner in which aninmll trrneih tW
a ainsl all lhe allarck connilltted at lim simue lime main taken by Mr. II-- an English gentlekmn, to a ronal he 'PP"r'tr he related lhr rrmaikahle fatrl. tl in a-
hiq Sovcrre;(nt., and againtiu the iafraction of the souilary given by Mrs. B- *hoe three daughters, Iroimn Ihoir s'lline hllrough onme faoreIt in CIaonahia, in 142.51 her is
lawn hy tihe iuaiaron, and dIcllam the French Govarn- extreme lovelinem, ciCited a great entlion. The PIr-I his guides, beingentin'lv whiltint prnvisuins., were uin-
ncnt renponmible for whllevur conlluqunencea my e h inn'sna noble features and mrniicent costume did not fRil rI PIlld to eat five pair ;f sandals (made of untainted Li'-
resul uf ihese acts. to attract lhe admirlion of tlhse yonng landieR, *lnow they, m'.ferd by dalmp) and a diemr-lkin sprini. hirk
Ilis IullinMudeuand, tlnt the French troop who luave eves appeared to beam witb additional IustrP, when di- they roa*td and massicalrl. In thi hitter api-rigeol.ra 1
enl.rml In a batik mariner into Aoa, do depart front rc tedtewrdi llte strnger. On the flloing nwonin, I"n'rsw*"ere opied in lting ihrinih ll Il tird prt Of
thal rity iamwAdmiely. Amitdt the deepdisploure rwicl Ihe Persian paid Mr. H- an unummllv early visit, re- the sole of a sandal. Thin singular alimrni suplnti"
lii Iloliomu deriverns fro much a unhappy event, he eells questing himo io go at once to Mrt. B--, and n.ake a their strengllh, nd Ihouich lie jouarnev which wa to h1'0
er,nfienl that he will uoblain Iro the French GUvernmant proposal for him. I do not ohjrrt," said Mr. II-- l'nted onli Iwo days. curnpied fourteen, they rrivrd mi'"
tlpnjut iepraion which h deairwle. halhomgh it i ano crtuntomary to make a prnpmal in so Ie"ni"mai" n in ond Ihelith. Tiher ncr"sIIaIly ire tl e
Tli Cardinal Secretary of State lakes adnnep of precipilte a mianmr ; bt pray, for wAicr dughber am! core of the palm trees, bul found Ihal in .sltoin'd mitn
tinis opptrtuuilty &c. ('iedT) T. C. BrmarrI. to propeoa 1" For ll tIkree," was the reply ; I i strength mucci les than a piece nf the rosined leather.
will give a thoumsd poadmsfor each of them, end shall -- --.-
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