Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: May 16, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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ge 3IOI. Editor. WBRMNmBAY, =AY 1i6, = 81 i utel- R4.V.

THl BAHAMA ARGUS. specimos clak of c1 y towards he black, l le s meas tr; and, Ia addblek to i ile s, h a a aaso.
envelop diven small arties, ndach aler hi an n sky, and neliyin, pre~aiom flroe aa ed, wae, and
IJmmLaD n mn-wSaKL.r in NASUiA, K. r. oed fashion, in iU ample fold. Timh delaed, t per dias, at Ihe Lhal a"t dial daoe who lihamll y
Blit llu r ammam--- dr ae. prem up to te bhutin d bodlldemuad, as eg subjects him to iiem bead itdl Is bis a rnis
,Ma, a vote for the iulant aid entrl abolitie of sdaery condition thl diat of the pIper, wo nidi il Ihe
throughout his Britanic Mnjeey's hide in the welsern wretched ets set apart forLe shier of mach by ihe so-
archipelago. Rather thuan mr i sa, the candidate give theorlme of mch parish I England t Is lht mu a
hia pledp, and sin mos insaana returned. Than com seject so the ill of the churdwnrde ar the enere r o
the smes and meice is given of sch and Ich a motion, the prish ? And i dsbechucbhwlrdea or verma lway
the result of which would be, if carried, to open Iwide the a mild, placable, and eay-.tmpsid mIt And i tim
doan of destruction, and to devote to misery mad ruin condition of that man enviable, when compared at that o
thousands ol eithercolour. In uch a stte ofociety as theslavsi Ye itiI ay our adversaribm. He fte-
O lT&7 would inevitably follow the Iblliion of davery, and that he is a Englishm -he doe not o a maer-he is a
POZT* T.* too with hasty strides, we amert, that the condition of the free agent-can do as he pleases-c wrka pe-as
SCONTRA once slave would by fer fall hurt of their present state, and, in fact, is no slave. Thi w dey ie wa. We
THE CONTRAST. either in respect to their mordl, health, or happine. asser that, to all intents and purpose, this ma. in all sae
The ely home of Enlind the name, i a s lve; and so slave on a plantation would,
Hoe beautiful they snond, Not even the boasted powers of parliament, great as it knowing the condition for which he would barter his pe-
Anmlla their tall incesral Irees, undoubtedly i., will nmke tie mind of a negro, in a in- Isat happleem, chang siatlane with thhisl -o egrc
O'er all the pleasant lad. Mrs. IIrani. s ant, equal to the poeion and aue custody of hi own lishmlL I Ther are, dobtse, iandua of ill treallent
Freedom. It would be easy to mark out the consequences to be found and raed up, if we search for dim; but it
Th, stately homs of Ireland! of such an unessapled exercise of power in i objects, does not follow tlut all are ill treated, ad that al are un-
liow deslate they .sand, by taking a a guide the effect which tie arrival of news happy and discontented at their lot. 8o entirely lsu dhe
Amna he faren tores od en of' any particular discussion here has on the minds of the system been changed, that lavery of the present day no
Thre leer no ioae o'er meadows bouad, negroes. They formin the most lasy and hlnoes ludicrous more ramenbls its ancesIr, tie slinery iof a century
(lypask in nommer*a bam; conclusions. Endowed wilh faculties which can hardly bg Since, than tie two most dissimilar and opposite thing ,n
Thel .wa n her song Is plmnine sound called reasoning powers, they pee ert every piece of in- eartl can be said to resemble rach other. So lone di ilhF
Is wailing on the irearu. telligence inspecting tile imHoventens of their friends at bas and degradint tr iffic in hinlfmain inlsl wioas alio..', so
Tie, mournful hor of Irelandl lionme inllo an actunl declaration of treesanl front restrain long as Eiglish s1ecrulalur, were enc- oura'alt lil Iii ti,, -
1 ali the sournf hby o igr and coniroul; refuar, ir no very anH gured tlernr I rk ; vnn, t wr ; venn and llat in the most1 empli, it aid Cipr.s .Irms,
.\' jidnl the lurf hv .iu hl, j . i n,1
Thre. looke uf famne.-nor ol lire. .tnd afirin that King or Kinr Wel it ai d eians a dy a and llnar-r i l i an l.In .samuriri'es ofr ,r,,iL tian, so
M et ian he dirnmal liglh. dr ii ld theInI lr*a-, lint that i ii ir uan i are d-ceaivii: g lon r re., alucry a urune o11 i ll, laialai rr tlrh mlilati a r thli
Ne womlu'll a oice sI harnl in song. 'h it, and thia they ks e |6 r1om tfln idat bhe an which hlia wretl I at ie. Tir 6:iae f" ir l n.iilaitai 111 i srh c Ias
No cl hll lei iarIs tal is tkoln'; been granted to tlhe il pariaent. iWe nou a-h to i edfrl 'o tlinL of ; aill tise niiur tlmt sIlrll a iyulatu
Tib call, ofliunger are moong liive ber .n thie sait of Ilinr excited IeelingE---thliat rorli- was pill on end In, tho Iltter i r both classes. On sucll a
T'lIh ) uthf'ul iand liae old. nialoins lh ve Luen sent out to thn dill;'r-nt isl.andl, for step blein l kainred, Chrisl rlnitt mniist well llu it annl grel
Thi wreihearl hornet ofr-lnal t ula' 'xprass purpose of undleceivin tllaee poir deluded rIlatinly is the )rldise whiicl due tO tieu plilanhllro-
T'h-i denin di ard lonwr; rt re.lrurs and ussurin tlien l lal they are sill loaves. I pic suploners of thai Whlch levelle l t, lhe ertll
lltira he'l ihe halyv q161 !riP i)ul, it not si rikl e tile IrInd 1i' every r ial aIIIer, 1 hailt we so l ligutotinig I i)pri licice. Yet *tlre r i'inis
(,' I s .abi,.rh ha ir. .." tiui p.l4yilg ia h a in ..... r wlhili, lihon. h J nsaa tl;r I lo Iae surminounted, and :lien tle .late Ilric u l phi-
V 1I a, ) oel r a!., the <' Iri I el Is ('iane T inI e tI n lo's It aslabut as we pl'an.., ri an i.iake its men- I tlahropy and love lowardl u'ir frLiluu -cra lares .i ll
Flirar ar Ir Ith wrilI a ii i : arI i ,a l. i-).rea r- a la l |i ..: o iii t e linihrc, yel il mlvt I I.c .i r d, 1t tie admiirilng \iw atof tu raiiilrrind
PP'I '' 5 r aia4 i i in 11 i ll. l 'l -rr.rne la' or 0' o r' o alnr l, .cl' i .Iu ,i:r air' ll of lira i aidlalaa. till., ih weaver. should a i ra niir, ral ir. lieu
l'.i.rr lh.'., Jr at nn il u .I. i I a ia .IlU llau t 'l'a a tia r ll I n ; iail, a- ;- i. a iie l tonI g ':l rd.rI J Ia dy." Sir.a rly as it i. y b. I id Ild.a
The r,l,in. o la aome r1f I reltn .* a' a i l. lu Lsr) a h al n i. ir l .iii0 lli'l.a a r, iI I on pilocr.uIination is lie thil of time," ). I a'quad.llv aplli-
Ity ihousanlds on her pitain, "; f'isioi) il) iu s unlutor*i 1 ti.' Are nol ll i ol ms liL- I' 1 cable, inu out npition, is laiu warning, that preLapi1a tation ui.i
'lirh rahain ,, thle lsmllon ki, u. a, it natunwia tha ril ai 'i ai. i r fI ar irt i i pirlal I destroy lth| Lali>ours ol tiie.
No comil.Ir nor cotlasin. m y li]arai ili r a a.n po t I ., lt li,. sIprem.. v I *
Through tu anl rui.leforuh rthr pa.ep, f ,,, tfie t gas of thIe sa.ti.,, Jal, earnedd of hi aI.llajd Irlle o slhve lave gradually bmpe iproviul since the
Il'er dwheep dllr a 'i.I e j. Ir rota-.Jer lth diiisl.l. f nuainscr lreiua"'n ile :,lack al lition of tl i tide up to the's lmoolsell li ean. ead if
|li ,lerp d.llrlitu r i nlk Inn,& o 11,
And 'renam of daesl'errwe irl,'. I anl ullite populalionl of the Ilhnanal, IIe rIlt mut l a Ie th. are not Inow ti for emanicaplaton, it ones a|la er, we
Alhudler Ilr th tile ul ulir ullhie brcrlerea, in the event inf imagine, to every one, tiht a few itoiie ypar* islng silent
Tie free, fiir hines of I '.oJ od I riA I i onp i )art o: llge laves, and anl a;iple rl to fonle. I ill tl,- plan of aaielioratio'. Ililecrlo, piirsl d by else \lave.-
Ere lonlil. n hlrn and lalt, A ,,.iid it ll t Ia th: .sh er plan, nuderanrly to pursue tillat, owne- botlh in abhon illnd a lual arl erivll* crtpacll'rs of
May heart. ao naisn prf rer cise vlch il in I IIc sLi-nd to ala.- t le t l n I;e a l s g p 'el!elln rriiding olht iher Ieslttlue, *n.l in tleir ibllhr one,
And trelgn for ever bc i lhe i v' i., ai aal ll. al' h whflae, rlard tat ior n r of lie le iatun, it n l i a i will ultirat ly.
Anid bl hl a ht e n .na.r -,' ,a !t I tl i ai* a r ii s vil" v;t id li t r, srther tlai In I'eein a a Ind i Ir ll sur mi .ea r lah t(le g or l 01' f !umr ; iand IthI l
'lt .re irue the pt;ifrl a.r lr In o'l 'o I tlinleto' 'i. i I. 'a ti 1, I. frii s aa il l 'inae, tinnd I li a a t-e, iney rl.iam tlist wl, 'h ti o ,.ld L*' ulni l t r o .l' '--
It. coullnlt i ull ir i ol iil lln- I I ., p sp i:u 'l "it' i arl lls! Ioiisl a 1t s i s It ii l ; I I a1 a4 a rll p iap lnpspn bl in-- hiire now it ia coaln rring a blries i .g
cta.,itru,; .l ,r ithre m nt % ii t hbetito liha dispelled .r. TIt n Iianti, to witllhhold ron, tInir grs that lhich a .li ild
S- i c. 'r n il IU Irrl l I l. ,, tOi rInlr-vr iivlila Irr llin ;le Ian plunp llier l n,a ial connected w;th tliheil, into evirai arlI
Io Praser's M agaziafivr .Yoea'se, L1. in' I,.old .said up to w.rk. uninfluenced by any powi.r Ituri, I lth moral and political. The generality of onelma
.t.n -n his o i TI r n will. Bfly Ira.niricing a systi.U of eiu.. ar' hlike children; and no ine is a friend Ioi either, who
I .NGI.l.ND AND IIlR COLONIS IY T I. l E; r ,n ti an, b ilialling principal.. uf religion iulo the youning, would tono atrly place within their reach those nbjct whirh
Much a has i beni alruedy written aid snwIo,*n on th.Il i n 'holild nl wn a rising g'leieration who would INe able to are utore peculiarly tie province of tllhir elders both in
m ainoenltoii Iherine, which hia b-en desarnateil as pprj.cic ll.: vast boonln which rlome re so anxiuou s to Ia' and rl stand'rlingi N one wisely mnkes a gift to a.t
i West India Question," anid siby too as that muh givae hem. Even now Ilhere art nany of the original iniant whlirch Ile can, by nny pnibiliv, pervert tile we
tlo nl moaintaintl by n,. o' our numeroi correspond- Africans nl ilng; anl of tIae il l *are native cf dlte I- of, and i.rlrhaps sriously injre hlimesl is d his frieiids by
us, y't we hope llma wr shall Inlt ine held i.tiruiive if veral islands, and have roii. tno minn', estate, tho minority v i.; aiw!ward nel. When, lioweser, the l.ild r.wi- to
Wlrriture to iay, that there iill remains milnin lilJ I are not much beuer ilre Alricans. TIt they gradual- h- irnorant of itll uri and acquires a knoule I o of oli
s.'r 'n to denfedi llit subjecl; and dstll Ihere ar ye ly disappear, as they will in ihr courw of nature, nothing Irgitimatla en.i to wrl;l it nsl be lput. then, as o. r inr.,
Lns a-r!irentsi wich minghl,wiu .reat succus, be hrou, .t iuslntlial can be done. Alrundy ar ta bencecicl rai- i he clnimnu Ii due, mrecoies lt, ,ald knowing I.ow to rnt rn
a .'ir airj. sarlls arisini from that plan wa have hinted e, perceplibl, Imh I lif, profits h his n ly r nuiLitio, end hrings
We'n irni t tliiloh glaring impolicy of granting insltnt on tie diTferent sawe... The respective leislatires of linllh fruit, n. e tenfold, saom a lihnerladiold. WH y do
u l.Jtlq aileild einmncipatiUn, (flr sIich dia our enemies I, th ijl nds, comrpo d of men who are rally internestd, we exercise so srict a caution and control over usl chil-
ste d fuo,) has not been exl ad in a manner so stre- body and soul, in the saneliuration of the slave, have all dlon till tlly asrive an the age of annhood 1 Tlm answer
"ai is r it migh', said tlhat the vast vall and importance enctod wholesome and malt ry laws repnrliog thl slave i obvioul-bheaue they re not hlt o do that feor Ile-
a colonial pnraeuions tn England. in wilniever point of population. The buosled right of the Englishisn'l trial I lives which we, knowing tihir defciency, do for shem.
'* Ihey Slay be cols;dored, has not been umilcienoly by july has, we know, bena granted to them. at least in ;'hy. par passu, should aM the slive havea ti inte nt
*l aid inl istlrd aon by those wolu have .llherto conm I one island. They have been adminled to a participation freedom I Why should ot thla man, whn till now la, at
'rrid I- btl'.ll'uf tllhi overpoawerral and salaing muse. of alnmot all the privileges attendant upon the whie. t he will of others, and under their guidance. curbed hi
r'ro !arin. itattitii ely acquaiinted with many owners of Their state and condition have been allenrively consider- rising pauions, suppremwnd his love of driu k (innate in all
Ir sIndia property, we have been able atin in great in- ed; and the efforts of the owners have been attended with: his brethren), bur fotnh from this shackled utle, and re-
't into die system which it is now so muclh tile fashion satisfactory results. The harsher and nore prominent cive freedom, in the mst unqualified ioening of ihat
*ircleasr tol make anti-slavery sa pular cry *at arut of slnRery have been gradually soften-i dow : no word t Equally prompt is de answer Ia befimr-B-e
Spirbric asvmbly, nay even tip rank at i- asa cardinal s uch thing as blue slavery, that degrded mle which canse, as certainly s one event ne, by the laws of M-.
"m-, sa itlunlt le ponession of which, and rlat too in denies the power of complaint, even exs s. Slaves who lure, follow another, a suarly wll he s h liberty to Ihe
o ample and unconditional elent, no na. can now fincy themselves abused or ill treated by the uversaer or manifet detriment of society. Will nol the aonutred
S' to be uved. While such i the iaiveral cry, the manager, have the liberty of appealing to their imme- savage assume on this omcca Igpola of the true
ay daoe it behove every man who in not convinced diate owner, or his Iccredited agent. appeinad to watch nature of the bam conferred upo him ader he naimie of
i truth, snd every one wise diloult, to record hi dis- over the interest of the esae during is bshence. Of lierty and freedom, he stuld hardly credit that, heaing
'eI or lii. doubts upon she subject; :nd thus ao ihew what does this dreadful state of slavery coasit, fromu obtained his manumnmio. tillhe ws ne to me his own as
the ma. of ihe people that they lRe Ibeen speciously which, as from the lowest depths of iebense, a certain he pleased; in other words, o the working of revenge
hred by prsonso who, in some instance, may be de- class of beings are straining every sere to rescue them, for fncied ijuaries received at the heds of his former
esd themnirles-but we mistake much if all are so sit- in the detriment and ruin of the proprimson, and, we a. nimlnte. It ay be opposed so thes suseion, lthat th
aed, while wo fearlessly aSert, that many, the greater sert, to lie at lest very doubtful benef of thue who la- ar lawr -thet l era me leglation, which would he en-
nrtion, of tise saints wilfullv aseri that which they bour under its chains. We would ask, dos it in any the forced to prevent all this. But whla we wold as, avail
Wthey cannot prove, if prioof were required, but tust i slightest degree pprarh the durance nile of the prisons laws, while they are a me cipher What wid the or-
c well-known rapacity with which the multitude re- i of England I We do not allude to those erected for dim ders of the governor is council. aed from his close to
il" such opinion., without considering whlwher they safe custody of offenders again our criminal code, but the Ireblina whbim, evaillt putdows e comnation or
S founded on truth or reason. On the other md, to those which so tenaciously lock op debton. The arrems the destruction f property its repid proguwn
winl nt listen toany liing which may be adlrascd; negrou' slavery i compatible with the enjoyment of air Will they qonch the fires whic, like so many eacons to
t ill aot bear to hear tlat what lthy have road in dhal and hse:iliful exercise. He enjoys his dilsk dmes etptia. surroiing estate, announce the blemsinn of freedom
rkcilts. journal, tlle A.Nti-llo-in r RepIrltr, has been -- to the lacks, and incite other to the perpetrntiin of such,
inared ; hill tIly receive all a grpel which t aer i rher two weord were pinled in Greea charmacte.-As. and even worse. trocites dlan tIlree When peace is
their isinlly adviser, alI, under the lpnciuus and ;, ac DrrL. i (Comtimaud n the lr st Page.)

i wJ Ilf L $ It MSS. -Io o oarle at f whomI, i' shouldd wpp. u.Ho MfGad
i 16ln|n; .. ...' IdsWiliby the brig Ros- vefeeliingol power.- feelin
.po en, CLaptain i, a 4 f pao-,- of i. perpetu ing the ay, ias croup,deliberte wl kvie
Cm Ann, ae alt as ied m deiajg. ogi dira msa ePpuray d*t. Pf .f , I kk w
Mllde to sufe ir wro is as l ou d s
Sod y sr"d ay d of d-e Condi by his administration. udoptlon of thi lr2brlry m ro4se a
nralg, tin Amri 4eba IarIhyem"s, CUptsi This piece of Sulptre Is now lying on the wharf at Woo d nd Gorle Cminpbelt l Aradm l s
aveyq, arm Nbw YTk. By ih .iove vresib, we which it was lIandi, iwhre, we presume it will reniain lor challenging lth other for heing tire Lm "
bn reoeid, o f reglatr ilm of nel eipers from die entil HiaEEU olihy shall have decided upon a fit spol to leang, totdie ault terror of Charles R
first sabed place to th~ld, and from the later to the 5th ernt it. We narderitnd, r this purptIe a Council of ii excited the risibility of all pre"s :
men were crlarged, t Ihe traces of tonr or
inswatn. io i, which ctain London dates to the tmedies was hell fta Friday, and the area or the Pubic visible io tdti loin ath eas of el tar sns
Savalgd tie 81sl of MIreh, Liverpe al to the lt oh. Buildings-we miurthe King's Balding--was fined upon to t discovered feeling worbryof li f i
time, sad Paris to thedOthof MHart. ai the most eligible sllusliuo for it. It is not known who- minution nolager tecoorMlntt es iit a.
Thel second ildng of the lIform Bill in the Hloue other tile duties or the lh Geon. 2d., will pay for this great rest opprMion t nlre lidepIPs I Io deItic
of LorJi. was posponed from the .5th to the 9th ullimo, overlooker of the public offices, or nut; we, however, athn to t I, wrhi if alosmte be
as st a lysm of Lord Wlhrnelirf, w*h forunerly voted think His Excellency will lordly have the eiffrontery to ask licitor Gneral was stt' e Wil a 61(ak, Ca,
iginsl the BiL The Reformoer consider tih to indicated for indemnification froan the next Holle of Assenmily.-In pulled to kjs recours lo s e.tra.geyule. a
a intention, on the part of Ilil Lordship, to give it the history of Clolumbus' voyages, we find, that when lie As another regulation of this mas and l ,
a more favouable reception In It preiunt shape. Time wal in Jimaircin gleamntof food, in cuseouenceof tle GrandI Juries to be aboliuls d 1 It would qp,
" g~dr ussis," an iuferior court, is the cause given. uativer having stopped their usual supplies, hei, by what to rts, a together; nd s he d option ofi I1
prthalhy a U .seue for H I pleanisenlent front tm lo fift them appeared nminrcle, frightened tiemn into obedience cuchl a, at one time, was oxercisd at tih Clpe a
to lie minth. A lwner creation of Peers is considered to his deinanlds, and obLainld tnil he wani:d. We shall, Ilope, and which our elrrlt rehor, iue I
ads srlately rquislle, io atlect its passae,-in laci, it is therefo, a. dvis Ili Excellency to invoke tile Gods, to timire Ihld somine situation tlere, may hauv i hiledi
the only ronaimiinglaope. .warns this Statue of Columbus into lifi, will their lseavon- for.-As Mr. Wood and Mr. Anderson are Mmw I
The Cholera iosraplly increasing in England. Ireland ly fre, as the ancient fable tells us Pygmalion's carved hrtie upt ro IriIbefore nept July., ad te is,
sod Scodatd, ami has sbo found it way to Paris. I.eauty was; furnodiingblt a miracle can work any change for insolence, why not then coraltiiito illv Yrie,,
The la* olcfini report from to ith 31s1t in die public mlind, towards Sir Jamies Caritnlici-ael-Smylth. indictment I The coanrse adopted. I romlul, is
Marri ; where tlher were no w c aes and 44 dlesll ; frinigeiont on tile rights of the suliji c; al in a,. n:
itsal in the comstry a3 mne cases, and 16 denlln. Total lWe understod, thal 1i. M. nschoioner Nimble, Lieut. collection upon llte mtiost ressptalabJle ucle. ,, :,e i..,
nu, llnsr seiod in lie United Kingldom, 7t6' i Deaths. Potbury, parted company wilth tsie Ariedne, a few days ts, ,ho lavve. fti la ie, sti sw ,,t
2:115. since, between tlis and IwH Ilavata--ltu hlartel having on country.
We rive the following,mas the Inst adicem from aI'.ii board, thel Ilemll-Quarters of the 2d West Indiu li Igi- Tliere are few persons, I should hope, whlrouldei
and Hrussels, lespecting the trea y if tim ls isl of No- tanlt from tlle Bay of oIlinduil;s, fin this place ; and tiat advocate or promote duelling ; still it is pielt tpe;m
vnsmhr, il bween the five powers, upon the siliject ol li Aridnon maiy he e"rirrled tlu-norruw, or the day alter. adnilteld, tlh t isa ecelrsary evil, inasrllictis slkwh.
Holland aid Belgium: te -- riTdlly to check licentiousicess.-Thie on latH knIow ,
Pa a wit s rie e re, rel, th we l ave learnt lite slepart- dosc not poss..s tifficico olt ti o Sin l ie, I,,.
Paruis, Niorth "-Nevr was the news froth aroad I fsrtIoud, if II" s s ise, rn i no bryk byivs"leire, is olb,.
is rcontradictory as it tn heas n tEo-tiy. At L Atondo ti "ure from this life of' Lieut. McVicar, of tile 2d t ise to e i use hins,ui. Thli stiilerfug used, as ii,
arr espctinsg p-are i froin ltrli rlCtiino s sf I nh .Irtdiiit I-tia Reimtnl, %ich melancholy even took Ihte a any pirlricular oin'-or, in f'ac, an) exrsee I avoids
rMs, (nilillti Iiil), a \ nn y iullk o p.irlfi llhlrii th'l siiort lille silne at sena, on board tlle Ari idllll l' i cn Jhr sd- tiollln, whlien all in.isl( lit s iien olls reid-sill,toevery a
Itoman Stallt bl mran' of Protocolts,-iand of it iilnatal sag. I ruii llilnria to this poir. of coiinilson spirit, le allriliueld Iv Lsas cownlice aln.
ev;aotiaion of tl Ftrinch anid ltAii-rii ans-i ii,-w i tlt' MNI. ,,ebhit lhas hadl, recently, an examnllie in lie me
fIin. Italy lista. that tlle Fre.nclh ar. frlil:ving lthcoli.hrls oindiurt of a JuJdge, whI o as ocI U laid tiids hi poa,
as Ilnco, a, ianid lts Aislstria S taking a i.|.itiotn oi lite iIoti*e Tie' iillowi.ig ii eitracleil from G ,liglll*nit4 MIes-s ger, C. gave for ain lTrontil llie stilislltisl i thi wa draemsriald
Ilio Ihti ci., ant i arccruon uliati nsw forces in Lomb.ris riil (pu li.heid I I'.trnf.) of ihe :it, J.inary, I,.U; : hin ;- ad liile thits conduct luis riisead thsl Judiiec
T n ul. Ittl'rs fIr n Ir rln re rive rl sit-ilitv, sio.l) r ol I** lin) In I'ris un I'ro.ll. li -i'7th instl.lli. after a ihlrt I vliniitlkost of lite ct liitlonity, so i) s l. i ste retire, la
laI ; limhy rpresr-nl Risiia i. riicrr ntlr. tint I trii 1p, in I'.- illnei. .1reil ie n years. 'Is .IIu Finily, thirl iltliahlier ul Ihe l )rt of .Mr. Nrbill, is delrlba d him, thll, llu l lay (
land, .astail dl Sir pirlty a iinlrigsin woilih t llit ('l il. l ul 1it' lieu Ilrlic ItrouI. tf Nasu, New I'riilencr." oc iiiiin) alould lie presIlll l to be ini lurf, Nis i d Iki
B*rln. In sine, Ihre isnl. ndi its lliIt&I. air' rip ftr -- ..- ci. iilirce to resort it> an) otllsr nlode of rerfaliat.lst
Tiw L)utth, ua thIt 7llith, stnit 6IO) mesn to I. nhlliovn I treanvsu lMa 12th, 18.:12. 1 itlie use of llth tfio. A iprest figure will a tupohnla
(Noithli lirabon.) and lthe Diirch ai r s was pr-p.ii i lo, i1 a Tolte Ediilor of the Itakama Arg.a. I I.nure, rit--a a leader f a part Will liia pIart a
tnmveumsnt aling the wlh l line. Anil again it is saleuld Sln-AccIrate as are the represeasnlaills in .it-e A IllI r ll 1I It will rsecl dis. redil on Iliest, if dlri A
liat s verasl H,-l'ian reginlt'nts hlAve rrrivcd ullCers Ito id- I could not ILt Iperleclsly sautis as Ias ihe correctlnms if ThI'le person at u hose inslancei, I belihte, the Ex-Ol.
ruenr towalits alt Dlutrih friliers. (;rea activiv is oul- li staliement in your ptper of thle !hli insl.ant, relative tn emianiii.ii, Iact.edI firitit particular muti s and frtal-
served in Iilt bureau of tihe generall laff of tIllt ais In. eile ricil and seMence sof i'ar(i|lilatson's ne(ruLos, until I not a filinl Rogenrs, olf respect ,fr viou; lur in het.K
Wht lisiil wei say to all tlies rreprts l Is it probable li.tuI hail i..Idei soimD nciry ilnto it ; anit sl y igrrlat altunissih- e nmitlt ileli.te tile Inai wo li) Ii nl swallowed itd
tim- Niorlhern Powers will sulTrr Fr.inrr to interfere in lthe ment, I lave Iluind all to be tria. To 'he' powi r hali tlinrt uf beiin kinkeil,-and taniely suitalied, ls~et
ITfaire ol' Belcium 'The whole fulins a political riddle' has bitn anrroigald in ltlis ( Colony, by selling at nounih tin, to It. protclainLed a blase, rorsAlly liar. Nodis,
whitil it is dillicil so unravel. sanctioned laws, and upsi ling useul and long erlablillsh h i,,,t,.s,.r, in yor ,o pinion, I(ogers-" Bletter is a brlis;,
Iruselrls, Vir*la I.-Hv an extraordinarv courier front r.eglatiims, I could never lavu imagin.edi liha thei. powers sht a dead lion."
liw lirguei. urirveronlent lhs receivedllo-ldmv,newsaolf dli hitherto supplied to belon tuo Otinipiiencie alonrt, we.. am, Mr. Editor,
utlosst lollariance. B a courir al Ihe Ilague fr lu Ln- I be asltaiun-d by nmere wrong-headed,niurlal maln, in visit- vour oaoblierntl srvant,
don, tih Utrtch government is infirmrel by its Minister at ing the silts of the parents on the Irads ut tlluil children. TYHANNIDIS HOSTIS.
Lunadun.llo. tim conferrenlr will not anilil the molificRaitn Are they to Illane, bhecamlse their nmodiero, like famed
wliicl King Williamde inrein the reaiv of Noveslber .1hi, Elis a ofi old, have with her exclainwild,-" C'.rse n aill
andt dittalhr resntatwnivs. England. a Francedrenri- tl- laws, but ihost which love Inlsae ;" ani have cti rln Filt io the Ilauphinoeie, of the 14th iod.
.d in lhe moti positive manner the ralilication of liLat to that fiePng 1 Are nil tl) aillt brown population ol G" (; lILi, IMrc IS.
Ir-aly 1y Russia, Ausria, and Prussia, a pnrnlimnary ito i' I IlWand, (lur they an' all illegitimate, willh le exieptiont Yelseri we wrtle Ra ligll arccoun of a stsilpsh mi
nuegllationsl n any othrr ubljerc. By lim same caru ier of the "deent anI wll rondilucted inhaibitanl .of lite Crick which l.adi ausiled thl ow : andi, throsin a little ridi
time english Minister received orders from his qlvernnmeitl 'I e"lten'ito l) o Inie juslice, onl account' t f llrir illoci- colle p lon the esxess of prt vention taken by hie autio-
1t' nrela~eit that thl preteeoions of King Will'inan rcnnot i tinmry 1 And i the distribution of partial jusltre to lbe one l. ti, repeatel for dte Irentlh hime that ullsess, moi 's
bh complied wilh,and allt the governments of Franrce "I Lp "ara"te"mnts ol this iner awd promised hthapy lich rembarra., the ruilstnls anil phlasiir' of the ipepIp
and England feel their honour comproniied by s long a re i A slaimecnl, no donid of t woc| liing ou Il. re, in lat, prievi nivre more lanigirous thln Ibf Ilhreat.*
dikily. Trial, tle sentence and its ilitiratlion, will be furwad.i4 tn l -I dlisirdirs which they prift-s to tisulil'. Ve 'at
On Ihu fiNl Count ()r ffreceived despatrhes from the I Lord (;olrictl. It must not be umled : lt will sirw lrrn lii. arlitide, for to-dlva it uloild lir indernlt liiolot.
Russiaa Minister at London, informing him that nnoti ili- I how clsecrly the work is eetiing on, sand will entitle us, a. blood lsao Ibtcn shied. Illood hlas been piled in (in.' t'
standing al which had been done to induce the English I well to s,,m namre lurralice guvernrlitel, as to a K. ('. a I"..n remarkable for the iialidness of its people. ai, I
tid Frenod governments In relai, tlhoe covernnenls had B. after -n'" himines is inidsld. But wldlt would Hli n.rver encourured Iie disputes if pani v uhern umne" "
dealeiil that natlhing huit the trelily of NTv. 135tl wnid L'ordship say, if askerl-" Hlow does it lihappen, that, most opposite opliniuons InMs to Itesl on s ile i nl I1 'lk
hl ratfli On d llh Sl CO(unt Oriolff Ihl a long confer- under your nove, any Lord, illegitimcy is raised o tihe ltrunts, ai1 whose inhibildiit lived luovgeihr aq s 't'i "
nce with slitr Minister of King William, in which lie re- motl distinguiaild rank, flintlne, aod lioinulor in the king. :" Greinoble pa;,ed thruughl the ordenI of ll r Ie '
prenlted llaml tli propsuitson of the Kinig wa inoadnlii- dl'dom while in lis Majs.tly's Baalisna Islands, it is to ac- I without violence, without rioting. (;rtilei!oe a "ca
asble.--Tl peace of Europe, e said, ought not Io r- cmred, a' to sla1 out from the pal' of juIice, ite coloirl nrei o pieiid wilh firiign troiu|, asill eId for gsot ''
main petemtlic on accomat 4o this sate of ihiouf I hjf subject uunrmtnuAely ituated i" A i A, willal tIhats de.. Ird ts of the I)kke of Anigoiulein. Frc''r1liea1"
ik arem His M.laj y wmtl not relinqnish hIi position, fernc which Ir cmmrei to be due to Sir James Carnli- --tle revohltiuon of Jnly--rwre rq ilircd be-
France w uld invade Hlllanl, snd Russim would rresain elcel-Smyth, 1 wilriake leave to ask hiiu, may not isi coldl he slied in ltie streets of (;renolel. .
oieemL On accounlof these reprosenltaions he hdesandt- trodt, iis sinceriay, be ,Iotlled, on using thesi r nmarkalie Forced as wel are to trace tile clrcumrt'lsate
ad a positive answer, whether the King would or wuald exoreasionst-rGentrlmr I am recr unhappy to re /ojt in have brought about the ldeplorable catastlroplhe t -e
os ratify the treaty of November 15th. Ilirs.Vtjr t'iO rmmeni t Hmfufse,-rrco-nio, nio diistiir- lhate o1 rdrdle, we do not desire to add to tls iw. er"s"n
The Miniter of foreign tq fal ha insg neIwrid in tin tlies, Oa rdfIreers, betatcm there frre sucer.s i'f His which i.iivrsallvy prevails, and dllinulg our bi ,ul hwoi', 1
negtlive, Count O(riiff declared thu the Emperor Nirch- Jiajfty'a lk#as Islandsl,-witen he leis ihl it r-r.. r.l- lips t mlille, andi our craniped finoers r fuse In hl ibe
as imedoad o the Kinegd noUlnd U to L i to He IHe n ed as his opinion, thtl the diocriptiIon i.r., 1, I i, 1.1. p ,, iu l., l ,et.ndlriavlIr to Ifulil ith can111is a idul" L]
lttad tM Ilue, ard set of for London. On th 2ith s~ies addrdmi, aMr not dmtile from their Slav- to, as n.evr moire painful.
pll 'Ietionsirlertof Ameria and Pron i at she Hague respectt nd to ltht obedienre whirlc is lien to Iciinrimae t On Sunday about 15 voumne men,in drr*esse w
aent in ite rlificalioms of their overigns reaeective l. birth. WIatever kind frtlinEl I may hIave fir tho free Anthorities shoih puip itr lo regard ai firnii "n R '
oloured pop on let i t not be iiiagined thai I am pot- i-nlatiion of tle Memrn rs of lc .Mini andl Dlli ol r
We obtnere by our its ppersn afr New York, that line maell f orwal as their champion ; I know thi sher lircl pertonters, proinenailed lihe street' of (reo'tl_
it hli bran proposed, dlo tihaduty pon Salt in the United infamintion with which they are seized, kept alive hy tlit i with Ihe biudgei accompanied with ilte t o u ppl"rlrr,
Stan sIU he Muaed on bal--suy, i 53 caom per artfi, the dvinimg, and the Interested, is not lt persi, t crrlit%, repr-rellned in Ihe nanlner as in tIe F" dl
bil 56. u nad o."ff 10 aeer lo be wnolr 1d: they will notl thai they are r male thlie Trie.tris. risii proreion, ricmisin. of carrier' '
Lo I.i~ Ll 'Iard o 10 inwruments to perfect a rain wtok ; and lnthe lusin grnllrmen on houreacrk, went to the perk de Fts'I
Turks Island. Slkt is quoted at 50 cents pr habiel, in will. I lar. only vanish when theyv, widt is, are ingulfed, where the garrison were at irhal mionle I t i" ref 'il
the Now York Courier and Enquirer. in tis vortex of rin. h the GenaerI. All thi dlisoirler hlid, thec prles'o
The arbit ilry measure t of proceeding hi E \-O)l ci in- ca'-ed was, to ecil. Ioir-s of .ii.-hl'rr froi i diT, e
.' A ene Alnrg ktis, fr ibhe c nrw era." fsrmtiuon, was generally understood to be resorted to onl p e.r~ns a ho saw it. When the n..aquerad lsi hiesvur;

ar. "r oal r es ot lanery oe. pUsON gIsl
hdrw bletd aN i t ed yoa..s *ftI S vY HENhY GoEENSLADE & 09.
SThe crowd clwlos between die ftnbl hme bva J B aiE.\
d soldiers having made withilhind hbayones,i an adv a "ed
e..i ; cry of INdl.igeo was he rd, and Iwo or PlUT OF NA AU .'
*m asp were thrown. This violence, however, was -At the B ro .
;ih disapproved of. Thot who formed pert of tie ARRIIVED, At 11 9641 As IL
,iimrare we the a t to request the nuhiltude to n- May 10lh-Am. chr.SingleSailor, Filgald, New Yrk W l uiil
saoedmr, *d aD with joke, in pcrfrilt good taste, Flour, Biv.f Pork, Ac. Ac. B Champaign.
,.*Jn ams o c wl wich they were asailed. The ul- to H. GOHsNLBn &LA Co. V doe eal,
.d br, who had es arrested by an officr, retired behind lAh Sp. Ichr. St. Juan, Bina, Cuba Do. Do. OGerges,
la pie, which was closed. Fustic, Tubacco and Sugar, Liquwma, Olives,
ST'e crowd Increased, and it was then found out that a to JdaN Tanooeo & Co. Maraachino, Sald ON,
.'ficulty had been very uselessly cretedl. The gute was II. M. hlr. Monkey, Lt. Iercer, Cru'is Saumages, Liqoarilm,
opened ; the carriages and horses formed peiiraeabl. 'in handed Wine, &c to Jour Sroau. Vinegar, AlmcedOil,
fr., followed by as intinoosn crowd,a, an, fer having Ie- 15th tSp. schr. E.rella, Aguda,' Cuba Shol, Medicies,
Sirlde rund rt d towlpthe acto in die farce were about Ant. c lhr. Franklin, Grino A1, Bmton Prints, Glassware,
tI rake iof their asdwe. L Lumnbu, Shingle and Pork, Elegant Sofa and Chain.,
All was linbsled; aid of aisl acene, which had nearly Am. schr. Caua Ann, Miller, Philadelphia Ditto Chandeleer,
beeoiim fatowl, authiig would lave reaimined except tdi Flour, Corn, Brad, Beef, and Pork, Chain, Baskets,
wih to prolog the carnival ill Sund.y, according to Ie Sch. Pomona, Miller, Philadelphia China, &c. &c. dc.
MMle cstom, if ti authorilles Ibhd not been imprudent Flor, Corn, & B C. CI.XTON. Being par of Cargo of late Americtn brig Ckarl
asag to &rUidl-sh masked bell which had been a- Am. srhr. Lafuyette, Savoy, New York Captain Stetson, lost in her passage from Mar eilles to
gan rl Ior tine evening. Flour, &c. to II. G cN osLADE & Co. Matanua, and sold for the benefit of the conceroed.
This proiliobitin excited considerable irritation among Terme-CASH before delivery.
dSeyongnc men, tie bull in question being generally very CLEARED, May 16h.
wll illttended. aid looked forward to with much anuietv. .My lOth-Schr. Leo, Young. New York BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
T ic te lw Mivur wont to 1I. Drval, the I'relect, to on- 15th Scltr. Bahamian, Prudden. St. Kint --
rvour to induce him not to insist uln ltie execution of " Am. Ichi. Ilyder Aly, Place, dtarleston Os Friday aeut, the 1t* int *e'
aolrder which creatlu so imuclh disconiiint uas I) be likely " Sloop Lively, Clarke, Baltimore AT Tvaa visnouE nous,
toleail tou I14 consequences; and tiu .Mavor als und,-r. A- t 10 O'Laeh. A L
ltek to Ih security fur the public tranquillity, if things SAILED, Will be sold
wetr. allu ow to gain in their usual train. T'[i Ill'rtct, 13th Schr. Leo, Young, New York The Cargo of te Amerian chooner Lafajyet., o N ew
bnrver, was inflexibkl-lu had made up his mind to ruo 16th Sclhr. Bahlianin,Prudden. St. Kitts York, consisting of
saol iu force. PI'.A ENG.ERS AILED. 100 barrelafresh Superfin WhIat Flou,
\\Whe the play was over, and lthe ball was to lhave In tho schooner Leo, for New Yuok :-John Wildgoos. .5 ditto ditte ditto Rye ditto,
eiemuincul, the diooro were closed. Liud iniriiis were ir Es:4uire, Lady and family. 111) bags Flint Corn,
marend by suioe young men alho were stuaisned iear thiue 10 tierces London market Rice,
letre ; bt ithiv countoled llous,.lvues ali this epre.e IHis Majesty's schooner Monkey, Lieut. Mercer, arriv- 50 boe Tallow Candle, psat eights,
Sion of iliir theilinit. m ed here on Saturday from St. Dumingn Key, with a part, Chese, Lard,
Y lterday the voluh of the town, discontented at 01 the cargo, (conrisling of wines, Ac.) of the Anericnn Smoked Beel, Cider,
ihsinz biIen deprived ,,f thll r aniiaset.e-.ts, ldescaenled in brig Charles, Captain Stotson, of Boston, whicl was 15 barrels Clear Pork,
a n' .iaured terrm upon the. rm'ndlct o l tier tlulurities, wrecked there on tise 2th nit. in her passage from Mar- Albany Boards, CvprM Shiogles,
and as nihlil-fnll wentl to the Prelfrture oif lPlict, andi by seilles to Mlatnzas. The crew saved. The master came ALA5O--
cries and lni,-lr sheulsod their ditl,.lieaure it ithe I ur es irll u in ti e Monkey, for time purpose of procuring vessels, Part of Cargo of schooner Cam Ann, from Philadlphia,
adopted y i61. D.ivel on the pre'ediin ervin'in.. to bring ite remainder of dtm cargo to this pi r. vL.
\ prol of tlhe troops of the line having conio up' [ II.. I l:\ LD i O. up Superine Flour,
ehe yI)IIn I.IIn pacicoly left tie yard i f tire prleecturri, L & Pilot nll Navy Bread,
the rsie ul which was uocupiid Ity tim r tldirs oft'tei pairln. On Tursdy, their 22d inmtan, 100 bulls ('orn, kegs Tripe,
A Lr.up cuitione.tld pposile, u hirlh had i ,.s ,ei i inilrced At the store of 31r r. lMilntell, in lM.rklt-street, Corned Beef, do. Pork in half barrels,
by n-w coln r. an.r d curio u afll de theii vioiferaitions and htiq 's. The nois-, honv.'er, g ra- %Will Ibe shld TermS-s-CASH, before delivery,
dualli dili:iiiwd, and the crowd began ito dlipersen, en, Without the least Reserrr, May Iill.
ai a M Inient oI' wl'rilct calmu, a pollice anlt as eter d a All her remaining Stck in Trade, consisting of BY IIENRY ADDERILY.
young ian, who is said to lave been quite preaceale, and Pavilion, Book and .Mill Mushln,
sendurluid lin i to the guard-loiaUsi. 'The sIhoiuinel Lild i Sitllninig fur dresss, (Ginglum., On Mrneday the "A inist m,1
hises, iltnioerilHIl with cries of Dl)Own ;ilh the l'rtct". Linen Drill, Tili ya, Crap, AT Tlt VIrDIJI HOcUa,
then re',mnmiie'ii'e-I with greater vliiirnce. \i11 i. o.ii-nin, I ,st platierns, Men's clothli Cap, Silks, At 11 O'elolk, A E.
from tle two opposite sides tif tin. rite de U.i, ia coim llonbasin and Buithnen, Satins, \ els e, Will be sold
3y ot eri'n.dies., and one of vulictgeurs, ul Iwl'tilt of Ithe L.aces and Hhlidunli, laise Drei res. Lace do. That valuable and well known planrtion, caled Cocoa
lie, being seen in tlle diitanrc, a Iva.rrd, .in charged Lace Vedil, G auze and Silk lfhiidkirrcliiefs, Nut (Hove, about two miles to the Wuslward of the lown,
with fird biyonult. Those wiho sau thIeII coIunig eiles- Gentlleieni's cultured andi black Silk ditto, contaiiinig 3z 0 acree-a great part of which hta never
vorture in vain to escape. They were truildln under by (Cuttli Blaces, Pearl, Uone and Lace Billions, Ieen udler cultivation. About ane hundred srrearv en-
the principal gruup, and were pierced by the bayonets of Silk and Cotton Cordl, Ruel and Ball Cotton, clo dl by atone wall, in ten acre pastur.
the enhlii s. Pins, 'lTpea nod Bubbiis, W. B. and black slip Tlhre is, on liem above tnact, an imnmas qcaslily of
We were i)resent in company with some Counsel!ors Thread, Firewood, lhirch woual render it a valuable aoideratimo
conectrei with hle Ctur Royv;lre, and several res.i'eclille Ounce Thread, Bint.rS., Prayer Books, to any person disposed to enter into contract for the supply
ci .sen, and we alirim, in tle face ,of Justice, that no Iulod busic Iooke, Legern, account Books, of the Garrison. Its inetimahble proud rties, on the come
mamm tn wseas ilaile, that no proivoation uas given to the Novels in sets, 1Silling and Picture Books, of iastuerae, are sowell known, it require Do resenomen-
sldirs, and that inidefence was attempted. Besides, ul Playing, Visiting and Converanlion Cards, dalion.--The Fruit trees are innumerable. and of every
what u woullil have been a summon, as% ollose who at- Ladies' and (Gentlemln's Silk, Cotton whole and description afforded on this Iland.
ens p*l to disperse were trodlen under foot, every venue half lilose, In front, there are from 10 to 14 arresof Guiea Gra.,
being liul against them, and tlie greater number itf tllnm Ladies' and Genllemen's Kid and Wash Leather well established and from Sr 0 to 700 Croa Nut trIees-
having been struck before tley knew that sIollirs had lovese, many in bring.
een present. We saw these soldiers; they did nnt mere- Ladies' and Ge(nllnwn's Shoes, AI.SO-
ly vadnce with their bayonets against ltle asmenbled citi- An assirlncten of Perfumery, viz. The following valuable Shtve, via.
es, huit they usad them wilt blind fury. We saw sone Rose and Lavender Water, otohli and Ilair SOPY, 34 years, an excellent Cook, Wadoer and
dsildren anil old men fall, buneatlh tiir weal1pns. They Powder, Ironer.
were struck to the ground, and wire trampled under foot ; Pomatum and Ilair Oil, Colone and Honey Water SUSAN, 10 years, Hous Serant.
and tli. frigitful butchery would not have had a termtina.- Milk of Roses,estract and Essence of Rose, JANE, 22 year., a good Cook and Waser.
tion if Ihe window of tlie allin hiad not been opened, and An asusrtlentuf Soap, a dittoof Tuos, TONY, 6 year.
lierdied a. a vluni to the citizens lh its il danger. Tooth, lail and Crt Brushes, 1% ILLIAM, 3 years.
A lise sa ie time, everv nirwl., every slplare, was A nsall assortni't nf Jewellery.
occu.pwl I lv the nailita .. Cries of vrengeancir ere he rd II'TII- I'EGGY, .6 years. Cook and Homu Smrvnt.
on ev,.ry idi,. An alelnpt to nl:Ike bairri(adl. wtas even n assorlnment of otl'er articlea. JACOB, 10 years, very handy a bot a Hosw.
tried plpn the Place Sainte-Clare. hit, taken IIupo a soalT- TER3.MS-Inmediate C \S11, for all sunti below 0 ; POLIDORE, 50 years, a Driver and Firl hand.
den. tle citirou were witllout sarl, and could tiu antuc ahove that amount, three lMonllo' Credll, on giving sp- BINAII, 46 years, dillo.
,ble tu''ther. proved security. JEFFEHY, 17years,accustomeod to work with a Masod
Thi t morning the municipdl hi, y lad a mretine. .B. Thewsale will be continued from day to day, un- and Plasterer for he last twuyears.
Th olfcers of tie nulional iroard a.ssenbihllI, and ,'mrnand- til the whole in auld oinl. n
ed to be put under arms. The alolo. io,;pulmtion ',as on PRINCE. 47 years, a Carpenter.
font. They call fur lulier, and juste.. .lhv have. TI l MI BCHM RI3IU E PRINCE, jr. 15 years. accuolomd to drive a Ca.
"T'Ie C-,,or Rivale ihis also s.. n!hl.', and here is AS just re(ened,d Ter brig wrLasiitn and offers for AARON, 13: year., a very smart waiting Boy, pari-
hser reas in so u that an inqirtr ill I,' male intlu sale at his si.nh, fitnm.-ly occupied by Mr. Wm. hularly bandy with a Horse.
ha T 'fair. There will be no, want if wilnee-, andl tlloe T. P'reston, the f oll drugs and mtnlicarms, vra:- GORDON, II year. in constant employ nwh a Dray.
Sitheet will be above suspicion. The in,,t Epsol F anld G!aulwr Siilts, Jalap and Rhubarb JERRY, 10 years, handy habot a IHn.
: fe lave been made victims to tdeaffair, and i., ,f .1 111 PItod,i., S-,tina, Flour SuiphuT Socotrine Alues, legurms-hrue miaslt' Credit, Cgwdf app sl-r.
isiniois (there are not two here smtotlhe l he. IM.. "of iL ,d1l) Blue' S.toIu, i'eii iinn Bark, Gum Myrri,. Car- catt*.
d~nvte to execration tile authors of this inifaious aJd bondte of Soda, lTaiiric .tid, Blistering Planter, May 16th.
"o.iarllv a.m.. s iatsiln Copperas, .urn Arabic, Pearl Ais, Crcan Tar- FOR I ALt E,--a redit,
STls nulmer of victim, has not Vr ben ascertained. tar, Manna, Calnphr, Bascon Ointment. Tor-d bul overe wih good E
Among then are two clilren, one aged nine., tlue other near's Cltie', Red Laender, a ulphnuric father, A andon buil o acctomed to bosh h adr-
:12; tlhy received a number of bavnnet cslas; sevirel Spirits Nire, Spiri lartshorn, Dlby's Carmina-S e. H to b d
-women, stunts, andtradesmen. As smeol' lie sound- Itie, c enry's Calcined Magnesia, LFronce Pep-S, 1.
I are in indigent circumstances, a subscripliuo lha been permiin,. Oil Clove, Oil Aniseed, Od Peppet- Iy 16.
*pnedl in Iheir fatvlr. Inint, Pectoral Balam, Honey. Steer's Opodeldoc. FOR NALE.
A mtinthr of Turlingon Balsam, British Oil, Sesilirs and Soda The choice of S Lot of LUed, with lti
A meeting oft the Comnnissiunrq of Correspond- Powders, Beonsan's Drops, Snake Root, Cha- bnildinngs d improvetmes tnheo aileo i
oa i. requested .1t Ihh office uf Corr.spondence, on momile Flowers, Oil Amber, Elixir Pargoric, Q Pri ee's treet, genls kw h nbyp thor
wturday next, thie l9th iniail, al ten n'rcl.k. Harlam Oil, &A. &c. :. t- Lghtfoot, or Cupid's Row.
r, r. ANI)ERRON, E. C. C. GROUT. For Terms and other plniculars, apply 1ot"he Bt
II; GREN.I. ADP.. N.B. Prescriptions will be carefully attended to and scribers.
JNO. SolMDRS. I *'lni,
I'. I. I. J(oIIl.Ng(. nm de up. 1 HENRY GREENSLADIE Co.
3Miy Ith. BRnI:ILTTrAYLOR. Slay 161h. March 3d.

S) h

gle saaSNa frgsn.

rase of dd b pim by ed3 W-ee Ld I es te la v f tfsd th salal, we MU- n c7 Eery parsem 4'a to lerv these Islanr ,
dro ss lim b me s r m i ks S 51do
end what on i,,efo. wit ts n i.a ,. n.; d d in-lt hmac ad aid. H r .esided tere.i.for at spa-e- of.. r 0. ..
wdule s i"He an ly Whet my be gleamd f Ma kesai's moten on Haiti, eie a- ity te Bwley'.O o p a
and totld le- lailt bayPpb sly of he b-. mnd a he melancholy boes, talt he agrn tham relreat aid Ofsfvfarnmarrm Dnav prI teo td s ,
ear pakre, di albvi, mao aght by the Iseaed lr woads, and bh ml till Ihe eart sulciest for their t, li ay l s daiirg vorr-a m f, 7 a
eoprl ronligela ad prqueM dlRVlles, wod eithr embelsee. The cultidnoa d the came ha ceased, oe- f oT l
wrested d a psemy bemte ia hbod d their mastu or apt fr the purpose of making a species of drink called maI e e toesid.
sinukng lan that idltene, l thal ris iaOi locidental to ua or rum, by meansof which they indulge their nalu NAMES OF PERSONS
their unare ad ati cdimaei, suhy would exist as uapro- ml propenaities of intelicaion and bestiality. To thibs Aooro orars anTIST ror DrPeT u .
liable aus of Adam. 'bey would be I nubnce to all as tes it that die slav would be reduced, that is, the ad February Elisabteh ga
orderly aed well-dispoed people, from their Idline, and imas of them; and thay will inevitably parish from the sath Eather RbnLe
disilpatd habils; and in the coume of a few year, wasted ant of that support which they now receive at the hands lth April Marg8m1 Chipsh
by disease provurbially prevalent among them, forced of dair abused laslers. The few of rhem, t hse who lst rFresm Jeim
frooi want to devour the very earth itself-lhese flee men have been reared to som trale by their otern, might Ist" r ily Johmum
would bitterly mue t!he hour dh called them free, and perlaup fAnd employment, if their ervics should be re- it "' MI. Ansede
vainly long for the return of that protection which for- quired in the proposed new stlae of freedom, which is very l0th marsh BlWd
merly they would leve received, rhen in want, from their doubtful ; hIt the field negro, when free, will never be in- ash May W. n. FIs
abued nimustur. We my vainly long for it; for, alas! duced, by any remuneration, to cultivate the soil perma- bth Ge.. oay
neither would the power or inclination to assist them exit nently : therefore, as a oecvmary consequence, ihe inanu-
any longer. Their oworr, driven front th island, o rr- facture of sulpr will ceas entirely throughout the islands.
gaining frnu inability to rcnove, could hardly be expect- Blessed hy nature with great fertility of aoil, tim islands, RU, iEad s 11.---'l sub hnrier u NDamplr
el to provide for the pIonr at large, as formerly day were witl little or no assistance from tie hands of man, of i l*
obliaud to do fol their i. it sick and aged slaves. Then tlenselves would sustain their respective populations. a new edition of his book of Speciisens, with wiib
would the warning voirr, once ns neglecedr, recur to II, Moreover, we do not hold the opinion that the slaves customers, and other Printers disposed to y froom I
nin.l. of t~! prjiectars of this tho lry ; and then, perhaps, theniselve would be inclined to set touch value upon thei r may be supplied on application at Ili Folndry, N., 10
lthey ai tht be iiJceed toi confess den.,,.lvn mistaken in freedom ; and this we venture. to my, having perused late- and 20 Augustus street, behind the City lall. He *vU
tllrir calculutiios, and ovoihaesy to achieve that change so Iv a work, the author of which is a gentleman resident in reme"k, for the information of tho ho hve ot base
bitnerly repr'm.ld on all hands. he island of S. Vincent, a lawyer, and, an far a we the habitof dealing will him,aind became a dileneaesw.
a a a know, not poemeaed of any property in claves himself. tiee ha been extensively introduced, thal hui book mai,
.. The h ook is mnnltiled A Hit or Iaccount of tALe ial nothing but the actual production oflis own Foadr,
It cnIues be a nerted, thar Chrislinnity does any where of i. I'inram by CAle S hppard, Equire.* I ad present a true specimen of what will be frniaLri
rrprsulrv leretl the cIntinuiance of .a ery. It in by n, itches very slightly upon Ilhe theme of srlveo y, citler one orders. Tie assortmnt i very complete, has beesd
noa.... the c.s. ; hat, on the conl-ary, it may hbe mil, in ,wy or the other, and ishiefly confined to a mere history lierately and carefully in twenty year brought to itu l.
0I,, i.person of S,. P aul, to 1have--s.,ewhat awkwardly vor of tim island, froit its firs discovery by Colulmbus to the sent high el ae of perfection. nd emnbrce a svirty
li..-, alt-on,-qivocally acknoledoel its existence, by presons time, and an interesting narrative of ile CliHrib asyls,adpted to different tastes and to the variousdepen.
hi. Iwt.'q( at a levour the O .alllcip.atian of a slave ho ar, which was wged between the origin po s s onof printing Newspaper, Book and Job, highly inih.
II. h4al h'llted withi n the pale of ilm church. of the island, aided by tl French and a English ed. and cast of the most scrviceaile metal. Not tot icno
o 0 ilers. In the course of the latter there is a passing com- the varieties which are distinguished by their usaben ia
It ; evidien, tlherefore, we think, that Iln atmument s moes on the conduct of all Chliribe to lio slaves, which lRtheO N Bk, i container 27 i z frn t
,. Jlerv Lsii, dir'ie.ll opp.ed b I C(lhriatianilt, i by ,u we givei the authr' Uds. t nd ITLIC 2 sie, from twel,-li
.a..r. n oi vm unans erable as we were at first inclined to About slas time the Charibi snemed delighted will TWO-LINE and TITLE. 15Sies, lin Culum
.silr. Slill, hunsrcer, tr would nut defend it on any every opportunity of -l.ahter and devastation. Ilitherno lian to Agate.
I ,e I r,,in,!. I a syia ,e, tti i, our systern, is one i they had carried then uehes towards he nhe -rNe i n a very Sl 4DED). 13 sires, Ten-!inte Pica to Long Prm..r.
Slirl,,i, ha row, ilit time and circunlmtanicos, rIn.n l,- w.ily and politic inauner; they had ofrr d thcs librtry, IT A LLAN, 7 sizes, Seven-line Pira to Lon. Primr. I,'ty T. lofl a ch child,to tm colosal monrt r wh,.h and cil.i'rte i .,m li.n i ,.* ie i : but, ilpnily Ir i e l i A i NTIQI 'E, 17 sizes, Ten-lin, P.ra to Nonlarea,.
'I. '-i. d l t, i whole wn ll l, ti*llthe, .bu iun act was pasu :l h.liitanis, al: prnpl. h. i, vor II,.ttering, w ia J ,jyre,! ItL t 'K, 1 sizes, Four-line Pira to Minion.
1,t lI. It l ,,it parliament ii lW1Ki. In that cel tlio Eest- ! disdain. ,ComoI-, itvily very Irw espouol.lI llirI o()Pir N BL BCK,5 size, Fouia-hie PIcatI, (;rUrs P
olih-i 1 i-ir pIamltu he it slpken-wiae unaninona. No t inklretim, UJliJP a i conirl. alile IUIIt. ii.r I)opl~L'd t!Iheii, wel: nier
oer r',, ,ll il-.fnd tl brutal .vsteln l tl i icliit pti an end; anrtid, andl u ilier jalllianty cll lori triI.ld if ll li -r sCRIPT, 2 sizes, Double Small Pica an,' Crr P
JI incer Incr b then allsreniuon oil ilaidl Iain !s ten turned masters. In ronsrequeni e of thls infl-libility ot clnluct ier
'Is ..,i lah ime.ns ,of checking its progress. abro.a,, as well, In atim nerrs,, thel became I-,qually ault olpj.c(' of dl",ts- Besidt. Music, lack SlopeI, Ornarnen, I.rl et-,!
i i ', 'ur wa calouse ; slumn of money have been ex- nation with tllhl r nIsater (i.. 0e tlle (lhar lit); inntiidiatr Ltery F.Cl're., Piece I) actions, Superi ri, ,ti- ,i
i.,It'..l in keipiner p a ndil force, for tle purp,, o n ldeatil was i;,lirted on all uhto fell into dle hilds of tie nud m thr .ign.. Space it les, Brass R Ile, U(Jr,,r
n vi.ta! inl c ct h,' ,'erieetlta of tIe ereat fowtr. ; Charibs." Daselis, Lorn Brarce. more than 2UO l 4n i a r,
in't,rle as reiisrd oursciies, we fear to very little i t 4Ii tI) Cuts anll Orn;lanrnts for FIrthol Booie, N se
l,,r|,,, lluo ever, a .,m ,, u1 l ; p is no w put to Ihat, L., -- l
i. wil. h formerly n.s t only au noo but tou- 'l Whether considered a' ris Ion. ,,. l', utoralilr, Ialrs, and Scientific t-rks.
ndne wil encournrl w y s go.n nlondt; and In or existence eat large, ai e hlave already said, we datert Orders for any of hese, and al. for Preses, Chea,
hsnni ma l o a crimed lfr which g boon men; ormrand Ihat 11te love is nro in a Iar prefer able condilio.,, being Cominu'ing Sticks, (aoss. Furniture, Pri ting Ink, or ag
his lno t .,tr a crindu ce which a doon rinas formerly still a, slave, than he ever can be when fre, allrle with It, thinr required in the Printing ,huasii.s, will be executed a
henor dot asf t i wndu aeof ct. e do npt repin: Lue asi,; Iree.m his mind t, entlargeil n .".Urulousl. We ol the .ost favourable terms, and with lie utmost preowp
wh- we conlntr the acts of frsiu r parlIYame ts ilt corse a'lde llto that species of lrt,-im .t wi ; IM, soi, tI'1i', a large stock of iethe ouindry articles being a'ls
Ihea of the present, and ruminate oil the prospects or dte sin in the event of his instant ant ll ,'ileo en,,' ;. Ion hAnd.
fuliuIe. We se an assembly at one time holding ogult 1 mlon. In his later state in. wiulk, hFe cred lr by no It Printers of ncwsnapers ulho publish il.adtlmrur-
e "I) inducementlevery encouragenien l to the West In- one; wherr's, as a slvre, Ie is nouniisledl nlt rlwrisha ,1r mena tier irnts.,, and lura-'d a .over c....':nngatl lo
luian, rearing him as a tender infant, and fr much die m in sickness, went, and age, and his paini anr a ietat led by i tll. I odri., will recr-ve payi.en. for (i. mw,. l 1rv par.
nlaun ia a mother would, because the kept of her r regularly appointed nselicrl atltndants : inake Iani fe, chase frount the Foundry, to fimn times lls nian-nuni.
.dprad usp his succoanr. Yea afer ye enc ic in arll r ing to nonu--|Hrllap r .lny th GEO. BRUCL
icremaing a ide of revenue deri ved frotm h ae tlwk ent e a source of dread to alll--ad he Iacomes wretclled and New York, January, 1912.
iocreasing life of revenue derived frol vemillootie mee oin k o
nor do we niar any complaint from the piaamas against f|ir s .
the clrav duties imposed by the mother country. Sod- Mr. Slppa'rd, after enumeratine sone of the impro.e- W[ST trECLIVED, pet brig cr KHEIA,. fmrm Lir-
denlyhowever, he ppe i charged ith heay clud, lately effected in the state of tlhe coloured popul- e pool, rie frlrwing articles, which tI. Subcribr,
denly, however,sthe proagleri charged wish heavyc"- onaa, tion mi ls oa'ar s iv foe tASK:
.nd the Wes Indiaa perceive their blight fortune chang- 1o.o, add oil jn I w lor ('ASH:
sin. Thea ar-s in t a erceie a not of rmenin rsadvocnae Notwithstanding ell tihes, there is one lamentable d- Zebra Striped and crfrical Socks,
.trenuouhy sta he alitio e a kot of de whi o /rdrl c ae cency . There is no public or private establisment Women's,
Strenuously the aoliio of a d t tra whith f meMe rly se a for the relief of the a-d or scrk poor whie an' l free in- Fancy Union Drill,
i ry e o enmasI o prail.their iseuiar die The arbilos: while the ilveson air estates in their old age Cunsto Drill, Sewine Twirn.
trale ir abolished, and ithe expense of cuhivating the tajoying the comfort of a decent maintenance, from lHair Cord and Furniture Diluity,
lgiar-cns iTareasens a matter of course ; from tha e support of their masters, the safirm or s bick site or Iron Po, Duoch Ovens,
rune the pl.esra ilmas ibly begin to perceive, that lheir fre pe.ra has no resource but individual support and hta! Irons,
imteres is o prnearat l lives of their slaves, and the r- charity; and this, i a country where s few ties of re- I lro Tea Kelles, ain'd inside, c. &c. A.
ntl is a gradual amelioration of deir condition-a change slatonship exist, must necessarily be precarious." W. I. B. SANDS.
which is plinly perceptible to those resident in de Wes D. not this speak volume as to the comparative hap- MAy 11h.
lIdies, but of ae can ever he appreciated by dihe P of the two claws, the free black and ve ---------------------
people oof Englad. Not contest with this, the eme maen, s ere any one so romantic as to say, better starve and NOTICE.
aepr a whilEam ear ldyiesistupoetheahrasity if ema die of disea as a freeman, th an live happily as a slave A LL PERSONS having demands aePinsti t Fb' e
ipafting a hie ea'e i now o our disio t chloniy The case, in our opinion, admits not of a doubt. There A of Joseph Sounders, late uoi a I. is o '1 *
outany citing h he aves o o di o colonies, i is a gentleman resident in the town of Kingston, the capital Providence, enllenan, dea r -
the lany hme aqu ireed b law, in e property of b he f th island of l Vincent, by far the healthiest and plea- the same duly astested; and ii .. :
athe a, and who claim a iesbold riht ofp y oerd Isr et of t(he island, and his, Itimony freely given, in a IEstat, are likewise. P Ite e, i .
thema. They rses the hmbam of freedom, ad y on pure wish to bettr the ate of the community at large, nen, at the ofice of (. I'. .. I .
theiruside Lai easiud, ad porpoaely a i-bd. linm n goes to prove how infinitely superior the condition of a THOMPSON SAiS.It. ', I 1-
of Ide people. whal idor. a y min d coected Ws larv is to that of a freeman in that island, when age and April 2d.
with d subject, a daily craemmd wih hery nams enor d sickness oppres hii. We may take this ai a specimen
nwoit a la, ad to woal aimne ed wpait dished of the rest an dis Let y one. like Mr. FINAL NOTICE.
up with all da &Ail if a F =cook whe, va ai e p eippard, vimit the hut of the laeic, and watch hint nar- I.r
fvehaundiedia. Thyarewiforuedhathe Wa l "rovy,e' him rie to dis work, and enjoy his hoIydays HHE SLBSCBRIIltERS. in ,. 1I.,1t',. mrne "A
dias alls thD sla a reports a rprepagtd of wih the ast of a hoolhov; and then let him go into the concern.of the late CI:a J. Salun ... .i., Ireiiy
Slaceratd in ha di orway, and gadd t 'own, and there inspect the residence of the free people notify to thoe who sill ren>a:in i, iuted to his Estate,
ato ra ktesl in soe nLs dienh d uednrti, and gus on of colour. and the poor whie people also: we may give, that unless their respective demands are aiquid.atd IPt
au work allr Tobm ari hmed, de Iu et voicea of the we imagine, a shrewd guess sa to the result of his obser- vio s tohe 1st June, they will be placed in die hands of
peop are reserved for ch a would do away wih such a li While, however, people talk of cenes of horror an Anorney-at-Law, for immediate recovery.
Vosae@, which sever existed vn wora times hich they never witiasd, sad perhaps only dreanmed of E. M. SOLOMON. E.ecrar.
slre, asdi mary does not at the preeat day exta in weir heated brains after a long debate in he ousame, C. S. ADDERLEY, Executor.
in heated bran ( te am ic o mthe mt =&he I March Slat.
in & heated hLsL of the fanatic, or ha stc w' can hardly hope for a jus learing of a fair statement March al.
di te md wih dam a oth f tic tmt ek.Of s acts which may bf produced in evidence to sup EXp. SALT, for le as 15 cen pr buel.
pees forth as iclarne rhepeedy lasto tohe horr per she yaw we havek of thin A yao
or slavery, amnd i rseck'osud a great achr a ihis I- I thrlinOhI Account of the island of St. Vincent. HB THOMAS TiHOMIPSON,
rpsl. Tha k ah wld be id away, don not Wr- rharles Sheppall hVml. London. W. Nicol, Cvlanod Hto;. At ar t-h.
prus u ; but thliat tlose wl call theniselve the gtrhlkeuent St. Jamesmr i. February 4th.



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