Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: May 9, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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rw341s).- W .

g -OlUB WleS, IdIlWtr. WEDCEBDAY, AY O, I 8. VOL. I-MeLXV.

THE BAIIPAMA AROUdI. nih Tuown who witnmemd several of dth aforesdid suitrs- mtive fr cthir perish. We can @mue Se membrn of
I- i le leiibiiula, is any thiug bul Ivoubl to Mr. Beaumuul; Asslnbly th tle are not or salimens dl e; but
ribLIiSURD inil uau'aLl IN NAie I. r. n id, in order not to public Inlgaitioun to urli a they are tlhe sentimnts of the msaorily of the moat re-
---- --- -- pitch as might bring his cairneas into danger, lone consi- spectablu inhabitisuas o Jiamaica.
S Lgt DUara p maala-Zn advaas. dnlirat friend of lis, wiho is nra uber, has nmved dlut the lie as haid tie audacity to tel you, tsh members of
-sitinifs of a cullntiiittr, when Mr. Balluaioit'a grand di. Assembly,that you might expel hhn, but he will not b
plys o'l fory take place, slhiuld ls clirad l, whereby lie el- crushed. FroIn hin sentiment loon, pyo may coeclOda
cde rl tr alriieir, aunl ivess flle r-int to his rages, lis alan- that he would gain something by an exiulion--ltsli he
Sltar, satd iais treasonableu exl inal.s.n Mr. Dallas, iuore- would tllrn go o tni u to whom he is a hired aenant, aid
ovi'r, ut 'l llhii l;rat regard 1n the re ularily of P'rli- .i so, sue what I have suifleed upon your acconal,"--and
m enlary l'ruceelingas, mid trhalps out ol deferenoc to a would represent, in his generally audacions manner, how
violent lreat of Mr. HllennIa.ouIa, ls also nived to release mIuch more he would have done tlhe garod e n had he
PM-----"" Mr. lesumfaminit 1iu i a clhirg wh ich accti hia i as i not been expelled. But, Members of Assembly, if their
?.i. liri il niT''eesary ti tllh rnlebelliaon Il this w:ay is ili are 'Pariots aunnnz you-if tliee are men who wish to
-:-- ... --i- ni l"'h lic 'atl;t.' -lillln- wkilkh Il l tliniy iiimllnrs n. A rsetinhilv di siSilsCtinlnitlslvs hl an act whllc will confer hlonour
Iroml Ir c .s conclul, I l hall iliI.l sUlite Le|liresOa, Iti, t i l (frit upon a-liti Itho date tI)o ti.c it, Mr. Beaumont himnslf
iflt;ltE:AIN IE MINI.CIENC(' OI .1 tEN'NTlEN- .IMr. imLulrltlll in otl. of hi pairx s of lil y, in the has taught you, how it obinin that reward. It is not as we
TlA.IT'r. pre.iuen of thle lulluwig nase.Ib6er ol Asshly :- have advised, ti exlrl hint ; butl t treat him upon every
elat I thiilk, wlhei I ine with Miss Chas, Messrs. Kin g, Manderaun, Jouns, Coi, Yaus, Berry, occasion with tlle uint marked contempt! To comeider
i'., fr Mo\lir haid aslrid ie tou iiu.- Itubr.tlaon and Stamnp. In raulenrce so tlie coinolillee himts al real trailor in vouri Aermbly, whether yao eae
Al I Illt.-ilht I hadJ Iever lihei sucih l Ifrce, Imaving received aind acted upont Mr. Hlowll's letter, Mi.. pruoe Iinm so or not-and give Iim no further opportunity,
oir is ioille a tirLey auld IhuIe. ilC tlvuni tatl, at variounte inerails., vby l of piasion, made il poostible, of diisseninaiing lia perniciou principles.
flIrelI ele by her sile. is maiale o ihers q.itae sild, use of tihe luilla% itK expilueionsi :--" I I don't bu gloUri- TIhs will you erU lung rueluce him to the necessty of re-
Wait hlicer eltry lo witness inty Iitk, oiily revent't il ufr llis, imay I lie bltiSlril." Suoni day liriln from that seat in your house, whicl, as a member
fuew she ili'i,. I A I i ll.r *ii i turrtle, anil dinl'd -r olluir I ill liiv v. vtgeIncIt." ". I lv (jldi, I hili he re- of Assumbly, he is allogether. unworthy to ill. By ef-
As I uroered soium ldck. vengld !" It is l;,rluti te lir you I nleer did il,"-i. r. lfeclin this object, oe say, you will hold hima up to the
llil.nkel at. I l.iag.isle l. :ail;! In my ent, loin the rebel... I may yeI e r uvlnkedl tou o it." If I Aini-Slarery Sticiety as rtllection upon their own mu-
Thr.,..i rlir'-e -',trie a mls de,'rs aied a,,.i : I;a l liot protleid you, you would Ihave sIllared by it." nguiled judglient ill the selerlion of thoir creairt, and in
Getin g dillepr an hli,--bult Ill ha. rlsa quite lost, "' I I 1ha1 jilined tile relscla I watiold kickLed you out placu ofl I.civiag lte reward held out to him, for th suc-
When ca.iti to lhe tr tle rand sweets o f lo couuitry," If ever I i.tlt any party, I will join cino of lis undertkins lie will meet from them a recrp-
thie blacks." I will lakri llue waimle of you rueent it .and tion, iuntequivocably ltdicalive of their diuappoinlumnl,
WltI rr'.l-rt l itht al Iof houses anl ln'd1* hatl, Le'fore a twelveliusttlll'o uver your leada."-. ing- and chagrit.
An. Iline lrto lI ei 1t reI elruisy hriitl tl-- CLhrocki .V srch 1. Contenplating the race that Mr. Beaumont ha nearly
Willt a very fie poilae ul'piines. T The ahove extract is the rinle or a well-wrillen rin, we cannot help regrettinlg much proilultion of
letter whicll lppeanr in the L'lhronicle ul' Saturday lan, talent ; for talents lie untinelsiolnably pouasesl conalde-
I asked her In have me oin, went tor fr w pountraying in tle llveiliel colorr., tile mral and intilU lt ra uly labve the grade of mediorrity. But with aH his
l,;it stll l notlo-tl e theles. Iknow twal wor t of our piesant House of Aseatibly;-and lateness of ability to do w.ll-wilth an acting cos-
Jus tn i te ,i L:eh t wane m tve least.w, presuminii ofn ile inI ofi t ll t allt e tiol n. t I tlat lltlc sciULAs sCs of Iie ungenerouu return nade o a fostering
r ri.ter, weal luly upri at t conduct ouf hiinourail c Inil liltbral miand.l l Coliinitiiy ,lt lie mutl sink (shall we may
W." n 11-t ii St ,il- a a, i c ri w ,.,let, ii.nditbrsr in not biiniintua lIrw;) rd a misln ton uxpel Mr. unpilied 1) into the vale of obscuiilt, whence he originally
I ,., aInt. ,. .h- i n e, s -, t ai'a iirso lIa-.i tulo t friom te lti.t. In refer nce to Mr. Iliowell'. I 1.. t' g.
Steimtier ha i .lidv sI ram al it hrle Ilett.r, tlI iIttUIlK.r I'o HeiIti.ih-elnJ it s aLid ttl Ito Ito.e Orur flelin s on lli ocemsion remind u of the qvmpathy
14.llIIE daiol. to a i.tteful .i prams. ,'ltM ud himrll'-" If I dlon'tl Ii gluriously rev ngled for el"' setd by llunri, wlen biddine atliou to the Dvil :-
0 n-er iias m.ln'ry l av sitit fi| vtar. lln y lla I be bladtll." A hnte IlwCtimesll this, of lle i (hu. farer yr sl. auold .Vicksr-an m
llil .-ill I tllwu ilti Iate a it ltlhl. polished itann ,tslai, said I I J 0n l t ye ta hitlla h an' men'
Tl,,A. --n ."e rB' s' wtnsi.:,y dri.,,, el.aler l,, h ir.,,ll,,l prar, S i.a ,,,i il. nr St il hla' a i uk--
,iI lie pe|..e I1 gouhi.iaa p,|ar ,sther I will lave (UGo, I will len revengel." I'm .we to thiln upon ayou den.
Bu iha|pp. li e litor,. oair diays eiu al to lie ln., TIh obscurity of this, is worthy of iit obscure 'E.'n for your sake "--Ed. Par.
A .aila I,.ir. ac ul as ichisve uraI, authir-thle tlireat of hlis perMitial venara;inre, none hut a
fit lit. I i. h.-.r irt- ct.Oa,,,i.,al ai i.rte, il.ruon woutIlal be alarmed al. It i. f u~ i fr you. Ili ajeuy aied Mr. IHurge.-It turd us the greatest
I''llrwn vli.llll ihh ft h t alnrml:~l.s -- i ~ "'IT(II( 'r V tll'll~nl"n he heor d ll I sltat1e1. on unqunslounable outho-
lt eat ha.ti of ast paras. l r,. hrattI I ne.vr did il"-i. e. joitn the re "ls. I y e t pr,- grai. atinii ho t, aer the al o uanlte o( tnheu rebe blo ainui -
A loi.ii in I lIkt. I f l I, vo el Io I ." a Le t "W e kinow iot which s I te more rwr aiv lan t1 rI r, hl t '..a-l.l. .11 M. 3a y s ren a mo.l I racis n n
il hI t .a h l .sItjlli l er ii r.-. i ai .hl 'l t a f adnmiraton- ltih tei it iv whih led the mlleniri fir . ge ito t,,,nr Alent, rei|qesttl n a piv.alr auinhence. As Ihi
Oh :i-re'r. llollltn is crrlin ll . I 1 1eslslorelandl lo niake sill aoetwal, or Ith de I lre vity l'i inht.rv: w er Ire rn ih:a II. e M jj lty feelingly expressed tb
Whiln y l t urIol elouprd with tlL heart eavincedl Ity s r retlertsles aIn expres*ion.--"I I I derlc rre at the star to whi'h Ihhe W : lnide Clolunlm ware
i ets I illthe 'tn lised not prI mer til you, You w.iudl have ollufered iv it." reduced, atlnd |oimtedly alluilrd to tlu. il.knd in parlirular.
M ale','t mk ill the tnuran il he yr. ~iS conccitedl--vo riliculoius a nolion, is behominil time lring tie ilnterview. ou.r n.,hle heartedl Monlr,-h declared that
1".t t'au o pha.n-It rn.tidt"tn Ioh f the 1 ms W.torlnl ossvat,,ry Cur" L h's mstu anxisa wsh was to resume his 'Colomes to their
aim t..tiili.atg as *e.t, tilks. -. iii| I f-ar. alisatin s tlhe WesrtIailal e l,l kaic .rp !- fourmw soi of hapltinass soil priloinltr andl eiprnoed his
It oI hl -6 ,, 1 l ef inadrl Ti "ahnis I asml have e kstib kicked YOU tldentermitato"n o u eorital them in every mota ite way. Mr.
Is on sh- l 1wa1 unttor l.". in vain hlhe w e nlr IbuIl I ill ai' IltIree, hri lre ihe Lntervlll, tirnln oated expresseul hs ultmos
I hm. was u ri',n in e ain t he n im e, of the hivmewa ra m imvltr's trbtosrtnce lhilt Tr, ra i gratll atel c in t llh K i g to t t r km nlllile l of his eop eosol sal. l aid
Ii helh I r li e@ d e ard for his nerk, or fte love tf at his Oniry I i If ever the tcIing reatn.rd whllc hle evintl ed l owarda his trsasaI i asie
IbKe 61. relelo lo ly dhat el h I join any artyv," he continue, I will jiln tl bthIarks." Ipor-oseund. II the Whig Adminislralion were m well vesed
Esen dlwn d en dply de r -Does the luuenlhr flw Wetmoreland intagine, i'f hln in ialteri of r.inial inliry as their Royal Masrer Is. then.
Ftr minatha sllf I linter'l in hope anIl in .loub, cold effect the destructism of tie Island, nmd .il chatter-. inded. mgihlt the oppl-mrd d w hatlf rmied Ween Indlom
While her firm is grew walner and thin: i in tie milst of a Black Am4eihli, tlll they wold htte fll center days: ha whatever tur lfate may hb. hi is sese
Bal thel .a dying 1 park of eoi*tene west oat, permit him to Ibrow bea1 or h'erd thtem, a he has doneI etnoslituon it ti o know that t lr eo euria commisera -s
A.m rln ,, jii. c ,n !,,ii Lu i.| .,tl U ^r, .a; Ii*^ nd nn" 1. ri[ 1 ud I t elr I h cou" l ."a'. C. -
As dt mamyt were. jast coming in! the present Logislature 1 lIe knows" a trick worth two a it ad would er i he co C
i -lwied, and she leflt o- the salirs l.r of men of that." They wttulh tetachi him whal il due to tile dignity ..
Tu iindulge in a ..ldowesr' iman. of llie Iliioi, and back (butl) lin oul of ie window, in Ihe anly Ssterm by unticA lRurkihn rcan pirwad.-The
Oh. I lell l the ,,were ul' solaillde ihen, support of an arguimenl. oluilnlry denlson IIf t dIes lt the use if t shemg it rhl
A. 1 ale my first nli *f alone The new,pall.Hrt li. re radl hrol hout the island gene- inny T"1e hy wh'rh Ihr ll t i 1 bl Dcaln. deO Btkh-
BEt wheel I beheld VIrlne's frlenlds in then cloaks, r"all, andl iti ta ase*ionsa Ita lse sloavn lthei ve d rin hi l. w h is n vr in h lllnre. When a IA s
al with rrefal' crape IUs the hee hs, Htw dangerioult, hbaa rrsuptiled tle example hii lhu enes-amay of she lataio i hitatm l., stina hnead When p aient
otn.lrac th,,,,,lurl canle .. Ihal hol. Lowe dinI-rvo. h> nlruupl. lle nal i I. | .,, u |, ll,. l. Ihti hubd w sitvt Mt
0 i ieill elior'l. don I aril sahe nol-of-door lulks meen htre them Iby ite' intell e r for Weniorelnil. re. iared. in case of dlealh. that burial h.all be perlorme by
Were all crying-I lllllkl it l .plrant. instead of otlltluin~rtmlin wi ilh the slaTves ad lle rilony his friiend.. anrl n'-rthelre,. in lier grrat majnrlly of rcare.
geteorally in the drsurbancarshich lhave lately bathed the the buri.d is pe-tfrmel ast the expense of th- pare-mh. O,, the
island in blosid, tie hlnlly s ilI .lslatl isipaionq otif the nteru CUonilet. Ihe piaiteni i receded, anl all is reequnted io
Fsa the Jimtatna Patr ol, Jist Mar. rie,,ive frelish .neirilem-lfrninthe tlreat toilfem n h threv al aitth ie e, a dress of the sn from whom he rame. o that of the
Ot a luee tccasiiei. lMr. Heunum.nlt called a ('a)mnlillite hv %br. ll.;.iil.a .nl, Il I llr will ,In lh -i k llrt if j.,,is r i a. rlC"'"'lr rinsllive wh freel. ia anl resl him If dealh cI.ror
an ofilial aarnnrrtnsel noh II it made. within 4 hamir Sal-
Rdaa of c.ri-pirtrt,r lie egave general ,ffrnre ; hi per- anyv party," so tlhat lurlIriactser f resionnndreuolt ama l.notw le atent. anml tle Iatd relAihte hA invited statso Ie
tol ii, iand wih i- clsarctertue w ri nllrs, e resractled unl rlunat lv I, elvrrle.l. 11' we were Ilo,,ler a.n vy of In"- ras erl ertl. wits'h it ree. atd u- the holy In she chapel neat
Scuiont as arnin ls tie whole, mild exrepltd certain ie mbneruf .A\rtinllyv Crorintheien llrzenr ensurelhat hlIw.lren mreIning. If Ihefrir rll relail.e lhen eaime the the By. ilt s
lmar by ,llin-a-',lle tlis plan still hleving him nirped passudl ipon tliltl, we ouil-I naiin. Mr. Lvnrlh. MI. Slanip, g.ven tup far buneal as his espe re. mid muat be catmn froI
ll ore rnmiP h.i wriised lo have. li said he world and Mr. Brry, aB laer nlye inllsdivid.alks Mralsti cI. lItau- the Ih-Iital to dhe cemetery drtdly,. wt.h a piper nflical
a metn tlhs.e wtlnU he dlidl mn nl.-Ali, bill he wimIl at I mount, in picking IIt.- lwheil frolil the clhaI, iederiin a tes I, or'' e In mnse imnlanice, the friends are contelentel willh le
1t p lill tIIl ti. ln' Iwh ll m is lit llt lls men, wins wlrl .Mr. ll name nm el' t ill ipilr a rs-.- n.ilnllp i llt hi ,, alea lat,.l funeral sertlr.e an lsch*, Nr. JSiai,,. a,,tl Mr. Herrv. Tih' mniairivt of llt I a whlide Cmni,nlte,., f 'll I 11h-, th.a1t111l veiliallv b1 te over to t'he almlshn*esil to ~" *he hoesptalio. hy *wirh aI
o ee a.lliwd theiolvelm |I bhe anmlud' lv hlr nl.y.o, oitlied Io cl lo p hi. ,rl. ,tl at lal rlOir na tltii L, ". l'e :rC lst if ts a aa ltar e erahh. heePos ein Psras,
ai islinavg oi the l ldicamient int which sthey sI pposed ei11titl-I tso Ill lalt- thr, ae iw-i)err sll lnt we )lave list tllinlid, whih proper aIfflre are appointed so exellcse a strictr sr-
Sr.ree wii, were nat.lll tu lanil, lhey forgot i o I l aueit and we sincerely anit ul itou irilay narlulAlc llra e ilii i/laner tetr Ite Iheirtilieonu and repeclful exam rtnon tf
6 irkliv of tie Il.w- of Aemnllvy and Ihe obsevance the honour ltus rtmferredl ; far if any lliting r tan i halld their noia reInals. 1 hen tIhs has been accomplaukdl. the
Ef ilrnli: an1,l iI. llhrec marktld nenmhers conceived an holnoulr which procereds Mr. BranliallOnl, it niatit I he .41p n shroauled. ilaerI in a hell, anl renovetl In thle reme-
I the inlerrey f o Mr. Ble'aMr mliint' conduct was adonpt- lhe distinction lie draws ititween tn ollse wihoi, lie coan ra- ery artednded by the officer. where a sweenod fulnrm l server Is
ai d a;it>riove te Ihter-i- h,.-carw rrln enary Ir On anoilher sll wnn swerve ftrm tle o p:ll of tlwir dullv nlwith- l cnt-in tIne on ie body of he dereaeul are trrupula.t.!y
Itml iaiseie p~aatitr1 dt, oved. It in Ita ths tnbcnoan-e of delrormn in the s-elna
n ila- I t. lll la t co:, ton a large ctmnie, stdinm the many little tricks, anil dlcoys th1at |Ie Ithrows nasisn of bediP. ad |td te p"rtnanee no n idir reps. that
Le wl,,lli nll,-lev rv M1 'lllmrolf sremlhlv. ,ine after in their a.a%. we m s atsriutse the pro-psr felang l lech eI,.s. n s.e sal-
lm.r, -a Iles and th ii-anI r m -cla.IIratimn was all.ow- We reg;rt exlremirl to Ie under Ihe nerisity or de- i ect of diseecltan throughout ihe Conotinel. n.I the sme
Ilpa.o by in ',. N,, ule can Tell hal prompts declaring It the Imelaters of Asembily, our di-ivat at their Teerlin wtuld doaubtleo arise in this country If he same
l a c in tlis nuraus inmatirnr, rexrpt it be that he piuillanimuti eunndrlr1 in nlt ripfllinei from ilte Hlloue Mr. Means were adolte.--Laneda ?'jmi'r.
oa ihs' 1 P IN'e ll" it urtder that le may g o tI England Ilratim.nt, ihe ietr fI r Wl ,etati r-eland, for theh, ia-at .. -w- b -- r-- .
*Jlll ''"w''"" .="^ll~l '" IIIII.' Il" o" h""'* P"1'"'n o culprit"l ,r., laallv rarrclrI JPll.P 3 i lli.e. TIme
"mir itinerae ilme c..outry, .nistterike, in armtctitgell .tr-wdt ls a td .hi,-rriflil lant,,age male i. orf hb huh Ano. I cprit w lasly inrerrcild hs t.ati. t e had itm n hen
hl- liln leslcanlt ton ihre ;pmenertiin which he smlff'red in that l pale, pilltirl, a well asyJ iln. l ro ofni' t isl a t acutidy ItJohn IJsala alia, as- h. a \sit y well
i "Im i hir rtIruaii.ina atent l S.t t Ic er l a Irdln ialg -we a nriorl lclrl inel oirn,.' tfr'eholmrs f Weimor lani.1 -a i.. a | Ther r. uu .n firs. so bring
,lao "i, imlipreui-o,, ii Ile Ur, the p'rSu. s in Sp."- In our rcn'nre, for relamin,- him as ilth d, a repr_.,- I \!. I ,," "%

I a h no kwits, is she Ediwr odeii, dint Mr. Jamac FariallieM"
th Itay.**I n powns.o .Ii aidllI b ape* **r ci p rB.ab-i n\B J doalr.. L
__' _____I__... h pm wm a d a wks t be br t inmLto e coLu by dinb OCeact l Od I i receive
*.'WY Bis, edIh e t Ia mlie, an she ca r; and we bafstewmiarda ps-Ii's bit M a fdisir 6A L
d to b w yC it alsgether, in srdeto to SOp all gabher, wisaheet ofmiafg &~.lwr s
havL ei arrived, risB tla:- i dclualeo sWubjci buht afer tie very P16 dehould ib insuld by being cUld ChW
.lyw s t Pa .. l d,,u e otand ue i
I l l h..m.riMysLr A, Phin, -ater, fIsm l, ihl imp lfo r aal emu es, put brt ;(r t het p h ;; Iiz %
C CIM6sill dim am-rcew Thke ier, in- is eare pory p of Smturdy i.nt, w econ- nn be aun ely o r.n e av 1-
enot be expectd to ompcor g sO*cloili
,1' ,, .i l w YTrkli the esre ri, Ram-Hill, coin it oly ct of common juiice to the Majur, lo Ala, Sir. ii atl oldino tr n
Nin.els, ai.e, tan Ladom; d dhe brig E.uplmis, Lt our orm dte(semioun, and permit hi letter to ap- section, iad c de t esn lo s believe
FiAeu lllr. b. eLieprpool l.r i our ailluI. Suose of our readers may charge letting the to yew nia nc, nei
ilU l rLcelmv --y A r u, a v i New York- ad ir iesainency, when they perse certl ain epres- tooting government. Ithb y nou w tMsir n ow;
L y eI I t ds ffl e, mad Liva.pol to the ltlbh oe of l s e o by de Major; we, therefore, re- tluhle a ber o t rown tpl
Mr; a atmmary of wlMc, we brve copted from the ques daie to releca dot this communication wes, in the lock, (your words in your nM are Iam i
SNw Yrk Coeriersld Elqluirr," first place, rejected by eu, and that they are time epres- Slavae which his further iaeedo l meag t till
The TL Re Dme ll la passed its third mreadig in the ios of tl i ~galb nt whome siuure appears to it, aud (your wordsare, anotlheepectled,)tlo esIpecl t
SsImi onf C" ~, by a mjoriy of 116, mnd was tsken net Gore. Aldia. who is ipartimal, mDut oftn pri you well. Sir Jwe e iS e e ; the e; wiho pm tsik
your proenm, treated as Mr. Jamm p,-'- -
n, tIe ame of Laord on he evenig of the 2~lth of opinions and eatiumts which are opposed to his own.-- Iyun--r i yet a tried to serve by m
Murir, whem Ilea read a* time; and Thumrsay. Ed. Argue. member, hoLn, he, good non, @L ta y ities
Al 1espJ.lh I for its saeeeol reading. To eil M'Q ee, Eaquire, Editor of the Royal May G in his goodness, "* * *
of Sir JE aelt, 4c. or in pit) to the coloured population, ave iea ls t
I W ie hr i q riled dei sincerity of Sir Jam Sim-1 am quiet ia a los to imagineO, how I, above all friendships.
S Car C rmkl-lth's prko of friendship towards time otl h me living, dold be hl op to the culoured popu- METpRL
Stin hd che, and we wirapl the t persns tint, like laeai, ua one dpul p t their interest or tllir claim,.
ri dmpld t is d l iughler, they wold be Jeeived v the I have ener hlitid tyoe., or my eoice, against them; From te Xew 'ork Courier d e ir, e ie r,
a1wrasef ad hi,facin, to and be Csoe work .. eir own a Cleaihe rmt r ianjur ; r bi i ot Lo LATER FROM ENGLAND .
y,. p~-t y .. ..not.allow tltnv Ihe tdo li hurt or pnjory but I uore au cylei,
ruln. Abli y aty1 our doubt suld our prodiciuons b- amed yve nmarilUy lou, in nmksng m uher and Imr two Or news collector arrived i, towe'ldhi c s Ir
rum e d-aidy Uc the jelou dvoane of hi n cin. frue: ae I am now in treely, to purclil it clock from tile packer ship flibernia, Alle, whicb
Iel ep e t mo tive, which lspe uirred hiv m ion ut freedom of I other, is whlo liberal I will have very little her our regularcl fie o Liverpool. We haver netri,
gainh sthr uppnor, and the mimchlevou return which he i antere, beyond the gratiteutiou of thoe Atelings which, d t garder a
as a friend go humanity, I hope I p L~ondon to tile 7th or March. Tlhi verssl as ist
uIsaedfuy intends to make dem. You hive by froor public. amped to proju- by our schooner Courier and Enquirer, and our Nees lb.
seio Cla a p ca d by u twohors, tefoe any oth e rlui r1 1 isel
,We irte-fCr their own iake-for the ske of the Co dice my cow in the ey v of my coloured brellern-a pro- "reived by us two hors before any Mher ,l ce i. b
, my. am a---4he"y will m allow dhernslm to Ib poronio of whom, you well know, would form ny juers-- city o received theirs uoneminin4 it,we d.lcoueredCll,
oneer tdidMby party pajudice; Ibut seeing through Ihe ad you have now lliwed a second publication in your th doa not erlsbin th e l aint'dates, at or nescrolmr,.
mHl cr, te mode by fortliltnou cirlrun.l.nes in li veil columns to my prejudie, when it lwa wall knownmy pro- ionn stelyrlirneda t Ia rip. III cioneqrrn t, a.
o aill of tha rla Cllu of by lltm cSiillu ad on the eVi of tril mistake, (Jn rLing from Ihe fiac of our maltl of tile 16a. so:
S of deceprion, whicb the S lmyth faction have for cente time f ui e g St i miu te bowh bas on th ord evheH ldtu) oe eaue1.
aof d eatmu, to te. Jsm, eru Had I lifted ,y iin. eitar to the Admiral ceuoedtading s a both beeingl on board the Hi rnis.) a dlie nde Ir[ew
past ue, nd-- is shrudMing dIu. they will rear is entirely i o the liion, or to My Lords of the Admirllty, whln Tl latest dateo until after some of our rotelpor ars.
er, Ind, canvi t lld tiMut deir uonulus mnust man or fall your linr puhlicatin olf liw appnered, itposuuily The Reform Bill having pend t las red the Ho u Co....
wish the Colny, withdraw their support frmn a Govern.- uight have oeen productive of very serious consequence by a majritv of 116, it was broulet up to hi1 Ho w
4 1 'o mlwhorich Would, long ere doi., have ceased toexit, hel to osom of dae par)Mi conceinud; and you well know, Lordo' uo Il 2(tl Mlrrel, aal rid bh shtal it*. 0t,
NlJ v|ery orrct mtl :p;ivin oulrn l thal pIllUiu- vyi"n crtofle Earl 'y, lhlN: rl Ii i t halt rea ai 1 s, 4,
they mt allowed themselves to1 b i m reciedand try riou cqncu, lo Thursly seu-'.ighi," a deble a ted, al .mai..
(lots received, and the very serious cousetim-ebut built toh
TIe 'GovernM r bis, in the case of Mr. FurquliaHrUn's %: wicly andl to individual hlppines, hatl was s near re- eivo on abstract. It is important, as shewnl haim t
relis-.or, recorded i a hiiopinin, lilt the islvns of this .sulling from youl imprndence, in iviung publicity to it- PeeLs intend tgo ino a nomamittie on tIh Bill: Undm
SI ,.,.dean canl he epectil to pay resectl to his sn ile yu er i ur aim nd unenerou s i tr dey l, he ulrvuliuns m by he pri l ami-
fi' ll' J.iJme Furqshr., ai Im is illegi*imate. We ire. uni spice in your oluumi, to numak, th contraiicltlo [ did I e should co"'ect that tite object s to imstoolmos
Mmr. J.bais Faruirpns, i illi n atle, oWe ere- h i. tia trlue, and which Mr. Cupeland AdderleY wams a i"nndents a will cumpulnely cheane its m f inmm t lm duecine apples to nhil of that cla s o permeon, wit sl, tu ,-. int tI ayurully thoulghtl you would not featui a rnlresns
Ias silarly sionomd to Mi. Jamu Farqilunhaon: if so, all have revered to a slatilor proceedig. 'I'l greal question still remains indeidlrd. Wila
-.Juer. lbe s-onr. who haet inherited slrves fron Nt coiteet by Uempting to inju re my cauM Iefore Ministers, il miecbstury, create asuaitnir"oaumberlf
Their fisher, a*re ni to b treated with respect from their theoe who weren o h ur Juror ot in occasion, you Ito carry the bill, without admitting a mweril herMis -i
I, rihave, witlh whlat foircn I lnevo the world to ijud e, mnde eiln m llM id olpona prhu wiogsh t y s de m.ara. 8
1 m mscwud bllc0 npl, llobtey vt nlo erhU y e vi Wl"k Io aI secon atm, s... h ,t,, d.v ,urev by f.y tril,,
dIrredingt t e Ibtlin of theme mperons, this mui t be; colculated to injure *d .prejudice me in thle eyes .f 1 oe of tlhe present Cahinet, on Ihe last reading he iil
edl how Klringly doew i espone lw insincerity o the coloured bretlrn, by adniming into le rlemn, of voonr i o he n l. le of 'heon .fe sm lre ma;lniinl trh it was
(;velu nor'. enrsionu, to rise tIam, to a level in society paper, a article spilet me, in llre shape of a loller prerotntlive of the crown, lw exerrise of which, hiowr,
with tciir whiw fIllow bje.cts!-llr i very irepoct- signed A oloured Mao,"--wherein I am so pointed I nly toI he jucifier d by the exigency of the s tilsnes
lhe man orf co ur, lotha my broww brelhren coold not mihlake n oe. to vintl eir cerr evil., man coachaled by ol erale neIta
bl mu of dr-un believe. received .hr you, nor 1, Sir, cn havo ucl n longer to remain in t i o be their du o k
goo fd education, aid who, a an planter, ufllo ws resercl- I lhet ide the Irr e : il mll dtem en i se to nro il,e i not dich from he r niily. ill
able pfrofe.,tin--lpon appealing to the laws of his crn- n l t us ut iM dat I have modlstted, is calculaed idlefinite, and my not he PIers allow ih Ministr il
try Ier rdcems. againstt se of emuinous slaves der his to make depiossr from bLh world happier --or obtin a majority in the comeuailte, lc.reby l itl fr hI
due nlrti, and tihi had even committed sn asnuk upon are the diL'sis, j aelouie, lnd Ind M eliKg, which thi re"as" on r creation, uan after all m he ese d
hsl, perms, told due de slaves not to blene fIor die- d hb A ri ble oua God ennr y to PL inid rey hl i s, ir a e isit a t. e rn a an -y
SI eLyi him and mseeig hm with disrespect It, b h e in dom you n unkidn, nor mn I aem advi'sin the croe to eercrm is pireunntive, NUd he
was M gitimelmy barn. of ever having wished lodo vuone; nor am I. nor do I delay it tin the elweven hnr sod ince ihe aid.eF d
Thi colul d clam, ay ltink what they pleae of Hea know 'wh aml or of Leonidas t-s help e G;od which this dlay i m.o oded.-Ther as u OW ee s
E c.Clleacy's conduct. on du occasion; but we re of [I 1 thll-s aemrl is s s mlcient to make you, lhh priner, ""nd deIhion in ihiL codurc of Iie prml i
a r ainli noiuetvrret a sle ilnd whoe mr ithe aslhorfl the i lett signed "A Colo.ured Greal Britain, whih is unmoumI in the Cnnwribk *(tel
option it plpably delmnelrmlmls that hore bul e ob- Man" may ie, fl the injustice you both heve done ne, country, and which, we think, ugurs unflour bly Of
jet to I bhe p*m--4kas His E. allnr y wa e set out hbe nolhint that I can ay will. But, before it mauv be ou lr lnn duration of Plwer.
f r o lse rltiklokO w, by the Ministry t Aldrnnmn allow me to remind you, dhel Ihe man wh. like myusell. Soe rioa s look piee in London, in FiWmbrwy 4w
I Ia"ry ; *nd wih U bhi" prd anirn o"f slea6 r the coluoured wi he o keep hinmelf, alof from offending other, is nol t. G(ile, dr. on the fast day, the Polilical L ien Ckvin
Sa' m, t, will bUe uscriTed, with d nir while f-ow sub. very likely uamly ca submit to unmritea treatment ; dews 0niron to convert the fao t into af car day nnl or;tlh-
Sno ras the lOvrasllme of the mother country likely to ed large pnrces.ions. They wre eet by v w e eie OW-
,) 's, tghe d Ionned of teticiem d *ad mock phiknl ahopy. inw thea print er t eiomlinned in leir service, who who oImstered very strong, and dislnredS, ne hIP -
We q temioa. if they do la already f oal Ute Irum of our wantonly and malfcioudy would aim mt nwainls diSan.ins withohul d wiffculty.
rin ia L mere i conveniencs in rlle, l ed hetwee de oltr f eete th e army, d ie people amralan e The charl s d the Bk of Englad is ebost *pi(il,
by he present dltrin depreciation of property in dIs whoe I thir swviceT ma"y call them. and it appears will Dot be r wed withom a gener
p h. y TbL data m tetoe n avaied ioe I Sirm, EI0ryiry bhing iar olhooed ieoe the bsarif syslen, ,b1.:
S1 Thi depr citation camus he "esled increy ar pyum r obedienl Servanl, o: l whole cunry. The apres ckr of btak p -
rg' by giag way the s mee poliical party feelie.g a W. NICOLLS. sents the l es ab lishm t oi joinl uek ihakie colni ,a
ponlent entoel; iud we oua. ldar un, adv d wm, 30th April. and ihe enquiry Ihoul so be made is ilh 9a ** "st a '
for Iha bemrl, a withdraw frue u t cwons e eatd r roduilion of thoie highly uslul inrutioaitr o ", t*
hs i mlehlt t wood f hr ebir b iei. rih ds to NaS~0.o, btlh May, 1812. that no ea.sure can be advised whiCrh wouUl be at'"
Ime deo to fght_ ood liIght Tb Hiu Ece-encr y Sir J. C. Smyth, aort. with mao beneicial effects on hde general pre o
ldo *n. -Whoen an in your hih spherm of lile embrace dlle country.
Oeu plil diputbr e o of a m w IL ave q nemm, Iany particularpi, i is a tely necery they dimuld I Trl Courier of Ith 26Ch emnnlrin mn inaportmi ieo
wkiul d Idi conl io* with any oher, a ld ai comislent, wherier that is a mor.lo a pulilical pouin ; h in relation the rtifriation of tlie Tr' y Luewre "I'
I wil M t Ur Lgislathne w pledged m i to do for when mwe o- n recent, or deviate from poslive saur- gimin and lolland It is writltn aplirenlly wib l
llans wri er pse nkrlr, ihM he crenni-ly (for he tios nnd during calmns of mind, they are ever after coeldence, ani it would seem to be bas l on ieor1po.r
Sla k o present oersdot___ J ubec orf aii. (fhob consid"ed u mere wealhee~ eks, turned I by every wind .actlully received ; yet we cannot k riew wishm p
hove t consequen cs of ai that blows-in fact, ai feikle as the winds tthnhies I cin.-the I- uo dl month an cS lr a bl nd.-~i*
way.) iroghn ( tarrl d i oel ad l quhonl io, to excile was led into this way of tbinkinLc, fromm yor Ecellecnr '., day on the Parn Stock Eirchnle, and our Pa C"e
jnsmony buwsn I. cles F a omew t of etre notes on the trial of Mr. Farqunharoun's Sllaves %hiclh pondent has w d ua eius t givit ir"pns Il lm ."
rIn iMd. nd Caea divernlp i hi bfmrw. Thit be wee shews o e Iy your f oiesd Mr. Nesbitt. Of tlle, an.les which appear in the Loamlo Coarier abal I
1-as. a ll la CdM plely punishlnentawarded domSlmvasyear E relleucy ha struck p:lriud. B-ides, lle Times of the IflloJIng i'.
bell DM d l A oftof tIk C1 "l off or pardoned one fl: sethuse enlencel to rcolive 5c0. rth, lakes no Mtas e wht evor of Ihia in lelli re; t
P m I I e, d o I I6you have ordered 51i to honeseardeu d 35. ye have ordr- contrary, pilivel aye Ilhat nothing fol br -- l
,; o ,ia ,-l ,, tobrl kmft gas. .d swe ve bihe Is your m-a, you hee also remarked I..on de arc. Al p dm lt i0 4 hne '
mr.i ~ ypt' l s hylilBd-ll i h a, biW dme. lat M.r. James Fjarmou hre was n proper Mudkrity, had mplanod d"it was highly proU h dlla Th M,
Sn stW., lm-i eal, m tIni e W O popular rmnr lthouh he himself swears he was, and the fatr corro- would ik riatifd by Ammlir.
hUL helJ thei : he : I l d tie fornlrd ihelr rca', J at e ylh swearing he Imd pieced the in The troubles of Grenobled hd lir'ly mu am
th vm: doe be ** bring forward l do m full authoriy Me.* Fhe,81ora hi aus Iburn K .u, I tilnh Ilb inlt. sed ihe --r troop. lid etnrd a"
eiiw.,. h. d.. a l de ey %DM -la.e with due .a- ao,--N Sir. whla will Ihe brown population i,,, withoul n"t n ltempl at rMisance pru of or l of i
s htinu. Ireyare tolud thea in lise very notes yUU Ilve de- bnlLo,,. .iouo arrtesl IMe tuLa ke ple and a r a

ere m ia"l dom she a ofdme u iolahe pon bill go cmsu samism', he wsM'decr bin balsamdmsA
"j.,-.. .'.* tImakeitwilahe it antie tom .1B.Ss..
e d m thfatr ..wspeditio to Italy, .l we ad The bill w a ordered' to mi read 'a second timn em
u s, that Led Palminrsmt sidM in heAb i Thoursday m'nigh, ind the bounlrds niMsed t* .oa tlon -s 6 "
= = Vtl. onN.ulta- se.s ek fts.a&r rr of t6a" .. A_.A.t:.
mt-I fumrs mad thern4re epwnmible for every C rt CirmsbreT!larf, tiendeld by Sir A" 'm
fd*s irsFath f trop% committed sit Aan.ia.oadl tbesin B.arard, arrived it hi Phlse, ft Jamewsl bot 0 aon 0 9
Ml6 M G e bad tlo meapeeh of M.' Pam. or un minhiteI pait o'ctlok sadnysy, f*m dw Palk M.B_ h-J u. hr. ur-, LW. Cae
inti dof the object fora which time expedition was Windsor. The Duke or lmeeadr receivelis NMajmety a .' A. se-ne. iiar A iseC a- t e
akeb,. and on the whMle, it Is evident tlat according on hiii arrival. noer Cos, 'usemi P" Che rno
~ i of m ai rament IBr.ii C1kinet, thin. 6epodi- Shortly alier the King held a lbve. The American AI-. &m.
r i mot k'adtmnyumrionm cissmp ineer.-HWe per- Minister was introduced am a private audience by Vinscount i'o33 & aumsu.
( ever Sat a d mr1 miuadioon is anOored oulff Palmrntuon, Ilis Majesty's Principal Secretary of Stan 9th Am aschr Tb.ies mter, Gl eder.. New York
t ic i t c I for o.rign Aflfairs, and conducted by Sir Roben Cheas, .". ,'B ".
ib Cholera, thouii increasing, till iuses ilyl lesi time Musier of me Ceremonies, when HIls Escalency took bto U. Gaianeam L & Co.
nm. By calculation uilde in die Medical Ju.iri.i, it loave of tlu King, pre.ious to his dalrnuru for de Con- .. ig Euphormi, Fildiate,. Li:espdu
rs that the mnarility tltruughomt England in I ttl, it.t Brih awrehamutllm, ec.
ir-r in tlis year Ilion in former years, and lii lhoile i iidsor, earch 24.-Lord Howe, Lord Palmerston, ., It Jean Twomes && Ce.
oimer of death sdila be cauisd by C li.ilira lring mite Mr. Van Burm, tlie American Mini er, Mr. Valighn, our Store hrig Rae-Hill, NiOien, Leade
w rour inirnmim is 19 7, ar little nmuie than ato .any Minister to America, Sir Philip and Laly Sydney, mr- Government Stora. Ac.
Ai, tir ighoul elimo .country. Thie disorder hal s also rived this afternoon. All tlhe abow banned puremnages Sloop Argiu, Kemp, Cuba
mpt'sl'lpt in Ircland, anil mhis circiustsiance divs not will dine witl tile King,and it isexpectedwill remimat the 70 head of Turtle, Ac.
II uvr;n.- passing remark fron the Liindiun Editors, a Castle all night. to Leaw DUvTAUa
aig imiicailion, w- think, that tile Ciu.IerA is *isor. of L Schr. Bahamian, Prudden, Ablce
Or) it, twr.ri in England. CIIOLERA.
STheA Cioler ia i Befas.-lt a pculiary gratifying 10 SAILED
ENG L AND. find that since our lastpublictin h made no May SAILED,-oop Ml B C J
aroas 0I ra>l.tnNBe. progress in Belfast, and there is i msons to bedmove ay 6th -S oo Fa ioate. ourBeak Bi er d J
.em (Engimsad Bl.-Alt Alout a quitrter piat. 5 tihat it will be Mnon etinguished fs le of aen ew-- --------
e.6k,< t l.- 1e suy U .nhe.r of tie Black Rod o a m *in ngn nawich lia e. .da by the The ship Mobile. of New Yk. v spnra a o Ase-
ef mlt"-l mo.> and annomcd a mmiesse (rare o la, eBord of Healt. No now canes ha'occurred, and for rican brigantine. spoken by IL M. schooner Spe mid a he
camnm. ''ti. esri, pr.oducud by tme maninc'mnm mime last thrn days the returns have Iaon verbatim the loth ultiao, so be ashore am Key Philip, emrth ltle.ef-Pines.
d2ed IIai time hilll" backrled b a large manjjority of tie e.-e Ne L r of M nrm was received at Havan, a few days agl. tha as
le, was aemia *oosIs io hi. stubmiied l to Chelerea i DabliM.-A highly respectable medical English brig (anmse unknown), -wih a valuable carga, colme-
hdinti conmid..ration. 'Th' spacoi around tie throne t' nilenl"an called at our office yesterday to set, that two ed tou Gordon & Co. of Hanes, was ashore at G nger Key.
va, emnp.l.lyv aliLed with spectators. A ; ca seso clmleria have occurred in delk city. The -frb-t -om-
amel.r of n'n.riits'i of Parlianiient wac. areadlv wailing he enaltions was that of a poor aun, L iAbourer, in the PASSENGERS ARRIVED.
elow ilit. sto, wien l.ird Joini, kR.ssll lwarioig bill. employ of Mr. Stevelly, who died on Thorminy, in a hlai In tle brig Euphemia, from Liverpool :-Cpaleis Ki-
acieoampanistiid bs Lonl Altih.irp, advanced in front .fj of Sumonmerhill; and the second case in that of a poor son. (of the Royal Engineers.) Lady aMid idi and
l mely of zelista r.I'tirim.rns. Ab.inm 10' peere were in main who liad washed the body of the deceased, and was Ensign Kennedy.
im.iliirn'e a de tiwu..iif wil ii ni;majriiv were mon e!, taken ill at three u'cluck yeterdnly. Tim"s woman was In theslorehrRose-llill, frn Loede :-Mr. Whiny,
ilimn henrh, .lnive of llh bislp>, of whin 12,; seen by several mnolicl gentilumen, we ate informed, all Lady and child.
I think, were lesumeli. I' f whom agree' in regarding ithe case a one of Indhin an
The L.ord (Clhanni.llor prioce-deid to lite her with thie I olera. li this opinion we trist they are in error. At PASSENGERS BAILEB.
sml iinrmi litiie, iand received ime bill frlcou the lindil of all events, the subscriptious of the wealthy should hea paid, In the Mall Boat, foa Jamaica :-Mr. Sweeny, Lady
Lorid J..hii ItoRusll. the exertions of the akilful should be enuploytd, and time and two children.
Ti lo.rdn Ch(ncr.-llor ilie nrituirnr th llie wonlsark and energies of I'Ih benevolent inef ed. to render the p-
su.,,id e ii Ineicr lornniihie 1s rniiesireI from tme I loose: preach of tliM disas mourue difcelfr, or, if it should romie,
d Ctiiniii.n liv Liord J,,lhn li.t'll, ..nd ii lirs, declaring of imitigating its vil as ntclh as ploiblv.--Dl6th Sior.-
ki llt e C.nionsl.,.ilad ina .,I a bill entitled An Act to ing Rfriuter, .oenday, Mfarch 20.
menal I.. llt.ipr.,nnt;iii..i f tihe lpr..le of Enliluind and Chaolra uin lfaost.-Mondy, March 19, 3 o'clock
Wale,' aniJ il eiring tim concurrence of hllti huis in pa.- p. nm.-New cases, I; deaths, 0; recovered, 0; remaining,!
i ln i aI." 2.-Total from cmnunrencemen Oni lrie' mnIion of Lail Grey, tlhe bill was llwn read a A correspondent informs us dlat. time cholera nmebuq is
h lilir, amili orilerml an hle Iined. i Irevalent in Paris, an llis been so fmithe bat two months. y Illi.NRY GILUE-NLADE & CO.
SEarl 'rv Ryaid, hatl while lie wisled In avoid inneces- W estaled as much some days age o he authority of
my deliy in 'Ino wariling time bill, II, was at the sumne limie privuise letters from thence, which has not since been con- On Tuesday, the 22d instant,
mi tims, ll, arfrl f ll opportunity lor free cointiulionai.l t: radicted.-Laiae/u Times. .Varch 22. At the storu of Mrs. Montell, in Market-mtreet,
beusioni.-With diis siw loe i would piriopo, as in the' BFLG IAN TRFATY. At 1 OaWoLk. A.U.
an of irh former hill, that tbe bill be raeia a ,cund time From the Le, lan (.'orier, .arch 20At W. Ad
ThiirIss w%'nnieht. We have the satisfaction of seating, that, through the Will be mold
The E:.rlif ll.irrowby thon.hlit tht the time proipos.d f'rmines ,.n,.rev of ,nt C:shinet and of Prince 'rallev- I Hl'itht the least Reserre.
by he Nobln. E.irl was not suflici..,i ; lor alisiough rand, tie Bel-,iin siesion is Lhkly ) t be brought to a- All her remaining Stock in Trade, consisting of
lruslis limiml given tIe frm, bill c,)y a.t.i.., yet tisfacoryv conclusion. Pavilion, Book and Mull Muslin,
Iriuhill waas nn iho sne inmea mre, ndil therefore it would The P'riisian Anmbassador, Baron Dulow, has received Sitirning for dren.w., (inglianrs,
madare r.nsileralle diiciussmi. i'le bill diicrid mae- from Iis Court instructions whicl will enable him to es- Linen Drill, To ilhd lRoyals, Crap.,
llv frmon silla olier, bo l in re-.spct toi the disfronchs.- change gratification l the .31u itil.; and it appci.r by dte Vest patterns, Men's clotl Cap, Silks,
mlusn.l se'heI lultes B. anit D. Another ltertnion wag following letter, which we imave received frim an aulhen- Bombasin and Boailtasett, Satins, Velvels.
1l perpetuating ithse wimho vmd by corporate rights. tic source, thaem t Emperor of Austria ratified on te 14th Lac amind Ribbons, Braise DUsoses, Late do.
ITe cunres were, he thought. i.eisles others, improw- instant. The Emperor of Russia's raiiiatiuo mas en- Lace Veils, Gauze and Silk llandkerciefs,
m*a particularly ie mnner in wherh the w10 franchee trusted to Camna Ordoff, to be given in or widjheld accord- Gentlemen's coloured and black Silk dicto,
man btn enrried bto operation. There were however, ing to the discretion of that noblrman, and the result of Colon Brace, Pearl, Bone and Lace Buttons,
ir e obMlin oprmidsples. But lmed th liout t der-. certain proposition t, o ime Kingsof tie Netlherlands. Ac- Silk and Custon Cord, Rel and Ball Cotont,
,"l Their "L'uldips' conakdermlm, Rnd they nurlhl o t ii ,o e latest nrcounts from the Ilagiue, the King Pioa, Tapes and Ilobbins, W. 'B. uad blark slip
saelr they cosiL nai amandi im ; because if ie bill was had consented to accept the Trear), subject to certain me- Thread,
lawed mins read aacoend mime anla wannPsedand dification,. This wa commiunicased to Lord Palnrston, I Ounce Thread, BIm.Le, Prayer Books,
After de dllberation,they I gl hoet int conwirnc i. ,,eprted to h .e repli-d, ae supposed he woul Ruled Music ooke, Legers, account Baoks,
hi was a.m to he. pamed into law, they were at liberty that the Treaty having been solemnly ratified by Great Novels in sisn, Spelling and Pictire Books,
father d discr on; w.h regard so hiuaself the ishul Britain and France, those Pnwer could not, in Jionour to Playini, Visiting and Conversation Cards,
Sr to d hisduty. l e was pemsund that the ro.ns- themselves, and in p,,stice, Belgium, consent to any me- Ladies and Gentlmen's Silk, Collon haloe ad,
vwouldi gn on hlner with a considerable lheration in the! difcations, however desirous they nmr he to see a cordial I half Home,
'*t.i.franiichs, than if it were left .i1 lime present state. understanding on all points between ipflland anl Belgium. I Ladies and Gentlemen's Kid andl Wash Leiser
(Mear, i-erI.) lere ale matter rested for toni days; but we are now Gloves,
Lord lharnrhir stated that le should not again refta infrmed that tihe King of the Netherlands, in die full An assortment of Perfumer, vi. .
"ve cosmideretion tu a bill brourhit iiu by so large i expectati of nn acrcoaimodation with ithe Belgians, Rose and L.vender Water, tr tk nd Hair
morily Of time House of Cnommon. (lear, hear.) He through the m'diaion of iih.- Great Powers, hds evinced a Powder,
uad iiel o receive tie noble L.urd opioslte nor tme coune- d s osiion to accept ,i.e 'r Tre.i in its present stIte, and Ponmatum and hair Oil, Cologne and Honey Water,
NYy, nd he felt INmed to Insie han t lha opinion of the that Count Orh sil he to exchange tie Ratifica- Milk of Roses, extract of F.ssence of- Rl .,
mt bill was the mame as he entertained uon aim tnner.: lions by die 31nt inuint. 'rins infurmalion may not be An assortment of Soap, a dinoof Tows,
hog,hy a bare possibility, that so arrn correi in it details, h i is o in ubace. The fact Tooth, i and Cm Brushe,
a Night be entered inmo to settle this ral qiestin. seed in our letter froom, F"nkfurl, we give as positive A small a lsirMea nt of Jewellery.
-:uld go into the r'omumittee with a desire to qme it and ,u henmr. o wTHil-
mbid. rime noble Lord concluded ll ltha he wonild nol An assortment of olher articles.
I party to refle dais bill his considenition. (Hear, I Terms-CASIl before dcrivery.
rl.) ; r'UST RECEIVED, per brig EPIlEMIA, sod for May 5Ah.
ThelBishper London dersared, in a fei words, o1ha1 P sale on reasonable lei si, for CASI. __ ____
md give rise bill his support lo carry it into coum- Ilatclhei, Ais .I,
Wa. liHk said Evam Ilinces, Asnrtled, NOTICE.
? Ears f ,fCarenrvoo thought that it wa more Shor il'.mnp, A wIs, b. On Tuesday, lthe iftea day of Ay sa,
forward to declare as once thal the principle of the Silver Wire Toith Brushes, IN ST. MATTHE.W'S CHURCH,
ehim'tiunable, and therefuire it wa better at once Bet (;ill and common Pins,
hflI thatl it should not receive his support (Har.) D... Gold F.yed tnb.lniec, A* *t foarek, (me.,)
fire-y souted the airatiins lich had been madni, nnd Sailors' Clasp Knives. iWillhesid or Rented, fur one year, tohll highest biddert,
wti hb felt great pisfaction at tine appearance of the I Table do. and Fork., THE WHOLE OF THE PEW8 IN 8AID CHURCL
le ceidiitlioe whici sommerf tie noble Lonrds German Steel lland-saws,
s emsed isiwined to give it. He limooght that Window Hooks and Staples, amoruid, The puormhamr fior the -s ing year, may nmain in.
-a tim renmmre meld aiise in-at samisflction to Iron Wire, for Tinware. the psm io. of their respective Pow, for the errp of
-ry for loing sum so far, ite ouimd imposl- ewing Twide and Needles, there years, at the price they i y purchase them for, by
I et ll In 1 p) .lshor producing a measure Nears' foot and Paint Oil, paying anamlly, for the mn, to the Cletk of the TViary,
*d n eprve rflienl. (Cheers.) Green, Blue, Black and White Paints, previous to dhe day of sale.
16 Dake of WallinpmninTmil itv hill went to effet Shieet Lead, ar. Ac. By order of aim Vesr',
'lrtnio hke de' of Englandl, and is W. J. WEECII. GEORGE ARMBRISTER, Clrk.
ali A aomprei revelarion: Shoual, however, the May W9h. April 14th.

stTi ." s flue C4-0 !", orB w- -.-

-ft ruu Iadniec, w h w refused. lil of aM tumteu: they axe al way. n1 m -,
k : ll /r I. ain msc hildi"l was Fe
The it fui o A j do p" w as iklr she, L iapo sIp a id Wstrarsardinry amt ofr l amw ed mrss I a my an pit l t
ein'. a' i lnl. M "'**** iiuluI HUaneiil, timl Canlindi BIBit ll r i "' Unprecesenl- ihmo, bul never within lh ; Ithey ; hS
wish ih J awinle w i.,ra l wi thiu eI d e sin the tilme of Is. Srri i." h would, however, dg.t ewit daey et t their own tabl,
pr.iporle., l; i irlan, o sjig froni h decid.le ed- dus dihaugh tPrsidul of de Councl ond the r lud how much i-trred up ito
nuilap, aa -s d.nit per .The romanummlI- inmlaer e represented to be very marry for the manner, cannot Ileep quietly dI-mslve, unless ish
ion f ith elwiaa a. e birdly Io resend 6 or 7 Wt l| inuy i remived wilh omiplawcncy, particularly their neighbour rises, and goes to bad; I ;
ige frim a lI dhy, mad evesn liwadvnnced puls ou die hel it is knuwn allmi ustrian riigu sa nd brig of war who visits him and who so i visited by him, whu
*rlay bJyasedflhl thim ue cunsirdered to iocupy a siluaiu' were in tlim part of Ancuna lione tirhi Frerncl squadron ar- IM keeps, wilt -n4P Ihe lus, and what In
ur iiichli pi il. The allesepta to introduce ileo circulation rived. Time Ronin (;uvernor, or Prulegate, u isled to much he owes, ai.o hw much is owed It s
of Frate renry Inli the couinry have whilly failed. |dj lay, hut te Fnrnch leaders did not desire it, and they in tlm judgment of sone, in to ube man of h
Eiven Algiers the inhabitnts aill ol reteive S riuc ilndre l in ithe night, mnd willt a w i w slrukes of e axes i, in oiler words, to Int pl age and g l spy, e b
pirNes kb Ias a ldclrliin of 15 onim ir Ithe rul. brnke ln III ellr ins. The u French soldiers were welcoin- supplamner ad undInerinlr of all families side
ol esrlniemJ!, w out) of the lton they will nilt, it is nfliru- e by tile inhsbilants, iand treated will kinlnress. Ca(di- "'l'iis being a maxim of unfailing truth, that tnol
eld, pr ciirircut atll To iled to llM discomf4,rl und I..I "bI n i hlhA u.ll iologna, iUs ilit hli arelaliv and cuun- pries into lnothers man's concerns but withh il
lihuasrl of tisi state of hings, he ruling Frenucli auliuli- killer the Duke of Muaiden. In Ioluona a furred loan has ui tu be able to do him a nliichief. A most i,,i
i.-s nre li frisM acting In haeroney will each olher, .IndI a benI called Iur, nmuc to ilhe diimatisllclion of tbe inlhabi- Ilumuur, douublles; and yet as bad das it is aiee
|Nitivne iiarrel is slclald to have .iccurnedl hliiween Ils llets; but hopes are now entertainm'd by tbchn hlla tile noihinig i base, berharuos, and dilulonouurable, o
iili iry c.,mmn4Ider ail aIhe rw civil inlendanl. l'l e Frech troops ill obtain ull tili liberiies tlhey desire. j.iined with mualice will sornctiner make use il it
ueliicm e msuuu s o be, lhis thni FIrenh eh ve cunlmilim d a TIe people o the ulFgaiup i sing thie airs, such us and itien dhes, raise a nimn a pitch higher in i h
sigiil irnrr in ib-ir ccuipaioun il, Algiers, in lltempiell ii .lriiillai.', &c. nl IiTo itself lle spirit of excite- tlhoouh (it is to be fe.rel) it inay Wacd hiill a Il
t.i eslHld iee surM lhe rudi hl)rdi she live in its i. nii 'nt- a atl work. Tie Q(ieotidirner and the clerical lower in the nexi.-mSiuhry.
nhy vy nets ,i kindsliealn eoncrilisli.n,-.s cuure of pro- I iw,, of. Psris ittipi t0 prose' his act o1 Franre t re ---
ree.lini which is maid to inspire in ti.-ir inindi is. Ieilig sinl, rig i Tial pa surilege; the niistrial pauii's all the eIxpe- tting your f bhit conieiipt. N..cntril line that of accial fCrce or vi'- ilition pacific ; while i1 opposition paIlers, with few 'x- i iery curious mode ci Iryiig thde cile to land ,s
Irrn i believed to he rclurdcl ill e Ilsan. This may lie tin, l hmlve bound In obre a ourl ui nu-| lliildUI *wo hule uro dulg Ire Iir tleiIItId li .
atiem inrel lh n Il llho nsAimel l Ipu Ih nrhcl i rc.ll ,rlin. ,of which lle lawyer on either sile put ui ne uf Iofkb 1
ntl elagel lu r.'lin lthe country liy irllh a mdle u: pro- (',;urier are hurrvine in all direrlion tIn Ruomle anil and re"l" in there until one of ihean il tired, or compisd
cr diioi, bwalM-te i most have involved a degr eof expense Vict.,, &r. In the niean lie it is asCertid that rn. I being stung by the insectl, in wlich came his client wfd.m.
far norew than comrmll.nurtle ilth the object. Perier and tile (ountl App.ny aie on the bhist terms, anil li this country it is the client and not the lawyw wih..e
triem the nlathr nurse, and failed, if these iccuunl aru II is Pr en aid lha theul II foeri has str tae to Te Austrian hi l foot into it."
he ,dp'ndod uo, weo lus l think lhe peridl is nol far dis- (:inet, "R.atifvrtiheBlgic .ndl l)iIcI Irrily,amd lie al-
t whahmo r.i ns.y uzls"n i, heaur it tli ltutl firs i Ital| milil ,eseil vrrn. rd.i" Mi'llerniirhsi'moin- 9 O ,CI tJ.Aca (Ev ir n'
o.f llei erupt al in Afica on tlx piar of clin'd to givu way .'n thi p,,i, ;ir, as ,l,, ci.'nts ste, i0 -7a
i' Iiiiirl' i raulier strange Ial iIe Ia hnole cllairs of Erp*e .nlIukl be Erery person about to leIae these Islads, aj
,i.w ,trunrli,n have Inken place ln-hlay in aiiy ii'- i tpi of r c, tn' Ei,,ro f ,|u,, oe. r orf uui. ,
sriptiin of Ue'eornwrment securities. T'ri Comuni,-mcarker i ri rrsided thereiafr he space u/THIRY D.,,,
ri tatllir ,lc r russ es lurlay, and cl.ise ls i.o a for ELG(i11iM. gi security lat te Secretary's OJ, orpa uplisaui.
lie a n ; ell'ee ill t Gu. to p l pP reeivd ol u (cnin rhthe ful-i sald O .rlllreceived oi rrSnl o arin the fol-
lina tuirk is radvei hilll'r ; panii mnot quite a hglih u sy luowi iue argri ,ridi : no Offceforr m b rs DAuinS Irios to hisiep ae .i I :-
yultrday. Ip cilue noimr rr.r,'ign fr'di., a bargain We Ir Of 1 lW I 'rO lo,, I., whicl | iins live .l ter ur hic, at any lime during oUrTY-lrtev DAU, w Tri
was rlNeporle. In elh .ielre-.narkerl |p.rulli.ll. l l lollt u in tile of1 h,, ,, at ,a
ppearto hlee ls..n el'll .redl intol in sllare ofnhr. Iu (ailllil eao c.1is s i iwy obtained.
leen rhic u Irekl-rcvrv, o c l u re. .perel i l5u Mari re a, lie Jrtioune i N4MES OF PERSONS
C.cinpiyv. rhiclh haveu cl'rf.o ui,,rriir,.n swonil llUe,,u occupy in i. a- ei,.oil .v il
lioi : lh ll arL* lA r lr lif i /l|.il 1 l,.lhlhr tllr.ip in(. i |s., |,,"h ,i cas ' nonii-c niiuliu th.v wih wi I hea A "Ii TO AlT. TO i T TIiA.TS cii Diif4erTUia.
t hen: dw riiess ae fr Ia( gold k ao pt at X11i7 nr.IM If eN"". [he bnart tha in case, of nIsc-compplionct- Ia-y will I Athrv TO beure nearre run st:nl.
'he priceof gol l io qioi.i at l I 1s. i tin oU c1 'i co, -mpe lled by France and EnglCau.I3. "i Fbrna.iy iElizbulh Sculhae
whiir it ralor lower. TI k' lt 1 a torlir i eserl uri lng -, ilh 'll re'irin ni of tmi in i Iv of tn' outrLIans froii t' li ; I ll r l ibae nop i
V-.. Ii rc:tn Bl of R I mHRin bod v o I utrin fro i l.h . Emi l" It hl" i 4
Wth iiiac.ioqun.l iimnirtaliins uf bl lion, haive ieu' .id III' Rlion un is conirumied Iby lII' runil, valld l i a ilit rFiee arai JiChkn
H..Ia .IIi n llentim ly purchaser, to du li, lln i p. II'ns l.i ihuologna alone renini L.rrionuml by a very tlt ely J ,ho.
aiy lro,* ll la spri'.. siinull olrce* ul Iltos tIropi. TI'm French isqiiidron, l.t, til.l W. . Aliesmlen
IFRENCII I' PAP'ER. liii'li had belan counterianldedi, ald sInt t thie Mohre. dil Jioh %luiligols
P tal, March 5. Au.lti, il alppeaurs, did uIlt at any lime nurhl relislh tlhe Vtill. Ali n l)l-nss fGali'gatmi's Jmrssrnger. plan of i r.ainiiign, in time s iurcetible legations iii llaly, i uit S.arah i.dll is
L, Joiural ds I), halt cniiil-tiil ihe lhllowing particular. i i c"mipany with et Frelnch sldier.., as ile ii iicliInaiir i ---
nn the ierreiucliiu ouf tLorins :-" Or Itroops, on 1 ili i" 11s- Idlter, wlhtevi r lTh intentions of ulhir guverniio lli N OTIC'E.
Ir'1 all.. lc'k Iasesion. i. f the Iown, Ind riladcl. On iiI I il e Iegl bIse, .wouIl ltn.. rather io foumeui res.iltainc I, c liai AC L PEr L SO1 haNlin av ilirii,'a i I .s i T .we
t.I,. the' sqiiuvlrn crnii nansled hvy C(ap' in (jllois cast favour oupire'auins if, d lespolsim. 'le A ti rians, ti-r- : JI j nii u .iiud,'rt, a .- 'a ,- I ,1 ..I i N.
anrhu t hllree iniles Ir l Ii te perl uof licon after a pus- I're, hi a vigoruis Unrlir, lifl'd .I once thlneii l ble rl, v ll. i ,r'(l,. i R niII. .. h, ,.. ,gul. 1. I,- I. 1 : I rnt,i
sv ur f 14 ilv. II w.a cinmcp,1erl, of tlir ifrsn Ina n- ""1 i hlve nuw lIfl France millilth a pre.llo fur snmdnic w0ih. asi.- l ,ih .,y ,'ti,, s,- ,i; ,i" Ad i,'. IIn in, s !
of-wer, andml P'.,i-tcian, nlnd Ian lirl.irt friKutes. Ti. Iropl., rm marking a hmllegnnli in II-. Peniu.ula. E:lalt, are lihke. i .. e.i .sted II llo ke itnare.l.i pi:-
Omual roemnnliications 'er' opneadl Il.rwen the cuolmanl- nl, at iIe, office, Of '. Wo d, Evi.luire.
dn of dtie French squadron and the authorities of tiN' Exract tf a Itleir friim an active mid liberIa magistrate t l'lON1M'ON S .Lt H ERS, Eecutle.
pin On Che nilhtl thr d22. 1, I.o hiltaluons of the (tihla of thle counties on kilikenny aull 1% \\leirlrd!, dated e'rl. April 2d.
kreiisment lif ire line wero luanled. A morning paper as- Il:-" We are still in a imost IninmniIel ustae liern. 'TiM --
S'ri, thal lls galtes having Iwe shuIl ianual : uneuf hliem White Fenl are predluomiinnm in mlns ports of le, country, FINAL NOTIC('
wal lICreilil? O l|ls i by Che umpprrr. llat rgimirlut. arid nolling i doin to stollip tllii. We lieae troiiopi eno hl.. i
The'i Frenc'h Iro ip Penltrnid t nricn, anli pr.ceiuddi 1 l h i n uor liorracks, bult they inightl as well le in lilheridli.. I 1 S' I( KIIlHN, having aricMd hi ih mierrentil
diere-ntl ioel o-riu.lird by the Papal iroo.p. Thie latter Tie ra dir, since she barrickslock business, ar.e lLt n .. l cni'ernI'l"f tiI llate t.iliusJ. Siolonsmen, Eq..iB'im
gpav up tlisr arm priviso.nilly. Al dila-break, the ca- l. llti their dillerrnt aions, to be cnuerrllieial lr tleir e i ullOy io llh se wl still remin ieaindebted in hi Ie.
ralions was ilhold, and all le Ipas were occupied by i own proectliun ; so tely nmay Iue considlredl ae guarded, in- l uules their respective demands are liqidbild p
soldiers. The troops who were nol delclnhedon duty werr stead of Iaing able tI gpurd others. We lead beIter live vice is ese lot June, Ihey will be placed in the ka& d
drawn up in tIIm tat siqurr. Proviions were lramcihl under Huesiu, than as me arc. The clhrey are in preal; n At"orue1-'Law, for inOauidini' iecusrery. .
hilm no hard thelr veseul ; ihei inhabitants theinilve.s alarii atI Mr. Stanley)' intllnion to extinguish hlli's, with- I. I-. SOLOMON, Farterit.
runtribulted slo their share wilh cie iilmonst reiadiAn. At o"t propioing hiliurtou ny line in lier if themn, ; and a. ; C. S. ADDUEHLtEY, Eiom.
noiun Coloeel Colnne, of the 66th, tluk wilb hiuim uliro ctllulic press, alllr i.'yously exulting at tBl an- IAlrch i1st.
Ina and marched ltu.ods dteI flutrel lie summoned if. naouneneont of hleir iallihiun, calls ulpn ils puoplh II .---
r.nemmndnnt it, recei i ar Innrech garrison. After *n,,.' iseir.t everysulstitme for tlmin! Alrs, alas, puor Irehlnd! X:M.1A SALT, lor tie I 1. rrent p5 ce
i' Ilanailkn hetween these ltwo officers it au- ag roilit I 1 Apply to
a r ech frec, epo nt t hat of tie Pala trslus, I h,,T,,T CHA..ESTro, April 5. ITHO SMA TIIOMPSiON
he dmal.ed into the iert'.r, slid that tli nrvirc should Arrira of Do Pedro at Tercrire.-Captiin Tu- At eemrv h.
hI pew.rfid jointly by Ith soldiers of buls nations. Ini- vache, of Ihe FI'rnlh brig (Colnnier, from lavnrr, via Fer'cmry 4h.
mndielrly after ih rnelusi mn ot1" is corn lion Ilhe Terreira,nrriied yetprilv, iofLrms us thlt Ion Pednlnro .
French eneredl rlhe itde.L Tie- tri-coluredrl b,.nners sr-1 arrived a T errlie fro Framerr, on tie 3d alt. in tlh NOTICE.
ylng otn t walls ol the fortre,. Tranquillity has not fricate Congress. Teip liitule Asias 2lips and 1 brir, T 1II SI'BSCRIIERH oli r fr ie, by privt s'
been di.turbed for a single! momi.-nt. The theatres lnuve IraIsprli, arlised on die I.I. Tihe cilt *as illnaminard L gain.
rn-minel open, snd rommnrrril lu..siness has h.rn Irann- for three nighll, sti real rejoicinei had taken place. I 6 Iihd,. clii.ire Madeira Wine,
acted as soul. The works in ie flurt, lnd lhe unilo ling Don Pedro reviewed his tiroorim on llme 5ih, andl no h. I 44) dozen do. do. do.
of goL s, gulingl with tle greatest security wrlen fI olloing il visited eis caIstI. T1heI e asi at Tercei r, ti) dnoen do. Teneriffe do.
Mor troops were esle the itale.l. 'rThe sulhriii olf 2 f igaei,. I ship, brits and, 2 slhomner of war, an l I trnIk G.entlmen's. hoes,
the town welously ene rurred in supplying our iroeps widt I iul 10,1100 men. Hlerriils mere arriving dailv froom 2 blue D)inner ets..
all they want.-d. In the evening mr nlmdiern were qur- Fayal, Pico, Flores ad St. "Michaelu and uvecral mor IIE Y GREENSLADE & C
ern-d n barracks. all the ilwn was illuminlcied." ship., stelnbomut, &a. ilh men, weie exl-cued every December 24th.
A kletr from Bnordeaii, received at Nlntea on the 2. mmenlt from Europe. The whole were in hieh spirit,
inst., ays, All otr large panels which were dispohk' renpuine of siaruce, and expected to sail fur PIortlug FOR RENT.P h
lave just len freighled by tle igent oel Don Pedro to. g about the Ist uf MSrv. The houme and premises, oc "
to Terceira, where tlCh are to take on buard troops, and .. Mr. Puilir.
convey h lbrsehe cneo PoareL" aF.Etract or a Ilter received hI a gcotliciun in Philael- LO- TI D."
PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCF. i phi., dated The houe n4 premises, lately occupied by Mr. De
Pasu, Mrch 6. (neen, 12th MNo. 9, 'l -.There is anotherr inorm th0. Apply toJ. W MILLER.
Thi loidling of elm French troops Ancona haslumed I gatheriv' between the East Inmlia (Copany and Ihe ('hI- II.
the pjirit of the French people, while i contributes o give ner' vernment. Two Brilish nm n if wat il ave arrive Ap'il "2 _h.
salbiceiim ts he Illfie Libera le for the Rubicob is from Indie,and atbey inifti im usil the hol force this si.i OR
pwiald." and Fltiuc.. as luse conuend, cannot consent to '"icl1 in on i. wany to ('hlrn, and aill arrive in lOnr 14 Tie choice of Los of1 L.ed, wIh d
ess frrodoim eluigudid in Itml, either by de, priou or i a,'. H are, however, l rather dis-pw.u to Ihink th-vr buildings nd improvements ilwrrn, iM u
dm Ausirian. The mannr in which the poeasio"n of till endeav ur i i..lliglr tle Chinese, rather than nlll' l lin sre kn the naik I r
Anconeu as takel-y isralagnem and force combined- into an expensive andi doibtifl wa.r." c Ligtli re, or Cupid's I4
__ L ightfluln or "upi d% Howu. l vb-
lii, iln aioe degree, udlelrssll d ti qtestio qn ml as The roln hnl ibel s ing the nn- Never .as wih For T,.rners and thler particubme., apply l oil "S-
piilliloc, uelt a solr oh sisflactismn, the recall i.e been uer a cnel men who hove, hi s i,. lor he miii cli r. .ri tolr
uih.'ril. ,i" (Cs'isin (.,ilhl.s ,llm (-'ualelnmPd. and ul (:- suit she tllllulvl her siucr. Ale hiir slte wlll ir ln r ru.l,l t IIIioERY (;REENSLADrE& Co.
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