Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: May 5, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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IgesOGE BIIGG, Editor. SATURDAY. MAY a, 1889. VOL. I-eNo. LXXXI V.

STHE BAHAMA ARGUS. prente timf e ta lsa iait isted. A small reduction of taking a shon-ighted view of the subjeet, and that he had
-- duty would be of no aroice, and the revenue could set boeler run tie risk of a defalcation in ti resources sad
pres.amNn selt-IrEKK.L IN NASnAU, N. o afrd a large one. Therefore he was compelled to move power of ti empire which weld arise if this interest
the continuance of lte sugar dutieL The only mode in were to be ruined and lot to the country for ever.
aIght Dolluar pet am ma-Im tdlanoe. which tie West India Colonies could be relieved, by the (Cheers.) It was with much reluctance that I should
reduction of a duty on sugar, would be, by reducing sueh vote against his Majesty's Minimate., bt he could not sup-
an amount of duty as would so fat enciease the conuump- prt the present proposition of his noble friend. He be.
tion at hume as to leave no surplus to be carried to tA ieved thai e tmall qd action proposed by the noble mar-
reign countries. As long ansany of tihe roilucu shliulod bequi would be a benefit equally divided between the pro-
retried to foreign markets, the pricq of foreign markets ducr and the consumer. Ili should vote for that reduc-
would inlluuelce ours ; therelulu the only relief to the lion if it were only to shew that they still posessed some
plainter through l n increased price, was to be obtained by feeling for what wa formerly the pridl and glory of Ite
---- -- ._.. ..-- .-- ruisiingtheprice all iver tith waouli. Bulto reduce the duties country.
POETRY. t sutlitr\,-ntaswould benecesuarytorainetlh lriceof ugar Mr. llume supported the amendment, as being calcu
.... -_ = a_ ;ill over tlheluorld,theysluhild be ceraring such a del'lculeaiot laled lo relieve the colonists, and at the same time to be-
it TILL (KNTi.MAN'S Al'01.0GY. inthereveniie, as lie woull nut undertake to rcrommend. nefit the consumer. lie maintained that the pledge of
TIphrnil nif not-I never swore liiethought there mighttbe ulnother mode found of relieving parliament given at tlhe linm when these duties were ila-
Eternal love to thee, tihe West India interest to as gleat an extent as they could d posed lind never been kept to the colonies-that phldgo
for lIoti art only five feet high. be relieved by any reduction ofl diuy short ol what lie had which hlad declared that as soon as the war should ceaeo
..I I ar' sa feet three: stated, ani that was impracticable. Ile would, however, the duties should be taken off.
I woniler dear, how von inuppie I Sinderlake to say tlisi ucni. that he was prepared to pro- Sir C. Wethlrell suppoirtnd the amendment; and stated
'That I cn stntop Iow- I a, a neasurre of fisral relie'a during the printt es.oion, that a bhlief was entertained, and, as he thought, a well-
'i.mly as ne can tie a iknii, i which he hoped would be adruntuaeous to the colonies. Iounded belief-that ile policy of the present government
''lliih all may fix a enu. I l cronnexlin illt any rclel, Iluwes r, lir taiIti reiiemtbr Iwas an anti-colonial policy. IeI woulld oppose that policy,
Besiles, you naustroafesrs. my love, iliaI pledge le gave last year to the hunuurdble irmenher for because he was desirous of seeing a conservative policy
The hargainn scarcely fair, \Ve ittouth, alhen lie proumiisd thait, in any treasure of adopted towards all interests.
For .ever cuull we make a natch. relief granlil by IHis Majesty's (Governnieni tu the West Mr. IP. Thompson objected to the allusions which had
Ulihough we nuale a pair ; India Culonies, a distinction should be itade between tlsbow been made to tie proceedings in the Committee up stairs,
Mi.tagr I kiern.'. h ias tm tarIe i (' olonies which, andi those which hald not adopted tie wheu thie Report of that Committee was not before the
'I'ir priest dleclare i. y'sou r one, internal regualiuns rleconmnendedl by the gouerinrenil. lhousel. Such conduct was irregular. lie entirely dis-
Then I at least am lour. I Iy tliat pledge li fll hiii.cll' hound, and to it lie nmeanl senied fronl the statement of the hon. member for Dum-
i lo aidllhre.-Ilis Majvsli's 1liniiters now proposed tie fries w;ith respect to the meaning of the Resolution yetter-
''i true hat moralists hae said i lreewal of thie agar duties, purely upon considerations of delay adopted by tlle Comminee up stairs. lie certainly
I hat lioe has got inu eyes. revenue, which was not in a state to bear the sacrifice of couil not agaeu with the amondmnat even viewed in the
ut whry shnodh all y i gnlq be heaved I that branch of producc.--lle should only move that they light which it hlad been by the Noble Lord, the member
? i eu .y who hate let ure in forign market
An.I 111 n iy wedding d.iy I'm ulre g granted 'ol hialf a ye;ir, as that 'would ble a pledge to thle folr Liverpool. If a fil took place in the British market
I'1 t;ive you 111 lie lturich. Ihue that tie qeuention slliult udn;iti conime beore tihti, of" i2. that wotid occasion a rise also in the foreign markets,
For iyou ne;er sa a nleeple u ear, lThe Noble Lord tlen ionl.eld Ili Resoluttion Ior granting and the rise would operate to the advantage of ti foreign
Il the Iuaidel of a church. I the au.nial duties to the hi i o'f O()ctober, 1 12. producer of sutoi, who would soon reduce the price again
"I'Is ii.: for a II ke Tiei l.Miripi. of ('h4ndos roue wills consideriale molti- to its old standard, front the superior facility with which he
Ihr h rt t. id h Ihe t,.. lie'liin, iand uill little Ihpe, wulen lie considered thlat could produce, Rn compared wilh the British grower. The
I'u plray ev\'r'e rme -sh,.I I hint .,ir after )ear ihu hal ld It there to plead tle cause of proposition, therel;re, would in a year or two do injury to
n sort ,i lt i,,I ; lii distrsse, d tWest lindll CoG( n it, oniv In tbe told thai Iilte British West Indies, instead of benefitting theni.
T' hen ian arm I ofererd youi EIlad was unubl toa afford thom rclrf. lie put it to Lord Sainlun exp.lainerd. Ile denied tlat he had thrown
'IliiThat hlapl io bae. Ulle tile Lord whellher, ifter tie assurance and profes- out any insinuations against the conduct of the Commiltee
oYur highest etlur dear. would lte I sinns of sym pathy they lhad o Ionu, receivedl, e afler the up itairs. lie acceptel tle amendment, although it was
to take me by the lItg. rI report which hlad just been Inade fruomi tlhqCYIinmmi2a he) not what h1- coiulil wisli, Ikran se plan alter plan had been
I ,. ailmit I wear a las. w re not justified in expectlug that somlducwti V the rrlJrted.--(Cl ers.)-H-e complained strongiv of the con-
Ie<: ire mYs ightl'. an cowrl. dutl on sugar would have been granted theui. Ilohad no dal ft .. ait lige lion. gentleman, (Ms.P.P. Tl.,-.) :.
Ill: srre I A.uaquitzm uzcuzin, !. doubt whatever that such a rluction of the duly as would mdainalg tip tlw question of slavery with that before the
II nuchI he conunetri rin;: effect tiplanter material relief, would be made up to te hous..--((lheerr.)-Such conduct was most improper, and
Anil though I uae .iacnres lens, revenue in increased consuipnlion. lie felt that it was would have been astonishing from any other person tan
Iy :All the gitods I hil.. almost a hopeless task to stand there as the advocate of the right hon. gentleman.-(Cheer.)
My rwie Ile ne er lok Aip to me tlose for whomt le felt so deeply, after laviag been so of. Lord Ilowick said the effect of time amendment, if car-
l'lirough a ler.clel's iele ten t by all parties, either by lite ple of eatreme rile, would be diankrrically opposite to that which the
Th'n. fare thee well my gentle one 1 Imverty on tile one la.Ind, or on the butler by the denial of Nouble Martoiis sald hIe had in view in proposing it. lIe
I a.k no prting kiss. a strong party wilo advocated a policy which was directed I (Lorl Ilowick) maintained tlha tlte reduction of Ihe duties
I nest not lireak my back at gain a1a.inst the very exisience of thlee colonies on wlose be- a the present moment would not give relief to the distres-
Soro er a lia ; iI;hlflie appeared. II however, lis appeal was again re- seal Colonies: for the Legislative Colonies, where the
,or ll weep. ae I should huer jecled, he feared that tile conunseuencq to the ciiounry ili.ress principally prevailed, if tie reduction was then
Th iir that fellH fiaichl a height woulhid be the loss ol' hose colonies altogelhcr. If Ja- agreed to, would not for omne months h able to consider
wouldd be a thunder shower. cilaica and lto other inilurtant colonies found their inter- its exlpdiency. Sicld delay would of course tend much
ests ruined nd lan eir prayers for relief rejectell, it must be to the advantage of the Crown Colonies, where the re-
Farewell! and pray don't Irown yourself expected that they would turn to others where they knew duction would at once take place.-(lleer.)
a ha. bain era t bh they skouldfiid a ready al asdle prot ecine .-(llear, Mr. Goulbourn thought that the comaside on of the
For that wotld be a int disgrace hear, hear.) Ifthe noble lord would not now give to the question might ilma been postponed until lte 3oe Lard,
Hil ifylu ever love again, committee a pledge that there should be ome redictiuon tie Clhancellor of the Exchequer, was prepared to atte
.use on a smaller plan. of tie duties, lie should move an amendment, and the to the Iouse either that it would be in his power to give the
For why extend to six ler three, snse of the house upon it. required relief, or that the state of the reveal rendered
A ife that's but a span I Mr. Keith Douglas said that the claims of the West any concession to tle Colonies impossible. If there waa
India interest had heen put of from year to year, andnow, any prospect of such a statement within a short periudhe
after a committee had sat to inquire into time subject, the would have no ohjection to such a postpomemasnt, but. ae
IIMPERIAL PARLIAMENT.T nohleI lord cnme dlow and proposed the inual sugar duties, there was no such prospect he thought the house could
and thus destroyed all holpe for them unfortunate prtis Inot, in any spirit of justice, further delay the relief which
IOUSE OF LORDS. Tim committee had reported lhal any rnod ion of the du- the Culonies required. lie thought lth. house was called
TvKusuav, March 6. iv would afford some relief; and ie contended that this upon to decide tim question, not ao much in reference to was proved by the resul of a similar reduction upon a the case before then, as in reference o the ulterior con-
The Marquis of Lansdown oluvedl that an humble ad- former occasion, whew relief wai affoirled to the colonis.t, sequence of thioe interests which were bound up in the
tle lwnsrnted to IlisMajesty, praying ltal IisMlajes- and no loss occurred to the revrienue. The declaration aldjicment of the question. lie nnfemed he had felt
wild he graciously pleased to lay on Ihe lahle of the which the noble lord hal l made would pul a total stand to create difficult in coming to a conclusion upon the quers
mie c.pie of a dispatch of the 2i.1 of June, ItKl, from' ill whole transactions of lte West India trade until his tion; for witl a diminishing revenue he was avere to give
ri Goaderich, Necretary Ior the Colonies, to the (over- measures were known ; and lie would find that every man his absent to any measure tle tendency of which was to
*m f tle West India Colonies, and of the proclamation concerned in the pihlic Iusiness or trade of the countlI cause a further diminution in that revenue.-(Hear.) But
uas irnloned, with instructions to tle (Givrnuot tio pub- would severlcv criticize the course which he had thus taken. at the same time lie was sensile that it would be extremely
"hi in case of any disurbance taking place; ani also --lI deeply regretted that the noble lord had thoeuht fil unfair to say to the Colonel that their interests cold not
o'ol tlie correspondence between the Colonial Secre- to couple ilth this subject another lopic calculated to re- lie liberated from the bustIen imposed upon them because
'! al twdte Erl of Belahore, governoro r of Janlaica on cite angry feelings in the colonies. It must he the feeling large reductions lad been tinade for the relief of other itn-
al"Ject of tim said lilpatch.-Ordered accordingly. i f every man there thai thl e conduct of lls Majeist's Itrests.
IOUSE OF COMMONS. Ministers was founded upon an opinion thatt lese colonies Mr. RBrge said, that the contemplated reduction, al-
WrDNE.soD, March 7. were not worth preervine to the country, and unlies thi though termed a boon, was. in point of fact, not s. If
THru. '4;t DCTIeI. public nut of doors so)hul express sone strong feeling on I carried into eolfel, it would merely be an exemption from
wAse sN7 i MAES--Strppt,Tl. the subject, it would then be supposed that the same opi- a burden imposed at a particular period, and the perform-
ie Ilouse thn resolved itself into a Committee of onions were general, and he thought it not difficult to fore- ance of a pledge which England had given to the Coolo-
I*I. csee Ihl consequence. nics, when the burden, wa imposed. Much had been said
T Chancellor of tlie Exchequer said, it had been sug- Lord Sandon had heard with extreme regret the deter- as to the necessity of maintaining public credit. No man
" to hinm le l they migit procsn d upon this occasion mination of his noble friend, the Chancellor of the Er- was ""mre desirous of maainaing it than he was ; ilt he
i6lWe or no discuIion. If that were the case, his chequir. The W.est India Colonies, he believed,, were contended that public credit radd met be maitaiad, if
tenWl would be very brief; but if a lon discussion now depressed to thle lowest sate of suffering, and tlur it the Colonies were to be deprived of their sole means of
a5likel) toensue, he tlustgo more at large into the that depclieion were allowed to continue another year, it continuing their conneloo with tlhi connlry. (IHear,
would Ie changed l ldespair, and then it world all be over lear.) W as it, he rreed to ask, consistent with the poh-
Marqiis of (Ciandos sid he was not aware of with them as tlhe colonial powss o ions of tllis country.- lie credit an good faith, to withhold all relief front those
i int1 avoid a full dliiscstion. (Ilear, hear, hear.) It was well to talk of availing defal- (Colonies, which had coatrihbted in so important a manner
Ti chancelloror of ali EiarlePqirr then said. in bling- cations in tlhe revenue, hilt if l-he interests were to h. to the comnnerrial rank of England !-(llear.) The dis-
srwaardl Ile .,.,ar ,dui.,, Ihe was ,ware of tle great' de,.troed, lie tlhogli Itlo nioble friend would final such dIe- trPes of Ithe Cilonie, n had been :caused Il the de.rad llin
la whIirlh ptesailedl in lit. l't-I. IIdies, but con.iint- fila.i litns in die ri\(. ire a< hal never enlterd itino lii cal- Io which they hald been sou.y-rlctl Ily Encland ; and hi
Itlt his public l iu:y, l .,u.,l ot abl ianJun at the' iulalione yvrt.- (l, r. ) lc I tlverd his noble friend ud (('antiared on the last Pag .)

gly gt^ qjHawa egarjt.
Porid e Mogistrlat o n the mesing of the 10th, I been by tha observed previous ipes
2 tr0 S. neglcl biad Lhel Tht Pulic Magistrate replied, and ltlat ti defndent le ol andsdeh .i ,
in a dr i ing tl8 paliker, said, you, Sir, acted like a which might have been uppo.,ed free
1111 I a. gnenleman ;" .di apin, 1, tlhat occasion, was per- dhe ae.le for the plaintlr. and whic
,'-- f~ Tily wber." Mg W., was the time undllr heavy re- againstt the defendantt i' a le-e of hi.t
TTikm Maorni :;ping ni, a Ciooke, arrived cognicnes to kepthe peace, which recognitances were evidence for the defendant, or o paling
on mThuif iruiln lais, feesn Kinlston, Jamaica, via only discharged a fw days since, and on Thurday last, carriageof the plaiel if Iwarflds taftl I
Cruukwi laud, tbinging the March Mail, brought out in havingbeen prevented earlier by private affairs, he ellt other than the defendant, which bM p er
JII Mialvy'as paklue Pigeon, Lieut. Binney, wlich arriv- a friend to Mr. C. R. Nesbitl. to demand of him, whether tinted present when and Dear to die place IQ
ed at Port Royal on the 1911t uhiumo, with London dates I meant by theabovewolds, used in the Housof Assembly, took place.
to di I Irh of March. to infer that Mr. W. was intluxkated, and had acted unlike Mr.Woodarguedagainltlderule,byb
Our Jnamsica papers re to tlhe 21 t ultiml, anl contain lgaenluman; nd should he denysaucl ilference,to demand the verdict might not have been in uril
an account iof the prurucdlinlg in the Ilose of Cuolenolns, Ih denial in writing, and, in case of reofsal, to insist the direction of the Court, yetthat ie que
relative to a reduction of thl Wal India Sugar dililt ni an i ,,mediate uaetilng. Mr. Nesbitt denied, un- ges being one purely for the considerlti'
wircll took piLce on tie 7th of March; and on Ith 9th, equivocally, ay intention of charging iMr. \. with being their having exercised that righth in the pq
tllu Maryiuia of (Chandio, in his place, enquired if tie iutoxicated ; but "edid think Mr. W. had acted inaplo- opposition to the'upinion of tIhe Courts, l
(iavernumlent lbd received dispitclies relative to tlhe occur- perlv, and that lie was not entitled to any written dis- ground for setting aside tie verdict. Tht
reciier whirlih iok place in Janiaira and Demeraira min n,, aowul of his ,.extrrsion,-more particularly as ec, Mr. man quoted several law aullmrilies, to s he
li1i1e since ; ill debaits upon which we inlert this day on II', had, on thr ecraing of ther 1lth, to a third 1prson, disclaiiied llt right of interfering will verrii
inir irrt amaI. lust pages. Ih will tie seen that die minis- thrcatenid to htiaseip hits, lr. .Ycsbitt .' |cases. Upon tll otiler grounds, Mr. Whdl
tIrial iniajility against lthe riduliuii aboue alluded to, was A lr. \W's friend then slated, diat tire only nlternative there lld been no i. isdirection, and litat I Ien
on,,v 14. was, to require from himn, Mr. Nesbitl, tihe salislactliin to been properly rejected. C'uria adeisurt rit.
T'I. Rliefroi ill wais to havelir In read1 a thlid lime ii which he was. entitled, by lleeinty hiiii imninedimtely ; but --
it., Illnooe ,Io (C...nnii, ,on thl. 21st oi f MarCs. Mr. Nesbitt, prtsirTll.vv anlrUI TO Io N Te gen- IV'roi te Jamaica Courant, Apeil.
W -re soirry Ini observe that Ile Chlolera still continue thl-.imn, on ls.ehulfof Mr. W., then declared" that lie, Mr. PRIVATE CORIItEISPONDENCE
u,,batlded in Ell and. \,shiJt. lald stated tIln t lwhicl was alse ; and that, as thle LONsseON, h ,Ir rk
.anfrinecoulid Only apply to titt, tire r A ilislocation of the right or writing wris of asei
'l,,n .n avw,.l an., ,,dly .,ie boolly aackusr. W., e cold only pl to i e el- ill apologize to our readers for the comtparative
Il rell an sii c'.'l Hiond dIrY il, tBi bile we prepare It of a as COWAnR lunstrous i- olour remarks at Ie present nimp crtantcrisis,lad tl,,a
w.e spiders. lii, oni~lrorn lf i lien, veri ; bul wlh e p irrepa L u- t mnan possessing ally spirit, couul sit quielly and te Ihesad from the charge which otherwise mightle
, r,1i,,.arl ni to ,ont uns at as rigurrle, a titlent-, tear limnllf stigit atised a base coward and liar! Did)l against it.
r <.)odrl. ek, o upon at n unrrd m n, be intelligence from Janmaica, as well as thatl fpe
ai.I ,lit he ileel,,t us (lon. ,iistak.n so i,.r Io may bt.) hiis not Irg.) tle main ) Out No Oni the contrary, lit other islands, has excited the motl likely and ipinl,
Oirr,,, ar.l. w. kneow tll at whicd priitl 1 diklr,, our IheardI Ie iplitt lls r ae ealed, and only rIllil rr-/y ell, terest amntong all classes lero-from tl,loweL'e, s
i'.1 1 Il I II' t1" U1 i ,--wit rl at tile black es Sir, I shll manran fllldrit of rlhIt has Issed.'" 0 leave iI except the plesent Mlitistry ; for us Tu
rf Irar I.eree o runlsu nl.phl, -., ,th t blw~h ch. sl a ,, ll s! hmer! s11 h i mt tinst conlidicltald fItnd and night, Lord Althorp brought forward, before a,
of ar,I adviser of ourr e a mae who, until la tel, hweld I rof the Ilol ose of Common, a notion to renew the ini
IIr agency of salI low, dlepicabile claicine iv, frt n wailt ul l .l sIugar duties forth next six monlhl. llisarlemnt it
of if i.llb.l!ectl ca.pIily to l;ir lrd in a more oplkan d o iommiion in rhe niliis, sliild have st disgrcel tim is worit o his financial talent, ws--That as tine p
lOI.,,,,,rable munner, tlme wislies .. iniplUcably villtlictive *elf. Farther Co'llent f Ulo U% is needl-. ; s ever i.,nt i o unable ti effecl a large rdiuctlu ofl thl dii,
irr of s I ranic orior. une wl horealls tie nb i, ., oill sullicient ly eslinmilo thills niill ure wiiuld e of no service; whlichI mayIbe comsl
We Iboiniee, thlt whlnoever a lin is pay able to lI I lroasi uel and plihni pudding, a donati i of brtd IL.
Kill, it is rutloarm firsil i deian in lle amount, or it of I c t woHuld be usele's.
dhll,,i hl,. Pro v,,e, Mart:bl to dois ; alod, in tit. t. n ., A a.Itv.aT.' 1.-al' 11. ,,hooe|.,.l' d aell,, n 'll Ml|aquis of l Chandos movel, as an arn I, -
. suitid a aitenis t piceed It li y. Altho oi ii ilA. ".iall mbriisii sii vadiu and cdlaled a], I p.
,1h' nl.,,lrl, .I ll.1>, llII,.. 1 liO. .e ,Iu 1,I V V Alliosuu%, o, .ltrren, hltlh cri- intol t 11:ollui, t I N. nll lotn .lu l,,ia. \\ .. I i i in A i hii n ,I i ',. | , .
.rll i a ii) nlil.i. n l l. n h l .l n |,lt l >.lil a wril II / l- ,|i.,.,,,.,,l. a, |,1.y br l,,. ak, ; pi.|,l Is h Lin vl n e e l steenrll` be at a dlIvty of 21 per cawl." T le siall llndm t
ran rt f'riia was dtnircted by thie Soiulur rGeneral lo lit. I for thle lie-r -inl'i (Iriire wenrt iinmiliaitel gien b)y seconlded liby MI. Keithl l)Douilat ; *upipur led iy L..
P,-li o. M.irsh.l, i,,,insr our goods and chlttrel, and our L it. Warwrn. Io make .ilae ..t sieak hler: a1t SII don, MS. a1ine, Mr. Fergussoui, Sir C. lietherill.ll
prs. snd tylp-. Il.hiic.llltd therein, .a11 le ultioliluill oi whiclch *t sltrarage ~.Iliad t he whul, anil ma1 .11.every Iexr- \\,irlurton, and inl in otllers, a'rter a lon deb ur,
.,,.l. 1..,y W. lp.i. thi manliiat eviwr) crll lr f(ill i non o aeiii olllin Iitll entaact--oliih ritlmllnlirticei Ii iil | altic h, o ciirtie .t r Busion ot posed all Illlulipt ll st
rnubl. of rwil, mil. on this occasiun ; hill, as ilve niartr ai. ci c t ri. t site le a eithlir ;Ia pitr I a slavr i n t a ,,,.n ti. ll t % -1 i lit..
h, ee' p k wni i o s i n ul I It 01lous ( oil Ihur II.lrt t hl ll tltlu:t Lrr i wl I 'r nIolo i lon olf Llrd1 .itlllorpl was only carried by 1t
h,,l uoen pr.viouly knuon to us by ,le Age-nc-y or one c .. I
of our litinif '"% rund as serel a reigning Ltihlt,) b touhe thl tae rldwelhiL glloallide : Wltt i..l.tillst. I;t-a aajoy onorI f si It s ill 'tlltle as
nf our hu.,ired eyes, aid as secretly, and ilth ai muct he colours were immediately h.,iled dI,,, ad le prIoe. .ll, ha little coinowntr is "nee-'s ,' c,,i
rlerity as lla Siruyth tactitions oved, ihey were i lve Ilpanial(two-topai) he, rn to nl fr from li, pri,,,..-l mtninlro, o:,r
ulllged to accept elia allmron, in tile precious iI.l.lI, 'stlves onhlurtl. e wasll lkln tint Illlvan.,I ,Onie 1 7l, ,lld Iotinay lirmes, awl indllferllce
anid to Itnve aI in qllilt po .essiotn of ior trad : subsequentlyy conilemned. % % r1. ., ilv someinc rPlorts of Lonrdl Relmure'r re'
aiirie, it would appear, is more valnalle than itllirr gold -- retail Ir in r ,*ioverntn of J.ia;iirca, at lina hibe' e,
or silver, or vcn Corinitllian bras, inll te e)es of our a kneeling of Ithi V\esry in Saint Matllteim's IiPari~l, ,ile. Iall altnytlliing determined on IIr snlject. Ta
woitl y .Solicitor (Goneral and more "' worthy Ganorremor." ion Tiurdlay last, Jolhn .Stlorr amul lHery I;rec.i.nlili. ItelCrroim ll, wlrichlies obtained for Earl I ires'. mi-
We wonidr, that Iho wise would In claim to so mnic lu. li'rets, wert appointed C(liurcIh \ adrdnllli fori, ir Ile ensu. iratin, e of lth. One Me ure l uhrnur lma
*i nstill Pro l'rsiiitf tliriiitli t I lous of Citasinnios. eel it
magnanimily, do, nIt rease their unruccessfil effort sp- to i yler. I l llirrL e lpn rErotill n le iloldles o Cill bi dapwl J
press, by artifice and falsehood, that which llhs een called i ylip ,IIv ; tIe third reHling. however, for snne trio 0
into cistiefir, to oppose oppression and misrule; und IEI'IN .AL CO( Tr. otir, ill not take plnce until the t'hh in.t. 'e I:,
which willeosoe with tho fullest support froe lle op- Firanl 4I1 May, I'1. still aw the Cholera among us, but bnuc i. lle pr'll :
pnm.l,-- has been evinced upon this occasion. Mr. Arguments of counsel were Ii arl ut l n ule toc slew at the existing older lof Ihses,, thalt i. "
Kewr wou fatter himself, and Sir James C. Slnylh a cause wy the verdict given in the case of Nicolls re. s "n",i ""ilied"ed, and il s ets to attra"l only the a tust '
the snme time, that, from the presn calm, our hostile Sodilnlds, should not be set aside, anI a ie trini tle t)ctlors-t--te il ro pli n rept rl ; y.eIlr
ili 4:1 new cases, 2iledtba V recoveries, sail Ie ut"
firhlp towards his narsures are cooling ; and he (.Mi. gantned. The Solicitor General, in support of tle rule reu, aiunir, makil a total in Lonlon ol ll44 rc-
Kerr) has already pronounced all excilelnlnt to he as an rested his right to a new trial upl n tie grounds : First, that 2:1H -l.llil. From oller lprts of the kint.ul.r llI II
end, and political feeling to be a mnre capt marntum : the verdict was in opl~aition to the direction of tIe Court cases, rle 27. lbe deaths 1., th.. rnecrveris. i, i l '
but while he makes such untrue as.ertin.. e kLnos tlen --tie Chief Justice having, in his address to the Jury, ca. ts ri.a .itig 95. ti-ing a total, excuse ol
Ib be false, and only may hope to succeed in deceiving stated lnlat the I was not one for damages ; nnwith- of t .S! 7( r ,r landl liata rIierkl. di -
tl.- strancer, while he leaves a slroiger conviction upon the standing which, the Jury hail returned a verdict filr tlle generally relioi to sell. Jamaica broi n L 'i
maiads of the inhabitants, of his inherent knavery and plaintiffof.C19; which, sllhough not a sln wliich could I b at ."T~. ; better qilalitieri A. 1to ill.. I, h tie, I
gross abuse of tnuth. termed exccesive, was nevertheless a sulistantial amnlouni. "I*' st iltnucl oilont, hlt ,11,ii *1 2. hli,,l r ,,," -i' q ,
and certainly not nominal damage, bhirc it was evidlntl s'ore 1ldiler f thisJ article are lt nrv n-Ii'ai i, "'r i
olrrn lties. JaritnirHa tine orilin-iry, l,' ti1'ulu lat $'- 5"
onwrsiDrencr Dalli nuors.-Much conversation has thie opinion of the Conrt, ought to have been awarded. onlinarv at MI4. BHirlbire Iriaur., l 7. I-. :1.. i.-: "4
ben aused in this colnnmunity sincee Thursdlay last, in Secondly, that the Court had misdirected the Jury on a .ildhline, Ks. 6il. and a few loti if ar r,,,.nl'err' a-
cornquenc of a challenge having been sent to a person material poitl, nanmey-in chUarginhl them tlut llte sbll- il. i t. 1t !. li. Dmmermra, fine ordinar., t" b:'
holding ollde, hy a gentleman of this Town ; who not only sequent boating which ihe defendant lhad received from there .( Wk. id.r
refused the satisfaction demanded, htlt made an affidavi plaintiff, ought not to be laken in mitigation of flamages, rtlir Iiles o ut as thae holders nr.t IIe ,,l rnd
before a Magistrate, and had thle lcallenger and his friend inasmuch as tie present defendant oight maintain an, tae ladvance is not considerablel-:hle grerirr pI'roeu i
bound over to keep the race. action against Ihe present plaintiff for such beating, to which have been of Leeward Island, which i. quoted at is. -
Befl,ihowever, we detail the gircuinastances, we must action a recovery in thi present suit could not be ple. edel to Is. 6d.
mention whet, in the fi6t place, led to tle sending of the ic har. This position, the learned counsel conlendeod I The chief article of interest in our f'nen 'nr
: been tIme taking poissiunni of Ancona. lit rutl % e.f nil
chellenge.-Our readers will all remember the riot on the was intloreet, and assiihlated the cae to that of debt. co nequence o tIle entrance of the Austrisan Irotp"
evening of the day thle ltti January, on which the Eastern and set off where the defendant lhad either tlle right of ae.- hBlugne. Tise troops of Louis Plhillill rentrre tile imp
Disrict Election was held ; on that evonine Mr. A., ting off Iis demand or bringing cross action for it; andl States unler pretence of assisting his llii"ne. ',
Speaker of ihe late lHneiss of Assenbly, and Mr. W., a he contended, that iMr. Sandilands, by giving this sulne- I rl'er to shiow that this is a mere prllH 'nt. ll n, e I at
member, waited upon the Police Magistrate, Mr. Charles qlent assault in evidence, in mitigation of damages, had 'sta', thle Ptoeo hias Ufrmaliy i ... ,uuwtes ; a tf
tgees Nlesitl. to reiqest him to take immediate steps for set it off against the previous assault committed by him on i Iret le ced er withdraw i,, ,'
dispersing the rioters; and we believe Mr. W made some Major Nicolls; and, thereTlre, could not afterwarids main- In France, with tl e xception of frlin. eo thti' ro"d
obselatlnins upon the improper conduct of tle Police lain an action for any thing but noiniial damag.. And, tion, there liha tireei notuhng of moment; i..or i"
Mlagml.iatr, in permilting much an unlawful assemblage of thirdly,lhal( tll etrialof thecausevidrnceewasnotallowed Ia there Ibeeun any thing decisive. (Cout"1 ro' i,
persons within a Iew yards of his own door. During lth to go to tle Jury, ti explain the reason of certain parti- oV of thle lolPrr, rna le te Ilag
sion.n oif thi late lHouse, thlis stbjet i as brought before culars in the appearance and manner of llme defendants rei t tile ire ly of' roolfrrnlr. Dun I)ct .
tihe lluwe ; and Mr. W., again, in his place, accused tle alleged by certain of thle plaintiff's witnesses, to Iae led t reirat ut l Ilcr prore m '"n
"to hatt hid eatuired'ra'rccir, butl" of i P -s r"ro '

i o. -uI'l- flroi.ts t nu ceinue to speak AUCTOIN BALES.
d Iha pre!uratbn namaking by Don Mionel, and we lcoa .- --- -- ----_ -
a.l general lwliof that King Ferdinand will assist him. BY IIENHY ADDEIILEY.
In GOrnnvy, HRusia, or 'olan.l, the Iransacions since
, last, l ave heron very duocient of interes, nor in any O MoEnday mnit, ite 7th iaaEt,
sther parts ol the world, if we eceptl a rumour of ap- AT THE VMPIs MOUsE,
ing hostilities between our East Idia Go (vernment At 1 l0 Be*l .sn As E.
a oth of Chin, has ther been any tling of eoniornl. 5 s fh N ill Flour BY HENRY GREEN8LADE & CO.
Oar Stock Market remains very iru, and the price of 5 rh Nbw Ore a Flour
Conolsis l I on 5 boa Por. On M day nertle 7tA i*nsU,
All our Foreign securities seem inclining upwards. I000 do. Bacon, .u v
ali s.a bonds are 97i2 :vx. Uio. anti UDnish W 67; 1 cas Bengal Stripls. AT ru* N'w A. o S.
&t iliaa are 45j ; M.xiano 3Ij1 3t; (;reek 26 ji 271 1 do. Calicoes, At 0l O'Ole Am e l
portguee 49 5,0, ad Sl.nish 131 14. 1 bale White C ottons, Will be id
erugues and Sitasinla 1 '7erms---lree mcoonth' Credit, on giving security. Superfine Flour, in whole and half herla,
Sn.t,,dla Evrina, hall-past 7, March 10. M:iy 5th. Very Su rior Slugr, i half brrela,
Laitrsof tile %lst all. have been received to-day fIrom, ENRY ADDE EY H ice aS orn, i bags,
Terceira, at which aluto tie Squadirron of lDon Pdru had oap, uAD ice or, Lard,
not reanclsled at lill, alhbogh it apt)(arsi to I e been O Sopo undoter, Lard,
mat on the ll within 24 tenrs aI. It hal orlhalld OnMoay ct, the 7t instant, Wihe sundry other articles,
AT TH %t V.4stU n0.151 ALSO-
been drivco oit t' it ronrse lby a stury, lh 'ic' cu.reld At a12 O'lock, T'ri Cargo of the schooner John Henry, from Nova
o tlhe IStil, by which several vu.oel i thellu, of Wull be saI ,d Scotia, consistingof
Terreira %r'ie wrecked. The following Slaves ansl Lands, belonging to the esttae Pork, in wlole and half barrels,
TIhe B1lgian tCousul haa anneril., that n qtuaririiilie rf of i, lt .\ Andrew Sctun, without reserve, and in order Jlandspikes, Ours, Raisins,
from 10 tIo 1i dy,,, will le ioipodI .oun vesstla Irutm lie; to cloe tie l, : llats, Cheese, Slaves,
port of LI.l.ndo, rite enact liti to i. l Ih- eterminired iv ly Tli that dlightlinl country resiiilence, known li the name AND-
Board of II,.nlill. a Newport, where the qulllarAntrillue i, to Of \W\'INroi, situated on tIle eaitern extreonity of tllis Is- White Pine Boards, in lots,
be perfornil. land, with barns, carriage houses, horse gin, and every re- Terms-CASil, lbfore delivery,
'The farvurr.ble produced yrtlrdal; onrl Corn- ,uiisite to cinalle ilt grazier, or cultivator dislpued to pur- .At two. MI ntlh' C'rrdit, on icing security without dis-
sols, by tllr Frlrncllh ininitr'rs soil-lc. lha;s lit e' contlilnui .-l .cLe, to dt-riv' inumedli.iat returns froc his lpi rrianso i.. i.rtiont of persons,
to-day. S t.*i,' Ilin airi It lr tll atcouinit, Ilind11 at I, It hla been lont nutoriious Ir its rcliarisa, ianld tlle supe- 24 pieces Linen lDrll,
j, and the cliiit, prices waS M A1 to j, that of' I. \l it-ilque priority of their fruit, as waell as their variety of kind ;-it 0l do. (.Urialln Linen,
bills s. ail 4d1. to !4. preniiumi. con" ijries 787 acir lan. (r lre.t,)ex of an. (r l ) eclsi of 10 do. brown Platillas,
More activity ha' loene manieroli A in the F-'.oin nstiarl four acres and a hall', partll wiitin thel lihn's tlhereol, be- I case while Cotton,
market, tll in fr soU time lila t ).n. ID)icl t, Ik %at i loniinal I tle King; on wuli t ll there in a b.ltery. Uoun- 1 do. fancy Chambray,
much deoi:lall, I.alll lalstinisn wan ,lot inle l.i p'2i r cI ,rie%:-oU tll e Eslt, liy lands of J lin AndiersoEn, Es- I do. do. Neck handkerchiefs,
It 42I to ; tiere IT iti Ia w liiargo;in in Ihe I) ,trli quire ; aid on all other ,idle, ly the Kaa. 20 pieces German Dowlas, &c. &. &c.
sew 5 per at M)l.. iri.ek st,-k ii hiii ,iii i AI.lO- AND-
Bper cent. an il inl Driniht anild RuItioln, .1 e."in I IIIImkt 'That tract of land ie in lthe E.telrrn D)istrict of Very superior Brandy, inlot to suit purchaser.
ws nmaintainedi. hlli IWland ; )oundeled on the north, ly the iroplerly of May lv 5h.
The notice lai lwren riven at the bank of F.Iig- "I., Evt, andl ie i t Iet uoatn Slirloyv-strei ; at ll east, lIt ENTY GREENSLADE & CUO
and, forntakiii, ng aidv nct- in I:ll ,11 I En'crli.lnge, Exl'll- by la.iil lie proaIrtvy oI liolert Iu lil'er, Esn:liirt' ; on tihe l
quer Bills, I lli.i I! in,lt, ant i ther NaplT r.,vl .'a uritin, till nsoutih, landsif i' lr. nlchi ; und in the estl, iv le On Monday welt, the 7th instant,
the 16th Ailril nr', ;11 I prr t.. N1 lhan nIIIIr thlan lit,, o Io r ichlardson r doundlr and .corgo Armibrster, Irmmdiatrly after the Sae at the V'eaduw lHuu,
2000 to hli applied Ihr. 'lin. i, nirli |-.S ihi, ortant j'mnuirs.
than on thel r al raiioln nll'l wiil inobatit l i.l I-1,t no cr lnal i i At the residence of lM r. W ilhlgoos, on thel Bay,
Iltn on tho. lost or '.titian a.,1 aiJ aioiat11 n I I.. ii,,i I. ,na ,l0 i a Il ..SO- l Io- a id s
additional I.niines, at ol'.. likak.. n, it. 1.111. a ,1 ac int Tlhai lI.t aif lan, i.n ti Eaier Districtrl oftis Island; The residue of his ilousehold Furniture, &c. &.c. coa-
for surlch sc ri t a. would hl,.' ,.ailr ,l thire., is l.a r Iby o,,n, ld o I,, ih. uoth, I, Sl url, t-.rect ; (ion lie ea. hIt siat.g of
l per cOn. inlie th, i.i kl. .I,,ii orirri.lla g.ranatel l'h,,nrus, Ihilesonr; on te 'st Tables, ('hairs, Solas, sets Drawers,
I,- llnI ra ed,,, oti,, 1s M1 Alr. ansdler ; Tlt otl da,.d le adls, W'ardlrobe,
Ill' rii h", I a tl t'ar.ii an usw.t\. l itU l at i asil ben- At elegi nt Toilet Glass,
alo'd, Ilt xll r a i hi tacos, and has bien Al eiKht day Clock,
ItflSd' rained a.t a couns.leiabl rxprns e. ND-
io r or ii That lot f nd Sit n ti e aqltrn Disirict of th A very superior (old WAu,
niOi\\till r Clnn' rs"I;lrl. e T I With 'a variety of other rtcbe.
n . .. ; fronting ... ay-.tree, to t ,.,rth ; on tl. Trrn-CA.Sil on delivery.
r .nrn .ca.,.ia io thi 1o.1lh ; to ithe rat, by land, Trm CAl
A 111\ I, 1.1), oiciLall r,Lnld,.! in Trli la, II,. i n ; nd on the rt, I May 2.1.
May 3d--Sil lli l Ma.t larimn, Sir, ( o,,k, .1 .,.,,ira hiy lauol 2...a.ntd oitinall to 11r. A..xander. on JO-NI01 N & A.AvUNDEH S.
4th- -ll. Ms. chr. Spvdt., 11, Li. \% iien, L'I ui.e .L/.NO-
-Thalt xtr.eniv or i.n lit, llutred in ler town of Nar- On Monday nret, the 7th install,
CI: 0ll\jD), tla; lioundl'd ion llir a ', Ih Ea.t-qtreet ; on the st, AT Ti n rS'I toeP.
May 4th-- 4n. scrlr. Nlertur,, Gibbis, 1i .t. l I, l.t an'l l.rIM, itnow it.- resiIeurce of the Iloe'bcit le1 1 'll I ks o l
Sclr. Fdounriut, Illek, Ill.r,,u,, \V. V.. Munnin.ur, s.n. E:.,lqui, ; aon the nortn, hly tll lu.s For C \S1, before delivery,
,1' rir. I r;ani' illosi anr l Mr. W. Itanoon ; asd on the o S Cnc flour, in barrels,
S 11.L:, south, by Illl-strect. Licht Jamaica Sugar,in do,
May 2d-11. M. .chr. Ka,,i..r,,. Li. lhioki(, C'aie AI'n o- I.cafTobacco, in do,
S5th-Ai.\ lAr. 1..terAr, (;.il,., HI,.hn T "'he following Sldna, tield hands, v,. :- e l Pobk., in do ,

lra ; driver, Stie, hi dil',,
The ship :,ilv,,ty;i, ('o.i,. W\,,in.mrnlal, 7 day Ilannalh and Tr children, viz. iJne anl Helnr.,
froe Manrlon,..ial, (J.anaiai,) boulid o Loundon, pai.-.d Kate anid her clildr'.,, tiz. Hoae nal M.rgaretIl,
Crooked Islatnd onl the Vilih ulliiao. AII ll Dllyv und ier cilren, itz. Cyntlns, llcbe and Jack,
-i NNed, and lii wife llctle,
PROVONT MAIIN IlAL"'S P The abot.e land, sold free of Dower..
tdji 'I'ERI S-6nion-lhs' Crruei, on giving approvedwecnrity.
A A pril l5h.
To be aild, by order of lthe pahinlifl's Attorney, I llYIIENI"Y GREI: NSLADE & ('O.
On .Monday net, thr 7th instant, On Monday nert, the 7tA instant,
By lte Provost .M.arhal, AT 1ina VENDri. 1ltt aR,
c certain Nrt;,o woman Slave, rall,'lt and known hby t W10 O' il .
Ile n.e ,tf alle, auiol Ihr Iiale childl, I.t.i d upon a I A los containing an asn nrrtap of
the property of J.antes \\ illhiai., under a Gounral FITrII (; .lnr.K-Sr.rsi, in lots to suit purchasers.
C"t ELie. utio. Tetm.-CA.Il on dellierv.
2ay d. _May 2.1.
S On Tlrslda, th, f/firntl dat y ia f iMay naxt, On Tarsday net, the i8t instant,
IN S'T. MATTIIfV'S. C'IlH'HCI, Al thle late resi,.rno of Mrs. M'Culloch,in Wetl street,
At 1t O'CIlocrL (noon,) At 10 O'cloik. LA. .
W ill l .. Sol
ill be olil or lientle, for rnne yarlo the li hi'ilrt h idders, Without lte least reserve,
THE WHOLE OF THE IPE'WS IN S.\ I)CIILCU CH. A quantity of Dry Goodi, consisting of
P o tl Calicoes, Muslins, Gloves,
i purrhasers for the ersuing year, may continue in Shoes, Ribbons, Perfumery,
p-loCssion iof r rhei-r clive l'e rw, lor lhe Ierm of Tlhread, Rd. t&. &.
tye)rars, at the price they may pirrlhas. dleinm lr, by LI .A I.VSE--
Uying aannu.ily, lor ie ti sine, to ltl Clerk of the sVettr, Crockery, llardware and Glanware,
Ptaaui to Ilu' day tf sale. A AND-
B3 ordler of tite Vetry, Gold Paper, Gohl and Braw Wire,
April 14th. GEOU( .AlMBIISTER, Clerk. And Beads, fur Shell work.
A quantity of Spirits of Turpeetie, with a variety
NOTIC I. of other articles.-
SLL PEIRSONNS avinr demands against the Estate AND-
of J iomlI S.iruIInders, late of the Iland of New Sundry articles of how-ihold furniture consisting of
Pi-dence, tenllenian, decrasew, are rip'tes.itd to render Table, Seis of Drawers, Nofas,
ne dollv antiin,-l ; and thos.l indilbted to til said a Chairs, BRak (Caw, Sidlrhoard,
rte, an kli.wi,,s. rr'qne'sedl In make hniwldl.te pay-. Beds.eaals, Blldin", &.r. &d. &c.
uat, at the It nfc ( Ip. o,,,ra. Es.:pIire. Terms,-two Mlonthl' ('cldil, on giving security, with-
Ad2.'IlllI'.ON S \'%N):ERS, 1,oltor. orlt ilitinetion of persons.
AprMd .th.

lrice, Corn, Butter, Lard, Hams, Polatees,
Dry Goods, &c.
12001) feet W. P. Lumber,
20,00) Shinglee.
May 5111.
On Tuesday, the 2-2d iutaul,
Al the store of Mrs. Montell, in Market-street,
At 10 O'1lo L a.
Will be sold
WI'iceat the Ia Reserre,
All her nremaining Slock in Trde, consisting of
Pavilion, Book and Mull Muslio,
Stiffning for dresses, Ginghamu,
Linen Drill, Twilled Royal, Crape,
eslt patterns, Men's cloth Cape, Silks,
Bombasin and Bonbazelt, Satins, Velvets,
Lace and Ribbons, raize Dreses, Lace do.
Lace 'eils, Gauze and Silk landknrcliefs,
Gentlemen's coloured and black Silk ditlo,
Cucton Braces, Pearl, Bone and Lace Buttons,
Silk and Cotton Cord, Reel and Ball Cotton,
Pins, Tapes and Bobbins, W. B. and black lip
Ounce Threed, BInLEa, Prayer Books,
Ruled Music Books, Leger, account Boks,
Novels in sets, Spelling and Picture Books,
Playing, 'Vi.iting and Conversation Cards,
Ladiei' and Geotlenen's Silk, Cotton whole and
half lluwe,
Ladies and Gentlemen's Kid and Wash Leather
An assortment of Perfumery, vir
Roe and Lavender Water, tooth and lair
Pomatum and lair Oil, Cologne and Ilorny Water,
Milk of Rose, enraclt of F.nence of Rose,
An assortment of Soap, a ditto of TOTs,
Tooth, Hair and Coat Brushes,
A small auorlment of Jewellery.
I 1 TII-
An assirltment f oloter articles.
Termr-CASII before drlhvery.
M ,, *itlh.


c ia







C 1

,' v

11. be on du' I totheirsssicV b Lra daae bL Zir. Lu tehi an srpp bi
Is ee ls would ave bmn well to obtia bi n thue Such was his ulltion, aGaldmaglhme
begged I 1 tol di kwus if kit at aecum urmtlt som nlwer opon dais imn urnl nlubiect. uken, nothing short of the explicit rcain "
.th. costr I..ocisl ea p o i l or T in q ti- l Bu-t h was sur. *1h1 honourable and learned gentleman hi, leelf t .
fording, thla c l ls W l. to .rlw7 were nt then doilgight in lstening to a snement to tht belilf.-Them wa abls another nat " ar, ihwSel'lm-l mssy irv) ould e utd to prejudice Wahiiividual wUo slighll herelafter by tle honourable and learned geuntleas w Mhic
Mr. Bnri adtc tbl u y W Vsr would Hrve his .b charged with al vav wi odeoce. Ile tliuglh tih impressed itself on his mind at tl he i aald .t m
voe. p thip l*ell riuth & rly m nie. e r bis b"oe was prj ,n- cing the ca e i ainst ny per sna eueclt-lthanf the white inhbibants of em t*
r.. .parl lean. t i y d i .he his l I ver a followed _ar.y wIo lih be oni hr e implicated. a word of sudilion against the Government he wa as in-amc0 .sa opiniOns lupyon coies rnal Lord l,. owici k aaid, peehapa lte tiglht loniourable gentle- derlake to say tiat the free people of colour -l
w.e n.. t on i i. lei was uasndouu ly trle, ales tbae wCulonie man was rigt.L TLie leltost hbe was entering into, ready to rise and to support Ihae OovernneoL .
.re not onully in hel greatest n ; yest distress, bq were lc- wee hardly piroper, and he therefore would cofuine his lli sKnliileonts prunouoncd by te .honourable and
Si, l to inal f was, we t matenc; aerial re ief cionld tley remarks to the inforuaaialo which had been received by gentleman, and he lamented them at the tinme b.,
Irl. so flros a smmaal l r edutef of day could hl (Government. Th'llre lad not been any disturbances of were calculated to defeat and not to frwardnl I L
S ga. is vote fur the annudallre sent, he of iiy t be convinced of the nature supposed by the ioable Marquis in St. Lucie. ject I which the louse had in view. (l c/re wr..l
o\. result, ltfr he amsinme kltiw what rai b would i ollelrd. 'lr Admiral flad visied that islanil, but le lad not even lamented also tlie language which hadd been uier ,
T'I lla ir wasr t, flor n n ehe pr uu knw w oley would wul cast anchor. The sources wee ol pened on its being found sa occasion by tie noble lord (Howick). Ilna .si
TIe ,a reat ds.l,--.(ear, lvuen r,)-bui yet i e could eot seea thllie Governmentl required sucd a measure, and .a us the noble lord was, he thought Ia would huve- 'd
1lat real sulleantil rebel w uld ,llw from lie adipion further proceedings lhal been found necessary. wills becomiing nodeaty and caution if he lad ad
1ha rfel., I uilndlal un So trilding relluction woull not id Mr. arryat said, that if be luad elected any lsate- course fo r rles posiive and obnoxious.- (llean, hil,
i l sIe vi ndan u of Wnes Inding roprtluoy, wliclh t npre- nents fro tuhe noble lord, lie would have coune Iprepardl was not only arbitrary bit plrepisterous to say lo0, C
i i .r s set s al l t. of t oIndia wprth two yeli 's pur- with docuareuts n the subject. e lad alade manyI re- with a Legislative Assi.,bly, you shall adult aJaOs
E. nt eri. i al shlior iiun.s, a llno wishig as lie, dia pIrwentations" i tile Colonial Onfice, but lie ied flmund it to Council, wiitout tile slieghltet al..sratsiion, as your hIiln
rto ul.ll. Enthe rlevani ua o pl ion alry, h I shouldd vot, be impossible to get any satisfactory inlinsel atioin. (Thle Order inl Council being only in a state of ilreparalir
giao upelsr ns e l reelen.u ob h uny. nau niltr mauie several other reenarks, bul froi lhis that unieasured declaration was andae.-(, h
r. Il a ian aill. li his voe woll t given e air ly s'x-'akig ll ndelr tfe gallery, we were unable to lhear tlem.] I At the title of thlt piroceelillg lie saed lie could i
Mri,. ciarisrsiion I;, du slavs, anll lie Bidt ieas in givil. l Ir. Burge said, lie waS ile sure the s lucie woul Ia lVae lfnd the conduct ol tie Coloalnis. lie although,, fle
relie t te Co nit be should .e only i.crasig felt dia thIe nallie lord was making a mist oljectionablr lonaies tardy in adopting neceai;>ry and salulisy s
banil' Ies C $ lotns s ! course, even if sie right lion. geneleian Icluw sins (1ir. lalions, bill ie also tougst alae neals, lakes saIoi-
Tislr of ueI t elae, wen tere I a eared- o (rake) hld not pointed it out. The noble lord as liheim to adopl tllhus regulations mest unwise and minis..
i T e. o riun ginalle ln asoledl I 14 fou lding an ir-pearle stasceaient in an ma te ials derived ijust. ll, well recollected it hlad bee-n Maid that all spp1ah
F ur I' original enluti-i front a very qiesionalile source. 'lie noble lord had his I lad been made to tile colonilss whicl lhunmaniry cou idd.
SMAlieorile 14 information fromu tile governmentl f St. Lucie ; but did I late, hut ltha their avarice lead overcome them. T'n
j not the noble lord know that the iwople lof llht island hai courire taken by ite (;overnlcent and those lho suppuloin
Feaaur, March9. complained of tle conduct of its Guovernur 1 (Hear.) its conduct lad excited stronger passions thancesa tihna
r TTE or Tillt WaT I.vDI coLONlt Snmelaling had Ieen said of ite conduct of tile present avarice. They hall encilel the lpassions of horruc, pri ,
T:ie Ciiaicrlaqr of the Exchequer having moved tle (;ovrcniient being al piuvd of by Ihe is India pro- and jiloausy.-{llear, lieas.)-W l llcever tlie N,~lr L d
r..alli g of tlli urd(r of the day for the louse resolving priest rn. lie delied adny n ason ou IIIII out a single in- I ad tle government light Itink,, tlIse passions moai
I. II'l inltua Cnusliuceon the Reforis Bell. since in which a person authorized by Ithe Colonies, hlad lie found ls10 strong for control. Such was his ral.
The M irqiuis ofl Clhandos rose to ask of Ili MajeslI'a given lis sanclion Ito lhuse procredines. lWhait had been l election uf what had Irauupiride, and such luw opinion re-
(;lorreirs u-a whether aqy dispatches lead been received tile conluct of llie (;overnmiut I MI ny of lse Culonies specting it.-(lear.)
frnint le West Indiea, aod whether their contents %ere pussemsed Legislative A.\samllisl, U liirl were by right I)r. Lushiniglou wasa gladof an opporlurity of esplci.
calculated Iq allay the extreme anxiety crolsed by the in- and by law iee ; and )el what didl lite (;veurrnnent dol ing any language le had used wlich night have bm a
ielligence recaivned iluough other clIaunli withl regard to Why il sent out cerltin Orders in (.'Counil, andi it autllo- I nderstoodal. IPremius to tile timls e alen lihe people if u
tllra Idn,11ds of Jamaica, Antigua, and Sl. Lucie 1 raised lie Guovernors of the Colonie.s to insist .iipn lse laur were adlliilled to a participation in the same r.giib
Lord Iluowick mid that dispatches hadl been received Legislative Asscirmblies, palssig a I)eclaraitry ct, lauoking l he whites, lie was infurOlned deal the Iree it-o)e of ce ur
Sthil morning at the Colonial Ofice. Thu intelligence i those Orders in (Coincil law, ianld lhail tas tiul, i a- ( iiriinii we ure ready o ucced, to any plan uf amelioration of i
(fruoa Jamerica was cr tIhe whole satifactolury, and tlwy cer- deenanlded should It lakLOe wIeiohui aen alhiratiion ulhal- lte of tle slaver %hit lihell (;uvernnnecnt inilght propo.
1Iiiai led lu lhe conclusion ltal tIw inllurructiou was virtu- : ever lav ing Irmee made. even in let u words of tile Ordlhr iln :'Tai dleclariatiuu was cniade la en the late gpiernairnul n
ally s;iuipress'l. Almost all tli ringleaders were brought Council.-(Ilear.)-Did tile ncolle viscount inlainie-- in olllica'. Hill tllh p)iplIe if coil -iur alilt further ; d
in, a.,inilt Ief thell m hand sulk ted for their crimes. The ThiI Clihancellor uf file KEclh eieir rose It order. The I ty tsi d thai if ir rnlasm rr t risiderud 1d
dup.til.fh i Lord Binourue indeed rxpressedl an lloinio), lion. and learned nmembenlr appa-)rdlaa lou to, bii going ala id ttndd t, tothey wouldput tihcmselacs under the uerr r
I lihil no fiurtler resislunce irtllll the nIllrues was to ie ap- into a dliscuisioin upon tleo Ords rs I ('ui Conil; and Ihdtl ion of another ,itrrr. Ill lie buad lomadse an.llr sMr-
pr'eisendld. lie must, however, i style will deep regret, was a crilrse wllich lh Ihonlghi enlirily I,. yoid lithe quie- I Ilenl, and it was to Ildus hr. bU )pond llhe it hllIn. BlI -
iMsas Ile accounlI slhoaed a uoon frighlliul destruction oul lion i lihe enlertaintel. lie Illh' uliIt lile right lion. gentlel- i nrosi alllued. Il laud stallndl Illnt e brusln irople af
I Iprly., and, it was to bu lsared, a great losu oull ina (Mr. ('roiker) l.add had gaood rasii faoll a lirg l is JaiiIm ut I were prepared lu ressl any niea.lrels ti wh lb
hli-. With resper tuo Io oiller parts of the W'est Indihes ioble friend It order ; but upaon tie .lni I prnir lile lie i ailuliililllas Ianghti propoIsea in I)iaI.ssition Io lih a llairl;iont
fi whriclh tIe Noble Marquis lad alluded, lie was not aware thought tlat tie lbun. and learned gilshnlnn illi asa depaslt- i ii th sl.ivs, oi iln opllsiliun u Ii ie sca Purlcnaill ia aa
tliele was uayding i in the state of thole Colonies of a ing run little line of order. l iounltrv. T he II lon. and .lar.nedl gpnll nill as swd a Ise
n.elatre to ecite tie slilcghtest uncasinLes. Mr. Burge would ap)s'al to lliI jiisice, calaour, andl (Cloiiiaoi icn ithe conduct aI tiae bron isleabiriul a
Ti'ln Marquis of hCkandoslid that I hlad received in- generosity of the noble Chaincellor ol the EKc\rlsiiuer, anil C'. i diiialld IIaI in everv insurrectioin iid nl turblIliitir ia
Illigence rroum Antllgo which describsile the island ofl St. ask hill if any man at all conneri r il l tli! wellar ul had il lu is .a i sllaea-lis ms nmlost tonn.inaiabl. lie scild
Lcie as being in a aate to which lie could not understand ile West India C('olnies, could lie rectrled to lear i ill- 1 nl n lr into thIe question 0I \\W' es India seism;
hiow it was possible thd the Nuble Lord's obsrvations out remark, lle observations of the noble Viiuusi !-s a I. uill th llab li.ree rlain.-alslill Iue s iarno IealniaorsI
coulil apply. Withpermission fromlle hoiseo l would read (Hoear, ear, liarr.) The language of the nuble Viaconni, l adl lforimnlIs .niporltd. lie avos qoviiril dalls le
a sult of one of his letters upon the suhiect.-(The Noble as the organ of tie Governaenil, was noil bn e eiiinhred.- cauinr adiluolped by li' guovraunienellt nmt I (n-rnevtred Ia,
Marquis read from tie letter, but w.- could nolt hear the (lerI hear.) Nos a man whlo rreip-ted tsle f iie s of a or niisarv and d(i olalit n wsoul lbe hle roai na-, 'r. liI
whole uf the psage. It staled teda the counim ending i Legislative Asuenbly, could by !ensihili)y auliprru lse tfle lII nist inliarns lllie ig lia ii on. baronrl that hlie had ierr 1A
ulsrer at s t. Lucie lad ordered the ierchants to open the a conduct of Goverlnmeni. The (;uveriiinlell miadle an a sillaltionl uslderr cprviiilni whirl l. nI I1 u ;i
stores, or that they should be broken open ; that duplicatsr Order in Council, and then it imprlriully coianniadlld l i rl;rl lil-rt I to exercise! and Inuiio.iite bia In "
of Ihe older in council were laid before a si'ecial neeling whal it called a Legislative As.enimbly in rerisirir hllal laal opinions.
I I f tie lefislalmrs, when Ihey wetr informed Iblbt dis- Ordor, withllout e slightest alleralion, a la miude, co:;- Sir H. I'eel said liat even the lan uage' of tllr l.:.
S patches had Ieen received from the Colonial Oeflcetaying sidered, and adupled by tlat AsAisbly. Surcl a pruceed- and Iearned grntlremnn iniuld not hilel him into a duILa"
ltht order tde whole order, and noting but thu orders, ing, lie co ledd, was io anstlrus. lie therefore askedl sion upon slavery. lie was univ anxiois to Ipers' I
sloud be eiher grd to or not; and llat if they were not only for the information whlicl hlad been referred to by) lroIm l.biing sulplas-d tl ha let r sl littered nma syllible r,
S reirted, thd n that A Iscal penaltlle would be enforced lie noble Viscount, but f r llut failhfl ilhnrnlatiuin wlhilh lli. Iliip.raep niinel 01 lie l.roo n i .|poil.rli, n I J.,asr"'r
I; oagainalthe Colony.-Chers, uapresivcof astonilnlent.) had been conveyed to ilhe (iovernmlent al hollle, by Ihe of a oul uur pusa niesi in th e \V il IndiiJ.-(Ill"
Lord icowi id that the staiaenent in the letter was (overnorsof the Colonies in which the Order in ('Couin il ialr.)
virtually correct. In the month of December last Lord hadl been received, as to the fueling of tllhIse (Colonies,
S (lderich did d out a circular, announcing to llle rolo- n-spocing hat Order. (lear.) Thli usurnllenlt wern FIN-AL -NOTIt'E.
nial an-enlbllr that eain fi&caj nmuaslrs were to li. inrurring a frightful tesponisibllity. If they inland to i .E .aR EII. ai l. .anl
a loptle for the relief ol West Itndie, bill in lavounr ol leave thele Colusie in as good a state as that in. Ilich l 1 cII em C lleE".R S. lleavi .se ohd h In.,
lo Colonies only which adutd tll, ea s that Lad Ithey found them when they took o e, they must purse nr o i l Elis J. Soll n, E
been so many ears recommended to uli.m by the a course totally a variance with that which thel y haid ifv to thh l v*o stll remain indebted l ito -l .' .;
vernencoL t o prevent all cavil and dispute as to what hitherto followed.-(lleur, bear.) Let it not be suippold that unless teir respective demands arBe ltiualdel
wshuld be conssered a compliance with lu ie dishes of lshe alsa any inforlualiun was withheld, on account uf tlle r io""us ino t- 1l Jnam,, tlly will le placed in trhe ma '
Guvernnment and the coeitry, is was iinimailed lhat a de- uisels or interests of lthe Culoniis. There was nota B a Attorne)-at-Law, innmlediancr recovery.
claratory act, giving force to dte orders in council witlln Colonist who shrunk from invesligation-thlre was nolt E. M.. SOLOMON, Ei r cri.
the colony, would be tie only ci.urse leat coull be re- one nan connected with Ihe Colonies, or wishing well to i C. W. ADDERLEY, Ese cgOr
ce.iel.-(Lud cies of llear.")-If that were the pro- tlem, who did not desie investigation. lie had himself" March 31tl.
per time he was fully prepau d triumplhanly o vindicate continually sought, and applied fur inquiry, and it was tMA A LT, for sale as I"s cenls
the conduct of tie Government upuu thi transacthn. only a week ago tlat he lead been able to ge. aEn anasi r, AL, fr le at
Tihre wai so one isa he governmentt who would shrink and that answer was, that Ihe Governet sould gise ne to il TO3lM(`
overnaucut would gi'c n TIIOMAS THlOMPS ON'
from that lask when the proper time came. In tie course C(onmlcnittee of Inquirv.-(llear, hear.) At iE
they had taken, indeed, they had unly followed ths advice Lord Ilowick said the whlle of the information required IFrer 4h.
andl opinion of dm eonast live to lim state of Wemt India Iby t(e lion. and Learned Gentleman would be laid bi'lure Fe ry h. .
affairs, froi a local knowledge of what thalstate wna liHe Ie Houe as a matter of course. Up to the prei.n. The FOR RENTa cu bl
need nolrecal to the house how the (evernmenl had been time infornalion upon te point mrooud bad been reciv- o d pre s, I ccu
srgfd to adopt meraures to enforce their previous e-solu- ed from only three Colonies. Mrs. Poitiir.
tlis,, iand Iso, at tlir close uf last Session. gentlemen got Sir i. Ieel said no one could feel astonishment at tlle I AL.O-
up and eipressd in the strongest l trn their censure upon renmrks of the Noble Lord, the Under Scrretary for tlue i Thee Iosoe iand premises, lately occupied b, Mr. DoV
lth Government fur snlowing that irritating state of things C ,niies, exciting comment. lie, however, wuuhlabsiain than. Apply to IL
to continue, which for the last eight years had been con- from entering into any consideration of the Order in Count- w MILLE
stantly exciting the country. On the 13th of Decenber, cil to which reference had been nade. Ile nust observe, I pril 24th.
ItlI, Ihe lonoerable meniber flr Sandwich himself stated however, that Ihe one of thwe who lad protected not -
that it. was the duty of thle Government to take some only against the ml of proceeding adopted by the Go- FOR NALE f
nmiasures upon the subject The Noble Marquis had al- verninent, but also against lhe tone and temper in which The choice of 2 Lols of Land, wish
hlol.l to the n-porta respecting te officer in command at ltat muds was put in action.-(lhar, Aar.)-lle well hlbiiilii cand improvements tlierron, ilrm"s
sr. .ucie having threatened the merrhenas of Sl. Lucie recollected the espreossions which had been used by a Prince'sstreet, generallv known by the nat O
,; t af thliy did not open their stores tlnhy should be com- gentleman of a hligh anal honourable character, and a ho Lichiht'lo, or Ciupid's Htw. tb
Ip-''d'. held an ini|hirant judicial situation undiir the ;Government. 'For Terms and other aparticulals, apply tothe
[Lur.,l llrick gave a elrNail of the transactions which That hon. ani] learned centeilan halad salih. iat e h at s scril ers. C
touik pl.arai- Si. Lucir, which lis. already aplieared ina lue au thoriard by lhe free people of colour in Jamaic.a to as, lII:NrY (;IENS'L
Al a ] oalen thatal. s th cas rti e a, to li.ak, sa rkitfif 1le of situr pris perl; isnr h h11.

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