Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: May 2, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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p0g BI6B. Editor. W'EDIEIDAY, MAY 9, 1 239. VOL. NI-No. LXXXI.

THE BAHIAMA ARGUS. expensive or varied; pure, divinely ardent, rather than which first rendesa them poetical to tie mind. Tie men
great. A noble sensibilitv, tile true sympathy with na- of humour sees common life, even mean life, under tile
risL.MeDn a .M-WeaL.L IN NASSAUI, N. F. tare, in all forms, animates himi ; yet scarcely any creative new light of sporfulness and love ; whatever has exiii-
gilf allogother commensurate with this. If to his mind'. ence has a charm for him. Humoour has july bern re-
gt 3 Iper emamc -I advance. I eye all forms of nature have a meaning and beauty, it i guarded as tile finest perfection of poetic genius. He rim
only under a few forces of the severe or pathetic kind, that wants it, be his other gifts what they nmay, ils only h ill a
he can body forth his meatninig, and represent as a poet mind; an eye for what is above hllu, not for unta is ileout
what as a thinker he discerls and loves. We might say, him or below him. Now, among all writers of any real
his music is true splherical music; yet only with a few tones, poetic genius, we: cannot recollect one, who, in this re-
in simple modulation; ,no utll choral hiartmoy is to be Slecte, exhibitssuch total deliciei(cy as Schiller. In his
Heard in it. That rch;ller, at least in his later years, at- whole writings, there is scarcely any vestigo of it, scarcely
Stained a gelluine IoeLtic st\ le, and dwell, more or less, in an) altlempt in that way. Iis nature was without humour,
.... -ti----- le perennial regions of hiso art, no one will dicny ; yet, anil lie lead too true a feeling to adopt any counterfeit in
POE TRY. still his poetry Shows rather like ;i partial uthia aii univer- it stead.
S-- sal gilt; the liboured product of certain I;iculties rather Thus no drollery or caricature, still less any barren
TIlE WELCOME TO DEATH. than the spontaneous product of his whlltl nature. At mockery, which in the hundred casesare all that we fod
av Ha.i. HNz sl. tie summit of tle pyre, there is indeed white Ilales ; but passing current as hiunour, discover themselves in Schiller.
ime art welcome. O thou warniau voice, tile materials are lot all in flame, perhaps not all ignited. Ilis works are fall of laboured earneatnes; he is the
My seul has pined for thee; Nay, often it seems to us, as if poetry were, on the wilole, gravest of all writers. Some of liis critical discusions,
Theu art welcome a sweet sounds from shore, not lis essential gift; as if his genius were reflecive in a especially in tile Asjthetiche Briefe, where e deaiisnate
To wanceres on tlhe sea.
I lar thee in the rustlisn woods, till higher decree than creative ; philosophical and orate- the ultiuato height of man's culture by te title Spiel-
Is Ihe sighing vernal airs, rical rather than poetic. To thie last there is a slifrness in trip, (literary, Sport-impulse) prove that he knew what
Ttou esll'st nme front the lonely earth, hln, a certain infusibility. His geniusis olt an. :ulian iarp humour was, and how esUential ; as, indeed, to his iotel-
With deeper tone than their's. for the common mind to play with, and make wild, free led, all forms of excellence, even the most alien to his
melody; but a scientificharmonica, that being artfully own, were painted with wonderful fidelity. Nevernihellu,
Is loire earth a since d steps touched will yiold rich notes, though in limited measure, lie himselfattains not that height which he saw so eleirly;
A disniR ad a hush have fallen. It may be, indeed, or rather it is highly probable, that to tile last the Spiellriep could be little more than a theory
O'w ll it beauty spread. of the gifts which lay in him only a small portion was on- with him. With a single exception of Walleastein's La-
The seance of lle unanswerlng soul folded; for we are to recollect that noting came from liim ger, where, too, the humour, if it be such, is not deep, his
Iesn me and around, witllout strenuous effort; and that he was called away at other attempts at mirh, fortalttely very few, are of the
llyhert hath echoes hut for tIhe, a middle age. At all vets, here as we find him we would Ieaviect. A rigid intensity, a serious enthusiastic ar-
Th'bu stll small warning seund say, that of all his endowments thle most perfect was his dour, nlajesty rather than grace, still more thn lightaeto
oire after voice hath died away. understanding. Accurate, thorough insight, is a quality or sportful'ess, characterize him : Wit li hhad, such as
Once in my dwelling heard; we miss in none of Ils productions, whatever else may be I keen intellectual insiglt can givo ; yet, even of this, no
lSwei houaehhrli name by name hath chang'dl wanting. He hasanintellectualvision,clear,wise, piercing, large endowment. IPrhalps he wa tloo honest, too sin-
To grief't ftorlldn word methodiical-a truly phlilosophlic eye. Yet in regard to cero for the exercise of wit; too intent on tmh deeper re-
Fnrm ilre;nI of night on each I call, this also, it is to be remarked, that the simplicity, the same lation of tilngs to note their iUori( transient collisions.
Each of tler fr reinovile want of universality again displays itself, lie looks aloft Besidles, lie dealt ill afirrniation, and iot in negation ; in
e ei to my in wild cry, rather than around. It is in high, lar seeing philosophic whicillast, it lias been said, tlli material uf wit chiefly
he ae ye my beloved ; views that le delights; in speculations on art-on the dig- lies.
'e leftr te! and earth' flowers are fili'd nity and loiy of man, rather than on the common doings
Wllh rrectris cfthle past, and interest of men. Nevretheless, these latter, I e.ien as 'rIe flattli of the Twelfth of .pllril.-Rodney thus
lals si l down another light they seei, are boundless magnificence ; for even the poor- descaihe tile glorious Iattle of tile 1lth of April, 17H2,
Thl Ie ir 'liy youth they caL : eat aspect of nature, especially of living nature, is a type to his lady:-" The letters to my dear girls will inform you
.n yIt werea ut ay m e suile and imanifestation of time invincible spirit Ihal works in na- of my course to endeavour to intercept tie French con-
Ia ulimilful es are in tle wnl lure. T'helr is properly no object trivial or in.iriificant; voy ; and, though lth have escaed me, I lave tle plea-
llnh-.rd belure ye died. butlvery finite thing, cowid we look well, i is a window, sure to acqlat you, dial thIe hae now paid for all ties
through which solemn viists ad edJ l t, in t inC;i. : L... A .1 . : .
ti anr welcome. 0 thou ...n" .. *ut neither as a poetnor as n "nker, neither in delinea- I.onsicur (onlt de Grasse, with tie Frenclh fetI put to
Wh y sliiuld I lasi remain t? ion nor in exposition and discussion, duos Heciller more sea. I instaly followed, and overtook him at dsay t
Ih.t ihart can reach my heart of Ieatlu, tian glance at such objects. For the mios par the comn- next morning, nnderL island of Dominique. Tme calm
teainrK c h Iht again h o nion isto himl still tie conllnon ; or is idealiz.el, rather as and ballllng wioiund ne t island led nearly proved fatal
O'er love would now be Ihrel -- it were by mechanical art than by inspiration ; not by to England : the French fleet of thirty-three ail of dt
ia! away from lime. froum eit.;e, deeper poetic or lphilosophic inspiration, disclosing new line had the bIeeze i, sg van division oone little time
To dwell amaldst my own! beauty in its every day features, but rather by deducing after, and, what was ImtyLe, but myself with half my
tihse, by casting them aside, and dwelliug on what brighter division coull follow Sir Samuel Hlood. The action in-
features may runtaiin in it. elorein Scliller, as, indeed, stantly began, and continued with intervals the greatest
IR OF SCIIILLER, TilE DRIAM.ATIST OF himself was modesty aware, liffers esentially from most part of the day, when, ltea ir mortification, sisseen ships
GERM ANT. great poets, and fru n onse more ttan front Ilin great contem- of my rear were beclmed under Deainique, and war
Sporary Goethe. Such intellectual pre-eminence as this, va- only s~ctators of t be..del. lHad d French feet came
*Iliion with his fellow men, for with him a with luablu though it he, is tim easiest and least valuable: a pro- down s tlley ought, in probability half my leet would
thi also was a part of hli relation to society, we eminence that indeed captivates time general eye, but may, have suffered etremel ; but they, as isual, kept at an
so less noble than in friendly union with them.- afterall,havelltleintrinsic grandeur. Less inrisingintolof- awful distance, and only made a cannonade, in which,
in none of the controversies of the time, or ty abstractions lies the difficulty, than in seeing well and however, they did u coMiderablo damage in ou mats
a magician in tie battle of men. In his con- lovingly the complexities of wha is6 at hand. lie i wise and rigging, and I lost my bet lieutenetm and fiflee a n
inferiors, there is every where a true dignified who can instruct us and assist us in the business of dai- killed and wounded, and ooe 4 my brave captains killed
spirit Ever witnessing, and inwardly lament- ly virunus living ; ie who trains us to see old truth under -Captain I re, of the Alfred. The eenmy, after this
buene of vulgar literature in his day, he makes academic formularies may be wise or not Wj chances; affair, kept dward, ata great di e, as several of
attacks on it ; allude to it only from afar hut we love to we wisdom in unpretending 1ims, to re- itiir ships a pretty well handled, l had received no
i Milton's writings, so in his, few of his contem- cognise her royal features under weekday vestee. There small damage. ordered my fleet to lie to, not only o
we named, or hinted at; it was not witl men, may be more true spiritual force in a peverb than in a apair our dam bilt likewise to deceive dll enemy,
gs, that hehada warfare. The Review of Hiir- pilosoplical system. A King in ithe mhI of his body make them think that I was unwilling, or in ao con-
Aien decanted on, was doubtless highly afllicling guards, all lis trunmpels, war-honres, and gill standard- t iton, o at'.ck them again. This hail its eflct, and tlrwy
dmwsbroken, unhappy po.t ; but no hostility to hearers, will look great, though he be 11: but only proved nr, so attentive as they ought; and, upon my
.ly love and veneration for tie art he professed, some Rolan Caius can give audience to atrrap-ambas- making tlo signal for the whole British fleet to chais to
ascerned in it. With Biirger, or witl any other sadors, while seated on lie ground, with a woolen cap, and windward for the whole day, in time afternoon we perceived
h bad no quarrel; the favour of the public, supping on boiled poise, like a common soulier. two of their crippled ships far from the real, and I thought
blimself enjoyed in the highest measure, Ie es- I I all Schiller's early writings, nay, more or less, in the they might be cutoff. With this view I ordered tim
ao high value. whole of his writings, this aristocratic fastidiousness, this whole fleet to give case again, antid several of my ship
rist,' said he in a noble passage, already known comparatively barren elevation, appears a leading were near thie enemy in lthe evening, who made sigrals
raders,' the artist it is trne, is tile aon of liis character. In speculation he is either allogelher abstract of distress to their Iriends, lwho were so far to wied-
i pity fur him if he is its pupil, or even its fvou- and systematic, or h I- well on old, conventionally noble i atil it w:as iimpssillle fr m ie to attack them. Tim
ame beneficent divinity snatch him, when a I themes :-never looking abroad, onvr tiie many coloured distress of their Irii.dlt brought the Comtle de (;Gras
from the breast of his mother, and nurse him streams of lile, to elicidlate anti etiinble it ; or only look- down to their anistance. This obliged mne to reaill
kof a better time ; that lie may ripen to Ilii full ing on it, so to speak, from a college window. Tile phli- my hipis, which were in clanger of being nverpower.d
th a distant Grecian sky. And having grown losophyv even of its litituries, for example founlin itself by noimbers. This, howev-r, h-otg!lt the Frenich l..l
,let Ilim return,a foreign shape, into his coun- mainlyon the perfecltbility of man, tlii. clT rt of consti- nrar to ne ; hylv making signal after it was dark,
Sbkowever, to delight it by hiti presence, blt tutions, of religions, and othlrr ctrli Iti.h, purely scientific that it was mul tion to n iLe a prem of sail all night,
Stile oe of Agamianon, topurify it.' On the objects. In his poetlr we Inave a similar matnifre.tion : and stand to 1he ihwar.1, which was from lim French,
Ze has no trace of vanity, scarcely of pride, The interest turns on piIc ilccil, otn.-.stalisheid mati rn, and tarking at two in the, at daylight on time 12th
*l bet sense, for tiie modest solf-consciousnesa common love mania, painssinala grreatnes, entll:lsiam fir instant I hatl tile lhappiness to p',rcve that m'y mnancpure
c riss genils is with him rather implied then i liberty ; and the like. This, even in on n Karlo, a woe k had srcceeded, anti that, we had gained tie wind of "i ,
Rnesd. He has no hatred; no anger, save of what may be called Ili t-ansilion-Z-riuod, the turning enemy, and instantly made the signal to attack the:um.
hitood and baseness, where it may be called a point between his earlier anil hii later period, where The battle heglan at seven in tile morning and, conwiitied
V. Prmesmpitous Irivialit stood bared in his still we find Poss, the favouri'e hero, towrring alift, far- till sunset, nearly eleven hours; and, by pernons apilpoined
e;but his lioki is the noble scowl that curls the shining. and cold as a usa baronn' In afitr yeur, Shil- In observe, there never was seven minutes' respite d.hring
W.pol, lieen, pierced with .un-arrows, the ser- ler Iimselfsaw well lhal the greatest lay not here. vill, t the engagement, which, I believe, was tie severe that
before him. In a word, we can ay of Schil- unwearied effort he sllove to lower and to widrei his splhere, I ever was fought at sea, and the r.ost glorious for England.
a be said only of few in any country or time; and not without success, as many of his porois lesify ; We have taken five, and sunk another. A..tone the pri-
hligh minisierring servant at truth's altar; and for example, thle Lied ider Clorke (S oi of the Bell,) i zeslte lVile de Paris, and the French Adniral, graee
U'ithily of the office le hold. Let this, and every way a noble compoiuiiion ; anid, iiin still i hilr dc- I our victory. Come de (rassw who is at this moment sil-
even In our age, he for ever remembered to his I agree, the 'ragedy of Willwlll. T-ll, tlhe last, and so far as lin. in my stern:gllery., tells me, that he thli1ouht his ft.el .t-
tLI spirit anld tyle are c r te..rntrl d, tile helt of all hi. lramas. irior to ninme,r and di.m- s s till, thoulih I haid twr mrire in
sintelleciial character ii, as indeed is always C loe-,ly conneo- l ai li i i t r:1 i f 'i-I- nn, tl l ;s as nuiiiitior : antl I ai tf his opinion, as iii was comn)povd all
San accurate conforlnc v a ill Iis moral one. an-l ronsqsu nc i. S ; l; r in' ;oladr "ianl( of hilnll ir., of l.rte lhi. and ti-n tif iuto oi.vly s lu. -fours. I am of
is simple ill Iis xciceliccce-lofty, ratherthan IHunour is properly tlle riepotoit ofl low tings; iltal ,uiunl-il that ihe Firel.h iII not fare us again thi

gC 30 ma atlrgaUl, a...

is m oav are So I Im butt the eargees. went to de direction msad itl dopiu, yet, tihe telr in ih a
mis, f "r nfd m ls *' *i t Aleri poin" to,n ead u, their lay h Irnlare row. speak plainly the intention of hiL IL s I.
rl Islee re .eZ" is Why, God d- youo'. eid Ihe rmewI a .i ron Cll r ur a m
ia Welt Idis I d o iut timily o I rtnl itt i*" relied Alist r; but I challenged, mud uth Drt disa n whicL ha nearly conplmlt lli o u thtse. = .. I jhol ll rai" a so, an nswer wad i ie O m,--o I obeyed, may orders, and once rishing ng lssa i fully adriayll
slorits at lil's I do not doubt bult yu will llent fir" of miaures o relief promised b in w
sreris Itll u e at JI'.o s: do l' t ourl to r The owner ad applicatiO o Sir Dvid for a to consist n ltery u its natue i
Ad I bad .ip tJ.': fur noigl ft, stl a of hi cow. Whor ti Deal is die illr to cone 1" docuneuet to which we have referred. 'tb
tAin 1 m balking t t limit soar e ghutere tand. said the GeneraL The sentry done bhi duty ; I wash boon, is held out as a lure to entice the d
tlmi hue aesl kil out o litl ir It is e buet t ihin two my lads clean of it." You m iy was yor l.ds as looI., voluntarily to CA fIronm thel th
.n ............ .. relu. .ie owerofti odedcow,. dir lel.uliv. iodependoacs. Tlllyan
lite ears I hAve taket two Spaisshi, one rech, tan ues a yo please." replied tIme owner of the dead cow, their legislative iodepiendence. Thy a
ulialiu l adir hal. P n wo Svr nih, oneit all "r aw ud but if ltre isemlherlaw or justice in Auld Reekie,n I'll land that tie uncondioina. option of tbi
I ape uthe rlhut o thirtvid.rudre sil of he line, every bla the price of my cow." 'l'ber are such people i' dtim alteration of a word, or a syllable, uril
oI It wili:, hI balmev, attacked i.m of nt thle lFersl- Edinlburgh s" Writerl:"lo o on thee, tile owner of tlhe them to a participation in the great rukaown s
oel provwll, Ierl. wvorty of her ak e, dte Bull e wa Out co tol his story. Is thal all, nma. 1" said the writer. tentatiously promised, while Ihey ane iaforme
wtal ie p: lie had sprung hm bowprit, sea was at BIara- "(; al," quotas Ii otler, I lioktllt's enouhli!" Weal, fusl to enact as law, the ruinous and incesis
li. I m elLrellhely sprun y fh r it, fu r if ie liva a luu- weell," said die writer, don't ink the thing me ncucklo in Council, can only be a temporary impline
,Irad VI tr o he orver may risvy for I other if pprliveit to hear i yeel gal de worth o' yer cow I's warrant you." way of its being pot in operation il ed I ulhsC
ld teo love vo my dea. girls, a ld believe ona. &,."- Applic.atiou was instantly made to hlis iRoyal Iliglnes tlle language bei plainer than this? liere thanii awl Cnvrretpalcn lrle A.dirol lirve R d, Ae. uke of York. who directed Sir DdVid to pay lte nian tlle fall of U Oerlunmet-l- lre is an m
forf hi cow. Oi the r eciip of tlie urdlr, Sir DIvid sent tlha tlhos, obligations which bind llm S.ovwnp
liar tile manI, ad, after exrl.-ssing his regret, told he owner the rights, privileges, and property ofl Ilwe i
of the cow to go wiit Ihis Brigade Maior, and lie would longer to be accounted wortl notice, w'm~.nph
giss e him Is moli ney. They had piocoeded outside of Colonies. Willtlme Colonists tanmly sol bi t
lte iloor, when Sir avid, as if lie lad recollected lonmo- I urpation, without an effort to do lheamriw
-itling of muni--eni, cll edli... U ligau lle Major back, and I Where is the spirit soslrongly expressed inil l
I P...%I. I, flrty 9, I MS. whlisering Iomitliinig in hii ear, otl lie wont. il alipted by tle inliabitanlts f this Colony in j
Sir David wroto back by return of post, that lie had ir- I l,i it evailprated into quiescent apathy I Hid i
1 "\\,e s.iuld feel particularly obliged to any of our plicitly obeyed His Royal Ilighness' orders ; in doing solutions been firmly followed up, and had tie sl
Sulbirihem,, who dlo miot file their pamer lifor time tillwtine "which," he said, he alwa s derived great pleaasure, but l hiies, equally alive to the iminineni dnpler Of thi
Subesries, wvia :- oQ, 61, 62,heir p., s, 70,r 7h 7llin at lie had nearly fulgot one very esenltidl duty, which aioni, acted in unison, by seining a delerati li L
number, v :-9. 61, 62, 63. 6i4, (i, 70, 71, 7i, 76. wase to take credit to the public for the hide and lat ; and t lo adopt every constitutional means to wr d of I,
His Royal Ilighness would perceive, by the aumouont rnel- which lias now been struck, there night bav b l.
(-ENEIIAL COl'l'T. dored, that int sum of one pound tdrie shillings and one hope that lahe eyes of government t would atvell,,
TuearDt, 1t May. penny J farthinal, lad been saved to tie public." I e, and that this blow might have been ernad. ,
Tim only case before the Court, was an action ol" lId- I believe our worthy (veirnoU lhad dile ihnouur to serve we dread that tle opIortunity las passed. Tel r
vilinet o' Warl," isiilld to liy t ime claiin of' 1 on this amliabl,. Genurnl's Slaf, or til hlis late prite se- inow to siltdown quietly, and relinquih wilnioulns,
vmro wmln o la Wnal ld Ka WA liain.. It o f ilelin. TIn, CIeiry, Mr. Fostur, must have inibled o luen of Sir tllal nluan holds most sarared and dear Asa hal
nr woman, named Kate Wlii n o. Ddavid' ideas of econmiii ; and I was led intu Ilis ielie', chartered Colonies ouLht imiulediattely taoliahas
KN.,lcilr Genoral for the elainanlt, Mr. W.iod for ihL- tl'ill uonco having been at a ipubllic lentrtliiinment given al i live measures for carrying into operation llh im
dJ.-'ndanl. The Solicitor generall hl.weverr, was oblligedl Gverniment louse, where I never rniemlber langliing so which their interests can nkino be ea~ciensly es
to submit to a nonsuit-his Iwo principal witnesses not heartily in all my life, as I did on that occasion. Tbe Let men of talent and energy be selected, m d im
laviiKt bass Ifree sull"ciemntly I.og to leiler l el eligible ohI Mdior presided il tile room wilro I iapw'led to b; lly be formed into a dlepltat.ion to meet dtime Ger
to givi teanti mn, ulliier thl alrtg Ier m nly. I u ap rceivig a lack of ion, (or abhoilutel) therewas lnt i fce to lacu, to rcemonstriate against the uipre'a t.
u iv leiony, ir he rl of Awmbly. hitle on th lable,) go," sad lite, %illi imy comnpli- justice intllinled to deprive Ilihe Colonllis of llthe
lmenls to Mr. Folsel, and tell hiinm I will tllank hili to order litlls, Io tile elnjioyllent ofn ahic llhey are as I! I
TP-dlay, in the cane if 'Nicullm rs. Sandilands, for usme wine in." Ii'lin tile srvallt reitiurled, lh his killedd a any cla-s lof suli ,cl: in lte liinedom; ii,
s.i anil hillier t, Jir Jury, fitrr beillg confined sin (hiey, answer, Mr. lOtlf mails dtir is no lulir viine allowil, rmitUilsriance lail, le theliiibe iltructled trlul lisi i
rllminIl a v i. lit for hlle plaitilT, ili L19 danages. Sir!" Oh'! then, )b J--- ," said Old Nick, il' tIIa' lioii bhrliore lho lelgl trl.llnils, 1to shicli lli nr.,
Mlr. S.iitrllul (- er. riral K ,,rr, on pur of lie detmal., tei way he''aller ireiaiin iue, uiuke e l oil plimicls and Ilh- Mjst', are equally amenable lus any o5lr
iivd ilor ta new trial, iun ti e iruunid hial ti veidict wa tell iihi, flUl iiite-lhat I havo leen at u ma y pa ties do- ki sg a smljects.
ring ni, bl., but dital this is thie fist, tiait I s, a ever ohli- ..
r.ntrary to law, c.nlrary to evidence, contrary to til. gd Io drink eight bumulu rs ot o u: nirp) las." T'lhe THE C(M011'S 1 THE YlEAR l
charge of Ihe BenlrlI ; an thlt tha liad )een n misdi- amlialb e Mrs. B. sl i.ia tihe lMajor's riict nlil l ; ai nl
re,.ijq on Ithe irarn 4. ie Bench. A xtlia Alo vd to emIJV lis broud-Irsh grin full as luucl as By- Al iut t latller part of the year 18Sau eim
rral y wa. Mecordingly appointed by lii Holonour I, i*d plain, ,ie, t .1- -I- ve balitlul itdatgfh
Chief Jusli lulMriiD; argument lon sllNniln. I te ,nit'lucd v illla iroullel llen ablil Im) slhlr., 0o -i
C f J e a t n. r. Arguslur, our h lien illliried tall it sas lite mls likelv uf i I
Agreullv to public notice, s ll as opened in Chris 1O4 i "s. Co ui in cliit lla ili thl earl; this la l the o
Church Parish, on Easter Monday, for the election atnl A pet me the rlcol lavre flir Capital. ,dit,' i erat ae ,cn d French iuuhll, in ilwe."'
four petlis, mo serve as V qiI or that Parish, in the I----_- reteil d lation on lie Iniun race, and bI in
ionm uf Ihoue of the late Vdiay, wumeu leoln of servii TIIl EG.AME OF LO.IAVES AM) FISIES! I'ure this cbautilul wild to itsl ril clau. I
had aspired ; when tme following gentlemen were elected, weNs WiLL PLATL A ar .l-v- r. iI-e, nAIIMa. counIrr, rn tice's lul'anrl in tlew pu h inu, r'"'
via ; Georg C. Andevne Rtw W. St.yer, CUoral ,inet said it) be % isible, an,] those who^ ^
vi: George C. Anderson, rl W. Sawyer, (oot'al It is fully requlisite to tile great ilsieuraltumu, to be stoudi- cwerse dii cd to Ili place in t lio lel aler
C. Dulcome and (Uweg P. Wood Eila eiie. ously Cuirectl in never mlising the sligllhteil Upportnnit, Illliseir was to te Inland. Evry t ine lh low
At meetlolof ile Vestry, lilrstenirdly, l i. An- privately, to prove by )scopliadic,, and every ouunlnip- iled iht it renmaineml stationary; iil noui, indr
derso and Mr. II. Adderley, llre appointed Churcl- iiblu introductory adulation, thlt your principles are fi1ed, h.en a wonilrfil pihenonmnun it it llhd sinas,
wardeasor tfhe suing yr. in an inverse ratio, to thos in eminiianiou of all hioneslt faced comet proved to he Ilie nebula n tit IP"
m aster M day, a poll s ls opead in t. en; ad, as you are least honourable, so will you be indiuoncdai tlbe position of a ich li the Iler
On M poll o o in potable. Then, begin to give yorsell'iairs, and Iwrlanent as Ihat of any oif Ihe filed liarl Atrce
threw's Parih, fr the e o of for permsean to Ier in alk of the inferiority of oilers, especially thlse yon r ,pcir.d comet dla appear, but unle dinmiy '"
like mam r, as Vstrymi, for that Parish; wheo the think are your superiors-not in favour, Iln likely to Ih.- I ,ele,,,. li1 pe l he i.ari 'li orbin, ri;ii, Ii
follJwis gmall wee elected, vi : try Green- com i so; us, hloul"il hey come in, likeLt Ictdle n11111- of IC .us ,iil .Mlerccry, nminglen its ntlelrmi ial'I
lade, John W. I r Thomas Longtleyr'X Htr r r, y out. lBe cairful to tell all llie Irattul !,e oi r t .,,|i., d yslr, ,rijM, dd utred. '
the tuwn ; d never lail to inleret te nll e aisul aulst I rmris--ll, e mnlllls f lencke, ald i lst oenrm l
Arbiaer, Eu qka personage you ae making love to, with little iiiueduoes l0 a iii return this year, and cross Ihe earilh'-"
the dm seas.c s eitoon you have 'cart of Cis mnia e; I former ill Ie spring, and t lattellr in the iilliS". it
The Lndon Oaateannoe um that de King ha e hrwlig is dlce ofl wlat )our indigleliOllm was, tn j "ily antiole ti any terror is an i nrvelltlli m'
erred the digity of Baronet oa Dr. Rusll; and that hearinguclablontrovenrible faces. Never fail to ltrn all t'ire of llsh- lInmli s, and thl pathl .i'hlli
Rear AInmirals the lioe. T. B. Chapel, C. B. and J. T. thing to Y own account; and when you lu ve well I t is not very pr,,hn.lel that I r, ci ,1 F" '
RHid, Esq. C. B. as appoitld to be Knightu Co- duped your opted master, o and hugh in your sleeve sa isfctorilv visible in ihis Iei.lll !r."
mnderof t Bai, in e room of ad swear he han behaved ill to you-becau. if lie a t IIe present year: I will i p s I r
menndron o the Both, in te r o Adirnu, you may nrely on it, he will. flil, Ie.arr,-if you .of .%lay. 'i'lse roie of BRi will lie aerol"'
Bickerton, Bart. and of Vice Admiral Lord Henry Pu- are not bteM.d with ability, you will be ceammMsed ; a i on t ie't2 of" Oct r,r win ill.slan wil I
ltl, deceased. have double sakes to pay-for when a man is half a fuol, ly nailliions of nil e. T'he alarm hirch prw'"ilid
he 'cn only be half a ruoge. andl on tie continent, witl reslptl In the dirF
MN. A-ous-ITh fillowing story may sot be unsmeu- HOW STREET OFFICER. return of this comen in 18H:1, wemIr t1 h're Or'
Sto some of your readers. To the Editor of AIr Arge. I sone supposed cnlculation. main ,l.r I i' lit re', I,;
he late Gumeral Dood is wa, at one period of hi lande, and llie popular tunmul al Ilt .in'crse'd
lfe, comniumar of tle forces in Scotland. lie was a ritil Claisu m lnrzil.-We nare happy to inform height, that the Golsernno'nl were rcnl& I Otm
very taalui aldier, amd possessed umny amliable quali- umr readers, upon aulhorily, that the Einglishi claims upoln 't hat celebrated Ashi ononier's 3lranuir, in O' t si
ti : he was also one of the InIls econU icadl guendol n the Brazilian uovernlmentl, whlih leave IH-ve so liiong pend- it. It is known thllt de roiiet o' 1f 177 r
of his dy. During his counmand, it Ahin necessary, iog have at last been finally Mettled, to the satisfaction of vsysel of the planet Jupiilr, tillmitl ie m
frols dhegreIat quaily of Frech prFInh l Edinbourlg, both Imirtis.-ernif i 'erald. degree alTecting tie motisuii of eil1tr lie p"i .
wina were eidlr hourly or nightly wlliping, to give very ellites, and that it passed .ificriently siar i"
positive orders the sentries, and they wmre insuclctled to GIsE naO, Fehruary 1. have shilenel the lmenlgth of tIe- war. bad in s
challenge but once ; anl, if not answered, to firr.-Oe The Legilature iet on Thullday last, the day to wllicb equll lo that of the earth. Molt of til r sle
ef the setries-an honest rSco-who was posed outside it sooudadljournaml. TIm nlt mattller of iimii.rtance that i acting tie etikcl of he i proxiulity "I c5"c'
*f tIl p ario wall, iblut midnight saw sienlohing i- I engaged the sillntion of the IHome of Assembly, was a have iocereIlode on orrllnconls Irinci'lpl-'o"' .
preach hio, and doubtini not but the object mult, of ne- I meige from His Eacellncy the (Governor, accunmpaiuied quality of matter in conuetl, and l e s tr .h ,
eenity, be a Fiench pesaneir, boldly called out in his by a dispatch from the Colonial Office, and a copy of velocity a hel in this pAart of tlie s)ytonl. r ,
broad lowland ongue. WHk case there." No answer he Order in Council relative to tlli government of tlea produce any dircll erfec, it oeit 't nt rn"' ai"
-Ireng go.e SA ney's muske, and downit drops de sup- slaves, lately promulgaled in the Crown Colonies. By a great quantily of imalller bulltal"o t to ,i ,l
pised Frenchman. Sawney proceeded, with his oalio al what we could gather, of lie import of Ime dispatch, lionary to lle earth's surface for several ~"iac
c.,lness, tI re-l nd his musket, ifterhavint howled as loud r fnu hearing it read in Ilte Holuse, it is a docunmeni, which which, we lavo reason to believe illth th mir il""
as he could fr the relief. HIe was just giving the llast Ip at unoe involves the question, whether thr chartered Cut. ime, Cconct contain hut lill' matter in pr to
will his ria rol on his cartridge, when up come the lonies shall lngerr eniy y the rilt which was liarinlLteed to sequi ently their attractive enercyv *,,I'd e i'"",
s.rer'ail ofl li. e inrd with a tarlt. '" Was it you thlist lr lay Ifliiner Soveriegns, of conntitutinii those lu.avs by while their virlorilv would in 'a "se ,l ri am
fill, Alli s," 'aid i-' s'rt'-iitil; to be sure it vas, which tlir hlcal government isn tii' rei'ultsd. A.lllouihtheim beyond sile lill it oef erling iny o 0 t
aId jisi ICa iit 'uIer there anil vyi'll '.' Mr. Frencliilhanl b de-patch irll fesss nl\ to requiirei Iln (it;e rnoi ti ly la Prs of l Il' Eolhe. HIIt tl' vri' cira*il"" ..
got a dos ui e I s a i t rid if fu. a while tooIUe." Tlie tli Odt ird(r i oun cil belre thee Lrgisilau ir, and to rceO c at.- c. of proJiniiy, would be 6the s cou"rit

fp mal3anga Isrgatm.

s vs velocy, would, in the eeS of a et-t, h em. at& be .
m.i, w il, ii dires eects&,-Shled the, co rie A L- Ied, m 6 ,. ke IN Thom M. R
gt l earth ulllqluej, it would glance d, and Otn coe.- "t Lonoi hake, thu 14ho bo,. bs M. RIah-
heparInou a I. ll. f the point of colis wrio e Elm ima,3. P. Mr. No to o rlla
. a conient of lth gloUbe, mouoainmi would be hurled
riou thir Leis, and r ae l wield late their ridges At Harbour Island, on the l5th ultimo, by Willk ie
awards til clouds. Were the place ol meeting on either Smith, Esquire, J. P., Mr. Wa. H. Fulfurd, to Mi- Senan
if tin grouatJlue, ui o region would be deiried,wnd F. Kelly. BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
aliers would be iouudated by the wanui of tileu a. But_
if thlt point of conlet were in the direction of the earth's aOn M n,0 nest, te A i- Talmer,
erew-the meeting would be terrific-the earth's period S W (O O n e um neton
of revolutitp would he alterd- different inclination of TE N o t
l. a*is might be glveno-there eld be a consequent 02 Erry person abo to hnat thm Iaids, afr t i OeI"k. A_.
WIU be mod 0
Schin or seesoan- ndt the vat continents of th glbe ml, wi reidd thert f t pace /fTru Dln A, r A box. containing n amort t of
,lod le sapin roviired with timr ocnll, wlhcll, dlesiriing A box containing an ormi or
iu t ., would runi to tie new equuaur. It must, houeever, e tscurity al the Secretary'Oicc, er put p his name in Fauon Oalase-StaeDI, i10 lot to wit purchaers.
a stated, that die pirbebility of such iin event is ll but said OpfErfarrtwefa .p*nriliwmo Laisdparnt.u-. f- Teimj-CASH on delivery. ,
iatlianaly renmIved. Time gnii likely of alty V ti is known May 2d.
i vi;l uci l acn.a..niatin isloe cois i e i oof Incki ter which, at any time dTring FOI-FIE DATEto, a Ticket l rd
slaicli, it has been calculated, would rone in collision will may be obtained. BY IENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
e.:r eariln.fter a lapan of 219 millions of yeurs. This NAMES OF PERSONB
Crlrul.aiion proceeds on the seyndest principlksaf reason- AABot' TO OBTAIN TICKETS m oIrePARTUR. On Mnday next, the 71h thmt*,.
iin, , pri.vuo not so much tllae sal. il our sr globe from .1at February Elizabeth Sullivan Immediately after the Sale oa the VYead HInne,
cua.iia'iry detruclion (for sonie come hihlernt unseen by Plth Enlhier IRobinsond e o M. W on te
portal eyes lay new be winning its flight directly towards MlIh April Margaret Chapchase At the resdeci of Mr. Wildge., on the Baye ,
ear el.i)a) a% thi: easnnilii.e lUnrek l of e im ot ind of na-an. ilt i Freemano Jhnsonill be ol.
w:.i:i rlA ciln ll I. y to pi.. nrate the veil or fuai , nd li, FI.mily Joh.nsn Ti relhue of hin Houehold Funiture, Ac. A. con-
re-l ithe doiainv of a world.--Compil' d frunm Time's tI, W. I. Alexander listing of
Thscpc for 1K1 i2. 91th J" hn Waldlgou Tables, Chnir, Sofs, sets Drawers,
T';th Mi.s DIen. Bp edstads, Wardrobe,
Soth arah H:ldwin An elegant Toilet Glam,
BD lite eil.nime of Admiral the lionourable Sir thlrander : An eight day Clock,
In411i' C'r-. ine, tlie insignia of a Knilht (ra aI (,'toss Or' AND-
ti. finely i placed at tie disposal of Illi Mei..% st. Sir I *A very superior Gold Wiae* ,
Al;.imr.h'i wa! an enlinently di.tivi,,ied Oiiie. lh, l With a variety of other articles.
A,ii i11iII.wnled in li enagei. eni inelwt Liulw ln I rd It.I y Terms---CASH on delivery.
anl ('oanlt ,le (;alichell, inl the West Indie,, i .\Alil. 17XI); Alay d.
lec,, ..i-i...ialhl the Theis, nof" s guns, on t lllil.x PORT OF NAMMAl'. N1. .P.y
sar.i.i, linai 1794 to 1797; in cipany with ihe llussar, HENRY ADDERLEY.
olit .. .-r, lr 17tr l y, 179l3, jl. fll in with live wiil ARRIVED,
oi0 fi.-iii I.1|Ie, appeariniL altogether to carry 12: guia ; A.pril 30ih-II. M. nchr. Kangaroo, LI. LHooLey, Cruise On Ja s the 7th May,
eotldiriineline Ihll diao rily, Ciplrain {lirano attk-i "* cchlr. Dillihn, Francis, Cuba AT TEr T1111 DUe IOUII,
ed ilt .,, al ,aiptaura.Il l.. Prevoyvnle, I tl fli ,IIIn, anil Pimento, to JonI MAURA. At 1 O'Oieh
La Hn,,.ii l IN; tie remanimndr miade thlir escaai-. Iii " Schr. Charles, Parry. Diehy, N. S. Will be old
111II, hi. wa-a aa|iinleal iK he aii,, nrIO C ,Iaa, iIh H-li Polatoes, Landmr, Turnips, Slhingles, The following Slaves and Landm belonging to the esate
hi',,e lam. i pil Llr d ainl.sail t alphl Ab. erroaulh o Illlaan and ,ih, of the late Andrew Suon. without reserve, and in order
E .'lol. hllaw,>r Iriuil l usl1 I;l.l ill 1,11, lllll alal)Uilllld In JOHNON i& S*UNur.a. to close the stat :
to ll,,a.',ls,,a, .r'ia, oh walaiaa, ie pat taol F[cl; Hit.l Schir. Favourite, Husk, lIJyli That delightful country residence, known by the name
f.lla1.,ia,, a .,r wa.s. ,aih,,l ( :u,,.,nl.,.- ih-ihaa-Cai. on ai ,I .'ull.e andi Catlle, of WiN,-ro. situated on die eastorn extremity of this ls-
Li -,ai1 aIII I , i ia i,,. l thai I ". a,, hil ,n ad'! to FoANCIm Iu NTr .I.t. land. with larns, carriage hioues., ,owso gin, and every re-
Adl,..aI ,lu .Sa,-r,ler. f S l,,,in,,ila, t10hI-,.l. ISIi, ,.,Iia May lst-Schr. John He-nry, Jones, lauhf.a and Bernmda la o e, or lil dpo l pr-
tails a aIa r ti i a a a Louis', Strivs, iI isma (o. hunter, Or ipuisiti to easuble tLie graiier, or cultivetor disposed to par-
I,,Lul ,.r,,, l ,, ,,,is , L ,l, l (:l, .e, Oar, chmse, to drive immediate returns from hi purchase.
.l a ,' .- and to ,oif 7-1. .\,l rrial (,cl,,.e Pork, .ar, Raisins, alnd Fi s, It baa heen lolg notorious for its orchards, and the aup- i
ii'.i rl l tle ar, e lr .- to II. s u:seats*i es & e(o. riorily of their fruit, a well nn their variety of kind ;-it
g.rtnir tlir i-rrfleckri. \hien Ii. RI( .o i i 1e,,- --Sclr. Lilv Illls, New Orlei o7 seof land, (or thereabout.)e aclusive of
hati .e.sIl,,. ten, d E:a-1tsnhl. tAi l a, aia-,uiha I. ____ Imrc
ly aaaoia ll ad Knight ofli the l.. ha -i" four acrs ansd .hlf, partly within the lire thereof, be- ,
yhe tik ml a ht oSi Thomas andh. I ntatauert ;. May 1st-Am .r. ed tates, utt, Philaling to the King; on which ter is battery. onn-
he ta ki the ihl;naim f l mu Thml-t and unta (lutIu ; i lld, Miy Is--Am. ichr. Udnted State, o1mttd. Phil&- dria:-on dri of, by led& of JoI Andeeoa, E.-
oh erit- I liai of (loar ti f0a. lreaived lthe riaaai u, t thawe tW itilllshi quire ; and n all n other sides, by the we.
o' it. 1i,, of (nmd Trohis h. dr,..i, f he ,,,,i Am. sloop, ,Emma Augustl, Fulllghm. AL -
dvarl fhire. in elecliag tihe ioniu(ii.[ of .Ma.iitiaique. Sirg Norfolk s o l s-f i
Alh-.llinder wil adrancod I, tlie raik iaof altIII uo I f It aC That rcl of land Iituated ir t Eeatur Dotrict of
Whliier, Iaih 'if krLloit IMI9 : ansd.i t li: Iia ti.rriaa i, S x\vZi ilt Island ; bounded on the north, by the property of
17a'. ua il I.aldv WhcaleC, rlit ti Si, o ir .Ja: Wh., m"he.te Jen. Eve.and eighl feet upon Shirley-stret; on the n t,
he hi ,leel lCat in Sir 'Thlun,;, JI,,l,, (C.a -laai,., H. n ly .t-Am. shr. U d Sltte. Coutt, Philadel- by land the iripnty of Robert Butalr, Equire; on
(;Uierrinor I1n' Naewfunllanal. l.ils Tr h iiirtilL'e, he wife R A I u F ullghm phia* u, by land of Mrs. Bunch ; and on the wet, by dw
of ait.iiin Sir l ward Troiiltil.,b Mi a nl. ad three oop ih lo of Riclhu son Saundurs d Georgp Armbrulter,
Iod chillhmreni. Illo wa in Ie, 71th .aur. Norfolk Eluir
..... . AISO--
FRANC. ;R ARRIVED. That let of land in Re Easm Dilrict oflhDi Ihlnd T
Tliir ini- lirnce froun France is not of Bne great mo- schr. Fuavorurite, front Hyti-Mr. Frenci Mon. bounded ao the d ooulh.y Shiriltre ; the east, by
Tiwr. n.lI'.iin cru.mtrU aei rinstillK pmr Ian mral htog tel ll. hlnds originally lnted to Thomar Haden ; on the west,
bar,. b-ttlll exreclud, at length rollael die indignation of by land granted originlly to Mr. Aleandl e d o
ver Tv Journuli. M. Carel, the Editor of Le Naminal, PROVOSIT M AL'M the north, by the i ter i -. cu y. Thki lot i well on-
w.l, sal].tingaiehied himslffn lheo '7ih Ja, hl pulr, h as 1s bai.l- JS A. l cloed rl d, plaer ith si gram n frui trtie, and ha bae
Id Il.i lleteroinalion to resiatl y lulcc, ann alteinlpl o Ne S* drained dat a iden eapt e.
rraisl hiul i r an Illeeod libel li;llre a ('Cior of Jaiuice To be sold, by orler of the pla 'i Al rneylot ALSO e.-
Srill ;haavu ilecided li is guilty, anti llie IEdors of mosl Th lo of situaI t E sua e n D trit ofs thc iis
of tI.he aris Journals have nmade cunmon t.isue with M e A TH DUI Ol lslnd; fronting on Bay-aet, to the amt; on thi
('Arl. T'Ih French Minister isi tln placed in a mout O Monday ezt, eth 7tA iMan, e Utern auseway, to Ie olh ; to the t, by land
lswkvrd siltualion: lie uiual itlr persevere, aind probably By the Prove Mshal, originally grnnled to Tholno Hosdp L ; and on the wer,
atlm.- aiailtiiir revollioun, or Int iiutl Ie tuiel, and slalr A certain h No woman Slav, aild e d known by by Lewis granted originiel Mr. Alexnder.
uilcer a charge of tlilility. Tl'le adminiiasraliun of theli he ntuh e o ed and her alo child, levid upun ai A O.-
il, i-lurdl, wa eiNi daily becomirig luire unpouplar, and ihe ap rty'f Jaunm S. Williau under a Generl That extensive grm lot, siluald in she town of Naa-
tlie thii. Louis IPhilile, partakeLs aplaareellly un tihe en- Coun Trlecution. u ; bounded on the eaol, by East-stree; on the wstl.
cri. -. ul lihu tilikr. It is ntl dillirult lo fairwe that the May sd. by lot and premises, now the residence of Ihe llon'lle
Olmaiiu danatyv will cil long inrheril the trone of W -. V. Munnings, men. Eaquire; on the north, by the lotu
Frait, '. 'Ttle state of Iraile in is aloita an bad a. NOTICE. of Mr. Fnncis Biuun and Mr. W. RIunto ; and uo the
in llin coultary. .t Lyv.ii,, that once IlIuarisling city, tile I Tutiday IFsltcTR dhy of MAy Oun, oh, by llial-slreel.
utlilistl isery prev ails. Thlu iilI al acpc itiia lel will o Ay. sou, by i t.
the l)i u dle BMurbun, lhas no yet tearnainaleir but it e be IN ST. MATTHEW'S CHURCH, The follow Slv, ld hSndi O
lie.,l tli., it will be coulirined. The imnlcision of ihe I Al 1 O ICIS (oo,) Bra., driv,.r, Sue, his .ife,
trnnchl (o.vernneul.t ',ll ht have i.nlirlvy diius.el Wifl e.. ld r.. i arnn. i *laHnnsh amiad her children, a Jae and Iwinre
pui pect for lte Citizen King. THE WHOLE OF TIlE PEWS IN AID CIIL IICH. DKly nd her children, viz. Cyioe a, M Ierr, et
-- -- The purchaern for tIme enmuing veer, may eontinoe in Jack,
Ar. hllkisdm. T,,M r o KHosIl,'Oine l re hah rt tlhe poseasion of their remtpctive Pew, for ihe term of Ned, ad his wife Ileber,
Cenlly leen .aa.le to is. on Ihe aiuhorin of a highly respec- tlare years, at dte price they may purchase them fir, by Abreham.
trhla mrlnnallat ere wh irb in due Ia'lhe mnnaory of Mr. paying annually, for ihe same, to the Clerk of the YVlr, C7 The abuve land sold free of Doer.
ul-Li.,in .ahuiIlid he made public. W~lhlli he was in office pevious to tbhe day of mle. I'TERMS--il Mund' Credit, on giving approved s-
he wan walled upon by a d epmlttiln of paper maker., who By order lf lise Vestr, curity.
apple I ino lain lir his aid ito remove snme mruihlevoun final GEORGE ARMBRISTER, Clerk. April 11th.
resictrions on the manufacture of their cnommnodilv. The April 14tk.
moral evils createIl bly there Irse which operate to prrvenl the _____ _____
Iaffni..on ol k.owlredir hed not then ber ethihtrd: and the NOTICr E.
depritl.arii made no aplllcalion for a reduction aif the duty;: NOTICE. f IIE SUBSCRIBERS ofer for B, by private r
Dn hope having occurred to them hal anv lurh application A LL PERSONS having demnnda againat the Elstatle gain.
Uoiall he listed to. t Mr. Hulissn laec:sred to Ihem that A of Joreph Saunders, late of the Island of New 6 hhd. choice Madein Wine,
te ud| iflol only lake ihe e o,.rlhe ppctnitlllly to ohbtin Ihe Providence, gentlentan, derased, are renoesld to render 41 doAen do. do. do.
Mne: Ile sIalt rnleavlln to obtain the remove hul o ot all t msen duly atlestel; and those indebted to the sid 60 dozen do. Tenerilhe di.
*whit llateell Ihr rlnalllv.ti. as le ciel,,ilered thatl he I.ta ELat'-, are likewise renImced to make imnmediale pay- I trnmk G(;ntlenen's Shoe.,
Spair. d .11 h il lite g iititie L a lali plaoiralraid 10o .irsiri; ment, at the oni the ilt.l,.oni ,i illlArritalio. tile tinot |11111tliCx .lXP. tial re CrCi TIIO31PSON SAUNUDER, Excecutor. IIE'RY GREENSLADE & CO.
'eir ilap.i,r,|l i)n) I.n arriii e Ji.--L.iay ail fItraaii., is. April 2d. December 24th.


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'ros. tc Jan's C eie, fmu-y S. The Aqith an i P: .. at atatime't t at the I .b a ea -- -a
eR tVAT th RuIian oernment hasresolved, not on In- anIrd be bath Q ? L
VAT IEC OE PO IL Zrpwn Posd with e"i, bet on taking away its "Ad ell' me I tbeaibnae iy
iPda, Iuory 1. thpdeuce, and deprwing it of all free jrtitutions, murdered
The Queddtilam da *i ehb Ia dlg article on- hough still with the title of tlm kingdom of Poland. Is Chi Pbl -lf e I ehalan
stled L Vlhgwa Jnavler." It is eolqst and jus. sh s ntlionSlity which be Whig of England and the eale o warm s.esons sd elisU.y e knows
Your readers wllremmber that the Mlt o Januar is tlM libh kb eof Vrnce promuld to preserve o this ill-feed peared in high northern latiudsa. As tothe weatin a
an.iversrry of the nuerdr of Loois XVI. ; an it i country t it his respected o role, but hub allied iwself to1 th,'
Ilhr.-lfire both isaral and praiseworthy on the part of the It is stated that the commission of deputies appointed to live extremes: for it has prevailed in drought sa al .
(Q.uadienne to devoese prton of its column to the cons- examine the amendments made by the peea in ihe Uour- storm and in calm, in cold and in heat. in high g nl
ni.Iraliiold o (lib aleem. According to law the day is a bto Inishment law, has decided on retaiinig the words in low, in dry snils and in moist. Do we asset 'uat i.
lose holiday, lbut tIe li als will not eep it shanie, es-Roi," and banished;" nd that another commission verosaly opdemic, and the cause of it entirely ila I Li
anI, tim ruoyali dae not publicly keep it for fear o" appointed to examine the amendments of tie peers in the are multitudes andppeas also, in ee i ,
punii.hnsnt or Insurrection. The Clambher of Peenrs ls law of accounts, las also resolved on advising tll rejec- dmn peoman, ic from n lfce to plaen Do iself ga
ref.-li.d to daco the law for abolishing this national I'lae ion of those amendments. The peers are so augry with contagious, and depending upon contagion for itel i
until nfer hsb anniversary shall have passed. It s said Ihoemelves for having abandoned their hereditary rights Ithas sprngup In numerousplaceswhoremoean "
to lie tel feeling of time upper Ionoe that the holiday should that they are now desirom of retracing their steps, and be traced by the most diligent inqurin. Do ee es "el
IN. optional, ani that Irance should not identify dhe last becoming saving" and adi-revolutionary body. This sanitarv cordons have defended cities gpiist its int ,
willi tim irst revolution, by refusing any longer to keep s is now impossible. By consenting to their own disfran- It has fallen upon many which were rigilantly watched Ii,
a .l.y of national mourning this.dav of blood. Ia nimnny chisement tin peIers took away from tdiemimselves all of their :wy, and has spared others which kept p reglu aniteto
ou tlaedepartmontlof France this national fIe will be re- own fIrce and consequence. i h already attacked. Towns, that w nea an
l,.,nusly observed, especially in ide south and west, and The Tlribune of this morning contain a letter from the ino precautios., have escaped its ravages. while aroers eel
as tile law establishing l.I l. l is not abolished, any inter- imprisoned republicans in St. Pilagie to h ex-nilistlers d bye the calamity. hoh hemfearul st has ursued, ad
cansti .xrac will t ahie ad ilia e I by itme calaamiy. The fearful it has pusud, ssd heba
r ofielloffred to luUsbrvlnce will be illegal. of Charles X. at llani. It is a curious and instructive ii l as respected: it has reached the sel sh in their rseclm
duringg the last two or three days, niany rumours have document. ThIus Prince Polignac is becomingii popular andhas couched at the feet of the humane. who, ud
iesn, in circulation nulative to the proceedings which woul.l ss lh the French republicans. You know already thiut Ilte warmed by setive benevolence, have made themselves l i
siuulliie tlis day a Paris. It was reported that lie clief- students at Paris have presented a address to tlhe luko of with its den if horrors. Yet. with all its anomalies, ao ma
fI;iniers, or rag bone collectors in the streets, lad resolved li nitj;tis.i ral deviations, it has been true to one moal code. It hI t
on aieling insM to Paris in every quanrtr, and ihe iieleccl Letters from Rome of the 9lh Janunry state, that the leased from their misery thousands of the wretched kwh i
ol Police has deeoul it necessary to deny the stateliiint French Aunbhassador has received oilers fiiom Ihis govern- "ne to helti, and has been he scourg of the disiia ,
oficially, in order to reastom confid e ca. It was wlas said ient to protest against the inteilfrence of the Austrian wom on i preacher could correct. It has sounded an sa
Pe Autrian from ote kingdolum to anotlter, in a language all may a w.
tIIh the Arclbiishop of Paris hau privately counselled lie troops in tim altairs of Bologna. stand, and with a universal elect none could have maso
chl-ry to observe tim day in their ieslsictive churches, anil _______olile rom such a cause.-Dr. Iluuexk on Isr Epidi
clat tim National Oursda woud he ordered t pr een.t i rooSes aA rr. tChIa rou.
exercise of any fueerl arvices. The day has, however, 'y Adrti
arrived. Tli royalists laue, i appear, deemed it pro- Mfeiro.-A letter from Vera Cirz of the 'th January. says;.-lungarian tobacco is strictly prohibited
dl.nt to abstain from incurring the chance of an attrk -" We are all tranquil and the result will be important.' Vienna; nevertheless almost every one smokes it. The d.
Sthe mob, nd ip to thi. hour I hv not heard of ay Ihe aspect of M in fair is tempetlous; and it is culty of evadng the cutom-hose officer was one
lt an a of ... ilellt that sne the overthrow of the party of a ro. the t ulbjeet of conversation between the late Empess ad *Jrim.
ILas evelnii g te n resident of i Council went out of pren one, headed hy I usamente, ;"acio, anil Ala.n. have E,-who offered, for a high wager, to bring into Vie.s sr.
li.ast evrenintle ofi resident af CoJncilwent out tls snot ltpped at any meaqllre, fir reducing the country to tlan qoantiy of tobacco. le w in to pie notice when i
Is al routlnt Cepeaking, of oI silene, to make Iranqullity; measures enomin;.ted energetic" in the Ian- shuld arrive. The Empress issued orders that the ctne
a. s ddre, to the Chamimr of isputies on tie financial g.nge of ldeepits, but often bloody.-Genrrero, the President. should be stopped at the barriers and every part seared.
a.dl political system of his administration. It is it able Rosaim. an old patriots, Mrquez. a man respected for his lie arrive, at night, but attended by outriders with ligd
Sindidation, but it has produced very little effort. It pro- valonr, have disappeared; assassinated. shot, without ceremony, flambeaux. Her orders were strictly obeyed; alimest ey
raises peace, but no one now believes it. The state of and under a are prele.ce of a military sentere. Col part of the carriage was cut to pieces, hut no tobacco
iradu is so lad tlmt nothing but an actual disarming and i ctor.a. Codallo. Torr -, anl above two dozen other Oll- found. liedrove immediately to the imperial palace. ad
rineral treaty of peace would now convince even the c"Thesave meae taken wtht t eny s ontencel t all. produced the todiaccth to the Empress. Tle Ilambras had
friends of .11. CAait* Pourir that peace was probltie. one dared to moue. ilut the trsnovirate then began to take been contrived with a hollow nepare, into shich tahacco had
The mere loulemient of tie Belgian question will unonu uher steps flr Ihe deltrurion of hle liberty of the opren. In ,be g a Il-be t ir .i'e sides merely
Ib: ulllicient ; something more is ideiandd tl Illi this. he capital, all the prers (l the opi,1posilon newsplaper, were
'Th'le, uiirs of Poland, Iltaly. (Gieriiiiy, Spalin, Porltugal, s4efueueredl ; and the Editlrs Iltca.iuerie. KRjon, QiIit.ntaIna.
a iI <;reemto, must aow n e fi( llyt arratigled, before Franc. ltoo, a.nd ot..rri were perse nte.d y r elia v util Jutlgea otr I..aten A ei.-ln i -nlig the eitirse ifo rhe searches foc them
will conisir herself safe from allak. I mlention tllhi, i tlhe trees by Officers o the (iovernmiet. Neither the nln .. he l il I.heln h were founded ,1 plir Ulth
fact, hecuise you might n lr erwie i uel somie surprise, thai character of a Deputy or a l'atrul, ciulhl Iirlect ltlice 'air ii *I nllan gr tlte health if the Ito-leciedl-;adjonini in-
a -li lLa, that of A". PIerrit's la night did not t,-d^a. writers froem such attacks. Finally, IDon Ignat-i Inrlan, a b.itanh" a very -iaratly .siw *as dlta-,-r"cd ii a hoae., ame
a r lik lnt of Perer's st Con mi lsloner from the state t.f J.,ilsc., umore strongly tI es- ex or even stories ipt. b ,lonoing to an tI pa sessed hI -a
**id ap dlie fiuns two or three per ccSl. A few months iablilh the Military government on the talt of November buy of the Enert-ld I le."-The sie of ti I,- bt .i'.r.
ago tius wtvou lamve bIeen the case, but France has ceased conlsnilted the outrage of going in person il Ithe office of the te visitluig centitnen. an really threalrnPI h' ie
lu crrelit the statement of re u M. Pqplir. The speech Iiovernment press of thai state, arrested the Director, and pllt floring. Tell me." ays he" heow h I v. ,, .i i et
o M.1. .Laitte wna a defetnc- of iii own IsstleiI, % which lLe him ea capilla, (uniler sentence of death,) and lad I ni '" g'eat eat asl p silar"e ., a I. i. 1 I t
maintains differs nalerially from thlut of1 Perier. If in sIx hour,, tor permilling the publication of a paper wilich alliy." quothi Pa, tior by lie powers, It. 's .iee aert loea
we,- atay judge by their results, we lusa indued adiit lthe atlackell the (;Gvernment. ye t."-Edinbargha .er.
dilrtn-etce ; but it will suggest a cosnlarisns very unfavour- Thin ha. beetl the signal of alirtn cateno the act% or the
d lerence; but it will des ao comprson very u or Thovernm ben. hejg ltaof ahcaoe dicuara a o. Contradirtion of Prorwrbs.--' The more Ih,. mrurier." Nst
lla to 3'. Lafltoe. I do not mean so y tltat MI. Peri r l;overmenl. TIloc tglntlal OI Jali.scoi. taatilj, a C slirit 'oib- i mnre it. mSertr. Not
ei t ns, Zacatecas, bd Me h~ f e raised the cry against the 'o; ""on h;a.dl is ItiInoh itl a pirT.-" Nothing hurls Ihe im-
ill c atle ultimately to stand lis ground, and secure military power. demanded the assloralton uf private right mach tiore th;iu surleiltng." VYe; iick of i.aomr.-- Nohinsh
piaco ailnd Ionour to France. I do not believe this Is- which have been trampled uipon. anid lhe sovereignty of the but what he an enl." Not iol; a ring hathl noni. fr it is
mildli wit lbleral principles, and ahat is styled a popular state, destroyed by liv mlitr roundl.-- Money is a great crfnlirt." Nit whrle itr iing
gneI'ornent ; but mi. Porter is tho only man who can ipro- (Gen. Sant Anna. who has remained two years in Iranquiil thief to the gallows.-- T'he worlI is a lung yJinre)." t e
viins wsr-anl ift ol be unable to isnake head against lity on his sale. has come out to lead the general cry ; and s'o: the ano goes over i every day.-" It in a great way to Ihe
titr revoluttloo, he deloramtic party may involve France Vera (trtw. has made the first movement. Santa Anna was is- IuMttotm of the sea." Not so ; is but a sione' rast.-" A
in ua t'l yerns wur with Europe. r ltle byi the states to take thin step ; and we shall sees blodnl friend is liel found in adveril y. Not so; for Ihen Iha e a
Ss lro mas to ha left Pasr tlhis dai a, in order o "strife between a power which has made itself lernlif b ilt nolle to he foutnd.-" The pride of the rich makes the labour
msoe iia e to rters of his eaped iiodn. ,T-da ds and a General. called by the voice of the lwuple Inm of the oour." Not so; the labour of the poor make the
pM tt ey hi, retirement. Keclsiastical ldiapntes will also mine in thi parade of tihe rich.--Atlhem.
it i. reported, ththe will notleve before Tuesday. Thl'e eoma. Ths opea a g n Buns to a islorlp lo pelfoie
Fruich gureranmnt encourage privately the project, certain acts of juri m i the tatm* and theA Assemblies Aere ir iwr than Hmmi r.-The Emperor of Chin hlive
tshis plAidy it prefosa a perfect wlle lity. The have resi ed thIr l im been ualvsed by him brother of Russia to establish a cordm
(General aldaohs is not tle only usa who has boon re- Mr. Uomes I' Centleaomn of priva worth and snanitnir to keep olf cholera, replied that the disease uli
fised to leave with the eipediionm. The seretarv of Dun education, and who joys much public reject., is now in thi. killed the idle. the filthy, oad the dissolute. and that he Crao
Pl'uiro has mds a ed to Colonel Pis*l letter. ha- rou"nry, mad bha luforleme monhsa an interested observer very well afford to lose five millions of such subjects."
of our mtintittonsld manners. lie was once elected Pre. --
duala and Pigene are both known to be favoursble to a aident of LiMeico.
conslutine I a t appears from the last information I can o FINAL NOTICE.
ouaai. that sIuld the epeditioo nail, and be succeSb,
no conltitutiwes whatever isto given, but Donna Maria The late E rwedi at Nottinghao.-The following i, a T IlE SI'BSCRIBERS. having cloned the mFrcantile
is to be proclaimed absolute Sien. That the expedition copy of asingular letter, written by llears vious to hias concern of the late Elias J. Solomon, El:., hel'reh
will be succomfal I do not, however, believe, as you might enecu"io" : notify to thore who still remain indebted to his state,
so well proclaim an absolute Emperor iu the United States, Jan. t6. 1st. Dem wife and mother.-cThis lmay last that unless their respective demands are .liquidated pr-
as libeliu in iPoltugal. request, and I trust you will endeavour to fulfil i to the utmost vio u to the ]st June, Ihey will be placed in time bans of
A curiuos question has this day been raised by the of your power. an .Atorney-at-Law, fr imnmedite recovery.
Co..tiautionnel, calculated to wound the pride and offend t I st. I should hke my enmpanionc to be my bearers, and F. M. SOLOMON, Efecutril.
Sould like all of them to e cloti in black; black hathands C. S. A)DERLEY, Ereculor.
mii, rilvl family. By tlhe lartner, no peer leas the right and white gloves with a knuot eflile rnbaula attached to Match Int.
of ,.lltelratlilg before 1 11 years of age, nor of being pre- each breast, with one lea of lam or o the same. ___
sL-1.t ;it Ie silttinsm before 25 year. TIh prices of tlirm. 1. As soon as you get Inesion of ay body, ou wil W \I'|MA SALT for sale a 15 cents per bit
I1,l,,o are peersby right ol their birth, but it is no where el that Iam scrubbed until I become my natural en.lour. to
aidl ia the charter that the princes of the blood may enter Sd. It is my partieulr desire. that you should keep me -. ppAy to
tle house before I years, or vote before 30 years. The untilFillr owio~ii ndiy after my death. THOMAS THOMPSON,
opi aoition tlerefre ohjet to the attendance in the Cham- Jl And I o that all my friend andd companions may At Exams.
Sr of Peers of the Duko of Orleans, lie not being ven see, when dead. if yoe consider it prudent so to do. if I am Fbrntary 4th.
.r of Peer4s of thage. Dukin s oOlea, hhe not eig e any where near my own colour.
2.3 yars of age. During ltl last session the young duke ;'th. I wash you to te my black handkerchief twice round FOR RENT.
wur aften present, but this sesaon he has abstained from my neck, with a bunch in front. until my burial lakes plce. fl The house and premises, lately oresid by
iatteadinag till within the lasa two or three days, wi he e aod then to remove it or take it off, and give it tomy wite. M N. Poitier.
lh s again made hi appearance. The Constitutioone re- nth. I desire all relations and friends may he requested -4 L.O-
quires that this quesion should be et at rest, and the ge. to follow me to my grate, and onme of my comp.mions to be The house and premises, lately occupied by Mrb. I)ODe
neral opinion is, that hM. Perier even deires that his at- o kind as to wnah me, and see that am nor lok up or stole than. Apply o
lndap ,t lLbe "venoted. for one week. as I have been informed something of Ibis sort w MILA lR
The tJ otes IfoP r wall be tried at. A. 2ILLERh.
The ot arisha" e recid a letter-from the pre- h. Anti yo" seer ha wl he elt btur themn bu h April 4 th.
f,.ct requiring them -Ini prrae ( having the capital for same grave as my child is buried an you *lml take it up. ant l- d
S ot ineraJed by, the governor The Poln have fel lay it upon me. FOR ALE.
iimuch surprise at this decision, and have applied to M. And now, my dear wife. and mother, anm family, I beg The choice of 2 Lots of Land, with the
tMoo.uin for advice. TIhe answer of IL Mauguin is, you ill forgive meallor amthing that I may havedooe amis, l building and improvements thereon, im'iate i
** Protest against dho masurs, and I will appeal for you 1reely foii'm e all who may have injured me ; and may the Prinrce's treln generally known by the rial
to tle <'hanl ee." blessing of God be upon you hy n igh and l y day. endlela- ill, or Ci
If tit litters received from Bologna, under date of tim oang to prepare for an eterniy glory: n whh place For Terms andLigoot, or ariculas apply iot
Sh ~ ifttrt myanbeived onAus lrueat throil the meliain of my blessed lrl ad ml S- For Ter s d oher pariuas, pp
0t1h. i.t:avt, may ie believed, an Austrian fltilla has vour Jesus Chnol. I am preparing. scriber
I,.mld at Pea ro a nimhrr of Altrmin officers, whi hlae p .. ,,, w,11 haw, st young women to Iear my ptll ti I IILNY GR F.RNSL LA Dr Co.
sgo taken the command of the Papal troops. I my l.e huone: and .sll e. my luoe to uiy broher Thumas. Marrh 3d.

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