Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: April 28, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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@aes at jr tjra ag resa.

GIg IBIGGS. Editelr. SATURDAY, A 98i s m, 18 OL I-N-o. 1XIL

TiE BAIIAMA ARGUa. dhron abprefers the right head u freedom t t rI frOemOraas Mocw Peua, ie Warew, Dam",
-i lt- had, all i wbich you w of deslpalioa. iad R eRiag theai sh ot ae wi si- nm mmelIg w-
rwesaiun aia-ln NL Ir Iw raaso, n. .. te one she may have, with the e lr d Oem er ba re, mL Th my, aided, have w bha y Ipeculritm
a acting -ui-y o.f interests Eng@d aod Frme an a i oder paice, of which ame lhaeoresmad .nhd
lgt Domlan pr mmral- adala th. head of the one ; the abaLtue frmnielts of hel holy One general fact is 1bi, I believe k wledgd, that i
._al___ aliies rum the hbond of lth ier party Europe. wh. earnmer aau wee namely hot mad dry through-
,- .. There are many person is this cmatry, who. from pr- out Europe, a it we i England. The iecta at Man-
Judice. or front party feelings, or from want of refnctlon, cow, and ds swarm of leou isrt w awy by lthe rais
entertain tlloe diahsoouriug opineis coacering liberty in Arbia, the long prealence of euserly' indst, ta
which isduelced the whole course of our late policy ; ad mortality among nmianli, fisha, and domestic fows, and
we are, therefore, not surprised at the evil eye with which the great heat, are to be noticed. I ant quite aware that
Stlheuy regard the growth and the striking of tiw root of nothing can be inferred from the phenomena of the wea-
----- freedom in France. We can pardon time this; but we their, &d., in regard to its actual connesion with tie epide-
POETP.7. cannot so lightly pas over the ianguinary and unchristian mic in amy place. We mou acknowledge that them pie-
E_-s- -- spirit which seeks to place theU two neighbours, and now aomena are very serious. All that can he aid is, that they
DON ALOUNZo). coipankios,--the mighty leaders of de civilization of point to indigenous, nneal circumstance and ought not
Count i;ren,, Count uni.e, the European world. in everlasting array against each to be overlooked. dI. On te state of the reigning di-
Tell us when is Don Alnuoo t" ulher. Divide and rule, is an old adage; and we are pre- msea, we 6ad, that, in many place, stomach and bowel
War is ot his bright khb g-Laig*, I"red to expect lti wily perseverance with which our late complaints, to mnoumal ealent, preceded or aceuipa-
W'Yi the lisrmoit of your h.t? i holy alliance associates will seek to embroil the two coon- nied the malignant cholera in its progress, as as t cae
Why is nor his barler .rr.mirng- tries. Their haired of liberty i natural, for it ups the in Sunderlnd ; that, at Warw, the chuler superseded,
li, of Spanish kmnghba the buoat veey foundations of limhe albuslute power. They abomi- and agim gave pla to, inltenmittet fever ; and that is
nite it in IEngldnd, but the evil iere is irremediuble ; and other place, though the fact is not specifically onnounr~ I,
Many a hbage of Spanibh glory, tiwy have hitherto borne will it on the tacit convention, it must have sapendld, if not included under its na.w,
ut al' above the cated heagd, upon, in asaar as we are concerned, the cowardly under- tim mortality from other disease, becsus nearly a!i the
Shrouded him on his m.ndain bed. stealing, Ihat we shall abstain from all encouragement of deaths are referred to cholera. It. therefore, ap;arr, i'
its growl abroad ; that we shall leave i to be reaped and uloit places, to have lea Ihe concluding dieae, which
May a pear, on the plain. garnered by the tender husbandry of their seu tuor cur- carried o dose who had been lIboring under obher de-
tlil ai M.ioles i ,u '.an-hl.od dyed; duna and armies. Sudl Layb4ch provisions were, for a biliating maladies; and hence, in few places d 7l tlh pr...
Bult lir noblesi lance ei Spain, while, surlicient. But lth Poligindc .inlatry too eagerly mIce oi cholera increase Jti average nmortality. 'Fr -..
Is ,iawerrd by AonAcs sid oe. cuinltenced their harvest at mluin; and the rich cor they may observu that, as there ws a universal tendJ . ti :1,4.
C(I.n trene' Count l'rUre '.,id! have cut down escawa' I from their hands, and has complaint at the tien, in all siho were debii:.tal L,: asoy
trHae ihy il;rlrirne qi..Iinrs show.- produced seed an hundorudlold. The ivtlronlic l school camse whatsoever, other mortal diseInes assuamid, tnw it .r
WM'h! lr e twrey wihe braIn Alunzo are, in consequuece, ala-iod, and witl easou. They their termination, tlie a nmptonis of cliol:ra, r in-' r,. *
YiciJ-.1 o the Itrba edi.n? were about to renew egags Fraii.e thc days if Pilnitz, with theguneralobservstiuns of the writers on tl.e *g l p.r,
hiere art Ihoua. thou .gllanl steed a d tn ii(k a vi'iorous emlurl to rrush ile ihla ill ii i in that, whvalieer disease appeared during the plague, it tjrn-
4tiiarer of thious.anl danger fincy, when calliani, unliw;;iy, devotld Iel.and, that d li- .d to tatl form of disease; and, in this way, Ihe*se iliesns
'i'e r...ltig Molcans telend meitlerr.rd country whlicll ower noting to Eo'-opl but camin to be included under tim head olf cholera, a tile biis
(:CapJie itn a linJ uI 4ltranger. execrations, a ones, ns of old, :1 t' .r lior of danger, and of umrtality. It is evident, ibe mortality would becotnr
Shall ;a MoorihI hind rr rt ni '.. illi her own ruin stayed tlhe northern Iorrenil. VVe owe more remarkable, if ea form of dislemo a, ar tied to pro-
Mmirsh mrael.* "is nll .aech of our present Ikace it lier'. She garvn tima to duce it, than if ten or tweiity dilTereiat ducases wure
Motrirh rt ters g.adi an p.ia tire. France to rally her convulsed forces, :lnd ta.glit tIe ene- united to cut off the samne number; and. on thll ground,
I'rge rlhy sped, or curb ili pirid ? min of lilerty to re-unseoar their position. Now they there would be room for mucli public misnppreletn.,n.
dare not, lihoever much they nmay desire to iunertake the In pillt of lact, iwas nor. in many plare,so miticli a pea-
cat l away he .la rel erealti; gIenral inovenIet against their onlending neighbour; the IIleutial visitation, as a difTerPnt and unuuoal mode ot 1I:-
Ain i leek lao urny hir n. ir loia' internal .inat of o L. n !oiii., ;ons *mi pier iIt sri uilo s iug up I' w udinary ani ,nt f huauann mortal y. Trilu
Aield us ul 1: table l Ifuu l'n;i.ier o an expt .;mAr it. En-liani, too, has dcseired usau;l autumnal dysentluy, in tll rity of Vienna, whirl
I'wmn. Tlle. ca," nltnvi l nngia.., laatering look back to tli inlihainls scarcely ever escape, ati, i t year. mergrd
Allln rn is lamentation. la 1e .,f I.-; Hli.i tlryis:n anll tlI-ierIl'rhesaded orders in tie pidenmic eholera. S1. As to tim ci tracer of li
I are thae well. brve klnihlr aldl Irue; ..vLkr i i ;n I'l le as her. wn l ns witloutl iunimer, [ disease itself. there appears lu be no escuption to the Titl,
Buml te dleed ihMt sheikes a naa.n" I. raseqlw, ; i coalition, a it iomlt I!tougil. Those spend- i thal it aus and. generally, fatal at the beginlni;g,
l)e.rly sall' die la.t.n iru. tfi ., rm iasm ; Ite alliance knows it, in its and I.iuld and inanagesale at the decline of its prrevalence.
On shv natme h.Al bleain-, shower r 'efd: hlu i l memniers are nliio the ler active in their I in every plate; anld tlt its duration, an an epemic., eel-
Fron hblty monk aig cloustereI eill, radios ag.aiinst the cunsoliila.non of liberty in France. jloen exrcedlri two month. Swpradic case seem to have
Ai aininrelr hatr in hr1di an, i bou.e, OnlrLe i.h. ni ri, rasl there, lhey foresee a certain spreading occurred in many cities for some time after. 4th. On the
luoe the brale Asauno fall. ,If its ban.ches, a.nd, th-rtonrr', we sliall we them, will subject of its usual victims, and of the localities in which
Mlnv a tear from hl en' rv i the tenrcily ol panrsuna conteiiiiig for all they hold dear, it auied them, there is ne universal testimony, that they
I)tna their heellL for ''i, shall rul, piet in practice every possible intrigur, by whichL they nmay were the poor, ill-red, andl wretchril; and that it broke out
Anli un.umnelwr'I massr.e i.e ercile trouble in France ; wlitche.r it be by tlie suponrtin tme low, confined, li.lhy places, in which the population
I'ur the guit Alunz., a .oil. I of Carliist. or oniapartists, or lReldlienst. Nor will I wa most dense. In addition to this, it s ix. l anne who,
.I threy rest lsatisfiel iilil sIh atrmpts alone. We slhll I huih living in better silatliuns, were intnempWrite, or
r fili them slirrimng up difficult and invidioM qeslmnins in diss lue, or exposu d teo fatgue, and utherwaie dlrbil tred
From the L.ierr. l Al.bon, 3Frry 1.BA. t Relgi um, in Holland, in Greece, it, PorLnt.ul, or wherever or depressed in mind. a ul it al.ecl.l tfcw loihw r of Iene
We .il..e, in our lasI w"e.k's pullicntion, remarks L ele they fancy wsnie happy oaot point may bring Eng- better classes, living in clean and airy dwerllings. Lnder
a thte sirust wllicl tile nun-l.,tilicllun of tle rNet;ler- Iand and France in collision. Tliat such a policy may be all tIe varieties of medical treatnmel, in almost every
ti' treaty, by Russia, Ausiria, and Prunsia, whoe am- I expected fiom many courts of Euopo, and meeu be most country, bouat one half of Ihose attached with the disease
edas hadl, i. the names of timir sovereigns, solemnly carefully and temperately gunr ed against, it wold he dif died. by far the greater proportef fatal cases being at
Ipd to every wood of it, would necesnally cause ficull t deny. Bul it i will laineand sorrow unfeigned, ime beginning;-a very evtreanlmilsry and inexplicable
lgatlul Eurupe as to the sinceariyv of tis cu-uperation we a'ld, that t;s wariness must be exercised nut only fact, if we consider the uncertainties of bumanintercmurse,
lBu powersnI tsIw attempted setllisnent of the dispute against foreign courts, but against certain domestic politi- on tme principle of a f.rtluious, contagioai transmi$ni ; i,
eosu Iolleand and Bulgiiuu. We now prucee I to up- cians, who laie hitherto allowed few opportunities of play- but in some degree ieccncileahle with tle notion, that the
iter rrnearks on the supposed duplicity of tli lliree ing into tIe hands of thie holy alliance to scale lleime, nio, t prodislpuosl slliuld be the earliest and the principal
ani byi a illuaiion from tIlN last nundier of thie Edia- Hut let Ii. Majesty's present ministers stead;Iy pursue victims. th. On the head of evidence on the astject of
i0 Rerriew, in which time true policy of British siatur s heir straight-forward line of policy ; let them, in honesty quarantine regulations and rmed cordons, it appears, that
'", at th. rnument juncture, is clearly and ably pointed anil good faith, give the right hand of fellowship to that thus measures were found to be not merely expensive,
* Thli passaag. in tile review is as ifllouws, s.d though great nation, whose valour, lwhse intelligence, whee ci and totally inefficient for the deigned object. bo highly
t. it sertremvly iMrtisent : vilimztion, whose freedom, and ehose pioximily, render injurious and ventious; se that Ritsia, as well a Aautri
" Pruud and bastful of lihe enjoy nlent of a rational her the mot fit ally of this great country. Let them, in and Prussia, were compelled either, in great meauro, to
fl), superior to tllt of the rest ul Eu'rope, Englaud the conduct of public affairs, avoid that wh'ch all generous abolish, or else to modify them ; under a consierable
*eeverrerllrs, wilh a pirrserse and cuntradict.iry spirit, minds abhor in private life, the making flion'ca and corn- degree of lapprehension that, even in those despotic gu-
ha u to aily herself nitl ltie de.paitic, of the paniions of the unworthy. In this manly *it, let them I rnments the Ieople would have been ranked to inwr-
*'il Isirit of the age: (we uIe if lthe words cultivate the fiendnulip and familiar alliance of France; I tion, had the l llaunns been continued.-Dr. Ilfa-
*tr ePvil interpretation.) SN1 Ilas acted i-s il, wilh an let then rejoice over the restoration of liberty in Portnral; e' aL um the Epa ic Chalra.
0ming conlscienice, hc liblievhUd lhere was slietlIing and, while they plir- themselves in line with those coun- --
Snain libLrr, sunmehing safe in ltran).--tlha tile tries whose institutions mrlt accord with their own, lehi 'at's is a .Nam.-lt appears that, while Man-
Shad, tlem great e-xerliul,o only a claim lir toleratin, them at the same time honourably maintain their relation Icheater is now acknowledged I he anmongat bte greatest
Sihe uller lad a constant right t be defended ; and, with all stA"n, andl diisrcontenance every attempt at a commercial towns in Britain, it also boasta a few pecu-
S6 mustn asin t (if ever lshl did asist) liberty by prowlylina spiit of liberrlization. And I n,whien the li-4ities worthy of remtrk; and. by turning over Pigo'st
a*, and in the dark, as though Ihe were commihting an friends of the holy alliance aunt tlhem truckling o new Directory, it will he found to le the seat of royalty,
Se trut rsquirel pepladnalsin in ne rvres of Europe. France, they will tell them that England i too prond to me it cuntins, at present, no las lean 23 King, and al-
Sio truth, ll it didl,, lte as we clhus to ally our- be afraid to nake any country, however powerful, her thoglh we lave no Queens, yet there re 80 Princes, 4
e wilnl Ilae who were i declared enmnmie. T friend." Duke 3 Farls 47 Lords, 21 Barnm, and 36 Knights.
oiainmuers who patroniu'd this policy, had two -- We can aln boast of having 2 Bishops, 80 Dean. 21
" -ia ulins to reconcile,-the love of freedom, Sisauiry of Facts a Chalra.-I have that. atimpt d Proctors, 11 Popes, 3 Priests. 3 Proplhts, anl SMonks ;
dr i"" tie breast of this couintry,-ita haired, s |to illustrate, by he preceding facts on epidemic cholera, still, it is lamentable to think, that there are only 2 Chris-
lto tie uilerianiling. of iriiaarial allies; I each head or principle which I laidl own last year, on the tians in the whole community. If we take place of wor-
y rt, therefore, coitprlledl to follow tlio ci h-liLk general subject of epidemic diseases; and, if mone of my ship, il would appear hat the disentnrs are gaining
61pa policy, of which we lave elsIml a faith saii ele dletils are icanly, I can only say, that I have eariestly gruand very rapidly, asthere are only 2 Churchen. while
*L e of Pnrtu al. Tlheu.i e obiihlle linei may bo souulgt for all the im;prlial information I could pirocnre, lere are 15 Chapels and 17 Kilks. The peculiaritl-s
Stheir other threien relations. 11 is as impossible and wish to preus no fact to a prominence that does not of the leasons are considerable, for we have neither prinmr.
k should Ilave heen otherwise, so long a, tiley piurs- belong ti it. lHence, in drawing conclusions from these nor Autmnns, but, to make up for their ler, we have 13
Counrnsdictrv uplice, as i is in mecloanics that a facts, e aye not, perhaps, have sufficient data, on ach Sunmena r and 9 Winters; we have, likewise, Folta,
motion should not be tile result of two diver, point, from every town ind city, to warrant a universl Snow;, Rains, and Fogts. We have plenty of Moons,
i'at a c g induction ; yet we have a remarkable coincidence in well but nu Suns; still we have Rose anth Lilies, OakL rml
I a change has nouw takn place ; and tlis country aullnticated sfl;imoinv from several. Is. Will regard Aslms ; and plenty of Gardener Frresters, aid Far-
laer tshaue-d to declared, iluit whileslie respcIts al to the uealhet, &c., we have no particular details, ecupt mers. Our scewnry is alo very wuch divoursilid, having

mmdci 8 nd wh p ae the arga1so a what a pich of exciteamu, uas. u
b. tllheappeBatei- -* ioeA the Whlhe of he wrongigh t By whom viw It amt ..
yet we have ,lW I dm.end a* e lnce; and, I@ e islgeion manner, espod tie LA .e then kindled? An nswr in
ew -+ iy Mdaae. A aa., 9t I. Hsaache-mter
o'P1)w*Se apll IM.l n M a che siter ma mitkma S'et dhe dSmodimat, and '.ia sMILA4* fr ams P'ae hs, a lso w--t
'ir td p'ding di ws ji u a aough vere termr, upon O. bamwy. tao u rn dhe pseal ph.

I loClaubaus' s naghtnmw, .artJe tlmlyi de t Je on thenight of the third of Kerr, ineakiAg le above assenion,r sh;
.ei. idi ---t ? Ni r ere rld taehnr lal 'h$ Honour Mr.iuice aSdiLandp, partluo free the truth f whik dei
q=, is'hn, .;C96 ,/ aned F idn-

me, imsr.Tade sl BID dyi. Ors:Okll- whbahUl fur s mnlole been within under Shi de- ashumed-Tee prmwe pn us. andi we. ,
snte I ld Tmss uenc,(nt hemng bearing tIhe ared IMiag f hidmnemary'a ceualappeaedto the too much ttirhtiresoerition of thi osalf.d
khuWe of 4lsleha dd, jrln his livelihood by weavia, Cou. mn Mr. Andenm was accordingly cleckl. The pen would on ttri didreallo and, in -i ah" e e
T AI5, ty-eem. An ie it not a ling saliems, ,aleaad getlemarl, h lweverdid not quit his object; but, feeling, entirely res ight of It.
Itb, prw TI y MiWs dan, in Oliharkied. T he" rro i tn uotl .er foriuildgerd dte boxing Judg ia hIigh stle; We mut, however, notis oi'moe re r
Ifthnet washed thmetranm," i still pursuing hi. vocation and cumludide in dclwaig hik expectation of lfll dnli- tofore, we had beenowvbhee h, or. aiurft "e
by morlig wiloeo in Oak-struet; and his R tl oppo- ges, IrUa lie station of the potl e i ifu, sad the high avert, at least for a seao, and l to aeih llS
nen.t Charles Fior, is an artist in Markt.-tre'. houbrli ofice of die defleadant,. dreaded innovations ; but how T By a ealt
Peolis ni s a W mosie in SMlforat, s d JHay. Iluuie, an Ilia Honouur tle Chief Jotice earged the Jury, under rate, and respectfulassrtor of or more
eaerstvert, in Sttuaeivll. Huorausi N-nsow flight 05e ofo ot more esomf t
his baesilo'er," at rtheKing's Arin, AArco's-tia; and, all the circunamaoces, to find foi Us pluaimill, as it nW not reoempniled by timely and jadicious eaee -
so, eraaw ll, Clutiestie uart i ino a ilhright, ever No. likely, s hadI Lbe uared by the deferant's Counse, tat vernment." Ridiculeous A manry asertiun rif.O
Pe.lor' Allh dsoM Mlorlasns, in point f pinalion", i if t phiiaitilf lad iMeentionally trod upon the defendant's conapaied by conretm ion 0, wnnderfIl g
stts.meOW nhilmisih among whip i ,w mae- taPip dnu feet, that he sbolsd have bowed and said to defendant, I wi anNl ever think of making ne ion, s lma'ien
'weirs, it a aneadcholy nredtLim ti thmse is onh beg your partion ;" and this he. the Chief Justice, lad lie a right ? Ha! I I n !.-Our rrisile feroknlt Ites e
ne Winesnn in lit' whole parish. bain ii thlderG tdet's situation. should huae considered a we nus lay down ao pen,and laugh at the Sufl
ouffcicot a, plogy at themonment, to have srstrained dien neral-the gnr. law 'isry od tes Bahan-s...j
_zu I 6 as, (fromn using his fist. His lonour, however, did nm con- pardon'")-if the Western Worll.
TZE A. eJG. reive thll a case for dantges. From tlw situation of the ---- --
-_--.-- .-. plaintiff, pecuniary nmotiva could as lavie iidoced hism t RAcIlE EXTRoouRDIN.ARYv-We liaveto uIl a
M$.tTC'IUV D APRILSg., 1 N39. bring disactian, but merely a desire, by the verdi*t of a the sporting world, that a splendm match hai beam
S---- = --..-B H -- Jury, to plireent iis inofemsinal character from slutain- ip by tire Mlmoel hie Tur(' Chlb, between llis E.tcll
(GINF.RAL COITH'. ing injiiry. He,thlerLefre, was of opinion, damages could Sir J. ('. Smylth' pie6ald rmule "' Er-Oflcio," id
YeTerday, the Court was occupied in the trial of a suit not be expcledJ. Il.aliama bred white horse ArguM" for U0O ia.
hnbalnas bl Maor William Burko Nicoll.. of II. M. 2d T'l Jury lten sutired. 'This interesting race will be positively run an semas
West India Reaiment. against Rohert Snilndilands, Es,- Mr. George Uiggs,tal, Editoruf this paper,was brought during the month of July next, in the town of hi1
quire,a Puisnr a Jdge of lie Colony, for asanil anad bat- (romn prison Iby Ifllabr C'orp, to plead to an Ex-Olicio Their Itioours William Vesey Munnings, sm., and e
tiry roiii,.airteml by the defendants, ulmon tli' plainiKT, at a Information, for an alleged libel upon thelcGoernor of the bert Sandlilmids, .squires, have handsomdly offered ]i,
Na.v l .l given in rth Pullic Iluiliinis of "h luwn, on Colony,.contaiined is iu article in last Wednesday). puper services, as Juilge; to wire :'*ciion, all diitrra c a
ri*, nialb of Ith :id of Novemnlaer, iast past. Meurs. upon lte proceedings of tile Court, and pleadeild-nuot be releared during the race. Race lists iave tdiri
Wiod and Aider*rn forthe plaiintiff, ail Mr. I.wis Kerr, guilty. Th fullouwi g is charged, as caloumuilig the libel been opened in the red panidenoiumt at (Gove;rmau
Ih l Soilicitor Guner.l, for hie defendant. Duin,.s la Inid t i lluded to:-- ilust, and bets to a Ctnielrialee aHoont lare bren Ie ,.
ia-). :W" We regret, that we eve it nol in on power to lay be- ted. From the circanuitarce of three of Iis Elcrllaa.r
Mr. Woo,rop!n nl tlheane, on hem iartof the paintilf: 1 Io e lith paIhic: is ia iinsible sampio uo' IMr. Kerr'." rlo- % bred hl.vine laltly sialldenly bolted off the core, id
snid previous in eallie into the Pvidenew, miide a feiw ira-li- I uence I in liaul cause ; for it ismust lavu beJrn liciLily [I he little conlidenre to be placed in tie jorkey 'Ia wh
inaisry remarks. upon the station of theI parties in suriet, a dsm"ting, to hear so iold a stager in tie art of lillling, bieesn dlicarded by hik former oisloyers furdeeivria h,
a caricaturir, and defauine i h, ,ung'eiailv, olls-esl'a ana ArloIs is ait, gns-aral fasvourite-- w s being 10 to2 Vpim.
tilr of ltie ass.ulal tu; n e miustifiableo and unnentle- ly, dr prIcalinee a lse. wol nnell ,a t.iIl e.lonal b E\-Ollici r'xcellnry'nr nl.. ,lr:
mrnly conluct of the defenlant, isl striking an old Britisil us upon the BIlaimin notables, fur llitr polilicul sins an bla., k jack, ,lr lrah incr1ressibles, illthi 6rA. biler ,4
offire, in tim lill ulaifalnn f his Reeimnint, in the pmrrencr ivitl ure o lg in ile grfve, an all intellect a slhalow uo it gowai. \rgu' rider : vwlte. .Muhrlh port a asalir tari
of Inalis, I d within a fol pces of His Majesty's repre- lurmelr sell, ottlmptng to redeem the lost credit of our by tie lovers iof he t urf; and it s thought, that taI
ilauative. worthy rul.r--to 6ores into the fac uof dlay, thloe virtul,s I g, will be taLke in.
which Iad never beun doeveloped--o niake that u ear
Thei evidence on lie part of theiplriihiu, prove, that liab.ral, honoeorable, ju.s, and lgoo l which to its very
tile plaiilitf had slightly juollel dle deferdant sad Irml core, is a nmasol rancoouuis Iatl, um-onpiraleral ialig- Tmi'Hn: R In re'Ass STI .~5ns IN DEa.Tu.-A go-
upon his feet ; that the pintilif infnediatelv bowed to dr- "aiy, and a di-Qeustig coulpould of deceit, prile, vanity, tll man hIIbing hl sl u uulakLy fall, on secooring hia -
Sfndant, and ail, I beg yowr iRndon;" and that, whilsr and obstinate folly." soe, andl onlsrving his brother esasiainiin i is ieck, is n-
tim plaintiff was Shaking hands with.I gentlmelas loward Traversed to July n rm, tie dJlfmindnt giing securili '""hiiaal io e, no sac, BLb ; I've broke miy ded
whem heumi been advancing, ad very meurly with his for his appeuranqt himslll in CtiU, andtMao suietie in "er'k."
heck toh de labe ntaa, the dfeieant struck him, lho plain- 1:1'l each. L- Flr .
tif, a blow on the ctck ; trh the part o the room in The Courteljolyrod telalf past ; at 'lirch tinmet, Im. L.i .us Fe(li ny i.
which the parties were, was very much crowded, and tihi Jury not Iuvieg decided, it again ardj arnes av t this daya I i a ases the h
Jury noti h deidd k agai A, .,cu,,n*rllyt'n.d ihl ltoiddA.l. iI Uljornncei, un1dr Ihe ill
plaintiff's triieain upon the fet of the defendant, and o'clock. of Placertia, that the troi.lp1 under (1.,. Li..uni, .bis,
jting hism, appn to have been purely acriaental. li"-ft F'rrara in uorler to ulport tl sll Wdiier uf rbePuonlif,
Tine of t degsidmiMnaslidrd theasuulr, o the part Tus Som.esrorn G asi ras..-As we niiripataad, s i aviag met with n1ie resistance, lhave dalfatrlth iaum.l-
. ... . I genlt killed ant uunded a Lre lt n.lnv, and mad tlle
of the defendant, premeiited, as e appeared previously happened, and four colonumi of tile Royal G(arr,,ae w I ris, .lsl oed a ier n, cl ae
much eacid. The learned counsel thn rear upon levoedl, on Wednesly las,, to lic add .ires spoken by .Mr. anIl li.*s-rn-,l .i. rnellh btls r n Snm iglalo aind t(:t',
thla idence; and in a neat addros lt tie Jury, closed the Kerr on the day previous, in the General Court. We do and thal thei. linIlei Muniallr.,ri was killed ill ahe r 'aa'.
cam na the pernof the plainiilfT not, hownuer, ama any thing very particular to call fortlh -Tihe .MilPn (;Gallre ipublihisls the allle in -
Mr. Kerr. fr th defendant, mr on nd aaredd the from further emark, tan we gave in o a, n front m Modena, 'datedI Jan. 21. in the fhllsow-, a.. :
Jty upe the two ples put inby his clieni, tle defendant: report, on this subject ; but, a, we fi-el ourselves in some La.sianl rnr n;ala a ,dla id, 1. :
fir, dteLn Vas ne guilty ad secondly, that if the as- degree pledged t re-advert to it, weslhall offer a few bil- Holiness, yvessninrla atiacked r.i lu invl ..i i ,,r 1-4' I,
ea*lt iwasahied, he wa justified i doing so by the servations upon point which ima been harped upon fre- pI'r tm to nflthi, andl fiorc.dl a i ,ar r 'to .
pgroinsm C ofr the peintif. The lear nd tntleman quently, f late, by Sm writers of our rucrollporarv; and 'wrtel wonmdird, aniongsi wlion its tll chrtl of lil I
tM trl de da plea, and took up his ground on the with whom Mir. .K.r, by Ilis expresions on Tiuesday last, b r :'. o prisoners, aInd a geat q anitYl of armt., are
Secml, ae two points : that ho e not m only justified in prs associated i lt asl rals 'e a ,Cf ls fl'antila d Itr",l l'
srikin the plaintiff, bu, lutl he eeltitled so a verdi Tiur So (.General confidently anticipated, that 'TlVe uotdlnie eain d athe Co'm, tuionl'h 11 -'Ki).'* CCt
at the platiiff had ubslrquently tuLse hnw into his the political lames, of late art/flly kindled among a con- '1the following paragalphl.-" Llt, rs i (rl ll.,, rere
own hands, and given tlwe dlefsndlant a sever t bl-ing. siderable porlniof the Slavelholiler and nthers"--. at Paris yesterday, state thal tsie l'alal aInrs rnl"
Upoe th points, and the slight degree of injury ,us- this duplirity wil at anmwr. IHo l he rli un the 211 .simmola on the It lA, sold Bwolla tl I'
min d by die plaindiff, the nmel counsel read his rgu- Go(vernor been inimical to she Slv'eholders of this Co- 1Tsseil" pmi to thel 1ei inst. and neris an p.p"s
an I aL to dug proof of which, the material pert of lony, and why eccaioned that hatred owmds his person, I the i.h hil. arrived this manning. The' former couti
hi oIv wente. h wms, albs, offered k evidnc, on and opposite i to bis governnwet, ibich has Mparlird int"restins rrcount of dlede.ath of Geinera llBllilrd.I
the prt of the defednt, that die exciteent llaed to the whole aly t Wasit not caused by hi constant and loss will he severely llt by the Ilgian King...
by thi whlaea., n the part of the pmint wm asmed impertinent interferences with privae popertv, in de Bas.etas J.bIy
by te hrv of the plamitiff to so third person. spring of 1*10, which laid the foundatiaonof sa.iahm qaem epect whole cit was alo rmed yeste iar. by I
Thi was IbjL to by the plaintiff's rooMat, Mr. Wood, occurrence Was it net sonma time previesi to that in.- nptig e fet hiielf lightly iniN poed, beillrd S
argaeig tha h e cdu.t o the part o Ithe phi'iif to a nous business of dIe MAhgiarnaes and Lord RitelIs e- tlhinkig himrselfbetuer, he hbrekfae i as usual,, and
sbhld pm, could warrant an assault frum te sMefendlean, prstl Hi Etxcellency hwa hourly losing atpop upon is Majst-y. Feeling ill he ult the mplnj, 1
inm the d had ba n i the. eitpah y oirf sernt larity which he had on his arrival-thet tl h eves of l| went into ee PATr, nd. beii oblii to sit do- a
autos SM d s ;mod.athe t,` bench, It foil into a fainting lit, (rome ahich it *0 -
Sthe ply in y i ed; and, a the defe nt, Ip i were opened to tim delion, under which they had possible t feover hfanti Di ro. m wbn, h W t' v
he prmield, coall not met he was in tht Agcily, the previously her 1 alce, and soon ftersar Dr. r ln., elerotd tIe
evIdlene coull s e Lreceived. The evidesre was, ac- Our, and an henournile meaher of lte wolves in vain. Thev attribute his death mto1di'i
ierdlgly, thdrawn-dae Couu deciding (in Ctr ofdhe privy Council, were dlmiWssd, and illegally diuaissed, for I egrva'ted by the cold to whirh l Ie ss ou long

Ii r t g closed ee deenc, bl. Adr' n, Im w amp l lclwire nI t st) Ipa Ieh n tre.n e.
Mpai. Knef Imlossevlo hel. George Marrly, with osesapled despatch, reiastaloel I in i Park, and t hla caused an aeh uth oer-son rear-
Mr. Kerr lvin, clod the dfece, Mr. Anderson, item. Sir Janms! Does not ymr gall boil within you, | thaLe Palrk on least siuse cie n I srut.lerd tl o tI
ai.t counsel fur bhe plaindlr, replied in a very able' at the bare recull.ctiul of" your sh.omeful defeat I To u'tlock. During ihis tinitbe i- sL.a but a fer fe Brd.*

11594 f1anlynm wew ...t
"" pus J.siosf. JuSry I W4 OTW A
til tat dll@viit*of O(J' Beoli-d da K On Tua a,,th rl. Ma ,, t .K
a0ily was g meto our a treaty auiaam bw-
e d, Fenac, and eli.ums. IN ST. MATTHEW'S CHURCH,
st 11ol'ccl clk, a Brims k Cuiet iaes- At 19 tC-wk, Oefy I
e'rslL Aa A Is a sS. wle'Will bhe W old or Resed., for o yeait I4e __his
A bw servia e Fr (Uan. Meilrd ill be IhnI
's hasd sever provi nou cks similr to that Th purch. nr the *nullro emy conlame i -
owed fatal. He was in the Ga year of hi age, the pJoseuton or their. mpctive for th tin. of On .Nwry at, urt rt
oa f i. aUdet asd mad disinld officer of three ywa, at the price they may purchase them for, by a 1in vaur m n 6 ,t
fiar nn.a. He was m-al o Do ,m. Ip yisig annually, for the nw. to the Clerk of the Vaery, at so O'-i"L A. a .
fx jd couma. ne t of the Ma m ni; p u 1716, o pri in, to l or m WI ib -s ld
~ ltu ary rf Italy taler L Iomsoapte, d-s By order of the V Ey, At a CreditU f us Mse omi .. ed la d
ehisuilf at Castilione., Arcola, Heie ccOm GEORGE AILWRISTER, ClorL. ri, mre remed r -
dBonaperTa to Evpt, w e hre lie hed tim command April 14i l h s of a -aret I fi s h Flou,
j nc, rum -lf "rl'bm t ucoimmded a dirisiol at time s ln of Aowrd-m -lo
Sof lainpiii, dermi th Mamelukes a CaA, NOTICE. FOR CASH before delivery,
Stbam Csmmnnd r Cai, aeuintionl f Kletber, he R.T TURNBULL takes this opportunity of inform- The residue of the Cargo of the Amnican chaoe Mer-
ria a,of Alesasdria, and was appointed to the t ing lle public of Nassu, that he has removed to cury, Gibbs, master, from Somtoa, vi.
,n C Bruossel. He wal at time battle oil Ateor- the lHoIul lately occupied by Rubert Wier, Equire, in About 800 bushels Indian Corn,
Si the camipano an inst Prussia in 1Mi16, went Bay-treet ; wlmre he will be in attendanuce wtel called 37 barrel superfine Flour,
i.5o.aio, mccnpied Madrid by cn|ilulation in time lMuh Up2I4 12 Hams,
aseber, i d. lie wa. with time grn aimniy ia B.-An intelligent and respectable young lad wanted 50,
it|, and haIl a Iors killed uuder him in trlh baltle fur tie profelio. AND-
)I~nkewa. IIe wasin favour with Louis XVIII. sluho Aprill. Oar.
Luind n a ClKalier orf St. Louis, and gave Im a sat ALSO--
,d Clu lun er of Prer, bul I iingp d euenl.rl .i,..ima- NOTICE. On tlm same terms,
sol" im* say that was tlo stap it march of Napolsuon .IT HE SUBSCRIBERS leaving qualified as Adminis- Bloom Raisins, ia half boes,
.asis In 14l5. lie yiukldd to thie uilhusaiasu of hlis tristors on the e sae of Joseph Tluuimpson, de- Rice, in bags,
l,,,.asiU ws sellt on a delicate al.iioll to Ilie EiCg inf! cestedl, request nil person having denands nlainat the Guinea Corn, in lots,
S which could not asceied. Napoleon, oi sliis ri- said eItate, to pro.sni tlie mane duly allotted; and those irk, in hll harrels,
a to Franco, gave hiLm lihe comnaimnil nd li aIrin ol tmIe imdulatod therto, to make paynmenl. Soap, Butter, Lard,
0lie. Oni tlw enlrmnce ofl tie Allies into Psri., lie I BENJAMIN TIIOMIPSON, 5 harlf lbarrels Philadelphia Corned Boef.
seconfiKse for som. mnalths in lie Abbey, Ihe mas JOSEPH IHALL. Half barrels of verysuperiorlight brownSugar,
,se rcslsel. sld lived er.ieemold i private liI., atier his April 17lb. A quantity of Cedar Posts, in lote,
I Isj actd ive crirv.. After lle reoulilliun inl Jly, tli AND-
lm.,itn deputlliun snl to Paris Lexpresmal u wihill lu tle NOTICE. A Cow, with her Calf.
aI .marl, who Ihad aequiird unmiversall ceni m-i during his A LL PERSONS having lemniands nelainst the Estlte April 26tl1.
I... mi inii:u ainng iL sh. oulil bIu aspioilted Minisitr : of Josuph Saunders, late el' Ihe Island of New n- IERY I)DER
It.paramea.tury of' France in Thle i ..neni Providence, cgntleeniu. deceasre. are requetenrd to rendlerBY 1H r- ADERI Y.
umicem Ihlat lie h loss irenerd iI in pieserving Antwivrp ilhe saine duly altleidJ ; anld those inileblrmd to the said
i ;lorn conll boUlishardlin,.l, in hli ii mgla.,In tsi w nIl ien. Esiatu, are lik'ewisvm ri lmsell tol no make imnnlediele pay- On Moday mel, Ith 30( inlstal,
lis.,, IwhI srvil under Iliin il Solail ; HIl'I lIatly, in ment, at the oilrce of (;. P. Wool, Esmiuire. AT THE VLEDUCe *smrIa
l untiij l'iin alout tim lOrtruss, are fresh in iil.m i inory l T'HOMI'SON S .\lNIERS, Executor. Alt 16 Oolek, Al. .
d uir coamiaryiuten." April 21. Will be sold
it sl l.miil by one. iii" or Cionltmnlporries, lthatl ll Erm- Superfine Flour, in bllares,
pFir ifl imii I Ms Irgei riu K,, i, L' olaind arc1l AUCi T IN SANALE Sumgr, in ditto,
i6 conmlimuan of tie l onlfreinc., miiil iiliariiilior i iIlliTI.-t 1Soap and Candles, in bals,
ist: su-n of t refisaml beis noh, tio xm.eL :111 :iNAsinc.n Hams, Baron,
hi Rtii.. Tliis may le true, but it in.uli ,t s.,1 i- JY INILY ADD"LILY. Rice and Corn, in ba.s,
noimh lhmli' aiecldrimiodn niadte h% the 1 l mi.iommr, ii t. Loaf Sugar, Bulmir,
iirinfo .f hlim entire, Court, that he o.uld ..i ,' .i' I 0. Jl lay, the 7th May, Cu fisc, ill b.lns.
rF of I Hlllllnil to alre to till l terms pI.J T The aT Toii a A, A l mi v ,.-. Telmlls-CASHil on delivorv.
r. ;ror mi n mnciii well, and lie ii ,uli iti p1l. .l I i -i, At tl1 O'Clook. At two montha' Credit, il .n i ullenpll to recover ltliCiiinmi b) ,ri, I nl i ill o oii I case Ihndsonme Chints,
selid I.- ai his allies qmiel ll allow Frlae aciil I F.mlinld Tlie following Sinves and La nds, belonging Io the estate I du. Cotton Cambric,
anllrru limce treaty It which they, likr' tlIiiiuIs:s, l" I I" 1a'- Andirew Sc uln, sthIUIt resCrve, and in order I bale Osnaburgs oad Dowsas,
d.ild, Ii which, with imore honoiir amim l cm.i luith, iIlthe y to I e, thie estate : I case IHandkerchiefs, &c. c.
we hitheirto obervedm I 'rii is ho lia rel poir. aI'tII delighlnlul country residence, known by the nan- April Stmll
Tile amemipt fuller to deceive, thie p.bli., aI. t. l ti mo- of W'lTroT, situated on tlie eastern erxremity of this Is- -- _
kr ssim.ed by Austria for swihmilitig lin, i i firaiolOnad, with bahrns, rarripae hIomis, hdrse gin, and every re- BY JOlHNSON & SAUNDERS.
so eyl improper one. It is saidl, ll at il.lria ill ratify, I quisil to unable thie crasierr, or cullivate dispiedl to pur- I
k thatm se unly requires time.-N-,w, what is tlle Iact cihse, to dlrre inlnseidle reainsr from his purchase. On Monday irlt, the 30th istant,
IAwria has never asked fir line--i ir'evn in!ircrlle i~- II has I',en long ioloriu, I;,r i tsorclers anil Ithe iipid- AT THuE VN in uOimn,
tdr.ll that hr AmAihsamor liail cincrlle l mie ii ime i llliuio, riority of their fruit, as vell as th-ir variety) f kind At 'OIk A .
a r,,miiiig llo tim Twenlv-flur Arlicles, anld la, hlas ex.- coulripes 77 acie of land, (or ihereabmouts,) eaclsilve of t I0 'lok A. S
;--,l hIr disapplllration of llio Treaty as mrmng in mour acres and a half, partly within the line. lliereol, be-i FOiR t sIo dld
Tmii,. and a' variance waimh past acs. I'in..ia n lli ratiff, longinglo tile king; on which dir, is a lbatnry. Boin- FR (:ll, on dlivery,
n. Ai.l, whli tihe other Plwers .rlill i,hv duoe ,so, vihici daries:-on the, lmy lands of John Anderson, Es- Superfine f esh Flour, in barrel,
, in imher word%, saying lmla sit will not ratify atall. quire ; and on all other sides, by the se. LgaTr, i n diditt
TIw ruth is, that tie three Powl'o,, tlloe pro- ALSO- Le Toco, i dito,
aiaNritnanietly to mainlnin peac.-and Iev nmav i. That tract of land snluated in the Eastern District of Hice, Corn, Butter, Last ,
aw jec to ay, and will n rraiy in s Island; bounded on the north, by t)e property of! S'ep, CandleA Dry Goods,d e
ai ret oroim. Jet Eve, anl eight feet upon Shidrly-stn i; on lime east, Ace s oer,
by land the property of Iobert Butler, Esquir ; on tlie HIll chest superior Hymn Te.
South, by lands of Mr. Bnclh ; and on the west, bv ie l April "2blh.
BaOf WT'B3 trr Oa l io lota of Riclurdson Saunders and Georgo Ari,;brister, -NAL OT
-- iquires. FINAL NOTICE.
t* -ry person about to Iare IeAse Isla.nd, after AISO- T llE SUBSCRIBERS, hain closed the mnercasui
7rw. re tidd thrrinsfor the spare OfT TnnrTV ., ameat, That lot of and i te E rnDistrict of ts Iad ; concernsof the sle EliaLJ. olon, ELa ..hreby
reual rnc te TII' ti hounded oil the south, hy Shimrlev-atreel ; on the east, by notify to those who still remain indebted to his Esuatr,
rey a eity at ite secretaryr' O(frr, orlmpul t u is, use in lands originally granted to Thob Hodson n; on the wet, that unless their respective demands are liquidated pr-
'd Oficr/ufrrirrt:r., irei prrriouls to i ldeparl urr-af- by land granted originally to Mr. Alexander ; and on I vIoe t tlle 1t June, they will be placed ila hands of
ba t kn ,ll north, by tile eastern raseway. This lot n sell en- Attorney-at-Law, for immed ite renovsms.
r Shrk,t any rfin dun-g rTv-ITv. Ilavr, a Ti -ke closed, planted witl gra.u sad fruit traces, aml has l mn i E. M. SOLOMON, Eucutri.
a ie setoiaed. dIrained at a considerable epinre. C. S. ADDERLEY, Eecutor.
AIIOT TO u-rITA TICkITS IFR nDrPAaTUrt. That lot of land sit,,e in the Eastern District aithis
1dUF ebirary Elizatwh S.lloian Island ; fronting on Bay-street, to lhe north; od the XITMA SALT, for uale at 15 cens per bumheo
I5h either IHolinon eastern canueway. to tihe south; to the east, by lands Apply to
IL April Margaret Chapchale originally granted to Thoma Hodronn ; and on ti weal, TIOMAS TIOMPSON,
it<1 re'enian Johnson by lands granted originally to Mr. Alexander. At EMu .
tim Emily Johnson ALRO- Frhnury 4th.
IIs WV. 1. Alexanlder That elensive grea hlt, situated in tle town of NSa- Femry t
Itl Jnli il.lgiena an; bounded on tme east, by East-stree ; on the wet, FOR RENT,
l hMmbs Denims lit and premises, now the residence of thie Ilon'ble The house and preumes, lately wcupied by
S---- ~~. Munnings, sen. E~umiro; on the north, by the luos Nra. Poitier.
Sl of Mr. Franch Bison and Mr. W. Ransom; and on the ALSO-
south, by Hill-street. The hse and premises, laely occupied by Mr. Des.-
ALSO- time. Apply to
-- The following Slaves, field hands, vi:-- J. W. MILLER.
PORT OF fISSAI, N. P. BIam, driver, Sue, his wife, April 24th.
__-________ ________ Hannah and her children, vin Jane and Ilenr, i
A A LE Kate anal her children, via. HRow nd Mar PFO ALE.
th Am. sch. Jhn and Eliza, Wilm ingon Dolly and her children, viz. Cynthia, lehe, and The choice of Lots of Lmad, with the
*6th Si. tior. nMac, Fermet, Cuba Jack, bisildings sad improvements therwm., sitesae in
t h lpt. sshri. Faria, Fmiv Cue b Ned, and his wife flehe, 1n Prince'sstreet, generally hakew by te same of
rig. Jet, Pe, Liveip ol Abraham. Lightfoot, or Cupit's Row.
PAdSENGE; I SAILED. O( The above lands sold free of Dower. For Terms and other paricuhls, apply tothe Sub-
1 mik.e Ae i.can TERMl--si Months' Credit, on giving approved se scribern.
the American *chooner John and Elila, for Wilming- cnrity. HENRY GREENSLADE& Co.
*--caplain il,obso, R. N. April 11th. March 3d.

rum,. ~ut rkpn4.dU%*VlCYfl

C NIAL. Fifth-Tiha the ljibi of t Colony chellen.e
OLO ALhe nial"ms invnmiplae Into their treatment of their
qspuiat rwl, (bWtade) Jan. slvu.s, provided dten secmu is not again had to the
TUEE 0 COUCJ IL. grne a-a of ltimideIm, and a Iaargasing ern-
TH. E aOg 8 I COUNcuL. L ,iui..tM e w eate.A a cl.- Is m. wd-
y tim eP Is hi t mI B I *c a" with ihe views (uo.7 p .ona l the Mother Coun-
.l.which w Pol eal r teet ra e a C I t-ry w-ho e f ea emslt y sek the destruction of dth

plas, 'ofdo b oi due pbl Shb--That the rri is only equallem d by tla in-
mp l tie At tho Cefre pt*ce, the donation with which id Inhlbiuts o this CuLoy hive
Irmw d iLa wiE e bm iThieaeuid et thie bard puIbhed by die -uice of a Police man in tim oafr-
ram--ie perng 14t Thu eoe f y(i. l ket-place,twoducutse ie pirpuating to he orders of His
niasdinie e.pwi t lm .ie y tw c rel f og tu P. Majesty in Couicil-- uebverling telir dearetrilght id
iiebpa imofiall y, mo wl as of. flh re- privileges as Britishlebje ts; nd the ollmr lobbing them
oliwadce by the i nnluvationnf prMipoed, tef *y of the miterable wrrck of thelr alrealy wuled fortunes.
prepare nel y I& t lt o IiHlopllI ons prompt they mu-t Sevenoh-That tie said Order in Council of the IAth
iprn.pdor i gune idupih eaa: n.d from wouldeer m of June, constituting judicial system a. it is stated, to be
i. da lmltpliance o mist emnglte, tie ould ulve for the improving tie administration of justice, must have
lheta lvm to blai.n fur timating to elect tir own ruio. been framed in mockery of the unfortunate inlhabitants
We do suba oon them to reveal. We call on Ihe' toun- whoselives andfunuuesit hes pled at the mercyof Salm-
flMnr.bmhkisn to nn ill.gil mandate of the Ki(g's Con- ried Judges, holding uaice only during the pleasure of a
cil. Twis lheir the nhnioe hove declared dey v ill do,; sitly cabal who notoriously rule ilie Cnoluial Depart-
anrl we urde the wrle comunulity, as l hy value their meuld whole creates alppIar thrust into office in
eiam1nce, to laldhre to at reslollllion.
eaiuteneloa.dl.Co6w r ,e Oler th lmlnruikei these Colonies, as spies and informers to calumniate ti
LNeutenanm-Colone B.nn, th O er dmin in unfortunately slveholder.
direti uoversn l of m. Lucia. s llelnd i lt he pofe n e m Eihhlls--Tlalthe Order in Council of the 2d Novem-
jd-ry' Ora*r in power ui snd tIhate ecalntiOt, co iistenly b r, is ulterly destructive of our right anid property in
with the dnutr he Coes to Ilia Mieslety, supenl i. tenl our slaves, yests an individual in the character of a slave
Will we diuy he wrudi eo lls Mje,,nd w dispute 1' Ts E protector within inqusiaiorialanddespotic powernever ex-
rell wc dih C di--he on tond w distpnuih between Ei rcisedover tleirslaves;deprives theplanteroftheumeansof
blliedies s oilersa, Rn the ina c pnlence of a rivililan, Rping the produce of his land; yet compels him to
let tIilm sick to his leri.niro. Ite miay he a go ll disci- Iurnisb his lnbourers with double tie quantity of pro-
1iniari.-.enrneOlicer; but he ham yelt tolearn that viisioa supliedj tm d King's troops, and tio give them clo-
f- citizens, ilrau Undier Ihen British a g, will not obey thing such as their iasters are, in many instances, them-
Il, ritir, of ai rol.r wlith utreisling acquiescec alllend olives destitlte.
,Iory prompif u rle. f ith urstiolin a ncquiesren into at Ninth-That Ithe Inhabiants, convinced of the iniprac-
i't liiu. on tIn 4llt i luant, are warna id uncuirteoM a" ticability of carrying into eect this unjust and ruinous
hi are theyso I Can.he xlpct uen to ber with n- m,.asure, find themselves forced to oppose, by rciry con-
w-they so I Can he utpoct awn to local, with fin .
inetne', Rikul wi renstrance, an iamlasition which stitutional lniai the izeculion of tlihese enacinllllts.
w..-.I h diem of their property, sand reduce them T'ueth-Th1lat tli can i.i:d bcedience only on coat-
.t. br .rv I Or, dones he anippois that his eagerness to pulsion, protesting befour' G Ihr-,ons thie -iaruminel of th,,ir destruelion is calculated It the maust gross and shaml efspuli sptio ; and carrying will
S.,.Crililte their rltslnt I li. ls ho:sl n inforinme lltht tfie tlsm into liverly and privltion, tlie consolation that
pe.1ole under his (Governsmnl will not confirmnl to the ty have no, lentl theue.lve to their own destruc ion.
Od'.r in Council, be use it wmialol auniillate their rights, leventl,-That a C,,nmitlee be appointed to drw
1whleb lie rmns nl ewl w e apreuaraDt H d tin hem ly the u ptilion I. b ,th Houses of Parliaent in lie sirit of
alricls oniter whidc the islanl became nl.ject to li' tlhem! Hesl nmtieni, to remnonsltrate with tihe (,Governor io
; irown .of Britail. It ren.ims to ibn neie if In. suspend tie operation of Iese Order, andl to organize all
-will ientirce it. lletore lie oonipi| this Irbitrary course., i uher Mneaisur e ot ..bary ille ir present state of lthe Co-
wldJ be well fur'imrn Itn eoidlur, whether lie fully not Ie luny.
- re,,ir.l to .juo :v Ilis c.inhlrt ; nd we should like to knlew Adt lst lthe Counititee consist of the following Geo-
whelier Ih womild rst his detfence on tlI fact of tllens *le.em wilh power to amid to 111 ,'r number .-
di.neerous relutions having Sbeen transmitted by tile Co- M.le r,. illiam Mter, It. S. Robinson, Jamas M'
le..ol Sicretary, a. laws for ge.erting tie island. lane. Jn P1',ellen, J. P. N el, AuLier E. ( -he-
This ... Val.. (Cdr~es De Brete, Louis ;%ohat, St,.phenl %'iar-
Iihis Orilur in CoIncil,. we presinedll is Itht announcild 1; i e t, Lou Ail, Slln W-
imso tit past liu Lord Ilowick, which li said was iln l
prip,ur.lto for tIn. Crown ClloniO. and would be also en.- Ti 1'ist lh- Resnlint.ins lie pablisho.l in tll.e Ir nini.].
Lfroi is.ll t chr.erl island by foal nreg.atens. l Demerara, a Il Baribads Colmnial P'iRars, in d in tIle
ha. been sbmitted to our Legilaure, .nd will unquois- London and Glasgow Piprn.
tionalli receive all the uwauM it mori t ; but we have S igned by the1 Chairllln, sad nearly all of those aon
n. louullt tlmt ultinlely it will be unaniniously rejected. were prwet at die Meeting.
Its provisions nmIy be aparsted under two hends-tlhos The Committee suilnited Io Ills Exellency L.ulte-
which are u tweeaary, sld those which caneol be mcc-. nIan-(Cueaoel Bmon, tIel Ii.ululit i snlopted at the G -.
dd to. withena subverting the h-st intoreta of the countryrv nni Meeting of tie Propri(Iors of Sr. Luci, accuoupe-
und enutilisl a witchel poverty on te rising Ignerulion. nile by lti following reonsrance:--
We tr Ihtl t h tie Colouisl Le guatures will unite in Cauruu, St. Lucia, 4lh Januarv, 183.2.
ml-ing this iniquitoos prupouL Now is the for Sim,
union. Let every West Indin imke common cause will Chosen by the unanimous voice of our Fellow -(Clonits,
liis niithbtor, and dely lmi Minister to give re-c to his to to your Excel cv tlie fatal et'ec.m of nrslain
di.ltelible dolrrines. Hathe" let ihie esecuLe his thrlld of measures uf (overnmenit Ihiclh have thrown this Ciolun
wildrawlint the forces, than lamely ubmuit in this in- into an unoelmpled state of uiltation, we Imug must rea.
lsance,forlheprotectionof di Muthcr-Coualrybeimg Will- lpecfully to present Io your Excellency ille Risonltionn
drawn, the compact which ilnds these poessions to her paued at a numerous Mreling held thi day, in the town of
will at once be mandeled, *sl the Coluoisit be iill to dMuir Cestries, under our Excellenry's sanction.
wen di *mtiO.-Bladeo CG kt. The inhlabil of this Colony lave subnittled willhout
SAINT LCIA. i complaint to de dillerrot clhnge that have been made in
At a Goneal weelitg of Iho Planters, Merchants, nd their Shave Laws up to the piresen day; that the sub nis-
other InlaUislna of the lihad of 81. Luci, held at he sion has been carried to un llltet beyond thet which pru-
Coart-ile e, Im e 4d of January, IS:- denceshould havedictatedl; andlheconsequence hasIen-
William Mul.r, Esquire, in Ihe Chair. Thal tle authority of the mUater has been uinucesa-
The following Ruol eres rm pruopesd and unani- rily resricted.
monly adopteujad- That 'h natural bond of attachnmnt between the
Firs-That the Inhabitant, Proprietors of this Co. slae Ind his nmuar have ben loosened.
L.ny, with a prmpuitalm alnd loyalty not surpassed by any Thlt the lave, a recogniz'd lgal property, hel lost a
pation of HII Majeoly's objes, have adopled every comnider ble portion of his valu.
measure telling to aomdierele IT codiilon of their slaves, Thit e lh and which in dthse Colonims ha only a real
m losed by His Mujesy's Ministers; tht they have value, and is llogeter subordinate to the extent ol culture
rarril their commerce to a lentll beyond tie bounds effected by slave labour has diminidhed to a frightful ex-
prudeuce should have aggested, by tihe increased ci- tent
pener at which tdey have conducted ieha esaees ; they t the production of the Colony with pat years
have benes n b o diminish the burthen laid upon dem has decreased nearly a million and a half punlund of lugar.
in common with Ihe r t of their feUlow-slihiects Iy a long TIht the Colonial expenditure Ins been increxeal,
prolcmiu wua; whilst to them, siteen years of uninter- and the public money so wantonly squandered that tile C'-
rupted pea produced only incrnea of oppresive lonial Treasuy isreduced to a sate of hbnkruplryv.
and veTam ri itio. Tlnt the value of the whole produce of the Colonv
Recom-Tha the Ilhlsbilnts of this Colony, wilh a for the year 18D8, did not erped 60,00 sterling, of
psiones mpled, have supported a moat elorbitant which 19,M50serling, was paid into the Culonial clhstl,
local tuaat, asemed in a naoner the mat arbitrary, or otherwise applied to the public service.
and over twhe iepmHln e of which they have no control; Thal, otwithewnding the excessive tenation, the
whilbltll dm i OI mean under which they live, elpensesof theyenr 1131, appear really to have ex-
have carely nrded or wantonly squandered the pub- ceded the income; and tih Government Colonial have
lic memny, lnl it hlladuced the Colonial Treasury to a Iound it nenr ry to increase for the present year tie
style of hankruptcy. enuorous taxes levied on industry in some cases, double.
Third-Tiht the value of ll annual produce of the and i others more thn double the amount of the past
i-land-for the last two ye bla mot amounted to 60,000. year.
metli r, that of hibs sum early ne-third is paid ile the This picture of the iate of the Colony prows tlat
Colonial cho to defray OSMa' salaries, and other public sisteen year of uninerrupted peace have not diminished
charge, whilst io renminder is oeiriely hiorted by the the haarilhen imposed upon diem by a long protracted war
necenmry rl mace in realivltin our lands. but they have been increased by regulations. o o.rouu
Funrth-Thai the Inheabitr u of this Colony had aright anl oppressive sohave redcd the proprieter to a state
to rlpect such m irifrmes nd subnmisimu would not have buhlering upon incevency.
bien in sil ; sad their irave late enemies would have To odd to Iheir misfortunes, calumny has dled her
left thank respite from injustice and velltloI. poison on die inhabitants to flustrate our advance hy lie

li .

" Ils IEvr elencv Lieut. Cui. Bu7zn,
d atiimiiitering the G(overnmenl.
The interview requested having I.-en grnlted, ii a tk
tli ulmoisis pain the 'oinmitlee are unDlr the remrildI
infir.r i their constituents tb;il all the fartsurric. I
II, m regirinag iht: piisent delploraule stale "1 lie C'eey,
ihdt, .l dlr.iwn '10111 i Ii .xrellency a sertial /'erlinJ,.
that lt- I s., qits l no ,lisirrtiol,n ty pil.el iin s Itid in
erUXri) of Ilils %IajcAi' Order in t'ouicil, Ibut tit 6
was redv to receive any further renonsirance thatl *
nighIl i,. lii1twein In mikre to him," and li e hanDrd to
dlani tile .:Iluwi:lu wrtiltn answerlo hIeir remonirmivn:-
Goverrnment-Office, ;*bl Jananry, 18.
G ( NTNI. V. EN,
I iavu rrrt lv vor lvtierlif the 4th inst. wilhlw trm.
lioni Jdopjl RI lmentliTgof the inhahitanleledp sIrp
leld iin lte t'wn of Castrieson itht I ysV ; iandri it i
serve thiy are courch,' in innenllce w.orru andu cortllne.
I cinnofl,t cinsisii nllv willii h dlvi which I se I s
M.ajeyuv, sinls.nd the Orldern of the King in Counel "
lthI ~ihh Joune, lnd of the 2u. November, It l.
I trust lthaI Iie pelitions uhinich you state to iL',
intention to forward to His MAl.iiy's two I HOn "
Parlismienl, will is n)f a rels|.etablu and proper mlur.
I hauvi tle hinuur to be, &c.
(Signed) M. A. BOZEN,
AdniiiiiitriI ti e Uu-wratirtfL
W. Muler, Chiirman, aiid lite .Mi .1-
bers of tim CuioUnniltt'.
Under these circumstance%, tlhe Order in Co" ' 1
2.1 Novemlbr, is to cone into onHersltill 'I. 'h "i
Your Cotllmiltle ronsideiir it necer- irv :u ii, i '
Drelaration of the line of cr .il t in 1' lit '
They will oppose n resistance to tie var:-lin eoArlnvi "
contained in the two Oldnrs in Council I lie 20'b Jun'
nil 2d Novenlber. They will conlinue in CoIvern tl"
selves in tls treatment of their s.:a*'a by the llrde'
Concril of tie 2.1 February. 18:4), a"' litiP u"I' ,"Pu*'i '
Ordinances of lite 26th April and 3J Msy, Il.'1f, ei"'
That they will pay no taixe vonlntarily fl I he ppWt
of public Officere whm they counsrlr illpeglly cbahln
the Coluny. That they ill re'use every m
ninder government tlendin in any way to ail tlalh
lion of these Orders in Council; and that they" wi C,
tiibule, to thertenl of ldwir meana, to the ir 5 dt'
may be Ihcurred ia carrying thes more i0o "a-e'
S Sirned I, the C.aant'"

The mango tree earn Iruit of an excellent qualityN' J
ixe. and is in wsaoni from March to September. h ie
natives of Manilla ar denirous of proin hng a prehimi rub"
ing, the following metllod is aoped : heap" of siw r b
hish are placed amend rhe tre and el on fire h"i tlhe
presioirly so played lhat the smrnke could i acend t oa bl
brannches anld leave. hirch eem to bnnlb forsirt '* n'
sim5 prematurely; thin pmrcess h repeatl"i for A P'"
Scesive days, generally IakIn place in the oev i A iil
Salture baring of this frail yierlls a imtna psufi 1 the
* one tree producing from 3.000 lu Sl,0oti.--Ast.iM Jo l'

uamt odau murupresamtium of their jL
edlre il their grievances. "
Only se rum rme remained ; ithe
aei ible tD her nifnrto a i ,

redbi In ll h i bet rie-e.L
ing, wimhll l ,I whether buh, -Zt
tupartiality should ecem MiniseerW al. 1
tiel The lulb hople a u m ished I Wa 64
Magiont daime.d, cnd at the da t 4, we
of our liberty, British aubjeta, Ieglwr fr
rectiun of every ens eblaa of trial byv *
judgwmet medlpMac by the mOti'in 0 i
Judge of the land who ban bee rfond fly
neighboring Colony from the commumin i, d'
from incapacity. pear
It is in doissituatioun md ulr do y, I
jurisprudence, whe every v re aare kibem i
further sacrifice can be smde, and wh m s t a
industry and public property is dried up, ia im
code ia thrown among sin i a anno r t6 ani
iianlting. .-
SOne onlyopinion can be entornisiedl
Order in Council of the Sd November, it mms ,
ruin of the whole Colony ; i is the luisnet le
our rilthls and properties that it e lk to loaiilus
TleliIhabitantsof this Colony are coavino
the Ministers of lhe Crown who have COeaaW ,a
Sovereign to sanction tich a law, have teman
power vested in them; dal they appeal to I, pl
ment etf Great-Briain for the decision of die
inmportant quelsion ; It if they were even dln a
el side the qucaliou of right, and weekly to
their properliea, and all guoantee for their M
Sby entering into tie views of their press ant r
is clear, from tihe preceding suttementn, s11a it is ig
ble for the inhabitants to carry into elrecl ltemlenj i
ruinous nleasures.
In thus fulfilling the charge imposed upon ia is tm
strating with your Excellency against esufoterio h
inr.i.urrs in the present state of the Colony, we do m
earnesily enlreat your Exrellency to grant i a pan .
interview, at your earliest convenience, in order ioen
may discuss more fully a subject which las prodkrld
most daring excitement in tile public mind, and 1i:i ,
may have the happiness to recovery from your Erl.w,
cv's month some assurance which will tend to i'nl 'i.
I tf'lin.s, nind dismiss back -,) their ufficiently onw,
charges tile great nmss ofi the population, nn.u *s .
in the capital waiting tle nre il of our upnilicisa.
S" signed by ti.I- Ceirmi.

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