Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: April 25, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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DIUgE BlEGG. Editor. WEDNESDAY. A"lL Isal. VOLU I--f-. LfXlL

THE AIIAMA ARGUS. endeavour lu elicit any ure explicit avowal. They a il depimain. ASd if, eve while they amew te pe-
Sashamuied of what they do betray; ai ,o u* would imagine, poademac so he iltier, their eye will ad sk Oe uad
rui swUa aamIt-wrsNL. Ia N.MAaaa, M.. that ihe inmputtioo of sensiblliy w hoost a reflection linger on some few bright po mi ud their yueg atiip
on their character. They muoa nnoIel, or, at le as, dt iu wilM emeUly samsl r hib a n ead by amy hing met
31it MUaMl1 *r rmI- d a .dvae, must out allow the they fol ; for ahug l led a mu by lihmi own experience, they should, on this account e-
persona wrong. that decorum can be preserved, they think, pecially, leare to stretch their view Oeld this ieabrly
Only by indillerence. And they end in becoming really prsIpect, to rest their sight upon a trl at ind, where
as callous as they winh to appear; ansd slie emiotiun to there in, indeed, evesy thing to trampa, ad every thing
succta lully, thal, at length, it ceases tu give lthemu uneasi- to atisfy; where there are acese tee ilId fr IaLgintion
eu to paint, and pleasure too sublime for imellect to conceive.
Such is often the case will nmay who pass tlhoalb life The ruomnce of youth is naturally amociated with that
with great decorum ; and, though women have naturnlly of love, and it i the iintimacy of their union, and the in-
.-- -- .- -...- _._ more sensibility than the uther sea, they too, sonetiinus, consequences which frequently result fr the latter, that
F03ET .Y cuisider its indulgence altogether wrung. Yet,if its excess ey, in some degree, accont for the horror whicd certain
.... .. P_ O. be foolih, it is surely a mistake to attemptI to suppic perseas entertin of sentiment. A romanic girl in ca-
NMIUNIGI'T ANI) MO)ONSIINE. it altogether ; ifr such atteiltl willeither produce a dan- eluded o be in love, or ready to become ao. She is in
a ro :rIT. gerous revulsion, or, if successful, will spoil die characlea. her own imagination, a lady of romence; and her seni-
0 nl' I this is a holt hour' OUe would ralier, almost, that a woman acre ever so ru- ability is the cause of a thousand folH., if not of more ser-
Thy breath ii u'et the laid; mantic, than elia she always tluught, and lelt, and spoke ous aberretions. Love seem t her such a pleaing
I feel it m ach lintle flower by rule ; and should deei it preleruble that lier sensibility dream; is is idenlifed with so many dsot *ad sweet ee-
Arouan me where I stad ; hrougltn upon hir occasional distrem, lean tlha sh always lions, and auociated with so many picturesque and pretty
Ihl .11 ite mnsniihine sca.iredl fair, calculatd the degree of her lieling. things ; with the interesting ntter, and the speaking sigh;
Als r. beiw eAt every where:; Life has its rouuace, and Ito tis it owes much of its with music, and poetry, and moonlight and a cettae, that
In crery dal-bhedl gliseai sheen., cliarm. It is nut that every woman is a liluinc, and her foolish heart welcome its very name; and Ih court
ii lery lreaan blade ul green. v,,ery individual history a novel ; but dare re scenes ind the tender passion, till al is. or afcta to be, i victim.
And in th li silene glil ,and deep, incidents in real life so peculiar, and often s poetic, that And no wonder, the, dlt she cherishe it, he it ever a
Vlierain thy bnlse creiaure ses we need not be indebted to fiction for the development inconruoua. Opposition i its nourishment, for i is her
Tt irr tree d forth heir shadow. lo n of romance. Chritians will trace such scenes and inci- anbite to be a heroine; and, though she might didain
II galtahols o'er the earth. dents immediately to Providence, and they do so with af- her idmorato were he admllled V her mother's drawing-
CliIelaig eacI other' inolence leciiunatu and couuding hearts ; and, the more affecting or room, she will think him irreslible as she smiles ea bii
In quiet a.I holy ,uirlh. remarkable theis may lhe, the more clearly li they recog- from a garret ; and will aure and pamper ber capricious
O'er the glll meanJu ;la. they throng, is te Divine interference. 'lhey rwgarld tlhem as re- and wayward fancy, till it become a dangerous disease.
,ha;res 1n tll h;
And It'l for them tile crhalle minnhrbam, oiniscenaes of heaven, to recal to tlien their conniieionA And even without such excess, tlere is onln a great
i'ah hmralrdet light. dtal fall. f with it, and remind thIma, that, Ihatlser here umay be to deal llal is foolish and asntimental in young women, which
NMai ihsatium. ull Ihey inward glile, a interest or excite thcir lechliais here, there is infisnilely tie nmodish cuquetry and silly vanity of the world lend coo
Oln .awsi.s- wand lh-v mi em n tnole. more to affect and warnm iheir heans in llth glorious and much to encourage. To be the object of admi ltir Inmd
i )'r mreadw, IIuni andl sre.i.a; glowing prospects beyond. remark ; to talk over in thle morning coterie the dirtations
AFl i.-. wilsh nus al silent pace, It is incural rhat wiarin should he very susceptible to ofl de evening assembly ; to be absorbed by a Platonic
SIr ll.h Il 11 A.n. rr i s f Ce ancl, imiprrieiuiii; lhat sll)y should view lile witll amnos sentiment, nay seem, at thu time, very interesting. But
Oi ilueh i. In ther di a nrthtlcw a Iface Iet ee t; and clht Illy should be peculiarly sensitive these are often he buginailng of sorrow. If love has
Sto i viciissiuales. Anad though a qiinlic (iiests alier ad- rendered many sonmen very unhappy, and some very cri-
MAeu lell h h ilis Id anidighl hIuir trs-rres is as silly as it is vain ; and I. invest overly trine niinal ; if that, a lich may be tir Ifuntain otf a human's
.I ,.1 ,iii atu- l ci,., i.hare puer with inmprtance, or ito see soilthiing marvellous in very joy, bIuccumes lu her, toa often, only a sourre of mniury;
l.I i*ai i a kla.. i '. rI iinc. incident, is very prepostelroa; theIre is no r.ueaso why the if, instead of leading a contented aoil useful life, sie pinus
IYrosa.lh iarll -, aidl. m 'amv lrei iniagii nailionl shIuhi a l ra.i wellever is pic tarei:,q] and away in clhugrin, or languislhes inl in.tiness, or becomes
And bty i.I wll Ianl F imls draram, t l ille adw ll uipn hali r a- uipr-ss, aaiid the hearl at once ean olject of pily and of blame ; this is ofen at-
s\\ all pailr ruld iaousrnlil l Itis. warni with whatever is aal ,tiig ini tmla ch.anIICges ian chances Itibutalhb to Ile mere gratification of a pllry ambition, or
I fea Illtn nu ; fur therv misi he of our pilgriniage. Thire is, midleed, a gi i deal of what to the indulgence of a niorbid sentimenItliian, which a lit-
umpprit u kutc .evinpatily, as luow and trean iln whhairer is rtonnected will ihis wurlJ, tIceeery and a little cmuninl i sens woull soon have sub-
\ imu ihutoise suclh hi.i.i. anil II P ao n l.: ai,: enuiigh to auliy tliI' mostI gloI Ig iicur;" but let di ed. She lbas alkued uand iaui l ierslf into love, and
Thlie beaules of Ili ii alla nil niis..l as sio lrllisllui ilile with its pu;den lints,-let us soe- las affected tie symptoms, till llny have really taken ps-
I.,kr mLce n'rr lhen,. while ltha wo' J lies lallse its dIrill isial dmriws-lht, us sometmll es breathe session Of her heart.
The lxsury of Soalitude. ill nilre elhereal atmosilphrr: anaI let us do so, not as A little wholesome occupation is ly far the best cnre
.ai tislied with lany thing it cran alfOral,-not as entranced by for tiIh fantasy. it is their bt-it remued bode for sickly fan-
ON FEI.MALE: ItONl \\Cr. any of its illusi;ois ; but as thase iwho catch, even in hdis cies and fir rIaal giiel'; and persons, even of lsaterior in-
--- dull mirror, a slinaliv dielihteioin of a brighter world, relligPnce and high religious tinling, peed and esperienc
sal ama. INUroaD 'a WOMAN tIlIER pocMl. AOD Ian- anu whon pldil for l ial is Isre, celestial, and eternal. its eficacy in tial latter. And for Ihe hypochonJrintu of
MEINIC cllsRsI. rER.N' I 'li is surely lethr thial, cl ipping tle ings of iSagin love it is uan infallible perific, and those ho have not re-
Msa women are iclincmd t be ruomantir. This ieni- iil, or reslrnininig the iiiipuls. If I;elinf or reducing all course to it ale wilful suicides. Yet it is a better preven-
hly is not cunlined ol Ith vuuing or u the lmau:tulii; 1 t uita joys and sorruws to nidalera of calculation or of live even llan it is a cure; and to keep tihe mind well
iiilelloctual, or tou lih reliuedl. Every woman, r.p.ill, seI .e-r. ni tecied, and the body actively engaged, is an electual
di:rs.i Ilela.ha, is cus.cpiihle of ruoaicet ; aaal, hougli TILey are, indeed, to be piried, who err in tlte opposite antidote to the ealravagances o sentiment, or the incon-
asgre i! n dlp.Jlnd on eternal rircruains.ina:, or edu- eIlrUoaiH'-- hoe happiness or Iuirry is entirely ideal; sequences of romantic passion.
iaur stati,Ji, or iexciterntni, ii generally exists, and uil we have within itn such a capacity of both, indepia- .ltill, however ailly sentimenlalisi may be, an attempt
aie unly a stimulus fur its devilolui.iirn. dent of all oulward rircumstance, anid auch a power of loreduem to cold calulation tlewarnmactionslof youth is
ancel is, indeed, the charmn of female character. eilracting either front every circumstance, thl it is surely I very nowie, as well as, fur the most part, very futile.
lia it, no woman cat, be interesting ; anld, though its wiser to discipline such a faculty, than to disalluw its in- The folliesof romantic persons are often atlributable to
nisu a weakness, and un.e which receives but little in- fluence. Such treatment. It is precisely the girl who has been
lc there is nothing truly tr'nerrou or disinterebled, Youth is, of course, the season for romance. Itv buoy- 'daily schooled in lesoons of mere worlly prudenee,-who
Sdi oes not imply is exi,teirer. II in that poetry of ant spirit must soar, till weighed down by earthly care. II hisen t told that love exists only in the reveries of poea.
aiment which imnpais to character, or incident, sone- is in youth that the feelings are warm, and iie fancy fresh ; -ad that it is fhghly indecoreou and wrong ever to ea-
tlif the hitwulifil r the sublime ; which elevates us in anid that there lhas been no blight to chill lie one or to lortain such a sentiment, who will listen to the first lend
Iliser ; which gives an ardour to affection, and wither the olher. And is is in yuuth that hope leads ill lale, and will ive away her heart to the first bold bidder,
ta to liutuI, aind a glow, ti imaLinaiion ; and which cheeriiia ray, and lose its genial influence ; and that our and wie will fancy that there can be nothing so interesting
Saiwarm and sinny a hle to lue p.irtrailure of life, friend mile upon us, and our coupanions do out d u anddelightful as a descent ona rope ladder, r a light io the
anc.aises to appear Ile vulerr, and cold, and dull, and and our parents are still at ihnd to cherish us td Tweed. Or if she is so credalotusad an die as tg be-
amlouus reaitly, which coanoo sens alone would bosoms, and syinpathise il all our young and ardent feel- lieve and follow her instructors, Iow cenain are they to
aie it. ings. It is then that tie world siems so fair, and our fel- render bet unhappy They will lead her lo take de most
Iit is this opposition, belwren romanrr and sorliely, low-,men so kind, that we charge with spleen any who I i"mprlani step in life with the suse indifference, and for
I atciles so strung a prejudice against Ihe Ifrmer. It would prepare us fur disappoilmnirit ; and accuse chose of the same reasons, as she w would accept a partner or conclude
*scisale iin Ilir milndsl f tinany with fully alone. A inisinlthropy hou would samn our too conliding cnanr !s bargain ; andthe will then have In eperleice all the
"atic, silly girl, is ie ohject of tleir contempt; and iAnd though, in nlalurer life, we may smile as the roniance 1 bittelrne, and be exposed to all the dangers of a lie wilh-
is recoil fruim this personiifcation of animenin itha of youth, and laIiint, perhapln, its aberrations, yet inns outsymipally.aid of an union willout afeclion.
lcbier ulijecl seems to tI lo diest Ihemnselvers alto- we ulien r-igret the depith of oar ilaf deioni Lir is to therna a nilcre calcialation ; interesiedanes of our ymung alfeclions, and the enllhusiasn of her loveliest attraction 1 Is there any sentiment ai
pliency is ileir 1msasis1 ; prupruiey, their rule ; prufic, of purpose which lal a! we soon grow lo wie to cherish. sweet as that which unitesll the who virtuously and truly
, or cu'nllir, ih.-irai; and they have at least llai Young wualn.n are peculiarly liable to enthusiasm of lhve ;-which identifies their hopes, their oys, crir proe-
u-g .*,--lun, wlule minils of hi-her lone, and hearts every kind. They art so geaullir, and so ender, and us pect ;--wl-h illpire the weaker with alance, the
id-Jecrr s.,,sihlitv, arc often harrassed anld w,.unded, iiagintalive; and Ithyv have unfn s much leisure to in- asronger with sympathy -which become nore pore.
n wilherel, in their passage tliriough i, they I dilge in reveries anl ecstasies, that il is not lu be wonder- more disinterested, mura ilemse, de longer it is eipetien-
alm ,m in ldwir advenluruimo career, neihll.r rhilleil by lI ed al hll. they shuuldl be occasiuilly aamewhat vi.inmar. red ;-and which, looking beyond the nirrw saun aof
tnsr .ickon,.d h l ti h meannres, nor disappointed Yet their estravarannq has contributed mure tiin any thii earthly existence, longs for its renewal in a brighter
Ssiallisbni of the worll. They virtually admit, thing else to bring iscirdit upon senlinmen. Its afiecta- world I And is there any thing which can c penote
"Rh eyulloentlieoreticUllydeny. lic hasoass of hourn lion oflen sickens mure even than its fully. It is so dia- fur the want of such a aenriment in women t e amy
an; m.u tngrs to disinceresteiss thnselves, dressing I, see a young woman sighing, and weeping, and I amue, or dazzle, or look pretty; ale may show of well
Sul ~iee to i ll tel with it in olhers. They are dreaming away her existence ; one moment in an hy sitic, in a diawing-room, and gratify, foi a while, the vnily
Swiltl a low degree of enoniment, and ere thus ex- and another in a faint; always getting up a scen, or sup- that uslecled hr ; but her brilliancy cannot compinrme
.anni.i maIrl poignant sulffriag ; and it is only when porting a part, that one is almost prepared to arcede to for her indifference ; nor can sie inspire an ealted senl-
luaies iof life iinterfrre with their individual ease, any tirade agapint sentiment, tihe caricraure of which s so ment, who is herself incapable of feeling it. What bet
h6 e can plrcuive i ha I hey are ont altnerlaer insnsible. truly absuril. Youun women should Ihe caught the fully of love can dictate the amenities o eetal todoaemsic hap-
A al dual of ltis pllegluiinic liipoitiun eU1 in sentimentalism. They should be taught, that, lthugh it is pinem,-can ecwse ytuel faulut--ca drive away dul-
si7 li a'. cat ,e f feauliug. Such ~sm a very right tlling, anl a very serious thing, Io feel, it is a i m and giv interest o dity-ean liglihe every burden,
S orail of sei ibility, c1ht they repess in themselves very wrong thine and a very silly thing to be languishing and enhance every pleasur,---an sweeten every thing
Yhiu:g hat savur of it ; natl, thiiigh wen .amy oc- and aLfcted. They shi.Ild learn to look at life through a bitter, and render more grateful every thing sweet Lose
1l6 detect it in the mounai.i. nlluh, or in the Clis- faihlful medium; I; we its long irspeclive in all is true I is, indeed, lie golden thread which imparls richness and
"il ear,or in th l" lf-stiflcd ghnl, it is in .diu that we sriety of light and sluhdo uf llat is beoaitiful and wha al ae to lei coarsest woof,--and happier, far happier, me

0 di fl u, -' $r" the A n m 6'11
atb ^ ih.p ^ _^ ..m .vt-. ty **, d his tha, may be .s.ide.bod
leserto icu hy' y thbcks which were ineowed or' the sesso t monrked, that whnoin a gang of
deumsl igdeg, and Thein dhOppointing dread e of *ur Rew aristocracy, Of of eideosev of as it would be a" oe K
1fel Y" that aBrc. which aule, in curvn> aong the Stuart* which studded dece, to draw his ck out of h
.a lqp p retluh tb ron away, and too Ieb plart of Cmil 'uat triumphantly got rid of ther culprits in the lurch, that te it re
*s Thep a rlrl ra. s The (hldarne Store-keeper received a so-.. be -s pea- l sar. r .
I have never coocerned s Kywll' t ne ,-" K
il.. ke me lt d objeh. beli wt of r lir a ge ere oi utaln on himssor No. 1, which from the circum- poliation of tue Island I for it i rta m
ts mred-- aed ia o aumeat, the mo lill' suace of Ih havilCd the Surveyor's mnark of (unfit flr indifference to me, upon whoe slAeve th i elW
Sic)' u fur sane de upon it, wa very fortunately It cannot, however, be contradicted, that .L.'ta
Septy; as ifrou thee washing anoie o its ralers, it gave they now appeal to attach themselves, a r
Evidence of great interior damage Mr. Benjamin One m s I'M" ne ly oprpoe9dm the
vileges to iltme. etha a completes deirm 1-
Acre,'was unfortunately tbrot away; and we know not, ciple, must, inu my humble judgcesns psaetmed
S DA APRIL 2 if he ias yet been iuned. The business of the Engineer sinister dtsigno-ome iterersed, hiddes
c, A R --, department, it is to be regretted, ,nuat stand stuck still," rerrorra.
GOENERAL COURT. should Mr. One Acre have been stamped. I am, Mr, Editor,
WWMarDYo 18th. The community hais t one of its brightest luminasries, your obedient ervnt,
Tie KIglpuae ohn Uhbgle and William Poats, two au- in the total depeivation (by fright) of the witr of our ever-
dl r of e slid W, I. Ra. fr er Grand Laricy. (Uity. tao-be-lamented Pulice Magistrate ; his velocipede, a gig Nassau, April 24 IW
S e" of new construction, n called flut its resenomblance to that To Ii" Erellaenrcy Goeour
T Ca wa Id Sa naI, i nt machine, having coese in contact, with une of the stumps, SIn-It is will feelings of sorrow ranid i.
Te.ars wai aepId this doyn i .n e action brought precipitated its burthen, into atn adjacent aperture in tile have lherd tlat the Solicitor (enerml Ian desJis d .
by Mri. S-amue King qiaimc Mr. John P. sDeal, for ahni tr ai te E-Offici, t.
by Mr ~lr.8mmesk K ing ag Mr. John P. Dean. For ground, called a cave hille; allur much search, lie was scute the Ef-Ofci led last qtrms Magine loop
eale d a mie belonging to plaintiff, which wasu killed grud, cled cave ; ter much search, wat able gentlemen who are said to have signed tin od
by erldosiat' basL Damages for plaintiff, 25. found, having been several times painted, by hi friends, to our late worthy Mtagistrates, Mea Dan -
Yeasedacy, the Geteral Catort met for tih trial of the andmistaken, inthlis hiscritical situation, for a teed i a Anderson.
rYenmla y tE -Of e iamrfatior aait o the Editor of ole. His limsh were, fortunately, preserved by a quan- If this is really the case, wel may the wlr m my
hem rt a-Oir a lirlm itn agin sthe of E te tity of sugar el, with which the cave was planted; but, have tie mighty fallen." What, in the nae n ame
as te rnor his visage sad forehead, underwent a little tough scrs- could live induced so upiternt a threat I AadI
Csluay. iMt. r tiokkr G nertl (Mr. Atto ray being b- der e made the threat, to proceeby E-OfficiS, d an
mat) i that d defendant be brAlt lto Court, ping, i coming i contact with the can trash, more par- each gentleman to plead and give security fC
wbi) however, wMh ovh defend nt. Cbief brwuglt i, tiearly hi forehead, a waggish obserer, supposed himto ance, why, in tie nnte of every thing that ish d,
i,. b r, w. owrruled; Mr. Cidef ednJuicdaing, beo one of the BDuis Juero," and exclaimed, as he was character and Ionour, permit the SoNcitr (nedI
tlatlh e leadrd as sl forl i, tih de lfedan levie shed out of hins dilemanu, Truly ul hou haut been a abandon tie prosecution i I am crdibly inforl a, lo
hdy ple d t th in to, and hg roied migty sinner, for lo! on thy front, thou icareat tire ark gentlemen have nmt positively refused to give former,
with Cosuan u dla nd him. iyinner, o curity for tdeir appearance, ant have openly dhcrL .k
The Ioa gentleman then requested, to be allowed of Cain."--(Cane.) willingness to coni e to the scratch ; and it i s
to =iat a few rsrearks previious to proceeding farther in His Elcellecey, unfortunltely, truck his foot against have l _ermitcod tire Sdlicitor Generrl to roneak 'T
olm e ml express ih oui tnrtcadt n t he toton of tiose inimleical stoimps, and sustained so severe a business like a cur-dog, wilh lis tail between h'lh,
bi ee epre. hr de fdn rn, as to call forth te pious condolence of Car- Is this comproniing your carter, or no, I
being present to hear them. Ha declared tle articles upon A soldier, ibut particularly a Briti.ih B ddir, ijo,,.
which the inforcmtions had besn grotndle, to be gross niielel's Parson: whoi told our KINo, that lie was like perhaps, I should ask pardon of the officn of ., .V,,
anld csodalous libelUa-litl r a clearacter, which ea David sore troubled ; but, like him, lie s.*uld derive for the asmnilation, as voter Excell.ency more partirsr
always iln liegl sd, -ibrought r c rern, The oih tie culuomfort front hIi s iifortunes ; and reniember, lthat if ni belongs to t he inechanicalerem of the profioni),i,,h
alwaysevere, in ighm, ouhlwn uponthe C ourt cld inflict- n y had wounded him, that it was one of those which be the last man to make hasty r,.v,.s-for,f e ..
mt sevo piphmeunt which thu Courlt Pad inirt-- f Confusin more isis in following then Iup, and ali., nmorni,.n ille ie
sIThrt of infamy or death; and of which, it was impossible e him, either rieh, or a linl ; and il the at emi.
a Jury puld acquit the defendant, without having crii- confoundled ensued ; Doctors, Surgeons, and Apulhu- valves his clharaclter, or honour, and Ie d,!cline mA
sally pr-usolved to perjurr tih.selves. The gentleman caries, were in reuuisition; liroughl tie ordeal that could alone purify himn, Ie IOn
the h g prted I defendant id, There was raring and, i'er stone an o'er seaur, irly supposd to Ie something worse thla eiller-
ou h.avming Iprond the defeondnt ouric'rd, laddrea e 'l Thee was ng sart nrl .aiolltgr. and! horrible war : cularly in a Inilitaly point of view.
the Coort and alnliencer, (Inr no Jury ihad been drawn,) I 'lerere were' a begone b vieges shewn at each landing, I do lnot suppose, you are either P"o or c***d, hi
It sean length, in his weli'nown style of declamation, Fo Redpo'll's and I jcksiocel's lost undlerslauding. it i really ilitlrussing, to I al in all ocilies, and I tm
upon ie political 'eciteAl existing in Ilie counluonity ; - ------ corner of the streets, low n any there are of as op
satirized hr GUovernor. ahuned Ilia opponMts, and prophe- Molnra Monsttao, April 2'le, 1832. opinion" ; and, as I cannot tore my back c" evy atn
d The approach uf tim imilhleomm. Afler a alutry To th Editr of the Bahama Argu. of' tih community, I an often obliged tol I.s ten s
Sr ry o dergaory to espctabillty, and so clisg rnierl *
check front th. (hief Jlutice, and being complumrted for SSn,-I leave perceived in time Royal Gazette of last delicacy, as to cause me tie nniot lhearinfl egret tlleat
making good an Imcrangie, bilt whirlc it was imprompr Sa"u',ay evening, two publicationn,-thle one signed a reprpnenlalivc of nyv Sovereigrin in not rti|lCedl a
to e inht stage the proc ings, he learned gee a Man of Colour," tie other Coloros"-and I m quite oughl. Could your Excellhncy have auicipad
to sUl in Ie stae e( lhe pructlinli, f the leaned glllr- satislled,that the effsions ate froite th, pen of one and the conlunwely tIht tllese Ez-Officinos have drawn doae
mau conclued by taeting, that all further proceeding, for t ame person. I a cumomunication tuyouof thegthlinstant, %on, end the bitter reproach with which' all assil
the pe~nst, should be stayed against he editor of the Ar- signed Syplha, le remarks, thai hr couldneerr condescend name, I am convinced you either would not hbw
gpm; and nl the two other Et-Ocioe again i le- tuo into an dpiatLary ctroerrsy with a man a wo nitttl their publicity, or hnvine done co, yV nraMew
mn of his town, not having received briefs, le could not "'as no rarateu r It lost ; al wh*en retry epimtht rtlt in piy to myor own unslification, have allowed theme I
priced. Tud dre reru mcog ces, in the latter cass, crwre owe pr- q aed--hir no huorcan being will believe, ht i r
prveeeq. Tlerucog~inhtaa, ilhellttercuca,ere!uo njury, ham beetaapbird tohim, without ir *tllbi g tk fadirln parole, hsil orhgini;,enyresd, h tifiyn t
enUr ) disLchurgld. A s spirit, by reaistn it, i s awo ud be coward te l coisid erulin, for the ogenienn Lho signed thl gs rd
We rleret, that we hve it mot in our power to lay be. as d espicale a wretch, perwu l chamsiu rardet frf
for the public this iniuitatle sample of Mr. Ker'. elo- Ab insolence and Ai 'fa/ls. od.-I ml completely of1 his Man vain mal, dressed ic a little brie sIle ".
,qucnro in a bad cause; for itust leave ee igly opinion; ad sll, in future, be guided by it. Fly., such fhnlatic bricnks before ghl lh I Ime
quno ein a ad coasl fogr it mu eve atoeen highly l I no1 then, I dndreosnv l" to vyou, r. Elitor; and oo- A make the Angel; weep."
ausuing, to hear o old a stager in lte art of libelliag serve toyou, that facts which cannot be contradicted, lth What will yveer friend, Bob Butler, my lO Red
casicu tring, and defaming, ungenermusly, falsely ad charge of scurrility is applied to, while, at the same lime, to pr-"ceedT ?Iill ie nol feel regret, thneI Imes es
maliclously," every on in the comnieniy, indiscriminate. the reply teem eith tofold abuIn; and arguenuts found. made himn a genteeiniea" should, alter So much bhewM
ly, depeerating a little whnolkeso castigatin betowed hy "d in truth, anr passed by, as unworthy of notice; and and bravailoing stop in the middle of his work, *
u t upon the Bahama notables fo er iplh c sin ; and, b therI re, treated will contempt. It nay be painful to i 'drendd tIhe cunequences 1 I am afraid, lot em
us upon teeor r political ins ; an many a writer, to resort to strong language; lsill it is ne- will sav-" tl*re issounetleini tllat does not nmel the F
with one hg i the grave, and an intellect a shadow of its moe times to use the same weapons against an Poor Bob Does he recollect these few lines f igt
furnor -e meldw, k i to redeem the lo credit of oar wlich he my bring into tlie field against you. I The King can make a held Knight.
wortyL rulmer-to form into the face of day, hose viiltues em king no eicun for any language, l tat I may have A \larqui. Duke, and a' that
which had never ben developed-to make that appear usd, or nmay contione to apply to the Colo)ured Alan, or Rui an hnneil man s ahove his might,
wihch hadh never ben dveled--to mike thI ape r Colorsaortuenyurthevarimiiciiracleraarsnl u~le failct he manna fa' that." '
liberal, bonourable, just, and good, which to ve.ry Colur, ortuny thevai craclerea sasumed ; ulefaith hemanna that."
ia a blerof rancorous hate, unconuable ralig for from tihe period that our ill-starv visited us ill, sut1 a I If le should, he must agree with me, that yrer Irel.
s i a. of rnncorous he, unconqu lble mlig- past,has h notubeeneco.nant mischief-mnaker I Ilaslhe no. ek'ncv made a mistake, and in place of gen tm
ihy, ad a disguag camped e deceit, pride, vani- been an anonymous libeller, a secret caricaurist 1 And. sheild have mid Colonel; hat, your Eic'llenrr i"s
ty, sad obltinate flly.-Hoew far Mr. Kerr may Ihave have not persons, who have felt no ill-will lowards him, ,tt indisputablv, made him,-but eac e RO, 1 -d
ueeeeded is his object, remain to be proved by Ihe to grti hi pr"opeiay, been helI up to rlidi ul he nude over again, before you can make bhim a *
mber o on Hi E y htereater he piece signed Colors, lie may have mistaken his man; n
me of overt His Eelecy may hereafter en- still, as regardmyslf, I will readily ackeowllge that my reget to d, since Ilt had the honour of sdrr
rol. We ever opiew, that the Bahame public re reading my bible,and saying my prayers, can neerr belo ing ,vur Ecellenr thit a report Is got in.. carI'"
me as aeret it t Iher character, a he yea rea pes often repeated; nd mreut, when acconpannied by sinc.rity. list some of the ewry fee who have hitherto. ', kli -
proved himself to be, and, osialM.y lae eu ptible he productive of benefit to mce. \Where is the lmortal er- appearance, adhered o you, have declined an fhl
of hisa m ll ; and the t m nor will find dI y ising to whom it would erot How much more necessary I hascriation with you, that can, of a posNihilty, hie a r'i
iw it, t;:en, fur the man wIo) has the presumption to give If tlii i th ca, pray think of my former sdvkr r
are not. likheees,to be collected by the noisy ringing ofch edve, li he i ot r toe ive f em, lise, pray think of n' former &l a i rd -
raw ly iilror the feceineting pleasures of bacchanalian of ad wit i ce whitened, so rntte ett macthe what I ie tld: ens I le wheat orb1111yr lel
Srl r the f inpe re of heh n of eg buet in consequence of testablee depravities; here, in the repect and confihnre of the belier thiAkiw
rela at the delete illage of Carmichael." whtre tolt ring steps denote infirnitics, not from super- part of the comnintyni you neer cra rM,'in:' A
We kaew that Mr. Kerr poiumoes an habitual facility annua on, b ut from a life addeicted t., and passed in very when that elad u shall ris will will witnew yowr
in coawmtlsg bhis speeches to paper, from mmeary ; ad, specisorf, immorality I I repeal, how mrlchnoreo ncea-. parture, will the powers of friendship's, offlei "
ry s it, hen, for such a man to prarlice abet he t readers? r wred on your path, to the place o! embarenaktl n'
therefore, shall refrain from making further comment at I veily believe, he cannot do lt )it.Yo late, doubtless r eet ..rr-l.snr atli.ctvate orrnw, drelunrr oc dert"
p.mnt, as it will, without dcoul, grace the column. of the Mr. Editor, heard of instances of criiniahl, upon .1e Ore? Or will not it rling cfs. ie illumirnatlrd i '
Ioyal Gae ahis em Ing. very verge of eternity whon the man of (Go has cn- he thousand ajoyos ,ea-rt, the overflowing of a Plu
Str-reated to fail down and pray for tlhe nercv of their crea- opl, i, an all-wise Providence, hut too truly ,t
Ue aim Dowe or Banan t A wunraas-.Oa go- tor; and who luve exclaimed, I cannot--my Ireart is'l uc We es""e you 1
day lass, HiR EXreelncy end a nenmeva ca p of i- hardened-my s in inexpile !" ME.NTOr
A consideration for the feelings of others, Ies, hitherto,
held ooll.errL, set at Carmichael Vil for the reslrainr my pen, s well aserlat ontrs, frree eposin pr l chanira.l- ,' rv. fmearn eruption
lerpcs of comasurig and duly installing the School- this double-faced lmen;butpossiblVy, saWotc future period, qruery-whoee full islh ts?--Ed. Ir .a

SNamlo, April 2thb, I t An Alle t Pm -Wlhlt its I dlefetive being, with
.. E .i . 1 eulebue lp ma nl suooplg ahouldeJs weak lI body mad mad.
To th Editor of ie BAsLtw Arlia. uint, pusane.mnous. a pd s lupid, whose premature wrikle nd
g-As the coeamnicatiol signed by me,and publish- furtive lance ell of misery wad deogldaimns Thalt is s
m i yir paper of the 14th oa t, was atnlesed Iry a English paeaant or Ifuper--or tile word an yeaymo s
rour sire as a upper, sad his mother's milk vwsed emria t-
.j f ip goa will towa is the olouned population, 1 ment. From Infecy his food had kbe badly as well as insafl-
,il o cde md so wiaie d g n.arti, and inconaitlo- Iient. ,ad he now eels the pains of u".naitned w ri r U. .U 'i
a lcmabrtlion of A Man of Colour." further IlI.n by whenever he is .swoas.-But half e lbed, ant never supplied "IY IHNRY ADDERLEY.
iega that it has rfaled must alel i;ally to contradict, or with ano wanath than slices to ea his salty mh,. cold --
tasllly to ridicele, me single point advanced lthlrein; and wet come to him, and say by hid. wib the weather. He On Melday, (le 7t1 May,
h IOes' i-ory main of Uctlaon asnse will award me tihe married. of course---,r tu his he would have been driven AT Ts TU s reuami os,
- which an adelut to uutlh alone, in tlis instance, by the poor lawt. even if he had boan, us Its never was. su- Ati Ut I
c iently comortable ad present It dread the burden of a Wil be sold
n hweer, I lrriter has stated, that L 'oni l," i'" liily.-lut. though instinct end the overseer bave given The following Slaves nd Lands, Ieontlg to the stat
int. w er tr e, w r inn ais,- I thak , ann s, oin a wi e, he ha not tuaised the highest tons ot hum andn of the late Andrew Seton, without reserve, and is order
r t e has nreele is uop, I lti.. itt s..RI. act of father. Ii p.ertlrer inn hi, Itt e fhnes beig. like himself, to close the .estate
lresm certain me e-injured Britis ouicor in li C often huongry. eldom wrm, sometimes sick without aid.andl t delightful country re
S(at whoi., no deobi, A Man of Culour's" sstronlth- always sorrowful withouu hope e reedyelfsh, and vexing; That delightful y residence knows by .me
i salire i dlirectlel,) to st himn right ; aind now, nms to use his own ecpreaiMn. he "hates the sight of them." of WINTON, situated on the eastern esrmity of thi Is-
saeqmivotlly state, that I was never in tth Cuntlineiiiii and : I reorts Io his hovel only because I hedge affords less land, with barns, carriage house, lorne in, d every re-
.h I i.vir saw o huost ogelic, ca;. in burning tri s," shelter from the wind and rain. Compelled by perih law to quisite to enable the grazier, or cultivator diposed to pur-
l t Pyn.ome. support his family, which means to join them in consuming chase, to derive imumedilate rauart l from hispmrces.
I am an allowance from ihe parish., he frequently conspired with lis Ii has been long notorious for its Ocharda, ad tIe u pe-
Mr. Editor, wife to get that allowance increased, or prewait iti being di- priority of their fruit, as well as their variety of kind;-h
r. ior minisnhed. Thi. bring btecgBg.trick.ry and qusrvleint; ompri s 77 cieon of land,( therbou cl of
YoW's and the coloured pell' rinvd, od ends ins settled brral. nhuugh h t ha t he inclination fourare d a half partly thn r ieo Hut esl i b
LEUNIDAS. want. tbhe courage to become. like more energetic mse of hi our s c h, pl y withi the U l I-
class, a poacher or sniaggler on a large scale-but he pdlfer longing to the King; on which there i ea Iatsry. Ileom-
N t Arl 4t.I occasiun.lly. and teaches tln children to lie snd steal.-llii darien:--on the west, by lands of John Aaderse, Es-
Nassau, April 24th 1 su2. subdued said slavih manner towards his great nelghuourn quire ; sad on all other siles, by tim se.
SILET HIM WEAR THE CAP TIIAT FITS." shows that they treat him with suspicion and harshness. Con- ALSO-- i
Il. que it r b ly he at once dreads nil hltes them. but he will never That tract of land ituated in the Easesu Disrict of
if I tilhliht it weru possible to pay you a highli coni- harm theta by violent means. Too degradedl to be iesperate, this Island; bounded on the north, by the .peparty of
.t, hl tll your Ia.ticl sycoplolts could oiler up, he is only thoro.uhly depraved. His wmehele career willem Evead eight fe upu hir -st ; t a,
Spiay should I esyv to in tim iindest plosure he short-.rheumma!mm sad ulthme af e ellklmg him to the JE, t R rtB ; m
Spd I.Io,'it. I eeil so very acrtain, Imuit ex.trlent Sir, workhouse, where he will breathe h i without oue plea- by land the property B Robert Budor, Eaqti te
al die frienl you have chosen can Outdo, lhv very lir, sant, recollection, isol so make tom for another wretch who south, by lands of rs. Bunch; and on th ws. by Utis
aMrmeriostir onilfmne, (perticulrly .hiy lthey ihavrerlus ll my live and die the same oay.-Swint Unmiaskrd. or tir lots of Richardsoo Saunders and Oeorge Arbrslmr,
Albe your excerlleti trailingg) that very far short would Cmses of Rurn Incrmdiar By E.. G. 'akft ld. L l. Eqire. ALSO-
fll, III"',l uilsinllil UatteIIIIU to cater flr %our palate, AL. O-
esr ppeas. your appetite. ~,or gOamaidul prI)rcile of1 JAhn MArfery man Co.'s Balmsrplcy.-The first meeting That lot of land in lth Eastern District ofthisslaod;
diametrical Oppouiiltito to Ihmnst) and truth, are beIt povi- of the creditor nuder the fat of hankruptry isuedl iinost bounded oil the south, I Shirley-stret ; on the e by
tied bor, by lose you have misiiry cher to he Abiit vou; the above Scotch banking firm was held in tht Court of lak- lands originally granted to Thomas Holgm i; on the wes,
r ..n rwas tIlmr. a gang mnorn ltiti.l III arn a s allow. r plcv. on Friiay week, fir the proof of deli. the choice of by land granted originally to Mr. Alelad i and on
b i rmilli t r siit Ignees. &c. The proof of debts wa, limited on that ly the north, by the eastern causeway. Thi loit is well e-
w v crillia o trt p rrI a I to claims or lepoirs made in the eeranl ranking e*stablish- close, planted with grass and fruit tIr, and haM hbn
Y,,. -I -ve wis-ly ilite in this, 'our chloire ; ansl, if ments in Scollanil, with which the bankruptl finn ronnecl- drained at a considerable e pense.
per owners ofl criatllig esitein. were eqlual to ithe laknow- mi. The creditors, in this leparnment of Ihe concern of the dril t c e epense.O-
hredl ;lclinlg of abliorn!ncu for yoursell all- vuur bosom bankrupts, amount to nearly eight hundred. As for as can. .
liI,, Is, excildl i lliih breast o al l, you wuuIl iile llthe u at present, be a.cerainel. the total claim against the estate That lot of land situate in the Eastern Distrkt of this
AitIl, A s InoIW you itllr IIe lut st a1 Isp)rimtdlIp,, iln, i- il you is 105s00. 'T'he following are the estimated claim oi o Ihe Island; fronting on Bay-street, t o the north ; on the
if.!-. Pii\, IIOIst sicl t l ir-li crt Illiti viii are- 'creditors in the several places where the bankrupts had ank- eastern causlay. to the south ; to the east, by ladss
r Il ...e '.1 iI arIs is.'I r lire-i It tl il ll rII n ar "i ing establinehnler :-Tl e claim in Aberdeen amount In originally granted to Thomas hlligeon ; and oB the w at,
l, ,uru i.nli o. 'ver %poor Mr. lHi o, i l 'ii r 'uc lilkle nrh. di h aou 1 B.ono: inG lasgow. by lands granted originally oi Mr. Alexander.
)uui u/im|li Iv'rtior .MrI. lia.,t.. w 'Jlur; cliuckle to abut 1.o000; in lMonltro, to tiUiit t.(in; annsl in A ILHO-
i.r Itia.r l ethrarl t" Enygw h o kim y, o ; Dunder. to bsout n,70 ; in all smueuntl Ino about a 1 i ,- That el. ensive grass lit, situated in the twe or N s.
mil r;ly rll nt I[,-nd vyur sl n ito t I lIalel hrr", who are 7oi. T Th. amoinnt l the dJ h!.i gatinlt the commercial firm,s wounded on the taut, by East-street; ne thn es,
rpiilnine hel forU VUu forcuil huilrhll, at such fmcelious ,f which Mr. M.iahirle is ls, the Irlllhipal. as not n el known. I "; bounded on tim east, by East-lstrel ; on the weoll
jkLn. Ialioilag dorm ru u be cruerit and rrerage, 'The amunit of the balances of cash, &r. in the banking e.- lv lot and premises, now til residence of the Hon'ble
SsoJ you lllrransloeWd with the o!-.r, can you not get one lhoniss mns11 lt oliin>ion 1 of Mr. Franies Bisson and Mr. W. Ransom ; ad n elu i
bnt hIIsat y.u are guided by passion ovircounsu principle C south, by flill-treet. ALSO--
6il that truth is ssuelcome t-,ir that your erceeding Th altn Sv fe ha, ru
.a-.3luluclhUlei---uw.t be eupporned by the scli h ce of The lowinvrg Slaves, ield hands via:-
fn'ts reptlJtiuons Or is it that ilreLs mer be cunip-ired C7 Erery person about to lease these Islands, after Bram, driver, Sue, hia wife,
wit You, that you may men low polluted.l Han.nah and her rlhldren, vir. Jane end Hnry,
ll you, that you may m less polluted. LUDE. haing rded thlrerin fer the partr OfTHITry nv.., ,mst Kte and her cllrilrnn, iz. Rose and MMargeret,
o RE L E ire arrurityat the Serrerary's Ofcre, or put up hinaAia in Dully nnd her children, viz. C'yutbi, Ilebe, and
We regret to announce tIm soudlen deathll .Mr. ClIrlts r aid Ojcefaurrrine us~ preius to isdelrparhurr .f- Ned, atld Issl wife Hcebe,
GrecnsoI.l, the great Army Ageuntand thclrnrnd of the ter which, at any tine dunng rolar-rive rDAs, a Ticket Abraham.
is Dukue of'York, while sitting at diner % itll Ihhir lla-.
jm- st uelighuoo, oil Fridny uasi.-St. Jdn aer Ch.Ar. ay be obtainedrl. 0, The hove lends sold free of Dower., Joa. to. NAMES OF PERSONS TERMS---six Months' Credit, on giving approved -
__aour aa ro ourail a urity.
ABOUT TO nTA1P T1C1L,10T FOR DBlM>T)rK. Curtlyl y .
GRENADA. Ltd February Elizabeth ulApril th.
t61h Either Robinson
Din'g the whole period of the agitarion of the Colo- llth April Margaret Chlpchse NOTICEe
al question tie home government, under whatever ad- tst Freeman Johnson
mientonIt hhas been directed, lin nmply mnilaeterd its tit Emily Johnson Ot T heiday, Ithe ffteer n day ef My nsl,
tlWeationn to carry gradually into eflect the design of ti W. I Alexander IN ST. MATTHEW'S CHURCH,
l oerting Colonial property, ithut the shadow of con .- At I OCI k (m
Ilstion to his prommor. I...w *urc..ful lthey have At Is O-C9cL 'e (* ---,) ]
bm in their operations, is suicientll demonsiral l, by Will be sold or Rented, for one year. In the highest billder,
bihprecieted value which that property now bear., as JI StS rnB THE o r OF TH wS Is SA C1LC11.
Spread with its value is 182L A.lvantage hat been The purr.asern f.r tim ensuing year, oay continue in
tidrof every circumstance, which could be nude avail- the po ssion of their respective Pews for hlle term of
iin attaining tlien.i in view. But (of all the epedi- PORT OF NASSAU, N. P. three yearn at the price they may purchase three fo, by
Sim'ruorl to by government for the anil.ation ol" Co.- .--- o payitlg annually, for the amo, t the Clark of the Vatry,
hisl property, no previous measure has been o here- ARRIVED, previous. to the day of nale.
Stdhly designing-el full of duplicity, nil so tonfelinr. April 21st-Schr. Prinrose, Iludson, Barbados and St. By order of timR Vstry.
li imlpnmition which is now attempted to hI practised lGE ORGE ARMBRISTER, Clerk.
ypna the ill fated and abused Colonists. A cri-.i of di- Tm omas April 14th.
ressunheard of in the former history of the West lhdi Sugar, and Corn,
ni cb.nto Jss.e Itts & Sair oac..
Cani., created emnirely by the iMlntouit r innovalnno 2d II. ship Sparruolmwk, Cored. Currie, NOTICE.
cr lsemadeby the MotherCountrynon kto- Jalnaica HE SUBSCRIBERS oftr for eale, by prive- hba-
0t privileges, has elicited strong and well-founded appeals 23d Am. sltr. Mercury, Gibb. Jan a H E S B f n.
hi tlhe suaereanfortelief. With s cunning eind duplicity. B o in.
lt" e v oflifer poorly whoihav a prnn d Corn, Floor, IlaIm, Cheese. and Oars, 6 hbs. choice Madeira Wine,
5Mthy only of the party who have practical il, (;mlertI- to H. (i;se.AEWLAtx & Co. 44) dozen do. do. do.
tiet eagerly lay hold of the opportunity offered by the . cr. Maria, FeiRero XihrA 60 don do. Teori do.
P esre of Colonial suffering, and like ile ten riter in the FuSp. s ch itobaccl d ug arr, rI ril do. Ten'sr Shoes,
nCt of Eden.holds not the golden apple of relict as F to JOen TTuosorn & Cn. 2 hI Dinner S hoes ,
to entie thovern n, h into twevr, s t thir eat r s-. 25th Schr. Leo, Young, St. 'homa IHEN"RY GREENSLADE & CO.
barn the Governonint, hnwevcr, we', flat this great pro- December 24th.
i6d boon i. to he, should the Colonists he so limprdent CLA D Dec br 4h
B*o *it their birthrightl for its purchase t No-with the
isepirit litch governs all Iheir nansection with the April l9Qh--.p. schr. Buen Viage, Lice, CI.a LLANK FORMS, of every descriptioa,may be pn.
"ifes, llthi mysieriiou gift is. like ilm knowlerlee me- Idt Brigt. Jessie, Ple, Live pool cured Bt this Office.
164 by the mother of mankind when she tasted the git 24thl Am. scI. Juhn and Eliza, t ilmingion I N. B.-Job Printing executed with nearmems sad dis-
Ei* erpeni, nmre likelv to bting with it increased evil 2il Sp. schlr. M lria, Ferreto, Cuba patcb, upon good paper, and us moderate learm
l tolffrd bhnefin Tin pstl conduct of Government, January 4, 1 32.
y7 ive "sa foretase of what we may exlrert at its hand., SA.ILED,
14 we divest ourselves of our inherent right, and trust' April l81-Brig Juno, Russell, Liverpool FO RENT,
.wvns in its power. We therefore do earnesly hope, 2 4th It. M. ship Sparrowhawk, Coad. Currie, The home d pmlirn, laely occpd by
te Culonies will make their st me d A Crumise Mi Poiter.
it" inidiious Ifets made by a Whig Adminitration. ALSO-
bhe"rp tdlm into the loils of the Anti-Colonial faction, PASSENGERS AILED. The hou and premier, lately occupied by Mr. Dokes
Srtmly unite in making a vigeirous effort to resist the In the brig Juno, for Liverpool ;-Mn. Rormll and son, then. Apply to
vy ranrd oppression ol the British Government Ensnil Whitcombe, of II. M. 2d West India Regiment, J. W. MILLER.
ad Free Presr. I and Mr. Donathan. April 21th.

A melng of dhe PampL tei el isterted is
tI. Ak el Mmle ofg d b omrl of iaDmiica.
wh: chtd i b isT o .ae d by ptC advertin -
mea- tcal pbM a de *11 1. I he lsu, on the
11Uh ilauM--C- u U. Haleo, Cq I* te chair.
T7t uee-m II *ddra fed -- ani .ri. of*
sanvery in es S remals, e o by Nfr individual
wprm induced to rild di te nad to purchase lands, one
of the rcedictin iof Mdd pore eaem w that the bind.
shuuld be culhived, I belag well known itu save labh
could alone accomptli that Oisb From all which, ho
deduced tin spJl s rcourageent to slavery, and the
right of the owner to the curoul of such property as he
bed acquired under uch a system, anid the injustice of in-
terfering with that properly to the prejudice f( the owner
without ample conmpeastion.
lle then proceeded to ahew that even without any alh-
siracltin of lahour from the owner, as proposed by the
Orders in Council, tie sulries of the Protectors and Sub-
protelrors, and dea comInmlloDser of the Court of Re-
quests, would be suh an iea 'nse as the Proprietor could
.not bear, wake i tihe limitation of labour, increase of
rithjng and eail was admitted, added to the disorganiza-
tion "ich woildl be produced on Estates by the Orders
in Caunll, were eonlsnred, it would be evilent there
mold be no hoon which Hi Majesty's Overnomeit could
scune to the Colonies that wold compensate Iheni fur tinr
lsm and injory to which they would be exposed. With
thesal klings and with the letter of Lord Guderich before
him, in which no alternative was left to tlm couloiisai ler-
twoir abolete acceptance and rejectionl of
the Ornlrn In Council, he should submit for the considert-
rion of the eentl certain Resululions descriptive of the
r.vli which would h brought upon the colony if their
adoption was rcnsented to, and therefore declaralnry of
lpelir ierminnaion elt to accede to them. He shtouli
further propo to the nmeeing tit Prliti dsould be
adlweard to Hi MajInty rliinmi his piitrnl protection,
and sio ae Pelition to ihe too HIU o es of the Imperial
Partirment, leveling shi juslice of the, British nation, with
a otnder of the properties of the inhabitants of hlii colony
nn a flar and nrlassoable compenstLion being secured to
ilit.'. He should aml propose a Petition to the Legis-
latura of this Island, eapressive of the firm relianceof the
lohabitants on their widonm and joslice, and praying of
them by every constitutional means, to reist the estallish-
mena of the Orders in Council as the Law of tile Culunv.
Mr. Thomas Rainey utbwrved that since the passing of
tli' act, by the LIerisiature of the ('Cuntry, abolhiaing all
civil and political ,liainctiin, afflering the class of people
1a which he belonged, that was the first meeting that had
taken place, far tiw purpose of discussing a measure, coua-
cnrning the welfare and prosperity of the Country.
To omeetings like tila, which had taken place, from
lime lt time, before lhe paying of the aforeaid act, he
never rciniderel his presence necessary, or that he was
callih upsion to talik any part in them ; enjoying hut natural
libeny., I' rred little whether the civil or political rights
of the ritiune werr trmnpled ulmn, or even the sacred
right lof property subverted.
Rut It ha d alcomoi otherwise-he felt an interest in the
prosperity and welfare ofr his native country, to which he
was a stranger before ; and, before he proceed to es-
press his sentinmnts upon'lhe momentoul affair before tle.
imeetinr, he asked periiiuion to embrace that oppl unity
of puihlicly thanking the Loegislatue of the country for
theI be on which Itey had thus conferred no his clau :-If
tlw uwi'dly denominated free inhabitants of that island,
lid, nt as yet enjoy civil and political liberties, it would
be In(eenroaI i them to attribute the canus to the mem-
ben of tih Legislatiar eLe&ieri .
Mr. Rainey thdi proceeded to deliver his etimenta on
the subject matter befre the meeting, end which as he ob-
Irndv, had ben for may yean militting against the
welfare and priority of the Coloie generally. This
gentlemn having concluded a very able speech, by paint-
Ing out the injustice of making one set of men happy, by
ruderIn ohers miserable, a number of resolution were
esnered leo., similar in spirit to those of the Sise Colo-
niet, which have proraedl against the illegl lrrrfrreune
t tim Brtish Minitry with Colonil property. We copy
the Itdh and foaowing solution a containing manner of
fal, which we think mst have due weight, except with
m determined oa ou rain:-
liV, RrslAed,-That if slaery esi-ts, it ws nc-
tionleddm encouraged by tie Britih gov inment, and lis-
tory furnihe us with the fact, t James tihe l.tgranted
th irs exclusive carter foray joint sock for a trade to Gui-
a-t Charles tah ltarected a second Company for
a trade to Africa, Charles the 2d erected a third exclusive
African Company, at the hed of whom was his brother
the Duke of York, which Company undertook to supply
our Wat ladia plansetion with 80 ne e annually,
and in the ume reign a fourth elusive Compy was es
tablished, and dignified by (he thle of the Ray. Afrclr hadam gst its isherlbers, the King, the
Duke f irck, and other persons or high rank nd quality.
SI3t, ResdMd,-That the British government lhaing
bee paid fr the beds we now cuhivate, nd having by
various acts of Parliament, ancioned and encouraged
the deling in slave (sad even Royalty concr ed in the
traffic we therein consider His Majety's government is
baaed on every principle of honour and juasie to indero.
nify da ihahbitae, preiou te enarting law which are
intended and wil caulsere cras ruin.
14h., Reaemd,-Tit the Mauhbhnt of this land
will noves voluntarily consent tda the OMr in Council
shiteflauire the force of ir-pre- msu e/faeR abimim)i
15t, Realred,-Thla it i the opino of thi meetl-
ineg tit measure tll Ill Majesty's rovermrena can
pruopos as a substantial relief to the WesI India interest

eteat apro ductio a wm al M teoi would be ftra. Iawur to charge ihe plot upo e h -
a mdacimt idemniLidmfor adopting the Order in Coun- whilal the later retort by ioatnuiatll ag t iel f- 'a;
ci;--We, die inhabiats, therefre humbly pry, that distract public attention from the proceedia s r l a .
ni Majy wU ge gami y plase d to accept the meder bar. Te moderate-lieral parny, ofh which te t
wei as d of r f p s he agen, complain dit. thought 20 i ersmo s .
A cumnillte wau spi ted to frame a petition to His in prison, no explanation has yet been iven tIa.L"
Majesty, the Britlial Pi ment, and the Legislature of the oher by the minister, awl laments that ae h as a i
iWed. The Sister Ceolies were urged to a simultaneous of tim state are puatponed to inquiries into thes
and cordial co-openrtio on their part, for tihe ttainment omne half-doen menials of the Ducheai f i, ,
of an object of importance o ll. After a vote would appear, however, that a judicial inq, ,
of hoak to the Chairnm, the meeting was disolvaed. most serious atre, is about to be instiutsdl i oa tL
a-- fair, and that the conduct of thlle who wen,
BELGIUM AND HOLLAND. compromised by the strange proceedings n li, l
From he Brusels papers we learn time precise terms in Nutra-Dame, oi which this last explosion wasn
which ih plenipotientiries of the several great powers but a continuation, will be now subjesed to freak .
announced ite intetionsof lieir courts with respect to the nation. It seem to he quite certain, that dthe ej
Belgian treaty; aidl a pen al of thaet docuis nts cannot which caused, for the moment, sonuch uneminessm
fail to be inserrating as tlles oentmo. Tim good faith and did nol extend farther, as die provinces are re.,
honest sincerity of France is apparent at a glance; for, the latest accounts, to be perfectly tranquil.
front tie fact if the ratification under the land of the king PORTI;GAI.
being signed on the 24th of Novenber, just nine days The proclamation of Don Pedro to the Pornste
alter tie late of the treaty itself, it is conrlusive that the has bren published. The document is well wrllttes.
cabinet of Lilis Philippe, at least, lead nio inlntiou of gltH mail al unaffected recital uo the circUtenIS ,r in .
making its so called plenipotentiary at Londuoi time scaE- iug the abdication of Don Pedro, and the lamnmslu ". a
oat of its want of faith. Our own King's signature to constitutional charter in tlat. It next aludes lto .e
e truly Egish colveyancin lease and reles form of of tihe crwn to Donna Marin. and tie appoiantent of lte
reco truly ien olih treaty i dated thee and rl ee eorm o faat on Miguel, a regell, her name, an anppeiana l
recognilion of Ie Ireay i dated Ihe t o Ilecemher sted, aI Do Pedro derarel y the PIrotjered rMun"
last, being a fortnight later than that of France. Tile hi, daugl.ier with herastle. Them s osmlhis, maea.s
protest under which both hese powers signed, as to any ing to English enm in tile lure metlion of such uie
imuputlaltn upon lteir want of good failh, il highly credi- we wish it could have been omilled altogether, bist e,
table to heout. They both guarantee lhe observance of clamstion is not ddrwased io Englishmten; sad it, 1
tle ondidutio of r really against all parties wteveor; that momarcha. whose chece is greatly eircauriim m I b.
but, though the words ae matters curse, ti peie usages of society do not share ia the ienetel dhis.o i
appears to have been ier bindingly gives by the English With this single eaceptiun, re apprarde highly os te n
than the French form of ratiieation. Thie great diplmna- ti this singe dcment, whieh iw calculanil to car hilau
tic act appears to have produced different sensations at people to whom it appeals. The promise of I comuiea
Paris and Brussel, for, wlilt at the former place they ierrmment is renewed, an amnesty is promised te all ith
look upon it as a guarantee of peace, at 'In latter they who have hitherto supported the government of the mr
msem diposed to regard it as evidence of an ominouirs the military are invited to join the standard of their nrtm
jamtion of interests amongst the great powers of EuFrope. queen. ant a bloodless victory is Htilipted with 1n o h .
rhe Belgian government, however, R1ppears to be perfect- 'dence which a sense df justie inspires. Whether ed e
ly atisfied wilt tihe treaty as it stands, for they say-, that it detin will be received with open ar s, or easied bly
is, ia leasi, a pledge that the recognition of Leopold and stinte strugglee In fuotro the sprse of ruler iets P this as
the nationally of B.lgium by England and France, are, s,,,nd almost as much in the way of a rorrectjuidgmelti
lronm thi tiine, irrevocable, and, with such suretirs flr the subject as thi past conduct of P'ortugal hernef, wh.m,.
their endurance, they meeri to look upon the disseni of the mainly has, elrfore now. dlisaPilmnteil expectations as alme
other great powers as imallters of secondary consideration. those which attract to her unce mure the allentiols aeds
Tho silncrity of the isifying partire is likely soon to be interest of Europe.
put I. Iho IrMs, for it is one of lie conditions of the tre.- ITALY.
ly that lih ciladel of Aniwelrp shall be evacuated in 15 The Comnlittionn l contains a long and frightful onet
days alter its ralification. The question is, will France of uI ie disorders andl cruellies cnmmilled by the papal a
and Euiihelus insist upo t this uleasure, and thus, perhaps, I upon tile unreslling inliabinit no ot llori. a the dSl d
Inieuats a general war 1 tllhe ('hurh. ll the burberil:e, whal.i would hire dup aed
initit a enrl ar any army of Clrasaicks, appear tu have provoked plel iml
RATirICATIIN Or Hl ll RITANNIC MAJEBTT. lgnatain. and InI have exLlell a spirit t at iiorvel resimulrr
William IV., by the grace uf (;Gd, King of tihe I'nitre throughout the Romagna. The ilsue of the roniesit a ie
Kingloml of Great Britain and Ireland, Defender of thle however, fIr a m.noent, cnnidlerrid douhtful. for the ta
Faith, King of HIanver, &c'., to all those to w*hio tihn-s in force.,Soo men. are said to have surruiaiuJed lx
presents shall come, greeting As a treaty between us anid ni "on the tInh. anl are. hy tIhl time. of coursI. in pOwe
our good brothers, tie Emperor of Atstria, Kinig of Illn- ason of the place. Ti'e IFrench ministernal paper. aIluti. td
gary and Bohemia, the King uf tile French, the King oif aeo reuitets were about to emblark at Touh n feir Amem;
Prussia,and the Emperor of Russia, on the one part, and reason g, i, itt. it muh aj France would not, without e p
our good brother, tile King of te Belgians, on the other, war prevent Aulria from inlrrerellly n ahe affair irenm
has been conrluled and signed at London, on the 1lli the plipe and hilas subJrals. s1 night, iby livilmIg wihr Aure
day of Novenber ist, by our plenipowentiaris anld Ihose the right l, intervention. niep in ian acflr e ta tsh pmaui
of our said good brothers, duly and relp.crivily aullhorired the fulfilment of all the conditions which the papIl g*n
to that elfect, which treaty is in tile folluwing words:-- "ie"t had held out me them. Thi u, i however, at lii b hIe
[II-'re followed time teat of tie treaty.] follow excuse for she flagra n dieparturr from the ow-a.
having seen and considered the heove-menlonla.dl veioin system proclaimed at the period ol the revalueaos
treaty, we have agreed o, accepted, and confined it in all
and each of its articles and clauses; as by hc-se presents NOTICE.
we approve, accept,confinlr, and ratify the said treaty fur l fIIEt SII.lSCRI U HIS lia\ing qualifirad as Ataie.
ourselves, our heirs, and succeaor. t ratuors on liahe estate of Juosph Tuhoaspn, -
We engage and promise, upon our royal word, that we a.t-aa, request all persins Ihaving demands aleic taa
will execute and obsere, sincerely and faithfully, all and sail rietat, to premnl tlie umane duly attested; ind 60
each of the clauses therein contained and ezpres, amnd indebted thereuo, to make pavoienil.
that we will never permit them to be violated by any one, lHrI:J AMI'N THIOMPSON,
or infringed in any manner, as far as we lmay be enabhld JUSEPI IIALL.
to prevent. In eo6rnoalion of which we have caused to April 17th.
he affand to theer presents, signed by our royal land, the NOTICE.
great ml of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and ERSONS hvi d s st
Irelas Lto PERSONS having dremands ag1ines the O"
Given at our Court of St. James's this 6h day of .L of' Jepl Saunders, let. of the Island dof
Dsclar, 18t1, and in the second year of our eigon. Provid nce, g-nlt!eitan, decrans.d, are it.squesd la Ifreltr
(Sierd) W, H." tie same daily atlested ; oanl those indlbled to ite oal
L ilRte, are likewe re-1iestled o make inimedisae Pl
FANCE. nlent, at the office of G;. I. Wood, Esulire.
The French pars continue to be principally occupied THOMPSON SAUNDERS, Esecalr.
with the stbjectof the late abortive outbreak in tlle capi- April 24.
tal, and their latest members contain little else, of the do-
msstic kind, than further particular that have been di- FINAL NOTICE.
closed in addition to dhose already published concerning t HIF SUBSCRIBERS, having the merirnilt
that affair, or speculations founded upon facts,adnmilied or L concerns of the late Llias J. Soilino in, EI.., Ihr"l
assumed, respecting time supposed extent of its ranifca- ntrify io thue who still renmin inalrbitd tu bi FIrl
tions, and the real conipleion of the wholo undrltaking. thal unleasltheir mresprclive demand arei lii.lidaled Pr""
I ii still matter of dispute whether it was a Carlist or re- violis t de Ist June, they will be lareed in the hai'l L
publican plot; dhe ministerial pasty contend that it was a an Attorney-at-Law, fir inimiedieit recravery.
wild effusion of those visionaries wie still cherish the aie- E. M. SOLOMON. Exrcsril.
mory of Rubespierre; whilat the opposition journals ap- C. S. ADDERLEH Ercuisr."
peal, and, apparently, with reason, to the complleion of March RI8t.
Ihe afrrts, as conclusive of the contrivnce being solely In A AL, r le i 15 rl
the work of the Carlists. We find in these papers a long E_ At A p
list of the prisoners, of whom, of courm, we know nra- T Apply to T 1PS
thing; but being tha the great majority consists of milila- AT OMAES TOP
ry men of thlate school, with a commixlure of cooks Fehnarv 4h.
and scullions from the late royal kitchen, it must be ad- hnary 4. t
mitted, that the oresunptia runs wrongly against the mi-i FOR NALEF
nisterial construction. A mere Carlist insurrection, few le choice of 2 Lots of Land, w'"i M
and contemptible a are known to be the adherents of that i nildinte and improvement theireon, situ'"e
party in the capital, could bring will i neither reasolnaihl Princr's street, ginerallv known by the n am
fear to the government, nor credit for its suppresion ; bul Ligltfoot, or Cupid's Row.
a triumph over th really formidable faction of the repub- For Terms and other particular apply lethe *u"
Slican, whom il appears to be lie wils of the minister to scribers.
cor ersl with tlts affair, would be of great importance. HIENRY GRE:EN'1LADE& C'a
Thlc 1raimnr .oaurlle and .tlrisager die ('Aumbres, there- March 3d.

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