Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: April 21, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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GEORtGE BIlM, Editontr ATIIRDAY, APRIL *I, 18ga. VOL. ]k[aNo. LrXX.

1t .mbams rS






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THE BAHAMA ARGUS. sailed from tie iouth of France to the coat of Africa, pool would wish toave thibr meban luMed of two.
with tie content oH Hil lujesty (Government. [Hear, u ell as "h people of Manclhester. (HeI, l ar.)
PWLrMWNID MElI-WIRKLY IR NASWGA, IN. I. s Arf.] lie did not rocollec that any pronan asked the Mr. Ewart did mot mean to ooilr say opiaio u to the
.Noble Earl under what circuiamnces tihe consent of Ili desire of the inhabitants of Liverpoul to retuo three
Bilht eOllare pir sia 1-Ela ilw Majesty's Governnent, hlad ben then given, [CAeers,] membrn. lie had uatmly slated that, o far as he could
or that tile Noble Earl himself came forward wil4 any e- ndoerlstand, thi inhabilanotl of Liverpool had no desire to
plnatlion on the subject. (Chleri.) be h rated, as c4nIlitueacy, friU the inhabiutants o
In answer to a question from tie Marquis of London- Txtetlh-park.
derry, Earl irey said that tli moIt friendly relations were 'L' Chancollor of the :aclhequer aid that them were
mintainel lthl all the otler EIrIupean Powerrs and IeK no such distinctions between Liverpool and Toiatsh-park
coanlidently l hoped thal the l elgian treaty would be la6fied. as limse which existed between Mnchester and talfd ;
Guuerniuent had a rilht to expect it. uan it had thllreforu been deemed expedient, afler a full
K--== -- .--..-- -.....- discusllion last suion, that Tuntedu-park should be united
PO3ETRP.. TITHE .IrA, Feb. 28. tl Liverpool, *nd that Salfa rhlould have a separate
W=r. TIT-iE, member. s tlhe Right lion. Went. had asked wither
*nill SUICIDIE' (;GIL Lordnl King pireenled ser,,d petitions from Ireland die inihabitlnls of Liverpool would noi prefer having dinre
against d II. little si stlrnl, and praying for thle endowriet In members, lie (Lord Allhorp) might be allowed to ask
iso ll '-,le a public w fr, of 'l'i'r Ul'e of all delnuiniiatioln, II whether Calhulic, whether the inhabitants ofl Toxieth-mprk would not radlcr
A.. thcr li a a Inudl irl turn, I)islln'r, o. r 'Protestnlt, with su;itble incoe. lie Ctn- vole for two IUreiLbers tlian for one 1 (Jlear, Aar.)
A i-l l, a lIl Iui -4l-iI tlIr litw t t halt) teithed wteht titthe were tie irper""y 'lie talo and ithe Sir C. Wetherell thought they uere literlly dlruwing
Andl -me a;mnl therm Ir l d r.plird, o!Uple, ianl had alwnys been deal uill onl that principle. away a member in giving one it Salllorklp
hi ..f. the r'avie Inf a ulle- At tile Rlormalinn, church pluperty hl.l Iteen resumed, Air. Waison i]id that il" a division took place, he should
A w.nlderil .n ofl woe: I;nd bestluowed onl lthe rlrgy of lite Es.lilnhlllrelnt : and the cerlainlv vote for including nalfurd in Minchester.
Kut iliIie :olid I oll tihe lrIstr. nr'i n.m, :ltlle right mgllht ll e exer, 'isei on anllolher occasionli. lr M,. (loker's objection was, not tlut Salford was lo hIve
llf iourruwts, or rui'uli whince 1. le catle. hol'ell | IhilI t .he ystem mwunld undergo a thoroell.r i revibion, A. spilate Icinel r, but it tiiroee memnlber were given
S upn il iilunhlillow'd pt,I. anil tie liltie Human C(lholic clergy would be suppourlted Io Manchclier, aid only two to Liverpool. lie hla
\ilI rho1, hl lll lbi]in. caieb, li tlilate. a llkeii ltil objection now, because Liverpool was not Il
W .Ih,.II !.r..iw 1ri.liI h..,l I,.en the lo It ''ITh Ulishop of I.ondln contended Illial tile property l0v | n o uf tlhe schedules, anlld hin did not we any hitter op-
"1 hI" } h* ei" wi"*re* 'hI.rP; lihe (I riii. Ci was r.curedl to, it by li' ]w, I t -l t os lirnils palrlunir v Ir bringin l&rwald its claini to a tllird ni'eilier. 'ein -1,i . Jl erl, o aiLI n ~i day hy. day, a, thllat o" ;nny othll r pern or ciorlllaiion i .ai%. Lord I.ord .Saililon curroburaled tlle sitLemone of less lion.
11,J ,'." I h11. li I hIl Yi -.,, Ll Hiadnnr tippori)ell l ll r o fitu lo aipinlmernl lriiiruedby Lord (ollu i ne. (i (Mlr. 1url) tlat the iniho bilnts of 'To lleth-
\T .ll..In lU i(,.r .ll,: e King, and said fliat ti-u like "aiuelntl w(.ere kwid bt. a park, had expressed no wish to be separately from Liver-
rI,; l in il. l.. .,i inanlrit.y of tl- ineIr ligent |iolo of o.lglind. pool. I" popllmlaliin was to givo the righl, Liverpool sne
'I-. ll .rd ni nh dlecr.,l the 'ille s 'lelI press 'TI eis 1hi4- lhilI ark and I'lrilline crief, hIlL i a dl iIj l 'injuritousl (1 tiie Uinter ts f )J agl icillure. (i{H ar, hear.)
Si 'i lio Inir ,p. il" hk. eli ll n. r l leaci r;ei oN' IN I inr.I.Al I. M r. Wi' lon holed that plans of Liverpool, Brislol, antl
'.I:it i Kw<|llI .iwa Ilr lII, l lll, 1 Tlie Ea.rl or I tl.6ll i le, presented 1 m1s. of pIliions li:'hi, wllh their environs, would be placrl in tile hands of
An, I il ll i I, i le h he L .;Jel r, froml iplr A rlnii .11i, A iIII. kI.r. : -f 1' ariud opiiiimstni on political and ret.hrtns matilterl, Tm- the schedtlles. I would he impossibltr olhrwime to form
A. .l Ii II l h l hin'i playing in IIIe mostl dLcidlul Irnis of tie soltein uf p1ii a c(rrrertl iidgDlent as to liir ncomparative inmprllillni
AII l,,. 'r ru hrll '. lltio inlruouc-dl into lihl.ind under lle sanctl dJ of and llallln tloaddlilinnul repreLUnlliion.
A ha, i : l ,c'1 Miniirt, as ni, iiimpolilic, and In(ihr.lii-l. li Allflr sounle further dJicumiou lleu In1oion was agreed to
Awl ,.i lh r nInm lI dirip Ihr f;Ir. ...I I1l, dli, Mr. S;ilel \ 's liter, ll Ind spoke t consi- willhout a divibun.
\li .,onei 1, ll;i.,' i1,,- sI"gl- 'reath.i hlenth in r'leubiIoni l' o llu- sitMn,. 'it.ThelI uob- Irlllinghal Leeds, (renwich, (Sheffieldl, Sunderlan,.
N1 ,l1.lilil .p|rl l... riml n'r wrTatiiq II eave lrise to 1a ervr e lendl.Il disroii.on. I) i noi 1 ,i eanl W oolverha ipton were then sverally in-
Tu I. 11, i.1-1 i".,,,,,I i ?" L,,rd '.lkiitk.l dc1ln w ] IL .e. plan sup lim buried by Minis- _i lulled 1i due schetdiles.
\\ itlli.I uiner ino tmen'd eye: I on)I I (:th lic nd Proh.lte.nt (*h.i lh. -. _II'l all in ill 1,11 lli tie ulcy o giving ninle hers I to tie metropolitan
a., ,,.l w,,1 usltrr l.,- o player son .atl. tat ...',,.t, or to mniak a to ardsl it, l w; wi Il, n.u v it dinlri.t .
11 He l i ii.f wh "le!Vpd it 1'.1 l ) ,1-1 is s-, Ithati ili childJren of ltull, oilnuld receive |th ir 1'1. M ,t (i' of Chandori opipodse the motion on the
-moral ;and lller.irs inilrctii.n ie..:iether ; liut wirely itl us IU .roi.d lih;Il t m i ls inerel. s ry anli uncalled l( r, and notl
Pla the, rpoil..rrcrry, March -'2d. Ibe adllitI d l t%\ I ; rvY InIIll.Jll l Irson, that lhe rehli- I uelndine r.e,ll)y to linielllitel country at lirge. llp ohjecl-
1101. ,E OF. LORD) S. .,iu,.,l eut-lliunl Inf bWllll .1'.!1 l li. bl i' ft to I,, l c,,re' anId e]l tt lhe ftorm ltion ol s.parale )h,,ronrgh in the heart ,of
IlO O LR anaeirentn.t of their oun .i L'ev. Thi re necrr %.% a1 d lhe iiltro|ldi%, and prln|lo.l, if he hliil surrceed in de-
--- Feb .1 r)rcaler inllOe tlllin o SIUItH)hIe thti the rearlin- of Ihe l.-linathi nlltion, illlniulialely to reconlnrnid an incrrre
27. Scrilltir-s -.l withlilehl !,l l, llomln C('lholies;; It'.v i ol hluo rrpris-rnlnllaln of tlle rounliy of Middlearil hy
rEa.Hrn FXpE.ITIN TIt ITAI.V--HI.A(II.. were fIul!) adInmIell( lu th)liat v'illltll" pri-l4i-ge, accullIp.lIali- : inil I olodiliionll' me liberal to tlle crullnly, nd unitling
1Th1.rEei.rl *"f ".ll rerid.n i itl lhirclli>Tdr onnld i ed "il 1i ld niIlnl l th dionl'ulr r nHallaeisind a F'llulby to thel iuy of London,
il,. ul010li.,ll the olj ,'lnnd inlilinetions f il;te Frenchl was, o)f having lihem explained Iy minutes ai.l coinnirsl. .1ars-lia-|onne to liliestinisltr, and Lalnlelih to SNoulh-
i..l(rllT,It 111I in lii ,11 in e mldietion lo ItlV, Iland also The proposed plann of trhlralion l;is cnnlderlned Ihv Ilte wark. Il . ; an advorall for Il' elxtension of Ile' ehlr-
wiml.or llhatl e~diliun Ilad been undlertaken wit tIheir ArCrhiLIhop of Armagh, the Earl elf Wicklow, thp i)uke I vlie frnrhise, bill he objected o gilingl an increase of 1hi
m'..rn.rV.. of Wellinlgton, and tle Bislhop iof London. and defended -tPrlive franchise to the metropolis and to extending i Io (i; ,v s:id it hall not been usual to put such quel- by Lold Melburne, Lord Rdduut, the Duke of Rich- i1U houehoenrs, beouse IK thoaiglll it inronsitent willl
lilan,a nlidat il had not bee-n ll custolllof hli prederes- inondl, the Marquis of Lnsdlowne, and Lord Cl ncurry. tile general interests of the country that the rnw )oroIghl
Inle oilice to give! Ilh explanatiuons aI thoe now called The pelitions were ordered to lie on thle lable, lind Ilhir should obtain thel privileges, and ihatl on questions of a
I. (IfHer, Aar.) All lie coull ay at present was, that Lnrdislips, after a lonh scriptural and religions discussion, I popular nature it would he the cause of greater excitement
senmmnicalion IIhad been m.nlr to Ilil MAlesty')s Minis- adjourned at eleven o'clock, I an hald ever before been witnessed. (Hear, er.)
aenn Ihr. part of tli FrCenichl (;overnmnen. rMr. J. Smith maintained that flhe Tuner Ilanlet had
Tie Earl of Atberdeen was inliniltely surprised Ft re- 1101U'S: OF CO.MMONS. the mIIe right to hu r!epresenled u many small boough(l
ivilngiIch an answer. The French expedilion had ex- TuE.nAT, F(h. 2. to which memlrn shad bIenn given. T'llnese districts were
dillSrllin in every quarter, sid thel little information of Tile nroHl nilI. ((mwl.'U4.) now in expelation of having their n'memer like other
dk-l the No.lile ti'rl was pos,.,s.d seerned l to have btn Tile Ilouse then rsoIlved ilCelf into committee on this places, and he would pilot it to llh oulm whether, in the
mimunicaltdl in a manner little wortlly of Ihll %wam ait- bill, and proceeded to achnie uc, the enfranchising clause, present late of this ilre quellion, it would be righl-
a Hnd l o.I noion between tlis rounlry and France giving Itwo nUembers to large places hitlhrto unreprwont- whether it would INw expedient-lo disappoint and insult
V whirh I| NMoble End rl often busted, nnd which hi e. Th'le chairman [aing piut tile question that Mau- upward of .OI).0)00) ilnhabilanls.
li ola.ely solhmninnrd in the lprrsence of lhat nreat per- chesler should stand part of the schedule, I Tle (Chancellr of the E Iche'Iuer mai. lhat the question
me-illhe Lord .Mavnr of London. (llear, kror, and Mr. Croker said that the Ir use had last session Ire:R- was in farl whether members should ie given to any of
Iglitr.) 'I'lie Auslria;n (;GuernnitLhl ihad 1 i nl Iroops al livol a pro)oosiliun for giving a separate member to Tus- ;the metropolitan distlricts, and cnnsiderine the nimounl of
ll r ]IMt of (IN' Papal ov ;irenntnll In put dovn ommo- l etil park, a part of" Livellrl eztra-parochial, and con- wealth and population, and tlle inolligence of Ithe plrns
liet in le- Papal slatl,i, and Ininain IIn tianqlil in ilts lining in Iill "2 i,(,lo inhahilant.. lie did not Iquarrel | of li nlelrtropoli, il appIe'red to him impesible to pro-
pllilrsnioni; France lha. not be.n called uI IoI assit- will t||at decisiun, bul lle tlihourht t hligloly iinconsiilhnt to poew any increaM. so to rnstr I tuiunryv willhut conferring
wr., yet sir lad l nt troops o a plare lhnr no di.tlrb- ive a separate ri.illblr to S.illrel, Iliich was an integral lhe plipil%'e on tlihe dilsrirt.. Tlhe N,.Ile Lord sild lhat
aeplervailed, anid lhre lir al arance of rlie tri-cu- Ind indivisible part of .Mlanchrtelr, at Irat asn much his prnlpoilion was not acainet the principle of tle hill.
h lre cnild onv l iment revolt aHid excite inuIhordi- as Toxeth-pIMrk as pan of l i.verpol. The town ul"f Pistilylv it might not, triclly peaking ; but at eanst it
smie. (Illar, hear.) If this were permitted there Liverpool containoel 16(.'X) inlahiltant, and Tuxtlred w would be soreal an infringement of it, tlul he Ihoight
So Ian end to the ndiculuui fulce of nun-inlerventiun. park 235,(), making altogether 190,(IUM); Manchrllter Ithere woumi he gtrcat mischief anil danger in Ile lterlation.
((Cr .) contained 143,II II)ilalilanl., and Salfurd (including a The plinciplr ol tlle bill w*a to give lise right of repre-
Etd ;ry Ilo:lit the clcriise prInIed bh Ile lNoble Lord Iord e rural district) 4),(lll.-ii-. kiig an ne -lregat of : s.ntation to lasre masse of lithe people, andi to great con-
me I little extrordinarn, In tie relMll lonld pruliall I' |M3,(IMX ; and he wa alt a llos tu know on what principle ilt I rentlrlion nf wealth and intelligence. By Adprivinr the
do him his a nllllplinn of facts anld lie inferences I;- was prolmosd to give llhr e iielLberLs it Ili smaller plupula- netropolitan diolrirt. of thll privilege of relurainli miwn-
LIdrrn inrolm \hlU were as e Inl;undtd as many oller tion, and only wo to the larger. (Hear, hear.) here, amihough it might be Mid lhal tihe principle of thel bill
wihicdl Ie had indhlged. (llear, hear.) lie (Earl hlr. B. levwomi said hli.I Salfurd was a distinct town *as nolt detiroyel.yet it would Ie esrenlially injured.
hr.) had evrry reliance on til failh and fair dealing of from Manchester, la inlL a |searale municipal govern- Sir E. SuI dn ltlought ti In'lropolis was already ugi-
SF'leenh (;verrnnl., adl hr I.liverd lthe culiatin ment, and iliat a consititrahbhl d]eree of jealousy prevailed cienlly reprer.nled, and supported the amendnmnl.
''pll Ininldrslandnl uilli ithI (;t Govlrinmenl to be between dlt- inhabitants of those places. It was therefore Mr. Macauley contended that the claims of the mnfro-
'than ever deoirahl: fol tlhe preservation (f the gene- deemed expedienl lliat ali ud should hlve a separate i polian districts to additional representatio had been fully
psae, which, he trull-led, ali ll exertrions of thie Noble member. made out andcalled upon mntmlhrl she lad pledged
wmuld nol hle ursucce(lfl ienonlh to di.lurh. (Chere.) Air. rwanr caid, that in identity of interest and in poini tllheselven o their constituentl in October lul to auppnrt
16Q not think it roni'lent miih llhe dtlm or rennmonibi- of hsalii, T.IIu rth-palk nllt It rcnsildered a part oIf tIe Reform Bill, to rederemn he pledge Ithey had given,
..I'f himofire tio < re, lhan ie Ihad already done, Liverpool. I1 was extra parochial, and that smt the nIc I and Plhow Ihat theirantuachnni to rfonnrmwa sinrpre.
si"f tilm did not ,,I .! the IN,,,l Lo.rdl, lhe begged to distinction. I i night a.ld that he hald never beard the I Sir G. Murray supported tbe auejPlent, and Mr. C.
ekl withe N,,h,1, LIrd hiimslIf iUld liave done had Ilightresl mish exprenled Ili Licerpool that Tolleth-park I (Grant opIpos it.
IN Imn placed in a similar silwaaiw... (llfar, h-ar.) ,],iiuld return a sep-iate ielmeir. (llar, khear.) i Sir IH. I'Pel opposed thie motion at creat lencli. as far
ml, I eIB. I,.,, n |, l.,r f. (I 'h r.>.) Surl- .M r. Criktr preilll'l ithe lhonuir.ablel Member fAr Li- Ioo denoi 'ratl iC l i ill n.s llll, a d n:l. ,.i ,i..1, I f.I ll L.on-
*a 1 oul II l. : 1: a J il l.i.rr Il \i litlull I, rJl prluuV l % I i IIU11 mia I) rl I:,aII h tIop ulo Limer- ilun Ierr to, hlivle a(dlillona l inlibeT,r ;ill e am;ll rin-

,:,._ isom e -k whe. we Bkn wouldd"sbe for am e
r:wl.n Livarsad Do.M, Ins, i l hl slave to Gaol ad order an pu1aiinea whac ki.w knew med on mont W 5
Ja dd. ca iggian I ndictLnawhee; ad that e Kiaperof the Mother QCw ead which wi re 0 a
Lord J. B A d Ut an M leat, L ppiaed id ua i bound to reoe,and indict such puniahmnem from te British Crwn,. if persisted I.
de nmoi" ..s con_ caqace of lo Werkihs having lhe rpm- W We h dve defiaedd e n ral Coua j Ca i
[ro onl dl sve W sf aftofton,' d
lalrd sit In I la tdo Ha o athe ged ioe the Go, a sim. ia question was mooted not long our next.
Sgro t d at -Lvepal p dged to ago; ad an opinion a s, whetherr mh owner of slave As 191 ila
a!l the dleasJiLg l mr C pjiat. he -o obliged to send his lave to the Workhouse for punish- T the Editor/ lof e BNkh Argsa.
lueu thel l w t lead, however, at uEp to the Roo'
had i,,he ie a*$ a M t, h le own dtdlheer, n. e met, and, if not, whaler the keeper of the Gaol sas, Sis-Tlhe loyalty or tie inluhabitauns of H M
Ir a he rin ee mt hr es d e (em r, A wr.) He might o r n mot, bound by de law of the colony, to indict their ready compliance with the recommndaiss 4
nperh. s, i n n ersa. (Iiar. r.) de might any poInlmsent which could be legally indicted in the v untl, on almost ll miattr-thougl, injrla sa
perh.ln, frl jlilled in ntertaining l a degrn of ro- whc.o imteresnit- s w to be hoped, would have oCIWIe
sincll.l"yl*osy with regard tothe inuenacewhicbthe whole Womkhoue. The opinion coincided with w t we above td cosidaentwaon, o well hoe protectuld fw t nW
puwer of thu Ouvernaoent and the weight of thl paiblic tated, as may be in the recollection of others in tlhi town. ent; lst it sents, from our complying deti i-l, -
masldishlenth might usercei over thi great metropolis. The pint now rests, entirely, will the Provost Marshal, been inimgied, that w rear men so doeltkeu o(
Originally the franchie was grated to dilinct cn whether will consider the directions of Lord Goolerichi a to be fit objects on b whom to make a ea m
ties; but now it was propuld to rbek tlIm up into fiac- eio '" "*" to t I e .BerlclrM, ter my be point beyond I t
tlioc, so ir as the capilto wa concerned. H contended ad d the Governor of tie Bahamns, paramount to the law n ] i nthle I t re to ben fnd who in
tlat the provinces ough to have sme power which would of the land. There can be no elireual resistance nadle to beilg ens laved, till account tl oir lives 1 p
rounteorct there illuence which the oeropolin would ne- to oppression, if public oficersdonot discharge their duties arrest the progress of usurped, or arrogated ps s,
rehurilyel twci. Th e wa thaty Londonce with farmnes and independence. wlomioever it may be found.-A little better tid
ilhulei lave twenty m oH n addWl t to that influence years ago, we were all completely hnubuilb,,ed-._ |
cr. whi ed wl give p i n pre der aene nl the herma- It will e observed by an article front the Port of confess, "a great a fool as any. A certain very
lere which would give it a preponderance in the Leog It l beberve by .............. ... I o nage, like te Monarch of our empire, (|.rdle. at
latore. For his aw port, he was not to he overamwl by Spain Gazette," which we have tIake fruiom tl Barbados s ona pri S ) lie tul do no wrong-u rari (soi .n
aRn thing that the prom could urge, neither did he tiink Mercury, the vexatious consequences, (to soy the least of Proie, in bundle, d loweod sweedy frm c e is k,.
tint the red neglto le held over every member of this s.a tile 'CastiOf promises, inahundance, tlowedl aseestly from W .
tle twhe rod n Ah o be hell over every miprmt of thii s it,) which have followed the procmulgation and enforce. I fronm insignifrinre, we were to nstar up into coMia,;
lutiu whondcend mons hi vicre in support of C sihonsr. ment of the Order of His Majesty in Council, of the 2d colun rerce was to dow into these landss from all ti
nicldcunsi>cie opinten. (Chersro m te O/r ppoi0ion.) of h w.ser h,.ispherc; produce and him n.
Mr. Shell supported tile motion, sld said thIa though of November, for the government of the Slaves in the il the western hetsphere; prourue and thae oe.m
he wolld hlave voted mgnilns teie nniniation bowuils in Cr('own Colonies. This result must have been anticipated lia, were tood ave bn word, ert i ll hclmng knbruao
Shedul 0norer ontthain addtiona .bs f IIactured goods: in a word, we were an to lecun ,e M
arhedule B. in order to obtain allhlitional nwnohrs fur by evey one possessing common knows ledge of thie negro as Crr-suqs himself. Tirre r-n be no turpitae anilse
Ireland. he wulad met do Injustice to tIte Englih people b
fIme the shw ld nof do injustice to his own l unir peoie character, upon reeling tie clauses relative to the Prolec- to a, in believing another lonourable and hoMes: I
was mannishl at the observation of the Noble uiLo, tin tows and Assistant Protectors, which invest them with such o content, tlen, to be dope, rather than a dterIs
Member te Liverpnl, in which he denominated tlh unlimited, such heardd of power, over thel private pro- hlpocrite-Frm theo period grtdutt clovesnd fit
question before the Houe as a provincial question. le perty of their fellow ubject---powers, wlich are sul b trampled upon. Our laws for tae govrolmU oI ,v
looked upon London a the metropolis of the empire, anil verive of those inestimable rights, the pride and boast of I Slaves, are totally disregalrdd ; time Colonial enlsa ic
he did nut think tint phrase cane with a good grace from
he Ndide Lord. He wioild only dl. that ia thrce bill cme a Briton, by which, he considers Ais mouse as his ment, for the invesigatiuon oU minor oLffences, power p
bahk fiam the Lardmla utiluied. London would not be ruti- rcale"-and which cannot be legally exercised by lL ni s nes over, or, what is the sine trying, oe of it o,
aod, and the Noble Lord and his party would find it Majesty himself. and usai s establihed, fron tima lout ,I perci ., n ,r,
necgunry to put all their ihouldor to the door o nstiem the Te late of that experimental colony, Trinidad, p- gaols, (save me from the almost tr.e-so.ihler .-
iantic toreatnt dviwoulded directed against it. The pears to be truly deplorable, even under tli excellent ad- Hiis Majesty's gauls I mean.) are to be nulllil;,, ;. ,
clnoiotte 316, against it we n ti ma elrs Miisters minutration of the late much esteemed Governor of these, I every step that can encourage disobeedirer, and i,r,:
1.m aorty ne____ 3 n :6,Sir Lewis Grantl ; who, we feel certain, ust be turbulece, i to be adopted ; and ver wlior< an ,
Sutpleasantly situated, to be obliged to enforce a Lw. ample, to se bani lsl fron our land. ou dl be :oin
,.W o,,pi-n~ by lite toolsl andoeorcoen of. louver--- much are l, ......
S* is contrary to every principle of constitutional right, Ibfron lhome. We can be no loun-r IXl linssicew Nat
-i-------------I--- and so seriously militates against te general goioH orf the foundl, tlat we a mr kli v- to i ..;il uti 111 1us, t.
a A l l. g iet over which he preside. We have no doubt likel occurrence, that a S.rervtir of Slar, .. 1:
RKKATLUM. however, that his best exertions will be mad-, to coll- partirn larly, l u overwhe I lmed with nais hite lw
Ia he Editorial partn i our paper on Wednsday last i in vince the govern t of it error ; an in there mean naisn, u Ilia tlir s,'sa pl wis
eh r are sony sible The s itualio of do as P ay- M leo n I N originated hr e .,ej, .fmi Ciraso m
fudt t uea ; buar it neofn( thd L 'e es eil Thato ast fromw L or I cTleOsii, ot h be much I I ant borne out in believing, that saouof the evibhsw
u m irrot d ol d worse; and should impres upon the chartered colonies, we jutly conplain,havehee en enelwedwIelme;swdnd. s
ea s the urgent ecesity of their taking early advantage ol Lorl ViscountGoderirh, on pplicatioelmsthe acuedm,
Sthateelue, b the pb inedlf &e lckll has broug oht them f ds utls wint exis t n w.
We ha seeivd a le oa the BLar s Mercary." to the me time p "ied fr m, by thoe partial barrier to p- Thia t atrangemenot.dnulS e ss, bit e l.n
a.t ltie., by h. rruaros. Iludon. m er, which preion and injustice, (weak though they be,)-n he local jsvae, for future commendstlion,-wo biaeum oth b bh
ar med yseenday. rom arbdoa. The European accoou legislatures They must shake off that apathy, of which I manity of its projector. Grations God ila w e
Ieatined In them, -e nmo of a, recent date as Ithe pre- tr emi hav adva ge, d, unr d has been that word humanity Acts, thur rald 6
mvewly eeived by the JOsie, noti d in eor lus. nd mro ed, brought ruin to their s Ty door; and mnke a great delibledisgreso,-nle, infiamy; arem that i e i ile
tised io mri sheet of lo-lda. We bhav however. teled a deterlnd o or to avert tha e t ri ly pt into operiton, whereby jealousiesu arte estia5l e
Ihbgt the (.;noo o l' thio praop ceedig medis owev det r mi d r-o"ned ; ay I I1or t that ft e, which, throughtclas ollf socilet-tndhidngto hml
Triy d, upsn ts o os pted be Ih e te ts ir crimi negligence, appar now .alost inevitable. for the cordialitv ihel existed, io.reerle hltrid; r,
pTrnidadl that Island si be e eru s el he o ha b i- Tenpoiilg mee, will not answer ie purpose ; tlev levelling all distinctions, and, at once, raising r
saratlso s he Editor of s the a ert of Sp a Cwasuel. o ut onel the enemy up their own ground, and deed, hmble, and till lately contented, sphere of li cbiL
.t ret ale ds," oteir motto. It is wora than uels, became f the community. In tshe rsciaion of the, foin y du
His Ex ellency the Governor, in obedience to orders it is a waste of time, to pass empty resolutions-a ahep of crate break ch sn aoo cntir m hetr ed. Themse id
from the Old Lady at dl hlad of the Colonial department, high sounding or-nd wait for them to work miracles; acws, ensatlaing from humane feelings; butI m. i
has directed the Provaet Marsal of this Colony, to pro- they mst act spiritdly and determinedly. upon their vege in the nol re. Finances innus rable, bt pl
hibit the Golen of the several lainud, o pai of dimisu resnlutio ; they et ad opt(, geerally, .o pln of de- and private, we all no, can c I adeuced, Is p IO,
ston, from causing may punishment to be iaicted in the fence, (several have been suggest, but we do not -e sectionn; it oukl, lmn, he sp edrslo i s"M
prlsn under their chl, except wihe ordered by a th any have, to amy extent, been acted upon r nd ue them. I will lyonu Sir, crn the lsame '
client l bu.,n, nd de) er, ranUm rveenge, generally the concomitant ofo Tg. T '
competent tribunl, ad onder a regular warrant H cosmos caur. The whole united voice of the minds implacable, and raplrble of barel s1- a
Melsjy's Governemet do not deem it prupr, t e Hi co loanie, froo Berbie to thee l adnds, shouhl be coo. se t an limit to iteir displeasuree, T woI n e d*to
Maesjsy' Goubl nhuIuld any long be acoderd proper veyed to the British Throne ad the British Psrliament, anger within no bounds of eason; can ah Isl
places to i raned to, by the masters of shne, for mach de tding thhy justice, which vers and the kindest feelings of our nature, dwie-ll in s Do
Ihliii ." not gaing the i i t onulin rest I would lie preposterous to imagine it-4t
hIae neot gained them; and in rim, yet rpetfylr, la0. even, would I. ,inlul.
lt i evideot tohat lIPfrmatio m ,et have haes forward- Pgage, rn their claims to equal protection with teir I ant Mr. Editor,
ad frm this to the Celonial Od e, on thia subjec, o ad it fedow subjete in England. ior hnumble s ra nc
my be accounted forinhieway. HisExcellency,thevigso Thesigns of the times" are Ialrming-thlle slhiahl, RANNll)D 11STS.
frequinly committed himself in his quixotic attacks upon therefore, irenuouly opse the attenmpi to render iheir Fue, B d iy d- T
the ancet resume a ind age of es Islands, consider- property valueless; anl, as they have not to ask a boon, f ah d iMarch. d
ed it hni pruadept t ro u a ahild forh paprecioum per- bu to deomd r aright, why should they letnitao in inrine- We have extractd from the Prt oIf Spini t':
in. in ale, md placd hiMei" under poticent proa ing e pon ap ima ite decision of the quetion-- ltrthber an account of dtie proceedings of a public ntiWr "i
tien, his ml m wr e made to appear as if coming in spite of a nt charters, confirmed by repeated acts of Iy lV he proprietors of negro iIn p-ed int
Ira n T h C uloo iayodk e, W in e cinc the t ey O gair, I h e n iin- m p r te k in fo ral rso
from mdh Culonialea l, then, in t.uth, athy originated in P rliaentA national breach of f ith is to ein pe itted te e ar Thte e "inntle r 'eak for ih, ae
WOe Royll Pala of mad Coc lde rghts of prvaeprprt 0 i i*, I but we cannot nmit giving a r-nmnen of the alF
e o l ot on W o eld, ho ro er, Id he rig o private propel to bre invaded, %ithoul of lte Prt of Spain G0 tli-hr observes. "A a -
r two ru onsa, suge to hits Excelency, the propriety cosmpnMation to the sufferers I cion is abroad too horrible to he entertainc: -I '
of *alwy puhisig msn mtract fion his dispatch; an in, Upon that decision, should rest their future conduct- o""""I and shich we unhc.italingly .coo> t-lI
mte fit place, h .ppoblic will have proof of His Exceldle. whether they renm in a prtnof the British empire, or not s ra'"iidll gaining gounod-s is tbat thlt, i s.l m l
Uyentert io; aand, is hei llmrad pilce, it will sere to or cerntinly, witho ut that proter o tion r their t e inlooration of slaves into Tui. ioad tao g" 'L
fill the poclkets of lIla Majesty's printer, nod certainly rean which is ernjoed by their allow subjects, ty canew na a without interruupies or sowice, 1 it letgo
der hin paper latenisai.* a*llkgioce. This my be considered improper language Mi asty'v O Icrrs ul Ctomr, as ac er|-lar d ht W',
Wie regd to t L on thi bject, we reallyde to me in a British colony, and we may he denounced in no Pen""diusted stratagem, to ensnare the innocent 'a
met haed an opinion, contrary a tat of ta hlearne measured terms, by the prnisainof government here; hiut nrt, to allow a large numl r to be impouriedl, a*n i
by oe tbemanipMr.aSd. K..te theow, perfectly inulifrnteetlr e d
oracle of he Law, Mr. Solicior Ge Kerr; est we t strong arm of power, too long Iexerted over the tamev t fell Ivnoup' husrelth d of Brict is hiun su whetjrc a't -
will vente to het His Excellency, double amount he spirits, will make them ,ourmur at tI.-ir fate, .nd atetei hbe deprived of the very means e-i.rr. Is tIe r'
my expect from die five Ex-Oficia against oe, tits the to sake off the voke of their oppressor. We were born in of -the sili-rer,, tlh circumlsanCes n.. Iok rop*
Anorney Generl will, if called open for gn opinion, o (;Grel Briliin, aad feel pride io calling ouriseven a British but e cannot, e e rpeat, ntertain for one in p"t I
that would so cnnomleely coulproiniw- Britsll hiles
his return to Itm clony, inform His Excellency, that, subject; but we cannot support that degrading msatem of' Brt ild justice e te oprooi rii ho
agree.bly to law, the owner of a slave has a right lu com- Government to.ards tie. valuable dependencies, which No% non certainain, not h,. idea uol. b.t >tl e "9
(;uvrnrct ~nwrd.lrr aluble cpunrnrb, r Nonl Sus e-do twirertaus, north- dc-a nit1> bar lees ,1r"4

Sli agamna wrgvs.
In N.B-de-scl pls mwill be received by M. Pel I i 1zL. D,
colny te1 Trmur'r, and by the members of the CumuHtee. At IHbog r l u el, l di.M h. I
a ether Tel thiks of the meeting ting voted to the Chairm Bgrms, rElie, J. ., Mr. Priacm OdM m, to m
orant." man or his able conduct in thi Chair, the preedingp f ~ ar Ann Rohms, beth oftt pl .
gs, seed tla meeting were directed to he publishel in T fl P AI Rb ef.s..
I peNI. JSpEl Omgtu.-.IPrt of Spdi- G as, 1firy 15.
,1s, and From a S Aplemt eo i al r dield tIc 14tAL.
tumour- We have rceiel Trinidad pae to the d ie lnt, which
give a all picture of the utter ruin to which the hinbltate
ga the of that island will inevitlly he duced. The fllobwilg ea-
Sld a traet is from the Port of .Spin Gozulr ofthe Be1h illimo:-
"g l "d T The banetul effects of the tee Orde In Council a mat
rter of ready beginning to be felt in a mot series mU nr. Scamre.- -n
Sronsi- l a day passes over our heads hat we do not bharof mhers BY HENRY ADDERLEY.
feeling of sla es--mauni frona ditant pens, of the Island, and in some
* Order ueses, lwhle gaiin-leaving ehe estates to which they beklog n Monday nest, the Sd instant
uould without prini.s-on olr authonlJ y.i.r the purpose of proceeding on
sll shr to Stl. Ann'a. the residence oi Iliq Excellency the Governor. AT TUB vmNUIlU mnoe,
a. i : or to the Prolector Cof laes0' Office, with complaints of a a at 1 el rL A.
l 1y- nirl gFrKrunhilasl and frivolous nulture-ltus wasuig much ill be sold
,"'Pl.vl vhl.l'e time t he great injury of their owners, iarticulatly
Iplantir ,rieg ihe rrop season. Svupresne Flour, in barrel end half barrel,
.c .II- lt I.aI alsou come to our knowledge, that many of the most Sugar, in barrel, Leaf Tobhcco, in ditto,
rlirons, ree;iecl.'il.' prplrletorn of esuites. who have hitaerto hben in Irilh Butter, Candles, Somp, Lard, HNam,
be (ro,. the habit of iI.maiging their iIw properties, have retired there- Dry (oods, &c. &c.
,,rs) to lun in ;-aoluuil ltuose we cannot e void particulasl Teln--CASII on hiery.
inaninlrgl tIoi Members o Ili1 MHjetiy's Council, well known At t-re mni' er ,
lir hllir hutenne reatmen ofl hller slave. These lhonourble '
gentlemen, who, for a series of years, have supeliotended the 44 pieces Chintz Calico,
lnraling management of their pripenie.. originally wilh a view of 40 ditto Bengal Stripes,
iollievn aildpting towards their depenvlents the mene lenient method A few gallons choice Brandy, in lots,
l. of administration, anil continue lillterly upon a principle of April 21st.
i, (dire ueceusity, alsi) ecunomy"--hlve both relinquished
lrl' the Superinlendence of their properties. preferring pespeclive BY JOINSON & SAUNDERS.
ing, anid ruin, by laeuing their estates in les efficiot hauds, rather
Iy gen- than suffer the indignity of being brought, face to face with On Monday Mat, ate 20d intanl,
I wnich their slves. Tbfure Protector; and pediape ultimately incur AT H NDUn HUCe,
the disgrace of being dragged before a criminal Court from A TH V HO
o reel- which there is no appeal, and he sentenced to a fee of XO Af10 O' 01fOk A. E
I in his lor a misdemeanor, upon the evidence of two or three of the Will be sold
Ih, Inld slest characters on their propertes, capable of swearing in FOR CASH, on delivery,
tire H- the falsest manner.
S We have also good gran.ds for stingg. that several of Superfine fresh Flour, in barrels,
ColoU) ihe most respectable Managers n tile Island have notified to Sugar, in ditto,
which their employers their immediate intention of rrliriing from the Pork, in ditto,
'es, and management of tile properties entrusted to their charge, and Butter, Lard. Soap, Candle, IIan, &c.
at slave have requested that they may he instantly relieved by thie ap- At hi; detfAs' Credit,
the 3: pointmient of other persoes. But where. we would ak, ase Bengal Stripes, White Jean, Furniture and Hair Cord
Irinp Oil those other proper persons to he luund? We may safely pr- Diity, Linen and Cotton Drill, Jecoot Muslin, One
i Pro-- die tttat In lesa thitn twelve monlhl. not s lingle estate t thisn
re Plro once valuable Colony will be .uapermnlended ia soy white per- Cres., Dowles, Briltnnias, Cotton Thread, llandkerchief.,
reply.- nn who ncres one straw lor his reputal:on or his pero. Linen Platilla, Apron Check, Browi Canvys, Brown
icli, be- If it has len tile inletion of the framers l the Orders Platills, &c. &c.
t'll lr, in rolncil te effect sucrh ant ohjecr. with t view to do away AND-
will, all coinlroul over the black lpo.latlnn we noay say. At three omltha Credit,
certainly, that they wlll succeed o their hearts' nletll." Nine hogoheadl very supeor Baurldos Munuovado
tie con- Sugar.
an op.-. AUCTION SARLEM06. April 21s1.
On Mmday,. the 7th May.
nistered AT To E VaEDOe ga, l On Moi id a mit, s i
because At 1s 0~0leek AT T ve TVNDC OUVm,
toG;o- Will be somd t A R 10 U leh A
mt, tle The following Slaves and Leads, beloning to the usta Will he .i .
r of bh of the late Andrew Seto, without reserve, and in ord er e
I :--nd to close the estate : Superfine Flour, in whole and half hbrels,
tion of That dIligltful country residence, knows by the name Sugar, in barrels,
witneisu Iof WITin situated on tho astern eitremitv of this Is- Rice nd Corn, in bags,
a ol the lnd, with barns,carriage louaes, horegim, and ecvry re- Half tierces Rice,
I quite to enable te graier, or cultivator disposed to pur- bosp, Butter,
ire pre- ciase, to derive inintdiato returns from hi purchase. Oyters, in jars,
oration It las been long notorious for its orchards, nd the supe- With a variety of other articles.
drl) it priority of their fruit, as well as their variety of kind ;-it Term,-CASH, before delivery.
to have comprnise 787 ac a of land, (or thereaboots,) ecinsive of At a. MHeath' Credit,
four acres ad a half, partly within the limes thermal, b, 40 half hosem superior Bloom Raisis.
customs longing to the King; on which tlere is a battery. Boun- April 21si.
here as daries:-on atIm wet, Iy lands of John Anderson, Es- -- --
Scollec- quire; aad on all other sides, by tie sea. NOTICE.
he very ALSO-
A ust That tract of land situated in the Eastern District of Tuesday, the fft/rn day ef Mg me,
this Island; bounded on the north, by the property of IN ST. MATTHEW'S CHURCH,
all the Jem Eve, and eight free upon .Shlirley-strtel; on the east, At 19 O'CIck, (neing)
Icn i.t- b) land tll prolpwly rf Itubnt Bltl,-r, E.qiire; on lI Will hesold or Rentr d, lor one yenr. to eti li ,hi.,t l,;,ira,
.el con- south, It lands of AIlrL Iu:lorch ail 4i the p Iwel, lay ti
Vessel lots of Richardson Sa.aries and George Armbrster, THE WHOLE OF TIlE PEWS INS \Il)(l'll'l;CII.
:hl they EsquireL Tim purchasers for tie enntuing vr, may continue in
A.SO- the possession of their repective Pews, fur tie ti'rmn of
hun in- That lot of land in ile Eastern District ofths Islnd ; three yards, at the price they may purchase them for, by
id even bounded on die south, by Shirlvc-street; on the east, b paying annually, for lt lname, to Lhe Clerk of the Yary,
savrs of lands originally granted to T'humas Ilid on ; on the west, pre ious to the day of sale.
proper hy land grated originally to Mr. Alalder ; and on By order f Ihe VeUt
Seen the north, by lithe pai rn caueway. Tlis lu is well en- GEORGE ARMHISTER, Clerk.
'd in the closed, planted with grss and fruit trees, and has beAn April 14th. _
drained at a conside able erpn.-. CHIII T CHURCH PAR ISH.
cndatinn A.l~S- ___
in Ilor That Int of land siltnle in thF. Eantein District of this NOTICE.
all have Island; fronting on Bay-mtreet, to il Inorth; on the meeting of the Inhabitants of Christ Clrb Parish,
for any a.stern rauer er to ltte south; to the east, by lands is requested on Monday, the 2lmd It.,, (brhi
; oirinally granted lt Tlunlls lllugthon; end on the wes, r ster Monday,) in the Church of itle aid Parish, a
unernor, lay lands grated originally to Mr. Alexander. 12 o'clock, fur tie purpose of nukig choice of four
imiant. A persons to serve as Vestrymen, for nwo ye s, in the
Sp,,'- nThat extensive cress lot, situsatd in ihe town of Nas- roo, of those whoe term of service will lle have eM-
ision of Imal; thoItIIIedI n tII, ea.,, I.. ; on the west,, pred. By order of the estry,
,Inced ; Ih lot anad prrnieiss, now the residence of the llon'ble DAVID SPE i CE, Clrk.
I into to W. V. Munnings, gmn. Esquire; on the noenl, by the lots VsmT Roon, Sd April, 1832.
adopting of Mr. Francis Bason and Mr. W. Ransom; and on the
ad to ,e- south, by lill-sirect. BT. MATTHEW N PABINH.
present- The fullow ae Slave, lield hands, vi :- NOTICE.
S iand Brant, driver, Sie, his wie, A melting of the Inhabitants of St.Ma tlo'aPariSh, is
will us, Hlannah and Ier c;;ildren, viz. Jine and Henry, reqltestedon Monday, the fdinttm.(beibnp E err
Kate and lier children, riz. Rom and Margaret, Munday,) in the Church of the said Parish, at t1 o'clock,
aiming, Dolly and hr children, vix. Cynthia, Hebe, and I for the porpome of making choice of four peonran to srve
a C(m.- Jack, as Vetorymen, for two year, in the room of thme whose
d repri- N','. and hlis wife Hlebe, erm of service will lIen have expired.
of sldaes Allralram. By nrder nf the Vestry.
(7- Tie shonv lands sold free of Dower. GEORGF ARMBRISTER, Clerk.
irman. 1 TERMS--6 months'('rcdit,on givingapproved rcurity. VzsatrT Room. 3d April, 1832.

C gm c Ma g
LaWdea.-'Tb M ale capital his was Sola tin middsibsie, hIsfis co
_n,. m,..m | nd 3.wL ao wh so. ;he chief .ive, and bis figure .nd sad
s 0 7B, mway of ohe Iwdd; the great esuary of te tide of private life," says his so--in-law, h
I S ,s--i uMiece) I oae epreu of all chits, with whotesm suaes of m accom aiiaId ,1 .
Ms PDtio.! fainnse the nations "**ag from side to side ;" he Babylon of courtous, polite, and dignified, iac l
alnti dime-as. bll,; Se wnsl, which in milh ad population may claim pie- guish thie of an ancient and high d& f i.
stoiral n l lh wCe he sdis- cidoens of countepry realms There i but one Lou- g age was evri that oaf a t n, g i. a m
a ba 4sT hN.. don ; and. take is irll in all, it is at this day a more in- celnme Ito hose disullsing vulgritiM, ass
wnld .W bmta i. Orand eetla-ca.e. tenls object f c onurns latiun than any other spot to style, which distinguish the mariners as
iw- si" similar aiisonasioa s on t rfce of the gloub.-ll wana Il arims. If lie did not invent the system
u i A--.i l i te s, rW IlA l e"al e C e i e gorgeous palacl, ldie spacious iquays, aid lle pleasant lint, he was the first thi carried it ein
ear|, n 6 m lo ta; sl /st h ei ls, hldo. of its ne.iygour onl the &in e; it partakes not of him we owe much of that naval iimight Wlich
a "M oatse b n e ay owin, al. die melancholy iunailiceice of losie, thie loen oher us die empire of the aocin.
baos Wetishs Teil following notic nwas eahibiel:- of dea'd emssires," the historical sanctuary of isallowed--d
Iiim, Auto, Liheseh Biordl t"f I lelth, r.ecollclisns, ever eloquent of oldest laliie," mid ruins AnecUdote f Fons.-Fo-otl, wwin -
Febnruary t. darkened will ihe crust of centuries ; it is not adorned lise Modern Arislophanes, had a very dlig
S n nrw ease of chailnr. like Flosrence, wills delicate creations of lleose wondrous campagnel at Walleins Ureen. It sihoi &
(ctiinVd) W. Bases. Sectrelry. mssair, whuo I1li- Art' self effete, and hopeless of ane wIo uilnr an impresion lt the liceusureanin t
A Oselosk. A. M." equal effrTu; it boasts not of lsie glad and glorious scenery I plnys extended to Ilis conversation, for lie wasn is
Prom the ollriall reports, it will be sean. hil thllee is not a ul Naplis, rijuoi ing in a soil ln ee even ile shade il uor ol' saying amy thing le chseo to any body. I s
*inell cs of illrrdse in hllealllillo on TraneIIt: llalin generous tlan our niorln sunsine, and elleclle witl one ssoriie, in thle sring of 1774, going RI
MIln.a o lknrss ishli alaonearly estlier.there heing ly all i clasic villas and pirluresquedetails in tie linipid friend to cull one him at North End. e
to rasf u emailno im p moestay: lthat in EdiinlntrIh. lse|slina ,, te subjcianl Mediterranean ; it is not con. I ine in Ihis garden with his lactuuII Mr. J INKee.l
Slh usm Mls r s' the 'habicais.r- cratell, like Vletnice, to the very genius of prliy, sa i course of conversation I remnrk.ed to him. -
graced wills beauinilml gondolas that glide long its liquid clirnine retePat hlre, IMr. Foote." "' YI k
S e l.uledoi,, S'au. liorioug lfare.. through lle stillness of ti e eveniin, in lia- enoeli," was iuc ,.nwer.* Wklt surleri. in,
Ti. French Papen of Muliiay, aild else IEvniiilg Pl1erl iniuy witlh tili barcarole and tile serue;de, tie tabor iand I you slhoulld Imve obtained thin eitensive gaIpl
daird Tulesd.i. have leeu receive. but tliey coalliin n arc. guitar; nor yet is it clotled with llie ruomlntic grandeur, i London." It is soleudiila Imnursual, e i
ly any nes ot interrnlt tI Ie E:ilgleih reader. uririuIdLed illi tihe godly prospect, or dignified with lle I tlii Duke of Cumnbelrlaiid was here line otlhe d
'rTe H sitolr aninunces. lir ajppoijinenl e of the Count de mountain diudemn, of Edinburgl; but still its peonelricil made tlhe sanme observation. Foute,'miid hae, I iL
Rnoeri.l as Arnbh.lslor lirelnshe I 1r of l. nr e l t v tlr indinenitiy, enornios lilipolation, ilminmeirarsble moral in- a vast deal of ground here.' IYe,' I o lrelal i, ,
Keagt of lqpnsn. It war relaersed ch~ic Ca.emeer Pereepr ieetcd- tence ...i... wed, 0..
Kitn of pln. It re ne.l th.l lsi.nir Pn inl nce, political suprermary, inloliilabhle enterprise, Irr- royal hlighness, lather i Imore, I lancy, Illon your r~ol
:l..i shNie y transplsntIla ned mss yeputie lo the Peer Ilendous wealth, and, to suen all, its vast, various, ansd ness's b.rothera if nlecklenburglm hhve; fur, l,
T'lwe Illuenie a imonug the nas nem mmnsiunecl:-Melr.. colupioleusive intellectual Calpabilities, cuustitule in tlie iieilii water all their doninionuiilli a tIn-pol'.l"il
Jars, HRtnhaur l seltl r C'ellld..iOd.h less.erl,. Ll.aium. aggregale a more curious tlmino for ipcculaliuu tllan any nerun.
Erielnne. Ilelnni.. Islleae. Liamln ue, Lafayedle. Du|enM de utlrr visible uljuec lhrougllout tie world. Every featli re-
I'ure. Clauseel, BIlilUno. aind Silverrl. i d"' tie ietrlrofolis aip,-ars in lhe croloured more lr less with The .uSwietly of Arts alt lMeli Ilave renal
... ... ....ilse "0111O-llhllll II' tie nIiiilII -liwlharaltrir nils, unit i OnRlilt ll llIllut lawn lit Iienlr). It
S -'pl.h--m'hm 'dl from C rv pa.-Tte nei mCnsel,,hple ol tshe i Cells nirs- As a morl ietereust ise alo neslerialle emlmr,.e tim lenemberg, the inventor of Alie glorious an of printelt. 1
rce hl arTivlsem. ''rhr punrse is new roilninrcel Ihoa it carel I i
nahmlril ws Ih he P.irh. ef Eglel h. anmicaile nieal,. .ianI Aligiy f lncll a 1' pic. 'lre Engllilsh, "m I I11i nphill', alr ia llolllcilnlg this lign they elprees a cesdelnts l ,
thll Iie mussl ih slel ls r lluce hes In iihedi.nce. A i;ene amemi"tia'll timet Ie ry reverse ul puoeical ill their prelrciliollt I ill be eilupllorled, not only by tie contributions o ko
I fl has ihereorr been ilssred, which announces in all Mlii. r ion tietic il their talte ; and accordingly, tihe whole lowi-coullnlrylinen, bilt by tllegratelul niagnigicenoeof(
aulee Ihe hreifnilv of MImenlet All. nll nlr ll tat lie ball territory ol Cckaigno, even to tlie xlrirelll perriphllry civilized people in Esurope."
iw inlhisli in lthe mout elra teplary mainere; Miehelmes All of its environs, anrl brir-k-and-niorli.r depelndencies, pre- -
and hi lnn tlrnklm r m e t erurnonisulii. lil. Slinl l llaplll epiic trillion ri llv anl every lliin eIat I Cure for it Ch'Aera nose rating in t he l. r.
al onerlnIdep.ell has betn reeiled time nlra linue; could be desinaeluld h Ill- iler or I'rtle ehpilslert, eaive and l Tlake the golden oinsiutent applied daily to tl .,
lhe prrlieiloa broki e sit ralirel., bta is n grep hlseset (in e lte i an o-ecseaileeilil cuopper- llte in a winlledo-paine. Ir- e lllelneen coalsprirsis the difierent Board s Ha el. a
plaleec lea' Iseekinuus insets Itesenmihay eIsn alnremeisg deeitil hieee~lhliesism : l.hres ~r mienalrll mmi tee imeelireme il hrih'l Ihe eslitlseese rIIr- etiirim lr t aes tls- l se slll redshoffsl If uivieieinm
frLm lshe lre:-an ulf Its ao reuoninred that tie r *, s, wh-revI r 1.s1ei, c <.,.ia r toe indiialte the slighueri tg'i- distriblse ise ainons tHei humired, oif faii.hing u
relales lo the rsenlsisi n wseil to hinna luto arrinse plilieal ;.l- bnce g" Ihe piilirrstii,, it lieiiiongenial ye|illlie of near tie water side.-Timrs.
fair, in lthat qIuiar r er; bule firser is. we regret to say. tle inllabitanns lialu cllaelicmll ly aulgariid tmu lntirs lo-
trisr ntismeeint. t.-Illackr rowl' Jlagazisr. I limvrlnl t rimjenil.-In risnim the cilin f ti i,
S -- lleirnin llill.nn, on aatinrl:riv l; IIsome rltoilro wa u l ., air
AUrllegd Iertilltw its llraria.--" A omnmerci.l .Arlle~rdlts f Irrd Rudnfy.--M iiy fine IrRii.s Or bec(':lln- pir: nly n.amllmilne wite liieled oil. s and alter li
-erttr from the '.astesn frotlliiers, dautd Feh. 2, whicrlwe character ;ir ;lacl ered uoielr the voilllne jlutl li erlhl -iml rik lire. It -. ilihen ldeermined ili lIrs in eas iemans.
have eum, e i v, s-r I ruio ohlieins currency tht lill ti Cil' il in: Te e I lfr I af d (' orrrespLl sr Ii. /,eli, it l lIna rmllu i n lY oson c as prtnially dippll rin la-d,
tll nis.l prori le inrcr If l.i rin are inl a state of revoluliun, lird Hltaryi KIrP iI.-i likm e Ul Uir ni ln l e iiiiii .i.Ail, ""I wi i pliri.i-i in llh h climle which be( inse inail mei
ad lhat l It ri rlsiann irsevineus on ell let bank uof tIe i inc.-'tiilal ioslured by the great to li.irllnuin IIlir ,hoI r. ti h c ie-lrr IInt ler- 1-d I -rI for ied lw..
lillll" 111M 114 -r e o llli ln UhillI ( JIM left I hutir i ll.lp, ll i i
Illhine are dislp- lld o flullow tlle xuL iis l. It is nlaed tlhil Iriendl ; o1' oie ouf llhes prolu r'ss lie I),,i s li ,i li 're ,ilrr u' k ire, i'e m r I% ho l; i ,, h mtkise
al Ilsi.nleiis trui a f liberty laiqu buseen pliieid, anid thai emnong. I poIr wUretch Lord -- Hnd iinoliter lim .Iv '_
as IeIens L Ponts, iinDl o Pirinam.rtu, leI IIs -c.laurall cockade lent lne. Ieo looks like a virl, anid ha rotl lle Iast iup- An Amtrican 4tram-ljtat.-Tille iillosing spiti
has liein lleillrd. Uleat co is ltate to prrevil. peirance of fll ollicrr. I bave made tlehem as aoo1 pre of lie wIest-rn sIpllerlnsive is said to lhe frome the IMd I
TI'is iisl r.nis talk of estlblilling a rpoldlican lniir ul l sent, ilIl sentl hlin bick c.ielai I o ii hlllm. More I will of a Keinlrcky sitem-linel rnpitin, mhile dilasill is
(iGlovrriillent, aind tI unile asil France ; and various ritlier nolt nilkl him. Such olficers ;i t ;lse I never desire in strain of e'xlllblant crilmmlendalisini l t he ierlnh- t4
cuontrdictury iprcjrls are montli-nred.'-Fretcl paper. see 11 may Is a very gooIl young ni;In, iltl lo lehs lnot his irnll. IleI sIs, i.s iroui onl like a I tor-I.-ll
..... t|'fire enough in hlimn for IIim. No cIsidernlion lwhatever I er-lull prensre'-il'n hirdl work to hold I.. r is as
Grrevr.-ll is eixllcled that a lttldemens of ltie iallirc 1all induce lise to pronmulr indillstrent ellner-r over tin I mlilares me ian Inilnlg. I ercIol ren ler uie a ralnsnm-i
of this loug dilslrsrled country will speedily take lillac. I easiof gooil ons. leris lis li lle chance of pe rleleirn i d, iraw il inches if wnler--gine- at three knows east
The party wlholui the leading peoers of rErpre I; ill i" peace. Were I coniiillnil it slilJ lavl tie prelerleiir-. -indl iilmn all Ile hlliiis and nallnl ank !"
deeisied i Iepl-dient In patrosise and lirotect as the so. in w"r, let who will reconeiinmond." 0 vd l iir his vsee -
reign of Gwe;lne, I Prince Olin, tIle secuned son of eI|. men, nlvetllheless, as the lillowih e oneciIedos proves ; is NOTI('e.
King of Binvria. Although only in hil 22d year, ii is is related by one of hli otlicers :-" Wlhen hindinrller e ilE IISNII* LlHLI s .i ine a AUsiin-
maid bhe ha forded indications of adequate decision anil ig afl, In- lehs often, he ways, seen Ihel unry mauid casi e J Irmtors on Ihe estate of Jo Lph Tlhumpsli &
ati, d d o urw I be provided wilh the mnos e- over tlse dilhecs a wistlul eye, with a wratery inieouth; upon cesl.edl, r.equel all persons ise ing ldeandsll Ip t
pariooced and prundl advisers. T.he objections which seeing which, he le, instantly arrested tieir supporters maiel etata, to p es-e. tIlr snme dely ale.s ed; sid
iight be otherwise mail to his yotllh, are slso si only and ordered Ihe whole ol" his dinner, save onel dsl, ii, to he indebtell Ilrie, to inake iuvnlent
obviated by a grateful feeling on ise part of tie (rreeks "arred to the idshipmen's nies." tMurl of hlis everis v se e l \yIN TIIOP01SO,
fl sirte great Iterwa the Kingof Ilavariihalawayv taken of manner waselecte'd, IrioIn a belieflhat it was neruesa JOSEI'll II.LL.
inl heir deliverm ce ind improvemotl. for obedience : he ronid be kind and gentle on ornsesin. 1,pril 17th
During his conmannl in ilie West nldies, hlavisng greal fault -
Typhal FPar.--Luller froli V'ienna state, that a dan- to find wihll one of Iis olTiccrs, le resolved to resesove him, OT'ICE .
gmens typhus ha broken out in different distlicls of Ga.- ad went on board his ship for that purpose. I had A LL PEIISONS Ilavinlg eleiamlnnnels loain.estl E :'
icia, which has attacked tel, thousand inslividuals-cihisens, fully determined to lake the fronm-- ; but A1 Jirelhl Siundelr.. liae eO ll Ihl i.'.I f r,
peunts, and solders. It is attributed partly to distress, wI 1 went on bo ard ami sa twou pretty ad (I-sell-re. videne, Jientlrniai, d- riI.l, aHre, s--|:'.ll .I '"
tr e seven iyteiu of a guarding amdleted against the on- have girls. and the ship ittel in tie most elegant andi the same duly atel-ted ; and tllo,. inildeilued tr, itr
nance of lhe Pute and of tde cholera, and to damp and supe h manner for their racuommoudation, I collil not bear Estate, are likewise relresie.sti i, i nIake inlnm: p"
heallehy waober. lo do what niirht be consirend a harsh, ill-natured act. nienl, at tihe lfice of ;i. I'. H nod, E1iilre.
The youli, beauty, and innocence of the daughters, and THIOMPSON AI 'NI)D;lS, ErtleI*
Tie C aomp .-Tim Panalon, 11) gins, Lieut. Da.- tlel polite helaviour of lie another, saved the ji(t trea- April 2d.
an, will proceed to sea in a few days witl Col. Creigltoin, ment te father deserved at my hands, and I prnniised Ih e -- ----
Iluyal Eagimns on beard, o utry dte efficacy of a newly. to sail for Enlandl with tel convoy ; and I ianstlr FINAL NOTIC'*
ilvented cele-til compus, the properties of wlich are myself lhat lmy iuea girls, in a similar situation. would IIF SlUBSCRIBER, liaine crdle lie n s.rrn"
sid to be the slowing the mInsariation, true lailmule, anil have met with a like inldlg.ence; but I hope lo eavn J. concerneof the late Elias J. rihln.nn,
im i*uea of the ship on Ihe common alserig compass, ihey will never cross tile sea liile ishy live, ercepl lo lllncif to lellr who still renSain inldebled to h Iheta'
at igb.-l l of e Triletrph. France or Italy." This is very honuurable to Ru.dnev; that unlh-s lleir respective demands are liilqidetld Ir
m- e will admire tile following more, thoull less to 'ur vi-rnes to lte Ist June, they will he placed in die I"06
Colonel F'auce, late of the 4th re-giment, has been ap- tasle:-" When a woman who lhal, contrary to the rules, an Attorney-at-Lsw, fer inlnedinterecovery.
poistd to the Brist- l Recrunitn District, vacant by the of the navy, secretedl Inerwlf in lier husband's cabin, an E. M. .OI.)OM1N, EriecUr".
datl of Cet ml Brereton. fought a quarter-deck gun in the room of her wounded C. S. ADIDERLE, EicutW.
husband, who wa down in the cockpit, was discoverml, March 31 t.
TheDDke of Wellintoun has purchased the Welverton Lord Rodnev severely reprinaldesl her for a breach of "l \" -ALr, at cr-, b
and Ewllst oatles, late die property of Sir Poeer Pole, order, but gave lhr, immnedieelv after, .ten pginl.a, fr E i pp s o'
Dut as valiantly lutaaining tlleo post of Ier wounded hlsbtedrl. ly TIOMAS THOMPSO'
STile little bantam cock rhmich, in Ihe action of ll ht I T A Ai Eta."
OU L an Irirg.--l i well known that Peter of of April, perche himself lpon tde pr*op, H.i, t elrv i Fh la vs 4h.
Colechorclh, the founder o Old London Bridge, did not broadside poured into the I'sir de Perls, cleared tile Febr- a .ry 4th..
lin es wilt s tise completion of the astrucre, bur died in crew will his shrill clarion,' and clapped lis wite.s, as if FOR SALEl
Ia 1NM h med ~ bued in aslery within the cotre pier in aipprolution, nas ordered by the a loieirsl to be paei f Lad, i e
of tie ie, oer whIch I chispl wsneeed, ddiated pred nndprnstrete ld urisi life." RunVey died ,n l.. Ihildinl anil imnprovemenl t tllereon, ,ile
io a Tb es--Be&eket. Air. bayley, i his" Loadi- 2, lof May, 179"2, in lhe 741bh voar ref hen age. lIe an. I'rin l 'a"ere, gn'. r. l,- known hI y the nl '
aisn," wrote ai a five year tsiona that s if e r b s italh Sh'r in their i, or ('naih' hb. A,.
take. when he old sidle i pulled down, the bones ad hantanl o s1'0 Inlm : he napplarerl to re-nlr er. "I holpe Vor Terums and other |inliOlai>, applr 10 th
ashes of i villenerble hiterl nieay ill be luud -nd; vli ferel v.iirll I.luiter," said hiii vi.sier. I a.n vrr icril-rts.
ti anounoi the boa of slid Peter wn.- found on retoi- ill,'" releie. Ruenvonn, ,inli les Lk on hei pillou, ,,-- IIFNIMlY (;IIENSILA-DE & C-o.
g Ul s Ie pie-r abul ruforiighle si.,..--.Af-rer. pired r itlsut a iihr or a.l) viull imhii. In i.,r.m l1r Marrh -II.

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