Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: April 18, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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man3I InQu Bdiler. WEDn *ESDAY. APRIL I8, t8I V^L. I-No. LIXXX.

'iTHIE I AMAXI ARUUS. Ileries calkld paricular ulrndio o a return malde by the C. Wy.., Mr. Iunt, ud Rebrt Pial, a.I plo a
a T'r.iasury to lthe Finance Comnlitee in Ii- inst niteors.b T were "deaedd by 8ir William
PrpiLLseEu lsausi-rel- r IN N*AU. A . N 'Tiu return of course contained all tlr aums paid and Hor (Solicor General), Mr. Spring Rice, Sir Thomas
tou i wal s auc1cied a briuf ratemun't f ulie condition ofl tie DLnman (Atorney General), Dr. Luelaltp, Lord John
SUllt Mll rs lt r flrCnR advlase. p.IayFipe in dtse words-" rhese payments to cease uell, and Lard Palmersa n. Tire wer repeated
... a. should thlit donlnio iu of tle lIelgic Provinces pass from s clls or adjouremeat towards die clow of the debate; and
tie King uf Ilullind." Now, however, it appeared thot, Mr. Pagat moved an adjournment bil TeTday ; bil, e
noStwithstandling los disinllciy recorded undersuandings the request of Lord Allhorp,--bo rmauked, that it wal
as to tire elect do ti ei luo mSmd tis couditions-n)otrwilJ not usual to adjourn question of cOame oa M initers,-
standing tie Speciic reduction is r th reaties and lth be withdrew the motion. Tih resul of the division wa
distinct recognition in tiller nct of Parliamnun that thu pay- as follow:
e iits werI t be maeIh by lile Lords of tile Treasury or tie first and second resolution 219
- -- wln thl samnte ay la from tlime to time payable, as For tie previous quation IM
DOZTP.?. rspeciied in the aid cunvunliun."--noloithItlandingl tie
strict limiitation in thb treaty, and olwithtlusadiag the oc- Majority for Ministerln 2
--.--- -- -- -- -.- .--- cuirence of the fact which raoudelr it iproperr to make For the third resolution 211
ltr rK;.N udN S ING A IC'TI'L; C \LLKE THE any paynient-vyo, for cimne reasons whi, he hdll yet to Against it -*
UNH .PPY M.4 V." hear, we lad for the last three termsof paymalii continued Majority for Ministers -
Ito slvance tile money of dthi ouuntry. r AR INDIA CMATBAan
Th voice ofirenall.hip never breatle 'rlTe, he contended, sood on this distinct ground: A committee was moved last night, preparatory to the .vlas I rmy nh ear e tei- paymeo1is in question were to be asad only so lon diiMuwions which must take place Mnel S n em the
At.rhinld I m wear: is Ho'lland and Belgium were conjoined ; if tey were renewal of the East India Companv'a Chanes. Mr.
Lrve'. ong li(r mCe s I oevr sung, o raudien after these two countries became separated, Mi- Grant( aied the manner in which hle w' of opiana it
\ill eaes bho|e ka. lndI: sister ought to have come duoin to Prliansitt. and aiked ought to proceed in its abhors.
For over elm y lthoughls i. Lrng its authority furdtlhercontinuance. Mr. Ilenrls conduded Ia tlh ie at dia House and in the Boad of Cos*
Tier wme,~ y of the dred. by moving tilrue resolutiuon,-- wo simply impressive of troul, tIe busies was divided Ito si department, ech
I me tlle .mile that eer plays tie facts o u case; te third to m the effort tlut lMilisletr division living itsu separate functionaies. lie propnwd,
IIa tIps ahln luvel OaMes s. ., weru not warranted, by treat or act of I'rliament, in ther,(oe, that there should b a lot i sob-.committees
I uark tihe lear-irup ua stray. yinat trie surms they have pld ith rfererace to de Riu each king one of thise depatmeats. But it would b
Adw..u mli cheat: Sian loan. ila necemary tint tlhre should Le other mb-dlivisioa, and
Amil theu I I hink if Ihoae bright years, Lord Althorp said, the questlon ought l be mnet, not as he thought that a many as eight sub-cotmaiitoel woldd be
lleral *.I wa happy to. ione of pure economy, I ia as one of national hunaur. necesarv. This practice was not new to the llous,
A.i wln a'l malli' 'oulel lalld tiari.W Wha thley wre called ia decide ul was llii-ws tie though it was seldeun proposed. Sub-committees were
l.l p,,we. I, suotha aid ,o. public faith pledged, by dmi treaty of 11135, to ti payment genrally taken for sime specific purpose, and they after.
H.lii. erth wali uint ar e drae,. of certain sluis to the Emnparor of Russia lie *wa wards ra.-uried t dte general committee. But in this
tk areul .4 iagia uK iu ready Ii admirl, llhat it' Ilicy confined their views to the came, each subject required constant and assiduous atte
Or le liLrlgill and miuiiuruIng iirrlea, intre loleer of thie act, finiae wilh a view to carry intu io,,n,and each lut hbe confined to one Pub-cnmmillee.
Tha a,.ilcI wtlh mnirth alii g ueecutlion lihe provision us of tile Ireaty of 1I15, tIle ii.- Therrefre, he shoulld propose lt there lsould he even o
tmanll u it. winl-,gs of gtllul deliht ,-rences of M1I. Ilerrica* wer n e nt uo arrantad ; Lht he eilht sb-comtislies. and iatl they daould aIse ai lest
iA.alii ll.aIr wou ll ty awayh; t ioii.tinrl'l, tillh if IIH-y impdnrilly rt i. niniced Ithe Irtal four days week. As it was necessary to provide for til
AiaI iue colnimk wi a ,y a t heiaty 'woud arrive at the concluion tIhat we were unlavoidable aisenllce ,of nmlialrs... ianl a sufficient nuns-
hiunlid i.y it tou ItLke good the paylmenmeL complained of.- her a,,f imslbers, at Ilast five or iix, would bhe necessary in
l- a ea.ih to ue a cihanlli hIatb brought. lie aitlt on to cilcotendi, thlli tihe wicllraltin esci sub-coinimnttee, it was earcusry e propn Ia noner-
i'.r gravi h.i b.-n mny for it. ille treaty, sanld llth which hald actually talkn pla.ei. ous romunitee, aid Ire should prpow forty-eigllt or forty-
A,.i liho.w whi.- ILve ,.nd jiy I sought, were whollyl dlierrent ; ile treaty looked to a elraration of ine.
iln Ial-l' re to ivn e Iw f rei-will, tile aclusll selarstion was une of necessity and
Ainllt l-alit to hlie, f furre. It was neitelaer assumed onr slulmppu d thal Rusia SU.MAR tA rT flam es.
S.o' A m .d ay contl er i act o spartion ; whyr Lord Ellenonulh made a long peech on Tuaday
h'l.u c'nllll llu ti o. ishe" mleh ally cunltroll ocrar the uct of separation ; wby, lean,
Vill, rtey toi hni olld irrin, oas nuy principleof equity, should Rusma lufer by it might lip ite Subject of this Ireaty.-His objections to il
Al betl:ween lile upriglht min i il private lila and another, may r be sumned up in a few wordis-firol, it is nolt ls es-
so li lliouulgh ii shiouid be lbetw'n two nations. If one trenive in its pirvisions an the Ireaties previoinaly entered
Frumr La .prcflwr of Jamsary -1. pledged himinelfel to the pay.vnl of a dellt to which herrr into with oller powers ; sro,nl, it contains rundilions un
was also a third party, lie thouugh it would Ie highly ili.- which, Shoull Framnc fael inclined, he may altogether de-
KD ATES AND l'ROCEUEDIGS IN PARLIA- i"honurable to take salan Ige of tl I circumstance of Ihai feal its oI)jet.
MENT. iiird party leaving refused to fillil his enlgageulemn, a Thr Earl of Aherlreen made anotll olb)erri.'a,-
legal rian ln for ul.s refusing to full your enga;gemurnl. If neanwly, thal three war not an Eitipi.h as well an a Fr'n.i. I
alt'Ma DIvrtlw LOA. the conmlilions oln which a dlbt l was conirarled are altered treaty Tle Englisl Irrea y, it applearedl, was only a
Mr. II.rrile brougllt lorwarJ, uu T.liurslav, his reo- or broken Jly cirrumetancesl over which tie creditur hal translation, aot an original treaty.
haiNiu Ilise paM)itIIsIl in li'liddlion of di' IaIlln. IIe ino casaroul, did it follow dell the enorul obligaliau of Ile Elarl Grey defeatled fle treaty as it stool, on lir
L g i bta ttilti the grounds uoln wcll the payments were dlebt was also broken I And as I tween nman arid iaun, rounll, that, from dte jelllusu. enlermirned I o Franc,. na
rlgimully s.reertil io- so it ought to oblailin Is.lnwrn ilaliou n ; ai .ull w ld he dis- time iritl of srrc, r it was tie b*we tli ulr .d ha, giot ; ..
Thk r. w.a a!i additional article in tllm convention of lue honI u I .I Iull, in lli tol e awuld i e ldihol..i.lir.aill. il Iie oilal.r; it would, lie lelievald, on tle whole, rantrilhue IIIIste i i, 'r
I Ahl.igul, 1I14, hllicl watl the gruiinoli sk of lur ;tieJ whalt was illally lindinlg t tlie one was orirplly llP'P sion of ll Silanve-TnTrai. With resllpersl t I., Ll
ifagarnent. Thei pll.riible to this ailrlitlionll Irticdl bin.ling in thie lller. Alerdumn's formal objecion, he aid he would inquire in't
mll, tli.inI iln irnler tIle wrhllTr to provide fr ll ufei lI e nt le for i efe I tien went ia ie itory of d s payments as far tie caue of it.
asriacoropu ion of tu Bellgic princes with WIIllandl," as lre was officially concuredl-
ui slagrad that his Orllanrnc lMajesl y shOuld take upona Wihen the question of tho Rusian loan first camne under Aidr e-erT s u Ilydraad.-We pitched cot leitl or
lintand engage to defray certain clrgles. One of hi notice, lie reftnrred it to ie Lda Oficer ouf tle Cruwn, tie bamnLs die luoan Saugel tinLk, and., liortly I.. I
m ,a tlre pa)mIent oul i, lX).l,11. lo Saeden; xe- in murder to ascertain wlilhetr, un.ltr die circulnilmilces do running nay Muiselhmun culume, I ruoetluowa i ., r;
edly, the advance of a,tI1Ul,Nl)il. to be applied, in the came, this council wau ihund l connlinlm the paI)uienl arrilpniei d with a nativ friend, Moidleen Kiian. ',.
*am ilwh tie Prince Sitveiigi uof the .Netherlainds, in uf tihe nlunies paid, agreembly to treaty, to Ruslia en the cruuoed tie river at the Chadur (ihAi, or sliar for l, ai
tili an ieqil tne ino be funrndiled by liinm, towards iug- head it illa s lea t olland ; and the answer ol heo Law entered the cilv by dil g e l"f the i sa ie nr.,. A4 lnli
alrid iIIriavinig thel. defencer.s f tie Low Coun- Offiers was, tiat we w are bound to continue these pay- ileresting sigIht *as nuow urJdd me. Intolue f do l,-I-
tiLhebll, :lly," to biar equally with II.lland asuc i means by the treaIy. of which tie act if Pa liauenI was ed trees and emnpiy house, these were cruaded V. 'I
nr rlitl r iiin asaigiatheag", r ilpn beltiwn lrte iaiid a mere formal legisdalive sanction. In c'narqueie uof men of every caste. colour, and connlry of Ilirlwout...a .
kOc r.ia,rcting pariit.- aid their alli' onwards lie fiial ri, ullninion of the Lw Oficers agreeing as it did wilh Inm The cousaunie., too, were widely dissililarand highly pir-
arlio.I, mitry sallelnmnitl f the Lio Countrie., in union uon., a legal Treasiry clicL was issued fur ilu plyimmenl, i Imrsque: of course the turban prevailed, biu It la of
ih it llI IIdt, and under mlie doulnitien ol ilit Iloose oft cid tlihe uoney was pai. It las bitl eiagl tu observe, I every colour and Ihape; and ide other ve*.nsa were ou
ar'".. i a ulreldiing in Ihe whole tle s%, of J.1,1),- lit tihe noble At ditor ol thie ELcquer dia,, whena itae divers briigb drwn, causing i asusembllge of de people in
i.l, ll deilra\, d In ;rrel-nrita.n." Th'l rieng4ge- latter was fr lirs ll s imtl to la consideration, epresl a i nr-ruble a lied uf tulip. Every uia rso was abl to
lte, i.i tlle .ri,,gnal Fre ch uf the ir.aly, wasi more fur- dmloit whth'r we ,ivloaud It o, riiole tlmerm paynrmint; wield a i or d ha one legirt about his u ies, i od tIle shnl
y jint', til alays in ldars." Tl'.at ilndirile en- n- anitt ground iunls oUn which it a as formed, were silbiiniued to a om Ieing a gerMilly wore, and lime puice beine in elr-
lpIm-1i tlo pay lsch furtimer aluumn fr alad with Hlullandi, Lord li i ares n cvncurn th illIre e, brawl anl l mnlrdeirs are uof daily orcurroac., and Ihe
*Wrure tlstir ruirinuerai o mf theIlir iprvinc wilh : prupriley of tlh alw opinion, and coanmelasnlp iy a itla time people are so arccutIulad to tIes thus they walk pist a
asld, as sa.i.l not. escadl 1.t1IUt1lifi. w.1s reliarle cour-e purluedl h al!l. Treas..rv.-lt wa iue, tlIa in poaul of humn gore, or a dead tidy, in de stu- 1
b ai.leqill ti Weal) to a sper'lic and di.iaieile iasi. sItli. cas a llcs' Ali'lT or It ti Etlrqiiwr a bond to olm t sei eningi iodifference. It is highly dangelouu for Esu-
wassluke that no nmitaike sola:id occur; n ill tir : le'rf urr wsry itn iic italke lison ile llre resi lrnibilily '; ropeans to enter itlhin the walls: th e will certinly gt
hle to tIle .l iralsy *litled, lhi.i wliwrl. Ii saiMidl, bllt in Ihe prires'M, time crormll, of, the wliholi pro- insullodl, amn, perhaps, siol fLum a winow. WIe lraver-
ey lime king of die Ne Sterldnds lhad (Iltr Is, ouun reedlinlg were laplani-ed to LordI (irenville, and con ic- iad nuirmberLM usreeiL wlhe lire le lebrated orienutl aIig-
rel) resolved to proceed iimlllediilely to execute wilI lion prslihrl n ls mind amnii Ial lairir ju nem. 'rTh a wrre I. ifiarece an4lpunduolur. painted i mucch gluoing cua*iu
Elas eror of Ruosia a cnvenioin ; and went on i, ile i .1.Is, whicl L.orl hlikhirp Lid pursued wili r.'spect to in fl Arabian iNighla, were realized. Elephianr, ia
I" lIu which his Hritannic Majljes agree to be a parlt, lii albjei a int ter of Mr. II.lrries's statement, ani foi Ig grIus Itrappinii, were constantly aee parading about
acrlle uf engtaLi'M.inrts taken by lhis Said Males1t" wiliric i 6i f-lt lhinlsilf re.pololuhl. lIe did not shrink in ever direction. The sdups in tida hrsas ginemeial
th6L King of tie Neil,' rllnda., itn 0 coalvellion fromm Ils ilst rlesoonaibilili ; if I. als wrong, lie wasu rie with cluth of gla id el broidery ; heais of cshamer,
IL o re lalt 131 i',e.I, 114H." Thllis treaty), i r is, inilic le aiiitlir of tie (;ovrrnnrent. eIxpoed for ale farming dowig draperies is elsnrs; and
.eirii of Ils.w pauvllem s t Rusida, which were maei Ti di rission thalt enued un Ihe q lestion, was diran he humo of lsomsy thousand voices, and the sighl of io
il*"rr la Hoilland. noi to a tretl lnelth; but the ohervalilits of Mr. Herrias umay turbuhed heail, occasioned i am a ma pleasmnt
Swnt on to r'iark, halt all tile'i respecting aend of Lord Althoell i in, in brief, al that was said bv esritement. Suddenly a houliog c ad nois was Ihear at
Splyneni. wer,,' ,alu .naihl., uie iaiu another, and in rihe several li.akers time llibsiw For the mrnolutimon, msre distance: we turnerl our h os e towrds the qrler
t i i e were b l)uoI to pay in ellal shares within Mr. Frederirk Pollork spoke shortly, Mr. Baring at lenpgh. whence it proceesde. ad aw. rushing towards *, a dark
n lie arca,.l, tl.n a1 would be strange ir f, Mr. lumn si t usopurnnl tr the restlutios, on the usual, ad savage-looking native, his eyes lartiang from their
I lvirermeawd to piy ny share, we should b' gruomns taken ull by lhal renileIman, on all ocession sorketl, and in his hand a blaudy dagger. We prepared
M i ltu rsy Ifr nu glrllirai purpots, IMIt for a Spcirlie when the expenditure of time public money is in questio. for defence, when we observed at he was pursld by a
% Shi 'ilull..."", I nd .lllladla.di, laid ben ioter-! Sir Jance, siarlset swoke on tie question of law.-Mr. tall Musiwlumuan wi-lding a curved sulre : he advanced
l n,. die Itre. wa ti .s eonirred ulJo. Mr. O'CUIonIaII, Mi. G. tLobinsou, ir iEdward Sugden, Mr.. willi hiasy strides after the fugiite, and, cousing up ith

w rs u- a Argus.
1him, 4ell s, h i alcm ms eq nas ,er is eo a thee livelhaoids, in a coustry a caw
him sf ta e k to be tAV apsea ; lo.geghouagh- daSy nasy have been, wrkirs teLe poor; or lhve thay not 5darv
or de hmug-d I in many i n ca .es ver preenlible, yet e admissiio a i
servend:prren d u y = generous mode of dealing, mab u f 41N
Amrday I ,li wish (which laf e sht cr)harg)( their pwversy, nc ams o as unse to a d on" inquire Sa s for
blw ta Sp tis pe rA set aool i toeaer hi accuunt to the as sion a e ; and we do aet suppuie, they have found any anch eobe ,, O
Allahl. The lst ato e theamnlwuawed congtolulatisig tist *' Coloru"an h ale lueses, If he expects that we bie (instead of querulous seoeki of what.
and praising I M li ali NJia a ; rod, on Inquiring nam to permit their sinap be visled upon us, in degrading pica, -no o a al care o whkMd i
the partieulri of slo afryl, *Weore aubl to collreA what Is
the parirclra of tae ay, nrc sale ia coiled ta t ihourselves to a par with their ignorant uffapriing, because Much talk hus been made fa iahe privibm
fsil palaonke, berlaao thea Meuci Mujid, (or Meca foriooh, iheir faihers were poor. withheld. Has any colourqd individualjI
Mrae,) e e thm d famous Nizan Allee lies buried, and While ropying our Editorial, (for your letter, in ita best or sustained injury, fo r4ichar law aimssol
tim ('hr, Minar. or satoway of ie four nminaresl. fie pars, i but a piracy upon u,) you left out your comments Are their propertlds aidpersona, legra iaimbls:l
was c.iasuIed by three Pathan men one of whom held out upon the latter part of-Asyou are so deeply in the of other of Hi* Majaty's subjects? A&ndMe '
hi. lon hand fr tlle pulse to be fe. Whilt peurng secrets of our "worthy Goy liges list are withhld, anything moan dhn
she friendly office, th physician was tabhbed In the bowels lornr, hy did not o- offices, (as Juror, &hc. d..) which give twi he gi
I-v tha, villains, nd, at the arime aeiurnet, received his tradiet uur auerion, thatlhe Ires never yet allowed one of trouble ; od'wheo eoaly sineere, 6 un'nabnduc (,I
rd,.,l;-wound in lli% side from a nsorderer ti thlu olier door then the honour of partaking of his hospitality, nor Ias nuyance. Few menoeill be found desirou of i
oi: ili pilankeen, which thel Iars'rs immediately let IfaH ever Lady Sinylh welcomed one of their ladjes, to her burthe.n, unless from un strong ill wilt oweurdt o,
an li, .1, anul tile iblNli was poural out like water n ihe i la irce," s also our ineinuaaiosl relative to Hls Excel- ic tey are to i h a d dd m ol ib wrhded
snlelct. '.1 Punr inas i.ane. ttenrliled to make ofl' lies in tie sironig handeu mnaner in which seer, wrepu rsl.e l a servant, whli, c illin ol ut that Ith.e lency's waia of revrrenei fur his iriecds, of piebald luy- been taken by Sir J. U. Samylt,--fr i will n'"" L
lee th11' leon w rho head just n:ardere'dl lia mustes, lie ally. Ah," Colorus!" here is holy ground; and hle,the I done wills a bitter grace, time it will he re id ic
yvlnllg Musaslnttun noblenatn, beifre mrentioned, killing it, great veil thut divides brown and white, the Governor marks of joy, whenever it may pleau His ali
hins upper s or, htard. hli, and, slling out inlto the strelt, andii i dupes; ain here, thou liast stopped, for thiy niUet withdraw our present clhiefArlin our lsoirn.
4`Mle 1) with the (mmilives, Find cut Ihein down i %I'Ij\ exslricl are garbled, Is ihose made ily -(;ll
rvi.jati ai wth tli I' his i enald c oat n dhasadwn "iii hi s said unto tihee, "so far iha Ithou go, anld o farther;" iac tirasy ai gnrl me iss a dr(e
c'...i ha. It sens tha Ptthunchtns laOiged to a iru I al- hal v been, a very fair argunrent is to be sdrens b,.i
sn.rss irie, whoa, a wlart time betlire, hlad hetn estmail ad ad a you dared not, with such orders, follow up yoilr nlMole of proceeding, that neither candour, i ell
the city; nail, thinking thai ihe physician was inatru- erercharged feeling, you gave s mlst loyal alout, iulliag honesty, guide the pin of the writer ; and I .oul hilM
naleuil iu proclirilng thlir ianildnien l, ldeny revenged them- over your'face Lao masgqejaoa the while, and- enacting, hope, that tihe same is only assunled, as it i ha a
i.s ona hio af hreeddecrried'. 'ime thrPe bodies were in the aot splendid alyler the of a Bouibsilts 'u- poor saple of the nioral ret itude oTf orm l y rso
nfhirwardis sullsndled from tihe gatie, and pr wuled a cause le espouses.-lhoaw wide, soever, la may culay,
gtally s.pracl .-Ca aiA .hlruinerr: Forget Mr Not. designate the circle" of Bruin's society, ad nep.,
the truth is, that hisa rquhinlance is to he made geern
; .... ...- (GENER4L COURT. in the society of Swafi, Pope, Addison, Sterne, hlk
TIM l R r GE as LF. T Ye serlay, the General Court met for Easter Ternm; eare, s id a Iew otllr authors of l raoe habit; a.d,
wlien, after havhr, been opened with tile ulial firmalities, ticec i% a tratge divesitynll heir genit I, I si
tile -ullo Bills were gino eaOut to tise Grsaid Jor% aand Iliiraica' ii io b)a a caitiapoond of ('oriothian, Ionic, u,[",
.i. llue following dili wer giean outn to l r lurLasd Jurk, o annd C Jllompsite. Ilis ssertions relative to the L.
VWEJiESDAY, APRIL 1 M, I i132. severally returned, as ollows:-- Slpeaker, is as much at variance with truth, as everyol,
i- -p.o -... .. l ilTie King tha.ii lie has niade,-fur that gentleainul's freehllol, is a
Tim brig l. sie, Pile, muster, arrived yeslerdayle, 45 e Grand Larceny-ilri bill. Iarguer tcan any of tie writer's in auense tracts of arl
dys froia LiYi rpool, which who lite on the 2d uhin.l. John Shinle and l.hod, situated in Terra Incernisa ; and tile income ars
ls's foi o lWilliaa Paorins, iniera Ire lm is profession, such as werold make Celres.
By lth polioeess of a friend, we have been Lfavoren will Tim King Asiarali on Alex. B clrhan, one turn whitr, troni j oy, could hI dream of realiaingiu
tl ll u pt d two Liverpool pa .lea o.f tie hlt and 2d of rsj f tr he Nightly Guard"-- in l 4uount, an a capital.
Marc.h,nd im. L.ondon Siu" of tie l9th of February- John 1P. Phillips, Irue 1Ill. I amn, Mr. Editor,
Taaui huiuurila iLsttl'n
the mslt important hten from which, we give in tia Thi King ilt n hlabeli Oliien- JUL U m h'I,
dr.y's ihmporession. ra. if eon poi tins, aef l me a i Baic.
Tise ltforol Dill still drags heavily on, in tie house of Lou Di vallier, trtue bill. .d Valt to I m i.
bua t t gv l L Yrlotiaines Tlr.) ng P.I. Ifyou pimiliT thllis, iT fend mp front may sme, o
(iallanaos w; aut lins, i Voa gicral gaurs, lo am iiitaniis, Kis g o %t UKn bill. nioihly hir hunger, as ihe wouhal Io write Ilriaell, ad vd
irt -rsm whici was iglt cisime tae ago sy the public : aeil J oseph Mitchell, it is oliilie kely, aidle,.e Flae fliar firaiuing mo poor a Ai
ils pa ge thir h rlUe Ilaus of ds, is yetl considered Ti Kig a o lettrre in his d* ifence.
Vl. 1maull--no bill.
-.. .. TivansauLThomaus J. Young, From the London Bna, I"-ebrery 99.
A correspondent of the Royal printer, styling hlinmself Th King COURT. CIRCULAR.
ioew," although we have every aebns to belee e. Assault-no bill. A delmiatilon ol Noalhh'imien and gentlenen covrae
that his colour and uciplexion is that of a l'wV gar-Aill John DulinresquPe, li Jiaillica nirtel on Earl UGreiv y aeerdlay sa t ITo
l,lN" lhs asrlted, dlat a ('Clerg.yalln ua plresuni at ti.. e King ui~su,- ill i d al claon fer ouirldie with liri Lordaihip. The l i
Levelii ( overnnwent Hou, on ie d incIant. W. Williamn Bow, hie I) Duke of ll.rkinehao, .Lord Mi. V ncenr, Lord.n.
admit tlht somie uoieneoiced Leitllemun may hel. as a Johln Shingle and Williadu Pols weie rough up, and ford, r. Irving, I. r., MliMrs. II. (iralon, Ba i.,
.sk-n, drn.pped in upon Hlirl Eceaincy, in order to arraigned ; when, having pleaded not u illv., Iheir lital irihi,. Ivion, SeIon, IR. Mirlhll, and Msr
coanplel te h A mel groups; but our assertion, I it wa was fxed for this day, Mr. Andersuo appointed by tihe Ms rS. IinL. Bainbridga. lonl, anil l alali', Lad t.
originally nlmae, uill lsanndl unonlralicrld, even by our Court Ia their counsel. iniervie-w yaesuoday wills Vi'countI (Giod! lithi, aI e ('
catioihie FIrebraide ;r" four w le asnriaed, ihat l aher AI petil Jury was then empanne'lld, hen Juhn Pline l onial-aifice.
of the Recltor were plrescn," aoim h 'e Uentions only one for an assault uopn All;iander luchan, was tried. \ cr-
having be sic without asserting that the othi er w pre- dict, guilty. 1rom l he Liert.irrr, larcE 2d.
Arot. Oh, Firebrande! To what despicable, to what IIOUL OF LO(DS.
mean luberfuges, will you not resort, to bolster up a all NA S r,' N. P. 16ih April, 1812. Tl io F1 lL
cmau and to pempagate falseIhnd! 'Your slshtlian, under Ta ti Edler of tke Bakama .4rg a. IThe luke of Ruilland prlsental a i.lliop from (.
a copperas hue, an apt type of the haleful pensions ac- i bl Esirn-Thle man I ot would cotllr us if h et hrilg"lii, igre.ii.t Il. 14rl .r.Uso, thur LiinI [ a"'
tL.aing your vindictive mind. Red or white, are yaor wartit afraid, lass began a very able plagiariv.i from tour %hipa for iavi,,g reLued to p.a. ie itelorill Bill l l a
natlal colors, for exlibitiol your mental emot ions; deln, edi trial reumrks, will so iuch writ eallu.ianr, diha I seslsilon, nind prolfelsiig tln'. lels to be in farltn of
why acknowledge o as 1 lul you hale fet ll ale sing of shrewdly sl,|nct he has lighted his lorr l at tie intlie sae ial ild temperate refor, or rather of a lrevisin ef
c ln .i arrse so urce iaI Firebrapde ; nmllre particularly as th e igni- present relrtisenltative syvstl'. Ills Grace ead tit i
an Arroww" snaid write ouer aitls .atir illebiaiee ust tnion is only iatesded with afaikereng glae. inieagreld will thi pelitione'r, and tida if w ill
writhingly I Your rconparisons f yolr sible ronfederacy, lnyth i gav the word. the glastring arrow sped, in pruogresls lithro thie olter Ilhu-.l lhich .lla i ll
ilth ies. o the t oenall.ers of hli A.sselbly. are only in Asnd luial.' Ksaoul are nulmbred wall the delad; he beflrl their Llnrdshi in, did not difi'r ver'y i.l.eU~U
unin with your practid and Itabitoll lo k of sulli ng Ira dalil all, their withers keenly wrung. hoth in its prinriplis alt details ifruo ihlla of tsint n
ism pel ly, whe n yec are 'lp nu inbto a dileain y yofn Las bbrs e cuiretklir 'd cckroachesut on ne trig are hung." le woukl give it thie mii stl dl.'eterminedi opposiilu i '
bla lilyr when dyoire lhul inllto a dsihpnu by y'our i mThe truth of tluabove I ilay asse rioil,ois isunleniable, as poi oer, since Ivn wasn ronvincdll that its paslinaig wuld
ulapempoisiing, arefaced impldence. 1 the disciples of time Brrin school" hlave always eviaced a al'eI pareparaoryV in revolutialn. (CAhers.)
JIse'myc oCf any trade, are not deemed upon a fori- the most profound adiniralion fur the virtues of our "Sevesll bills were then forward edl a slage, a#k*
ing .wih t masters ofr their ciaft, bi Englihi nrie l v worthy Governor," a well as soliciludlJ fur a laig share Lordships sadjnlurneri to blod y.
and your Nllid ie er, will.iut in idious;" to be of his salmy comn tenvs ; iaid would, a Der fore, u later all Bristo Ri.ts.-Te ntene of C.urt ill
which, if weare to believe )uu., is against your inlentioo. ,th pangs of jealousy, when they usaw -tnaselees tbied Caplain Warrreloon wasll, that lle bce of is re.l hd
Your laolice, iealiem, and falseiow, are oif asch rle i of is bcins th tgil h agency os dense a boe a. Co"ar on sCeveral grounds rerommeinded I to. m"
Yourour pnclw *nd ltul that of that culad col ai ttee, Ianlong the o n ec r j I I1l lrjpy hs salruvd tihe sen Inhe 5l o1 i
alliance, that, ho.rve yu ray disavnw one r all. they their aloration with an eclipse, in perpeln, and eaing n1o1 ,,. l t-he rec as apla tion to las > lle,"s
are lou essentially a pall of your menial consilttionI, to tem oly Il aright to guide their gropini lnii 1 tlain rrincIgton to dinpoe olf bh ciaomi giuo Ii
permit Y- .cceflly. either 10 lide their curtl.aakep, loyalty to our CWonch overeign-such uliguiled alec- out. gton to dispose of his
or to m garnish m oer uir nal distort and d i tio i for Iis p eron-could never do otl lrwis O in i art th
oravns h rwilh a Coloram;" and, with tie enthussass of a Roa! Small Bill Rtauampl.-W are not withonit hievlC
In ecin upon the h Acres, exclaion We exult in profuesing that lovihly, in t l nw new r ranement of the slnlp Ihaliie', hichl ala
In rlecting upon the while parents of the cloured which we feel glowing in our hears, and come tie day oi to take pIr', tle C('hancellr of the Fxchequer, alo let
ipopulohice, for neglect of their lfspring, and altriibuting trial ahenIl it m, [evell under E:-Oircio proceu]. tigc Iglr to he interests of trade, will so far reduce doe
tio them the low dgrdtiol in which iht spring clam 'foreign aggressor, or thi internal foe, lshlall like lou d us r n hill stanlps of a low denomination. an to enble
ais now placed, and ieaati in hn icg thair ipirne. while preparvd tIo give full proof o ur a;legiance;" e r to draw hill., nlt exceeding tw o montlh date, on N
e sow pml, sod in isitig thsie laeoesv while Aod wretches. hang. that jllumen rally ine." i n tleir haska'r, far saias o 5s 10, 15, is, ir ,l-e aisr
mak It w o, of cor ,rei ino .f If), 15 2 ") OF C111 r n,
nakia gyh rchrge, we have, of curs, received what To he lon,daeful,and uom astat ementol hcauseio at an expense as low, in proporlion,n as rl whir
an adiiu of o assertion, and wat i .i truth, I- poverty ng i e oloud ; and its being ta a hund ir pounds bill. Ti would increase r r
rn uverlible ; Ierefore, our remarks, rernlve to want asserted to have its origin in iu ioin, injustice and' hting medium in a species of moaineyc tlral iu,'stii
of education, are jnt and utiio: and s t remarksmlie, is a country where thae* w i held r power, str e"tllh by every hand it ,oaed llhrough, andl b'00
oIn directions hang so ronnecelly, that. in admittinr aour bd tihe will to keep down heir efforts; I woid ask cash at da fied peri l.-lerds Mercr y.
gr (ni lm un(, as e o n t es entiel parhant, fulkm -in e C whence do au r few, who Ianrs e nvu h in a II ELAN% ID.
prFni's h ima hea n"t olstris, fai derive haeir'al aIve Tlltv aquirgesd e" fanaslof uleo Ant-Reform .lno i"'lr.-fhae sd Irs" of l. cli-
Mr. Flh mude, at iolru," of alU your vWhei. nsmolerate coanlUr, by beacli ew oi llh ol o .r oc.l I ra Inl o I),llllln ti, Il.a rrp Pl,.litIinI Plalw '
,sI*wBralag. .lave larclnies, or the aciauh'reltlif th: haiahsiw, foIald UosTriiiaeail aIa uunjiil and injiuliOs to Iml P"lrnlal

-- ~liL-~CT~Z~~~-C~-~ -~--CI L-

lst Malgamxa Srgas.
bing efleed. W. elsewI have *a d t hat the sper
hclar tiu gale mude t nigt in the Heaes of LanI of
e Prime Uliu r, widt the paitiave Mmanoae de tha paee
( Europe would he maintained. wpid have had the *elet of
nprovlea the marueti but iltis w out th e se, being thwat-
d by easi. ma touog oirlarl to those obsecle it
n way of the o the Reform Bill a the lHoseof
ordn. Thi h RTe weight be w 6r Peeth s pmret.
In the Foreigl mauet lintte atin es. a -
Consu l at premet BU 80 1- ter Moeey.
Haf(pat O.-The fluctuation of this accenoa being a
riling, no failures are expected to trat place, but money is
care in the llouse, and it is a Bull Account with 5-19 con-
inre. Consoul tuay be quoted at present at 1-9 for money.
nd st ,-4 for April. Up to the present hour we re wrnh-
ut repon.' Or anly olilical iil'rmation of" lotquenre. Don
'edru'.cxpemlllln is at presnt rlse Itopic ul coleroantlon, and
I is expected tlal Madeira wil till willihou much resistance.
I is expected then will be this ninht a 1rand struggle in the
louse ill tie debate uo tlle Ieform BilL 'The Forelgo mar-
et i void of the least interest.
There ui'dclk.-Conuol 68 31-4.

Suddenly, on Tuesday alternoot, in the .18tl year of
ecr age, Mary Elilabeth, consort of William Farrington,
lii Pliladelplin, in Ih month of November last, Mr.
)Jvid M'Dunald (a ativ uof this place), a.d also, a few
laIH alfer, his wilt ; leaving a fnaily ol three children.
On Sunday last, Mary, wilh of lBenjamin HIllie,-ua
Iriet, uselul, and inoffensive woman; whose exremplury
'ondurt in life, flordod an exampnle worthy the imitation
Io all her acquaintances.

Cj? Erery person abnut to leavr the lIlarads, after
tlring rrsidrd thrrcin for the sarce OfTIIRTYa UDAyII, usJ
give security at the Secretary's Offe, or put hpkismo in
said ODfier frrrtrtms irvs prerimos to his departure-.f-
Crr which, at any time during vour-vriTE DA s, a Ticket
way be ,btawiad.
1illh Frleruiry M.nida Wall
111ill Alle Turker
17h ** . Alexander


To-mmw, Thlrada, the 19t iafnt,
At 10 OIol A.SL
Wiliomld '
20 ca.ks and B bairels superior Windward Iland
1 ltrroe Arrow Root.
Teinr-CASH on delivery.
April 11th.


On Monday, the 7th May,
AT THu vENrDUs OUa1,
At il O'lak.
Will be sold
The following Slaves and Lands, belonging to shestate
of the late Andrew Seton, without reserve, and ian rder
to close the estate :
That delightful comlry residence, known by the rme
or WIltron, ituuated on the eastern elxtrmity of this Is
land, with barns, carriage houses, horse gin, sud every rt-
qluisite to enable the grazier, or cultivator disposed to par-
chase, to derive immediate returns from his purehae.
It has been long notorious tbr its orchards, and the supe-
riority of their fruit, as well as their variety of kind ;-it
cunpriws 747 acies of land, (or thereabout,) eclaive of
four acres and a half, partly within the lila thernl, b-
longing lo the King; on which there Is a battery. Boom-
derie:--on tie west, by lands of John Andersn Es-
quire; and on all other sides, by the se.
That tract of land siltouad in the Eastern District of
this Island ; bounded on the north, by the property of
Jem Eve, and eight feet opon Shirley-street; on the east,
by land the property of Robert Budler, Equire; Ba the
uouth, by lands of Mrs. unch ; and on the west, by the
lIts of Richardson Saunders and George Armbrisilr,

tllh Casi l Evans
Ituih i vllanu I. IlHamillon AL<80-
kl EIs.Jieth Hullivan That lot of land in tli, E.ilern District ofthi aland;
titll Esther Robinson hounded on the south, by Shirley-street; on the ast, by
oit April Chrtaoopher Donathan lands originally granted to Thomas Hodgon ; on the wet,
rh Margaret Chipchae by land graatd originally to Mr. Alesrader ; and -
S- I i the north, by the eastern caueway. This lot is wIl n-

drained at a considerable expense.
AaBgaaBf^ rufo j. a I ALSO-
That lot iif land iltsitle in the Eastern District of this
PONT OF iNnAI', P. Island; fronting on ltay-street, to the north; on the
O n .. .. A eastern causewayv, to the south ; to the east, by lands
oiginally grated to Thomas Ilodgwon i and on te wer,
ARRIVED, by lands groited originally to Mr. Alexander.
April 16th-Am. sloop Enima Augusta, Fulgham, Key ALSO- 4a
West Tint extensive grass lot, situated in the towa of NM-
Flour, &c. asl; bounded on tie east, by Eau-stre ; on the wen,
to II. Ga I nu.Lan & Co. hv lot and premises, now the residence of the Hom'ts
17th Brig, Pile, Liverpool W. V. Meanings, aen. Esquire; on the north, by th loss
Sundry British Goods, Wares, and of Mr. Frencis BHon aad Mr. W. Ramom ; and n the
Mercliaundize, &. h, by Hill-sirmst.
South, by Hill-street.
to Jons Tunnoron & Co.
CLE tRED, The following Slaves, feld haeds, via:-
April 16th--Big Juno, Ruuell, Liverpool Bram, driver, Sue, his wife,
-IlHnnah and her children, vis. Jane and Heory.
SAILED, Kate and her children, vi. Ro adm Margaret,
April 15th-Sloop Bob, Tenioon, Mobile Dolly and her children, viz. Cynthim, Hete, and

In the hrirantine, Ifrio Livelpool:-Mrs. Weech
and Child, family of Mr. George Weech.
In tine sloop Bolt, fur Mobile :-Rohert Wier, Esenire,
SLady and fImily ; Miss hitter, and Miu Weech.
I -'- ^ ^
TIIE SIBSCRIH ERS ivn qualified as Adnini-
triaors on tlit estte of Jstmph Tlhoimpon, de-
Si-sul.d, request all persons having demands ajginei tile
said estate, to present the saim d.ily ntte l s; and thise
indubleds tlhefre, uto nmak payment.
April 17th.
On Tuesday, the fiftientl day of May mect,
At 1s OC(lork, (Uoon,)
Will Ib sold or Rented, for one year, to the hilheist bidders,
The purchasers for utimin vyeer, may rontinoe in
Sthe pinsession of their qs.lctive Pews, for the term of
three years, at the price.they may pnrchae them for, by
payitnt annually, for the same, to the Clerk of the Vetry,
previous to the day of Male.
By order of the Vestry,
April 11th.

Ned, and his wife Ilebe,
(7' The above lands sold free of Dower.
TERMS-siu months' Credit, on giving approved so-
April llh.

A meeting of the Inhabitants of hrist Church Parish,
is requostie- on Monday, the l3d instant, (Ieing
E'aster Monday,) in the Church of the aid Pariah, at
12 o'clock, for the purpose of making choice of four
person to serve as Vestrynen, for two years, in the
ruoos of those whose term of service ill then have es-
pired. By order of he Vestry,
VIeatn Room, 3d Apiil. 1832.

A meeti ofthe lnhabtants of SL Maulow' Parish is
n-requetd on Medavy, the 2ad iman, Bingg Eauter
Mondayy) in the Church ao the emid Parish, s 12 o'clk,
for the purpose of asking choice of fea pmous to m rve
as Vstrymen, for two years, in the aS of thie whe
erm of service will then have eiptred.
By order uf the Vestry,
V\'esr Room, 3d April, 1142.

8ts ulamSa rgasal

s ma '# a s-L ,-- Si. h of Poesars No"t sad Rossa *cllintio 1I Why,
Tbht s .sell= Ifh did etwme, rI made mepl of tdma roLiLfo Iam
Pbt, he'k- madiadgtsl the sh b ny "any general oraswepinig m-
fiun lth eINI VbWMf a l r; lut thnt Changes Isn to ,be lowly aoaiplalml during
S oe s of a ot i Ln center by doie ailj t ises of eli liidual
dmooi la ~Jli 1 ee of wii tey will then 1 yut s'L. h bause ito amthol that the po.-
unistleed i~of ta i e as l s .u e O ily for woia e msited not to s inhefa but a adviaced Of ci-
lmdi.ury Thi art e apasit wbe fa o rly toe vilisamino ; and thJ hde C lily i ditared e c ul hbtain
"d 'hite h L eladedaItd in lover e mll s m lidst o l from ie violence. whlirl an uacient
mtas imhmdliaten ds fi oS l csit ews which hate am highly-cuthivata. ma of re.6tnaent uffurded."
base raised is Is a ofa Plartl*el se isJlurtly tiatif).
WI at ithe Ws-lndmiat complain or, and what threal- THE LATE LIEUTIEN NT'COLONEL
em Mck deolabl cma encsmoe l tlm whole Eopiri, B 'I'ON.
ml1l. Eltr9inw asd prilous precipitance In forcing
oIwl tnM nI, er The odlicnumnea odr eonrmous burden Licu. Colonel Toma Blerretou, late Inspecting Field-; so i. the cotitmusnea m'"ormttboot.b ies I (C- t e t i
upoln their preMaure, at a tlite when dte change i m v. ol-U oi r of the Brislul district, was tie descuuddot of sit
IlI' of mtonea and other causes, leav e ntode them inrte .ncient nd recpect.leb l family, and was bran in King's
with anassoaplel vaity aupun heir inlltrv. The real t yuiy, Irelal, un um 4th of' May, 1782. In the year
danger, whicl h excited so much torrmor trouh all tIh 1797 PI went as a volunteer to the Wesa Inlies, with himo
Womai.dia itlndm is the incsant r efforts of Govern- uncle, Captain Coublan (now Colonel ('.Cghl(n), of time
m.*nt. and ig ormat ndlrivualh and soiri ies, to inlerlin. 451,i Regin-nt. O. the T51hof June, 179l~. he olbtiood
with tlrman.lague. atf thme al e, il thaiewlthet'ir ini- an Eusig~nry in lr Sle W estl Ildia Heginomnt, and was
esliatn errly esnaciUtit. Thi anger is inllminilelt proumted to the rank of L'Tulonanl In the salte corpl on
auIl ecesivie; it pl)ons tbohe d l ir at e.ry uan's ti r ; I l Ie l11 o July, I ThMe Su1 Wost-lIoldi Reioten
ald appralmlass the torch to every huml,,oe hle.atien. W', we reduced in lot, an d in A l. I 3, Liout*ennt
o spiaabise with the dangr of ulcit charges: Tim Breraonn woa appointed to tihe d Wet-lIndia Regimenti.
procul fan the sainm spirit if rash, ignomanl, lI inpse On the 2A0d of April, 114, he received a (Captaincy in
m t iveorip aumlea r which England is now L flerim, tie Rya.l Africau (Corp, and being siaralted front it,
pewrlv *I hvns, wltb the dilitence, that tihe danlr i erved in the inve graie in lle Royal Wesl-ldiua Ran-
.serrtlr mtfll ties hre, jt in uopourtion als l pssioin. ers, of whicl ctr s he became a Msjor on tie 15ih ol
areas' vinenl, and ru m khI powerful, ander a tIrui- '.,rc "', 1810 is.l r rai". l I Ihe rank of Lie ue"t'
col 1, sai asm PA olwer.d population, than unl.r Culone1 of hdw RBoyal fricas Corps on the 2 th of July,
e clntody mJ rs, uad naidst the from inlabituats or 1115, and wans iruferre, in Hle tine capacity, to tie
.itldl iami'idl .* R elgimtenl on the l2th if August, 1819; lu time Hoy-
Without vierwimg ts situation or nornl canpcity of Iha. al York Rangers on thie ft of' Filbruary, 111H0; and
peogb, ihe slnhjmct eossa bIugru tll.nm connecte.d wi o to the 49thh l-tentf Alunnat, 1821. lie
Aion riges and libMrlie so drer to Englishmun, and futl lwene Insloecting Field Officer lort ll Bristol district by
whichltry bon fre tm n earliest lws tirruggled wilh thl;iinue w ll Liuilenamles-Colonel Daniell, on tle 191'J
femlall Brms.s mad .AriMtocacy of ite country. It Eng.- f"' Jaly. IIll. Everyv stp in tile course of Colonel
t*oI lim nmaril of imind end tie program of eluctial, lt "re'o proleusiuual elevation was obtained willout
have been granluslly p nrprinl the people for the change purchase.
whlih lhee taken pare in thlir p.litcal rertalmine, oil li Colonel Drereton wat in the service of his country for
lsnrmwa f kInowl i while it ends to render them a for- abol" 34 years, lhowv 1 uof which were .peul in Iropical
aiirdale branch of h Conmtilusin, a the rame tline con- cli"mates. 'Fro the yer 17W7 to 1IM he wea serving in
trmile and moi'-lims the exercise of ltha power which tie West-nldies; fons the spring of 1803 to It4M in lr-
wolld oterwiur bo iatlnesl. to tIh .Silale. Tie rdescrip- island of Jersey ; from' IM14 to 113 in lle Weso-Indi.s ;
ein of Iavery. sad the views of rid more Ihinlling and from Il8b to 1116 m ithe wel coumt of Alrien ; and fr1nt
Chlri-.ian loir of tlle i iiish public im tie atmbjlt, caseinol 111M, It March, IN42, ila ie Cape of Good l(Iope. 11.-
be oaim., accrrarely idecriln d than in tlhe following eatracl "wa on full imy as "at ellircr :l'r1 years and 1fur montllh,
froe Ilhlaekwel :- aand on hmlf pay ior two yuars and a i1aterlr.
Whou we My allal is msc a dreadful evil, w. In 'Ihe routine i active service, Clounel Brerelon was
alwJa liwae teurad es whmu slavery wioull lhe, ual.oilulsh engaged atl tie aking nof eil I)d.lisit and Swedish Wet-
eJ is a caiilismul country such as Ihis, wihre law is eta- lundia eti6oenls. I1 m1U4 he acted tinder the commandil
Jbs.bidl. ilodi re.laesl, violenamrerur mnld, ual indu- of Lintuenant-tGeneral Purdon and Colonel Forbims u.
4ry pfunectel. Tllt it lh source l. tlie rreeu, eonurn iu djulant I the t l'I l-lndia hbaalion, rined tie de-
p.lilicsl ih.ough ; we inegimiue, wihhnM Irill awnre of it. ~ mon of tle islandlof Jersey. Hle was upspuied Bcriuade-
thal ltme rCmlmiiou of the people i, utller Sltate is similar Maje* t ill rlativre, Blridiier-(eoeral Brertolo, when
to wlmt u inma our own ; sl this bIeing dir., the Iulab- (loveroo of 1the slandl ol St. Lucia, in March, Ij45,
qirnl c ncrnluMns run upon wleels. Rut if he would ctirmerIv view the condition of tlw niapprolpiatled poor in Er"'pe, early in Il7. In 1t)9, he was at the capture of
tie rly staenl clrviisatiol, their condition here i Itn e r""i nniue, under tim command of LiCul. oiueral Sir
'1tlkn Lt s a portrait, hut ai a central. DmeitUle of Uelorgw DeckwLilt.
prt-irctin., elpmss u to npiipne. murder, and vimolre, un- During time year he wa appointed Biig.slle-Major t
bkl to prwlt a funl 4a the aminterance of old age. Mlior-Genernl Wel, and held thitl rmk at the taing ol
-imihtt a m-ht fur their mdm aryv.oran lemplover to fur- e iudalop in IMIO. Placed in cummnind of the left
inmb lheo with m ted, tien m speadily parish, or gvr wine, ih proceeded with it to the Colony of Surinam ii:
Wan p"aial Chkieuains helml interts in their pr"r- I 1811I; ia rew m.sovedl Iese to Ih gaurrison uf Mount
arn, k ginia bl*n a right of rop seo ia n their labou. Brue, Duoiniqjue. lnd returned to Europe in 11n:), i,,
Slui awy ll ml sa abi tlmiy iason ril, t in li Now ea. "cassel c of iU healtis, nd lbe injuries her sustained froin
atid I Mnt of ithe world, sla.erv, or theil i propn It hurricane tlut year. Subtequentlyv sen out as Lieu-
in ll laleOuring po.-r, has lo established when suci.l lensunt-(uvere nof Io nadmllemntnit and Ld'-ar ison of Si-
e istd in jit is ors." hneg'al manI Goree, on ite west coo of' A.frcn, Ih rnelurna'i
TI suejerlj i amply snd ably discued b ;his wrilr, to Europe, in con*seqence of ill lhealh, in I'.*cnmber,
lie on lbje Tis plrti had allyw i hitiar wm r er, 181C.L In IIM he wi-nt to de Cape of (God H op, snil
Son Cololst s topics llhe lowse hms.alf a firm friend was placed by Lord ('Chirks S tnerau in coummanund of le
'r.l. l* of thely Fln. rioclkt oam F c EC nin Itlite n i ga on upon the frontiers of lsn Colony. 1 lonmiml-..
l'r11e dinr t inna he im, which lenolutla France wal candy rcallud hi to Euope i Mare h. 11'9; hut Ih.
loeeling tfi nnina wch r nerald France a atrmin pr, ocered to tle Cape, as Lieut. Colonul of lthe
shesw wiru h o as the ust' -r htetCo to sal uCl imt liisd Ino- 19th iReinuont. He wean in command of the garrison of
wla'in. i he was n atmo yianns to and suunity, wkicsd ape-Tuwn. until relied by a senior oiarer, Colonel
e0ulm Js., ke cms lfhr i jhy mn saodnul slhqwh l Npnier, in 11o2, when he obtained permission to rturnw
pri'rcestum cr t lig lt is the soak lainm he o aswqenf io nglland on private afira.
6arrurs arease we, which all the ope no support
o!' ti*s rineipln. The rtempln, however, wa nowt Colonel Brwrn was nmrried in London to Mi.s Olivi
of >IIFI-cit *vail in a camnlry and amnIg a peuploe who ."uas, wh dile there nears ago, reavin g limno two daughter,.
Iel swn and tried sri pmern ior m prorrv of the Fnrlench 'e hr on 1the 2l of bay-, 1826, and the other on td~e
Rewhaeg uilt it isimandy a; in lUad, as peIate d of Octuer, 10t28.
kasurdl which has evsr em eadmi the agitation of tie like The only document which Colonel Brerri.n is maid In
uo-aures. Its reulsnt ou hater experience have been Ihav wrillten,rr he committed rte act which kit his chil-
llod tii -a- and if the final end hso n hee similar, dren desitle of patrnal prote-tion, i a letter in which
it is to be arilulmnd to the emrly and prompritude whicl he reconmendeld he orphans to the nre of hi unclear,
Im, checked thf nesbi in hit bad. Colonel C4tias, so officer of 43 years' standin., who
The ihvrrsion of emallsned (ioverimenta, or of ihe has suslined ourr than one honourmble war" in hearing
relations etw s o indivikals,. eppiarn to have formed no a commission ondrr ltree British Srvernicgn. Tie letter
part of he Cl~r Dirmtionl, and it l ea ti to n o Colnnel Cghlen wm confined to tie consideration ulf
il'nt workinp d agew, ad Mo the msere operation the matters of a diomenic character.
duotrinm wh i promnlogad. to bring ni thing to that Among ti documnnls collected by Colonel Brerleon,
fh s of t "e whom bmherly kind mu mie ld beenime with a view to his defence, were teInmnonal from the de-
the setUishe d goveanmntt h tween man and man:- ctar d Oernealh B.ovrrs endl Sir Thoama Trigg, frmni Sei
u"f imr dia t* e aMipall fr aIvery, or its abo- (G or .Beckwilth, Sir Chirles Wesl, Sir Jdohn KePiu-.
Ihiie in Isowary age of civilatio, had hten inlend- and Sir llerber Taylor. There wa also a teiinmnial
ed by Pmroidence, or demred coinsle with hunmo wel- fmom Sir Henry Torrens uniler whom he lead arte S a
fare il t nr ars, why was it MF coammoouaiU d to nmn- Li touist-Colonel of the Raysl African Cu,rlm; and a
kind as th Tower ISlaell.r midtehithelmd of Miunt letltw from him ite Royal l pl s the Duke of York,
isal I Why i w e r iglo & L" dedUed mqldlky o which reconmoduld Col o n li the parnicalar al-
Imhinad ila sta l of Heave, sad mw hadl uhiltnis y tea s of Lord Chabte Smi. lhme Governor of tlme
ias isc the ia al abalim oe f dvery, by ihdmaecian Cpe of Good llope.
Ste hom em I f dur e higien m a of anriemt The ifelinn of Colnnl Breretan were ewnrmm, hi
vrililtion., the of I Cic sand Aupgai Why was i martin. liberal; and the faill i.shnau. by which lhi fiends
cradled, noi o n til frustIe6 of civilamten.n rot amidst bear Iave hern plinetgl hit the dearpet aliruin,. has not only
biamlros tu bin the centre tf refineeme ; mildwy depriavie his children of a foaht 's flrtering care, but ol
bhelu ur E ytitaein Icarning and t liianm tatle, ao d t con- cIr) lling tlht night be tinl sle an inde lnliii.Ln s..

r~c F-^ r-l.n--_- crc

7what. ad ssm om of W A
rI nga dSot ms a n P tltl, I -t i
o7y. nd bhfom I rtwned lo othe Mukh.t.Z dl
I wu riuitd by eubsidkble trihe of the
rienoJs sod deirous of ranbkr n qyuDiaiw asIl
d,. d ti = y -gI (l them ." wred.
slso Ume tohko., of Thick they le m
presented to ech mo a tomahawk. J I
it.) which ths prias sboae oil hig.
food of bhicuc. bread, or udor, which ikhey Sls
ithes usb, in te me mi nser a they see a 1
but the article or fod which appears dlin i :*
is the holed meal of ladian corm; and. nl IIJ a
romled in the ashes like heosetnutn: ntf L r
ordieately food, a woell of every tig wi t. O
KreeN irtm m lin Iliu b-g II
it: thki thry cu inlu piece and boil im w*lr(
this liquor Mlil Ihey omiomeim becole thisi f
Ithey ae si ry blown out, like In el in eloveanS I
more. Herio, liear 1 walto fl 'wd s
llinti which were mona to heir tlle, I tfino A_
Provided with Ihee im my return bre. B l 'f
Strphens, I intimate to them lhat I lioukl nm l
a ** ceiihos" (lrege) ship, wilh a mirrw y"
while people, aind murny lounornl hinges feor o
Upm Iihi they let tip a great haout,. anl emll to
biutaerosn pleasure halt scho.ilboyu do whalen **
very agreeahle treat i promisdld b their mueate. Tl i
muid to get me" murrt lousanil lbark." .. "O'
masemas." "Plenty blamo prtllow. mo an: g els tI
' w Tre,. pour. pive ntory (Ihree, lour, live day.i. S
of bark tor while peilow, Iuse." Yoea I I o'T
" 'e look out forr corio whi, nn ocurbae weus I.
" We lee. (see.) niaNt." Wo look oul." "rW l1
I hark." Aller this c hatterel namiin tliehmirahe, hi
incessantly, aliI appCeretl iverj. eild at whtl w 1o (a,
then give Ihem a ugalr-bait illl s mine ugiur, sld n is.,l
to boil it in. They iore these oil in trioniih Ioihilr ,,
few ninls only trum my lent; ant. illrn elr?,.r ar"' i...
pared, they to inform ute ltlal he) -iu ,
currulry. (dance.) if I would alltw it. Asl Hi, h
rled to them that Ihey might dJo what ti-re i..._
male as iiulrlemle ire of ltrleil wool. nl .el th rt" pt.,..
hag by the ider f it. I therredl itrm all u i rn f Ri I,
irnmp for a shuor lime ; hild when tl me retunlf m i.
figured different parts of their It.ay with pie -cl; ,I .
curiuolu nd even ianilsonme sl.inrer. 'thlie. i cSi
Istrighl lines firm the nnklee oi, eo f tIhe i. hi l.1,
them appear, by fre-lighlt, iif Ihe) hal hs. lu pk.kmes,
Their IsHc. bha been rubber wilh red eanrl, like kir: a
their b eairs chalked wilh nsrpCisenn liesa, islntLend oe
dote. &c. They werr perferly nkeil, au Ihre alls aw,
ail in tlii slate Ihey began lu ruiruher.i or d uw. Aial.
wilh a woman, or ltw, act ar lm*u nics l, bh lrlltikqtncs.
itgelliCr anud singiKg or ha hluig a sulg. which I asw sill
ilc4qribe to You : IIt i %rtellly in half lone., eledmlMg oe.
imnPi very high nnd loud, a..d then ldesce linK ei s a l
fiuot tit llk ia iinlhlin. Th dlancMe ik e tcel-luel sm..
lut the movement of the limlt is such nol EoKmui l
perform: it is r.ire like Ilr limbs nuf p.lrAulM hLekiw
when net in multion by a string., lhan an)ling else I rello
ul. T'he) tulnelllue cllunlr plhie from Iploiyrlrroll s.
crmliumaie sinmltluii. and then lull oil Is pain t: vol matil
reluru. wilth nrrsuih anldour, in i phaldlb uf luItr mla
dle*p. Lkerping up lier harleq(ui-like mlouin *logeIhulkluri
hbsl linme losible, and uiMing s noes wllh thea iasI
.. pro. proi, prn ;" whih change scurr eltrly Itos gis
like Ihe kangain. uf which it i. an imilulion. adl M
o ullik' rhtl of m pil. Their eye erre all tl rmenst ro ,
and, when I laughed and appeIred munchIIpleMsild.Lq .
waln their Cnoltiou in plhaluin., sil ridsed Ihe nilm a pa-
puoetio. till Ihey were tirel; and ilt an in*dta, IkI 1me
their backs ad disunited with a loud lhoul. hwbt gudel
turned inlu k heurly laugh.--lmrm o th orat l1&
A ruaterlia.

A LL PERSONS having danltis la eifis* Eob s
of J seph Suunders, lae ol the IAi d -m

l 4' lllte Iouly allnlse ; awl a iJo indebted it t* id
lutae. ar' I; kewiM r' mncul, al lle a~ui(C of (. P. Wcawt, Enuire.
T'llIOMlPU .SAUlND.ERS, Ewzr.t
April W2.

T lIE sil DSCRItIE imrving rchel tie WrII rd
Scllncrnu Of tis- lateu Elia J. Sil.tion, i eit
I..tility to thuw ho Mill iiliulbtel to i F '*
tlIdt unk'i their mnaocltive ilinmndJs re" .rt
vios Tr llKi 1oa thly will Ie platml in the latm '
an Al[orm..y-l-Law, fur irte.r'v .
I. NM. SOLOMON., F.'u''"
M.rch 31.'.
XL'uMA SALT, ,orsale at 15 ri-t" K .
Apply to T
At 1.sir
Frehntrr 41k.
IHiE .Sl'BSCRIBE.RS.oli. lor sale, blyl p "t
T gain.
6 bll s. choice Mnailira Wine,
44) dhrnan do. dii. do.
lill 1 din-n ilt. TP.nMriiff' tin.
I trimk (;,nlkt'nitn't SIn'os,
2 blu Dinner Sets.
Decemiwr 241th.____-
I Tlei choice of 2 Lils of L*aO, ith i
iu iliiimn and inlpmveontrit tIlmrm, nti, j
Prince's street, gi.nirall% known by the loa, or Cmpiiil'. H.tW. .l .
For Terms lid other plirticultl., aPply 1O
crhers. IlEsRY (;EE::NSLADE ('A

NMrc 3ad.

- -..,Mdd

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