Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: April 11, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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u BI4N. 6 d r. Editr. )VEDNESDAY. APRIL 11, I D3. O1. V I- o. LXXVII.
1 Il UA1.\ ARGU.. we transcribe tiea following anricle Iron the Jamaica Cou- in these tropical reuins, unekr tsm rays of a artical Me,
rant of Nov. 1, 18l1:- it may sully be concluded dlat such a dipoaitiom comcl
,s,.l..miEU .I amr.-wa .L IN s a u, t. r. The period bas at leth arrived when the repe- not have arise, in oppos.ii, to such interests without
gt dollars per am a a.l. mintatives of an oppressed and deeply injured people have soim great and overwhelming cauer.
ih Dotllu Iar k V l nmet t in council, to deliberate on the civil and political But if tie separation of the West India Islaandl flro
-- economy ; and, like pilots in a storm, to consult on the this country is perilous to them, it is for mil so to the
ioans most advisable to conduct tie tempo t-tolt bark mother state. They take on' annually twelve millions
through the billows of rn agitated ocean.-Looking al wortli, or nearly a ktird of the whole Bliliash export .
tie conduct of dme mother country to er colonies, we low is this vast and growing market to be preserved, if
dare hardly give expression to our feelings on the occasion. our sway over tlhem i destroyed 1-Will the Americans,
Whalit have we in return froin Elncland for tihe immense i those jealous commercial rivals, who have taken auch uains
duties received upon our produce-tl e vast benefits de- of late years to exclude the B ritish, and favour their own
. -- rirved of heir industiiousns rians front the alaI exclusive manufacturers, allow us to retain a monopoly of the West
PO TRY. supply of British manufacltures-lhe nursery 'ornled her India market I Can it be preserved, amidst the ill-hei
d.s ealen, that formal tlie bulwark of her national ilstence, mour and mutual exasperation which as atte1 pt or com-
TIF IlRICE CI.OLSEID EYEI. besides tile t health drawn from the wealth of tile colony, pleie separation must prorluce The thing is obviously
'lme ree was rclimed, snld caine the breans- to be lpent in Britain by our absentee pfrprictors and out of ile qlueslion; anid England must make up its mind,
'lwas slr--the weary w4a* at rest. miirltgageC'e 1-IIi, beggary, ruin, and disgrace, are lie if it will iinlis, by rash anti absurd legislation, upon losing
Ithile Itanry on her rnilnow inus. lsarter-r- e are left a prey to a discuntenated anid inllatiate these flourishing colonies, to look elsewhere for one-third
llim.eril trough a world i niew things, le rd of Ihydrais in time miulher country, and exposed to a of its ntanufacturing iexprts.
,'id itins ,itIre amlt vtsiots bright, tell of opposition friom every corn r of the nation. But Iponm Biltish shipping, and through it eventually upon
FI, al' I o licht do k te lumber ai.n sclh a s tat of tiilngs cinlutl tlng exist. ''lie Ainor tile British dunminion at sa, and tile protection of the erm-
(Is le,,rmw' hroltw-ma o quickly flit alitia of tie sons of Britain in the Weal, is dissilvted pire fromn foreign invasion, ll consequences of time thnrel-
from laer palre Ihrute. when erousu care -is lostll. Englandi insulted and perseculnl America, ended separation promise to lie still more serious. El'.e-
Cume. rultd in clouull, aidl fruwuitll. tlere and lost eleven British states at a blow. Trnie, her 74 rience ass pruved that there is n nursery for seamen, an
A-a Ie in d. nd !)9i gun ships could not whisk around tdie New Workl, feeder of comunerce, like eslaeive coloiall posessions.
At1tm hi sig fillies fwiarlni.tla Ii: as they can around her cluoies in tie Weest Indies, The colonies of North America, though only containing
At'h .p wan mhl lvlle r-l- knee was biet- 1i1t site many secure the loss of one as certainly as I,:34lt,)0 inlhabilants, nnintain a trade with the imolldr
''lle threlv in*len piilt w.rn, slie Ilas eliclted tle aslienatin of tlle ullier. Aumericu, at cuuntry 'lhich takes ifft 2J.11),(MI0 a-year of Blrililsh
t. arin trr Ibrien Irom lnthedt plrcsent resenlblesl the slit'lingh lion. You lai holi the ziialiutcltluries, and empiloy)s oin-liliti of the holile shim,- I"
h. ini eir oely rut-k il rilrut; mlin.tys and qymnmletry of tile animal, Mithiout a demon- pilgl oIral reatBritain ; a lile time trae a ith ll-l l Uil-d
.4md r.hillike.1 heir Fitliher'n hreast siratiol of its strelleth and powrr. Slie remains quiet, States of America, though it pos onauc a piopul.ioin f
('.i.siir the anid liuntl hlC re.t i iiurses ier 'aimnen, builds new s:mscsl of war, and l)ys I2',o IU.,lII only ciipl oys a s1rrent of tice (a'n.idilan
ACil thli w:- raa.'r--'inai.. aid luve tihillie up in dock-lhubanld hlier eualll, anil secures tihe trude, tIr one thItly-iflth of tul' Ioll.lril cmnicio re of lreat
colnlulni o will a (;,ul. lser: .illecliuai uof a Inible and cgnerotus people. Th'le day is n iot Britain.* Tlhe trade of line West Indies, wlich now eml-
Al I.nrie. thrl eye was ltcrke ld-tht key distant, when, feeling her influence and lower, slie will ploys 2)50,(1MI loes of Britisl shipping, may lie esellctid
lb'.1 pv.iit-l le.irvn--'.t Death '-'Ias hae arise 4a it wern fo tmfin weuomb of time, and vplrend con- to decline as time shlilp uampluod ui tie trade tI Ihe Inited ;
Aid .et tl rict -ilt trie inorial trile, luioun and teiarer urouud her. W\' wouul vay to our nmein- SWlaes lisa done sincl thIIy declared their itle.iendl:ce.r .
Ai..I r ihe li .1 ,ii. he g, -rs in i sscim bly- llh se nllrgentl n wh lau I'ten de- The rilhl urtll of tile lrilish insit w ill b e l11-il .d ( 1 lc
I l i tt-1111 il i s hIlirtiw lre eil b\ ln s to rule lii lestiiim-ll s I ultli ii Cl il n t lire rglhn)t n uni t f mime l lle \I iistmmi s Islad l l iao Cile-mr iii t t
',, l h..-... l,,r' brtill -d 0 led bt, uirel+st&o rule lhe desiinis Olf tilt Colton), moment that the lWest India islands Imse either In,, me
I.-v l r miuiri c1 i. haiu t here ieist liv fair an cnim iiiitiiional meann s any further innio- Iindeiliendent, or pnessel UIller the dou iiiirn i if a .ir6,ign I
i'i'hit'h i-ri'- ritri iin hrr ak.-lt e rItnil thal here o -i t n t ot -, ht il a t i i 1 s 1
I .l l i t .rir1 l llnl s, s1 InnI r vnill illon e rlil rights an id lc ilolgPe of the pi p.- l. Con. power. Oul ofr l421 r-,ININI, lof- ad lilh lt i- U ll eC-
11 .I hir-, l IIU i.',)r i1n ht:tih remtion i ill lullow cou esiiion, iemuand ill be succeeded poirt. toiist, t2,lminmIHIh, or lhrte-fio aths, are to ir r
Anrl 1- l ti's r lal l ile lrii* l urled ev t lit- i.imnd. 11' e ille .iIo ll, let it Ilt btm by our hands colonial puoces' iJlnt.
---le nIt t lle crrime of lolilitical silniciile ittC it Ill to us. It is ituposible it ran ever he otherwise ; aind Lord
.It thle mliilin .t'r. of : ,,iiIli.niI eIIIc tile ii s:ti s.rilislictlion Bri)iouglihan Ihas well ilLenonstratcdl, in Ilis ('olonial l ,hrv ,"
F run llrack oi'Hs h.1agmazi* f destroiving our iinsititultis and eonrmarce, Ilnd rln toUwhatl caus- lie \aIt ithli-enc etwr hlwtwn colonial and fo-
dering aor island a magnificent pvranid oful Id lalion and reign trale is owino. Colonies are ditant provinces of
TIIE 'WEST IND)IA QUES.'ION. ruin. England heokl her po. essions in the 'ast by a the emipre; tie isuitry which an intercourse wirb them

Ilr Iihe la.l year, has it n -ievoled to political alcb- Tim ra' e a is tie same in all tile tlirer \Wee India colunies. tie intercourse itself is eclusively nlaintained in dome s-
rha rlcil* l ntiH m munamoonte.. u io im Britli rioiie 1I 1am. Vinllm'il's, Darbadl irt, l)uerera a, sisd all tie Lee- tic blttlums. That waiih is carried on will aim independ-
pllinng lrorirl, on wliich we h.Iv lhilhealu hardly be- tared lands, tile disruiItll is s extreme. Every where nt slate, Io the otheIr liawln, nainain dUilestic labour
pin ,atlici:. While all eyslliiave intern fixed on Ihat tie colonial legislaturesanre reltionst.raing in h inuost ve- 'only anlr cnd, iin tie Crealter part of i Is usually rarriedi
i.ful nldally which lins rivaiged tlie lIart u! IleI em- leino ut manner, against lli rash ianurovaons of tlle uotuher on lurn foreg v-el. It England elxparta tim nullsins of
ipi ss rernities have gradually Iwen rroiwine cold, ; country, anl deliberating oun lte mlican of escalinig from .1 anlcesle.r to Jlamlaica, s ic is ienefilted bth ll y b lln- l-
iablelete s l lnnel by tle Islirk atimllg fromi I del dle- asoist ruinous and iiLnurnlt a dumininailn. Elmintiari r ronmi ilulsry which raises tin! arlicrl in Lancash.ire, anil time
iia of oi consltilutio, we ar ilustooid to ilni(ess, to tinlr alli i.nsc more lmlan i c visl visited nim-ric., tillh hlat i ltaur wliC Ih pai s for it in remittances of Sugar from
il.ann ilpeaiuraice, the dlismiimiemnrulent aind dasouliun I ideign we do not know ; iand tlldl umbitious1 late is sol anl J Jni.a or Barirbatioes; ainl the ship whirich carry onll tie
Ite a'llaru. I inaltenlive observer tll time fair prey, uhich is thlli falling inlerrolrse are ie clusively Brilish, and nati agtd slely
hlndens, ma lon a burden anwl a m aorc of anziely to i tl ii l hands. Alirlstr of tl e gull of eshico, il s cici v to by British ..eamI ; but it ilro s rlts llne' sean artnile I
tl trintai, is raipill) l|rolaiclihhimg cillir to a riisl. ri, I rcev, e into whusrl grasp time dJominilun o tile ilald l Mainr land or New York, sihe derives blnefil only Iromn llue
ri lparatirnlm iroi lhi i, land. Ill ti l! relalation of go- which lie ii, its bosrIo, will ultimately iillI: ii li fitm iniliInuring industry in 'his country ; ani so far liaIn i
mwnll, land tie general confusitin arising Irom the de- Ihand of Britain is once rel.*xed, and tllu wilsduo wlicil s'ceingi heer cOimmierce increased by te trannnission of st
aiii ariIl reconstlrrltiU of ille consinutioln, inl presence oner ruled ill rounrils, is prrmaiently laid asidJ, it is not fnroinm tne country to tlie other, Ish has the amrtiflicatio of
iia auimaious amnd inatialile demnimratic fuei, tie bonds more difficult to foresee who will rule tlles flourisbing bIeholdinig the peaer part of tile intercourse carried on
lulieily over alnl powerful iprl of the empire lave colonies, if England is eiltrr torn at lIome with internal iT ilme tvelsis olf s e folmluudble rival.
i entirely lst. By allowing the (reat Agitator, dissunsions, or gouvTerltu it bv a raui and iiigorant denmo. Tie consetnencr of a sparalion htween F.ngland and
rts Ilave so long dlesola.ed his country, to escape crat,attentllive unlv to seliillm oblcslls, and ignorant of her West India culonli.., however serious to both. must in
mpasiil aflir lie had pleaded uilty ; by permitting t heir dependence on time colonial interest of its numerous the end prove nuoro hurtful to the parent tlan the infant
ifls t of them mosl rurioin kind to go on unrLstraiund offspring. And the momenl ritmoen for agitating tile state. The olI and the rin ar mnultually depeenJnt on
IL *ilde year ; by promolinge, rewarding, nattering, nation, and siakisiln all its establuhed intelenls, by the I each other : but tll rons-quncer of a rupture are Ilakiel
il iwliiginig lhe l-ader of theIs lurbulenet movements, deotsuclion and realliullin; ol tde cunstitutiun, is tIm ery lt be more irreOmiabl to a man aof 70 lsma a youth of 15>.
rikey aild puuliculy denislncerd hmn as an enemy to the one, ulien, from eternal causes, its rcmoeu portions were Tile world aillh all its hopes anti all its prospects is before,
aic wetl-MNinisters lave brurlll lltu unhappy island mosl tirealened with destruction tie one; tihe weakness of are, tIm- night of the grave, is
**li a sale, that it seems hardly mansible that either It nma be presumed, flunl tie very statement of lhe closing upon ti: othllr. The West India islands ill
aniirr ora sieiralion can le avoileal. All tliMt tIe West India question, lhat some great and userswhlning doublm-s suffer immensely in the lirnt irnstare fro a rul -
LiLf Wellinlion uuwiM.el dil to pacifv, Ihs been oh- grictsances am is operation, to produce time ridle-pread litre will tllii rcouniry ; but the wounlds sill saoo be hrhald F
Iat l hv lhal our present rukers live done to agitate nblng of discontent atiich pervades tiaes oi'ce-duuristl- tlv the vivllfing [iweurs ol natur.- In tl hie prolifi regim.s,
: ie I'nlem.lnilts ruused to a oIse of the imminent inm colonies. Tlie sutar i.lanils are Ioundl uip, boll in in- and lle market ft lir Iproluce which the encrea.sing
lali l aiciltreatens tirnl, are resolved, like brave men, 'I Itrest and lrclion, wilh time lMotlhr Country : lound to population of Annxrica mull olpn. Tleir land ani their
aHaiaul thi llir lives ansn |ruolertie, or perisli in lle at- il hlv ties which, but lOr a course of rash sad perilous in- lbour will still remain : lprwpert nlay to a grow derrege
r; le ('Caolice, encouraged hv tie es llriencer ini- terlerence with espablisled interests, never cooull have chance hands, bat il will ulltiua.ely centre in ditom uwh
Ilof farmer lunmults, and tile plllic rewards of their been broken. Th-v are not culoniea, in llte iolpuer selse can turn it to useful account, and under a new regine tie
mIlr, havl resolved to eLtirpale all ile Iraces even of; of tile word ; that is to sy, they are not places in wsich ferltile inil and uncullui ated regions of tliese teol. l tlim es
* instliltions of tile country ; and Englandl, a large portion of ll.s ElIromean inhabitants peirnlnently will vet alimnd wih rirhes and ilimbitant. But it i not
'ild will le ince.ssant distulrlmlicm of its peipleli wslllCe- 'bi lrrecl aI pros holaC: where alley purchi..e ths that al.e recrovern iltsl wound: it is not thus that limbs
kiblba, io.l vi ew ilts s.paratitn ailtiute rrenl, wer, i -.en sll on whir iclh t ll ride, and which lthey ian transmilm a ls an e Iitl a from the a.i-d trlnk of 'Ienain
in I al it would aslo,,n-ll) lead to tim dnisnembeL.rincnl heir Imome to tha-ir children. Thly ale, on Ith conltrry. r with inliuabltanls law,-d down onil, ote, rfloinlr walli
'lhlloLf llte Ilpire,. places of leumporary and llting occupation-consmidcrud capllail wlirl ch lind impl.i ymniil, anm Im uprea wihs
Erests u a |uiricle and fatal kinal llrealen as in the only as objects of profit ur subsistence ; and ulliatel. cno rn c iral, it .ill ne-r r.-c.,ver i loss of a
mla pm .ss.,ions .f (;real nBrilmin. It. astl and splen- for tre nost parl, silhll Ie view of being nbanduoned .- portion if Ihe enmpir,. liirol, t oiclih so large an arleryv f
*ilenial tsssesuns, encircling dhe globe with their tore old age, and the remainder of life passd in the mo- is I an'rs blood nows : an, the ruimnms policy whicr
*" slad nouriiinm g its coinamerce lay tl Lir produc- I their state. TIhe great bulk of W est Indi proprietors re- wvers from its bntly so fair member, will cames it t
*re mnenare witlh detru lction. The government of side i., G(rrla Britain, and lheir eslensive colonial entals., bleed to death, or to Iprish in tile alleipt to asach lthe
h,'es Iliiia colonies, .llImarrassing so niany wealhlli rcllivaled by nmrans of oversetI. anisli slaes. Iraninsli their woursl.
'd porlanlt i-slands, cons.uminga annually 12,IM),iK}i), prodic- in ihe shape of suaar renmittantces to this c.untrs. W'lhat the West Indlian, complain of, annd whatl lretenls
Lt of Brilish nunfaclures, cnnltaiine J13,UtMI,(010 The Brilish islanls are dire great market of colonial pio- such ,deplorable conqiuelnrtucsli ltie whole r, I1.
~Itit capital, ,i-nl losing 21),411KI) lols of British di.ce,erreedling to1, le planltaions that of all the resl of Exremsive and perilo.s precipltance in forcmne uon IteI.,,
ia,, is silentlv slippinL lerno our Ialndl.-Should the the world: an, any rupture illh alrmi would involve the t ime early .ad ill-ronsidered enncilalmtiom ol li. slaves
aLI .sh.m,-t c,,lluii ue, I oeril ImnLnr, it i, more than coulonie in extreme lenlp ,rary emtalrrasunlent. Of all and, 2. The coonilluanrc. o entrsorous burouh.einm pun
fmi l.*ale-Inr, ih, a i.-s s-ars. iloe Brlcnii,lg il will wave thi., the armre lrlf cilv a>are ; they .-e liaw d- their produce. at.a tlne linll ti in in lfe volum ,f
.l7 y n tle A.i lillh,. tihe l.t-ipire of lh! Atilanitic, alal penienllt lhel. are oi li. inaarkel, tit- proleclittn, and tle nluney, and notler c ue.s, haae made, them press wilh uin-
itllhe ,,,lek ., w.lls, otf rlan.,ld, lh(le real bl.wak ul nas ol Britain ; and ; m ilhe aru coioly, ut firmly, cou,- ft('< tnerd ron the lat Page.) ,
el,,ni. s ill ilrFate ItIS ,l i iin a,,ilo r ei-|l.c. ; t.timlaling a separainoti Irom tiis colutry. Mlakinge. cry I
Ta ltlli at tle- I'.icii. are ll rnul clgrated, llutancc for the oclcnic.nce ulf lpsion which is rilliUnd .Aci ouol uf (anada. lib nHurbin. ptrefa'. p. 3.

fti Al'iUA Ar~ usipal, 2



"i Lmidel" b boa nmw ae d is gender coslderalioo.

The schooner Balhmias, Prudden, master, arrived this
ourning from the Windward Islands, bringing us news-
pipues from H. Vincent to the 2d ultimo ; bit the n0ws
they cunain, we have previously received by way of

With his accustomed readiness to pronuulgiate every de-
arriplion of calumny vnd falsehood, tihat may have fur ili
objeer tIeM support of tie present syasem of nisrulc, and
domiineering inquisitorial governmieul, tl KIsuo'n I'Pusr-
as" has given publication to a docunmnl--as compplete a
tisuo of fatluloods, as ever disgraed Ihis columns, or
emanated from the pen of tie framer of al such iusulting
and infamous documents.
This was an aoddrh from 51 black, coloured and white
frwholders and inhabitants, of this Island, to Ilis Excel-
lency the Governor, poo thm subject of tll dissolution of
the laLe House of Assembly ; and ile determination of
His Excellency, asexressed in his closing Speech to the
Loe ilalur, to carry n he public bdiness wiboot their
assiance, and presented by the following coloured and
white gentlemen, vhi.-Mews. Stepben Dillet, Jobn I'.
Dean, Samuel Mines, William Hiekl, Lewis Kurr and
Robert Buder.
Whnu fieeholders who are rendered sufficiently respec-
table, by their numbers, to venture o speak their senti-
eunts, as a body, address o of sauchl HIH AUTHORITY as
our GUovLao, we are prepared to expect something
laudatory of the personage whom they addresses a first con-
aderetion ; and minor subjects re thea rsorlted to, as a
support o prior praises. The burthen of this insolent
document is, like the ballad of Chevy (ChAse," made to
commence with a most doleful, whininig cuplaini, thaIt
we lave dared, not oily to attack His xli cellency, but that
we have also
'* Killed and closed his falllOw dear,"
contrary to tlle true rules of hulning, or willout waiting
for leave to do so; and Iruly, ohl Firelarandl!" you
have good camOIu o complain of us-for we have not been
sparing towards you, and have yet something more in
sure, wherewilh to shock you, from our" disregad of the
common decuncies of lifr." lHad yOu always obAerved
the rules of decency yourself, you would sot have lad
to coumlalin of us. Youu "decent" edAlibilioms are mat-
ter of as much notoriety in the city of Kingston, as they
avre been here ; and we leave the discussion of your
merits, o those to whom youe are L-non hotter, than we
care you should he to us, and only recommend you, when
you writu for a public idly of freeholdern," not to com-
Iolence by venting yOur private fe-'lingi; as yon leave thoe
who are not dazixzd lay your tranmsendent abilities, a very
plain deninitratliun of your malicious egotism.
This inimitable document states, tham hbe free coloured
clau predominate to a sufcienlt extent to carry, by their
elective franchises, if duly enfranchised, the majority of
the Bahama elections; and also states, that that class are
unanimlou in eluir sentiments of regard and esteem, for
i' government and measures of His Excellency Sir
Jan"m C. Smyth. The trutl is, that for the Western
District of this Island, there is a preponderating number of
votrs ; and,as proved by recent elections, thly are be-
hidlhand, far, with even the addition of white placemen
and place-huasers, numerically, in the other two, viz.-in
lie Town and the Eastern District.
la the Western District, even interests low as that of
dtorsn and contractors, sway in favour of oppression.
The ma respeclble clam of our coloured population, are
oa tIn neighboring Out Islands; and are men who, so
far frm respecting or supporting our Governor, would
sia, and willingly forward, in every manner in their
power, any means that may be used for his removal. If,
from the fifty one frebhollern, eleven are deducted a
mreecsrbly qualified land-holders, it will be all that truth
will warrant; the remainder will be found to comprise
mwn whose freeholds, if they have any, in outside value,
does not exceed ljd. Bahama currency,-and of thai
class of persons that are not known among us by any
general designation, but whom habits and manners woukl
entitle them to rank wihthe d lazreni of Italy, or the
wandering Jew hucksters of Kingson, Jamaica.
To such a pan has our Governor and his immediate
friends been reduced, that these are the persons from
whom he condescends to underhandedly solicitdadr '
which precious documents will go home, to blind his ltm
Lord Viscont Godarich, or (should it be deemed neces
sary to permit them to travel so far) to insult and deceiv
iunt credulil) our Munarrh. These are the low peMsorun


who, beaded by Mr. Limsa Kum, bave, under his oe- low cunning by which it has baee -,
press solicitations, or dos of his running lazaruni, dared disgusted that your E xcelleny o,
o use such insult terms towards the lae llouse of As- a dressed in tie mosi perfi .,e a go od dwil ,
leably. Allr:e Kerr hsl suddenly conceived so uarks to youi Excellency, on the mn. ots
very high a cuntlaept for that body of representatives, Ie I see, with sorrow. the line of proc de
Ius not scorned solicitation fur the Speaker's chair; Ad Excellercy has considered it convenientl 0L.l
is disappointment ad chagrin, at finding himself despis- deplore, fon y heart, the evil on intsq
but too likely to ensue. O '1
ad by every member, and rejected by all, (uocept on0l It is a melancholy fact, that the nmeutw
or two livery servants, lko himself, uf Iisi Excellency,) wlite population of thase Islands, have l m
has wrought this wonderful change in this very venal honour of being your acquaintanctbs agdtl
gerstlenman's mnid. It should be remembered, that the nuiting it to be supposed, theY could he u .'t
resent house was on tile side of th1 people, composed of friuds ; and you have, it would apear,
create a new society of your own, by makia
precisely the ssame members ia tshe frmur one ; and those or coloured population, your comanio;
gentlenmee were, when fiat returned, humbly solicited by consequence, created a jealousy amo1l 6,
Mr. Kerr, for what they would not grand ; let it bu also unknown before. tI
reulembered, that Rome of these loyal freehlders, or res- 1 ,c" l hae no objection, to e@ suo' wilm
petoabll ilhabitant, were slaves belonging to suno of e worailgr, [i.ow beach lbou ry di ray- a t'
working on Isis own bench every mayrsb%
Tdsue nuiilirs, not more than five years back, and are all tie respect that an honest tradesman m ,,
now declaring themselves wiser fellows llnn their former to ; and I have been induced to meanti MI rl"e
masters. Sdi- nuch for liberty and equality ; end much being the least exceplionable of all the Odt
anm re worthy digitarisc to whom Mr. Lewis Kerr and tli comnmlunity. But, Sir, I would ia p, hi
or oror the caw in your own country 1 Are workilToayr t
our governor, Iave given such high and reectable sud- peters, Butchers, or other tradesmen, pep
ing names! ons for the Officers of the British Armny l A c*.
We are truly glad to see, that Sir J. C. Smnytl is so be associated with Iis Ihouour the Presies. Y "
magnanimous, asltolerthedifficultieso his government, Attloney General, witl the leveread m
so very triding,-bo- h in past result and future prospect Couhers, il ad do you mave tio say, tha
Council ? and doyou nis'ss tirany, Itrat
and we shall certainly be equally glad to hear, tlat he has longer any disinctions It cannot be. To h,
performed his promsie, towards those who aie no longer would be reform with a vengeance.
to be allowed the garb of neutrality, in paying them their Tile best reform that can, of a possibility, ,
salaries for the year ensuing. Ilis very wise lecture upon whore such las been deviated from-is, I,. i
Balhama Revenue, and its transitions both in source and all mankind, to recollect the hlvicr- of our bler ..
our ; and, in obedience with his alsisr, rrow,
amount, will, at some future period, be a point frun which all under your goverrunwnt, to be contln in :,,
to draw positive deductions of ilnanity-e-eun by those who lilf whicl it has pIleased God o rall lrntm.
are now praising his very mad and quixotic pranks, as Tl'e Editor of the Royal Gazette s. Ias, ,
the acts of superior wisdom. was presented to your rxc,-ll-nrcy, by sir of l ,,.
Sen who signed it. I deny, Sir, that tlIre trent .
Their opinions are goldon ones, like their dreams, pendent en who can, of a iouihlity, lay vias,
which might vie wlh llthoe of discontented MAlXMnoN, to an independent purse or aiinld, thalt would let,
cursod with his boundless, insatiable avarice, without pus- their hand to a production so inIucI at vyrimaniae
messing tie smallest spark of his keen conlprelensiveness. truth, as what has appeared in the address.
Should Iis Excellency trust to their wie suggestions, for Besides, Sir, I would ask-is thle signs oa
member of your Councilto itt If there is--hsBl,
carrying his measures, he will most egregiously deceive mean, or not I Except Mr. Robert Buer,* pr i
himself-for no Illuse of .armbly will ever do business Mr. Ilield, is there one respectable man, hea o,
wilt him, unrdr ony irecatrances. lie lans allowed his slightest claim to tllo character of a eentlemal, Ir
goverrImenit to fll ito a state olf aoarclh, from lwhiclh it signed it 1 Are not all the others, erclssivrlahmsn
Black, wrlmo have |)ut tlkir malrtl to it f II tbile m s ;
will not be their province, nor will they have inrlination, blac wh, ln t ae u o thir Itrls to i eiriis i i.l
to entricat it. All our laws would have been in full force fShall I answer the question, Sir Jdares It lb ts,i
and virtue, if he ad not passed one act to the prejudice blind the good people at home ; and prevent sh
of all the rest; nd his subsequent assumptions of every seeing by wboh. you are even attempted to be vu
department of gisalutive, as well as municipal authority, And wlo are tim individuals, wo e "hast .lp .i
twr tr -- .,h .IIe 5 Are tliry placelmen, and expectanto lie
and Ilis insolean tid unmeasured language towards te p- address been got up y Mr. Le is kerr, sad te t
pole's representaties, will ensure him, tie most steady op- Nesbitts, as an of'iset against lthe reumnstrmance f
position to every measure he may bring forth, should lie Honourable Hous of Acssmlly I-I amarid ri, ka
stay for the period of his natural life amongst us. whether or not-I would ask, valy are thee uskid e.
tempts to irritate one part of society egairs IBS etkv,
That so motley a group as those who signed this docu- tlepti to irri ate one pir Jai' socieel oa ring af ,
meat, should declare wlat the limits of legislative power however differing in opinion with you the HoNes
are, is rather more than farcical; and that so respectable House of Assembly may be, in allowing an saldrdmln
a body should propound a question upon the state of our presented to you, from, absolutely, thle very lowes db e
Colonial constitution, is elptally abntrd; when tile majority oIf society-reelecting on the mensurre of the iktatb.,
and presuilling to censure ihe talo lespetabhe omit
of them would not be the worse for a little of the disci- Oafd ,tire lmunlg to f ynure tolerate uch conmnala-s -
pline, as well as instruction, in the first rudimrents ofeduca- ifyou counteoance these working and lalouriag dim of
tion; which the much-lauded arrangements relative to tle our society, to enter into angry invectiveo aras tlb
central school, wil, doubtless, atord them. belters-what unhappy-nay, what dreadful nmi q!
We beg leave to state to Mr. McQueen, and all those be the consequence.
11 tlhen, Sir. you cannot hIIlil your ground aMs"e r'
uthergentlmeen embarked in tlis nefarious transaction, butby tile unhiappv feeling tliaIt few ilr.iri g moe l
that he shortest and most effectual way to question our been able to ell ct, IHtIWnee.n tlir werkins clmf' d*
asertions, will be to publish the nanes of the remaining city and tire wealthy and res)peralle, surely it sai '
45 and freeholders, who have come forward better, at once, to say-" Sinct" I cannot thra tie
with so much impudence-as any falsifier of his neigh- spect ans ceiar enance f th Iter, I will ql i Iie yil
bour's honour, may i-rsist in asserting what he cannot -ho an,, park, is kindlol into a lalme. What hou l
prove; and, as the remedy is so easily obtained, we hope lost inl this society, you never can rerairn ; anil al pkIt
that hii next anicle," .LAstNaI CONTRADICTIIr," will be subterfuee of getting up a paper, which, instead a ai
better nspported than by a single name, whose proprietor's Idres, is a highly caloured attempt at itle vrianvai"
infirmities have left him but a shadow of his former sell. yor con ct, to deceiv e tie govarli ,nit at hme,
regard to tIre true state of tile 1tarbci t orind, eth5r"E
As those who have spoken so boldly upon this sull'ct, yourself-is not, rest assured, calctlateal to do ai't
ought not to be afraid as boldly to be known, we hope your interests. Aid I would s.lncest the proitpt''r I
that they will not, like all nincons, be unwilling to see little morrr read tW trollll than ulwhat wm(.'s II'"lw
themsgives exhibited. frou the diare firt lines in tile w'ol [are '
S ..m.. eihi t Loc-llenry s rerlv'I to atII ao.-r.,,,-an-l- l.-h1a1aI AMdrr
In terming the interests of the Colony as deceried," a ,'staoS-t" the liltlr diia,, ahi, and il Ii' "
we would like to know by wllom they have been usurped; ti r elt withra were lmlt to bh t'- .h
and if there can be any desertion, where there has been dliculties you hate lmet oalli. hlia bren ,ra dtl
anterior auurpation I It is precisely like driving a body litll'."-as volu.min.ous -ro raI-s, .Irini'' aIa Ia."lM
of men out by forre, and then afterwardls taxing them govrnr e nan y" r s nrlro'leal aiglonv I rel r no
n D lesli us and lal illo'y were sail rt ttI '. ,'
with desertion; and although these piebald gentry have marous repli es tIo he' d teren t getnlewn alo Ihave
- I m ro el~Ies to Ini! dilllerelt gl nclle
asserted, that the Governor has usurlrcd the prerogative ed on )ou, on livers aillirs, but too e% l ill na'i p' e"'
of dictation towards tle Assembly, they, in tlhe next en- I ill leave ou no ow to yor own thianaarii ; at I. "
lence, blame that body for l-av ing every thing in tlhe would d it be for usa all, were you to take n'v a:isa1c. Tl
hands of one they are so pleased will,. Does this not, cast reallections of tour dlslke a ndO tlae rei l 1d Ir.a1 t
a shadow of doubt, over the integrity of tlle writer I as called tlseM dirikc inro liuni.-" ill rstn he lor Ir'e
well as tie self-agency of the subscribers !! y or own crlontry ; a lile we all bli-. ll- ldayl
Sour deeparlme, and strive to bury, in one grase, .0o'
NAS.S"', April 9th, 1R'12, sory and your aulls. r.TO.
To lii EaeulcMy Sir J. C. S.ayth, lart. S.c. r. c. .
Sin-Disusted with the Adhlrrsm whicl ajlit arerd in iTe exception of Ithk per-nn, ,. 01'not ha" "
the IRoyal G(laette, of tie 7th ilslant--disgustsd wilth the mad. Mc. ln.ld lIhas ert.ini evcr riran lur thlle

trm:- i~--- -~s a ~`-- ---p------

TIP Matjwa EAgus.

Irf a l,'tulIman; but, in our idea of gentility, Mr. been appoiniieJd Secrersy at War, in tie ruiiIn Ua Sir
Rulbel Iitllcr has not: ani this we believe to li one of tie Henry Parnell ; and ilaleported tlat Sir James Graham
vy .w points,i whichthelelinuenlit of Sir J. C. Siyl and ite Attorney General lhs resigned. The Cholera
vry : il, i i IllilU Sir C has subsided in Sunderland ; but it less appeared in Ellin-
and. our ownv, are the aren. Sir Janos' militia hunuurs, brgh. Several deaths have occurred at Preston 'an.,
anil oilier IIltiting disiinctions, lave wrought no change. and one cmse is stated at Leith.
E.d. Argus. ...
A London paper, describing tim destruction of a house BY HENRY GItEENSLADE .i CO.
SMu Nu.v, .\lrrd 9th, 18:32. by lire, mIentions, with groat regret, that the owner's wife
To tI .dilor of tde liakaa Arg rur. i;.rilred in tile Ilanme; adding that the gentleman was in- & M ay d at, the \6th mad,
Slt-1 coauled never condescend toIn enter inlo n 'pis sued to tile ull amount of his loss. AT THI TE .tUI Honl',t,
oas ry crntruversy with a man h Io las no cllaracter to t Ui O'idki
ir u ; and when every epithlet that could grade Iluina ll Will be Sold,
alaure, even tlle hase crine of perjury, has I, rll applied NOTICE. Those well known premi called Tue Ba*L, with all
to lil, without Ilis tetifying the slihtelit spirit, by resent- a?' lee ing of the Comonissioners of Correspond- bth improvement thereon.
in i, it would bee cowardice to inlict on s0 despir!le a reeed at e offie o e Correpondence, on The Hos stuat e in e ton of N u, now accupi-
wrti, personal rhas.,isemiert, for his irsolernreroi h, i sl oi o Cor n c, on;y inhaten o'locTk- H.,
laelhl,ods. I shall, tlherelore, retfrin from r,.emark;ng ". S. ADI)ERLEY cd by Mr. George Slith, due South of Mr. McQuesn's
Spoir an alidress that iupleared in the ulo al (;Gr tte of (;. C( ANDERH ON Prinintin Office.
Liet Suaurday night, furrtler than lhy obsr'ving, that is O T TAYLOH 7nr-kre monrtk' Credit, on giwi appcred ar-
ealnnlill IIsll hs xcite coilisoirmaion in every h It i ui man's CONRAD DUINCOME, ci ty.' L
br,'a.:, I;r bi'ines, who could be found sr lost .t slhame, as W. FARIING1TON April7lh.
Io r.Cllontnii' fial-Cliood, or tlio could resort to thie iliairI Fr. MONT'ELL. BY IIENRY ADDERLEY.
slilrs we hlravu ieen, to bolster oil a cniiso theyl knowl to l, April l th.
kop.l ot. lluot wly witlihhold luoi public siew, tlle n.;rriri Aprl wit, (A 1_____ a -
of Ilir r'c.1rel;lble Illlabianis a.nd F"rciholders'," dliat a ti 16ai u l,
are aalixed to this address. Certainly n., dread is to be DIEDAT THE veSetDV HOUeSL
eIert.ilnuil nf an Ex-Oflicio.-Tl'rhe Iact is, that they On Saturday morning last, Robert, infant son of Fro- Will be sold
comid nrt bacr tile light. Could not ftri number twenty derrick Johnson, Esquire. If not disposed of prviosely by riate bargain,
vi, *;:vilalueAared to ila counter"" If n.ot dipoad of ptluly by priced bp 'alir,.
l,. w.,rr a,.rIes anl Oainlpeard to tle Cntuer i,,ih,.n of,. te -_ That valuable louss and Lot, espied by Mrs.
nt sir, higiiitaind, theatre has Ien tdto rPoitier. Thie Ilouse is roomy and convenient, widl a
bhIrk. lro..v, v,.llow, and to all the c,lours rill' ll rrainl- h!0= 2A '%aB (02710a:(1 large Kitchen and wash house nattched, chir hour and
bo, tllu. r lite trillhing nunllm.r of' e,,. fifty o.n I On
r :ir.rlluetlll ie tr Ili' n h i l a res to tile e(;rr fan was I e tatlsing for three horses, extensive yard and gr~ .piece.
Si tn rey i to te ,as i 0 Eery person about to lare te Islandr after The out buildings have been lately thorohly repaired,
bsis appIili,'d t for Iris signature, who rltfu.ead it, in con- a'in"g resided ltherinfor the space ofnTHIRTY uTr., mnut and dte greater part of the fences have been newly put
leqlncr of tlei re .jetlion of a petition l hl is A rnETTY gire security at the Secretary' Offire, or pst up hinoame in up. ALSO-
ron r I r:l'rl wreurel I s! r!r!-i, les r,-t said OficfrIFTEEN rm ella pnrieos to hisdeparturrief- A tract of Land situated at the Village, containing 250
-axiin inil. il al wateCr rtply hlal blhen rellrlenri ed 1 l)o
iir' l,ir ir no Irn.rr rave, or irIs thlor ilan rivs.l at tihat ter which, at any time during IoRTTV-rYIVE tAYs, a Tiket acres. It is divided by the village-rioad ito two Lots, the
westernn lot being intersected by the nMewo rod leading fIro t
i,, v .,r,,v h,,.r tilu-,.U ln,,.er lha a I,, u n ay be obtained. the village into tle Blue hill road.
thie lli ll.r of ilio. whl,, untrtalin.lail., laice 11l11 ltr NAMES OF PERRONS TERMS-One Third Cash; the balance in alp-
p.r rus tte. editor, i dit.s.srir; it irounr- AnOUT TO OBTAIN TICIKTs FioR ro Sr.lTrrE. proved notes, payable at3 and 6 months.
tarlY siv l.r.l IrIm iin y pen, and ltereIre cran .lt lila il- Ilh February Matilda Wall Apl 7t
11siu.. If that it wa. n1t ini llhira. nHrtrat thiit genF- 14lh Alice Tucker -ril
d.iri,-n wio, have iirped all their live in the We'.t Inlies, 17th ** W. I. Alexander BY HENRY ADDERLEY.
shoilll altonce get rill of lwse ll otionliis l's.ling dil lerence 5th March -Francis McKee
of Iriiii, orr silouldr b reaware of liie ro riev of r.- 14ih uobert Wer O s Moulay, the 71t May,
*itraiinr the power of tihe master over Iis ave," I will 4th C ell Evans AT WTHr vtInDi HO'S,
akit. ri rr i r i irat a Io iti k-in osIluis I. Il nA*llhasrno A t 1 l.k
ask Lin |irolnid phliician who makes le observation, .t Elizabeh Sullivan I O
if ll. tilreIsire. IIIe Ihls ualiuptLe, wore calculateUd to remove tlrh ElrlherrHnlibon Will ie sold
Ibti'" prri.lire.s lhe is so vi'ri sulicitouI .iabout. 1 tllhat Uih Alir.l ('ibrlnophrr Ironathan The following Slaves and Lands, belonging to the esate
h r sI:.isieid lie hail comiie a.ilonllg IIIen', iiire arilerli than of tie late Andrew ieton, wilbout reserve, ad in order
the h%- y lIlon.i", would uinel _uboil to lite un- to close the estate :
tIr i ..In. liii' ol It, 5 .. it Itiriil ..i.irivrly s .lIIrt it un- Ct^ .n + '*" : '
due pe.irr Ih hars nlrigati:l It ltIselnll, l, at once, That delightful country residence, known by the name
ul i rry i. e whichli hi quackeLry n. d illm to i l of Wi rol, situated on the lasler entrremity of this Is-
eidniniilei, I rather think, when too lait, Ime Ias uaind land, with barns, carriage houses, horse gin, and every re-
eat hs uii quisite to enable llio grader, or cultivator dispoasd to pur-
L -t mr ..nI i tl t Is ir )rcdlinsc of our l.lle reviH'crred PORT OF S/MA IAUI' N. P. chase, to derivr innmeldiate returot rom hlis purcIlaso.
alr 'eve'r ito btr esllrnine('d Gouerlnr, Sir Ls I, (;r.ln, w til s -- --- It tlia been long noloriouls for islorchards, and the lupe-
Ithim. tIlh hve bieenu adopted b)Iy Iris sUceI.ssI ; .ini let A11111 ED. priority of thrir fruit, as well as their variety of kind -itI
ie fi;l rerimak-i woull hie bae ben ni ll _i...tliun-nrou A april 7tIh-II. M. enlcr. Panclwr, Lt. Tulloul, Cruise cumprises 7s 7 acres of land, (or itereabouta,)esclhra ive of
grcrirl' oli pride-but, oil tlhe contiar it would live lhti-Schr. Uallanhian, Prudden, St. 1inccul four acres and a hall, partly within the lines thereof, ie-
rfle",rl lihonuir-il wnilld lave deulonutr.lted a sound Rum, to the Master. longing to the King; un which there is a battery. Boun-
janm,.rnl--) Ivha e trod in his f)osu'II. cIvSeral years did daries:-on tle west, by lands of John Anderson, EIs-
this r-iellelt iuin gioveIr tihesi Islandi ; and during the CLI IIIED, quire ; an on nil other sidles, by the sea.
pei 'r.--Er Vry act oi intlinag fromi himself, proiloted, as Tlat tract of land situated in the Eastern D)strict of
h ineaIIhdin it sliouli, thle gooed of tile whl le ; andl L etr I S %ILED, this Island ; bounded on tle north, by ilie property of
me.ire.,r; lecurlnnI ndred by .(;ovLerTnmen, ihowevI r unp.ila- April 9th--II. M. schr. Skipjack, Lt. Shortland, IIavana Jne Eve, and eight feel upon Shirley-lrt t; on the easl,
able itl nit lait". been, tihe conciliatory manner in hich Sclr. I'oiona, Milklr, Pliladelphia by land the property of Robert Butlkr, E.liuirm; on lire
be Bpro|ren,-d it, never filed to secure its adoption. Thlie Si Sclir. llusonm. Hrudson, New Yolk south, by lands of Mrs. Runch ; and on tlie west, bIv ie
amsslioalion of all tlhois classes of people (now so ur- I" Am. sclcr. Eclipse, Mattison, Ualimnore lots of lRchardson Sauniders aHd Georgu Arnibriler,
pelly, lint so very difltre.nly, cntendetll Ior,) exceeldedl Esquires.
ihespectiations of tIe Saints, and commendations were P. SFNGElS AILE).O-
barn liirlh froun theiri, cxprrssive of lhe hunianilv and That lot of land in ite Eastern I)iltrit ofthis IWland ;
Lnd fuc.lngof tie Illahalnians, lowards it es cla.ass.-Slill In tie schooner Pomona, lor hiladelplpia :--Tle Rev. hounded oil the south, by Shirley-street ; on tle ralt, by
doneu i.e sme feeling exist; and, ilf tl desire of our John Crofti, Wsley an Mrssionary ; and Mr. Thonima lands originally granted to Thomas lHdnlon ; on the west,
IRlIr is not a pretext, as soon as Ie shall arrive in iu l"orster. by land granted originally to Mr. Alesxader ; andl no
nUtie ('lConlrv, lie lhall Ihivu tlre lhappine"s,-if a lhap- In tie schooner Blossom, fmaulNew York :-Joseph ll tI north, by llt eastern rauseway. Thi lot is well en-
pms it iill i,---of hearing of tlre realiatioll of wlat Thionipsion, Esquire, Lady and manily ; and Mr. James' closed, planted with grass aid fruit truoe, and has hea
laer .iiadlvan.ccd. P. Lilihthlourn. drained at a considerable expense.
Fou.,l l ais is pretendeld to bIe tie present excitement, In the American schooner Eclipe, for Baltimore :- ALSO-
rms, I stll-,lct, lies the Iradd of thI' person whl hal I William Martin, sFuire. That lot of land ulsituate in tie Fastern District of tlhir
(gilun ri',. it) i ; nor will it be alla.ved, so long as tiat I n II.M.. schoonerr Skijark, for lHavana :-LL;ul. S Island ; fronting on Bay-street, to the north ; o1 tile
Sler-., i .,ii iinhalitant on r olese Rocks. Greater must be Ilill, of II. M. 'I2 Wsest Indi.a Regilnl. nt, and Ladiy. eastern causeway, to tli south; to the east. by lan.dI
ltc rrVliti of o,,. (Chiel, than I mili willing to ascribe to I oriinally granted to Thomnas lodggon; and on die west,
him, I l al thio arli of thi mischievous and dchsigriing, I y lands grantedoriginally to Mr. Alexander.
le rr. :!l practiced 1upon it,as to have tlle CHRINT CHI II(R II PARISHI. ALSO-
.lt dil.inrlt hIol',. that he will ever talte tle I|lasuroe le T. Tll expensive gram lot, situated in the town of NMn-
is"il, iruion l, hy making converts to Iis c.Iur; and NOTI ICE. sau; bounded on tie east, by Ealt-street ; on the west,
ie hI.ii. ,1 a iliurtnl Ilu n \huse of ,'niti tihn tie nlI A meelinL of lthe In sli lnnt of Christ C('hrch Panhrl, Ib Int nd prerntim norw tll rplesinrce of the llun'bin
ie,or tll :Id,lnlpion Iof ddi. l l ren il neai. rs, 'so long as ll i h A is r oeqll ud N11 1, tile! 2:1. inmani, (Iring ; W V Mannnlr, pn. E..ulire ; onn lthe norlh, Iy tlle lot
lIin it in le Cluany, I all asui eu l.i, arre .ially I Ea slrr Mundalil) inll ler Ch irClh of lie vel arish, at i of Mr. Francis Bllson and Mr. W. HI'lanon ; and unthi
tisoa-... W i o'clock, ficr tll' p1urrii.m of making rlchire uof follrr south, by Ilill-street. l
TIe pearr" shn-It lai])iiiess"-" the pro-pe rsons to serve as Vestlr'men, for two years, in t :e I ALSO-
i"if ll thi esI.ldiII"--Ill be I...l r.nllrltl, 1. r, -..iing r. i onm of those whrlir Iterm ,.I rice will then have ex-. The following Slaves, fielt hands, vi :--
Srinl ul (;Go.erirnlll ntr intlllo either hands ; andi llte runll prire. Ill order of ll' trv,, Brarin, driver, Se, his wife,
*iffnr" that is rreqiired to iadi.,i ou r inttris 1 ) i l 'ENCE, Clerk. llannah and Irr children, viz. Jane and lhenrv
'""uI which lie cpuisses so much sulicitudc-le-is, Ti li Vr.Tr v R, Ilo, Id .pili0. 1I.K Kate and her children, vi. Rose and Margarel,
wr. D__olly and her children, viz. Cynlhia, Hebe, and
I amn, Jack,
%Mr. ,lit.r, ST. MATTHEIW PARISII. Ned, and his wife Ilebe, ,
titleobed]ient servant, [ NOTI('E. Abraham. r
NOUTIubi.nrnl i. TER .h---s mondh' Credi, on ivig apprCved m-
-.11... I n hr meeting of the b inl l St.Mathew's PriOis a h, i uitgig
A A" rer,,iesld ndonMnday, ln.llw instant, (rinrEl t April th.
From the Jamnaira Royal Gazettr. .March 17. rl.,nday,) in ith ('lurch of tie said Parish, at 12 o'
LThe Rltrin BIIIll sas progressing hut slowly; and the or theprpose of making rcoiro of four persons to serve -
1p'* ropolrd Isn tlne Ma nntiis, i I l (inlo, giving llhe at Vestrymen, for to years, in the roon of those ahowe W ANTIED.
of l t,,i, to te,,nan al ,ill ,,of lal, ,1 the rearlv term of service will Ihen have xplired. I Bill, or Bill. of", payable in London or
a"ke OfI 4., e;a rcirri.d i., lie 1t int. byv a" ]ari. BN nderof tie Ne trv, Livrpool, for 1ib .Sterling. For particulars,
laj"rl%, 272 t;.inst :12. i). i..,, a;re talk l (.:()IH(;GE \R IDHRISTFR, Clerk. aiply at il.i6 ollier.
1illst In til ( t elll ia ir Juln ( ;lli Hlobhouie has VeSTa Roi.n, J l' pril, 1%,. April 2d.

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a--. I..- -m. .. i-. mive I powariul' cbiliain a rh imteronl io d ir pet- to thai stage *wh& the auslbrrf Mure deat en S
umim In salmve&l ui mmAdir i n = anlry. igh all lu or ta by gvg Ilin a rigripi .niy in their .l- cable to mrlus d fetters of prime slavery OrIe1
WesI i e. mvrnly .as a ely l m ia, at in t, lni s te tWa wourings of I io e o na e Inan d ia -e
Wlul, Il.urn t i6inlte ad o ulsl er to r wish oil *ges and parts of tihe ruid, slavery, s tile right of in.e; les tlm establish, under ribe hon io t'he s
dme @, fa do gst' al t awlitb ao thiu r eilu;a- proprty in the lauLoariing a, hase snl uwtabliAl alien civiliezi n deep, order as parmst, industry
diat,,aor marly emledgttim. 1T huMiL uAittUsai dd society Illatedl in this Iurin. vernal, juaie .s equal, Prisusclit iuYa vi.a"t so
direive ei t d danger at every Nal'sc aiu or is t ortly in ithu urlr agle of civilization, that time private propr y as socue, pnnassions as eerd,
sat1 fqasrudmt ie tact i every lamee blbiailon. We necessity of di a prupripal of the poor eists. Fw IOr as resi less s in Eigland unld therein h
rally a I.lllh Wilh llm des of s dnuguLii: Ithey are war of te sadiuced dte ur government which llbeth, or in Frain under llat of'la.tles I., sad tIt-
pr.raad from tle sakl s.pirir i malle. lotat, Id inipe- required, anaJ lie deselre.I civililation in lie rmilks of imay with reason allege slt aiou soil. being slu P.
i,t innovaiaS, suar which Elg.'.had l a w .ulleriug a society, lbefure it can be dipalsed wihl, us tie poor luft so paoed by provium catisls eeds t ul o iers fire,
sre a.rel n Ium, with eh dl&nerur.e, ltat the danel ir s shilfi lir therl.elves, anidlt the injuslice slad lthe sLIrts of nuly be sown. Bs l them not urge on ienamdNl
ius.r there llu Istlac, sat ia ruliuon, as tle pasioani die world. The 'Greeks and the uIunsans, lte Persians early emliancipatiou n m i eircumsmlices which aLSe
are", e viulun and msiealun k. .lfweolu, under a Ir- timh Egytplians, never reoled it.-Noo stnte in mtxlern Wisdom ltas il all past ages deemed le fit fo- its iemin
p.r, mit.d seaI a u engII slad palJopulilioun, lan. under El-uropeallIained ltu stage till within these three hundred tion; let them not precipitate thea clianes, in
A* rclu.y ualsuspre, and lmad stl le free inhabisnants of years. A llousand years of a beneficent religion; the which hIave been ni uaormly runrme for tle a 1rm
northern nmsiu long esabslinhia'lnt of law and regular guvermiietA ; llte vanced sIages ul civiliuatims; or delude themrelo ,
We yietd to non in loveof freedom, and shall give de- progressive subjugation Ibl canluries of ie pabsiolls by a the ide., thlt they are pre~ping the pacific rei
c;iiv. prtof, u. al u.ccasiuns lwhlichay occur, of our or- powerful and impartial central govertnentl, were Ineces- Gospel, ler tlie sable inishbiuas fr fie h regions ofu
deut di-sire tu pliolmte ,ny measures calculed luto impruve sury to enable time poor to derive any benefit wlaslever whien tley are only liatunirg dte ,wrron of J
lhe ra,n.lilin, ll.evait llte minils, or purify lle iorals of fromU their eoiincipulion. It won't do lt lhae civilization or tlie of St. Dominguio. wr f 5
mis lulsouring pler. Ia is not tlmerefore lroiu inidillireocu nearly existingg in a higi degree in the upper clauses of (To be Contiealrd.)
to ti- nritre, It (rom a sincere imlerelt in lliu s; iea society, to hive luxury, orru lent, amld opulence among
frtaal a hive uf davery, hut la anxionus l ilO l u do what tile rich, or thei warlike virtues resplendenlt amiilst a clival- Ingerrity.-Wlen a gernerl census of tlel Pl
ni. f rrally uiitorilgaie als Irral that we imae the following rtus nobility; it is indlispensable bne la thlenm to have a Empire was made, by V~Itassiin, in llte year 79l,
ulo.raiiilnae, di reseh of j long tlMugihl lald extensive r:- numerousu, upulnl, and indutlrious middling cld.a of so- Bacon unisures us there were then living between tiksi,
march into les counlitkn ul' i e labourring cla .au iin all riety ; a bodly uf lien in whbo prosuprily las noulrilsed Po and tie Appenines, lilly-four persons olf It0yllE d
Ira. an'l ares of the *Owld. seilineuuts ol independence, anu cunsurias of security de- age: fifty-seven of 11 ; two of 12'5 ; four of i
Slavery, lmoulh unilUl-stiounuly an evil, i it is prr- vellped habits of industry, and ages of regular justice four of 13i6 ; tree of 1441. In hIinieno, there v
piurtrrld Ia ierrumotanmes, and lu a Ipopulution, suscrp- eltinliiilhed savage mission, and long established arlifi- man 150 yoars of nge. PIeter Torlin, in Team
tille aI fie r habbh, ind nso only not asn evil, bet a puoiive advantage, and a Ilis iobtains, ii is vain o attempt the enuencipation of the Gilmouir McCrain died the suno year, in Ihe Isleeaf lg
amreaary s.tlmrteprogets ol impruoveieant is tim early dIloulring clauses: the overlsrow of til aullority of tdleir aged 1S )! Louis Traxo, a negress, died in Tames
ar' et mu inkind. 'nhi truth is demiontrited by the lords would only annihilalte industry, unfelter piasion, Vx- South America, in 171111, aged 175. lenry Jeakiu, s"
aniersrlilri a snley iA tide mstioen all ovr the world, terminate improvement. The accomplished horrors olf orkshire, England, lied in 1(i7(, aged 16f9-- pnicnlm
antl dhi ;etrlnmv slavow steps by which Iti pruce s idle Jarrierr in IFranee, thle hullting dou n of the acig- nrcount of this nman aity be foundln in the list Ni.. pi
ouI ,'taaaciilhm Inas taone iarward in all tie nations neurs like wild eiasls, IIIe conlagration ol lthir chalesuu, Trl'rnssrialnn. Thel Counless of DIrenFnand died in lIe-
sln. a n o enijoty the bleainaE of gemeralJ CridiIdoi. tIH If;utnmlion of all tle Msrfs into Ihnnds ol rbblners, the land, ,1754, aged 140 years.--Thier' is no douht tih,
siirsr the cki. in msri-il amlnd moisldr- timnt, you will totl al cealiun ol every species of inidallry, tile revolution I tlig lift is parlly an inherilance-very aged people as
find slavery nr.*aiteat wid tie human race, and cu- of society into its pristine chios ; a llilinlie uf uneIxampled generally hlad long lived parents.
lininailI, thlmeah lath mitigated feature, itrwuoh all Lthe everily. a petlilhnce lhiihli cut oirone-liirll of the popu-
l. rt... ,s, irmnlivielil son. The ages of Periles land laliun of' that and every other country whicll it reached,
.Ant,,..n ef Ci(crv mnl n .,'rates, sof Fa.hricus ld Ju- signaliel Lgrowlh of :e s e devocertic ipirit niemng l A ag,on sent of llaynesl)aylev's
aaa.Aa.. were equally distingeissed by the universality of sarlf of tlat lr at ki,.galidi, aild wrolt in chIlractern of song (the niusic IIl UJllup) upupn (urlo Ferrsri, idt l-
tll, ,lama tion nAmeng dioe laaburing ci.tases ; lA,4M11U reu- lire she perils If aracipase,.lu nmuncisatlion.* ).ia.ers la tll y, staid, tlhat steemeld lte ha pless b'oy's late l o l
ln'I.. 4t helle gave law to 44NIt)IX) slaves ; aid in lte i lss dicadful Auwail d U thi counJry frot rt e lim lla sillle i ymine lardere by bishop, and coiouau a tauerof excilcesot
Ihldeilnf lt I uwtania eopir, Lhen i i was proiused in spiril; Ihe in.iirrertliuo ul of t 'Il' er in lie tims'e olf tIIIh Oki Bley.
Ud.- atale that ala s ol mald wear a jariculr dress, it Iicharl II. was bretin in alali I trne piirit ll this iriluliUl
w.l rll-ee-ed Irla, Ta citus oulmrvre, I shluull be d,- i n. antirdna, aind Ieal ist anot lat crrilnl lay Ith alorlirIesf te Anradale of Ilrusry the Actor.-W-hen lie corme
ta.srlrad hoe fee the fretema were in fi-anl chierlains, tile elhoiis ul liti is rivilhzilltil wiull one evieing for his lirst soliliiayv in Richarm, wivn i.-.
T''e cars was the same in the mlderin ll rldl. For a lave baCen I'rever dru tned il in lIe w avs of se vile in- ir lrinallr in IDlilna, a ail at tle 'ilig caur lt th il, Iif
ihasiutud years slavery %as usvllerusl in E uupe, and it surrecrtin. his IaIRi)tic wig, und diamounlin t in hiIas l lrlst llllil:|a.i
still ulailas i many of the mullot expensive uo Ils II)IaII- lMany ell) linnale lrx rsons are illiencel r y te nside- lirri in le air. An Irli f-llrg i know how t lan1
riii,. W'herevr tmle Maboui rule is estiblialed, ration, that the Christa rliaion lias Iruht;li d e i- and itl n a tragedy. l nslliyv catllhtl hiin, IltH it a ri'. li a
shavry is to lie foLul ; it asil ts from oue end of Africu lo vorql equality of llankind, iani tlicn:e llC y conruniide, I tliater, *nd replacing it on his unib, ">hlorn oi it' Ixd ...,"
anstlletr. and is to IW rm'u, uill a lew eacIptious, over the that it is ntl only wrlng but inpious to remain ally porin ie advanced to llue front land coUlllnHeIni'd hii i aill.|l n, na ral'
v..ll ets.en and ailldAidt sit counIlliass lilluns ul tif e Asia- ,f Onlr uIIUjacs, in la ltate of Mrviitide, ur wili slud ul r l a or llyv of io i i mllmsrIitii to rsu.en Ihis wiL'. (".I Mr
tiw ,Animoitn. It is the innllalmalc uf Cl rislianity aloneU, efllort litm Ilie general emnncipatin of lolf sltcr.s.u stlr my dia rlanal pilnl o. r Iav-s-hld lu'-Ik -. \.iir
llI,' h ltaig coaslishalult of civilization and tla perm anen There neter wul a more istakin idle ; it spring lioim s aldiiiic--will yuII snulftr a Ahif'iO I' I tI hni, tCr.f 1'
l jm.1ia4U e f imo n is ia1 liCe by il te i swy uf t reie o n, henevJenli inllentiution, but it is fated to des state socilty la trarlliIan, Ioever, wentl t irouIhi lhe t 'ene, anAld tla
while has emoiind u kind lu get quilt of tliu paiulul dis- its cronrseqences. ('onsideratlios of reiligpin lead to a walked oilf leaving his wig Ienda.l.-/lr,'wurd' Riarea-
lturluti and it will be ILuend, up.o elalnistiun, that it directly opposite conclusion ; they su)porlt in a nalner pr'tlins.
never Lca remain aibent for Uny leutlh if tiaoe, but in the mnlos convincing, the argunlenls I r which we cont.andl. I _
tllhae ltat-s when goverUments have charity enough to ini- If inimedalie emancipation from savery, r its aboli-
pue, and power saulieat to collect, a general poor's rate lion in tlle early stages of civilinian, t[Ien inendledl NOTICE.
tr di'. relief of tlme ildigent. It is in vain to siy, that by I'rovidenre, or deemed consistlnl wilh biinIan welfare I A L lIPERSONS having demands remains1 tler Erstat
sin insitutiaO u niverasl, oa unvarying, and se permnu- in those ages, why was is not couniianuirasie iu mankil I Jutta -h Saundtmr, late of the Isldl of Ntw
anme, san umoitigaltei evil, Lue alulilaiu of abirli would dl tim Tuowrr of Baiel, or aniidisl llie t iallnilrs on f d IaIIII it aiivlna'Ice, gv'nlliIsUan, daIecetmIl n, sia 1,. a.,'std aI rridir
counlr Iuoaing but blesilnlgs upon usaikiui. Nulling en- SNinai I lWhyi was a religion llwhich llnte a.ia:lit i ite s.i t duly alte-red ; and tihL e 1nilrbiled to ile "sai
iet. gpmeraHny," for Kaes, but hat isl indspnileable i.n tl. f mankind in the sight uf, and was lilldI ulli- I Emitas, Are iLkewite rkaimi .sltdi to n iLLe imnisnluale pay-
stitage of surietlyn which it is to he found, aued is fundedd nimaely to lo clIt lte universal ala.litisn sf |rliv.lte al.ivrivy, n Cnal, at ltne tali,' io f (. I. \\'el. KqI, arl'.
il til usivral and envarying circumstance ul oar oun- by inuueiicitn; tie hunuin Iheart, reserved lir tl', lainR-I Ti 1'MilOP'O.N SA.'UDE.II, Ficer.ur.
ditiin. 'ra of ancient civilization, tlle ag nf Cirero awl Au- I Alril sd.
'rotection huim vielenre, maintenance in sickness and IsClusa W ehy was is cradled, int on rise frinltiers of rivi- -
oldl ge, and secure eniploymm fuor tlir offspring, art the lization, nut almidst barbarous tribe., last iin tin. rreali uloi FINAI, NOTICE.
sststantial a d immns evasae r which more thea comn- rrincentcl ; midway betwrn ievyptian learning antd (ir- r IIF sII :HCl'llllI' haviine rlued lir sanermt i
peasso m i rude or civilienl a, fur all the lard- cian tasle: n Ihe confinesof Persian mwallt and Houman L ronrerns.,f the late Elin J. Sinmaone, E:ll.,hirul
ships of slavery. If they ar free, thas i lo say, if they civilization -Why, w*ln it did cnne, was is nasle anl n i to thine aln still remain indebted to his Esae,
do m b o se m w lrfli lord, dily are liable to part of that religion to e mnancip;ate the slaves by any Iha nlemsleir respective d anr,.nd n hn liqIidalei lp"-
be mas d, pileder d. and ruiod with iullniiay i no general or swtlpii g ore; bul tle change kft to be vi ,i to ihe Ist June. thy will be placed in the hansl uf
o will tie care t o e one will uIinAus olllm, no ns loewly iag centuries, by ihe silent inflla- a ,t At torIn.,e--Law, fur in.ns.edinae recovery.
onm will relieve taim, onktw Im has asom listing insenst ence of religion on individual heams 1--Hky, Iham I.- E. N S(OL IO)[.() F'-rstr;i.
in heir lebour; and thiL lhaalig interest can only be ob- cause its author knew that the precepts it enjuined, l se C. S. ALI)EIILE'Y, E.crutlr.
tainelw by skir becoming his pluaorty. Slavery su tie r-. changes in society il would induce, were stiiled nut lu an Mara .91st.
turn oude by die labourer for ie advanltags ul' iperm.- infant but an advanced singe of civilizaion ; amil 1hal
ment protecion, maintenance, and care, which can sever the equally it declared could ollain oldy aniidl tlie slit r- M 4 AiLT, for al a 15 c-ami't r bailh'
be obtained bt in t hehighest stagesof civilization on any guards from violence, which n an ancient and highly-culti. E'Ma ,|v o or
taller cuadidhs. Accordingly, it is ouberved by is- vated stale of refinement afforded. THIO31~ THIOMP'ION that when the barharians slltted in dlie Roman Why,if oimmediateand uncn.mlitionalemanrpnation from .iit Elllms.
aupire, the great proportium of lit free inbabiuants, after servitude was intelled to follow time ('lrialian religion, Fr y 4th.
a faw years, voluntarily subiuilld dtiemaseles as slaes to did it subsist unnitigated for filften hundred yvars ;alit F 4er
anwe powerful lhrd ; l ing found, by duer-boualh e-. it introduction t Because time in-eo prom ulgation of its
pereace, tbhl, when in Ihe unprolrecled condition uf free- precepts is by no means sutticient to warrant sauh rIlange; L OST, letwuween the Pen and (;Seria r ,' 1 rJ
awn, hey could not, in thioe nruly times, reckon for a because it is ecemary not only thlat chries sihotd be of (i.ld S1'eclarle. The liner ,
day either on their lies, Laeir property, or thir amploy-. built, and bishops es sllish' mini. savage indolence overcome, and rbarb ic violence res rain- pa''r.
Wlieo we ay that slavery is sch a dreadful c.l, we ed, and rude dpravity covered; hercuse ii i nece s. Nlarch 20th.
always gure to ourselves what slavery would be, eslab- before such a clangs is introduced, not only tllat Ille lrtt
limed in a civilizl country sorb as lais, where law is es- of religion should be scaitrced over the surface, but its W ANTEl)- st-a l.v alwnan, of Ca Il Irs
tablihed, imdigence relieved, vudrence rn traine, and in- roots struck and its fruits shed trough the whole saran uf to wash, iron, a' l cotk, for t' "
deatry prsecteld. That is tie source ofl dr grlest er- society ; because civil freedao and habits )f order, and For partieulirs, rnqlire .l Ill s Alairce.
run in political tollM l ; we imagine, wihuilu being aware tho desire of civilization, must be long establi.heId hlefore Ni.. None need apply who c.anot conIe A l
of it, iau tle iundition of ter people in otler states is it can be either practicable or beiieicial; anul heerausi "en"ed.
ailar to what it is In our own ; anld this being done, the lthes effects require Ihe growth olf nany hundred yeart. April 4lh.
asbasquent conclusons rinn upon wheels. Bul if we w-uld Let, Ihen, lie fltnnds of speedly Negro enmancipalii.n
accurately view the conelisilo of tie unappeopriated poor follow the slate of Providence in thle pass extricruati ofI FOR K AIjE I
in tin early stages of civilization, heir consiitio here is s6 Iohuimn race from the reisainls of servitude; let ithesa The choice of 2 .Los of Land, Oila ei
to be italke ue as a putrail, but as a co rua. Destitute bring up tle West ladi Negroes to the level of ancient l haildings arnd improvements tprreon, stei
uf protection, expoard to lapino. murder, anMPviolence, riviliuational aIhe period whrn the gospel was Irimnlligaled; P rincra'n street, er nerally known by the lr m
unable tolu provide a fendl fr t I maintenance of old age, let them cause the rude inhabitants to risal ltli age of Pe- I Lightluol, or ('upiil' How. lin
winlutl a nmrket for dwllil indimlsry, or an entploye ta riches anld ('rcro, of Piolemnv nnd I)Drii., of ('a'ar and a Ior Terms and olhter particulars, a1pply toi
f'mrnih lth.ln with breeal, Ilty must s~peeily piristi, us AlJ-Izander and then itiy have brought tll lic hunld nind ,scrilers\. ;F & Co.
a ln.l. d. r...l. te I H h lo. d ENRY Gr .F.NLAIod)E. V. IX rch C.
ith. dt Ii,.ltate Iaa I dr ast ae i'rAsce. Sasmsndi. VIA. IX I March td.

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