Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: April 7, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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fVit ilanjawa xrano,*

L.gsB 31UBs. Mdtl. SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 19. VOL. I-ae. fIlVL
I_ II'

r TIlE BUAIAMA ARGUS. uad declare the the slave-hldeJra oorigh to bh pro- the depbloruble fid T u dl.La ad -a Bme
p- ity He ays s tha I dve-lh>oM CdA a n t boa that Lard Godeich's Chemm a f she Cle-
irusItil ) I neI-WI.KLT IN NA5eAU, N. P. by which has right to hold slave property. Ilt Ifm d Offe Cod. will b seemed J l with ai-
-dl- pe---r -~-h pere ctly plain a tul Vinouont odeik h t v y l en "" s oha iel b. i enuea I --me I
nomn of every lw connected with ue dpartm. ot l .. to the enoyaee at dr acasa einLe *i
tae Government ever which be presides, aul to mention In addition to the omie iaahM f with ber k aw al
the prioaphl of common law by which the slave-lulder afairs, which Dobima, ib e s wih di whale at the
has a vlesed right in the property of his save. The truth Ilrurah West-ldia caloam eapmoiae that eaImtem
is that it hed never been denied, even by the mnot unare- islad is placed it the m immitM daoer, (am the ea
so le of die Anti-Coloial Er th at the Government tinual indua of ruw slmav fim thb Firs Ilah of
of tuls country have, tium iial number, enpresly Mrtinique a l O Guaoop. As the Edur of The Bare-
_nctioned and encouraged bthe ing of slave property. dju sys-f Ii in q te vsrisaec with all mr S mae
SThe chief bar, indeed, to the sweeping views of the Anti- to j do unte other as w would wi dthm to do see m%-It
PO RWz Y. Slavery party, as tme Lgoiti of the rights which tliy ,.re ally als most usecouotble. that the Brill Gwre-
==- desire to annihilate. The slave-hadder, we maintain, has ment should sadcto such oavb em to mag aod nimv.'
ON BgHAMA LoV. o1od a title to hi property au y loaded Gentleman in That a man's slae in MNwaique ad Osadalaa. h
FRai! Piebald pledge of mighty Jamle's love, ti kingdom ; and whenever it is ilringed, under a lawful prolpry--s much -o as te baws e ad huil age-
j. ure.nd'to a aioey.m, from reshlnvy above pretence of abstract justice and political uepediency, tlve Shoutd, Iy escaping luto a Brtish Ceouy. aed thl colony
Old Cjole-bhld's reay. se.girt. shevy coas, I on in which aim" in aid kledged ad hed to be
Wherw sua. a well as bodies, oil are lot; Iprinciple of all property is ovortarnesd. Plain ad Ial- iue in whieh avesy a alao achnewldfed ad emd to he
hence slavery .houIl he baniulted we're told, IaleO as this truth undoubtedly is, can we epress suifftriel lafulby ta Of juste a o da e.. mex te."
Aldi ye where freedom's avcates are lrol : ustonluishnent, tIat a Cabihlet Minist ldould take tim fllt e of jr ad a o daoa a rple."
Where Itlck, aid black skins, on their rnglis persist, tep in a procMeding, which nluit eventually involve the
Where colerl. caulkers, eatbagers of lit, ruin of our Colonial Pousesions 1 LoN Fb. 3
Are candidates or great Sir Redpoll's honour, In their effects we view with great alarm lle doctrine ReumoOr of an ezrordinary and very lt ature
And banrer's clerks appear before the donor; and practice of Ilrd Goderich. nl his station, caution were circulated oa 'Ch sepecting d hLo Cha-
whse ^L 'r ^ ,' wo a0 -ntl rA prsieh; it wru aWteled thet .i Lc id 0y -
Wnhose mily hithe n at cWaterloo. ought to be a leading rule with every Statesman. A pre- celor ; it was atad that-s Lordship had shwa symp
Amuyn leg thus e man wallowing vote. cedent, such as that which he desires tu establish, must toins of insanity, and that, I oequnce, the Cabins
Ill li, whI 'tie l given, 'aiu nol worth groat. lead to the most disastrous results. His Lordhlip believes was in the utmost ate of cofmulio.
Itpi.ouders III ie. privileges simply. -or pretends to believe-that Govnrneiunt liae no right February 4.
ibm hbirl all el.e do wish Ihemselves exempt, aye; to hold property in slaves, and therefore their liuedoin is We lave during the past week, received from our Pari
piolirilosfor what tie devil might take, granted without more ado. Not to dwell on the slur Correspondent several intimations of the probable iter-
or hi Imre stable brethren. for his sake. which tllis conduct casts, of course, upon tih policy uo eruption of triquillity in that Capital. ie describe
II.o! Mighty premiter, maulre i. like a cheese other Guvernineuts, what does it imply that tl West- (and lii information we can depend upon) di union of
I1,1! (;hloriu holder ol pilu.ild I.ves '- India proprietors should do 1 Why, in effect, Lord uodl- parties against the admiisration of Perilr to be ie-
ung may the wekih ringro with your renown; erich has said tIhat they have no right to their slaves ; creating; and also that the Spublican speak openly of a
Whie 'horrid ineie ,ie(rliwer eacli houls'l hiss, that, therefore, they must follow his txainlt e and ellanci- forthcoming crisis, in which France will at length reap the
'lhirld by Ilowiek. lut not hy llnrce Tl'win; pato tlhei, not only willout con)p,. iisaion, but with a benefits of the glorious three days.
Vawnedl o. by IlilireChtrlry, Jack of Clubs, destructive loss. In plain EngliLs, such is the meaning of Since writing the above, news his been received dat
A notably clwirnlii only amongit your sos; Lord (joderich's doctrine. an attempt to carry off th King had beea made. It
Illippily lvisedl )b your old Ifrenid ir Hly, It is impojaible that irn who have a large slake in the failed.
Asail our custonti, even our morals tr ; continuation of 'J1e s~ytei by which their property was The Standard isates that Sir James Graham and Sir
Conlemnn t all hue [Mly trin g llo seto hang. protected by law, Ilsould fail to view the proceedings of Thomas Denman, the Attorney General, have resigned.
Voor itr4' ei te ro carry. tly sol. (;lovernnent will dlsmay. TIe.y see the very right nil City, Twelve o'Clock.
Zli'lll i. .. ir lI, r t ''ren il I |le : which their piopcrly rets inipugned by a Mi.kiste-r of the N c scarcely remember a more tranquil week than ut o
1T ,ll thi iou.. n. y nil ithn iou ma Cr rown. lihey already lihl tile injurious ellecls of an preo in, as regards te fluctuationa in the Conscl Market.
Ai it,,t-, i e < u tir wi r st, kne-el dowi anad prny, Antu-Colonial systcii-l-ul now tln.r vry existence is T'e general pIco Ihas been (fiou W to b2I ; but tel
'T]o .i ] w .Sii 'oti our tlli,,.ihtl* ad kiows yourani. tiirueteed. It is Ittie they elect little I uln the perverl- chlanes in the Adnminitration have caused the market to
T',l it llriot hitn Iy throwiig all lIlane. ed policy of a Ltt Blish G;ouerinellll, ulhich li. gone in- lIe heavy this morning, and tle quotation for Llu- Account
I tirt, ini-guverned. who have dared rebel; dircclly to destroy their best ilnterest. But surely till is 812 ,.and yesterday I atwaualow a 82.
1.1t' .,wi1 apostate to our country's c se, now they felt cuolident in the n i sdou which has la Farully F ebruary 5.
II i' .4,ar, hist. s'iipreser of the laws; guided great States in pr.estl- tg Ihe rights of properly Sir Henry lPrnell is no longer secretary at War. On
Ar -tid yovi diraw all lht is nlw and ebse, in iolatti. We have no luie.tation in s I )n lg that Lurd Ithe Rui ian Loan question, he wus abseat wla the divi-
A liy ri rl silly idfet with a .ne:' GUioderic hias been the maii-ns of ut linatlgi tnhe West In- e| ts took place. This desertion, on the part of a Col-
IC-id every honlour, prior of former Iil. dia Colonists Irol tlhe breL initruels of tins county. Ill league sn high in office, made hi retnoval nocesary.
E.iollrniter sure detera, past ereda last pleasure luas been Ihe ull;kiJIldet cut ol all;" fur il Tlie Guvetnntent, of coure, cannot stand if they have
Tr ,n i lih canal, old Sa.anau's SIril nialh, literally tllnirou the l,ave-holders ujmn tihe imery of their divisions amongst themselves. It will, however, be re-
Pl. v ailh ed tools, anl yet eRo. t- ;, cralch. eiierliies. No wonder, lintn, tli Alti-Colunial far- melniered thlt many of their friends, and many frioeda
On lorrwwed influelne your Iale to sp, tioi rejoice; and eslaiu in tie language tl Cromwell, to Reform, differed from them on thal particular questne.
.itl'i II VioLr lltr llt foes al.s lrc. ll r ," T it'le Lord has dreliverro then into our hands." But Still they are entitled to praise for the high mrs of as-
.tiitp caresses, where ytou'vi most ,ibuel; they little dreams ol tlie energy ol mein driven desperate tionl Ihonour tlin manifested. This must e admitted by
A.l Ithen dnrover. whe at itl IM l, late, by repeated IanI cai d les injuries. A piilful faction imay tieos. who do not consider the words of theTreamy to have
TiTe ,d.-ptis ofawiintled feeling. eIrally hite- IH e giai oli uplucli a cncatd-ut th solid suprt bn bineilng. This subject, it will be sw hs been
Which. in aihalinian hbrnclta, Inoh icily flow- the Colonial proprlotuis could bestow is lost to us. iould apngn ilebeteil in the Lorda, a singular asim brought
I'lsremian. nor |ienstei'er. cn as.usa;e your wee. that Mini.sters inght opL)n i thir cees, and ee their error Il ward lbvy Lord Wynford, for refrrig the whole subject
'Thii.k'at thou, the dearelt iuilrel it, life. with all its latal coilseul1c.iLuI To do so effcclually, it to the Tcelve Judges. Tbhe rgeill of Lord Brougluim
W'ilr tier of husband. parellnt. ine n'tl.u sen ui-lt now be too late. Uul, we confoes, that aith men so i.ade a deep inipresion on Ith loese, and console us for
Will prostrate fall before ,ousr false ,ireen e? blind to reason and dhe true interests of the country, as a decision, which we cannot wholly approve. Of thi
opetn thon. our best privileges to attack, the pie.ent Government Iavea already proved themselves policy of maintaining national honour, we ar fuly con-
And in resislanee. counl'an thou to find as slark ? to be, we despair of seei.n even the shadow of l an t- vinced. t is the mode of doing this that admits dipe.
Iall! Hair brnined loo, whlse ntio's Intemlpranler, tenipt made in favour of our persecuted Colonies. They We know not what maoure are under h coeside-
Juy W hee you lare us, God grant it were insantr. nay depend upon it, however, hlat ihe crisis wiich we ration of Minister with a view tothb permanet security
have all along anticipated is now at hand ; alui we nay of our West India posa oions, and the conciliation of the
SUluding to a recent baptismal present. ihortlv liave to regret a .separation of interests, which Uri- nreident Proprietors-or indeed if thly rosble themselves
tain, not the Welst Indians, will li the first to lament. at all about matters of auch tripling importance; havg
COLONIAL AFFAIRFH S--(; I.VENMENTPOLICY. -- -- alreav effected so billiat a reduction i the rvnwmm .
From llt r Grada Ca it Ihey possibly think an additional sacrifice of three or four
Oir holmful Ministers sern resolved to persist in their IIhw trangely lo the wreathed tateoL, and the discontent millions can be as easily pared.
si*. c-ouse of policy, towards tie West India propre- evInce'd in, the Britilh "Wst -udia In esslon, at ths ma We are induced to make thee remarks as we happen
*S. TIK llBritislih U ernment has already experienced met, connect them a th e rdl co itiaon o k now that the Rih Honofrable Mr. Thmponp has
ie feolicity of beholding our colonial interests I the disastrous aons"reuenr rr l Imtelu y ani rule I dcl.are," We do at wan Woer India we can obtain
paiuallv silnk under llth iatacks of the Anti-NSlvery fac- wi loud ani cllri.inilt cmiplatuiI against the inIqi ou I I'-'nty of foreign sugar," a e NreUion worthy of on e
.-TloIy l;ave seen tle property of lli Ma1e"ly's sub- measure- a.litiprte al ihe slitgenisP i of the Colonial ()lDhe, lhltlrned Stalteman, whose iilll s' would not enable hie
ls delterriratedl in valu-tIheir capital distrovyel, or for the lgverinment otl iur latl usr n; ploulatiln. ani there pir- I ,pprci ate1ui tihe inittena value of our Canadian timber
ulhersd prfilless-llheir commerce Sacrifiel-d-nd still tlnarlous IderermtIIIinI. of 3Mlt.I-. r t refuse any rIIo.lf to trade. We can however tell this yonng gentleman., that
fmie is retiusd-jis ire is denied to tliem. Every commeir. 1, a r, .ln.n o l tle erlo.,rt.. do- we hal not only continue to exsp his fhllariom and
mure. all ed bvl t Ie present Minisry, gosa directly to Li" m"n1pose uI a lii.1 rl'I,. ,- i u t-he 'lue".n"n at ruinous theries, but also make a deermind stand, and
tinier. :i i~llUe betwes n the eolsew, n Iile tlo h eihe r'nury, ill be ..
StIoe loni,; alnd we think it is vain to expect that I '". l l y ra m oner ge our uncompromising opposition to hlsi incossieent
hy will ever discover the fully uf their scheme. Never *osier iS eas Io foreee. Neinher respret fur oI,. right of support of tim foreign slave trade.
Ws ilat.liotn more sell-i ile'nt. With all but ined per nor rons.,lraiti.n f.r the Inves .f thou.ansle of mno- H'l.ile our reforming Government have been reposing
PScrls-tlisir fanmili- tlireatenedl with bhel ry-them- rent .indui.lual. will Ie ullewr. t1o interfere with the rnn de- in fancied security as to te success of the Hill," anl
s'ivs o. llin pint of bankruptc)-is it to be wondered terminsalon of the pialippte of Itowning-.tleer to ccompldsh nlding nothing for the relief of the Wean ldian, the hired
ltat l the (oliilt should lift up their voices In indigution our ruin. as a proplalioa on 1i te favour of their tyrant. pasi tan of the deluded Aldermonbury feelion have been
piswt lthir oppressors, and look to the chance of revols, The Sowr.'i Prole." In the mean time shioul Englannd actively pur-uing their unprincipled avoation in the Co-
adeir only Impe of relief I Yet in these circounance be iovolted in a continental war. as there is every pr.hability lonies-wlhre, for any thing we know, at the momMnt we
.sOw inmnacuitise Mininters continent to ngmup tim she noon will be, if net -breant engaged in one-w--eak, I in tese remarks,
ipMi n t a c deed will ie her hoed ,ipon the loyalty and attachment o are r ndr l ivei
ated Wemt Illnlios every contumely and injury which h westdi.. naded ru-sperluen as they are by d and fire airrire ragi under a their varid nd
ahnce an-l oibstiliary ran devise. ir ha d f tyrinny and o i eion. The Lr rlelurie b t orrid deformities n Read d, Bualte, O reih, ad-
Lord Gudericlh, we oberve, aided no doubt by the 1t. Kill's have come to the determination to withhold all Co-IRefic-recall yoar heard, imceSsll s i prc-
Pliwus political economics, whoi advise the commercial supplies nntil their wrongs are redressed, and a guaranie tirable Orler in Council" blore it be tee lae; mean-
of the present Aldminiiralion, Its issued intructions g.en them that their propeires shall not be wantonly' de- while, inform yourelves of the state of tI Colonic, and
Sthe governorss of tIe Crown Col nies, ltv aheurdity termaled anl destryivl. ", The inhabitants of DIerara\ dmpis not a admonition.
ad isiquicy (rf which cannot oe t, lroutshly elpanod an ad Brr *ce hWt d iledm tee ,o ring Minitern practil Letter froe the Wst India, dated 17th Decmber,
il wis It i d to a n n 1at ne only ti m e |proof of their deternlination to reseit hluvm impoe rd upon 1 as
I them the ruinous nfil dlisni n I sY" Pomolstye" by the late e1 h Dilifying the authorities of
lr wide hIad Io iiraltripoll- tflve ta belonging to thi Order In Couneil. by Iitllionin i ln i Maje sty lo tree Ola .Th is hired atesul. ofa
run-rll irdl.r I.ll,,ilr II ithe iullic-al an enor- the demand of the Kng of inliland for Ihe restortin.n of i island, nd. in the maidofout troebl" aelon p
ls expucnce to this couutll%, but lie oese a step fartller, thLee tsultd Colunles :" Our readers ae already aware of sron itself amongst Ihe negroes that freedom is now to




Is a

S91 MagjasWa rgvug.
comupuce on delu lt January. IS. Some negroms r pardciplted in the hlLult i put upe thou who were Iied. Particulars of the o
now in cnilmpeat, (op undry acts mnld, ariig presea a the Leva. us--Bardmi. -.,
from this imr mion."" ir Jami' nest, we predict, will be attended by the
Another e arr p t Neresi England ve culoied class, entirely; we doubt much, if le will fiod Fe he received alam Gmu ,
plaed inis a e I aU ; tshe j *km is full of many, if any, to a.ld, even upon compulsion. It i Their most interesting conlenl tehe
Iproteled l its aabl enmd, nd I fear a matter of great atlonishnenl, to u, t t, although Legilature, which we are orry our lid *
diftedm y iig' mh W'hee will them gentlemen are viewed by Sir J. C. Smyth in so u to introduce iu our present l lc
dimm W t e in or tant lulic
this madnd i Wa s L er of rei, and the Foreign faveoable a manner, that he Onver yet has allowed may be thy constitution of that Colony
R a thia Lords A orpnd Howick, and, if m e a of them the aer of partking of hi hospitality; nk rater ha ardopud ex pendi ofad 'ae
Hear tismy Larda Ab p movernorhas a, dpe thzrdous, e ad '
spark oat sympaty remains i your Auti-Colonial booams, nor has ever Lady Smylh welcomed one of their ladip, ,strig of the Colony, ad refoi ia l,
ao m to- e a lorfc your" dfcal regulation." to her soir.L Represenlatit of the Peopl toda f' i
rTe Lf sl qam ule ceNde of Ow Colonial breathe al our worthy Governor's" philanthropy gone its from the Trasury in payment d of
is re..- derm t pilkpbe asf imaSo is meaed- full length, or doe be dread the point of contact with public. This right has ever boh a t
meglahermom-1 6 pparentlynervated by the scorching
reof haemrad mal; tdey amall again you, from thoehe orevaeral We hope that lie will not longer give popular Branch of the Leisuature, bht i
g"' Country, and the of her oPemnion, wb I
Agoeila at Dealnn--fom Barlardoe to Jmana-all the brown ma" mch just grounds for uaserting thnt lass been formed upon similar principles, ad,
wih one wvae exclaim-"- We wil not be a party to our there is distinction mide by him in the "colour of a nan's of this power by the Executive may b "Ie e
ema scrifa.".-Joha BsIl. skin;" for them are Do distinctions in life more intidi- dangerous results to the Colony, should the -L ia
Sa,"ththan those arising from social habits. There, human of the People refuse to raise time nes m Rt
TpE A RhSn ieth i n iu full-bow impoan d tie support ofr i Government. Thm l
pride shews ilf in all i fl-blown imptnc and House of Assembly to the Govereor'r 4-
TZZ- stttfsR i litre, the virtues ol khuility and lorbearance, will find quitting a similar Order in Council tod'mh
11_ _ampille room for erercie. There, wit will lay down with the Earl of Belmore to our Repisa 'M*A
SATUIDAY, APRIL 7. I Sl folly,nndl all tie promised comnbinaions of contrarieties of effect that, during the Admioiauution e fcte
.-. -- the millennium, be found already realized in this utopian ""ent, they will not consider any questi hon i
The Mail Bat Favourite, Captain Clarke, from King- kingdom, ad this sag~lgold. Atmeliorution nay be implied.
~oa, JlehY i, via Crooked Islanl, arrived yesterday- From the Car,,all C rirr.
by which e received our Jamaica papers to tie 7thl Royal Toaation-Mr. B-d, supercargo of the scloo- True Bills of Indictment llave been found b lLG
uhime, continuing London dates to the Ith ot February ; ner North America, having been inviqtd to partake of a Jury, at the Cornwall Asizes, agasinsl te api .
and have inserted extrects from them in to-day's imnpres- Royal banquet, was called upon to admire an air played aons, Burclell, Knibb, and (Grdiner, for ein
slaves to rebellion. As the Act for the s-p
sin. The Cholera had broken out in London, and had by the band of II. M. 2d West India Regiment, in at- slonairaeies alow live lear dyu to ilae tloppi
caused gat consternation and alarm there ; and, it is tendance; In bienseaasc compelled a faint degree of ad- arraignment and trial e and idsqiresa copy oif
spposed, will have very injurious effects upon thie com- miratlon, accompanied by a desire to know the name of month to be served on the prisoners at iLe lime nA
mene mof the country. In consequence of the unneces- the composer, of such enchanting strai: to whicl our arraigned, we understand their trials will nt ai
sarily stric quarantine regulations, numerous failures are King condescendingly replied, 'Tis not the conmposition until next week. It is probable the Court sill b in,
expected to quake place among tim merchants, and the re- of the Empress of Rusia, but of ihe Queen of the Ba- ad the whole of next week.
venue of the country will, a% a master of course, again bhalI! !" From the Jamaica Couranr, March S6t
silfer.-Ireland in upon the eve of revolution. Martial CHOLERA IN LONDON.
Law is considered by many to be tim only remedy, to pre- Royal Patent Spitting ioze.-One of the gentlemen The metropolis has been thrown into great slam, l
vepl that unhappy country front being again deluged in in attendance at the Levee, held pursuant to governmentt notilicaion of the Board of health, issued on this M
blood ; but we are not quite sure, that its adoption would Notice, upon Monday ull, being a chewer of the Virgi- tim Cholera having broken out in London. A. adi
counteract the anticipated calamity. All die nations of oian weed, was rather put to it, when die liqueurs were from the Council Office of that day's dale ustatd, ha i
Europe appear to be labouring, at precsnt, under excite- presented to him, to got quit of his quid, with its accom- cases bad been reported, and on de follnwintr d, i
phad encresed to 14; of ahlcic number, 7 hall diT
ment, and a great and awful crisis is apparently at hand. paying watery qaod, and being resolved not to loe a following order was on this latter d;i) iaued :-
taste of the sweets of Canaan, deposited the disgusting Custom-lHouse, Feb. 14.--IA ont r I hive nrn m
While we, with cordiality, adesire generosity of cla- burlhen--gentle reader where would you think I-in die from the Lords of the Counci, thai clean Bill dHarof i
racter and Iberality of principle, we, on the other hand, crown of a fine water proof Sunday beaver, wlhcl hbe are notto be isued to vessels clearing, out from fi Pm
deprecate and despise that species of ielpect, paid by vice sported upon tim occaioa! ! o London; and to state on the ills that car fl.6
_____________ ler have occurred in London, within the hin las p,
t o virtue, when .ai seeks to clotihe herself in fair gem- h o r i Lno w t, h dl ^
b em virt ou use pl s ihe aiiy.,I t e s r nsCla ig h L .--A n inter sting qoe Very great indigestion has been express ed here hi.
black, o to use pluility, tocren impur motive latelyrin m disturb time even and tive life Merc at wa is deemed this hy
from ihe obasMvation of the careklsu, and to deceive the of the loyal circle at Brighton. Our readers will, no on the part of Governnent, which will in all prulabi,
ignorant ito a belief of Isuerior sanrity. doubt, easily real to lheir remembrance tioe citcurm- hut us out front Foreign ports, or ultimay produce m
The conduct of Sir J. C. Smytll towards the coloured stances of the marriage of Ils Royal lighneas the DirK term of quarantine, a will be equivalentthereo. Thi
population of this town, ha been such as to make the or Sussx with the late LADi Maarv. I seems great reason to think, that time Government a I .
S i h mae appears that the children of that marriage, SIR A..u.eS tie Iplayed upon by tim medical men, fir, accodieg| i
foregoing marks particularly applicablc; and, as hi rir- apps t td chicken of ID marriage, San Achvasrrod played ry n I inatet $ia i
fonegoing remakes mrticularly applicable ; and, h eu- DE rom a proper and Ireport of yesterday, in all time infected places, vi--Lm-
,:,. r, _,. lew .' --m i~mp~r sn house afloat on tie River, Lanmbeth Loslhndt I
4 hias are no longer a mailer of faith with the white, he olial regard to Ihe memory of their late parent, and hose aloat on le River, La eth, Sta,
new attempts the more practicable point of hoodwinking desire also to be reinstated in the rank and property Rotlerhitidc; only uon new case (at Linmehllse) i a-
the bros n man," and we have been astonished, to e which have hitherto been withllleld from them, have Iorted. Tme total upto yesterday, of casn in theIo
tlengt to emich thn e foe tae oe toimed Gov ree taken the professional opinion of Dr. Lushingon, and tiied districts, is 31, of which, 17 have diL Pt
tile length to which the fulsome tirades of tle Governor,. ihar sionl oi ciru an of their ar will have it, tt gio drinking an p eny, a
hlve so':eeded, in mystifying the reason and upsetting marriage, and their own claims to legitimate descent from o"ly disease prevailing, and reconnlluendled die ;ll
the former respectability of this cl of persons. Ge. d. Nine different questions have ben proposed to iniet of Boards of ictuals, instead o Boards of Halt
In Jamaica, the colgured man is not only, generally these gentlemen, all of them most perinontly bearing as the beat means of arresting the progress of t dn-
speaking, one wio ha received a good education, nnd pon the matters we have just stated. The answers are order. We think it very likely, that it will be mk
lu conqu claiu upon arntion, bud who p satisfactory, giving the decided opiionn of the job ; and hase no hesitation in frming, that is
m Is a onq linn two eminent lawyers, irluose names, we have ion felt ee" is more atl lie ruiin tIe publicity of ihmesedm W
Spropey in u I in aInc I lives, which lone that Sin AIaTr and Mis D's, are legitimate hi- cases will bring on trade, tlun at any idea of i bul.
u.mild give himil a right to rannrliise athl our coloured man dren, to whom the slain of bastardy cannot in any case I "n the ino11, tile dliset' is rapidly smlliding. Tne lha
doies not pous i. Sir J. C. Smytd's administration, anil allach; and that they may and must succeed to all proper lumber of new caseat Newcamlle, Nortluliiekd, hilioa,
is intrigues, have given rise to a very great number of ties and privileges, which any child of the DI)l op ldditon, Tranel rn,Pre Ps, North Be ,
snall Freeholders, whoe whole property may extend to S nakt, caary in any circumstances inherit.-Falmout I rid ir ndo,
an are (or perhaps les) of land, which, atl ti present _was onlv 5 ; and in the saiime perioul I'1 dild.
value oi a large trct, may be worth 1Jd. per acre. Ds F. TV C in Genr of Cb. t h rench (;overnment has imposed a quri atie
D@4 F. % Vivrs. Captain General of Cuba. at h,, own r-- Ihree das on all vessels front Iomndon, hirh i PI'
To respectbility of deportment, the Jamaica coloured queat. has been re-caled by the Kang of Spain, and (en. v thr ;l as n specid ; bt it *ill probably beh a e
ias adds a degree of superior intelligence, to be found, Don M. RMcatore has been appointed in his place. "ashoputi ed ; lii ill probably be
larLal, should t1ll malady cain -round.
but with few exception, in the sane cl in the Bahanuma. We have just rteiv ed tIi rolor o of the Bnard a
The former, from habits of social association, unshackled lBA*,A Feb. 2. Illlh of th o thi day. No mention of London o iniicr s
and not rendered contemptible by following low proeion, Much excitement, and of a pleasing kind too, h;a been I mdlde in it, so we cannott say wilrhrr thllre i anyi
ndn ndered ontm beby folowinglwprofomiomin, produced in tie public mind since time arrival of die I i'duseor nut. From tiheother infected ,l.ulus, ii ap30'
have a claim to oltice, on the orem of refinement in ideas packet, by a report tlal the Briti'u go.ernulent hia d nut Ithere iave been 38 new cases, 44 recoveries, leave '
and meaners, sold s to be found in dte latter, whose ig- only suspended thi last Order in (Cinlicil frouiu its oliera- gaining, '228 cases. Tie otnl ninber of rases, ha
orncel of the common former of life, want of knowledge tion in lie crown coUlonii, but also lhad ilthdrawn it from the commencement of the disease, la been ic i, a d
(ms few of tcihe do more then sign their nanme legibly,) Ihis and the other colonues h a ing local legilatures.-With deaths. 1371.
and a mt abject ste of poverty, render them t to regard to Britils Guiana, it is confidently asertedl, that The reform bill is stil progressing in the fomrnmo,s
ndthe too the Dutch government hal mad it a national question, has become a perfect bore. In fact tle esibiom d'"f"
ready and it tlas to be taed by the demagogues of the and had rmonstrated, with eflcl, against its operation in and ahe tedions pace at vlhich tife bill moes, Ila ine '
myth fctiol. that colony, as being in violation of the articles of the gusted all parties. The relportmd changes in ti,- Ji.
Sir J. C. Smyih s make partisans, and whether capitulation. We should rejoice to fnd such a bone of tration which we noticed in ou last, lha% ii ",. ,a
those e t snoof Africa sill in a sate of demi-bar- contention removed; because whatever of good may be to Sir J. C. Hobhouse succeeding Sir I iir ParuA."
herim or e prognyof Aformer impontions, i a mairer traced from the aid order, every interference of ihe Secretary of War. Ministers are daily llccunltg
hrm, the p y e forer imptan, is matter kind with our internal legislalion, opens afresh wounds unpopular, and the nmetcanile inlrr,'.t ie ach
of indiference: a h canno have while supporters for which were healing, and is calculated to retard, ratherr against them There i an e ideas us at if dciuion
his nefarious design, ha will star no objection to the tban accelerate the great work of anelioration. We are their plaosand performances. We ave no crea"aed'
colir of a may's aki, er ees to t t is mind. inclined to believe that the reports alluded to have arisen Peers, and the bill, after passing tim Coniwn, ,in
Als Rim EoalceBma Id hm ply diDjt ofe 1sie the dispatch fr Lord Goderich to Sir Benjamin stand as good a chance of being thrown out in the lae
Asieac acy hed~hismp to the mismo tO D'Urbaa, which we publish tlhis day. The article from as ever. Momy is very wcare, and from Ihe ClIfam
colored o r ady the at was, the En Chronicle,which we extraet from the Globe of having PPem d it is feias maev fai ..ill 1: ,ae pl
caure, previouly know to him; ad thLe loyal d ilTh ly, will be read with interest, a it is connected -Already several outward bemid ships ave hbe a sllp
well-beMd cie wen meni iin e mr le by vih ti abjeate Orders it Council, for the sensible and ome thousands of the people employed in th, e
Ihe Editor of the IByal Grentes; who, however, ~d Ps iP mprving the condition of tie. siaela. have been thrown out of work. Mr. Ilrc., tie aIert
to ob e, that ae hve public fnctionare disagreeable news frotm Trinilad, and no Jamaica, had a long interview yesterday will' LId
to observe, that all die public functioari estm pC oncen, wander, whia we think of the danger of dte es pri- Golee e ric.n
and thal sveral of dthe uoners of his Majety's Councl i mental legislasmie resorted to for the government o at it regard to foreign news, we hae notl o a

vnr. eakfhle nommenll. It France thue diasetemt of I JE9hi re. s
Ia Pwr fian against tile (iGternmnent of King Louis
pbrdl io tile increase, ad his reign cannot be long. C Eavry param abou to lase (thes Islands, fr
TVr ronpiraciy, to carry off or to d ntroy llis fantily
idwe no .i** inl our last, In said to have been extensive LamDi rtdd thein fr the spners frum r on DTe,am
SiBramilications. The Carlitl in tho Wstern Pro- g ain saei lff ale cretary'sOJce, trpul up lh A in
*,o are aIso Sia to he making head, and the French said erru A Pro tes 0
n jrorde-rrd to repair to their respective posia A "id Ol"flfl"v DAl ppress Its daBRrhN-D .
piai,,,n is now under the consideration of a Com. ter leA,, a my liae during roarn-nra r., Iyeds U BY HENRY GREENSLADE I CO.
e ,it tloe' Cihamuber of Deputies, for abolishing the may otiaed. On Mota1 sz e, th O iient,
e 'raC of thio abhblah. NAMES OF PERSONS AT TM VTUS MtaO ,
We mnittel in tim proper place to mention that the ABOU TO OnTII.N TlCltTs OtL DUZ.PATVUrn. A OO Wo l m kb -
Gnrnment here hs. ordered an inquiry to he made into IIth anulis Eluizabeh Barrm Wli lSol
oaduclt lof the Bristol Magistrates upon Ute occasion of 0th Aphey Wells ,, P ll n
m NW riots Iere. ad Februay B-be S Philsdlplh FI', Is hbria,
We ove very little to notice with respect to Rulgiuni or 4 Heary Baldwin Rice nod Corn, i bag,
Dlland, matters remaining in perfect ab:yiane. l.The 14 Aee Tcker Gu Coar, in leth
a i h Malilda Wall Soap, Candles,
path it seen are extending their fortifications, and tlle t1lh W. Alexander Butter, Lard,
Iigians recruiting their aramies, but it seemso all a kind of 5h March Francis McKee Half barrel Philadlphia Pork,
Iri ado alsout nothing. I l1h Hoben Wier Bacon, Ham,
Irdeand remains in a moat dreadful stale; and to at- t Ili Cicilv Evsa With a wriety of lter akticle
l, in most parts of t'is country, tim collection oftythel th I iWilliamI.HamiloO TS efo d
o vsalbint to almost certain death. Thle t)the in Ld JosephTlhompon rifore d y.
inland i at length about to fmnn the subject of the govern- 2t d HenryThompmoi AD-
r's considel'tioi. Earl Grey having giv.n notice to tild Elih t Bullivan A H n reat Gig
tisl affect. 'lie accounts from the Iris h provinces are 6th Ail Ch ob.ophn With man, nrAprily ,7.
must frihlrhifl description ; and it s.enis doubtful
welsr thle troops there al e of' sullicient fulce to main- BY HENRY ADDERLEY.
ain it a ..iit the iisureniis. L tellers o a ntm ist un-
p.,.; ,.1 ar i)ns ctlhara r hic v. twet n sct to every W u On Monday mner, Itt 9th iL sd,
aii n Mscri' on tim gland juries inl tlle coUItl AT THK VaLnDU HOUBis
k.1Lk,'iivy, thleatining ithiem with death if the lind At 1S @OIO A& .
Ir,' bill at,.ist aniy of tile Ilrties charged within the Iour- PORT OF NASSAIJ, N. P. Will be sod
&.r of the |i lirc' at Kinoctopii)hr. Ily the latest accounts, Superfine Flour, in barrels,
i s-eens thlt li-l'-oin iUmoirel, in tle couilty of ARRIVED. Sugar, inditto,
Kilkinsvy end QyI,.n's Ct iiItty, have been proclaiilled in April 7th-Mail Boat Favourite, Clarke, Jamaica Rice and Corn, in bags,
asiti of diilbl..iiic, anld as iequliring all addiltioal force. Sugar, Tea and Oil, Soap and Candles, in boxes,
Shlineof ,11.11"iric. r innmollrit has taken place in Ger- to JounSon & SAUNDMas. ltams, Bacon, Cheese, Butter,
Inin) ; but bthli Plrusia and Atoria still maintain their Clear Pork, in barrels,
rlar' .rWed foi-e. CLE 4RED, Dry Goods, &c. &
11i finll by the accounts from Poland, that a conspi- April 6th-Schr. Pomona, Miller, Phliladelphia Teims--CASH on deliby.
nrey Iad ibeen trmed at Warsaw among tIhe Russian " Am. schr. Ecipse, Mattison, laltimore ALSO-
k.ra. .li de heaid of tlie plot was (General Berg, who, Sclhr. Blossom, luodon, New York At ni Months' Credit,
on its Ieing ilisclredml, destroyed himself. In conse- Bob, a valuable Gardener.
q..ano of tlis alTair, tllree hundred officers bad been sent SAILED, April 7th.
SS;ieri.,. April 5th-II. M. schr. Firefly, Lt. McDonoell, Cruise -
Green- continues in a stale of Ihe greatest anarchy, 7th Mail Boat Morning Star, Cooke, Jamaica BY JOHNSON & SAUNDERS.
hia split into two pfrli,'s, of which time ninorit, sup-
pi by ltsi.,n inflece.., s,,uort Colocotrouni, tin d CHRINT CHURCH PARISH. on H.t, the 9th instant,
Cam iiis i | (A'il l i > O li l, a r ed, Till: % ti,' r 11mI'ii r,
t. 'litrl' ,il if il. Colllltry are to mcomn! Ulld. tIle con- NOTICE. At If oloc, I .
sirratio ofn the Rleli ,enirtaiives ti tlie five great powers; A meeting of the Inhabitants of Christ Church Parislh, Will I sold,
ald that iliir determination is, dial a regular nionarUci- iu1 r1equlted on Monday, the 2d instant, (being FOR CASlH,
d for, If l soeriiiinet sall lie establislmd, and a young Easter Monday,) in the Church of tile said Parish, at Superfane fresh Flour, Rice, Corn, Prince receive the Crown. 12 o'clock, for the purpose of making choice of fmur Irish Butter, Lard, Pork, Saop,
l Italy a very general inlurrection has broken out in persons to ave as Vestrymean for two yoas, in dho Candle, Tobacco, Dry Goods,
lLati-.ons against tih government of the Pope, and room of those whoae term of aervic will then have ex- I chset superior Ilyso Tea, in lots, to uit pur-
SrPalal forces were unable to put down the revolt. pired. By order of tlhe Vestry, chaser,
T hily fatlmr, therefore, called upon tIe Austrian DAVID SPENCE, Clerk. AND-
mps Itr aid, who accordingly entered the states of the VmsuTT Room, 3d April, 1t2. At Lto month' Credi,
sirdc, ansi after soman resistance finally look lossession -- 30 barrels Jamaica Sugar,
iolulogia, so that the revolt may be considered as entire- ST. MATTHEW 'S PARISH. 9 puncheons high prool do. Rum.
liqullil. Somno very severe examples were about to Apri 7th.
Suileu of the ringleaders. NOTICE.
Tjhlal.-t advicesfromTurkey,mentiinothal the Grand A mneeingofthelnabinofSanbitantof.Mrw'sParish, is BY JOIINSON & SAUNDERS.
~ sneu *as still occupied in |irelaiing his parliament requested on Monday, tim idi instant, (being Easter
.irl KEy pit. rThe lIops ofil IIe Prliha in Syria have Munilda), in the Church o Ithe said Parish, :it 12 o'clock, On Monday nxt, te 9th instant,
il poitession of St. Ji all d' Icru; enae:'rd Dlliascus, for the purpose of illsking choice of four persins to serve AT THr Vrhilr. 1t orse,
l.iIi an'l, it is said, BUagdad-in fact, have powasisun ;a Vestryvmen, for two )ears, in the room of those whose At 1O O'elk. A. K.
lli r little i rovince. Iteut uof service will llhen have expired. Will le sold
W>i. hi.etile iss. froti Spain. The Queen had By order of tlle Veitlrl. A new and fast sailing Bahama built schooner Boat,
dliuiteu ofl a daughter, which was a serious disap- (;EORGE(; A HltIRISTER, Clerk. l feet keel, 9 9-12 beam, launched in ebruuary last.
iait~onl. VEaT'v Rono, Id .April, IMKW. Materials, &c. all new.
Framo Portueal the intelligence we terrived i confined -TERMS,-4 3Monthls' Credit.
vsurnttis of tile preparaliohns making by Don Miguel to AUCTION MALEE April 4th.
lide itivasion of his brother. IIE Y ;RENLAIE & CO.
DtPedo's tluadron li. asilod; a least the first divi- BY HENRY (;REENSLADE & CO.
,msis i-ting of too Irigatel, d corvelle, aind two trans- O_ Tuesdoy ler, the 101t ni lant,
t, wid, 1.41) menn, 70 officers, and 40 vl!untrr-,, le- On Monday, the 16WA in ant, At Ie idee of Ir W'r, E re.
rie on lle 1(hh from Billeisti IlTr Terccira. Time T Ti: vy.%t r n ii., :At tle rde of Robt Wer, qur.
uid division as shortly to follow. At 12 O'QloOk, At O'Oloek. A .
Wi__ll I Soul, Will IXe a i
From the Jamaica Royal Gazette, .urch 17I. TIose well known premises called THe BAIN, with all (W ihout rerve,)
T fullrwilng sitigular p.rat:liaph uas given in te tIhe ilmrovenlents thereon. All lis lamble' Furniture, consisting of
AI ISO- 3 DIining Tables, aithl circular ends,
(inUiini,.I of Ih. 2-2.1 Januar; as a quotltion front I The oulse sitlate in the town of Namssa, now ncrupi- Fancy cane bottom and Windsor Chain.
llacow Ga;a.lle of tlle 27th Deccmbuer. The inmes ed hyv Mr. George Smith, due South of Mr. McQueen's Tea Tables. 2 wash-hand Stands,
"'ts i ullaniticit ; and, indeed, on internal evidence I Printing Offire. lladsome Sideburd, do. Drruing Glias,
'4, ae tall be inldined to do o ttoo: lircss-'4ree months' Credit, on gimog agprorrd K- Bedstead, pair handason Ilair Cloth Salas,
Ruuian nation is indignant, ki the part llich Prints, ad an eigll day Clock,
'.Iad,or rather ilh perlidils llinitry, has taken in April 7h. I AI.SO-
ualrrsleof P'oland ; I,.I ne Jhall have our turn. We .._____ I All his Kitchn Furniture,
i.oitlf its i.ask, aind no w;ll show the world how BY fIIF'RY AI)DLItLEY. LIEKIN VINE-
Ish is rescued fion sil ry. You Slall soon judge -All his Groceries, Liquors, &c. r. consistng of
PnusollnbY spoke nkw I truth wheu he repeated to On Mondao, Ihe 16th infant, Sugar, Coffee, Fig and Leal Tulbacco, Moares,
""or chose tol car linm,' Riuia is now nothing, and AT T.r -. t'P.11 ""'"R Segars, Pipes, Ac. na.
1 alone, will I inafolth hinder it from interfering in At 11 'Ollck. ALA Otanr's *nperior Cognar Brandy,
6 Karill 01" E soLn Wall ddCna Brandy
Ldilrof Europl ; i s an Asialic t(overnntent,' a&t. Jamaica high proof and Windward Island Run,
kntcan this Alliion, loaded with debt, and ow If not disposed of previously by private bargain, Holland Gimn Old Shrub, Annieed, Table Beer,
ovwith tll nmoil i.,iirlio,,s itinciples, dare to roue That valuable House and Lot, lately occupied by Mn. Ac. &c. with a number of other articles
'ar ( srhle .rals i), w.hicIa as near devouring Na- Poitier. The House is rusiny and ronveni.nt, with a, The Liquor will be sold in lots to wit purchasers.
salithi.e. fil.t army that ever entered its lerriory, large Kitchen and wash home attacd.d, chair Imous and Trms,-CASII, before illivery.
Swet tio i ipu.l.r ili- tienI.rity at Paris inelfl staling for three hornets exenive yad and grass piece. At We Month' Credit
'; turn iitmu rouie, and Ihen we ll.ll Inake no treaty The omt buildings have been lately thoroughly repaired. I Negro boy amed Nlson, about 17 yja of
*Iht people, exce pt in Calculta. Ilfalse policy hu anid dte greater part of the fences have been newly put a t d o one wolk.
mslast stake. Let it go and make na alliance with xup. A April 4x a. mmm work
'tp of Africa, towards whom it isem tell indiad ALB
SEurope s its dupe. Wo, barharians and A t of Land situated at t ile FO P II ADELPHIA,
l it calls is, will give it a lstos. leantmn.m, let acres. It is divided by the village-rosd into two l.os the
S'ahi, i, fiat m- dMeasire." mintern lot being interested by the new road leading from The lfst miting sdmoer POMONA, Mil-
s mble a ('orss for a general Treaty at Cal- i-e iiavlse into the Blur hill road. ler, mastr. Fre passage only, harmy good
iatir a ti otile I t e amlie. t'ove to a i, TlRMS-One Third ('a :; the balance in ap- acar commodatieo ) alply to th apai o
a, It oln toe ,r 1ISt iM Illa,lMe to apluOgize, or we proved notes, payable ai 3 and 6 months. MEs. C. CLAXTON.
'ma r,,,g ia his .,,. !' April 7th. I March ain.

| ,

F We 3aa4s34a Srgvts.
Fon tlhe Coatiment. nea- tihe dlales of war 0ay cyaied, Mad the crowd was quickly i
T E TREATY OF TIE FIVE POWERS. a a bd,-mrl n from aetnote Corner to the very e ,o per o s. The c.o e 1
THiE TRAT OF THt FIVE POWERS. of Europe,--ed catching new fuel in their con- opened on demand, for their adnis, and. M.
gO p i sgre,-whateslr may be the realh, it .ever prebuoive of personal attack, ebapod by 6 'p
Much rm-.a d the sk,--and cm be te policy of England to lntrfar a a e.lli- window. Two C e students d astil s m
has duma -atthe uren,-td either upon tie part of Leopold and France, t cape. Three dead bodies wereod im f 1
ausq'pet of Iealty, which soae on sn of the Great Powers or she Continent in anal- The people became infuriated,. md thei ba k
now aumed oe amsatd ih Treaty of Twemayf tack of d French Governmeat. geance were indescribable. Bu Bemah Bail
Articles, sad whimb Lad hit hes bercalled de Treaty Our Iast inquiry my he concluded in a few words resounded on all sides. Shevings, fir, and ,
rfc and e h What ought to be the policy of, England, in tile event of were quickly procured, and within a few
It Wius bem mid Re n l lse refused to ratify, on the rupture of de treaty io Londou whole building was in a blaze. The walt& h
asccom of m t ems she Belgian arangement which We are firmly of opinion deal, in this event,'our mi- aucceasion; but so deatrmieda wemr the o *
did not appler i e preiminary bsis of the Treaty. nlater ought to leave the Continental Powers to range de detrucion, thmt they unodermnedthesr
Whothr this be pra rst, or a real cause of reluul, we their own diderences. We have esayed to do our duty, wall that continued standing, and Ntck to it
know pe The ce ctioa between the imperial family and have failed-we hbe nothing more to do. We can- o'clock at night, by which time there was at *
f Russia and bhe Hore to Orange i well know, and not go to war with gloy.-because no war in which we left upon another. The Lord PIoves and a I n
the Emperor Nirholna could carculy toloere the degra should engage with France against Holland would be po- Magistrates cae to the pot, and assured the ,
dution of that family in any event. It i however ei- pular in this country.-A war of suchau alnomalous kind every investigation hold take place. Tha..y
dent, thai if Russi should refuse to rtily upon any would necessarily be odious, and it is not clear tht it their precaution of calling out the milituy, a sa
grounds, there would be an end of this treaty; inasmuch would lead to any victolius issue. Again, we could not passed offquietly. Every intelligent pers on -o
as, by its very constitution, i wa is Medd to be a JOINT unite in a confederate war against France, however un- the necessity of anatomical study ; but every
TeaeTT of te Five Powers, or asa at IL If one of principled ned rvullviuuary,-however atrociously ljco- mind must feel that the bodies should be dipr-.
lte contracting partial. S fr proe ral soud wih- binical re might become There is, therefore, no oedr manner that should not outsage die feelingsof 0
draw Iis comst at ary st of it, the whole arrange- course remaining hbu non-interfereuce.-Nor would this nature.-Engis l paper.
mnt mset fai to dMe ground from tile very nature of tie be any ungenerous deviation from the suinight course ofl
proposed contract: for it is obvious that nothlig 'o a nutionaul duty. We hae bound ourselves to negotiate W ANTED.
mlamarate or individual haralclio could answer te view witi dime other powers L tle peace of die Coptinent A Bill, or Bills of Exchidngr, payable in La
of the project of the tnety. but we have not bound Ittelven at all events, and by Liverpool, for 160 Sterling. For
Them aa ths three questions of very serious nHoment war, offensive and dealeive, to ensure the peace. We apply at this omfce. "
t lie discsemd :-First, What will be the consequence il have engaged in an oefi of good will, but if we fail in April 2d.
Husia refauns to ratify I erondly. Whether, if a Con- it, we are not bound to take upon ourselves die hazard of
tiiwntal wat ould be theresult, Engluad would nocesarily uares. If we fail, it i our misirtune; but we have con- NOTICE.
he involved In mi wnar I And, lastly, what ouglu to be acted no duty to permit beyond our muot asrenuous ef- LL PERSONS having demands gimlL.e
tie policy of England in any of the events which may fort to conciliate and persuade. A oA Josp Sundere uie of he Lhai'I
follow thK nun-rtlifintln of lll treaty. Providence, gentlennn, deceased, are requaed oit
First, it will le r es.llected that tKun b1rnmo a party Plai speaking in Canada.-We find in the Montreal Poi same duly attested n hose indebted to in
to .ll tlrea'y at a linm of very riomng danger to her own Ileld of the 22d ult. an article translated fiao tie Mi- Estate, are likewise requested to make imb
.lni.ain IPoland was in sucosui rellion, and stIIe eaare ofl 6th,in which the writer holds stronglanguage witll ment, at tie office of G. P. Wood, Esquire.
.i ioe eastern provinces of HLuRia lUd e*Iown a strong regard to the propriety and probability of a separation of THOMPSON SAUNDERS, Ema.
.lis1i.itiin lt. ruesoli.-lhe (Courll of luusia ias liertlor i the Canades from thie mother country. Thle country, lie April 21d.
f.irc'l bly IhI ntecelsity ol ils ami|tioI to accede Io tlis says, is placed in very critical circumstances, and a
tr.ity, andl to bhcorme rilu'lant Iart), in order to arrest revolution will l.rhaps be necessary to piece it in a more FINAL NOTICE.
lin. I lgrfu of general insmrrectin. lThe allfni of the natural and less precarious situation." lie complains of IIHE SUBSCRIBERS, having closed the ass
etiocrat lhve now ass.une.. a more favourublo aspect. the existence of a privileged class of strangers, the mem- concernsof the late Elias J. Solomon, Esq.,bI,
II.- has sheathed li sw-ord i. tl.s blut olf his, onemuies. bers of which have a monopoly, of riches and honors. notify to those who sill remain indebted to hi E
Polanid u now undel his .ue, sid the olly barrier between I'be writer speaks of the population of Cannda.sdivided that unless their respective demands are liquidml p,
in, i, nt anil -.ou:ere Iurepe leas sunk lel;ire lii nlitary into two classes of opposite interests and manners--he vious to the lst June, they will be placed in tie has
Ialoie. Tie incipi,-.t revolts in (ernmany lave all been Canadians and the English. These first, born Frencl- an Attorney-at-Law, for inmmdiatesecovery.
,ian.ui.led,. sad tie progress of liberalisn aseen to have men, have dhe habits and character of such-dtesy lave E. .1. SOLOMON, Eatak
l. e checked for the present, on this great area ol inherited from their llrther al hatred for time English; hlo C. S. AD)ERLEY, Emee
Et.iarpese civleasli*n. in their turn, seeing in thllm tite children of France, de- March 31st.
IUder ;urlc cirmunistaures, and knowing tim temper of test thbee. These two parties can never unite, and will
I, Russian ('ort, 4 is not unreasor, atolel to cutlct.tlre not alwady remain tranquil ; il a bad arunlgnmatliin of IANT NOTICE.
tht die .lit poer Nidelatst will oitlhleul lis rafti'icattit interests, of tanners, o language, and of religion, which l IF SUBSCRIBER intending to leare ieI le
oi Ile l'reem 'I tre'e),-- i.' eisin otijert of which, en lie se r or later niust proluc., a colliis. It is o.til. 'ble, early in April nest, again request d Im-
view of it, iu.t l'.-to rend asunder that kingdom l v that. I I a r.l obile, early in April bneu, again requests all t-
a 4s estab.lisl.d unk.r the faibh of tlhe Holy Alliance, and be fr of; a r m, I tink it will not be delayed" l In t saingdeateds aaint to nrender t r a iae; w
which was a part of tiet showy, though not very solid another iart of te lurticle, the writer lmeaks of the CIan- indebtepril. All rccn, to relainine unt i n r at o
;it,,inry, of which his late brother Alexander so fre- diana as having been, moderate snol patient till tiley have lime, wiIl lIe put n thee hads of G. P. Wood, Eatm
et.'tl.l leisedh. He cannot, we s.v, but feel, that time become at last seary oh being calumniated anti injured ; Ikir recovery.
object of this treaty is toconfirm and sanction successful and adds-" I telaPat it, aon immediate separation frot ROBERT WIEPl
r, vlst, and to protect and guarantee a people in thuow- Englead isthe only means of preserving our nationality March 14th.
il, off I've yoke of the sovwerein assigned to them by the Sonme time hlence, when emigration shall have tiodle our
Tn'aty of 1 anna.. That this must he a bitter cup to the adversaries our equals in number, more daring and ,ess NOTICE.
F.Iil rt da;iclsa, no men can doubt, aed he ill avoid generous, they will deprive us of our liberties, or we shall rlII SI'SCRIIER, intenling to lave l
taaliss it if bhe cas. Butl, siculd the treaty faillthe ie la e same fate as our unhalpy countrymen die April net, fr the I'niled S -, requerstal
gn1 rJ. is lni llle uinse Ilut a contilenl war will be Acadians. Believe me, thin is die lale reserved for us, ,on, h' ing dremads ad iletI It him, to render bIa;
thl counsetmnce. Lolland wouel, iullmmdiately invade if wr do nort haela to ma le swralrnss iadepend'nt." icto.' inellt, to nlakr panl on or lrfam e l
r o a a r The real Herald," commenting ualon lles, article Ftrirv. All acrolntl remain unpaid I I
ali ; P'russi, horning for war, and whose armies ta1o front which h the foregoing pcges are ractel, y it is 'e a ii he eftnat d Tie u (i. a. Wedt, sP i
~ug been in the slipas would power Lot troops into Elan- without a parallel in Ilse newspal m of any %f tir r ritis l rfcery. F 11.WoE
deml,; anl Asatria and Rusaia, eager to avail tiselves possessions meeughout the world--It wold Ifi elil cul F. TsitLl
of the eim oplt otunity to crab the progress of revula. observes that paper," to convey to thuoe at a distance, Janelar', 7th.
tion ry principles, woulrl son consolidate a new alliance the a iou excitement of the city of Monmreal during the
o p u fr e i .s iimaites their ancient ascendancy last fortnighll. The threats of tlie Ksiiainu (wlho. neet- --
in 'erol. A l 'i itu bnrisa us to our second question:- inga lave been Continued nii never nore Ilin an l NOTICE.
Wing hereo been oantngth w ri nsovulr beore tdtan an inervalf f
Wltlhe, if rCetieuetul wer uld be the reslul of of three or four days) have daestroe all that conscioun H BSC S T bpi
Ine refusal to Russa to ranify, Eugbnd would necearily security of person ane l prrpenry to whi h its inl .nbil nte a gain.
be involved d i uch warl have been accusltoneJd." The HIrald states, Itht tile (i lrhds. choice Ma clria Wine,
That Eagand would interfere in no crusade again ierre of the '21th apollogised for thae peblicatiun of tile 441 d"n do. do. do.
France, or the libery of the nations of the eoutinrsent e comnunelts from ic have given extlra.i lv ) d natrlly, we my s y assume. It would he contrary, saying that it had been printed willout being first read'; I tn"k" (;endelnen's Shoes,
not only U goed policy, but to humanity, and in direct ad the former paler concludels itu remark, with all'ng 2 blue Dinhner S l.
tedsA priniples of die p nt ni,.iter tt" so part or the public Ia bees nt ere ioe ey HEN Y (REENSLADE
oA ny a f n toni erfance in continental offers ti s p ecin of he / r, .,-n l A ofer-e rm- ___h 2
onae of t b pillar upoa shich their porter must subsist. able Frenit anch iin th rspc- Decodimber
Whether libery or tyranny shall advance upon liea conei- n a d _______ U oL'MA SALT, for silo at Is cents P el
nei,-whither kings or their people shall ugment a their AB o
pomwetIv heleor demagogues ol despots sall make tiiei Me"ric .'-The Leonidan, at New York, ays the THIOMAS TIIHOMPSON
nm fcar etrido ,--whettler republican s hell us rp MesU" tile Advertiser, nailled ront Vera Cru on dur :hlli At Ees
uia oIweou or thoesn upon repoblics,-hi mt decided- January. We learn that tIe conuiiAcilelr o( thiesiuawron February 4th.
ly, is all .r nts, be the policy of England to iadlre re- t ti a a rt had rec ivul Ialitr from tie gnovrninm at i gr___-
aultoely to a ayatem of non-interference. It would be Mexico, wilh enclosures lalrnisl In Flors. com mander .of _.;T, orl sPn Plen Pan anil (;trc Si",' a 'fa
mdneai eo waste our nrength afford fuel to tlie opini- die cle sit. Juan 1 l'hua. Inld of delivering L of G.old Slurcacles. The finder o llhei'"
ons of id p'epg idal and to abet the leaders of neew ee letters as directned the croniander of the squadron f somly rwarded, on delivery of tlem at l e tred
saeruby i di several states of the continent: And it c" ied them to St. Anna, who opened them, and fie nd
would besqul ma for England to interfere in sup- them to contain an order to Flrces to conln'nce firing P arcb Otb.
Iurt of laitista ceroa sor egi he will of the people. upon the city of ''er Cruz, and promising him a re atd m- '-r
Thlie nrlmc or mn the i century, and the waste of ,(l if he succeeded in reducing the place. Si. Ehr ANT ED-A n ealvy womal.ln of V-E r''
Isme bden mwhos ort money, ought at leat to teach Ansa immediately caued Floras, and aome otier rmipen to wash, iron, nald cook, r u fl nei
n this n oft w*don.-that nothing is to be gained by ad person, to be arrested, and committed to prison. For particoulrs, enquire at this office.
btldieg in srm gad dmtknees is the mild and tempeast- N.B. Noae need apply who cannot come el rm"w
ou waters of coenieetal warfare; that the strength of Desrctin ef a Theatre of Anatomly in Aheroes.- mended.
Eaglad should be Me oaher d for herself, and her in- On Monday la the city of Aberdeen was thrown into a April 4d
duatrisa poopl, ad nt dhaipated in tbose unrin stale of indeacrihabe consternation, arisinrg fom whlI we
eoonicts, mnd ine war, wlich, however they m ter- caoat but consider ti very culpable negligence of some FOR NAIaE
maimate, can produce no permanent profit or glory to thi pero connected with a Theatre of Aunatomy which bad The choice of 2 Lts of La., goair
esac y. bne sopiaod there by Mr. Mair, a surgeon, a few weeks buildings and improvermen tllieres. At
As wlgo edalaop itthaln evia of a Cmiiwtnallwar, age. On the morning of Monday some boys ob wrved a Prince's street, generally known by de n"
it i of little cone to Ua whether Leopold emaine o the dog scratching up loose eartl from a piece of gromnnd form- Lightfuot, or Cupid's Row. di.
throne of Belgiumn, or is driven heck to an abcure vige ing panrt of the premises, in a manner which excited tliir For Tenim and other particulars, apply t1
in GOrnuany; whebder lie return again to Claremont as a Iupicion. They gave an alarm, and a rrowil instanlly scriliers.
laarput Iwpesioner ; or rtlablishel hitifelf in llipa of a mbledr, when it was found die ldeg had Iben rearing up HENRY GEENSLAPE & Co
Laku. We r'lsti'j, ill.t lIalcver uia% be thei result a part of a human body. \ slitul oif horror tai insilantli PMrch 1i.

_ ~.___. -.c.,

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