Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: April 4, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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f$t 3flann frgne4

E BIUB.1S, Editor. EBDNESDAY. AiIL 4, 1asg. VOL I- O. LXV.

THE IAIIAMA ARGUS. thI l nig, directly or by dhe r severeigas thae sor do whole tether--nor by'c i fIrsm the
-b- d by accredited envoy. bined whole name pnil cidag, aJ by a detach
S pesLIIKlD aR.Mt-Wr.mKLV IN Nsa,1 8t,, N. F. rThis section has not-nor eva could have had-ody tham inceasing their dif ty, but by seing if the com-
Witt Dollar" per amam h-Z avarem. other sense. Besides which, it canoe betn oe te repeat- bind whole does not onr advantagsuperir to its in-
id, aline it lays down nothing relative to the form of the de- conveniences, from which no diplomtic utrasucto uhas
liberations which the fve Powers might hve to open wills ever yet been wholly exempt.
SPleniputuntiaries of & States which lcimed their inter- At tse close of sch In examination of the d 5 arti-
vention. It leves them, on time contrary, in this respect, les, and the explanations cotaimd in the memoir of thi
a f(ri latitude, and above all, it leaves tdes the right, a day, tim Nethorlanid O ernumnt w il Gd de Confer-
right which it could not rufuse, of deliberating on llm pru- eas enertains no dAbl, that all the U by pniag
positions which that intervention might require on their thes article have been applied, of arMltgs thee con-
^- -'- part, and the right of commenicaling the propositions cldion that Emreps, weari1e with trouble nd approem-
OZT Y. right now under consideration roquirea additional seuegth one, which will male the long diquietmd sate of Hol-
SNI, FICTE. when with the interest of the StUe whicb have required land herself, and lad mlly to dtht general dirming,
Who was't who talked of honor's Nome, the interveoli re ocied in e associated a in te egotitions of tl ropontio for which the Cofe e approve of
And vowed that satire was a siame, London relative to Belgium, tie amot imiportan interests highly.
Bet now who prints the very samr e of he intervening Powers themselves. It camot, a o other band, too stngly rg tie
Nil Ficte. According to theme consideratioes, in inviing the Pleni- spicion of its no wihing to give Holland nenceorh an
Wh i't h alw a did ref, potentiaries of the Netherlands to explain in writing the honoourable pitioa in the Eurorpean faily. Recb as
WT..prin who aleer llht euse, rights and wishes of their government; in engaging them object never mrned into te wishes o th Ie A" Powers,
Too print whatever siaaaht abuse.
Thu wicked, factious, ainely crew to reply to the arguments and deomead of the adverse and would hben opposed to their nentimna a their own
Nil IFacts party; in offering them tiales tie means of making interests.
known their thought ann wisies on all the questions to be Again, placed involuntarily, andby the march of events,
Who hates the Argn like a pntiin, objected to fin arrangement; in addressing to tlme, under the obligation of contributing u in 1814, to settle
And cannot read without emolin, finally, the unanimous communications of the 15th of a1st the future destiy of Belgia, the Courts hve not absed
1 hat does not please his narrow notion October, tie Conference think itself bound to nmaintin their position; and by a i Snacial amrn nmn wbich
Nil Fcte. that it las acted entirely in accordace with the fourth sec- diminish the burden of the ancient debt oT olland, by
Wh condescends to he a tool. tion of the Protocol of Aix-la-Chapelle. affixing good boundeles, a mate of compact pos uioai,
Tplee the sinls; who yields Io rule. The note and menmoir of time Pleipotentiarin of thl and a continuity of territory on te two buak of the
ly whnch he's made the greater fl.,l Netelrlands discuss the 24 articles of the 15th October, Mbes, and by a formal gurmnltee of all thee tipula-
Nil IFice. in their relations to tim eight articles of the Protocul of lis, they have offered to Holland advantage in vain
Who for a mnatnn has Nil Belr." July 24, 1814, on which time junction of Belgium with sought for in lli most glorious epochs of he history.
Wath which las paper dlnn't agree. lolland was founded, and to te basis of separation an- In those memorable tInes, it was ot from a action
For there great lulsehoeud ofl we ee ? need to the Protocol of January 27, 1831. with Belgium, it wa from herself, from the obe qua-
Nil Flcle. However, before the Plenipotentiaries of the five Pow- lities of the House of Nassu nd the Dutch notion, and
Who nesl the wols ** Aul flede" uses, er had assembled in Conference in London, time princi- flom her own resources, that olland derives hr power.
Atid aseais ia say he ne'er abuse, pe of a separation between Belgium and HIlland had It only remain for her to fill these charnctr now ;
Uul lusely tlnaks hle much amuseir been'proclinmud in the united kingdom of allu Netheland. and far from desiring to mnke lhe King of the Ndthir-
Nil Fice. The adoption of this pa incipl wau to annul tlim of the lands descend from tie high rank be lie in Europe, the
essential dispositions of tlie Protocol of July 21, 1814 ; Cours repmrnted in tme Confereace of London have
Who of" Intempermer" make his buast, it went also to invalilate ltho authority of this act. lad only in view to maintain him in all hi dignity, all
Iiut sl irho lohe to h ed el ost ? lu making this observation, the Conference is far from his inuence, and all his impontoce.-The undersigned.
Nil Fitee. wishing to impute any blanme to a measure taken in the du.
midt of circumstance of extreme difficulty. It is atia- ESTERHA7.Y. WESSENBERG.
One quesion more. and I have lone: fud with suling a point of right and fact, frTm which TALLEYRAND.
Who first the wa oef -wrds br,,u. it ruls dot it is only in their bearing upon the basis of PALMERSTON.
Amd now disples'l, dislike t fun e the eparion of January 27, Irll, upon the Protocol o BULOW.
N D B. R which they ar joined, and upon the propositions accepted LIEVEN. MATURCHEWITZ.
by the government of the King siiem die commencnment
of negotiations na London, that the 24 articles of the 15tl Fso 'smas or PoLuD, Dec. S1.
IOLLAND AND BELGIUM. of October last, can and ought to he considered. It eemno that final resolution rith r et to the fate
Ti. conference will not hesitate to enter upon this exa- of Poland are at length on the point of being takes. Siea
awmr It tce nte ldnu"r"d to the Confereme by te minaion. the return of the Emnperor to St. Petoenb we hea it
Plriputentciaries of tht King of til Nrtherlauls, It flatera itself to be able to prove a it proceed- frequently afirmred thla it seeu mor for ie interest of
died Dec. 14, 1R31. That the 24 article present oly the development of Russia m make Poland a district province, doIsuh with-
LonDoo, Jan. 4, 18'32. the basis of the separation alrealy mentioned. out free institutions, tlan to incorporate is with the em-
The undersigned Plenipotentiaries of the Courts of That they embrace tie application of all the princi- pire. Thus a kingdom of Poland may exis in unm, al-
imri, France, (Great Britain, Prussiu, and Russi., have plus proposed in far ur of Holland in ilm Protocol of tleuglh it will not piles any kind of independence. This
l hd bhoiouor to receive tie note and memoir which their Ja l"ary 27hll, 1831. resolution is not fouidaod on any consileratlonu ith re.-
Ibllerics file I'le lnipotntliurin of lia Majesty the That tlese principles lave been sustained with a view pet to fourign powers, bton a general syisem adopted as
ig rsf the .rierla.ianls addressed to them on tihe 14th to the interest of the government of huMajesty the King a principle, which will he romminu-d to the advar.aoge of
ismhsaer, .IN Tim Conilrence of London was anxi- of the Netherlands. Russia a warning to the ancient Polish provinces nl
a to Iearn the opinion of the Calainet of the league on I That in lie question of miae grand duchy of Lusem- t,, hianlkr afir indlir-nilennce. Many famiillm fearing
1t twanly-lour article uchi t la Iand submtiteIld to die tlaurlgh, time Conferernce, in making a portion kbwleice of llte Pleniptltentlc iies of lahe king ; on tile duchy serve fur sal eIchangse f territory, and ai con- have alri;av sl OIIughtl t ilrnuYaisn Ie allt e In Ilne inalorii.r t.f
I rOcluel'r. Tl'iir last conullllalication lma s Ht linell. si- "'necting this negotiation all h tie ll. glian questionn, pro- Ish, which, liwever nill hardly INe granted tIlina.
itlulnserpectation. T'heCunfitrencrlehasosninil wah pIerlY so called, did not conform litlh lie authuraty it l ad Noshing has yet been dt,nr to revive the manufactures-
iwmeho e expreoisin of die wiles of the Gveirnmen received from the Diet of the (iernsenic ('hinederaticron, on the contrary, everv bdly i endeavouring to wind up
fIl Netherlands, for the speedlvy slleien l of tlle inl- o thie demand of tie Minister of Ille Kingof the Netlher- his affairs and to lia in reIreri'een. The policy of the
snal questions which have arivsn during Ithe l 1S5 'la nd"s and Grand Duke of Lisensiburglh hinlf. Russian Cabinet with respect to its foreign relations is es-
mlmlsfr..m ni:i rrlialive situation ail lluullanl ndI BI.liruI ; i That tiae example of the kingdom ol lanover does dently nore decided, It now clearly exprenes its ateni-
aI th Cunfrre lcr cannot avoid explreina its rgrelt aI not at all appear applicable to the cua. nentson Ilie great affairs of Europ., anl manifeats itu in
tlame line, thait tlla cnmilui,ication had .,ta l, ee meall T'lhat dic articles which, according to the note and otenaon of resuming its character of albiler on all displi'd
bll Ia the linme when the Il'inil|ten.itiarier uf llth Nether- nam'oir of the Plelnillaentiaries of the Nellterlands, con- pinlt. We need nole, therefi.r, wonder that we hear of
h., ldln-..,,I thIir note ol the I1.h Noverbr, without t line" d positions unprecLedened and derogatory to tie promises made to the King of Hulland in cue he should
hag ble Ito ad.d to iilt tay fliial eplar,.i,,n. rI in, t,.alnt rights and sovereignty of lolland. are easily eplained, be in danger of lavi.e hit rioigl disputed by other pow-
Sddu elrne t prnciple of which e C inofare tw ut eden dught o reasonably toI ei''. Thabt tlie asurances are not empty words is
of- deanlll fill plain ,and simple ado eaion, the Plenaqu- inspire the apprehension lha dty se m to have given rise proved by the unusual military preparlions in the into-
tllrance of the Kinlr lad been atllitorsmed tI lay ioIon I. riorof Rusw."
0 parlicu:ar and often conciliatory views which nr, That, finallv, if the Conference thought tley ought to
el in a lir nte and memnir of hie 14t Iia l),r.a.eir secure to eliu hm tfe r'eants of !'istence and prosperiy. Frn the Iadlmtn Tims of Ja. 2f.
Ie hIla onil doub wuldl hiave bln rna,,cal, imora titan it is confindwv1 an tltis re.ler l to Illoiag t "p the bl'a The convention leltwr'n the French and ihe Eaglish
Silbul lty woald iaave been eplaitt Thi 1 a', ~f' ;pointed out lay tim government t II the 'ieriands. Giovernmoenis, for thie more effectual supprension of mie
*iffiiulll) oulold have been t eaLir as no) Imager lhe sam. I, IIw meran tine it i Thie Iln.nts.arn.eI I 11is Male.ty Ile King of tie slave trade,which was alludedta in tlli King's sp 'ech at he
igtl of remonvin lth.e grtnri.,l, of the objectlin Netherlands wlll find llh dervei.iluienOt uf dice laser- oaselling of the session, andtl which has inre been prr-
ah'Ilhe Plenipotenlinriesof Ille Netlherluallnsllh e made, tions in the ambloined cmueoir. to Parliament has iwen printed. It was. silrd at
I in the hop. of s, celerating a happy Strong in the conviction iof having discharged the rn- lPars on the 2(kh of November leas. The ne.go:a.lorw
alu ttalnilg ie great e,.nl ,o pace, wli.h th tle (;,,enl- g ens contrce by the live CurmC towards the G- were the British B Anh Ambadol and M. Sebastiani, Ihe
tt tie Kig af tie N.lherlanlds a c.ll as it ihas in r,,nmcentl f lIse N.-therlandl-fiall of confidence in tihe Frenclh Miniser for Foreign Affairs.
w.e that thi (:,nfiren.e iprnapoes tn answer lthe iiip,..r- i intelli ,wlce i.l p.i,'!ie .f tll Kine. lle Conference flat- As all the world was convinced that nothing but a mu-
h Papers,the rontcentof lllnch it has we'iid uoi l d.a t teI s ll"fll that liq M114" ll [r It Ie d l dfl- l. rlh of arn d te d- l right of h could prevent the shameful bruoarse
blmneaure deliberalin. ra cities it has had 1. ,tserroute, tie events which have of tlh French law by French subject, in continuing by
Without inlendindi by tlle opinion which iit ill rEpr s n'matk.l dtlh crse of is Iaors,. tIe dangers of every juggling, the alomnable traffic in huen flesh, thIigreat
Least atack on e r.0ihu rt ol His MajesS i|e ki ,,of dscrilation which it hl Io, mee, aind finally the oblige- pin, has at lengthh been concrdcd to justice asd humea'ty,
t Netlherl.a,,as asa ial ndepen.Ill. o, vereitn, rills whicri ti laton under lwicih it lav, and nwhch it has dislharWge, to nuotitlotanding the habitual suspicion entertained of he
t1 mtectrlle.c, to lthir lil extelen, lmie Confererntce rd- malintlini that general pace ahich, in lhe same degree, exercise of our naval power by our pro ud and jeous
Smhubcribe to the inlerpretation which the Cadlint of l lh true interests of l landd as well u of Europe de- neighhoar's.
i*lgue in giving to tile 4ll i"ctlian nl tIhe Pro- mand. I flatters isllf that the King will perceive that The right, however, is hujectd as am raommw .
** l( Aii-la-Clapelle,da.ted Nov. 1. 1i11. it was impossible, inn an rrangemrtt of the sort with which, in our ~ymiin, will not mantily i the effic-
Ssection in question r"lalusto the sittings of the'So- which the C onfere.e was occupied, to reconcile claim ency of the nmeaure, while they lend to pweu mason-
5 lns, or Plenie, accredited bletwen the five essentially conlradictory., o nile opinions intherelves derstanding, incoveienicet, or coliil. Tie merchl-
l which he, signed that Prolo., ; and t reserved of as ppsiteJpturn without the establishment of a sys- vessels of the two nations e dy he lnd ORe iof
6a e States which Iad carusd a llt e iltiersensiun of Ie tem compenspion", and which conooeqenily it will of having leaves on board. alon thm w st o of
r Pes in atffir in a p.r;all.v ,nnt,.tcall wtthe H. inle- deem eqait.bll'e, vat hbo ;aaln ha antcle thaI hn been Arica. rm the Cape de Verds to t1h distance of tan
"mO the alureall |'.,r., alas rIa!t uf. platiciating in col.nmunli-atlcd te t t.t alt anIlaitd manner, but by talkala' degreael sut no of 16 Equatora.oound the 'le of Madasl-

ar wiMhhb a r le di hLagen, amguhq eIf Cuba, uery ceulabir, whln ask is of too long atandinig to be neral bir Willoughhy Cutea, Lnd a@l
I'Peo Rie;.Wtl e laten, aof Bra e, t ie um q-ansiosmd, by any of ltb muiinuaou Knights of Sir "ressip t destruction of property, adY
disuer. .. .. we I si a|u rebellion, whicl aI thte i nBl a
IaseJads' esuchnosigd a rusm'qon w raulit with garl-
Smistaethr it s We cmnot prutenl dthe degree of prhvoyance our acc ual
Ca ldy 4 'Ji l war, cormindd lby olticn Oioi, to kuow whether these who are mnw leaving, or We cannot pullciently cneos y. o yaw
with ih r- k '-pi, or liauasmi at lau a. preparing to leave, our ishres, will ever eaori ; minor how tuuch we deplore dla it it rea r lt
By mher llil m l wvetion, even the om r a wa uiosed to pian Ihe wisacrre, mndl declare that these transactions, and worthy of paiicuair
of mrchings mfrt m liird, ad in no cas lll ons iers ion, that tie ledersn a d chiefly,
ohf numbgur of mir btmong to one of ll pri tl, ll ce ai insurrection should appear to have bes E
allowed ito exced JdoeM tht of the otlir. Tim' names of behelal by their uabsenc: we leave these speculations, to ooiimpod of porisois oenplovue in mconi '
time ve ls employed m- ie given by the one nation to t -h w allo, like tIe Bayal Editor, are fond of peering on thie proerties to which they bhela,. i
time otelr. through millalutes, or diving for reasuins which dual people to whoe additional coufort e l
A fourth result requires the command if the criner, upi o tim surface ; for insste, when hel witd masters to ui.hce d reward fdeli; ad
whe he oev kes a suspicious veel, to show the order a, .. can h e i remain duat, by their indencea. td
whieh canlbupon him the right of sarcl. inii.e gravy, tell a t i y those who ave slaves were encouraged to perpelrae dit 6'
Tihe vmes captured for having taken part in this" in. beea prosperous that ca, with anl prosipct of success in they live been so deeply involved. *ll
faniors Inic" ire to be given up, along with their crews, iuother country, go awan." This declaration is almost We llarticipate in the regret expressed lIB El,
to tim jurislletion of tle amtion to which they belong. visual to that of a clip of thunder," having ati uck ti,; lncy tihal, in slulppressine this most cllalil.e%"0
N right of search is permitted in any cam over no- ,Ist of due Pn.-beccivil." Siioul Sir J. C. S:iydl a yl perishld iil the field, aithu .
lIMonl lsipi or nmn of war. I n executed after trial, die audcity of ih m l e
Hicli are the chief provisions in tll Imporlitntl reatv. b l fr a uni fo fr or his Royal Pritler, we during striking eiauiiples ilispeni sa.bly
which has A1el1 up a garet mchus in the Ractions given l; would recommend him to us he tHomean toga p retta&, we fully coniciir wili your Eicelloucy,
International liw tothe claiouof juice and the rights of fur we believe that lie hoone of those, wl oom naure hasi enily would have only operated us al lui~nuW
humasnily. doomed never to attain tle years of discretion. ragemient to di diulffectedI to perbovere u l
.- lied libelles been always punished, tlm Itoyal EJitor designs.
SIt i parts to us much consolation that ye- eri
T I would have long ago pail the penahy, so gratilyiiig to his can now, widt confidence, Isure us hut l the rbi s
Sigron and venal feelings. He has forgotten, in reminding Ibe considered at an end: And we gro -'. w itl
a us of our delinquencies, and of time arbitrary manner in ceolency, tliha to heal tise wounds it has inliain
W UD ENM llY APMII 1. IN8 which we have been treated, that lie will himself be be- stre cnidence between o uastr aoul slao, w g
7 His Ecetlleacy the Governor marooned -illt u e tribunal of de country, for the mine ufgnce, We are of opinion with yoat Excellmeny th n,
Judlge Sadlands on Halurday last. before long ; and we hope, tint his ualed may sit as light- lesson has bieen tauglit to the whole slave poIpulate
-. Ilupon his spirit, as the yrngeance of our TYRANT l has utter lhopiSll ness of any atilcrnpt to iesit the iit
a Th printer to KIUw Jaure I. of tlle Ishanias, hlv- uponi our's.-W. would rulls.r sull;-r from injulsice, tllan the law witll a chance of succeo ; and we utra i
ius shaken a a little of the dueaair thal wlas delikei in I,, as lK. Itl.yl ldilor, cloukel and scrvuied by usurped fI'tal experitne they have hIad ol the prouptiai
hl. isge, bifre his ppointmnnl to llil ligh ,un.ling, Ipwer. We have the respect of our fellow cilicaos, while into actill against theii will nildmani acilst tin
bul dirty sler, and wr liresunll hiv virus ill' AITTIIIITTry is the oliject of their just exi-cratioun, nmadue nianifest by nalioins, whlich have been eiillmloedl to withllirda
cauIvrrl, rluriting his iold luriuiu iniinluitou anil unliri- tie withdrawal oif tlieir accustoiniedl isupp ri. froin heir allegiance and the duty dity owe to iti I,
ciplel 'iiries lir printing a1 park of abslrdilities, under tIN' ters.
aeniuof lIVUnlT NiTI.iI alih, wich have fr th'ir conl Pursuant in notice given by tIe King's Pi inter," Iis It is with regret, we are informed, that itisam
parimn, on II c rue of nlhionlily, tig. olih ouf ./d i K'i tIcelleny iel a Levee it (iuvernent IHous, oil Mon- proved Iy ie dying declars ions of many uifno a
parrisun, t0 list- inlaf lat, at 'clock. Weight are gratified inng tt(liiduals, who have suffered uiidier sentence of ieh,
Lear atiil lavint dared I, u, iluolience towarils d dlad lamar l o'clock. e are gratified in slating, hIIiI iiti a very general impression hail beene mi an
Aruels i irs, as well as l owarls oIurslvie, we iIll take therl was inot Uoe inhlbiitant inl attenldaiincJe, exi those ini illinil of Ihe latv lopulationi, that His .Majetlyt I
leave I. real nd liii r. a lWiirle, uli, it. h fii. \ iiblic situatinllU us lilch, will Mllie, no iloulb went far in ed lthiei Iheir Irc.edoni.
h il.uve m, lilo ismlh.ritiiii lii li.s I..i.n relduiv'l ti a enforring attendance. Mr. Ilhilhr, as mlio Mr. Cample- W' l.e tu tlliat uo every occasion we hiae rlen
nlere tkl.t.,n, ic lIha. .lahllim. l h I. ; oli I nmos i n the slhalow of tle Iinrner gentlenlan, tie utlnost Ihiplosition to give our serious euruiasiMs if
ners a uiis, inci mliai if tIe rgus ; jhthe svggm s ils of hiis Miesty ' G ernm ent, iomie s
anil hi. spllen Ihasi l been excited lrial ihe la st elek, khv a t e a sort of nuulaoncriptl Inieibers o1f lie conmunonity. Il, tl e l iiy .i-ty l n, ilwilire i1 thli Colonr.
further lhas ol iulmsrilbrs. ''his we know to Il I. I.a, iclu lttenilali'e inlny be rcosideredl as a tliing liha!in- "Your .Excelleiiny IUay rely upi* l liour seal a d ai
siitl I. noit mulsr it upnm *Ipllamiitii. ing of courie'I, aid as chaperona's of tie (Culuurid gentle- diall co-iiopiationI, in bringing tlie I;ilaiors of Ihe iSa
Smltum s ir me tt acts i ,illrs, iiver wm wr ruii ien, mai, fior the first liue, lonc red Ills ExIcellenc i to all early asoI satisfactory conclulsioi.
T', hl~inu, r. II, fw iithat t l',1" .ils.r%, iover whlom we. cai1 "an e'l 1m Irli El".se ll.lncy was Ileased to reply:-
havi lit contrloul i. a pr.f if uail...ol.,ence ; sand tow, illt their presemice. Ihs Excellency lind preconceited a l iGentleren f the reai:,
as 1 less ol,i i, te.' aild iniewishei l fur praises oi plan!I', when lie thought all lead arrived that intended I reirn you any tliunks for your AddJrem, .nd I
ouir fri-nll. icro,.gnil, io oih iunjull t and uilianlildoneu t come, sent his Orderly to su anion eight of the coloured l miiiuclh lralifid to learn that you daiprovru of lie iim
(lilr lelauars Ileve bITrI rewardend beyond our oust san.- lieopile, who were in readlineus with ani address, lich hlliic llhae lieHn adn.pted tu suppress tei late allasiliug
'aI.e i.per.aliol.s by I r. friendlship ofa generous comn- ws read 'iy lne of tlheil; iI wllicl Iis Eicel"lecy, l.estr tUis relwliol."
nl.'.iilm,-inr which we cmll a s.riing.r, and received the luaviing a reply 'alueuly cut andI dr)," delivered instan-
nlil.n-i th.l wnl e l avse a nr cnigdi er nd rc rivd I ter. idher oe the o el tu' to their credit be it spoketi, FrI,, t I.oh o Jn ohn Butl, Jaonury P.
atimontioos thait womil,I have dlie credit to lung-tried
I'frnIMlip. Circum.s.lances lhve, rcunliined, to make i attended. TH COLNTHY AND TlI: At.1Y.
tls' land of our adolpion ; and we Ih.le, that when lthe We should lhae stated oni S.lurllay lIst, in our Lanw TO JOIIN RILL.
heur shall arrive, in which we shall, like our coilteiIupornr. Reipor, that uilon Ih, In ilicli,'nemn of the king against tI.. S.i-Whel n riot has been put down, nd pwropn in
of lIh. Ruysl tis-att', tan rnrrentl to tlo interests ol Oluvern Jerry Forbus,, Del a Sl.ive, Toly a Slave, andlI Ihtn preer.ved, andl terror Snid laale.lnesu save blit
those lby whole we have been fositrel, ldsl wle lm.y meet Ellice a Slave, noille rsrj/ui wen entered by lthe At- 'In'I-i, slid conlimlhnce, anil e'n ii thI, Ia ihelf, man
with precisely the swi, trenau t, tha lie Iorney General, at tle lie of Uci ir. Nicholas D. io il-itory-lio-l, iatrillll! ansil uleslp ilntm l e
r, ;orne nd yrou public eniral, at tune rnllu] of in cllU. UDrd -the rrtrdns-]airiuially i lteii)iited to be attaie
f.ill a ri:berl od higener p ul ic, ras a lunis llenut tlo Ihe supel4rgo of tie Amo.rican schooner Norll Ane- i"the pTicular soldiers upin dul. Andl Ithre hls ke
Si.ll mrritedl, fLi his liiwimi-alrving, Ireiareroos and rica." Iuch l rewsllur controversy) aboil hlle ciloduct of lil-
Julda-like conl luct. While receiving tim means of sub- lary nd di sreieer cldhii.), towarnl a tluiihosu ia
sieimwe from tlie people, wu have seen hin acting as Ilie Fromi the Jauaica Royal L(a:et- of Mark 17. trliev poiiulace, lhai the proper ci, urse to be pemli by
riAmll.a t lr.u.In of dtose to whioal he was so indebted. JAMAIC.L e rmy in uaich raes, i eii beeinuma him gral
N, ralumny too gron, Mo fallsehod too glaring ufr pub- rioid. i il.e, lat .I recen t mIlanchily le inIullst Bin
liatiuon, if it eminnated from AtOuTr ; forgetful, iht T allowing fllin Address ol the lonournble the ('inn- rir elt i litil'r eaCiii c saru' dinarily pwsrine ml"
Aitlhmt couumlter-stal.l'l nlts being sent forth to tie world, eil vwas lrewilted to Ilia Excellency in answer to his luratioi weren rceauedl-lv eailmtion or noistike, spai
II.. hai iis-silamenenls would be Ileenild those of truth. Speech at tlle Oeing of th" e Seasion : parK f ll Ie late unlirllunatln officer who was in sm
'T' e meAr .gu, the Ipeople have been iindlebltd for suchl "JiA Is. there, as to what wa i his dity in tln pmriuium in which a
Oefne of thir publi character, as Mr. McQoeen ad Ilis Excellency the t lonourable So- asl iplac', ; or rather, Ib double r apmprlhnlion si o
ds.Gliie o elir public chnracter, s hlr. McQu n and morlr, Lowry, Earl ,t" It ('aii-- If Bhlie bililV l wh[ Iav in'rra, MltI S n.II L
Ils in e or IWo HnuIRl uIcas have frequently Ibn nmade to neral and (overnor-in-Chifof Iis l .I is l- i;;;ai woolli hve been iafforlll edi lii, e Irgeloid l I
since at, living bi n piled b the Iruhs that exposI I) y's Island of JOanuic, anlld iloler I, l''lr in,,- lfourie,! Ihat duty, and resrud, frun dilturbnrce sld
l tihe opll e lace of day, tihir low and pitiful piulicy ; anil ri'' thlrelun spending in A.mlliran, Cliancellur pinel, lihe city he was called in to prilrlct-i nob L"
o r" we a willing to trust, for ith proof of our nd ic-Aduirl If i ( s k.rsitd Ialf of it to have Imenh hurnl to eIslh I i k
ti "fiu" we or willirngre I "tst, HU eiL pIlroofsf ulr mia. CI"IUtmII.. Th- Lord (lIniiif Justice of dlo4 CuOlllllln 'lmes(aJiP
stability. We omy at some future priod, perhp., loe .VMy It please yomur Elrrl tlrcy, lby al law% r, hIel in the lilet venlnran f ri n
two, thren holders of office, as sulscribes,, who are We, lh I liMajesy-'s slIa dulifl anls 1 als mlijects, the kn, wlti.e) lias, in hi s coinprell eni s.lve nisdaieda
iseskng ia lth gras, to save their situations; but thas Council, bt leave to return our Excelil.iry uur tllhadk charge to tie Randd Jurv at the late ,hin'rial t'0omlo
will n bhe a event to ob dreaded -for lke Argus" fr your llSpeech at the opening of the e son. tir Briso, laid down, mul, poerlull an, nil i1`s.
loe are pernauldeol ImIt tle sincere illuirest which lime ecii Isa aon sl 'ul.' trmeshilhll lls.iSiiiol rilli i"i
ishe orgen of the people, and what is lost to us by Yv ur Ecelle) le.ehl i tile iee e anId tIra i uill of t0i ic ( mniio l nl mdolht (,iius iirds tein sar ie pprlli.ll reel. I
tiid vice ad few, will be supplied fiom dhe Yaou Excellenc feel llliepeace and tranlal"si1 el ite moyed all doubt (41oubt in ishich sim 11%a"ns i"
tiaiic vind or, will ho appsed fuiof Cloleony,mushl adedie infdite-h d s srmi, Ishis lakei, toi place ii)-mhe (isiy of the atoney i I wild
fearle honety and patriotic fling. you experi aced in announcing to us an event which sill will a IUondhmlius lll llilc h ,
To the doing and Royal Printer, wishing to apper I e ver be deplored, las vilg biomughtl ruin and deVlastaiouin To tie country '.t I re'. as well as In the army, i i
jenlut s d e credit of due Bahamians, is worse than ludi- I n n f most fertile dIsireits ofU tic islaMil1. thu lunietL iip.rlance that this parliciilal, iity, Ii ib 1
Crm-mlo tmhn abrusd; when he has lived fo more IrWe sin erely deplore thait te close of tI Clii 1r n In should he universally, anil prolmerls, aIni lal.l" v L"
hl. da)y, a period of dme)3,ci with ll id, umic muual imulul- .1ied. I.' i.ihlicastion ,f it.i1 hiraci, iruml the',;Ad
ian thirty years uoal them, ad finally sold hineself, gences are granted l Ith ie .iL by decir nisn rst should cian of (e Jice'inda, w ll re .lr .IIa uly k, '
and their inrlumis to the abolilionists have been olmrked by a suddenly insurrcrtion in the parish certain, anil notorious.
Mr. McQueen has aImrted, that we are not supported of St. Jaiies, which afterslarIs exie,.dei( to prliuos of Iel L dshtip my's-
by t of re tablity inhe adjuinimg p ariles, a nd that in the lr i s .And, wllilt1 L m stulingl the hieliein imp" i l b1 I
.by i we ri hi tlhe i ditci n .-teor, aithogh e land a iamoing a)nmptomus of disorder should line aIl- law on enery r ubje rI st of ihe mrinel I wi'h Isn
aemaiu we give him die le dired,-.for, although we ponied. the law alnwllrierlgral no dIhtrlin.tins in thisnls ,
have not Itat the mewra rcirus nepctabiiy, which We are deeply ensible that your Excellency adopted ithe soler and trh ptorm. isdle1iunl. T he h.l, ia'L
hea is oigi I di hot a sighed policy of Sir Jame C. dhe must wie and eofici.nt means, lby proclaimning Martial a citi n, inag ntler the inam oIlinlto., msd urm
myth, ea rhirc will. whoever he Lleavs the Colony, .Lw in conforntity aul with time iaiunimoulls advice of a witk the ane amutority t,, Ireerrr thie l r, of the A ',
ik ie lrr obscurity than ever. sill we can os u l r a id wi' e allv acknowledge ial Ile s anl y other sulbjt. .4 ,the n ma is lSl u'Ts Tti
sin.k int r nl r n e ler can bme s juolicious diitriboitolin of 'is Ilt iIesi t)y'a Tronps sidi Ihe Tilt; It. t ri i ii l u l liToni IT ll s I'1s1
of having, not only the names, bt the good wishes of, M il.itia of tile tla"aid, Uliindi i. cauoiimiiniiJ ol -.a< Tur; a the eu nosy intfet.sre rrf t at ,," ri

8SW Mafamsa Rrgvm.
rV demnd it, mInHst'v Tmm arito'll@Ita or OF
g w s. so rasy the other too ; as the one may
a for that purpose when arms are ecessary, V' Every person about to eae these Ilards, after
s DO TH SIAN. Undoubtedly, a Ithe& et aSI
of disretio, which requires tle civil sub- inyj raided there for the apace f orutn urs,
&I T IN sBUiOurDIATIi, N TO, ANU IN AID OF TUH gi l starity at tke Secretary's Of, or put p =
I; cJlner thLa uop his adhasrity, before amd Oflaceo orirnsm atr previous to Aiodrepat-af-
Ishoad to Broilea, tr To nrras OB INiA, STILL BY JOHNSON E SAUNDERS.
S ma Dol WITa MILITAny rC .e. Bur, were ter w h, at ny tiUm dArig ror-II DAYs, a Ti B JOHNSON & SAUNTE
&i and imrrdiate ; were a felony has ma be obtaind. n MAmday ant, tle 9tA in ,
b oo committed, or cannot otherwise be prcvent- NAMES OF PERSONS Av T vamouas ousn.,
Sfrot tIlh eiieoIUentnc of the cies, no oppor- ABOUT To oTAINs TiXiun r B ABTUrE. t tU.. .
d of o lbtrainin a requiition from ite proper Itlh Jinuary Eliabekth Bany 1 WikI J -
ii I7MILITr BI ueJ cuL-r or THL KINO, like hiis oh l Apley Wells W M l
lhj otc 03m only s iy, lrr ArS BOUND, to do their ad February Aleamoder Barbie A now Indl fat sillng Baham boet scseahn r hI
or ReOs own tt r.o rrv, Iot< prpent 1e pr 1- -h Henry Baldwin 23 feet keel, 9 9-1l8 b2h l-medil is Fohnary I.h
Btth Alice Tucker Maturiala, bc. ail am.
. of outrages to put dowm riot and tumult, and to i2th Alice Tucker MateliaIS, H l. .l Cd.
t*/A ;^ ^y, m ull.. lh .." Mtil^ A Wall TERMS- Math' CdiL.
the lies and property of the people : and Tus I .h W. I. Alesslrder April 4Ch.
U MIlAT AOC LERD, THIT WltTKIVER IIUNErTIA. 5th March Franlis McKee Apr _
a Il a in the rreution of those objrrct, WILL 11 t lh l Huben Win BY JOHNSON & SAUNDERS.
0nt D NU Ao IIwrIlitUo IT THE (mIIosuN L,." 14W. h C iely Ervan
T li quotation and oillhoril,-whliich given 'from the loth Willim Hmilhoo On TIrday ae, s the &A hit t,
lt.ait ialllt is at olceo the best legal explanation, Lod J5oephlbilm0psI oOni' AIr, S
o betl military deflltiolo, or the duly ofl fIe army ion l UlleryThuompun At IO O*ea. A. I-
S o miliaryle-itii ofd e d ofl adry- i Elizabetlh Sullivan At th rusidecan of Joseph Thnmpuo, Eaquli,
ofi of rio-il would. be superfluous sd pro- lth .E her Robinson Will be solid.
q uto add 4Word.
IBm, Sir, with rreat rpeprrt, ynur onnltant reader, All his Houishold Furaitur, Coelllnss o
A BARRISTEROF LINCOLN'S INN. I pair hadsomne Conches,
Jaey 19, 1hu. W1 t Mahogny Chairn to match,
SoSn Tale, Te Tabls, Crd doia,
Weai Rsmnaru.-We are informed that a contract Breakfast ditto, one Dse i dino,
been entered into, to provision fifteen ships of alis PORT OF NASSAU, N.. P. Sidehbord, fancy rsob mo i aDlua
;i fatel,our inlforman states positively that i h.s Windsor Chirs, Bene. Burs, Bd ads,
efn with iagntlemun wholeasseen tim contract. 'To1' April 3d-Sp. Felucca Netlltne, uGrcia, Cuba Wah-hand Stands, DIrning Olas,
hinformadon i s aldeld a report that tle vessels in qres- Corn and I'unapkia, An sortmont of Glassware, c. c.
n ar toh stationed in the Iluminr, and that their ohl- to Jous ToOasron & Co. ALSO--
tis to wol t piincedilinzi of Rus.ia.--llull 'Pack, t. A handsme upright Cotuage Grand Piao Forts
J l - n SAILED, A high toned square ditto, by Stoddrn,
psrisL--Tit, Jouirnil oul (Conmerco contains seve- April Ilt-llaytien brig Cuoniance, Savain, New York AND-
irtsiculan nrsliivre in tle silne of dalTirs in lturiI'al' Am. sioup Eminla August, Fulgham, Key That well known horse Marplot;
anolnia~Md i n Itr l ronm Lisbon, dated ,n thie I)thl Wetl Together with a neat London made Oig, ad
1d lth of January l.t1, anid received in Washington by ; 2d Brig Rolls, Wallace, Greenock HarneU,
e*v Philadelplin.. An excellent eight day Clock, with a vautty of
I appears thi D)r. Itnlsidlphl ho.l arrived t Lis.bon, P.\ArIENGERS 8AILEI). other articles.
daierremaining ihre oily luirilys, proceeded to .Mj.l. In ise llvyien brie Conlianre, for N'w York .-Cap- 7erJ -o imloaik's Credit, on gi aruriy if ri-
iL I lain Kelly, and 24 Male, of the Ameriran brie Ahigail, qnrd.
Ikrospectl tn li It. iai of I'PIorital, tihe lettr of the condemned Ihire by a Hianl of Survey ; Ci'ptain Ioug- April4th.
ild Januaryv,ullimi, sta.111 liril it ;laie consisting of lass, ou' the American chli.mer North America, wrecked
idiv ionens, counmi.posd oi rerL'ilars and militia, HnllilluOii- on St. Salvador; anil Captami Joweph .ihtiS r, junr. of BY HENRY AlI)ER:LFY.
qla silly or sewily iihousand iien, ij disirdslriltil 111 the lwh brig Eniriler ic, wrecked on WaillilKii,' Ilsiil.
sflrom the mounlhi of tlle D)uuiii i 111i.1 ut ill ( U.- s__ - I On Modo ay wt, the 1I6h instant,
hiu. The irsl liiinion iscoUninii.died Iv l.ii.u. t; CHU INT CHURCH PAIINP H. AT TV. vaenirt... ,.
.l DBarron i o i, ltL ego; lihe 2.1 diliiio, L% I s At LI O"14k. A.M U.
hL General P.,v,; lhe 3-dlliviion by M .irAr A.\lrgst NO'TICt:. \\dll It sold
al e Moules .4rin,-nm ; n e Ih l 4h ivm loil bu tla- ) meeting of the Inlshabit ns of Christ Clinrchl Prish, T t valul los and Lot, Iy o private b rgl .
> Thii acbe Srinuuin A cv I I urvalubls iloaed and Lop lra aly occupied by ag iMs.
iled Vby te h in l ll. If l "hue nt.d on blunilcvr tple ;Ii ll .\l pril nell, Poitier. Thhe uHoe is ro,,nmy ,d conveieat, with a
i by en o in (r ll" Ii h r I ) t Ilrr I,) in ithe Ctihurcr otle lei, Pitarish, I ela Kitclen ansl u as l Ius, attached, chai hour and
Ilia event of ail v his hroller Don Pedro, at 12 o''ck or I" pr of mikirg choice Iorhr horo liV yrd d I pit
i&* ou will y it *ll n IN. f r tI.e want it n i r rI t e ne f r ekill lain h e fou talking foe thr-ee h'.r *, extensive yard and rm pce
i in lte Gu'ersi stalliifhis. my 1orniuns iii Se li*tryn"*it for*; tam y s in The oul buildings have bees lately thoroughJyrep"-oaired.
Sletter lr sti, lat tim, v.v e n 1n roui ot tihoi*- whrie ter if rvice will tien have ex- and the greater Imrt of the fences have been newly put
lttottr i ni es, Ilist flat I~v e rn- is pired. oBriir nt til 's at irv,,
d eganisnod, and ready for stervice un thirr a r- a pp SPEN'-K Clrr.
at argsnised. atnd ready pui rv i ie ,th te ar-I )y Rt, d sipill) SPENCE, Clrk. upTeArmi will be made known, as the time of sle.
sOf an ene.ny at any point ; anti ,hl ihv k i, ,,o VERTa R,,n .no 1 %ptil. IX3I.-
i hhas lined 0I', froutiers o l' Ioriinal ith n .irniun ______ ___ Aril 4th.
i to support his ally in .;IIs ,.nirn Nr TC. M.iCni NOTICE. BY HIENRY (;REENSLADE & CO.
thary p oinotion..i Iais i beenn i ',. i.n I nil I )I Don LL PERSONS having h umanils ananinst the Estalte-
Sety; an an riinlorc.neriluw a, s .ihsl in ,1 Un t el l of Jo sph SCauindirs, lai. of the Iland of Nwr To-morrwoa, Thursday, the Ifth intact,
imery,to Mslirra, or dei.ned ain.t tl insurren 1 t, ru, ience, genticmi,,a, der,,asr.,, ri requested t, re, er At lite residence of Robert Wier, Esquire.
Soither plice. Til' slip i I- line, M,-ir I. li tie same duly atte,,.d ; al, th,,se,.ed,,l to tIn sad I t 10 O'lock A. SL
Scolnvered a Il,,it l..ilnc.ry, animltini 5. ) pIero. ate, are I iewU i, rqtI. I-.d tou Ii k imieuldiate pay-i Vill he s.ul
4 aillery of thi larist r;ihr,,. The ii iras li> n nrit, at the ltior if G. I'. 'Woi IEirire. (Wilhout reserve )
lod. Tile sh n Du n h 1i ii im ,, nored Iir ,,in' 'IlO PON S AI .I)EIIS, Fxecutor. All is Ilour.iloli Furniure, conising of
m sand the T'rre Vla. :.r hi iAlli iIlouuiiis Furniturunct, tpril 21.
elat, and spiritt, sid nolthl, is appriT helinl iid o A - 3 Dining Tables. with circular ends,
no of the pretensions if 1 Pl'lr or his troops, I W ANTEU. Faney cane bottlon nd Windsr Chaia,
twtu regarded uie(ipal to any .-rin. in,.,-ion. 'The Bill, or Billosft cianLt., IpyabMl in London or Tea Table. ssid. -hand Stands,
'npsF have an, ,e to more iilolrt.ant oljcl.,s. A Liv..rpd.e, for ibe10 Serlhng. For particular, Bedstd, pair hdsome lir C D ;n Glas
Z oBedsted. pair handso)me lirm Cloth Sofas,
mu e.-The is...r...iv it p e tre , lu at this oulo. Prints, and an ei h day Clock,
m a divldei l lelwren lwu law ..i. n,,..-, r. ilrI h: AI.SO-
ml. dinI in tile liRver i .... .... ..I h.l. her, lint.. FINAI NOTICE. All hli Kitchen Furniture.
l h., onitheo (lICal.d,iir. The , kt.1.1,e.. NO'IC, LIKE HISE-
oppnornniaiv of duli| ioineg nI hrt .. x, ,r ., ,i,. A,- rtllE Sl'iS.'('ltllliS, lhaing closed the mercantile All his CGrceries, Liquors, &<. e. consistin of
ilmly between 'lhre. nsase rliutiia m. hI, h Fi..rhli" S co.ncrrns of tlw late Elia. J. Slomnin, Ie.q., h.relit Sugar. C('ee, Fig and Leaf Toacco, lMoummes themm.sce li'l. \\riu.lrer o .ie i pr.r pon- ivly Itu Is ow who still remain indebted to hli Estila. Sergri, Pipels, & r. &r.
agoo, the other inlmealately emios ilririuir. oI o1 ii tima luau i'ilith ir r'esptctive dnlmanud areu liqiidaledl prre- Otard's superior (ognsM Brandy,
>II lp of r rn- the coru i, dlailii, |irlil iri ll' 1 U'1 o r ul IF(1 lil, t io.n in ilia I I. Ji ,, l iev will be placed in ihe inll ill I.a k k iw l U'n IJ i
atp ef war on ihe cirai eir II i cr1 ii. ni (tie iso tn thu I -Jsi, twy wdl be places in the luatnibs Ii Jansaira high proof and Windward Island NRem,
theld tmahe.taIe of .srwsIrnso. hv F,.ch I neiu1" ai nen.o.n ttorne)-at-L. fil inediate recovery., H Ilnd fin, Old Shrub, Anniteed, Tablae Dor,
Stee besI .cWre.t, na te null,.lrnlll Int flh r,,,e ol h'.- I. .e rn. ei.. &c. with a number of other artic~
SOn one ncraon.n of inlfrm..rmn ,f thus kinl s.ei hI I C. S. AI)I)ERLEY, Executur. The Liquors will he old in lots to suit purchmrs.
rep i he ri.eih,. Iby which h. rivAl Ins hbi carg:i, he' Marh l 1st"'l Tcrm,--CASH, before delivery.
la*eaperatle that lie prerpred an rAp.iln tiuo aieark -At twoI Molthsl' C'redit,
tuake rrenr:anre for the iinjiiry anl in'iilt. lie (tl a1 IANT* NOTIC E. A Negro boy named Nelson, about 17 years
defaorPpl.., *hih lie initerlel It h.efre tli Uf E l ~ll )I III( IER intendine to leave tlhi for ase, accusomomd to Iloue wolk.
I*". nod entl a nsienge1r in tppori e h:A n of it: 1ill Mo,,bile., early in \pril nI'tl, astin rlu|silis all per- April 4th.
'rid s." th an ',nrlite otr in ral, hri)1 lii on basIng thiii. aiu ha IIIn demands agtinst iol, to render the ante l; nd_
V llm." sall Tihe olher in repyt ti bring the Ioflin tahoe indebted to Ihinm, to. iake paint lll on or fore tie OTICE.
ll u n.sll tl" I."' l, of April. All accoulnse remaining unpaid at that NOTI
Star a I ir r n will be put in thle lad olU G. P. Wood, Esquire, IIE SUBSCRIBER, intending to ln hi i
illgular anrdo is r o.laled of Sir Edward ,Mont forne, re, R aie pu April nest, fu r It United State, o requmin l pir-
iof the lit.- Commnon, in tlle re in of Irn- or recovery. ROBERT WIER. "ss h ing demands against him, to reader dmsa I ad
IhEighth, which nierki lihe carrier of diat .lMunarch, ar I Ii those indebted, to make payoIeat on or before the t1
es onaqsiousine. of the S.peaker. I'pn o rn o- F- ebruary. All accounts remaining unpaid lfter tim
a.B Bill of Silsidsis not p assiine, Mr. lSpaker wnsi ql M \It SALT, for sale at 15 ce ts per bushel. dIte, will be left at the off e of G. P. WWol, Esq. fur
h Iy the Kirn, andl thul addlre r.o-, while ulin his J \pply to recovery.
6ibth Royal pr,nnrce:-" II1! will Ihey not let THOMAS TIOMPSON, F. TURNER.
l I1" Anil. lavine hi hIau ulon tlhe of At Exums. January7th.
Wi, ronlinil d:-" I Get ny Ilill tn pa, hby such a' Frhrtarv 4th.
ow, i. or c iliv y such a litk il.asn Iwal f -- -R PHII ADELPH A
*I n Tie spetc.h wos hiielF bit c.nrrdive ; ftr 1 37ANTEI)-A steady woman, of good character, The P uILADELPo IIA
bhel that Sn, Il rd wronIi'ih so eIff-rall., lthat T to tash, iri,n, anl cook. Ifr two single men. The rfast ailing schooner POMONA. i .
the line ,r,,rlbel, lhe Illl piu| s ., lih te Vp- r piarticulars, enquire ia this olier. ter, matnr. For page only, (lavig 9go
t'i i.I ith I,.. lo, l, and o inh 1 Seri',. l ti.-laR- N.I11 Nloe need dlI py lho. cannlo come well recoD.- IcconinIodsi .,) applvto the leptain. or to
'-Brke 's E ztn, or,,rnoan, anl I.-i. i,,t Prro-. m- .,,l, ,. BENJ. C. CLAXTON.
\id,,l 4ith. March Vlth.

6l1q gl aa4wa Sg lres0..
o A Ms i md Gsrier, Jan ts'hird act reprsets a wild and drery sweim. Tim h 'iintxe senior he sllightst nupaclon of bIh iL5 -
Ti mad l of ire proeMticas pood neither of Darkness olds there hi Court-Berlnrm i tIe f.lsher was enabled ao like home wis:a h blm ,b ew
o her ie Ba i. he bee Iw lie l Robe H rt, and his lovo fo him indums himn to keep his nto himlf be wrote i t his s erants
thau shekwmktm e mmab etmdt.a lYhel s cooanuly we in bhe career of crime, that by this nwan they may sending himself fr prot to he d!ahrL*, l
PucllI PsLds ini.Lu P P IPlen n- evr sepanlra in thie eat would-Alice coues, by commune d The re nden r to ta d*
lip r Teo mlypi ae l ml a l, a sltad to public liberty thl appoitnt i of tietrl r, le imbnid, to thi nolitary tia of a mallomb. Itl e inowrmpsedilj
sm-- -i- -n isei f is tl me. land mlu L I place. and i s but ifid by thi frantic cries of the demons, Belgiom; his aitation at the TIreau.y is .
cim leases, he .lna emaeuisional Kig. because that and lr will orgies whlti ore being perfurnmd ; she re- by M. Bouquet Saint Bimon. Inpector-I w-O ,
i th saly- emil of his itle toh throes; but th is ait rats, pirciven a cro ltaeld on one sie of the scene, "le rlrke in the office have uniuaoimluy
eneagh. ta e mlese me of Fresimna -As to many. sed embracs it, nd faintsaway; Betruam is in desnpir, the month's salary to the subscription set t,
it wed m Leslag ember, erihe. m onrsby mo infornuri contera hoa deaeod that unk-s.. Bertr.I gets pIo- the principal Receivers General of the
be ludrthe mtedqap mdece apen the popular will, or sessi of 1obdert' a b ia0ht les son fr t.ha eroe into a Commitee toe fMnherd
luasion of RHobern'% wif ll er,,.inl,.iighlilit lmlhis sn "rm _11.%dT .^^ T,1 .'0^
a repulaic enag Led. Tim eadansts ae willing to take for ever; Robert hIinelf is djuected on account of his their respective departments, rqari t i a
the latter, evea whten Its certaia results of domsntiic agitat. Ionstoft
smd liteel war d pel i he it is fr hi reason thc the oes; Bertrashm iemapluoys very nines of tenpltation, and they will ubcrribe. n Amo e ituatn of
mllrief l ie e lede d heamily me ardeoly join them, and offers all the gooml the worhl ran b.stow, if he proceed to was known at Molnmorency. the imhabiltewm
p6L tW mea. They bhe dte Orleans branch. ad, if they hie convent were tim remains of Si. I(iolia rest, pod getting up an address to the King, which i.n t
ca briev haim ion tefoo I rance, they fal cy h there is stel* away a leafof cypress which tme suit holds in lu.r ceived a great many sl o atures; mad which e
khpe for the eeoamlula of their wishes. This want of hand ; Robert consents to conioit the sacrilege, sad de- the clemency of His Majest. expresses the, -
paulieti ls the old ryalist paty is akcimtly digrceful parln to the convent, the inttnate of wlich lIad been con- those shining it to make any sacrifice in the obeL
to timing. a" dew parts to the Isy at up the fallen fonunes of their late Mayor and
to themand the aof e`atsA sfhatam dtey set up, dentned to the eternal inaes; pan of tme building is in of h M
i ad to no rr, mil nmee as t without taking
the markt of te pais late idearie, the united force ruins by monlight, and the statutes of the nuns are n Th Dth of D Pt u e.-The Charlseton d .L
wkh whie they miUl Prior sad lhl calleague may pro- on their tombs ; Bertram conjures up the criminal anneed paglraph :-The Count de Pharleos
kiMy. latee, netwlawi dihe esmiadieg talents of the auus-tle lalults revive and start into ile, they proiOse friend, kinsman and companion in arms of N ha t
Pnr.e i .a helm he oly adminitrelton which hat to induce Rulbn r to keep his rasl promise ; fearful scene been for two or three years a wanderer inlf toi
hwihr nae* a eku pledgeof peace between Frnce of wild and iacclanalian passion akes place amnngst the who during the past summer found his way ilTem,',
amd Beop. The remok e thee struggles will be awaited nuns, when Robert arrive, and is aduced to snatch away his way from Braiorin t Mexiro. put a ptrid s
wieh daep am the branch of cypres--that moment tremendous lhouls of esnce at Belan, i sme time in October fst. Th
Thlme Grlo p lon e re l t settle delnt of Belgiu he lo demoniac triumph are beard. Isabella, nmennline., is to stal that just before the fatal moment. ad
taIe Ord a to the vealrment pr elgsis. that the odely .arry the Prince of Grascd--Robert arrive with the on the hank of the San Antonio Liremeditat
mnd lIIrm by Me G rnmen prs, i. that therate act of hisi sad life, he called to him a iIepL6,
i. nly desi to give the King of Holland an opporunlly cypvres-this talisman plunges every one into leep slum- happenedd to be near, and giving him his splend i
to ubmit with better gice; and arises from the natural re. here-liabelll succumb to its mniaic power-Robert rilns and trinkets. (keepsaks and relics ol hlmr,
Inctnce while powers on esniscted with him feel o adopt awakes her-sim rconjurr hint to renounce Iisi criminal bade him carry them to the Alrile, in order, ii '
ineea i t f nsuraimn Bat the opposition papers, on ile and secret agency, and that site will become his bride- ao atislfy the demands against Ihini. 'Thiel l duty
contrary. contend, thau Ie maeer is only symptomatic of an Robert pulls tie Cyprem to piecos--lli guards awake, re- -hilo accounts with this world thus closed --hie
pproaching war. We, o counce, wish that the orgCann ol Mi- cogitise hins, and surround Ilim-Robern i, however, de- fatal psaols-one to each ear-as he stood with h. i
nislter may have good reason fur their coflAdenl i aernlQs, livered by Bertram who again enldeavour to tempt him- 'Ie strean, intending probab t hat his body bold
lwanmsa we see no good to be gained hy war on either als-i. thus funlser trouble h hi
If V mae eammence it. rie will loose her now boamted h- at last, hte announces hinselll'as hi Ims ll.r-Alic, on thle er ble be
liery by soluamrilg to the yoke of some new Nalpoleon. And other hand, urges the dying injunction of Hertlib-HlI- Lourr Cmada.--On the Iid ist. the Assembly ofnl I
bury, with houses, her present umltuluona under emnte monu- bert remains undecided-iiidnnidght strikes, and Bettranmin nce rejected, by a vote f i to 9 thu Ih altranetiemlk
menu of military glry, uatls a new combinatio of things is hurled into the fiery regions. Tie scene cli.Inlge, and 5.Uoo. proposed in the opreing Mlessiage uf His fEsii
rais tham up again aridea revolution and blood. Nor can discovers a cathedral, brilliantly illuminated, lhere hiu- 't Governmor, to be voted during the lit of the Ki. m
the grnt continental powers gain any thing. To them war bell waits to blutuw her hand on Rober. aid, lha In consquenceoflhis the uplplylltlwillmm,
would hae this madness, that whils they must. if unsuccess- The scenery is said by the Frenrh critics to be won- Ilis Ecellency's snction, but be sent to Eusland hl
f'd. bmse much territory. even if victorious, they cannot add derful, even in the world of wonders, the Opera. It sr King's pleasure.
to their ptwer In this respect. For instance. should the
chknoe of hbtlle lu nr aasct them. Prussia woald loose her j piuas the mariceffectof the fanmot Aladdin. The per- The Montreal Gazette contains a;I tis .ial mUJi
Rhenish proinesrs: Uonlril. Italy; nndl Russii. Poland. Thrre formiers are auli highly extolled ; and in a part allowed to Lower Canada. The extent of tli province is Al
woenld be the certain results; ain we kow not what they can TI Klioni, slne is sid to have surpoued herself. All was s(uiiare miles; the population amounts to 471,16 13R
propose by ronrtin a contract wi h France, even could they admiration and applause. It contains 191 Roiman Catholic, clurclrs, 39 Epi
make a secied march to Paris sinee EniglIand will never per- clurcl..s, 4 Prebsyteria.n, ndl 5 WPeslran cdth.-
mit them h lposse4s thlemelves of a foot of her neilhbluir'. GREECE. TiHre are- Jails and 273 Churches, 31 Diiller iesW
'rritory, of if she did. couuld le enabIPle them to retain it. Blood ha aI t l ngth hben n'd" between the Covern- 4 2 Medical n en.
'hey might restore the old Bourbon brnnch, if they could B 46 Mdil m
eihaust the strength of France as completely as in the last met troop" and the popular pary in Greece, which, it is
war: hbut een then. nothing is plainer than that they annoit the opinion of a private rorresponlent of tie London The Montreal papers statesthat orders hve bl ar
make that branch root itself in a ist oln which there is nothing Courier, will produce the final overthrow of he influence ceiverl by the lat Hallifax mail, for tihe disuailis it
which it cn assiitlate to ts own aounishment. These things of the Capu il'lsrias' dnlasty. Aboul the 20th olf D- I'nur following military posts, vi :-Three Rivsn, Wi
as ah obio that we a otl nticipate war from them. aod cember, a quarrel occurred at Argou, between the Go- liam Ilenry, Chanbly, Cotear dii-L.c.
if a aist aall, it will be brought otn by the inane revolution- vernor, Mnvruonati and Grivas, in which tmeir soldiers
otsas France. All oughi h" estly tow dirul peace as the took rsoit; and three engag.enetsaensued between them. BAHAMA ISLANDS.
only trf hoj ea wnurp.1. For though ero.uld euiy eep In tae two first rencountres the government troop were B.y Iis ExZellc.y S S JAw. ria
Oat or a oelmtnletl watw. and shall probably do so and though
the adeatages which our commerce would e ga<. ful uin iby the on- ucc ful, but in 11 last were elated, .and forced to CHAEL-SM TH, lIrS dja
fusoe of the cotlmnent. mighl more than counterbalance the retire to Napoli, before Urivas's Runmelituo. About I1u ) of His Majesty's tFrces Genrunrvl
*nils exper isied. yet the trie sal pennaneot interests of n.- oen lost dheir lives. (L. 1.) Commanoder-in-Chief, iC ad iwr l
tione sl er lie in transfrming the ploubghhare hbich said Islands and of the Garrius lis
riesa riche from the sil, anto the sword which devastates. The National sy -" The following loans have been made or tAoa may be sentithifie; ('hanr
Thie rlable interference oi Auslri with the Italiun legiuisn. in Eurol. sanre the Revolution of July. for the ipurpoe of lice Admiral and Ordi s~ of
wh ah demad from the pope civil mhlieraions which, if he keeping the armiesof the different kingdomson a war i'toing. same.
|grnts. prhably Au.sria will oppose. is one ticklsh ponl; To this list should be added the extlonlrinary levies of men A PRHCLA l TION.
uAl the inalion of Portugal is another: but these may po and the augmentation of taei. The .vareulius na. ont- IIREA Il A o I
hablr be nc unmlld, if moderltion presall. in France. -ah ting to about CSato,00.OO sterling. may be divided Ihu, *_ lWHER.AS the anerul Aen-mbly of e t ill'
respect o she latter, the interposanlon of Auisria to obiain Ilolland 11t.OI .nHo I i nds stand prorogued unto the Ihirl-nk
the rentoval ofa G BIlhand fIromn the roinmandl ol lion AusMtria sooo of MarcIeinstant; AnD WHIaeKIA it is etast ll
Pedr's expedition, is mngular. as tl seems to intimiae France (Iseides the sale of wood tim said General Assellllv should be disslv: I ei
thl s cnire beinm mad, so opposiltio wll be offered to the and the large circulation of thteri-forP issue this my procl.manion, dissoring 6 ad
iepedlus Iaistal bons-roylus) S.o.00oo (General Assembly; And tle samo is hereby fIlita
Russia S..OU.IIo ccrornlinelv.
The following is the plot" of an Opler, lately brought Belgium I.ool.."n G(.ien der my land and Ite Sral of th sai Idl
bel-ie the Parsians ; which, for .aful sublimnity and Romn states 1ll*.0 o, Vi 1oaida e, teid o tIsyf ieg
Airrvi grandeur, suipasse nny thing we ever saw or of t. rci in tIe ear of ouir Linrd Iti9,, d
l.rd of. The tate of th French isnot to be nvid, if Total l. lao.Imn l cond ypar of liu M.lajrety' Rerig.
hi i aof ci. e o f the rench i i he envied, if Prussia as pult in rircularion new Anclo Pru-sian Hnntla; J. (s o il;sin -r"
this ea specimen of those amnsmenlts which con.auud but they have not been made public. and the amount is .nse. By His Exerllkncy' Command.
lemir admiration and applause.-Ed. Argusi. quenlly ankis.hen. In France, to cover the exnraoilinarv ex- s. NFSIIITT, Y
penoue of lI .1Z. it will he necessary. an oener to ctoi~lete- ihe 601 S flE Tilt: Kv;.
THE OPERA ROBERT LE DIABLE." Ilanlgt. In mak he l neh ao.n of d er tol I, ati e- h l i GO h S'AVE TIIl: ilIt i
The Opera of Roba e Ir Diable hia been brought out riaordinary ue of tmber. : IsaI re, ,f Pam must OT i between ethe Pn end (.le mS ire
at Psri writh a Iplendiur nduicc s that firm n ruech alp o have a loan of I.tnO.n00; anl thus the grand bank- of Gold SGpectrles. T'l litndlr *ill It ad
in the Ainals of the French Sta L Nearly a year was rupiy of the State is preparing. n nly rewrdled, on delivery ofl tl-ni a the olhi"
spe m i prelnatlion, anl the cost of its production w as iaper.
itlll sInr of SUIIUU francs. .tockholm, Dec. 27.-Bltween tie Gt! anil 7th instant March a (th.
At tls rising of the curtain ihe Theatre r. presents a there were six peioons attacked siltl the cholera, one of FOIR l A E .
virw of Palrme, on the border of the sea. Knighs of whsm did. afT a T l, si dt
all nlioas Sock to a tournament-Robert Duke of Nor- The accounts from Leilp.ic, of til f e 26th of Drc. give h hilini e anI l scrr'of. i, "fI f
anally carrieTs Tm prie-this Robtrt ii the son of B(leria, a most deplorable sand hrutal accoiuit of the ilrllersn, hildine' i nproveiets i rl i.d ra e.
a.d demon, by ahom she haa blen reduced. Rob,,lr towards the unfortunate Poles, in which they state that un ,'Liinct ,r or i all.T' 't .t I..,
ain meo of horror and alarm. Alice, his fIster sister, the lthh inst, til Prolsians s.ddenlv -iilrlunled tlhe Fai Terhich and oller Iairticul'i ahlly to
peant leself with a letter from the dying Bertha, which Polan troops to tim number of twelve housnild ren, nd sriburs.
is tn to rnw d until he absndoMa hiseaurer and re- wanted to force them, in a mnot brittal manner, to obey HIIENRY GfRrFE N\SI\DE Ac(
poses. Robert coniides his secret to Alire; he tells her the ordersof Rinia; ile Polish lolliers were repeatedly Marrh. i_
tlmt beiag in love with Iralella Princems of Sicily, he struck with the Prussian muskes, and llti officers were l
wriled u elope with her, when he wau attacked by a indignantly treated snd threatened to be shot, l.I thv lFO I LeE
Itp of cavalka and would certainly have fallen a vic- still continued firm, and lderlare that Ithey wouhl ulr Tle lnlre and l r.iTisrs Ii p "'t
Uinim It notlhen for the timely aid of Bortram, an un- tim moll barhrmu trealnilli-t sooner hean coniply ; v Mrs. Poiiiir. The loie ''
knowe klaigh. Bertrat makes his appearance, and Alice orders which were against Iw laws of hitumnnity ; this c oonv-ninl, itha lart.. kilrlie, ",I *s l
ahdildera, as aIo comaivs tha it is the portrait of Satan decided resistance caused iAI Prussian ouinandiero se-nd attihel, hlion- and s I
-he knigt. ply at hezard-Beriram persuad.s Robert for orders from hi (iuov-rrnieii.l. The Pules de- l.ra-i, extelnoive. vrl a.nld i r, price' Ti' h,"t l-
.jo th -l rconseau, And. losescery thing he pos- randod pasports io ener France. have been lately tlhoroiughl y lpirld, and tle g"'w" r
Ienn in lhe torld. Alie presents lrslfto Isbllbelal, and of the fences, have been nmlv pit ilt.
spmeks ia IkeeIro Robtlr-lbl.lla forgives his faults, The Constilulsonel contains the following piarlicularn re- AL.) 1
and allow him toflght for hei in a tournament, in htich latine to M. Kene. pretous to h, leaning Paris: A tract of I.and situated at tl Villa r. contain'"
the itend of te victim i to b her hland-I- bells end ". Imatdiately oa leaning his office he wet into the shop arres. 11 is di d,1e hv lnu, villla,.-riasd "tl" "s LS
him ar-b- prepares for he combat, when a nmwe Of confei here he was known, and askk] for ,ne of t lo in inte rr. i. h I n".w. r a.1I L-1'* "
sopp hi o .e part of th Prince of Granned, who the pstebardl boxes in which sweetmeat are sold. Lindr the ,vill e w hill road. This land *'
aits fir hin in. die aidjac fon t Rrel-Roben uow h Ish e Pe""of playing ofi a o" e on a young ladies' scrhol. to ih.
wailltlae la n die mdjaent Irnrt slays It iaalt es ofwhrh he had en in the habit of lr-ellltt Ig p''-l of t one ir Ithre-c luts. A\,I'Y I1 1 1E L
sum no o-- lhr, rnd cunapnmo lnly is n e pae Ila erile. TKbhe tweetd te a i.,li.le tI., i r ill|-,i with chroti. Ashr e 1 $f ePtebr IthL.
do ts su t altivar, and cotisetitieitly Ists tile plizc. T he irt- lird -n Ir ,,I ,.ti. ,I .. li.. 'Ih lw '- ,t-liii it ts is. epte ni L,' r 17Ah.

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