Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: March 31, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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rbT fl Wsyjar rm.

&TURDAY. MAllCE lt 11NS.


hWa S he e Ac moma h b da know tof m moema bs oow ed tha and dof doat is aiid osheR tdi.
blageof Rml to400 me w Lam aelI Ba ti. A wd" of d e opia wa' ll a my d llinos
buSi0e f StrSta dmachmm t o npmh r k a ili a Yew mik b two wisun l draw -u homn atde s afd
Of hM 40 dl f ysl u ih, VIyMb wo w SMM d ha I-ge tm YM yu mp at 1 a I "e a CmLe as yot
hearing pea They wore iidire a towards uhe tr o l 'Mle
Preoectn by two Commainar Poice, with dro ph. In abort, blit Ia I ma nin l oh the
ar dolas, the Mncrridgm, thb palerd. d f eli C e of Ch "mb f Sm e d tm ad c
py ml 'bloh... O fr it hs udid= k had on oat ma aclw ima O a* ue lo Repmblie .
)m. eum lonf mo IUD ho m rs. It i mid tht M. The flomliy h i'ml= ba-
Grhai ll he am dat a mpu emnd C mm ry of To mo i f boar oh i r-nlm g whi *il" ce>
ad Plia ,e oa. ad m- pla y of dh Pfeanu of Poblie nade cae he the PsieI Ammmhml, u n aoer to i ir
___-_________, H. Mooula, and bhlfpay godol.uof Parise among deciiaom ob dpm l h a J .'
PObTB.h. ht mahm r o pisonu larrstm i kb a l n a At Thim dui, radiL h m l a i L o bd
_ thiis pho se mral indivlduals wrn womded. Confereoce, encisd the l Wiigltom I thi Dr-
TH CIIILD Or EARTH. Al te uam time, between and f o' clck in the putim, and Frnace wiB have iesmm flig. It i tim
pusra hore alo p In fr imen dr to daly, moawinp, informatm was relied of a Umm lo a thai the n fa Ldi f d muntry hiuld closey unite
p lh'd bad i huemf moa hbr darkl ing wrow; the nObervatory. A anm sroum divine of sity aura. to raepr caionnm, aId to sec-m the triumph of lie Re-
Inyrluh ih Mbdly eling bo mot, and say, dre ed in common clodthe, remind to this p t under voluio of J aly, 110o, uch Fruare i. d and
SI a.centet eiM kie-but, oh not n e the conlannd of peace offler Viocein, and l abo sch ueh d Framenmu nds i. Tim OsmwWam *f Ju!y
Kil; whei the blossou of the joyous spray the Rue d'Enfer, with a group ol individiul, wlIo re- oeugh to place itslf boldly in h do fa of Ih Nateional
ao tlie" rhe air srhb bay us to breale-- treated in disorder, and who ere deeived bv 'lI dres interests, and it will eaily triumph our mdamar Ihe ih.-
lo while rie hir owersaund y ch oe p s r. ;ll of t offialg. The following scoersatm took piaco pot e of whib i eery day btrayed by a esam at
gp r me. r d; ( ,e iftp m. y drooping bro- bel cal the paue atce.r and d apparent clieof o T the once odiou ma ilmd iham u .
IJmas oues o Idw-hut, si! n e n." harul: We havert mad to my w th Itd publiea t raquillity i'
Do you belong to Ius tT ndcubtedll replied tle re- omlaihd, fr i hs awr tben smpromnibe. Them
The ling hbroh rpenlrl in sumer-tie peace otfier. The countes.iigm l onour! Country! imolabed alMeps iwihou e Ich li t m of then nueu,
Tr lsasot.n iir, el. e e Iary is ll.m; Where are yo going I We n samrousnducl; there ar anre. fron teir ran. d a isrig* lcale as mhe authore are
TI glioust hi gliiath re chel hi ,ribe le lae;,' cavalry here. Come with us, Ithe, mid the uoicer, we guily.
lrt w'n nl perish while o'er ranid ,,.l will conduct you." Every ne thsd eening in Paris, bwho were I
ltibhdle step-. tlie Ionl r ligtli mionr on; Tli pace oilner conducted thei inldividmal> to theM amlteor t this new conspiracy I Are they Carlisms
pNi ridley th ureimu o either ii mIeno en-hoe Palace o' St. Michael, wlire a sul reinflouierinnt Are they Republicans t le is o the lres ul of t le mon-
arLs my illl ear with nllmc m is tsne s. appeared to secure leen. strous allunce of C(rlists and Republecam*, t whirh we
YlleskiMne, dmans in eye yienl he-i iu ro. br- The police, formesing, thit communications would take ha po alauly dra so anti, ai d a whirie b we mll sill
1 Ai cInot to diee-Iu., oh' lnot now !" place between the. coutspirstour of Ibh sides of ithe ine draw atllnion, in ipite of denials, which w do nt unreit,
Bamner is gone: and asiinmn' oherer hue. by ihe Poet Nuuf, l ani llul aihol fugitii of both side. would iortause fIact pnreamt lllealva in abundeace to give the
Tune he ripe iruits. animl i the aing i ,rn;- paI by thi inlprtant pointl i staioined L a st tion picqiuee lie to deem I
Tihnrm hlurlsn.ii usit llie yn isl ins pur.. i, uidl peacl and cil, iT ccrIs. Orders were priien tou .tup To all tse question juid ire will, mo doi it, noawer
Siiiule thle eallios awl wruis liir eager lIti. tile carriagc'I i4srin- ille brildg aId to s arclh theml. wiate certainty ; rad we cannot urge ti n mucle o tlen ti
*$Lpre sr awliil. tlo i.adeilr l.uili utr Telsr-e ord.ln iroi thluiilsel IMo reu lt. Mlhor lie 511i gisratesl an inivelgt'ili into thsaffiair of tie mnn active
n(lih e Iil. on.l meInlor r .nd the in.r, trer I iei). id.oual s, iith fie. arti, ponirardl, lim and gold were iand coupe e t inh, ht m eolo trh may be kelonoe.
To siiiii atlenle wiOe the evn.ii ra sized. 'Tli J.iiral des Ikbaus uay, that nearly tr o lusin-
(oiler the rlrei'a in, arundn my hrlnr- Friilt (-r I irLeur, ud tlly eau. of ap, and of plb-
Clauk n, lo11 .h' phlrainge uend m lyaeo- glvm ; Thereureshnr were u rod at the public force. A dred indsidual are arrested.n T ely form, it is", ela
Iam ri ten t il dIe-bul.uh' mt risow"' reonspiidaor was illei, several were aounlied. Amsour tli mixtureio of all crtilr s-Carli u, Bonapartista, mnd R publ
hliilr is i ieliioned lthie valii-d-chadi.ibre of M i. iklaenu, licans; bul, afar a we can t lieve, the greatest number
The lrak wliinl wlittlesl : onow-showers fr .anil onew Ki-prlct ofl Policy. 11e had on l in linen ter dressing belongs to ithe Carlit parny.' Time am paper adJd that
Urift !wijithI echc to tile whiteniun ginund; wonulnd. tie Ipulic tranquillity ws not ditrbam a d t niie insane ;
Asliuie ha.h p's' awl ad. ca.oldd aier a rt pst o'clock a patrol of voititers o athe amnlis era, sid lie es m lou antl. ausho and i uloe.ud
Wwiersu;talh rim aeth tears mowtlo bsand:
To s.i st praye miscedi'l ." Oh! laughingly the 1It I Iah eo gn, coin m l*eld Iiy M. Legrand, conirators huve, at monts excited piy.'
My little hro sa od the n. er roi. corulral. passing lthe rot -Rouge, pereived at ta im Thc Q loidienne an a, The population of Pari
Ow h...ine-' hiales broad,. nld bright, ..1 hlign tr m l e oL l ti dlu" It-de-Four a group Of individuals touwrd hau as il ed onl ly tlisoralng that a compiercy lad ben
AI.ha rt.h rtnnirs with ouie liilelh ane loud: which wra approachlii a patrol of sin line of the Post discovered in tille ourse of rthe eight. The lnse cotrla-
IpFnire awhile' raise up myy drooping bru In of tien' lilie, when at li Ius rsulrut so 4i.-buti, ohii wt n uw "' cry of" Tl'o .rue '" in tlle Rie d'u Drmagon. 14ing re- I are, Fre. 3.-IThe conspiracy discoewed on thee
The <|ring i4 cournm alin-the jrfril spring' paired tIithcr, together with ti' e line, ite'y found the Sicur night before lIst im said Io hlre lhad four intormn to fur-
pin the lesnits with clusterisg iiwers are spread; kersausie Iltrgglill with two police agents, ienlo led ar- ward:-vi.. prinrciplly ofr llw fiiendi of the rstoulauon,
wil-d lir4 (li4. uin ie wanton ii wIini rentlsd hlun, aind who tlrn ne id nt tire oi l Ihse wirh two lee hi persn of li-*nry ; of coifsiuon and plunder,
'Te lu.ll I e.irlh is nuernewl i the dlralt al keLr pilstls which he hlad on hiln, and of which oue wa under li e name ol a rpulilic of nmlitary governeinn
*Thire elr" lnr the sunhi.e srll.. a* k. ir nud (arie.) and gl or, under thllu nau of Nspoleuoa II. anil oa t ile
Bimnei unig ll roeli ishlirntilh he liutice p e; i The Sicur Kersuicue, nin whose a iitin a r sport was "* juite milieu" llwished to crush l s rllp e itf mIsul biI jr-
t .isrl't ril 1 tiei, t nir may ot r. read soe days ago t, o tile Chiranl-riT f Depiletio, was ar- dlination, of which dlli gr.rtli hasu Ien encouraged by diI
iori tnll IIliii, i*hyo.Tunrl a coupauial by several olhrr inidi]idualu who had advanced ractious pre ; and by lam turbulent, anl in a Treat m-a-
hy ia' -,iu in' hr -ile l h i alII nhro, w .soni towards tim Rue do Fo'ur, ti* otl -rs towards the slre uoprincipled opplamiio that l would O acrif ice te peace
S410 lll l )IC 1 He du (rer.ellc .nd win all tlik t lght when the swldien and welfare of their country fur the nmre aldvneage of
r I .ipi;ie.ard'l in tim lRue du i)ragon. The Siear Kersausi p lace and power for sunic atnlis. Therm is aootlier in-
COSPIR llY IN PAHIS. calleil ilimlf a iill pay captain of cavalry. ll was teresl acrcsted of ferrm-nting disorders occdonally, and
'nrom th Constiltlilwarl of Freulay. runlucrl.d lu the P'ut of l tI Abbeyv. for the haie purMsese ol profitin by themn in their mlecu-
Vic hase Ioal aotther nicoleept. .s crimiinal a. impotent1, It i id that lh arrests exceedelud the number of ha tiona n the Stor Exchrlange. To their advances to imie
alAto duL illo Jly. T e 'lr oilliting atire tIe liiundil. Tile authorities have position of nalny indi- counpirators is alributed l- lia r umn thl were found
pntrs regar'iiing it, which we have collected with siduals of rank, documents ilteid on ldw, o,rn, u.n.111e. on their persons duremg the l erchab of ld Police. Per-
o., iiunion, considerable asieo mo ney, and mil that i neir- haps tllis charge is unorunded. It is to be hoped Ms, for
l ialivi ials caein, a fewd, tlo ireal kfnist al s t toh rnnihfetaIniun of the truth respecting tle au- tie hunour of tlie IParis Ecrlange ; bill the charge is
16 oeivi 'ir nl, a 0 f ewilalirnal o t hhL nltr of at 1 etav r. I raifestat nd of i l i ,r
t11eritrr' s Iof lim air IieU d r, an I ask. Ili if tldrs of t le conspiracy and its object. spoken of too ol nlv to pass unnoticed; and it is well
kid ualnrtlikr to suppilv a repas lur 11l pIrulos 1 Ainong tl I persons arresald, is, it i mid, a neplie of known that iuour.n of the coMpiray were circulated
lesilW on ac.oount lf ins >%nl of nr 'in. llinowever t Mauguin.t An Even Jo in a Juurna ti ons ala M. fnr m the begin iog of lie waeek This is marting &tme on
ba .persutn rea.rned y ieeril. ) (Ite 1. IFruarn) at I)elaunay, Treas r of use Society lo Frieods of tler *Change.
I *'d.chck in dilu eveni, and i unm.incl-1 to lie Pi 'eopi and te llM ionn d'Arge-nl of the Company La- Tim etlent or tle ranilications of time coospiracv rem-
r ln r tlat they wold bring tin e usie d.y a ilnmrnan, rui It i4 announIerd also tnm the door-keetpr of the nt he staled ; for unme perwsos assrI that dry were
I for .pr i tewv overcain lle e n-ldimo .ifiltis Lo r t his 'ei an arrested, on the charge f hvng deliver- I cnnidtule thruughout the departmentl, lau tluat they
Imrnedal by drpositing n lr : ie c.l of ties c tis .ke oft dire L ou re. I were euch more wide in Paris (Ian they yet appear.
aetin. sondrmn.for she dar nof the dre l e. A.n Hluauu.ib lsuber of the Chamer of iDeputies spicion has fall pon asme foreigners, of various rnk
Wtmum and Von for the riler of IAt er r pLatIe sum.,,a bero the Chamberkof DL. r d wee utumn ta i .
Tanri ten o'clock in tde eveniag,l the rates of sdit.. r lN., ad been caution ed som days ago to ie and satiom, ad even at g ad eaertain t tel
SMete was flilled with alaut liI persns, Irveral of, o his guard, as ani attempt was to Lbe oade on his life. fur I given to dhe Carlist. by an Englehm, thinre re, as it i
Sha6 1 filur rool lrires Imre than eivorcal. lI,. haino len one of tle Taeshadrel an Tre. LOe.- ported, so young nmen who wnoe white inuigmn e 1i
di reps t ermiinalted trllnqailvl, th er. wa nuo a- 'Tles recOniuienodati.ns were renewed yesterday evenin' tdiir lutionhole.s to resemble the order of HIenly \ and
lio politics, but hbM rco.iiiaynv lidl tIhe air of having (Feb. 1 ), by a nan to wlhom n I. D. G. N. load rendered i, p|Mticly lasted til s.e sond mpsedy retotn of their
-si onml ir ninle s At' nilinighl a qu.ntlit o ol pecu.iary s rviere, and who offered tn repay hitm eu g P.,retender. There Preersons who msy them a al-
ll s, s werey intrlredl into th h;,, Is nd in.. with muany received ftr forcing one ot the piot. huh is coun failed, another s l ey to tLeo pia
l diuriYtmimid itc ISt nrnil e' ll tel pineals and It i nid that f'ls pa hs, of National h nioet were d n a tae bon.
Pem lded a itient ally coral iesl. to disarm ttile pss. smal slpie tima, but th s project wras I th is morning passed tluroughe different districts of
Snaultorities, for soeo day-s iin pN, -ion of infor.l frtrutrted by as orelr of tie stali, received at eleven Paris, and found all quiet, the streets thronged as u l
htl taken all ei'aores. of precastion necessary o'clock in iesc rein, enjoining those in command of the witl persons on business, and no sign of alannrm-No ans
e nuwe oe.m -m p1ir. r haer r the iem etion of pniss of ih. National ;uard to give iam words to their of any moment has reached us from the provice.
seins.p. 'rime lief o the Monicipal police, ar- neo, nd to allow no patr to tgo ougs Fr Galignm's Mesuuy r.
;= by a tleachnisnt of tih rosnicipal guards, and It appears tat divers circunetance iend for rave.all
Ier, rsireato te c of th e albsr darn pat the police on the track of this infamous conspi- CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE STATE.
Peoire, to imse loi pollee knes tit d ry. ev eral of m Old Guards de Corps arrived at t For m rtimn past the Carlst party, or persons
the mo'reme, whiel they had watlwce were Pari. Whilt i a popular society a mould was mad of acting in ea ow be aking r n oppur ity
M Che at to tm a ci dcr to sum- othe mk of Robpisre, there wet diributsid mrl to strike decii.e blow apilloat e pent Gorment
ato aswroster. Pucet answered b' the die- quarters of P.ari, cm pre r in petarm of a r-e A myse of eteiatal d bam omnle d. ad a m-
a p-ul, which took effect en the had of the ble *omo y; dove were W dir ds ai d meia Lw h d e y wtio hs chi o m n t r en ed in hae Caml, *ad e d ltri
ha. jus expired.) They then dahed into 1t h Hnr V., d ma r s ii ai e ms b sch a aesagd n t mad eno
tla le tolrer no eaken with all the had. Philip me his iy; th warm thr n into o gua r inay deem m dily udo ed m. Eandch of =tha sde-
ikthe ie t of conspire' tors, of u rds to hen. with rdignation. lircd a list of ne-rs founing a full coplirneni. The
Iatack sod drience thes i several wounded; For verrn days to, individuals hose opinions were (arlits, Iruon itee, rocklol open a force of mono ISto
sma I also killed on !Ile side of the col.jrntours. known had line beard in cour. toM s to us 0 aticsci a to 20 ,010) ow, ready to ruie in arms in oa" night, but the


I '






ftVC MOa l firsgu ta

timsel nda6 iS 2 A 11o. Fm i n
.. ia i e -., b Ic at ISe 1,an 'met, fr
it appena hei lle m sa mIa llert M b*es Carlim. .
mIa theal m m s hbesWw, a@aM a mro e d

oft aim. t1ar te he iu~l t lomy *ae. to Rnamu -
nt lmU a bllak -- eiwne a mmwoachy in
Ne lay* Ilelr irl wa s dec.n lyed open Henory a
V. i bo*i be e dimharelr~ iraed.'L T" onp maawer
bunenri, ow Fik then Sk b r' ae Inl.was., Iiar
ha ., thoe aimae adt aietoan trt I an r of 1 ',-
ajlMUfo fr. Oa iT be dly il aumon.t tlhe principal I

A. aue, Pl P( Ort i oq r n 'dA tk..-Th1 winter
from Prl. Trecelse thi n nlLg, oct inn the art of di
the PeomUy, which we smI auncid hree on Saturday, t.
bda hto appear tl consider it of ipech ijiaerpnca ;1nor
did l I a tadet aeny Imatrial elect o'lhdie FuJI, ra onI the
fi6lo" by, Faida,'lthe Threio per Cornl. cksd i fIr. 'F
IlOc. Thy refer wtlh mucla aaorle uily to Itha proceed- I
insi in ue Chaniinar oit Dlupoeii tn 'riraily,whichl were 'u
of a lwnte to indicate their weakness orf the Minilarv, anm l y
upDua it fal liag a dipil decline 'occurred in their undl' r,
wh houweerr, previ.maly lu thlr rlaie ifl tih atIrkepl ,n
Slt ay, rallile n( clLael-llaa Fnivn lur Cents at 9'1 I
i,. d uthy thrUe per Cents at 651. 9rw. Thw Belgian ni
Loann s 74. t
La.ndena. F. 6Ih.-Tia' I'enri. imrn e of Salirday, o
silll lr Man igrakle ( alilaaimIe alel vlaicluaay, ruicl*ld w
a.i thiL rmoini. Thu 'ie ldr e u litle a, thI e iluare maniL
Ierll lad previanely arrivmerl, rnl o lial i elll ol irM'nay, 'n
litll altail oif which Lire rivers in antiltor parl ol' fur a- ri
Imr. iPare was ilrereaca lraniqUltullily nit Stulanray t- i
miala lait Itm errslni continuii l; altl it i. oatanutifli raiiark-
stik, Ihat aniltK tihem alsnaily nti, there arr la.lnl
hoarsiua at pr'semit ur fairmntrly hi allam iaimiiplo iteimmaln, %.l an

ao-..iarid with tI ilPolice. Tilt. plul is certainly in itself w
it' a mnliciranlilv iriunsl clrictlnr. ut


At.rel-thly I.t tlhe rirpMst of liis ExIellhency tihe I (o-
veriiiir, which appeaurelu in time Rol.)l (aroette or the2lih I
in'tani, dal public uliicers atelenlud at Goviernmenit
llhse on T' lesay, at 2 u'cllck. It was supposed by
tllow' heluintloni lal that tim inetiing had been convenlId
i tlr e purprne of itadopting somne plain If tell payment of
tlhiir saIlri-s, but niot one word was l aid Umau1n lmtht suil-
jei l a no! Il ia cellency did nuol call theimn together to
ilcus minonevy anatlfl, but to road Isnl a lecture, insisting
upomn a early co-i lnraion" wilh lum, on their parts,
to rarry into enerotion Alu Measures. Qufre-W'lhat
measures We suppose then to be rrlnlive In lli Slave
quittin ; in lwhirl lie Iha btin tuice lderfelted in llme
Ilouuuof Amnembl. Prllably Ilis Excellency intends
t1 call toImer Ilous, in due course. of tlil0e, and wishes
tol nlist unonlr his banner tliom public officers who live
always hald lwo high a sense il honour to innllnce others
in voting for men, who are tlae known eriiniine of tll,
Co.ony. lie said, it was tIinm for llthem o quit llie
i neutral ground ;" antd rn'llocell imon lie gmentlelmin
who IAmerly administered this government, msaing dIal
tim Colony hnld lbeeno governed most umncuntititliion.ilv. 1
lia Majesty did not think so -otherwia, lie wumhl not
have cofrrad the honour of Kniginholi.dl ulnn the
" Wonhy" (jlnuLAL Ga ln, now tle (;overnoI of Tri-
Ilow tottering mwt be that man's administration, luho
r4uairem the aid of thimu, who never interfere in ililiaic,
1 centinue him in his situation. We should be very glad
tluellit Eliclloncy's lecluroe iln that occasiom.

Our ag of gold alu commnnined, wila the eerxnions of
do gmay elemeuas, which, having been invokA by tleir
devotes, have not been unwakeful to tie call; apparent-.
ly dereridl to fee da rage of ou'r IMvrH will Iti.
ag n wkm of Vulcan, tanl a if in derision of his
ma je Mj ty, coaplling old OcUanml to ehlibit his
cat, eovr with wihtc Sdlt feo --hoe airy reality by
which wr nw Colonial civil list is to ie paid, and a new
Militia, amped of discontented and no longer neutral"
public fuctionarie, is to be organized. We would nti
liku to be ithoght to imita te t example of the Gheant
editor, rendered notrious by thu King of Belgium;
buIt ye, truth a paels a to doclre, that we more than
l e ot that or ew Sovereilgo' holy band" will nol
bring m l devi* or enthumiaism, for his caae into the
aKld, Ith wa elhibitcd by Lepold'a army. when they
gt dlht ofl dal Dutch; but aill quietly look on, hopi
fer thair gp leader's lL
If pro ceild do any ooad, Wo have o doubt that
oe or twowould be ulrdd by a little Burgomnar, who
wa burn aum ed n when men's bodies were helped
lie a Flemish or Dutch houehod cheese, whild, when too
ravy or bulky to be otherwise handled, was rolled by the
I" lung frt.," or housewife, from its noouk for aiiicrnlar




-1 ct a- prolc,." whlo woital my Opinioi) ; that it aspplIe.. LLth d -- .. dng.nta .r i a .iglp a lamrcl Wom Wa mera p r. I s aholtely farJl, s
wilrdlo 6, ing l-, llp c r cn" t...t' n/muhlinmg to the andalatandings of mwn, Of- il
ts weight. I would nrly be "" m" n u"""co le. titan cosmmn .n. A L.a ad w m p.
tal" nad evor redeloca aI wfim .ed such ea any matter oa moment, his private
M we would protest agaiass orelve. concerned, will enk fur advice and anaitaace I- Z.
II k baeh dan d.. ,d dL im is tline ofr *XMi y lmaorke1, 6i it Bee5.?y, in nitataml of liljw ah "ng c"antd 1f IV the wam of a .u-.-oeikem,. ability, *rnm the inleresu tid ttl t oa. .al s',
gCsllitakefll ,TIt 6 resomplon uand urruofmnfo tb.ikft
a khd epnaotd frum tie prif and enuberances, and dgree it any panr so m itlu td,a o drprnd uua i.
mrlqueltly of iq r ti, would bh equally a* uncon Iinient aimo; and the umn that ca as t, j
ltatonal"-o re pnaticOmi rly. if the olnurmunas um of ptiM to be under lon r infuepae.-t-Unftnuiiatia
0 p.und. had bee ra"tuc d, ia tlo NaM manner. liil time, I have'lsild in a Colony to which time-an.
m I d wahtt. tions apply. To be sure, goveraoealei tiMa iena
om 1ts weight. pared, in which thu wordo IBy lng with Ith
Our said litdo Burgomaster deserve much com Ien- hlis Mjoesty'sCouncil," havu beoineiuned iibedn
nation from Governnmant, for tie .P*lla defencu of his been introduced solely--prof/am Tuhea fi(k
roostiulion ;" but we dtk, dhrt i hu. viewed the mue- pectable branch, had never been rmeorted to, it,."
.n adopted ltwrds him by the Asemibly, in a distorted tIy have attended their batrd, ea nmpq 'a ;
S. met i w it give the nod only to the of an acceia, -0
manner, theyonly monay t to prevent rlpletion, wl Tn The popular branch of dli constitution, Il
Dry learned his suppliesalind touse the maxims .i Tit- insulted by i mluage without number, and hat.l.W
, instead o ofIose of DeJaium. Necessily lhs Ieen you must fretia such law only, ia suit nuy 3t
nclared to but rb. mrotr df invention, and bow admi- will. Feeling as mn alhould, out to be guided b41l,
ihly hasls proved tleltrai of the axiomi, by fflrdling of any military Chief, and for ulaintan. ImnlI
t e b n g privileges of thinking and acting for dael.L
rll a string of good and eighty runsunlo our uig- bran ch has been cut off, with a much indift .
master, for non-reduction qf alary, and also for demon-u would be felt in ripping off the stripesfrom tle iml.I
ruling his cuiuolinutioalul prelileci.un. It lemindu us Curpo.ral'i uniform. I have seen Megisurinte
f tim patriotic boasting of aiomm of our felow suajesa for w ptiiig into execution, Id iaslctiouled by I
S t a te liene p i ; w turo of this onmniputunce : I have, by goveraemu q1
IKn oidin$ s the licrin.d pintn ol Ctolunmi ; wnoo ,en ( .ummiionn brl ed, which, M"ilk
riic eal alwyn burned briglit, wouininion rogad, whi acehacodiq4u
trl.ollc. I7l alwyIY burel bilr.l, when thley ~hal i a ;.ige, as w ell an justice, remained inidislurl med-.A
cll booty in prospect, and required an uirecognigid ic bine ge.ssint; and tim durante bene pilr 4
~4 to c.r tllc r h bWs miaudings. trarily subltiutedil ; and to reutitht cliimax by uoi i
-- .. lilili constitution has heen observed, in ilIe CJ
On Tuesday, lthe Siscial Court of Oyur and Terminer a"hliled to, I have heard of an order, requiring i,
etl by adjouurnoent, ia trlder to try the Irople charg 'd e"'lance ion a ittighly Chief, fis t a resp'ciabl idI
o.f h. g ,' fr m u Judge, to time hippl)r nud lurnkey otai
'ith having eilmlezzle.d par of I gols fron e .la .- a Uorklous, Anti, for auglit I know, ihe hnilCr
ican sciahoner North Aimrica," v~hiclh as orecrked law; and wihohave been told, when so attending: IkL
pmn St. Salvador, in January last ; when tile following selit llue popular brunch of our constitution, ae diir.1
ills of Indictment were submitted to tle G;rand Jury, e'pect no neutral ground will any loUnrr boe tak qlk
or tieir consil.diration, viz:- you--you nmust entertain no opinions of your on, in
'h, my i imtalive will must be Ilie law, anu to whtiai
rhe ng ,. niun t succumb, or woe oe unto you. II' you do nmri
snult-true ill I i have n obmiamanc, 'l'oadilo rely to undermtla
T le n dirty l, I could suimnit to them, asit into Yur dtm
The King j will I plaice Ithliin. In a wurd, time dmeructLiU r l
rn. Grand Larceny-true bill. iproi.1rty-the Ibeggary of your prouen-u-nius hanm
W1illiam Oliver, J inhiclIm-re wiili yo)u ; and IU ll! leillijig wlichl (; el
'lime king naitur l ve l ttii iniulh d in youri br.asi, it tile) cmnlk
in. Ga and Lurceny-true bill. cr.ilicawd, thelly t io lin stlled.
Toby, a Slave, I 1s I ,a1 lt, p1irii lly ci oviilicdl f im rorrfvrnd
Time Kiing r ,(. oi) 1 ioun of Jude I)onwdy of DIl)um;ii, n ta brpm,
en. G rand Larcmn,-true bill. ,"I ai Atorney (Genern, relative to Ex-Ofriis;ide
Ben, a Slive, ) lnl v-rry Ionamei terrifies tne almost into itysterics, I"sI
The Kin g Ihe vLI careful in avlidilen any allusiuons of tlwe sn t
Ps. Assaull-true ill. liapy Cloioy, lest our viptlaint A\tInevy eierlrm M
Ellice, a Slave, a IuL at ime ; besides, Sir, sticlh 'ry blest wihm a
Sl King we art all, it otoli h pireposterous tor a meniione
Tie King civ llit lllo- reiImHrks Ler. inttielmiJ tOR i tl tU
er. (irand Larceny-true bill. (:li f, whose iurhanitv, anti wholm suavily of dpains.
TEl in Sga, llave imnprintald, in idelile ink, upon our liatu, f-
Tie KIing \ingl. nei to be ufladced.
enr (Grand Larceny-true bill. I'l ar of tle l|'rom who lIah innsrted a prolflla
Jell) roIrben, Royal li;azerl, lurbidi my miakiiih, ihnoe rnmrt,
Tll King m tll cru ie lmuiitml lou. In amisrr to llr 1 .l, al adM.
re. Grand Larcny-o bill. oi c utions, De Lolie, a justly adllinrd .illr a to
Williaml, a Slave, cuioniltiiin, say%-" Wlihtisi-r mi tns ul post i
The King atken pilirc, whichh they wire setiioul il eleeirWd a
el. v (irand Larceny-no bill. cor Icl, (ili.l is tlh C(uaionis,) tII ir miniide riemu a Md
Alexander, a Slaave, spltws o iiin liani toti lir, wlich li l*ii i'
The King duced redress uf dllei. Andl, ini gei.ral, when a hi
r. G Randd Larceny-no bill. c"n"a"iuet'cu of its ibint j.iiadl'd esseIntial tn pailk 1i
(ialhow, a Slave, ril, I;la bLenl j illed b1 tiln-ul to a mnllle* bLUI ilk
Tie Kiog lounI liil*,, to pass, in sucA u rrrahml crnompai. l
Grand Larceney-no bill. iasure, wih i.s In aidopitnl for s-verd years i
Tlnhmas Inmilton, G LIcli-no u d wn hoir are ,ecn arrderd to by 1 a Pr
I' (O cror, s noiv imoure inscr wrv tlmn Prof. W "4
Tile Kin | umot cerlaiily, in spite of |iroitests. it,.w lNised in. Woa
rs. Grand Larceny-no bill. respect to t e Vviien. bill, I shill ob.srve, it b
Toni, a Slave, the liglh of lle Ilouu of Assl- iiily to aigtuinEi, t'
Tlie king diiniiuia, any taxes or restrictions imnio l upoy sM
rn Grand Larceny-no bill. itaitears. 'rih indulgencr anil liberallyv ifn Ill pe
(Carulin TIauton, j) mien, to tliin inilebted to thllem, altn hi cii laer i"'i
Tie King t hniild witl the innal erioau incoinveniences, rnlieela
rs. Grand Larceny-no bill. to every consideration from le.' Asseirmlhl, al d"
John Seymour, from ie country generally. With ecanrd to theai
The King lasl objection ol the protarter, it is very pI,"ar"fl
s. Grand Larceny-no bill. tie shoe pinches--hl reductions hns irfy rat'd
Harry Gordon, h is family. Let me oluerve to you, nmy tf d i
SGo n fuur ol' tile nfaut remslcltalle and lucrrat.',r ,nhf
Two of die above cause were tried, vir. Ihe Kine Colony have Ite-n bestlued upon y.oi and '*'rtil'
agiuals Ellice,a Slave,and he Kingagainist William Olivr, salaries anti fes of which amount, as I lIan Ibren "a
for Grand Larceny, who were both acquiltid. TIh At- upwardI of three tulisand pioundsii. Lit n.' r"i-"c '
torney General then entered a nol prosequi on all dwae aI tlh it s tI lhe good people oft Ir l o1 al 'li a s
ombo. indebt.d, for tilin neans of acruirinr all lle '* O
udors._ dthat lle most luxurious alppilie could crave; an mi
Ma.eC o.h, itWL. you lhave expressed your gratitude, lhi not oni, 6-.V
dancing all acts ulbnoious to tml l 'i (1'
Ta tt lEdi r of Ikir oala A rga. but that youa have "lso lm-'n theu ipr, miiilet 0r' ofm"'
SIa,-To msrt to terror, or even to l y, o en yo ac- calculated to ruin vour bcnefactors. I'""i ". .
qure support for a government, is a censure, by inlpli- to ask you, Sir, what would he die cm,,.wiicnn ia
catiwon,on it administration. The interests uf the sub- awry l'ek, even, from any public uffier, aliirid ijl
ject, are o vitally concerned in a just and an equitable stnt trilling degree ao elconphishimentr l "r .i"f is
government, that sch a government, of itself sill en- object of a cartaiu high p.ronser--- oIld ii t lse
mre obedsc e to isa mares, and the authority eserci- missal from oGaicr, in a crack 1 S,me "u.,ul dr '
sag them. would orma a rallying point for every Il lest eapsy Ie drawn fiuna olts urs aiu-m, antd I sm1 r
man and loyal subject when any opposition w*a o8lred. coum, nd ntheon to your considcrsaiun.
That well ban nced conltitution lately remarked upon lhre I am,
by a high funrctinry, and that was once ile admirtion Mr. Editor,
of all ie wrhl, (lus htnt-r i: still Is rveN r r iot, l y ,ur oLdJin.t servan- .
ilield e thui I n e. lat isatt 'd i.lsI|. it, shall not' 'cc,r y i I'Mn 1

89t amauosa Sargui.

d the Ec rlslnMter amnltitliil that i Scoulds
Swki be subpiilttl by Ministers to tll boom
A il requislie infrum riitin conneoed wkb it
.,blaindd. Lord John Russell ated his lat I RT OF NASSAU. N. .
,hriag i on Friay a bill to isuuabli b tlh tn-
.- .ivid. countries d. wh, h will reur. CLEARED,

accurdilng to die pruviious of t l Engtih ro Match t.l Cer, Baltour, Tuk, Il.n-ed IT HENRY GREEN8LADE & CO.
Sl s1at. Iltiln brig CoadMnae, Baan, New Yak-
,*,err h qu9tion, 11w Chancellor of Ihe Excie- --------- On Mmdr* m-a, st, d U aiJ .
,la hdilan prudent intallell of diuklng any mite.- Th American brig Elterprise, Capamn Jlai BaIte. Jan. aT Te runu moac.
is* e beer *et. I*r m Savana bound to Jaumaic. with e.rEll' Rice .nd At 10 OOl t. LA .
i' (:auilttee on ire reform bill,'lhe 10 claus Lumber, waa errsc l atstaliong' I.lmd on lthe instant. Will b. md
ditshrssed op an uaaenda.. lt by Mr. eni Crew sa ,d- e Ato r.IA weeks Crd iving approves uriay b-
d c'lea, of laicih would laomo bastIo teB foe a The H u iVeiy, ap OriaS V i C apt Grilltha, from Jamaiea. fore sMIliverv of ppy.
Ir'id, ithe voesl rvulling frost vaalaioa, that bound to New York, via jagged Island, (where she lopped 50 hd hele supro m RIh Dir,
w take pIucr. Tr ill a.nlendn)Ot w*u I,,itiivrC.d for cargo of Smlt.) ajrnmi a leak at sea On the ath instant.
*sw takplac.Tim ssienalssont aM 1 asgatised, dur treendoua pie.' ard put ante Columbusi. Y t. Rice, In tiel c and La.!lhmlti.r.m
alS asend projtit.iofa Moi. hit tuin,, g to fatlo. she The wreking esels bought the. AboIt 5,000 t a YIs Pi la g bus,
,ln o lh alars raspalnl. g.t' Masler and crew lt hills port on Malday. #s lllh ,snt. SO me t C r,
L iln. treaty nn,wnier n lhr, r uelsoeud to The Ameroan brig Bets. Joaeph tker. .. fm t. BAai..
.ir Lard irsan enei tnd a hop. th ~ln do C1bs, bound to New York. a wrrecked at Fremh A young Negro man, a aed Ridl ddl l s.
r I.oll"l I a, en t terin iho. asti KrYa. oo the ISlh ilenInt. ar cunseqemace of i sturu West- 21 years,
,tijilionto "f cursia, Aestriu, and Prubaie, ,. duld current. The Captain and crew sere ;ad also, par. of "L
*; u1on which his Lornslliip slated, tllt ho.hal a the cargo. (coo.iting m Tobuhacco, Sugarand Hoiae.) in a
l espection tabit thu e Powers should ratify the danlsgedi state, whlch rnred here on Monday. A yvong Noero woeann, good Wahr ud Irosr,
f _~al __ nd plain Cook.
I.a Cear'r of lAe 4th Fe.-Lord Pal,'ieraiin CHRINT CHURCH PARISH. Al aw oths'Cdit,
lpsut igsi, in timle luSuof Comaumilsl, Ilthat lie Illy A Nero boy named Henry.
Itd the rliflicatiio of lne rreaty ni lilt (Colllftlin.e r Vea .nt FOR CASH, bor dainery,
lkuirlii, lju'ia, land Pruain, ti arrive soon. l11, H 4 AVING fied tih Ls in, of mno l athe sate oof 9 Box.e Candles,
,T; ss, of course', pg l ground, in his osin lpinion . p'r barrel s.uperline Flour, Ordsrml, that tie Ilnls, Bacon,
'i r'lr Iiis s~p.ictautiol ; but we cainotl I'ir,.il tllst sIIh silillist, Lufd do wtigaI JIbs. 7l.., and d, s.ii,'nntv Loaf Soap, Lard,
c..,fildesr 5w s'lsressir al to tisr arrt' .l" thet llb. 4o/. By orier nf the I etrv. A .D-.
;tai., ufi tli, ltls, asad espl on the tistl ul Jainuarv. I) \11D) PENCE, VYtry Clerk. About 15,000 f inch Cyprn_ Shigls,
Sno ti. new luhopes as vain as ihe lst Varv, Roost, 2(ill l Marr1,, I4S. With sundry other auicei.
i :.ntn,,epp:rary 'sy, tit to refuos to ratify waaldl -
1i sli,s Iuly, or srsss breast lb of tlll. T'lh later, FINAL NOTICE. 1March 31st.
rn]ii+i;, would I il|ly : bill dil not i .lM:i;,ler of thbe II IE Sl'ULSCR II)Is(, having clor d tIm mercantile -
anll sy, early in J.anuar, tlIat if here was faiilh in L concernsof the late Elia J. Solomon, Esq.,lhereby BY IIENRY ADDERLEY.
a,lilho rastificaltiiln f ,il EIsIsi:Uror of RUssin would r- Iotify to those a o still remain indebted so his Estate,
i~b.foln tIhe 1lis ol' llthal nosntli 1 and yret the 13th anid tiat Inlesr Iteir respective demands are liliiidlated pre- On M.oaday itt, Itt Sd inltat,
b f1a4 iuat'd ovr w'itiUilt iIchlI an even. vious to thie Ist June, they a ill lie placed in liso lIalds ul ArT Tltr. YLVr'r. ouve,
Wr l,'li.v, tiliti lile bu sisie"( sill I teritisnslatld nliisira- an Atorney-ait-Law, fir minisnedinte rerotsry. At @ rel.ak. A La
hill nuo thaI tl. '. Teal will lie rallifll in an *unsUiiIdrliI- |I'. M. SOLOMI) N, F xerutri. Willbr sold
dalg. ('ss''inss ass reqssirt.l stcis mlrtit rc'. li '. S. D ADDU LLY, -xtcutor. Superfine Floor, in barrels,
pils Whssssr tnay le tie rs'.It, hsssser, itt us .1sarchsitt.
hPaseo Ialsro .is,, 11 s Issssd tle Hlsiss ill d l rli sssr Iibi i s I tS I!lt''( I -N -- Situar+ in diato,
u ia,:r,::' ,sil, se ( gs;l itiist;, s"t tht,e IsAtNT NoTICE. Mice. I Corn, in bSP,
rl IFlK .s1 hip SllllliIH istlo.iIs to leave thisi for Loaf Suglar, Sta,
amI Pslhi,'rsilssn and Gfner;il S.cI iiili ihaie a siimil t Mhyhili. eariy in April next, aIc.ain reIrqtsts all p r- Hanas, iltaco, Cheese, Nuts,
lm lr tI,' to tuitr credit ua. sttesses i. ,siisl thleir sii Ias ins 55sf tlesias d sl xi lt ii lln to resniser thie a ns.t; and 15 Iorrela Potatoes,
r tIlu.' islshlslesd tI Isslss tso sslike payI(mst nlls or b, 'Ire the Sperm. and Tallow handless Ac. Ac.
I ltd,., i. ',. is n's trsitll sai;lst\er in any Ill Ul .\o ril. All sascrtlst rullsinill silllssaid at risI 'rrn-.-C H, before delivery.
ib rIls,iti ua' s:llles tl.',,tiusis's ill ouleu st tiet .1l- lina', will be pul in sIt hands ol' U. P. \ouud, Eutsire, AI'D--
,i, r 5s) u l s Laord. 111,.'is- l .Iss llisp, I r lu ers. At iro Moelia' (rsdil,
"'.. .,t ass ElliCs.: sIUilrlt is 31r. itii lUo e IOBDERT WIER. The purclhaser giving apIsroved security, before rnovral
l,,it. n let Ir,.land. There s in ltics, no March 14thl. ol properly,
t, "a ,I ( tnlanqtt i's osIt to I. te M.. ', but .Mr. i l s-. II: lllS H (l tll in,,seilng to l.ave tIe B.- t ncl .i W nd r i nd Rul,
WI. Thlse M.terslip as, ii.reli, nt!.t I to .Mr. Ihams ir s.ome Iine, rlque1ts 111 all |rsTon hnllig 1 ix Linen Check,
i.n p. u, l tlt he declined, atd'lthrelrcia re mclain oel detie nsiL asit. .l l l himi l o r,..hitr thet slst rholr teins ne itiost driay
a (*l eni.- imn, and all tlhou indebted, are reiluestuxl to make iilnmsediate I do. IBena e,
1 pa)* DenplB.
earlI( .tl/,ttrr.-lly thiu. til. l' i.,.ldtl.t son of the JOSEPH TIIOMPSON. 2e0 kes Itrish Lard,
pst Ki es ati Eslsniid lby .Mss. Jo.rd i, site actriress, has Mari chi. ') bags Ri.
b'n,,ils.d, lib oiullTr llleilittit.teml, irt. n lsve i. lo -- ' ------- -- | March 31sl.
mired tlilh, ol Ieraig ; ou lis ljct wo lid lthe 1 S:BSCRHIIIt, i.l.nding to leave this in BY JOIINSON & AL'DERS.
s. III i,.s lil d il tII Prescher, as dI- I I\prll ns Ir l niled Stales, requessIll per-
ea r ls a ier. M. .' Nilha oil lit halfof site t.iorssa- tsn hsingdss niis, t aiilts' lina tt renit r Itits m; and Oth Te sday nmot, e 5o h inldA t ,
;rl er, obeue Im1e .ll.I .l.Ha l-I : nb uhe tou Jlr. o ulwit Ah cI h or ichel, u mk a n o r e tl e nid AS t 10 'e11l1e A. AlX
S llastt ln i In t isrtil c ntsts ll a" orsis anwa il t alnsni Arlltrd l'. -e11 Al e r s ir elJce oI Jslpk Thompson, Esquire,
W ill bFede uptss osnts an mid owalb M. ni: I n, lClrss, -,ariii ]f at tit ull we ol (. Cd. buyd, i":ga. Isr Will bs bold,,
* l k llll\ tlo iiue i apl ins t ll s lliu ni (l au lnl, o n e ol
Lus aI siLTirulnlrToisl that w;. River Ipu, in tism liistlrys rcovel ly. F. TIHNEII. All ii Hllouoshold Furnitnre, Cosiinig of
d mm, isupon ite aiorai of a ('i hrisl.n nation. .1 ar il i ls 1 pair iandulae C'oncie.,
irWltanlt., may I nout ,ss, mstu I nlol msa, can I an- Jar -do.. I se Mahnnv Chairn, to ratch,
'w&iriy.fl.Lfre raloJ, ia I a, it not in consnexia" .t OTICE. i oi.n Table, Tea Table., Ca di0 ,
ilaechia polrt ionof S'riplur, ais tis I ihols hl si..,l P' BLIC SCI(OOt), .NAS.\ A', N. P. I Breakfat silo, on set DinMg lldio
a, ri.tio.,, nnion. t ris. in iiiion h.ei sst IlK above estblilisment s ill be alie ndrM ton umla, i Sihl board fuany ruh botsoad Chairm,
i; I hil th1I tisi rhII.Irth in i.atin siild l.t ,.ust L untii Iurser noltic. l'ernns of Iplaring Win.dsot Chirs, Setters, Burman, Bodadeads,
*i4, it; 1I Ih1a lo hl le ilnho lis in lhi, cl..isit, ii i.., |hei.r Chilids inll sti u.ltblhnetnt. eiil b p.ras'd to Wash-hand Suand., Dresing GlCae,
h 'at in, lla IlIus of siE,..,. ,uhll to iri he gfor i Ca ly u tto, W. T. PItE rTON. An N"ort\men of (ilassware, dAc, .
iAlsh lir- -to bring illo publier n tiKllter I ah Itl ith o 111 the L i.e trch AI. O- -
ai'e-iIe puutint g inso li.noural' sliginiy ol sii l. inn-- A lhndAome upilhl Colusae Gsand Pim Forte,
i, iSall I .v 1-c ildiren thll arei the suil of forni- 1 X IA SAi\', lur sle at 15 cents pr bushel' A highi toned sTare ditlo, by ltoddrlt,
M-Ilta are t le fIlit of tni~,,llime U in thie Ianll.' o TOMA THOMPo ON. lo
SI\At Etuman That ell known horts Mtarpit
LEeolo CFehrtary 4th. Together with a maul Loselca asTda Gig, maRh
aaC'AaP~yt a 8+^03 i F__a_ __ T^iU h. 1 a G harness,
IP Ercy rein akal to lIar, there ,I /lol aftr I NOTICE An excellenl eight day Clock, with a variety
rrcrcy erifo ese .o lnarf ,t la., af rlr T I SUBSCHCRIU ER ofer fur f le, by private bar- other anirles.
r,di/rd trwi f/or the felyr, ofr,,,RTV rsnv .uiI gajn. 7.rsu---oe mM', CredF, m giSi xserioty r
alr srityr atte Ar .crtarly' obfr, or put lp hisMmi, 6 Ildl'. chlpice b FaslEria Wine, a ired.
44t) dozen sa. do. do. Ma rh .
Ol'refsfrrirrj.e>rinas prTri.nesto kiineprtiu-Irof- (b ) dozen do. Tenrrife d ,, M.ych 31s.
AbrtiK, at any tiu dring FronrT-rv E uAr, a T1icket I runk (;GenllnIen's Shles, FOR SALE.
s ataind. 2 blue Dinner Seuw.
ImF .$ oWPta dM ERErON .IIENI Y GREENSLADE & ('0. The House a.d Prem s at preast acupim
t M FJs T OT PERTI IS Pcemher24th. by Mrs. Pokier. The Homes is roosy a
9 ersaner Anutr r r etis FORnI1 ..T. co-.nvenwent, wih uleargeKitch andwashb
A,' i'l,,s FORk PHIILADELPHIA cd, chair I and sltag for t
i Feir.yary Allxanil.r o alar i r The fdst sailing ichooer POMONA, Mil- horn, ientive yard and nm ph." Th'n ildiL a
IUsh iiy IItr.d lwi I ler, nmaser. For pesssge ooly, (having ood have ben lidly thproshly repa id, ad h, pa pt
,4th Alter Tcerlm Vi ,acuntoa nidatonss) aIsply to tise (Cp ain. or sO of tm fences have bern newly put Sp.
., th I ullita iW. II BENJ C. C. CLAXTON. AI.SO
5Ih *. W. I. Aleianler M,,rA tract of Land situated at the Village, reornl*hug
le Mrrh trainer Mee LET, tht plny itted c re. It is divi-dd by the villanromd into tw Lo, dh
Ikh CeRls Er. o an Prem ET, iah. pdleo n thy i td e lot being intersected by t ew, rr o lhaing fro.
di.JsslhTtho.mpson possesion. A pp slyo posed of in oneor throe Iota. Apply to
t'I Fo.e i a. a-tll,.a S.pembeir 17t li
leth J r M.l,,sston January 2iMis.







. omm m

WgIe ulwaa ftrMs.

Tthmw l-tnhMItwdo "Joar. Tha GeemJ
Frblwi, ComeL d QiT tof do Amo Wer.
bad praiwv4 dinmthr m CIAid Ast iern Is which

Shfar meM d PestMl ad s b Bologns,
w ich w bded y a cbr .onda rable of paitru.
rattl tpnutC hdnnlnmn*J-p-B.(I .
It bil U" alia eut fl naelr J de tiAewrd
bM uddremJ d Finch OCwaramet a diplouirc
n-,h wddb dbt m St Ah r waa, b ranr ah he
i.,rd ibL, d b l td -- as aIctatd by a
sobh of amqmats -*ik by a eomm'waive "oag,
ad lt ehis de P dmd br Msolu marwm d time
with n i" se aai-e. -
The fLbling lM mn ues W atm Id k papm. re-
amid taeda. Ih be men t hi IMJimr of Fo-
rei Am be md toe w Some Gan O~n a repo of
d* porom -e pa pr lpS lt im of dl-bmarhing qg-e
the unl pM h d S m oL Ceafremas ud ith
ing s ult Tir iply orf tL DBtch Phlipaeon-
tiri, which m we e enabled eachivelwy to plblish last
week. frimend,a mirh haim be expected, an important
rnt of ahe Minaatl r a coUmmalauion tie Csanmeros.
SMass to have earned for its ausdls a high degree of
epplamuse (ro r ta whIose inlterelts re so deeply involved
in the neptniliomi. Time rapid manner in which ime wub-
scription to she Dutch Loum ar imp~erwnn, cnmiul fail ito
excitett sllenti.m ma preis the mnthiaicL exertion of tihe
notHiL to tim caua for dile support of whicl it is dLemedl
necenary :

.I. mme u r of 0 S i-eiats..s cou.aid dIe psre-
se, rtoant. it b* l ,e dgti the -in Shis P DLtaia,-,m Pd maw Pam a, ha aln anlie PMgina ty
iu. ---ach =- ame a thler Courta hid nt M J fai-
alded hue ae'le astil o f te i lr Woter fI Zme
them Ikh C tondaemea bad dseid t the Pm the
ee*ubise of Msieatl1u ad continue open for t Courtl.
SThis mmm im enaig eea mate ing. i

hahaailmmheostk macsod dac la r k
The aimttiaa e tumami witb ties haa at e ntics-
lioe dad the amty l ignad a ei a th November.
team,. blsmr ihk aiprteaisarie of FrYanc. kthe Plo -
Iunliaiy g Um Bita, the elleBlgi Plonipotetiar, re-
spectively.ia e IT HAZY.
cLaunr AsPrrEXD TO rlor coL no. 55.
The Belgian Phkearismo having been hiaomed by
the Pheapoenatirie ofa Ameria, Flume, Grei Brieai. Prus-
e*., and Rusia, th, ia owesequac of some of them as
thing a. yet received Ishe ae of ratileemioe which thej ex-
pected, or order elto e rtem, Ihe Couore eof Io n-
don had decided th the Protocol of the eslhange of mile
rariialionm should repai open for the said Count, he (tie
Relgian Pirnipotentiay) declared that this measure, which
lihl been adopted by their Excelencins, the Plenilptenlia-
ries of Austriu, Pruuia. uad Russia, affording himl (the un-
dmrigined)--es it ousl no doubt. afford his Government--
the reasonable hope of the immediate vacation by the three
_.i i a.

Tom HlYwa, Feb. 2. ne eaemre pvs .iiu. I m. a -,
Tr a mis. Oe therefore grye hiw Adeses, on t music ti e
SKing of the HBeg i t tthe moMure is question.
Th'r Royal Highanem th Prince of Orangei and (SIed) BILVAIN VANEK VEYER.
Priine Fradlmi lasve is HlaguIe tI -maow, for Rmlter- London. Jan. 81, mIf.
dam, whenfc they will g liy dte sieatu uatl lite head- [Ilere follow the olcial rificatiomn of the Conveoalin or
qunrtern at Buob e Dec. Trermy ul Nov. Ins IUI, by France. Engluad and lelgium.]
His Elxellncy the Minister for Foreign Affair, yes- The Polish General Roinarino has been received awitl
terldy, miJe tl promise d couitusunIhationu to the twi great lnours by the French atl Strasburgh. The horse
Chambers oa the Stes nemral. Tih second Clamber were taken from his carriage and five hundred of the Na-
was a*urid. that, on this occasion, tme C(halmbers were lional Guards drew it to his hotel amid loud cheers, the
armnle ilelainted with the answer of the London Confer- music striking up tie national airs of Poland and France.
i.nce 1. dliie iihrvati r l made by the Pk-niplmlntiariea ul Eve y house also was illuminated, from the gates of the
th. Ni'lhrlnida at Loedo ona lilu wenty-lourth article; city to the hotwL
andl also the reply to am (Gourvriamet ito lie answer ol
,lhe ,i,& rientr. It is il, the its lisa reply tie utbjec- bIREL ND.
imois p'evi,usly wldie to htie stipula.lio respecting thie us- Du"bli, Feb. 4.-The Poliairal Union again met on
virlion ini dte water. of HUollUanId a pin r' ild in and Thursday, bu it was only to exhibit the justice with which
tlmt a modiication uf the Articlesu tlat sulaect is p.)- it is now regarded u ane object of ridicule tlls
lively demandrd. The meaner in Which this reply i city. With the exception of a half a do en, time auditory
drawn up, ishighsl commended, nd il is firmed, that, like wm of tde lowest description. The absurdity of the pro-
all tim preedig diplomatic documales, it is usually dis- cading was iacrsed by the presence of a Polish gen-
tiiiriisad hby d aeodimis of d e amureUts, aud lite Leta1 o at onand h an Imearune, who coocnlued
*mieryi of the style a ttenmpterd peech i half Lnglilh and half French by
Iara Torlnamt who was a the head of the le a inag the assembly tha t"h Poles were ready to meet
movenmnl in Lulembnurg. was anerst. ltre, also Count their deatsu for Ireland."
dr Larorlhjacquelin. brother to the Countns of the tauni The disturbance in ie county of Donoegl have coasdl.
name, who was lately involved in tihe troubles in dew weit rom ime commencement they were not attended with any
of France, ad iobliiedto leave rhe country. comoequence more serious than he alarm excited by
We are assured that tihe ubariptionsu l tohe new loan the apirarance of insubordination among ltie peasanri.
imeiullt to boutl77 iiUliune imt including time siount uide l One plern, name Doherty, (the brother of a Calltulic
arrilml at ueeral places which i not yet known. Some riesl' w*ho has lee' for sonle tue Ip st prevented fruni
partiulars, however, re known, for inmance, tha ll a u"icialing a sIuch) has been arrested as tli ringleader, and
sulnrription at Drdrlecl i a niillio and a hall, beaidit conmaittd to prison. In die present condition of Ire-
whaI is subsri.d for the inhabitras of that place at Am- lad, it i not wonderfu that this ilcumstance doul.l Ie
lemdani : at NiSLuguen a million end lhalf, Ar. demtoed stuficienl to visit the (Culliasic clergy with impu-
Arowding to accounts from the army, all furioolis actions for which tIere is not the slighteit Ioundation.
arm to ceae on te let of March, by which day all them Th"rr i in another instance, however, smnletli more
nw ahareton furloughs ame have returned lu deir corl. cioM in the shape of a cimrge against Rev. MI. Ma-
Ameredm Fr'b. &-Actarl Debt, Two and a half genis, a Francirsan friar, who ma been arrested and com-
per Crat. 89 40; Asnt Synd. Four anl a half per mitted to he gaol of Kilkenny, as having been concerned
('.en. 661 &t; Do. do, Three aid a half p Cent. in the murder of tpolicemin at Knocktrlir.
1) 54; Voluutry Lan, Sin per (nct.L I stated i nmy lan communication, that lthe rports of
4; Volntry L Si Pr e 9 tie murder of'the Rev. Mr. Falkmnr were unfuundei.
H1OtLLAND AND BIAIMll'M. Subsequent information has proved ithat I wrs correct; sind
I'reieldffly-far *f A/ Cmlowre Ad d atr 'e oewig.n O l vet I dare say that sme of 'our English Journals have
am aols laof h /a f Iae. ;mr lad annoTnced it as a altuntic.
of s t heu alOp the ConaerU ce, the i nruporl diaries n m 'i.-re have been for somne days past ronmin of the
an yet rsbied dea farm sin resictive Courn relahve n. in te nded dePrrre of Lord Angkle y. I believe tieo( n to
tim ewh nsge rli fician u(f the treaty iginld n Ihe Iijh he talhty destituteof follnhdtion.
of Novemrw; bu, as they were in the eIpeclalloan o r--
crman m these orie tiy riueued lhat the Protocil nllght CHOLERA MORItI M..
ruama oes n mi thmr haind in rea other Comr should forth-
with prmeed a Mthe torietia of te Ireatis. In ae- C en l ord of Iluald,
JM to r e1 e,. the lr e ap r teemaraneM l l Frao rand Council Ofice, Whitchail Feb. 4.
(;eat RHta dilarid that. niwuhiandulag the ima ,nance .s'uil and, Feb. 2.-Remaining as ait tepon, I ; new
which their fluovernenul atiilaheil in Ihe inmultaineoui e-I. calI', 0; dliod, 0; recovered, (I; remnaiiniln, 1.
change ot the relltciaion. they fell it their duly to pIeerel Nwcastle, Feb. 2.-Rremainine at list report, 26
without further deley, having sson to fear what, if there l- new cam, I ; died, 0; recovered, 10 ; remacninin, 17
odse alh par immnt to laeM pace. dowaba mniht be (Galrehead, Feb. t.-Remaining at last report, 9; ew
emertaiae oft their itentions, aind hey fnahl ne the reffct ciws, I ; died, I ; recovered, I; reminainil, n
.a erme by the e Ieasi pert Ia linrie, th thee d i North Shields and Tvnmoeulth, Feb. 2.--Rmainin
t ie o k tI in of the French (uovermt n and thut of his aI ast report, 75; new cases, 7 ; died, 3; recovered, 13 ;
hkimmrl Nxojel. suld in ma wxy mels their ronmnl remaininmn, 74.
wnshea a connilene to pne hrve ta ume unanimity of Walker, Feh. 2.-Renmining at lat repon, 6; new
snentiwnts and proneiiplest-4he saie umoa with those Couts, case, I ; died, ; recovered, t ; remalioing, 4.
which have ibw paevnted by utistance. aIdl thl explanatus nelKillingswonh, Feb. 2.--entining at lat report, 0;
which have oeulted fam the treaty of the I 5h of November, new casm, 3; died, 0i reertred, 0; renmininut, 0.
from trnns asting ln hm Plenipemetlares the acts of rifi- Heen, &c. Feh. 2--Heaining at last report, 8
ci a.7 lmL ea a ihe 1Plr to sa ehrnge them. new ca s,,5 ; died 0; re rr5; rmainiop, 2.
Thin L y wd i amne ,wos jost apociBnted by tM Fo e Iladdington and virinity (North Britain), Feb. 1.-
who fad thrim a gamns for the peace of Eu me Remanining at ht reprt, 13; new cass, I ; died, reco-
h nply a rhiba deebhiasma the flenipredetis ofa Ae rita, vo s d remininiA, 13.
p ~ s and U es a s md the Ionm srafietn e which Trameet, ke. (North Britain,) Feb. 1.-Rerminiag at
m met a tis i am "p m -g du hatI report 39; w cases, ; diei, 0; recoered, 0; re-
mem. W p daeion w or ik by Ui s- ia mit, 42.
un' m Th ra iptre ntel Aanri, Prmsui- al Ru- Pretum Pan (Neah Bitain,) Feb. I.-Remaining a
igd h p r emlin. d that ay wedn ha. Mnsd m Lr rt, o ; flw cu--, 5; died, 2; .erered, 0; re-
iwh the eie Paadlf awdle ollw tha t of mome th* I
masth daoef to m hit~s t eilt S the L Ofr i bk (Nrt' Britain.) Jan. 81.-RoLaining
mdssmY fata Of which held beaae 5 tib ilaSKI& thee Bua (N r
wee d. nwy thiag hI their poer m prerve d a ht mret.O; 1 m om.
at the adliy of Iml pew @ l ri ei u j Mie *rMil (Noh Brain,) Feb. l-Ramiaag at
t *ne mnie t ld A e c*omantly darbed to this attain-. I" m 66; .case, t; died, 5; recovered, 5; -
m staining 81.

I -

Toubtalhsem whm se ti dmems '
i- eM ad,- otm which s re-
twas Ihve bea his daJ racei.-
ed i

Grand total
N. B.-No nrep nreaied frnM
(Signed) WM. MAC

By Iis Excellteny Ste JA c
CU*M L-rSATT, B eA I ,If
of Iis. Majesty'i Freea, 0~.
(L,. ,P.) Comaweader-in-Cif, is ai
mid Isudands adef ted
or thaetay ber nkth .;
Vic Admiral ad Oe
IIEREAS the General AsMeillly lof tsk
lands stanl l prorotued untoi tile rt-rLi9
of Marclh iinutant ; AND W\tnilCKA it i erpdil
tie said general Assembly should be dieshri I
threlore issue this my proclamation, dioislvitg i
generall Assembly; And the salue is hereby
'iv.n under my hand and the Seat of lte said
at N'asse, .VYew Providence, this tvenry4iW
of Marrc in the year of our Lord 1832, atii
second year of li Jallajesty's Reigs.
J. CAaMiCAIL-cgrlmi
lIy lii Eicell Uy's Command.
(;0 VRN.IENTM NOTi-c---

P ROPRIETORS of Slasvu and Agents a ha
tfr abse t owners, who may Ie detsorn of
Sto Slaves front one Island to another, ill trDiliu t
object they have in view nd save themselves ndthe Phk
authuo ilier a great deal of trouble, if they will amn Fp
iely attend tluo ILe ;plltioUs, .il Iford, at oe, *
their ipeitions, trie inlfornlaion without which iha Gen
nilr cannot give tim imerlnissin nrcluirvd ; ud wki w-
Ibrniitiion is very flreq.tfitly at present not to hIaaili.
until onl or two lullers have lbe, written from t Pdk
Secretary's olirrce union tlie silirrlt. l'he Gouvem i
mit, in future, allow any niotire to It taken of siasppl
lion for the renmovilof a Slave, i ll lich it i at ~si
and uneliiivoriilly staed.
Ist. That tle owner of tile Slave is the Iprosr
an latet, or hats a sare in the Salt pond uo thei S*
which it is proposed to remove tile Slive; and *li
for the purpose of cultivating tie isid estate, l fknu
Salt in the pi belungiig tolhii master, dtI permis
the removal is rreilimo'sd.
2.1. A certificate signed y Ide owner (orin tebm
of the owner by his Alloroney r Agernt) is reqirdlete
steached to each petition tfiwr t rem ulof a Shlae. ,sta
tht tle removal will nit c ne any separatiiao( Fnmilm
that is, between llsbiAlnil W'ife ; bLtwee Paiim
children under 14 years of are.
Sd. An extract from theI Slat Register, migadl ib
Slave Registrar, must accompany el peitio *, i do"
the Slave or Slaves; aid in the event of n7 r hknil
been any transfer since the 1st Janiury, lKll,(bs de
of tIle lat regitration) petitioners inm.t, in ailditt-
certificate of Registry, accompany ti-ir apllicratio
a bill if Sale; so as to shew that Iime Slive or Shiras
pnied to be removed, do Ratieslly and mInea ide Il'"
tie person who isthe Pruprietor of tim Estate s al 6
is intlrenld to employ them.
All Mrinorils or Petitions for the renoval of Sbis.
be Iset to mise Phblic Secretery's offre ; anl froem aOte
none that are not strictly in accordance with tim l
rules, will be forwarded to tlie (;iovrnor.
By His Excellency's Crimlnmsnd.
GOVi'RiNMrET Hotair.,
15th March, IKdI.
SOST, between de Pos and (;,nri, Sves, a& r
Sof Gold Spectrcles. The fAnder WiM br
eOnely rwarded, oa delivery of them at the ol ic
March Pgtlh.
The choice of Luts of Lamd, "*id
bUilnt agd improvements there mdl
i Prinrce's. et, generally known by 1d s
SLightfoot, r Cipia's Row.
For Terms and other paniculas, apply d -
March 3d.


Edinburgh, F'eb. I.-SimGi .
fone. 0; dd, 0; re i, O; r.a.s'il
OYTAL fOM COIoMaaca., e'

Suaderld a
(J a sta ,,
North Mhic e.
HaEmbme. .
lladdiatoa, Noeret ritall, Joe
Truant, North Biuain. '

North blkk f


rJ-rC--~ *C ~ --- -L- -- ---

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