Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: March 10, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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gIR61UE BIGGS, Editor. SATURDAY, MARCI 10, 1830. VO@. 1--No. LXVTI.
THlE BAHAMA ARGUS. It would appear, tdirefore, that not de slightest hope poe or preventing the possibility of commotioe, by co-n
-can be entertained of an change of ratiications even on renting to the just demands of the country, which tbe
pUsLtilltnD iBMt-WllEKLY IN NiAMAU, M. P. he dial inst., and hant it the treaty is to be adopted at all, King would hesitate to adopt.
is will be after having undergone very material luodilica- It is certinly probable that the moderate Reformers
a ht dpella per unum-E advans. ion s. of the Horn of Lods will concur in the propriety of
n-o We stated yesterday that the Pruisea Court liad an- discussing the measure fairly and teeperately, willth
nouDced its intuntion of ratifying, bat iuA a cmditius. view to reasonable modifications, without refreace to
That condition, as stated in the information now before us, what may have beI thle decision of the other lHuse, but
is, that tth raillication should be exchanged togetluer wilh on tIle other hand, there mare nny of the Aeti-Reforn
tllh. of oil the other Powers, buot not horIise ; conse- Peers thlenselves, who are willing to shate much of their
quently it isas a dead letter, suplosing that either of tie tone, for the purpose of enabling Ministers t carry a
other Power refuses to ratify. holesonIe and efficient Bill, illhoul the necumiy of cheap-
n publishing these facts as they have reached us, we Dning, as they rall it, die Aristocracy, by creaing a large
POETR .I merely Illhl what we conceive to bu our duty to our read- nundbr of tiew Peers. If any attempt should be male
S---- ers. We may, at tlle samle time, he allowed to express a to def'rnt the great plinciples of the Bill, Minister will
ROMAIC 1.OVE SONG. hope that these new difficulties may be overcome." not only be firm and unaninous in recommending to ihe
ar va1s. The Fren.h Ministry have been defeated on the que- ing tie exercise of his Royal prerogative; but Iis Ma-
I enter thy garile of rI tion of the Civil List, and Louis hilippe n ust be con- jesty will instanly convince lte country that he s a
l-kpi meua fair lindee. ion of te Civil Li, nd L i Ph e mt be a- stauncd and uncomipronliing friend to the just rights of
Fah nmrning where Flora reposes. tant to mteet the various objects it onmbraces Witll an allow-
F'r itirhly I see her ill thee, dance of 12,000),00 friatcs, (AL0U,O.) Sino his acc- the p ple, and a faithful guardian of the true interest of
*h t1rely! tas low I implore thee, sion, he has Ibeeo.ermitltueddraw, provisionally,,IK t(he tate."
Reaoin thtefund truth from my tongue, )er montlli, so that lie will now have to set an example of
Whi th ters its sg to adIre thee, economy to Iis slubjects, by noaking a revenue of one-tlird From the Newr York Casrir amd Ennreri, of Feb. 20.
t -vhebles for what it has in 1 u; lews support tlie dignity ol tlhroe thr with bhconting sprlc- lenice, Dec. ?t.-" letterss front \lihandlria confirm
A. the bInch at the building "Nature, dour. of lmtwer,, sIte l
\hsls fnrarance and fruit to ilie n ee, dour. te accounts of the comtlelte ruptnre rtlween IMthe PI'r
TI'ir,.h her eyes. through her every feature, Ladon, TTresday FrrEing, January 17. of Eyptl and the Porte. Befiuu tli t Viceroy plasUd the
Snlule the soul of tile young Ilalced. It appears by td Paris iPapirs rof list, tlat tie fiontlier. of Siyria he asenlrled a nuniIrous divan, mild nr-
ptll the loveliest garden grow hslefnl, debateuntieCivilList, which waserroneouslystatedtolavo r iesenisnito tlin in a lone sieech Ihat tle OoUIIa e-nl-
lWhen Love has abanlon'd tlle loweren closed on the precedi Thil'lurslay, terminated only on pire s ail the religion of lMhomet wore hastening to ruinl
Brinl me heinluok--.incr mine is ungrateful, Saturday afternoon, when tim project de loi, as anendod, under the present Sultan, whoi, in the spare of ton )ears,
That herb is more fragrant then lowers, was carried by a large nujority. The amount of the by his faults, had hst Wallachia, Moldavia, Oreece, and
Th 'liseon when pourel from the chalice, Civil List is 1,(O),(1f) of francs, or about -4I0,It0 ) ma ny odthr line provinces in Asia and .Alrica, and who
Will deeply sambiner the howl sterling, which is little more than a third of the mnt had ordered Ibrahim, tie son of the Pachl, to quit the
Bu when o,ruk to escape froml thy malice, received by the last Sovereign, but enough for th lead of Morea, conquered biy him. le tllence concluded dat
t ie .Ir ughlt. I imll h re iwee to ay osul. a ele to whom tme luxurious habits of a Court are no the Suitan was incapable of governing, and declarual him-
v hart fin ten horors It sae: longer a recoinietlndation. In reducing the hitherto es- self ready to march at their head for the &dfenre of re-
Will' nughit tolny bosomln reslre thee travagant amount of the Civil List, tim French (Chamber lig.ion and the empire. The members of the Divan were
Tnii IItII. r lite gatenli t!e grave. of I) ultiesianvediminished little frmn the porrtion required touched to tears, and the Viceroy was obliged to let the
for tlie noaintenance of thl prlopir dignity 1of theu iuve- Minister finish Iis so'eclh. 'I' assemlildy acceded with
A I i i llef whno tn conlh;il adraire., rei ll; thelly have merely reduclre tie auniur ofl supmrting enuillllsiasm to all the proulnals nlalte by tio Viceroy, and
T 'l I l cl sr tim r .v alces. l irasitical courliers ani dlisl)ionl t dlrliendentis ; anl strui l dilclaired itself llcltart'd for any sacrilies. It was in-
]l. I, rI.,. l r Ilrough my hearl I t ,c'-re. 1il1 sumtS which tereu tppuirpir teitd in tlier-King It oIn iliit Ilrred frnon thii that liM Viet roy ainied it tihe dethroning
All I il i'. I 'iL l! tl'inist I IelI-I, li'irin to itle Iit pridtglegps of a and thie tlltt- i tell S iitain, liuit this is not probablle. Tio icerov
l |>. ; l:li.h t ti o1 l w tu l dit l? result of tlie Nuli.m. n y1111V le.llr- Iimself' ite prroterltor af re'li.h oni to % ril
V., Id ii, lIi1,i, hrlih .lo .e lad st me cheislt. Coinsideralil illlerilt seems It he felt for M. Kesner, o1 tile anadamnla wlich thla ultan la.,y lun(ri forth
I lr iIrtuai repair nise too well I '.4I4owernmmneil ..r-..- Tie lerainc capitalism have against Iim. Prucluationst liave already Iewn cirrula-
Now ,li.i It Ihe garden tif roes. subscribed larirly towaild a flndl for replacing the amount tad in Syria in that lsirit. lie a wll not refuse peace if Iis
IliI, I ibutl .nl.e Iliidaed r f lthe dt l lr.irion, land the I(;unirnlmn are actit, lenient- iidepondlerce be rer ogunisil. At .\itlasilria tlio arma-
TIr, Ii. 1.'.I irll wltere wc rpo iles ly towaards M1. Kene.Tr. This unafrtunate man in a trik- ments continue, atil thle exportaliuo of corn is still pro-
A,,l m.ouirisu'. or hly ,'l,,,.,rce atitl ,e. in ofi the hIlly of Stock Erxhancespecllatinis,. Iibited."
Nut Iont agUo lie was .,i1iiposed by persons .ell ncr(lnait I 'ru Statletard Gazette contains the following innllh-
Fror the Greer nok Adrlertirr, Janary 20. withl hun t to be worth ir elul i lillilns of Irans, ie' e fm A ourr rom
Parlinint re-iseiibled oIl Tilsal flor tie disti ~ MII0 trancs which i ie recriived an et a nrrig' tor li tre from I, i ttnna, da esd )ce. 26 :--" A courier from
OPtnt.ttitt ru.-, ,nKesn le o ,is s oi nlotrrur lie illci .i tire le Imlrtal Cabinet was duearlclhl to-tdny to HRnume..
--ti. II -- l l ll Mal, ni sn,.r. 11e I. no no. 1;urlh n Iranc n ,o
dof birsi No little, %we I fir, is ti I! loIst utlll teit I- I et with positive assalr;ances tIlt our tronpops tationed on thl
fbu Bill, as in L.ord Al .urp's Circul ar, en joiniii;g e l own evn i l to t g oeroslty frontlirs of tlu Le gation would, il case of nd, mrak
D i llt ir Iof drd lll lorL a tiur rlwould, iecs of g make
nad.nro, of Meellrs, it was intimtalel that tite Bill of e wi knesw ltin it i i rnin .i l, deonstratiuons to ustain ile forces of hia lolinosn is
*aId br il115ed ilnto C'uoiiittee tis es etintig. m' an ri.'. secttv'd dil mir'nin stt tht iitr eorts to re-abaltli obediMence in the provides. At-
the PIacha ol IEgjt's army had en repulsed wilt gretl tfairs eitrf to retve tuln a tah n e ingular, t n tprovhe Asu
Ministers itave kept tlhcir .erret well regarding tlhe new I io in an attempt to storm St. Jea d'Acre; but the ac- fa, f, ve taken a turn sin r t the uth
P ir. Tle crnr,.ectirs of ui' iaily Iress are so a', cunt was hardly believed. rity of ti t Pop is a t totally dsrogarded. The ex-
it is cle'r tie jrrls ktiow vtry lttle aout Ire President of die PIrovienl iGovenament, Viciai, who
ir.t is slnow siill Ila the. nui oii r relulired will be Fro excluded iromte Gritk Ad r m lass openly retaned to
iri.iho, hecr.uli Lord II,J.rarn ay nl 2fii,n r. Bulgn; the taxes are oo loaver paid; ad the isbi-
s dytlllinis hn Ilisc o Lord s llan iU iclared filtLn The Landeon 'Corier of Saturdy alludes, in the ful- tants of the L tio Leg actions ri preirly as if they formed ii
tIdr aln lar. Ite Ilusu.litirrid ith ew trre lions, tihe l.owig terns, to various rumours shich were current in independent stat. It is said th Cabinet of the Taillers-
wlm. a %it tlt rief necesity, anid ,gre ito the Bill. of the molrupolis ol tIhe previous day. We leave the enlier Ilas given its lormanl assm to tho entrance of the Aurian
6 o sint' l. Ist'itops, it is lstat, I iat fire will now to draw Ils own conclusions from IeC tollo in which ihe troops into die Papal doainions, and ls offially docmr-
,"_il Hlr it, and t t ti.e.l ilr l her, with i Courier replies to Ithee teports:- ed that it wodul elpeilncs mlisactinn at s ig si I Ji-
.i f.ur, will .sta nway, and l u Bill lo Le dealt Reports were very currentyesrday at te west end nes r.eptlad ia full pom ion of all d. rights of hi
be lirur, will stay away, and I.,tvu IIr. Ius o11 hto be ll d I i f 5 -.- --
S tr their spee or tir vots I of tie town, and great pains were sad to propagate ithe li vereignsy."
1111, Iiroi 1roll by tlheir an tris lr all dis is; perhuas tno beles h that which y persons in high rank, of a etes rination on ti e part Tof e aine paper also contains tIi following, dated
bes be t fal ; t otr e King not to create ally Now el folr tlle purpose of lilMi
h a ollen Ih.n la fnult alri. ly ; andi tlilrln .it f y wi added hui.. Berliu, Dec. 3l :-" The intercourse willh Poland hu glis
nrI. tIlliul iltulinately certain, may nut be so easily **I)l t e "" voted for ihe n I in he last sd in. to revive.-We fr-quently rereiv letter fror l Waraw
ned ds thin ilormation would ifer. 1ePressed uk i intent or os i in t i at and other towns of Poulnd.lbu theit contents are Sill of
Si n 'xpreissed I intention of opousisug it, Wltli a great. The Pole vo no obin
Ilni.sad Ihalt Prusia hI even a qualified mlis~eaion suany other Reforn Peers, if such step were to be re- whatthv lm d, but have lomuch of what obta led
d h llhliau T is,, i will Ie leid bilin orted to, for forcing tli meuam ina ts present form glainl--prosperity, a laourhllinr commerce, and internal
She.r, it all tlie uodrr PuIo' s concur in the nm.sure. throughll the Iouse or Lords. a .rilbnsof r olish insurgents liare not
legariing. this %e.xtirous busine l, the fulloaing are It was also said that aschisuithe Cabinet lullaris tranquillity. Seeri ansof Poli t insurgents hose not
lI,or rather the verse latest lasticulour. We luoute Iruom on this subject, ndl llat ihree of I mlmersn had resolv- e laid dwn their ciro but are lddrn in.- t wlhds
*air Cuwrier of Tuesday:- whence they ocneionelly attack die Jlmisas.-Thea
tL I.alu. Cou er u Tueay:- eoll to send in tdeir resignations, in event of Earl (;rey's hads most finally bocora bands ofloblrs, and as lg as
C rlr O.1e", Taro o'cak. persisting in recontnending to 11 Majesty to create a dina state of disorder exists, it is not to be epecald that
SSinre tIhe arrival of our regular i pply of Paris Pa- large nuulber of Peers merely fore above purpose. Russia will proceed rexpditiously with dine rorgaesiation
PmIhy Ela..ttte,, we have received, lby elmpre., an imr- Wo re happy in being enabll, from a soutre upon of Polsd. The Russian forces i' Poland are reinforced
pmrWMt co..nitunnicatlin from our Co',reqtmndent in that which en can rely, to contradict is report. No schism from al sides. A lart, park of artillry has lately law
"Y, llhicrh we, tlik it our duyv to publish in..ediatel, it s whatever Ihas taken place in the olnet; anti although it ratl ot toa Poland frotm lmoaow, where order, have boen
he not ,i l. sll little ils ubl of its corrrctnesi, frin his is quite rlle I th some hesitation s been evincedl as to g n to e. It i cosnl ia te Ili-
cability nld our knowledge of Ile nans whih l creating Peei to carry th Bill t alUl its clauses, and ly clnies hve unde ne cnierae e. Pt
per-s ,if olinning iutiientic and early information. so in fact, to pronounce, as i we, beforehand, llat no f Isr colottsla alve Iu de ron*crpoilabl cliage .Pan
It will be runemberAl that about three weeks ago discussion for any elleclive purpT, at least, should ibe of the colonists ate to h ia tel with e army.
tnietnwere dispatched from Parisand Londnotolhe Am- allowed, there Ias never been oda part of an Illustri- The Gazette do Laumnno of ihe 6th inst. ates, that
-alon of ld. respective Courts at St. Peterburrhl, nus Personage tie slihlitest waveag, in his determina- at the last sitting of the Fedoral Diet on Dec. 0S, me pro.
Vlaus, anld Berlin, requiring an ininrediate answer on the tion to use all conlslittiional mnI to carry lite great position of the (Conmiltte, that Artide 43 of the Coati-
flect of lit TIreaty of the (Confl.rence, the ratifications principles of that lhealinr nieasuro which all lionourable I luliln of Basle slmuld Ie repealed, was adopld ; thal the
d which were, hby arenment of tie Plenilolentiaries, to and uiodlerate nen look, as ule so means of establisting, remainder of tIe C(onstiution should be earanterd for
ishananecd before thie 131th instant. It would apliar public confidence, and maintaint tranquilty in the sisi years, after which term he question of a revision is
Ith ie slatement of our Corrmspondent, that positive in- empire. I to he submitted to tli secret ballot, in order that the ma-
fltion lias reached Parms on tile subject, although we We can state, without fear contradiction, that to 'jpityof the Burghers may decide upon it. As oom as
"aot aare that it ilas yet Irantpired is London. none of the repres nations whiciavc bimen made to li tIhihs proposition sllll le acceded to by ie niajority of iho
w A coturirr arrived il I 'ris on Suanay afernonon, Majesty lty die opponents of tIheill, or of reform, for C (antons, aIe lDiroctoly will comuninirate it to tie Grand
hg int ellIigence that the Calbinet of St. Petershurghl they nlean rthe samlo tione. rhs l Il dial in any wey which i Council of Basic, to be adopted or nrejectrd by the SIlth
alter several htlsiri cnrt I, minto a retermlination wo uld justify a Ibllicl that lie t as anxiois, as the Fehlroary. lu tie nmeantinrm, tie Canton of Baadl will
Slo raltifv tih Treatv sl olith (o'nfCineriece in its presenl t rna in rrllrmeir coulr wilh luni promolc file surccr.e continlle it, Ir occupied by tile lloopm This propilition
alti mid Ii thi tii .li\sin n ( ahinel liha crlruLe a a i- lf 11ho i great prnltntil lp l f Illt Ilf u1n wlliii ltile Iill of M1. Trharn'r, for mtillnlainir tin ('tonstilutinil Uof .I.I
decision wtlliouu rel1llirili all\ finlllir tile for is Iaw l, and i ti l r il. ll n rri t t re i i no rniilliU tii;t l ith ot any rtu.rvsailn, t llion.'l nitald'lllrl Ilv miaj.iril ,
t Ides rdllii c rnllr' lr. IShl eh r ll lcil i i l1 CU lll, 0o l niei nld fr th i pi- ill, nilllev I he l-, Iiii Onlullllllril iIC.1 lUo Itl (I tl l, lll .

tfo S.a4a rngvr6s,>


We be received sol a st filn of e Greenock
Advrnair" to thBetsl lanury, brought by the brig
HRlls, Wallace, mater, which left that place on the 27th,
lndl arrival lIre un thuS infant, in 40 days passage.
These paper conte Loas dames the 21st of Janu-
ary, being 10 Jdays lter than he ws given n our paper
of Wednesday hs, received by way of New York.
Is dth etrcuts we inve made on the fint page of dais
day's impression it will be seem that Parliaennt re-ssenm-
bled fur thedisptch of buine, on Tu sday, the 17th.
h appMne very probable, from ll that we have seen,
or can Imamry the subject, thi the House of Lords, na
now contributed, will ee the proprioly of meeting the
wishs of the King, by passing the Reform Bill in some
shape or other, aJd thereby upersede the necessity o
creating no estra number of Peers. If, however, they
ahoiuld perli in opposing clle Bill," In luto, there can
bis no doubt of His Maje'ly's intention of adding total a suflicient numwbr, to effect the object for which
they woald he created.
Thl Coutimetal ews, we think, forebodes a general
war in Europe, u it is stated (nd considered upon good
audthrity), that a Curier had arrivd at Pari on Sun-
day, he 15th of January, (rom St. Petereorgh, with in-
l: lll, *LA h L hUmbk- Patbi. L.J reusl ld rli, u

rest contented, ltat ithe plen of his master should be
rened uuo Its maol dl, himself, either in ever-
leadlygs, or whippigs," a his whim may serve.
I abould pronounce he author of F. F. to be, from
the circumstance of his sig those two words, the lite
lick-snivel Police Magistres, who is internally chuckling,
and hugging to thie hope, that he win be pared a little of
the hard work-lnd castisse, which he is now obliged to
submit to, and that Hli Excellency will indulge in a itle
sead ,muar, after so much aceas. Poor little creature !
will pity thee, when the Bashaw encounters thee for
the first tim, after he muints the defeat that he is sure
to mout will.
I am, Mr. Editor,
your obodiont sernnt,

FauAr, March 2d, 1832.
A notion was made, and the question proposed, tdia
the following clause be insertud ia tie General Revenue
and Aplpropriation bill:
To lice Rector, Church Wardens and Vestry of die
Parih of St. Tlhomas, to complete a Wall round the
parsonage Houe in the said Parish--J.
Ordered, to lie on the table.
Adjourned until Mooday next, at 12 o'clock.
Mouluy, March 5tb, 1832.
The House met, according to adjourinmnt ; and ad-
journed until to-iourrow morning, at ton o'clock.
TUnSDAn, fckh 6di, 18W.


gem ... ... as p icu.,SnM
ske reaty of the coaifaue between the Five P.e' Per an. (oVMna mNTr House, I
eaty of the o e b owers ; The house proceeded to take into consideration the (ti March, 183, J
and, asoi, dtl the Austris Cabinet had positively refli- motion of Friday eael, that a clause e inserted in the
Pd. T'ha Prussin Cabinet, it seew, will sign it, upon General Revenue and Appropriation bill, granting to the Mr. Saunders from he Committee appointed h
condition dhat the a bole of the others do s, but not Rector, Church Wardens and Vestry of tde Parish of in such parts of the General Revenue and Apia
otherwi. St. Thoms, thesum of ), to enable then to complete bill, as are in connexion witb tie firs and ssomi
a Wall round the paraonage Home, in the said Parih; tico"" of tile Colmitte, on tle estimat, pwb ins
We ar sorry to perceive by the latet accounts, that And the question being put, aont, reported a bill accordingly, abic was aii
Ihe Chole M orbs had found its way into various parts It was agreed unto by the House. and read a first nd second time.
of Scotand. with alarming virulence; maay people having The report of tie Committee of the whole House, on On nmotior, tim louse resolved itself into Cami
bes cut off by this dreadfal courage in diferlenl places. the estimate, petitions and accounts, read a fi st ail of .the whole House on the General RIevcnue and Ap
It had broke eat at Mmiwrlburgh within sic miles of second tine. On motion that the House do agree to iriUtion hill.
tine said report, an amendment was proposed, Mr. (C. huncome in the chair.
Edinburgh, hbu we hope the ualrmieting exertions of the That tie House do disagree no so much of the report Mr. Speaker having resunmd the chair,
Faculty to aa its esteuiv prgress may be attended of the Commlttee of thewhole House, to whom was re- lMr. Duncome reported progress, and nrquestd l
with success. ferred Hi Ecrollonyney Governor's Message of the o sit agrin.
27th ullimo, on the mabjeof a salary to the King's Coal- Resolved, that this House will to-nmorrow agdifs ee
Nasag, N. P. 8th March, 1883. ander, a recommended to t House, to mend a Meage itself into the said Committee, and that ther e a Sid
T~lrto tihe Governor,/ a rL Ark in r taoralt w re6le f l se-ply the House.
Teo. ditor of Ib her romms adm sd m inaued i His alclocy' Adjourned until to-morrow muning,al na 'ltk.
MNI. Er-ra,-To have write i Prai of my old ad Ma l;
frad Dr. McQuintlbss, has Sd, bas damed sui- And the quesion bea pt on the said smo admest, From fle Greasack Advtertie, meay20.
caet to add lee owith her mart of oall the corapon- The Houe divided: We are informed, from source tht has never vet
dence, and rlfet of other mater of local interet, that It paled is the negaltce ceived us, that there lea not ben the slgllnet n1.
you have 1 ofte eat forthb from your pre. ha ve cived er o en the lil a
you h been left o seat fori my ove, rt t dogmatic Te reportwaetheoagreedto, anda Coomitee appoint- standing between Lord LPalmnrson and Prince Tail.
aseoen left to smile in my nun, ve at theas doleducal dto brill inas bill i onformity with the first and second rand, either with relation to the destruction of he IigeKs
akow tor eosm qiidnunc, to saye has do aored, Icauae o the same; and a Message sat to his Ex- fortresses or any other subject. T'Ihe Minies d i
knoaswer y p yle-ir i n,"a a to .y a word shout o cellency the Govesnor, in conformity with the third Res- Five Powers appointed toeffrct an amicable arrou
I'm se ar ar nts it," fr. aft. wine fl offer to lution, sating in answer to His Excelleocy's Message of between Belgium and Holland, are in perfect sniy "
maw I -rfor s -- in my owo par"sa 1 am tine 2th ol imoe, h as t he salary of the Khig's Com- each other.-Morning C(ronwlr.
i --e r saLag As4" meadate, -S as it '% mender at Turks Islads had never, heretofore, been paid
Fuieks F ar.o will my Ah a b lsd v tt by the Coloay, the Hau did not deem it epedent in de Te' Duke f Wclington.-We are happy toa l.e i ar
Fi.brah Firien will my id" 6h, sed wow d present depreaud sdle of the fiances of the Coloy to power to announce that tle of' \%elliingao asate
he ba erd ant strse Sh ad he do aso, pprote any ams of moey, for e purple recovered from the effects of his indisposait, am i
e a m, that haa me a -bly mistaken. uggpestd in his Eedonney's oaid Maessa s. been able to take exercise for above an hoot n Tahy
I ma k leave to inform Fibr*ande, that I am not A Committee of fur Members appointed to carry the i the enclosure behind Apdey Ilose, whe er hi p
Ilrik Random, Ir is the sal RRderick a mem her of Moa to Hi Eicbarcy ; who being returned, report child at me oln irvatio. is Giace does aolM
p- though I respet him a much an thor h thehoe y t have o flesh during hi illness, which can N e ih
he ma aA of m wn ickis ; and am lso inclined A motion was mde and the question proposed, dt matter of surprise when one considers how little iblds
to rrea F ra if I old only believe him to be ,he .n Mark bll he now read a third ti lme. His features, however, have become m en

a e, peI r fel, has not a U mru.- Yeas-Mr. Woodltr. Monsell, tr. Weech, Mr. Ar- the hole of his promnde by Ah Earl of
I m, Mr. u tr, brister, Mr. Wildgo ,Mr. Miller, Mr. C. Dnconse, Mr. Earl Bathurst, and with whom be appeared to e
york's. ny mdy, Sawer, Mr. Graeede, Mr. Sauders, Mr. H. Adder- i earnest discussion. IIe wp the de rtn clask M
P.S. I mmed Firelade, w1. t y, Mr C. Adderleyl r. G. Addey and Mr. Taylor- familiar to al who were in te Peainsulr armIy, W
IPN I eyi..i. FAkydeb vh.e wen1 he attmpt 14. the soldiers used jocularly to uolwre .a nl ha i
lAmr hAml, o he provided wi a double-barreltid gun, Nap--MMr. Nalt Mr. Jaleolm and Mt. Tyon-. made when the General ws a little m as e mhd
and asr .er to she fect seve Rr ol sne --a par I p in the aL tive. outgrown it." He walked with the seme qeick tn s,
adlveam, he my get m ore ~ lasel do Them the quedUsim ipo, that the said bill be now and military ir, which have always distingishei d
read a third time, -M imig Ilermd.
NsasA, N. P. 8th March, 1832. The House divided A considble comtenatin han been exciled .e
Ta R. d er of the Bakl Ar It poemnd in dAe a ltivr. lion. by the refusalof her ajesty to receive the l of
AR,--The laoeic and lack-wit epistle o F. F. is the Read a third timeccdingly, and passed. etr Illustrious Conmor's brother. The -eesn ha me
Real anel of the 7de, casol hbot licit much peclse- A motion was mai and the question proposed, that ed righi to do a she plea on such a subjcr : hat ltrs
ie, ae to Le mental pprpretr of auch meg ideas, the engrumed bill to and the Ageary act, he urw read Dke on htheoher hand, stoutly nnminei tha if if Ra
he bes., in addition to her option of the Royal l.ife, a'
if rb r a eo a ide may be bestowed lpon any thing a third time. An eandment was proposed, that the ned at Coun t t he a l o mo thy Rosh l n rr i
so ~ay abrtive, huk in point and expliction. He aid bill be read a thi time, this day three months; lady. imnidrly cirmslnced. sho me hlt be receised w t
uens, the His Exeellecy has rather heavily loaded a And the question bg put on the said amendment, distincoa. We iase he settlemen of anCreetsn
w of young geadet es, quite disinterested ;" sad The Haose divided more learned in them thas ourselves.-Satirit.
foiher atles, that tub lesgte, has for its leader, a certain It passed in the native.
Bran, a pare ma." When uch term are used, and Then the orirnal otion being put, SPAIN.
msuch pwi admitted, nea ironically, the bai ofd he The Hoe divi led Ltters from Madrid, of the d instant, nste ik t
rl mm rigimlte 1m prior amartio of the r It passed in the alnative. British Amamador at that Court had received i*s"m
nm bkl, or eah it s arui from as inleuin m- Read a third time cordinly, and passed. tlons from his Government to lay a formal compi'r
vietlae o ds rItel of the maseri, koar, by the writer The engrosed Nilly Guard bill read a third time, or e Spanish Cour for the ejccilioii of ar. ing
r be fe-d ed d opine, and ronly ridicled he. and paaed. who was captured with Torrijos. %ilh.out his havingL P
to be f add *pendl n, and only ridiceleul Ie- ead passed. .through any process of trial, or being allowed to ,ilaks ca'
cause it ha a tenoAncy to vry maltrilly detract from A Committee of It Members waited on the Council, rdefc. Ma or- of enral Mioreno. Governo al d o n
his on merit, by means of that most dias of all pos- with tIe three bill., desire their concurrence thereto on whome jchie-veent of haineo capture and I
ibI things to dhe bld, cm srism. Bruin, han never and being return ported the delivery thereof tr. an I of ine capul a
amsledl lirly, s hs e s .; th application, lrefrum, Adjourned until morrow morning, at ten o'clock reat d by Frdiand his follower hld devolved, ha
will MEat with As Ir ical of F. F. and ordered that thdee a call of the House. rewarded by Ferdinand for ha gloriom service, by
Sany th I an ,promoted the rank of a Lientenan1-Gcnerl, and he,
rh Esolnc'y as" bass a" any one, that I can rtrDr. .v, March 7th, 18I. appointed Calatin-;General of (;renada. Tie (;ai'v
discover, hot if the brainless F. F. has allusion to the A Message from I Excellency the Governor by the of Madrid has pblil.hed a rescri p. by uwhich 1th Eelrl
string of E.-Offrio yet to be acted upon, I have only to DeIpuly Secretary the Colonv: e ilihe iu S blpai are lKrn rittd to rsve burying rroroa A
inform him, that it will be linea to speak of the whip- Mr. Sprak'r I .Ge.t!U re of the House f their aoln in [slat country, p.o I ,c a burye "or t
ping" give by his master, when cvrdits of guilty are Asmerbly. f i( a in an t .oen d Ih r or W "If
brought isa aL;insl ibe Iparties ; and lie iul, ad intrri, I recoMnnnd to y in the Ienslinl Rcseniic and A- ,Ied ,a ad that io 1urc : or cl. ,lh or an.


propriatio nact, to make provision -
dental espeI m of this government. "7
lst. For the hire of vemk and, ""
charges, in sending a Justice of the Pm i t
Babhma, to inveigate into he particdfi e
death of a female Slave, t. e ower of.
milted and adiclted for the murder of die bd:
2d. For the expenoc Incurred, in ,_ -
Constable and an ams-ant to St. ,Salw
certainSlaoveaccused of oeringoiolencelo. "
16 8s. le o n ..
N.B. In this cas, there was no ept .-.?
off voesil; the officer in command of miteh
jesry', Khoonen, hvin beeo good e ao ll- a 4Lh
constables to St. Salvador, nd to bri e
gather with the prisoners. t.
3d. For the expenses Incurred in sending a t.
and two Comtable to St. Salvador, to i%,rV
die particulars of the robbery and plunder alr
been committed on the cargo of an America--
on tlat Island; and to arrest and bting the te.I'
ed to Nassau, for trial--26 12s. 7d.
N.B. In this item, as in the preceding, on '.
jesty's schooners was applied for, and the espam
hired vessl was aved to the Colony. p
4111th. For a sum to remunerate William Die .
quire, for his trouble. Mr. Held w'ua. h
the Peace who was good enough to go at my
both to rand Bahama. and to SL Slirda I1-s
first occasion, he was absent fourteen dayIs, 1
second, thirteen days. Mr. Hield has made asZ
nor did I make any pecuniary arrangemsat *Y1
lie will I satisfied with whatever the Ilouse ay
proper to vote him.

ue_ M afaua StrgM.
t lap AdWrtiur, Jaary 4. PAsMENGER ARRIVED.
that d I mil the lon of tii King are to be le- In the brig Rolls, from Greeock :-Col. Pauima,
al digitv of tim Peerage, previotaly to lite in- Lady and Daughter : Miss Byrne, and four Serge"s,
n,.af ihr "Reform Hill into tlle II*ou of ornls. with their wis and families.
,&,wp eridl jib Eal of Munater i expected to I s
ov s rno,( nleral of Indi or whh ls, (PABBE NOERB BAILED.
during his residence there, end his great talents In the bi Higlader, for London:-JoeL C. I
o asns, eminently qualify hins.-Coni J !ourn Esquire, Lay aid tw children. BY HENRY ADD Y.
gO. Warrender is Amid to have refused a Peerage; n the bi a for New Orles :-Liet. in-
t. C DundIts, Sir T. Baring, Col. Tynte, and ir bidge, of U. S. Ma-: .AT V
rCo ic.g, t'* a whose nasa will appearing the In the bri Freighter, for Portland :-Capt. Hamneutn, Ar w s
S SovlalIrish and Scutch Poors are also to be made f the schooner .dower, condemned here souse time t 10 h
a 4 I United Kingdom. sin Superfne Flour, i bares
we iarthat tim Lord Chancellor has proposed t CHRIST CHURCH PARISH. sugar, in ditto,
I s accept a pnerage, under a certain con- Soap and Candles, ia beam,
"' ; anl that thiu Noble Lord declined on several gga Butter and Lard, in kgp,
'imb' principally Lbcaisao Ie willsd to remain in Hns and Bacon,
"ae's, in order to puli his proposed alteration in H AVING fixed the ssaie of aBRAD at the sate of$10 Cheese, Loaf Sugar,
';n ..-Leds Iatligencer. iper barrel of superfine Flour, Ordered, that die Rice and Corn, i bap,
Clevela a r y hd m y shilling Loaf do woig llbs. 4o., and the eipenny Loal Milch Cows, with young C. alf, c- t
l Mlar uia of Cleveland has recently had many lib. 2o. By order of tl Vestry. the town and can e warrn .
"with his friend Earl Grey. It is mid, Lord DAVID SPE.NC Viry Clork. Term--CASil on delivery.
Aitl the ecldest son of the Marquis, who during th- V.Tnar RooM, 8th March, 18:12. ANI)--
~mwla of the refrnm billexpressed opinions deci- A- me wa__ ,i that me.aur, has now become a convert. NOTICE The following Goods, E el
. J'mral. S HEREBY GIVEN, that Sealed Tenders will be h barrels New lrk Flour,
I ... received, on or before iia h day of March ne t,
t weekly meeting of the National Political Union, r100ie, n bf e t d ach s, hamp Poeer Potatoes,
%j=almy night, tise popriety of a petition to Par- t printing the Laws, and other public papers, according 30 boxes Candl, a.
luala d subject of the newaspaer-tn was diaciloed. to the priovlions of cf Act of the General Assembly of 30 trusses English Hay..
iIas on lie hlldsUds of thl di (leo. 3d, Ch- lh. Every March IlOsh.
Wile, L ,wh wa d present, dwelt it saae length on that ihformution will be given on application to March 10th.
as .l the i Act whi l dis cd the stat U. ARMBRISTER. DY IIENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
,asI on which 'iot lies tlian thirty-six tonvicions ied February Ilth.
* takon place. It was sugeesed in the petition, that February th Monday a, le hi
n.rni,,nt might s stituit fur the present stip-loy lE SUBSCEIIER has received per bi RollS, A, A A
ie ipe, a duty o. all printed natter transmitted by an assortment of Meln', Boys' and Youths Shorn, T DU 01
it. To uti Mr. flume objected, as IMe thought no new which lie oilurs for sale low, for Cash.O 6' A
v ou.-hl to he pointed out, nor imposed, until every W. R. B. SANDS. Will he Bold,
.am o reduction had been tried. Mr. Place explained, March 10th. Superfine Flour, in whole and iif b els,
ehalflpenny of postage per p inted sheet would not be Potatoes, n barrels,
l as in the light of a tax, although it was so called. I HlE SUBSCRIBER, inteodig to leave the Ba- Rice and Corn, in gs,
sue at a distance would grudge it: on the contrary, it .. hams for some time, requess all patoni having Corn, in lots,
id be looked on as a very great convenience. Ulti- demands against him, to render the m-me without delay ; Clear, Mess and Prime Pork,
tdy, rhe petition was referred Ibck to the Cnoniiicte, and all those indebted, are request to make immediate llam, Bacon,
,niely in it the f'Cts cmenlioned by lcy Mr. limlni. A payment. Cheese, Buller,
puar(;Comnitee was then alpoinlte, t inquire inlo JOSEPH TIOMPSON. Soap, Tobacco, &c. 1c.
rear, euIIl, and il rourtivenrss of the taxation by March 3d. Terms-CASII on delivery.
hial enlusiiiniclnldm of knowledge is initedluil in thli NOTICE March 10th.
err; Ie. nitolu in which that taxation oulratlis, and NOTICE.OHNSON
i tprouitpt mode of ertlaiing a repeal of it." T IIE SIUBSCRIBER will pt in it, without d- BY JOHNON & AUND .
. crilniiion, ill Vendue accous due far tll L--t
h Anls-reformnen have begun their campaign with unusual 'ear, wll ination, l Vendue aount due o e b On asOet y S s, I4s I nsnt
r ear, withs interest, if not liquidated by return day.
Sa, They have opened their treoches in tie Ilse f those persons who are indebted, mwi govern theimalves AT Ma w'rn e olal .
rbien IInli Aherdann. Stragfonild atnl EIlr.horough; accordingly. At s* *ob6 I A .
i s qusalnn hs,. we uadersnd. been dispaltched to 'IIENBl ADDERLEY. il be ,
Ia. econ ta a lrds Salshbrm,. Verall. and Alles- IIE ADDE Bep-pe frt Ft ih hs ',
a. We have not head that their At operations in that resry ^ Sugar, in ditto,
om bae bean attended witsuch succees.-G.Iei. NOTICE Rice, Corn Bur,
1. is an increasing doubt here respecting the passing of P HE SUBSCRIBER, intending to 4 ive this in Lard, Sap,
if 11r Itill. Several Whig PIeer are stated to have meat April next, for le IUnited States, requests all per- 1 Truak Ladies' Mosaere Shs,
plsi tou arl Grey. bat we suppose this s like many sons having demands against him, to render them; and A few ream gilt edge Letter Papr,
k tisck IEclchage relnrts for whicl there is not the sight- thoes indebted, to make payment on or before the 10th T A--CAHII.
lion.-Cityanireof the Ci. February. All accounts remaining unpaid after tha At tle m IAi' Credir,
hldin to lenters fom Frankfort, the yonne Duke of date, will be left at the office of U. P. Wood, Esq. for 1 bale Dock,
hinat hadl beet tetrothed, on t first day of the present recovery. 1 bale Check,
mIadaughter of the Archduke Charles. Januarv7th. F. TURNER. 1 baleCalico.
March 10th.
lbWdan lay evening. bl the Rev. Wm. Sitrchan, HE SALE of the late J. Solomon, Esquire's, OR ALE BY PRIVATE BARGAIN-A Le
LklkRer .of St. Matthew' Parish,Mr. Wyner New- stock in Trade, by order of the Eecutora, co- L of Land, in the Ea a Derics, wihs ubett i
4dL Mi Mary Ann Russell, both of that Pariah. sitting ofavaluablenad extensivenmrmentofDry Goads Delling Home and out buildings, new the ein of
lHardware, dc. dc., will poaiively take place by Public he subeeriber.
'--( Auction, early in March next. Terms will he mde Another Lot, adjoining the e on rea Set B helms,
c9 n wait tfl O known, previous to the day fred lor the sale. with building, dc.
P fue person abou to rease these Islads, after Febuary 4th. A family of Negrae, e i membe r vi
mill d ho m/ere for the spoae fT m av rnu" NOTICE. D*lc, yn,
Siasi Bi S stery'au Ofre, a put up aiem i T HE SUBSCRIBERS e fr mr s, by private a- Wl dif
d1 sfrrrrnatf DnIavprei r lisdipartwe--af- 6 hhds. choice Mderi Wise, Am, mi,.
b*Ait dPIay alls ivi iITTr-lrvX DaYS, 4 Tiktb 40 down do. ,do. do. SopibLn, 1 Rune'-
ir a ime darig i-ri ., ic 40 daena do. Tenri do. :AND-
ts4ia. 60 dow o. Ten' se Another family of N ,three i a. r, b
NAMES OF PERSONS 2 blue DinerMea. 'e Elism, yeios
01- To e r rscaa role erart'z.RSS 2a
Sa nr A TheOa, oma Tet'reball HENRY GREESLADE A C. RCO, 2 dino.
auy Thm Tumrlh Jane. meathe
M -Eliaheh Barr December fth. Among dh dhe ar Wuashem, Ims ua H
A ey W7sXUMA SALT, far sae at U cu per bh S o. vSate.
i Alex.yLander B bi AN AIL --
4n Henry ItaiApply to AND ALSO-
I Alice Tu TOMAs THOMPSON, A Lot of Land, contaiing abo twoty-mia srwq,
Matilda Wall February 4th. At EIma. aitute on Royal Island, adjoining the weat, ld of
S W. I. Alexander FOR NEW VOI the I"e Benjamin Barnett, deceasd.
6 Man Frncia McKee FO NEW TO Term, Ac. will be made known, no application to t
t The fast ailing schooner THREE SIS- Suhcriber, or to Messrs. Ilemy Gremalade & Co.
^9 t a, ,&m -- l TERS. For Freight, or page, apply to If not disposed of befro i e st April, they will, oa that
af r fur .~ A fat," 'lCaptain Glander, or day, be sold at Auction.

'^V--v--F DOR nALE. To OF LET. tU plauUy p ikmmn
PORT F' N.ASSA *P. The 1Hlol and Premie at present oepid Hoar e d Pmis Itl i. th* iem
-- I by Mrs. 'Potier. The House is roomy and of Henry Addoaley, Emm i wile --
AHRIVED. convenient, witlalar r Klcbhen and wash house p-omeai. Apply to
bak-Brig Rolla, Wallace, Greenock attached, rlcair house and stalling for three C.B. ADDERLET.
British Merchandie, honor extensive yard and grass piece. The out building January l8th.
to PaTER Niusro & Co. have txen lately ItaHrouIhly repaired, and the greater paut FOR SALE
L---- D of tlhe fences have been newly put up. h e of S Los I w
CL \R:lE D. ALtO ALS The choice of 2 Lm of Lan. wdll t
I, 9-SSloop Favousire, Clarke, Jamaica A tract of Land situated at die Villag. containing 250 ii bnaldingsatinemproea thedm s in
-i- ares. It is divided by III. villaie-road into two Lots, the a1& i Prione's ret.e, gonerly ke by the mi
L ASA Il.K), I western lot being intersected liy te new road lesiline from Lightfoot, or Cupid's Row.
[-Nri lil ,,|, ,ipp. London lth villnmr into the Rl.- hlillroad. This land will tl dis- For Tern and other particles, apply to th mb
Am,. lI.i ( anila, I lili, New Orleans pos.d il'in onr or trte luot. .\i o scribers.
i" S p Fr,.i.s. ihr, Ihharl, Portland'i JOIIN W. MILLER. IIENRY GREENSLADE & Co.
Ih SI, ,,,. cl,,ik,, Jamaica' Sc it tir cr 17th. March 3d.

r ualrawa 'rgvm-.
Vm tll Naw Yre Cowri ad RB a Fe. i. frmal sid, i; is ap Iratm e' artillery islie already oln e -he lile kn f
Thie swi lad of Lriami ha asM hema urs road fro Moscow, sad a her i preparing. The rmTiy Thi i wrong, unphilosiphical, .the ra
aen Tr wI eL apnl- e mlsq of hiV lis caosidleraly sugueeated by the changes made in tih Ilo that cannot talk inlwrinrly stnd
suj le; th peal Ma- whiht w w t .rg- eilimary colonies. The reasons for this uccumulatioa cannot alk inloereingly ea wag
land ihe tola se"d 1 aIl wrd.frElhl m forces in Poland am am aMvowed, but they naturally ci eats Egotims isa test of talent, of InIiur, of
Kin. riL F edmuL' surLmi e that i mpurale p projects are in contemplation. of all t an makes table talk end Lii'
ParwI i ae tem te Reoti RieaWn ofllierm who me doubt am not allowed to penetrato All talk or writing, ave tat Whichit whh
by thes-et granted an ll o oe oil the mdammnd
of its e -iLot Il e it- s rn ... dme g. im the Iemcn inlenliors t the Enmplrrw say, that they books and memoay, in te tun of which" t
wl K _hep, u lily to hbe "alt- e st off e n arm of dte sreolution in PoboIm, and that stomere conduit of infomumion, and not n
liad. he~as l m w o nly nact which can ssure the as- day are now alout to attack its head. Poland itaslf can, truth and sntioent. Mon congreg ate
suommales of the waiU a-d wr *s mo important) of th I acquire an army mealnive, she is cast down, nd may bphe front each other what Ila h c
hsppiemr of hi. siae. The KCing rt create a meney ih men of energy who brought ou the Revoldlion, and all encyclopedlai-that they may rea ,orn
Pews as or M ercomenesa am say sliw t be. necesasy the misfortunes conmqoeot on its failure, are now scat- .thi, reading, they may mark, learn, l n
lo encryieg the grea atmi-morluioaary and rouimnitional p- ter abroad in fore coutlriu. A man that han no egotim about him, l s
do t e nthreltties of the repr( lative privileges of Enl- The nation is ieourmged, and if freedom is not able, loveable, deligl, shout him
honr T. T ill I. r psta. and t rir e hall be Irus lto her from without, she will make no further at- benevolent and useful an, for Hil
amed il spite of them ellm-l andsm 'l of eA Ja tmenlls toattain it. A journey of thu Emperor to Warsaw himself for whom or for what wiD ie cae
'.a 40bd Mrrr e c .nlamins the r allowing qn the is alsken of, but ml ins by no mesns probable, at least till nation will be hardly his own: be may he
Um Of Mr. Marl hhi prire tlme spring, whien Ie may go to review the troops." paper, ut when lie a been read ltiroul.
hit yalmond, i litteess. swlul, I,,,!., for I-lia may be yrlong legion, bu ? w1
lells halinere in mmay s. d lores, among onien l'uennua, Jan. 2.-The accounts from Italy are still very for i-e may beasplivingleicon, bult wla
*hiselhel le dk ha a i, the l la~o- n.. , gloomy. It w;ll probably be neceuary to send again mu d e uy oi ut i t le ict i lf. t
his rai i kel to law rullowe. wiak cunsiderbl r amn's. lindiidualit; wito it he ay be
I. thls a*rljy. whil e amnn laesi sri s e l eliahumen i at Austrian troops into the Lcgations, in order to maintain tle thouuand, but nobody can toll which. Al
AbhaF, a tn *m. u will ,t be involved n i fn the a iutliriy of im Polte" -'l'e expedition of time Pelche oyf ber ti
tt I t y .. tqlrl t ne Er I attract mulch attention here. The last nesn from eLn egohtis not grater by virt r rf dn.e '
.|r,.. , rspet- to hir connehi., with the L~soah bal.. Constantinople l nliontiuaet4he Porto is greatly alarmed much talk about Lord Byron ebibiting hr
Ecepmlag l iwn e-n hainge anld dions .lehai.k, which are e- at it ; fr sho uld thie Vieroy sceed in Iis attempt, thie clor.ctrs from Chi de Harold dewhi o a
t, ldhad io Idihslurgh. ll( Iigow. Alwerleen, Montrose anld Turkish Empire is liretened with destruction. And what could he do better1I-He f 0tl ig
I lnhanee. rthre re -al bisanllukng, I'6lhothealllm in M tdltlanhuhat
rwl miles mr, than hokliec he I ow amsy nii .l.r rnt. e thI an I.ria thelsl.i uhe the his. a. Tihe news fron t nyria flors tl e univrl topic of discus- tor i but he aid, theat tinl wa such a di~irs
i.hgL day.--the fatr iOnld .whr ., haIl bei ici'u ted to wi en Isre. n l' iml Pca has gonae possssion of Gaza, various characters delieated in his pses.
,lmp |1 -w r0e h kham-rly, f'or Ih, s:Lake of a larger Jaflfa, nd Cuilll, without meeting with any resistance. could not he all himself. But they were, eu
rllr uch wi l a h ay of e ti h hunidc s I n'r uelir- Iis advantlcedi gliard was near St. John's Acre. 'The dtem; and they had their interest by virtue rf
C', it is u.n i to aulny: ail u,. as he wat in the prii- I'orte cannot yet be induced to believe that the Viceroy tily with im.. No man living, who bas amy din
teie of Alihi s *l Ir ltlnum. ct c l o wiJ. Mt ih i i' IU intends to throw onf his duly to his Sovereign, at least it is sl, has only one character. The greater m i
chl Oner .url fea rm, whii le nst. lia lrtl Ri hatg etwren. nilehn io Intemted to miako tihe people believe that lis eslpedtion tie greater the variety of his charsters. Al
anolher slurrr II, 1mwmihe Itlisuttnt t whal eslilll e Ui nllie c li
kL hee the fI reu isa i as io s c msen a ul of le aher- Ihas no ollher object tan ithe satisfaction of tie private peare'srharactersare Shldnapeare'sself--thalia
rlma twalr the Aberneen Imrks, aset thi riae .rf reIhantge aninosily of lte Viceroey against tlhe Pacha of S rin, lof his mind prismatically separated. No drmin
alhn* wehia lamio mansact s, thea hbe wlvned toiec.:oe AbWllula. A veiy rsenre liuenan has been published, make a chlrecter live thatdoes not live aod eohi
ii ker : iihs i t ws ener irlieved that his proufiu could ptewr calling upon bothl the I'acins to return to their obedience own mind. Characters that are iot perseni6filmH
hly Couer Ihe expes. anti. cm, onrseuently, the advantage of de. to e Sultan. The late intelligence Qom Egypt, however, moods of the autbhr's bn mind are still ones.-l
tlewa imodeeoenet to ca o a lAing game. The proves that the situatlie of affairs is in reality very dif- lay hold of the public, and the public will sa b had
wreathe "i )ar.wins 1ey had with this A cl t eno and M n .ei
w er the "a a.- nnin .. .. umMaerly he wih h country. We harenm,ane the P chu s pr'pard fuor a long and ob- thlmn. Ilamdttwas Shaksear philosophis ;,
anr giw to under nd t hahey wer csaed on within ability stinate conteltwitlh tile Portc, and tle preparationson thi was Sllakspeare growling-he did not record amely
and success selloe ewc.eded d ; t from thes, it I ters, he. side are not les seriouls.--Tl armies are augmneaed, and he had seen, he gave out thet which was biamer
luil withdrawal Mr. lMteptahe Eilrly being the pnlprtielr I the fluet is l tling out, cnod will Ii e re-illy to sail in March. Ilimself. Milton was an egotist. Adam wanste, a
ha 1o AherdMeen while i Mtomnrso manuifacl t uis now tlci Should it not be empoi1 irc to cIInvcy troo ps, it will at least Eve was Milton, and the archfiend was MiltlaN h
.le pimew'r on i n Mr. Leader snt al Mr. Rcihal. genllelleme rvu Io blocrkile thist co. asts of E ypl. The (;runl Vizier, all modifications of his own mind. Iloou r wieaas
IIf( Irae capiri I all. Tnm hesre irerliane ws lier reducing cultri, retired to Alonantli, and it appears and an egotlis of lloe most splendid lcscripioe. Ai,
Ill,,<-.... ru % tlh t i wr will wor e a, or% .rrly lon Itho all millitry olocrafious hoe cal r uon. a.utn, and nilL, ase but ntm dnJ
hna t ahis c c min r. As ui le first mshrn n wl o s s r e l mt alt m cilid ary o r ions h e ces d for mie season. o n l ancd lAgamemnon, and A chills, are but name d dele ,u
Sih c.i'iivon an. t:r t u'n.u i nteer rn, e ilr 'rl mpoig i Bsn wi nrot commence tU the portions oif tle soul of HI .oner ; iwn ethir lasalua
Slart we ltase hlrhil he true r es)pecutu me rseni'cl tr m.,iI I',on, sprI)rg. pours fordl hiis own thoglhts, 1.,lingsl, and I aen.
Illn i ic u l e sullieram wll no b cOUti.ed to ell i." he foln loading is extracted from a letter, .dted Triclee, cannott aiy one of ordinary discroncilu read Ld Lal l
--". 2 sth I)'ccniir :--" A part Iof the ircro 's s qudron i s, ow n perso;ial history in hiis own uorL ks In likLqma,
.l ; i, Jnt. I| .-We are infonnil Iby date from L.,n- rived atl Triloli, a hilte his army i. making its alpracl.r i lou "er. iSheakspeare, and Milton manla Ibem niddai
-i i. li thelw I ill liet. tlnt Ia (: Cabinct Ci'ounccil lm lin.lls' towards St. JUohn d' lce. Mi e e. pect to r'ceie Vlc CirCnen' in tieir respective works. HeOer was w
ares-l aulmn Imi ncunlthr of I.f w Paro s tP o be ccrttei ncld, shortly som. inel-rtreii i i atcoullnl. Irtill that quarter, nRad mi'c. clit kLd as sure as a gun, but he w;:as a very fie fellows
itha it i dellficnitivlv fli'l at 45. or 54). Among Ogls'r\, wsat atf tim Sultan will be shaken, if its alcbitious Mea- li as not Alraid of his ilr ; Illis no e alhen se re
eid ll eraLen. Lord tlerlmanatewn (an Irish Catldlic,) .ucned Ali obtains success. It is asslurd that lie has hIis Julpiter. alter which no man l>ed li ashme loc i
Load Lieu.m-re aind l l iamor,. all Irishmen, re men- secret allianlces with several 'acl s., salo urge Ihim to uil- ihelln -pecd. The IlRod s in a degree a kind of apli*
ticm4. These e nominations iarei ade to day somel what vince upon Constantinople, and seize upon the I oeoreigt foir ien-peckell hlshibnds, andi to give them dgm.,
tl.. ),l is n(of trials. Thetmntorf tie new creation after less coiqorTed S)ria. Malhomed All is appru- IlImer Isa miae Jupiterr imselmlaiei l
a il onim *i ( English Peers amd tome Scotch one hunsive dh t tle Poure may make oe irc sert oel nl c upon Miiloin was a e uch o a rn was Hdetorer ind w ti*
Phe Purd lto apo war. (apt. Bmnrughon. narived oh Wedl-, his life and tiwrefore l re surrounds himself onstandl by e s o, a l wee n-e was detrlid b
n-..lay (m the 4Wester INonds. which hte left the tloh I:. iperons upon whosl Ie con rely." 'r in his Ihue, sol elhn t"e was reblliotmawstteql
I. that time the rellntsit nhusiosem Irvlild armncg the Per The .uClGard i Notionl of larsill es of the ath ins.t nnl an r t. n d irale cln
0.lmaham% ud Ch e bae.d M l te nmam. wnl lirm- nounres the arrival of a essel. which left Conistntinople on s lrUgner of I, to ilistines give t Midrssing Ia I t
eld a lii lime. sad onrely fore altels to convey tikre tiLb a Nonvmbr, br, singing intelligence that th.he Porte r o e Pili s ge t i D
them it Lis eSe w ahen Ihey dl l eo ad o t they saduld he ite ha d decided npion war against t l Il he soul oof hliml wMIo wrte the dulcr* ad
effertully to m'iwrt Ithe legitimate rights of Doena SMtu. tih Ottn1nes Maunil contained a formal declaratin to I mh discrilrine of divorce. In I liner we se setJ wa eI *
In the eurly prt of Dece ber, a plut Wa discovered i Fs al\ ding, however. Io the last newsa I o CUoaessa- and in Millhon ithe men. Tio disc'rend from thi hr
which bhd beau formed among the Miguelites them. the o bject Imople. up to Dec. to. which me have given from the A iug. regions of pietr) to tae lower worhl of prole., de st d
r wlteh wa. oa upset the authoerins to behIllfn the ytoung burgh Gaellte. the above muls be erlruieols. aind the J'crte see in Smuollet he same perasnnlily and c~o i I
Qluea. It ws the intentions the pconpirators to have na- had no then e come an open rupture with Mehemed Ali. Milton, Byron, and I~ ter I What are RAHed1 gsr
usesosu d all tIhe lr mgsliu. T W or thoer of the ringleilers The Garde .N'athmal should have iubl.ihedl he arncle of the duoa Perrgricre Pickle, Pipes, Jfoesr lmiw, W I
had been sim. set wmel est llre had bmea thtrw. imal pri- Otltoman Aluoirur which wwoml have put an end to all doubt. ('linlr bu Sillc, Iuts'lf pliall D
eIn.-Hdaiem hfkireyrepi. It cannot. however, I* lking before the numbers of Ithi new umphrey lier, bus olt himself pyi a
E ntle ofM aklel r (nm Lne. d the i thll I-"L-iThe Journal.p ini thetMaginning ofDui ember, rea ulse.-I- Temei ible pranks. I word, all that dlw inod senl e
TribullnaWI UPl a bas e hs in me tIu deanl Meanel Cae- appear to credit the statement, and makes the folliowi re- by tongue or pen, mist le imlet which it i t lor Ith
tan* Goe d Medou, otf d toa ue. who w asirsemle for Inalk on i :-" Thls news is of the highest iluiportalce., mies s acquired; if it gi, forth tltw hicltit tsluid,
takm par t is the ilRnelal in toe ad Ithas theine ears on for the commerce of the East. but also for the Ihlmielt it is a neretiho of llier's thoughts, and a dull ialof
in prisons Jo se Ctem Pilent. used of belng an accom- sstem of E'urioe. In the state of subjection under which the otherll's aculireents; lint if it give- Isrththat wllikl t
Ilm a sh ias. harbeen seeteced robe resent t the ,o is placed towards R cusia. a waraginest the 'Iha of is it original--gotiicall ; and hi al a alin wriasli1
erlioa of oisl oo~ lr.te, and aleellrrds to be treasportrd EIgypt rouhl only be induced by the instigaimno of the 'a`sinet history, if he I a tian of prius lie Ill he intertif
to Africa for life. The o ernmeal has published. la the same of SL P'eersburgh. It is the custom of ulasia. when it I r e call Iwimusel by hi onus nao a
n(at Dmlainiarn fIrtl. a lamphllet. enrtled "AAillm a Npop em. p re"tM g for some it expedition, to occupy the Porte wl
o -tie I if is esmi.'" estmising the mosl violent retie- as tu embarras it in s pirojects.--I did us duru1 g the -ar of forth under the naum of Jupiter, Ad.a, ors ii
e "pa iram s a mi lhe f rc C, Cosult ha say felng pld, and, d now it mend th e Ottoman army against Egypt
for the h his ouemy.h be will immniusrely comcner. We call the attealmo of the I'Prsalent of the (ouneil o this
csen Ia hi. Govrernel. The h(od loun. insedul of filling circumstsnce: it is mrn indicative of the ultetor iutealic on of
Ie Tr.eWsey -Dea um XUsl hoped, has produced hitherto Russathapperse might." FOR aALE--aat mhis Brcsi
eshiag 6u i1leespst mad m oe paticrasly in the* mercantile
maiht l ioe sc d mwt prteieul i thaat theirul e P sls, January 13. Bills of Lading,
cosevot pdl t liv mele r. h r uniemmsit elb The Mnitrmr denies to-day the ews given v'sledavy ill
ams IN el w l le s at their marhmadie as is likely to 1 and ls' day bfore, that successive refusals had een r- Ili of Sale,
P*et Ieithea "de Badara now D heao ee iseount de ceived from Prussia and Austria. We Iblieve, homeser, Manifests of Cargoes,
l a-L M tMken i aide complaints." and we know, tmit if a positive refusal cromi Austria has Blank F fons for the Custom 11 me,
The Bue6im Mtero give the followIng eitrct of a not b cn received, the Minister lis received a comnumni- Leases anid Releases,
ltetl uot Berlia, dated De. 31 :-" It is mt true that cation whiclm very much resembles one, that is to say, n General Court Writs,
tihre ara a Moscow a gal may Pole of distinction who communicaion containing conditions eqouivslen to a re- Geoeral Court Executions,
have sak part im the Polish levoltione. It ha been fal, because they cannot e acted on, bhelre tler period Bills of Sale for Vemlsss,
dmoroasd med t m e t fIrther aino the in- lined. It i, to come to an understanding on then eondi- Mortgages (with bons,)
fma o m I t who n rmiL at Wamw da e o tions, that a new pvnersgation has been ought of, and the Warrants of Attorney to Clonfe.u J udsngme.
rvenurlei iL tsir sl cat friends,m it would he solution of a question is Ilus sill delayed fhm day to day Powers of Attorney,
m.aibM b slAI the i smpiciem of goverstnest against which has already been in agiation more then eight Attorney's W'arrants,
theme It is sed that Prince Michael Radaiwill would aonths.-Private Correspondence, Joural d rre. Arbitration Honda,
have had time to aeape ferm Warsaw befoe the RTussia Aplprentice lodentures,
irced their way is, hut remained gpon de asurance of EGOTISM. Police urrantnes,
(htagl Bmr ttt he woel not 69h m 2e im o c Police Summonses,
hi Belefgi dint liemab w ic as base t inans a 'What can a man talk about, write sbout, or think about, ulce permits,
ihs, printimng bh rn ralleges uentd .-them citywlthut but himself Wheatithere intergstingto ohters in a man Militia Wirrants,
lis pt-si h.asi s ,lam mep ,a em d w ct wii nae a mansn's elf-his own absolto identity-the core of Shubna rits,.
bus s ll coaine Lin wllt mshe besmae of his hieing, the neuclum of his n tion, Lhoglots, and emo- Sichisicia 'lickets
him." tions. WhllataIen liesis coinmtarstively nothing; holnt Infrior ('o.rit 1 rits, d
rThe lA. theargl h i(;aite of tle' 5th instant cnttain' the lie is, i every hline. Egotismi is Ily shallow nmclc vitu- N. Il.-Joh I~ricnting ecr,,tu .1 Mih nre a. d
following frIf the onliknra l Polalnd :--" The Iltusian pirated as a vice, r.en tile sciceir Iof scorn is tIe portion onf patch, tupon oodl papItr, andl on incojlcl1 tnF5'
trimpis sallltod li PUioi nld Pola r'ec.ciing reinforcements that titan Mloae onls talk is l k lsll, and lwho nmlk, Jinurc 4 1.

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