Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: February 25, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Le s, ..T..__. M ___ )_ tea, e '
ames. S3S. i&TnmAl. BC SgddamSC A As. t

SIAMl. Aini sL lo o am do Pimd b iA be heepseie w Am I 'if
uderia di wchr aref w ciik i hla h c at M shbes ,ad MeM a p Ii n Ia 'w dA I
.m-WL tl-ra ll. i.dbd or I f nield oi, Mtol veruigty. ilbrmtali bm lmh iW o p m ft~ t
8- M. Thbei embaA, at liwe h weaBeby PsBi r ad -MAN e, riii aseivel.Vim
%ill --- aM, mih aa h mie. thew is l mad h.b a m hppyWimmy The bhu oi pe
ca-u it afordos n oppnuaity l pm g otiri c hLsuas ia i y; but Po Dhlat oaloeaI
thsm l s bill for selling the of tIhe Bourbos i i o l oy-n oe l a
S Franes, al approprieatg he Ad 5th. Be l national coIUldluitio (liouhpth l he Ceegi m f
cause when thit law shall the new monardi ViMYi aa- mhlDie-. setiol lmse i|or.l .se,
is to become lidae I gnd i w o n say of the rest that naioal eistcea whLk Lul P Am -ehtd, a
Sin Europe, which claim e c ia of Dive right! few waek isca, wass tot is perinb l"
and of that innate f es wb ha v ofe the pao- Prin Talleyrad is notailMe t-Ld L aid Palma in
PPOETR7. Pi". m ali tsad w u,-PluJ hils dedi d e-Fri leh
The only tolerable reason for ag lghi law, however, coquesledlA va--me el at of ba tl Jes s i i
THE SLE~ilPE i th-that in cromesqm oef m e icondct or Louis be maeld to-. a Pol not to I ssI depea
l o-sleep on- n thy r Philipp and of hi mlnistersisethe moment when Ge- dent kind I This it present pitt or a -
sWitasnd ir.t neral afayetae rmisied his funlioof of Caumander-in- fairs, and I defy the denial of this announOemenl.
Swl i end thee-aud i bh t Chief of he National GOurds Francei, has become Well, there is a Whig Government in Egland-
Hlme sirt the hearing deep: al n ry to pressure nist an actual restoration a Goverment composed f such e as Grey,
gr thee. mild Eve her beauty dliin. of Charle X. or the Duke of ord x wa at ucom Breghim, Palmera and A r, abt D con-
thre the wte uell lifts r hkitig plated, and hat really and trulythere was not an intention sent o uch a violation of td rih of m i d
lthe blue halcyon lutes io he of abdicatin in tleir favour. to such a denial of justice a well a to such as ec
S pI ge.I in ~weelly .wa The psdag of th i, mad the affing of the Royal of suicide op the part of Ruui--end to meamu
glep oe-no willow oer ieb bends santoe tI project, will at lat prsve that up to that which must lead to new revolutions in' Itope 1 Casi
with melancholy air, noment the new Government i pledged to maintain the he, thtl Pold in kaje merifad to RusMsa samlds and
Io viat Lsdringp. no dwy rse eelosion of the Bourbons, although the conduct of the Itate l the Tr es of VieIna, which have been mim
n woul of lav layv~ lr: new dynasty and it Counellors would lave appeared to tied against all people, a now to e violaad, Ila rdr
B m the da* a-eo nrig at bl ytungi irdlcate difrent sentiments. This i the only sensible to secure the same object-the destruction of Hsty
l essu t bfr anl k tui ng; maOn for paying the law, us far a it relasa to the Bour- Europe I put thi qustio through The JMown C C'
do Lea pl s u i' hens. BecaIu, u to all other ~sons, It would be a mIicl tohe lovers olfdom all he world over; and I
wm par aO m. mst useless project in the teeth of a national rinig In ak, what security dae GOre Britin poIes for te peam
epj oa-deep on-bi~ glittering delhu favour of the Bourbons (should such an event be possible), of the contimet-for her cotimetal pta a W for
Of she's oeal cars and it is quite an unnecessary measure s lung as the that nit which ik o i ea rr st pne r if
IAm ayy rbsqutsn whole nation demands their permanent anishment. If Russia i-he' I allowed to violt w impuoniy ia
The amurtll i anss I- France should become Bourboaite, why the law would not most solemneagagemenut and to oppress with so strecis
i aesuy ga md ithy m prevent the return of these Royal Jesuits, and if France a tyrany
&ad, pun and doee as inrana lore. should remain Anti-Bourbonite, as alo is at present, why M. Caimir Perrier i to propose that F ea ha
Thlue lsea mlls is waves above. all the laws in Christendom would be of no avail either to disarm I This his favourite project-wl hs bjec
strengthen orto weaken such a feeling. So then the law of interview after interview, sad covmaratio alor co*
p on-- thee tnmoomanoe I ac is necessary, except as it re-acknowledges that the Re- venation, between M. Casmir Prier and the Aumria
Unl s. en fm on hit voltilon of July was really made to banish the Bourbono Ambasdor-his is the reason why courier after calr
Ua. ait. n l h it i and their policy ftom France, nwllthstanding the conduct proceeds to and lkv Viensa for Peri-tdl i the V
AZ uti morning bhow ill phd of those who have since govcrled this county would result which the Paoideat of the Couscil hops to hri
b til'en lories round thy hosd, lead us to think very dilerently. about. For this parpose a German Jourals re I-
And sectm, as o'er thy bnr It gleams. But the law is without a penalty I It may be broken structed to call on France to disarm For this prpam
Ti emblem of thy spirit's dreams. by whoever shall dare to break it--d the country or the articles are written by order of Prince Meareich aed ar
lleep on'-.sfl e lf l i u I .'tnal, i musu decide whe nt to tie Auglmrlg Gallte--or this purpose the Jew-
Of mingling loud and ds e. mvullb R 4i t as d l violin a the Fi ane Ill ru elsa. aL d dtm Nmiwl
a leave is wild and sturj e, provision. Why isthit lt Recau ano penalty short daes ( hr ae m oad by M. Petrir t asuis,
bove thy place of sleep, r of death could be enacted in the opinions of tlese Juris- word for word, these paragrapl from the German Poper
lt. when the wave has sink to rem consults fbr such an offence. Solitary imprisonment for into se French Minirtrial Journal s For thi purpose,
IAsw 'twill murmuro'er thy breast, life would surely, however, he a suffcient pain for suci the law has hben introduid a proposed by Casimir
Amd the briht vietlm, e the m. a mad proceeding. 24. 'Becaum neither Chamber would Perrier, for a nominal organization of tee hundred
Prhi n wil miks ther home with tha*. consent to apply the penalty of death to the member of thousand movsb National Guasn ; and, Anally, fr this
tleep on--th core is f, away, the family of Buonapri ; and 3aly. Because, as Louis purpose, diplomatic dinner have been r ia ldy gle-
Bat love bewails thee yet- Philippe and his Mbli are Stlstdeal moreafraidp f tie diplomatic assurances eichanged--ad the Auria m Am-
Fr thee the heart-.rang .Igh is brmthed. Duke of Reicladt than they are of the Duke of Bor- bassador drinks the health of M. Casimir Perrier, as
And lovely eye ae wet; deau, they wish Napoleon's family to be banished by the the Saviour of Europe !!" But who is to begin t-
Ad she. thy young and eanteu brile, same law as that which proscrihb Charles X. and hi Autria has done very little, fter all, towards a pre-
Hlr houaghi anre hboein by thy side, descendants. tical dimrin Pn has done ti Ilem I sad Rasle,
As o sihe furs to view wish teamrsoi
Sshe de r o departed yn. Th desceuiants of Napoleon then are to be r Iloh1ld and pain have done nothing t all! Nomw
SishaL It is true Itht the pr aly of death which wor mind that (ays Coont d'Appony to M. Per-e), let Frace
aulched to the law passed amiu his faily in the ein begin, and h rest will follow. M. Perrier sa early
FRANCE. of Louis XVIII. is no repealed; and it i ai o tru brouhi his courage to this timing poinr.ed he is t
o IFl editor of tie Lad M.wi sg C r drat asm amedo t of M. ComI bseig curried, the po- pa" t Fraue ash h ein, n ad t iat Frae hall
PAaSs, NoV. 19, N181 ribi NLa i, osres dsarlrt I will t ll you. Ih will iy the t the
P Nov. 19, 18a1. cent dat, whilst tih against tbs Bourbons is entirely propritors and the capitalis.- l ill mortify, enrage
sleam In lover of Napolteo--m d never was so. new; but sti thin ow law procribes them--sad ye alrder ind nan the millionlTlms the colict will
L liberty, except the liberty of his nmiern w. repeld.l puay sttuchd to their retu Now why O eoiad l1U yet have to a whicL wit p
ia on the people as Chrle X. atrard did s thisI l t aus LaL hlipp ad his family have the pdr or the welal "
1 amd yet I annot write The Boarbou s and et spp sag qif gh Dke ott Beicha dt. d. The poolAso of Dutch and Bel gin stbso iin St as Al
* of Napoleon" as to b.e b oiiih Beasea ti bps refined to nse wthet be. intentions mbe'ali. The rDni n of i tw *y-
Shly cheek feeling flushed, without ay ye. fash- aIs wis reference so d yu[ag )le whom di ala fw id b4y tde ie F o aw don a g of i
IM a msad feeling of surprise sad ignation, and epo as a gret ard I ns. wM ed. BaP X Ku of Halsod-does o ervaum o te A rsepi de
L A L I a nf What, then, wr a po. also e milim a v tr ysm divi Luemhourg or Limbhurg--doe nme ar cmseMesn.f
malrl This a grae mlle la i a L d dry b ie tn I dIs caiti on tri dt-a-d does not ensure pnec beLew Hollad msd
and I i u c h i 1 "- The Kiv of Hrfuud r omm i Wil
riousmly. I sha avail rtyelf om I i nc- ibold ad toslfud) sl that rIesna ibght be lgem. The Ki o H dreaminhr e. WV
SUfmaoe revelations t. t Moral i ic~le, foowed b Nspooe II. opw y. r uaiona i' the Ave Powers baockde the Dia so 4, Dph
n Ma bhe ove either of hnter or imported '. Pt; od 4= tR ists ve w gsd o' ad ssels, mch army oe A lmA or dthSllm*-,-
w el t Napoldnists amre out I kaew their vted for the prc o of i m of 's der a Ambrmndr to the s of Dutch GOvw mt
i their we.all, their i, n ae i nations family in order to eader uapopular u te Lr w which sad spend the amicable relati'll dmilf i hem
eg relaions, and their objeh i te hnlt of bu ak hr idl, th Dkaof Berde the live Powers and de Doae Kim. lIf .da, lp* i
himir Perrierandof LouiPhla that party ex- o word moreon this subj, and we will pas t he Coonferna L ls oI PietoLm e
l nourishes as it does on he 9d9A of November, mo a d m iThe lal ina tso was op pose by i9 e- emel i" me p@ .ti ', I
* If l'errir aed our Citien Men rch had ue- pti, wovoted against fa to he rem asis ry a yet c* ed, mad Mdit is at be
adl tihe Revolution of July, al the Napoleonists bered! BisP-De deputies vod Iagin it! W! p W iat fil for vo otihs to comn Betwees mew a t
I hve rallied round his Thrnae, and ti Duke of were hyI lovers of Chrls X- nd of th Duk of rtwo month m te Kig of Holland williry L tE -
dt might have remind at Vienna speaking BordAul No; but Napoloni!--WJy are they perry of Raia tLt bhe oug aInsapr l tk
b French with a bad presanclsio during the rest Napolomiats made LLeraign of Louis Phi l Ba e I B" y cause
i y. But neither M. Perrie ao Louis Philippe the Revoltion of Jly habu not attained i object, and has Lind. Beld e et m ee or f Amede- bou i. narid.
Sulertood the revolution of Jul They have beenarresl by tbsl shouldlrve s ed it. Allow s. tIe, Laoa do 'r cm o L,
hn vert it into a sort of gai" aiLJ nd, oal, to direct your tan oios to dh fat that M. Come d- rlay s a orBne.t n i Sad
o' o am b O Io
,t..n vio add, (I I i rgke e, a ps undend, or, alon h so e b"the agis d Knd i arbF da* at 8e e 'My
efuid/ ,, Most formidable !" I repeat, and principle of this law of Bourbio elusiu, but *wU was, A m In to he te allowed to di* s ad le m-
Smt fail to remember these word on future, pertnbele.'not d4le d. Ie proposed to the Clinmer ECu aaSi % ntder^ee IjI as
Set. distant d~ion. of Depotie s to due,thatt e BourboMn were banished Ebeto l6lV I *sas i tomb tl
TeBourbons areto be banihed !" This i et d ad t melly for the Ordonance of July, as sm ehardily .WL A i Tlls de Ai t ad mt
Nal! But shy should they be nished by awT I imaine, but the Bourbons wre vanished, because they prmn f Is ki o tter I s AM
plain to you. la. Because Louis Philip ls re- were ali-natio'al-bccus their priniples and policy more tha ai q Do you kno wat i
th such a law should be passed. 2d. Because it i were opold t the national sovereignty, and because about dop i ii England, agiot France,
44 by M. Perrier and him colleapses that the thy hd he r rd twice by foreign bay:mnts sad aset Aui, Pui Pelud, and gasiet TrkhLy
SOl this law now ly both Chanmbrs will be a le- the Huly Allian This was the law which should have We will essmise te policy of R ans v ry S ily, it
uLetion to the July revolution. Just as if we been passed, and then we should ave advanced a step in is I dangerous ad el"fearfaL
tmake legal revolution' and a eIgal dethroning the Revolution ; but the majoriy were afraid, and M. T alfairsof Greeeu nl a are in atfi ~ e Tih
IX' and a legal appoiolmtnet of a Cithen 'Come's amendment was rejected. Pope makes no concemions. The Aurian army s always

IlN u Ismr mmv as is "umte of Jhe
N do 1o e mWmE na th" e
as,.as sping d mye1ryeew re--ern with a.
iLti nLa lady be' m. o sB.

ATU, ,E -- .. .
L )*-L? -* Ir -i A, i

Ismier Matie eI" Wednesday, a =s, aimn
of BrEdd, O &a." wme (by amsthi) tkcsd toa1. m.
whiom ?iMIa Iout. Teola, bannd of the slo4 A-Ml.
f 2as Key WP.

lBy. 6p.adlemw I lo Captain, Iludm, from Js-
mA, ,.we 0L4 neipt of papers from that luand to tbh
11i 1o wI khcemnai Leadoa dates to the 25h, and
Llverpoal a dt 7tth of December; ut nothing| new of
himpeoTa It i reported Ihat many of the Lads, hostile
IBs dReIm 3iB will al bunt themm me frem the Haos,
w k mwal s for, s they have ruosived a hi from
a emi avenl t, i ae oro e erkppadltbn, he wHI
euro a ito re ki of making sw Peen eough to pn iti
anld Ia Bip abo preaninced as repealog of their pur
amn f( this we appom, Ltah log ome tis, that quetia
in ally Mkd.
In Jamaica, fer upwards of thirty d&y hard work for
di Militia, and an immenss destruction of property, par-
lial nranquillity had been resored-wfficient, at lest, to
warrant CI Blmomr declaring a ca lioi of Martial
law, an 5th infantm Although the service in which
Ide greaor pert of the Colony had been employed, wau
oe frcaugt with danger and fliguo-4f we nay judge of
public frliagby th public prist-the panouncument of mis a ot raised with muwb pleaure.
Irit Mblme is throw upn Ihe BaptiM r Aionariue, fir
ma ems of the recent rebllioa ; and one, a Mr. Bacholl,
wep ohere, ad not be al slowed to had froua ti meIl
which broughl him from En8aisd. Could the e Us
fully prove pa nthem, e do eta how EalAmo
cokil recocile it e bin ceaclience to hang, or eodyrwas
punish is disciple, and allhw t he ad~ to cape.
To whts pamur sr coluies ase broh, when trd-
ba eampaies, with the holy ame of religion baly
larted us their only capital, am e blihed for the
prpoe of rpime. murder, and lacudmary acts of revoh.
Many Negrom hL aed ed penaky of death, umder
Military proemm md, I masy ihaacm, we made fully
qahued th whbl ueme ;I of a Dr Inmr's
eat-.e'-.lmaa- when Ilicting the senatoce f a Curt
The bamewrd bouad packet, "Tyrian," Lien. Dwye,
as adr li to Ima Jimaica o the 14th instant, -
*u t Mail Bost t y be hourly expected bee.

Al dptlspdu, eft however rival, fae the
Cloealdepri of Hih MNajemy's Governa lt, bave
bome a me r ly pMeli, as to make imimlt in rubor-
dialsH, qi a ashiao s mani. Me of bnhanm.
li hin 0li of nate, or im of mine importanuce,
***fciahljU ir d a lkesr d P"as a
,N 1 li.y tl to do *sir hIN, iy 1h fiw VIwrd
a pmb- arm and howty, being th e Ld of ery
wierae an J. m wy, fdl though, whim aing
d, p.ime o TI h udmr.
LaW Vri t Godaric bhu, of lte, opened sd a
dek fr mwing memf i his l enrully dcami
diaulplen ft giv idshmt ppeau of the gpru
lm- Jrbimuw of -am wry wmls -mul d ai women
e ow wthy O wemer bas be iem infected wid

alqn of mil lmg t ch, to Amea pea do
knmy lM of hir i ri a pm tmeir own wn, r te
mdriamM Ih pitd,wiherktelemn mhlbkiim; uadw
Iar, m i mu p p me a me fr hisd dis-.
lag Asr iSghM~bit Visle p II Wl fd t1i Go
jmr.-A fa r mm a be h m ue by eo Arma
my.dt *&s hnr ad sbut a ader hil d&ie s4 4

Amn I, y ea oides cl., now a fi
6a1whi aad ans C &*- i in-u 6m4g a b

a homs.
I Hi Em plle cy wil telo e u to phems, ai
mWy enmr em valma of di minm of te Hous
of Cmnas,he wild hewrmry m-eaobea Min he
hs ftrsdaof dl RoyalPlrogativ on this point.' "

ap fr de is* o t -N ma, W lfet l
ma thuir sdwly M H Edesy lm, ad who had
dimei and madl r hai a centuy--if he po-
-- of d',L, inspUet in he a* -
Wlasu b ouldl,, ban d o-
terred MU.T( hik airad, wi"th me conttomap.
SedM au W a aond precedent.
If HL Eally' were only equal to hi
pI oaof tlah., r m o ot. he obliged to
comment wpen h a qu d geo, ot
uantmi nasquier, ,t o, 'vhat dlt Ver-
b dec decr s ob as t"

Hew early O l L Itself, *a rts.
Thlu Pope, V idtpl s pea hp'd m rhymes,
And thiu n tt l (strangeto mu)* .
To whom eh m e ilfmie is fool,
Did. wheb a vy Mam atuebel .
Killl jal. ad Si with hbi bread ta lirntr.

Taozan, Febrary Ile, 189.
Mr. C. Ducou., prmsue da petitmi roise lmiDuval-
lier, sting that Captain Banks, master pf the plitner's
sIop Tom, having ben dictd by WKlliam Ha mion,
Eqauire, a Justice of t Pce, residing on Grand be-
nu, to take clarg or the sloop Cere, sad proved to
Na-au, with a corndn Joba Himn, charged with Felony,
by which order, the petiloner having suntained the leo of
hb liels, and lis voyage being altogether broke up, he
py the comlideratiof ort Huea, and ration
or lab w s ulwed.
Ordered to lie an the table.
Mr. Storr, from the Conailtoe to whom IIt Excel-
lency the Oovernor's Meauages of the 14tand l15thinscta
were referred, retired.
On motioo that the'Home do agree to theaid re-
port, and a debate thlreon ensuing,
The Houe divided:
It was resolved in the alin'ative.
Resolved, That the following Mesuag be enst to His
Excellecy the Governor, in conformity with the eportof
the select Coanmilttet
May it p ettae r Ewllecy,
The House of Amsmbly beg leave, in answer to your
Excellency's Mesag of the 14th and 15th of dte pre-
emt month, to slied, lt it has been the inariable mage,
md, is. ta H p coceives, es unaeddl.d righ of
is Hou, to direct proceeding of tI House, or en-
trmt therefom, or sy papers laid before the Hous, to
be printed at the sl discretio of the Huse, without
may application to tW Executive on the asbject; and thea
ihe jouals of the Rou affordjmcede ionumerable,
of orden similar to those refered to by your Excelleary
in your ams a of the I14h. Thi in making the orden
in question, the Howe did not intoad, to encrmch upon
any of the p erepaiv of he CroeFaor upon ay of
the rights of e other branch of the Legislature; l pay-
ment for the service thereby directed to be performed,
wil! not be made by an order from ime House upon the
Treuury, bill beprovided for, as has akays hbeato-
rore been done la sc e, by a grant In the general
Revenue and Appropriation bill; which mu pm the
Council, and receiyeor Excellency's amot, bar it
become of uy validity.
That with rspet to yor Ecellency's Moageof the
15t hhstat, the Hae ber lave frtnber to lstat, that t
bh bee the practice of thd House n va riou oxcasin,
during several year ptt, for the comeala of the pub-
k, topm remlutlie similar to the o aded to by
your Ece but tha the Houae ne hve ecoai-
dered the Receaer General ad Treaurer, bound to at-
tend to achmeoltlem; for alhuh ib oIne of the in
harst right of thi Hem, that public oMey al be
dlpoadof oely i am U mea er a Ithe hiks pme-
Mr, yet is equally dear, t ithe Receivr Geoerml a
Trser masot, legaBy, py -a M a out of he
public Truary, osept w the sau d =sao of th
hrducedi ; theLegilatbdhstt d. e ly ie -
meddms of roesbte diir to q e&* n imJ to by
year ExclleKcy, to ptedgeI Hooe to admit ihe
chare isa d Trmwrh commU, when mch me
are submitted, au tbs anmfy re, to is Hame Sfir
A Coriee of a' Mme waitd upo Hi Es-
cellUcy ih G nOomr, with ti foregoag MI.1 ; ud
S ving reram d, report the delivery theam(.
Mr. Neaitn, with eave, brouegh in a bill to amagd eed
Scomi In e ih gdy Goord ad.
Ordered, it bi h ba e read a fst tie ; bwhicd wa
de an ccrdily.
S Ordered, ioha me be red secod t ; which
Swaen dome mml .
Oan mo Ithoe res lived imef lo a Cowammia
Sof .obheh Hokr, am the mid bill
Mi. Nabit i id o dir.
Mr. "Sp a -ir aing remud the chair,
Mr. Nebiatt on? ed, the the Committee ld gote
mhos the a bll mbdig any antoedmet bhereato
Ordered, th *A bill b ~oegrmaied. *
r Ordered, h tbu report Of the CAomittee expi.
igk laws, be n read; and the amnebavli bes de
It w moved and seconded, that Co~ mittees be ap
pointed by the Speaker, to bring in bills to contie th

meere moem we;= am go
tM the Houe, on.or ba o JIM Uh
As da quesion beim p ia
It was areW to by iT
Coemitome appointed ol hi in ,
WeNIMemr fe bj
The 1os m, oma, ass co ri
jouroed Uanl to--arow me rioml a

Ml reweabde, fome e C-.
amaie the Receivr generall and T
Con nd vuhourn, reported.
Report ordered to lie on tlo ta.-.
Mr. OrmesLhd pre a d pa lioo
Spiro, aerchm,'o Cape Heiei
having imported isto the port of
ignorant of O act of Amewbly
pushed, laying duty on Cattle of leou
by which he beae liable to the p
aine hundred dollar, ad prayingthe
Ordered to He Io the table.' .v.
"M r. pa i- and Gentleman .a
As cSly, W
I have this moment reelved your
this morlni, in answer to my memlse ol d
the 15th instant.
Thua which i irregular and aat.J
can never be made ngulr and
number of precedents. If the Ho elof
you admit, cannot order nionDi to be iMa l
uy'i Colonial Trtary, for the paym.nll~
or under sny pretext whatever, it ievid -.
that the Hose cannot order services to hi
which they are unable to direct payment. if
psition i correct, (and I psesa i it
House of Aembly arw in error, in l
can order the praceedia, or any pp
ihem, to be inaedi at teiaisetldoe ioo.
eed in your communication of this k
vling for theme srvic by a great la the
and Appropriation Bill, would be very
iddresnd m pon the a bjc, and
to make good the espence) had req' td
the .ecea ry onleo. If you had adopted
proceeding, w.ich is the only correct ail'
one, you would have apprised the Cowmmacl
self, of your proposed anticipation of a mia
for in the opening appropriation mae; I btd1
Wined my WLrraMl, in Council, it would lie l
tual pledge from thal board, u well n l f
item in the appropriation acl, would have h16
and allowed : a i i, it is impomible firdtpl
name to a warrant, upon Hii Majety's C
to pay fr erice ordered by the HOl if
without any the libghu reference ato m.y
under the idea, that they would meet to md
services by a grant in he ensuing Rewae had
atlion Bill. I cannot, in any way, senca-mm
by which any portion of Eective matarty "
acknowledged to belong to a House of A l,*
functions are eatiely Le.ieletrive.
If, Mr. Speaker and Gentlemn of m 8--4e
sembly, I were to permit you to im A i
execution of such service a you may jap
pon one occasion, looking forward to pay fLa a
by a rent in the yearly Approprlatioe Bl, q 1|
principle could I object to your doing dwheatw M
suit your views, or your convenience. laIn j
fusion would be the aceary contequrwa, d4 In
thority of the Crown would sink into noth .
In your proceeding, Mr. Speaker and -
the Haoe of A embly, on the subject of tIa r
ordered to he printed, here is a minor ipui
which I should ot have adverted, (it beis A e P
ciple, and o tao thedetails, I fel it my dM al
bad yo not ia your coiouunication of th mehis *
tod that the journal of your Iloue ed -
in.umerable, of oden similar to ioae -dnl
e, in meymae of the 14th instant. The
sin e Prtming are, under a Colonial in, a0
perom to empTeriteud the prinil of our ,ews
doen, oned t s oadiI- 1f .- Cad
Ho.E land o a1 or pb
Thi of printlg are it
agree, wihh a priaawce eordig Vi
bId amd, d me up I the which.
lvea to make d the ymn I,
qouesad of ita Y m eilo of Prierk a, .o
wil a iit4 -*Amsgt the nm-a e sb
which y nu atet ab d is ya jemourala, of -
rut o the Ho of AmIMb *Iillar mas
bai n bc.d,JlIquie,,MD, wl ,.i
which sby precding Hem of Aarety hta
slvem o interfere with wht (aeagl fe ds
voead by Ibs Lislase Law ha left
miaeonr o Pruti, and idecorously-.U d'
gllv, directed th Pmritr to b elected, w ".
Saaly in Gaol for a grin libel on heir 0ow
Spreedent i to be found I am much m .t'ak
Whh referee to yeor remarks upo *1
the 15th instant, beg to stat to you, Mr. Sp
Gentlemen of ihe Houme of A-miy, that I.
iig order of iLs lloaem f Cofasa C u ff th
Ido, amd of a vmey old d ta..h.t" e lu_ o.
peaitian or any .. of ey relating t *
vies, but what i recommended by the Cro .
good sense and the propriety of this rroel '
Sslf-evident, as not to require any comenuWry .
induced to believe, in consequence of ycur h vi ,
trained the clim of the Provea Mardel, w.
communication from me upon the subject, t .

, leat -AL ,h mellt, t r t of u.m
-A as=amams r aI
.* ,taylr i ir llh'. ar re-
d"agh sheap y t: Mew e a- be eameid oem

do Oak""110 p o.,..l. Bewa ,Wi s per.
,w e oeedmasBe, Amad pof t adthe
is doaier = 1(0101.* 441i1do

I*.Mlc beWH aes. J ~r

Taylor i why la the ch air.
tolme isdammd .
inm.- Commlameas th-to dhmn psetio, om, and

Sasylor m the hair.

kI aa, l didl.
fylor firem do0Ma ( luma, "upari prgress, mnd

n.d That dih" e wll a il rue ie tamef nteo
S. WiHuard obed o lead to brIg in a bi to
.r the act ir iaptelngt Edwa Jo.h Lck, Es-
A tin Greati Brisui, to nlicit the passing of the
sad for rating, in PoGl Briain, ouler public

Wi teb qe otha haeing pe t,
*e a r nd to by tw ad o
lat, nso p thn tho Fai iesl and radne end mkend t he
by Ouaril ac, bes num read e third m uere
6 tihe pl vloaemr e51lr bing Poropmnd :
Sit pold i n ih negatitwt
Atjerwill maiv etrrnguis lornIng at a ect o'ari
^l do Jimica Cs-it, Ftb. 11.
Etras rpe mate trom Porland4 th In addition to
i at rtilebml dit l ave btew *wrco sad eLot at Man-
Ide5-1, med have bon raees bug gand oas shot, be-
Sim tFairyl ki plandte. J dof om tink thako men sea
Loe- to bey raaipumte tIywo h ilg, l oea decapitated,
hL* he b telses ae Sion Hill. One hung and deea-
ld, beloering to Fmirleld, and ili head taken to llme
Mtl esidr nuiA lrs havo been floSng under the
gis s to Mililaire. The reginrtnl are still under arns,,
lCeurm, Martial silting; fresh prioners brought in."
i ct of anotir letter from Purand:-
faim Reballio not put don, t is only for a tin
and will in l. then a month, break out agin. In-
Swill nevr he eaiinguihedm a la g a Sectaria

e re, having (a Its ohjec. tie druactiono f
I, Chapels, e which tdre wi at prm me lm t n
OnIrlkal, aod a dt firm iMardch. at o'clock, thel
I w ll takn placa. I d not thik thai thesemaen ate

;.-4 theyy be who, they will escape whilst they

R Zbry prem a.e to IenKe tuese Irutde, after
rmaded LAhma Mfr the #pow efTuriaT D*As, aid
Atarsarif& Met &lanrfi Ofuce, rpat up Aum in
,O eferrra e OAT ram I husdeparers-vf.
"am, at y rim( drig r voaT-rrra DAis, s Ti7Wt(
Moll ttaid.
MryT O 05TA1i1 TiC.Ts IRoa *mEAtM.
Sto DRfemtsr l'eim Cuamr Ruby
Ia'ay Thoma TatbaU
S- Elizabth Bery
Apey Well

"Hery Baldwi
S Arica Tnker
Ma tilda Wall
5WU. 1. Absadaet
C eauvs La

&~Pwfl U~st


-E I

tM- p chbr. Fior do I Ma.Cuedes, Cab
Cedar Logs, to C. utmAax.
cr. Blsomm, Hudea., Jamaica
Bger nd Am.,
Sto Joses Tomnmom.

Std- Pr. Lero, YHuM ,
c 116 Shr. Primroe, Hideme,

St. Theme and

.*l-Schr. Eli Muaeso, lhilip, Claren
Am. achr. Ecim, LMattu, Baimone
SIch.. Bithon, Francn Cabs
. Am. adhr. Sea*ower, Kely, New Orisam
loop Hotspur, Wright, Havana

1 wer, for New Orlea s :-Mr. Hercules H.
1bd r. NorriL

Benamei Tyma. tU eJa Edal
Membw of Amam ,l a *S IFt Dihie f d l
W in themmemn d FwUines Euirme, wh e
d takiah khis m ino Bdo m, cmeqm of is
bade, ha Solicitor Ge hovhg bena maul o i

S HEREBY GIVEN, that eled Tander will be
received,onrbor btfln day of Marclh maz.
fur printing the Las, Ud W public papers, accaing
o the pmrlaio of the Aa ofa( Gzrl Amemmbly of
thds Ilduads, of thU 45th Ge. Sd, Ch. 14h. Every
information w i be given os applictios to
February llth.


] AVING 6fi d theisems of uaD at the lie of$10
H per barrel om r f Flour, Ordered, hua the
,hilling Lef do weigh il. 4os., and the sipelny Lol
litb. i. By order of the Vetrv.
DAVID SPENCE, Vestry Clrk.
Vzusr Room. 7th February, 1l3.
S E of the late E J. J.loamo, Frquire's,
a n Trade, by order of th Electeur, ao.
avaluableand emtimiearau tmentofDry Goodsr
&c. &&, will pniively take place by Publc
Au o, early in March neIL Term will be made
knows, previous to de day ied for the sale.
February 4th.

T lE SUBSCRIBER will put i suit, without dis-
crimination, all Vondue accounts due for the lau
year, with interest, if mt liquidaed by return day.
These pormas who are id d will govern themselves

(.5 - -

T IE SUBSCRIBER eraedy requests all persons
remaining indebted to him, o settle the sme by the
1at May; othmria they rill be pt in suil i discriminate,
ly. He olTers for reat his Dlling Hoe and Store-
now in his ocpcpatido-posemr wii be given at dat
February lltb.
A LL Perwas having damd ags at the ubariber,
will pleam reader dte nm ar parent Willbm
delay, a be bhait In mctemplais to quit the colony;
ad those indebted to him, will srwtl tdnir rspecive
accounts on or before the Is day of May, enuing. All
account unpaid after that period, ill be placed in te
hands of an Attorney al Law, far immediate remvery.
February 8th.
T HE SUBSCRIBER, leeadin to leave thi i
SApril met, for thb UIlad State, reqmes aU pr-
as having drmads against him, to reader tlam; and
the indelbad, o, aske paya O or ber tdes 10th
February. All ccommts remaking mpald after da
date, wil bel at t oesof d P. Wood, Eq. for
Jamarv Tt. F. TURNII.

T HE SUBSCRIBERS e- fr rsa, by private e
6 hhd. choice Maderi Wie,
40 don do. do. do.
60 doae do. Tamerll do.
1 raek Gendames' Sbhom
2 bhi Dinner Ses.
December th.

. I

HEll SUBSCRI BR ofrs for sale. a few f
T1 SmisLeaf Tobacco, a odermis o
Cash. *
February 111th.
The brig HIGHLANDER, John Kopp,
Commander, will positively m o the fhat of
i March. For eight or puage, apply to do
Master, o board.
N.B. All perau am requ.luad not to give credit to the
crew of the Highlander, as he Master wil not be repooai-
hie for any debs that may be colracmd by tha.n
February 8ib.

... ,. ....

A family of Negroes, far im mber v:
Delia, 96 yer,
Enlice, 91 dito,
Willio, 4 ditto,
Amelia, 2 dia.,
SopI, 11 med- .
oAN| fl y of Nere doa is member, via
Rone, 2J ditto,
Jame, 8 mootha.
Among am amhe an WaLhm Inmen md


A Le of Laad, contain about twasity- .g
dat eo Roy l iLad, adjhi oad th sa -ad,
ml al i Bemjamih B me, deemed.
Terms, Ac. wil be kmenw, m applied doa
Subscriber, or o Meam. Hlmy OG i & a.
f m dispoaed of b dh 1a April, dy wi, m ea
day, he miM I AdiM..
Fear.mry 11th.

TO BE LET, ath pidmly demai a

Hili oairY ddrleIn, Elqji. ilh m mn
P--=%@- Apply t
Janmery ALh.
The tme m--a Prslm i as oinda
by Me. Pel er. The Bm hi rms mp
Ssawim, withahrp Kimiemand wmbh
-aemhand d hmes ad stating -f 0apr
hmrsa, oseme ysdapmd m rass The su
hav ea bgly bIrepr aad -d 161 raoo pit
of dta m Iasehe hem w per pt p. .
A ract o Lad skhamatd at dt Vilage e malieag n80
macs. It i divided byd th v o int two LLeo. th
wmser lot eig intrseced by d sew road ladIng 6a
the riacitot b Be lne r.d. Trhild d wfl. i d
poedia oe or daro lets A Wl
S0pmN W. MILL7th
September 17th.




-- 1

Ar 0 Mmas' CNM.
0 hank Jte M-nJ B.T,

Go Monday mIu& 279A ina
AT M Iuas KI mOvLn,
At e O'l1emh A. A.
Wi llbre ld
At wre Mdts' Crei.

Fetr---A H 8 lh e

A w y N s yamd sMosa,

AT THOMA TH0 N .ou0t
At1 OAt EO A. .I
Wil ba sold,
Aof" Fd, in the baer r ,
Rnim ad Coam, bogs,
lRap, Cuandes
PieaApp Cble,
Another L, ooie, Lookiag Olase,
wh b er Lard, A&d. c.
rmo.-CASH on delivery.
At thee moniha' Credie,
(Wirfat tsit Luet Rm4)
A yoong Negro Ma named StBeph, an usat
Ship Capeotar.
Februy e5h.

W UMA SALT, far a 114 mu pet iL.
^ At Exam.

_ of Land, in the EaMern District, with a shatual
Dwelling Hou and out building, ow the mldmem of
the Suacrihar.
Another Lota, adjoining ehore oa aL d Staetreem,
with buildings, Jt

UNFO RTUNATE V FF TOTHE CATACOMb. da'; gad my enough Foidgt rnrt. Fosr ately hor, take Ihe tweey yeme. 1 Nlk v
a I fond is my pocket a fw sci4sdla drope, waics vry of m lbur bas.
r mucl relioved nNy mouth; *ad ribot. Stall, I felt very ajode swt Ion Smy 7eour.
The Catcommbse a s the mu of de sciy of Paris, weak ad I ow loln ed4 m in his situation Ia cdin. My triumph tred into Imn furaave.a
and coUmmrn de dT a p eae i d do Teatbe leanir. unable to sy, fur when I am ts mywslf, I was lyrig upon ,r of ami, or tne mdt kei, ail ..!i
Noulling abhe dd mark the s o a a depository of the ground, cold, and alisoo s pd with tim vurious rap- dreadful in its consueuencea; a hIe the a s a
hlw relic of the dead ; it ealse teroq all the depo and il e whick I felt mrwig over mre. ese q1mldia a writ of error. I oe my s reil
vast quarriea sdar l l d s br. "HI iti, t wau o that 1 begfs to fel eal the horror of my si- econrtto our; I y frm maly to lk, d m -
when these caavern wer co erated, the whole of olt tuatioo, and tio probability of y being left to perish in equal uesh oty atrand e eeory we a;
bones which had been c lle d an thenm immmmorial, this, y wretched abode. I eJdavoured to rouse myself. whic s frI hade os de td a a pnsZ t r
from am the churchyards, and lodred in the dilTement ad conmennced again my ardo y fr y companions;but p. se"dig e ma and f a ln to a
cluirdrls, have ben plead l them vaults. It is sup- my pith wias ci l impeded, a l I felt weak ind utoi Nmof, o tl d b ggauncrsmnlt eyor h ede.
iousd, that tea'gedtfldMs wtte In this manner deplositdl. ted for want of food mid f sir, continued, however, darkened t.with aheud and Caelntcektory ae I
I'el population thus stored beiath the surface is iliagin- toiling on in tie best way I could until ut length I fell over founded it lAth chieme ad sophitry. so a *
ed to be ton times greatLr than that of the city of Paris a large stloi flat upon iay faic Thsl rather stunned and me from amy sham in the c u of l y s oa ova
and the uburba. ollig(id mu to rest upon the stone, where I sat me down ence was too deep former; I a;*kwledgr d it; iaa b
TIw firm duor of entrance is on thb west side oflhe bar- lungrv, thirsty, and worn aMr with fatgue, and a mind filled deep even fCyo rset ; you have mde the way
rior )'lEnfer. The desent is lay a light of uslr ninety- itll, tile most gloomy apprehensions. low long I lhad that you are y u es los m it; Ja m, ad ou
fi.e fiet dhep, lwhiclh ran onay' bo descended lyy one at a been in those dreary dungeons I could not tell, but on re- fr your asvrot.- Bureh.
tiuIe, and it is nere ary toa tUe trcles to light the des- ferring i n my watch, I food it still going : I, therefore,
rent. At the .ootl of tIrImeled young eager gallery, out of' wound it up, and, placing my arms upon my knees, I The Red S.-Mr. MMblem, a late trmellnr mi
which pnrocees other to the rigintd hff, whieh extend rs.ted my head upon my Iandh and fell asleep, if sleep it EgIypt says:-"* Oneof my f re jects al Bhrs
over tie plains of Montronag and St. Germdinl. Aler could be called, dlnt was accompanied by such horrid tain if the sea wnll uleble lpiile the tm ate a variety of pages, you cme, at length, t drm, which, to may fancy, appoeral frilgtful realities. whom I rald. asourw'r mel t rhe an y. IN i I
a sort of vetlke,,at the f iher nd sa which tlhere is a At one time lI aw the whole mass of bones with which Idieilu who wishe d toeeang n a m dace meb a i i
Idack oaken dHoor, over lhrtt ie this iiscription,-" Has I was surroundled rising tip as if at thi wod of command, Aht eight ine direited hin to walk trnaiht acrle" a
vlhe atsepr I di let tin to walk straight "actuala to
ultr met rl iekretr t bfalm prm erprtas." 'I'his and filt as if my every limb was crushed to a mummy, was possible to de so andl to hold his hands ov er L b
i, iltheilr that opened k to thalse atM raverns which con- and the breath s(ueezie out of my body. At other tims ihe walked along. He was in the water orthwith; tb
ioan lre relies of nilliois raf he dlead. tlere was nothing but confusion, noise anid filling fur ed slowly aidl steadi hi hand shove his head, t ai ,
It asa on thie 5slh if August, I'li.,-ayvs, I well re- tl e loes ofl eaCirl iialividnal, wlio appeared fitting itself' minuieus he was on ihe other ide of the Red SB. ti
aeaaclaer ile day as if it were .sterdal)y,-wlin I con- up aM if preparing for a review.-Wheder awake or return, he tuld nme what I knew to be fact, that i
mr.ed tojoin a parly, n Ms. and Mrs. P., who were at t ie asleep, I nust lave remained in thi stato fur some Limn. every step rosa-lhe deepest part being about tie
saer horl as myself, in Ito St. Marr, to visit thee in- At klngIth opened my eyes, and sw, at some distance '" gfllf ha water was p to his hano. I .oP
Itrnal regions. My p.oor servant, Sandy, wanted very from np, a glare of light: benumbed and stiff sI was, over oelore mi. nd o Ir ws a n ut eight inches. dall
muFlch to lereadie e off this subterraneous ecarsoon, and I sprung up ill thel best manner thin I could, and went to- a,,e, where his chin w as i the witer my log inhm
spoke il strong lesL of lte ho rron of such a visit, and aids it; bil, oii liroceeding few paces, it suddenly dis- qi;e ,dry. The tide was now coming io fnuI, dki
irf t la longer of disease from ti nosioua vapouor. ii appeared! I then began to doubt tie corre ess of my I ime we relied thed middle of the sea, my ladisa p
l is.l alo) his eloquence upon our fellow-lodgers, but all in intellect, and m ina;rination bent really a the analrudent t1 process further as I was not anm apenma (l,o we wobld, amid go we did. Poor Sandy! thou most extravagaHnt notions; I raved and caelli n the IIil we remained ten minute longer, we shld inhcm
1h.I..: i. hI..cro what then thuu laRhlt sell dread of-a orst vehleene mun a.e.r, tamping and runninto fr, have sh. lared .Phar eoh fe; for the Oleppositl ba h t
p,,r, 1 Ilri.l Ibdred I Thy head now rests upon a lap of wil. all ti| sirenl I posse-1,n until t Icnull, I 'iy y lialiohing at ten O'clock the r, whih L
,. ,l, ir, the churclh-yard ofl tl bonnibtown ofAyr; but nmy eft eye and mple with all my force against adon Bridge, was wo th o three mile ohd...g
tily .narl, which was always is he right place, I have no hard substance which felled me to the ground. (reance between the ebb and flRw I mSrmtined to b i
,dohht keesla its station. And wIhre are our two other T'lis event put a period to my troubles ia tie catacomba, two inches." Mr. Madden goes on to my that he a
coaillnun'n Ahla! llmy also have paid the dblt of far when I came to myself I foaunad I was snug in my'bed himself the only European who had walked aenom; it
natiire, whilst ldy master till ourvives ht acknowledge hy at tlie Ilotel ulMontmorency, will ny faithful Sandy at n y i lie s mistaken. Napoleon and sone Frenchk ealdm
faithllful servienn on this eventful day, as well as gpay side. It was a lung time before I could collect inyvlf so Ihe Red Sea higher, aud very narrowly esaiad dai
oller orcasions as Io satisfy miy mind that this had not all lbeI a lurridl their return.
To proceed, we lad, ath deacendial Into ihese dreary druam lult the wound on my head was a fact which I felt,
raveruns spent seaml hourI In exploring sudl parts as are and I, thllrefore, was ile sooner convinced that it was A mmlt ingular laWr nature is at present eh ims
generally sho by the guide, and wes re being upe reality. Sandy's turn now caine to detail to nnr his alarms, Cainton n n China. It i a young Chinee, now aid dsimi
sollm stone iaitq, conversing with lhe Lnkldes of what there anil isi exertions to recover me. They had heard the (r IT year,. with a dwarf twin, a it were, aliadri ai
was tia he seen, when one of teihn' raitul iay ariomity by crash of lue hones, nnd Mrs. IP. had been carried out of Ilrrant, cinmplete in all parts but ille hcald, which pil
kiideuips aof skd which hnd one more joint i it ili caverns Amitance had leen procured and more concealed within the ory of the other. This pi4
than hid hithlert been disrovwe-d in any olanr. Thl ui jae ones had bt n Ith first object of smarchl, as participates and sympathies in every move. grsme, o.,, as. to Ie s l a it some distance from wi wes Ml 9 l 1 opinion, that lie eand nl and myself ere sion o the other, and leems to open a wondell ilt h desirous of llinag this, I prop.ial going with the both buried beneath the heap. Therst thing, then, to be speculative philosophy to account fr ithe ahb cneld
guide who had s.lke of it to inspect it, wlhiella, with done was to turn these over ; thi< took up a considerable lhea. twa complete corporal systems. Ve habre a
,ndy, msy srvant, conltinuedr wlhre dlty dE until we time, and it was not until the night was far ailanced hint ,mounting t some Ilmousands ilerling, have inwa osida
returned, as they derlinel, on account of fatigue, auo rn- the guile wasl found; he war., iowevrr, although much the iEnghalih at Canton to this unfortunate cmnt l i a
paRing us. Off, tin, we itrtted to the place wliro dthi hurt, alive, and recovered afterwards; but finding no trace v.., in procred with them to England, in uner ti
c rlerated skull was to be sete. The distance, however, of nnm my Sandy suggested that the caverns ought to be monea ) by the exhibaton of so wonderful a curi ity.
ans greater than I imagined. At length we reached tle searched, and torches left at every turn of an avenue, to
spol, ld, giving me tim lurch to hold, lie climbed up an guide ame, should I be living.-Col. W ho i
ina.iinse pile of human bones to reach the skull, which Tie search of this faithful attendant was continnedl un- in." rlq hivst.-Col. Wsdham, ho mied Ciltl
carfu lin his escape, is said it, have told the king. that Sir 7l1
w.r carefully placed st the top. interruptedly for eight lhours beflor I was discovered, andi, hmisfhear.n lhe yar aa3, afewday bhelewn, his dd
WHether it was dat thi foundntlo1t of this pile had lhad it not been that ne of the guilcs slmbled over me in Io him his five sons:--" My childlre." said he. n
iwen moulleredand had causcl t oe whole to be out of lis progress, It is plrbhable thll I should have ended my hilherto seen serene and quiet lians under our thehw h
-lv.l, or what was the cause, I lever could learn ; but days In lthe awfnl vaults. I had been twenty-seven hours ereignl ; but I must now warn you to prepare lfridhm
down dtie whole tumbled, thouusnds of loads, burying thel in those caverns from my first entrance to tie time wlien I slonns. F'actiun arise on every side, and Ihrelatrn e
I."r cuitle beneath in everlasting oblivion, and leaving me, was disverel, and was found at a considerable distance quillytv of ynar native country. Int. whalermtr k i
although unhurt, yet in the most dreadful late of alarm from the place where the bones had fallen. Mr. and Mn. yoU fitfiflluy hAIour nid olay your riane, ad adiam
ad iill tter darkne, the lorch having been knocked out P. had had real anxiety about nme, and rejoiced much at "1rl. I larjr ysou wrr to form i lit crovte da
Oit my lanls. The crash of breaking and br( ia o a1 I my recovery, which wasnaccomplished in a few days; andi, IshoU' haYg r obush.
that accoillpaUiod' d fall, and the dusl rlt fullloi ti- enter I had received Sandv's adnmonition never ItI attempt
ded to the awful lltne llialesued, not a cry or a ro. n sucl an exirsion agLain, "for that no good raoulh Is ex- A grey hair was epied among the raven locks o i
lbing meard from tie poor guide. Ohl! never can I lfrgt pected to come front the gratification of a curionilv whicll of urs, a Irw lans s a ne. Oh pray 1pll ii out .'e n
the haulers of that moment. As loon as I caame a little was not earthly, we agreed to set out altogether on our clamerda. *If I pull it out, ten will come i elu rI .'
to myself, I called loudly on the guide, but no reply came. way home; my fellow-ludgers th the southof England, the lady, who i.del the anwlercome dnicovery. w
I then endeavoured to grope my wy back to the Iriends I nds I and I to th nh. neeree he dmrk haired damsel, it
hal klft; and proceeded better oaward than I had expec- consequence how many come to the lune.l PV
todo de, tI path not being impeded oa lti side I fel- come in black.'
lowe. Laow ead Diai.-The pgfemoev of artnfial law ehve
I coliued my progin fr a full lf hour before it alwas walked htai la hand with ihe pfrosere uf aMrificial The printer of as American paper slays, that ld
no ld to m dmt I ist hve mwisd my route aId theolo. As their md. in confounding the aens ol man. ps are d ak make glod wheal they
J diri nac of my changing my position wbhi lhe "d a lng hila at ral freedom, is exactly the same. hey _I
e ac e p ie y ostn hae b3used the eas to that end in a ay entirely similar.E A
olU wab su cimibing oup the pile of bo. then, for d firs Tke die hoade out his apalA h m noise ad L At
tin' ame a ly M ad. I was now pmalded to know error againstthe breach of one of hispiive inatinluions or
whether I had, in my hase to look for help, returnd vb the neglect of some eto s M tried ial Ies than against te neg- Bils of Lading,
the path I had come, or had preceded onward.-I ende- ret or breach of thes Anlhs d comnmal lets of( nalfur Bil of Exchange,
uurled, by fesliig with my hbdsi, to find if thero were religion, which. by these forms and institutions. he pretendlto Bills of Sale,
any opeaig to 1se right or to the leof the path a which enforce. The lawyer ha his lonms, and hia psanive inetitn- Manifests of Cargoes,
I was tha protadiag, and it was n l e lg belnre I dsi tio tao. and he sadhees to them with a nvneration altogether Blank Forms for the Custom louse,
covered, tiat I cdd pa on either side. In tLis dif- as religious. The worst cause caemt be so prejudlcall to the Le.ase and Rele.h s,
iculy, in total a ad under the circumslnc of litigant. s his advocate'l or attorney's ignorance or neglect of Gener r Writs,
l' litl i -. rykn w t d A l Io; these (lon. A law-sult is like an ill-managed dispute, in ienral Court Exci,
my L fl. ,I hardly ew what to do. At length, as which the firt object is oon out of sight, and the pami .e nd General Court enExeli"
i appeared to me to be equay uncertain whether I should ,,p a utier wholly nfoign to that on which they began. Bills of Sale for Veels,
do rightor wrong, by pi l rewards, returning, or In a law-suit, the question is. who has a right to a renran Mortgages (with bonds.) rn
turning off to the right or left, I determined to keep house orfarm? Awl this question is daily determined, nor Warrants of Attorney to Confess Js"
uiraight on, adileaesche oet toProvideare. I lloa oe, upon tie evidenee of the eight. but upon the obarrvance or Powers of Attorney,
kept talking on, as I ceceived, n a direct line, ideo- werr eof some form tn words in use with the getrlemen of Attorny's Warrants,
eM oahibling o lem ho p of boos or rubbih,-et thmabe. abo wtir the re is men aiongp thaeseles ch Arbitration londs,
faer taes running my hel e aast the s of heno disagreement, that Ihe most expenerced verans in the Apprentice Inlet ,
an wws c te of bon strfession cm rever he posiively assured that they are not mil- Aplice Indetm,
t. wehh eeo cavernswdre W. taken, L.e us eptulate with theqe learned Itesage-hrse Police Warrants,
I bherae lquit exhausted, sad tand that I nst either prnets of the shared temple of justice. Are we judges of otn Police Summonses,
red or fall to lie groMnd. Uadly rwood I hive at me own property Ry no mnans. Yon then. who are anitistedl Police Permits,
dows could I lhave found a rethsg place, but the horrors into the mysteries of the blindflnd godilesq. inform me whether Militia Warrants,
of dining down upon the moit, cold earth, on which m- I have a right to eat the bmre I have earned by the of Suhprena Writs,
qron reptiles were crawling hboe, lad prevented e. my life or the sweat of my brow. The grave doctor tnnawer Siibpna Tickets,
1, however, nnw found it necessary to stop, and, rating m me in the afrmative : the reverend serjeant replies n the ne- Inferior (Colrt Writs,
body tagihst the masses of bnes with which I as w- ae the lear ed bar rlter reasons nuo one ie and upon i n Bond, &c. &c
the other. sad coocsiesle nithiang. 4hat shall I da i An Obligation Bonds, ec. wt h &t -
rounde1d, I fervently lra l for that assistance f(rm above antagonist starts ip1 aind prices nr hard. I enter the l, l anl N. B.-Job Printing rsecutl.el with ncal
Iy w, h ir it alt onte I had nowi any Ihopes of escape.. At these three persons to deflenl myv raue. My caire. prc h, upon cood paper, and on nmodernte tIrn.
liais I.cliod I Illt iII ,f siirk, cvrn, as I ihoutr l, nrto w1 li ltl ( riIr fmthI pl an ii u lhIa. 1 lecrciel ilnh ill a, J;anuar% 4, 1832.

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