Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: February 22, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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PIN") aw Who, I do
.'1. ii-lmO. A .to- A febIe dino aed mISNomh, lb* U s 4
b do C .om my eadsme q e I sl ,he e s a h mhe kp W W e, owi l me-
m m d b e, aid hem eaesad nmemj of em #h 01 tIoirB 1
.. .uftW, fl lK -,,h rfour fro. ckrdr;..rf rI I.. b5 LM .- 1 lgS^SS
goverament he we ri h rAad am h se r..s o hor., is ed a.-. h ass e i
do pshf prisef. An 'ue mps to astreud e fes *sm Samige, he o IN, _W
ele of so eight, W deds, woeld Wbe Improper I nhe mado ., peewi
ou t. O1n liberty, n of our heas privileges tdmo -The are f
msshh Ie t id been isu, in Ie amposr day, is .' Did hei s id
S. Ihilibs.Wf and sring eOr free cowmtim; and it nmimslr., ina body, whme am -e
s whn properly directed, h be mMues of preu-. The mlwhN i tred a deI was
Poanlt gIto Na eme invalua Ible g ia me to mo s org= t ao teme,- mpbpd S a, im
hi Hahwr_ N le howevm er, as shmerdlnarni tions aole- l end i s do ep d srel"n u V m s ie
THE MIDNIGHT MOON. mea pam wh pronouasd th, we cant eeLiae- h( 6d ae ti io rud -r i t.'i) Dihme iok I
The midnight h meiight mesyig,, t t they are all of thee as a" with db law. eg eamem whn e declared, r i.
How ne berty th e*is prm, o uniformly I e t iiew h nd.l. rg words, dms thSd ame rfN Cmmo s --oa
Oluling alone ,th illy sky, st rely sradilows. Thee in so aoUe ewip- c orra, rth hie fel degrded by bl pb d *" I I-
And whining mo. be ire ms m ion, painag eau re upon any ilaeiotS any mael, Bul w I ald' ,f i, Sb mhe .em-
l mil s poo the whispered v rn. r aey mur of Uovernaen wlch nlh a pr. dern i~tlf o he gn a, eM f &ashma
When e.irful laet now dg lalw of liel phailtonp reait m he erg ofI piab. t ey psrm, ihW and in.gahy,t be 1
Benih e e o, trt- punishmet abort of li, and Isble as as of urar, h spn p-
Otriw'. inmleiam. of senity the Judges plbr. The author of thie ion olf mn, at ea swl, amel a l
The midnight=ep, the s idoight mnoo, Digt of Libel a, quoting for his authorities Bacon's even got into th- haho di rl evry s
How seet ain the Abridgement and Hawkins's Pless of the Crown, states it and surendering every lthng l erq. m i
lus kim (all, ien bllowlep u te lw, 'tha words, ir published in writing, nod obliging either y eoaniy or IkusL a I aw l
Unm 4 the We1e I lending in san degree to Ae disodi of a man, are &ie the of my l" agihry ak va n-hk nI- jI
II sthe the oly mariner bellous, whher such words defame private permasa oly, do even by my eJlevtio. Did thi
The rte e u ofu h hons ee ll or person employed in a public capacity ; in wila"ter wrong to pour forth Wth mo u,, t l
Whie oan dleo o thaeie of call case, they are said to receive an aggravai, they agaismbe higher t en, whom ie 69l qlIL
Wtle aing uoo thei sy. tend to scandalie ltho Government, by rejecting s Jhose the following e on rhelati to Mr. pin Lemd
The miBlight moon. thesaidnight moon, who are entrusted with the administration of hbjc af- Melville -' W a knowledge thi dilsh >*
When seep lrsaies the wor lairs.' (f) But if evory tiling ther rejrtl on thera British Chadcer fi s Eu-ae aJ -T m-
And heav. chameu traeller. med with tshe admirmistraton of public ff&b,- every theb Navy is.ipld by no public say, he -a I
Th ml rchn fee tihe moil thing ending to hi dicdi of any one of he n the mot wanto. prdy which has everlned I
S Uom Ie l tie sils l aggraelted libel,-it as abeurd and ridiculous to speak of of mankind, have delivered over to plunder, ilmpri '
S.W i i tluand chill d liberty of die press. Under the pressure, however, ment,eile, and ldeah lisf, ccordle a to the o
Wr Arin is cu wry heill. this la w, Lord Ellieb ough found himself cronstrin- such exucnable tyranm u Admir el Cmr and Piul
u hs w ea di i te case of Cobbeti to which we siao already al- fimid, the unhappy and dehlIdd souls, wha o hi by
riht empren of bhe fimament! luded, not only to declare, ntht every thing which tends uniform example sere sill weakenough to pu i
What s om an grhe lin hee to bring he Gorlrament in to~l, iiisu a libellouw, but in Englinh faith h'(- Or, when, in the I am ispech, he
Of t an subhliat 1I to av. that, by the low a England, there is no im- declared by one of sthe mos cutting ae which
Thu rules in th quie ho puniey to any perin publishing any thing that in i-a o t a' .
Of esn uis"i .ulnts,? oSmss tlir-pt.heiIpnsl m jneeUn, _., lm cccneedt
Th= to land, I m 6li -l m oKaD the natural ine of
The sirah multasit euas among iboas diferent libellous pasiagsl which ab minisu 3 I Ib orul aaof sL
Aud perish but wi The! rt in ut ined, it ich quions d the kdo o an triag coonele with Mr. BIdl I
SSte of t Hn icks for the situation of Lord *A egie Benield, h ay, outwehigy th ial
ThE PREtS. Lienuora of eland. He admits' (says his Lord. aIQ inlm who leng sin cegh re Ifiseed to
ship) thi o ale perman to be celebrated for undersand ie i tl his al, is, by hi Majey'i miii. ik i
py the lrfoIing erlnctu frm an s tic a ole l he mhodeu mthd o' falting a sheep es whl as sny ned in ths goveranons of ageat n kigdo, ad seai pI
Inr o Pe, fmi the Edinborgh Review, man CobidgrAe. Now, gentlmn, wh o wish state, hic in he oompram eSae I S 'ed
thin mean I Does it not clearly mean o infer, that Lord door orf b ability of lurope.')
l, 1811. Hardwicke is ill-placed in his igh situation, and that he When dh pr- see very day with m e a e-
in ooly fa for ihe conmonl walks of life () There can vere u thsen, bolhem tbh agents ad memrn of goer-
ahg indeed can hinder thiat e from be no doubt, that o prnoumce a man in a high situation met, om.res pe-bd by th igbca t dsme re,-
i exi t he tmipements it may re forev anl fr his offi, wnd he di.agreeable to his feeling; characters the astlwho, -D ftI rb hoeng pa lM
by ja y.Y) The psges mDr eodinu i proo ir bt must mo so me b s in eria l at ay mre o is rame mours hb and powr, what inb
I telat e r, mure aIat by a gr t dal, public foedmwry Mly 6l Y or i thT i alks bof life. to thinkwh, ens tevry now eod dis hod a sfer
rmet he er.' The oeer of the law would auh ito ui n LdU mockery to sole a- free pri&- Iunae victims singled out for aunewe. M -ceedi, I~.y
I Burk, but J=iw ore iL We mam far, hower, fro bln Elolbormaoh equal, shoes which are unpunisieid elds, irde, am
S* for these deetertioan; Ib, spo. she only ground of lw*, it forhear to think, whb is hbe anebre pdroMei o
tiei M e eIadd, Ia p eiaon, or PPed law, ou which he had to proceed, we know Wilks fe a lAbel, r. Bush declared the he .
w .lthet o bi a mi hi- ne whit mi ws possible for him to declear; anl he I ill Mno believe, what aonhr an liv em,
kid A5gh uesled nsred euca ih d decblrd. tot tghgh w t he lw, it" was a hw Mr. Wilks ms pe'IdW for S hleicy h-
rnkti.. _~Ah'hA, s eid oa sre. -hich JPur a nis Juad had l oy often as he lileny licrbl ob or thb mpity of bin rnemad' Cdl f
lol ai. I at ne ofrrega rdiog ; thol as often asth y had done so, the h ad fei isc di.ghisr of h ibra ld ls
i S Ii~ a had e their country good serving; and t at, in geer ,a ph=me% I could wel believe dust amee 0wOIIIhe
oem, thpu l privle, in .he kiigdom by esxcating is, they had done nothing bht michif-. she wm prmeededI. BIt whon I ea 4 OI pe-
ywLe e very as CA say conadiction,b. he gra m the that which togeer, f ulln s e nd i s
be -ufhn /l, I.r.KU. Cof ; to rikion. @ad ad e y "dwue' he'n so ml?
Sfrim Ih ti S ibnly of doe pi- Sb mato -I Is Sm anmy a, boever Xiul 1ed s cew posid, norer b dinteam, I a -iII
prbly, could he fa asti caple up e spriaa of aorky, who cker is criminal o hy mider this aa shucking nd dmasiem pRs Da
Sb mesv e ma cL r, wrho ot before Se public. espr iomso reox emir impon b qmli- e public b Ahold with indi at is P Wm 4m 1 P OO
of a toher he e Ri m M L a uore ta punpi of puic HN a Mr. Widhm rally mamlouo is lhebir liver, but the id We el
bIi e tfl sonr of seua y hfo orar 'im mel, eg directly to this ry poib-- With res- who, by tir society, eim inuseci, bi n l,
cn, eariis wad pae pc to th h ppare, ao of tim by which he encouragemeat ave draw es n lasi rS y i "
S aawd no w Jak -- im of eap inm o m ral r m s, I per- M hi ohae ofan ie ed wish 0pr- m he I Y
I, s me a Col fciy gs, that it iswe of whid gch di vor.- pr me e lhehish e kindm oTfvIr, sod
.d r t pe h Sb Jury met.I proerl y me called, I is so say, p ono in b dllstMioe which A at- =1* Add bt S abe
a of- gs e Iesl s i eh pwlee stham as likely y to heto l oey, atm d of evdiyafam o aerlm.) io I IVury
hol. .llalmiuny oidiheonourlihe~les Sb "' oporte mom ikely. sbe guidty, their nko.y d be.icrie indII1 ,the whole i8lmml"-tmamib IreoqaeI ,ler
r aOi- owIf e, ( c be dery l k, io .ng a end e greeins, the m iLK r n Its nd beo wll Jami dneub of ewad md hw.
O rlj. whi milg he the aeadlu ih voracity, tSb prodite di""Crsd Of Al claim Whe, re"We, I1 e i mLa d h
m pg.Il-iWd.Imt of tut 6 ef aow -lir- frsi metrita sric, nthu wodne pMrub dmnleaigrb phsnieilnh .s 1 c id sa**hot
S &s.( bSbtrial p of Mr. Perry, in ocil stem, whe. n providing fu tf iv, ti re- `in tS object of precuta, a m ics
Ifalt aaa dews iSv in wit owe oI s11.0 f o
SbAm 0,Gm4d few Lard Zlkd), after essos -r depeadama ham t dibp.s may a. dmn
teSb 'msm si u .a model m l. to defea them in hi cam i Lot it o "poasel he ward, bt far d1e IN which heo r PY fr om 1'
perhtlNan r se, rwu a sanbra son amy ma peme, mad each mmw dam it thalt in pauswd for de qaelood -Ime whie
Sha p heam ba en jyed, the by commonly is.' (I) Doa Mr. Whdhm bho M&d Sb ble with bin vImps; tar s otM m
anthut- gtofleat is:,.ad egl dosrise of atm loohing she fsiangeo public name I e gamin., msth mm.. e
is: qaag fom, Dow he moa, im oppaishea i. at my,tit thy cnnsu obearpen '
loii'nlat sd f, of od. oun dtaowhel d we e doethanof patroagethey 0 0 a
hfroom an its pslsr pIlal, I iy h. acd wag? Didlurks tmb Is aehel tX
ty Airr the esoymmnt of do= blesmiag.' pbolhi cay dloglin heimgl gasedency as bring the gum a- To lb em Sb ea i oS pdoatof S
he my., *depots Sb rit Of say mm meat into dshe, when be t go rg 1 No men, I s edhed socielity by Sb s of eme, WNW
pi rpcimlieve will consider it merely Sb domgiimuge of sploa e0 a minw emalysi of Sb =ame sad n
Ts) hJudge himmA f( K say*0, in culmy eunimg is de pat onjunctur oisemy b prmeId, whih fd s iseiam a-
Sbi charge to he Jur Sbmom triad, hardy a en is or out of power who holds saby othr drd se jud Yby. Of d which ha meey
Yb. bat1 of she pra sshaalways he, and hen la .. Thes gommt i at ope dmdd s" d ml Sb im at poro er byS prom "tP
himo uin topic wtIh Englisoa. we dcoosemeed Sbthlaw es sspolesd or all their re- dham which hv eojeyadl Sd I which ho hemre
he malignde I it i placed en dS metinel peetd cad salutary rorso ; thnt their inarting in a appeared shie grset d.p.aswho h o seemy, and he Of i
1 Wheany attempt ii made on our libertiess'(d) subject of ridicule, and their exertion of abarrience; Sb mi I The swr whch shess uw of hi Me
SYmiary Gibbs himself (for it is occemry to shot rank, and office, and ttic, and all the solemn paeients to on, will osm-prise dw who hove *rm oll

-i- -- "-"m
~' "'r

4 ~ ~

. -h.. .. .e.a t i- wt-om"s, r es .a.. e.1 ,

I +it .. W m~aa r-----e a"se-o, iovetaatiM from h ih o r Om to lands ol'.I toe M
E s n I lv d witmh more piower,- t ea J f thP feriB of the Gablst. Th imgtoo, i doH
VA&%eec oof th' vcro g synva a NW b' of !!shracand

qi h p th.u h_ dM a Se e, Ik Bnash Woss. moment, the subject hasai6t toconmplain, or most only fctsd bof lhe .io` sk wee, ad te i
SN nd to a tyranny be hba himself created. We trus thy may obtairit-but as weo
S .. .. -.I Hi. Majesty cannot e roateB lega y, our property i written, as well as wert*, pbomla. of thf e pot
pan& e---&z':':z: uvlan ath Mra ?
t I*ofItii IPir c. the Lrd or C m imoo Can we he i, lle ted, we d not reckon ne h oun tie e

.._-- .. .___ eter ao f o mion, whose pivte. piquea and qaarrel now about to mention make it appear that tie tr
"' Ir . ll be the rule by which justice will be meted out to u l the Honourable East ldiad Company d it dr
*_ -iWe ,heeld juatly be the e. of .ftr ages, if we did; and friends will no be so complete a they had ed ,
Ss ur, math ger do ti me wee, to e srniy, be poe; d to ior c ip atoll. byonr s Mr.
pteimhp d H r rme, orf A- folly, sad shew t a p ela 'aOi, wAi t. pre- 'the Chairnan oof th B.phW u t a, M e

Sd le ll t. ... . .~,PC E DINais short, lll ommercia it saeror .twees Ii a

bamvepn tpowms opeef or Chprm ouovernmeer in al its

Cd~ses dhe far nu Bark AHA A IB A D Port-Frine of Fraan.. re alln
.. ms ee, aI. jA Mr Weed, from the Commitktee appe latd to ary the abroad,-would we could may tat ow
SA,,,th !,k,,a = ao d, s l ian Wfs, l u,, r bi evr r ng. a R . orU hmI or..f. th Gvern. -b. f, t --at
4d k o m hnss e gai e dO .r Io sm ; omet td bi ecam ily ; which orwm ndor, Oe ae y t ins bg io th si pe of a nd tL

ag lsarpl o rtase s.~Lndbyar r o no m e the e eamih ti el a pp"isd U o ri iin a d
a pl tto an ors, ha ue n tr e The King has m in ali s.
I djoun ctboof" pa nato tad U ie d ha dtil Mnlday reaxt, at 19 'co, pk. -I ne ib re t a s t tS
g nally worn by all our egrone 11 tm Lna nctrad MonoPa, Febraery r m 0h, 183ll. anr t.ur toen, o w lled he Coart abkla e
r -,y .--. ""t.. -. -them -,C- -..- Court Albern Pel one ofn Hc Maj t ,'s>
m, h equal to hoesem idMaI la by e pigrim who r m th P f Spain Oauel ef Dec. l, 8l1l La~ John Cross, oeof His Majesty's Sermsas
mdrtsk a journey to tim skrine of on Lady of Lesleo, The Gasaue of to-dy contain Th, Welasma" of the. m3 Aoeyr oese.- fC unte Pof l atiMeos
2:&.0.ore00 ite orom1.r koeo" Can MarQ" he s-

w lh p 'lam io isadalls aa pname. O w idi lahabhta ofTroidoa4-, tor mrn cld med Go err, edinhe w, totht te loter Juide toflt i mt C s
- sa s1 pplatmln w ea a* ling hedad re,*whoM e Sir "Laws (a r, K. C. H., on hi 'tarn to thir Co- ai n oo-tritute and appoint Charlet i imu ke
i trhey ; together wilh Hi Ecellca py' Rs 1. The for- E. ne of4 His Me aell tConsel lrs orlaiLmedn l tA
e rle tim, mr was praentad to ir La a on Tho n r y lasl by a lensm Merivaale, Ecq. Joshe Epvas. J1amri I
da im ajdpleS of lHi MjeWy in f er tiht Dpleat.oo of dnin Getndamn selected from among th Feoblanque, Robert Geon Cecal Fane. sd iail
manu weW, far te frst time, to be gives them. Ware munerous signatores to thateddmr. Both documents are rod. Esqr., beanr terms at Law, to be C p"oi lot
ch le case, l iK nMo faulty, mle to p y ppUe a adeq brif aind fhelin: the moe, ich a mn ame wool to write, c m .
S--r of bash to npram ,h.-- ia b .il y. wiae t.yr o-ld oeov dteir g inem mad as ce e an ws i
a suitewdtmut anhy Korans a'i apo l or over-mi i re tNA s
ia, o6 a tlnr, a kng m ti. gash e s aoul whm, ISaee ,eneroo sr rl l bl n Ihdi
e.h d,, , -y th o e .i u 1t Iy a m .-, t on an o, Votbh m. mm ii
Willisai *t" e h6 the h it iN te mrgSe eg e thus rtl d i tan to.e C.d
bm gin mather em ry I test, s s ucaasadram, and which Iever adma entCharmin g al Cotanen Vnat f uu nal
Iare a rrtpm o *or the hum te convicdo *k caties d. w tee laoea ins-ead as one. as bt
hmil e b mid the uwihr a lamntf as the sta bwih haave serea. o

eMI c-d hn airim iNiqoe ADDIES8 OF THE INIABIrANTS. ad2:sBenl,. C u A
a Sawhe ot Gerr's sti To m EsaTme.r Sm LEWIS OR ?' rdt t
hes hm am m Id, w ena ha -agleaad fte 89"h EigA* CAimmdar ef LI. Poertw ofee e ra. msl
Witd Geaema obh, Am wal r mm n bi OIfori min aRei fo th ef 3 ssp. of t-i G ma. Anes ande

Lataa wit' da .I -it 2 N -- __________
Mwenam temdim dspacied In ani Cema; t r a ;h w Masoderd tos O
I hs thcCue as tah toabha as King As besenes p af L mm Nllueasdl toudirectloaw
SW IN a e mmor of palmettoag a Wn, IAa nLanua oderbabtide te l av mea a-lln of

h -d, u cm uim dasaey a l I.m I ~ ad u i Moda eat atad cloe nde e st PA o

hBfthb di waidh down, Waed"am a LX eqeH me happint mao eerw Es bd rer Wa el atan to can letothe a
< == equialess, wr t ..5 1n.... Ia eLJ re..ada yymm E Gadem ee rer aegO md
m eile t-d anVmrlvleefay hr n --, an m.' dm a am stmie we ca'vi m. T.d,
desi mZ0 thhe *our wdb Iilm bed a. bin ef a .assiS

6- ie qai l 1. them and the ei woual, Weth. beg t ,,,i- p ao Es i a.,, ea ec. d "Idad al. .. o i .a
P rA aiute d l le "I O Lanidy lof re heamu h haphasmd m H . or Nrt H6cha t, l
Te A it eodity lt,( m *g a s we "l to l t y b e' em yos; nd.leinelsrity fhaCfou, pilo tofpo rsa r
i i m le Peram o i G ile LESd a m l ad lathe L tohe othe h hon ,id ai m. ';
+"on " Sur -ie" a ke..- A e, "r K. C." os*int ,h. C8 410tcniue a.. C..a F.

wu PresentedtoOilLonna an r okW oCous ea t --
_ie bua h w m. a M Ii aaher tu i inI..Is,.r
0l a w h umty ,, h st i e,! UICTt A"de .'I h -viim m t-ten Wdl A W F fl rheof H.Csm "
l _The J mark, ht yer n GmBeau Im ,F E -Tei*s,. 18i1. a *dbr sem. It isceyp ible-, at U
9'1 1 .* y=.y wisd meh hm eay r adm to cceive as eznce moe nw Meorisra. At
a m n ia fs m e, t r b w gv in wr IW iantPems om lave dsind m congretademtrv re o cat lock as iown, to piyeCrs: hbe b
mmI Lw mI dea eathr emap, p ine prerbi to maf, my "maore Iad aheng aiad, d&aieM hunche s; peI tionh !Ce
wi eaas o h rfa, ht ta p Sheks nr &a elaom nthey giwe ma o my rta to my coasanmabhl ohel ensue; theeD, p1irhbp
"Im', mm. 4 rd. o'" e alfo ir ntal sapg thas thrhmur &iA 4 heated dews into the corner of a detail, TtNA
Twa IWOnid6- Hia %& hhamr o amA'rf aoan ma. riid, mouthed, amumnbled for Irme orfour hrtobe
Tb. "y aanmlt pm e t hhs iuoeeeu'yr (Siged) LEWIS GRANT. ly e ap attaot to In huner d sRwiy rtd sw
Tdl 01- Proecr t r ane Thde a of doe whs 1 m1i Dtpot doAn. escapes up sais to a plate of old nm eat a sn a
bi t a, mdlhtf i cn h ana eater; and in dehabof t hbar
6i8 0e imseles Oia, o d a bcm. n fti J Brl re-mi.ated ti two d Ma, three a. tbe wmda
Oiepw t Un Indian pomein have long *bee graday I n pi cular intene i. ti .,
4a o111a1. h a ute am.or irte, a nt h as ifa iTlnm. edriA r ES lance oF r a-are, cant, ignorrc.c 'amhision to rratift-no purpne tar sswr' Pr.
fnmthe aim eJud c, o e Admirah .: to obtain whicL rn c p tor, whoha renlis 't into their scivety ',bk, ,hins wNl-r v ( biu tiel
W uo f t amis Wit h to main *tlean e n focu o I part Wf t.1e Go'ernmant as home, *rm ardc- -rls'.w i1 ,;, ... 1, imu r ahiJC *



* + c.i -,
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~r~Ea '"
-rY*b~~IY r .I

a Ily kbeth Andl lo ii, e Ust ii A Al, fad of i e rf
the a thug mom ato lfamdiogmembu of the *noe oa*d,(whh
in Xgr apess maes sabimshbd is 18i,) waited so t Ihe -
ls. indeed, to m who do mat eo m lu- id appealed o him, au 1 ad .
8 dIZly wor@ 600mo. fl e mw additional ream *ihe r 0 sh TM .
Spay be O-bserved "hM of aL purmiian of Dlegmes, he mas.W be, A n- as MW fr'-.-,
S ic epeki generally esao and o the supp ad M4cdl- of Mp1 l thie I kIrr .
l daui mos. A dhI Univorlstie the l oLer w uord., h wa khimi tio l el~ tt he if w I 1p
asking club naely thiLk of fy thing els remain King, he m d yl. His Ma)I h bd Sr my .]
r aio1W AUL *a. how ineriaily *adrs herd year peat enjoyed a al .iamal al ai ied A HL Pne-rse
invLiably teir convermalo a Ioa 0 hbe ow by dom natural supporeiri o his Threoa, tihearlia _w ph
soi is regard tp do th ou. A cracy estict,tho democracy triamphatm thlslll dfely. Ube bob nl
r(s wr s 4 a dinner, fly at oaMe o that a of bie stuatlo-le knew the repubilela party a be a. them Idatld
dbaue"-" Mr. Sanliy,"" Sir Charle We, al-powerful-a swe of the prnearluam of hi aties aontso or befa
I the Sugar Iteliuers," and the imiamaiteble had, alas! when too late, famd admi ion l*te his ReoJ seroun impaio abm
th it is tial makes the socily at onemiurI mu id. Altle reality of powergoe, as it wa, frm im., band of a Atorse
w* gy world, and iuipid to woauso i particular. hoe 1ul acutely this attempt to deprive lim even of Ihe
However ointshhlinu in general, long preserve poor trappings of kingly d lgity-lIe refusal to cmpl'y February Oth.
thy with the Parliamnntary ambition of their and dared to brave the unpopnaarity of hi refuL __
he- ire is a marked dibhaece bhween the Where," I asked," is Ji King of England I-at
i4 the Enliih women. The rewards whidc so- Windsor 1"
ainhn bhrlows in Franrrr much nlore gratifying "No!" mrybrother replied; "e i visiting hi do-. FV E SUBSCR
si wji it ran grant in Englandi:Yet i France, minlMb in Hanver.- J April mat, for
mlu public reputation and political hinainamutlh England nd Ireland are disevored.-The Duke of oNhig dmaeeladl
n the of be salo.n ; n i it would he well is Chief Consul." those indad, to
ilaud if her. it were Ae sme.-Nees Motkhly. Here ended our conversatlo. February All mca
.......E Sdate, .iillxe left at
B. tieJosn BulL at ,"I
attennton Ihls boen dir ted to an extremely clever er ol o l Ir Id, Jm 4
ai d6 m i ri is L e, Every pes ab i d lease thee I d fter
S admitl, is nno alloBtai aow; but ihe able manner haring ra d tlisam s for tAC puTefl'f TnaIIrL DanSu, m
allh the tlpic unaer djcuion mae treated, ruu- serwit t Bretary'sOfaorprt apHi u n r* ui l
ata oIIIe anuabuig mad instructlre. T ,r*a m
mA s lO ie to have slep t year ;-he wakes Maid bfcefrclrra rrzaM oAripra to liu deplrp- Ie May otherwi
a ye s A. i mdm his brother sitting by his aide; t, whic, at ay tiUm dionF rorrT-rav Dna, a 7 ly* He ais for
hihm me mke lquiria after his familly-His mother nw in hi acueio
lsthe rri p-h fthr, a c aleren, s an may be obtained. dim. 4
is Wk maruce: dth recital of sib a il- NAMES OF PERSON8
bim mucb of Rfo of Re over ith raim of the aAmor To Oaraln TIC.Is rn PIearIPA Fabnary 11th.
lim-n i *-r ro--- of as Univeniaiie, h- Wi November Felix Cusimlr Rby --- "------
ateRed of do nieri t e December Thaa Tuahei NO"CI
ft .d of Colleges, di inur of See- laib I. Elhsabmhb Bn5 t
,th aboltion of Tythes, the appropriatioo of an- "lh January Aphey Wemlls
i 700 ui thie Mthaer Protestant oad Catholic Sot ". Jon aJ. Fik S paei Led
, Iheepssion of the former from the House of ad Febrary Aamd ilmr Lu ClA.
Sl hethe ranitnlo them of the right of sitting in the 14It : aryIMa B .
Dlogltes m cities. 4h Alie To FebtLh A1.
lively we are male acquainted with all the 4tr Mia4Il Wail -
I7th e W. I. Aleamader
which lave been eflfeted during thi lest tenycars Cat.hrin ..ees OR SALE 8
hamer so natuFi and unstraised, thatit sem as if o Laud, hi
rmul hisiry thit we am reading; and after having .Dweling Home h
tIa clae. hlliruuh nal Lth detle,, e arrive at a ,aM .g.r..,-. a. "' I. .
fes pruducais by the glorniou .hug. okswtae 5ISR4(
rcy having twis denounced, the ltolirion of the
Ifpriinop..iture decreed, and the House of Lords a
r rg.d in the Haem of Delegaes, ihe foUowing POIT OF NAIRSA, N. P. A faml of
a ihu iamminhlr up:-- Del.
capital as could he convilte into noney, al- ARRIVED.
wrhatever los|, had beep previously withdnwn Feb H2th-Anm sloop Aselia, Aien, Key W ee
f nd. Thoe lrge capibtlist found that what he .1st H. Mchr.Piacer,, Tu.luh, Canti e
d we insecure, and the great incentive to in- Brd, Chain, &o
nt enlerpri had easd with the power of di- C-r I '"E
fld his property by wil, as he thought proper: he CLEARED. AIasr .
g e lner b h m a fmily, by g the l.rpr Feb. 20d-cb-Sc. Eli Manoo, Phillips, Ch eln ra r
S. . Sloop Libert, McKinnOey
Lfhis f fortune to an elder son, to maintain itin credit oop Librty M ey, C
isnace : ll his prpery iru to be equally dieldod 1 Bito, Froaci, .Dim ,__ '
hire neldanofwich Ats scsEdieeo h i" I
sad bahqet sivisioe of wealth mo r- Sn Am. sc. S. war, ew IOrleas
family to a lat of idlipence, or mediocriy $ Sop Heasper, W,' Hav.M
This compulsory dlpere of we lb opera-. --- A Le of Leod,
loago be, ll;*la l d Not1 COHRIEB'T CHURCH PABRIH. s" Rl I'
i tad n wure which wed th Bri-L MR Wims
thi os rt lduIra m tor te commerce AVING fiazd e Umsi am* at ts sate of 10 U sa m d of
h; ies w met 1 rm or comfort per Ihel of pa r Ihar, Onrdr, dlIs itha the a u, Am
tA bL boha l om. i a olf iMbiSC L do wei.hi 4m<. and the aLpeamy Loal
no, m he sas hi dmtb, othe dpro- 11. SI.a By onhrdr ofa u Feary 11.
ba h ednhhdm hisc Mmau.d whom DAVID SPENCE, Vusry Ctlrk.
E apemd a- t bu e rht e m ata f Var rar Roo. 7thb Febrary, 18.
i dm .as i p Ik d;- OTICe "' n --- ;
."HE sale of d residue aof Weech's St ick ail Commm

L nr- day m, iW w pti*- L. a- "sr a lmm hd.
KE- 'T ^ L'T I Wro Pties. -Y OB GREENSLADE& Co. Agll
Be -at- i he 1- res1. February 2Sd. b for my dedbs dh

14 deOi biesI brnd I' HEREBY GIVEN, ltha Sealed Tamdme wl be TO I
edo. Ur. a tlypi, pa I ieved, on or before the PIf day of March mar t. Home an
Svn.t2uwaiS wSa met w N toidtso o r prit the Laws, and or public papes, m ending i ofar Hy
ik ld I of 1881. Where a I o t.le rmions of the Act of the Oasoml am l emy orp ir
A year recmred r ti th, Ulin a day, he in thesm tsds of the 45 Ga. d, Ch. Id14 Every
lsesaied.l abi pami and an i the inf .rmuatl will e give on application to Joary. I eh.
,wi ith rstl the value ef yiney in 0. ARJIRISTER
M folife. IsL dim.n of iammeevtn ad Febary llth.
PImy eupls Iq pty called dth tle- l-
iedle. The otilily of every thing. i cor- ROTICE. I Th l
ar constrioa of the word, ws required muHE SALE of tihe ls. L J. Helm., Equir's, b
he surviving pgeat of th court (shorn S tock is Trade, by order of dt Esecuasrs, com- n
i as, it hd been yea ter yar) was s.imi- aaovlgMbl mveaslasan rl OmfD ry etd, S
ows itale to the tines, and odffsive to the H r, tc. c.-ill poitively take ph-ce by P ie la aM s *
o t splendour and dignity of the Crown (it was Auction, early in March nLt. Term wIN dde m a m
light mean something before 1881; bat since known, prevs to dt day fixed for dmbhl. t" fmu I
a rk ases wFere ere empty wundu. but were r .NY ADDERLEY.
Im^ oblnoioistuo t ile ears of all reld r Febrary 4th. A tract of Lanl
1 ftl doubled, that in a reprpesinttion to the patriot euar rm It i di
If 1831, as to the hardshipiinlicted on his subjects 1 XUMA SALT, for a at I2 csts par b mL l.tbolin
o blOired to pay taanrd tho expncas s to the E Apply to the vill into tha I
sh would graciosly admit tie truth of the state- THOMAS THOMPSON, poedofin Io r e
Ime a Od COs IItoI a curtril rent of his establishment, IAt EIme.
i madel of t,,t I,, he patriic Prlsident of dtIe February 4th. September 17th.

hER. teassdilg s o A ALs
doe United ftsm,requetl Oo
4evgn him, to n *Arm te a
ia payment on ah balms do M
to remainag "apawi diwne
0 eas" ofO. P.
IER eomamlsy eea dif
edowel IN ha m% is
tohs mIQDw Zg ie
.-a k wE he IN"e a*a


13E1 ou l aS,~b

he Eastr Distaul, whil *
o ala hoinlg, se do rl
'Osifn the aboven de
Negrm%, give In wme v a-

II mee

AN D A is'v

ton mde he.., en quinll.w
= A= ~h' -

amime am -- Id.I.. es


is, wE pmltldysdi me
For leegh or p

emmy be -a@- I'~~

IE LECT, do fio
iPrs~ inmsis eeper
AdderiNy. 9-% OW "Wf
t. Applytoc. iI

Frei S&LR. j

Zubin. Th-
i, within hp '
ldbmk a"d &&IX6 as.
ri mod I slas
lmosI Winpidy and "P6

&iMd edo VIa. cuuaaingI%
b vh1g~uia wet Loss, the
lhee road. Thisbawllbe-

ar eb. mas is time he the datirng
*i rhL1ep thaliesalaipqe- gg .. I
t W j P Io" i cIo dD bm. The
f dw h aso Iour a csea y'.
p*rUii ste byj
atd dla = =-aa rth eho w is

Si*-,Sl, i.-,* ;**- *t.f t, u o>. h hc-
asrts iO ase-o Ine to Lthe E a Mioh
u k ue ee Garkm e w ee e T riPom re
eam, he~ es anrda aae rl 0e
gm mr I w riaes id a re e rowr. lieruoe, i coape-
Ida wlI VL aleb, hduisae sddlel widhadisaf
aser'f diey seemn lng few drs ohllio apilu. Itre-
qswa m ar t ihow, that such a difllrrnco of tax-
at t'il !Poritguese of all their fim r advan-
raw, and is the end extinguih the eitnordinary
grgw*- of ariseae ll thrcisoe of Entre Do ro Mithe.
S.Whl ae o advantages whict Minns propmto
pagl ,rroehisLbahansaomsen their uscieat ally I
'1' .tis E ith amnmerce wih Frane is s nluch
i Be* tha dhIthat lof PIasigal, dat h is wil
wJhlliuee-! ipthrdwlomlgaindeetlr t There-vre
hl-t mpr 0o Fraeg aroolv 7P000,
F le aLhu IP Uartugal annual to f000..
tLnaFrce l7s" dItao mouch ounel ior iBrils copm-
AMffJ-R Paugaul 1 The revere is the fack-France
Sllyea, rigid system of nibkht excluded all
r MliMu cilirus from its shores; wbile Pol uta na,
alhi, is of the miidavourable treias, given thee the
psaiU slencomragemeot. Is it because a more
Intl4 comnw with France nmay in future be nntici-
a iestheitbrl dly intercunrse turein die two ruour-
trm, nd a pir of rising liberality hus manlfeted itslf
r ;l part ofla Iufacturers and merchants t The re-
enrdmis t a t;d Feance. so murlyi in s ao n rrtln pr
In hd es smalJ wia h Egland, mi the matm oel, la
&aemn amaa inme tin ome s-uiOaufactures, Ihbeoll Pur-
sturl, c oursd to mIIe inillurnc t of a vebrtial un, without
Oel or atsieletring capil. is unable oa ) witb
oa osf det primluctioulu uf triili iednft. Th roiW e-
uane is, lthatl the ultmel publle jealousy has always.
tid espdoy id lhie ye areuisaed on the pan of thr
Frenc againt te British iifaclurs; and lhat all our
m1111a1 for their encauurageet have been maM y in-
aued disbm ad mors rigid polnhbitiouef dhe produce
af our iadiuy. Is it beau France hal been so much
mom frisd,. of laI years to Britain tha Portugal I
The reverse a e fact: Frae has, for three centuries,
daorpy t hi i ha paolsi cd to dm our Inahisury
an m a iapdo. P, w mgW done every
Ithih I w l 0111 a sh pp e wIll th"r.
*hw O of ;"hisr S s .lr. ooha of ihe

Ihew m Maof and n d Myd lihm."
a5 IlaeMa h wesd, ha4 l for fth i e he watottes
o ras h by she dibrT of the NMam of the
nT I dpuFena MWm. Ofha o -
she mhlM i1=6ri pwanesle am J-
ipoler a.V. l a a oJfa'a -f e 1
pesm at L~- I1 a, s is as
Ahsk's. and a -al ihe trde of Si Ti Law-
ic he piqusat lMs h ehb-sa ehalmnte ad
ans a tllu e I** ie m a of" of bashiL e gambling,
ite aser-eomie dieull u a Partlameuay apirant, aid the

The Levene ot the Omenl Cememadla hi Ca
been for the present diseedeeed I ------- 4 Is
ae of Led Hill, whkMi depead fr aWl, i a
Orange. near hrawbaby. Uli Lolabli wIll nbe pay Vlia
to the nrnames bnaseheLs of his fadly wbe lade In alop
during his brief ab a e eow. Sit Bewland iU
e iphw ad heir presamltre of the General Commanding in

Aridrlsu of a H Arma Thireas.-The allowing o-
ryi given by l d' DBrssierre, uas lkatrade of the
adrogaM and audatck d the Arnba in m of their
thef:-An Arab Intron ced himself by creeping on 1al
fars, like a quadruped, into a tent in which the Bey was
repolnlg, carrying of his clothes and arm, with which he
attired himself. The robber quitted the tent very early
in the morning and lsuming the manner and haughty car-
riee of the chief, whom lie had left fast asleep, so im-
poed upon the attendants by his appearance, that they led
forth their master's horse, which the Arab mounted and
rode off without creating suspicion. An hour afterwards
the servants were thinderstruck at hearing the voice of
the Bey, proceeding from the tent, calling for assistance.
'I'he latte was still more astonished thun his servants ; tim
boldnoe awd adroilness of the dtier appeared to him total-
ly incomprehensible. After several weeks spent in fruit-
les endeavour to discover the delinquent, the Bey an-
nounced a fee pardon to whomnoever would acknowledge
iulwhat sie r his arms had been removed from under the
rllou on which he slpt. Some days aflerwrds, the
idemical .rah prrisnltd himself before the Bey, and re-
d him of his prclatnlion, mentioned him to rv-
Son his couch andi reniin sillnt, whilst he explained the
mde by wlich be ciffcted the robbery. The Arab forth-
with dresAl and armed himilf as before, left the lent, and
again deceived the domestic, who brought out for his usea
valuable and favourite hone, and, moreover, handed him a
mot agnificent pipe, thinking all the time that they were
walting on their master. During do whole of this scene
the Bey, who aw whet was passing, was convulsed with
laughter, bu hi merriment was soon clicked, when his
prototype fairly made off at fall gallop, with his weapon
ad baggage. It is oeedloe perhaps to mention, that the
Arab after this ft, wa too cunaing to be men again iu
the qwarteas.-Lund Paper.







eqm mmD e m mem e as ma l m ai-
alder of a e .m ris, ald of their cliu e ad Bingiar ppica0 of amsli.-I- happen soo
priiad P t, t ty of the vine and the oliv, eocn, in that excrucifag a cionn, tai toosl-achl, tht
al l a d, i1 of any mot, de iutnie of the dentl, ma being able from any external marks todis.
,mae ip. mahmmld by i mo sig uishlthe dld tesd tooth from the soud ne which ad.
eoi rldis i m pti with haL m join it, is obliged to begin pulling away at random: so
mof d O a E-glaud is it etiog that to gat rid of om tt is decayed, he unfortunate pm.
iLk tIile am wm&Te. Time sight have ha the tlit mut aie the bmd of rising two or three whid
aowi Fala, if bld b n pamed meiy f hel mighl have served out their century. For a beg tai
sa perovse: but ta mother lylig nemly la th there was no kaown check agaiml this bluedering an of
b'irn' A' n"d, with *air mo misa, cottes w or; but very recently, the extraordinary discovrie
Mad ie" mmfris, are a eac y the .Hne which ave be made ie galvanism, hav developed a
in hy esema ad tIhi jeale s y i co- Imrl for the detecioe of bad teeth, or rather la preserve
ma ismmam eamnive. The moan tioe of good em, of infaflibl certainsy is its appiaiom.
somgeail Laing a smh r sealed The mlhad i thi described by profeor Aldmi :*" He
je *. 's a p mat i a.e" ume at (*da odl) stmhums the pathb., ad pistco i bi
as. lps ain of io i" sah ia -i-n;i he then apple l l pis
d ma rlgi wikh wh4ch ; oifmls t wishes dm wisdom toeth, a dra ILa overs
Smr uLad Ihe leoudah ameat f the its h rfce he ten applies it to the et "lhao i- -rm
a we rrym wih dht pps ki t maw, ad p dml is e k res "
bhe eaded m simleraty O.d11mi m a*cW ha mmb to the damd eipm i diao aeed
lb.V ^^1'*^'^"W= oep h atw m m, by( Psdadrsa lvalanry co-
S oaon a im y msagia sg the wis fm in a iblld b always abee arkd wha
Fimli, *i m arl do Indumy a te thJ I eatractd, dath ete t h exhibited a cahe
l **hlLiasy always la ia i bmrq, Lt lUeh, h proper halsuao, was mo visbl" e.
smr o al aa sme isn s hnB f opaclb = we add, Ito oa pesn he to submit hiMf r hi
Smf moshLcamm II By a -emegoig V;,a Lm l c toin broe brg es deoIa ilt, whot iAg dt hel
,lth i aema y which mi mg of this moat necesaury precanthas I
5i6il eet tomu I henqi a
Os hi thef ermm.- I.sel otafm le... NM ass. ID...m te, A mas s da h
iem-be 4a r e gioats )ad Am oemor f Aaerie -Aa lrismat, aher
Qaml woI **MI R eg ant tin Wiife "A famiy.
us ^as hal l wi "i* $n. ..i.i...ii n. 8 T 'J. .,

,w h h i lAhmriit h ae
4llllf Faitald For hisme het o qite Fhaiy; he lhs is to hem
A ftera im of 1* ami k wiseM d Ishe had al his feiad m to

ohad ge d aty in l adig him out; but they monaede
k has am d warI amle of ma, d dIhand hi"a y lleheor" in eve of
I the e Aet of Pirt. will imaer gami the d. ms wm employed in the csaveng apartment oe
emsa the p Laws, a deaha d e an. New Yer, and collected the nrfuse and fulae whih were hli
,unsabler a th omku Loan, i keild and ebyan Ne York. mad collected I he refuse and fu lzi which wre labid

Mosle : le
m m met d e 0 alr ao d it

a d fairl, A and miadows; h
i diar'im rdImI h ad ienih

em liii. li w. imd -

ta fsri a ihf h(hasle e o m e a
pooe.--dlnm .

A rent rempt of the mma llomeagf
that te rdail huimi atte of a -
i td ir bu re ved. i na 4a eI
who is ot uletor mud Theas w
hilybhfmopoo Stol o Theis
per nntm, of which dare have been olyj
quarter of a century.

Austria.-The lytem employed tlinm
spreading instruction ao the low eli g
wihs great succow a o ofe a hundred to
not read, write or weho sts arcquie t the
and, under a penalty, I mhater ma ebd ls
who is not able to read and write.

HWran LiJt.-The reanltf nruof acbml
Franca, England. the Netherlads. 8witaseml,
has been to showr, that o00 or a hundred is
eriea, only about twelnty-five arrive at Ihe''
Mountainous countries. whateer may be be
those in which life is of the gaeteu duratiAe
Arabic Proverba.-There is cries Iuf
by the traveller Burckhard, consisting i
verbs, which he gathered at Cairo, and
planned. They have entertained us, u s tl
manners and customs of the modern Egiy i
lec a few of them as specimens:
If (God purposes the destruction of anam inh
wins to grow upon her; which nimAdhd in
elevation or persons to Itaftins above thae mr
pacities,may often cause their ruin.
The captain of the ship loves thee, wpe s
the sail. He who is favoured by govrenumt, o b
pie, may do any thing with impunity.
Like the idiots, tie a turban of traw und hdy ie
but do nut forget thy engagements. Play thelfol
a thou wilt, but observe thy poromia se mamt
The wise with wlik,4'M fool with a ik,(n
to understand.)
Throw him into die river, and he will As wih ls
hi moudt. Said of a lucky or highly fonms pm
The toage of the wirs is his h m. Tm bo
a foul isia hi mouta.
The dream of the cat is ae about theI a.
Strike the innoaet, that the guilt a L d I
Pry judicial maxim. It is nad dushraM
lw cae, the Kadhy caned a peraoe
mobeblaindoed. Whethepommn L
by declared that he buh t heM e n m wt i
whoever wa the real culprit might be ild I
ot of a pamim
Scarcrathn the sem of the lio. Saidwfl aft
beoaum it is diflcult to take a lion by the a. ..
A mouth that prays, a had that kil. i IP u
They aid to des mo, h don w e m
apr, and eaty thi r o th e t;" i do
hag [l replisd] beo the l b s a r i n.
If a blow were ill fnro Heaves, h edl4
on aoy u aing be in ld of he L
If I oe d ad my friend le the wrng, I
re r A0hi= pMomu c apay, I

Pons mel"
FOR SALE-At this 0"'

Binod adrn e,
Pdoerat A.rP.

Poim f W&a'e ,
Poli f 8ummLns,
eBlu FPrm fIr the Caa HNe,
m m eCwad l t,
General Ctu Writs,
Oslson Cm s, E cil. dr. d,
BJnb ry 4, 188 el,
g .(hL L..b.
W u oAtem* y to Cf Jm JslgK
Poemrsa Attimy,
Attemny's Warrants,
Arbintias Bmd,
Apprentica IItar
Poli Warnta,
Police Smmnaisom,
Palia Parmis,
Nifi Wrrium,
napom Writ.
Suhpva Tickets,
Inferior C=ro Writs,
Obliption DBnd, &c. &c. r. ac
N. BL-Job Printing ezecased with s*amu
pach, a good paper, and om moderate -r
January, 1832.

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