Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: February 18, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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A. am iiVowlitl Aleuss ll q ilthat iafr gmlarktty eSa u idn o10P.*1r* 4i ll
e wid g wTrdu to i nsrt, the d I wim. to awr l yew p .. i. .n re i
utIUJTJi ~ l l& as ap *E dhe et t elbjl 0*r bhe p(rabl do Royal GaN nh ON biarl he
Angel he V elmi put.soe r asi idMmendment, which coald id, to carry ays r la, hI
Thatd .Am shIde, pa nM he h f a asg, at. aio d
MAUY-464 eNtm and Mr. MNcleoa--l. am st, i shotMldi a tL I he ed ap a n.
=T f ,lg .. .,m iN r. &.r, Ib. Wead Mr. Ta r Mr. C. mau i nai it i up l ws II s a lm.
SMr. i ,M. OFei4dle sndes, 4 observe, yea hie alio of y w
As. ~I A~der~A C. Addldy, Mr. U. Adderley, proceeding iud aepinsof year wddi atoM m.insmww
SJi Mr. Ambhrisr, Mr. Blwyr, Mr. Hnads. ay Speech atl he tp h od ilam oem, mad ao m ren-
MV W. A Mr. Juesph Johnsn, Mr. Miller, Mr. ply, to be primed io tdh Bhame Aign. It b i duy so
D 'b meq sMod Mr. Wrci--l im out to you, htiese proemeda ma Im ; orya
T Hi I . ad mot bell i put, .rder to the Edr of poper, wi a ps-m e pay.
2iread ll drt IeN a the TrieT iry. PaymsIe ca m bemig o a p
-_.Adjern ed lMo aily, at 1l o'clock. my warroat in Cors aud yeo way n4 en dia,
MOAT, February 11 1 IM. however painful it may be tomy feeling. to relis my sig.
Ijdl~lMrnrl, Fobrunry lt. 1 uro to a wnesit to pay fa~ir the pea 5t a e
1 mw rith~ a haUi M from His I'smecy the G(overnor, hne ha yr n oua dtma c std fnor ip dy, f a Ms
Smid girml obuy the flouens that he would i. ready to receive the H me, lg of w t is ha the yI pro wi l a l atat
As l ll ad aib or.os ; w ith their Address, at two o'clock thb day, at Gover- my mactioning uch a ime ry. If, afr e. e.
Yet lt my mia a i s el* i iar ment ouse. planactio, you should .till wish that the whble, ar m pen
ald,'thounghll l muortals, God is here. The hour for waiting on Hi Excellnev the Governor of lis papers is question, shuld be pri I a hd-
having arrived, time whole l oou went up to (uovetlnlent I point t to you, Ihat it w be nec ry a m
I saw a group of memseorn sAtld Houis; and being reurmied, Mr. Ilpeaker front the chair pl he subject, equesting of mi to glit its m y
AIuuid a tm--moun a reported, that the Hoous bhad w oakd n i Excelletnv upro Ind ylgi youruls as m e h
I jsin'd t h lttte manummng banI- urcs and pledging yourselves tm make @ ampum.
A .aih of tr ,e geil e (;Governor, and presented tdir Addrns, to which li1 J. Carsacmu.-8 .wwm
AsJ who* I aw l.the lhmi tear. IEcellencsy was pleased to make dh tulokwing answer: GoveRnusnI T HIlotn,
eir'd, rfor iar. iky GodUliL re. [ Answer pubrihed in tie Bhama Argus, of tie I.ti 14d, February, 18. |
IMolhd a the biny th instant.] Oh Ad ti E- ordered, to lie on die table.
t rt iOrderme T'ht the Adds of" is Hoou,r d IliT Ez-
T iwiunk i on slAsBr iaod. scellency's answer therei, be pablilhed in the The Iiomuh poceneld to take into coudemwlaio drth
Pam bhum; uni te d r'I A\rgus amind t li the Clerk do funisd copies tfo that pur- Motin of the Suhm mtnt, that iKi lie will iolenty
dealReceiver Ge eral nd Treasurer, in Pays to
l W amts open my em a a re e.r .
Pimili l r t a God is br. Wwas r noved and seconded, thit tie Addreu of this Wilnsm eey Muninn, nr. ur, ProvPt -l
Hena, tad lm Gove n's @ w deres, be also pub- ald of temo Imsands, The; ing
I eaed Ipon a distant htil, ihed in the Royal Gaeta I the amount of mspema iar bd m, ia m oralg a
And ilalsde around I Ad question being pt thereupon, ner Gallows, and reeloig and tSkIll down de aim.
Beni we gush'd a Itlke riAy Tihe Houe dividd I: Resolved, That ue Houe do agree to the am .
And to qOe sieas snwed away: It M r. Me T he older of the day twi mov nl,
I tiinsie myself ssloe, with f-e Yeas--Mr. Starr, Mr. Malcolm, Mr. Nesbitt, Mr. Moo- The Houer fse y ein od,
But echo d lhder'd. Uis hem. ell end Mr. S d-5. Tim Ha resolved iltl into a Comd n od
Noel -Mr. Wood, Mr. Fmrrin~ton, Mr. Armbrister, whole Houe, on the petition of c rtai elected as te
Mr. Mailer, Mr. C. Dunaoumnm, Mr. lwyer, Mr. II. Ad- Iato town election,
PROCEEDINGS derlerr, .Mr. Sauda mad ir. TAt-9. r. Duncoe in tim chair.
or It passed ill tlie negative. Mr. Speaker having resunad the chair ;
THE IOUSE OF A EMBY. lenmy M. Williams, Equire, Member elect for t Mr. Duncome reported, that ti Comiee had om to
TH OUSEWeser District of time Ilnd of N,.w Providence. Ec- Il bllowinl resolutions, which they recoews. es to be
THIJAWIRALrI..F.., __u .. _" ado t yed im House
T ng s du. a re vica t . I R-lv1, Tha t it i the opinion of thi Comlitter,
A rion made, that Memwr he called on to el. Adjourned until to-morrow morning it ten o'clock. th'at tlreiootling otniasnd in the actof A mmbly p-
Dtsd in the IOt, yearof His late Majesty's meqe enitled me
words mead u.s of by him in debate. TruesoA, February 14th, IM 11. act to amend so act entitled ae 1 as, ort enmolidleng t h
PH divided-- Ve St N1 ys I. Patrsn. several acts lor regulating Electeio and ell qualiicatiosm
5* iS pasned in the negative. According to aorar the books, accIume, ad proeed- of meiboers of the Geneal Asmmbly of thaln Ilalasd
*i ed, Tha the fallohwiog Musage bo sent to His lon of dt seral public ards, lai lbfore th llou, and of Electoa and for ascertini u d dencrimig dm
Knmul cy the Govtenor. and ordered to lie on the able. limits and boeuds of the seval Ltans ud Diric
Sp is PmU yrw EIIu f. Also, the books, accounts, and vouchers, of the Re- wilto Ihis Government. which sod Reprfsemi l v to
th Hous of Asemblly beg leave to acquaint our ceiver General and Tresurer, laid before the Ilume. the General Anembly, and for oLer purpom themuin
cy, that they have prepared an humble ddren, Also, an estinmte of the expenses of he (Government, mentioned," w ghlive any rig(h lo a fi. esiel l lr
islaquMe to be informed, when you wil be j.d for ide year 1HM ; ao. .State of the Trleemy, from ta, whrlber i lder or otherwise, to vo tay E -
IlS teaed with the sume." Ih'e i5 December, 1S0, to the 25th Dea1 D mb, 1831 ; lion for a Membe or Msmbh t e prsm t any u Islad.
Ordeed, Tluat a Conumittee of four moerbs, do wa and t ties granted for the epens of Ge4rnment, to Town or District, of dtir Goverampt in h G(ne ral
b th Governor with the said Mussge; who being re- h5th' M ci, 13S. Amarembly of helle Islands,r-uales ma f69 Coeusid
IsmI, rsp ed, that His Excelleicy was rlaed to y, Orded, That the Recever Genera.l and Tremurer'. rnon shall have hoel idel withis lt Islud.
iB woueal by Mce lnfrm t he olum, w n it books, accounts and voucher, and ale th general State Fown or which s ElvtiM -M beInl,
e n*lfnnt the iea a ppn ofthe Treairv, bt refrred to a Committee o examineI twelve isde r months next imadinaly pir ingi th
I wha lsoo ln, frsr lia C qImWbot laws have expired, or are near expiring, and Oidored, Tlha Mr. .arrinrton, Mr. Ienry Addl.ra.y, And the quesiino being pet on dte sd Ranobltl,
twriti d s ar proper to tb revived or coneti..d. Mr. (;rensade. Mr. Miller snd Mr. gonds, be a Cuoo- The Hom. divided:
ied irty- n aCts, which would expire, or be s e for that purpoj Resolved in tie afirmative.
sm ipir with the par t ssion. A M anege from His E iisMecy t Governmr, by hie d d. Reaulved, Tha it is the pi s of f Cml mitI s
tnd hto li u huo ta b Deputy Secretary of the clony dist thema m sod rTairiim p- d= S powh witr ot
FIUDTy, Febiumry 10th. 1 M r. Seeker d O dl im Mer. t i lmea ef gay act of Amemblyof oldoi Ublmrb Mim mny
I o mv end med lclmd, that thi retgus of d-'wriit Aseail, per s. who iosll have vesd aSdr -my of ihe ial arts, ort
rLa tow of Nam be now ruod. which wal read s-. I am under the necemit of rtdikg you. time your uy EtaciUo for a Meimbr r Membes, at r eps a y
te 'ie fu mio r entirely LeLritalve,md thia, although your IslndTown or Disritet talGovesaeoan inm ralea
p. ipese tidrltn frot omndry free conrrencesnecesmWwei*dmth f itaCou cl,andofethe Asenmblyof these slands,fiee hag ca h de u: s asy
b lamInhsihns, asing, that at tlme nto elections for Governor, for tie appoprmlioo of the revenue, yet an- Scrutiny belal aters ch Election, o prs w WI q Mam d ,
Ssben as to men li h presan t General AAembly, (thug is more clearly de6l d ned then tht m payment can be or right I tohe, although ur h pnmmo d h a mln e
ble ITown of Naming, dieir nisaes hod hes rrned fro mate frn m the Treaury, (tLM is the King's Treasury) by the q~ulicatlono eah pearibd by ey at i d rM acis
tl m a ru S iny.bjFai wrtlhemrid Eleion, ilthoauh dt Receiver General d Tamsters, (who is the King' prevmron o giving hi voe *t wl Elet i. *h
t wos as d ty uo ivad, ebplly entitled at vote, sad Receivr Genral "ud Taomit ), e orwie than under And the qesmion being pat em Go ll mrimat ,
Ih cosideratis of d Hues, and the mi te authorityof a warramboriag my signrte i Cos- The Ham divided:
and by the Clark, ciL My orders and imtructios a i is L a, under Resolved in Ite dmirnme.tii.
e rhat this Hloum wll, a T-eaday nea, re- the Royal sign Manual, are clir ed positive. &rd. Resolved, .teeri e, lnt. is t epinion of 1Yis
hlS into Cuo itwudof the whole House, on the I am induced to trouble you with the foregoing re- Committee, that ihdaneMes of the several petitismer wsre
dpMiii aud Itei dt petitioners be heard befuoe the marks, in consequnce of my having obl rverd that you properly removed framn tie list of P take at the lae-
Pm in appsn of their claim have ordered one hundred copies of His Majesty's tio. hld on the 6th Jnnry i e, f1r fear li Me ers
m4 lC hat William Vemy Mnmingsp Janior, E- Order in Council, of the id Novemter, ta be printed repree t he Town of Nesse, in dI preset le r al
L mIetsiing oear, do attend, on Tuesday seat, for your um, d that of youo conrestati Whatever As emblryl foa of rte id ptitomoirs ne hflw bMas
d4Cmr itnem. m have been your movies in wishing to circulate this readet within the mid Town, for trmlt e-
@d,T That William J. Wech, Emqsire, a Member an er in Cooncil, throughout dthee Ilands, to the mea- moatis nest immediately precediln the sai d of
d1oe th lsland of Euma, he ummuoed to atoted the sura itself, I can have no ebjetion; provided th i dome Jnuary, mnd the remaining am hlea g rnfal to pwe
Sfrthwilt. unr th proper and legal mothoriy. If every me, his qualicltion when reqired o do m sM llShe 8 sy
Ir. Which being in attendwncr, wan os ted to he not only in thee Islands, but throughout the lw e h ed after die med dEline.
I U where iel uual uathe were administered to the WM Inia Colonies, who can red, was pat i And Ite questiae b g pt on the mied Reilutdn,
ta~ r which, Ih took his wre. poeminon of a copy of Hi. Majely' Order in Conw- The Hou divided:
l n, That this House will, on Wedresday iat, cdl of the 2d Novenmher, and of the incomparable dI- Relved in the afrmtive.
Sbel csmidKration Hi Eicellacy the Govermno's pmtde of the 35t of de ram month, froa the Lord O motno, the House remolved lIl ie a Camiee
%a of yesloriov, and thle diore-nts accompanying Vicount uGderich, o the Earl elmnor, ed could be If id whole Houe, on His Eselescy ihe OGeera
mi uad tmt there lme call of the Houa. induced to read ani to refec upon thoe doccnthe Speech, snd he Addra ems ths Itemn,
f s m is ad d s ndcoed, tdni one hundred couple would mon he convinced, that ihe snactmense of d order Mr. Taylor n the chair.
l Ord in Council of tie Al November, 1831, yes- in Council, as aforeaid, concale nothing to the Slaes Mr. speaker haing remn the khir;
m to the Ilouae by hiia Escellency the Governo,, beyond what strict justice deme;nd; and afford lo their Mr. Taylor repormd tht de Comm-i-e hed io to
wer der ibt insiectiun of theSpaker, to e di- owners, the best practicable surity for the pTeable the following resolution.
-sad n the Memaberl of thi house, for ihe pur- and quiet enjoyment of their property. Theoe being my Ist. Resolved, Tih it be recommended to the Haous, I
t'inb i forwacd by tllmni, to their Conltituentl meniments, Mr. Speaki-r and (Gentlemea of the Hous of grIan m aopilv o llis Mjesoy for theyer o ammeam s
S al Iands anld districts of this Government. Asembly, you will at once he aware, that it is to the irre I on thle 2rth March next


,t J J r

3edStDn That t an do agiweas T r Aima
"JN f" she aspr of dai Adjermd mil Friday ^It ,t 0 o'elock. d&M dchroicler of *1 *geB. T..^.. .

d lm dh to dsoctt Writ tteea med tirol atedu h LC.
m, t dihe mam ni adie a -l. u .f -g I p oi n-. ad1, d e I

of sle E naryd In d firm alle for Ieoten fn suddl o edeitn sna
ri t he o Dlrk Id en Csachel-Bmnh, Bdan olfi we .w erem severe fae bto tea d K hamio u -mrl N in

a.ld NePr.vide ,he roolm oad Mrdl. W i-ai. nt sheh net. car r.
olA Cmm Ten Mr. C.r MDaso, M Nr. i Wr the By M i pesge IedB by the Al re y Tqal i Ciarews Neleq-Graon l meb

wo tei nerawd, ropo rod the deliver hereof, and l E-Olicio, order to peih a fair hting, is tih lifar- cea thirty-nine lsi a pr etely. r
tek leay phaed e my h weads. aio alleged, ndevird ml ring Hii Escellelcy into Solay P1ater and Hmery arne t -Ak a
Mr. Nhi, moved for leave tob a r biA, grs thee pic eAafred, uandal amd difgrw. The Jury, fter John Sherr. Scented to one wn el th's I
i the te- bet sad blak pdpaulos hI tim e Islands, eight days' confinement in the Jury room, pronounced Lu Thomas ?esty-Aasault on Wia. T. Pratag, .
Aa oJej Iymen Ai dife, pr WBs, itcm ulhi es, and Guilly and the Judge, iater a lapse of Mni days tenced o ot month's impriomment. a
UI bw. ld d I" Sm had. longer, have now pronounced our entene. What- George Bit s-Libe on His E elleaay t
thiLrte b eilg ng pt eseepon" tr ever our opinion may beg, t o o the seerity of this ien- Sentenced to three moIlth' nims.ient, d e. ,
hItsome deirael t menre, we have one hundred ai r ourd rJia mighty etssres for c e to e t the King of y A150.
Ver-M-r. 'eihlt, Mr. Malolm and Mr. Weech-3. not paying one word agBinsc it. ndeed, we lel inclined
aw-Mr. StNo r, Mr. Wood, Mr. Fbrringis o, Mr. ao npart in pad shuanoutl adh tie wiThle Court, as they haie F'rr w Se Ateince Pap.'. ,
nl, r. Id go. M M i e Mr i an dsh t. non only devod a gieat dealof their tlin to as dr iintg Eirs t of h le t e r l rom reoopec A i pen
ad antages, i wr. As ure, Mir. bow se lliiJ n so bal longer, hae n ptd to benie fa Go rge i in His Ec all ondn rcy The C

Areenslade, Mr. 1 Ail Mr. mnders Mr. the term just ei nd, but ill, u we have received notice, irome hs for sinca the lk oE E ,
TIM el-k M o. uL mnla fer the foe, ou 1 f . h e n S e C
A aldt4y, .Mr. 0. Ada le, Mr. R. luacom. and Mr. cont sinu their arkd attention in he term now euing; Diretor, perceived 1 the pecie w A ei
T tjr-17. i-t and weM. coquently, LiA I. rri kep upon in ougo r with the Continent to pay the aram, end the eairTl Aari
C. bpm n thar. athv Mre. le Joi much for l the gentle en of the long robet length became so gret, ato compel the Boadef Dic
Adjourned mill o-morrow morning, at ten o'clock. W ith regard to our friend ir Janws, we beg to ssunre tori to curtail their circimlatim 12000O000. Thime
Sem Wade ,a a, FebrMry 15thd. 18l. hinm, ut we aven the bumi kindly feelings tloarid him, iLnret with th at Biolein thcity, dled lAno e 4
i"nceirhich, th tte ha iungedl the e cMa n ad iof
A *meber eytalegi hae of abmence for the day. which, on mU former ocesinMm, weo hame evinced; and i favour of Enagland. The war he adssd, n
Asm U heme u re ird reuor: that our pDlresent retired haits will not prevent us from for the armies is no longer wanted. A general ,
Aty M. of Ade le soe conlinuinge to be4te faithful Mchroniclrs of ir good deeds. t he Continent is nw considered certaiar-Thel
t' e may rest aerd, that the Argus" will Do ee u. tion of specie k efr the pwtiy nch popped, ad Sp.tei
I tht ide.diquently, my mswSge d nd th ei n upod rms ri, Irte Coin fact drup, even 4r. Od. cannot he lat
ye is yilsy, d the plav. ntht. go hiucr trw hin foed o nkmen. oti on.. g ro, inmprt y thb e agt a intmls froBm NRe Y ik
Sto only methl bry wih uay hSe f- 18n. nor inapri onment, will meak ai from ding oue la trd, enBolan roker iytiwnal fordWm
since which, the tide ba changd, the excwe d tldl

Tfeeary cr ebml, you reswiud, rsequly to e ., pubic, arlesnly ad s a, epadently and add in con- chaU who ha always hn the mel i-
eeeips f my *mesge asorvsldi st ye would hadm- clumion, ,tiat|he mnaan .Aillity of our mind is adch, in (u iarkt, dedlund buying. Fhoem all to b
Ai receiver 1a EincpayI qirvte puma: E that it is sot rin the p iwetf Hl sxcerevncy to even hurt the nisy wko before winter A ual P i
A Vy. Ile mynIog, assuurir, tht the rArg" wrolt not be m- *o speeie l lB b*e uyerfect oMy, an=li

f tmse Iista, for certain services by himn perfAomd ; aor feeling. mInortioal, wit the a drug, ev ii. titos, e braein he
r Ih of he Cunl e, by y r tioluion al- oe sages 4 ortetions byty t lt rri o Aron No Yal e
lulled t, not only amuned a power of directing the iire Asseubly, relative to iliej right of indeimifying bet Re- has written to me a note wih the last fe defjar
of moe Ioy tdp Treasury, which you do not pou., ceivr Giameral and Trsilurr, lave afforded matter of that I and many of the crops were very h T|
hu ye have eatiketed you eslv he judges of ti peculation to many, sad our "' worthy" and re- should not be urpried If you have other d a
prtm yey em dend aisct the oubl ri, which nt le- pat" Governur met n to e rather a his high hboe ipotaton of flour to thb country biefoie mans'
do you by mi. nxecatye nuthory, d which, ",,P

ashaa he tac lawnd by en oincar of tih (overenet, sheet it, we deem it necsary'to state, that in .me t^ N 7-Letters from Cerf re
S in the dbfoa of his duty, was peculiarly ible to the one inltance since Sir Jame C. Smyth' administration state of Greece as mach less alarmin g i Mt
S p 'Veqry ad htaienlgaton, of E the persta duin- vtes of indemnity Imhen ued, nd acted upon with- supposed, nce the ad eve w hicrh hxa tke
1 i -the Goveretnmnty' out question. Uipna emergency, e Trare. ur may he wheIle continent, a well as the islands, were uin
lItLnahas sed to pry aem away, wl the' warrat of il stte soe detbh C d'Lstrild a nnd tIhe lwini-

ago oi, pfr t, c oi under sae l y teioblyy, deemed oion, whether he ctlid upoh Pm rideBnt had d be ter igedier-and e ain ta
e thd wa earig my itu in CoundJ. The word udeaify, t, is idt meaning, prf ine- denc to tre patriots, and ne to greedy in i b
*owgt ameu Iri smas, CAp m dircting m ta. mention; snd, etxlept y some quibble of Sir fams's legal wouldhereheenable to com pleto thrk e t i
fl mI mTsu counsreor, c never .n otherwble constroed. tin of Greece, which t cropd the spey I '
I'th~ehirmq~lRY2. 1- **".-" *'' blood, snd exacted auch preal *crilces. Th
Acaei ing ie eer, mie House proceeded to take into T.he loug heing awar of hs ciarcmtance, evnced ,h Pnreident now imposes upon the Powers, du h.
esm haeeism His Eseellency tie Governor's Momege of nothing mreo than the inset sovereign contempt for 0n1, given exsinence to thenew state of G dwa
the 9th hama, ad Kcoemponyig ducumenta, who, although placed just now full in the public view, for dennitlvialyestsblishlnghlaad of p.o .etegm
It eame ad aen dl. criticism, enUd t-d blew his iracibility of tleper, so bible to the choice of a sevMreig, without which tb'
iTha a m ep t His .s Etacy s a ald of his blqa. 'Twa no very rett e- happy, country will he torn asder by dead
reroa, Ga oavr lsr o the 9th asrsarte, a- hg anarchy.

ipe M Elcelncy, it o hays dam late 1.Imm of power to Treasurer, not to pay one Tn prro. of tig Chboler au the pras e
the cirer h r um Lord yiu dollar" upon such agtlay, as, although he would oaty t hroughoa Italy. I hal been report d i nt .-

Hs M ti I Ccl of hn du i November, oItcl, sub- woGld have lo, his al a JUdgin from the rpseiy and the 1 coaeatin h a i
msi HisEn llhlc.y to the Houe; and h- te of certa in tadie, d sad the as yet nredeemed pledge pOrts of Italy, inEgt nd he co~Ls of inorte
isha their couetmt mmt ever be thakl principal otoe i ntinent, an the ar which ie in i
glde,-plebd y Ihm I their peet" L iltve ca- f a rovmion for them by 8 James C. Smyth. --d wg Ges.
pacitis, sol IWi mi h e ti hete chief ald .The conduct of our GoIverb, i this i sacy, -re._. ": is _'
of theIrll sadi and that ee wii adIpt tie reit ahmi r yiof m amdoawe have n b u ml Re- A CoiidrenI.-le a ek dlh d n tsue
mam f aeciviTg their fi iar bhefor, they gister, chajacteriptic of r old Qu m, who. l.ablt Commons by Lonrd Falmhsa, the Seign e f Ct ..
di p p or uner any wr thorityc deed m delotial, whether de ad apse a Pesteon n d d buf Sdeiafao d he ikn 1t
1sadm, erh is counselala, a t o er ,nd toenstd y on nti Firet, we fin ch had wag ver senaorkmlIe p.
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=tai-nrg oat divers disy ct ats ,I her Lord 8piri'oal, d imi dlA Ias. M ha y' ln *; ad he'
MHi e CeMa Mr WtL, NMr. Wsoadmr. e, M. la le her patience, ad tic m tally cafed, as miomet mte w mkwtoelis me een A. is
i Lf hr kf ruw iiun *ill o, wI

Salers, Mr. H. Adderhy Mr. C. Adderlay, Hr. to indi flowing epistle: r mthenftbilf
AarhiedMr. Hi ds, Mr. W. Johass, Mr. JtMph MH Iurd and a ther tn i dlron,a sohe oa her p m W ellm
Jehae, Mr. Weech, Rsert Dit b ad nd p a onveynce of-- Lands ast andr fial e ofw thc osi ier
ciFeeit-17. N*a o ethe safest o wy he dasrushe coduc; for imy re;
Roa-Lir, ida r. Ma Not being inmes of the cabinet, we annotmy th think ano wma weme, tAt he spaee think Ad im t.
A Reaoind ml their Fo. His Ezlcery's ordr to th Receiver General nd Tre- tharT wons A( tr., esi( ib all ourrstateL ar L
ctom" a Iu eotin l i nu, s d Codint- prra ii e. rl iieW ra h .

d. of four b .peal atodd Cn it. .e d di ,declares, tod t ser making oaal- of te ia', rerd wTr fIa d e, G.m
i wa mteed ad e., that His Exna leAncy' rewmaca for the ilorence of circumsance, that the naisLgeni, o saponr left l Ain by retail ."
ria of te 14th Mad 15th ha raf nd to a lect peaoy wa implied, is trms equally forcibc, and, of HHistry e Eiglam
of-- do 16 ad IW be refered so a selet proafy wa implied, is terms equally forcili led History 4f Englamd

f ogi lamrp. *a' Tihamf IM Ova ca'ui.w.d by F ,mMto seo" .
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i s lT in s it y. f in y at Palerm olh 1670, he 'eihy Im n r u ''
ae was he onlluion ad distrem. be eq-al aSd O IOMO miae ma hbow. ce of4
I em acco t of ithe re. ibm I am 1,450 in bat baLse by sonsaeme r. Im perid b
t vetsael a pert, of whic th'c e was Iated to about 76 ym-a, *e p itm adlo be h O a
or ~ rble*L d paint it tia In i horw. h pr ...
be l e d inslo i bom bul is 168 rsbri& ad wa lk h vy Va BY RENRY OREENSLAD CA -
mwhih onrsd as. The g t or e anity al -- Cholle asemd t adl
iMtL aso we millions e(dolla, agrltise that it would am a dl Apr ,1739. T in16-. OB eaudf 1els do8 0. h"
* iw e Am a prupety. Te ilor bte- rosed length of i peildd e rid Io le i At dl T John SOi ta L b i
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rbb pwe.r. in she.eortiestee fI pr ,h".* crdingly paobd memodo ad Ift of AT 9OTlc t -
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i tn"blliler,,wi l teo till I .BMw Tb dh. Agquity Roadladir
w a woed Wes ie tdo Ci uma of this e. di ema. adl 1m Cbl*N
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a kse the g LiSat. deae Bi. ticiom wihin 0 day.-Badmi Ca. a D.AL0.6-
A hlSsctuds, t.hia b mg- -, -mh. 11 b lml Ca m
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t0maumirth a dmysariy -Wae &i-dA to]& R. 4 6co. 4 me. & e.J .
wiich escapd ....w. h a.. of i e." firle.i ae F. A leya, Ui

rare iull, e de who wet to led on Ihul k 8 UsiI Crryi Ato 'de.
trns o/f fer. _
aie =buw building f various kinid B H J ODra ENRY ORen
ai ms ie' hre only pt nw a iVTsue, aFAIL BY H. HENRY AODE RLEY.
,J PmIirv i tmeuwe. NMay store. lhl we --ag r-w e-
lal Em 1"""I. Could not withsisad ihe fury of the ARRIVED. ATm TM oon
i1 Ire ltrod, l o lher ro ith lheir cofnultt,. Our Feb. 17tlb hr. EPda our, Blackda Wilward Keys t 16 04 r A.M.
,po ien ion a& to the rateIouDfd hJ ihe dp. Ma lgay, Id Copper, picid pp aI Waill b d
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Srel. Arma is hoop or l u, le rin.. ep i Hawk. Newd, AbANo Ric, in ha f m tim ai lsp.
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enur t nl. an. r et L d d weiw nii weo iley o bed on i it,
ud l l have ihot an a theater for their heads. 1c S DByas Cuay, A cV .
.oi rlur ll te fie, states that he aw tahe light IHth-Sloop Harlequin, Sands, Cat bland TorMe- CASL
oy aI uete e Siranede osd Article, 1t Joan fo. AFtD-
--Ai-- ti nl muamlls' (
, hrtpn Isa md t llm Hour Unerdia ani War CLEARED, A ero NM eccsmom. d MalMr l ,*aam
. ih .11 LiUtiiaaIrd Uilioen year' landing, Feb. lbth-Sclr. Suseub, Addrley, Cube Fobrt l ll b
r f-Year 18 all have the option of retiring on
iv aia'Cmi. The only point now at isulM, and SAILED, BY HENRY ADDERLEY.
plrrvni the order lfrom being prunulgatiod, arilse Feb. 17thb- p. Polacre, Calmda Cub l i a i l
toifl Sinsistig on seven shillinge or the full daily ml H. M. chr. Kangaroo, Li. Hockey, Crha lnt So a p lt boom
K ehru Sir l lry Parell will not hear of m ome A ib1 El.
e-ieaper d,. beigrind. CHRIST CHURCH PBIH 8Spua Flour, is belrC
eri1 1 8 GIN, Cier, o F L CoW in ba Toba, i
ai a.-ly 4to.ell pa s.k oi p t lli ed I Bil., sCt. a14 Evy a I Bser, Cbdto hi, b din
ii anrcei.u file of ihe Himillon (Benrud.) JRoe l AVING fixed the of Laai al the INNf *C ba A
irdin Rlauni Cht nldn. the newI y ppeiied Go- hildlig Loai doe weigh ai. .ppi, m6A I tl lrpoa l es Y o h nd B.
Palrmud@. mried at Hanileo on ite lthh JaInay. Ali By ord ef t:N VDL y. --, s A. &
pame.l, with much mermon.d o ike erlooeof DAVID SPENO ,Vetey Clerk. 8 t a l OlO.ay.
liywa ceducted is the G(iave.m Hos. mad Valm Rom. 70 Fbruaryl. __ _rTonly__-_____________
ofi-admialiaser in kin be iblm preoldm i___or ___
o_____. nw__ Ho or AMmyNOTICE. bl, NOTICE
Id Rtephtn iard's iom.-Frona the be- LDERED, tit t* C le.i dof Hoe do -pE UCRIBE, a
I Ihe n ps Girard'i ill, it i e ainied etrhat the ira d he s, for k, wi l rsons ha by P ly. Apr for the Unifed Bases, rqeo all pp
ad w uld ne ss ai o the Ae l public, to d Tliver sn., propely beei domd aimt Wil, to d amr a
1tof hi iaanenso property is nearly 15, aeetkmr sio i a orm lbe d1* ifatL ; and tbhm haold, to mks payment m or Ieir, d M
the ionteret at 6 tier rent, and the year anon, p s tha e da fdrherid, tFm. Al ct aae d m
Smith fllowrin curio remuls: fi B T dti M e, Will be le at the o m ofG. P. Woo, Z. &.
Phl, A5 y 0, et Em Extracy owDDinEY. W.y.

Sby d on tJOHN ANDERSON, !d. January 7Fth. F.TS
bar 104 1* NOTICE NOTICE.

ul imI, 1 71- Is 7HE-5 lE GIVEN, Ihat Saled be L L------
aoerdalg to t ahmIe ala lute o the ad No U f R ther p aic p-a, w l or di il palue reder tbosmr an. n.
as mi io mhad base viald by tke iCe t t proriesion o( b Act or Ite mmoal Am by o delay, as he he it iE cRte plionA to D i t h
5aked 4110.K4 pe omf. 04 wbDIaMt7 et .hem mb of the Gee. Od, Ch. 14th. Every med them indebted to him, will their d ark
IA .777dud. Official WaUESia state that formation will he given on appliation t consin eor before the let day of May, AN

it ub- e ces.GNRY A DDiERLEY. uaid l h period, d %.
dFebruary 1Ith. hath am imemen rt Law. for immdulaaumma.

a rfti ietol isntow at Oheea t s NOTICE. FmyTO CIGAR M
HE TAdE, of the lho LEmem(dd fE BRIR Ure r. i. ewk IBCRIlER seaiy a 4iM l
Ilmihre no litt speculationth onf d of e b1e SIAsLh f Thde, by odrlo A.m t anem e oo. i r iBiCRInEg owl
1 comet ppwl, till appear, in thne atmplstig l sitora of Femio m at Dar Geoodshe they wEn bm,-i db ef 'el

i. In tI n 1 m lt n tse erCd mHardwareo c., we pooit el e l by Pblic ly. ik oLn ratm l

B '.." id ,ith.p~i .00,fO m.,il of t XUMA SALT, fosae a2tl GEEN perADEot C. M ar,ombotd.
I ti~i ii knun thai no e' t w"s Amdu erd ica, y In N.B. Al p u Tr- wimlm bl mmowedkaishe
eh ruoce, eithe u aearIh or moon. T I TIOMAS TO msN, ow oI ihe imn ra la wI he gliee
moft Foamvi been omewhbat ktowe. pviu to thia day Lod for te l tI
Philosophical Academy sometime HENRY ADDEILEY. bWr. 3. WEECr
to be made o thn subject med Fuey 4616 FebruyL th.
a @1y "h. alarm which had gained tIm
;6.m ea thaeoliu. Thar.. NOTICE. G O
assnt to show that no soil of dsn- P'E acinmtlq of Mpr. Wecgone .i r de, NOTICE*.
ed emthe mrpeprochofdis AL ON Iph WedYl m the SBSCRIDER =mth d insan, o SUBSCRIBERS o&r fr em, by prices heu-
'tsri Febmwy F"LY UGREENSLADE & CA 6 0disaIN
ymew r if the merth0 dop yNflToca do.d-
1 Ieton the eHth A-dam Fh r 1 1 Gmdb Gmi la r obo.
os y bits athswUe o mmt H CR petI aa mit without dim. 2 UsDiman Sees.
the, m tiny may itsituletien INhe 1 a, Vade accmta" dem for de has HENRY GREENSLADI- ft
a Iuame4tabloy ,wth !nisra. V ad lislacdeti by ren ahy. DeosMd. F

dr ei 1bt ctati ttRnu p lJ wA be p-ri --i agwa thamiLh
60& rlof 'e cout ytbg orf a op. y HENRY ADDEPLEY. F bytd -nL mwa lalt ba
it lbl diaysi, s a lndbed hpleonb Feobrury 18th. oboe 70 al For
Fat It is osaptd by La pheo, tmhe;;'W NOTICE TO CIGAR MAKERS.
ibiet orbidt hare bae equyruto rddfiad rdd r l E iUBSCRIBER ofra for nba, a fw b-ale a __ 2__&
,ity iwed thie enhb of dt yar atly Spanish Leaf Tobaecc e Fod Bam F
a much lnct wae produced ] the ditiarbi COL. FOR LOgDOHLN-, J
Scomet was cnsidertd insensible. The JOHN F. COOKE. Cma brig HIGHLANDIIe ly adcteb
omaet was 1,15)ih p ar low then tiha of Februryllda. Castalewod., wig pa a, d o W
le 1454 the Maon was eclipsed by aCoomt; For ftelg k no aIm~ip t
h aess lwuqd within 2(X.tXKJ niles of he u XUMA SALT, forsale at 1 me- per -bmel Meowonboard.
if is known thtat 0 r,.&t was producedl .U Apply N N.B. AD pe reaid atmugama oarmillta theWof
wett oce, either of the earth or moos. The THOMAS THOMPSON, crew of doe Haghadr, man Mnoe Z hn e esyad-
9Idty of omeas may be a principal reaso a At Exs bIm for my debts tint my be metini by 1m.
i ailaly flied the moces of the phl February 4th. Februay &k.








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sort civn Ia lli tas bal et she m e eallee- DEATH OP THE POPE. 14th "
wne .mf tases. ll ween ihw d awl the oral police- lighs tir t received itelligamo of tho death
runml hiusle eo bl esimi e. aqly errimi of Popeo V ile iL lafelso., FashO Inler Coo- OR R ALE BY PRIVATE A
J unm.y shtlbramw ce dia o sa of Arf a a.* ine rtru, was Wirm in Ciagoli. on the shOe Novepher 16 L i7 d
bnms.Jml awlm amwroa i- vhelu e edo to he iYs4ob a alb is coh 53 aw of Land, is dmu Eastm IsiaI
i ei rm rr, rilFl mia r e Iwed ao thle Als d All fie (al rag. Bios the Soly uoig Hsd buili,
am w ils olg mL.. n itriles. il ada;s- Father wi con fined to his aed. e occupid himelf opien re Suhcribsr.
e.ty ihting tAi of ae I e- Ie o o o4 M o lw aot e inldispenable alesr. lie diseteld tut all letters i d- Another Los, adjoining de aabe a
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ads Ibe rmI e e Ki Entact of a leter from Liaon. lised the lth Now:-- The Ellice, 9dito
The Kimg io H.eHwmiakit i etiav toI make atnn arrivalof on Pedlro'. quadron seen not only to be the Willimo dinno,
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ll ake tdh pan do sl r wr. I o hlave alllle.t, ibaogh im a different way, the mind. of Sophia 1 nmil.
TIh KeMg f bila*l' mesrie tnlJe a lll Eim. e lih*aulae M mthlraiuelves. mwhl have bete hilthertu o t o ver AN D-
pikupeB, and h bell t rkes an w hI way fWng by deiy- rely to xckoowledge my fact contrary to their interPets. For
$g oU l Erupl l eh tlln wmiermLv. t rei.l the soe days it hl been a belif pretty genelly prevailing Anoher fo ily of Negroe, tirn id
merl lib le l th hn to 1the i ost nl ilm. W.ha r h nL0 the Iatrr. it, t his dremaldd squadron was no great Eliza, 81 years,
mim a L- by r iensue, poeh le bich ever diltame from the liir, and even that Don Pedro himself was Rise, S ditto.
ma uel h luand l r a latdi while. s=*e "tas oi to iilllsd. and I can asnre you that the little u of Col- Jie, 8 mooth
l ., iO w- which Iat weerk animoter this party. i es ow much low- Among ibem them ar Wasubh I o l i
lu me i allmp hl r all olle e rls Il l tb labe rit nilty, onl I "d n o i drmtonitralin-, and the general topic of disculsion Swrvlan s
their ullrinpg we eo lle y lmeeal by all the crowa heads ul ma whether Don Migers troops will stand by him and fht AND ALSO-
E w m .. iln a 6 prer lent cIoIrjiun amoog the conlitllional putl A Lot of Lad, containing ao
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he aM.e unis. i. g muster l are but little res the ae ge that wil be Most likLely take by tI hl B njamin Brnettl, deceased.
ke of in PWrhMDsl. ihe(p ljredI Pintuiguese custitutl atr upos Ihose Terms, Ac. wri be made known, on a cuI
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qFEFOlKI ILL. .rrurtk their r imi. l nf hio.. their er hir amilines. and for- If not iisposed of before the In April, i l
ThIe nw mriares of qolyuial w4e ispd in Ilire enet; srill wih. unlil the- 1I three rIwee hadl continue dCa he wold at Auction. 1
Cummea l lu rl i y r *l mm e. lsIr flin ta rthe' Ilerar see long, sad -l such uccasig vigilc."- JOSEPH PBiD
)pleim oal .ms'i etraipiw i l nit lg rw FpLruary IlLh.
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gi 1i ia l fr ic I' .i. .miu r i, lmo wll o m A shower of hail i-i vladl In have falen utMn Ihc rity of TO RE LET, el p in

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drha ls i I w ened ni M I i he h. lft n titr, eiher to rim c or poor. The i lor w nol Jinury 2hh.
ni NIll lim of feeling in mid to lh a le k ao place. sllphor, n d tcelrdelcd l for ma Delgrede, deroying enr P
I it'paient indeed proslisnu In be la ia'in iporlsat thing seteMhle rid aninml that was repmne to it fury. The F R SA E.
Sa lp Ib Ihth history rf lm rltaish Pariisdmopt. TIN 1u"P o1f e w"hierk (re wier large on a man's foom: and nmr The Haoe nud Praemi n ai
Msitie of tile Hefourm question' n alon (kbilcD it seenm. which were pckerd tp half an hour aterwards weighed sah by Mrs. Poitier. The Hou b
tul tiasap J |au opltipitlr, mwou hd smrMiae t io etnl'lm *I poW nd- cunverienl, withla large Kitlclheniieda
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D 11 e for Osed Uniwermay conen d., i0'lt ho l ithoul or St ior. T l siver brile AL O
OMit it shis Bi1 pnsed, it would make the H omme (nu s the th of augus. who. the b erret cnder A tract of Land sitnatd afm ote Vil, amto
di .my os. ace a iO Vi taor er UONalrrA. o ar mIref .
d eairy oft dncrcy of de r.tary, asd which .ke ,.,i Iboe a the f ld of bi e, O.m D. M ater .1. x W divide*< by t he illay- -Im,,el.,l
waid it eaLrly a JIo wil of the m|ople. Mr. S. Won. W war had isued a proclamawe at Boger. onlerIg all fo. sern lotheeing irmnrtewL y nr ldwfl
lp,(LO r WaiiqrdiS&' aom) alu strnpply opp sed rle eim oin tedeprt in m wea ttwo Ihlurl and it isl alde, that the villigu into thu BluW rad. Thi id i4
Bill, lie did loep te ae he a se a td ho be pnirOerly.lT a lartr amoinl belonging to hease in Laeapl. al, ponsd ofin ooepl threm las. Ap to
might m obliuutaarit; h instead of being chanl )ad bee" plundered near PopayIo.
far better, it wa for tle worse; it wau ome danr mra i Sepemr 1i7h. e j
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