Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: February 14, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Newspapers   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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i No 'l htct deyli n E ct a l a l aM St Ill s lig.
Owls *= a hbBill lhw& U do Waby hr er ad I lipe. T'bag d inw l a i -
..t. M a6ctionlt of mIncesalhe- thtmeb h. I k s ta

"Tbepopriety of discontlnsot ti. power to owners are fr Ds t fa rtb r dI a t a d e
bf lis3 of ogigrlg fanles, ha him anaro f ir- to the OIoermi of inia *Vdili-am mid I
Sms d i tu i dibaim c lmmeay. Owngrs o fenae Ih ub.; sd I clusrmesb lasim Me b.bL h~v
Slaves I re,, ca now have rems- to solitary cowne- Mi t a poaad moeHar C -ame h
--- imeato, mad a thi mode of poa lma e my eaily be coemumd, whrie you W I A n" a t d(t Mi t
POZTR.Y. adopted on he Out Isad, the rmumo for continuing this ao wU as otf al ls s ang to theal in
odious power are waker than over, and h will, therefore, The further t bjwet o f agpre M i"l aM
rPweh to ih6 stohn, or mb nah f pr, a fford us great pae re to co-operl widh your Eclleacy you, at lthe tOm liime I asam Ir of1 m
aw tell not mismys M' thu m b iht foar." i abolishing it. Slav i I *cd have L boom ths fared lo Crmai C
H. K. Wanr. We dank yoar Excellency for bringing unde k nkles, t brou ih to the knowledge of th Chicd ian
Janta'n his eye-il beam'd wirt gladsI notie, lhi ineficient stte of the law, relating to ve Assembly within your Oovemmaa to oaN fisklee, ala,
~ cea le snle and joy u r. ll ; sch evidence being equily important pro- to tdieo bodies, dle coue whichH is 's Govera-
i~ i.ln solo:i anll hi. nr ell iolu M the Interea of Stive owners, end in contributing meet have rewuired to adopt wth a viWto bc do a 1
'nro kein'dl hilAjer Iut l J limrurthbence of public justice: the defects in the law tension of thoame r to t Cw olumlem l ls64
aD onbby calorie nthee ii t being bought to our view, wil be carefully considered. Legislatures. Andl ia my a*lomas die d s
iown out--hile it around him smild, We re gratified to learn from your Excelloncy, that the intentions I His M ajty' Goveresist iM
a flr-land to hiT seemed easnh, improvement orAur Revenue. When the public ac- be made known to Lhegistive bodies at lb At
P nrtled hiun, nwltkll tahild. eaotinas as ltbefoore we shall give them our bet con- possible moment, but that our modves should a llMy 0-
I look'Il nllis.-i* eyr wak Ain,'d4 klderation, in order o to provide for the exigencies of tie plained to them.
Wth p~mi pmead and deep felriist, Colonv, nm may appear tour m m e compatible with tie go- I am ant desirous to satisfy them, if aoait ta our mae-
ls hLis ion'i teres |ol'd neral good. bires are, aws we insider then, neemary for thle w* bela
A bl ae adr which made it night, In conclusion, qp beg to ato yea Excellency, we of the Slaves; a laut, that they ar dictated by a cosl
Bet Hstill tU d wauld i lr *lwv. entertain none but friendly feelip towards the free Co- entiom senreof duly. I a aandim in M t hem na
(lI yIhul cheek wbr anil rar.) Inured population; and with aree to the suggested adequate impremion of di necessiy Td i bas forum
Al dilld S he Armcy t lih aird J. Imendmeirt of our Slave code, we Ire willing to make to take, at length, ome elective stp nmrdb dl redemp-
ll dd sy lsucih alteratiolns a may be .done without injury Jo t lion of the pledge given with the coacwmean of the West
ra i'llooh -anmther chlnt- owner's rich, to those duties ad services le is legally en- India body in 183 ; and of the salklade, which we
1Th darwened eye, he vis A titled to enpect from his slave."- have felt, to consult the interest of the Planter eimuha-
L Tolil me th u t so hba beIen thl.r And te question being put on the aid proposed amend- neously with those of the Slaves, and to accomplish by
"ti me that ime o he d mra e n ment; such nmeas as should be the last unacceptablo ,o the
the do mon fainwr'dn here. The House divided : owners of West India property, an object which it has be-
he rd him silb with anguish deep, Mles-Mr. Malcolm and Mr. Nesbitt-2. conm imposible to postpone, without compromising the
O kU m no t ga li is fair." Nays-Mr. Storr, Mr. Wood, Mr. Ar hiiater, Mr. dignity and consistency of the Imperial Legilature, and
__________ Montoll, Mr. Sounders, Mr. WJldgno, Mr. Miller, Mr. occasioning danger to all ptnin goernel.
Win. Juhnson, Mr. Joheph Johaon, Mr. C. Duncome, When Ilook back in the records of this Departmet, to
PU OCEEDING Mr. Sw Mr. awyrMr. (reenslade, Mr. II. Adderley, Mr. the many earnest appeals upon this subject which have
r C. Adderley, M. George Addorlev, Mr. Sands, Mr. R. been addrm d since thear t to th e sn and di-
-..- C .i n i. h*vy i Tt ard Mr. Fariltaon--I19. crtiom of the Colonial elmun, it may well Mem s -
Ell F ASSEMBLY. So it poaed in native. perfiuous to observe, dmt nothing has ben father from
WaunsoaV February 8th, 182. The qustio being iten put oa e original mtion, the wieh of thom who haedsccamively adaniteind the
lik .4a ISLANDS. The Ho=se divided: alfainr of this Country since that period, te to have we-
S Yes-Mr. Storr, Mr. WoodB Mr. Armbriter, Mr. course to say measursof a co cinv claracteg
t Noolbilt, from tile committee appointed to prepare Montel, Mr. Sands, Mr. Wildgoos, Mr. Mioer, Mr. Wil- The circular dispatches which were written foma year
I lam address tno lis Excelenrry the Governor, i liam Johnson, Mr. Joaph Johnsoe, Mr. C. Dincome, Mr. to yer, repeating the exprions of hope which ad
tr hi Speech at the opening of the present Ses. lawyer, Mr. Greenslade, Mr. II. Addeley, Mr. Saunders, been i no instance fulfill, and of coodenca which ad
dl fopimied lt H same, which he read in hIplace, and Mr. U. Atlderley. Mr. C. Adderley, Mr. H. Duacume, Mr. not been jutihed, vinced with what eltinae irelinustM
404tlo at the table. # Tavlor and Mr. Frringion-19. the Minir of the Crown hare bean compelled to relia-
'lae in Commiltee on the Aidress, Nays-Mr. Malcolm and Mr. Nesbilt-. quiel de lCtioos which were originally etre ined,
euitt in tie chair. Resolved, Thatthe Addres do pus. dlnt ue e me res for the improvement of ih m-
6lpeker having reomed the chair, (Qdered, That Tr. Speaker do siqn the same. ditio, of the Slave, would be, a length, spotau momly
I. Nebint reported, that the Comaltni bad gone Adjoari-d noail to-morning, ten a lock. ad*oplil by the Colonial Legilatwies. The dipatches
bhei ish Bne, and lhad eblntituted maoota r address in which have been written, to point out, in deal, the d-
e a te reported and deliver in by the select Conn- Tutrs ar February 9th, 1832. fe, of suth Lam as were enacted in alleged folllmne
blch he read in his played delivered in at A Cotm mien from the tovenor, usiBr d o n a rt Wothe i Mw a ty's Governmnt, or ia tel
e. r mn Seal, for the purpotof adniniaering the muata dh to compliae with them, oar fwth trim y to r pi
OMllt, That the sme be engrossed. uch perons as may be elected memb. of the present tint sad paemering endeevo, hick ha bos mid
AWN was made to indeaunify the Receivor General Ilose of Assembly, laid before he House bythe Speaker by His IMlaaty's G,vernment, to imprem upo the sm -
diaearr, in paylag = sau of to the Prove red, and optered on he minutes. r Co acill end Ammblie, the necsiy whiah ca d
Itl for certain eapenc incurrd in the public sm- A Melp ftsCt HiL Ecelleicy Ihe Goveror, by the for atifying the feeling entertioed in thiu Ceuo i, if
ri. Deputy Secretary of te Colony: voar of the Slaves; nd the inadeqacy of their LGO-
01l, S1 lie on the table. A Mr. 8psaer d GauIeu el/ I H am of ton enea r itl purpose. If His Majety's pre aid-
tuIIrwsed address was rend in the following words: Assmbly, viser have rae to purame no fa the, this ao of
[Sne 2d page.] I herwith irwrd to you, sn authienalted copy of warning and entirety, t i not that they ae isn a dre
A MiN being mde, that tihe said address, as en- a Circular dispatch, dated Uth December, 1831, which I It assia*n to conciliate the good "ill, w they am-
Pl a d, peas, an amendment war proposed, that all have ad the boooul to receive from theRit Honourable sut herrulinterests of the Colonois, baely bees ty
"ald which in ie said engrossed address follow the the Lord Viseunt odeb, Hi Majesty a Secretary of feel that the language of adnmnitie bhai e elbemad,
mal Bahama IJand" he struck out, and the following Stare for the Colonis, other with a printed copy of an and that any further attempt to produce a impr i
mi bstituted, in thrir tead : tender your El- Order of Hi Majawy in Cooecil of the Id Nowmber, upon. the Legislturme by the ome ma* dloe, could
er tha nks iU year Speech at the openinmI lil, to which that dispatch has reference. add nothing t respe thoem bode for the sodo-
L.oh We hall enter on the moral baeinm Ir a ilbj)ect ever as hees, or ever an be sub- rity o( whas l t amild he is ras to expect
wish alacrity ; ad it will a ord us great a ti- to te Ha of Assmablyf im of tha ld,of mor that itcould tribute ay thing to th aso plilh
d te arrive at a happy conclusion, with harmony vital impstae t tohe future prosperiy and welfre of t he of the object i viw.
sii ihabiAto, I 6incerely pry tlht he Almigty Dispoar Hi Majesy's Govremewnt had dIsm bhrem hem d
~ advantage thi Colony has derived from the of events, will so gide your judgment. ape tlh Presw ahtarmde,eithr of pnropou og meMse of a we-
ar porter to thbe g of the United State, as occasion, as to induce you to pa a declartory bill, ger character hms ame ijaect, r i f dedetieI alIuo
"" m by your Excelleney, am obvious in h incrs- giving to dm euscewm enaiauled in thb King's Order in gater from the promote of ma object to wich Parlia
Sand sale of our Salt. The corrpoding Council of the 2d November last, hl force of law la this meat is ot Im jmly thin dsolmly pledl d, and t p -w.
nneof o ur Revenue, and the additional cir- C "y- pneIat of which mi dlag -m ad Mom ovary day.
S ney, from the uhlequent judicious increase I mY ay to y in h rm snd legat ga with precipite a powerful paret io tis commry is he q p
Siiof entry, ne confadentllr anticipate a coni- which Lord odorich coocludam his dispeach of the ihi extremle,d to produa dangers whih, however thy.
iY; m u in the circistnc and coforts of June, 1831, to Earl Behtmio that-" It (l o unfriendly my be maderiasod in a distt qll crr of wl d, as
%hUt of l ohe 'omml spirit. bot, on the contrary, with feeliagl of i deepest oe weis converw t with te bales of -a lepb
Y I5 Esllency's e*ln iIte obtain an ddlitioml axity ( the wdfr of thi Colaey, dl I earsey and il isaMly,sd he direti of I pr asMae of
.r our Salt and Tard n d a renewed employ- seaoy map d adoplio this mese T hm laery, fail foreeds.
w small vesela I Tuding, on the co ofa eacets will, on a cal review, be found to cord Al tse A m lime tha i alterastiv pame ad itd,
we cannot but highly appreciate: the laer eob- to lm Slave nothing more thasnrit jtiedemandasd H im ig com aril U dl f the Wea Idi k-
&obtained, cannot bul prove in practice very bene- to offer to their Owmr the beot practicable srrity for toee. covd mat tet uract msl msim al d paiil
io mafarring popdbn, and to e proptrieo the peacnSele ond quint enjoyment of their property." stairs of Hi Mj y'e Gove.nmea .Dempy me tay
,ve m n*riners of the Colony. J. CAmcAElK lmWT. In. ru0 nrtt ed tho io f the Cdob le a
T Excellecy's unccrning attention Ito O local Govsuzan.rT Horn., m es is fav 'o of dl SLvu, maho a ppsmealM
deands our thankful raknowledgmeontc 9t February 1832. J a y thlng t a iU-judged and isemrita i dl
p ctP tot the Coloured population, to whon (Copy.) m erof it,ha prevented Hi M jsy'a GO rmlte
tli ,,hak referred in your hoping Speech, we CIRCULAR. from teriiog the wogn fabliw f sympaty ad
co s enlAncy, that we have their interests DownseM-rarr, mp for the dia maid whica as ei -
a ".a n with otber dams, and hat we hae 10th December, 1831. a( e d with WIn sldia o-y, a r le i B .
.,. entire to lhat Ihas been passingoi this sb- I Brn ming.
atara., and other In li Colonni. I have the beanor to encluse to you. herewill faor His Majesty's ;overnmmrt were thus scarcely sim
s 'thccellhr ^ %, rc .euiiindadiion on this head, information, and for that of the Lregilative bodies of the anious to cure the adoption of their measmes, for de

7118112 ='hne?* Z ~ e of dm he a

p~yars, Ui e ty. r.h ro tiem .ii ,
asii i ll- hl lair te l S ie7. aLd Hwl Id b acld, I

llhrl gI ..^N i .il l ,ntf'.,,yro- .Hoald o. ito dn-
other pestablu ijeat 'a Soevernmset w'iM be called pon to f -111W
......... ...L la ur a imn n c tic sb le o fi c e o f d i .
Ie d adu are- epieoeg, conotructivelo, tpon th words of birlees di-
116111gller4 dneak piths e mp 6 while, upon their decio.e it would depoed
Ri. A.I. plWpL by 1- wl i oas mqny Calthie the hene pnsvwi a
Parlisa e e e -d be dI pd, ed to w ih i U
ellr n devslo d a M o he pro- e dL l. Even if se a elvui w pIm l Io
beiitOi r lebis aps.peaw to i be Hpriee of eigl yesa a nom plced btyi4, le |
fsew wtjId s dL e pow F( i6 read of ml n I pal doubt td fact, which, lndepael y
.l to p H"io l 4om of i;h eparience: might have been laticipated, I
= 27idi, WoIol dia Coarmciall mlaws rai d in the Coloni, and passed by the Coloial
eI etto f edch asdalage go the Platera, Assemblies, for the improvement of the condities of
whllb t the amela tim, ,illM ay ameity i their Slavery, are deficient in tlat quality, without which ll
m oI th hirnsuh diL 8hLw, wog ( su i ch Legialtiot niust b nBgalory.
i, r comtj hlea eld ie PrBlpeiu y Re- The compilation lo Acts passed during that period by
Jmof @ stleastn IW.hpe a d eves r- thirteen different Apsilies, (with the excepi of a few I
e ,i ," ,,,P i o ifc l@us Gutveresiae.,re,..t- enactments passed Wn soluof the imller liada, on the
iS a subject of Slae evidence, and of o act of Grens d, l
S. thJ lieb Mrn CaI l m eiscllng de Icrgl presumption in favour of freedom,)
-mend b be pIl in Parliaet.ll, the sevre k ol not colain a single rilue whih carrie, within itself ,
doii n i lgo resaluionof 1839, whih w ns uc- nyusonable he faithful e tlon of its
601l4 lY bg m for Ibe purpoue of overcoming fl1 provhius. I sol willing U give totlie Culoill Lo
m -q 9 1I, which it appeared from the uepuriene tures thcsanme credit for upriglh intentions, which i
s pseeilt g year, wes to be expplid from lie Culo- fr those who discharge corresponding functions
l Lephla s le I te poised outs n course uf ntlio- Country; but I shell sacrifice truth to an unmeamiag a
ighl i onitoi as the Ie eligible in the first instance, II tined coniplilent, were I to attlibuteto theMembers of
end ald dit be unavailing, he msertsd to the means those bodies, that freedom from prejudiceand dispaeionte
pshde PlmIess~ t panome of constraining tho Culoniesn lf-pouesaion on the subject of Slavery or that skill i
by hal regulations end enartlnils diverse to their the technical business of Leislation. without wbih tbhe
p~villHin,as pre(erable to a nore direct application of most honest inrtntions are totally inadequate to the pro-
im powers of Prliument ; of which more dilel exercise duhlion of an effective law.
if pio r,, be, ertheless, declared the neceity, should Moreover, the opinion of the Asemblies hs been too
I11 dtlrr5 mu fail, distinctly and repeatedly espreued to leave it doubtful
The l ofwihoritative dmonition has been pur- what would he the result if the task of reconstruction the
ed (or eight yean, and lia, beer, as I lave lnealy oh- Onler in Council were referred to them, instead of the
serd, sterly unsuccessful. Advice again and again option of unconditionally dopting or absolutely rejecting
eedw d to the Colonial Legislatures has boon but little it. .
ia d o ini ay of the Colmies; and in ome of the You will lay this distei and its enclosures before i
importun and considnrble, be been more thn once branch of die Leg Isaur of the Colony, under yi
Swlhout even the form un of eaec. Government, oad I LI wit with feelings of deep snd
Casi, therefore, to entewrmi hope, dit thrir admo- 'inious interest, theJi t of the proposals here made.
1gi3i 1 wi aer prove e Icciou, it might,, be Should they not meet, ie views of the Legislatre, Hi
opected o His Miajulvy (Joveraonll, so prupise aI Majesty's Goveromea ii ill have more thn one camu for
ire oi Ptlinmen, the iseond mode of operating upum the most serious concern: they will then hlve to reret,
he Legisllaturs, which islcoaieasplat i by Mr Canning; Ie oely the tempornry sltponement (for more thn lem-
bet ,o uM any endeavour to heinr tmh Culoesm porary it cannot be,) the benefit which a intended
by *eal regulations," in their pre rint circumianca oe fur ite Slaves, but t. Ijilure, also, of their efforts t
distrss, w.iL indeel bnlost repugnant to the feiilinlg of renew the .rn oper r utii ag thBe ldie s.-f t
Hi Masy's oivirnmlnt. T.y could not, tl hi,. ni Planier; And bo tl:-y wl have to depoa dhe
mintl, or unl a lesu iinlul ftperiuent lshouk bhve bwen ontinunce, ou the of the West Indian Colonsts, of
tried, renonile it to tll-e frelog, hih ti he ietuering Itht1 nnen ibilily to liinfluence of public opinion in the
aomMequiMe upon cmillrcial diversity must always ex- other Country, by which they are daily bringing then.
ci, to proplae any meaures*io which a charter of un- selve more and more within the dangesl of calamilies
lisd severity could be attributed. Whilst however, far more grievous than any which can be caused by com-
reir fralia of conesl rn fr dim dilicu'tles of the West In- mercial reverses, mnd of disnters from which it suy
din proyrietorn and awrcnts, withhll them from origi- be beyond the power of toy Government to protect them.
usin any meair in which dieir intermesbl d nat be I have du 'onouuto be,
aided, they are not ks powerfully ild by a Sir,
w f i sir duts y to die gretuel a o SlvfI slioration, yor msl obedient,
mnd by a ce iomneas of the obligations under which les bumble Servapt
sOowrm of this country ha been placed, by 4 Re- (Signed) GODERICI.
alutiem of Parilmntl, from propounding ony ilasure A true Copy.
tlo them plalrs, in which the interests of the 8. NESBITT, Sec'y.
C be l sight of. To propose a me re of Order of His Majety in Council of the 2nd November,
Gad swl e iake eiect, before dh object of the Prlia. 18831 improving tel condition elbe Slaves, in Bri-
-m ery Rseol-os should be aseu d,wouldes a manif l t ih niens, Trinidad, St. Luci, Mauritius, and the Cape
eelitl e of the only course of policy, hor of the direct of Good olpe,
applrBln of power, dihouwl which tiers has ever bo Onlered to li on the table.
a pmeps of rdsag d pledges contained i hdo

ad h g he pstios n f the quIl mim, and he n dr Td uReS.
i hmun aps His MajestI overmmem. i
Ml mIM, far he t ornebine two great ebjectl WEBD,% B AY. FEBDY 1l. 18 9.
wi"l My ai to eiffct n a single naitsurhe, and -thm o
ahe ai emiaaiiget ponp the other. ERRATA.
I he, i announce to yea, the Axed dar- The de lear hm ppl should read 15 instead of 14."
.dein en e MiijsIy's Governmset, to proper to Al e- lthe coadig h e of edmneday's"- Prceeduip
Palament hi th present Seon., and oonas the de- Of thi Ww u f AMu ly,"rmd o-Nousew oamlnrs, iamed
*r of Ihi, i enmeo wilh their ollth ch opera- .. to- a ."
It b r I, Ca r Be re of d M ca he ai
bhre a I i da Wert Indie in nter d ~ We havw bee truly fified to observe din .
wiMlbe aL m ed s to take eflct "pe the pro- yet ih d do id conduct, of or Hose of As.
Or e Cle O Celotnie, as a mter of corse; mad mirly,ow io Basin. Under eistig crcmuceof
pi d td nly O ti ash Coeles, is whic the a g political esciteme, their path oe of dfculty;
Csiam itir e m ad ".' i tre bt we pareie, d the m will be sucm ifuUy thread.
ten, of Hih Maesty'a Ordm in Coamcm of the ad alo.
Ihr lmpreag I emo dlio of he lan, i ri ed, and we aed smild y anticipate ltthe time is me dis
as,-. Trtaie AL Leie, hNaris, and the Cape of tsat when, under a anre popular Ruler, every j)rriag
and Une, Ial ANN sac iT p r the & we or f element is wiciety will be lid foi ever at reat; when the
Im ~m~o aee s ei th d va rious br- ches of Legiiature, wiD oaence ian every
l ilnuLa*i a Plrem et ih' as frid, i effort for th gera ood, ad His Majey's Governmetl
e l d a e id At iof Bs ei will pdsive, th t he*" I mapetioe n of ld m d pre-
C Iale L hegishirn dsply, gad wih mtlh i" J ei, whh h ah oerloIaly hie haped am u,
m e r Miha i dme, al Or i a mo lle them sto eme tio of adiin a
am pm a h rm if ml mb his a If i, sil m aosace, apported by one or iw uwervialemi a imof

Thase medi s by of Kin Main"%Z G. em plle hf hoods and calmnie. While thie w coM-
m s w M ben m i aks. Lea b em ce ld de is pmn by oar Amembly, a bua bhi already
t s king thi wr m f ho pepmied sahelrstin tl adopted, we ma e t timplmen, and our messu driven
dA i aInd pcI ,l the had b-am eaI d by may pirit from wer path; for a the aiset dsy are paralyd. We
.41111f e awmit @ er hewving eds oumeimro owinim in thi
hle y of lwiwhamb asp=& dJie.h Clony, by toe Wlndewm which we have Iaeqendy bisn
Setbls mieL to a y hi of me To l e t obdiged to take with s of their "ery priclar friends;
h m ad Meee of ih law lat eIir dcti. bet e he deemed ourelves as in trust, and hold co
To do th, woud he ashaig ea than to remm and aIder thatlblad betryedconfidence repand iam, had we

Iasy mapMdwhpmb -J g
salpedwlioi by their improper weA ,
'Te n.*se.c (iMpa.rt

I has bee very evidently t, Sh0'Age
oa ina as4 dagpmNe t*hi s

be r e a did.. be dig bL

rmamed by tb a, wih as pt- t
or; a convincing proofdht nom of his b
likely todo him much servi during the 2
present Amaembly.
His Excellency is much of the P4
v vewry consia he will,.to qbliwage m Ue
." "of bos whom cam he e so ca
aled. and io carry the view I is M
snet into if&d, go homne. forthwith, d
*ign to appoint one owlr ui who will be coi
, at least, he smel ami* doing wrwi&
out the knowlede--eIf mauimqm w ll as
our having been coerced into our iteumi
Omuas mado y do very ell in the Army, bl a
successfully nued to a Legilative htMbo, -
British objects, who are generally ireat aickkih
rigAts ; and we believe ibha the lonclsm hae
no orious, for their sIbbno raLd dog latical
To His Excell May r Ge Air Si hi
C .ro-s
Co l ldai-ie-Cif and w telil
hads, Md of tie GOrrisonw bmeis
be east thheriardeellor,V hi
Ordary of the me.
Ta Hvu .a ADell or TIB Hour or I
.. May it plnM Y r F Akrim F',
We. His Maest's dauiful and loya Subj Ies
Assembly of the Bslas Islends, bei leax tla
Eleellency. ii mwern to your Bpeech at d t
prease' Beiu, that we most sincerely joi ia. a
lent' hpe, iht lU measure brought bel i
beetq,?ioL klti, ad atd y L
tIRpot to r.tfbe totlu to L derild bkow
merce and Revsne, may be full remyled.
We rfrther beg leae to state, that at diffnmet ei
poall privi'ees have been granted to the ColeWj
illon o the Coloin, with a view ibal ihey should
paictoe is th enjoymJet of the conslmisulsig
j t Wie fellow subjects; but that the vrious m
aoioemeat which m present exint iboughst ia CdIl
onurtured m ly have been by evil dispoJed pmwm adl
cetln OnfdanDte occurrences in Your FrIm- I
allation, muI proclade as frnm making any i r
LIws at prmeattl oe. relating to the free Ceblindl
lItio., driven YoEitcel!ooency'i dailiaissmi e.b1
meal of Ih Islands; Mnd we ramse Your Eeleh.
inaseekig d alemh k we feel comldenst le am
actig Iai uaio with li aimeime alt i t
may of whom, p ticuley n te Oum Isli m dide
vernment, beloe to id fm the mem weahhy .. l-
piart t vey Ietmylpe m alluded to hy YoeluAi
We alo beg leave to state, ibu we have ory
to meet the views of Hi MIjeMy's Goverment, 1
point. submitted to ourcumiden bon, so hfin tle I
compatible ith the true interaleu of the Calesi; I*
such feeling would induce us to give tie mst Met -m
lion to the proposed alteraions in the lave Code Odf
lony, did we not feel eunvinced. from the cIalu hidr
that any aempt to legslat npon that Isubjec t.
Eicellecy'l administation. would be demmentie l to
fare of thovs, whole ilterU ts we abound tU I
WhLa the estinmain and dacnoouns re sumiedWi
shall make such provisit for the Public sm 1is
cumstinces of the country may dmi of.
By order if the House.
0. C. A!oDuse. s,
"Mr. Speahker, and &mknw f tLr HIe
I hwe listen to your with very l*mi"
m rry to And. that, atwith mstdi thea *l|-I5
cision of His Majety, respecting the procerdilns
House of Assembly. Jyo have though proper Is
el is th -e foolttep. ad to tpt a li*"Oo
whiel ma ooly tend to aiment dlth irrilmion mLi
unfeotsely existing between the dUe l clret
lmbtanj of tbhe ldatads.
J. CO*Ticsu5B
Monday, I9th Fih. stM. _. _
Hi Majoty's ship Blmsomn Captain OweOswf
yesterday from Jiamic. We have been ide("_4
the iawrretion there monlg dIe grwes, ha Wk
ly peudownndthat theylwagain rurneidtl* m
The schooner Poo nau Cpeain Miller, min"t'
port front Savannaho Saturytifteranoo sl, br4
of peper from that city to the 4th intent. Is t r
pag, wil be fwend news from Frsnce Is hir "
9h of December, which we have copies t
the ppesn ma question; to which, we refer ip.I**&
The schooer Primiros, Captain Hioda^ hl
from ChlMarl wih newspapers to the m iOt w
thae; hbit t European news they comlltas
milar to that received by way of Savansh.


t' MM.W."a i0 ADi 6 *MILI
sp 7 g Oil, I pahad,

B ld atl. vwmath al ih. -t ediudiLt,
bs deeranO fhJIlJu tem,thi II m ad DAVID 8PENCE, Vey CdM.
n, pat i, they f CTar,. godemmd. YV-rm Rom. 7d Febnary, 1888.
4I" 8 tii i- fllHE 8UBBCRIBER eialndy a iI penor
J.s riemP h-a m, i a t ob hae the
i- i.t otli, * i vI I Ib. l- Jld Il ra they e pOt ia sit dalbmsmt-
B^ ^ *tt,. d.. ry,:Ms Duliag l D ama and Sos.e,
4, Cap. I, "I elng ieo* Te ap W -w i c- wi41 be gie es at dat
I, i 6 r a pietanai New taI
w.Iihknt LleIe ly t eliarmeM for WM. J. EECIL
; and ni del. git, e w u, of Februry 11th.
_____ NOTICE.
,pw Mr. Rthedelkd, df P, bee sentenad A LL Pro havg demands a*al** the uriber,
A prm gr oUa I p render do mm sfr parsym without
athePoblroiedI eg1 l delay, as ha bash in oatempibtin to quit the colony
j|ld the Polic nfgi,41r 4mg B0'"066and those indebted to him, wil ase the ir respected
SA Anb hnmmnd an former occn.sioo, d lcconlts on or before the It day of May, ensuing. All
,j s wd inprsonma t iso now resorted o-- riking accounts unpaid after that period, will be placed is the
tl* prl. f, ta im Police tribenals thre, Ir of Attorney at lw, for i eiat recover .
ms prof, tt JOSEPH 8. JOHNSOA.
ry 8th.

I T^Sa 0 7IT o NOTICE.
T's- HE SUBSCRIBER, intending leave this in
SEu*, Tm abto leA o tiee Islands, after April neat, Ifr the United Stas, requests all per-
*I rueaidr isfr he space oTf rr DAYS. nmut ions having demands against him, to render them; and
h.ssey eui, l s eoiUr pt up Ai name in those indebted, to mnuke payment oa or before the 10th
sm o p- a= -usia *f- February. All accounts remaining unpaid after that
IMOdf ~refr a nnsma a -date, will be left at the o" ceof U. P. Wood, Esq. for
r, a d wll n m nra an, a Tt recov ery.
I eAiNs January 7th. F. TURNER.
eaoTT 70.OTAIlq TWJkKTI nTtEruar
lar 5 ,o9i-n1 F OrLa RTUohy. NOTICE.
SDere r Tdbull f^HE BALE of the lte4 J. Solomon, Esquir's,
1U n Barry Stock is Trade, by ordr o the Exectonr, co.-
gI manuary Wells isting fofTavalubleand etensiveertbeastl oDry Goods
e 3 orbdaSo H.rdware, Lc. &c., will posiTGveiSake plam by Public
SV11' *4 Auctioe, early in March nert. Tns will be made
A li. c nucke mown, previous to de day i ed for the sale.
.= : Matilda Wall ~ ~~etutantArovnc. Ith. a sd

14*"%vnt Riot*j


hI MSchr. Mesenger, Curry, Abeco
Liquors, Iron, Dry Goods, Ac. fronm
Sthe Am. ship De *ilt Clinlon,
to JouI ST ou .
lM&I H. M. ship Blosom, CpL Owen, Jamaica
H. M. schr. Kangaroo, LL Hookey, Cruise
9 S up Constitution, Johnson, Bhabm
Cotton, picked up.
1 S loop Builder's Son, Ingrhem, Abeco
*. Sop Amoli., Pinde, Abeco
Butter, Chee, Oil, Line and Ma-
erlUls, from Duc brig Eadrt,
to JoNi THounso & Co.
* Schr. Elia Museu, Phillips, Berhadone
and St. Kitts.
Ram, Sugar, Molasses, rcln-
din, ta Josar Tuoursom.
a 6 6chr. Priprom, Hudmon, Charleston
l' o, Lumber, Flour, rc.
to Joua rs TaaUomrn.

aKU*--leop Lively, Prudden,
14B tt loop Little Tur, Buarott,
I i Scchi. Belmmin, Prudden,

SAl oop Little Twrk, Brtlett,
SSBloop Lively.-Prndden,

Turks Ilands
St. Kius

Turks Islaed

Houa or AsmmLe, Feb'y 7th, 1829.
A DERED, Thbt de Clerk of the Hor do adr-
S in the Bahm Argus, for all persons ha de-
mias the public, to deliver dthe I properly
td, to him, on or before the 21s instant; and
st after that periq, will be received, except
1i o Islands
arct fiuL the Minutes.
EBY GIVEN, theM 8Mled Tenders ill be
sn or before the IS day of March net,
llhe Laws, aid other public papers, according
B ies" of she Act of tie O Iral AmAembly of
ed, of the 45th GO d, Ch. 141. Every
Silbe iven on application ae

1UNA SALT, for sal at 12T aets per beO eL

At Exr-.

february 4th.
of Land, in he Eastern Dmrict, with a substantial
the Subcriber.
Another Lot, adjoeiia the abo on the BSootwet,
with buildings, c.
A family of Nos, five in number vis:
Delia, yenr
Ellice, dio,
Willim, 41 ditto, i
Amelia, 21 ditto,
Sophia, 11 months
Anolher family of Ne ron, thre in number, vi :
Eliu, 81 yea,
Rone, Ii ditto,
Jane, a8 month.
Amon them there are Washun Ironer and Home
A Lot o( Land, containing Ibout twenty-eight acres,
situste on Royal nland, adjoining on the wst, land of
the late Benjamin Barnett, deceased.
Tarms, &c. will be made known, on applation to the
Subscriber, or to Messrs. Hemy reelade & Co.
If ot disposed of befor e the April, thy will, on dt
day, be mild at Auction.
February 1th.

F E SUBSCRIBERoe&r for ale a few bales of
panih Leaf Tobacco, an moderate Urm-for
February 11th.
TO BE LET, tbht pleaAdy situated
House and Premies, lately i the occupation
of Henry Adderley, Esquire, with immedle
poeumion. Apply to
January B2th.

A The House and Prmisesm at pre occupied
by Mrs. Poitier. The Houa is roomy and
l cood vient, with lareKishedm and mwah hoase
anciad, chair house and stalIng for tbroo
hoaes, extensive yard a ram piece. Theiot buildip
have been lately thoroughly retired, and the grear part
of d* feDcs have b newl put "p.
A ract of Land sirmted at hYil Vl onmtaing
arem. It i divided by the Vig-roed irto m Los, the
wster lot hen interested by d new rd leading from
the i iot Blue ill road. This lad wiD be di
pNed ori ne or there lt Apply to
September 17th.

Gmt Ot o, B1 oa,,' -

Payetre Weoeekl P m.e

W-ill be Sold,
WA 'ldh. t oe le0ad i ,a j :
All h re ii Stock Trade, l
Fite whi Come s HENR and CannI Si. ,

Fie, Calice, Chitoa, O. aer,
Limes Drill, Sine heaver Hats,
Prayerhcr Wel Preparati

DAlk Check, or Bea,
TlaBt Py ing Clay.a

Warees, ChlrMes 1M he .e
AA n om W ia am eaEtof Hardware, i Bm:
FioA, Ac, Owels, Tea l

La, 6,r, 10, 20 and ASm Nails,
Will ban BoldB s

BaIm Pans, a menent of TiSH war,
asm Baim-ware, vdJin
Aou b cks, ir e Bockise, Bed-ap., ,
Fier ls, Coa. d C8 f A hc|,

B lyi ing ar.
an.a outi, CoAon CiurAids Fiec, I
Le m PlhDumo Des,
iChl, CGouge, Ci. Ac. Ac.

Pia int, r Coou, erm l,
Wlihowder and cShot, Grinso

Boom Paw, as etme oe
STur oPtye, C
WsitcwtiH.l CUddaio H, *& vs:

Seallig-was, Spdil Oams, Ac.

A 6vl u 1b &o d man, nams
SHe 6 iacd John
T sRM-thre months Cred Wn ,n
0, o revig aJsc, rimimtaly spped d Nesh
Handsaws, Alx, Adaoa Film, Agm<
CLLt am Oou, d cc. CASH c.
A Fmnml snartmeet of FISH HOOKS,
ts, Wmt r Colounti, Vemil da o da
Red uad Yellr Ochre, Glu, Lpblck.
Giuap dr nd Sbot, Grudoame

.Lraur Pape, Q1 iLkt d Ink Power,
*8se-wax, Speiu Books, ,
1 puncheon Windwrud Wad Rm; ud old Ja
RUo in lots o mok purchmloini *fah Tiq
ofother *nrik.
Immeliately afterwards,
A valuabb Negro Woman, nmd Pakmo, a (
Cook, Wlhdw and Ironer, wilh bar thn ibldr Jo
Henry od John.
T W--three masths Credit, on se a--h
20, oo BTia| tinacrimiuletpFwd sra- riw
dIf aimmuKs, lwdista CASH.
N.B. The ads wl be aonmad Wa dsy i oJy,--
Februy Ilth.

ni sat, gt 17th -u I,
vuneu nousan,
'rA 1O *iIe AL. I.
Widl be add *
The Cap of e schooerw Elia Mei an le 3er
41 barrl Mosoved Bugar,
s1 pnebosa Windward Ilaud Rn,
16 bhds. Molame,
8 bare Iribs Beef,
18 hf do. dino,
17 IrU do. Better,
8 bal Beached Cavas, N. 1, I md C,
l am Tape M mu )
1 ditto facy Prist'
I am Irish Lion,
1 am Us4a Check,
1 cas Spde Hadtrdwin&,
1 a Brews Drl,
6 pl-Idrk aid bl Broaddlh,
5 isu C=ihr A. A c.
TIum,-CASH bdw defnvry.
Feires7y 1&th.
1 OR SALE, by private caemct. Derbf Ui
m r a, ad a and t f Ean( I
aboutO 7O ar. For fuer partledle, 1 6
Jamry b.

4. q

ft"007 4kh

__ ~___ __

r~p~F;-L'. ~IYTE d

~c a a -

,i-a*a e SA aib 9aAi Partees. aam-
woon b e- teof ir a a enrean of
a e as the 57th Jao.
f h 8uademn the e oylm ha

htrodm of ..X I" Yr o.
m ia.d o urla. q im t ms L
Aretowm fa ka rioaln e aiiiaaaj. -"theemultoons
e aonef Lyma wae hm d o ten icimt mieblms with
ens al ustne t "
PrftejMF, lad daXamr.lIt Is lm tha* i be 1Watch de.
etwai seat to lhe Diet, e djo a a jae a ternncim l ion
trailing* o f ofip ulcy .
The btha okerald,
T.he it ra 'ia 9 It a-I i a *We UI" la b ling.
doWai._e IdeW llsia but ei.ttle uW

Brassels, $iti rcember.-We hpi from an au-
thenlic source ry lIportant daei orf e late events
whah ihte topped ia Lu It appears that
lioce 'the bO f thi meabdinth m m d of Aom 15U
.IOm m, me a aH cityI L heewame. This
broad as composed of the dregs of the aelIo and its
otoreiaaooll are cuunteinnd by magef the Dutch (police.
Tlhit Iund luo rhal peahiim I Las afrnlpe and Friaange
and thence overoma tiha m ry, e ciibg Ie Luxem-
burger'i to swY agaise the Kia of the Belgins, and
"t re-estalide as eqss o d1 He of Orange, pru-
da.nly ,ilmbruidared wilh the Luseiobar coloe-a-Tli
conmiracies are dbateJ, it appar, by twe cam cils; one
atemibly the provincial government; thi obter, secret
allukM'hia i bf i alalo # lA 6Ue f rUi a Hl y."
A preo ati e, ld Count d Ptel 4 Atue do
Turnaea, ha ban widely spred. Thlap miamaltin
anoaumae that whi I pampoamly aames Lth UeIoburp
army, will be commanded b the Chavlior Waulhier, a
veteran oflcer. It is lso si i the aounry that A. de
tlapprrt i oee of due bad of this ba of Wretches,
wiho, wherever they g, depse dn Belgic uadorities, and
piwus themwvlvi d all the arms dy ma lad. As won
as the Belgic government Ilrod Lde h mentioned
above, a ballie of eight infantry sad another f the 'ivic
guards of Anvoru, not out frem Lioge and Namur, so w
to arrive as Alan on athe ilk and 29th, and stop the
robbery and invasia of theme hordes in tI pay of the
Dutch government, whidc would, by disorder. devastation
end ananly, rende imf t mater of the OGmr Dtclir
eommencing with da German pornal. Then is every
easo t hope hau the insurrection will prove abortive,
and that it wiU be prompdy orraesd.
Primv Crruspoind.ce of the Jsor.malt ~ n .
Puar, ae. DA-A I have frequently pritllo you,
the ChImbi. er of P eern ha adopted the ma-hnrdimry
principle; but to spak the tulb, the number of the nm-
ethy his oi e atoniske the Minister himself. He
allowed laimelf to fear something from tie Induence
of th lbhaer of the Lutemburg over timid conscien-
ca. The laou has proved that neither the radicalism of
she aMe of ae estoration, nor the w rae season of
Sthyouw r of or imperial notables, b sa cd Ihe
opwa e hm adred mali-hlrediary members. While
talkig with rap of the suppreion of the leisialive
prlgleae, M. Peri nd a long time sice mode a mcrifice
or i ia il; he percid die aewity of couform-
t io i .i of a. netiolod yw'aezni d in the
ic a le, mad relaraete is a nretp i mt -

ma Dc. a-We ostract the following pagn
fnr t .i LOea Cauer of t Thda, received hia
Sme by d piches eat
"Over dtim 3 dri labstt w alne contra-
dita by d natamiakaFreach pw hwing ad-
amad awdoM on 1"1 da th pi t wao badt
li dl pm e jy aie aI y proved by Ie omfr-
asca d forIr he fairs of Belgiam and Iallan.
Trabales, Mar opialem cofirmd by hia fact, tht
m- aely i she Asaoa nt mrild tiety, m laugh
doaLb aed tea aem y for the ratilica i has ipaped,
and the ELiuhawvoys have reemoied in Rmuia to await
the r ,eM 6ikrtm ell praod duast hi eriag
tiMsmalis Ith ail thr l me ta itnIs at-

i new a- M LPtri aL Atria begin eha m-a
the acripmeal of a trmary which Ceanae do" in die
d of tihe Mnarch oa h INthL "
T Cmieradd
We W at nw e-ami wh s a o madt
Great Briai and Fram oult lo pree l n thwl a
evrasn odMd cm tom a aoe il t & tV.
invade Bohriu, dthe Ler power w 1 faga dmad the
aaumitace of Fraeis, and then li camenae dat battle
of catsegMrh leald by Lefayette. RmiaP P apa
hops evn Auaria, will ta part with BLoi and it w
the be for Ornot ritai t decide wl4 l wlEl tke
patl i the quap It wid be a L prindplas, or
oraater of o uiiwii lag princia wiva dadll
S- ibde he l e. M Rma Pi01, aiand au
pain, md on the al r, Enqld and France."
nJfril, Dec.'20.-Yucn!ray a council of aWi ra wa

it mE M of y ahributo.sio atd by
wo|L e ald *ua r ibe which they ae -

if, o.T. 2.-Y s are m doubt was thA *e
C.ra of Lyees iAr m a' blotuy isi*g.
mde l thsmmelvewa mi a of dr Iw The Nl
Ia Ow d., by dheir anqm t bteatrg unwerd Aa ro.
my hb regarded a sgrp cootribteing tlowa ei
dis general Odoaneau was made primMi and
Generl (atogel, at the head of the garrima, wa driven
out of dth town. AU tie important pod- dIoe nal,
the gunpowder umgami. the Hold de VillU, ad di bar-
rarki-are in die hnde of dihe coluerors. Public and
private property have been respected, with the exceptionu
of a few home, the flrnitur of which has hbeb degatpv
ad. Nahing pshive is yet known an to ti( oumber of
dre viTimd ; they are variously estimated at from 1,000 t
1,00 killed and wounded. As to developments, let a
begin by amuring yoa, thai in hlii insurrection tlere a
nothing of political natur. In the beginning, some mni-
nofacturers' formen, and a few old oldionr, onk thj
having rexdlively fur their object the executilo
riff which lad been stipoleatl between the oiannt
Ihe authorities of the town, aid the foremen of. Lthe -
shops. Some mobbinghed taken place before the period
of do principal inmrrecllon. The las was not a a
more alarming character thn then which preceded it,
aid might have been diipated if the repeated promuie
made to te workmen had been ratified. But several im-
prudent charger of cavalry and vollies of infantry, made
without due oolifitio on the inofansive groups, carried
their irritation to extremity. Several platoons of the Na-
lional Guard wre beaten and disrnmed during the night.
Preparations for resistance were nude by the civil and
military authorities, and on their aide the workmen pro-
cured arnu, cast mmiket-lls, and carried two guin q kh
they had taken to one o a neighboring hclghts. On
the following day, caneo and musketry continued to
Ihunder in all quarters of the town. The workuen were
every here vicorious; and, at length, in the following
igkh, or rather at one o'clock, next morning, General
Roguet left dhe town a the head of the garrison, u a e
by a doridAit fumilade, to which the regular troops replied
in a clue column, the dnlms beating the charge. Time
will not allow me to tell you of the better complaints which
are raised against the gater pn o the maufacturen.
Severe and destitute of bowels of mercy for those poor
.epl.s, en wie awe m they have meftteho worae iW-
tury and a half, their only answer to the complaints of
the wwrk-people has been by sarcmas and vollie of mus-

From dM Jam au Couvera of 'leaiday, J. 10, 1832.
The following is an extract of a letter to the Editor of
the Boston Liberator:-
November 16, 1831.
Daa Sin,
I regret to inform you, that our mutual friend John
Lamb, got into difficulty last night, in consequence of r-
celing your laudable paper. A mob of unprincipled
vagabod, amemblod round his house, and violently took
him out, and tarred and feathered hint-lbte hey poured
oil o his beand adt fie to it-they t carried him on
Srail to river, and ducked hise and then returned
with him to a port near Drrough and Simm tavern, sad
whipped him-they art now preparing your effigy, with
determination to bur it.
The Lberator," is a paper publbsed 3t Boston, by
W. L. Garrieso, an enthusiastic Advocate of universal
freedom, em of WMberforce's school." It wa in re-
lation to thilr, ha Mr. Neabitt, on the 29th of No-
vember, l4Xi ellloon the table of dhe Georgia
Senate, o Ul m alrd of 5000 dolart, for the bringing
toju iae i the editor or circular; this is the
most eOctual du dhat could be devised, to bring an
editor and hi paper into notnri .
Naw Teri Advmaar, Dec. lfih 18i1.

la It KRain om am w Yer ,t i the fll
daoe. 'rhoa aai If is tdbi t to be will brieg.
Adsois was a old Preach whLw the D mawallem at-
rendMet in te Wea dle dies O Firen revoleite, thaw
pon ir dee, an lw bLeld In the etan t horror all jae-
binical and reparuean ebmionelome.-He had a iomtieo ve
maeri a to wet wm eniteel and becoming in asanes and
ilami. awl a i the u eat ol a gea 'me hair, r ate
cadeof ar ady'l. He bad aetoded in a pore aof d
Fietd --lata wkia e the geaIteat t ma feelings
wee eeitd, to the higLhi pitch when lt beard of the b.
dliag of tie Fromec khig. aid the baaisihL t of the say-
alt m W He dm deliberaely nenouned ihe Frenh rb i
ald ther nalk prs rlael and i testimony of the ea-
eanmy d aia hdeti and si( iook ofh hai and mowed
anee i put ba ala nmtil a one deren hold be m d
to a e h he now be faiithfly pt. For tui ame
tiogh all weather did be ale I t ir N
ea r-loa-ed, erying hi hat nlh ar- wHb a tir
ef a sestarta ed with cmbat, sinsea, and other aplae.
mnafd Hi adel. antil his hair, wb was of te d a aa
blae whea he bfet oo k is o, had become a white a emw.
For my pa I confe I nve aw him on my occasional visits
t the city wakiag o hre hBsm of his castomre without
his hbt, bal I fe t lined to take my own off to him. Like
all te a of the world I taok it for granted tha the loyal old
nom wonid newar we his hat aain;. At length In the year
1l14,BeM FrIne earned shoolasr-- with the whi te dy.
ing, arrived in the part of l ew York, bringing the fArt ial-.
ligene af the return of he Hnoiiribne to their throne andking.
dom.-Adonis would not L -lipe e e repuon that Gew like wild.

Ap ght td b4 4 k*ie

snLg h tm ahe in t air
il el b ea i be ah l a

Aw k JbaN as Actir.-If hbet IL
kia puma. iu inp eul, *ltoi -ha... k
Ousrih I a t Ila aeill
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Aud criuc, d peat a if, au you em
buet Lr he t ua he I wo- be ku
lbe ra the dram to tis
hiW t e ey.e4 "mo pief

beam i 1If nod it is a
he stoop;and if he stoops, and doea not Ie
impossible he can eadeutaad his author. If
uand a cric, and repeats a e as you nevra
before, he must hbe a wo-cather. If his
fai be has eadle dle-ingl oo mu6h : bet ifi
besans to teKll him he moset go to the
can discover no fault, you mau pas r
Gu l. Poll, Holland. or Bary. peTroi'n
and a nise-teurhm of your readern cannot ra
lfrinnrea, jo ay easily persuade them ths sl
censure s a blockhead. If ha the an
tell him he speaks too fatf if hae spa i h
discrimination, sy tlit Iely walt to catch
his action is graceful. tell him h makes t
amu and hands: and if his action If mederae
public that his arms are ted behind him. B
will have dea kmi completely oa orn aide, "ir
your oiion, and plnse him, be will be & ae

Playing by Whoesale.-We artvre i a
following ing mat from a Mfiae
pondent at Bristol :-The S finding thalit
ged very sal y lo, w e a Courier to th GU, l
which the AV was quickkfpiead that d sbi
Tess u a ery 4dter oe Stiderd kf
an impoer, w oadny assumed the m da,61
Bull, patronised This much alm* f
relr, who happened to be then Sdarwgag;tg
rather a Spec ator lla an Examinr, the M ,
Ihe World toconsider the I tkienA of M, id t
ti l Heraldand Adartisrer d proceeded to ARlre
in a Clrouick, which every Engl&aman whe id
Obns ca o fal fa val-ueasa Resred of th
the Age.-[Globe.]

The London Coorlbr suy the late Lijd llThei
I,.1-MS Bohtnn,.and llbaed .1X E. Bdhm A p
annum to leave the stage. The rolloieng pi, In
written in the Covent Garden Green Room a e
casion :
Two isters at once from the stage tnok this dull
Natre made them IWi-t-Tblw made du I
When Maria Tree loll the EALli'h ntaf, ihl'l,
lines were written in the nie Grnen Roaomby a L.0
ou bloom and a uls. yet the bosom
When Tre of your decription lake yoaur k=

The Richmond Enqairer contain the folowllelamait
of a i'uea. b a cornesponreL-" What bjectie wEl
be to the UJoied Staue buying Tease. and esaifae i
Government there. rih a niew of inviiang all sinh Se
in tIeletd States to rnaie there, and ultimately bfoa
atateof them? And asethins of thae uma iloaa
be done for the ladial: form te governmet AIr bi
invite them to reside under it.

Mr. Blwar. the novelist and number of PariltaL
also ediMr of the New Monthly Magueine. mlarml
aion in the Novrmber, number of that pwriaml,
form Hill will be carried i the lHoue of
aid of Peer, who on reconsidering the sajea
light of pmeoln esperienre. msy noe suppe ef
for, oppoMed DoubtedL-Iere us n obtlMaey *ina
gentldein that will take morn than mere munra I

Mr. O'Connell hasu ani nced hi interotoln 4 '
Grnid National Unio, oM wh bnsd nd silmWi I
wiH embbnic all eci and prli., -nd give p4fla
setiments of the people of this country at large,
oun c t.-Dbdli Macndina Pod.

FOR SALE--At thi. -
Bins of Lading,
Billb of Exchge,
Bills of Bale,
Mnifesls of Carngoe,
Blank Frm for he Cmtim Houe,
Leaa and Rlarwa,
General Coen Writb
General Cort E ceution,
Bills of Sale for Vmels,
Mongages (wit hend.,)
Warren o Atmoarn to Confes Judgime
Powers of Attorney,
Atlrmy'a Warrat, .
Arbiration Bondes,
Apprentice Indenture, *
Police Wmrans,
Police umnmonsea,
Police Permits,
Militia Warrants,
Subpnrna Writs,
SRbpana Ticketl,
Infemior Coon Writs, .
Ohligation Bonds, &c. &c. &r. i
N. B.-Joh Printing errtned witll naIlnte
patrh, upon groodl li r, anil on inodrarte termi
January. 4, 1532.

_ __

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