Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: February 11, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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4H Ed Bit., SATURDAY. PEBEUAMT Y 1, a i ..
r li l_ ____-__ I_ ; II I _I
THE BAHAMA ARGUS. BlgujMN, ~upra cy Uad abjeimaI. So thu Isnblq i thu im~etli aodim of th me m, a I wan ha
Members, vw.: i s pect; iol asm ho dth o L i Pe. to
i atn s asm-rWnL rL maAS .e. w. Franci Mootell, John SRorr, Roba Taylor, Georg vca of Upper ad do Loeer C m.a be- h a
P. Wood, Oeorge Camptll' .nlodAw Corad Dueeam, d = .. iddrf~ hity h ill h m .i
S .~o Ma* Jeu Malcole, Willtam I. P. JohWnso, Jmsp Jloh all Salt impermed hus th, ia ad I pm mer h
on-, He rs Ormealadm, Johk Uu A ery, fseA whlahi hAu mi dussa by, ia heth P
Cspulard MtL.Aisior. G Adde Man W. _p. tospocf p m Apu rn ahe eII l
yae, John W. Milnr, W-liA F Hary 0. Jh f di ahw i to be mp d dap Bts
Armnbriater, Robmrt Dicoes, Job uand Charls other Bak aid be o d m Cliat, ar
IL Neobitt Esqalres. that deignation. I I do mth Wof e dm b-
After which, the Memb ofr t Council wIthdrew; jectiona aim of a emmam tLe han semMed and
and th f(ulowin Muin. g from His Ex4e- in puruit of rm eo of oauch- mry hmpmom ntho
POIEYT l py : fully ublmiitgril had abmctl o thu ame t f His
.- 'THE AIRBE-A PRAomUn U I am com', andO by lii" E acy t rir story to knw, t. we la a go a m i
trlr and Ii.laIae e "in al| rod hspeakier." pr i
-T-o s atdwe Ca oil rn men tI e Tsebi ir nd s veoy iip ironeelpoe of is-
th noiele fot m thou (he sound of mortal The Memhbe, according, proceed to the choki o dmory i e fr scl n alo s IneS
m ift do h.lls of the dreamless sleep tham wrap te S*peaker-hen eoge tol=1b Aadesn, Eui*o. snori eltesir and m U mpl -ym.
-41 .ied. was unanimmisly elected, and comtad to the chaeln a rFMhi nd TraI ma. IT-u tonMsB-
The Hous then proceeds t the choice of a Clerk, doe wikh our Miealsr as Washsa m alvmle t .o
TK n othe evening am shose though those when John Anderson, Esjuiue, wa utnaimouly elected. privilege allowed to our mall vessels to ctac T r
nmd Tet Had w Leo tse u m: TI ouse was pleased to appoint William Mouns., the coast of Fllal. aIrm do cmy albe g t
"i adPul lwls, smaarrmis' lpui Esqrd il: Emuire, assistant Clerk. Mr. Livingsto hba em ral upo ntheu d jms a i .
iiM.dhm ',Ad oeried Pe it danou l wh qoiverig The Haaou was pleas d t appoint dt Rv. Willam of fairnesnad of eourwy wach bat m me to fsr
irm. n wrth, Chaplain. f lvourable remit. I* am ulo Is cImn catia w1 a
cold and pr strateullo bahp asom'd quickenip in the e Ilo was pleased to point c ho i Ld, uad 1 hu
SMeasenrier; and George Snmit. assistnat Mesager. masn o believe tht, at a very grot diata tine,
Ja. lakh(inl, owamore was he oran's solemniweill The House was pleased to appoint Ann Finayaon, n establishmeat wil be formed here, for bthe Vu
trWlt aps mtme Ining ev h ilat llosano fell; Housekeeper. fowarlin Trtle, in a prared ales, as te Nz er
I);it,-a s ant h bmh dd.l ir; above each knightly all, A Committee of two Members waited upon the Council, Cunry I ad sp a pa e arhich Cuaw l to M
hnmr'd. rhe passed blmonry bang wave n ea palL and acquainted them, that a Member of A -em l bent, ; ald lp cial to the Coleny.
lod la-a living thing 'midst those tat were no m for the Island of Ahaco, was in atteodasce. ready o 0
Isnlal an rtnl hin ' thoue glri deeds of yoe take the necessary oath,att ch time and place the Whatever, however, may b done, or whaor it
h ULmrd'. sabl panoply. on Cresoy' itdeed pl Y.e Council should appoiot, in purnamoce of bthe commiion e .pr b earity, yon tion c d, t py a rM
lol Rn twined at length on gnat -iasa reign. addressed to the board to that odailcl; and heint return-
ed, reported hat a Committee of the Cononil v ilM at- pope, ite i you kep ap ithin yare!ve .dLetia s,
lnq of lemnheln--when, s once, npan my startled eam, itiI, ft lhwitlh, at thi House of Assembly, to adminiamsr which now eati ey dons away with, i th me sou neood; i, chilled Uay Vuns, it froze my heart with thi r,.,id oath,. wealthy, and important cuolonis ; and relmm to mke
few : Two of tim Memhers of His Majerty's Council, came watch alerations, in the cod by which your laboring po-
hm. a wild unearthly voice I he:rd thee a.ccnt. r,,lle p to the Clerk's table, and administered the oaths of palatio is governed, as policy and humai equally ca
ba.e i dme-in's iluppelce nmw t.r thet as ranus to stolp ullegiance, supremay and hjuration, to William R. B. for. I cannot too earnestly and too ser y recommend
SSand, Esquire, Member for the arfonid Ilad you to hold out, flothwih, the right hand of good fllow-
Ord ered, Tlhat a Cummitiu of four wait upon Hid ship to that part of the conmuniy which is called
P OCEEDINGS Frllncy the Gupveror, and acquaint hin, that coloured population. Let the invib words ofcoloured
or HeiLtr had prcteeled to the choice o n Speaker, people and coloured population be eriaed front your eo-
THEL1 IIOUSE OF ASSEKILY. and request to hb, inform., wlhnoole would be pleased chalary. Let every man he esMemud and created u cor-
'luru, brur that they should wait on him, to pruent the Speaker, elect, ing his conduct l, clatucter, mnd not the color of
TaiaAw, FcbruaryT 18u32. fur ili Excellenvy's apptulmtion; who being retmurned, ho skin. You cannot baht I. aware the voice of the
MrUI.4 IIs,.4.Vn.. rct.ricd tall li Excellency was pleaded to y, Im would 'Mother Country is. lrongand ,lcid,,l upon this subject.
Al a Ut.ucral .\se,,hly, begun anl holden at r'.rrive le. Memnlbers with the Speaker, elect, at two o'clock, Yunr rolonioh La s, lty which this fitimctln is kept up,
Nalu.,i, ,oiii hIln.l l.l k. Prurovdence is tlme Cutticil CliatlHier. '' (and by Whicl a respecal.hlr body uf free Britlih sulijoct
ora T'Ioeday, thle sevenilt dy or February, The hour for waiting upon His Frcellenc.v having r- aecluded from the enjoy insult of their rights and pri-
in sth year of or Lord, on. thoosanl e.iht rived, he Hlouse accordingly waited upln Ilis Excellency 'bies) Milla ( they seerally expire) neer e renewed
lenldrdd and thirty-two, and in the second the Governor, in the Cuuocil Chamber i and being return- tby as iMajest. Or the tr th o f thiy, we hae i Bpro ai
ear of Hi Majesty'a reign: ed, die reasons ien for the r action of yor late Jury I ilL
T, Deputy Secretary of tie Coluoy,. atnded with a Mr. Speaker, from the chair, reported that the Holl Atl", 1 eLs i evident that n dit to wch I hve
radillbg, of thm persomm taraee to servn a having waited upon Ills Exaelkincy the rOoveor, in the alluded, muti sad win ultimately hcmm, a thIe ea a
fim labe GOJ rl Ansslely of t amas iads, Concyil Olh epre, he had aquaie Hh Ei ellery, dmt doub as to 1to policy of do that, at wi ya
stoasse t day indthe towneof M s, vh in ohedieoce toh.s cominand, adin Athe zerise" dmoir thei ly he od antii ernt, an sth a. w beey ad
rthtn of Nmu :-Francis Mdo. Jom t, ancient and undoubted priviles, dm H e hd by ll y be o aiGedo as a mater of rh Tan hue t his
It ylor nd Ueae P. Wod, Iquir. a SpoBakr, and that their choice bad fallen upn him; our power ny o urL ulA a a ut to a -
FiA ram irict of New Providenc:-orge:- orge whereupon, His Ecellhcy had been pleased to app ro unve o d ya b ad ri Fo
S i .d Ducome, Esqire their choice ; that he ad then ciad, n othe ak a t r N nlw yo u achll d of y or o pyie;

L rkds lnd:-Wri, no, rEsurn ies. of Gel sf tdo Cocl in an lc outr, kh i" Tty I u o
w 11** C airos : -Wri" Io rpyorned. Mrt ob t slo this mandaote i*/ pass own e abri-
Fwr Wetod I Distrit of New Providene :--Henry Hona, all the cancient rigata s privilege helatoflr e- ouI hopne you w nodo Iba a la in pm away powir
Liengand Jan McRuo Key. R joye d by them, ad especially e privile of freedom [ fee i. my dU fou rtho so e, o m adc o yo, mo pm
F ebmm:--Willa J&n un, muel from rret, freedom in debate, fe se to 11is Excel- pp d p y
L Alai o ir 8.& Johsun, 4 r lency, as the Ceprsentative ofr te King, nod favourable ped.i
111lD ah of foMr M mborsn Jwaited upon Sam E tru n, at all time. apon t eo p adcedi of thf re aie, .rph awdy s rg d, orn ths aim dra
bell1ry Adderley, Eaquir. Hoose. 'prety of takig away r n Ibm o ovum a Sla. a
r bII G rnor, anpd acqaine h, tha a u. than he eqm r piouatyh as adminihm to Mr. Speaker, power of lAgi.e eomalmr; hil oh ich, I am toar my.
aAy of Mebereod aeed eo bge by th re r M nb aerards to twenty-one Mom- without ylei see have, he aem, bahr ao -
Eirlenc :-Wa p rle. to say, Wihtll coam Sands herLon I d being t Regp d l ad, I anticipate (of do r d ho nmber of ais s
tW. Miller, Ed ireth Mr. Speaker then urpotnd, tht His Eiceheacy the hwou n, copw iprn to wlt lhy w wm I ad
St ille houht proptr. iam J. W h convrnor, ad bee nlased to ake Speech in the over.mnt, Asheaht this revoltig deradlg amd I -
AnCv rnhiat of er Eliires. Council C mher, of which, to prevent mis take, le had manly cunto, has v o ide bly ds mis oud o
pir st Island :-R, l meo and John obtsind a copy; which he read fro the chair, and was cruily nd of a m till, hobeverd com yed fro
% s i a lndUace, ruiy e te errsry In d by the CIerhk and as foll ye a mto tmer which, aIo they may be justied by th
s aire isl land place t ller of the law. o*g he ot to be sn rad to be practlka
FhTtrk, Islands :-Writ not returned. GeoAdrsis of Ot C ea o in any civilized country, with impunity. I snut you wi
In he Cairot : rit not t returned. M" lr. nedcr and tGhe odlof W Assem take this ubject, dureg this session. into yea met a a, .
r iroua ; s nd i:-Wrig not uent, for want of op- I havegroat plsure in letting you in General As- cldertio and prepare a law doing away t pwe
r Ilnd and Rum K :-C rL R. smlv. The hme of this Semion. will, I trust, he of oin e ud cirmoc
.aing' sland and Rum Ky "-Cbhrkee R Nes- conducted with .m.nity sod dispatch. of flogging women, uder ay crummy
i The npi Councila o by Hi Maijey Order in fl it my duty further orethe hcun d to you, to iv
bddiol facilitim furthe agmsiion oC Slav evidean.
Sf l nlly, Vdor-Wri not nntr or aidot oftp. Council o thte iv November, I3. to d i Colony. I The ert a ta o twhiad Iinhe dSave de, eam vas
in timo. United Stlates, has ocmioned as increamd demand for eAe n dn ba in S lav arm var
IC emshiittee of fair Membor waited upon His cm- our Slnt. More Salt of been cold during hi d his s ya r, Nval a potd (ond o ye w lr. -
hft the Governor, a alq, and a icqinted thae tla u- then n er previuy bee the be c The Lord of lerali omurme hve iwe comma 1 ad Ied, ia ean am a
orither of Menhers were nt to proceed to business, ihe Treasury having moreover been plsd gnaciouDsly to death took pace: tbh prtim a o wic i from Bahe ed-
Iditlld In kow when it would pleme Hlie Excelolency extend the establishment of Preventive Officer of the misibility of slave ovide"c, m ld s be timamilly Ima
Them sworn in; and being returned, rpottdi, Cstoms, to the Isands of Slh Key, lulhera, Extau tiactaly e d itm. A sret osC trhiol t
H LE .clency was pleased to), that a cmmisioni Losg Island and Ragged Island, I anticipae (as e i i y qid, sr o nd P
im ,a n down for that pan peo, and dimt bey might as this new arrangemenl cona to be completely acted Jm
Pell whe Idloe thought proper. "pon) a considerable and b rapid iParo t both in the ,. msraa&e ad ofG as Be op
SCemmitne of w oMember waild upon the Council, comforts of the peopleoC them Islands, ma of tbige- ge n- M
mleprfjaned them, thal the members of Amembly, ral Revenue of the Colooy. The pois r a iln be i I a by th
'h Srm ia at lnce,t renly to take the nesary Ino my oeclh ao the Ith February of lut year, at prpr O&ON I have is cersls yep Bs
tui time and place as the Council should ap. the clamof dott Semlae, I allnled to dom pbbit of thad a y 0 If in ms
Sprmsae of the commission addressed to the the adminmion of or 8lt, duy ~. is.l B1Slth83 h Nad ataa Iy Cmm
Plffort ; and beiig returned that Amricn Prolincea. The mil nd pltmeml Goeas" is h Aad Usk an Jlie Ik Of
01'i the Council -m.ild alten Corth, tnantn, under which we have the mappmsa to live, has 001
Ue ,,of .rnilily, to ri,, tlir sid oaeLs. been inattentive to tle fitutIro interests of this Colony. I Te atmo, to whih I 0 le ar yam amua io.
lthme ,nnudi.s of Ili, iNla;,.ty', Council, came shall send to you a copy of tIe corresponden e whih has are of vid fl apotance o yar fiimeo wele I
I b II Cklrk's all,, nld adiitnl,.tered time uths ofl Itaken place upon the aubject. There is moe difcuhy liberating ips them it will bolvbhal has 04i 4

s and the colony, Wwees SfJt h. hJmd
en i h" *A=r %WWAt.EEWA *TJI.IM a..<..i
l- hi ry_ -*y r _B l AccFTn.. ha imrd au Mh 1
hWrdid M-kle" to l Fl eU l ..hth o tpae o fr s i id. a as t Jlb f lder 1.
sodaTiwa cb -m Ekb( won 6 mad i h
op.e .C Phindtw. datefcih yetIayl g i .o a Tdahyl li. I. ~ Rene H ti me n he.. me or
poldfidsitg thi stamiifd, ar cnemporaroy of th Kea Ki ThePachifies
A',-, -. of Gmfs .o_ s l .Ch.iosl i f. Soo toucb fr bo .in Vict town oa Tuau ay Ar
.t aad r a imlio Ie itht, [4v r wiu HWer I We do not, however, amvy m, iey P mae i o ion da L
elW dome. I Wrde n j
Qhdgalh MObdo aI a .nMpe of Am- ti n- r'br b mar l s, e am PrivateT letters *Im Lison of
Mmbe "doas rm mi eSgly. or l berty as the prims o belg considered a otoof Bir mti do fiim t dflermnta- e
.bin l.pZig .Ie Jame Crn uid-f de troqp oem pain to Ph-
J. me a y e oee d I.n de Home of Apmebly, on Tuesday, ihe addreu, is ent of ibesheidequenpsuf t ou
Siaid da sJlubieu nt 0 8I. mnswr to lia. Ebcel&las Spch. was morvei wd by Mr. (our Ieg uoe Oem Lh en .T
.Agmlne 9 de (ay M.t : NlTad U...r. lcol who w nre thern ap. ne which 5morpot smy's able so opposed
a Alq r11 e &d.,p poLtndan C me n epael the mame. On Wedne- ack n the Parf the lIC ernl. smosanto
Th *^^Am-^r^s ^^s y mad 8A00 mie, and 10( cava anlry, si
L Herem at Aam ly beg me1_e A .nmmqli your dy, the addrep h1. b apored, the Home went oldiers. Besides this, te Royalist v
at, s iJ, lbp dvideot*iu ab Committee of she whole House on t; when Mr. ordred to tak e oath to defend their eoM.hs
.S l. iC f i- Wood moved so amedinst, which went to strike out mde them ydisc The p.-c
ap h mR imge t Bis Esoelhesy ad .; whole of the reported edloe, *ad to substitute a neBaw oam lail ehSUi., per 41ed idrn JMo. and in is place. After a, the Committl divided T dii P ", u i he l
di. I rW ar. and AUbent CllM. -uohbr's clidence at Moeudna. end thea t 6u
b~at -le Wmagn Mo aee o n s 1-he erer ol te addm, being de chair. The made the attempt bhd evaded the pbnit
r d .lhe Gw mora, be signed by addeshs- adopted by ob Home, is exactly such we A baU. which mne have been fird fre n
irpeerw. expected from the gelemana who now comnpoe it; end opposite the pace at Mendon, i nl
SO -lt. Ta I.e Minuote r.d procdin P of t. completely hisBfies the cry met up by dtu Governor's puart through the window of teo r iom n
5mm, 8end ha ring td dm by her, ermae a.
i-i bel prie d l hdr .the ,inplo Of he t the late Elections, ha these gentleman were goig having pl e by r, strk a
A'eard w.a made and Mcorodd, that an hraract of ito he House predetermined to dieo b iness whatever. -
ae mlpme aed roe dtngfe ptses let b ion, bh We do not, however, fe ourselves althorised to co- t editor of he Ne Yr n a
Letter him g rei pectna eabl e aeen nt'Irin d dole t 6e 1
pilsI i to she Argus, unde. Ibh iM|pecio: ofl o ent oore particularly o the address, at presenl, u the Now.. which givs a deploral sent o h
lb SpI kr. Governor lis not yet kceived he Hlouse will it-albuugh in thal iland., in conseqa en f the failure of t La
6 .aelg4pemt was made, that dU word n aoqiuae by Messbe, on Thelundy ornm iota tay ,oostant reins. Not onthlrdo f the odinr
" AIi-p be eft oul, led lio tn wod loset te wrdt l rea e, renliedn Th e merchants be been oblgd it
"* two nn s m present pubtid hrm." we ready to aulvend hics This delay, we proeuue, ha money, of which sterling hae been o u een
Ard the qNlite bing pt op the id proposed amed- aken pace, In con equeoce of His EIcellency not being --
meet, o RHomme dvloed. able to digest the matter contained in the address. We Fa'se Coa Laws. Thefollowin ad s
no- Mr. ininmeAXU hv'p Mia this .11.k/ f inuiligi ny Csttw 'pr of J~pfit 0a l7.Th. 1 i7
M0alvime Mr. Sands, Mr. Josph Johanna &ad NR .MO- mxva change of ,saits mtoarc y for His Excu.- Chnm lifo1hr in a bill Ot.* 17.-The anot '"e.
fw imhich ist-I.Toukolish 1il total prohibitions, danflo,
S-Mr. Tayler, Mr. Dunconme, Mr. George Adder. Lanc. forl heto adl csle ofa dutie ot. Tpoibji "me
d M. Hen Aderl M r. Pad them mrdalscaleof duti;e. L Te ohjoin
v Sl. under. Mr. Henry Adderley, Mr. Grfienldo, to various duties as oon as corn has reached I WO L
dlaw e, Mr. C. Duacume, Mr. Millet. Mr. C. Ad- It has been boautd, by the friends uf our Loe Peo- To limit to two Roer dtiviions the parenUing eM
, Mr. Wdg. Mir. Ar"brister and Mr. Wood- i. ,- th v r Ae bly toea l di A wst u..lric crea yeear ine an 1119i nd tl1.
@niv d M *** udt hi victasyer th 6 Asrmbly ed th ititute foethe buearrielto the -t u of the priceaf bu\
.tEigal mtie being thean pt. IBt a clu e iluency. almost final ad decisive, is its replace the present inure of lhe heoliirm by a
T Ho e divided: aure. II unt he is the memory of all, dtt the main ed weight. a. To uppi es, in lma of ac
rren r mensofe duties paynble0enaMUn imported is foreign"@Woao
rem-r. Taylorr. DmSw, r. O. Adderley, cause of the subse bickeriong and ptiutiou was e the petfor making the e prayer. lae
Mr. Bqseden, Mr. IJpb Johnson, Mr. Henry AdderL.y, rbiary and utonhuiounal miumption of auuority, printed."
^ rg ^.-r-W^.r.A, '^ "rW Schr. Bilbao Frug,
Mr. Mr. C. .ddaey. Mr. W ild a u Mr. over de councils of dth Bahama Legislature, by His Ex-
end Mr. Wood-e14. collency who, at onrs, declared Mrt Wildgoee guilly. Ipo p
Nais.-Mr. Sands, Mr. Nesitii, Mr. Mootell, Mr, before any proceeding lad hump ionituled against im.
S rr, Mr. Malcol *ril Mr. Farrioo-6. UIf ir Janom CarmuicIhelSmyth had ben so wholly a- I. Every prn abnt e leave As Mt hra
*enald. herafere," Tat abnltrct of the minutess culpaled, by Lord Uodaerich and His Majesty's Ministenrs, Aimie 'rid threAifer the space ofirom n 5mu

lend. Tht A'1 Clerk of hJi Hmdo advertise f mo e thea is a ui, caen two hills of Indictment d OfrT mu aran efr si d
ils Demat and Bahme Argus, fr pmOu lo be preferred againMr. Wildg, mad M bewre d thr fl ad my ts ring Posur-nn *a
wi again set the L, aso 611 am Oa4d I And hy did he maes aotcear 'the do- h it ekhed. "c 44
MM. aoS-. oB U M Lrbn eine feest which he mr n in hL hil being L a f s lad," NAwf 4 OF r ER r
Real dim padn ... d r ow 'pei. rele "WillV% -V.
ae p Tsark i 0.1d by hoe of E4.0ri prom.t? eas. Nemb h
Onedw. Th o Clark N of Cammrlnrs of Aquedinga e e orm ameru w ems iy o.- s DeT*r
Can asper l he Asm ndl, P .d hest, pedas hel e of julrnaGye or legisltive 9 rry
and lad eism *a Masa Toy, *a I~ it" lotendecy, chrer wmdd e mom coasateet amMbo
Oedm Tha IbC nLa a"d psosds;ge ed t;lotanhipe he fnd tlhatn a Geady-e loebtreat ol
so, Ji rCinle Ad td er APN0 d IRA
Sree ir sov distrits of d e o HiNw ss would m be T lr a sn his em, Aror sc
Pomes; de Coerininer fr Printing the Lws; mode of peaihg treoemmaUi eads. *We re aware that
An CemmhmLe of Public Bling; dh Comis.. lye,, or mf His Hiallecy's hners-n, won span Ml l
d o at Fl o ;d C a f s P r the Grand Jery; end yet, r em motives of ho c ll d
SaLChbai C ltrch wmd laint Mastthl P ar d smo apport Ih mase of Iheir ChKl and t. booth .
nl f lb P e d Behboli; hlid before hillTs ere ma .tmItaously ignored. Whet has become H OT OF MA88AU., N.
n' Twday, the 14th instant, of the lgal opiot of His Maje.y's Solicilor Geeral 1t n. ARRIVED.
,T4 Amp R eisver Genl ad Treenmrer, We mire tiee suspect that his opinions are, like the cots Feb. ldt1 loop Liberty, McKinny,
S s o r 14i Blste it o His ExcellBcy, de As ordwr; and bin of trmt Sugar, Coree, Marmalude,
OedIn T 11 M. SI4R sad Mr. dsege Adder- atIdotic orkmansip, are very iaten r at f shop, a e r4 e C ,, 40 boses
10r, h 10 "i wh1 laws home ekped or w p rc ll as of the Ue cd." O toin er, u,! ., ct C
Osmt reP m n to be'st"o The lloing gedlemen composed the Grand Jury, 1 b00au s oels orn.
On mad.-e Mr. Noebint, uscon by M lr., refrrto shov: o Biler'so
Renekd, Tmhat boumble Addrm be prwsnaid to Hi Joeph Thompso, Foemn. Better, Cheese, Oil, Dry T he
E the Goverern aer to his Sprhb at the Benjamin C. Claston, Frnmn Turner, Emnrt.h wrec
e llTeof l es d Mr. M be a Co. W. U. Fulford, Francis Montell, Schr. Traveller, Williams, S. S
Odr e p tepare ran Addesst, aon rdiM ly, and dot they Rurt Buder, Wm. Hield, Dry Goods, Sails, Andch C0
td pest C se hwenAsm. Jol Irving, Copeland Adderley, &t. from the Americadsol %
Rdla ui 1m0 rT g MeanngI e e a to His Robert Taylor, Waher Lihdee oura American. r
Excallmoy- 0 mb *dG Schr. Pomoa ller,
eM j the O ,er L iJobs W M ier, Henry M oatell, M
Th meTroFe snn Hery Gienade, Willim Frnigtni.n, CLEARED.
as Tie Plhaed toJ teas imed Ele. Jobs BROWNrs, WMam L P. Johon. Feb. l1h-Sp. Polacre Union, Calsada,
aienefimMsnmre iw tLbrld n sargntT -b Dutch brig Endrig, J. H. Scew,. lH80
-,Idm P4 M AMEN* s Indente I Twanty-two Members of Asemebly took ir sai tk frmue Ameserdem on the fth Daeam
irk labed 1W arb d*l oif eass oe Tam d-y IL. Ou of this ember there were Hevan, r lost on Abaco the 7th instanL Tt C
me lb 11 Ld Crauha IdOM4 in *3 U mala W
Amemy; rinl Wrie. for te aese ghme Meer of the late House, vis-he Speaker; tal eand crew, together wih a part of it C
pe a hvig -tladed hm %he *es. b o do ls thiren eber, who voted is Jon las, in favor of sig of oil, batter, cheese, &c. was saved,
oal se twar e jow" a petition to th King, for Gowerr's emoreval; two d at port.
Olrdd, The a Vde in of fe d wal s leb iwho weor hemt freon de coleoy a that bti, hbt who Theschooner North Americn, Capain G. R.
Eadleey dit Goverar, wib th dmid M o from New York, bond to Telas, was wreck
ie h msel, reported ihe diy vr I' would havere voted with the thirtes, bad they been pr- Salvedr, on the night of the 27th uli. The e
E mincym plrd to say, welded to i. nt; oe, the E.-Police Magistrate, who wa is the co- and ls, prt of the cargo, which has, however,
A4araw ail imatrr at wne o'clock. 6eyst the time,bet did not uatd the Hour: ead am arrived.

9 mW vElWUE B ,SUB SCRIBER etao for =la, ., w helf m 3E
own V -UV Bpoauh Leaf Tebsicoe mndo t tN-*^* *DY HXM D U lfrBY
UAVINO bad matr m "Banal the iarte .10 .l. .
Z AeIN arrel of sprfe Fluo Ordd, that l JOHN F. COOKE. aOm Modlay N fM li
do hh da, :the lspeny L4sm FQrrthyllh. vUii i
" v an ofBy o the ofn AT VI..
DoAno o CTlry' I. W nd, Inr dt E M Driswh o ilth a ool M
I.M-' "~^ r r-,rHult'-o1- - nmid eon hIldl I, am- the oaf u'" 'iBnar 111 ill111,
Hig Hou'sr AssnUe. Fel'yY'h, 18L. o S&harlbr. 'p
ED",d T et al Claek of the ado adva. AmathertLt, adJhing timhe ao a SBUihwest, ITm a J ld hal e
tl h e6 tbhel B. Argue, ford pa having de. whk bdia b e9 IA c.llit, 0 in
SmgiwMs the public, a diver rthe mm, properly ALSO-
: asm.3 t a5i, a h. a befa. the S.a inaent; and A -aly f Neas, h.e ImSt v h -
a.nts after thmtLerd, will ha evolved, scept li 5 r iS m.,. ,
Isimat Imlab. m ditt ,-At ,rth U ad Smer -Ru.
Esact fi sa o th Ma .. Do Wilma- 4 diMe, 'A qoI t of Dra D a.,
.JO. ANDEiSON. Olrk. Am lia, dI D
'e ADad fmt.,ha en amdin N, &me.-
-IaHEREBY GIVEN, dtt Seled Teersd will be Another baytin. tgro, tih. mscbS n t. Sv=dMa BSm ri T rsmsk,
*.*esidon ,w ,erdre 4Lth 4ay of March wext, Eli, alsce, ret t. Bvror go SlT,
Mthe Lawsa, dd ather. public papers, acdig Rm, dkto, t Texas.
visions n the Aet tohe G~ al Asembly of Jae, 8 meathCA bnli
" lndsad, of the 45th Gee. 8. -h. 14th. Eray Among them dere are Washes, baseM ad tam Febrmary 11"h.
Wauatioe will hegleen an appllcation to -BY HENRY GiNILADE&C
,'I6n-msy .Ilh. A Let of Lead, osntshie aboa twenty-elglt acres,
HE SUBSCRIBER merneily Iques. all p, tes oat on Royal Iad, adjoining m the wetd t On Meay nast, the 1IA imma
r ~minig indebted tohim, to battle the ime by bthe late Benjamin Bernett, demoand. ,m diskuy i S t Od d'b rid ta,
l n imr ie they will be put in rait indiscrilmiau Terms, &. will be mnde known, on application to he
foar not his Dwot iteliiine and Store, Bubcriber, or to Muns. Heoy Greenslade & Co. Wl r
Shis o c -p i given at tht If not disposd of before the lst April, they will, on that At the wharf of John Bnr, Ea.que., he seldat Auction. The ull and materials of Americas ajomr Bea-
WM. J. WEECH. JOSEPH PRUDDEN. oweor, J. B. Hamtnu, mater, put ito thi pa Is did-
iru.mry 11th. February 11th. Ires, nd condemned by board of sury.
NOTICE. FOR LONDdC-D-1anu. February 11dh.
a ~~~LL ~~parses haringele pins th Tihe brig HIGHLANDER, Joh ;Kopp,
.L Pem hve nd ms uauint the meriihter i Commander, will paitivnly ul a the irt 'BY HENRY ADDERLEY.
"A on ad render te Emme for payment without March. Fwr f eigbt pa, apply to the
&m1y, as he basit in contompnation to quit the colony; on bar. For Weia d, o pnae, heply 15 the
aad these indebted to him,-will settle their respective MaNBon erd O W sad tto Iec dit to t trd A ea Th
a or beoruie t let day of May, enui g. All Al rs re rq an tive radit to the At th St of Mes Jo Thos & C.
r.wiasson pai l sr that priod, will be phced in the ce ofthe ighlander, asth.Ma Uter willt 10 .e resp. .
t Erna A.iwrney at Lew. for immediate recovery. be for anby debts that be contrcted by d Wme.
JOSEPH S. JOHASON. ebrury 8tity of Butter, Chbse,
TrmRy 8'th. TO BE LET, that pleandtly slated 'Oil, Dry Ooods,
N-OTIE House annld Premi-, lamly in te ,OipatioUHios, Rigin, Anchbor, CbeiaCa c. &wl ic.ic.
E BUBSCRIDER, iedig to lv thi in pHenry Alyquir, wi Immediat Savd from the wreck of the Dech brig Eangt. Ca-
April esl, for the United Stnes, request all per- C. S. ADDERLEY. tin Seope, wrecked at Abhco, o her .p1m Sm Ast-
a hving demands aaim t him, 'to tender them; and January 28h. sterd ., to Havana.
miadtbled, to mike payment on or before the 10th. Tm.-CASH, bofori remal of.pIopt.
fkery. All amoents remaiinng unpaid after thIl FOR 1mS-11 Fbbety II .
Swill be .left at "h oc. of G. P. Wood, Esq. for Me Hon s anoed P at p ccuied
b f y Mr..'rokw. Th..Hoe *i roomy and
rMo 7h. F~ bc sor, it h. e HKheu ndrm myhd 'BY #ENRY GREENSLA DE CO.
Jmar7th. .. m. attached, chair hboui Ad asallog for teinbe .M Th i I" 1 inst,
NOTICE. hours, exteoslve yard tad gpiace. The du buildOing, '0 ,ta i ,
IlE SALE of the late E. J. Solomon, Esquire', have been lately thoroughly repaired, andlthe g tetr part At the Stue of Win. J. W- ec, Eaquhre, i Bay Stret,
SStck in Trad, by order of the iculor, of the fences have been nwy put up. At 10 OWokA. AM.
mofmaluableand extensive amrTnmentufDry Goods, ALSOWill be old,
i ,&4c.. A., will positively take plece by Public A tract of Land situated at the Village, containing 2.Wi 0(W i l RW. ,)
rly iM lrch nelo. Terms will be made acres. It i divided by the villa-roal ino two Lots, the ( msiti #k iM T ,)
ha'rios tke day fiad for mla. wemr lobs intrmeded bytm road ladin fro # his r emainig Stock in Talde, oahig af.
4 IRENRT ADDERLEY. theb Tlle intotL Biue l hi 'l sThir hU ll be di- 'Ilu rwhltet and Cnm N nta,
dpo dione or to hoL ek s o d L ks biamanlg C4 en Cambie aad lasy ni-
PfOB COA6 I ItBNSa.pIeaa. 'I.*..
a renSm e. t.m at his ip ba 17 t ,ai Cas__, Ci__. ._o
... .. Um Dr ill, Us Instur B'
fastest, mar Ah Public B tdlnph Me atewl 8n and mm Mghisda, frow London, em: 1?remj*Pok. *etW PerMsae.
permi Nat ot'O, Oe dicns,
= W21,l, In po ow oss,(, ha-..
Candles. Pickles and Sanuces, oha l R, Ac A
k Olies-l-A o416 Oil WainT vsclted *I< 1[. &c.
SOvmad o. nAd Omi-general smA -- f Fd, ibro ,v a t
.~ill' l parme Quit Hats,"' L-

AI end
I Thead, a fancy bhae.,
* Me and Sewing Twine,
. et Line, Fuolop and Letter Paper,
3l, Red Iak,
m Prayer Boks,
S l almwrecomnsising of Shade, Rumnmer, T
H, Wines, pint and quart Dec ntes, Buner
Tub and Salts.
4ma, Tim Pots, Gendemen's Sadled s
"Y Hia Nefo Pipe
Tn Hooks, plled CuMdlcka,
o Iron,, Taolet Glau .
SQ(ird's so rior Brandy,
SBrcly', Poner.

ESUBSCRIBER or for male, by private br
. i "k choice Maderia Wine,
"40daf do, do. do.
0 dome do. Tenerile do.
I bnk entlemon's Shoes,
S bleDinner Sets.

SSALT, for ale at 12 cnst per hjbL
Apply to
'*r 4.. At Ens.

On MNemd y snu, Ite 'IS" ant ,,.
ArT TwU renesm ouls.
At 10 0 24A. Mn
Superfn Floor, Is bumH
Sgr. in ditto,
Rie and Oer0 in bat,
Hams, Bace, Leaf SegarI
Dry Goods, Ac. &c.
February tllh.
On Medaay mi, tei 13(1 iamea,
AT Tr.E anon 0ovrl.,
At 10 0oleDk, A. n.
Will be lU
Superfine freh Flour, Rie
Cbrn, Goshen Butter, Lard,
oomp, Tobamo Chi'A Tr, Ac.
As mtmewit of Dry Good
Felbrry Ithb.
On Taaeday ald, tie 141 insad
AT To vT ir.s 1 n OI,
At 10 0%bod4,A. AL
80 brrels choice Supr,
6 boses White ditto,
A few bag prime Coffe, Ac. &c
Term, em Mants' adit.
February lth.

Arm ra, In uf I r am U-
Ba m Pae, ou rumem o Th-s-o,
DM-w., via:
Locks, Hiflas, Boks, Bed-ep.
terrule, &A. &c. &c.
An uaortmnt of Carpatean' and Joims.e Tal'
eoatm* a.d
Fore, Jack, SaoXg maed oabr Ples,
llnde A)@* AAb Fq Xogers
A ienrs wortmt of FT111 HOOKS,
Puma, Water Colour., Verais,
Red and Yellow Odc., dObl, lAd lecl.
Coal Ta, &c. &c.
station i, vi.
Letter Paper, QuillsTnk and tk a'owdr,
Baelig-wans, Bpi Booaks, Ac.
A O-
1 pancho Windward lnd Rem;d old JamJdml
Rumo itheoai t p nchmn-wl.m aih
of othr anidcln,

Cook, Wasber "n I wihe r dm | il
Hen @ad John.
rho rbs-hre atio Cralit oa ail h i6 i wet
A0; .uir thrt di hoa m CASBI
Jalmi l1-h.

fR8. HOWARD, Jr. h i rd her BeidmiA
Y AE EVAnmtUrT, in the Ca dr I I Ofir, aul
af the Oovetmmt Houe.
Tthe m y ira ucd eommang *.mm at L ri
d.,ld mtmm tohe mtentmon of d tanblh fo a WO
June 16th.

S "d orA N o Of stie their bhoom%
i. 6iledUs, .wof or a olamed thi Ad- Ecquer, im ie clurae of I- ds aioumted thId in she Tie tri ua ae wh *by a t
dr e g e have to bring. forward l piis t m ODi ri mllilmsjw
.i h*i uloe Ea s t^ tI !q sero-m-T -i* i...- h i i and '"-e m. can I='
Ur d "ll I e- ( u d i cu dtadeII ne ei.d of IOpivey
eGra-y lbe pr dl m, i. He ,ilmlauo aenme"i eh aa eorll

~l hd i- i, one seconIded i, th.I prai bed- /- to h- Ime i ae mb s tra Wi T ms
tie ain orfjorl ef sd he o"ple maed; al, y, she A e.eM was grard to. bailt i n g desi
Osa n absentia CAlTks- thy
IEWL inks-"pid sov- d =h befrire th e yi thayt gain ig litd firew m46 @oW iir11mo as
il r Use~ M PMM Latin Pulpe pthesgitg t..l twwPr dly "e
d relts I bll t MonlyprO l t mnr e li peo a Lda Pper. pectd .I iLsmamei y la
wpie a d d I .h s e. -de d The e b s preentdes .vin asp- smeies g ,
sheir e rK L- .liLdd lshen rs a .e e atea o fa'hionable ine, hen farmned many s samiag .ece of opidnlen v Esr ots u we
iMgrstM tmhe Id on of menmuren picture. The solicilaioin with which te gdoun of the i. i A morning mal mvemne. ,Dll
cuitemplhieiLpsel qthe. Erb.lkedti of lr.nd. har tar, who may j tl egmed the vco .mr ae o of her rrivulof .ed or nolui
Tim iPrslimion rela to he Ilons wi a peracily ja)l caste, are mmenlly bee-l diplomacy, di. ogoti- hinted at, '.d adbIh i them b loe A
-bat Ihough to beretoler ed, tl.t ithe mai fo theo seions, ite ei.n est whk involved, woel pomli s de particularly "Id iw pised ip-,l
Unions arooe out of the refusal of Pedrimeil rf 'ol po. profound SBenman.-- blb he u language, a polity, once, and while good w prevailed, it wai
ler letb seresed die ameln. mt Mrnegly a na of eling pecuniar its ow. Rask and ialin thie ThLJ wolid be so muc more cofreea
sicumltfs6 sm f plth le mm" wl a l ll-heve of have raised barriers, which welslh or talent, pmerfula diearfmri-f. dy A- ,w theCuntemof ,
ihen t Frn, i Reb d- esl.m d mrN a*Mo they are, caeno r overleep. Thqe me travel she common did not object.
equally the exclemalal dhte m il lm *do so 1awd irad, m nd pay heavy comdtaio .a tthe turiepiei. A lI Rl al r e. who sed to viit the ly, la
he contended stht ael em the stee of pIeM f i noo h many grn pa In the At chan aT e the at espensa ve Lb he ever reesiveId.
thar s eg bt e R- Pefsnn Bil, wit! l had IS t- D udleof Northumberiend the Marchionesu of.Leado- 0-'. --e a*rror with thi Inst gndb of fashion, l, i
j &do W il htls te cobervy. As pnMli opinion was derry, Bristol, tie Lnli, lr nmea and or two they fancy emslel ves tablished too soon od vi,
isemms bhe d whether it would not be better to con- hers : obe upon whus veo lidg the ii loar of give an dfsepdeut party. Could tity lamlh "
Sde dUe l, dll to ard lltime coneitquecep, by further fluhioebtl amibition. .-Th presiding daisie have ob- th bitter sarcasm, the m ve ridiacle, which inf
rn!al, ipt inaince, and dil opeds Istilur- tainod their influence from a combination of iortaun, fhionable friends, Se y Underge, while P
sirt Tr d i t Herrowby said b isihould not oppose birth, wealth, and tlsta.-TlrTir rank slamI their opilons gime their olegance to be the adliration of i
the addre, and would not hldulge in any remarks noiw wihh aulbority.-Their wallhh enables them to command which they are l boded, bow quickly woy i
on dte i o f" lilr o Col e befule thim, he trstied that they would ing can require ; while their utate sliedsl l tre over selves with the respectability of wealth, without
i nh ta o wArrat the snpplor of Palilupel. Th' their position. the manners and exclusive tone of fashion.
E'e" Aierdeen made som remarks on Purtufgue The second class it composed of the dnoghters and
milinrs,oieervilg ihue the injuries of which coai larmt hai wives of our moot a:ient families, who take their places FEMALE INGENUITY-S-UcarT Coummnaee
hius pref rr resulted from the st te of p I iic escite- in society as mail&of right, and are content moms ai-- .
m l Tihe Dp of Beckinghhanm, in the cea* of some duously to folow where the 6frs clar lea. Someio es a A young lady, newly mrrWie being ligled tse
coneots,a complied of the Pdolilcl Uniose that had rmebeliou member of the second grade will oppue the herhusband, all the letters Abe wrout, sent si i i,
boeu allowed to elis. Eal (rmy, in reply, observed, u to despotism of the supreme government; and, if pomeW oa intimate friend:
the lejurati ll d been inlicied in Portnal, tlat they of fortune to give a rivil splendour to their paries, as I cannot be satifidl my Dearst Frie d!
had aplggadl ldr bn yo of die Oevorsmat thee, and well u wit and spirit to uske them go off with eclt, the "blest a I eem i the atrimonal ate,
we outrage frF whh iw Qovotpeps would bld warfare will run on for perhaps two succeive seuon. unle I pour ito you friendly ieu
rsmpmnibl. W l rs it to ishe iiPcal lieoln hr Then egotiaions ensue, or n armed neutraliy be agreed "which ha ever been is unoisn wit
uesoiint l hd eimled in all lties of excise a but upon, and the affair ends by the admission of the fair re- "the vario amensations which mn
with reEimdto he ma important ne, thltet lmngham, bol into the highest radie. This, however, is a victory "with the liveliest emotion of pia
It was fmord bh fre the present adminislrstlo camne into sldomo achiovol. Ie fashionable tyrnts an jlous of my almost bursting hear. I tell you my de
olle--end, if hi were ill.erl, why was it not pur down hy their sway, end punish an unsuccemful raick with re- husband is the most amiable of m.L
sil adiiniltratli -Tim ahiie wl a eve nis v carried. mor.-les severity. The most bjec conditions are insist- I have now been married seven weeks, s'
In the Cosltins, previously to the mvnloig the Ad- ed on-such au never giving a party on any night which I have never found the least ra i
drn.s, sev,'rl noticen of inotions f;r fitrlar dewa were ole higher powers may appropriate for themselvao-re- repent the day tiha joined us. My hambsla
ien :-Mr. Hunt said he should mnove for rtnerns re- signing in their favous any engagement she may have en- both inpersonandmanners far fromnremali
r.iriling the Yo-iinnrv Corps. Mr. Pirrival announced twrol into with a singing Lion, or any odhr laentable gly, eream old, disnagssele and j ie
tlllt ou Tunoaly next he slholl iovlai an Ailnem to Ili uumnster--anl limiiting tme number of her introductions. monsters, who think by confining to ean;
Msjey for a general Hmniliniion Prayer ; nilLr d John A rely ofthis ntur was once seald between "a wife, it i his maxim to trat u a
HIuI.ll tive notirc that on Mnrlily nrsx he should move the then leaders uf caste and a lae beautiful Countem. bosom friend and confidant, and ot as .
for leave tlbring in a Hill to aenund the repreentalion of A party of reconciliation was give by the culprit, which play-thing or meeial dlave, the wan
EKnllon anld Wales-n nolire that ws loudly cheered.- her victor, honoured with their presnce. The mori- chosen to be his companion. Neither plany
The Marqus of Chani.ld therepon intiinated tint, at the fication, Imwever, wns more than her proud spirit could en- he mys, should always obey implicitly;
Ipipr inme, he should me" dr in ureductimo of those ure. She .a gral lildlly sinking tnder ldielsgst, when an but each yield to the other by lse
aiimndmnnt, he had hblefre prnp eld, if bye nl fonrmn Indian reulnive lied, leaving the accumulations ol' his life An acilet maiden uset near of the Bill. Ills l.nrdhip, of course, y a'lludled io her Ladyshbip. Long before the three months nourn- a cheerful, veerable, and pleaant o
11o the rsiiing of vaoos fr counlis to o" fsii tMDsi iIg lhad eIpired, war was again proclainied, and the lives in tib w ith tab it i
as wil." contest viewed ib the deepest interest in tlle fahionable i5 of bolb youlg and old, she iF -
Lgl CavedilBh moved the adremon the iper lI. In world. Aides-di-Campppalnodbetweenthefairbelligerests; vi to al the neighbourlhood
doi al s h re olcae duIht m1 Reform 8i1 was so soin to artist, music an, uphol rers, wre engaged; and cards o gare- d i iable IMs
obe roa e lurwad gaia; and traIted shat i would issued for grand routs on the same evening by the Counasi cI em iwbc'day dlete
or kh. He A of he Brieol dong. a heir or, in lels diplomatic phrase, their ec- "' i e gi gi and his lil
che 'sgqe O time drs wich P dd" llckm of-. A s e isacaaef ti& l. (srs I s time do e xt be b bse mbw
umedag h p i l l .'lgq s .l q,*ats by eptanne, the lopI e of ue fair rivaI e and fell. '(fr o I mtll the eic of hb
tim pliadelmam d i s he npirpled tol l most One was iglanling to ain, the other to exclude.- often makes me bluki for the Iwor
darinsetran g: and, without i t into patc -, he The world generaly envies toes bom fortune hat of itobject.,andwiblcodidemeo dmmntl
theghti qui soiena had appeared to warrant the favourod, an th arty of the Ducbhe begu to pre- of the mae whae amne I bea. T'
aem m 6If the aunlcipal government of Brisiol. With ponderne. Two Royal Dukes had sigi ied their inten- y all in me word, my dea al i
repict I t Polll Uionea, he thought the beat way tion to be present at her party. The Countess was in crown the whole, my former gallasa hi
to averted is ill erl o was to resedY l estimate of grio. despair ; tiars and Ihylaria followed. Her hand, who is now my indulgent behead, ,my feda
vases ioH n s6i birth. *B Franhe Vineest se- tenderly loved ear, was a friend and boon companion of "is retmured, and I might Lu Id
colded Addrime, siprming hIa conviction lt the the late King. At her husband's suliclado tdhe Regent a Prince, wishoet the felicity I lid '
pM i w ld lar with e aisctlon that the Ki and his promised to grace the Couna's rout. The afair was him. Ai'u! my yobu ehe blest al I m
MIiNsm wAi e an l to promote that great kept a most proela secret. Th. ear fol niht ar- "able o wish dial I could be -
nas eof RI l tht I d already Orupled so much rived. The gallon of the Dechi we crowded; happy."
of tih alatip of Parlment. Mr. Cioker obrved those of the Counten about io thirds filed. Emis- N. B. The key to the above letter, is read dhe ii i
thathe did no consider he pech to be nry eanly and Isries pLase from the one camp to the other, s dhen every alternsae line ouly.
msraightforward; Mor did he view it as W explici. that the state of affairs war accuramly known. All -
Tby had yet m learm whether de Reo. CiD s wondered the spirit with which the CounteabJore her L l C
bruei forward' wa ttobe another and a nm.e n e supposed morificatio; and her staunchly friend. begn FO AL -Al .
Bill r the am IL As to tie syiemaldc" oppol ition to dlink of withdrawing to her succeful rival. At tt Bills of Lading,
to t. paymet imhe in Irelad, If st remedy were moment the Renlt was announced, and, inning on de Bills of Eichange,
arpemI which BIut ws bfitd Ia, k would Lske the arm of her lubd, His Highnes eitesil the room. The Hills of Sale,
foodinise d lnm PJ thI should have hi isat de- secret of her Ladyuhip's high spirits was now scertaied, Manifestu of Cargoes,
eidll edpp Tlatempt at 6 remedy, like sig- and ite friends who hal contemplated deertim g her, now Blak Form for dhe Custoim louer.
p-llg &I mwoeddoy leoee the evilb With res- congratulated themselves on their predeas. The news Leases and Relase,
pIt 0the Sh r l Tftb ~i with France, which, he was quickly conveyed to the party at the Dutchesa's, and General Court Wrim,
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