Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: February 8, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Is P.

_ _I 1 ---~

THE_ BAHAMA AGBOU. whibi (is consquec of the del. We of the po- inmat or ef tsamm,nad a hi m t
rti, ad heb y Colonial expea f plis ei ho t be i wa- we mMm m erie df e
M emUp o sNm-wP:si.r umWes U . ar kepF up by proecting duties for rh. buemt or other theo of 300 a me-- as mar yam bea
ti De r per samm--I_ amd a s paorMi orf te Empire at theaepeno of mad to the rain mong lat ti moa a ls a I M a 0 o pn
of this), Uaounts to the enormous sum dof f ten tol- O ( e-y sr, Is th mmo d atIm Ho lr 1is ytl ,
..... pc n. or de nmi proar of thEates, accord- will e sld to has adeady bo id, yea eow wm '
d thU local =alue teart rr 9AOf. The Homes O am m etd pro-pimy
"hat your ptkiteors, whil they admit the principle h, and it would, be t eldU, Fl ltell r p Is M
of hbo labourr bin worthy f his hire, can e no good ceding may thing more o M seaismeadatdes o Hi
san why the Public Od=icn would not Ihar in the ge- Mani ty' Goveinmeat-The lio. mer i s m wed
mral hdisuat they cannot but feel they arm mddld with te following string of Rawtuloms:-
the expence of providing for wch Olcers' Salaris tha That this Hoae ha for a consider pateld wiswe
would wll n be diapmed with, wa the nw al wosl co- wish the doepn pain and oane, d.the pm din of Hil
PO TRY sulthed; nor can they but feel indiaul ds the patroage MaJesty's Govermm t, calclated as dohy ma ti eaa
T of dths places should he in the heads whoeac your beet in s, s ad to crease dhemetiom bsetwem NaMmt
I ON. OH NO, Wn NEVE MENTION HER." Petitioers derive their distress. and Se wvnt.
Oh s. I n1eoe mlootio'd it, That iu consequence of the griew s here msted, That this Houe deplorm the asyme of calumy and
I ever sad a word; your Petiiners cam scarce obtain ne common nom oppn eioaa eeised towards the lmhbebitua d tbs ned
But leut my friend my ave pound ow aries of lif for themselves ad family, and few of the other Wet Idia Colonis: propaeud rom tl hemt
Of hich--I'e never heard an spare the indispensable mana to ovide for the edu- motives, and oppresi., coductd cetrary to owr s
e said he merely borrowed it cation of their children: Under whi circumstances, alienable rights a British Subjects.
Ai 'i pay a noter leb tiradi- Your Petitiuners humbly prdi your lonourable That constructions are piced by His M)j1 y's Go
He thinks tlatl forget! lHouse to witilhold your sancti' front any Bill that vernmenton Statultirf Parliamet aot ely cinnay a
would direcdy or indirecdy tad to tax your im- our rights, but at variance with theirtrum Ieorps tatd ;--
Whre'er we rde, I pays the pike puverahed cnstitlents for say purpose whatever, That by several forced comirueci thb Celony ba bhae
I fMu els stri until Ilia Majest)'s Government redress the grio- taxed and the Monies aprprit ndwr dhe rde of A
BR rim my my en c voances Iruin before complained of, and place the subordinate power, in de t violatlo of d Act of 18
y Hw oabsell rI o Uei too Colonies ulpn as favoured footing as the rest of Geo. 3I.
OnM elgt m s very wt' the Empire. That this Colomy, from sets and opeprei of Hi
Though b re iMs se'er eam back, And your Petitioners will ever pray. Majesty's Ooernment, is reduced to a writsd sas of
Ah -I don't hrget The Hose, being informed that His Excellency the povety :-o artp l ommslty e dsd lma -e
To gods, my own true % rights ad propuint vIolated --Sz im games
&To sbay lads sw true le, Captain General was at the Board of Council, pocded groslv enmainaStd.
But think how kin friend behave, to dte Council chamber to receive His Excellency's Ad- t te wotwdhbsdllg te pedges of His Mjesty'
k eali n her each day! dress, and being returned Government, no moonP do we comede om me re,
By him I've sent rich Mearls and rings, The Comnittec (Ite Speaker beiqg moved out of dhe than another is forced uposam, all tondi to dthe ult
With fniit and flIwr. a lot: Chair) of the whole house then resumed the consideration spoliation of our property.
The freui y nd fora came gae to had of rth Pleition intrundced by Mr. Piguenit, who said that That all coeouions aed sempoea appeals hnw bee
Th res-y friend forgot he felt in an awkward situation, as it was always expected unavailing(:-'Iat the organ of r en mie is mad is
Sometimes I trrats Miss to the play, of a mlemer who intrducdul a Petition, that he should the Colonial Office, from whencu e es all dthn es m
AId, what I can't abile, ouer som eplanatory remarks on the nature of its coo- sur :-That we re allowed no mrit for whe we have
e whn I just sits down by her, tent, to the Hous--e he had not. however, had an op- accomplihed, but ar calumniated for not htlly going
My friend's at t. other side portunity of reading this, bcotre he ratne into the li Hou, furthr.
*ht whiil,'tlng a.d such q.lizzring, too, shul comment upon it a o w on. In the course This House, therefore, after a long period of forbear.
They keopq, to make me feet- he shuhl comment upon it us he went nn.
I know 'is oly make melire-, of his (Mr. P's) address to the House, he remarked that nce and suffering, deem I an incumbent duty to declare
But still I can't forget, the probable intention of the Petition was to draw the at- their firm determination to withhold any GrOnt of Mone
e tention of the House to the Act of Settlement, which it whatever ; nor adopt any rsommemser.i of HLsMas.
"A frIend in npld a friend indeedd" would become the duty of the House to consider of, in the ty's Government, until uech Uovere-s-t not only ei-
'rhli I hre fou nd qlle Itrie: new aldinistration of the Government; but, a that Act denes a desire, but actually does adopt m e mese,
F mine i, such ao y rik e lue was not formally before the Ilous, he should reserve him- for our relief, and enables us to kno tht is futur
We.r like, th. -- li n f have I self for the present. As Iho prayer of the Petition ap properties are to be hold ucred and inviuolble."
Been t.kmn f~r-his debts: peered to liirn to be against all manner of taxation, he was A debate upon this motion ensued, ad an aedm l st
He makers o free with Ie and mie, bound to say that he was opposed to it, though he did not wa moved, that the aiat in the above string of Resoldeeo
Himsdf ha quit,--f orgel believe that to be the intention of the Petitioners. He
....e .ely admitted that the Colony wa in a elate of perfect be rcindd, which, after .ome further la, be
SAINT CHRISTOPIIER, averty, nor could he devise hy wlat means the expenses lion being put for the amendment, w.e lst by majority
of the slnd were to be borne. The Hun. member then of 4, and the original motion wa carried by a like majo-
TusUDAr January 19th, 1832. laid before the House, thefollowing Eslimateof Expences: rity.
UnLtncedwtu t ,ovGlnnor MtwelL..........2,6(iO 11 2 Th,011ousu d, d r. Smitk rmd, ,aC m-
HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. Mr. ColqiGuenor.M i well. ........... 0 O1 The House resoiod, td Mr. Smith moed tohd a Com-
k oerdlur d the day being called, Mr. Pigunoit said Mrs. Woolev ..................... ...0 mitt posted to rae' amerial to His jest
b e tass ith ddml th reolutas j adupsas .
hiod buen entstd by raOotleman wit e Pet iot, Public Orders out, no yet paid, about 4,000 0 0 s. Smith Brridge a Dr
ulmi moved might he read-which wa scoadmd by Moor ith, Pigu BerridlF, "' Lr.
LI.d, and road accordingly-and is an lows :- .7,5 11 2 lr were Mnammed for t ilpr
Teo the Honourable the House of Aembly of Required for the Public Service, 181,
S doIU d of paintt Christopher. (exclusive of governor's Salary) 7,123 0 0 The fBllwiag is entractil from thbJamima Coomutt,
I htublde Petitin of the Planaen, Merchdant, of Janury 24th, It beg a part of the priuts comdel -
ai d oe r Inhabitants of the said and, Ca. 14,6.5 11 2 elo. tlsh paper frm thir Loda Conarpinea
a ed By suppomd amount Tonnage Act..... 2,600 00 lto that Pper f d ,,. iia ,
i ysur Petitioners, re hlboaurin wonder the WA Las IaI De 1.
tR owing to the depreciation in value of the To be provided fr..................... 12,053 11 2 On Tueaday his Majet opened te min of Paris-
p dLer of the Couniry, and the heavy ipoets Mr. Smith took he ame view of the prayer t with an addre mews more d sd ta ,
m or a for anny years pas, for the support of the df de d etio, as did hi Hon. and loatned friend Mr. but it has atracted em notice tha wma eapud T
S oef the Colony, which your Petitioen bhav Pigueni--but he confessed ta it appeared tohim, abt by truth i ,the people amre other sckewnd of te p tred
llpatiienci until driven to the verge of rein. adopting its uggoeionu, it would be a means of compeiang mep o thin ieafe asn mr do e it appeatrq das,
r ptitioners eel themselves relly gri- Hi Majesty's Oovernment to alord us some relleC Go- what grater chae w mead of paitng the kw@M m
m.pliumltion of the proceeds of the Tax levied vernment had for a considerable portion of time been we did the former one, na far n the Lords are com ero ,
imports conuamed in the Colony, by virntu forcing nm aures upon u, which had been crammed down unless, need, de spirit be altered, Is which eas the pd e
t. ofthe imperial Parliament, and raised ex- our throats. The local Legislatures hd been contemned, pie will not be satisied. No creation of Peers, Ie prec
P he se of te Colony, and which your pert- sd we had been likes man who had been brought to the die paying of the measure, has taken place, dh King
lm unforned hua been refunded to the Island of threshold of a door, under the persasion that he would being, it is sid, vere to the increase, and tierdeor we
Siscomnequence of the spirited conduct of the not be required to go any farther, and when thee, had auppose, should the opposition be succmful this ti
of that Island. bees kicked out. We hve pausd aw after law, ad had agiust the question the Whig administratn will g am.
your petitioners' properties have been re- adopted such m are and recommendations as were In the mero ime, trade i in a state of complete stagatio,
fifth their former value by tie machinations consistent with the safety and welfare of the Colony. partly causedjy the agitation previlin about Refms ad
S 14the Colonies at Ihme, and a total disre- without obtaining any credit for so duing--nd we should partly, through the Cholera still inlcting Suiderlsnd.
*jint clainis by Ilis Majesty's Government, the now resist them. God forbid tat lie should advise the With repct to do l letter, it is remarked, that i Ins kept
ho kieon has not kept pace in reduction of amount adoption of force. There puld be no doubt but that the coofied ah the piece ate which it first appeared. ad that
of the value of Capital fronu whence it isextract- measures of Hli Majesty'*Governnment had boen the during the whole period only 895 have bum auacitd, of
a tihe contrary, in many instances, the burlhens came of all the distre and wetldadnts which now per- which PI ba-e died, and these rema ew emly 4
y have Len raised, as may beeen by reference vaded die Colony, and were disraceful to any Govern- Alarm heas lmoet aads hI a is evident te
tl0 dhe Act of Settlement to Governor Shirly me.a There was unfortunately a golden ladder huon up is not very virulent, wherthe appearance of dhe jus ,es,
Sof his late Exellency Governor MaxwelL in the Colonial Office, which -id tempted many to tread whicb took place on the 20th October, hbe not man lr
Yar petitioners are labouring under the heavy its tcps. But he (Mr. S.) would ay to the Government, r dab above. The eect opon trade i, however,
a n .d a half per cent. on the grn amount ie relief, or els we will not adopt ay more of your bee as tnjrious. The elremely rigor ear
,, pm ht, which ws granted to His Majesty for rncommmedaLim u--and a measure whichias ralcuaied of quarantine adopted, have had the effect of merly bt-
J1t which, when afforded, your petitions to brii them to this conclusion, would beg the Hois to lig as out of the Contimnt, and commerce i i prenal
I to pay, but since the consideration for which pled~ lf to no farther grants of money, until we were paralysd. Very many failures have taen plaine. an
m grated has been withdrawn, and the influ placed upon tome secure footing:. and alho' this would in our lisa'of benkruptU in ech Gansstl as wi hbe me,
I. and Molnsses from the ceded Colonies at effect be to withhold even a ettllemet to our new Gover- long. We fear that now, even behre Ad yta is aW,
ti*'4sl dt, have been admitted to a prticipltion or, till be trnated that His Escellescy would ms that is veryWiasro events will take plce.
'".. in the Markets of the Mother Country, the was ot adopted with any personal intention to im. lHe A commission has been formed to try the riotonr at
.ll (of which this is one) have to raise heir (Mr. S.) would say to tdis diaioguished individual-we Bristol, to which Ilii Majesty alluded. The sate of Ith
l I a far greater cpnree than what it can be pro* are sorry you have comramongus wheathedistreed state country is dreadfl, aod inrrndiaria dAily on uhe crer.
ta flthe new, have nevertheless in addition to the of the Colony will not allow us to vote vlyo say salary- I Ireland also, la Ir.s prceedinp lhavse iorraen and a
and drprivation to provide fo this duty, we have lct, and know from experience, the evileflects f sysiematic cuitolbnalun to rist rite pamueial of liahm.

.u B0 lHBk, ,vEi^S f Aw ,.** l I | *
m im. W,. LLIY* pm mi~ uurla tai b~lo dw pem th
uMlL. --e a"f l is dulationse be Clinn a e o d line ofer
pb at.i he s e perfectly stedy .-da. Co York and New Orlans, ast was abo
ThI ePne, consiker" TO a f at e r the account. oad Es ch or --
b ntideantij ha>l, a sL u t Hs V a to 7 onr. "the psacm res aYtey. The American EclipIe,
1 1BC do mar din ba the ,qsed by me book Won. OmPaIP6bs have be father j
iI Wa tese, dok sid to-day % .wMone Maketa ddku In paper 6- t city Vp 10 die 9%
slS .B, whIithL consideri b0 sn pea n u -itil ntesi udieo"L It min ho"m have been favoured with. The dweoh
d~r ~ Icit ay d c at going vr la" re olacyrh ever, so Intos than previously rwin d
SParem -m Igod. 'his ought o be, wa it n l v
0 t y a strong aned wait Parliaumu or htenin or S. Christopbar.
It tod fe tde, *the sita t of the R question, the delay i which, - -
MZ W or ft' ? -sBOt. as leMbtdily, p -. e a whatever may be mid t be the P o T mee pad by Bi 1
Wi ia Hes"" "dser on rr. on the r o Chi Jue t. -p Blc ik leu Dcu
Ir, 1-w4U o hr r lse 6 ectvee ad Thba prumlmedspsefe i ras 'tharte Cu i Chif Justle, u Blac B uaDisk
e a ip m I sipl epa he diamrbd di i silk, y d a by sapeomisi boe. the patrol, wa takentl dd bs lsay day asi a cme Jal
e7.M T f Z te e senm see hever, so is waited fo w ih eager sr mity in the City. Tmhe pesice Maral, nds e rt of a
see beehl disinc frumt ple, and aegslatios beli a i r me o * 2d Went India Regiment, nad c-.y ndd s *
wre ertlidh cmmeecad, which Id i *t ematry of tee Cistls re bam before pbic. The" tnan ee," U ia .t n*d
re edrthMiht n, by which the ermo is defrauded of ead ladoram Parade. A rumour wa spread of hisa
p aer blased.ii .aI i mo L)imgland that rtwill d So r cenat, sit m-ore, t i said, than rome to suscitated, which we learn was without m ,
fL~m'hm hs. no i ali hlllhh t um prol e ill prcoot. ~pe r thaw propetion, engagemeunts re entered lolo, E y the G ov hn hat been be puihd, e Freach Giwrnmeo t d eml it wl at to sdelive the goods saee hino ihe rehou; or tUe prtny con. Its Excellency dhe Governor hs been
to p eer Ie onraige. Bome of die g ine, have seingin the eveit of failure, to receive nothing for the goode. prieva the remaining i, who were sin
Lbwe ,h bwre J r o rMeiti og bhatr d attack of T1'o he unfair and dlihonest trader, therefore, a profit il esta- death. We loped, that the well being of
thi poap m The rauht of this shown the French blished, or what is the ame thing, sn adveantge over his com- We
a a t ao le iMud with, snd that the lvW petitors. of at leait n per cent, from this source alone. have induced our wertAy, and reptetat a
m ef Labi Philp don not reline on a bed of rome, ave only commuted their sentence to that of
or, f e each i. of dhat kind, that the diorn aure co- station ; but we suppose, that haing wept a b.
Iudeir I arp. TX B fSe. tenced" Dick, he could not milc until he lai l
I ve "is, pparation ror a dcuence is eill going on. those who were participatory, and abettoniski
Five Powersm hbonveorniz, l'Ibe new King of the
o.a ei Bielgiaem" bet ht old Minanrrh, William l WEDNENDAY, FEBRUARII V I 32. dad given them one chance more of repenlagi e
Jllgh l, sill ie syxitonms of an itch ;fr another caIl.- -
p a,lad dedlne lto a l &s to the iermn of the confer- ERRATL'Al 'Nasau, 7th Fpbhar, a
he. It ant vry prolbble, however, that h1i will yen- In the article headed EKlections." in the fifth line, for "W. To the Editor of the Bahamei Art
se n- sbIoluteo Iaililir', In direct opposiltin to Ite I.P. Johnbon," read .v SAruneis.. The error we de- MI. Eurro,-Do yon not think, tha at
uwitshe he Alle, bun should la be Ul dvisd enough tected by us, and corrected; therefore, will only be found in eaglt t be dipbd" fa prachid upi ops
't desA, bean a1e r by the folly. a prt of our lost publictio. well for subceribing to boat Rat.
Pnimd, mw Mading i at ies mid to the contrary, I a, Mr. Editor,
am -winn a my Imposin miry stllhude, and the your obodiMt meunt
A mrias mOovr si also on tbl a Id h. The Hose of Assembly aet yesterday, and the meam- yA" olime m e"Nt
Aara eramnt Is also on AN ENQVPf
,i Fd o 1 bmeic feam, bol dJ llad Polnd,whis shall bher having been sworn in, a nessage was delivered to
a may of hem t Is appear sti prescription is in full them from His Excellency the Governor, coummnnding The impropriety of preaching from the pd l
orm ia devoted Couniryoend that her persnn are to them, immediately, t proceed to the choice of a Speaker for the promulgation of the doctrines of preaesip
wither in the sternal inow of Siberia. Such is lhe intel- will to man, the political sentiments of a paoir, hi
igence whih In dmpiM of every vigilance, has been -when George Campbell Andernm, Esquire, wau unani- '
pred abroad, fr-th direct accounts An Wurtaw sre moudy elected. opinion, not in accordance with tiM doctrinmeJ Lki
di*st-l i slal thesilence of dmeth. It will be a per- At two o'clock, Hi Excellency proceeded to the nor with thoe taught by his first disciples; lada
preal stall epon the Europen world, that this nation of Council Chamber, when the House wa summoned with tie sound experience, of the best and alid
pairlos lhas bn given up to rth devouring jaws ad .- to attend him, wilh the Speaker elect Mr. Anderson writers. Politics should be avoided in th r
yoe" vengrance of depotism. kilg to e cimen o the p
We rave thing prticular from Russia ; but we learn accordingly, supported by Mr. Taylor and Mr. Storr, two leading to the excitement of the pss n" 4
m Trlkey, that the Suhan had been successful in his of the members for the town of Nassau, and followed by hatred, malice, ad unchariablmnes," which eu
csmt mign againt the Pacla of NScutri, and dtal tranquil- the remainder of the louse, proceeded to the Coucil of the Episcopal Protestant persuasion, p)ra Is h
ly wa ney morsad in the ormer. Chamber, when, having been presented to Ills Excllncy, lived from, before he commences his verua
Te l lem a from Lisbon, mention that the utmost Be ddrae hi a follows: Boat racing is, in itself, an innocent mmu l;k
bimvo prevailed there among the Miguelit in nse- i hu tendency to promoddre high ls follows
of te reported approach of the aniasiernt of Don May it pla youa E~elean'y, as it hs a te cy to promohig betting,
Thl Ulsrper had as any a 30 to 40,001) nie It i my duty to acquaint your Excellency, that i obe- wish the clergy, human frailty i to be fouo, au
ader b t lws supposed not a tithe ofl them would dien ao your command and in die rerci eof their ow certainly pronounce it sinpsoper,-quotigdtwh
remain fifl to his stanard, when the flag of Don Pe- ancient and undoubted privilege, His Majesty's faithful Bud tend to wore. and better iteaods ur
dr was ma Already numerous revolts among the mi- subjects, the Asumbly of the Blhamas, have elected a
tY y, had r tke pis, and numbers of thenwere daily Speaker, and that their choice ha fallen upon me. I, GENERAL COURT. L
teew Ito oasmei et. The Merchants also were much derefore, have to pray lat your Excellency will be plae WassDA, lot Feomy, t
eOe tmle. coauiaece 0of a forced lon of *MO,,t1) to approve of the choice, which has thu been mde.
M hey yi n Da dausd to b iseid, and ever To this, His Ecollcy ring replied, that he p The King erm Georges Bi
Si eldeedy ripe for i b overthrow. We learn, Bhaving replied, that b ap- Before the Clief Justice nd :he -sisamJ al
iewers, a so ml ateslnnc of Don Pedro' move proved of de choice which had been made, the Speaker snd Sandiinds, and a Special Juy.
asse, or ah Is espiedhe my be expected st Lisbo p po-ded- This was n Er-Officio Ionfrmation, id hbhil
l Spaln aYeM of msoeni has taken place The Your Excellency having been spled to approve of the ney General, against the defendant, dhe Editd
emad of Healh of 1f ra he hatted very srict orders choice maule by the Asembly, it s now my duty as their Bahama Argu, for a alleged Libel on Hi EFA
fIr preanaoes and d have cased mous of Speaker, in their name, and on their behalf, to claim all the Sir James Carmichael Smyth, Bart., the Gu d
a'r SM e todecile rshments. ancient and undoubted right iad privileges, beretufore ie colony, poblisbd in the Argus, of do 1M1-
Fre BOam Riv we hae y o Ktanees and enjoyed by them, and more especially, the privileges of br lau. The Alsorney General on the C.
m wh appel tolerably icm ginv as favourabl freedom fom arrst freedom in debate, I en access to your Mesieurs Wood and AndernO for Asi
mea of C t pr ogr d of d h ettement au s can at de Excellency, a the Representaive of our most Graciou The Jurors were swrn in, a follow,
pre'en be enpctd, dwhn the sha rea of dt pe- overeeig.,-when, and a often as they my mek he Thoms Longley, Foreser
rmidilm l e lt b etiamldsd. s-me; and a Ifvoreable and candid costruclion, asl a L Win. Jami Weeh, Theodos Ai*
hp mdeff. ~ b(-pml DM mer It times, of every part of their conduct. And, further, I beg John Sima, lHenry LDeb
SA V ard iientd Ia the Taemme, halig a beard a Por- lave humbly o puy, that should aay errors be com- Jobs Piere, William Sir
soa e udn t sd r who. e c haco on d to ea mpte id, they may e attributed to me, ianividqly, and Joarph G. Watkins, Robert Prim,
a a rm o Alwh on ue Spanish F ter, ad to e to he Asembly. Jobh Hal, David RckL
as 6eama -- They mnagd fs a fei done His Exelleacy the opened the Seion in a v ery Davi Dorel.
ae 5Oni55tii~tht1. The Attorney General sawed, that thes *
Aa st Lps wi a as h hri iah tg m lengthy Spech; a copy of which, we hope to e ablet a T by him again t Mr. e g BWi
mine" she" Mignetlit eh ewrin whobn nolwdb wton fld by him aggainsteMr. arallyBg *1
bens ddel es a t" dery, and hbas had sir vgil e lay before our reader*, in our next. and Proprietor of the Bahnma Argue, for & I
bIe qeichkded. by dhe prnportue aoskino to mt the dh Governor of tslis colony, confined is
asrMid UNvaio of Don fnrm. The men who han ABACO ELECTION. i1rporGtin to be landdretosInheE -a, t s 1t
"s bensalfy eluded their vigilsnce. am. i i id already Imatn rto ne sEpeanr of iu
a theiway o rrmnfe, to oin the etdinion. ndough bl Th election for throe Members to repreent the Is- danda, published in the Argu, nerape
a msminfoAsrment. i ll be. under all the cion.mmeniceme. a land of Abaco, in the General Amembly of then Islands, of November last. The learned egentlcomn oih
Vale oam. s" hear recital of the arbitrary and cruel loceesd- took place o Wodnesaly, te ith uninm, when the d the Jury upon the dalerge ro t eny of ,l
ho of Milat will m inham e indsd of those who have de- I cation, which he described ao one calcu d fa
t o ra their lves. for i he establuhs et of beo following gentlemn wro dedard duly elected, vi.: tin, hi the deribd of the lower orders, ted
i st bl" rtu' l b Jolhn W. Miller, William R. B. Sands, and Roert W. personage alluded to, bit to have sn ini**iosO
In pMielirl ht beL nnineedo bwe mnifsetd bo Eu Sawyer, 'aquircs, who took their seats in the liousa those moving in a higher spher. of life; mod
ip and bs MedAevanee. as to the efect rhich my take yesterday. veral authorities upon the Law of Libel, to
pha ia lowlue. though tdse" qarantine reglabtiok and re- te paper in question woa of a liltllous chmrac
arime arof e aahi hae lee im eares wnmalMy The America packed lhip DC Witt Clinton, Captain lication and the extensive circulation of the A4
,h mi seed shCo dinw l e snm bts Ce Packard, 6 days fhom New York, bound to New Orlean, admitted by th defendant's Counel. The
S*i u. e nd oeude. eense rmaed weta onnni w u then rad, u follows:
aesn d ad o e v soer the. aed a l.e di' w llos Abaco, been Flho ad Mand-War "Electors of the Behaas your all is at s L
SIa.d. A mun eow mre set mm t them dm Ml Keys, oa Moaday morning, the 30th ultimo, at 3 o'clock, property, the fruit of your honest indulystryt't
ped go for the e Spal.d lThe Captain hn in ed us, that be experienced very of your ancetors--hat property, which y
my Oef attts, oe ma. g his neam withti two mrOet, amplieuat Althe during the whobl page, and was transmit a an inheritance to your cht hir.
Imas n p *l aL memal mwhoe h* e i a be en able to take mor than oe obenrvatioe provineD to he d e t would oow rob you of, is order to
is do"J of t ~a uPosk o* ftos aMke vya" e7 1he n. of a philfthroptth
Sr7 e mm ap na the damt fb striking.; and shor, that e empposd himself to be about 0 Tlh ot an idl ca iane L*p t
-nth an opfsuar b. o fIst, te.e
pepm oftay be smd m a wom d m -- .-d e mile to the warfd of Ab h Halfuour dtr tb Jae Carmichel 8imytl--y Isp A
~ erptheir ad o cidem, do tvam l gAendi, and in In.i es wel t to piecn; Hs he not trmpled upo n t hr f law
dm es erbn k ri ed d ep pm eek, .a r ie and p engs having great disckly i nvig viled and pnished its ministers, for pea d .
e, fw a nearly Froe iean.stio. It hpamlb f therIv a io the long bhos. By the atreanots exer- try l a e noat attempted ito aL
sebi knw fr the g itrhief may este4d, but hr eamts. e- tof wreckesry despol, nrllHr tlIan s a civil iagis
-eslloa si the genml pinirfnn mon arn e bs' jIts besin - cargobweic h wield al sword in i..tire ind1 in mrryc 1 ,
aI to hbe f a. In Petugal o in :1in partcalrlay. but also i assorted, saa.. ved,, J.d hl l beu be brought to this piurl, A ld is it Inol ilden, that lic ultimate o*y


e ias, to deprive Iye of year pile y. i
Syedr umse rat" pp
r Ei swaain bing pulled and swor,--ated, dtal
g she defendant's seting up the Argus, news-
rt Cdl at witness' house, niiid asked him if he
sk*l a part in a newspaper which defendant was
of setting ui; that wiluess declined doing so ;
Sto u a question from die Attorney general),
i did no tell witness att, in establishing that
iL wra his intention to Libel every person, and thai
go ta ojail fort. Witues told defendant, that
saedisr d state of the Colony, he Ithouglt two
r Id not be suppersed, ad illustrated his anrtion
ts a" ems d Lawyers bnve nothing t do"-epos
d Dlul r turad regd with a mile, and aid, that
j wrise ibsele, andaske wrk for them."-Tpoen
i xaumiatlon, the witness sted, that the obser-
R mad e l a jiculr nmanr,' and thea, from his
lislglr of the defendant, he did not believe that he
sinalentionally injure any one-although he con-
aklae of his publications to severe.
r.'Tbhomas Tirnhull called sanl sworn-slated, that he
I ser heard the defendant say that it was his inten-
gu go publish Libels, or make use of asy language to that
IHre closed the cae for the prosecution.
Il. Wood and Mr. Anderson both addressed the
y at as. mIe length, for the defendant, invei.lgine in
ipatorint agsii tl the nmsdIo of prosecution by Ex-OTfcio
radiation, which they stirniatised, as oppressive ; a in-
inging Upon:' the liberty of the subject, in idepriving hini
df grand Jury ; as novelin the Colony, andps Iltogether
amrsld for, in the o Ca then before the Jury. In arguing
em tib aI!ldgad Libel, thl learned Gentlomen were seve-
nl lisine s!oppll by the Court; as their arguments were
ceisidered entrenching upon the rule of Law, which pro-
Liits the dlfoenant fruNt lstiiying dtl truth of the omalter
dchare.a Tmh Atloraey uOaerl replied, and the Court
stated to the Jury ir opiaio, that the publication was
Libellniu, aad Ie conviction onaht to take place.
The Jury tired at one o'clock, and retmrined into
Cimir at ten o'clock this day, the 8th of Fihrulary, with a
wrlict ofsguilty. Mr. Bigns Wau inimediatelyv ronitillel
o the cusrody vf the Murshil, the Attorney Geunracl re-
hsiua to rute bil.

Jisgs Sperch.-Tlse King's Sleech, by conmmiencing
wbith aghilting and all-engrossing question-Refornm-
sarve the firtc rule of epic comulositiun, and rushes in
oedis res. Bill the allusion to this question is at the snsme
lm s general and vagst that it may betaken, according
Sthe wishes and interests of men ol ditlerent parts, to
W* to a great reform, a moderate, or a small one. It
bedly said, a speedy and satisfactory scttlelnirnt o, tliis
iaes monwsJ daily of more pressing importance to the
.ausiy of the State, and to the countnlnent and welfare
of my peole'." This nmay mean a settlllment on the ba-
is o" tim whole Bill," oron that of Bill very dissimi-
ht. It insy mean a more or less sweeping measure ol
hina tin lhat which the House of' Lords rejected. hi
diges the Ministers to nothing specific, and therefore no
ulpment can be drawn frunt it as to the efficiency prinef.
aacn uf the forthcoming measure. It is like the recon-
ertioin of a mediator to two hostile parties to sete
r distlmt, without any indication ol tlh terus
hdii it uught to he shelled.
The mat topic in order, and certainly in importance, is
*I diasmes" which, a hi Majesty bist too correctly
amo* sill prevails in many parts of my dominions.'"
In d Indred does prevail in many prs of England
al land, to a degree whieh it requires all the fortitude
4he people to support,and all the wisdom of Parliamien
klekve. It is sid in the Royal Speech that for thu
ii the presrvation of piece, both at home anm
id, will, under the blessing of Divine Providence
Ad dR bot ond ams efectai remedy." We knoe
mB l of peea--we. know that nothingcaa be more
4hls dt the contineane. of a peace by which thI
usor honor of the country are not compromised-
a p of principle, and not humiliation. But peace
lrea wc e afford an effeclual remedy to dt existing
a. It mEet be peace accompanied by a wise an(
Le Ooverament-by sound system ao(t stion, no
b lpea the productive industry of tl nation, bu
-lm actual propel ly-by rigid oconuomy ia the finance
'M npioo of sinecures' unmeritod pension, ad othel
am than useless expense, which drain away the resour.
a t de people to pamper corruption, indolence, snt
hm y subhsta;:tial and eiiTrtive r trenchlment in all thI
Pid otnices of State; and I'y lth, clltivntion of tilf
a0y arts of ;ood and virtuous starletansship, whiich in
41 public confidence no suire rx,,rdtcan can supply
identify the glory of the Iuler with the hap
p" ip people.
We prs over thal eternal sihiject of dis.ntion, an,
.hl-nurning, and outrage, the [risl Tilhe question
20ly observing that it is as necessary for the interests c
Clery, who are ilhdred in a most difficult situation, a
'*t for the peace of the people, that sone less irristlin
.II` 9jectiooalile mnede of paving the Irish Clcrgy should
6l51ted. But the s"tlenent of this quemion alone can
'teolq iihi Irelsrnd. It is the great misfortune of Ire
*1t its iG t vrrnowntl has always adjuited its measure
*6Lvhlset, tihr iml,iritniHi"e, or time threats of the lead
r 1 "ae factiunor the leaders of another, instead d
Soely to the wants df the country and the intrre
pssmpls. Heace Ireland, with its mase of miser
*j ialeu is always feot-ball at the feet of som
.tl aa asl usfarincipled agitasor; and so it will rot
t, bae ueil a wise Governeinnt, detaching itself fro
-* ngte Md the intrigies of party, apply dthetielvw
.** tu d.rsomrccs of ti! coeuntlv, and give to
stlh bermt l oL iur siir.,l .n id ps aluernl inrodecio
Tlstate ouf I'ur, ,,il L tis taxt subject introduced

t1Speech. Hs Majmty is ad s fte seyy The rla
to tarop of the elder branch of the itlaurim Howea
Bragaaa, and the d ers of a dispute mcami, wrUl
require my nmgl vi lbm aulrielion to etltt by which at
only the safety of Portugal, bill the Fweral interest of
Europe, may be effected." As far as applying a" vigilant
attention" to he events at isisig out of the present sate of
Porrugese affaus may be considered a duty by Olvere-
mea, there can bo no rational objection to their exer-
cising that vigilance; but if itis is to go to paitive in-
terference, and to lead to new couferaces with the Holy
Alliance, and to a new issue of prot(ls from th volu-
ealei pa of Lard Paluserus, we meet proeat again
it. We were boad by treay so protl the idependmece
fohland, and we did mt. The qumy of a disputed
lhsioa to the Prtuguese thrue is a question for the
dbcisiu of the people of Portugal alu-le4 theom decide
The alluion to the treaty between the five powers and
Belgium is followed up by only the eprsieon of a vague
hope that the King of the Netherleads wi accede to die
arrangement. We suspect the enlightened Monarch"
will tumn ait to be only a puppet in the hands of odters--
Who pulls the strings
The next announcement of the speech is one of great
importance to ithe cause of civilization and the interests of
humanity. It is the asnnouncentntio of a convention with
the King of the French, for the efectual suppression othe
African slave trade. Few as the colonies of the French
Nation are, the French flag has been made abundmti use
of in this aboaiinable traflic ever since the mixed com-
mission" with Ssain, ansd some other powers, was estab-
lished for the purpose of hitting it down. The conven-
tion, we presunm, concedes the mutual right of starch,
antd will thereby contribute more than anything that has
yet been done to sweep fromu the seas the pirates that
desolate Africa, to perpctuatl the curse and crime of
slavery in other parts of the wrld.
The riots at Bristol were a fit bject for observation in
the Royal Speech, but so regret that though they ar
spoken of as the subject of deserved punishment, Dn in-
quiry into tlle causes of those disorders is recommended.
It is right that the causes should be inquired into, because,
until they are known, the teal amount of the guilt of the
rimlcrr cannot be ascertained. Hundreds of them were in
the end cut ldwn by the sabres of the military, or shot,
and yet we do not find that the rioters destroyed a single
lil'. Thlsir frantic acts appear to have been the result of
the first fatal weakness of the authorities, whoever they
were, which allowed them to gpt pomession of the wine-
cellar at the Mansion House. The intoxication that fol-
lowed can account fur all the rest-but we want to know
something more than has been told of tie beginning of
I those diOders. The laws must be vindicated, but we
trust justice will be ministered in mercy.


Feb. 7lb-Am. schr. Eclipse, Martison, Baltimore
Flour, Corn, Chees, Butter, Hams,
&c. to HaNar AonDBL.v.

Feb. 8th-Sp. sclir. Carmits, Romoro, Cubs

In the wrecking vsel Liberty, from IO wreck of the
ship Do Wittll Clinton, at Abaso :-Lieut. Bainbridge, of
the U. S. Navy ; Me . H.. Jons, Thaddeu Norris,
- Davis, and II is the Steeragn.

H AVING fixed the aSia of DsEAD at the iat of 10
per barrel of superfie Flour, Ordered, hat the
slhi!lig Loaf do wei'h 2Ibs. 4o.., and die sipeany Last
lib. 2gu. By order of the Vestry.
DAVID SPENCE, Vestry Clerk.
V\'EcT Room. 7th February. 181.
Housa or AssIMnLT, Feb'y 7th, 1882.
SRDERED, That the Clerk of the House do adver-
tle in the Bahama Argus, fossIl persons having dc-
mesids against the public, to deliver the same, properly
nullienticate4dl hiom, on or before the 21st instant ; and
that no accoialer that period, will be received, except
frou Turks lalands.
Extract fion the Minutes.
A LL Persons having demands against the subcriber,
A will please render the same for payment wisthi
delay, as be hal it in contemplation to quit the colony ;
and those indebted to him, will setle their respective
accounts on or before te l 1st day of May, ensuing. All
accounts unpaid afar that period. wB be placed in the
hands of a Atersry at Law, for lamedia recovery.
February 8th.l

E XUMA SALT, for dil at 121 cots per busel.
At Enema.
February 4th.

On ldosy aszr, t e 1018 iel ,
At the Storm of John ltarr, Esq.
At 1* IOikb. A. X.
Wi l be omdl d d plat ~ o tihe t an
late Aae latship Doy Wbt C(lv e lelo em Abam g h
her pamsge f m fne Teok to ,Ne OrC

Read Maeds o ,

Sperm. Candles,
Butter. (Godon).
With n reat vimy o ethe iir
Taw,-CASH before delivery.
February 8th.

HE SUBSCRIBER ofrte for ale, at bhl Msm i
Bay-stret, near the Public Buildinla, the flowingg
article, received per Highlander, frm Lemed, vi:
Limed and Sprl Oil,
Fine Green Pllt, in pata,
8perm Candles, Piles ad Siaus,
Caper, Olives, ad im BSa 041
Gentlemen's superfne black Hal,
No. 1 and 6 Bleached Canvast
Blck Bombuin, superfine whtl Drill,
Cotton Slitinl,
Reel Thread, in fancy boes,
PomatumPearl Bultons,
Seine ad Sewing Twine,
Bonnet Line, Foolecap and Letter Papr,
Quills, Red Ink,
Common Prayr Books,
Cut Glauware,roMsiing ofbadaRm. merITu
bler, Wines, plant and quart Decates. Bee
Tubs and Salts.
Shovels, Tin Pots, Gentlemen's Sddles,
Mule Harnes, NePo Pips,
Tow Hooks, plate Cndlesticks.
Sad Irons, Toilet Olasse
Pipes Oterd's superior Brandy,
Butts Barclay' Porter.

January M
T lE SALE of the lat E. J. dSolona, Emiqere'
Stock in Trade, by order of the Euctesrs ame-
slating of valuable and etensivesummrumsetDry heod
Hardware, &c. &c., will positively sas pih by Public
Auction, early in March next. Tera wI be med
known, pevious to the day fixed for ihe sal.

SApril net, for the United Stale, reqmle aN per-
m having dmnsad against him, :. render thea; and
them indebted, to make payment oe or before t 10th
February. All accounts ro gaining simupid alA thda
data, wl be left at the ooaof G. P. Wed, Eq. eor
recovery. S
January 7lh. F. 'IVlPI ER.
F OR SALE, by private cotrt, Derby I d,
sitamL mer am m the o of Euma, ea ato
about 700 acres. Fr fharer patiiar, apply at tlis
January 25th.
The brig HIGHLANDER, Joha IL pp
ComhisCader, will poeativeit il on t fat of
IMarch. For fight o pa mi, apply s th
Master, on board.
N.B. All persons re requestd no to give crdklt the
crew of the Highlander, asthe Master will t be rmpoi-
ble for any debts that may be contracted by dm..
February th.
TO BE LET, that pleasndy miaated
Hneou and Prenmiat, lately in the occupatio
of Henry Adderley, Eaquirn, with immdiass
posseion. Apply to
January 28th.
A The Iloa uand P nisns at praem ccqsped
L by Mrs. Poitirr. The Hoe is mIy and
R ronvnirent, with large Kithen and behae
attached, chair hmou and taihliag fr three
hours, extensive yard and gram piper. Theeai bUding
have been lately thoroughly repaired, and the Iemn plrt
of the fmean he" b-e aean l psi -.
A rat of Land idaed at be VInM . almig 50
acres. It i divided by the viaged iesew La s the
esten lno being inctseted by the new rad l ia ha
the village into the Blue hil red. Thi d m hbe di-
poedof in oeer three loes. A pply
pHe W. MILLE7h
September 17th.

r -a"tlrff


thElada it i ta th- ai Lywons i

a am iEd s PeA I t uwerd ta hu a er

case, 0,Jia tit, S1 f B POe
e i stnl-. *o aim pte uke
the parast IpilaMma S egan assem
of d t lait, ofa 11111"g the tn
l-Aaeag thov e
AiatSithr of th"

an M. Has
c ,a cal iWl ntL, d l Iae sld toa oave er
caped Ias Wrrl a l d f o Thes, ra has ifen. I)u-
erg. A giel et lam of domicillary vimle hve also
been made, ohe m important of whIch wa to sr house
of M. Miday, a Italian refugee, Lwh wa, la coajunctiun
with the un"aortu MoeuMti, i earpelser of lo Inaur-
mealr e MI Mds alh Iteoam Who arched
oi home, carried /way rdl Ln ptht of manu-

T nhCa ieaam Y m kletH, re Mc at Ithe Poet Ofce,
gante ae t ho M I ty.; sia tho it waa an
edma il ed1 (oriet d by an erveal journal ton he
4asm-1 ieM ae) adveshlaog the chaim of the Duke
of Impdml, shd hyIn downa p a pie lfor giving gthice
elsrT. Its at any rate, clatain that thit chests of rar-
tridgs mad a quantity of "itcd pards (sunme of a lich
had already bo pad in the fheborKg St. Marcru)
have bewn fond, and hu t he plan of the conspirMion.r
whatever h wa, t hbo ado efeated. Lestniglt several ad-
dilunal patruo of the Nltioal Geurds were on fiet, but
nmthlag weeriald ai dlirts the public rnqoiqlhy*
The Carits here make no sect of the movement of
ihir chir r arnd, altislae tey cooniv ito kerp within
the polak the la, they ce sarcely retrain their delu-
sivo lhope within le beaIsl of pruedeca. TIme following
s freml their h it private bulletin:- Th ne DI)hei of
erri hs sill in ri neighbhourlaln d of Pisr, with ile Due
de Hiress, and a few morediilid prrsnags. Time
friMeA'et health in aMa a d; hIe she looks forward,
wliHh ~aew a, to brilghw and btres days aee long."
Marshall BiriuontI laely landed at Villa-Garcri, a little
ma-nport In Spel ; kire theem he preemeded to St. Jac-
I|1es, and waeevaly where rearivell with military honours.
elin espeeted at the Court of Ferdlneul, where h will be
reaeivdr with the almost distincrtio. The spirit of lthe
rma r of the Spanish pelde is highly adverse to lle Freathor
teral*tionary governmentt*
The Luodeul Murnine Chbriele of the td enonlins a let-
trre 0. P. Q. front Padsdated November llth, and head.
ed with these line,-" The Bourrtens andl the descendants ul
Tioaw tare tihe baelbhe;-Puland is to be incorporatede
wir Russia-M. Casimir Perifr hi to plpse that Franrie s*ha1ll
diam. The wiler asy*- I am oflgled to ilne te Ih the
haprleun party mI France i msmsfrmidolde. LAoi Plhilippe
and lis ialcn are a m dl ra rhid of the Duh e of
"aintrset ie a iby .re of Ihe Duke of Iouedeaua. Aus-
ri a refused to avow what her ioearious are with refgrd to
the am el Nipoleon. Then e ae ity-nine Napoleoeut in
the. Cbhaber of Depatea."
11. Peyronnet, the er-Minister, has aoued himself in
his a6ivly by weitig a ubook, eaitled, Quewiasu de
nediam u Pcerfaiamea; m p atoms a dle mde t
o A4pmuaiam at e i e lsarte i earw His IramT-
&fiairsP & Crlesf.
Tie K nal of Holsad has -6 be&* invited to accept,
witboU abrauon, twenty fm r aticla agreed upon by
Win alliei alpborn al Loedon as the hsis f the sepap-
ratis b teeasn Holland aad Belgim, and ha again tfu-
ed, wi, agala t nega iaN a Bcceldalgasome accounts;
Lbm,ac-d o hes, t avinbarg eret oaeuaragmamt for
as Ieum u m gtua pears of de arth.
sued oa G il mTOe e Ba HoLLam.
Tk Ha., Nwm. ti.-The Roays m1aag accoim-
panyie the projectaf low for meting te extaordliary
epe i of de war dell d a diL sitting of the slat,
is urokf tetritl mbo :-
aimunsU -Th cal ai lml atkely made to
your Assembly a have coaviaredlyour Hih Mightl-
c msesr Utt lateta of the Megotitions for reguatiag the
adihisiu of the separatio between Hollad and Belgium
dus at yet asrd a astisfhctory prospect of thI very
speedy amtim.a of a remit compatible with ihe lmerast,
the heLaur, and th inddeedence of Holland.
Pafl a i i for a to all on our faithbfl inject fr
ewecrlfc, we ma not, with this coavic.ion, think of
aay aaanlati of ithe esntoredinary deos wlich have
aes lee d by the atimo r tie mainteance of dte right
of te eoutry with a mch wedinesa enad pslLic al;
it glew s n th e p of a worthy imitation of the ob!e
firm oa oar aamenta and tbhi r e aeniuls, with
thre rmuembrae of aer a W and like him, pli
ciu or coaY M d l Ah igi God, em n be doubtful.
aiLed o i eIdaUmi' im we nibmit yer Hlgh
Migiemas t p of hvo e seiiyhig doe M a
which we think m hbet c lcad to sugalae and proie
fl he eIstaLrdnary drema. s wida the p eeaM crum
sace ma y lead o. Theae I compaaisd by an es-
plaetory ml r. (Sp-)
The Ka s.gNovher .L
The financial ceadima f doe Del ie gwmaenm is
ot very intimiig to othe n-w mnek. The Brdge i f
ther anret yar ha hare mde uop, and shuwsa derit of
II,010,mfl) florita.-The amount required to meet the
e-podll re, is40.,00,% % And the lsearces for the
year, are estimated at il,UU0,tMIL An applicaion is

sdeimrly ele the hot ot K of otfald toT
Is anai GonerO The paper i" inte lLigea" of
ti eih the mother d King Leopod.
hlaa ha heas w ricved Spain, of the e.
vote iae of King Ferdisaed. His attacks wem (f-
quat ad represented Io be dangerous. The courtinr
bgie to be alarmed and thbk of the future; for It hu
be remarked dlu at the levee of St. Chaitea, the le of
the iieul Pon Carla, be hd an influence quite puluL
II i lady thoaalit he willeier be Kin r Rege
Tbo Stein S(P ii) papers of the Imth contial t
ruiewing :-- greater part of our garrison is r
ld ia this towr, anil hba met wilt a cheerful receptive on
the part of the inhabitants. The cholera lih entirely left
us. The following Order of the day, isuoed by the King
of Proemi, bas caused el atisfactiou:-' Order of
die Day. Whgp, town Ite end of last year, a bloody
revolution broke out in he aeighbouring kingdom of Po-
land, I called out the war reserve of thl troqr of the
line, and also, where it was necessary, thie lawehr, in
order to protect our menaced frontier. This end has been
fully attained ; peace and Intranquillity have continoud eve-
ry where undisturbed, and the troops have answered the
eipectationa which I had a right to expect from their zeal
and fidelity. The war reserves and landwchr quickly
liastned to arms, and anll sppored with patience and re-
siiliulioen the nunierous privations and sicrifrcs whicli
particnlarly bore upon tlie landwehr, and we'le inseparable
front circumstances. I willingly acknowledge to all the
Iroops my satisfaction and gratilnde, and now dismiss the
war reserves and landlulr, in order to let then return to
their families, perfectly convinced that they will re-appePR
with the amne nrediunes wlen the country again requires
their -asitance.' "
SLisbon dates are to the 19th November inclusive.
Thoub there is no confirmation of the inoral report,
rno t by the passenger in the Columbia, who hard it in
Lonn on the evening of the3tl,, that Don Miguel had
fled, and thure was a general disturbance In his kingdom,
there is nothing incompatible witd such a state of affairs,
in the extract published in the London papers.-T'he
Lisbon Glanttes contain two official notices, one directed
against the property, and thd other against the lives of the
wretched perusns who ale till bowed down by the tyranny
ef Don Mieuel and his lbigands. Under the name of
loan he has determined to plunder the murclhanet and the
wealthier inhabitants uo Lisbon, Oporto, Coimhra, and
Iiguera, of 1l00 centl of reis, (.lioul 240,000 ster-
ling.) Commiiioners are,appointrd to rate tim property
of thee individuals, deid to regulate the proportion in
which each is to be plndered. Not satisfied with tlhs
spoliation, and fearing that the apletitel of his llgod-lninlds
night become ste d, he has issued a iroclniatlion ofnlring
rewards for information respecting conspihacies and all
attempt to seduce soldiers or others from their atTectionatrf
alliance to his iajesty. These rewards are to be paid in-
sltntly, aad their amount is to depend upon the importance
of the information communnicated, or, in other words,l upon
the length to which the informer's conscience can be stretch-
There is title doubt of the fact that tlie Cape do Verde
Islands have declared for Donna Maria.
Therehave been several frenh outrats in Ireland, and
conflicts between the Whitefoot-people and the police,
other wIh the soldiers. In the county of Kilkenny,
eight miles frop Carlaw, the mob became so firion thai
the troops weerompelled to fire upon them repealedly.-
Five pmrms wreL killed, and a great number carr ed off

Fromin Badtimt Gmort and DaU Adrtarr, Jaary II.

who wenM to re t to thbe coumry by a
Uace from tho par of the country wf Is t
of revolth a in their Soerenig. Ti, t
ship ba ordered to land dtem at Armin, RES
tween Algieer and Oru, where the aulwiby
is o yet recoqied.
From this poith will be may for them
gaa to reach Tremeosne, where duieN wi
of the Emperor of Morocco, w r 1ch0
The instructions given to the captain of p '
land the arm ad aid uioion wh he w a.h l e
ithe rA of Arme, which is sill I lthe -
Bodouins. The o der of tD Dey on thisi_" ,
may induce a belief tht au andersandia i
Emperor of Morucco, for the invaiog qo'e(at
Oran, and that he till think of profit b= A'
support of that oeomarch, if his sroopl.tsi l
at Trmesene, sad continue their lstilite agais
It would at least be desirable that the FreoTll
should at length compel the Emperor of Mortieo,
draw his troops from the territory of Orn, bd
presence encourage disorders

The following statmeam t respecting the Chelma gi
the Frankfort Journal of the 15th of Noneber, n,
ted by 3. Dalmas, a French physician, lately bi
of the Polish armnny.
-, The Poles were encmprel partly in a large ntlhi
the RKawk, partly in front or the same river tin s -N t
This wood, as well as the forest, beinx very du, iaL
able number of sick daily proceeded thence. iat
say. all those who came out of the fora hada the
whilsl those whn came from the small wood onhy
fevers. When I heard of this fact, 1 went to the L
amined the sick. and convinced self of the rnliij
had been related to me. It thenmained for me oi
the caUn. Two wood eqall damp. one nalB ai
large the latter producing the eholer. he former a
fevers. 1 soon learnt that tihe Roasians had matdh lif
that forel, whilst none of them penesmted mate the Iostl
Almost every where along the right bank of the Vioulal
'lnrk to Thorn, the cholera was connected, on ital
p-eiring, with the operation of the Russian anmy." It
edl a it were the regularity of its stragetic movemean.
tihi lropagation is effected i not known. But it sppalB
doer no proceed from one individual to annoher. but l[a
large body to another, from a regiment to a whole popahl
I is a general innoeulation.

From the Baltinmor Garltte, Jammary
late and interesting from Vern Cna.-Hy the iiOn
Kress. Capt. Minor, the editors of the New York Jeamlo
Commerce have received Vera Cruz papers to the 4tr a
reliive. They rontaiu an Acta of the garrison of VmeCn
Ideandling uof lie Ex. the Vice Preridlenl of the RepitaL
elieani tssl l l itilr present ilinistry. 'Theamllr n iions aiie ll
(:el. Saanna Anna being al the head of the movement, lii
no telling where it will end.
Among the puasenger in the Congress is (. B. Juia
Esq. bearer of a CoImmerrial Treaty berteen Mestirs i
U. S. Thii Trenty has long been hanging by the eia
sad we nre glad to see any indications of irs being aeaish
carried into effect.
r Cruaz Jonaurry 4.-Last night Gen. D. Astoaia L,
de 8anta Anna arnvvd in this city. amid the shoots sald
Itions of t people enlhusiatic for the Consilatin, a
secure the liberty and independence of the Republica. l
nghts of the people. Gen. Santa Anna took ledtisi hb
consiatorial houses, and a portionn of the people ofd am
followed him to the interior ipartmentL The balk Pik
and alcoves, rong with huma for the Frzozuarse
rr.Tl, and isheroic defenders. VeraCren pasma eI
worthy of the bet days of Athens amiIl HoI e.
To-night the Captain of Cavalry. Mariano Vepgs. l
by the pos with leisen from Gen. Hntas Anna. sad db d
this garrisuon, addresed to the Vice Preaident.-wb-ik i-
ments will be sent both to Ihe authorities of the Feodedlli
of the State, although we are apprehensive thiu dit
will endewour to i torep them. These aes WU N
daed by their Enrietanci in the highest degres ba*
inmach as they oppose lth arbtasry sd PlI Id
bof heir m slerd wi pt whose *a I lnion.-
be meddled wit without porfanauon.

By the Packet shi Faesmo, die Editar af the Philadelphia Bome disturbances had taken place in the Btae fd
National Gazette has rneermd two number of the Pars _Jer-
md den Iias. which complete our file to the toth of Novem- T e Pl.- e regret t state. that well-athneati
ber. The p nper o the nt- Ccsoun haa alhed L onon o be o c c .1rre1 "oll.f ethe.Jd
penr of Ruasl dated St. Petersbnrg, Ltd October. It be Mnsow asd Ilnig. The samn ent. ie t will hb remE
gins with the annuaiatio hot thet Polish rebellion was com-.ard dreliv ci n the Mlb i.-L
pletely extinguished; reu ths thanks to God: boast of the markedthedecline of choler en theMalaber rast.-
immoenable solidity of the fnodaltions of Russian Power, and
of the enpl-its fidetry moderation, and hbmanoty of the Rua- FOR SALE--At this OBtie
shen ariea. It concludes thus--i R iaans! with the help
of Dtine Providence, il a Intah what oar brie troop have Bills of Lading,
hegan; dan, ia *r elrts will destroy evR to the germ, al Bil; of Exchange,
those disaestm m whiel have so long ailtaed two nations of Bills of Bale,
the same orgin. Te alo, will ee i our object of Ihe Manifeat of Cargoes,
kingdom of Poland, restored so Rui, a mben of that Blank Forsm for the Custom Ilmou, 4
greal family to which you belong. It is No pirn fear Le or s rases,
of a rseegelf raio, hit by constant ofLe and Rele ,
grernesu of soul. and a generous oblivion of injuries, general Cort Wia,
you will contribute to the success of ou design for a more "General Court Executions,
earnlsu a more solid anion of Polald with the other parts o Bills of Sale for Venels,
the eIm e. n .For o happine infthe glory of Raaia, let Mortgag (with bonda)
the indimo able tie bae int goranele im a sentiment of at- Warrnts of Attorney to Confcie Judgmeat.
tachmea the Im en monarch. in ldatl M interests and Powers of Attorney,
tmmas, iAd ina edmm prosperity ever to be disbed by Attlry's Wamnts,
isml ademnnadlisl." Arbitration Bonds,,
a doom of Poland ie a t slo hadowed out i the Iao- Apprntio Id Bons,
gauie e th Imperial maifefm. Appentice oIdentures,
Police Warrno",
SARDINIA. Police 8mones,
Gras, Od. 9--Tle Dey of Algiers cad his mite or- PoliM Pemits,
ri e haL m the 94th of this mont--A par of his M itia Warrme
bares am aelad at Leghorn the dly before, and is Subhpna Writ,
lodged in ne of e county bouses of Corglisno. Subpom Tickets,
liemia is ipe to the eme Pal The Dy has Inferior Court Writ,
hired a Sardinian ship of 300 ons burthen, o ObflgatioBoRonds, &. &r. &rc.
which he ha esmbrked ammunition, two small howit- N. B.-Jub Printing executed with neastmm aIdt "
i er, fe Geld pieces, and olher arms, which his friends i pats, upon gooe p cr, and on moderate term.
av sent him from Leghorn. On board Ihe sume vesel Janunry 4, It 32.

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