Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: February 4, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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S&TWUUAU', ro3BUfty 4w 3 *a&


i M i.UIAMA OARGUI. n Imd.A'Rdt oif, shrasy alsi Ci" w.i.. *..
.upam-- a u eluy . kI is fkpdpclin Mm sh Ia- n lad of,- dti t mbewned h s-- 5 elm"
Vista -- vmiy dBll am'bjIct, 1ad mothiong t a mont so teamed; and ommig,, do t ot
d eipmhesw eLrpd oe o it: lrmwhlm mumy apseaot l onha.k5cns Ap rii rw
e al. iriemd alaidead to misled ye, mad eida -- thm *- Ib so :- s ,iit gn i
blh> t i dh imAnt oa pri.judlicil so yawr hppleas, i omi s mme.t ona Ieamch ai n
b*me a yo Our ame er I eein"e"Wr Atplum da i am mi g, tn duW at A4 d
jbelroeBm besupyiou ii pr light, hat I ma l pm- I aeldrm., oe aiL aM. aid m.I
rect the -oo opil.u am which, you ma ,h d1* Cd4 mW ads i Lo5. iled
Iibibed L ad th to try, Io hmble hmuiatdom tbhe 0Igrt me (r mb S One) k m, m JN i d jlr It LMa hi
Apdlia, as .e myslf mad th o h haer ma." armn a agets d1 hiO, tm be meamS with d
Ti- / dob I.1 f - y mp -J l *. ,urb k .- .-

IN orTH OLD IDANmki WOI the clar of mg, whseol ba(t yea loi e ra m L
149l it wold i he piatbpun Ds sa mikd theet cmal "w~ py etilyar a 6dm, -h a he,
av ye. M sema nr. m Pefis. I Ir o only vbiew m inu Jvml amed cuy -me whee is ca ld, Mtheb idj o
he cbaor s! wih k hi whimn a epm. rilh Cliiu sky. ud to eo drwhot Ctkil, it- De- am to yauJ mal do r Ii L
bi a n bodily mogt does ftar ala, ad ; in wlha re pec they ran aea cted by h m to m thim uid h highly a dispadl l
hiElty l browned fimye b dread.. operations. Tbe f Omeom iaa m dih shet Chlae- God.
its l ona'ead fdn brig. ti ty doa not interfere with their cdil rr, but pro- Smsh the M sa if the Apdeae's emmai wh
l*s ike., 'id them Wd ducesth e rmoat happy hm ier dmwe ieddtim togerth w o his e e l howna Omi th, Sm le.h
led Irwin swung or 4iaer. Firms then, i u:gte by the consiersa aiof Onmi- ever to crad the absnd ia. f hrim s dtorinh e of
hte. froml the depth of her anil ghd. dtt the Christin Religin dowl m iitermn with civil equality to the Gaoqal of JeI Ch Lt ,.
To awime the ut.l snra ser I cirvil stamatf slavs, so athir embracin it; it dea-l a theaehnt, goa d you ap i eah sinilmalma, wht ai
arulbe le o thu clheraIng s I supede tir obligtion a sransu, Mabr make shm lm mt only aucripurl, but of L mltIanim tnidaey,
la. ipl joy it blesa.. bindiUg. It bu da Ime r lMes asserted to Ith cocatrry ir o being alailbad to comas -pl-cy and nboa, Md
iwe. grap of her hamn in am d wM m. t*i colony, and si is my rouas fto bringing the imbjea to icaCBtler arrn, nd Ldah." For V
A. wealth of hear aboe r iame. now h ora yao I w hi bowun Uaid that Christin laeves be conlumtd, i will be fend te the Idm l a
ist the gpm of bar diem sal tm. a da aU distinctions in Society, and derefore oenitl1 that drve to mntiomu ha sepatmdly Crowdod b wAh lm,
K rue ir y's uidll hei eIal, freedom; if so it my be aild why did Onesiume no t Mn l cameld She id d ori ato Mia hload. And as
,.leMt or wius'. gae i. claim his freedom on becomnl a Chiratn I Why did he sI operations or similar msailt my he ity salr-
W.ik he inm b ieme fadel think of returning haom Mlsr ha merasin t And why b.tod the les ha ippy ocamonMs Ia his Caeloy, whi ehlaoingbt. d be recout toa d Apoadea A i -itmr rnwoar, had he broughtlay o youw felow-m o e a d grave.
n a dll, r aeyerdeone o loug r been ahe r y Philemon 1 Tbhe fct They thought t right to coanspie agai s li d aeoL.
lauesr which he raised eer h aer. slep, i'ers that Onmi a i ucm h the p- rihe. of the m s-y; mi aciy om i emad .
And ta bl.i that .s.ined ber l.,or. perty of his aMwr e) ud wa L an. Religion but wore unmd by hed d f Jmsti, ad a a p
la his viuw inllad hllaun m'Twoeakeno ing the civil meet daue to dcir rime. w m led forth to Uat galUlow
DREAMS. tIe between tolio, l non m strong and bidding, for to close a wretched ncreer.
O th previous to his acquaitroce with nrlig e wa regardless If Christanity meddl et with he ciri reldoa of
O! te is a of ey th of Iis duty: but O mi did he feel lhe orce of its pria. master and dave, lot me adenabh yao as bead servau,
*"11 vai ifcoan .li ciples dlan he returned bolm to his awmaer, mad beame against being din tnl d wh your adiio, a ai weOiU
,.Yw "isi f light, oS life slid truth,
tft at Oero. the brain a faithfl "and prhfiable snvnLt If Christinity ainvelt h be nothing lw tde mermwing pin him, wh daeth
Alsore 6 the Iteme of that early dream distinction between master and lae, it ay be further according to hi will i the army of Heamve, aid m
s ild. so ara. o.. isklud, wly didn't tlll Apomle o inform Oneimau, eape the lmhbbitant of the urth." It sagt .al f n-.
Ti all ,ur after years I deem, cltly as e was greatly beled 1 Why did ie o stat memnnd A ti s sit ain i f i, is which Fwiadmes
Tol ely dream we Ime. tie matter plainly and Ially i hims lter to hiu'l l ame as n ie sa witht its e ifortI far, oia jie
O! the is a dn of mar yearsIt was a muos fvaorable opporteiy fr making ki towa hear Mri d, pml hApily dI-
Moe turbu s drm tf *o his antilnents on the isbject: He wa ritiwg ta an ia rn. Ie rm- mddy and eri cae, mad is is
T a vsio of blood, and of wanes tear, liate aeguqinUane, ho wa his prtaiular fiend him reming f mat day em rramw to pr aJims ai t
lfr tIh Ihemr of that dra is war; fllow.helper," and a pman Cbriatin. HR was writing comldassu, being emnred Wat am creditor wil j fd
Ad we loilt in te fiei of dangew and imh, to h aim a topic cldoly coaected with dne ulsect inte. there, claiming Ite lile prartyj of Wmich ya may 6
Aid shuti in the battle ary, clding for Omnimus. Why them did he meeal lsa much passed; av sick wife or eiac chAid wria e there., ritlhoe
Till we -ond that fame i a bdyless brmh; solicilude for him plron 1 Why did lie not, as an m. le aid f merfdcise, ad if r uifred there aistane of a
Tlins "nisheth away. hadur of Chrit, claim no only hi forgiven, bet for :m awithr wil your cidi m yt a your ders
Ob! thre is a drm i Loary a, hi mnumion 1 Why did be a inform Philemono hat Ai looks eIpreie of stela s a pel e yaru hee rt
'T a reason of gold i -i he auid as longer, conistladly with tim Ch istiu chi, with crais /f l I No ami namu of *amy bu
Ofr aesed down a the lgared pre, rMater, retain him is boadtag. fim in w ~, &-rr r is mred
t .e counted o'er ad r It nmot he apposd far a lmae ,n the Aposte wueald d dad ya s era .t enm.a .r he fw mae
hd we fondly trai- eor lUniseriag d have beia relaot in kinig uch laim, er ia giving of may of thi h ew e r Pw& Ma d_, an s he
Asll n ifam a ,m ps wih if rmatik had t Gospel authored him a to emidalyr l IUgod I dl ah owme in kUd
T eor I= th e i U ort Ia aim, do : but that it ae a such authority me- be obvism th" m of t Alo A dr Ishta, mdi
Sto every unhbiesad mind, s osilly frim d sle fewer enf et, "am the Sa= *
Jaimlk i thus. ( mai a mmiamh as k gur of the Ap mad the ipri of hi. ltter, bitt ro a Aad, Bllwig ibll ymr of Ed ha lO
-lithe pMh which all lm rmedig id ti the nahll ppy dct which it would coieience md ha privdoe, k hi mJr the e-
th ree1a"' gt t "" Woaknug mr t mare hare .arin ly prediud amag mm, bl hi.n he- b sem. da rad. J md meg PaMee, which 0.
Oen"m*@arsde sa elWpraidig, cae.* For, when it was f to md knows i mased, pl. of he Ni opemhn a-, k f app
.. e in it fi und a ploem iof e dIe leind werd. t o ehow i riet evil, ad read r the ms g ad mra.M
The inteing toap ata ghighet kTshivs.atzr
NObt i s agt owf NeuI aw ru -mimlMj. a S hfadl oM mritida thiaga mimrrlvh to she t ia T i r uri E.
ad a thm at fher d m ser tomi N a. Only dShi.LekLsh at the m ashly and elim wi aes opaer on m yao F, yeu
whi ch weekd ha fbwed, IWA t, s its ra pi aid db rsi pti d-im f yae w meMal,I I m ael e m
-thTou... gh the wr, aI id down d. ie tirf dl as oaied dal. J i ps 6s a a di tbwar
mw. he I althfa Ps PnPs citty R.Bled m i ha ru i seary ad arm his te's lohmah ad a was die th a;
NEGRO SLAVERY. fArelte iimei amiodm Admis iA s cb tmi lr, wai carried Aewd s l gpt I a edtL f Idmel- s,
usead if ,m eg pi t em apM armth" ia wou hore Probidm.s wan eM ~Us dimy i 'Q-l
bligeatract fenh a iamepa, Id hi )a. rt a hy mmn duim, rrieli-um ajd weu I This lm; ha Jemlh as a th ls
mr y ofthei W.idy. w y. h, o ihe hip y t m h S Id far ChritiMity immcaed Ms anri .h d uimf t i h I idM
Ibtimad in tis Prien i ; AN I e aepc enh darlmiem, nor did Wl ay th io g dim as to the h duhe,* m hued frth, dw im beeaem light ad
ewho wishrg a rirhtlto m dernmad the question jsdo o.r e lnat of Stbhe prati of aley. IN Lihsr e wt ry wbfl a pmai- Hik aamm Wn ma-
A. i-rm d0acwed iadidatr widK6 diecly smaiad mhregad it, het aught m detis dhe man of his protnaiom, an e po q-
ava" re d Fe ma ain i a mtirve e of a to the cia idPem in which it foid Ihea It br sght aboit a cmoume f im-nt odt ppy
ind ll ac iatd wrih tiN situation or oc pgie o piae of civil cement am ysm of political glorious ou nrord hw i itn emms of hheory. h aM
a .I tei bno uheof oe he meed o regutios, b ut ua ai man mercy. justlia po, o. Ithere he p r sptmo to Dppe that y Fie
ho t cakl in etion with i saed ch- briety diligence, d brreharly love, m.d leoft g. s -ervtds. i desgnd for ya r lke good, ad if yim
la p right m, in faor of ae opinion eatr- principle gradly to work L mlinratioa i the Ocvil .d la Ood arig ht, i thisit, hs ya wil prai-i
'ory paru.n who hfruo pemnal aiaervstie or s mad rehaio of cty, isn w which all ed h forit iCm de life o ime. Nma, w y pm a e
q ieim d vil. the ubih t,-tia t die station eqa finally i i id. ithe baed i fue y m d ib el A sti. lcas
m Sihe Wes Indis i ant t sase of aird- The equality which Chririsnity incelcte, is puely dh' ig i aB work toetar for the good a i
immily which ibs been represented. religious. It. true thal the Aposda pays of Chrisis, that love G" Let am i idea'sis cthamb a ory
La eirm which the Se. wa delivered, w he There is neither Jew ot Greek: Thber i neither boe d repiing4 thoIht, and exhinhrae year dr ds piihat
m6 haW Paul's pistl ato Philemno, 10kh mad 1J h o free, for a are oa i Chriie Jea." But thi is not you may go through you respe di with prompt
TIfL pread, after briedy maldig s der understood is a civil, at imN religious poimt ot rf vi, s i p. mad wih chi l witc-ommsens.ces. Codaider likewase
k rrobrm e srvice of hi MmlaSr,is is evident fnro the cae of Oaesie No soom was itht y pty t rai.e ai ho t elmlpa ry, being cosalt
1 ih ths Apsale,-his conversion ad e OnesimO converted, thim he was admitrd to all im privi. e this fleedag lif, which a quickly pining away ad wil
e -thu proceeds :- Iege, of this equality, for the Apanda acknowledged him be ga. Thn every cMil tri wil be kn". seld
heverbsiao of Oneinus will form ie ai d as hir ams,^" d Phil-O naeegid hin ah hi Brer she diSlme l of sei t y for er wmlvId; ir h
as it wcoa.syto those o you who a bod ." But Pa ke p op i d loityf de Apst, Phi- srmiy sre- id aser ar h.d mr .
ateo maNcha importance to he know for retained dhe ariy at Mar, and Oimm ost taming rm eanirely mikea dweqogbmw a amp
1 mforti. I is not however inleaded to e. felt the depedm and he do the lod m. Thim of its vast dmiaii-"
6,re which the .object might frnaid, bet did they me in the deeas ph life, i whic
ot prominent. Yow atnention sight di- Providece d placed dr "y fulfling duties CANTON.
'*6 mm f bia conversion, and to tbhe myst, of their respective -u6-o s Jfw m Hir CdWi ems n -The swing
iha of circulintances which bed to is, and which to That Chrisaianity interferes with the civil sate nd the mmn ioatieri in Asia, Idom i eA h, mus aa
tiol hbe both intrest.inr aslu profitable; hal ath Iation of oriealy i no new i but wa td M eer ho t I e a ei a f th Iltakr Chie
til a tih prenll uccaiu aand urge ur ataation. in the days of the to by potle by lle faIls mchm thet beIbm. tha the accomts which hive bae iweaned Ci Ca.

..... '- "4, -

i .i Igdm of ha lo ||
nies 0u isw m wn at pu

advaistia T -i order. -4-m *-
OWNemb al eamm bille, wthil theme to be benho VC
0.k sh5e 55. u*. At. inthat prince. Tawe cream-
mc il b ne n 9I he labeiltplA of Kolkom sad Takkaat
tw thh thike of dBpS-Ta.Iyk sad Ak-Talg, to eter
tCh tlato lreltoy with t .ooo men. whee tly ldetmy-
dt t=v U In IAt le Bukarta,.mNely. K abr. aE r.
Tsee, lMssa.. UVft Topnes and Akm. p her
- ha tt oeeetMiibta Iares m amk
R thm, the rtore. The1%0 cl p nwas-
ai hinee ma tsea d eM- posiilon. thdce rMaw cuicm-
Smma km is p hat" the iltms-"- Of KRdks will aP-
plyas Ruad or their supply of te, whCh s enu amtcle
aheels. seomity for them.
c L t.. ibdl~o ~Mr6 ~y


/I *wm m HirkMlao d, Ela- *D.d RBl Key and
'W ~hgl I *. sbe dly d. o e ald, *ad the following
Oslamer m ed ts mupm thea plues in the Geneal
Amaily tha Idsla ds, vilt or Hlbouir laland--IU r
OniMmde. Wlirm 1. PP. JoIhon d IHenry Adderley, E-
qals;. fe Eremm-Wiirm Fourigtoa. Ilenry 0. Armbr-i
trwad William J. Wach, Eaquirei and for i m Key and
WaMlg's Isled-Charls I. Neshtt. Empgar.
The fellwmlg will be rhe state of the Hue of Asembly
eTardmi wela, the day appointed for them t meot, accord-
lI i the re ats already mle. ad we uers rnal the op-
putamity of agon altiug His Ecellescy opi the plemig
fc4 i. hbe will be opped i th ew hoous by u mo tm
p m t her bi e ue isL th ne tle one. ad of which he
as yampimp to the Coloil Minister.
Popular Memb's. Gov'
Town Disrict, 4 -
m (E sur District, -
x a Wster itArici -- t
Amlrs Ublod, --
Elhatee, 8 -
Log laksd, --
Harbor Island, 3 -
Exam, 8 -
BA Key and Wat-
IW latei d, (i

19 3-mamjr&ty 16.
The Writs for Ahaco. St. alield,r, Crooked I-land. Tort.
Nutted. and the Caicos, hne act yet bee returned; but we
my m, with certainly. that ot of the 7 members. 5 will be
apad to His will keys a ujority in the
sHoes Hes.of is-te mrai being &4 A sd,
B y tde arrival ofthaslooaWa, hee, master.
bowthe W"Mil4warde pidse shave hei gpaaly in-
yawed s h Bolas Chum aohd lwtir and Wesly
s~e.ofT $ 34h Obitpo, aseolalag, tNh
NDwjstyt posiht am e"elog te sown adf Parliment,
to~u by No, Is pumaa., an Teallal, tkin of
Noki. w~fc .a host, 'lss IMt Dapaho Mail
wmdd as 41" Ch spbw "n lmheaat, an somay.
duSNLURI G, 66 the il dUW mheek by low waft

'we ine mp~w ay iagts 090shenmar assp's O
AW"'IpO aqpa ad se whpe oh a-
relnof cdw 006Ml -%4WA&W&A V

teR~ji~rL~' ~ ~ h ~- '13 Y

Mshdb inea& Uhla k1. a"m.

4. 0 --ply Aiw O Gal da pL"eade
PeeedbYtolmnnaatemq~itmwm eqqmes Chat
OM Ws, 6od Md Octobdr to the 71b December,
4 bhd fellaat that dosdU7 cum rneumtl.
lIwmmbuim in the =Mlan em kmrnela1; aid
1 wa alm in a ve dlomp ed salen.
*qD Yyb hedN beni, maleethd iti-r Priem with gost

441 A. 5 1 Ilps" 14J; Re psdia -lri

11% a" bg Cilsd Capraa While-I. eleeat
11111 Fat estb"Idsy m"% in a W67 ela having
baisso inilyajema Maknma minr p potae GoNewO.
10 T1he Ceplais Padk* Seesmawi sha hs aL tOr
L~r ~ An hon, ona, 0
5d GC.peeh mat y whith kapa~
Mls N pOE& &- eo ad d Id of Du ths
r~~~e 3sc ml the~ U ahemahee -n
r .eh of MGM pemenow'm m ouamed slea
them an- suessmiely we coma sLb, m thaubee iele the
Woke=@ c of se molern till these puahle.
YW AS BSA~ Boyd 0002&, Om. 10ti, 1891.
Led ofeag *- l- u o'dncla a tobo in atm
ma ftetmpoled inh amm ola Lighee..1
'noap wg da adc liheithf 2m

.- Purk b ip, uand a Id l .-madt d ro to th
edb, bet hoL done her iajey. Whet s a tle un
s u mo i aor "on" lib baths or Mr

The Editor od i Royal Gaslle assertr in the above
pMaph. di a i4hp thunder" struck the eatI o
the biigamine Pay he-.civi We sppoee uch asirtio
made da consD pt d the practical demon ntira,
in Electricity, made by Dr. Benjamin Franklin, whoe
leaitde research, we presume, are viewed, a only
adapted for the sridia of Now York intellect, ad
breath dmh dignity f dhe FJ r'W atediloia. dulom.
Lauerly. robberoie .pe the stores and cellars of penons in
diroa parts of the two, bt been committed almost ift-
y. ad the thieves e.lrwistby e-aped deteciimn: we a
gild, however, to sq. h theme daring maauoe. have i
ingth been tileewesd.
Yestrday monlm g, al, e ,bei diayflgt, a ma living
*omewher in the snelibsehood of PFa imt, observed a
ck mUob ring ., .we lik- w , wt*b be lopw
4l naa rwo ag wa neglimg a eig s4 stki ls -A
rd. Hoe ums dti circiamc e to the Poloes, o iJ
Ir. NuhMlel Bwseedr the owner of the shop, wu eat ftr.
and a uush mes. a wim a sldier cooaksed having bees con-
ened im the robCerl, mad nuced tihe c Istebl, to the
place where tihe aurd were cotceeled, which were stolen
from Mr. Sweeting-- alo several other articles, mken pre
iouly from other pasen. Il soldier am then, will two
there whom he informed ginlst, U hi accomplice, taken to
the Police Offee, and, after undergoing a long esainution, in
which they confeed mental of (he robberies lately committed,
were committed to the common Gaol to await their trial. The
wife uo one of them, in whom possessio the articles wer
bfsed, was aso cosi led with them.-We understand these
i ame old ofeders* ad were to have been discharged from
the ad W. I. Regimrnt for ispeated act of this nature.
NAIUa, N. P. Sd February, 1832.
To Ik EdiuWtf the Balstn Argus.
Sim,-Th false atsemeat of the nrrator of facts,"
relative to the tumult in George stret, GO the night of lthe
10thlb limo, together with his pitiful attempts at ridiculing
those by whonm he is held in utter coulampt, as prime
movers in the E atern election, would have been allowed
byme to stand unceotradicted, and unanswered, had that
wrier thought fit to coane his fale assertions to my con-
duct aloae.
As, however, he bat declared to this community, and to
tmm who may radtib Royal Gastte in oedr paurt ol
the world, that you desertedd me in the hour of peril; and
as, had uech bee ip camI I should certainly have boee
the frt to reprobhst, and recent mch pusillamimous con.
duct oa your part ;i have felt myself imperatively cal-
ed upon, edo the mat ample juslce io my power, to you
in mfutatio do such gram calumny-the better to effect
which, I de o mo so lemnly pledge myself, and declare
that meh wa s the case, without equl location, or anj
mental reeration whasoever, on my pan. And further
I ndly believe, that hd it been either requiste, or mishe
for oa my prt, that you would have accompanied me
wilheothought of the dager, or drmdof theconseqnoce
I clom yea an affidavit made by me, to the state.
met of de onc rncu of the 10th ultimo, which yo
my dspme of as you deen best.
I am, 8r, ywr's, truly,
fuUhA *- f

New Parvmtuo. ,
Coomd DI)umMo af thL ishd of New Providece
Eo tgMqdy w"em, cahoth enh Od m b, Lth
msT y to 11 11T 1 Jamkey, ta .tm,, his n0
- p L pe lB apdl au BmsoK held i the East
om Dbesf d uLMei, for two moahem.n spawn
Uo-said disier It Om end Asembly. Tte depo-
mht eit the sbopiom of we n'rverf semw hal
atHkd eachr t daphae aulhedb much Elesal oiuWh
ma thit ding the whole perid of polling, say f6
eigh e'dec, A. M. etil two m .k, P. N., Athe eo
m the mlot mor or riot i* hboy d e e e
me caarestidal toa of hum voice. Th
dalorg thimiarval, thbe wer t Mte t mom irillig
frdshmmemd or w uhws, te toh nm oa f glass
watr, as be tes mtid by th oLatr by wham
poll w beh. That cthi "dn uad hi collam
wing bhem reautrd wilhmo eppoeidtw (ahboh sucl
opPomio had bm Irsaemed,s and aMinc d can
vaUepmed by Alr adhr party ) ider, as cteamry
gave a seed breakfat, or collation, to tlhr Ne ia
comoeitout. The dpomut and his colleag prepare
m ado their kbe eaO the votes Ihad appeared tjo
thmelve*dch, nsevicd by their good hunmemd io
an ud laughing, when they, for the Iltime, heid tha
prpueaibs had hem msde for carrying time iato Tows
Jd t theirbm i a carriage th standing at tie doe
in radlm ail d they were to be hameoared by btin
drm by dm&&eymd
Thimt be dmlfmd his co olmpe n srly dedaie
thr eonasmw t, nilcarn ad umnearce hbeLa
oaiT -oM tud, n** o paw r ibi isdl, dt
Ahy, idi tt they waem, at Ias for the day, tI
prpry of eral ca llact,'coed ti ttr
dimontent whet had bee refund their parmanion, eai
allowed themselves to be delta with their friends deeam
That deponent was draws i manner already related,
his own hbos, in Bay Street, which li. friedrk s enIter


01thi st t doi yo feb. i?11. I
d! WM. .%IFRF~s, J. P.

' '-' L

a iFiri wq-uiydvash jhi
reat many who dh.nol pa.k oC.. f
though there was ans abundant
a*rpamoed, owmia, wih his `
In caopany with ou-mrWof tlimr
after a sht alay, be left lam, and
I-T l o. thLe way ,br
Venue Houae.
That upon being told about a hour
Vendue lose was to hliluimated, hl
impelled by no other ve thaa idle can
hd i hli band a unall waianene ncawl
J.encasi, which deponent baS ane
paniun of bia wadlk, for dte lat ai or
which was calck ated for qel# V msa
from the attacksofT a afrin .
That upon dopoea arvali at i
he was informed, diL owing to 6,
excitement aon the black and coleugi
had been deemed impropm (as pov
peace) to illuminate thuat o h~g.
wa po e but at the ed of Gem
mediaely b*iar the ortihin gla R
a l roup of per-- oH lAM 1a
Vendue H anud wisIh ito
and a *M p talhtorpe aM
Magistrate w mde. Tret he oh
to warn the Pola M irat ma Is e mg
of the riotous tate of his reet, aUd
Machhbi deterpwitlsm. That, thap.,
sonr immediately voluelered u ito m pa
whose oflern se rejected, ta ling tea the
more likely to endanger hia se y tah e-
might evince ans intention of bhoetity, Aldi
breach of the peace.
a That heoonsequently set out, a he thoeq, d
hi usual deliberate pace; when, after ol(,q
twenty yards, e saw Mr. Sherry appraia
ing him. That this depuoeat sid G3 r pl
ly to do more harm ha good ; but ifyou w .r
poe you muat:" That, as Mr. 1Sorry wi
walker of the two, when the depona arrihen -i
Mr. Nesbitt's balcony, Sherry was from 6i i
before this deponent.
That when so opposite the balcony of Mt.
deponent called out with a Steterian vaoe Lh
warning, three tinmes-in doing which, this
motive will in prnopr time and place h
Charles Rogers Neibitt, I, Conrad Dut
you, that the street in which you live is fail ed
rioters, a nuisance, disgraceful in itu anlma
one in ihe commission of the peace ; and go
larl' so, to one holding the office of Police Uqi
or words to that effect.
f That after having repeated the waning iila
I last time, the deponeut turned round to p he
Swards,'as he expected to meat one or two A s
coffee. That's Sherry wa five or too W.,
Going to Mr. N's. he was of course the em dls
,hind, on retuning; that depooet had am parmam
I than ten step, when be heard a very h.m 1 M1a
, diately behind him, and looking road, mw a"
Ground, and four or five persons beating bil i ras
, merciful and cowardly manner. That, a~1
I parently surrounded, the deponent was i ast
, tacked or molested, and he firmly believes, drw
. have reconciled it to his conscience, ta le It
- creature in sich a dilemma to the mercy t ta
i would himself have escaped unburt. That imm
mediately'walken directly up to thoI whor n
ing Sherry, and supposing that be (Sluey) lh
drawn this attack apen hi lf by sm asp
Sggressien, he addr md the asmalter s a i
terms: Yo d-d buse coward, are"
the mana get off him, sad if be a s
him fairly-one up and due owa."
, was unattended to,,asd te epertiua .-
l tioued, depao tried ae light wassem-l
- o strike one of shore m lUin atbwart i
t of the prostrate al d groaning victjD of tir
* and cowardice.'
r That before depomret'Codd so erikrthe Wi
with sudi cane, he received a side froat
mijga de vi.oloq of which. was turnedius
I elatiCbat; ihatdepenatimmaedmely dr
f a aleaiay mntinard, sad mailde a poa at sh
t sruck him; the ta person at wihm h
Same hard alehlsme coOneLaed about
f hoad mlaac completely and mreaddm
m id foil. at a point, and for eha t d iln 1mb
, and hbe coudd t afterwards en a lad l
h That ihnm dialely, a valley of cadgeal b lea
- fw, we, din tael depenet frLe Lbid;
She nmmd uand and medoa shda thrum C,
hdad ae.led h.m, hi ip being uoelsg a
l volley wa dealt him om the rear, sad 4..
y frctly recolecti receiving two vollies of four r
* bha each, remaining n smned and endig,i
it conclude, thtat the ird volly be was felled.
A, amU this deponent' wounds a n dp n e hebo
r hi had ;-he an offer no btlleriemin. of d a
Since of a peck of wretches, wibdared ot se
in the dark.
d This deponent, when felled from the blo
e mt have been impelled forwards, and Ifali1
Received from his own weight a emvere rooat
a eye; mid this he the more readily believe, *I
ir head is in no waya gshed, as must have baie
d such blow had been dealt by a codel. .
S wOrn to bhrire me, )

Flo- 6A


-1 a- arm*ig "(ta w. le tighla- *

you wag em lroum fihlm o early a mnwal a
Ses yenl r short interval of depue allowed yJ
u fatlign of she lem semioa.
t lit to be my duty, in thre rfis .lac, to secea
S to y 'our mot careful considl atiu thle mea e s
Svill be proposed to you for a reform in the Co
SHiwui of Prlilmlt. Aped au d saultlfacco
of "i m"t hois did y of smnre por
're=w- to iY o stale, and to tb
ta swin ed wofar of nmy ppleo.
'lI deeply lnmeontle l wi Ich eit pi vail ii
rtu uof iuy dobnieiu Md BO which tmh praer
u co both aLb t. ad brad 'will, muder tb
SDivine Provideace, apd ie best anul moet of
: ready fW asmred of, r lpte ti
y.S prMticald -tMm amee al ro i,.l wd70
,-" y aJ ei to oist, both or removing
id n d d. c of the want of employ
h dk bm eis of c ommere and the ma
imlrmruptdo of the purmiu of industry have oc
hI wirth great concern that I have observed the as
of a disease at Snderland, similar in its appearan
caJ ranctrr la that which I existed iu many pau s
b"pe, whether it isilnd or bu ben imported fro
i vdMJ, is a quetim n involved in much uncertainty, but ii
prams ha neither been on extensive nor so fatal as on th
lltinient. It is not, however, the leRs necetsry to iu
enry precatlon again the further extension of this mi
olv ; mid the measures recommended by thlue who la
hal the best opportunities a of osrviug it, as most uffectiw
r" dIia purpo4e, have beeI adopted.
'" In pr of Ireland a systematic opposition has bee
adJe I Ilth payment of tithes, attended i some instanic
with lictidg results; and it will be one of your first duti
lisquire whether it waiy not be possible to effect improve
wran in the lasa reslrlting thli subject, which uai
rurld Ihe neeemary protection to the Eutablished Churc
pMl at lw lon tin im romuovn ihe present causes ol conl
uI. But in dlli and every other question affecting In
til i above all things ueeansiry to louulo the be
of securing inltorial peace aud order, which aluiI
q wanting to raise a country blessedl lby Providetll
S*o many natural advantage to a slatu of the greater
Ti. conduct. of the Portuguc.. Government, 4i
"pkpeolid injuries to which my subjects have been e
)ltve proesntedl renew ol' my diplomatic ml
wills lhat kingdom. The stateof a country so loi
will l this by the ties of the must imiolale alliant
lt cues arily be to lo an object of time decpist int
The return to Europe of tile elder branch of t
isiat ulouse of Braganca, and the dangers of a d
pd wccession, a ill require oy iost vicilaut attention
malby which not only he safety of Poriugal, & IL
"tml interests of Europe, may be affected.
M The arrangement which I announced to you at t
d the last session, for the separation of tde States
jSdand uiolium, has been followed by a treaty I
:the five powerand the King or tie Belgians, whi
I dirclinl i he laid before you a soon as tim rut
im shall have been elcrhnged. "A similar treaty I
Set been agrued to by the King of the Netherland
hl Wuat the period is out distant when that SovorBi
mtnthe necessity of acceding to an arrangement
ilu pleniposentiries of the ire powers have una
cuncorred, and which lha been framed with I
mer a l and imperial attention toll the interests c
RdL I halve the atifactien to inform you that I bi
iMl Mt thi King of the French a convend
IWhdfreed a to be aid befe you, the object
ib the efsctual sppremlon of the African sla
SThis convention, having for is basis the con
F of i ciprocal rights to be mulully exercise
ia itida sand places, will, I trust, enabl the I
of the two countries to ccoamplish by their cc
asu bject which i fait by both t be me i
t Iesremu oat humanity.
Sthe sta of Ebrope generally, the .lan
rhich I receive front foreign powers, and
asLists between me and my allies, inspire
aM i tb hope that peace will not be interrupt
f m i mM / Ile House of Commons,
SILs discid the tminetas r tih phmnt yeai
dnd they will index time be ld before y
that they shell bo framed with thu ric
m eeomy; and I trust toyour wisdom sad
S-mae anch provision a may ba required for

Iwrd and Gel C tese,
Snee s of violence ad outrage which hav
Sl athe city sof Bristol end in soe other phl
ta-d me ihe deopest afliction. The. authrit
b t be vindicateil by the punishment of oser
lh produced o extensive a destrctioo of prol
dm ,e ancholy a Ios of life. Bet I dnk it r
.y yu attention to the best means of impro,
I cl' police of the kingdom for lte more elec
Sof the public peace, against the recurrence
~ cnmtiions.
lmertrel attached to our free contitution, I mi
tin any interference with the lrcliimaee exer
'm rli shit( ,1ccui intn my ueple, time privilege
aIn.l making known their grievances; bit in
t h richt., it is al'ioiyv duly to prevent comub
sl der hlaalt. r r'. i-xi w Uii ilt in theil form

-11-, , Ift

Feb. Sd-Scbr. Wave, Saun n, St. Kine
Rum jnd Maolme,
S Am. brig Clnada, Whie, Baltimore
Put into this port In distre.
8p. Poacre Union, Clmeda, Cuba
Fumti and Tobacco,
to Pmrra NMusso Co.
4th Sp. schr. Carmiti, Roeero, Cabl
F'tic and Ligmmritr,
to Josu Teuemon & Co.
Feb. 4th-Sloop Jane, Crismn, Turks Ilands
Feb lM.-IL M. chlr. kipjck, LL Shortland, Cruise
." H. M. achr. Kangaroo, LI. Hokey, Do.
2d. Am. sloop Aselia, Anderso, Key Wet
The chooner Emenrld. Captni Aleuader, fro Wilming-
ton bound to Ihis port, was wrecked al the eat end of Rose
island. on the night of the 7Tlh altimo. The master and crew,
with a portion of rha cargo. consisting of lumber and shingles,
arrived here on Sathirdy last.


H AVING filed bu saio of amma at the ateo of 49
per barrel of superfi Flour, Ordered, that the
sillling Leaf do weigh liH. 6bs ., und iked ixpenny Loal
lib. Su. By order of the Vnestry.
DAVID PENCE, Vestry Clerk.
VuITr ROOM. 3d January, IlLt
E XUMA SALT, for sae at 12I cents per bumheL
Apply to --

February 4th.

I A Exum
di 4

go HE SUBSCRIBERS offer for ale, by private br
in J gain.
ni- 6 bhdL choice Mdaeri Wine,
the 40 dosa do. do. do.
n- 60 dosen do. 'Teueril do.
I I1 trunk GasLO is's Shems,
aM, bhlu Diar fSets.
ova Dneemnber S4t.
sa. ? HE SUB8CRIBER oersfr sale, at his moea in
mS. Bay-stit., -inr the Public Bldlng, he allowlag
. articles, received phr Hlighlader, fred Leadna, s:
Linesd and So" Oil,
dly Fine Grnee PabI, Is pots,
the Sperm Candles, Pickhe nd Sa cea
me Capers, Olives, and ine Sled Oil,
ad. Oentlemen's sperine black Has,
No. l and 6 luahed Canvas,
r o Black Bola6, superfim white Drill,.
io. Catoi SiLtinsg,
tt Reel Thrd., in fancy bos,
pa- Poi-ts, Pearl Bu6ton,
the Bsem ntd Sewing Twihe,
Sonnet Line, Fubap and Letter Paper,
Quills, Red Ink,
Common Prayer Booki,
OC- Cut Glurswe, cn ng of Shades, Rmmers, Tom-
eo, bler, Wines pint and qslt Decanters, Bear
y of Tuh nd HSlts.
I Shovels, Tin Pots, Gendalnn's Baddsa,
igt Mule alarnes Negro Pipes,
ring Tow Hookls, plated Caedltticke,
tual Sad ros, Toilet Game.
a of ALSO-
e of Pipeuard' ulprior Brandy,
e t ButluBurly' Paerl.

January 2.
F OUND, a gold MB-:h, set with pesls. The atur
Scan have it by applying at this office.
February let.



hmLr se a s eq m weMth qd ag eln -nUt

apr me fIllyel p eendings by h h db ae md -
aof *y dotii I ma.. K eeIdIdad .

07, JOHN B. HAMMETT, ouster of Aw .
rau chooner Seaower, begs lave is this w to e-
turn his best thanks to Lieut. Sbondled, comenomu Hli
Majesty's schooner Skipjack, for th kind em-mnce
rendmard lin, while at Grmt Hatl r, Stirrnp' Key.
and for his very Iedmome and d aly condlct to-
wards hinm since i arrival at Nam.
February 4th.

On Thurda morig, after a short ilem, Mrs. Mary
Curry, wife o Mr. Tbou Cuey.

on Mmd, Zak ie t ub t.
AV "M To olu me=&
-t TU YUS mL
A& a. XUdesb As K
Will he id
Fresh sup-m Flor, i hurrahs d hUf dlao,
Rie and Cam, i u p,
=Sop ad Cai.dl,, 1-
Irik Bumumr d Lord.,
100 emuian i uroar Opardr,
Dry Ooods, M c.
At too MadW 'ires
10 ponchsom Jamaica R,_
9 do. Windward Ilud
Al thre mamhU' Crndit,
A valuable Lot at the Village. mmbmbg a 14
acres, upon which them is a uhantilal Dwel Hoem,
in good repair.
February 4th.
Os Manmdy cit, te i te ,
AT TIE wI t MI mi,
e 2t 10@@I. e A.
Ruperfin fresb Flour. Rie,
Corn, Hams, Butler, Lrd,
Tobacco, Dry Uoodsuc.
A few tbouand bet Whim udsal Tl Plaw
TarnwCAS .
Febihhay 4t.

rHE 9M E 4dlh. br L S alni, Eapfr',.
SStack e Truas, byrdwof t"e Etnses a-
iag dalnmel -l .--,- .Dry GLds,
Hpdwa, Ac. &te iks pleiss ub.i&
Ag dly Lt b -i .Tam w hr ae
kewn, pTrri m woi dr ,h Adr Ide mdl.
Feibuay 4th
H OE BU LUBR, I -Ng it toi 66 in
X April maarVlUed M lee al pr-w
bonsesoo ba mel a st im, ene r do| Wni
v.. he.m p.A.n P-,. los, a so Uml h
February. As mei remalig dpM le (
d at h e lAtuaa f 0. .rk. fk r
IJsary7tlh. F. TURNER.
FOR SALE, b ay pirn emf y tol.
s i rsed a the woro and o ELmmes
about 700ae For flarti prtul, =p.."i
January 25th.
A iTO BE LET, thdt pleasmdy dlm
a Hose and Praies, bely tI do I es Is m
ofr Hefry Addsey, Enjoin, wMl 11 II

The Hai uald Preua psm aapW
by Mrs. Poiier. The Home, is m ad
A covanimit, with large Kiltds wid rwab
auttched, chair ahoun nd sm br ismha
bln, ei.a yarvd and gr piere. Th oat Ialdgp
have bas lately oougay paired, and te gr(tr par
ot1 feces have banei pt up.
A trac of Land situated at the Village, conmainig 2O
across. It is divided by the viligp-rod inrstwo Leas, the
wesmer lot being inuternceld by th new road leading ft
the illage into the Blue hill rmd. This land wirB d-
pnd- o onmear three le A spiv to
pOoln W. MILLER.
September 1711h.



_ ~ _;i_ I __ _


Aqr n u vasa *mn,
At &0 WeM A. E.
Wihbe", ,.
Uh-M f1, 4 huobva l
Cae Ne als la db,
Blautter. Lrd Ham,
Talw Cdes, Chees, ,
Pilot Brme, Potatoes,
Dry Goods, -c. .*.
At ae market' Cmdif,
1 -10 e Windward ulal Ra.
150 bhu sasp.
Faeruy 4Lh.



~1 --- -- 7

*- ,isae*i^ 'iis at^s"a boao
redls i am eoh a

S -ea. .

ofm. l P 16 *a i4.a lhatig
it, id d m A a- pmm mosbg

d. e -. lba A-a- d ae-
do=r.Jl-r l a i l --i (I- cd a nd ai

pmatosin ta es shted ma e hIadrs o the
i domt. F eem Alepe, tlo dbs.. radiktd inm
dree dneiu, dlag tl c Msllderraneen
dowward tow rda l. Jl Ac upwards to Adimsa,
Ian is lad-hh Mle ot FlaTa, Hioim, and DI-
mama. T h MI m are l esing pIlace of be
carevam; ithm naM a dlbmst s ad. In um, it
bexaa at Auteace, whieh is l Volgn, a river which
saUay-qelarpe ywas i the EqeaIh, doing a. a
ret-a mediuM of intUerCmionm ie basa the. Them
iowa, elared succeasisdy.. From eme of deoo, three
ripls branch off, one along dht o|Mb. to lhe
amthere proirom .tther to aa a third
In hie central po4so of due pim. TI diNem took

Te proand fae i. Lt e cbelag doeup attack a
lr ie apace of terry tof mw cf ky mat ean, bet
gradually; the Arst pamw of atacliiig taerishly on a
frontier or a eumas. In Ceyles, it appeared neatly at the
mUN tune a* Jairespatm -a1 Cand ho, both om the
.eapt, sad i weaeant smgmiatio wo lbt oseinrt.
mm ma e epets, for wo icadriend Myo misrsi
no cune of chlera could be found. In Simu its a
appserd at Achees. Is Jan, Batavia, and he other
mas..s teem as hetrsvisisad. eatlb Idsr eo France and
B.,rboe., 'is bkebui g Pu-t L.eamad Port St. Deans.
l slh. PersP n Oul, MsMa, Deader Abouchirr,the i*t of
nl;,i'. sad Mdimot, slimed ma dmb eoa, or having
r,,uuwuicai"de. wi h i by agivw rnivera, mwere rat
visited by iM. n Da d,, Aa acnd Orenburg were
I.I natacked, Dbe o on the cms, aad the other a fron-
tier rwn, and both surm for Asiaic produce.
A third fact i, thl whenever I evad nmew country
it begim is a gr rit cuameri aml rt.
praepgatl, t hle diuae appea o ea h h miee propr-
miral to se Jiamnau. ad m du m as of csumrW ation.
Finally, th very Caprinmem ehibld d ish tbhe ro-
gro s of chd a is ea ily acmaeseod a, a lies iap-
pperrl Acrs- IsJw, Bata aindiJeothe

monirkd an -. I aik l--d

redboa ia bTa Isd A LO d f yh e P Y. D
i.i by ito. d in Rhusl.a dm Al e s d db w

aLrt added, ar sm thee d A r a ro.the
-ewhed, i wh shatga to made. The a U-
iar ltonand both h la l iat produ ce

A hird f i b, ithlmnedwt ds a ll ulry
ilb dim gmw '"mhb1a own.

h by ah 1 a D
gsfa tno be other giag tst. T eamberdi of

p.usMr ia d aa aappmiela to ar b r ba-
slauY of aheom, habia nd aod" mame of tlb a
Fa-Slly. tilvry A pr i *ariv t m a

o I timnol d red tI a
TbI Reviar tdim proM to h'w lb dr celad.
does et ire ic e oe tal cA as1 is be bo

w6 fMaua. The m Thyeam of lb be wat. is
Sn app.eQed amasy lb it !D aA i a l

t e l. Uhe. 4 *0!
Chslra besrshsed p A whaam theasr l
e"l Fdier e -d l of alI llr wihI-
lb61i a lb&ma lb %no, am N

t seedo whoaorwi emlaband c eam b, uof & we lba.

Hm It OW naw h alaei ma a do,

lanr lb pamr, whine amllb anrs hI .
&and i medlr eP o ilad, ws b is aem iy inBsH baa g

S jahea Il s ha r metd Mum, e a deta,
aid imely deprrived ot mdr, W -h rn

frhm deep wan th Ltowas it thr. s h
am md "o1r60efuisawmtl o he-it less base

U Mac rII ho -M o I t aa,

a. spin. Cheale s unra do mI by a supnar, er ain
alernd pasire of lhe atmoihere, carried along with
tie winds The aidry of the malady prave tuat is ad-

'h balprmm na i iml y m an o an la
JL *4 sa ithe sAai mci,

E ~=hlb d" mi *

k ir 1no r Pe ym -sd b as d anei
nameeI Osi the B -, lKb em, hw we .a rem to
qaiciy. TIO rm, w ay.*A wtsiym esedmevoer-
t gced byn eque that me f acts, ll a rolcontiaim

heold be prefred, not oAmly on oumdI of den, but
la tim sr cof ldhmai. f khey i rally msie to o,

iS rqt esmrnt, that the y o sm ,eedy dWetd on
emeounter h a witlrinp belst o is dose then pimeQ

and Harm The uld be safey nor reage,

"nd all dhe motiv which leds = M to dosca the fcreda
dMe of humantv wold laguisF, ndv espe, Ls t tis
do .lMmrtal yhL a baaow ecom dd by a polal a-.
hadl byo the hafer a sia-redby do isry opnion,d
It Ins not boaauM by pelci chnge In the
ausa it s prov ea t wo be ypi. L. if both who re nabled
tomanced bymn eqmnualnorerof facta, Still thatof contagion
sbould he prefetnil, not only on giounda of prudence, but
ae the dvkwe of hunlai. If i leave generally believed,
ia d l they arn, tho at fi a tve o can, maldy depend on
ise ipenc o pohig irno ,oub we m could we expect to
bseeunler die witlmerig bp at of culture an the Sineon
and Harniatbau I Ticro would bI me safely nor refuge,
und all Ihe motive whduicoh oad to dic, arfrom the Sacred
duties of humanity, would languish and expitr. Lot us
idhere to the hyfer, ason wa a car oisd w y opinion,
els it s prvedl lo be fate. Let mnhao who ae enabled,
latio e advice of Franklin, and le ae the infecltd spot as
msma they can, go a far as tley can, and stay nwy
asIng as thy can."

bedat i e Knwam la ge J td e H ~c.-Ay ol the s*dc
eec in its higher bransc, we cmem expect any proofs
of ure aic suangm tga me ded people, devoted alcula He-
brew wes to the pust uia of agriculture and the feeding
of cattle. uof the ha indeed, is mid t have been ac-
qCalids with Ui le plroa diu ci of ciaures front the cedar
of Liaswbaae tohe lyaop on led wal; and mwe mM readily
beiHve, thais te curaiuy which distingu ishe his temper,
woulid, drSam n mnn ad an t d ringrcb sd he stur
history.,-ba fina study of the opening m in thaI asrhinsia
C of the life. Bet asturooa nd ent advanced
fat t ihr tn to praem nm i t o re dbjecto of nlem-

dm, aJ mted eby th porpca movements oHe
plation to tbohe Tio, whbh ould only regard thedi -
maamea an aeirni aurace spread out like a certain. or
dheriela om mea suaml eo aie caopy ie by pacioh
lena The l o acu of pth prophets, we iy pnoume,
were still ItQaen to the profound calculatiow which
uderLvui toe mJeuc, the magnitude, and the perodial
revulu aio of the micraly bo diu. Even the yaer of

was diw de pid eashein es common or ene-
Cildas, wThe boaw of more ancient civuiliation ha is
damimd by the Herewas, edtfied thearelves with a few
facts w thich d not leinmed to genefide, and soae-
nams wIhb asterpi which had hardly any region o a
Vi mrahcer ariesific object. Long after the etign

|lvwedlkumdre am d domof Tb pt. Thir assalilway p
.eti. v, wioo had distingutiviyhed the study
r Bia dn froes doea of rology. The fiSm p a-
nfiuLr of a mmsd ao priciple sir o he divise r ,
dea, ad a s muls by tae periodical momsnts of ih
ba-sly bhdia. The Hebrew combined ia their calco-

Keond, thidL, uad so edoysl tismnetwlt. 00 *
b aotio l eat s e to l a emn ad io th moonao ai so mvr
Mtw-nem, Of tharit se mtr as appibi o a i oach.
u isr y-ow accTrdinly wasuv dl alr. co rstiag of
Iwelve desri moIst wia ned eaorysata.e ak shde
w" alVoaiw ibt s an a l y-ome of leb ns Th year
waone b(r tdaty-lru byaeig ich a c eanias or kle
apiral. The a e brlega ath lbarulma equias rlb
mia d at tril & they b d wadl U wa create d
whm dr.- dim by kDiva rea, a smw. 4,
Mal- 1h mrr, bpriod ue i-ir-sltm wae de-
inrellld Uiamof Edyp. Th mont always
hegia sc le maw mama ; an ba lhe taptivsy they
was merely d -rdiags he al order, tl lo ,
mac Indthrleadnia dowa sedt im sea (n.
Rhalf of 4dis~ amea m, tai I rdodiy b a of Org,
~rwee ts al t ativly, auk ,i ah dtie beadr e and
fty-or. Toelpply la eleven dys aadi iurg which
wer defciat, thy inrisodoced every ma-d yaw an ad-
ditiesi olhr swety-swe days, and evely but year

apparacied d nearly o e t mide. as ny otOtr

saw her o.- a ewi Cin t d lar N., 4, and a-

aeaf 8a-iy Emag-Notlban be Mes bea.
Wil Il l peath 0 rmn from the Coldest rood.
A lbtiasetler ad&nslthe vaby of le Las, thia ,-
sadc fbplamhersmss 1 dilysP-ehib. Tbraqeil
dill- if I. apel forcibly psnae lse MHead ha ap-
iPalII Wa a feassm of lab UEa, my -r.
rela, wr owrId wildsvisieb ,k Is lb 6 ak Atneod
lbGrue Dce rI Man HIm--a lbaB= of a*-
tradtila- at Chealam, ad b e at, comapatd of ,Wa
Raosin of dishtie., lb eday be y Prerb of Ofrhge,
lb Pf& Priam K- y, wuC know i b fe ahisable
keofl Le ada larb SMhofohrdLgaaim. The
Gnat Dwr aao md eomy ieot taHie a masa .of
le paca. Timod ba tr wun hd waide. I rmpolondly
Saw her of a evening in the baar, Simply dressed and d l.-

i, ,h 1,,1 .mas b pmi

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mA n e b ha n e b a ermmeen in

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oud M lon m a -- ra --a ve rs m

the aookid eerIad in* tebnse ey mar a
pesMy ol cIoen ihws T at lb cse a
i ke, u m NJac I Teku m l h

seri ducArm of N o I ethe orid a pe *i -
doCubars, fpull-Try ad h hadah lokf' g
of Nom's, ht las l be9,at by au r
di accas dolatioe d luo b hMim 44 6
bude of Such a s old the 3alml-lm l .
swg w Po e a lad-,wheaedilly ai
rich p trowd o*f oth e w r l N -lb.

e.aoiU dse. What e althal er ou da id
tome, m longago erly ent of eIy as e ry
play ha date otimngred de 1 t hi r

the look feve i and i eme l andl Pmmi bWe
heri; croed of both mom Bf r o ad
at-sao tbhe. What a 81riik cosrast w
vinsae of thbe oebanker and upi te d -viUs w
to have been long ago the gave of m.oo
the alook of rverihL and intene anxiey arW a i
count tnane of the players! I wu partinki, a
with three figurm: ome, a olibh county of cde=
personal attrctioMs; ahe was plyin high, uai
glineriug pile of Napoklons before he rapidly d
pesaed, h lip quivered, and a look of a P
iion abed i desolation upon her beauty. T a
war a young German lady, whom sweet placidity of ca
lenaoce, s dae watched the var7ing chioamn
game, underwent not the slight chage : the m d
play hd yet entered deeply Into thi fair ua
ui. Immediately behind her sted a Pnmi sad
his countenance assumed an air of n6e ar
thought h vewld hove torn out hi mtehiom by uILa
ua he beheld hs hat Fmrderick-d'or awim ay lly
insatiable rake of th banker. I quilted the Mo iA
disgust, and ~andered forth to contemplate lr t khe
sture. It was a beautiful night; the full mooa d
the glary surface of the Laho, and bathing in a ad
light the wody height of the opposite bank. 0s t
very spot, twenty centuries ag did the long-hai G.
maa offer up, on the eve of b1htie, their bloody nla
to their warrior-god. At Mnuh an hour, berne,tinha
of ilh tranquil Lahn, which wu d owin pai m I
dream of happine, might the firt gaimmerii do
bition have bunt upon the mind of the future Cm,
with folded arn and upraised eye e Souagh to id
mar of his destiny. Agaia, in later times, oa d Im
night atlbhi, here,by tIe tame aoft light, kais .
crusader told hi tle of love, or counted to his ba
miamre- the wooden of the Holy Land-dthe mlsl
of the Chriui heat, who rode the victor of d lmea
Ascalon-wht aerm Solandin wore, and the ies
dustr of England's Caude Lio; while he stidc
tohs am, or puly vow a votive offering to hWr Iwa
alint for her lver'l fe return. Empire are mW
i the de; rellgiomn, that formerly won leon's Ms
are now his mockery new worla halve been dhme d;
the awh structure of soclety has undergone, ae i
ue ing, a rhang. Yet Nat ia u dL I
- Wincsr'. OUfilna qoexir.

PN r uf arvhUr.- As urain aincdoa a IFI
HterNeis naim oWero wnaTime"s I b guan' a
the power of erhasea. Is dm of dilnuilT OW do
Th deatammaof the aekboed Armma l rfNilpd
was t knows i Eaglhsd mil lte at lthe smas, a
Stim oah y war tollly prepared to mPa
be. of succe. s a jimislabtl a Miliary -sd una 0l
In tbe midn of dbe pagnili ag confuio ed lmWm. 1W
in Loodoa cemmusld a te Govanrnet ht l T
had I hi pewer It el Ike Nu aioafor noe i miF
He taned dita he ed been Infoied that PlbihlLd l3
e Bank of Vaice Ot B, n so peori.laoeI L
bk an eaomee edil ar the B-k. oukk m e HI
lism nallhl. fad; sad lehadt by roteinm
aecaa ib eicg sI e akd e bare aolme
P ihe Wg a omin. The s che waa *

Denied aa Is amd-n ll toa In m ant W
te tke blow thai latsuadd for bar de dstrCIla.

Dim d of Laeg,
Bib of Exchange,
Bih of Sale,
Ranifews of Caies,
Blank Forms for the Caono Hose,
LeJar ad Relrama,
Geoeanl Can Writs,
GeOnIm Court Executio,
Bil o( ale for VesNA,
Mortgages (with booda.)
Warants Attorney to Conlea= Jud" '
Poan of Attorney,
Atmraey's Wasrrants
Arbiation Boads,
Apprica Iadnatare,
Police Warrants,
Police Permits,
OStfesia Badia.&c.r. &c. .lb
N. B.-Job Printing executed with mnt"'m
patch, upon good paper, and on moderate ura.
January 4, IN32.

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