Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: February 1, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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rAm 'a *' '


":a" mI

jIm uilOt 30aev.


gagti ftm -I n uLT m a IIA F. 1P.
ordioa fpr -Mi-b mv--.

d j soRmrd isu a half lightd chamber, idea
eighSp upon hi. head.
Sthrows a: gloom amend,
In balmy sleep profound,
um~M r wrelch r ial creps this earth,
eadm relmae, upon his bumble heath;
, glr tu King of Gorlngerrcd,
in 1p. Jlay iJdo m head,
Sl peour setmiglht appear.
n l, nld bake my erves bh feir.
gB clerk just arikil one;
ImSd i awful- .y l doh aces to10 r.
b k tis I* wh goblisa hoerael in ,
wdiidni~h Ipribo lon the t Joikb *ig,
ha lath dtl y ebth greater speed,
ill fCnciea aga piniut e- plotU a deed.
r onciaoc It l me, I hav acted wreng,
a1 hissus soa eroan my soul do throng:
ire-ob h -ordn--ut aib!
* sl" rs from me afer I
Spas-'tw bMa my swimming brain!
ws ar-t-l amu myself again!
Srmeieand tme Argui only crush,
Sle Ja ithe editor once psh,.
IMld be w llI then rould master be,
nse pleae my" loads" would give a grand evee.
s Cos would then he filled with wild dismay,
J isllag low. for mercy lhey would pray ;
!. pay! for mercy at Iy hands,
S l ly execure my great commandla,
* my amaze,. hey dare talk of right,
)eiase cry uaglinan my dleganted riht,
khehas ce I'll pursue the tnitors ile.
iel dal. nil rin a ghostly smie.
Seperchbs on my jaded brow,
J ah o d drop my brawling new. O.


oLe i RiL ekwue Mtagazine for November.
Jk. IQQuee., Es. addressed to Earl Grey.
isiial possession of Grsit Britaio may properly
U into two hess :-first, luc colonies .s air conm-
knillary and rnval station and out-works of the
idld--ch as the Inian Islands, Mala, Gibral-
m, where the expenditure is necearily beyond the
*sadvatages which time auion receives: secondly,
rican colonies, the West India coloniuc and
d Good Hope, c. These are et only mii-
m io n of tid very fr importance to the
t BrItish Empire, ht also commercial and
iat of the rte po imporn i
emamMerce and .anma, and from which the
n-dloe and to individuals far exced in value
e id ionrred. I shall place thea before
lKse didelnt bearing of the question,
accuracy which the loteat official reuroa that
le my hands enable me to do.
Sm rt P.LALe THeAI O aerT entAres.
1. Weat Iledi ColirsUt
O Year. Imports into. Exports frm .
1824 E195.17 114~089
S18 f c 162.870 i125,9th
1826 40,607 11,95i
Se18s 49,i32 15,942
S18~ t 4,18 2,572
dr 18116 101,4.7 146999
1824 412,069 8307,495
1826 83,650 74,700
S 1826 119.23i 178,637
1826 108,94. 67,294
1826 872,015 345,6435
1826 47,906 120,6

Tel, 3,298,593 3,081,20
8. Nrth Americrm Coldmir.
S Yaer. Imports into. Eipor f.rom.
S1826 105,175 [1824lj5,984

18310 832,600 4,7,700
182 833i,60 141,390

Tld, .2,26,619 1,299,156


& 8. Esm Ceie.
Coony. Year. ImpmA ins.
Sim Leoe, 1828 30,911
Van Diei's UL. 1826 .6,988
Ne Seek Wales, IM 2 0000
U"Bmdil. lw SOO.400
Ceyl. 1(M6 SMDtidt
C o-Gd Hee,184 90,40D
IW2 847,071
loees Iaash,
Gibnu.r. ...

Total, 85,491

Expon ba


F .ius

1. Wet lndli Cadeu.
Exportu t. Import fo .
1829, Or. Britain d Ireland, 0,519,916 5801,786
It6, Other places, l81,~ 0 3,98,5

Total, 12,671,146 9,100,879
2. North American Calnies.
Exports to. Impor ma.
1829, Grt. Britain and Ireland,1,149,146 2,131 99
186, and 1830, Other places, 1,9956 2,236,9

Total, t2,441,0 4,853,68
8 Eas"lr Coleiu.
Exports w. Ipoma frhos.
1829,OGratBrain and Ireland, 798,005 1,5,891
1826, Othor places, o2225 8W5,491

Total, 1,015,30 2,761,812
4. East Iadiue and Ckina.
Eiports to. Impott frem.
129, Ort.BritainandIreland, 7,859,884 6,462,188
1818, Other place, 7,654,963 5,612,808

Total, 15,514,847 12,074,36
onmatAL A8mTrAcrT.
Exports to. Import from.
I. Weat India Colies 12,571,151 9,100,79
2. North American do. 9,448802 4,858,6
3. Easrn do. 1,015,380 ,761,13
4. East Indie and China 15,514,847 12,074,96

Grand Mald, ;11,49,30 2S8895,259
British Whale Fisheries, 361,046 2,179
British Tomnage employed in tis btade.
W. Indian Colonies, with G. Britain and Ireland, 253,187
North American do. do. do. 419,421
With Asia, 111,659
East Indie, with Canton, c. &c. 45,000
Africa, with Great Brimia and Ireland, 46,639
Gibraltar, Mediterranean, and do. do. 21,546
N. American Colonies, with British West Indiea, 91,000
W. Indi Colonies with Foreign ports, 100,000
N. America Colunies-colony with colony, 187387
Do. do. do. to Foreige ports, 50,000
Britih Whale Fiherie, 39,540

Total, 1,865,79
coLomNua-emarm No ur D orrvmlls.
1. Wed Idies, or BM, Cel ies.
Year. Income. Expenditre.
SL Vincent, 1824 35,181 85,1.1 Steor
Trinidad 1826 54,921 44,5
BL Lucia 1826 12,78 18,096

Jamaica 1826
Antigua 186
St. Chrisopber Ift
Novis 18R6
Tortola 1827
Grenada 126
Barbadoes 184
Berbic 1826
Dominico 1826
Honduras 1826
dahamas 1826
Mauritiu 186



2. North Amaic Cleib

Colony. Year.
Bermudu 186
Upper Caada 182
Lower Canada IB
New Bruwic 126
Newfoundland 1826
Nova Scoia 196
Prina Edward's aId. 1826

Sierra Leone
Van Dieman's Land
Cape of Good Hope



Estem Clmisu.
Year. Inesme.
1828 3,670
1826 45,786
IR26 57,.48
IA24 97.167
1826 30l,822.









3 1


nIanb l ow-

North Amerias Colas. 80,18U7 s,7

Ttl l -16I Es1 ,7111S,
Ihdies, al-aM iomes, 74aI m

Told, 01,663,794 80,675,
asset ssJ asra lc.

become. cxmlbip n-.
Em Idim SI1,660,794 BQ
AU de Colooies 2.00,13 11160 l

SOand total, 63,665,006 ,445,404
Tbe preceding tbl hav been compiled ton ta Il-
lowi authorities, vi. :-The Report of the f
Tr e Cm i of 1821; the papen printed far &
oaleue of the irane Cmmlrst in 1828; Parlamentary
Papers of the present year, NaL. 3858, ad 258; d
from Clonial Rarmrs and GOn containing ite offal
docum ts for dte repective periods ead yeau To ua
derland the subject fully, it is nemesry to same, that de
value of he trade above given, is irun vAn. raenovus
ALonm, and includes m specie of bilk, except the speci
expr and opened is the de between ldia and
China. The given amount d is excduive of dllfrnaii-
ad chLrs and which a the country will rnder the tol
value about one roumTr mone !
Is it possible, my Lord, that the adiri so empire can
be prospero where each ermee intersas a ar co
orned In ammrc yildig 75S,0,0 sMrii amu -
ally, am eitr depiad and mrificed, or neaeced, d.
oapo id, ied, oppri, and plead i joprdyt
Srib he obre'd, iha m msawo r the E.n'
Eoa aren vwaing, bm tmes re of i-e ipormance, ua
0.Z ba8tM a 4Ab Saf emampie,
acosi pricipally of godi pord itrom Grmt ri
I have had niderblei difficty inascertinithe ri of
the British North Airica coloi, and have been obliged
to take it, for dirent province, in disrait yei., mI
1826, 1828, and 1830. Thus, Quebte ins k fe r 118,
though the trade of that port is incuaed from 1,84,550l
imports, mad 825,8164 exports is 18N, t 1,617,749. i-m
parts, and 1,316,000, export in 180; but is the epoMs
the rtures cannot be separated. The trade of these co-
lonie grsdly exceeds, or this year, whet I have been
obligpd toke it at. prticaulary with the West Indies and
Oreat Britain. The imparts from die leaie, for the yer
ending lst July lam, were to Quebec, 1,147,845. and to
Montreal, 549,209. The trade abo to the Eautmr Colo-
nie, v., New South Wale, Ac., is greatly icreed.
According to the previous eaement, B ritish
maige employed i the colonial trade, semes a
eerly 1,40,000 tomn, while, by Par. P.. Ne.
252, dated 2ln September, 1831, the whole Brith tlo-
nage employed in the trade, to every quarter of the world,
exceptour own dominions, wa, for 1829, 1,074,171 tow
outward, and 1,176,67 ts awards; and by Par. Pap.,
No. 258, ofthe name date, he impart lons i Osw Bri ai
and Ireland, from our tranamarie possesioen, ir 189,
amounted to 19,863,840, and export to thee
poessions, 17,299961 sterling, and early al
British roduce and manufacturer ; while s my he
remarked that d imports from tes peemii
are eiclduivl te production of ih adi and ari-
cullure of e e te. By dh ma pper,
we led that ohe import into Great Britai, for 18A9,
an o other p of the world, namomed to .4,139,18,
(aloat ewe halof if cari d i fegm skips) 10e,
600,00 of which were Irombe UledHtMaMne d Remain
and he experts of Briish meanio eau s 4C,88,080,
18,000,000 of which were so Germamy, tbe Unid
State, and Brazils; but which eipor of 40,000,000,
when they are reduced to the fair value from dhe itra-
vagat rae which the ofiial scale mes upop cotia pad
exprsd, aealy, b. ad Lh.6d. each yard wid i
not north above 4d., will bring the aced vai of Brit
predmr and manufactame exported to all quer f the
world, except to our own dominion, to bes n 16,000,
000, to 17,000,000, and to the level of the rxpon to
oer ow trunmriae pemeisan. Al tim pep si
he kept nmd in view, in order o appreM correly
the valu and pma of d rmne rers e -e
to them to iwedth, Io d fiancs, e a to he
trenogd of Gret ritain. By encowagemen ai, end
roper care erxteied to the cmativaion of acola In the
Eas Idies, this poetry adgh quickly supply d raw
material for bar conto ma ufslres u e q mtir,
and thu give to the inhabita s of Hliadma, or own
subject, 6,000,000 sterling per anem, which we at
present give to the United State of Amrrica far the ems
article; and, by the sme me-man, we wold give employ-
ment to 130,014n tons additional of British shipping, ad
(Corluded an war blipage.)


ow ri50rr16 danrrg E wof dt 1 go a ...t_ .
_____ j. r e4 Akf Ifts

S-a to make any cu- | e hii a coudlucrts anu Fi by li s pnsib aLLo the 11 B hr -a

aty a r ay l"i his years and lung lance, heovridd him. f o" f the M^ s a
t4tsvt'a, ,- Mop.,a, 8(th January.183. GEO.
mpm u .- 4. ,0 la t he he b To the .itr of te Bk A~r s. Editors of pewspapes in the Britfh w
t& ta(1e as p6 m i airculated sarni as ether Is- mn,-The paras whe has trelled over sbe feur or pill please ien the above.wEd. Ag
bdal d shi pramrt. yd l a st ahrn d, we L i e q la n wl c ic*.,y gu a portion of iu Roy al
u atstack aps the character Sea 9f Sacurday Z ad which pretends to gwe mhre4LAw v $aiag Cbis
at ia a' .N --- si. ntouft of the -iadierbanoes, certainlyy posse no APPROACHIING DI8BOLIO 0 I
d thwb"ilr U rm.iul s t. u p fAh to An aneall degree of pdetiAc; but the writer who cold ven- yeCH-. D
gUl mem end and.l: as. e- itaed k aw'- ture to give publicity e a piece, in which cacely a mn- CHURCH OF IR
bd sttt 6eorsseages *w peevSdt r b ing the tone in exempt from elshood, must hve been o long Wo are mu se It bs I vfS d
.. ag droh ofhi vsrnsl,,ed obs, yet we do priced iu dis imulatioo, ai to have become totally iDdi. the allowing articl fIrom dae Dball "i
tm uc, a r e c i s .e .. p ferenlt, s to the opinion of dth world. For th credit of the epiring tbi ofd ie ProP mto l
am hil dat mbch, if any, rellac is to be placed in the metropolis, it ad been hoed, and expected, that o Let that of England take wr ginl tid
som 4 a pamne who imb damdly mimreprennti reference would again Ie been made to tlm town Elec- Colction of TitUe.--The following .'
baaL ad m o ds i 4ebMny mrs s all acqueiu lt dion ; and hoat wo drsold have been spared de painful re- a letter which appears in The Eenail t .i
wle d .o .- a ksou ta be fi-s collection of tli disgraceful scenes whicb were eoxmpl an d we believe truly, to be writUae by
T*d .mw. elcion .e bes deeida by a lerutiny, nd pon tlat occasim,,by tbhe party who are, 1 mr, Established Church, raident in th e am
i".."7 O w 'e.rJ emyoa-p-- to discharge vainly, and I was suoutd may wickedly, aiding and coon- We bha uck out what may be Cal d A L
an ul iy wy ompolens to discharge tenancing meaMure d pmes, which, if successful, would letter, which consists of abane agalistl d
*deimponperdy, ed who being, in dl federation of accomplish tbe utter rule of de colony, and drive every land, Bishop Doyle, and his ?ajuty',s
StW k-w dhean, bo hest, epright, and conscientious honest man from it. give the marrow of the epiede, however,
;, ourk..eapmio n placed upon ltm election lw bby In the very commencomont of his nmi'rable attempt at reason to know that te statement of ftct r
-as, kista el ni alm, than tbhe opinio of amen, wi, in he description of the Eastern Election, is a tale- correct; but chiefly, however, for th
shem, hag bee y pn, aawth the ois i. t e mtas hc- o I had walked to the poll, more from cut iuilv, than s ila which the letter concddes, a tI Is
who, hbmh be my ik with them i intollecual ac- any thing else; lhea by it, andl thirsty, aud having no making the Government of the coo nry 5'
qinuir a, either respeoed bher for his moral cha- objection (to use a i~ionable phrase ) to a nip, I in vain lector. We believe it is difficult uaoua
r o. r e a poy of hi prindps, in either public or looked around for s of thds potbst beverages with taxes, or county rate, and we imagine
pe4so L. We dll, tbaen, pea ove thi pan of which the writer as ts the poll was so abundantly up- not volunteer in the new office which d e
d iar an s a space as poible, state a lied. I did not remain to partake of the collation, nor land seems so ready to assign them. The
was I one of the friends d.t surrounded with an halo ol the extracts :-
fi (acr,-- r he co nectnd of which, we can vouch, eclat, die member elect-an observation of thel writer, Tl'ustate of theQueen's county, Ki ,
ad which n hbelg cmopared wish the accoutin the though no doubt intended in derision, he nevertheluss Crlow, and partsofKildare, and th erd a
yal OG ser, wil expose someof the falsehoods therein would willingly have arod with his 'rs, for a similar in simply this : anorganisd and sysemni
!LdL i pnai of exaulation. Candour and truth, if I may tithes exists throughout them-a resistaue p i
To wh a mierale Hi Ecellency's p judL- by urma rd e write i nacca d t o; or every poibl mans, either of opea htin t
Tould f HnsE cy r ld usa, Sir, tat there is a ceruin cha- intimidauon. The conequence i, thI i
pernesMham basn redMia, wbe tbh cheen ud am of rcter, who very Appr6pri tely has taken the appellation te clergymen are at this moment in the pa
a a asy boy were eagerly laid bold of and exage- of Fireband, to whom, mainly, is to be acribed, the very the majority of them having large famirin. lt
ratd nta a dnioen revelry of the town electors; and disturbances he imputes to other causes. Would lie not ant clergyman has no odter resource butnt'lk
the lettia off of four or five sky rockets, into a plot to set have said, that no opportunity escapes this Firebrand, in contented penury, or, if hi does seek t shi
Sh o a h p wlheelr -t the bar or on the hustings, of creating jealou- rights to which the laws entitle linr, to brig a
Sto taiM bhousw of all his peartiau living in (;rge itr in the ulidsof die coloured inhabitants I Would he himself their petsecotion and vengeance d(p
m .ms, and to hiiw up the Governor himself! On ,ot hlve told us, that tie Royal Gazutte, over which he infide!, and radical, who, however dtey says-i
MAondil evening, a numlier of buys collected at the Yen- lesly has acquired complete controul,labours with pieces, respects, agree in making common cause la
st 1 oule, to see an illumination, which, it was reported, tending clearly to iaheecitement, and every bad Ifeling could point out many pariblies where the da~
woald takeb place that evening; tlese were afterwards in tim linadof people, towards their white brethren; hardlly daro to ak any of his Catholic
so as to have produced all the mischief we recently have tithes. Intimilation has been auedto ar ll
juied b a few young mon from the eastward, and tw wilnesed T And yJt this ian, who now puts liiusrelffor- may almost say the clergyman ands alona. i
skMisrgs worth of can4lle were purrlhased by them, and ward as tie friend of these people, a litdo while ago was that las the nmalinesu or courage Ito sahilli
Ughted in diiferen part of tih building, ngrreened from thie stern anil deteruminel oupposer of every indulgence, at once, his person endangered, and his prepq
wind by an old sail : the candll were however, soon however trilling, buing allowed to thim; and ao son as It and destroyed. The consequence is, dtat it
beuoed out, and, shortly after the ringing of lie Jail bell may answer his purposes, again will he be deir bitter impossible toobtain Proctor. by any moma
S qnemy. value, receive or to have any thing whatevw i6
at aie o'clock, tlhy quietly retired. Fearful of adding, Sir, to the load of Ex-Offici, with tithe. Is he to be the seller nd tip byer, t
At we have just ben informed, that the amertions of which, at present, yourllouldei are so cruelly oppresed, pioneer, and the pound keeper, all at the a
the Royal (saette, relative to the eastern election, and the I shall avoid making dhse remarks I otherwise should oppose in his own person, or perhaps with the
ubmaquent eccurrenco, will be contradicted as noon as have done, in reply to te observations on dle depuation at most one or two more, an angry mob, fI a ba'
from the inbabitaps, complaining of do di durbances. no assistance from those around him, nor eqa
poasib h ga ld an all acquainted with all de facts, The answer that was received, was a applicable to any police to protect him until a breach of thIe
we s a mdipa him, by nteriag very fully into other subject, u the one that was propounded ; it would, committed I really do not know how tl
bsh prisiel occor nes of that day and night, bt content in fact, have been no mean auxiliary t one of Firebrand'i who are altogether dependent on their li
rarslva with sating-that no spirituous liquors, or productions. It may appear paradoxical, but it is never- great majority are)will be able to exist,
pgae bverages," to us the words of the narrator, thless true, that in my intercourse with the world, I have withhold is interference. The idea d fL
ppldo th o the pl l of tha e ifan to heard of a character, and in an exalted station too, who is though succeaful in the end) every WdM
ssm applied to von as the poll; that if ay ul desribd uasmn acd by femowritirm-eAo keeps all for tithes urghout saerish, would be
m ao was mommued by ba votes whee at the rei- withi thie p their fmfioe h- e is e f qf during the pmocedings it would be Il
dim-s Mr. G. Ader open dh negro me and w- re-we ias pr decis d Iw t k deci- he maney to do s to come front, and mwhb
-I gsl ed aide, it was Mo e-til they had, dmes. l m irs fe -die-e se u pro r of man and his family to subist on in lle -m n Ia
an ved .tbhe as anult; tt it w with the gret- -dr iii ad i of the poor--te cai- very nmea by which a succeafl trminle
mrt, dot i w n ee of p lite lat i- rcatkrl koldger, ,. ; b.expected, ithe matter in dispoter;ialn.0
ra r*, t*e Podl Mngisn could be idaed to r10 hs elld te os a M il'nt where neer s/fon, sourcefor a Ckergman, except to be-t ,
-am d aspe, to dispenme item, by two gentlemen I beliehr, t Militb asiristed- i rrmrkable for t(A dicant for any portion of his own property t
whobedadwitu edteirouitrgaton conduct; that, although fir uss of Ais sir sepriuiplesk-the ardlr of iis c- darer may think fit to spare. Mr. Btanley i
te Po lleMaistrtehad wcedd in dispersing the rab- paionate feed : is a word, who is a U ernatural have asked, what where the government t-
lt i d r dark, raineiored by anm- being upon this our wicked earth. And yet, if it should sincere in asking the question, let him @dop t
ble, n ale amed la d irk, sinfoed by huso happen, that yonabhoud have occasion, either peron- which, I will o ak n me u to y, will ameet ri
h mai ge icbs, making aof the ly, or by wiiing, address this paragon, the return is bti of mot of the Clergy. Let gov
Svale eant lat aga ei the whites, ad behving in inult-for which, if a man should eape chasisement, i the tithes, each Clergyman giving then a p5 .
t-ami rit mmea s aw two other gutleten called m hve proceeded from his bein covered by a shield ney reallbb at pleasure, to do so, and pa7
iMspahe Magieraoe to inte.rrea and dspr t th is impenetrab Excu thi di ron, it a co ection. I leeutone course left for te
Sd wic h w i r ofanle a atc o s o know, Sir, that nhity as well as Clergy in Ireland, and Id hi'
o b I am, t a times incapable of making any particular matide and orgid emigration fom tis a
Sd N W. I. Reg, thw perpse of pracaring a or peanol insinuations or allusions; and that I absolid, at to distant and more peaceable shores."
g-id f sliders, nd daring h i absence all the mischief all evens, not attempt it now, from the dread of ared Emigration,nodoubt, ifpracticablewouldMr
yd oernv wa perpetrated; that Mr. Duncomne was bt Ex-Ofio being dchargod at me. and the Clergy reserves ih Canada would
S-s Va Hofle, ad seeing otraena conduct I am quite at a lowr to nd out the meaning of the roz venalett ret at-havin thi advantage 1.4:1
elkGel Vi Home, "ad eta the asoueo" conduct pepal tlhi the narrator of the lets events has comnMented Parson would h tift
Of ftsleas "ON to dn boa "of the Pole Neg oate, on. The wt of f lad of New Provi- Ireland, here being no i anl ats in or t o b
Sd kse ll issUan em; dt Mr. Danel l d mon oe denc, Iad of Androe ad, as woly yet rearnod. In of ts for lns. This, in iself, wait 11
IMh m, btl ma San rry, and had nothia in his hand them, toe member ar named, and out of the ten, eight good, for there would be no one to 6fgl wa
bul a saB swrd-canm, which he was invariably in the are opposd to, 'ad deest he party th this mrrator and solves and bears. But as to the trampP"t t
l li wiat Bile; ha, wh op io the 'Firel and, advocate ;-and dere can be no question, that Protestant Laity, we must sy it is an er~rl
St in aiing nits thadt nrmlobe returned, the pro- poitio, and would not, if carried into elit ,
bammd th PolS d qMaosa, a body t 'mae amalt- portion wil be ill parm. Does he then m o ay, very teraly to the adv.ntoee of tlne. Cl"On
d wei iledgeaNow2Mr. IDoueM ,elhigdrawn his that the great characters, twety-si in number, whose testants being ionfitely more oppoQA o1i
sned r the perpeaM of d bda ll Mel a lamedi- name aper at the hnom of the lying counr tirio. Papists imnelvel-- proposition hbich tim
ely knocked dowa smente; ad hody, that w w as iis i ca and the one signed by the 380,derLre the ,toted from Swift, froro Histor, from Il
ara w pepein? Be it so : And that soz, be it strong or fee- the Irish Ilouse of Conimnsn, from rexpi"re
Mr. fry, d b, between you and me, Sir, I am of opinion, sill ne- the writinls of tIh late )Uoor Phean, 1d iw
i msn at' bl hm eing ha mueled tie -a ti after Yr he b raled, eildtr for tha narrator oorFirebrael, hot latter se, aith pucia vehemence, ags m
s oeasam a" u cat's-paw, at any time they may be found to be lords. ,
As e sll have aain, nson, to advert at this subject, usefuL But, seriously, the conilio f he In -
ad do pblc mu be quire disguted by tie unfair mtao- I am, Mr. Editor, ral parts of the couuntr. is d, pllnrhble esth IV
Nd t Royal Gaste, wq e will a ot exhalust e n- your obedient .rnvant, rendered themae.h.- ',. adloit, .*tP"r-I "g'.
m t e- V.- But aivino all -uoa,ideration. of t ind, "'


p l~cd.hend foll ster. wI ia hlied ny se r In -ttion
lirY shp J .eqwd'~L.d. oay i fLn -foCr ELEUTHIERA ELECTION. BY l l
Ss- pr t. If thel Churc h e bot taken in hands in A lip4s mi received from Eleathin, by a gMlI "
t dies irr dies ala will envelope it in one wide man ithis laws, which mnes, that at i dlo f c d l i T-. I,, I i ,
-Mo.- poll, W. L P. Johnon, Jomph S. Johnuon ad SuMld At 1 @hidel. A. IL
'!Vmre per here be receu eid othei ued of j ly. Ihe Ichy, h Ik, werrd e duy lecad, rasnp- W I.
ir spioui the ilnur4ent in Mysore had Anihead. it met tait Iland i1 the Asambly of ithesn labd The Alt o P lturt w Mh ith PoIr's ali ,
Sthat,. ftWer tie nlre at "irt ofhed lineo Puhapet writ not having been yel turned into sth BSecetary A Q r saL l eL ,
l'vaae tti'attgkt I t seetassy to coactrettoste 5 (ie at *tt ...J
Sl nco~~stin of the a mplk anin.epir. Ili Majesy'l office, ae do not know euclly the number of votes poled; S d l i "
tb"h, 1tlth sad sith mlaaesp light infantry. a but undurtood, that the majority over die ousted candi- rfSi A h ill c.
,,lna of the 7h light cavaly, a nonllngent of the Mysure date, rw aboui 33 vote. AL, .
tLoe., imountinii gt between t. and soo0 men, two it-
lers e. lounAde. ndr, d a -pounder. From this force LONG ISLAND ELECTION. An eight day Clock,
,late'ttal exIe tit N es ir.wni, al mni a s-pounder, The LonL Wland Election was held on Friday last. An exceent Plea
m saed Nugl t hic. wsse rhen Copeland S. Addrley sod George Adderlay, [E- Feeruta Ile.
quir., were declared duly electd-hre being Be rival CHRIST CHULRCH PAmIH.
ST blae R lt.oir at the King's Likary in Pario..-Various candidate proposed. The number of vote polled, we
' SllimoIs here be U made al to tie mousy value of the pru- e n
Sta bil* t hoa they ti aee to I ltmture ail the fine understand, was'52, and the writ has been returned into v sa VDes
a:1s i 4 isrpamhle. Twothirdsof iheinedals, lmount. ftle Secretary's office. AVING fAied tdhemiseof Uan at thistle of 9
number to 5.l00f have been carried off. several of them b e arrel of superfie Floer, Onlres i ta
od inemtimable value, as they were unirqies. A piece Leut.-ColonelGaliindo,GovernorofPoten, in Central Ame- shillinlg ILo do weigh lit. 6oL., nld ihllapmIay La
olI L s Co'uie. land the Trajan, are particularly to be r e- rica. hlas liscuered the ruins of an extensive city, called Pa- ilb. So. By order of ti Va y.
.. rl. Tie value of the objects stolen, etli.n.,ll ly their lenque, which extends for more than Lt miles along the sum- DAVID sPENCE, Tr CW.
r aluet isu. I not le than .9u00o000. TI'l're Ilreldalor unit of the ridge which separate the country of ihe wild Mays DAVID PEN ,
S i drawesl inw hiek werethe keyeofdil the eJlsinncs Itp- ludihnl (included iu the district of Puen) from he state of V nTUT RooM. Sd J uaaryi, 18 .
f e rht they nea le mrhtieRue Neuvedes Pletill Champs, Lhiapas. These, an the woidlof the discovrer,. writing to the
I ll, fiu traces discovered on the riof. got to the top of the l.iterauy GCfrllt, -* must anciently have embraced a caiy and il CHE AP FOR CA H B
itk-roUm iiljolniul tihe cabhlet in which the medal were suburh. The principal buillings are crrced on the mo. t
o. this caahtner wor foeunl live packets of sniall prominent heights, and to svenrl of them, if not to all, stairs HE SUBSCRIBER offen for aie, at i s i M
gwa* rmA i L a lnuten., a peir of ptlaer. several crlntrm-hit. a were constructed. From the hollows beneath, the step, a Bay-street, nenr the Public Buldipgs, e folla i
Ianll.errhief, which is marlrl. mid a black cap. ,ltch oh- well as all the vestiges which time has lef, are wholly of stone articles, received per Highlander, from Ledoa, v:
j.ctl at't a were not taken an By were rseatered about the and plaster." The stones, of which all the edifices are built, Linsd and Sperm Oil,
oal, mll it i relrial -ivrel hourn' laliulr tl restore them to arc about 18 inches long, 9 broad, and t thick. cemented by Fine Green Paint, in po,
their places. h is reinrtel rha.t a tlirii iglht ire h roihe ier nmortar, anl gradually incliing when they form a root, bht al- Spor Cnndles, Pickle lad aNo,
.,llunilnsry ol police had leariieil t:,l a rubbery would slirts- ways placed horizoutall ; the outline eaves are supported by p n Oliv ad
lye e Loimied which would asonlsi the capila bilt he could large stones, which proe about two feel. (Thes ae pre- CapaeG Olvei s ad fle Bald O
ar Almi any further infonnrmton. It is said Ithat lle trustees cisely similar, (rum i nthestone-roofeda O nnap ls.unriB bld a,
Ll se timn beifre r-qnestell that two sentinels should be three or lour is -Obbi i, Qindalong, it. Doologh's. No. and 6 Bleaced Cava,
p r i- at each entrance of tihe lilirae. instead of uan, or. aiall near Dhbi. Iad we l either, still epistin in Ireland.) Black oobasia, superfe wit Dirl,
ensts, that hii aitgle guard shoill not be witihrawn o T'he wood workha disappeared; the windows are many, Cotton Shirtilgs,
sart ad .ti u',lorck. It is i.o repoirtrelhii three Corp. dIe subject to no prtlea dr arrngemnent, being merely small cir- Reel Thrad, in fancy boe,
Uonlr are lto hle etllisheld rotiitil 1the iilildings., bill this lre- cIllir and square pefonltiono. Human figures in alto relir e Pomatum, Pearl Buttos,
eu lion rc ni- i rather itn, li. i The flillowing i a correct lIIt are frtqilellt on small pillar : anid fliigree work, imitating Seine and Sewi Twine
f Ile lit ,,"'is -I. It ol,en asiiers or lish. six sic l ies rahis and feather, is perceptible in places. Some of the Bol nd n e, Toil e,
i dia.swr. wlllti sa slll.e i r.el ha. i t l li"he holit ni. iasd si u uiltured ornaments too very itke the Corinthia foliage of Bonnet Line, Foolsp d Lettr Pa
SnmtiuiK li 111i11 in. !.I.l Iof thl iiie uppeir lle is lthe .brder. the ancient archiltccl. ''herolnsare buried in thick oresl, Quillt, Red Ink,
I. A cup nieioinl il in rlll,, wlllia li-l cnllr:olrell ii rel. and the aslljceiit rounlry, for lealiai, cil. nine remains of the (Common Payer Hools,
Vaunm I'.tcl. Imnaislli. i i Ilg iof intiul- o10iil iihr tihe li I of aeirint labours o Callrdrl. sll il, a.lI hr.bee.;lli I i *aii grrviil L o!lr L gl. &r.; ie. IIItal insirililiion, & c. The nalile ls ay these edifices were blers, Wines, pint and quart Dmat Bter
;. leu sl I .1 oli ,1 l l. XII. a11 *iiltilrIe elslil hulir, ;:iutl a I uisl by the devil." Tubs and Salts.
ngold ilad l of laL.aa X I repirrsen-tul the (liaule ofthe -- Shovels, Tin Pots, Gntlemd 's Saddl,
Lanore. Girklol ollidl lllnlalt ioed tIlliristnrR Lrril eof i &vrw~fju ^ T&l I r N > Pip
t ti s rit .s......i... tte ,ii. the kt,,,.t ,,i itris.. .t...s,.itN,,,p.,il aiaoa'< n a.nTi <( Tow iloo plated Capset.i,
na.l .ll ,air la ) rrhis. .\ o fril of 1it. esnpll r onec prisiu) Tow Hoolk, plat Ci dle k,
btar' iire l.ilhion. .1isil amuunlit lto Uii riece. The medals (- Every person nalou to Iee thele Islands, after Sad Irons, Toilet Glasse
ititll. I'lo i eiuidown to the rreigi of JlJhin II in all, aarin resided erefor the siarsep ofTTHRTY DtAv, amidt ALSO--
Sil l 1ashl ieeeas Miodern Tllht tes.l : I. r'Ihoie of the Pipes Otard's ltrior Bran.dy.
lnes of Fraone.lrom Charles 'VI. lo .Loi11 X 11. 37 pieces. Cire sweurity at the Secretary's Ofce, or plt p lanme in Buttn Barclay's Porr.
L The oold meadll of Louis XIV. It5 piec.e. .3. The N;- said OfcerforFIrrEEN DAr vprrious to kisdeparture-- f- GEO. R. BANNISTER.
Cha'rlte X. 5. The greet men oi France. tO pieces. 28I
unifilrm series of Iouis XIV. antl Louis XV. 44 pieces, may be obtained.
STi seres of the Iopes in gold, a8 pieces. NAMES OF"PERRONH j .R McKEE, Dwioti, i. a Ie. m an e rem i as
ABOUT TO orrAIN TICaTa o DnarATai. RJLA M". Biadwin's boadill Log rw he wi in L
JEWISH TIH.ATMEN. F OF CHOLEA. Slut November Feli CeLimlr Ruby happy to wait oa tose who aey ampir. big proi we a
JE ISH TRETME r OF CHOLERA. ith December Thoms Tubnull services.
I ith Elmete Barry January 28th.
,- h ol ing is the mode of treatment adopted by thb oth January Aphey Wellsr .ry
Ire i wof VWinniz in case of cholera; out of 240 indivi- Ioth Joh I. Forbse. OR SALE, by privnt em n, Deby hind,
is is tuat town attacked by the disease, every one of situated nPAr weat end Eo s, t I
Swas mved by this mode, except two, who refused to bout 700 acm. for further particll, aply at thi
k to te d pln proposed. The plan i communicated oac.
<, lUs lir publiluin io the i- t of Saturday, and i m ot. nl l W W January 25t9
r oreralpoints of lt remedy are as follows -- OUND, a old Brooch, st with pe l Th er
1 pl of strong pirits of wine, end half a pint of R c1n have it h y applyliag di ia.
heh wlaine vinegar, add to them one ounce of pow- .
Saphor, one ounce of floor of mustard, a quarter ARRIVED. FT
an an of ground pepper, and a tea spoonful of Jan. 29th-H. M. schr.Skipjack, Lt. Sborland, Cruime NOTIlC -
bid rllic, aid, lastly, half an ounce of powdered Feb. lt--Sloop Little Turk, Bartltt, Turks Ilands IlIE SUBSCRIBER, lllatni t ave dthi i
llarides; mil well in a batle, and expose'lor Iwelve Rum, and *ld, April next, for the VUnild lkm riqen al per-
ers to ilse mn, or in a warit place, frlluently ranking som haing demands agalnj t l i, te reai d ; aid
I. As oon as preon i ttackod, let him instantly be CLEARED, those indebted, to mke paymlet or befe the 10th
ta bed under wart elverlids, and let ha hnds and Jan. 25th-Am. sloop Aseni, Anderson, Key WIt Pebrury. All acomDnts remaining wepl t dt at
he l ibBd powerfully and aninteruptedly, with the li- date, will be lef at theo i c of 0. P. Wed, Eq. for
lin l mile wanr. During thi operation, he must take The Am. schr. Se fower, Captain Hammett, which recovery.
!L of strong drink, eomped of two parts of canto- ailed on the 22d ultimo for Boston, returned to thi port Janoary Th. F. TURNER.
Imlwers, and one penl f balm mint. Persevere in on Sunday, the 29th, for repai .--having got asbor
tarsme, and at ihe end of f6lleen minutes at the ut- atthe Berry Islands, onheroutward bound pasge,andwau TO BE LET, itht pin llr ad
l (the paint's head and body being kept well covered mubaquently relieved by the prompt miitance of His Ma- H lloe and Premise, tely is the matio
th l the he d-clothos) he will break out into a profuse jesty's schr. Skipjack, Lt. Shorland. of Henry Addereey. Empire, with limmiMs
lipLation, end must be kept in this tate between two pae ion. Apply to
i dicem hours, but on no account be allowed to fall NOTICE. ADDELEY.
bM After Ilsi, remove the extra covering from the f HE SUBSCRIBER offer lor sie, by private bar- Jnuary 2h.
L ead he will fall into a slHmber, which wiU ast tsi or T ain. l A
iLhee and be accompanied by a gentle perpiration; 6 bahd. choice laderi Wine, H ". Pl a i
"te asakes, e will find himself week, but the d r- don o o o. MrL. PAM. HHa In aP Nid
Swill ha ve entirely len him, and he will requich nothing 60 doS. do T hmas rfe ud l her oli m A t of -l-e, -it a h Vu g a uS
i tiham rest and nloderate diet to rate Iim to pr- 1 truok G danm E IM 's Sll ms, a aced, i ihe anl i Lehio the
lahlh. E.rlucial care mutl obe taken, afler the ope- 2 blue Dinner ehu. SLe tsnd .d l .ir ThauONa
in of rubbin,, Ihat tlH pttient does not so much as lift IIENRY OREENSLADE & CO. a r
-" Sla b ahvre lilt ba'd-clothic. for the idightet child whilst December 24th. hat i(eatn iny haal. -k i d par
i ~elrpiratilo is upon him would he instant death. of fm In- b-L pSt
-!!Om dwre 6 cramp in die aIoanch, apply dry bags ofA nA. ALSOA A
ased alvsts ery hot lo sIe pit of the tomuch, and "hERS. HOWARD, Jr. has; rrosu her RoAnlem A tse of Lad sltw at the Yva. mini n
naSI' a bladder of lut water to the region of the MT Eirrat.TLnrvar, i the Calk d"e Lt Ofia, north crest. It i divided by do vill d lt I oLa, i
akT great point is to iroahluce a strong perspire- of the Government linsou, ewet er lot intctkat dl by bs e retd ld l b t
i- td relore tire circulation. if tle blood to ilt. surface The vprv airy and rcmmndine 'situation of thi house im village inol e e Blo i rnd. 'Lih d wllEb d-l-
Sl ahd). froul wl.hl, 11art the lh~ul is drawn t ltdp should conmmani the attention of all travellers in wum poed ofs i one r treelot. ApI M
Str e.on all'. Iutar'k, aid ilaruou wilh frightlul climate. Jh.eN W. MILLE.
tii n1 i ash iir."' June 16ill. September 17th.

so..* ,ow or as
erpire, emph 4

aem,.e i1 Le mL.i ber( Ideed. Tha pla -
eing. -n tha ,rn, dthlealise o af lmeapeaU-
played, Lte a s airr, p wl ito eaira an
expendian ia dbm m Lt lwar ear iliw mat,
in artica Wo mitWly the pd _llani d Britisb
Pl,B rtid eaptile, Bd Brhlirakar. Thle wo which
this lede aNd m thm iate tAh coa of the
Hates b gte ad usiWHdmhaH; dh production of Ite
Wad lnd ClMlesti alnam yildpjernmet a revenue of
nearly ma ills a*-pr T various branches of
I, -lldcommma eas ip sagfilabL Mad
anele,44ngtl tnk, cto waey dtimada, bat me may
aito4M s lt a nret Brika mdin her trasm iine
poot..,iou,, ,ide s eds. f s iol.,nd Ma pro. is
puNs th sel*, we spra in mer m dombnis. The
value dof e trenerine poisesaoa also is prodigiously
enhamd whom ii i lemenmbend that alGmsn am da au.
Ites of ms be the produle of the il of tme
respertive peamusAue and, morver, of a description
whihgive empabymet to the rnesom number of labour-
ern, and to demgreatlequansly of manage the latter, of
te.lf, a plm of e val ipoartaane to a naval power like
Oreal rlg. ..
The BrIIh nlith American Coloois, so little known,
and', nach dlampid le GrOat Britain, are, neverthele,
d thle gamm h ertace to her lengthh and prosperity.
--'rk Ii ad popabtl r are lcreasing in an astonish-
ing manner. They give unlimited sope to the employ-
ment of Britia capital, and to the productive labour of
Ie onu.ernam emigrants from Great Britain and Ireland,
who are daily ieking mnge on their shores. The num-
ber of emlgramie tIs year gone out to Britsh North
Areimr, am.ameli t In the coure of aetl year
hese will reqeres imports ftom this country, of Britils
article, equal to 6 aterling each. The tinber nod the
hnmber trade them, in varise ways, immediate em-
ployumL. Ti lhay prinmera fora in North America
are has down, eaportd, and converted into cash. The
land thus cheered is, by agricalmral lahour, readerd pro-
ductive in all kiadof grain and vetahles, whether fur
the food of maou r of bom. The forests of Canada, by
fhe as pp'ne labor, are turned into agricultural
capkl, and th ale of eery country shows tha a
prupepre. ad pr ct ivagrialure m precede maeu-
factures. There wm be o manufactures where te nuil is
m cuhmvated, and whoe then is not a superabunulant
a isculturl populirson torn their efforts to manufactures.
p orie hs asts hown, that an agricultural population
in always the mt inlutrious and gateaosd, and once
the great adlneage of having i uel pome.ionm a our
North American prince, to which the superabundant
pultion of GOre Britait and Ireland can emigrate.
a ori- areand de shore of these provides, are
really aim of weali, if attemvely worked. The -ro.
vinle of New IBreawlwek h aednace of escelal cud,
which the Uniel uad m e without, at AM each au i
meneole and bea adopted ifr se navigation i and
accordingly d- trade in codea Ro New Brunwick to the
United Utae, hta already heeo a trade of importance,
ad h ac th prap d peliy f encourage ad
pratectig a ca le, iauted aof tm owing our avourn
apon Norway, and lhe States rend J ah, B which i-
ther takear ma rve mr nor pauper population fro
m. Is ma of md t h coal d New BrOawick may
furnish m toa st ap th Golf of St. Lawreac from
6evar theal aack, mad tha reder the Caniaas Lva -
Beeide the im e mad which h, as mnvl aiud mfT-
tory -lsiaiesma m lnl u a-I aesL y r eplaced is
uach a veri y of dcli u ah hy ds those production
whal m anr m w tod npy g l suts mad the dae
cisecie of dthe et | e d lsha Great Britain pirom
witais hat ows dam e, h peace and in war, ishe-
tible fld for nnmmrv whhh whih on foiignir ihm a
right to ismn, ad wUicb ahr, or ought to be placl
co.ko y bheyad dilr tctrmul
We a e only to matrssn the colonial cominmre aluded
to, wh a whole cammrce which Great Brliaim caries
ma with very foreign power, i ordor to stow how much
the fm amght, in preafence to the laner, ho engage
Sear a lmmm to eam d nor cae, and to nr iv oar
prtmaim Bes it in a Lam taie fact, that, for aoal
yer peot, Omat rio m tai i prmed a co a dcly tha
reveo Tlmaia p io have oa ely
= m etami ely -
miad dqsri, at a tmhewheai. C rm m mad 6 ta b

t"ardia P.i m-reemi. cippling shah nergi ,
ha t a iaiaf g th snqth of mel, and t-t
aing t brigrn. th elmi. TEeru riniorn.
is do govemmm d do m The Cegammigi this
herl tesEL d"mml to be dN-mi d, i hmd NeM.r-
wy ad Pami Te sar wnd of the Wea Iam b
alhas tab e away, to bma thL IBma mad Cdm.
The ea Uidmeasomeilndshet qheemtmndapir whi.
Usied Steau have risen ita ra ; and the wr- lror
M da Cap of Good Hope, do har. tl dir pr-
pory in vino-yard a udr dt faith Pariamet, an
ahea to hae cri&oed to thewiam-w of Frum
which canmry msd am every tilg dse can, and take an
little from us ua pnmible The a aanopamof o ur
CeloalmI r i lway ripehenublr, imsntnime ds-
treming, and at other times ludicrous. Tlius, the mother

ais lesd of "t 4 ar whi se ***e. m e

in Cames.Thr ar n 1r hai ys wera Mdvand
hB ab mpI.4aui r with hea, goad wk. arirmid thg
t sma a hiU w hald have ladef dltel bytheeo-
calg eurueL. The penimess cam from all.R to
Ledo, where they gotl the cuI but ns no rlvom
was appointed for em, m authority to direct them,
deay were quickly deprived of jioir money by sharpen
anad bygti-l and when thi days r aesig aes ., no a half
could he asusmld! The m*hig were atrwards return-
ed a their parba, to be pp ed as paupen for life!
A portion Miled, ad reached Q bec. They applied to
the governor lor the lands which had bee promidd them;
bat, at their rpris and mortifiation, they were informed
that tu Colonial Ofice had never written a word upon
the object I They weie, accordingly, left in want-some
of taiem spent their money, and becanie imupwri in Que-
hec the reminder founl their passage hoht, after ex-
padia Ithe funds thpy bad reauning ; and, arriving in
this comtry, dtey are thrown as pmpera upon the parlihes
to which they belong I A more disgraceful ad heartmm
job scarcely stands upon record in the history of Colonial
Office negligence and fully.
During the lst eight ycars in particular, the Minitters
who have composed the Cabinet of Great Britain, have
been so busily engaged in concocting measures to keep
themselves in power when they bad got poaession of it, or
to got hold of t again wlin tey bad loat it, tiat they have
at bed time to tuend to any thing els. The cunsequen-
ma of this isate of things hae been, that the welfare, the
prosperity, the Interests, and the peace, of all our trans-
marine possessions, have been ihamefully neglected, and
given p to bedirectld and ruled by a bend of tileoretical
boys in the secondary ranks of the goveunnient offices,
who are set apart to suporiotend colonial interest, and
wh, by patronage and hypocrisy, like have got
themsaavie advanced from a three-legged atoo to an easy-
chair, nd who imagine that, because they have been so,
they ay, while blowing thlrnmpot of Lilbrty, tell
their uasthey are slav." IJt pw such as these
our colonial empire Is now nlE l t a rmouato
property, caltal, and comnas eI upo n oibs
posemons, are endangered and ni std v and
unprofitable. Napoleon, my Lord. w M ai t bare acted
thus; nor doe any nation in the world act in this manner
but Great Britain; and if she will conlluti to persevere In
iuch B pernicious course, she must expect to reap the
fruits of bhr folly, namely, sevre national loss, and deep
national humiliation and degradation.
I am, &c. JAMES M'QUEEN.
Glasgow, 10th Oct. 1831.
t The exports greatly exceed this amount, but I caenot ob-
tain mao correct retrna.

Frar .-The Pari papen are devoted, almost exclu-
sively, to the consideration of the late ordinance of the
King, for de addition of 36 new Members to the Chamber
of LPeer. This measure appears to have caused upon all
hands an extraordinary snsation, and to have provoked
discumion and resistance in some amrtenr, the virulenc of
which threMens to be exceeded only by the demancitions
thundered forth against the mennoralh July ordinance of
Charles X. which eat that Monarch into exile, and near-
ly cat his Niniterls their heeds, who had the temerity to
authemrate and adopt them. In this work of fierce hoa
tilty the journal of all color, except them avowedly
Mionieral, have taken a very large ad prominent share,
and their earnest adurationt to their amouryies haen
bee mssponded to by a comuideable body of Memilrs
of the Chamber of Deputies ad some of e leaden of
the met viaoItof ta parioice clubs, which M to have
bes aam sddenly called into polical eaimha to land
their aid In thi ao-cBad ca of d eperat emergency.
These seval pirti, "a the adve of the Prai, have
held conference toger, ad ware, am datm of the lha
account, devising, in comment, every possible mans to
prevail upon or frighten the King into a msvoatio of the
oboinos ordinance,or to compel hbe Minimer to forag
the exection of it.
It was, however.'ithout avail, for the Chamber of Deo
paties have rejected, by a majority of 27V to 1.'3, an
addrim to the King apinst the exerci of the royal pr-
rigatu in the nomination of peer.

Ftm tBh Lo~N Times, Nemaner L
Nit-tom- r-Yem.rdy, Mr. Carmtchl Sayth, aa I
lieitor, applied to the mgirsares. eme. Rea d LAg.
for aus mml-warmn auga his wife, which wa granted; and
the pplima pronadedo rhe cletr's ce to hav it made our.
beady atterwi he returned to the M eam. mad comr.
ph dut tshe ds hlbrd made a manjio claim of 4s. from
kd which be was detemied not mt acemle maril he e
mlted wb ti Malhe im.
Mr. oger mid tt that offce were not in the habits o
ueren th was right.
Mr. Iyl.-hIt i my Mstrage that I should be charged 4.
at di" a, whoem on other omona I hble eoly paid ai.
fIr te wmemr ad a mre mba oa., een allnt for
the mh'm semnti .
babe am eme, mid they always changed s. for Ith service.
Mr. Bmyth.-Then I ay it is illegal, and you have wo right
t* e4-B is.
Mr. lgm.-Pay. when was tha amklt committed
Ms. mysl -Ts ault i ofa eO mpliRced smts, snd
I caet wer to the exact spot; but oaera amn m were
committed upon me hy ny wife.
Mr. must poiet oun the neighbourbood in
which ttook plce.
MY. Smyth statd, that he met his wife nar Marlehne
workhouea, when he amalirh him. Bhr the, followed him
ill along O"lonl rud. oatil he arnlt at St. Gilrs' crho-h.

madamomsebry. The hlowr alaiagd
ai ad you M jaUiad, a a l Y hoJm.c
-OeM aro py wvmh-bm y H
ha ben decided so by Lord Tdernda. m ..
Mr. Roger saidjba Bloombhur wy -a '. '
that office. and he nworlk the applicant a 1o I
whne the mult wau comnited. I 68
Mr. SByth oedn not wear to my parn 7t*h _
believed il to rheb be oni s missed a the &*d o
Ilulhbo. Sir Richard Birme had refused to iu .
mea, ad -rferred him them.
The magistrates refuse to Lhsan s.
Mr. Bybth.-Then I eag y my that I o l
Cout King's Bench br" itmanipi l'i
eia pe tree end Ar
ae a agd against the eossa for dac Ile s c
wern titled to; on which he quittetdhe one. .
[What a queer fellow this CarmlchaaoSmyth in

From ie I.serpol ChkmiJt.
An Odd Fetlow.-Thmre at present rtai I
rlngtos a singular character of the name of Je ,
Thi eccentric, last summer, got an oaken co i
him at the Old Quay, Manchester, and it was eth
per packet. It runs upon whoeeobI d hasa lck oit
is used in his house s a wardrobe, &c. With thil
of frtnitur for futurity he has aelscted a grvp e la
rington church-yard, where he intends to be hd b d.
following inscription is on au pright tone ina mvw
spicuous part of the church-yard, handed byit nrs '
station of a fat, cut in the atone and peatad, eaw *s
ches both in height and depth-the tone is heat io'h
This grave never to be disturbed after the Interment do. fL
The Old Quay Flats e My delight
I Sailed in them both day and night
God less the Muters and the Clerks
The Packet People and Flat Men e
Home drivers and all their Crew
Our Sails are set to Liverpool
We must get wander way
Discharge or Cargo sae and
Bound injmlucheter BJuy
Now all hind. when you go home
Serve the Lord where ever you go
Let the wind blow high or low.
On the other side of the stone is,-
John Leigh
Mary leigh his Sister died Bth Oct. 180o aged s8 ad
Bety Mlother of John and Mary Leigh died Ith y u
agae 8 yearm.t
Here she lies I hope at Rest
In the Glory of Heaves all for the beet.
SA bay in LiverpooL t Never mai

Spring Gams i Farm Yard.-Lord MelIbo ib
introduced an met of Parliament for ecurie td
againet the destruction of inceediatien, for the wadam d
which the annals of legislation have hardly a aikd
This act empowers famter and others to set spring e
their yards to shoot those who approach to fire their s
and the following is the aode of in operation;-The .
candiary leans over the well of the farmr-yard snd
charges a fire-ball into rick; a blse arises, the Bi
sants of the farm-ohuu arealarmed,--they rush ilh
yard to extinguish the fiams, and the foreasno ase Ald
dead by the spring gun. Panic-struck at the ver, is
fellows fy from the asp, ad te next day a ammA a s
quest is hold, and a verdict of Died by act of Pea
meot" returned. Deodand on the act, la.-Pol
Pilat.-The bill has beea withsawn, and we Lho *
hall hear no more of so lish ad miaschieve a m

Vmaltral I'arw s.-The Right eHonoae hi it
Tbheton, K. G. B., late Miniter at Lbhbo, nt I
Thornton, were summoned lat week before t
Itra at Plymouth for cruelly beating and ameiail
on, a lad of fifteen. It appeared that Sir Edwud a
his lady habitually employed the complaiansl .d i
brother inthe umst degrading menial ofica. Tha a
plainant bad been ordered by his mother to swep i
carpet and clean the grate of her dreaing-rot s a
having done so to her Ladynhip's satifactica, ds d
him by theea and knocked his head agalat the
cmL Sir Edward also se d him by the hair of dia
ad truck him five or six times most mumercifully is
face. His earbled and his fce was frilgtflly ia
It farther came out that Sir Edward and Lady T
held their daughter's feet forcibly in hot water, rleF
of her scream. The m inreates, after full brmi
the caw, convicted Lady o ton in the padly dl
and Sir Edward in 1.

FOR SALE-At thi OUee.
Bi of Lnding,
Bilk of Exdinge,
Bill of Bale,
Muieau of Caroes,
Blank Form for the Custom IIoue,
Leans and Releases,
GeMal Court Writs,
(haerd Court Executions,
Bill of Sale for Vesmela,
Mortgage (with bonds,)
Warrant of Attorney to Confes Judgment*
Powers of Attorney,
Obligation Bonds, &r. &c. &rc. et
N. B.-Job Printing executed with neetnre
patch, upon good pal.r., anJ on inoudratc terms
January 4, lUJ2.

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