Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: Janurary 21, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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u1 gil S. ter. BATURAY, JAlVWAhTY 133. VL. I5p -.

it gL BAHAMA JIOU. rom, which opeAl by mOneDs of a ling panel, amd dhsa and hada of ear hets we have shown eam h
preserved heitlf front tlit faue which awaited her acrifi- thakfl for thy m es, nd have allowed or al ay
oaua m- Mi-wriLl u lmu N. r cd and violated daughter at the bands of the devilish motions inmmd of thy holy laws: Yet, O Mercl FllLr,
mains. The wreatc having performed their hallilh ier a thy deoyieg m l to lif up iM had pi
___ per aeI_ Sag _ -f. uiBce, attempted to set the hme on lre in the pin hi bu keo- u, aut hIrtofure done, t mlM nd
which state they left if, amd then proceeded to their llow- meny; and grant, th, heing wa ed by the mimp
Scuuadreli at Crui-Rouuse. When they were gone, Mr. of then to repent o af als, we my be preserved from
Sal:ider emerged from her hiding-place, mure dead than all evil by thy mighty p time, mad ejoy dl r maskr
alive, and etlinguised dbe ire, which, at ttll time, in the Iace of thy mercy a ,to tro h tbe mart of ms
parlour, had jue commucad bIning te card-tbles. ly Mediator ad Advocm Je Chris. A ."
Mr. Saundr is salfciually recovered t uuke his de- 0. Almighty God Who, by dth mn ins am of
positions before th Juge do Paii, but it is eipecld tht mortality which eaoampos u a every alde, dat aI
-"-- ln wi ll not live through liMe lglhL The bull had passed oupn l seriously toconslder tim obrtlms ofouraae Im
'O'EL_ -- :ihruugh his right side, and lus lodged in his bhck. Al- upon earth, and remind ua tlt in the midst of lif we e a
" THEi HUMMING-BitR. though the wound is not supposed to be mortal, it in feared in deal, so each us to number our day, hat we may p-
ecaaN JO La- ) that ath imeOlise lau of' blood which he has mutained will ply our hearts unto wsdoui.a-(ive au grace I trn unt u
nmaiabllt' i e hio a .-moari-rn-nor.) cause duath. In his present exhausted state his medical thee wihh timely repentance, and lshu to oLis, through
ilal kutmi--lld--4 hmming-lird, alandansn do nut think proper to aitulpt to extract tie the merits of our Saviour, that pardon to-day wkhic to-
b he am-l e uay brig. bUll, illich cra be easily done tihe moment in gains mui- morrow it may be too ble to sek for; that m beli
A cream of delihlbL ciein strength to undergo die operation. I wil give you urenmthened by thy good Spitis again the trera Vo
flier particular of my pur friend aod hi frantic and ldath, and daily advancing in godllmem we my at an
il dhe maitlu Islandsl of the east, bruken-lorted wib in iy nelL Te Tlring still con- times be ready to give up our souls into thy had, 0 O ra.
Where Iragrant Nices gmrw, tiuues-the Natiunal Guards appear to be pea lyed, and cious Father, in the hem of a bleb d immortality, droigh
l tahonsnnd, tbe ad bomamil-hrd confusion, debauchery, sad criusi uf the moat revolting the noedhtion, ad for the mader a Jesm Chri aoir
me glancing t a 1 amnd fearful magnitude are in the ascendant. Loed. Amn."
Like ivig AIre they flit shot., P.S. Since writing tie above, I have learnt that two
Scare Iarer the a Ine. Eglbfine have been sbuh i the Rum Tivoll, who we Frmes IDe Limurp Ca rr, Neamber sO.
AAng th dlusk plmertlaa la* wlk quietly ga d m ve o g, angy ome. 1a I POLITICAL UNIONS.
A And trogh the f-mmlM. am told they are bulb dead; iberefore, unidl peace is r --
And lthe wild m sdlndt oweds, tored, and the Suthorities gel the better of the insurgents, The Lands azette of the 2od instant rontanle de
Wkhereataily mieh t -- I salll not quit my hotel. A detachment of a regiamet S alowi pruclanion reltive to political unions:
Where ba fr branching tree to rma of the line, consisting of two hundred men, isjust arrived." Wheeas, eotae of our subjecs Is iireat parsa o
The mault pasion-Aower:- AlDITIONAL PRTIcLAU. our kiplom ave recently promulgaeld pluo fuor vulh ry
Whem. ms e mihlly rkier-baks, The cause of the colulum ion were entirely local, and assoc n undi i dr u he denomination of political uniums,
La Plnae r Ammuon, admitted iupon all land to lie unconnected with polilic. to be composed of enperat bodies, with various divisions
7 ir emalB like a frl-tree. Lyons is known to be the chief manufacturing town n i d subdivbeon, under iendemr, a gradetld of aud
SI 6lmak in the uma- France, and, like pplces of the ame clam in thi country, aushrity, mad diiinglifkd wih metBal I an
Tker bedlh he m the hum L-hinl, to be lusceptilble of a high degree of excitement upon any subject o the ea nem"l mlMti lad dilueti ofn mip e ri
Within the anieat wood occurrence atlluodig the wages of the journeymen, won commkileeor council, for wbich a umciuoea no warwauthl
Her s aof silky ceann down, form a considlcable portion of its population. The trade been given by u, or by any appointed by ua tiat be-
Aid ram her tiny brood uof the place had beu, fur some time piecedalg the revo- half: and where, according to the plans so promulgdied
lutiun, in a ducliniog state, a circumstance repeatedly re- a foturmaaid paoer appeal to be aussmd of actlng I-
le h wmre it to a slender twig. i rred to of late, with regret, by tie journals: but uice depmendenly of te civil mrgistratl to whom requisitlio
here waves it light a .nd Ie. the great days," whuthur fromn the secessil, of several callingupon he t ohe be enrlled as coembles, the iWi
Aed rocks the mighty tree. ,f ihe more upilesbt clhis of French sociey, or te mnore viduals composing much a ciatiokU are boad, ia omoiI s
viguruu, competition of rival silk manaactoiies in Eng- withl he rest of our subjects, to yield obedience; and
Al riamon is her shining bra., land, as walla (iennany, tIb primicipal manufacturers had where such associations, so constituted and appointed
li to theile r r ol msem; Iat themselves compelled t intimate to the workmen that under seia separate direction and command, are ob-
fer lUla is Ihe changeful green end lue thea should be ubliged to trench ulpn the wages whicb viosly inciompatihle with the faithful performance of th
Tbhal Ile ieck u tihe peacock ahowa.. they hail hitherto allowed them. duty, at variance with tu acknowledged pricp.ip of the
Thm happy, happy hummnng-hird, These suqestiuun, as might be repected, were nwt by constitution, and subveosivro f the authority with which
No linier round thee ourn.- a determined spirit of dsnls ail a concerted plan of op- we are invested, s the Supreme Head of the Rite, for
Thnu noveir m o a, lenless tree. imition seii to Iale been agred upua a consdearlil the protection of the public peace: and whereas we are
TWr landl waihonUlteet flower! ilme ago it Lyons. The jiourneymn placarded through determined t uaimitin, against aHl encrolnd.'ae on our
all parts of time town a cale of wages, wihi the consent of Royal power, iae )just prerogative of dlh Crew which
WRDER OF AN ENGhlSll FAMILY. the Prefert, to which the masters were enjoined to sub- bae been gientous for the preiaertiooef thapemie aId
-- ribe. The latter, having no alternative but sunbniioin, order of society, mad for the general advtalge uad m -
oleler from Lyons which reached Lea on consented to y the price required frum alt but, in curity of our loyal objects:
tlhe folullowing horri occurrence : theiir own ilerncc, determined upon giving emplotnenal We have therefore thoarahl it our boondan dy, wish
Si adors, an E n ish gentleman, who baa been only to half the usual nolauber of operativs that they had and by the advice of our Privy Cancil, II ine thi, a m
a Lyons for the ast three years, with his wife empiloye before. This was out calculated to allay the Royal proclAmation, doclariug such iaoismnes a- com
i ly, eating of thr daughters, of thi agM of ferment, already becomeournmidable by what is now deem- uiluued, and appoinod as fuoreaid, to be ucomDalimgJ o
Lighteen, and twooty-two yanr, and a o of ad the culpable acluiescence of the Prefect; and the and illegal, aod ernestly wmaing and eajoini allU ou
yag M age, went out with t1 National Ouards workmen agai proclaimed that thiy listed Ul)Om the full subjects to obtain from entering into ucL unmutboried
t diving the mob of work am th position number of hands being employed at full price combinations, whereby they my draw upon themmevm the
es pied at the Crois-Roue. Upon arriving at The maters replied that they could not comply, and penalties atandig a vioktion o the is, and the pieal
ne was hrled at him, which wounded him every thing threaened an open collision. Upon the even- and scuriy of our dominionM my be mades.gred.
td face. Mr. Seaades, who is a mn of ing of Sunday the authorities of Lme were appriMed them Given at our Court, at St. James's. this 2in day of
Wha, aully, perhaps eaisid at this attck the silkweavers, in auoher frem ,O to I1tUUI, im November, is the l year of our reirs. Gud save l h
bhis gon a one of t insurgent leader, to nsentble in arm. the following morning ats phatecall King.
l dod upua th spot This so incnsed the the Crom-Rouge, the B elume a of Lyons, for tll pur- Allthouh the procaiestle decltres *N ah smec m ia-
1Ip cry of "Y IYs AeglMirs" P gnamral pose of enforcing their tariffo wage The prefect aium- ions" to e mecea-tiUl timM al" a I leg" a t dl
W ranso and a detachtme.s, comaiging of moned the Naional Guard and he soldiers of the garrison. I/ami Curirr, of Thursday, appear, by dwe blowing
haid of the m dat desperate ad thee aom- the latterW whom, it appear, did not exceed 1,(00 men. paragraph, o wi to explain away what ma theobvioanl
tl the residence of Mr. Satuders, which as Towards evening the inurgnts are aid to have ba meaning of the words: It i a mistake to eppine taIt
them e houdred yards from where ie man- repulsed from all parts of the town by Uleneral Ruguel, he proclamation ia Tumday's OuuGre, was inledd to
ema-bld. *and at the dat of the lls accuse these person had putdow and eatiguish legal amocailoa. The lalm-
earing that mome mischief was intended been set at liberty. Gen. Roguet hd threatened, if they Ion was to caution the pbc aain ielal min
proceed to his hoel by a neare cut, and id not submit ihe neat day, to ot fi to the suburb, ani Perapsr, however, we Itl et my m mo lk f we a
jct before the mob came ap. lie ime- eat them without merry. that the government would rather have a smochele,
Slma his doei anud windows, and prepared even of the pilo loyal kind, just this m Soen, hLkheig
' rmnitmence. The firlt menleh attempted t FORMS OF PRAYERS TO BE USED IN ALL theneceaity of thd would be recgaiMd If dth refrm
l enter door he fired at, and wounded him in the CIIURCIIES. bill bla he again dereltod-- reuk which arw em le
th insurrectionists now became des'aerate, and in Iis Majesty, in Privy Council, having ordered thla his be Dnet to imipoiLble."
i two minutes lihy gained an entrance. A men O Grce the Archbihopouf Canterbury should prepare r.inr
waad dnesnction now commenced lwhichl blies of prayers td lmighlty God, io be uied in all church Chain Cabes.-Lailrly, the ue of ropes bi bt -e
i Mr. Saulders, knowing that his lifo would and chapels during the continuance of danger lfro the largely rperstede by the daipatmiom of chains, nt merely
fit of hi ralnc, rewlved toldl hi own, ad cholera morbus, he primate of England, aistaed by the for cram, holing perpoe, dr.,t especilly fr cabes;
I i family, who were doomed destruction, as benchof Bishupe,on Saturday, adopted the foelig pry- large mtnufaclorm e for chains of this deascipatiLo hing
t f pimibt. Io placed a large double chest of rs, to he read in all ihe calhednals, collegiate aMd pro- been established in London, Liverpool, Brimmol, Hau, d.e,
a ap of the staircase, on the frst fligh, over cllial churrhes and chapuis throuhuti the kingdom. In the substinrion of iran for hemp in the manufactre of
SIraw chair and talent i to impale the program of Mmot Gracio. Famher ad God Who ba promised cable, the two great deiderate, durability and raeity,
; r'hn mounting ame drawer, armed with a forrivenes of ine to all th that with hearty repeatmre are largely scored i the uae of the former mmatril: Im
Srille, I threatened to sot tie first man and true faith utrn to thee, look down, we beocb thee, neit object has bn o unle wilh these, ecoma y in
!e ed. This threat had no efect-the moi from Heaven, thy dwelling place, upon a thy unworthy expee and liglintna i thearticle. The asming arim,
in"ra pell-mIlil, anl Mr. Saunden fired, killing servants, who, under an awful aprehension of thy judg- which a large ship riding at anchor in l weather serta
t, d wounding, it is supposed, several others. ments, andl a deel conviction of our ainfulnes, protrate upon the cable, can hardly be conceived by thae we have
"d laoi miso lue riotersl iore desperate-the ourselves before thee: We acknowledge it to be of day never witnessed its effet. Nel therefore to the se ma-
e broken down-a passaee cleared, and the goodnres alone that, whilst heou has viilted other nations ily for the iron and the workLmnahip Ibing ueah am ast d
.l I o thn two minus, was filled with demons in with peslilences, thou hat so long ipared ma :--ler pity, not give way, is was idispenuambl rhtl the iMaks ld a
O Lord, have pity on thy people, both here and abroad : draw togleer at thi sides from great leaghadll ainse.
s was thot throndil the side, and left for withdraw r t beavy laud from thoe who are suerig To ecre thi end, it hi become omsmo, hi making the
I in hit i; l I rre dauhc were under hy judgments, and turn away from us tIa grievous heavies cable, In place within each Ihnk a nct hr so pre-
i jhe on wau hlircr;,. I by neariv severing calamity, against which our only security is in thy compas- vent iel onmprewuion. [This uhe father law iluN aeed
it ,dy '6itah ra s',vi-'nili. Mr. Saun- S ion. by n esranvin o i a p.raion of ter dcin of the Mi l urs.
I in in ed- We con

S deaer hamitae, Captain Prulden, arrirvd hi
- -l 6m Whmistate, ldilag *ahr American ha
paMa m o whch, from Chareston, is to de 5th in- so
a; it the d rs are aot of recent date, and do not con- ni
l in mlam aw lawt then the 17th of November. Ih

p, i aR el Osl a, J ad ahum Adrrderr, Jua. lt8. ge
I a he er. with regrd to onltgs against the public lo
awe m s epeetalS t from athlaviut that had be
m al e l the Police arthe proceedings of a Mi-
iet C4" ofqy., we expected to e enabled to give a cr-
ma emtof the aeeurseaeathat had takes place lto tow re
sod btdal Taaday te lh hiat; tamrm efeo in- T
:a me ow al deami e a" Ibst fan the circuls-
aw a dM whole being under legl Invsigatio in the Ge-
ant Coan new sluing, and that the cae of some of the p
i, whoas eondmlt and concern In thedinlurbances might o
Sepaedged, we refrain rfi liin g anch a account of athm
as Wi iaw p ame wo were the most ativ"e in the rioct,
in als e Uid sem be m tteo timam es, andmot pm
St m s m dlm eeamn ~ andi frki s Howeve
Scns;e a l pm1 br hia. ra we eabster. peper for-
Cam w a m- imen tha e p n of our .we
al will tak e chJm of Ah may be said by those c
e wk do dehiea wl totas em. b
The Edlr af the Reyal Gamnte heviag, in his paper l
of do 14th inlst, prmiaed a fair statement of the e-
Sme i wih ooek paen on the eating of the 10th
tinm m purposely delayed o.rlig any comment upon o
wh be tha amered, amd the aBd davits, A., to which d
he madeu allus, sold brought before the public. He.
however, by th above article, appears to have r-eoomi-
sad d =mar, sad esemingly amig, as a pepper it e
'sa r ot lgiing h e expected statement, that dte afair i a
apeam under legal hv ieation in the General Court, u
Alc. Ac. If ucwe really the c weshould audte t
TriA mivel heI dut he didd coolly and dahib-
e aly a pp eh a gepm violadtio of ut I, s banrfaced an
eIl-ecia', to drag hhi from the hrns of a dilemma.,
we -a, afal ait realy is, wBhe w cmlder hil years,
a- eemswefaa hke, sad bol him U p o la scora
ad dmiLof a amm ttS whow he as received
afe asuhg a peri. We a ;mr, mt emphatical-
ly, ad every person who lha bheo is oneaant attendance
as the( Om l Court, wi corroborate whatwo ay, that no
l alwr e, whatever, has ake place rhere, havmig the
glhi reference the occurreoce in question-neither ha u
ray mreasbes given theCou by any ooe,that there i tohe
me aIvetigation. We refer or readers to our reports of tle
preeedinga of dhe Court, from its opening, which we be-
She emaso s ley maerial mauer, an bmuias, trana-

*aa ,hn t es pers, at u heigad i uch d that
memd by the Editor of th Royal a~ t t
, L- ipa gaen of this Town, I ar, with ourselves, bee
peea a for Blm p His Enleaacy dhe Governor;
.a l bs ales haMv bea put a tiB April tom. One
aedy o 6ate gein a who wealthbd pon the Polie
l l to dL ps the ulawlfa amemb ge of armed
megeai la sreea, wa safronmately in the riot; od is
h di gre that de Pdl Magire should have been
s ai imimy anlige, a aot to have lak measuns for
paaseIMalg are nr m of the art, whn he Isw a rlotoui
diQpblls evinma by the agrov seady Is the ai c m m .
What biminahB nfermad for li have with the riots,
am i who way a bastunt of dte ocerrences which
Uek er aea ri e stam prjedoge he case of any of
a Wme go we cannot Sad aut, and leave it to the
sid JN dor the Royal Oaunae, at explain. Ha
i-ess dlpy great deal of fllng fr others and yet
m d by h bh And h a bleiado, than he eau
ly do by aay espO re of er r. Let him publish
a d ak-lm him prove what he has a ted--let him
ebo ap" thema active rions. If he does not, he
e- his ckar, a a mae and the leader f a public
ppfe, w. h namr.

19th January, 1832.
Upaq I Le etes of the Court, *he Grand Jury retired
wilhe bIt of ladicament remaining undispoed of, and,
ftr as abma ce of about two ours, retired into Court.
The mneral bill dispased of were:-
Thi Kingq
s. ) Grand Larceny-true bill.
Charas Nelis
The K*a 1 Amul on Catharine Hyea
T1 Co t bre hill.
ThIe King
Th Ki Amault on James Malcolm
W rs. s node b
The Oand Jry wee thea informed, ththhee wire
m eiha brl prepared for their consideration, and conse

Sm r i-had e redly bbed, d that m- eseael d aitdem anm
hes 1- dthe @d the 0a.6
d falen pn de ter, who, ig.con It aisequ e d mat the duresto ml
The lig a. jois Dvee a S -Maskal comeadma of the ached of Bas," at
wicpad io evideac (h" the p*-s *wai tI l itd sameid to Lyons allI tdhe tp
riat of ae doei in Mls 4ow a slt the gard of artillery that can he pared. kI *a
ouauler had blea repeatedly rubbed, and that suspicion b asosnt by express oro rs to Gesard
fallen apo do prisoner, who, lt-consequen, d d- the 11th divisioof the Army of t
rmised to watch for the thief; that, accoridigl h 9 The Revolution say -" We .
ght or tie 3lst LDcumbur last, armed with fire-arMo, persons have been arrested this morning.
posted himself in the gardn, where he had not remain ht ord had bon a dfor the rh
I any great length of time, before he observed ae person mu posted, but tl the nuuilMSr o s rin eda
nting over dio wall; that he immediately fired and hoetng o Gte Comncil of Ministers ye -
hope that Go ernment win
dged tie load in die fam of the deceased, who proved to a, eer f prosecution.
Sa boy slave. The deceased lingered until the 1 i Estraordinary laws against the
tant. The prioner wa without coumel. The Jury and principally against two or three
hired for a hort dne, and returned a verdict of guilty. of."
be Court sentenced de prisoner to pay a fie of l0l. Fr ... JOw ChdC
The KRIg a. Catherine Eve-Grand Larceny. The There wa a report on Chag of
distributed during this night t pa l
risoer pleaded guilty, and threw herself upon the mercy nade to the workmen in the lsuburt. I
r the Court. Seaenced to pay a fine of twenty dhillings to tInMe facts that M. Casimir Peri a
The King s. Charle Nelson-Grand Larceny. The said in the Chemer of Depuimes t"
rhoner ws indicted for stealing a Calfskin, valueu 16.) as mared under cm new d
r property of Peler Tico. Verdict,guilty. e a,, tm ofi"r h- se r
The King s. Them Cosye-r-AmuielL The po-s yeng Pete lately arrived at Pqa, d l
siri beiag wor, stated dthhs sai was a Ameik by rignMr, but doa eotgive their ma,
irth; that she was born a slave and hald rnatised in pole-offia went e te p l.L
avery until wredard o thee Islands, at the commence- a l band qadneair iu e t eo a ent o d
.e of the lat" yer, whom she bed bea. iuatd. t Yokics, by vlrtm of a varie d
etlw of the l yr, be h ad been H ted. t to his resideice, where i ia
Tpn this, Mr. Adeno, thie a I fir the diduat search, which appears tolme bamll ,
bjechtd to he eviM belag ree lived, apothe grenad Two cmm arise of police, wih a
l had mlet a ed amt of a te freedom fcr ie y o'clock, .to 7s idoC, s of
sat term being required, by the act of A mbly of 4th .the in rrcto t Mode IA
oo. 4 ch. 2 The Court having declared in favr they seized great number of fteK
e validity of the objection, he Attrney Generallled seen coming out of Mr. Misley's sode, th
aoeer witness, Mary Eve, who, however, laboring It does not appear, however, that itf h
d dthe s dimbilty, was also rejected. No othri vovery of accomplic .
rituess be i fo bcoming, the Jury, of course, acquitald otm P' CoU lwisil
The President of the Council s anmiami l
be defMduof 8 persons at Pb during the nigd lI
The King Four e officio Informations Is rrestm er ande in coaseqga
es. or Libelsoo his Ezcellency of a manuscript, nolt signed, coatsinmig thta
George Bigpa Sir Jami C. Smyth, Bar project for a revolution, for the purpon
Mr. Andersa exhibited as *dev, .pade by the de- Duke of Reiclatad on he throe.
bndant, sting fort, th the first notice which he bad re- From the JurnMl des De al
ivred of the prosecutions against him, ws by his amrr It nms certin that the King~ d l
a Wednesday last, under four beh warrant; that a elare which the a stressed cle Lyme&
emsosable time had no been *wed him, for hisdefic evils which the uanufactures iof L -yJe
aonble time ho d au n bw n hwed his, e h mdefee; a feow days ago for silk hanging to lme vate
hat his counsel w asnt from the Island; andilhit for which he ha no occasin whatever.
ider thee and tmr' drcummances stated in the s fidvis, An evening Journal (the Vseutt del f W;
a could nt proceed to tll with safety, during the pFiwe dt the workmen at Lyono deimma d i
erm. Upon thbafidanvit, the coamel m.ooed that thetril condition of their capitalatiom.
of the earal immaior against the defendant, be put CoLusa Moaus.-Th-ba lm ery i aw tt
od until' Bao in a miet. In making this mtiond, the cas reported i Newcmleu a having oMneel
counsel stated th be almadoesd he argument whichad were i ct fereig. orlf id ot l hem
been sat down 6r Sauirday miat, upos the defeadaam'a tlening physicm as sto he princpel c.
right of trava, uad would m te question enirely upon S gpwt OamId Ray's Caw. as "ee
>o affdart ngs!:li Afulim Atkat-cot.-His o
the adwvGit b A II P i hving be rpmsra*
After hearing te arguams of ie Attorney General he euperieced a feeling of death, lips and smp
gani" t modona, sad Mr. Anderse in four of t, the ng ef quid like thin gmeL spua r ms the
ChiefJutie anud Jultie Laes deferred giving their deci- le sit the t M aOs ediAhs I vms
Isthe aight. the eaflghbensa alarmed by bu
io umil the f ao g day. J-ia 8Samhads, how- te id givs. Bandy refused. At 5 A. N. ab.
eu, gave an opinion imntaOr agaeia the defendant. a"oal avice, notr aaied. At S P.
P r. At half pat wimnted ly Dr. mcWhirt
ibth January. treiti, thea sold. oke iteire le al
The Court O at ten o'clock, whe the decision of the clammy. etarmse thins, bet mind epl;
Court wa given n the me made yMeserday, for pot- e te em emet of the
pilg thear of tl Ifo e i the ch e of the bhoso re-aetion. AitIt. hrsin. slew mai
King as. Biggs, red ng lea Mr. Aadersoa tean moed p n owe. Died tranquilly at half
that the Informations b tried by Special Jarie, which nad m hal fmm the commncmntof Chmi
am the iaitiv of the nym to d toe
wa opposed by the Atte ry General, bet granted b dr she same foealn oter le e -ad 5 f i d
Court- 0 r g Bmod mld disl l. abe detailed dise eba had so foreign
One reasons e. d the paieat m 150
NASSA, 10t Jaary, iO. similar disloder ar t n eagit eer e *M
TNta 1, 19th Jauary, IA g the kdeemcs of any uspicioas fed c d
T Ie Editor Arumuch oad bhen neardlys rthedue l by his
8a,-Under the Editorial head of the Royal Gase on of the iLdividual about him beyora -.
of th 1fth instant, I observe the Editor has become bLa d affected i. loly, that asMeuame o
mighty squeamish of late. He ys, be could shw lore bas o inlly p ed astil ven. *A
up some who were the mot active in the riots, in light e d ed thin f emy. WeImy add trsltheme 6 edta
that would not be creditable to themselves, and not plean uon,a on Gateahead Fell, to a confmed t6s
ing to their immediate coanesiomn." The Editor gate.
he can do no such thine ; let bim produce e affdavits, if T.M. M'Wmn'rvT IL
he daer. It is one thing to make affullavi and another D. B. WaiTr, M I)
thing to disprove them. It is the prodoetion of these WouTw HOL r K r L PU.
papes he speaks of, that the public would wish, I ant Newestle. 0 9., I lt.
ur, wto Dm-forl believe it is the first time any one has d-
heard ofthem, or of any judicial pro-eedings thereon. So Ckolem MorbuW.-The following in* a "A '
far as regard ds eIf, 1 wair all delicacy, R0 to an of nv which has been plentailly disulbuted b hro1 he
friends being ei'lmsl, but would feel particularly obliged, All e to famles fou he rPventiona e
(as one of his ubscribers,) if he woult be kind enough to Maladi. as extracted from iie Liando G r.' n it
kind e o lady ,a t ex tricted frouit eLm m n o & lmeai it
ive me the information he pretends to conceal. He has 161. .
already published a flbsealood,of which he may yet feel the It is imponrian to Ioint out the in'staint me
pecuiary conusequses. may s-felv and benefit ;lvl be Pem hl'l "whre
Your's, trulv, cannot immediately be pncurd. All retansomd
AN INHABITANT. the rircnultion ans maintain the warmth of *b.l
SI BT T he had recourse to without dela.. The pmtent"
FRENCH PAPERS. immediately be put to bIl. wrrapped up Is I5
FH NCH PAPERS.warmth should e I u ,tamell hy other ''er
such as repeated frictionD wlll aiinell and a ed
Fom tre Quemdimers f Norember 7. rir; ponlitres of must.ard anil lin.- equal"pe.
P*uas Nov. 6. each, paricularly tbse, pain an, vomitl, n
atnoetives to the feet anti le, to resim,,?
b the course of the nikht above 60L se s wr were de- rerin hea of the bs / .l ;,.y m tepr
patcld from the War-office, addressed to all td Geeral, tg hot sal o, bean .I'irl' to ddlTrrTpent
In o sl t l iju Iil -4 t d e T

11111 Red emanlfg*he ansmkiso whimfbe byS^ l4 'CO6

*. ^I wlth the same view. we the stoBach will
Snri ll I"" '. 1"'J t -- f i'l
iwarmbth with miee ma oe I" The. 62 "17. 1`1116
g .sn. where medical id l hbe o biauaid, '"' ' toml rtv drom" leodnumndm begiveT. ins u BY HENRY (;REENSLADE & CO. Ho" ad Lait. a em s Am mia N,
df t" ,- dridnkloprlriousl'r*d. h.di by a uohpntolHi otoM Waln| J ti- a- LI
i-l "H ENV HIIAI.(ORD, President ofthe Botld." Om Monda.y .e, iMe Zd i.nst M in good e odition.
'b* rluralllt is wIrlin the m.-ll of every (smily; li theat ma. AL*O- bing, that they should provide dliemselveswithbhe AT TUN VWEDUE HOiUe. On other Lot, on the corner of Bay ad Dmasa
li ,imle mpleicine.: At 10 O'cloek, A. I. Street, adjoining the Lot occupied by Mr. Alaad
Pikt spinrs of wire and camphor. Will hti sold, Finlayoo.
I or IbS. mustard aid liuseed powder. Flour, Rice, Poase, (orn, A- VD-
e. .5t volatile. Canudles, Butter, Lard, Tongues, Aother Lo i sialt da biead of Union t es a m
I s.. e.enial oil o f pepeenmit, cloves. er cajeput. L*dies', Geotlloneu's, Mises' and Youth's Shoes, hic thre i a as hr d
,d w ich misay e procured for rw rillin g. Morocco, gill edge, Common Prayer Boo.ks, LIKEn IRE
e e Mrualy reompfeniled. sh MDh peron shoul be l .1 lE-
w*rit th tetaepresribed krme per, hould Ditto ditto W esey's Ilymons A tract of Lad lng led, comLtaieg t s50
C t ributm to his want of caution te spread of a malady I cme fresh Medicines, Ac. A c a well kw by .d n m of the LSip..Ti.
Sas"iMe ad overwhelming. ATa i- h Tr. tr ut' Credit, am g uiw s.
e d overwhelming. The following article rcealved e brig Juo, from Liver- Janury 14th.
AHi'to e r Lord.-The allowing pamage in Paley's pool, HNd F .
ai plileophy, is worth the attention of the House of 1 pipe uperiorBrandy (Otard's brnd 11 over proof BY HENRY GREFNBLADE & CO.
.'l thde parent mom ett: Let civil governors be in lots to suit purchaers,,
ti hat dte pAy dl s*vngtA ran sn ta go9. 1 hhd. ditto Gin in ditto ditto, o Wadmtd aM Rd ia=
id; tt this meh wants oly to be fell and round, Pickles, Pearl Barley, Spilt Peae, At d Stomrs r Mr. R n Wir, B.y S. t,
bhy ra tfts thn a ma t and confirmed dominion; Cheeb Hae, Lig Fish, Potaes, Am1 Ag 11-
ia ul ahority i mnadmd in opinion; that general Jugs Lind Oil, Me O ld,
es m, e~ at always to be wrted with defer- Trma,-immediat CASH. Th e of m Stor k it ltrads, lqmig oa
.i dwitd h delicacy and iruspactioo." n At btwo ment Credi, D wry o Slops,
13 boem Sop, Hardwar, Earlmaam, OGowaea
POSTCRIPT. AND- modka 41h c. ALO-.
W.- J w me a td mogatllathat tLb At i Lru waWr Cndo, A Z--
law port, me dA lot of had, situ a s eastwrud, ceemiaag ab A few deem shale i NOY m a
'i feas r An pmeo mausMam pinl our- ve acr. surrooded by a ese wall, bounded am dthem 2 m L h' Cred
me tm dws trial a Wedneday, the fit M a rth by Rammab sconmg d, on dhe an by do. do., Juary91 t.
M s the mouth by land Mr. Manings, amiudm oh wa by BY HENRY ADDEUI Tr.
S. Villa .~d 1Ae road.

.E mg,.p P groa to i, taEes I landrI, qftr, Wi be Sold,
ing raided torsde for tims e f TraRTTy Daa,s O nday .oied I" 28d imaetd d a Rt r
Ww his vasrue Sousa,
p aredi*ttlysl &arstaro' Ofce, or plet aiss in AvT T b Tvina m n, g
dJ O fornmTEa N DrA nlthu to Ai udrpoe.- /- At SWWhlOWll e S L r r' YLbh'a and Byme Sam h dr
i olidt, ary time dode romT-rr-n I DAV, Sa Fi Fremh per Flour, D Se l
qk. uied. gauw, Ric, Corn,,, d,
Han. Setter, Lard,,0?"^ Do. d(.t
soap, Ac. all 1 11 ,
l November eli i ir iI 1 case Platu anl" im amd mps,
g.LaDecember Thoims 'eranlU I hli Dowlas, Couse ald Lmo
.. Eliuaberh Bar7 F a" Drill,
i "ary Aphey Well. T ^Cmad Black and olomed Lsiag,
Te.'m-. Dto A"I.u.
At 2 Nok' Cr Creas and Docha,
A1t00 claiming Cporin l e d, Bag". Marseilles Waiscmating,
_y_______,_____ oa,
S January lsm om Blanketsel,

Whim, bhe and lomd
ARRIVED. OI n dy md iA ad SL S & ", f 'i,
L. Sh c. Baelamin, Prndden, Wilmninom oia vu Taa" i p.i nt, ami b.. b,
Ri., Flow, Lah., tr. AU 10 Id e* ,. A. 2L Tarp.eM ad Coaer o0,
to & BSu*iose. Will be mold Cunimer Pader, mn d Sh
Irish Blers, in fArkia, Lard in ke, Ba lance, ivery ha ie a d Vhhh.
CLEARED, Sop sad Cndlel, is boles, Loa Sugar, e r iadar
90-Schr. .mbwer, H am or Boo Rice ad Cor, ia bags, Tobacco i barrels Do. do. best HI
a. Scr. Prima, Huh, for Charl Gui CaGm, in los, Kiled Achern ed Orapmla
SI .ak m peorir Englis Hans, ShefS and 8pad,
SAILED, 1 case m Diaper, I 'c Cote Baw d Thread, Lef Te ., hi bs,
l -Brig Eph % Fldia, Li1 cas Redel Thread, 1 ame ripse Je s1 Ban Pt p.
56 R" ka brsRe-, Hondura 1 coa Cmomesi cmfoeLC ShprLtn. io0 8 In
S cchr. P o.irs saw1 -T, M,,, ,.
I he .P- Me Pe dia, In Pea, Kode and Saopeamn,
"AB SEMNG BAILED. A & -I, 8 and Hid reim po es Mals a ,
t6erigEmplmiasfor Livrpeol :-Capt .Ridd A wrood Hem, oast Mr. Necak' sore, to be e lOd Hoes dit,
L dy. = moved at pzcO 8poke. dn.,
aiadow 01.., 8 by 10, and 10 by I3,
'"ILT CHiTRCH PARISH H. b.arro.I A.uLe Fsr, C. Mk,
WaD ya-a6 quarter htarBe e Wheat Ml Coe din,
VTNG Axead the as m of ann at thea of pime superior Brandy, in lots Ame, Hatchees, Ades and Saws,
tVG find th aGmn h 9 of.a r "1' t "fo A$9 d ,..d g
per bsrel of afin Fleor, Ordered, that Ihe t Planes, Ch----- An ad H c,
lfEi do weigh lb. isa., and thesixpenny ita BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO. Blaek and Redai.s,
ByM By tder of the Vtry. Black d RPd
DAVID SPENCE, Vestry Clerk. On Memday mit, IAe 23d li it, TAnotia ShaWb
maTo RO., 3d January. 19a. A- Tra VseNo. non., Telaluie mod iweet Wine,
-L M E, Dent AT Tad VruDI'g HOUsa dn Term,-AII msns under 40, thee em MreleI
IL MKEE, Denliterid Occulit, has uried in At S Olk. L above, ix months' Credit, pureslers givig approad
U Neam,pnd will Iatend tothe general practice of his Will he sold oes.
Ptman. He can cure every cas of caries in the teeth, A treat of Lndi, situate on Grand Bahamr, containing January 21st.
Miu tL disease has progressed so far as to destroy their 220 acres. Further particulars will be made known at the NITICE
Ilty; and for those who have had the misfortune to lose slHE SUBSCRIBl o er fr se, by prive. hr-
Steeth, he will nwert new ones, which cannot he dis- January 14til. H i m.
from the original teeth. lie has studied tiu 6 Mds. choice Mderia Wie,
Sof the eveq, under the celebrated Mr. Lawrence; FOR SALE. 40 douea do. do. do.
Id i lies confidence in savai, that he can be ofessential Tip House and Pnrmii.s at present occupied s0 down do. Tenriffe do.
tise to those wio are ah listed with di4sase in these or- i hl MrsI 'Puilir. Tim! Ilouse i romy and 1 doimnk (;entlermn' fhoe,.
SHei has ofhn.rirn able to restore sight to dorse riconv w ierei, lut;t blinih o i atacisd!, chair house nnd sailing for tllhre lIERY GREENSLADE& COL
DL HcKr. is a crlrinatle in Srrgery, of the Uni- hlorimn. i rild ain gram pi c-. The out buildings i )eremrlnr 24th.
Mly of d.Gilanw; .enilmor of the Royal College of: lave l-iin IrlPly thlirIrhilv relmair.-, and die greater part-- ---...-
'"n's*i, llodln;'-n.l crsilalte in Melicines of ilii ofthe lcires Iase liren n l> I pu uip. NOTICE.
&. it of New York. lie can produce unqies. ./LS.) IIF Sl BSCRIBfER, intemling to lavem hi in
'" test-imonnials of hii professional charter, and Ihe A tract of Ladl situated at the Villas.. rontainine 2.50 % \prl ns.t, for thl- Inied States, requs all per-
Ittfilly solicit the patronage of the inhabitants of acre It i divided by the villagp-roal ntlor ti Io.t, the soor liavins rldemands teainst him, to reader them; and
4i0 the different branches of Medicine, Surgety, western lot beg inltersected by the new rona leading from those imili, rd, to make payment on or beie the s th
the village into thelue hill rod. This land willbe dis- Fibruarv. All accounts rontinig, iunpult iowir th.i.
filr the present, at Ceptain C. H. Bart- poed ofin ooeer throe lol Apidaly to dIL, will be tl at the oficaf G. P. Wood Ea. f
Siep be N W. MILLER. Is eovary. E
th. September 17th. JauIary 7th. F. TURNER.

,.ived, (1* d I ,,--d e t- dorh,,gn the Holt Ole @hv. mkre, ,, o imd W l .
Ihi mbe., .b .. u to- - o hd.. .m m -heIse m d alk ma
cmi? MEu' a e wi Randaleha.=h.m.n,, -'. t oe ole md t maediee tporied orONepdn than e o.m

IIhe,.- h, .-* the 14i*o I, p, eyA 4o, re- te s.ts-.. t hoa i te h-i., ed to hmdo,, of ,r ie .ak. A..m med,,*.a h
sofelds 6sowan hout m esoemeg Noa Dnlst o wo rn adu waoo aa Y do ot
tomie rim id as of prIvile o nlihei wnels : a=, oubldl ilhaw t. hicem muded bhimot do it main. the Holy Seplchre. and immodiasey at

eras, of h E. 1. Company o" rednod, they mlU bu ooseno,- es-e e r. T ong cer as ordhed to .1 h kicmh 1it do lened og slhe. entered ,. .
bJr i p rld for tr dmy. Gveel aft ra l.h undhe le o-r) o trace atel them-.ll thr candle .od lmps wal thir
se itr of A tM 4, contain lh rAels af thee putd un, u lern nd, -rth rd ee io thw ot inon- To e lt light iher candle a tie hoy Gale 1a *
Gtver tTw luCh,)daed 1of6igmera Who 0 oes sh rm n1 b nIhe. 'r ht briegh out of e hw re pue echaeio. tha biersag %tm

srnrore, ,llreer I t es* hef mhih ee ifjoin. Tel lrlereodl mlae oit Ar le sd ie my two Lre nd u.urt, ua coming imiedi els. t i
allowe to mro at CROW l--"-lll+ -+ ....... dm Price Of 90 ant. Allwe@ solve the peopler into aei i t e musti wo allaa_ i-
ma ON" aser. aod eAmire rolk, lw ate Ioelr boun fetlocks nracturled, bu the oA subsis. All ami siot co. haae tto liU t irntat t wl Ie ,hl

i.hrike t rrri insoled by the o kold he bur it w hsn bert ) a d, trae ing the Greek pariarch, end the pmerin cipl Anh. oi Ofe

.... f.,,nsid hel r slt.n d oulwn* d sanr.uaed, ,hey tail of whatlor arittoshoc o Al" iclt th gn letind. / s e, m hh ^nk
.... .iMn l wilr. h eir m ie, ad not n trouble t hem,- Yetor wa.. ked dby ,h e.,nq uihyof i .,ill .. wte .du e io ,he tn,.o r l tai .iht,-- ,m mdi oo
so.I olo hoo & Iw. Cs eyt is trlNadh mny csn- Uilath. 'he me uIre. of pr e auLo, ehowye in the Emru oerut o e to priemr wiho h uliar uoki.lle, sod

trn ...i.f ,ileo0n l00nKUag.* .. i mrer Huntn rchanre unirlned, ond Ihhe yeon-r .. flry have been as seors they held up at lhe db oorf thedolllfi wihil it.
1t ,,mr Iin ,kump he u.mid tgi their u nrI obli ge HepoprinaUl eru mi rd-hout .e y h e di. permi ed to wror o. their homce ahter th el e os Ls a nde I m i

no .r~ho huIt d July 12e s Of oi ee ry fordi e, terd their d olo sitoon nt o bf sarexuirin the pur l of t t hi e t uk. BaTd Ie

TPirem.t ear mew, !wl. I ave e ddble body of rim i iet of infnm Ci mone f t ,he could eandutios erper le t
r.1 ihu mul les al decle su loll.w :-BIrbatrrale of U detochent of nrtillery wlru two pieed of 7anns, ind m1. e ood that pre tenso. BL o h m hands beht E
n..,..n. M tew f faie ra -e Cf go ,trad, o, ,qTdron of he 14th dgoon. ,e for ec prpa, yo mlu bh e veee t _olr M rd be loug bf (oe il't m,.
ilIt *~~gUer a iee te o u o de asf de ganer- fThe Btoip of n, there bis D ibolute ground for pes nre lltighe. Tpoe r hole church, ao erie .J
Th.e of li ,ler of Aupst.. Buc ll the areinll io har- eo loain uily Ons. Th re curi etne noiusi to h arve to light sed iantly o IB ite holy la n me; *kk
rb.rin. thne flri u orf wie-ch e s ,oiTli eT ahliJ Ri melRnc similar to lai t of teriled sinmetro y and na ce eded, a coming inedltg of t het he

cvoos Iie reply bynd in' to Ceties. ase rival, broknenc but by th t of military vigilant, m er deignracle-mrm d for wtdbeets. a a min ll ai
drpikee rei criamint im Ban of oppenieil. Tetoral, te vi d ne of ne y e aie rot in Brstol i of emlhe poor people, the if they eu t bot heoy rt
Su ,ater d, thdi Miitr ad Uorato Lf -lted t estimail d or a311ev0m erie in. Tie nic s of live is le to be buried n p shroud muthedh wimh hink elteld t

1li. MajMtvy |es id religatios, lugpther wire Ome modi- than had heen inmgined--ilh steal kilted sad wounded certainly secure them from the aues u" a es.hlli-
nArisu nsl witdi e il ided of Ier trancild ntrd sl Kited does a s exceed 94 The return of killed d wounded, Carin< Libaryc No. 4.t s
e.l.r ity lad co lans te of remir moudn, bshuldt k n. 'e m eor,,r outs ou, 12; wounded nd injured I srodue Bi6ad.-Purcln Pilg inem Mi

.,it r.o. iin in Caiton, Is find pul tip prc-s f ninOoodi- from .hns 1i; sword cu, 4t eceaut ive drinking, 2 Th dniirabe and strinee miadventures of Maie k
ti-. n*ml ao rf, ro un ol wilh the ntrn. The ulject ; ho r r ,,a | tolu n The wounded r i enerm l thon Kyve t iwho want wli h M istr r CLove, i

is, in makt ola lltin,-uurchxen* repouible few theacoo- doSn, well. s cond voyage," wIich for nmarveui, if nol for'11
lr l of tlh, lli rturi ns, and to re. l nt Iw hi bruitinC fui-;n nrel ned, *ande eilisry n rnioers had been committed, y hd imapi n, m ritl e advunlu of a 1 h Si t I

rt.. Irul.., runo, und n., to Conuon. Also, lo dillow y) of .hoen wre CtCaililly charge wt ith rioting and burn- salor. Knyvut wM ordered fioni the bhip, on l liA
.i. ..tiy p on. to mid erms pleurion. Ofuall .ser ubi to ont.inewe on duty ln imena looking depieth thrown. gellil, midt I Iner meihy years. i a em m he"

r,..l..lio., i..w ei .ti- el, ol ,ilm, from bla1th uf ,. nd the nagistrntes were ilting in differet rooms M-nyilthewonderfulesci wfronidel.lwlhichlhi
I..v.. Inml i.lruote ulie sangid, and uIhe raincleencys f l the wrae tnr, hil 6 o'clock tIhem. u Miigln'. So mts, pf hullin ond his lfockine om
svti.ri idism. knowigitly olsyed, atd esdel o them. E T he-cil y nst of Broithl v e vie. ad n oto liberal Itb- h toes csme with lthm; but his is ot io hod uit .
.No, ..e lt terine mirmu, o alon p to hey thrition for immedindae relefrof the moeretur t o their tune of one i HL rri.eeho, blowig hi. noae wiko li
lithu t.. reul ei'ued Jcot l rc cJa o tolther; Iwhm have t e whole ofb t eir propeso y, ad re notM throw it into t he ire, *nd ner rec ver it s goio s

pultihrl dl e rotw dulof llachants dol O>t Rg I eVen in poofAion of Cnea of linwl vetwelo lohivedonehieto ebly la .oodIleoi
wihu o uujt ,wl decide a er, due wih lir i A meeting hi be n f id t wRichapries of renohlnion whone Co endi could enour d h ine cured hil is

i..liiin. Guint hear ie ta dlredy fhls ed wild. But w er dddno d o he Hoe Sereryt Lor Mel. tering word. Io to l Slkiest il w both folm i
tl.y prhd to il im u *tmuf oftr inao lhe Ir. prey y a t two is s the coBde good e M.g mie. pre elo. doe gimany< Paur Debihem
Im tino y j.i islcli oy lce do e lloaiite a o e g coe de c, the is no aBrolute roundig four tr Illghed. The whole church.i n' foe. r
1, de enon, ur i. at deid of iue 4th dremploying eryof toud The citieere ziso have seemed istarely to ben a ime; tenh
[tries, tie ,sIschaws eoni limo ageg in cotnequence of seek. a police estahlialitieit similer to that of tite metropolis. and natlon the ceremony ended.--Going out of the c"S

inm~ tmi lsl oute, to ue Cri ned aom ny' d F dct d it oy, to ,- e nd t I Por" F mine, or an Felvpe, the duoIe solt
e-seerirtg swla They, ao, rimaleetim y brought fe- hdow of a garrion. No dek a liberal governmental Ueci. who, having got a good som of candle

aIine 6Iud reide ne sat Thri Fd story ti lth, i provide for sheir wnuts L thIUe Prelnt th Sphnie colony, wour or ip e i oui nd piece di

gio.nd ehe pi cil. ,d hmfr yjurdic- eWeiulth pnul p -f wmn ncinth ohe rckshig from ear to h.r ere wsenx; whi a,
"w1r ru s4N li c te l" 1116r lye oncrgoticm lSimoe" were designed. for windlong-teets. Asd is i*sd

ria lrdiidy re anll toi y t iloo The detal ng lne by the late riot in Brisrt of l city he people, hi. if Theoy n batn hai it di
fl. ariU i, hi lr ad sl .koer Lea a e to estim ted u st 1 fNY) s ering. Timla r of lives lIe to e bored in iasroed artl ae ith t rle l ths eon"
i.t Mt ty i old rmesio. itie. g ieo wid e oe edsi tduin had been maerinmed the toel killed and wounded certainly secure them m the ime of belle.i
fieaein thlv wisle theidet on (as Oainci, semd dicited dues slrt exceed 94. The return or killed ad wounded, Cemllml 1oy, No. 4.

Sl restive dMr. Uir reLdrarLr, t btelite, hlris, or as acerined Is bq nth, 6; hot ,r excessive drin-
s r itau.y iuad c4iirn so andes oh dispr f sn .sdi- kine, ; rwrto cute, 2; tital, 12; wounded ood injured h lso Slbd.-ePurchlas Puilgrimn oeap

al e to m-eruhln, it o proee id ;M nd te, r f O e r ed ias i roe d finllde MaIi of C hwe poe of mmao, eo t ..
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fiir uepMM--, hereafter, iqueniM*, as dry *oughtto, cimpi n gs. In the_ yearn 17 i- -3 ,uh | yeL lind *hi we *re Mrdd by EamRiec of
ti, si Frui cw sll uallihis Lnat"' The th ies pI rolher net, ; total, 94. The wounded re in gnerl ho Kiyve. whi wer ntp dt hiee. ser
*S. o maL ir ll rriur cohb thin I r *dcob n- i Gdoui w aell. Iacud vy e, tte t' Iict four nH l rIelt if not c6foru
trut of ties liartbsriwns., ansi to prevent davtt lariaint f- One hunlred and eigty prisoners had been committed, snd imagintitton, may ri~sl tie adventurn Si

crr fouel ey aii doar ntonAl, were calinly chargoedwih rioting and burn- aGlor. K t u wadere d fios the ship, on theof
o.ons to H 1 u-. amof pItiond, fO om les iose d ing. ism ec it tiwne arme in wh prison- irasl, sd was n ur mlny years amog t f" V e
ani, (Itlo.iec mls lep r't (rm I ei ieg tr rn. and tle nagisbres were midng in different tarumeyhp ayise w nderfui escae fro deltl b,
dul Iha rne t a i aies at d the brbins u w wslering the cla r"r gdpinqt them. Moeob, d S raits, pulling of hies to okinegs ow umt
mielrl n ions knowitgly obeyed, sal dbLed to thens. I 'les citrsen of Bristol hd erd into s liberal .ub- his tos cane with d ; but ii is ot so had
Sslim Iol tricis wmnltso. loe, prmie to my optionn fo the immediate rlief ofd the rers, nny of tune ofoone arrisho, blowi g his no wiJ h i

lt lro aLuO to prW m edel hom have yar r olrd their oped .nd eabellis throw it into the Cr, md wneer recover it gi e
adl tha their criuulof filng-maerchants doe not igieV evcn in poaeaion of a clhag of linen. velmesustohavedonie histoety thaegood oficm amps
whill uselp. seln im a hinairy rfil, de with. atir ,meeting e ben 6wd at wlcha mrias or resolations whom Cavendish enployel, ad who cured himiWil

riMn.y o ing btihLr is lredy nraln JI. dil d. p u i re b rrod to the Hobrf Secrenl rv LorldMel- lteing words. Bl tl e Stroi or ihe both giants
dtlV prtare li o a. dyll, a all hy ot to, lmi hll.i lhey ul o "i to the conduct Mfe nie fil inn ide Lt *Tand at DeIem.,
(id osey u factory Ls T usy l tePrvof th citdo colonel B sre atlrugh cm nding fouMr. Gim len ofur EWr listntn'e oot. I,
ir lpat u -n, durWlg ihe Ia dode of s4tr d l officer of slhe district te. n Bl Hth Ir eatulpil, G e was Cour e mi eten eleion

mm.. Isfe, io poDen, to han Co omdc e Fctory, to ea l and sit ort Famin, or San B Fope, the desWril.e
osin d of lr o U afeI.. Tt Factory i on tim te Fe a Pkf C Paa. the Spnnishl colony, four or five housand pimoforV w
gru) ndl lof e provincial City, Gld air my jur in ic- wangn (wilh boe
ti Nt anly im I o is pam b, if e md barba- ne is molig the p infN tsdp of ofncing h reaching from n to ar were Judgo at.
rians mlaciaty promoe to ant Ireeguilarly without due the death of Steplhendirnd, Em+. henhar of ti city, *s heglgt war from (our to ive spares. Rom GiL.

fear,: Ail, I oi sake th itroos iog-rn bm, di d ho diedytrrc y afrn oon, between thra la ad ur rs deeaplye arite the sierlgl abject o dU
mio'clock. pereuorn. and Saanic inflence among dIt nib
kal ud ribge uln riota md d ellrm wlba u Lati Mr. Uirrd way we t laelve, a te of ru, in hem he re orned. Tms acos, d h ,
Al to woilm dOiBs rrismsOngtod city ,Frnceand, atd esly peled, k macd a e-. der oy PM e noil dfrof Aet im ,
gate wris ptrlmt i nd hevy ldiernd. o cl amsl- fring lie. AH tr tco tisn whi we receive of the sacth Wlader at s
i"lsyl M dIm l l usli. Tha beoreshe ncaW revouin, aya ith dn., and which we are Tssured by EMllis sonWe of

Anig andiu EDT ismilly nmomU Hmed lk befor th ileeki ierih Prlile Wmdrsl,
Vhicti deny aum lhu pea is Walt t sglon over upwardh of fibty years. missionarias were dslposed to hieve. Os hbisr
Sflloud pt the yea 1, Mr. Gurd an exclvely th Eglmj ier K-myvtlt told Parc BhaM ha ols,
To m op the wbnls --of slte. Many of harbs ri- gaged is cotunme, which he prdr with enerisi md am Indi onsis with th etir which peat bi
mna of dsad smis have esileeotwls wan proper; and sccmsfill industry. B. les shs Congess of timt year and threatenisg that. ifha tid no use hite beteris
not a fe.eloado as JeoaI sdmM Them fall omitted n ict of seet pelitir l sicide, by destroyinll turn ChrOiin he sirt loo and
so d. esilc.tat 1%S1&0 a n she, latry and bths ch aier otd Old ank lfthe United l Bo* or, a hau -Edi $ Ca.lob e intin ry. No. 5, LDreod l
*oog I h e Iy oMf it I sdle ori. h d tmal the eold o the M thing. rsfi to new It, Mr. oi. re Cii d Jand, ed arD epi.. ]4 -
W esOetlm 0 iei amtid epradr b rd pwish d W ih bal which heleaed to the lta-
whom shey am oaad. obey I .) dntlt' n eod commeced tie keeiniea of a banker. The FOR SALE-At this 01111
reform themidves, duty illO am eaily heMe tshe in- lib"lsy end ln faith wish which coneductod she 311k of Lading.
jerud fewi ed v iam bt hki sablisheat, and the imninse benefit he thereby Bilk of Exchange,
(is 0Lwesircoasetsthoeby 'now an or- offord so coomstes are well knows to this community. aib of Sise.
dee u eg saecmhsta, to pr-ced iasdtaely ad Of late yeers, Mr. OGrrd hall improved end enmbellishel Manifests of Cargeoe,
rigrously Resjoi she harbarism ecrhants Joadittio w nut city by a vat momber of elegant and substantial build- Blank Fornm for sthe Custom lHuo,
-t doe .0Ih. they p, a hy ough to, imnt- ings. In she year 1793, ahen tie yellow fever firm mae& Loam and Releas@,
C'~r obey do I vmb[ Lot delete ssaappearanceandspread its ravages through thm city,Mr. Genrel Court Writa,
is as *W c arry on trade &W G irard was@ oma attendant at Bushl HillHospital, Get Court Executions,
buer. If they gl.a donr imoeAtialy to ieolasy ths gardesmof Idesger, sssnoding the nich and dying, Inferior Cort Writs,
ordieve of th sovmas. Read indulgtea wam in and uing his oe csqo saem the raging poetilonce. Bilk of Solo for Veils
Mekiageeswfemd (afelq) esateewess, thee 4 Mr. Girari has looft th lagst forue, prtrhaps in the orae (wish hond4
hell hem. i q at d smeve indiciona0 reop saw world, In what meaner he has disposed of it, is of Wanants of Attorney et Confeless Judgmnt.
eimm: And I will sake to HoungMrrsants who did w Corse, pON yet ILN known, His Iol will be deeply fals Asiorneys Warrants,
k t hentr strict crenroul, mld she lieguilstd o by our city, pedararly by the commercial f1 ose Arbitratioa Bonds,
vimht-& sad instituted hem--otrnd al, food cmmoaity. Powers of Attorney,
psis sIr crime with heavy hand Pesitively to. Apprentice Indetures,
shAd a bt h*ae Ie shoy at fagiveam dosr. Cemmlof eO le GaDo Clearci ~re Er-They be- ilisim Warrants,
A Seweit EDar. gun keir disorsers by roning road the Hel Spuci rh Pelica Warrlata,
hll their oight mad awiba, cwe e she& wN : the a. Police Warrans,
Ilob year6th now4ty._ which m ii dit hr, af A& in -es ipemion by Which
Tyranmy if At GrndDbo C4idm.-As am" do m of The L'isdoa relio. After Ili Su TiecmetWr s,,
Iusters, a capital htoerP. wa crmumaded. whilhat fll he"l mad bid their modems. oy Visio to met she ims Obligation Bowls, &c. &c. Are.
mallol tos chmg. feet forward. with his hoe. The Noim I antic tricks sid prutsu Is a thouaned shops. a( digs6ec N. l.-Job Printink! ricritsil with srelsrnm j
wetantites ebY r s t el" -te: Is bet, she latter wioud eel I Noestm ther d en, Dew.s nothelle sh the osr. all found poci. sapon good imper, anti, ol noidt-riet
malk the GMr ani mal prform the evulurion. The (]rota the epukbrtlh ; ssueelam u e they st ou e men slrigist s Jsottry 4, I RQ.

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