Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: January 18, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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00ul I611. walter, WDNMIBDAY, JANUARY 18, o188. VOL. I-.Nk LIM.


7 asfL f 1m UI-wtSKILLY ta NASSAo, 3. P.


W usby hke euneme wml t iMa.
ipagtby a kid of Rtyal eonma cy,
nw rushed the Ryal Daue upon de sund,
IN biuMd like a Bulumo, command
dea ioneu
e*iable ye waves! ye blt'ring re e*.imh he,
Tech ot your LA ad masJs .
FVeb my power almigh.y, i you do."
To- ain w eagn nce, out he held stick,
wil u nive old *an o Old Nick.
houmhbe* wet the Iobluhe of his shoe
i mmie ir-.4- e nomerch amee resbel or.
Aal ie'od at if e'd drive hi tIrm the lLd,
But sea s caiu to be put upon,
ade for a smentl, i bold saud.
Nat onl made a* ml, did lMMer Ocean.
ar to ML hae raven he made mnloti,
U And bid dem give the King a hary Inmmiag.
Order sw 'd, a sleal the wave to tickle,
Pr soen they put his Majeiry in pick i,
Aid M his Royallmes, like geese, a swimming.
Altk aI s lft, wir one rmeedeou rear.
Jim did they make him wish himself shore,
His head and ears moat h ndsomnely they ldoa d;
J like a parpoiHe with one general hsm.ul
waves so tumbled rhe poor King about,
Ie anabaptist e'er wau half so sous'd.
dalgth. to land he Eciwl'd, a hlfdrown'd thing,
leid more like a crab. thn ike a Ki.g,
Amd iound hut courtiesm maktin rueful fas-
Is wha sanid Caule to tlIe ionrdl and Kgelury,
Wki beilel him from the water, on his entry.
AllrJmmbling for their lives, or places?
My Lords and Gemilemen f ly your advice,
I'e bad with Mr. etic a prelly bustle,
Myle lent from my foe not over isre,
Jml made a jest for every shrimp and muscle.
Aply trick, for one of my dominion,
Mi ldik. I tIhuk you for your lreml opinion.
Ye'll tell me, perhal.l I I've nl lost oln game
AMd Ud ion try another-for the nibber;
Femst me, to inform you all. with shame,
IhaW j're Ia et of knaves, anl I'm a lubber.

Prm the LWoden Mt mi IHerald.

B* RMunIsL, October 21.
aljy, consulting of 24 anicle, concluded by the
r e1a o London, on he affairs of Holland and Bel-
oa hu.d, on sld 20th, before the CheasIer, by the
iF Foreign Afisit. It wr accompanied with a
I =Cd Minise of don Five Power to the Pkei

tLM" oilponasiry of Begiinm to sign the
f is whLich mention hs bees already made, the
tfdrwi oberve-
Cstknr Siciwl i have ll the force and valu of
m easelo between the ielgic Government anl

1t, a Five Powers n to guaral their axcu-

Itt % .ceas eped by the two parti, they mr to
Sword for word in a direct treaty between Bel-
lHlolrlad, and which will ouain nought besides,
ilt paslions relative to t peace and enity which
* betwe en t two countries and thoir Save-

t e li treaty, signed under the auspices of the
psamrof London, shall be placed under the formal
tonf the Five Power.
I ThI arti cle in question hall form a whole, sod
a* aO e rpation.
ra. tha they contain the fen snd inreeaaUl
OF the Five Powers, which, with one common
mre-olved to effect, (a amnur) themaelvel tbh
tire a*ceptatin of the afurmaid article by the
Spany which lhll reject them.
,L ala sigs take thi opportunity o offering to
t' a l Belgic Plenipotentiary the suance of their
Tho cn.idatNioas.

S asPALsVlrU. TO le, .

L -tt consists of 24 artiles:-
S l iterritorv, by this anicle, i to be cmmnpo-
P- ruice of South Bnrbant, Liege, Namur,

Hainault, Wstaon Fiondenr, Eastern Fladems, Antwerp,
and Liulurg, u made pmat of th kisidom of the Nether-
ldans in IBS, wilt th e eaepis s ca tl district of the
Prince of Limbw poiasd out by article 4.
The Belic territory will compare, beside, the pat of
dm Grand Duchy of Luxenbourg indicated in article 2.
Hli Majesty the King of the Netherlanda, Grand
Duke of Luxem.ourg, conaeis, that in lke Gmred Dsrhy
of Luise oure the limit of do elgc Ierritory ShAl be
such u tdey are berwfter described.
[Tim reminder of the article tram he line of frontier.]
3. His Majn y, the King of dhe Netberland, Grand
Duke of Luxembourg, shall reesiv, for the eemions made
in the preceding Article, a territorial idemnity it the
province of Limburg.
[The article then points out the limit of this indemnity.]
& Ths article stipulate for te arrangement of the
ceded territory will the Germanic Coefederaion.
6. Pending them territorial arrangemes rhe partie
are to rveign for eer all proessitan th de cdede part,
and Cuonissionema from Begium and Hollad a to ao-
seableu oo u- possible in Maeutrick, to mark out the
7. Belgium, in the limit pointed out by those articles,
will form an independent md perpetmally anetral Sae.
1, 9, and 10. Thee artil regulate* tL navigation f
the riuvrs of Fioden, of Ihe Schldl, and of dhi ca
which travere both countries, on a system of perfect
11. Leaves free commercial communication by Maes-
tricht and Sittard.
12. Reguliesa the continuatioo of all ew caab booce-
forward made.
13. From the lst of January 183, Belglum is to be
clarged a debt of 8,4(J,(1UO borin of annual rents;
and she artlce regulates le tiranSr of the capital which
is Ienceforward to form a porion of the Belgic national
14. Regulates the payment of the expeass incurred by
Ilullnd since SNoveamer 1, lSl0i, which B*llginl in tore-
imuburs in Itree insalmental-uon the 1st of January, tim
Iet April, and the let July, 1832.
16. Refers to public works, as canali, rnada, &|., which
are to beloull to tim country ime which they are siuated.
I, 19. 20. Tie iuls biiants of loth countries re to be
allowed two yeea to dispore of ithir properly, &c'., if
inclined to tranoler their domicile from one country to the
21. A genteral amney for past political occurrences.
22. All peslions and salaries to be disclharg-d acrord-
ine i, tlie lawi in force before November 1, t1i50.
2:l. All claims to be earmined by a miaed Cummiuion
of L.iuiilasion.
24. lolmediatuly afer the exchange of the Treaty of
Intervention between time two parlius, the necessary orders
iiall be sent to the (Comnmandesn of the resmecltie armies
for the evacuation of time territories, cities, tows, and
places whirl cmlngo domination. 'I'he Civil Authorities
in them will at tle same lime receive the necessary orders
for the surrender of their terriuorie, cities, towns, and
Ilitaci to dte (Counmissioiners who shall be aBppuitliJ for
that effect on one parlned theasher. Thlisevacintioin and
surrender shall be so effected talt they may be completed
within 15 days, or sooner if it can be done.
E TKHAZTr. Buo t'w
Wo .esrano, Litt'I., -
The answer of the Belgian Pmnipoteaiary was read;
it merely stated that the 24 aisles exceeded his inaruc-
tione, and the baia of she prelilamaries.
The reading of be 94 aOid ecched greet ad long
agiiion ; but nothing in tla way of disciion iarreo
look place.
Adjorned at half-pst two till t-morrow (Friday).

Priwte Camrrepondeace of aN M mag Herald.
IUBIanEL, October 21.
The Minister for Foreign Affair communicated yester-
day to the tw Chambers the preliminaries of peace, as
agreed on by the Conference of London. I Ia encloed
them for you, as well as his report and thl official notes
which accompanied the treaty. The Belgians are diss-
tisied with the decision of the ive Powers, and my they
will not accede to them; yet I beay not dh 1eat doubt
they will be accepted. I hve heard that dm Ministy are
divided in their opinion, and that the King sides with ih
opponents to dt acceptation. I know tat be is much
.ion, and hua had enmo ineationa of abdicating. But
the people-th. Belgian -thy bwh, slt moai suocbod-
lied the Conference, and were prepared to fight the while
of Enrope--hey are for seceding to any em, however
dish oourbla, on en conditie-da they ar e tred
from any fturm attack from Helahd, nd oneaqMndy
may severconmeincontact agniwith temlint bid. The
determination of them wta people i an to be wondered
al, when their repre taim show envry inclination. so
leave them to their fete, or lakl lile itmnat in their wel-
fare. It will, probably, hardly be redited that thi after-
noon the Minitar for Foroig Alir came dow to the
Chamber of Representative with a repeat from the King
relative o this imponant qientia, a and wa rf d r-
ing by these age Counsellors; and why 1 bemoau it wa
late, and several of the Memsin bed left! The Minie-
ter was obliged to leave, and sitting i appointed for this

moving. The rseding of I report might prbr hav
tals a qmrwr of an holr it would have beenr pi
nd dincum d t-morrow, and wold meeriMally hveed
the public misd. um anm M. U edehin a mso dared,
and probably eauM i matlm,b m s ae mpy sem Se-
wal wdl-i rmed pera have b as oe dus s as to dho
propositions binga c bly Holliad i d if lh pi
oiw gets spread you may re amared the Belgia-n will
accept, and threw theailets on the pruection of FPreee.
The arraqpmes of the debt, although lea thea one-third
is only to be paid by Belgnm, gave great diatiaction ;
and I told Itae be statement made by Hollaid, thal the
ianme is flJ.UO,tlWO annually, i iocurree, it beiag ely
19,(JJtlu Which of the asnuem ta is cnmra I kes
not; but from the buldgts I hoare rn I iA ld b reed
to credit the 19,000,1U0. You may suppose dme Frerc
in this city are not cold at tim present eousone; and Gc-
neral Belliard is cntionally driving eboet, frm to the King,
then to the French Prince, then to Sir Robert Adair, and
eo backwarId d forward ihe whole of the day; and for fear
te King my ae have elucient French advisers Mardatl
Gesald hs arrived her is poa-h4 from Malobrg-
" In the multitude of Counsellors thee is wisdoeo" M ay
thbi csrteg induce Leopold fit hi good, *ar lead him in-
to any dirty intrle. I hve my irs, and I p no
without came. The aonduc of General required
explanation. I bave repeatedly meusoed the Impore-
lion, almost daily, of French Offcens of al rank against
he avowed declaration of the King. I eapMd my r-
prise, and hinted at mare underanded wn. The eramin
s withdrawn, ad behold the act. Bellied eaerained
doubts of a enal stulement preisi to the 95h; ad was
preparing against an attack roman the Duch. The French
officer had aorde to remuii a their hotel until further
order. But since the arrival of dhe proposionl thwe have
disappeared, and, on inquiry, find by order oe OG eral
Belliard, dated ysreday. The declaration of Prusi as
toi i inentions is cae of an interference by France my
probably have hbaened the orders. The Oange party a
not idle, uad, if I misake not, will shortly show tbemselv
openly. Liege is ripe-a this moment there are 50.000
workmen starving in that province, and k only require
the command to raim tir whole of the district. One ma-
nuifactory alone, which, up to the time of tie revoluiuo
employed 4,5t1 men, now support 1,MO, out of charity,
having only work for half that number. (Ghet is in the
same state, and they coutldernly expect an attack from the
Dutch on time itl. l'The doriaration of the Miniter yes-
I.rday, tIat In ruuld give no information as to wlither the
)Dutrlc would Ih peliltted to re-rcinienre Ilnstilities on
thle 2.l1 or not, illmateirially arengthen the Ordnge uprty.
The Messager de (Gand, in an anicle of to-day, *nilnive-
ly astUrit tdha tie Conference in London is dliwlved-
coins.quently Ihe King of lolland is as libtery olu art a he
think proper. You are better informed on this subject
than wc are, but you may suppose it has cased a great
TIn' prolsMitions having been signed by Talleyread and
tie declaration of Lord Grey that no arioms diftrences
of opinion have ever occurred in tle Conference, have
lowered the popularity of the French very much in this
country, and very noon, I have no doubt, Ihey will heve
the honour to bu quite as much haled a the English. It
i wonrhy of remark, that Ihe leading paperof tm country,
the Courier de Pays Bas, In a le4ing article this morn-
ing, arm angry wi th le (loverarmal for thIwing ilnlf
under the proeeetin of France, and onsides it woeM
have been more wimr have a tbhe Eaghad for a pro
tecto. The C reerwr hba much ilnmece, d already
lvre te t advantages ead disedvsa that might have
nrbn fre dhe protection of E nld bsea canvmdl li
every Cafe, nd the result h Ma arwya bhe in -r fnvar.
The conclusive arguamt is, tht it isb nerio py for a
prmwer who as the power to serve yoa,thb oa who
S-a weak as yourslf. B it i too lte, bey have made
Iheir choice, and must bida d resu.
M. Van der Weyer I still len, and I believe wil re-
mis, until the decision of he Chamber. HI et --dd I
for the inter of the entry thet the propeaiim ashld
beaecopad. He ray eney thing lan baefgrlatd dlat they
Could well have -ipected for te encouragement of their
commerce, in giving them the free avigaion of river.
He tas told them that, should they wage a dplonatic war
for 10years, hey will never go as ahration a to the
line of mfeaon I dht it will ost be permited so ack
HIolLind; and if they refine, Enrland will send a fle into
the Schelds, tle epeases of which they will be compelled
to pay. Therefore he advise them by all means to ac-
I know nt whether Baron Stockmar i the private
Plenipolenliary of Leopoid in Lodion, but depaichrh
have lately bwen enn and received from the Baron, through
the mediisu of he King's private courier.
Yon will ind in the speanc of the Miniser for Foreign
Alamir, a coeplimea paid to the Am amders fma Eag-
land nd France; ad we re told tet he best under-
sandin exmirbetwem them. This is trm; sad so fr
have they carried th gsad undernadia4, the dwty heve
scaally Iab a he at dle d- ir btwen dea It i
pleaing to se Englanl and France go thas hd and iad
together whedlerto the field of batlde or the there.
Within them few days averal Polish refugee hve -r.
rived in Bruels, and are well reenhved by the inhabitats.

The following moe is in very geeram l crcuLaions hauglot

the Paidkal

Aof aAat
N : il" manmtd atf
la of 64*66w6 of crunemI
~ptU A rJa~l75.

W33IY.3kY, JARVAUY 18, I288.

The lIJo, Captain Rumll, from Lverpol, ur-
nJd h*ls Monday, and we hbve bno poOlae poured
wk t paper from there to tde 30th November, rom which
we eaade tracts. The Lively, Captain BertsL,
embr d Ibethin morning, from Sevamen brikgig pa-
pae feom tht pine t tthe lb of JIasry. bul they. toe-
tin me Nws of importance to our remd.
Tesdla, Ide Oeal Comw m for the Hilary Tero,
and t 10 odocl h Ihe Judges having take their ats
peAm h leSc, dte b m of the term commenced wkth
Ae mino fmme.
The Orad Jury nTling been sworn, the folowing bills
f idmm were given est to tLhem.

S..} Murdr.
asy JqbOw lea

i leha atues, a Sham
The, King 4
f'rm ", 01 u i ,, Ma'ri mu.
Thin Kbl a
J Illm NeNagsto Slave.

Tm Ig A. on M ajr William

TI Heo. .L Ssadds Ba Nindlk
aip Ki g A ltk ontheHo. Rotert
WlM lueiNicoii lbadoad
The hia Amkit on a Mjagitrae
w. ((C. R. Neabie, Esq.) in
Maui ldo executio of hbi duty.
The King
Va. Ameuh on Joshu Misk.
Robert Smith
The King(
vs. Larceny.
CbWas Nei$"

The King
vs. Greed L*rceuy.
Calhrine Ele e
Tl Ki| t}
nW Amuultooa JmMalcolm.
Wilik E. Baundern
The King
T o. mAm.Jlu.
Th-ro- Coeyix I



The Anorney general iafored dt Coat, tha e had
Vpla h la oelo inform-utmn ag ainerti indl-
Umslfr hito o His Eicelency the Governor-oame-
&que pehlme Frdc Moaongu Melll, Robert Taylor,
*-wO I a, Jo WildW JoSenomdm, G orge
f Admeor, George Pklpa Wood, Conrd
Ilabs my J Meadows, Zese., ad Mr. George
m faw grat eaOm again t the t na umed per-
m1a wtMl he prayed leave to ad at dm rmquiasit
pam he nm g n -t
AAer the (ed Jury had et id with he biB of i.
dlatme, IM. Ad rsea, lng dus only oa of tbe parties
m In coast, w arraigned u the two laformatliu
d--l ., ad having paled o iahy, traversed hi
aWtid Apei mt, givimal arity upeo aca d te im-
Ger a ea hi own me og ce, in a00, and two
ameLdl 100 each, to appear ad ake bis trial, and in
A- lamLe, it keep the peace.
Aho two eo'lock, he Grand Jury returned itoCoun,
wim do fnmm delverd the following bill.
The King
Murder--o bill.
Oler Johon Boonle

The KI ng I .

-. I AL-.itrian bill.

Mr. luh sh blnn nm a ai --aa d Ie- l d.-
IaM, abt dty himolf s tho ercy of ith Court, whb
a iM ofS was 'm led o bt.
Mr. B lead having een br ht up i coaedy of the
Pre u Marshal, wa discharged by proclamation.
The Court met his day, and Mr. George Bigg, being
In a-e e, in the Icumody of the Provsw Marshal, was


&_A e srLt

eui b muo I iolM no It p bpa tIh clendr h

obj cted, inasmuch as it wu a indulgence entirely 1 his ditrc, o in town-f, Mr. Edhior, dI l
adal t to tli early Npnsiale. His Honour the Chief te true; otrwise, they are wilfule
oint,but o ce of the ort having before been tried a, i Mr lndm,) bea m e s ad aI
luring a period of thiry two years thatibe been upon bwere nt Vovilsed of the ilegAldy
ie Beah, at which turiale wl a absent i d as n-ot da- was the tiue'to ridpk.

Hlonour, thrfore, rmooimeded that a day should be ep- eupe aione, nchl w k( on aletodil
Polated to hear argument upon the point in dispute, and ai dist, further, tinhat owa y per wepdi e
Saturday next wa appointed accordingly ; orge C. the poll or dierred fr il, by thIee rioul

Andeson, Eaquire, ann.uiaking, in tihe absenc of the certain joalou, intolerael, *nd o vert.ring f
Defendant's counsel, to act for him. M. Biggs then gave if they moan thee a the Jacobitas ,l
Nltmiy) uio each Inafo prearen, topper nd e ke u, b his s bbuo ry, I atever ily believe i. ;

wo surot i ia the sum of 100 each. candidate, bero htd forwrd vot) be u lnwarte

mtur, thia he hod Mr. Johe Medoowa y n cstosdy, who, qupliajectional. votler, therefore a nif
with Mr. George wih g was placed at the br and pleaded 1 hve heard, Mr. Editor, of accaries t
" notu piy," to twr o e tero indoraton foribel upon the the s.; are hiere not w acen im to ii drlu,
GoSvrnMr of thin eatey. The Auorney General coo- No -had tha mjoity of ton acore, hi
Ming, die ddofmdel tavmned the nuit to the next term. expelled from the hose, with every mrk o
They w ine thm boand verlo appear at thattime, to take But to return to the card. Doe Firebrand
hdenr tonu, a in the ean ti im te see he peIce- jealous, imoleral, and over bearing( 4r1r
theIdant'lv in the act or him.. Mr. Bia g then avei in ty man themelrve the w d obe

100 ech, upon each information, lt ow-men- jealoun of tyranny-jealous to I
We understand, the foreman of the Grand Jry me Jur cm malice, and revenge, usrp the place of in
into Court this afternoon, and reported de following : ercy, nd justice; while Firebrand and h
Ta Kig t jealous only of the oor and jites! ltswe -,
aThe P g Man slaugter-true bill he : were we oa, we would, ha re this, have
ith Mr. Geore Bg laced tebra pe men what we think of thor; but, on the
Th I Ato ot on Majoo r libel u rigue, yet we till patiently awat the renait t
e .. Id B. Nicoll-no bill. equitable proceediaga. Overhearing are wel
oh, thes four chandidatea would have justdy b
The King A ult on e Hoe Robert give vent tod groa rmj der on the ca m re
SSln ddilfned-no bill. Does this ll card writer mno e to my, hat e
William Bmrke Nicolns tpear tht i, to e pull, or deterred them from itD If he dmiamn
The King AssaultonaMagiatr'te(C. him,assertion and proof are vastly different; le.
r. R. Nesbi, Esqe.)in the exe- dje calosienoly anmer many things, which I, me
Same cution of hi duty-no bill. Il, defy him to provo. Tise leader n of our p ihe
r~_____ ---- pioarels to t*he h nds of the Nile," a very honarI
At tde opening o of the Court this day, the Editor of parion ; for, nlhoud r lhey appear mtudly forea
this paper was conducted to the bar, to plead to four ra they will finally benefir their country, as the nalhi
ajfw irfnum iaau, filed against him by tie Attornty Go- titan nolble tiver tres only tofertiliz themi,. Tt
rl, for r i an the o r f t ilo- liiton, siy le ; but this very ilapetauOty, lbna,
erJl, for aewral Lhel nun the Governor of hih co- |ti |Nile', stn, tu, bers away bforae it, plapn,
no, containe o o d in dde following number, namely :-two, mine, and jul the varied ill*, which would othlrwia
in number 35, 16th Nevember, 1831, contained in an the country. Not a a Furbrmed,-howevteh
article headed K" iNogrNIMArNLv RTNTION," andi a Imbomst tnlame y Io that plays around it, ls ai
later under the lignatute ol Ctvm," to the Editors of nothing but m'ischikef, amnd will eventually eammid
te Jamaica Courant, and copied from that paper; wone, in a Editor,
number 2td October, contained in the conclusion and Your obedient, hombe
pothcripl of a latter to the Editor, signed TIMONr FAK
two, in number 36, I November, contained in part of
the fourth and fitb mragraphs of CIRCULAR" Frems A Lierrpel Cmrir, N, i swmb
one, in numberl7, 19th October, in the fifth patrgraph o paeIOTHy AT l.YOh r.
The Kin so .. _, The Paur can idatpn of Thuldlay na rjudaty bo

a letter signed TIMON one in number 44, 7t R s me delonbl diordr which hu l -ct o mdal
Decgmhez-ip the fifth iaragraph of an article beaded, toth and ttst instant. Ther scenes of nul I tt-
F GNODI L, manutfactrte of ths at cl o m iy, ad thhitical w
OF GOD." f ormidable and telarmlog chanrte I depndeael d
The Edior wi e make i ightst appeal to the Ju- di seplme and mr aof the mwutlineers. After
pares it) the hnds ofthe Nile," a vhey

rs of this Ilad, owith a iew to wbarp thelr jud eat, or rom the higher town to the 'irmontrv toa c l
indemma dher mrdikt: he feas tlt he shaid, by doing so, nmet of thein aned wih makei., and may of
mot only mim hhil dm uaelea y blut do the art thhe uniform o"f the Ni yie o Gaalr. The aurel.

handa, whenever the mlut my com to trial, the moas am- dispers thi rioters but the latter, so far fn rom
ple justlc. Grateful fbr the very liberal uppo rt he has sml of the author iis to ire it to ei'l
noaed, o inoa he became ma inhabitant of this town, no and oe, Jale l tgre v lsaihinr. Theo rmse d
exertion hell be wanting on his p9rt, humble though into the houses nd rNo d ou the Nmiional Oied ea
they ie, to f-o d the best interest of the Colony, and th lime n a thf e wina ow, s. The pyrefect d iti
letter wunelcoe,ir the na c of liberty to ad blood, proceededing ang crowd of the rioler, id
the people of seme of their nuomnmr and were taken pri
-number 8, 2 Ogeonerl oficer second in command th, atMme a
Turks Iulands Sal was aslling at New York, on dhe persons who cane to propose term nnlt- the
4tltmcrip or 6 cents. instantly released. The threat had the deoid d
tir rth and fh pPreferph and tie ("n.,ral were Mar at M bely.
Nuaa, January 12th, 1832. TThe arispapers of TSturdlayt e. aind byrimM
the mutt at l.yona had becunse ,ore sesoi- 5"jI
Tetdh Bditor of tlM Ba uie Arga. w ma mphnt, and the o ci, d at ,i au lt O ruedy r-
MA. E TrroN,- oba Trvd las ight s i the Royal Ga- the ety to await or er and rrinforcement. i b
anBet, that vhicide of falsehood and sadilious notices, tha sn~s w ure said to hate aireal lt their livec.
hirliagergaa ofa bse, hvocrcl,ant-colonial pry, a (Minister of War.) and the l denke f Orl n.. h
card from the four naworthy candidates, who were leject- prom for, and troops were procethl'ta frt
ed a the Eton election They thak theit peal tod the ect ion on that city. m On the .id, Lyn w.m th
Uame ol d eleait a, prdihlarty Ith c leOred e v or mts oor Pohe o mhe en. it pi .rlesc hrtr

ve1-- erwinto nnma.l the hn* t? of their popularity, renlt of l.yous from Trrare udi Ke.....e ahb 1cs ;
io hide their confdia:n of face, when they behold them- iheinaur,, moanled to t .otme men. A -'y a( l
mien. die ebjecta of h peopim's avenion ; and now they' e7.n and merchants were mi.onarrd in theer b
wth, mmldramcou ptenwm and faine allegations, to streets were uiipaved and harristiled, the aimag.
mt onl tem tpleh The mmpan mmeu autan of it e four, prisnes by the revolters, ll tle National Guah e m
I wil isy to eme .. arms. mIt the streela illumnmalte. Scver. ini c
Fireabend and his th.e friend ao e. tha t rate i killed The Tor n of It on.t ad the apf r e
md iq...uta e ons.-i..or d very liberal uppoit le ha c e d Or th e "trili t eto tih .
received, since hebecame an io biat of thi town, no uo th gu Several d---ge -o

e an oin el I for three o in e i command pethr ilte
lw. Of tho', Mr. editor, ou mod the pull te can judl, I ,ut i when yosu k a that L, sa.icl ckeNrly oaorks, tial a co- murets wn.ho a N3to plioi II. ess "Ia the


ia m marm -

oe L woer d with dhe Br mwig telor this
S biq ob)e yD. MHUe Lao, *om rm-rks
fl-wpay 1 eMn rat-lo, Ie lwwlng beo K ye-
f de mollanchly shMu cald by the I oe
i al malady in underlsnd whilc Iowa he wau
vsto isi, prompted by a Iudable professional al
, bs charisTler and treat at o this scourge of
.9-oby wts.-When I left t*nBM rland, on Suday evning,
t Asmlnla cholern we re mingly lneuing, as
Sj. ad bien during the few days immediately preceding.
seiordiel mjn are still divided in their opinions reard-
,ii cosinmiicability by contagior. OfwIdlmtsever a-
Meeiding ausMe may ullimalely prove to be, it
eluraict is too mriwm to allow it, upon the mer
Ilj of controveresal opiaioin, an unlimited pherew
hirrldm c sway. It s*name so petlilential on aspect,
lg a rltionnl doblt c beentermined of the pIro)riety,
, Necessiy, tof lmtntilg di most powerful preven-
S"mtatrA In neO l taDwa weiro it may find a con-
.i u~ssphere. The dubious Red only become spec-
gike devastation and isery I have witnessu d, to
oined that the escape or safety of our town will de-
si an observance of the strictest code of medical
The effciency of which, I hink,'might be much
a by the Liverpool Board of Health gaiinog all
ioformatioa of the proceedings of the Board of
lof Sldurlisd, which hu bad to sacrifice tile in
rspnvalof difficultim snd impdlieints, at a period
iavery oleltewl wa vaivrable ; and which hu like-
had to conlend igitl ebtm : les tha could not by
nIt forethought hte en anticipated, because they
piinaalr in quarltes whence asistance ought more mn-
IMlbly to have been elected. In subjoining the official
Ipt of Blnlrdiy ad Sunday, it is with a sincere hope
hatn wmy nower em silar meliacholy records of our
uw avi become the abod ofpestilence.
J. ui zna LaNt.
PaoU-m, Tmids, maisg."

LflSU Urnit Sr

(7t Every person abwd ui hoae thess filmed, after
oacing resided tcrein for the space O/TfUITa DATs, Is
giee security at the Secretary's Ofin, rpeu up Ais.-m
said Ocffor errrEEKN tA* presiomsto lisdepartwe-f -
ter which, at any tie diinag roa-rnai DAyv, a TiFcke

,ak i. ealy te ftl is a ached by an
-in.hicomne tMe rwhle*d be id t a kind L w-
dr, leaving lsh rid wholly mi. i prm is at
huadfal ainMr. Msenms, again, the, m l epinh"Am
tha this lypterinsm apple caumsmi a s t oe ne -- '
sil ; eeml. having so palp or Lebh i the inlide, *iMl um-
rally eemuk,. whee seaght for s bed. e dMwl by thl
hungry Bedonin as pleasleg to the eye mad desekial to the
palte. Chateaubriand hau fied on a shrnb dieMe from any
of he others. It gow two or thne leaulg fhro the mae
of the Jonims, sad i o I thorny appeanMe tih N t W-
pering leavs. IIts frut is acly like thatI of the Egypi
leon, both i sme end colour. Before is s ripe i in i ed
with a cormuia and ualine juice; when dried, it yields a
blackish seed that may be cmpured to muh, ad whicb in
late resembles hiter pepper. There can be litl doubt that
thl. in the true apple of It mocks the applgite.--Edlb ur Caoinr Ltirory, No. 4.
Singar OnmI anmg te i Jmi.-Their frmal
Lhas a sainulae method of onameouetio thmle TLy
bore a hole through the uadcl lip, as low down tomrd dthe
chin as poible, and stick several long th h in the aperture.
with the points projecing ootwars. Ohberving that several
of te tribe had decorated their Ul with common pins, I
gave one of the sqaws a few that I happened to have In my
pomession. She imeirllately called to her a gir l about
twelve yean old, apparentlyy her daughter.) who bad Moe a
yet bee disilguished by thi ama o n: pierd r lip, with
valuindidbreoceand deualrty. with a hau instrumea t lad
or aIlli(gaors' tmth, ad placed the pie il the or6a. The
poor airl bore thi. operaioon with reut pelimee I ad ap-
pered to bs perfect consoled, by the poeesuio of her e--
iv acquired omrnent, for the pain I mt have give her.-
touapaig and Cnruise Yi Ve
--- ---- --

'; Common Malicnant. may be obtaind. c CM M lm
gemoiiqng doa last report.... 16 ........... 10 NAMES OF PERBONS Jamnry 14h.
hew cam............................. ........ 9 A.orT TO At N. RcRs RY r ENART CO.
_Ilth Noirember Apey Wells. BY HENRY GKENMLADE & CO
Total ....... 1 19 ltoh December C . RIdd.
leanol..d ................... 4 0 sta, b C miri On Maodn mass,- at. Alim l l.
Dad ....-................... . 0 Ju ary Jaou Rbet Win. AT rm d .
Remaining... 17 14 I .b Eliuboth Barry. At 31 O W i g
oulrland, R o'rclck, a. ., 2lit Nor., 31. l. Will e aol
(Signed) RBERT DAIUN, M. D. A tmrt of Land, ituate an OGran BShm, l a i
-- i2 2l )acres. Further particulars will e miade ha d
Common. M.mlinanrt. JfV sf ltef t u 0 r sale.
IR minin since last report.... 17 ........... 14 January 14th.
Nw sma ........................ 1. ...... 1 ........... 9;- --
T l. PORT OF NASSAU, N P. R. McKEE, Denist ad O dlis, has arr In
Total ........ is 2:13 ........4 1 Naseuand will attend to the aoeral prKact of his
a...................................... 4 1 ARRI VED. profusion. He can cur every ce o arie he dw l *,
..................................... Jan. 16f-i-Biig Jmno, Rumel, Liverpool unless the disease her progrened so fr M ne dealy dthir
Reminine.. 14 ,s blerchandiae, to Roann BUrrT.a. vitality; and for those who hve bhd the fIortam I e
loeerlAd, 8 o'r, a. ., 27tA Nor., 181. 18th Sloop Lively, Bartlett, Savannoh their teeth, he will inert ne ones, which caat die-
(Signed) RoEnRT D un, AM.D. Rice, Chese, Candie, Lord, der. tinguished from the or iinal teeth. He a led th
_______ R DauM to H. GasrmUN.LAD & Co. disease of the eyes, nder the albted Mr. Laaet ;
Fre tha LArpeol Curier, Naemner 30. ad he has confidence in saying, tiot e can be a of al
iat-Thei Chamber of Depuies h ave passed CLEARED, service to the who ne affiited wih dlb Ia thm or-
h prp llv banishing the Bourbons from France, but 16th Sloop Bob, Clarke, Mobile 'gan. He has often been able to Mress e to t
hluw for b;li.hing hereditary peerage s not yet beer. 17th Brig Richard, Lardman, londurau who wer in total bliednem.
mdto the Upper Chamber. To secure Its adoption, 18th Sclr. Pomonao Miller, Havanah Do. McKan is a gsradusa in G., I Ui-
1 hal been a large creation of new Peers; bu t at this verity of Glagow; Y te"f Ba i1a p"
tialiriberal have taken offence, and thus Paris i SAILED, Surgeons, L ; and grada* t i h l6leM" l B
eiscomotion. Caimir Perier has frmnes; bt Jan. 18th Sloop Bob, Clarke, Mobile Univerity of New York. Hea pa a
P d cilit, like that of ll who attempt to keep in Tionable Woimonis" of his r he
kaw&ho ein @rloe Prli on The ,slep Widow's B ~a ClylYong. which thi rmpoaally s ek d of d ofm e
L ken r ehmia will be foed en cecoumt of the do- foer Loag lland. to lad wlth Ban y ,h t7t I nd of Nmnk, ase dilM tM d of i. llj
ae oI rnot sod bloodshed which hove ake to No York b. oet withesi A ad mils He rides for te pmm, a Cipa 0. rs-
Lyoe. Thee diMurbance appear to have ari- hrthant lsel at thM s diSen m eM b em of ttm co-* te '
with the silk-weaver, respectin the rate of wages, i vtes pgale tfhm e NNoth d, the i of which, earrd Ilt
a1 a all connected with politMcs. M. Casimir a ewy her mas, and she w in te act of taking. whe hee Jamay 18t.L
i bringing the abject before die Chamber of Captah Iw, as a little dntace, the Ameran ship Coloeam,
lhd spoken in o form ad open a maerr that Captin WitidMr, boned so H m, who a te Capi YVo NOTICEi
ad wir h i dep attention, and, a a proof of the' Cw m ad presages. board, ad ided da (ea I HE SUBSCRIBER, atendig ts hm id n
L Iof tie (mmher, sn addre s epropared the pasieget.wo proceeded me to ti v ap sea, r Ba United aUs sran d
w ha Psnnnsm.* d noT a April sti. for the Uatlo Au^ N podr-
h nedof the King, eapenv or ac men BahamaB. and we sn happy to my, they sihved bens on Me- -ow havq aaino Mbe, to mnd d I and
tod to the King, eipyaive ofltachment to hi d Ili--p.n of the crew, hoew. nesrely frt hbiten. e cldebd, to a ne p mr o ts i L
pAS. 8ENGER5 ARRIVED. Fe arry. All oeopnr wo aftir sl
lplis-. hsolated that the Emperor Nichola, s lha PASENGERs ARRIVED. ill be lr at rte nanf al 'e Ba
1" mee coolnes towards the French amnbassdor, on In the Sloop Lively,from Savannah:-Mr. Pratt, Lady recovery
'ai f isehaving absented himselffrom he solemnity and family, and Dortor McKee. F. TUNlEL
tclkakivint forle fall of Warsw. Was PA88ENGER8 SAILED. January 7h.
ti mma dJIl i present If so, we may wellblush In the loop Bob, for Mobile:-Mr. Wier, Captain Ar- ;AM MBIHILLAb tt.o o coun try, that he wa outdone nod lady and daughter, Mim Farmer, and Mr. Fin lay A GM AM UMBRELLAw. brougl I di f .
jy je tiu by the Frenchmen. The harbarities of f Ace abos a wek sins, sppoed by stake.
omi auth.uiti in Warsaw nd other pars of Po- The owner my receive it, on appliati for d me.
i a& keatilyshow that no generous feeling has any CHRIST CHURCH PARISH. November 23d.
hthe Russian Cabinet, and that it has not even pnim
, o mmgh to disarm by kindns. Thus it lays up rM vu lsiar FOR MAAL ,6
I W frore ninl more successfulrevole The brove S AVING fised thdemisB e a of tau at the ale of $9 Th House and Pressm a p m erpld
SChlopicki has been sentenced to Sibri, to be 1 per barrel of superie Flour, Ordered, that thse r Mrs. Poirer. The H e is ray and
Supon their public works. sahilin Loaf do weigh 2lm. 6a., and te sipeany Lef I convenient, with lrge Kism aMin walkl h
tll. .So By order of the Vestry. artached, char houms and Midling Ar hre
qf pi Sodom.-- ver r eder has beard of the apples of DAVID SPENCI, Vestry Clerk. hea et msiTe ar i grpan ps. Theat bdip
.aL sp c. of fruit which. extremely besuriful to the VrITar RooM, 8.1 Janisy. 132. have been lately d rpaired, and tL r part
Letter t the ieste, an full of dust. Tscitus, in the of the fences have y pet up.
1e0 tmbk af his hiser, allde to this singular fact; bhl. as HAVANA. -
l al hllaog r bio h aief an m mhemnns. thas no light ran -
h'* ftoma his lweril,tion, tr i emrfiat ./ s fei.rni m in TMReq. IOWARD, Jr. has trelnsld her BoaDiino A met of Land onsid *the Vilima le f .250
*tn dloue trverllee. unablehr to dleeirr ths inular M e FPrtB.1%HMsr.NTin the Col de les$iDfria, north c.. It is dlirvided by the villagn-sa insae Ime Ba
me". have conid-rrcd i merci as a figure of speech. de- .0 due governmentt iMosw. wesmer lot belag inererwed y he ew m ead ldin rn
e t* A deceitful natutr of l vl i .us enjoyments. Ilas. The very airy nd conmanding situation of th hosnr he v ilige into the Ble hill road. This hd wi be dis
*atntsl it as the produn,-t iin o a small plut esllled should cmremand the att.ntinn f all travellers in a warm poe i ofin oneor thre ot. Ap ts
af aM.a s peles of nih:-hiha,. which is to be ItN W. MILLER,
S Widantilv in the neichhn ,rhd.l of Jci,'Lhn. ie a- climate. SWP 17Lh
doe eft pil are %ori, b), lidl of 'lust hb thus. h, June 16th. Sepembr 7.




i _I _ __ __

Tusrrnw, Tbrhe Ah 1t,,u ,
AT wea mTuEN Inpm,
Aet 3o eiM a. am
Will hi solad
The Cup of Sloop Lively, Br usmills.
10 derces
40 bf.t -es .
40'boem andl6s,
B Choes
Term immediate CASII.
January 18h.
On Monday st, the 2d istant,
AT Ta vUsnl ianOei,
At as Omrnhs. S.
WE he sold
The following propty, ws.
A Hois and Lot, siuate i C aar Baa. Tbh h i
enclosed by a subMsantial es Wall td e Ba a Ma
are In ood condition.
One other Lot, on the coa ir f y mod 1Dn n
Street, adjoining the Lot acapd by Mr. rAhsmnd
AND- -
Another Loe. shmu at the bh of Unhi BSrt, a
which there is a Steln Quarry.
A tract of Land a Hog Isad, con-ig abee 80
acres, ell knows by the ar of oa BIp-ypaL
r at_ elar. _al-r -- *

vrk A-Af
ron4"1*0 4, TOWM^
4aFtrws -
"~~~~Pt Qin. e

p i li t I g it
s 1 ._ J s 1
IS 10 17 1" 19 00 I
a a a ia a W

FebygJs I S S
6 .7 a 9 10 1
Is 18 14 15 16 17 I
t WI 21 2U 1 31 3
96 27 g o -
Msech..-..- 1 2
4 5 6 7 8 9 1
11 11 13 14 J5 16 1
Is 19 o 1 23 9
95. I 807 SI M a
1A a a 4 5 6
A 9 10 11 12 1i 1
15 16 17 18 19 0) u
ja II IN ie 6 27 2
MB ml -
9- 2D
M -- 1 3 4
6 7 8 9 10 II 1
18 14 16 16 17 I8 1
go 21 2:11 i2 25 8
g7 I 9 a0 aI -
a 4 5 6 7 N
It) 11 It I1 14 15 1
17 18. 19 t0 XI 22 2
54 el go, S7 Is 9 1
1 2 a 4 5 6
SW 110 1 12 1I 1
M5 16 17 IN 19 01)
as s g6 27 a
-'a w I -
Ag*. .-.- 1 I 3 ,
4 S 7 9 10 1
I, LI* 14 Is Il 17 1
19 s 3 11 I N H 2
a W to a o ai
2 8m 4 5 6 7
9 10 iI It 13 14 1
16 17 IN 19 IU 1l u
Wg M4 25 26 27 Wt 2

October..... 1 9 a 4 .
7 8 9 10 11 12 1
14 15 16 17 IN 1 i
g o S 31 -
1 B
4 5 6 7 t 9
It 19 19 14 15 16
is 19 go l 2 I 1
a5 i6 27 a I 0 W
4 5 6 7
9 10 II 19 11 14
16 17 18 19 Ut l
M 5 96 27 34
a 1 -


URedak his ls taO a staIy ra, bee it -ma amn- delkiasesmry, retmatic ami p-M
mm heyed IIIIae. The rck epa which it aM
emms iMi f ehden, ws is i i the mi
A of the RUMe.
The IEm l eof thmin e dtale d tm river is
galterma bat, om appeseb aim, it i decay

immy ohsubjectof as i "tesig hI, ht h
sbbdmtin, naraste'ed Itee tworiwede. The a
dbP f 4te dgs Ofd mod in a faut lom:-T
aeawlilsf Rene.d, N ephew of Chrlemgm, duer
do aWi=gto him. wrisem reo peace, waN
ad b6lvn di theirea of I*glhoi, and fr
dhedwe toh sares of thll Rhine. Ovrkem
igho aW 6f his ramble, at the entrance of the dom
fa c ue*. h reqesd the hopitalily of the owar, a
waiim' ly seeked by him with thu6i aa frwake
Iwh dIa I di te u -alric ago. The Ciad
a L d6m graspedl hIin d with thau "e-cy ardhi
whichIapb do maw a o od Meands, rter thw u
Mof strangs, ad ll Higede, his daughter, at hefe I
bread uad wIe, t syl of hpitallty, with aB t
aimee fSr iw wH har wh daCiderah
g@ades I embn1 with" family armoef the
oand Ned peumas it wih that am le weal
aenmiedim ry biialtr. Relm aenped Se pi
ien er hoed and h aw gake, hbi
hbh saeuled, d. he I e kanw msa w
Whatr aid O ht tiis a Am do
which, whoam blding o6 se a s ver SmW
*4t h thi 6 -mao emmm whof heds mm dI.mnt a bame t" R*e
oe2ed hlfgaad bq t qipek t fates of war,
Sof6 gnAt palbical visw of hoi neuwd semi
They eoiredito rm, hat RalAmdcandet cis hi b y
thi imaged mldTde crtiually premad kienl be

The ,hY ho&w pepieucktal bdSdLr Isiohwbmhrr riIn dowe 10 il
hk.hee a it sas glary.

-abmyu every m m"d-- -* ha Ir -h HI EUy. -e
ary 1 i y L P ar l" in whic Mn p )mail
ha, n mni p d me au buing pew "oh
minid hedo of civalry withi bi w l and pera Thres ined .r J. hi ade e. rs nro

b lio t u if io prayer r i..m castle, "whb i r I l p inhfbe tin Mad eLutmnesm i
O/a w r, pdentA op t _l ai ha r d, oa it o of wue, :tt ui de "a"

t1 IdTi g ho 1i e hould cd.siac h.e lcvein,__ ay. Iahy olhor e r i ld al ly tIa. cl
Si qiid her togie t hi myt. No yml of disple old here beo qulMhe ihdmt eHi Ea ey.
-i.erak ny daa e h yS i ps .lus r cod m ely i& at i s pe bge - f
I g*ass L ed at overme a ll r te imoidiy, i wich n shipped
I asly wetoheld hforma paper epemi o declare A." Thle srte o a sas rfatr,

4I Co.u.m. of Hildeginds wa insanoly coreod wibI HOUSE OF COMMONS, Sep.It I
1 r e of er had iM to tii ding reLd asa edr p cat, ,h oart cathm ow B oi

4"/ *' "m *,yma 1 __.. ,. TL ro T,, PMu IH D F s T u f w
Sen4 her. but the liewoe sitting on a b, her h and If ar t ie iU trd sonteunt owith iw

l jited e if i epre. oriv, hsi rI aced to t L was i a thaeditemt. ionof J imr. C. nSyth bad he rc

- and, in giving tim ruess biB, ni, Th h ael ..nAl,orattacko.npootlnhcharacCterof prhlI
I suul iIa should o draton the coave took Hra ge tO istChefere r ita, whe aierm n asIna
Ios. in say other th a laly a. Jimly
Spo of hi n lov d Hdcikoode with a lok tolH d Iml r- concr. en 6 em OUT To ra is

9 the h d to gie it oa r No a retr v The it onld a bea.mic qui. (C ) Westi
-I lon eru of omnl ndel~r, a oi or rn tate an b m ti oi e ba d,"e p ha
I -let a my ht esclo ahe epproavieg chmpaie c.eley. orw hi govnmdernt ke thoe rEmplasa
) bosed do the bdan. oanud ratr. o d Rbi chose d ir one
7 my tatouched hart h responded in dunce." The flma lade hgaerr.
SMenttaneme of Ilildlegeme we. instantly covered with HOUSE OF COMMONS, Sept- IL

I criiaen r ai his bride Adies generally tnqu, but .^n l s sme, iack a. T mn a ej
7 lhy re dcholy. A mpe prs of t o ne toii Lord Atrp wi, I a i t asi sa tx iv
I h thet aheir emo eson ptrhiefd; tlhr yus, a e d- o i. en .) It is very n ldom th rira d
I ared eloquently e the heai en t wicc tb heir falling in_ s a a. m aIt mae o e, bIcon utent I did o e

7 I de coem a bM npmu. .. . ss e- them. li e n very litde linme for nreadl
Il dec d, in gvingh though to oihid, "bat which in thedi- sinatt of no bt c, e, the ci ,t

M pled from her lo. At lngh t cae,-ns o vat scandelor obrvattach tlionn I hote I shof d
- luodlv iub. hs, of Ciloac of deed od hero" ouge, da(C,.e Aml-TO- L Mr,ITHlNKi, .-.
2 br.po of hi love, i d HI.lofode wit. a look told him,bo 1 ua le c) A to us me T
9 a t he mone olt he hi doubt o a sMitabl return. Thed Ti pt AT "A (-.'-, '" tem I -- -e'.F.M s
ii ieven owd eternal fidelity, and Rolend obtained her LY rate AlD o uM3UTCfD. (Che9N.) We, Via
- ,coos, th, at the o inea of s e approach camp heign a mien, tsak our tuctio ir thed bc ot. e f sa pao b, I

- da tr i nwrld he sbou l lo o th Rinesh d ourselves forward to nao nalr ta k n the ri chrelat s.n
6 dthe hppy elantdol. Aof smpleous peur the hwld s lic onur I do nt thick that rskon. uy i
Sal that their emotion permitted; their eyes, however, de- l e U a ,
U d ed eloquently the sentiments wi li tieir faltering plain. (C it-.en.) It is very Gldont that IU am
7 Olae cdlht u cvalier appeaende. e cka ehat are made on ru, because I did ar ilu

S I h lpl th rioty of aym en until the follow. t ,. I e now very little nie for r odimn
I eluded omanner. She thought of nothing hut the news 01- ritle indeed, that I em not aw wlatio Ica.

N p.ted fro her loer At lent t camws n of tacked in themor not; but i d
- bloody combats, of perilous action, of deeda of heroic should come under my obeervtio I hope I shi a
4- bravery,rand, twho hd followed Chways eallted above ill thm e i

GI othr, the eneal subject f i erploi beeau, H sld onadt idu e to ater my opinion. At to pa
1 of tme nhtmenu on de Rhine. Molth however, psed i- scot to e Jurestral f hepd frbem ri, thee po i a

SI awer, nd e long ear oh aby ncey rom himd h glory. aidue adlc hen. (her p ers.) Id by he flicr ft er a l
- cul piercld by moral wounds." ie; aondi cnished it recruiinug deptoente ; by wh muo the Rom f is I
- te k,hay intelligt ene o h io peace, which wold o m into public notice, nd having t heir of issmali
8 heve relied her op returd he earl. Abprbed by t io; effective mnea hu never bpn ble lto tpke 6shiM l*m
I5 Oe night a c lier c appear d at the castle gaute, nd rine h public e10fo0 i. oo O, In l irt ple, it
17 I t ,rsted the hoslitai. tAr ef aymond unti the ollwi d.g ca "iNCuy 're iota PUBLIC COnU Is th hvIm rrIni
9 produtved to, be. e of oluini o upanir ing arms, TICor N m a eT hh crrl c sulsroo. r In I
- a brave arriot, who had followed toer;n gn i od to h teth

61 iamn elpdiion. Aie atled and nctons, Hile godr e tco- wor lchalctero ire i.eltlRdebchesi, le. o-Th I
3 length ventuned to sp, hek ul ooknd. ihe veil. h!" baid the coniu iona, r. not onfreb e ,i n ly. o i alidia r e
Il f 4 he dicer e being aimed to her fam ily covered ih glory, er evir hprcien of i promitely. he recrui.n cmrie

1I probation wa ,borteed, and three months had tarcely ude ad pcli f "onernynti.; ad, bceonffir coctenl
17 hut pierced by mortal wounds." Hildegoaide ceased tIo recruiting depsrment; by whieh mass the enia I

- Speak, shbe Icold lnt ieven ed n er vowhi A fas l ought to be c blthe, d up to thed with o co0 SUI
- pcipiie roneved her opp b heort. Asry d by th upon efwo fee mey. heo never on whom dto ole the tai df
i)dev oght ot her s., she atood as immovable ad inanimate than tooeomor toioo.m In he ait place, itm a mI

R as led suddenly mAfte eight dears npe t the mt ed. that every rofrut i regarded a l lth th he I a'
y profond grie, sto thoo thll ode roui o quttinr a world frien fom the e momet that he quit t the hn. e uc i
he which o ek her,ntind nothing ofs, by ie n to her to dcostsed n.i to revi i ehi. re olf aves for m. himk rm
1ds the Mtaro. Der whds hr resuced hes senh d cohe signed to the groc e. For thin aseens, in the wI.I

1 fein eraid fro t kfof bnctio, which hed gheo ron- r chi peters nra selected-debr, he eph, an
8i vent of Noneort t h nd there took the aeil. The bihopnwith paroin. sod, sue sn req inferior ,t theo dni SI

id frlee, who ioed being allied to her ir the term of her evd erye tpne. iwer mrefuity. luo nm thr ruis a
id p batin was horteldh He d now er t wkh grief c ofely the sak iad he dgovemed who lad. od ons rot
9oi d bee she idd pr.nhHunc d her vows. A fad ought to ie chlthe. d feurn ished rith a mi *
- pedcipitaion! wich brought miery and death pun two money. The officers en whom devolves he tasklfi

de v ed lo eri them wod o mining their c dibr ion adehs i. -c ]d
Roland suddenly made his appearance at the cstle of with tbe Officer. charged to wscort them to the afiW

R.aynd, to wirhich Il eigoo hod or ever bde d, men u. I treqe of ly happens, an, such errsoi no
ng heren by their respective corps; so that, infart. *the4

he. hulu ti ee of RestledBk, pd ulf rck hih over- Ito memas in ti report che rh hs of thr ripmy, E.
the altar. Daes wudes hed reaucod his strength, and he on the occasion of mm imepeetion. a regiment is fsid

'-h looked te cfrom of Nolenwoth, hicd whgiven rimed ug the prheirs k t at e d e ho les py sic a
d h herepoi oo hi fca He o I mhir ach mde cy in point of inmbes at rehornd hin to dalyth. He noorat with grief of, withe k d he deemed who figured th

is hey riodim dupale tides e wich Hi ldegodt bd ferned, Fd OR Nm ALm E-- A thre O If

by biagished o her days. A lite moid of the Ida-hell Bilh of Lading,
id, h re, nd r frm him or eer. Tto hre nr eti. voie of e choir Billh of t E acice ll
iend feqeily hie wih glbt y he ld dinae tb oU Ii il- Billt the gral-ichie i, d e
m od: r d, weing trd eveieg av r hd dimirhi nd tig- Msnifee of Cr dao ,
lier eat Mi rui d du Ite hour of repes cu ae hand, if Blank Fora for ta he Ctoom Hole,
ry- be codud ame of Re aedcL, pa a m roce hicght oser- giL. ia heir reports a the eds of ,

'h tlmoked tu cwenvl thet o ree h in d wkichn he d ftir bthal Getnerl Cort Wriae,
l his hertage. of eesiag their dellcleary is point of number'
Hem hR e "ewhlto daysat thelodo or his CeN, ith i

Shim s eye rilve l upof bia deIr Hrego ihl, ho ildeton FOR SACt Ex A thbutis,
hyt lchead w r day.eor the power of he matil. Two Infri Co L Wdig ,
ie. hber, pand. liteig toliry ad ngelvoice of cu choi, Bills of Sha for Vsel,
ad heady cg hiehglmmg. Om diutigri, Is he voice Mof lip- (il h to S.)
uy -aeisgd, whea t e d r, hve i por ld rdigen gne Ign WMranifets of Cargoey Cosud

-m Is e tppoientd for the tehouro r pme of tha sdrif Ank Forny' Wrrents,
he could discover goiomrsimg of sao light frun Louses and Relsaces,

t toef od. whr all tre wasp in dare I, hl ilt tat fr Grration BondWris,

- Hilego.dl. Hie wired, ua med hbe frasl fretd. For Pom of Attornr,
hti the art die boe dofis a Hildc t ho h who mb i Ger ApplCourt E ecutiors,
otf wMtcho de ayd for tha r Mo rin g nation. Two Inf erir CMiiti W rints,
c. ye pased e, theb hiliary n agUd a occupation. il of Sale Pi Wrran s.l
a, bad l uied r One saed r, amid wed ma ilh op ot Peoli Summihons,
y. watching di berr ot peroe dillogia a grave in W warrants o Attorney to C

Mad rti ap ithd of te d or 6 o lo Ie l rp f u a ait Atorn WarTi nts,
" Iof d; AI, arcon ole wipd rief, h the d it wha, ar Obitration Bonds,. .
SHioada He iHqafru, ai baned the funt Irish. For Powers of Attorney,
by, h first tim he deemed so 6 lahy lshoaiwa, Which Apprentice Indeonturs,

of; he foud, d herly aerds, t derin hi m e a he door N. y .-hob WPriing'd whhne
ch- wpraeence whilst ho haen wa it@@aod by hielings earth- Police Warraets,
of lY. He machd a the Is ad rift, thre 6 oet open Police Sumaonss,
Co. maie o ho alarly beloved, joined ho aide asp- Sbpn Writs,
ad ratica with"in of the non for h etorual Mpg of Sublptcr Tickets,
. ha as;il; ht, vrcmm with grief, hretimaud hbe, and Obligation Bond., d&c. &r. hr.
a; wa bead, datatlY afterwards, in his Sou seat at the door N. 3.-Job Printing eaecuaiaid with orwatin
ore of his rell, ith his eyes fixed upon the rleiser, hit fixed patch, upon good paper, and on imiodrate lerl
in drath. lie waJ allo-cd to be buried in thl ante place, January 4, 1N12.

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