Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: January 14, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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oHAR A ARGOU. pickets, were c uced is the suwal form t the head- much a possible. the chase df g in wish tinm eay'
DA 7 quarters. Whtvor lafeatlo datley gave, whitsher it wdem, eailI he had tuived a poi heyd the esd
auL n ns--WUMLv m U mw, U. 1. was considered true or fabls, or what might or might sm of picin. As dy-brek, he arrivd at tu vhge of
hoive been tp cases, I k was, thiut a attack which hbd Colwe del Meetr, and ending Vueas, dmeded
SM llbrs per aemm- O bn mdiissd at daybreak *a countermaded, and the dtI old Alb m good pimabsh, sma braklM. A
rumy roeamied quietly looking at their opplmosts, making few Fremach r wee Ia the ream kig, tqpt
Sthe necessary dispiakioa to securif pumible, a victory, wish hl .e-dere 8Spniaeh me ro e who uemeay
h being decided, for mn doubt pod reasons, o avoid. at dI e asf e r bar Slpya chd inleh ly
Sleast r the mome l, a gpral action, and simply to h I a esesalo tdher m tem n m I e si ho doe
te inmy i check. On the Ame df Ithee ights k wa, wenl thiMag qum lle a rl trdr, sad mv c e
doth fm t I fud amihble ya g frid and officer gaing e wim the is perfect -d hr ; but his great oje
his Eliu's miniatlue, @nd employing his fancy in the was ae tdm atent-ie and c tiate lhe scqualaea
POE Y. pleasing rtrospectio of the happy houn hie d paied of Id ai U i; hbmet purpa, acoies dtm ai pure
-O*E with tlhom he loved, whme my s den ippearuace, unli Fach, he re ted dir a maeYe Nd opinoe(
MVIIy Or THI MORAVIAN NrJ him fow ea instant, b ke tb delightful chare.--hl4reyn pamliarly o ta cca, which he d b a D cheap
Vie C ...R.,N O,,.nO.A, ing All hiA airy, blifl visoTlm, uad bringing him back the giving thm litle to make trial o, ad speaking thir
Sru co11cu'rTo. or oL s f ling of his real sit uati, with t e various sm. own slmguar wih geln dacly, a lemt friendship was
Was he dyas lI of day tin s. A wasm ead friesdlly q u of the hand amed brought about. N-- told tI a Stleb mary of hi
Tihu lg the cheacl sot i m, that e forgave my iaterrunpdn, which was i am I tin-plce being Bm es a I sl ebmd
OWnhe gtlimmeriln sh
light an the eoed h degree inc ed on my introdweag a pern who Imedy Its bahe, j t ith id of ljyn ,- phi
And the oe bame ig siung. eiteoll his curiosity. Figme a yerself a man drkad which heL Was ub l q edh heAk mbd tme ll ir
Whee bMfoe the alar hung in a or ofr Frech-lalia e ma --m fea msaied with a loan time when a bey, with a mi m rwel them fr
Thi pinod bw.rlt. w ihi wit pe a yellowish b --- box suspended from bi ehuuolerd by a the recovey of his h thh. The, like a ane Frmenhman,
ld Lm aaee ed dm- lithelr amp, cotaimingisnas, toalaccu,perfuiaaesr, tri assuming a lveliaem of diposidon, singing,' indghibg,
a .* aw et hyme we heard the whik, nad a variMy of article likely o e purcm by oirs chatting, and rccuerin. g aedoa bt dear Fraae,
SN lo thediae my"aurio waie. and soldirn : them be how l d and epaid on with al N- became great fieveMt, that at the birf e-
Take thy benmer !-sy i wave the veluity m gasenade of a Frwch pedliar wing lieving the pickets, they bteaed Mli to accompacy them;
Piwmly oer thgmed mad kbmw an army. the request wau of coam cmp iled wit, sad e tih esa
S' Whme Is ol'e dbtm wril Our youth's curiosity was o retly etched that ae his paed through pickets, advanced pgurds, r. to the mi
ireu the sabbalh of ear ad e tlhmgbhs of bume and love were forthe moment obliterated. body of the aumv, miuel ecig the various dispe
Wte U lhe lerkin's mo'e h'd The m ution ot Whe the man cnme from r' How he sidons made and making, the a embr nd all thm -
S To tan mt of te loe chilll-- a Why he came" and many otder, wer put In be of tervce. Being fearfuleofeommlh "y tngto p.
WhAe the Row in conflico shakes.a
Amid thiue urm onct shivering rapid min. I bede him look oethe ema, ad tel me i t per, as the most trW circmsP ee, or ato mWe
TAnkde they leegnehd I Is ihd ever beforedy n h ime caea d ov iri, r te lamat I or f or lf,
STkle thy beene -ead be l and figpre,ed assured ae h ldnot. Ths did thedig ee nd as tk wald hove he mast as a opa l lily far hir
Toe walms dark, oemlig woueth, apper perfect, though our young friend added mourfeDly, to crry a recaulliei tlon o eey tbi Iis mid he m-
S Oasntt; t our hem fr hisfeaturesat firs remindedmn of my dierfriend N- ;; nrted to a cuius method ofheping h moy allt .
,' Ped I i-.aed miU pa p te bat that is noi pm ble for n a skirmish with the pickets HI. box containd shre separate empamnts, each o
i the rkiI fa erf pwer, two alt hagM, I w s ld he bd bn severely wounded which had thrm division, filled with trinket of far
In dhe rush i of tsd. upnm' d taken rionwr whifb drill them from a embui. kinds, hbcco, small packets of maf m en, a ape, *.
Is eight band will shield hee bhen. cade." The seea ow becme t intense interest ; frid-d One party was considered de mals body, and bhe -qw-
Sship -incre ned diinerested -friedship was put to he lera ; te ether parts m dilged aI epm n em ctehr di
S Take thy bamer!-.t whe might test and proved. Poo Frank !" cried he; Heams sinto, advaees, he-ia fa, alU hal t em ry, and
I f ur n the vanquished eties b knows if I may ever me him spin. I lovd him s when sparately taken to pieces, an ud rely id at,
pe him !--by our holy vow, brtlher fruo early youth: his hburt was the mI t of good- they would represent the object ineldd as nuretoly as
By our pryes and malny earsm eus; is soul of Imaour a; idl had y his full sha of could be deird. Ths did N- wih bi o rapped
iy the mercy that endearb lifu's misforlune." before him, pass through the whole French army, t inllin
pare hil-h our toke hauh s d- N-- stood with his Ieye fed. fi Y ealthfl l (kiad' with the soldiers and officers, slig same few of hi amti
Spare him-as thou would be sqarle lnanging co.nienance, i.aJ lle n ariomr feeling dealcted on e.1, and minutely taklag his obeaer atone of all te was
Take thy hanner !-anil if e'er his er1lrceive fci.turns, then suddenly rainsig his cap of ing forward. On one occasion he was placed in sm
Theon shonlds pro the bldier. bier, diegu;ie, rating on hiu a lonk full of pleasure, nd beam. eolardy: being seated on the ground is thie eveing, lay.
And the mul. drum should beat ing with i siondship umost ardent, lolling on his he an out li plan, an oifirer passmn oberved hin, Itentive-
ike trie. d of mournful feL rushed to emhnrace him. Inquiries of ow Ie escaped t lv, and, before he was iware of II, toouhed -- aon tth
Then this onumo flag shall be what were his wounds I and why was e Imbited in la shooldea, asking him, whether he was trying hi skHI at
ur tial kl h arod for thee." ant cisunm I were w iminediate cosequeaos re- copying the moanemwnts of am army, or whtber he island.
d the carrier tolk that banner rol. cogaition. For the fir., it appeared, that being closely d entering the service, beo nla g a. greu. b
ad it wal his egaged at ime edge ao de rivulet, as before desbed, study and practice. N- was at first a ea
BONG OF A A8E-ROVER. dusk coming on, when the picets were all p-al-ll togp- but fading the officer was sot paicrt early acrtinising in
Mhr sHgis Is a bean of mane dier, N- fe a blow from a mausket, which for a time hi manner, he quickly recovered Mimsf, and wthot the
Hlik voedu it ail of Iloa to thee. omi ely suinned hiim. andl on recuvering all aes still; lbut hatilon or apparent emhrremo he replied i
Thy beauty bright, my ocean-queen, no heing with lit remaind near him. Nt exactly recol- so artlre and clear a wys to slow oa'll empkm, ned
Haih more thbn woman's eharm to ne. lcting the spot on whicl, he was, and ik heg ark, h, gave the ooier as ide, thot his ellocts wrel rathr IL.
My Britgatn cautiously forded the sllim at aI little disMase, beiaving calculated for a goparal or y in the army. N-
She wa joining his troop, it having already ben pa 0on reprklid hi hoa, saluted tr offlir Ind joined dtm
y BiaPtw Thy fi form more than once; at break of day, however, he found ot he of followers, of which there I never aly leet in sch
ValOr, laud to I et age thie lo; m his mistake, when, to prevent being taken by the enemy, situations.
Thee, buoyate, iugh'st to corn the strife, he w force d to iake circeisous route of me miles. having soon piaed all the information he wasted, he
My BrigautiM n ere he coiud ronture anni to attempt paingweu m r to e- quitted the French postio by a dilmret rnm ao dll he
Sgin his owe lines: tIi however, he at lst did in sales, ad entered, acting ig intend of ja roru iinlg ao hi
My Brip me I've proved the r and no sooner arrived, than he was told as itelligol a- journey to Madrid; and coming circuit of d mte ur four
Tideck l o truth s ll nIre kanow was wasted to volunteer for a particular servicel- u, regained is safety the advuancd p of hi own
A farnm's trend, to dhee I sea, Ever on the pd mpi to show tihe grlacest a in hi i s early in the moraltg, ead wa d ely -
My Brgaotim! profmilon, be Instatly waited on the Oeneral f docedd by a corporal ud fMe of a m o a who
Sthe division, became cqainted wih thhe lhsade commanded the gurd, o whom he was entirely eakwna
My BrigMtie I A o h's dower, od arduous nature of the underiking. whn he mo m ad bhd it been otherwise, h could not have diovered
My bride f the nen ware. cm thina. only offievl himself for it, hbt begged the Ge l's par. himnnlf. lie named the pgneral of his division, and -
t resources. who shall count tam o'er, tiular interest in his behalf. Thil he n omrdlelly pro- queted o be carried before him: tt. Im welcomed
mM! frt, w~~ M i rigantie. mined him, ato only from hl knowledge r his abilhis as his eIfe return, and alr sam few irg canMed
St an oier, bu in all other respects, esm lly his perfect him himself to the cl nder-io-chief to whIm -- o
acquaintalncu with mveral language, the Frech pMetco- fully ad ably explained every prticulpr of the emy'
THE SPY. lari, wliich for pi renes, elegance of peneuciation, ad army, sid evinced somnch presion edelearonm, tt all
Pm dii Ukdiitd ,Sre e Jrmal. fluency, could scarcely be tarpased by ee a Parisian. was complely understood. N- w-a hIimdleMly re-
in isthe middleof the year 1H10, lwhn the British The General's repon to the Conmendder-in-Chief proved commended for captain ; ldeed, i was bet e J) re-
s various struggles and hard-fourht action%, uee- sufficient, nd or alhlnt friend was appointed to a prst, wdof mern, in riskig a dangerom a service to M-
a m occupying the very hert of Slmin, that thle at once of die highest corenuoe to thearmy and ofperil coeplish an object so invaluable to the commander of
, pgldy reinforced, and far exceeding our forces in to himself; yet was his brsa hehan undanted. He re- en army, and which he had doe with auch skilL N-
iad taken up a very strone position in our front: ceired his instructions, arranged his diie, and was now now repaired to his quarters, whe he was received
.pYom were ma much advanced, that the raltest devoting thu lat hour to tle delights oT sinre and real by his brother ofcrs with every mark of sincere rled-
l was necosery to prevent e urprieelhot or's was friendliip. It was, indeed, n hour awakening sensations ship. Tie day was occupied in makig ihe noa y
alent, and rely to cheek the elightlt movearm ; nmonglt the three friends easily to be imagined by preparation for i attack a day-break. Orders r.
maridd, is it o find Britlih soldier slumbering at the minds capable of sntilents calculated to make life ea rived at tie different posts in quick suremieo : a
Pld h er. The night, for the time of year Ino enjoyment: to describe their feeling would he difficult; was on the qmi ice,n'nd at the lose of the aveltkg,
* ce otry, wa dark and lowering; all was halhed wfce it to ny, that when the ai t of pring rri.- with the atmias caotio and sleoce, the troop ommen-
.lme sa tthe gentle sound which brokeupoo the er, vd, it was one of melancholy in trn est m a of Ihe cd moving in take up positions so a me r n d dme-
m-- ~ ta oi-usteaps, as they pced to nd fro on word. It was midnight. N 1 od.. nied by his tagemly theme of the enemy aecoedlo athe mepart by
p tce of groundslotted as their pom; or the vi- o friends to the Teldre v the danced smtinelk, N-- This at oa proved the ar' of or (ried's
So duty, cautiously passing from one spot to where a fervent and rapid Z exchanged. wihe iafornmlion: de might was theM pained, all easloely e**
us Ithat n1I wr| ratenolive and steady. A ron- N- rushed forward to prenet thems rnrg emotions of icipsing tile result of the morrow, both a body snd to
1 re b*y the right of the British outposts. Ever friendship overoming tihpdelip, whidl, with ech a theimelre individually. Alas! may who wre dthn
YSil distant mourner of a movement in he French triumvirate, wald otlw i certily lhm hum the case ralectig, o ltanm r.. o a'. t, a
rd d trmugh the till ir; then would the olier and have sat poor N his way depemed d ar. iery b es.A At the at dwv of day, a rcket
hL r to the earth, by which,. from frequent habit rowful. Our two y oiles retraced their Mp M the right of the advif was she sig l of imrk, mad
i ma e a ca retain the numbers in motion ; at ll silence to their separate qpu ers and retinl to res, of. quickly aftrerwards an nmat rr aof clm and m-
l' ,hodd derT.ine the direaion they were navin firing up a praver for the afety of their early friend. Be. kery reverberatd tlrolh the air and shook the eartb-
i **r drrwlerte thia nilht crowned ford high 1bli now our Spvy, rackine his slitary road to a anm nowdid thevivid l Ahem sndl lhirdr hmea in.lrem
e-p the army, and preenting thIem-e t the viaella, about two lagus.' distance, in order t avoid s I br ree nd gas auldier. The hbuand, father se tw,

minesel Ia -edin, st re 5 kbh each other
for ever. T heale raged whkbh e Uoa fary the

fJ tdo Aed q tutdt ucll oet; hi-n it wan ati111 ahi
Mrentl, after tirggeling ti tlollwI bIrpt n a rapid retreat,
LhWlw tele hMndeda dad anddy a dhehsid,
with ll dikr bag ige and miterml. Tiu D ei troops
weluapally eared the towa the victory m complete.
Tllunks wrI de o N-- Iti the esulsnce he had af-
h~arded by his lula information: tme all fate ordain-
* I he dhoesd ibe codciesmof heoraeull of sesanlrionu:
be lived no to -wy tin proud feeling di Iglor of this
d y wa d hsave v hIm. Wihe de rmeirc were sent
Is, paer N- wus amoesge do killed, sod by Inquiries i
de rigimenrnitwu asea ined t a he had e d n obly
durialg *aumst vlm wlhle day, and it was mot till nearly the
el of i that a fetal bullet carried ts bllit. Thus ended
Ie short bt brilliant craer of one alike dwiatml ed as
a ornament to his prof*essio as he wasu r hi private
inues. Peare to his rmanins!

T.E "lZG7S...
-e 1
sATURWApy. JAnVUAR 14, 189.

"Fajlnh" ws received a t late a perd for publi-
teidom to-d,. bet shall appear is oar neaL We re reuer
sbprilJd at its out ning resam ed as earlier, u kt i dated
three jOsbeack; and what iso lseo sltg has had the seal
e.t open. We Ilfia itaec emm to alae thi, Iw our ao C e-
poudels's iafommrie

The R~ c ity upon the pot of the Western Election,
wu itld at 4 al place, in the W tens DisriIt, on
T hr k tlAr rersl voa had bee ezain-
ed, fterebq( mirynemlimblsed by the Counel on the
pnrt f Mns. Wildpoe mt Armnbrt tr; and Mesm
Janmp NLac l anid Henry 't. Willias, wre declared
4ely ..d.

ts evsrgeeos.)tt.,.a^oeer Kgaseroe, Lieut.- ane"wr, they were persuaded to come to the poll. An Imn-
HI InC^sueeri wdl Loa 8t. a.lS , with the proper construction wase dhignedly placed apo,. the word-
lgeCnderefllTImsre t h a the planetai of the iktg e' the law, and they were led, blindfold, to the pollby
liub, Juo OI *% wi ir .ral o.trs slave as wit- the parasol for whom they voted.
sa W. *Ko ad evory aing ws. quiet when te TbTho feor gentlemen, or those of them who took the
quiet when t most active part In that' Election, have been guilty of
Xq gross, dishonourablu deceit, and to them muut be attributed
SWe aind is ouar les, that a dputation from the inha- th serious troubles which have occurred since. They
bitenthaed wamte upon His Escullency the (nrvenor, to buoyed up the coloured persons with false ideas of a pai-
rmloua him to ut such nmasures is might by him he vilee, to an extent which tlhe law did not give them. They
ilurmed moat proper for maintaining public tranquillity, lut were sl thod t they huL a right to value their property,
that we had note mn lis Eocellency's reply: it, however, real or personal, at whatever they pleased, aithouut any
ade ite appelarsee in tih Reyal (inG te, and, at once, reference to the app;rais'd valaluaion-that is, if one pos-
comimncda a, why we had nat received a copy for publi- siued a house worth one hludired dollar, he might value
cation-for nothing could b. less satisfactory to the pub- it as *e thousand, and conscientiously take the oath of
lic, or It calculaeed to answer the object of the applica- Iualification. If another had a chest of tools, which, when
iaeot the tIm rculive, than ea Governor's reply upon this new, might have cost him fifty dollars, he might in the
ession. He wat nreqmted to endeavour, by the autho- same way, value them at five bupdred dollura.-These
rity vsld I him, to ally th excitement exisleng at pre- umast have bees arguments made use of to the more irno-
seat amog the Blacks; and he reads the gentlemen of the ranl-r we caelt for one moment believe, that those
dapalatiosn a lcre upe thiir e n conduct,-accuse who ar Intelligent men, or are in any way educated, could
the of having treated even the most respectable of the be deceived into a belief of any thing so much at variance
adoled doe iis way not calculated to inspire them with he dictatesof common seone.
wha maluemt of regard, sad good will," and, In plaih .The moe ieamiiga were deceived by a sophister,
germ lte du black ad col)o %entry, dhat they have whose argumemntare the moat futile, and, if the ime a
jsd ce f r acig ia they do; and it must, therefore, made mseof at the Scrutiny, were grounded upon a quib-
depend seadh upo lhe conduct of dth whites, them- ble, similartotheold" horse-clhesteut,andchdmmut-hors."
eles, whetr they am to censise their mnlawlal rno We, therefore, feel convinced, dtat the moriScatio
er be pmeasblkeaidedrly. easend byhavingtheireeeied froamtepoll bythe Scr-
We shall take a retpectlve view of the 'tate of pub- timuers,asfttedbytheerzetementalwaysattendingacontest-
iac clerment, from tbe day on which the town Election ed Election,(which wuadhplyed by bun tofpassion from a
wams l, and leave it to the dipo ate of buth p niea, few), together with the loud and angry seuig dicusieu
ase etermio with wtho the dlleg l occurrences at epos a usaect, ea which they had revived the most in-
Tesadayevening originated. Perhaps it may be as well Namnory and HIbelous address that was ever uttered in
to preface our remarkL by ulating, that thedisputo between dtis town, particularly before an audience such as that pre-
h Liegialsture and the Governor-in which, the former seut at the Scrutiny, were the primary cause of the dis-
was sepperd by the while population, generally, of tbhee lurbances on Tueday evening; and thu~ who worked
Islaiad, end the hIer by the colmurel clas-had the ef- upon, and deceived the coloured voters, are principally to
ect of indaming all that jealousy and haired, which has blame ; and, ifthey have a c6sncience, they must feel it.
always existed between dte two colour,, and had only, Numeroiusargamentu could be advanced, to hew the more
bhsesmfre, been partially maodlared. Sir J. C. Smyth thinking part of the coloured clau the impolicy of their
had, leg previews to these disputes, become obsoeious to late conduct; and it must be obvious to every one, thit had
die lave-owning panr of the community, anl the rupture the eame violence been shewn by the whites, which we
wki tIe House of Assembly, roe entirely out of a question have been personally witness to a night, for near a fort-
of dtis decriptio, ant having the slightest reference to the night past, on their I the most ruinous consequences
free oloured populaten, who wre always created by Ibe would have followedL. f ey must remember, that many
whie with that civility, to which their own conduct eni- of them depend alm aittirely upon the whites for sup-
ied them. It maybe said, that the conduct of the whites, prn in their amevl pions and that the whole would
t refusing to sit upon Juries with men of colin about this suffer materially by a iv calinion. The interests of the
time, wa the means of reviving the ijeausy of the lealer, two claMws are ao lalnteinglid, at any thing calculated to
and casein them to leok pea due former wi nesaty ; injure One party, aln alo injure the other, in an equal
bh we casernt tht if the coduect of the white Jerm is degree.
Ihpartially viewed, there will appear to have been no We we glad to observe, thlt mie tl e dismbances on
good gr nda for any sich feeling. Tuesday eveoine, many of de mi at wreet cable lhavecome
We ae ham governed by las enacted by a loca Lagis- forward to assi in proservi ng the public peace, by vol.-


Iols the Royal Gazette, mad lahnama Adsrb
At a Moetine convened at the Court louse oa Nsw
day the llthJouuary L12, at ullm rrlqu Lof yII t
Inhabitants, to consider the propriety of a deprlam
ing appointed to wait upon His Escellency dithe eI
for the purpose of informing Iis Excellency, thaIt
last to iiltghs, a nunltHr Tul isn anil womehs d n iS
Ith pub lic street of tsli Town, aculsod with aerimee
i pun-, threatening tll liche ul th>e isilts IolhiailI8A

w .pcthiy,. aud. pI mul aMWe ieie mqppW to be
thu leadlog ch radon Ihe a Coleoy. These person
,umr. als, uruimtg w eGrluJrly, Th privilrlp
of a Lougialivo h tdy ar wl r ithle groatt care,
and lih e.lilntes attempt o( l superior power to infringe
opon those liberties, opposed with the greatest esrgy,
oad itarusth. Will any one be surprised, the, that our
Grand Jury shouh have prenmted against tlh novel pro-
condiag of suaunoinimg men to sit as JaroV, who bad
never before enjoyed thet privilege, when may of them
wre als Legislators, ald,a such, looked upon the con-
duct of Ilis Ecellency, in difrsc l these prisons q9 be
Wsmineoupod, without fir applying to them to puas law,
u an ienvasia o tllirrig And will ay cadid per-
-m sus that in pershting in their opposition till law
of the country is pa d, givig coloured perois this pri-
vilegr, they wish to prevent sp of this elm as are ca-
pable of duly exorcising dI dluies, from being admitted to
doe l The very circuoaee or svteal which
i were concerned, havlag been tried before a Jury
eotposed entirely of coloured persons, at the hat term of
thea iiiorl Court, and ilsom'e, in the Inferior Court,
wilO c tradict any asckuainte.
IA, therei the melmd population these Imlads
permitted any unkind feolng to harbour in their bran
egaint the whites, on this account, they were misled, and
we have no doubt, they ll find it so ere long. They
have bees made the dupes of a designid party, who, find-
ing that the present Governor would meet with nothing
but opposition from the while inhabitants, with whom their
owe credit is irretrievably gone, have set themselves to
work secredy, by falsebood, mispreseotatioa, calumny
and argument, to inDame their pasions in the Gover-
nar's ause, and toex hele felig his oppaoers
Why did the coloured pbrtns attend the late Election t
Why did they not stick to the resolution (which, perhaps,
wa a laudable' one) of aet exerciig the elective fian-
cies till grated thea upon a more equal fooling We

we suppose, they ar influential.
We akflhiSve3Ws
address o Mr. Lewis Kerr, to the
lat,-for, although not preset oeire h
pretty correctly inforieod on th IiIps
motives were which lluinedal the i
vering it, we certainly expected It wee
soon followed. We advise him, howeile,
dutall ls muischf hejieat onal 1jf
place, which hasjong supponred ,
upon his own b4 Wm a e ceal h
him who will be avoleed i dthe gae I al
he should have a proper regard.
T THoane 19th Jaoar,
To tAI Editor of tIA Al AM
Ms. Eorroa--I muos take shame tomy fa, 1,
to ask you, as an Engirhman, whether dh m
preventing me, as a Militia officer, from
times, should I pleme to do so, my full a
or whether, like an atomaton, as It were, ans
to form part or peant, to eool'ai ibu
oesentation, or say cLisls fouling o ai groua
reuo for thu appealiug to you, has are lb,
yesterday peraived a coeuable panadlg MI ei
a flashy sbrin his hands, which, aop e
informed had been taken by the Pollc
Captain Greenslade, of the Light Inlaerj
wlio, during the ins rrectionery movtemni
Oight last, bad accoutred himul, le ie
create distwbmatce, bute ts ec an i A aind
It cannot be denied, that when ecemity
that there waa urgent necessity, none but dit
among us will deny,) the Light Infantry comM
ways called upon, and was always supposed to bitl
ness. ld the attentionof the Police Magi|
directed towards the gangs ol lawlm blacks, pmal
repassing his vry door, for several nights
alarming and disgraceful occurrence of
from dusk until midnight, and all irmed wikh
circumstance altogether unuual--ho would the
performing a duty which a@ight lave oeiiled a
commendation. We all here know, ald ,n
conduct of this nmil; but will it not astonishl
when it is known, that a'prodigious mob of heil
savage yells struck terror into the hearts of all BI
tliym, collct.-l a1t the front gate of the enlolme--a
(;joiirnti t os llo Ie.,, aud rachini anluost time dm dh
-net'c ulllilr',s reciuenlic. e was (u.erili il for a iah
tlilim, to reumlie uuluulh.stld, ultil lao guuulllineelll
cohy, iurild Iim from his dwellings Wimt sa a
ilnuoin rI-i-Lsuhiilh'l Uithin filly )yardu of the palace of dt$L
M.l Fgitr.t of thu colony, lextidg ileU it l i
r;alinilic aionr, froni onue cal of the sltrret to tus 06a
also in lirout of thle Pol'cc Magistrale's residesorars
altemptil mnide to disperse lhetm, un two other gie
callhil upon hiin for that p:ipose, and noe"C
were eveun then taken, until he obtained perminal
(;overllirent Ilouti, to use tlhe I int uarfl. I Inum
titerant, anl, hprrTlai, niny out know the deidin
station; but had I been one, and could not with la i
had at hand, put an end to at) ring a riot, I ShIin
applied to no nan on earth for permniiion to camli
military, but, of right, as 1 conceive, aould lin e
mended that aid.
Wlhen we either mse, or hear of the runde mI
placed in hirh authority, by comparison, we miy
reason either to rejoice at, or to deplore ost iMs
lpou a lIaI alarming occasuiou than that whirk aed
on Tuesday evening last, tim conduct of Sir Ji Iap
ealhed upon my recollection-" I wIn.. TP lieu
an AmONO TOu." So would have mid, and hume
our late much respected and beloved Governor. I le
read until I lave it by heart, the reply of Isl CIa
the Governor,to the communication made tobirl
day by the delutolion of gedelnmoo, who waktdl a
and I (an see olthinr relevant to that cilnutnieantu*
would not for the world insinuate, but that His E0"!
intended, by that reply, every thing for the betd I
appears to me to be calculated to promote the very n
of what it is pretended to reconmmendil-the rtd
rood will b-tw,-,n too descriptions of itnilbitait 1e
attempt from anolier quarter which ii niew sJi8..1 a
ercisnd, to create nr ltes, will, if it succeeds is
have but temporary effect; the good arse of ls te .
able part of the one description, will bring to their
election, that some of those who now pretend o isn t
friend, were always Iheir most deicrmiunedne
that any apparent alleration n lheir sintiiaoue*asI
its object, somtl sinister, interesatl motive; sad t il
occur to ihne,. that what they have at prweentl ..
has hesn tllmair h tll! means of those, rle the drl
are attempliin (liruitleslly, I Irunt,) to raise up ages
lielings of distrust and enmity. AGRICOLA

&~W of vedd individfloltwebe w wh am *1-i ;T

m tir a deputatiso appoinkde oe wall
cy, to rpresnt to Ils Excellency that,
Stinging excitement of tO Black po-
liojry to she lives and property of the -
S contemplation, and to request that His We havejut been informed, that Hli Excellency ba BY HENRY GREENSLADE & 00.
be is.,ued. not only to take means for the Joprived lunry Greoeslade, Esquire, of is Conm .io -
d de peace, bti allay the pren a an m- a Captain of the Light lohntry Company, in the New O A Ma ei1 the 1 ns tM,*
sse e xitg uouglt the black popu- Providence Militia, for holding himself and company in Atl O1 lsh A. S.
mtr Frnria Montell, George P. Wood, readiness to quell the riot last Tuesday night, when neither WUll be hil,
t7.laar, JhiPinder, Joseph Tompson, George the gallant General, nor his tool-the Police Magistratle- SBep Floor, i bharr,
sn Benjamin C. Claxton. I. I. P. Jolhnsn, thought proper to take precautionary measure to marine 1 hs m Maind,
j ote Canplsejoeh, Esquire, .be a depu- those illegal assemblages. We also understand, tha the 1 dito seidli.,
inly JO N STORR, Chairman. Adjuiantcy has been taken from J. M. 0. Arrnbrhter, Es- amags, Crackes,
Et-lW y w pled to smi l n r quire, for appearing in uniform on the name night. Bles of Toblceo, Chse,
g rilency ws pleased to mal the following reply _1 bd. Loaf Soar,
Vqsw1: tchaen H t,
Go as"Oo smmiti Houma, l310(cU mu me 3ov gs. 10, Irwin.r1ya
,o nu o G.... a a a A mBYIa VEr the E nware '. o
NMasu, 11th January lB.1. 7. Eery prs abetd teo kan tese Islad, after AEarte
*l n de oing resid reldd thereinfor the spea qfrTsanI DnAT, mwa 1 pipe Bready, in loe m i t p cias .
y depend opo it that my uZiety, not only to AND--
Speace, but toadvane the d lfare and pros- s cui a s BecrrO ut OJ.a, erpt lp pimwne o 00 Stove*,
dsi iCeloy, l fully equal your own. The said Ofefornrrrrt orND mr ioas to hidepartre--.f- I EWIlE-.
hkowever only to be premerved by every one of us, Icr wick, oal ay time driang rmrv-rai DAne, a Tickl Ten i-CASH ln deli r ry.
i mpective station, saying up to that incomparable ay be obtained. January 14th.
jg ban all been aeght namely, to do as we would NAMES OF PERSONS BY HENRY ADDERLEY.
by. You cannot disgus from yourselve that, ABOUT TO 0"TAIN TICElTS roa DeIeruPTa.
so'lIe s rpectable of our coloured population have loth Deeembtr 1 Rld. On monday nte, te ISA iutt.
Pir d that rtm ataeit fin tihe getnerality of their s1 t "' - Fdia Casmiir Raby AT THE ValriN0 ans
moile abjec, ealculatad to inspire them wish a. Gd Januy Ro- W At O O i b
t Thomas Tnombuall. wm he Bo
df Iread an od wilL-Under the paesnt state tAh Eliabeith Barry. Frobh superfine Flour, Ia barrels @ half erl g,
*I, tellap wh uhihafortunately prevails with both r, in barrels,
Rtin a rwed ree a look my he productive of incal- C in asp,
dbbl ie It it be your study to avoid carefully 'A f*' ot. `Il RIlc andcorl dtmo*
aal d eeytiL which may add to that o citement. tIrih Pork, in el
lr hai e yor cordial and zealou assistance in, not Barrels and hhds. Molaem,
iht eallnlg ybernelve, but in exerting your influence, PORT OF n A8 AU, N. P. Loaf Sugar, Dry Goods, &e Ac.
.lr a It extends, over others, to induce temr equally to Terms-CA1SH.
11 |W Uthe use of violent or intemperate language; ARRIVED. ALS 'Oe -
pIMi have o diffeulty Ia preerving the Public tun- Jan. 1th--Schr. Pomnna, Miller, Berme Imda edtely Ater the sle at hs Vn s Am. sloop Friends, Curhaman, Key We mAt the ridenc e of Mr. Peter tie Ted E ,l
huh .i i At thernesdence of Mr. PeterJohnonin C e 8
J. Casmnucre .-S.urTH. 13th II M hr. angaroo, Lt. lookey, St. Mal- All his Household furniture, A.. Ac.
thl Gentlemen form- vador January 14th.
- Jan. 10th-Little Turk, Turks Islands
Amion tAe lrr,mulaI Royal Gazette, lIetA Dec. I- On Monday next, the 161k iUl.
Irlllme ri A rirnt.-On Suilniv Ils, CIIRInIT CIIUIICII PARISH. At 10 9*oloo ,. .L I
ha ine to IIL M.Sclonrer 'irile, 1. whlirhl was W ill be sold
lie Coni,andler, Lieulcnrnt Taplen, DI)clor Camp- Eaj rala rp Superfine fresh lour, Rice,
tf .T H. M S. W inches ter, an ti lour h.) L r,,.w pu
in at wharf at Hamilton to fpr oeml tIs rew Iikle, AV ING fixed tht as ire of usaa* at the Iate o f Corn, Butter, Lard, Soap,
nn Grnly Bay :aoy hlad inot proceeded far, uhen it per barre of supertmin Flour, Ordered, that dte Tobacco, Dry Goods, d<.
iht advisblal realthe sail, in doing so, the boat shilling Lo do weirll llbs. 6o., and the aixpenny Lomf A few lots Y. '. Plank,
X tly turned over, and tlhl., that were in conse- .1b. Sea.. 1lkv orle the Vestrv. ANUD.--
(OL thrwn ino the ater, a d ihoun h every cen on AVID S1 b'NCE, Vestry Clerk. 47 btel Cotton Wool,
simle hby lloe who were in tie boat to save Lielit. 'ETRY RoHMa:, January, I .___ Trn ASll.
tno--olthe preservation of whosw lili their efforts NOTICE. Y Eanu NRY ryE &
dethrilarly directed, and in litit endeavonrs fre- fc II BY HENRY GREENSLADE n CO.
te rned tlie boat over-we regret to add that he lIIE RUBSCHIuER, Inerinling to leave this in
i*a nanlely drowned. Bots from thl. shore and April next, fir the United Stairs, rrquress all per- On Mmodaly reA, tAe 161 initat.
Ihem of tlim vessels in the harbour, as soon as tie ac- toi having demands argaint him, to cder them; and AT T EU vaniulN ooae.
wlit wL known, put off to their auistenrce, and lisp- thos indebted, to make payment on or before the 10th At I 0*t1ok, A. U.
A ched the place in time to rescue Doctor Campell, February. All accounts nirmainii; unpaid after that Will be Sold,
eismast exhausted, and the boat's crew, from a date, will be hlft at the office of G. P. Wood, Esq. for That extensive let of land ituate on tie Hi, wi k a
Sit4. Lieutenant Tplen was found still cliiing eovry" te buildings there, la the p ropy of Mr. Thma
#* le of the bhat, from whence he was remove u F. TURNER. Wheell, contains, by adsuneem I50 af by
Spible to the Hlamilton Ilotel-wher the aid Joary 7th. 128 fet.
ial men was procured-and every mea NOTI TpmT,-4 saou Cremdi, a givig esaIay, f ai-
il y could sieut was in vain resortedl to to tNOTICE.f
~im a could w wa s r n va n nor n H E SUBSCRIlER3 oer for stie, by private her- y I thh.
vitaie ,-the vital spark had fled. An inquest HE SUSCRJiERSuor for ala, by private barou.y 11h.
held n the body, a verdict o" Accidental s. choice Mdia Win BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
Wl S tretne d.-ll a retinas were yesterdayre- 40o doaen do. do. do.
% the Ilolelto tIhe Royal .Ival Illopital, Ireland iO domoa do. Tenerife do. On Monday eas, r e d iu,
IKail with the custuar honoui iterred ion r, I trunk Gentlemen's Shoes, AT a v s is,
h rilh Ground. 2 blunL oDi llne n't Sl.e, At 2rl 4oet 2OO
htloumeI won very old and eiperi. nced nice,, 2 bluq Dior ,Le n t. At M h O.
msse*d wasni very old and experienced oficeE, HENRY GREEN8LADE & CO. Will be old
III ue a b am; active aervics; was first Lieutenant, December 24th. Tie following prop y, vi.
ithAlf battle ship ioe e the ie rnk A_ oe fotllingo _______f propty, .
il.I. Navy at the time of his death as he did near H il hA [louse and Lot, aituate i Culmr S et The let i
s sinieei !! To obtain his promotion te was in. HAVA A. inclosed by a s.oslanntial Slone Wal ; the out -hildi
It apply for active dnly, when he was, boilut 16 fRS. 1 OWnAn, Jr. has resumed her RoanrNo are in good couditiuo.
lthce, cplpolnted to the comnmnd of ilie Schooner J F.r SAI.mnilltaNTrr, in the Calle de los Oficis, nortli ALSO-
'The flatigaiing service in which II..31. Schooners of Ie Government Illoe. One other Lot, on time corner of Bay and Denm's
'a Wt In diesare e.iployid, swell known ; stll hi, The very airy and conmmandinr situation of this house Straee, adjoinii g lthe Lot occupied by Mr. Ahsar
t fur promotio- of which lie erpresserd should conmiand ithe attention of all travellers in a warm Fiplaysou.
fl s ustbut a few minutes before the crrident-indlr- climate. AND-
" ia in his advanced time if lif, to acrept this ves..-l, June 161h. Another Lot. situate at the head of Lnion Strst, a
e n ar to enrneinir hard.hips and,ns from which there is a Stone Quany.
tlmny* yoltnor officelr have shrunk. Bm ii, foni:ly FOR .tILE, IKE IIJK IE-
Sl )joys were never in Ihe realized : how true it is Ti-e Ilouwt and Premnirm at present occupied A tract of Land on Hog Ilald, colmising ab 50
" i the mielsof liil we are in drailih." l by Mrs. Poiti.r. The House is roomy and acre, well known by the name of e Sbip-yaJd.
L"atnt Taplen has e!lt a wili and a very Iare conv convenalt, ith large Kitchen and wash house Terms, three mlnea' Credit, an gwiMf aswy.
h ia Plymsouth, ,ilndrlsf muuin eiiir irrilwrasle aii attached, chair home and itabling for tree January 14th.
ell;estl son i now serving on board H. M1. Sclhr. hrses, extensive yard and grvrn m. The ou buildings g HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
I,a Midshiipan. have been lely t ihorounhly repaired, and the greater part
ANAW Ca, s maing.-;r-r+ h-_ e- __ ...... or f the fences lhae been newl py t Up. M d i nt,
Vim ds C-ead li r.Armnra have tern rrec- A ta Mic h the i de
' uL, er dreadful ire at Cou :tinole at the endl o, A tract of Land silt ia the Villa, containing 2.50 AT Tmr Tun e o nOR,
- i all l Lte work of acetnrnes. Tbe acrs. It is divided h illagroad into two Lots, the At- On I k 2L
S li rton is eth re w h e tinauibled. The li tern lot being int ted by the new road lading from WiI e old
l r e, and il i ,sta~rl atlve .nnm o those t!u able the village into the Bhne hill and. This lad wilbe dis- A treat of Land, situte on Grand Dehm,
l.b en enronsmem&l : the prprrvr destroyed i. ihn- pord ofin one or tlr lots. A pily to 220 acre. Further patiicullrs will be e hwl atl
La Tl sol eno hd y the Ilr rlnn ntion of Pera. JOlN W. MILLER. ale.
-reamed to atnio lue ahoulit.tooeoooe. terlng. September 17th. January 14th.

.311uessa, V was thought so

sdieddeMd to, Wed ht l-ci r.i Coey is
" -mtrl tc e Tr a dabisre tr-- Of tweY- 7 ie.lpA*yiU s twd the portf o L ieb wery shrtlY followed Ihi sria. b nllo
dAipso ber arim m ew ai to:e Pangr %Off% tW SksereOrD 0k Ie Li BlLsced LaJust m_
T ma Axr nI Oil ew ik wrc stasfhW ion lm th inuh doe to de oletmnothin, pemonulv, ef either of ti.
"O m, t Frec ca s, and to heia upes e) nmO date John Copl y eat hberam Moer ofI t ten
,e w take a a -e o paestl _, eed S M r.rr of m- CMmru s als M. Sauvigest, (llwed by ir Chle Wem e Lb *j.~.
Rd twe Cm --e" ad a ld gen dem of foaor se. Entraed ,to hi victims M -f.s T o.vs Mrd7 1Cofl
Mad de hs m besl bau elgtues~erIIieim l rh Da .l.ipa ed s ~ m Torsad "I Sir cse1 a
r mmime e as w a on do the a igned their offices. lie ia
r"" fnmt, u was@ at n-t bri-e eg On a ortnio of doi oAr o Merck. 1831,* d i death wf M)Ir. CanrnlUfwaho Usin atIs
hpmitI c or p n a teinmi e a t IIIo mr en c my. pr uss; he was provide d with a tIo y A hie sty t A .ricym
aWip, a. d mwe cl s asut wh o i bs p of dImderd at it, and a naDing of huorro ran through my as lived but a s 1e i ad Us Chut e h
ewr eul", and .l" b i omes r- vdo slvf l"d Upnra the hreaklg enp e th-e D ul of w...
Isem whom we mow address; b ,ut me ewetat L me s ad "a m unp t rtunate, perls were Sir Charts Wae ll s u again, re.u ned s .1

1yl. w ae m 6 Exp e ctdr ed,- (to USn do Se. mm". WE" by 'my side, t okiade Ito a t by hm .w ideh be is ,.-ch an arwihtolr. o f
arwai dly .idid e. Ti m _er.l b i d al atuonhopolee lho ld Tew thoI aon epndmrll I ad s dso wers m eMut ow s r dnmtr, .

a.oe umn to eerin fa, ,ha,, "edt. Consuci 'osA of r y m ys di-k naion..n-ll N.l;oOn. T neo.-The ..lnw.a inolln i
.l.a d . .. -. u InM' ll Coewe, d l t p thred to m aet T. .1l0, s ngul a a atu ro l ToIuthentm .ae sr at
kown. qdt^ a C'hnl e sasHrnun.^rofodur -i Thworlrrotihe dIcmy clhthe-hus. wmre cmned princely wue ioab. tO the Eng eveniad er,j
dat w( e i canned hei r tUid to Ial d lynt on. a parc f lins dnrawoR a fced a I cas les thr l, tlld t i a lb t re bs ec:-The es
trhel se is dwsppertl d, se co ose hnd alndl dtd t reo haich be tl" io hift tl, the French eatre ar awone ed I oll, ah d
Iv ta upa to dens-L i cmw our imd- in hs r apit la brlshred f hip. I quisd h apri. n Abu tt oclocnEr ti two Eimpri,

im an am the asl asy uldrf .m or hTie' il -d;s thi esest L bya won bydi b i, hvpied Enach mn aIm- hr, T me ine
ned Iupsi I t,-ne aepw ned rs. p nd o like homber of police o; led w tohrdh a he by the mdse stdatac o the orchestra, e ralol
trus wle diait rnua, er i circu stances, %trse andUevery now and stn my Cooductin ll"d. ndr's weak wearing; the opit was fid wie wi chag. I pme en bt a. whichnl ien, i t ou Mw. The lyoke adin a d to ice, along i es ifn my oingi On the S tomked b, Voltire's (fZ
Si.n this fladr't, mi kshel1r To illy far nmoul oinour i tllnfl ed cr s, ad in the am of the e sd play, wheou Tn eTlmpa i, heated sIe averW
Wcnh seOhrpsues uo fre, ot. hg of ilong a wt Bm ercifl FKing, l f tnhe o e pd, eoing distindy h s ln

Swi moe blSk S Or h ae ; hrn o of t ei.n g o ht kwoe how o b ak e *i l ri hts oa h rf pIdsw rhp- lce d like Al e x n rrlins ofa man in lie a on ie of i
nthemr >ae. ot l.isuironed a wulai an ld ad ich oer h iuplry eflr bl n instui to be ofadin aouato asilede, ened hif el poin aed Cel

*: i anyWlel heo=, lheld lighs. ny haut enr; *h eA Noo-55
mad dun Wal cosutitu we t tire with is, tat r ith a the o boh pi i atn Napoleon. The early iusntd ia as ac it

r tusm shliis have earm bsl e i o ve fulfilled preu r e Ied haay the nyis to avoid d unaitrl, ad Bd a lodcclam burst rom all prts of dlE
dt malosly rtad bopdy. Tfhe or nunla.r of our wih heor; d op ad the co-hos wre lo ded princely asdirwac. On the am evcleni Mg,
mrcib.e r who ive paid their souberiptiosu psm o. at our apP" Tl o Myf a dslnris appeared e no1`11 in e ired to rem at the uuaal luar, estry accil thoh

wir st luexpo.rt or Es.ks f '-t Cooncol Prtes we fsmn the pl tainKid d sotne tri flng e deae. h ired sec a if rpin by guards and bolt., goni th a
arll mr ines dto ela fou r the us ry timl hle ng u n k n bilty In nd Papital, tIe theater r of his baema j. ad i h dicautio About two o'cluc r, C Wht a, a lh
t.ot if any tit hy ha e bur kind Is enou tl an- hGUlary nemncadun. After hhavng b rom nbjcall to an, cried Npol signing ulept in the saachahns
lrrA,.it h uaaltu ins imi.(so anl et in out We thuli rih flagelat I ce led beck to my dcoi unc mattress ae on > anekfi e before him, of th n lo-r
hn. ..f t use niont Tu ni my skia aInd aour rd ie o pier o, I W t deetioad to dormiltoy, sa Ius I by o alarming. "Ti fhntl
. thl ti ,. yuner lilr! To al m hfr bn alen lr a toi wipaId A ate ps n o my xil. Rousing hai cbfl Consia, t two in stend N ae pi .
hen o h us lay' p imeriod o i ar t r ir r i I rwas ai FrenchmaT-- wa aTr cit. An of a nation d oae ouna wer repeated, fUing dit blir dy a

c .hose aurela s uppo m it e pruseco wof a mnitifl Provi- _e l r I . uy itHals" So >tron, rmlind llh id f ie lk
m. i ta b.lban .e laTo kni pOIsa per we th know buo to in me dhe riofehr people reePortd, like te murlingl of a man in the agoi ns of
o ly pIra, dat tI i e in ruseld no ala- nr which hh e wa wirn insupitsy o eI. an inrult io e oeL ao uan silep. Evenld al rp a in
llele .lom ha .pi.lnopuedmy pdi mny tatrey asnle .is ie d to m of the rmemen. d the ligc, cutiouly opened lhe i or.Ml of mmli
pmLtt, colu. m e o ppil it "6 u after, the Fren ch ena e uq droy n a terl th- om. e e d en m, the Ru chamber; low memnigs g e ir o b l
pkA, Rselr, Frie da am d bScries we henmy ay- si hams days I a arne libery. 1 nBd .sf i fr elxtd i ni l|
S u s u. . n ns e nter enaIndied d lNp pf ndah d BricdhAr ofCo my courymen, mad they eheld Npaleo mtrtcb a t emr ie hldts
TuEo s .t OFt p.M o NHOMMEIN LISBO. liberal rne. closia, nlip drawn beck, and showing clead hJ;i
nI la ierIlIknl psa r joa ly enitled t m w Of i "The oril of my dearre, I oid t refrin one hand wai pri hd agi hu the breast, toe dMllt
Son"I. I -lw h ,l lw istc alresn of tl heindltl ut. To rom the pl inlg id o trifing rv I bid a d bs if gralsing nt g a nl inviiisle snf agoni.

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i le ,r s.ien cl$hs Il the very h fao bl and flat- a cbriolet, and paid a visit to every on f te o hl jd with difficulty er.u i t ihe leeprr. What is It
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will, which Iary oi amt l dlros ..luipld u w aI Ithr tir litutiule litlUa LtO ow I was receive nluy oesily dim nlaip, lhe oiler a drawn initr-enim M
I' I .. .. ide pro.Jltion.. To- all our fri lJs whe n he conceivll" slarul. Consltanlu lutene l to plain. Theou hl
bl.I I. !-i n lAr tuinte-three *lyear i d r ii ee among di ,wel, my faithful Co nsan," interrupterl Noeporm.s
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Sldewae li asubsil jif. To ysel onyproi ea erlibi Tbl docums, o which we referred allay or two .ra dream, ih Neuoln, a he lhtal lOIet In ao
rnrnlv prv, realtn li as rddsl ulmry under which we oi les aa m y very interesting m f ino io he not ainsio. Evater a l s ine l
have al'd no g labo urad, any speediy wca, Ian a that i sb~acf the m rule, cas rc, and nanulforturn of the recurred to sube"t. Did hethiskof ien
may he clanged into proaiyaei anm ppis. lu acri- cw"l. T waelole amount epormf ,nthof rount7 Rmussian epeditiufact l-on s' eei Of II
h.ts, Rsulua, Friens., and aimue, I we aay- to the Bh itihi domiLo 11 (hich inc ds Englbnd, rBil of L.aing.
ees rm sa Ltms.t, I erend, Gibular, British Ea Indi, Brkiof
farewell. West India, Newfoundland, BrktihA merican Cokuni-- 'Trhe fiendshipf a Iat man is i blengl fibP
TEmi pnd alm ulithr cokniies) for the yje endln- g ,epember ),
TriATMEN'py OF BONHOMME IN LISBON. 1BM amo Sir to 81,647,AI Wdolla. CIri. Chbit.--F t i in, if of Dr. Manif Ir
A snewt anuLoas ierg- emyc si la in Land aesenver seen an Irush eg hul., I will atullpt nto dFelnied
O t Ilm, Idlm domeic h i ,757,6 i sidesce of two pknr woie. A ronsaidra hle qhi lbrt
A ne l iads rIeenk h hd c ed ein s aasnr- eeesshed, Iultuae d to bI Chd been c ot s r fhe prp oe of bing N ,
dun. iOer da lar adk M sLs Lad rin n saMm Of fruigl produce, 1,8"n l in tie neihhbuorbood, nto he derph of rboo four WrL.
by M. B.duime in LAl-- t---- d-416 47 p 1t psrpendicutar fae, ast i terxo. of that hoignI

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l seeal to e1its goo WL t is t n, rpe et IIt thu appeane tt the exports from te tlnitd States th dwelling. Thfn i moswmcompnd op f ranll rrd
uoliag a ninym. to wtc sthe ahceia and the to e Britis dawisis f our m produce, er an opengl lH e rt a dor way.-T aeio Bond

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chedm im shut fews which te Ofsd D0 Miguel Africsn port) Tbe wheols samnt oi eaporsa to tihee muor through Ithe door-w.y. Belindad I Id ll
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I. w-een-l. Ify Tdelf hpoi amsaibi, or Ips alI Ig of thi sbi tatom. Water as susg eoo hoerl I that*
myreasnsvt i I II guilty of cl T wor h e a withstanding Ishe dry e of Ihe slsmon ;: indeed. i l 0
hnd ow i a ke deali gn, where I lelstuishe aom m mm phh-, No th mm period wa be oulerhwie, for the hem eul arain Mtin d
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rsati; dmir me rls eLs chem w bnmblug against Iil. rLa of nerly ne mliow ef dollars. tar Yiitl to lind.
a. I e amcnd fl ha vI lcucated libeerl opinion The whole n untif cooon (dosstic) nunufactisr.,
Ion thL masr iof smyol6ars, bslie to te pcrnal go- of every deuript o, elpnrted to aill plrs of tl world, FOR SALE--At thin.O@-L
of" Di Mitsui, ad tw I wasu a freeman! for th amone period, ws 1,18,183 dor. Thisb includes Bills of Ladinl,
Te w as the d eof l inhsinificaentl nd twist, yar, thrud, &c. Bills of Exchange,
1e1a presume agais me; but my jualgs -* Bill of Slal,
is l ply f a telt. I wan FLoresi a, Iad liberal, Sir Ca Wehrrmtil.--ir C. WVhenll ijtbhe om of Dr. Mtsnifest of Carget.
cicndlm naa m to tyS; they conaemned a Werthell. taon bd i(f tverity Coslge. Ofrlld. e wa Blank Forms for the Custom llo4e,
to be publldy whippedh ~ bs onf Lillan, md hoes shoes tyeuyr 17e. Hning gon theghtbs h- glos athnd Rleasah,
u YIes. b t h int a atonad b mA o e in6s w ba ad appli d to sl stmdim are rll Co Wri,
ilsdse demi dn o a ew am Wasm ..." mad ii eatL pa Upm lpsinnbeUn svemity. Mr. We- General Coo Ess'c-'ionl,
adby dotsi wines intl as swq asa the thoem Lo. d he might comnce the e f Inferlior Court Writs,
tH 1 .. I a d hanel a ior 7 Bil ldbsenle e of Salefor Veenl,
the tw 76 11111 eole's. s:d end tk h I Coone CLha me,. le MNrtsges (with honda,)
Who aw m I i abce thle dye 17KI and havin the adIesne or Werrans of Attorney to Couem Judgn
rnalsity I dhod s F s Cemp. L L Caara- a s psvct Lns hre mI drl hi way into netie. Attorney's Warrants,
le to U0employ his pad mm ismy bhoi; ho advisd Hi vles!hwe's, weit verey He wee liesasy a Arbitration Bonda,
a juaslget esuih let Id the wh.hi toiis do s of do, the ben bs wed to Poalto oi Astrn, ,a
PIllu ate the anosr of satic inso"u. thu th uandenas w ask b en o as' e professblynlly csseides-d. Hi P o
relsltad r Uo l.l 0Cha t= ofbabdahimy; W&esL died is the ye tM. d tIbll Obligation Bondr, c&. r. t
s t dun has if ehid g his l e ;ntaI; I s sW Di r CfLmees In Ibe yem IaIta be we N. B.--Jo Prinling elected wilh psl't
fur ti ma ledge who pam the mrSt setenre are tbhe I fn aniinrrt v mae k nwa m iae public i, being rsseael potch, upo d fpoper. lld oe moderate 00
jediel eif ppnl; deorm. o ron cintenrtis, day i l tLcws df' Womisa Tsldoewod, 11ape. c. In alh Jlanuary 4, 18X2

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