Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: January 11, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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fa~k~,~i ~~s~i~Qe~a~a~~ S~~~S~d&


SBAHIAMA ARGUS. our wemury s ted e coouaibumo or mif Pili of ad hI Ee ot system. Thi m Ay he a m
-- Idoris, to pay dhe esoap f tem aimpathm.' arising Roam l i rnof dinrut s daly e ached a hin
som es" I-WUMKL IN *UAU, I In. Yesterday aoniu lb t has of Lsh Civic Gue of by rorated Beli We believe it to he so, ety
-Mos a d Tournay, wmic was to Ng t Na ivedI v I will ber ua whom, U(inlame, that we have
3agl far n- a-as eo. orders to proceed immediately to Antwerp. odrloiA tosdlpel asrer a o h aIl to ow i .
"CHAMBER OF REPREMENTATIVY E fashave no thed th expemnd ueom, a ihe dewtemi-
rrnet or O sct. l*t.a of ti Fla OwUI s ornasres imme torped betw
Aler theiu d ol do poormh of yeseay had w wishsaiondal hope of sing the mrealid. ThePow
ibne sIe, d ai ppcrod a me other ha niteem er (it wruald hde to atlu pl to deemblbe i)c it l
ScteLd. Ro& r asked if ny enumaias frolm the a, uad he, ducos of the ConfOeroce, U, a r*
Goverumat wouu ld h made, to which th Preida replild compoyi ng e treaty ddiscla, are naal lrmweo.a
it was Supected livr t-orw~ai w, oon aft wh ich dti Chai Thee wo d derive esperial fere from d re dmumamme
S---- her Wke aup, hiMt the Mo amrs lM d hardly ris wheno I d the neemkita of the mo let. The -mai sy
POE TRY. Miser for Foireig ABais sent word thai hle ced a- o il, for this year peal, bas involved ld sat of Eu.
THE PoET's aR Irs umsiatna to oiake from the Kig. The President meet p i eamnqae of theprouacteid aupee of dthe Dl.
Fo Oaa T of RI toc aUll beck tie Members who remained is the pmrieo in gin questio, cant he prolonged widhmat leading to ie
ipi epr rini a Perftofl of M fr. ym to1.] cp orquunce of t i rain, and the iftn m ied, cmls which is so gealy desired to prevent, and which
ir mit rTmis oit was resolved to hve an evening smtitmg at eiht o'clock. vary doy' de l ralead mN imonisenL
w meth ei row s ilh hir EVENING aITlNU. It i now or you, Gentlemen, to decide wheL at
mWa art a dn eo t it- I. M al. lenam, for Foreig Ahi, esMedd the e is deomded of s, whether bhe cais of m rrl y whic
ST L e a pose's l de une d sad :-' G iane, aduMe ha ibhi hla ee e r e prieaM whi peace e tobe olvad to be
Far the o Iod e the y, a yr sl yao, e trdyy, D te Q o u wedl by dh rociled--l lot am y with t itedo's s fth cyomm
Fr toe a has heam d the ly, Uovermnme i the l*tu ngotiem-M ellhr hevi ph s (st is partially ed violendy jlured)--l wr my w
t the pourmd Aort uofY r-- ye iapeevering eortB follod by me ale a maped. u afectious(o regard hu bau pid to to )-a With
e pudly on thy ay! d, ad m Iso ntrary to its wilhes---4hv a eam es its eainstae e s mo aedOI p Ldeem atin For, Oemnm ,
Shod it to le masele, ow, as well as for my CTlu h e sm like aysif however mdansholy it may be, we have snw onM d
That al b l at a l. cmselle O of the Crowe, a m L y ul psulM dw hle auh. The q ds itn me befo yoL i is ou
r Themk-,mhuIoh pr t form. T he ul atum t of thi dewe we cn ea i oplm It i to be determined bwhes r we *w lr st,
Bt etobi lh. 0 e- imL paced we ar under s he lw of a aemnkity whic whet we mca or not, form ar ildepelt amle w
AId Am be a e b um. set be maistaku, sad with which i is isposi ,teL s c end the territory, u it will ckremodcribd by the alpadm a
W I thy tam-sm g nE le pew.- ar by ~osisg to isculculle oh*bo the par~ of the treaty.
Hm thy letal e d am wselfarsm the cI t u ar so. perhaps, by ncii. G" lines, we have ot cemealled fem easIrg .
Th cL gll ,ing dhe two comu"ms of our reguldti-in.deptadeo objadl tee t my be letagtai Ith peeot of he bid
Siae (stlo s e adln). and liberty. The tregly of poem deermiind on, he beWor you, We hae especi ly froam dam wrg me
T' iT dt A 's o sug ar,. Cofwmenca sipulatm, in Articlds l8 d 4, cesm of r- which u will be may to draw fro the comditi m in which
i Lor wlro ue e Ikud- rit ry in favour of l olland. The Governima could a thoe of our amo*rymeea, of our brethl W be pleed
m thlu en buelt by fa utlharise its Plenipoloetiry to sig thi tuly. The 68h whom the traty msepames from m.
S ThMe suc mute homage bakgs article of tl ContitMtioi, wbich sy No cesion uor Nobody appreciates betem n dlams ms wrly,
Fr thy yoeng spril's guiding swr change, no addition of telrriory, coa take place but by than w do the regma and the pieecied is the al by
e onely ltks. but si s! virtue of a law,' l urmlly oppumd this, amu at tle nlna those forced separalio which toar froam r mw eioe,
t. y lip of love may well be imuse; inme pointed out to ULe GovUrnmentI le rouse it had to fro m our sympathy, those who formed with s only e
y womin- pusure .trougl; lolw. It is to remain failhful to Ihe principles of tile family, and who m powerfully aided in the coeiest of a
T'; k r re i t on thy poetm lule, Constiu.luon, to fulfil i obligatioo whik it i piues on us, patrimony which they ae mot to be allowed to oejoy wiL
Thi.e ear is with his moo! thua we cane, gentlekmli, by dte Kiaig's orders, to submit lo us. Far be from mu dte idea of weakening by wr wend,
trhou arn blest. if earth can bless; your ronsi.lerationo a project of law autho ing tle Go- a orifice the extent of which we fully compreheded.
If iintirel Iell can stay verunimetl l couselt to the conol s of territory stipulatd IBut placed between our arections and the prepoderating
g lt"in wl a a h pa inthet ty of peace, aml t couclade uancia' arrange- interest of tl country, having to choose between the
Sp ly n y way. niht,. Aaii'ltshepaiinCfullntliunhacil whkthaflfct itlta Go- hamblon lent of ih a e i Ba s mad the all ihl
sT'ANZA.S FOR MlSIC('. verllulent ill nolleave you in ignorance of dea sotive liomn of tlie whole family, aor choDki has ma t....a .
ohou'rt false to om--hour falts,, I. m, which have Jeratined il iutkeooitself tbur vpo)sibiliyutyf We hve beoo comptlle to oetor o tie rm is whids
lAnM pride sh..ld terah me i ,lirge; lae initimive wlici it now uw. Tile Iation, whose desi- you se us. And way we be allowed to ay, tht in aclisg
S teiil my heart bears wam forw l k nies are now tn he definitively fiaed; and you, Gentlemen, hus, we have reckoned on your muirages, on the ges-
I iove thee vrt. I hie sM ye wio represent it in this place, sitali be acquuiuted with our roahy even of those of our brethren to whom expra tlo
I Ehotugit t sill thoughts. If ever tin scourge to wilh franknus we obliged, unforwtiuaely for ovrmrlves, to mbalribs.
Sthe l t fod w necessary i is now- -- is i rerece to tale we lly We Wid to ourselves, that shoh fratmrs td d the o
But ah ol interests on which you will have to decide. To be suat, havin with a c onw country, tday wou t br-
Forbids conroul- or to dissemble now would be. I will et my, woaknesL i ver fr peraj i vs, desire to draw on Belgium td
I loe tee yet, I lore thee yet! a Minitrv, but hauness. Yes, gollebuon, the quintion mifortuns which would secrm to it from r c to a
ill mida the gay I'm. I'. m which tI project of law raises is u weighty del d decree which most be submitted to; that tey would ot
iMy otherie oys o e Iat ea whole future fate of te country i inelved in its solution. wish to e the ooutary which they quis, to he emily
l deL th like the wo Aued bid If, at anodra riae, propai like ahe condition now ino. effcsd with them, the there should he a s orm elMis.
I ear thie shat beneah the wing! posed on us, had been iode to Bolgimi, tie G ernment a Belgic nation. Cua whae hve dived ourselves, OGetle.
But ia my bower, might have drunk from th task which it now perforuas: m* *is atibing o esotiments to hur etma t No
At Itlligtl oor. it would, perhaps, have aid to you, Reject tme condi ani d i e defy the ut ur to refute o words. If r cg-
I mr o'er opmo fIet s me I tlons--they are unjust andl partial Depend on bte ood- sing aim nawarv which prema us, you macti the pro-
And su nm*t t ell ne of your cause, in time, if need be, on your arms, to Ject of law which s proposed a you, when the ftal day of
I How maI too well e obtain beLer.' But, ggntleen, this l*guag, which spration eom, while day addrm a painful asnd
Sl thesyt. I loeo tee y.! would then have sppla.rued reasonable b cu clinunuman- adieu to the comay, wlichnlom y asbligs a o aF a kund,
ta a ke1 1 owem and fac s gave a la rce which it would no have de- they will-f wish" fo iagl b l he prwmeri, and
A. f edoDfmar U rived from itself, is now no lo ger possible. Since tben happinrm, and confeidetly Lyig o its fim dotieg-
e by ELCIUYM. time has advanced, and Europe bue wilnessed evonlt, hey wiUl ppeal wih u to tim- d toPride a t -
eM by dor eaiid extrecs fames ds Br- which, by meSdifying the general policy, could not but in- for an Injutice which, on or pert, allow moea imen ,
n w m ch hrid mri*nr, t ie hm eaomen luence thquestial aised by our revulutim. The sup- epa its for de ls ime, m hisody depter
a ab eahbsd ealsiy tnr M or the adop- port which we found Ia h idea of our strength, and i Lanow.i, Km or Tas BaLs s,
W dhlne of ths Cosom e by th Ki~ ofI perhaps, more real support which lhe hric tisnan of To il pmmt sa d cme, s_ tring.
at H"Mini y, waso b e l r comea. Te tm Poes gave to our caue, ha wbhoy albadoned us. By at advice of our Council o3 M3isti, we hev
""eitmat lm ha smiaoed and emannm ded Poland, lhat Intersting country, which ouve had its equal charged our Miniter of Foreipg Afairs to present to he
SCh mr. In d g WIs ty hat e ot co- in gtury and mluimrtunu, a*er prodigie of courage, ha Clambers, in our nane, the project of low, dw teManr of
i rCret and dimiufalion a ht they urge he faelln. Can it be ni-aury to tell you the influenOc tUst which follows:-
Sla e am ground a tht whlk wetok- l- Its failH m have had on the policy and resolutions of Coumidering tilm, by tbeirecte af Ith Ocushr,
m*r 1I it aadhintd thae lre decision is f l mand power, ll whose motions were embarraed by lae revo- Planiposeairiet of the five Uites Power, semeua d i*
SFe r this informIatie, thu coeMyed, the oion I But, besides the consideration, them is aDo- the Conference at Londo, wm rwaolved oa the basi of
i 'i Co rerw w ppuerd. several days ago their which cannot, nd must not, escape you. It is, that a separation between Belgium nd llollaou; hat the treaty
uniorised to use -the words. The Chrmn- he question which has hern is dispute for this year past containing, according to dl declaration of the Phllp.-
l l wllso adopt the recommendation of als Go- is m t limited merely to our iteressi and those of Iollland, tentri s, the insil and irrevocable condition, is eofircod
SThe discumionon tisb rret qoesion hea been but that it effects, in many points, the interests of Europe. o Ilgiu and IIollaud;
l a, I he d decision of de Chamher of Rapresn- Our patriotism, our national pride, wounded by the sen- Seeing Article 6i of the Ccrtiz ion, We tve,
i*"peshly be know before the end of th owek: t of the arbitrator, who have just decided between with the common comment of dh Clausmber, detrand, @ad
BRUSSEL., Oct. 21. Holland and us, may revoltat thiL intervention of Europe. we ordain a.follows:-
'4 a w Council.of Miniter yesterdayafternnon. It i, neverthelk, a fact which we cannot do away wit. (Only rticle)-The Kir in a thtriau to con-
t Kim S deree of the flat, ha appointed M. This fact, besides, is nou tew; it has its sanction, it has clude, and Ir ait difnitisoe amea of eperatio h-
Vm d Weyer, Commeiioner, to present to the prreedence in history. Other people before us have had to otweon om and luollead, aree d to o 11h Ocio ,
'o., g with the Members of the Council of ubmit to the conqu.encesof it. Il ino the irst limethal, 1101, by the Plenipoteatirne of ihe Five Grett Povwr
, t project of law relative to the tweoly-four whtherithorwithoutreason,politicalepediency,tbesym- asembled in (uConfrencet London, under such claue,
W '4 by the Conference at London. tem of the balance of Europe, hae subjected a people, for conditions, and rearves, as his Mnjesty dslll judges e-
m de1 t b, that by aderree whilc received the Royal the general good. to thsre sacrifice, which are sbbmiued eary and usful to the int.res.t of he country.
Y ~r1 *, a n.ew liotribnuion of the army i to o onlyv fom a conviction of the ioutility of the effort thel (li*pd) LEOPO,
1Ai it will ronsist of two divisions, a reserve di- might hbe made to escape them. The Ministers of Foreign Lirs Wr, a, Jt.ce,
al dl division of East and West Flander. The scrifico which is required of Belgiuti is of the and Finance, D. IJELENAERE.
h l Gerard dined with the Kine yesterday, and me nature; its whole ecoe, its entire jutifcation, for DE BROUCKERE.
aLmt.5t night. The Frendc Irinces left yester- vou who are called on to snction it by your vote, is in de RAIKEM.
a .- "necessity of the circuomntce, home influence in human "n COGHEN.'
fm t"yrpa"Jd ss:-" lWe know t length the affairs is sometimnes so powerful that the Statesman cannot mels. Oct. 21.
moraible d..rion of the Conference, to which avoid it. TIe Five Powers acree l.getrlr to supperl lte After rending this projetL of law he dee1a0t sile
4 "' on iin, we har, of haing our ports decisions which they have mn.a, and which tlwy think cal- prevailed for srome liw in ftl- med is.
r teorrilory invaduJ by a army, and culat.d to guarantee, at hlie me t im, the uiitanlaoce of -" .1. R' e R al&oLc.-Ifthe report juat made to bhy

1 -1 .I

I -

t'. ..

F~-~IQQ*B~IU. _

V111110 l) i

amaan eI ntoes..

ith d m atm e Feu Ocm ro
eL"d for M"irl. Bt, L TcIo d uo.
Sb ray upond theb, o sltgi of the Clia
has lawm aUdjoemd d d ii- TweSa ly."


S*' h of tes," pulished In oS r lTay, or" a1
a. WAN," It oam Nultul. Aeo.-nlod. by n
tbe the m ie li6d. th ae of e Dthe p blt appe
e h r, fr Mea. s ...... Kn & .Co.


On s uulins.d od Moueisy le, Tweo. y i
etr m inUm Busier, Ker. Ligltthoan end He
si'die thr ssimunrs Munadt, Storr, Taylor and
bring bosn dleialiied, Ithe sr of blt poll appe

SB L N.M-ti, E i.......---...........
Job. Btr, equimeo...-..................
Robet Taylo, Equiwr,.....-..-............
Goarp -P. Wood, Eqeiteo.................. .......

UId o Km, Esier,................................
lWal Liertghtmrn, Esquire,........................
lab Btiopur, Esquir .....--. ..............
'The frs four gentlemen were, accordingly,
daly elocad; 1sa thIus Ias ti cause of the peop
edmpash lath. capital of the Bhlaus.
The election or two Members to repre et the
D tari mo piece yesterday, whoa, at he dose
A, t oate were-for
George C. Anderson, Esquire,..................
SCuused Duncome, Esquire.........................1
We undmassand, that there were a greater nu
s ma the pe, yesterday, taln were over befur
as ay Electio in stene Islands ; and, as the ge
elected are avweodly boatile to Sir James C. Sai
sate of the poll my be considered as affording am
timony of the state of popular feeling, towards lli
lery. We were happy, also,to observe that all
portable clourel d residents of tie Creek settleme
forward, and gave their votes to Messieurs Andeo
Dunooe-dlum proving to the country, the falsity
harge which had bee. brought against them, o
i coloured petition.
For several sight pea, large parties of olo
k M have paraded the mirets of thai tow
wih lar clubs ud sticks, and making me of
kg bamgge, evidently trying by tamsI and abuse
Teak th whim toa breach of the peace, and then
am prnet for a genMn ammuh; we are ha p
eve, to my dey did o succeed. Yesterday a
dthe ,vm fian th eastward, aftr parking press
of hMe IJe haps prepared for dema by dhe
elo, cam la tow, as bdliev caoesoer
prr of vielng as their own hum he p
ris d to repr t thm-from whece, abom
bhy r eursd to shc hme.
Early n the ou lamit, a immu ae number of
m women, au children, collect below the
mHa Hoemndopposit the bomeofJohn Ander
whe the votes then were, armed with sticks a
who behaved in the mos riotous maner, sad c
vral bnrarL.s of the poem. All this took pil
a hundred yards of the residence of he Police M
who ws at home, and perfectly swus of what w
but would not attempt to disperse the mob, until
Uo do so by two gendeue.s
Afehr dark dse reeu wee pmi cpdowd I
ad mhs ed pemo, who coode d hnMelv
a elat somawr. We cuas bow.m deta
mt I that took pl c; t are sany to Ite
nal wit pe is wre uatacked, adi poie
Du sme, EFq. and Mr. John Shrry, snvsely
We seos soo stugly rprobm dr coedu
Clart Niri, the Polie Magistte, who m
ouglt have b preventd smch arwful memblag
pgom; sud will his oeduct ot apper tis more
Mk when it is knomaw that the w le of the our
c imhmd eaw his own residence, and that si
ri all e sapedl-iodeed, i appeu ed a if

S. as s', N. P. 9th Ja ury netiati hae re
ts a. wns wis e n, like yourself js mP o nct of the war, o obtain n light no d o
s gld iiaoe kled to hlto Wle, thet although' I dn g ou y the friendly relthissf aconr s
toeu s D iWMas only i*ljed, bis Phr#dl. l a I n sp a y I iOo h e m labi er ndl
Spiuive rome u dape. Pate of there d W. I. Rvy th e difbat l et elfticu l me wic d l
p e hde oak, ced th i iTrane migration of(d durstill enveloped in year iwe wa
S ad w confidence a the Almighty."
i Nartmm N. P. 9th Jutlary, 8I v. negotiations have poved fruidei hoi e
Wht a ng sight you mt have be, when th neglecte pro or d, o diinish the a proper ncrred f
SshouDlike to a n a piebold I and at a s n Hoe ad t Prnce
o v anmT a BvDat-u r cn, like yount lft, j o myage u- am of the wi, ato obtain anhe whou
ead s d iion i d h. itnpodent to my better, or my in- theh ud tht during the events wiLih
arn a I now wkeepnts to Jw hole, although I often cgt myl togh tin friendly raeltio continue
tWood, w a lor, ya ida ch row r ld nd the payment of the dividends of
d borrowed from fiogeer the folo r day, y ha very an u- nb been for a month delayed. oura of
shrt itlof e oocalld Ir e Traniigr tiony of ilur'i, rt stnveloped in darkne be, bu e we wM
gas. tdwlwa 1 w year ater in the Royal Gaulette, aged and coofidence o Ithe Almighty."
composend a lotler igen reN., In which you nrwhh oert Hole wh
thing, dgny every thing and thoe when o red yoor a that some anima.ted dPR I
f(sions a a Loyal Subjct," U I became almost a belever Rmtrus oemn t. of1- ouSrvore e'
rhom in tim doctrine of utranignlion--4or when I last saw you, Ther i I ,gerl fmom thn s war iso inGoeillment
I||h~IIRI~you'r Oiru aidyuur I art w black, I vow, LAudwehr troops hare been aet home, it wa.
an who your cou rintehnn wu ldogl nd, s cn md de ac. tlem oppotai o f oi oreoy e rin fro inte k
Wbt wm know ngB f at you mlot have boun, wcen the pro* order to diminil she apeiun s incur reAmd
ca : of ch opaing y is comose half raomplis ed How the Laidwehr, when under n P ala e aponid i
i syoul like to he piebald u mn t nd at a shilling a regular roops. I i said that Prine Apg,
f eight, wu lot of m y you d have known de wht you wer- e he Prussian artillery, ut
S doDistrict ong, f y had tke a month o explain your inten- y of the Rhine, Papernds that the w iahol Rm
dam to hold itselrin reudiuees. The Pri
* ton A regards yr vaui t he ou e blyt potto d io th ei King, who sen st.e saf ista
pburn, plad b wn to w yliou, that although you chngetd ogetr o er four of war. The offered i 3' s
Wood, yo toloor, you did 1 change your old haebits ad if other inereue, particularly the Incm. TIe(
eard s yeo y fril dd tigotbar the, fon you w ill m tu bbe fr making arrenemeots for a fresh purehm as a
shown of the truth i--Bron anger compM y of rifts, Reportstates that ricoe Albert, beon ldeat
compoMd of 60 an ;,-Cnreka, 46-26 of which did not Hollhmd. hail a lung eonleraec with the
3 sign tn petition ; 6 noil e k company 116-r ery few of brotlhr), in that orme anirmted d e

A BuLACK ANTI SMYTHITE. wo courier ha s arrived hersaw, from which iis
43 rom k B from Bull's foot-iif yn eep ono ter- otaherck from the Russian And omn t
48 Eas : lth coomeny isnposed of 60 rank sad le. and ly repaired to the King's Palace wpon ts l
9 if y ao pM their nmwas spon the petition, yofu re guihy re the
iof forgry for none tod hpve known wuht you were e last rea. d
dourg, ia your had taken a month to explain your miea- heern Papers conthen a .rito tr
M our A rese grd yor vu las t bot time alacrity to be d- ,,e. a hairs in landd at present. M mhel uil
6 played by the an, ls o believe, itat oppose you get pes to reel angry at te miner off erepd tos
b d er body for hEold bArk, don you will much bamboo he." the surender of Warlw, and we amnifld
e Your very hunible fanrad, ourehe. that his conduct, after the deteml fthaf
S ten 'cw, although no petitioner, taery. cn" Tue event r a w eek is ted. beca ise
A BLACK ANTI SMYTHITE. o le hi dismantled Waratw. fnim which it i
p te derstan thg he intends to till back upon Ruasia, and oan to a
Eel- Captain LightIr omMea, was waiting at G emerra to convol. Inli offiutragl dispatch whi is of tare daily
eof re A this e Mail Boat was signalled Thle raveelr part of yes- vered t'on the agatrinot army a ona suobseuelt sidl
terday, no were indiuceh to pult of tho pulli;a l ion of tlis Ilaineassic SlI caitl adthi that lite lasresidenl t r f
our la l numis r until Eo-dav, withll tle view to l laIfnre bigly quain1d be with x he reanrl factrs of r l litea e i a Lota
u reilspete for the lst time"' the nCews bv thae nuackmerl"- C any'" Th.le of being here;. [lhtuan.i hiowevtri
0 e Tm dlagy the also e eabled in i to announo as thel edvidecesll ul LI n l1 uestia".' e e
ared Tand E (iInd' N ; Fom r o s of t pr Cioun r, ( s.
ol landl Who landed at tile King' V Wharf this lening at half past PARIS, Na.
lemen gten o'c Iok, under a salute from the Sea Fort Battery. Bly The event of thllo week is tli trial ofteiusllv
lyth, the tile arrival of the Agnes ye strday, we wrergivn to hu- niv Maralon Soiclt and (PCasuiir Perrier against hi
pe tes d testanrd hat M fasn ailing zabthonri-lthe Willira I. ofi toh 'rinvnr and c ompe titor fon r ccl defhe contra
y E:;cel- Captain Lihslbou cane was waiting at Dcmerlra to convey deiing the ouaous evidnt that wih are daily in
morning, and about eight o'clock dislayod tie signal !'Nr TineRnce, I cannot think thai the Preflel de-"
"nt arn having e gneral ofirer on oar bd ce sclipe in uer the a Is een particularly happy in his stleclion oflt h
s and frl r immediately hoisted thir colouriin, and as lle vessel fo r prosrecu.ion. Frone all I cap learn on thr ctt
y of the approached the anchorage, nmany ofr llenm fired salutes. should I-inclinred to blilve tllat vmou are'nuch bar
Slm ring Io Ecrellbyeny was reaivd on Ie larning by his hig ly quainis with the real eensai of these in Lona a*
espet ed reprsnla tive Sir Chrleme Smith, a numerous aco- have any cancer ofbing here ; however, the i *W"
semhlaen on r te respeotarle intlabitanta of ihe town, fret as lth evidence s u, un|bueti of tnl his ol 1
ureHd la ndo i tm h of Ihe lower order of the population. lGiNuet, fonrmrly partner of M. (ysimir P1,"l
A guard of onhour fromth the Royal was aTo in attlenvnce. now ti t head o a commercial etablioshmnt is l e
, alred Hib Exslcr toy appears to be in excellent aealhne and api- P terrier asa doraiant interest, was ,s.ecltd bse bi
threaelo- ri:k, and accoumpaniedl bly Mrs. (;rant, relation, her nttlretion ofvhich.l. Pe'cnier frrncd a pI
e, Io pro- daughcor, and Miss Elizacbl Grint. Doctlr Turrie of to nuheroeas competitors, to conclude the onsic
bGo havern- Rs pory aion amL passenger in ti Sdgoner. el- t i t iseequally evident that wliler Mv. Gfrom
py, h iw- Imuskets to Gverrmiient for 34f. 90c., anot d 4i0
TonE s i E Ni ERLANDS superior qrlity, mieht be bati for twe s 17-1 d
furnoon, ,A definite arrngment laes been concluded under n he seven fratcs. M. Gina et ulerial they coth is
y isly med at orion, or rather at he dictation, of t hee L n C o bmra chl ad keenly alive, m nst e op "'
e wimtn terenca, bete in Hollnand Belgium. The folloiner of direct deal ha been said ofh beial ohy
y, for the a o mtei o of the arrangmoent--: The baaus of the con- I/om s, dnd of ra m rot nmient, at n wl I
as edoon stio is the ae t e o twrrtorial D m.eAion belongicr to price, Mat in de bck irousd, but of tha i a l
required Holand ip to 0. 'B s Duach, therore, retain rl the baee addeo d, r and h i in frct only i EinghOi
t t, the tory o n the r let .. l the Scheldtr n. The nvigvtio e des of paid ant (attti t i be) couk heres
of i rivkd er to be d in this ae Ua nmaner, and no y thing lie p diecta bribe,s or the country, *
n eerao, ahrding to ths s opnciles, as by the trm0 y of Vide hee, a sed in toeither of hs MinLniteH. ano h
Govern- '. The portion or Luyemburg which is ssa'ged to Bel- stae belieovr, ad M. Sooh is clear eve from is
gum Co more than healf that province o and in exchange for of appiion of beinol acted by any other api"
seasd., tha cemi by Holland, te latter oblaina part of L ai s that oframing the Natioal Guard a h ie m. Peri I*
Id lonet burg, ontining pollalt less by 50,000 penons. thn but M. Perrimr, .n old commercial man, h hi to
omiiued that portionof Lutembur which is relinquiabed by the ofhbminealway keenly alive, mostbe oplia liF
e within treaty. The King of Holland heol thbe meainder of pici ofAdvinn stle aibn nd to i, he offs
s, o uxef a. nd n (n ,a nd Duke of that provioae, i still of benefittig the ous e of his friend nd ps rert w
in rDte, toea er fPa erras brg he Speech of the Ki cer. t t osider thepacution injuelici.m" n i
ra doing, strichl wholly Dlteh. Antwerp in, of course, to acemrioo relaive to tbe p d inr Ii stcns llned a i
re uired be Sven upto the Bel tIanr at .on athe treaty is rtid, a mere I rtia of the ti hirhe, no onc wolld itn *
ao l ttd e of theie a', will surrender Vealop. The ved or paid any attention to it ; whores., nc a-
ith black debt aoi dnided eq'uly by thas treaty ; the ioteres of in which te pecuniary itomts of the country a"
t" he hdtle ants to about 27,0000M, Or guilder, of fi-d in-be tr-m- '-tion in m-d m.nife. t by th1--
as," the hick.BelO 0 is oly to ply between 800ooW0o anI ofan a.boveltspoaibility"or" "picion,.chMI1
1aatP- 9.000A,, .ngr tlrlelens omne-lhird. The lemi- qoe.oo&. To this nmrtbe drd *O
'aet "- pwt 'rin of B m and Hollnd lefL Londo on Sub- .,pi.cio circum-anc ofM. Gi....t so se lko
Conrd d to obtain rtcat ot ,he rttrifciy. ot SOm pi nhi character oftovernn-- a.--nt, a.nd Ippra'
fhronted. I'n.i iW,exlited in the member of b6 Confer- a spocultloron his own account; while M. peniw I
SoMr to bring ..hi m ler to a termination, th.t they re- soner atI the head of Ihe Administration. ldn '"o f
of Mr.'od an Fridn sas'naght not to break up il it was se- 1am* Oiolut appointed Secrnetar of Police, .06
ligh, and mpm.,. ,ae ar.ctully at til 6ive o'clock no the fllow- unlimited powers, that M. Saulmir finds himself o b*l
^ of .e- r mornesigolll*D~ 0( object. re(n, is onler to avoid the unpl-aanlna,,% of hland
epren-n1. DmW Papers bring the Spech of the Kig of own en .rv. Vicv tr hm nd M.
H ollan upon n flea t se o o fcas on nn op e Ing Ile oew Y u.. . l rll.iio np4ui ll l'-r l in l"i," s- ,l. A ll 'aIm
trn ott .Gerneril at the Haglue, olen the 171h inst. The I marks of approbaion %hirl i by no ncans RPPKI'
a lading w terI of this a-flde,-". usdlly s o rant. o happen to, hi. conduct merited. I rannol Ctonclude aidleta"
di whole be of ome conserlnlucie &bue, as so inuch ssaLd relliect. 'your attention to file exunUordinur) nix"" 'I son

"-isa s orem iad altd: more thnI two ways wre
o in ianvinlgeace Iso thle merr rumau s with
j of Importance, mo- oi ud ofwhich a -
F d ad dthe gaer part of which, ilit had bee
o haiald no bearing on the cae. The
as dm loped on the trial. would not have occe-
,dises hours in deiling and discuwing." .
Sra a Endlir P per.
LTIR FROM MRS. RAMSBOTTOM. The Election for two Members, to represent thi Dis T Tl rday, tl 11 iont.
Clapems Kemmas, Hff 14. trict, took place this day. At the cha of the poll, the At de 8tes of Joth Star, Eq.
a Bsun ,.-What will you Aunyreformers sy now. vote stood thus-- At 10 OloeatL S.L
t ymeY t i to be lbeogud, and your hopes are all John Wildgne Esqulre.......................... 22 Wil be omd
wJ mry eapecmratio u ae wered-thIs is a Henry G. Armbrister, Fquire,.............. ...0 Tbh Cap o the lte Amerins mscheom Only Som,
t'o d-Fnlmer who is on your side, sings what n _.Wil E l o the B k, in hr pam Diesa, .
F h bis Iligh Ho Pea hens, but I cant agree with him Ilnry M. William, E ir.................. 8 IMo Stl B u Bnting of.
SMr. Ram was a wriggler radical, and so am I, be- James Malcolm, Esquire,............... .... 5 Shoes, Hi f,
I do not know no better, and theerfor I redes the A Scrutiny was demanded on the part of the to first Stationary, Chain,
a nd am quitee agreable to die pinions of the Head- oamed gentlemen, which, we understand, will take place Fig Tobecco, Bucket,
r tlit paper. to-morrow. Measures, Fisn,
I bher bin to hear dt debrtts of the peerage-we had Conous, Pickles,
a ia the House of Lauds What a mania that Hairy To-day, at a meeting ol several of the meat repectahle Check, with a variety of other atls,
os is--what a spich he made,and how tlhrnty he got AL O-
ltsked whet it was he was a drinking, d they told inhabitants, hell at the Public Buildings, John Storr, Esq. gails, Rigging, Anchors, Cables Cambms. ,dc.
j* Bihep--'he seeMa d as if he could have swallowed in the chair,-it was resolved, to apply to His Excellency &c. Ac.
amS, He had the tunabler hin, or and ot, like the the Governor, to take such sp as imay be deemed mat AND-
ls ib is Club-but when he wont down upon his proper to secure the public peace, and a deputation waited About 20 tons Bar Iron,
wbe., I wes quite resolved iuto tiers, Ifr leer he Toemm-CASH before delIry.
a sd git tp gin. erupon Ils Excelloncy, for that purpose. We have not yet Junuary th.
Ged Oey i a a fSne cretuw, but very-grey indeed; I een Hi Eicellency'sieply.-Beeral gentemen have o-
Ip er him as Lord How-weak msny ears ago. I aw lunteered, and been sworn in u Special Costahles. BY HENRY OREENSLADE & CO.
WLSd Mo ter too, and the Kernel which has the Kopper
S wh hoi called Lord Dinnerbell, because of his leedina O0" un Mau" Ms 16* ImAa
et Derk t hieso e in Whales. DED a v was T vni e oOUse,
hakd a u from Lord Pummicesfone, to tell me he On Monday morning in St. Matthew's parish, after At s 16; ea A. & .
an nm tgos to resin-he poets Iop Wilh a great deal from a shoo illness, Ms. Mary Armbrister, wife of Jamies Wi be Bold,
jgan (irey and Broom, and even from Lord Drne, when Armbrister, Esquiie. That extensive lot of land skudm a Ash -s with
b is well ena tgh o g o the Cabinet-that was a pny t-he buildings theron, late the opro y of Mr. Th.
r he getinto about Ninyveal, the Ditchntan; and trs Q3 ,C 1X& (1 Whewt)V COb Uinion, by th u i at M .Tha
-I,' he 0 .'" : Whea.t :,hr, acn tining, by adammesio-- 1 -by
.w I beer he i another to de about the Enilaeor or tfhe L" fee t.
m heeb-Lwey Flip does not IIke given up the I or- Erry person about to leo tAse Islads, after Tar s,- moods Cedi, giving Meouiy, if a
lipl dhips, and as we does every thing Tallyrong thing ue e ai fqui red
asri right, why we must not grumble-this is Puemices- taing reided thra for ihe space ofrTrrTY nDY, SM qJanuary Ih.
Ia's sem to m e. lf the King of Spain helps Don ati"h teriyaeo r t-rreny'OJire,n .rp s ih s sa ins
J laI they my he will ucksned isn keeping his honle-dlie
V wlll he want toput him to rites. As ir Itooshy sid OQfaforrrtrzN DAYS pre stvu tkidelpm re-oaf- NOTICE.
IProuehy, P. says he can't my uinch about them, only ter weirA, at any tme due during roaTi-rna Doa, a Tickt pHE SUBSCRIBER, inteadlng to leave rtd ,
ljMhdt Leervine has not left, andl tllat owlow is lialso April next, for the United States, request aDI par-
ba-bih t else foray.v affairs se ems below pa. may be obtained. sou ns having demands against him, to wonder them; and
Theis ulp of Lineolin did not vute agil the Bile-I N.ME OF 'EiRON. those indkbllt, lo nmke payment on or before the 10t
Sswhy-his first in lifs e ain li being tu o a tienUlatiou A""rT TO UBTAII Ti'arT ruO ir.reaTURn. Februarv. All accounts rnnaining unpaid feter thb
Swtols try unlr- i is Gretk to l, Mr. B. nh -nvember - Th nas ,urubull. date, will be left at the office of U. P. Wood, Eq. for
Sweats l try a1 i ii-li is Gre to no-, lih Aphy re tlisl.
IdthiH thie ,ople arl ljut shlswng thelitir spril-llonly Int., December Capt. Rdd. recovery.
list t Lord Li.t nh i.ludlry pooliniR oi pii euoil, aod fri- 1 - Felr (l-iumr Ruby F. TURNER.
tmIg cl asci a nuy IiCei lhe diii. l'v ,art iL' i se ..l January - lii bert WIer. January Ih.
liet hlool"se, noiid a1 lor tIIh- Il:lvy',air at K ollelghairml
('sa, it w is ;ihirl hin the lixtlic ., lir Itn miy in lid the HAVAIA.
wai nyof raitiin thle Ne'w C.itles, i bu ninii dUoin t ih t ire M RS. HIOW ,ARD, Jr. las resumed her BoAames
Ig. 1.-.. PrnEL ETAnI.I.n.anur, in the 'ole de ln Ofiies, north
0h friedIl P'. slplyod to me to see and ask Fulmer to be o ul' tin' (iovernnent llouse.
id spier dtliis tlu: uind Lavy wouki like to be a Vice- h--e.- - -.----- The very airy and commanding situation of thia houe
mat ass says-a- Barroeess she would not lisson to; PORT OF MAS AV', N. P. should command die attention of all travellers in a wr
hI did not like to say anything to F., because Lord IP. -- --.- -- -- -- climate.
N "lie was wanted to carry tihe Bil throukiit the Iouse AIRIVED. June 16th.
4lrda ;"-these are P.'s houe words out of his leati*-r Jan. 9h--Sloop Union, Albury, St. Vincents and -F-R *AL R
ar, and I do tlink Fulmor was obrn and bred to better Tortola Al.
tip lIn to do porter's work as is time of lili-llil they Rum, Molsues and B gar The House and PreisTe at pro etoCCo id
msf" the Bill carried through the Iluse," why denl to II. Gamase.lAu & Co. b Mrs. Poiier. The Hos is t e ay a d
Siploy servants of their bone, without trying to dis- Sloop Ceres. Balfour, Turks Ishlnds J onuvsiet, ith Ie Khb sd
Pias people witcl is as good Ba tln-Uselves. Rum C r attached, chair houme ad bling fr te
peoplHum, Sugr, Ceo, Coa bol, ore hoones, extensive yr ad an grao piece. The outh bmB
Ply what do they mean by sayin whipster of a frac- and Potatoes, have been lately roughly m .re, d The grUe pt
W." wenver they talk of Lord John Rustlke I think it to H. GIUsLADSc & Co. ofhave c been lately eroug ly reputred ad tp g. t par
bsI asion to soIno of his impolence in the Ouse of Kom. I Brig Richard, Lardmln, London of the fces have been newL pot u
SFulmer says that his Ludsleip can't bear ironing Govermuent Store and Merchendis,
b d~ to me vhave ben own ed last Wednesday- A tract of Land stud a the Village, cooaining 50
hamer, I'm al for Refurm, and Lo Gry, and !oUiver- CLEARED, acres. It isdivided by the villa-rod into two Lo, the
dldirieg, and voet by Ballad. And now the Bill has western lot being intersected by the new road IsadIg kam
e s ed, I am ready forother hole Bill, and noth- Jn. lth-Brig Euphemin, FindInter, Liverpool the vil ag into the Blue hit road. This land wir d
Lt th Bill-and ya mark my words Mr. B. you powdofin oneor threm lot. Aplyto
S liged to poois your orn after you lae dun. SAILED, JHN W. MILLER.
thKing mast beo d deal worried, wst uib wun Jan. lst-Brigt. Jimie, Pile, Liverpool September 17th.
mael dme--I wold have my own wey, and hif The America schr. 0.1O t' in. Black, f A OGINHAMUMBRELLA, alWk h s aedi
last m er them piecebly, I would do as Fulmer to Mobile. ws lost o the nI lBahuma Ljk. Pmenges. fce about a week sim, mposd by
i' nt the Jordan knot at ones, and resolve the Parly- sod new sa : sa ato d tpat rlt a L bbf Thse Owner -y r V it, o applioedao lr A .
brought here by the wrenker. November 2Ld.
omethink inyour pepper, that may show me you The American or g Freighter. Captain Bhmbrd. FOR -Ai o
your peyass, to Portland. Maine. 50 days oat, came in bae in distrelas FOR SALE A t *,e s
rs,still in french ship. his morning. having ee be lown off the coat, with loe of Bills of Lading,
D. L. RAMSBOTTOM. sails saod pan of her cars. Bills of Exchange,
D. L.RAMSBOTTOM. Bills of Sale,
h Iergsutto tell you my fourth gull, Addlelad, is Bills of Sal,
Dr. Blank Forms for the Caoms Ha,
[...'M, d oa week h uA w d f CHRINT CHURCH PARISH. Meoif-o care
Rar raa iSar Leases and Releas,
tf in Ir/i(d.-To many of the Irish gentlemen I NAVING fixed the size of MItAnh a the iSt- of 9 Gneral Court Writs,
l visited the improvements which have been per barrel of superfine Flour, Ordered, that the General Court lEecutioms,
SAdhr my direction on Chat Moss, I have urged, billing Loat do weigh 211b. (as., and the sispenny Lof Inferior Court Writs,
*u er rnevsns why their bogs should be cultivated, lb. So By order of the Vstry. shpo Writs,
9 a lr Isbur ; but I have almost always been DAVID SPENCE, Vestry Clerk.t ubPS M n kets,
m kletrvantist, that although the nominal amount VTrra Room, Sd January, 188. PolicE Smmoems,
emi in their favorr, yet it was not soin reality,-- Polic Warrant,
4* iearn were paid morn money per day, they BAlE Mli W 4
talth nre ork. My friend and hea of this N BOARD THE BRIG RICHARDhe following Miliia Warranta.
wm kind enmoig to go into the subject in detail .rticlc :--Brandy, Hollands, Iish Pork, Erthen- Bils o e or Veel,
we R ant into the qiti tion nf hiw much was laid ware, Tea, Sugar and Piunert. iw~rtus, apply ear- Mortgage (with bohads)
'e s ee far oowino, reaping, and various other ope- IV to II. GREESLADE dr& CO. Warrant of Attorey to Co m Judgmntf.
We te generally paid Ibr bly lhe piece or job, and Nasau, January l I, 18L Aorney's Wa rrants,
bit_ i we rOamle to wass, llhal Iaialor in thllis pn of Arbitration IBnds,
Sb at rather Ieos than half tle price shich is paid IW ANTED.-A steady middle-aged woman, of good Appentice Indentwes,
Ll. c hire. Day labor'errs are generally paid V character, o wash, iron, and cook, for Iwo single Pw of Atone,
d^i s "n s, Obligtion n., ir. &.S dkc-
Ru.' 3d in oie r-s*e-, one s killing per day in this men. Forlprtci.laraenquliresthlinffice. Obligtirn Bodac. .
-#de, While in seto.le lslsr they get only i thl- N. B. None need apply who cannot come well recom- N. B.-Job Printing xes tnd with relnm ul di-
j-tia Farer. ML gaI ine-Mr. Reed's Tea mended. patch, upon t.os paper, and on odorate serm
9 Isa Ieelteid. IJanueary 4th. January 4, 8w3.

ww .wwwn w gi _______________
S ee he' l dus .C'sr, Os S ne of cuouti e to use lthrr jiane spw aan reform, wil ileg E I L ig, i came of lhe

1N a l ir- .be ciLmi to J~a enrd smei d p Gour eae. nIm mo sirpa a i~sae ablre d l ems
if ,e nO d i r, rir e u ean uaM, Md duuUdepe,.' tei- of lgr CArlEpo- gha. f.e ha ndt bJlman e a J
Md mli, w +Ilmm eiim eNatio na (he, siaStd lis Msain wlti ofl Fraene repe 2 edr aOL d ao
e iL 9 hw ks.Ub4em thine m4isd la -tpnism to memSb eSlt admn. mcrdo- of hum i there e5
bI a in bag bin lmwbb meo o en d yte sla dmi- of d dGr- f mhe w Rvdlulm of 1791p" Be o yg
r,.d pon l-ymei mmesbs Phe Lp M, s 1 ,a yond h-t cr k inm bee espotd d dig
foe, gme last trhi. gt eCM l klmgshte- m,.I * o rolpe ihe v blod from de mombent tetat f
eser -ds eI-1 mids o ad ta tlew doe macley DIRMIIBAL Oi EARL HOWE. m ly P w ode o t ent o th.hid
tim nulsoi. rm e maos a my h nr n m Naioil I oUE ov COMMONS, punUihmenm, akhouieh tmhe faa of mh d-
()r. A. bnrf iel m df, M lleemie. Ine tm this do at. pso o th Jn 8nd obnaiol wirnbdeen
agk d b dth dte Btleb sysm dof in- Mr. Treerd be ihid il *lh put question to the ed tbe seree of Paris wi bod, o t m Barkd .
y.B -~r of rditerb ahBey kM ,. Noble Lerd, the P~lTnualti ef 60, wo. meII de dhi- sies of Juslice.
mamue an to mie pnea of the whole meb19y. By oF U mil f a Nofe 'old m au if e deas of ChLmbrhei to hei Tin Goveurnlt of France joiad h, L
niEiesd, lhsrefsme, into, AraDsd Vsehlne, orNm- lMjes.. The amweur he reieked w tt thea i Nobt Eart pming a decided repogamceto mgantLry
tiaalla rns, we dml heve the lamy Lip s t re hid uemned hi. maiemmiea, ned th I le" i e wa ed. He mad desire for Iheir boliio, until the hate l
Is*.-yo. h peewIna =form a Sationa HOU E OFi COMONS ar8 on do Iiod E
in lh pro of lae bay gUhim I e hUll n o ith rhTomr hd au e m rc* a l eE, victed traitors whe were do e dvise.n d aed im
psb o m tug. I n d mche hidh *, Ly ,s a- thsrg the inoumu io iea r.m T ppe on the subt f the tyranny of Charlk X. were pd ort d;
o u It s wn o g d le wit h te fas the as emd telling hm h LUnil diun tie uilUotie was allowed to ie a- .. i
This is et ol e Ale time |thae w r h mraMi of Nation- e s ltay oa hae muser he paloed f the lt er. I Gs bee r since olFsned to hbarped io edge s
.1 guard n id ts cwrmUry h been recomuVol l, oad we u "y T a' a d'!") Tme Hie v.Memr he, e for the w.rk of deasei matio. What hms khlh
wiilt adl gh, ader p uder clwrcg.mancs, chenim- e lltowing mleer velsed the Fmrnch Governmesb from reviving .l
.heaa waldJ he. daw.e; b e dome im e thum. -Ih Gait Athentone. October tO. ofblood A dre--beitpol s to .h di j
dae aaesc wusst t W t in 't force go -vahs e our whro woeeeo dd fim ito n
ll nmuuri ewiinL ri t im nqrciHK fort* lo it,- |. Amumnu *ill i thell libm I uLr u wsiG-
made kl espi(uM o reu I it o w d o hbi desrip- a* r oblemnio 1so aquei n lelchlB w i he Rpe nofs yenl maiy 1
ti-; r ntlb we dnlad *y d. t, klhoul h in ezislte a. m~-ima ia hae b Pen by yeio. i due House o Cho- ile tUasgr de CaCears lateIly aisd lis*
ou a cemUs eamar, they are gradual di.upimarig. mad mua espein my dimais-l em ithe maie 's HoBsebd. .eecution ws to ine take plwes a short aime ,e
wl, insllyi i ashmartl tivs, lllrey 4iappea. Iru mhn taaweelon tRJndlleis ruled o haie Liven in die Ple degOrwe. Howe rr, in aiomis-ne
Thi advmalage of m Natil Om Geu d are maniful ; bu A< tlor' i b one he prlily lea. Ilat my ahi L hrdah"P win indication on te prt of is popedns, a L
i GM re ceid pl, a p qle trt tere are in e a e ir i '"ts "me dcl thei ritaes hbe dcwht m pdeh tontdeofer dis oefa
r. a asmmayho iskauaa.scd wnho i e"m *l. May hb. nd for the ePod time I s Tbhe ame pilr followed p at seaseat
l miy litnFrem, wBie tteornmyti of moryre miei Hie Maty my mtmio d oposia the 1~e leain e hjude iio hemrks:- Sinom ide Jidy ladam
lba l y illr iildd lr t aM0persoas, Bill, mad ma psrfecl rdimme to nrin my imme a Cl.- i frightrul guilloti e nat mde iu ts ap
ad whe ea, cuommqauPdy, GoeIment UUuF, wi it bhertn to ta (mueen. Musy Wmt thid he mibht be pleaal Prera It ougllt npver oo Ie brought lorurd a.
eak @mr o det cek *pan it power, e aibie to to Aioe. I received Il reply a mn gacus coamd to abominable puniblumemnt canno witb wpopriea be mli
tm;or a Chermb d feuolmem inr u a dleolet to ib *e *x my olce, and a duiint recognition uf my privilege f the midbt ofr people ho behavd wiL a k mad
saenad te adre a mIallg y immarea i eia being praty idepemd ar m day oveI mss f.m the eir- rrtion and virtue Oe the memorable ecmien sa
o ihe pricipl of freedom, it is very inpmsnl, *- cmmnere o my being io hr Majestly Houst loM. Mh Wsuid, at the ime of tie tril of the e-Mnisnu
i --b a aeP, at w st pri- Nf o0& ed Ku ga aa e we out of the qa mir 4 gl the death of thtes faimm'criminle would hi.
lietss ll he mat conua mad oe l vIlowed. by the King'al on commuoairmion, to m';t ad JUpoa mhe I hous din,.. The
ri., llnui is tLutate uf coiMsL o ad omti ye etv I aplre Nott-, iure, bot lle popitee foll .pod u de seren hrte. po sdi
pure. ma deca er let mJovrtaLt anal id (Che qa.e o f l MrJ Id ad. hi t con oue.un to e ing form of leing wau di hdes rgesmded th", S n ule Ib
*itl L Ae i i IL sipaysi of th removal. l m*y vole the other night hi been equally mo witb respecd to te whole commatly.
Frnaeeh il rfem sac plbirL l iuduenm ouf Ihe Nf the care ol my brig me ihler i her Iajey' HouMhold. mrsoning ranot he rised except by mainmhhI
IiulmI (u cam cmi a hirdd e eluiL WM e b I fel ta it iLs but curniua Ju.tce to my uow cbhrec to lo doctrine thut tbuh Lae of the lw should par p i
reendb a pmsmid, dme a Chimbwe of Drepies ak this i taRrmil. enl d top ou full o uthorily to make ninali, tod only (CI uopn ate necks e in imr eaar
might, llt uh dm oirdlary eercln of tie public volce, wh""tevr use of ia you like, earepa the imlerOtin d it in the
coipbplym opr.lurl iS Governameot, it uuld ato rn-uire gPhblic Ir.-.-1-- have the hour Io bhe, yur faithful mid County Mteliftg.-Meetinai have here held is thekh
o0ha.dba a v mn." iW ina rtnntio, iin of hliaioa to w ho H b enld wsd iso no
bh ils ceIr de armied citizens ensure ti necessary Tde Ih. I. Tr'vor." i dm hi a ( ismdl in o "p ere isr amd d
alsi eld Lb k u(pu woul h. A hol r rmy.", or line f thee rirr..mstn;es. he (Mr. T.) felt that the only form Hl :-1 urr. Cornwall. Cumbertnd, Illamph
* hi pi by 1e |pope, woulJ to he Ihe hte darriioUn hourain u, lef for him to punue wa to put a question his wickmhie, 8uue Durham. Norulk. nd olhe cmk
t hr, if e |i le rs oulsd i n Ihth it iwol never he Majtyi' Miniers,. with a T ae f meermininl the nature of is thu o that the p egplie o Engaml repel lth chap dii
Iwam d slmmt diemlvesr the a I;c a there really as e. lre ihenelre wished to uak frence, lo he cueH of itefr.-The eetmial uf Im
)ivmsing a Nitioal (iurl of it politic chtadract, lwhketer ha Noble I arl who had irlely killed the ofer of tinue all over the kingdom. They are qeil(a he lodlp
aM uf im portnce as a iliti to preserve dU C'hamberin to her Majeoty wma dismissed in eomneueu-e nf even 1o enumerise; lad Ihey are of course uummlear
Lfrm et ral attacks, it dul tie ae s perua a puiona o the vot he hal given on ithe Itde Hall. the port of the Kiug. the Ministry. ad he Bill.--q. Ity
, mt arwics aco fr dmeame oiwum un inasdins ILh he hol be at tihlmy to vot a
e lh hreer htqarat ior dth menelec o i m wnai me of hmvoe th other nito a 'eial Emierquml.-T-e Cotmmnisawmin f r 1
tnwer, tad, ithe etvean of commodtn, to render cahlisen Cha i ncll of be he Eaheqer skn i that nothing coldJ ratio have c aued it to ie ntiautd Ihu gnm
bk. Wp he pMople o d e rl nrf oopth utan ue.t ory. ,s t i pn e po i on o ronip. o it p f he have ,ethe,,rnIi to apporwite the em poded by
Preajtn f pron mid dte traquulleit y of di a todm Ctmt n l.o r tno r d.miae iun ets anemt-(tHar,. hear.) II sde of lands in New South Wols and YVa DiI
a he dhirt bjnc. Tle, mast confuised, are wuutd he comtrar to his dury, as a Miaitruer of the Cromm., o Land to the entounrgement of emigration by min
admrlmidy amompli ld in Frnoce; but if the iadrpen atste ay teamn why thi prerogative h hee ted pon inunder certain e
dee ofd the 1Sate welre nanced d d ehl cInesiead, ihe ietme ol whchl the IlonMember diverted. The uob- i Lel elweo thole cloe f 1 under c, member nie
imwem sed time ontlese, It maesd tibime to. fue Julh*bout to proceed to the colonies, mny reee rfle 6
Vis aae .med .mk r n P tedmm Irrri Ot 4t froqi biusvn.m HOE the ('ommaddoneri to he pima to tne hadIsa
f l NiCiiml Otiqlw i w r a ee t |m u J Ite e The l., f. n ,"r y .FnrhJuurol, i res- hm l Mi a oros M e m inu ,of p fm ine amide
i pwey tevn ad lmp. o wa itell into, garrison fceeI a to Criminal Cuod, e" Ie cer to ea st: il i neyd: oeni: p'D r o, or ^ fml .d
med pi ne a r of i iouJ ania qull dtlr.cire ao hei op dtal am of modern priuciphns will oe o i s o their ,' thewtill te racto n d ea diL
hani a a d m pead tempt the feint m revive it." We wih we coul pey similar c ,u thereni a Of RCemiThe A ntm as Ie
DMhi, ,i he haNmol of lJeger fr.. witolti, aire aatial aomplimt the Crimimal Jurisprudencl of England, aner of e e. ifTed their wisyoo a.ep
fwr te Msnrl welfre f eCiyl a ey dplut th l of reeage gs cean to eb isl." nd the cnd-S bhe oh mn tpied .with. lh
(im, Ie d l dhiNe ig tl ctr cy I Wee iteI ta, i rIs in to oh pinhment f cri e.l, tilde l of r t- Kiswnll tke etllhe wvema-d
at Ur ds isss. Te pulmaa n qul to tIb hor- ea is arl ad p trla" ogf Un l of tangland; and e'maktp v lth tmorvvoaea
... ot #1tt q son Iie E riglS 0 .uT Cm" i F
dilary, tir ne, aId d cn *ef emindergency yet Jedge Hl, und other Joudg mince It 1 tioet, heve fl. mIa intae ol csdtoe be imeSlp .4
Snrdr awp y p e cas d opae wh prupriety be tlr tih Cth pristi ,i b prs mad parcl of th Engli avh Se the ild oaho ameia the. lm r po '
f a mletemane and dmt preanqls i ro prt. we. Ctman telo roln nd io-t a u -- thel sd o l. hn arl at ol' d e nt p
The (Iwearmt = t clement w ind g i c amp aosd, dispn. a tions of rseengp ad n lismeMd julsice-co-te- hot, t i Lrbnd e icofmr dstictios, priority
dmltat mwhwae m lo ppnrdted me aqck upoe the st Even ta lb oeipmotence"o coanot el oles r r'
pmmyr hee the p -is ny .ntimtuie de fact mach a ur If w adopt Chriaity u the living 'io will for l re of le ion.
r b*tLs me Iprmle ie lha. i i i re do its spiriit oir alew am drdnli revel. Mamrit Perts Ma A .Sen HI mlti', a bId
day gre me eh aomwiy tv NeLimal Gulw. and It is pdy o tes her ofl tbhe rench nation tit is Bemr emrmt.-The following ma e trav
when nmrm f olh shll Icam hrw, tih inLy Im led flb e sab tla e abolihtio of sanguinary reguiiem nrspt ing pant ofr n dlaed c
ereof lie Hue ofrcoa o mmw C bt d e pemibmeat, which it imsterteslly he followed by Secretry's Oik.Sydney, Odt. 1, 1 n30:"-" N
orli" mai an. igr Army enas ie e Criwted by my lbf ciilime warlm. The bCrible waste of life by thle P'ortui. i--Fur ti encourniaienut d sinrmstco
a.wrst hle l *(m of pprdsnl or sruniinr piei.ese hidi folkla d lhb Revolution of 17B9 c.ed Erilleny ltb Gevor ian hy al b al.toe groan
ver tlh poude. There wold bm e m d iy for paying lbh F nch ploa mad potm-a.ri. lb. populao of Pwari, | a .I rikge portions froum e Crowo,' mpoman 1i
a ..liars if the Prirament w ere ar d; s tda te o be aigmtised uas aiage .nd ffuciu in tbe e.trem : of the urio f fee and reasrctab prmua h
Reform i at hend, why ihuld w e tahep e which ict ha he t meLhe f igeaMn t hefls, the Revohtl the welocl k. f-la general d husband alddrsi
would pr to dihad mL m Imuedimly af gr it CmrinaI Law r Frc wa eacmirwly muiary, nd o cbe Colonil Seretary, ntiog his o n I d hi "
oul hIe .k piecI ralculeted to bruhnlia tlhe filing of thef people. ind conneziona and circunmtine.s, inr, if c apro d
Thae ol circuace wrhih cmld .in ow pne, re- chapman N. e va of he li, by freqoen esmples of his Eerellencv, lhm land is giete udur ah
der tlhe formo of a Natiiul hud obai. during jedlicimi alhr. Thor was lso the ina puc.e oquin-re nt, aid eniled upono lohe wife md her
te LmaWml r whi mt e eri. lh ie, l Mi cal o jmlici artn, which it Lhegistren and butchering t r eisting ma iFg. nhj, as, in a other e is
he ariel, would he a gllese a duy e par dnif b, l ial CXuL C cili, m oionea, am cond teo ion of hii Mhesuy." Tohif yrt r-e '
Ihe NLiry. If lthe I iauyre to In e loaded by thin o ed lbmo at racii cruelty familiar to tiie pope- mrhbly well, for since lb i of dih e G-a
-uilm-rr er re -i aIhnM geem ad me-. sl ad Thte ra ck-- b he p r hed- h of t- dr nrini-l calniddn ba l becair Pr7
Tiedees in hl Cdi Ci ei tfl raes aren-heimb-aew-edlb seeding oil-warm en- ad pi, ad Eemutis he b bru f l
hr nmy-if lbh Lu mma.. l-e, lot. in lad. ki mitbsmiM fe ,ad w. nearded .romc ode o Amsia, th. hit for t
thle tet of n.y atempt by ltl aiy le iss Io ra i. b- Ih l rsine ds m (rans as of thooe e por ton of 2,560 are dwn land, would haea bwee l
i lho pMrent aomerp sl hitdrm y m n posn Irmvg ble iimi t n oj nl il ic al b e Ib but,. doIn Sydneyr the rch of r lr .
Pret alusnes-mae met a parua of e l g d dageein e nfer. Whe we tlk, therefore, f l bee h very spid. Thie wfo m curn oo ou thei
the people, thn, d, a Na d y he of 1crim of a popet nt fort the crime Legis- of l hemey of the Autralian laden are refrd I
omentialsm., Do ay funr li tof hpeee uf laprmy, tures I of fiowornmsar. oWhen w reprobats e ArO bert Googer's Lenter (fmo Synlory," in wh*i. ia
h al fr the amtinimat of aip. "We hews sean, duct of Ren l tlioist, wne feb me te Frene at acril ig w ith me muchl tutnd f ooeling in a chapter m Ci
hwver, lo belve. dr mre m a i alio huma life a hrta mro mpeacry let ot forget I as."
which would resler it impoi et make ny prti ion of thO Ktini and Pauliuama, d tie rLad i eLen idLd de dh-- a.
Ib yeamanry intrumonottl to the o of tbh ui-lforn- onalr, umgt dem n rely ma lb edarscl of lb tle asu an A person called npon h comb malr. ie who w thin w
es-thet the nit IlNtfc ecuriy ait ie, hem the mychi- iniruosnt of pawer nt, uopinoo, by eaminpls of blood to" I him knew he was nrawn (nr the militia : 1 o
ar-y pf daM Wr Dr'|drt.unl canoeW be lurand pginm Wacr mhi flort ,r Revolution, the Caiminal Lsw of swered the Em-maker. *'I asn, r' vn rs ""to '..e 1
the ivernc rnn anl gll lt lw e slihlt l ps magct of a n Fr.n aer. pha o ,.le.rc,>' ,,matn'riclal t.l er.lati,,. Fronim i a n, n0 g 1.ab ouothn' s ha ,roIn r"*'
att n oif the lPa Ie l dim ntwei-rveforAi Ig L;fed Lia dot to- ben of as mo a. a, and liu % toe t rurr, o t ejoinc t do o c mak es ca. c I ht Is b
idtetr n am Slio imi a oultf aN ati-ronarl i n Ldap Lamm,- ur o f anlg Icia l gmoat n.ntin Ti mm was luo ut rica exempt. Iettlag Il t-aA:

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