Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: January 7, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Volume ID: VID00050
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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p m # ., todA I
A cAMusr s4 mB.
Minute. dust h-eman "I k i.
shlome k p* i
L Igwhole House of th Oey,

6.I NyMK-yem I lid m the dt, t
i lelm me i.~d sleear; h
pilan sad ed r das grat eminaweal,
p, Fibr h.d a y.
Sl eick. thi VYmaent. whom siitemanship I
abthe f tre Pnrder. Icoamt,
ibe. tho "' br f b trqib,

s n yam mwee. I swe
be mibe. th 6" the Commendwiwbch
a se amoy ha Hunred yr.
ibs m m ar wih Freddy, theo' lag he's been redy.
b2m Admiri ag. Vice or Bar:
ileM digded-walyf. ad eM aegh plealy)
'hrs Five fi d Hmd ye .
Swrtrinvea hLea-m-sme thick he M af is-
Gnsei I have managed to str ;
SNavy Hourd I hae lodged him. a Lord,
Only Twilv Hundred a yer.
gcamin. Tr. hem eaosnted os mr
Gapto ie me npliant sphere,.
stakes rig b Is* iip-s bare.
aplury Twelve Hldrd a year.
S arrw. my bmrolher-heren not such ullcher.
fwllrald Mrhil's baln. I rwea--
fho g y i *ni rf.,me-'tisr national shame--
u mom than a TlIdb.Dnd year. ,
iMwlNe it i tre gt, esi gli for the mwo.
ei ths be'i a Chuichmn assemm
IsI IRea m Dms-(i a Be- camn e sern)
I theyIr y'm are wort FivThe sd a year.
t10Si8r eriM Admer-tmlear NaMtdy' lempem-
h tokmw mor Cemnempt lor my=e.
Wbet sn-'tIm uch spon-g Kmsg Li 'Is Cowt--
'TI am Tm or Twelr Thmesad a yrea.
rle bhese.imw baby. N Nd Efie. th gaby,
IW c pinm mad fr py pmermv
J T-mmy tc-i a p .aid ee.-
timl Tkoamd Fi Hudnd a yar.
kM bnhrolk-hPw, P--mb. nad fa tk MsM.
hp Eg|p hi adT wd eu I

hom Kifosh, sha he 'd kom Nis fietyv.
1Lese Ve D una Bl f e ausce.
D as-im mries hes rnm.
isl meW ad ie- o.
Im ThIty Twheosed as bll
k fI t Duealm-he Devil wa'I *ir him,
. each Cainea chga sil l weer :
qe L hi Stal hi -wane p-d th.u im aighbm.
e11 dly eTwe Thoemd a year.
'ias 'Matyhen Douca-n cdlma cly to 8am,
ad netre sotlen, gea" He !"
61-iom thi Wood, ed the Forena. e brods,
s o'er Thi Toheasd a yar.
dsmhy. te-Fwl's oe of -- a.
lmiecoaY prodigiously derw!
-dim in atle, over MsIt' ret isle.
s sty oes Thsmud a yew.

b ,5 dYIi em-mi. icmed. my wad h =, ;
.r.2 '. . if
Im hmisbeit L uth, hmw e m dm

Sa.,~,d as~_ harhml me l edIr um
m m, h"rmad len is. am.

^T---dl *mee sims ajeo,r;
..m,-m of Biat--,h. has *,a', ms--
. mmi, Tue Theaeda yteuar.

Cat Itknm So ofthe ogeys,
Ipnar Thoausud a year.
rav4, -"** *< -y *nrk osh Ir
^^say^^: ^0^ I c -r


l I n


Sl i or f wt y h c a ed itd Tiiav of th 8l a t i 1is irms appeared mr
Calcue, bae mopst m i, a curious and taare
W Asdy, eve io p mti n l me. as an ya i
G to o tuis- of Hatillai, trnavdlli. i too
bes,u wbh m he m ranpiy, accasdi scii to M .
mm ; i arridat Bmbayr 4 Augm, 1aI, ad t
madr la IOaobi of ib sme yar. AAhrwar, pa
Smi henoer seoward ihe uLh, m arinvd Coes ia
w18 ; d li dI mie ad ti two d ing yap k
puad di rogh Eatern As, aud dni hhbids sd
aedi Occmn.-Its irt eap towards Elp. wai amO-
S lase M from Beagal to Musc, whbo is mppeard i
1, wkh ch virulence, that, as Mr. KeamedyA sta,
be lvi did not trouble temselvs to bury the ded, ut,
ewing I bodiesp i a mi, they tbu d them idri
Sthe habbour. From Mumcas it neved to Per and
Buosn ; ad froa the h .er city directed im ceame o-
wardn Syri, where il arrived in Its, and dia smim to
bhroen Europe. However, by one of ith iacompe.
emsible change common wihthe clre, its ward
course there mopped; it dimappmrd completely ia Tur-
ey, whrbe o precauos hd been take to pnna i
propplMotbl wLil it struck ain motberdirectloa tward
dim north; nid, aI ravaging or ,onse vYn Perma ed
Ih. Ruuas territ-rim outh of tie Cuas, it cuied
haoM maintains in 1830, nd appeared in Astrcan, aad
the aeighbouring provincns, where, for seven years, they
had takes the most anxious primmn to prevent it. ap-
prom. From Astraca its pred Dthouh Rusa, fellow.
ing, with asnloii rapldity, the cose of Ibe Volp ;
and, after rvaging Polad, Amrl, sad Pnmi, it
now appeared on the cost of the Germa Ocean, thmrt.
enimng central and southern Euro .-Tbe subsequent facts,
which are derived frosi the registry of the Berlin police,
throw an important light on thm uesion of it cof li
otunas of this malady. During he ruonth of .Sepember
it attacked 893 perons, of wl om 125 were auended in dh
lludpials ; die remainder, 761, eMing conbsed within dleir
own homes. On careful enquiry i appears, that the
lumber of houses wa 409; and ltli in 973 of thbe, moa
individual only was attacked. In tle remaining 136 bu-
ies; them were, consequently, 620 cases of cholera, or
between 4 and ive personsin each buoume aacked. It is
lurtnier to be ulbserved, tha, accoa&,g tu an accurate enu-
neratlin, ithe 40J Ihouuwe were inhabited by 4,2tU fa-
.iilion ; and, auuiniing icl o' these lst to coonai of four
prrwu a, die tosul nuilbur of individvalm broughli into di-
rect contact with the diuea wasu IlOO. Eves in thi
crowded population, scarcely more thae nee pmsem ia ighI-
een was attacked-We may add, tat Dr. GUrefe, oe ol
be leading practntione of Berlin, airm, d the daily
u of quinine i, within his experiron, a very elecau
preervative against iafoction. Tli. medicamet ha ba
een umd in Huland, and with success, to arret id rn-
vaFs of the intermitent fevers so comics in tat com-
The handbill which have been soextnsivly circala d
by ih prih authorities througbheul tbs matrpolis ncea
meslnag all penro l to provaidt them e withk piri a
wise and camphor, mastd aod limed powder, sal rol.
its, ald th emntial sib of poppermial, doves, ad cai
pus, hl bad ti effect of creating mu gre i desiad ai
le unidles, theat asy of thbm have a s rmin iM pri
peruard o 10) per cuatnL d edr am c dy pom
mdbi at ll Coajrp oil ha rme froe a I pm r oa eu
9 i Fm la lrdmeLsvepou;l edto Lcu rumsd
rois tshpal foneit (rom i iafecmed plaes adc sc
tlum fra Ep lum lh It is wih dilakuly they a h
mC le d to ablu tha o e wim t s ldmoes to o
ombWtef r mr. On maufcis hydm, 8se a
Fio bo, hi owby o in Corder fk ton o dip
OemAty. We hlr trt durn C lr pn o Satr ci
tie crdidity of John BuH will wJy Iaped JA
abcanit is SPr ma mi, iihoo, di bys a lag pe
card t li door, aililg a mu prevemti of il Cl.
ler i to amhu dohcco thea gh as eAier tsu, whld
may be lad withmin"-- d wic he tsam AD Anti
Cllere tobs!" Anothl of tn fralnrsw y hs adveni
" Cbler Norboa Cii to prevent4he pomsiilk of im
fection," while wotey in Clamprdne sanounes fir a
-" AMti-Cboern Morbus Clig!" O Saturdsy a fel
w managed to pick np no a N qeuas y a ppmn
8,t Paul Chwrcl-yard, by vendis C= ai Me
Bel'-ye !" As in Chole Cr u," (im weil
km Abrcadabra") they orm at pIntlM as Mack
A Cowt o Common Coaeil -as he o Td
rG in Lond. a whIch it urn ppoqht ii =
i Board al d Hoshh, rehsiie t o h chi ~r
dbmldbirefnodltoaspeciI am ami h mrLtd
prormladioaa m ybdhe ptd by ls ,dot <
dhmjn y avert sh idroduca ofdtdle duldt diEL-
A Pbe inmsg for i similar p -pas v hld at rij
ton ,n Monday last.
Several addition naval oo m are poand to tb
Cod Guard Service a .ent, E e m dmflk, or It
pporm sor iding im the pevrtlo oilf EbE mark
beis iarrodced from the continent coo.
The treatment recommended by the Bod or HAJ
within the man mof ever; funily ; aHl that retired Ii
ig, dot they mhmld previdle dhmslTves with de foflowri

*U. i

rm ummam -rluwmtas wr. waw mpow. I
er. 1 -b m md ad Bn d dear. I .me 1aji

Iw cAI nrbg ..y i ws ft *ds the d
l N lri wnihl mylb pAi pmdmt fa I
Mr-(sesWlis oMiulhl rumedhe, I|M U _

od Dd hib hb I m armblillat ILu Ch-
hl, ud BdHL

The Fraceh Irnsames i ppil dA s swim r los
abaldommm.l A Alrm, If ms rIhI swlsmmh lma
dth Dy aud hi u4 ermmt I h oimetry.
The Fiead papm'brih4g I menlIm ofe dab i
pin thngrp o 0 500000 Ih e ir d net ofhem fo
eig n rfuig. A thi .mo tio opm-d dh wci qs
at dthe oect of dh Frea govermmat tos Ldm
amd Ialian patio, it was warmly cmmtesod Ia tbhe Ch
bar. The discsin murmisd is te adopti s th
Invmdraea in L Vendu.-The sta of thee dpMrt-
ms ash of lat glven grpm mm-ds to thi Femeh
Gomrmema. The coma ripts r to Jol thr>erfy,
and Srm themmlo leto bands to dbmlb d pIbi pem.
Tboegh they camnet commence di war, or oppom e-
gI, stoor th e e ld, dry prme( u etjoyrt i er
vil mmKihJ. and sUmck i deail ne ar a gans mm rf
the Kig's forces. They scour Ihd commhry in bred dr.
and fed the autboritiem use put duhn diw, skmugh
backed by a army of 40,00 me. Fear mad conserma-
tias every here vil. Boe of tis public fameeoa-
arimesbV m nd, a-nd othnn o a pas i od ddlg-
The asrocides of these bmditiarm dcribedm s m ri-
b.eia a i he time of the bt mreteldea.
STbh Eglih aqundrm under Rmr-Admlran Ware
sailed on Sunda from die Demu fr d tbiAdt
The Brsrme papers of yerday w te that ea-
tier Protocol of the Confernce had reached Im city, ud
the llkowlmle i given au smmMary of its coenlm:-
Sir Charles Bagul, Eaglid Minitr at the Hag., Lav-
ing writt o hisl government dat i g Willi seemed
diposed to refuse tie 24th rice, Lord Palmerate hlad
thouht it neceasry to convoke the Conflerec, to ae-
municate to It thebe despatdes of Sir Charles Bag*.-
The Conference. delibrating Io this commnamsib,
thought i advisable to invite Great Bfiuti lo med uqd-
run to Ihu cuut of Ilulnud, to support ie rastiom
uaken bytll Five Powers. Lord Plmngm... i di
name or Great Britin, prosi to eauc o the rmslution
of the Conferecm."
r The disscuo in the Belgium Chamer. e the sdJ
or the protocaib was cinged dtShgh Thmaida and Fe-
Sday, to a lots hea Mamdy, gwhaoaa dvbim, is
w io le wroj t w u dop ed by a m jao ity of thiir y ae .
M .h of id eg g Bslhm overasmet u d the gt
ilbtu so the propoalmo of ds Conmes,. my
tdimsofoe sw e loed mpm m las amd luo.
Acioumu from Brumsb m, du l dl prpartlo far
war, mn ih pan of (i DuD m afl mmlmd. Silme
r Dutch tp o ar m te rived nat lb, mad the gt.
Srilson od ri"e bUmifets a htil dpoisis. A
geend movematl ei vible ag lo wbe of t Dica
lime. During idb am of Ga erm i Ond at Blu
from du Frmnc day t s ky pru
a m demIti i Mado C M, mould tk be a M =Y
r m=me cowlr Ww mvl t Ins it r e cgal r-
dea to adrvau.
We lam anissd Dmc plmn In m dsb. They m-
. d-s Meoot pemedy rmmceivd afm albo q--umm
( do thesitaio obs, KiiMf Holkd to dolep 6. i.-
O caL Hi Duct Njoisy. Ihk innem i to th-
SCon (or M w" Jtey itmmi, bt -
eid wiLdh i award ll y l n em M. He rqibuas -
mplcM p om f sm a g nt po s, us i wilng ao-
serve e rmrlkce i Belgium. Tb dey is pUinly
- le obje wb he ia vr and theimr tae ar m s da
. opsm widchi berub=fr livoe raaAisn do
Sh treaty.
The Aulic council of wra gu Ited sis motas' lave
Sof shmence to 15,000 mIs* tih bhfaery of te lime, ea
cootion dor they Mv l mmouR is crNMt Iedimn
Sto joi their rgimem.t Thi memA ha isgmrm-d
m am taf d ids tIJ a favmmab lai sa m
y The bickdring b1mtwm Cost Cape d'Itri, bh Pre-
f dmt ft Orfece, and his object, h isd ta cdb-
. ambfeolr bfoh. t The Gr Gikni A dle orsyd its
IwhId of do ma of dthmew 8ut, ogmuly r wis-
off herrvptg baim pimseds toa

ew - d..-- *lw d e L,
The 1 we -ltedad
pg, ad trJl 0he sridmr
dae oa f Calbm,.
9 I_ m k cthe nGek





NML -L- ~

We on a gamf kdMia n eaugh ien pt eadie l
llt d opew ,pd, nml sa mt. Aougl te per-

be m his pamm= m, boww o
ad that hawo Lud have hi.
iZY higi f lr a U eean, but appease to hav
bee s- emai kpr li b im i cuoiasumsat. twie
amw eriy lthag of bri him to mal. Ma.o-
*ickli' fkind were y .smpemd. a rd ad
many efrte to obia hims lirati in a regular way, hbM
Uwhim camm. L two ma rlesivon theror, in-
s olvd ao veep his wrmg by ridding Greece ofa nm
wi sway had phmrGreece eaaly i the im comdi-
tin u las hea hawsidr tbedespotlea th TuTur4 a-
ceh. lOnu e raina of the 9th alt.,tblPrueidentcapo
d'4Irla wua going to church, Coimtaoline and Go
Mvroeichln, who had been wailing for him mer W
culcd, atakeod hir, thde om hlg a pistol at hi had
mldth otaher*sablin bn iwih a dpaer. Capo d'IriZ
fel dmd apmn he sl CommerI m temdioy
kali by th Prmiden(s grd.a but (i mo ca d ad
oau ipl dir bo Oaf the Frmih CoMul. *Wh dI-
cd d bemould oily give him up into the hands oa the
sbletacy, whet a daumd was mde In the regular wy.
As m ooa t act becam known, the Seate assembled,
id -pI-d a coweo to carry oM the Govneroneat
uaall t im rig th National Assembly, which ws
&lim t be be c nk. '




S W wre truly dis6aed by the general character of
dri who wood on dt idle of Momn. Bller, Kerr,
lihobdma nd Nepbhen,at ymeIlurdy'. -poll-h veriest
dreg of a d lb ow k an d werthle, recklesly coming
"r and m adrng to any thing and every thing re-
quired of doem. We hav often heard of punishment of
a(moria to uamrdnr, iheaf and tr a m ; and we hope,
Iot shold itherbe Bay groends for suposng renaeis on
ksh part of my rndidbae, or candidates, that the proper
sep will betaken to push both principals and parties.
We reng(, thie the very lows hour which the Scrutiny is
lkld, wll dehr us of the chawe of givion full infonua-
thi relative to thn rejecteml vots, in this unlher, hut it
shal t be wrkthekl in our noul. From general opinion,
we udestnd that upwarnl of thirty voten on ie side of
t gmolsmn above aimed will unl artainly bh de-
q"^%,A II I
To. bow low n ebb wase them magmalmou patriot
eduted, whn they nedesuceded to use such eonoeible
and wer qualiedlools: acrcely a vote of respcability hd
S they to b6oni diaierndu while Mews. Monuta, Sor,
Taylor and Weed. have aon mA ia w o h how de shadow
f admblt. W* have irdbe tl,dtheyv u td aIthe

VYal of wr io past on the ulh shime. U. AM.hoeer
Kogayo, Ieul. HRokho Commiedr. O that day, we
pemrei ed by a et muoiel" ikbele i the ls Royal Ga-
sotta. (haleis.e. w sappi.) a iplhaddl di m wm give by
the ges - o f hn lhjt rfr ro sel, m al Lelt. Hookey.
dair C -em l- maih at aism e am h,. we hs .imdtlt,
M l. II Jil m. -d ihh tly gri toh ma.
Wa m m- p rI maim, ,, or Moe. lewiln
a plo W haim of tNh iseh1trat isrspeu Sa
almamw .-We md the agd em othd oaggns
omew .mJd -t tae pemees of tse csumiaeomd Neal
Odm es me ass a o whs m A ar was given,
m4 the adr M psonemI a, hbalpiy. and w commimsioed
MulRUy gUAbm. Wav -mt ya harmed d. embe.r of
civilim p-rat aI ne al oa party.

As it appa to be ahalimabl, s toot Ui Excellency
isn lwt pdle bly, we m Ia rmed dht at a defjme a.
li- .eriftr, gi. by thi fer a raepetea mdi
don u neno mim db iaw of Na so di elidcmr that
b kl ibg sam m dreak with ImboMud applm --
KI Willn the foebth God biem him
m& C. 8myth Oad -a him,
with bwe-li few.

O Nm t -A edm bI e h a .. ddgt
1 aaag 0( the slider baskOf the Deesthim, lame
WM i. l th he Avo. Ifs. By thLisr a

eT dpbP,,eMd o l e ais do. i
of iLa m C M asM "eisbe
the :y srappin

By dstatILd ta toe won
be igapLahba let 611.01

.m__~__ i mp


a .








..)l i g, *. : *

Hf ars HuM, H.L
Rten BRary, Cd. V.
QM-n Har, H. K.
Johnry Bremyu C'd. V.
lobe Im,.., C'd. V.
Lwi Fesk, H. K.
WAI- Hnrmm, C'd. V
Idme Brideir, CM. V.
Iot Jam Forba, H. L
Btin Whistead, C' LV.
Wioia Clamn, Cd. V.
Robet Bkler, F. H.
John Hepburn, H.
IAwL, Ken, H. K.
Jobe Armtrong, C'd. V.
Thoan Tinker, C'd V.
Roen WIer, F. iH
Cowed Duncoe, F. H.
Edald J. T. Buder, F. I.
John Pladr. F. H.
William Horon, Jua. C'd. V.
Abeader M'Laod, H. K.
Willm E. Suonders, F. H.
Benjamin J. Lihboai, F. H.
Cherl Longley, C'd. V.
CiarisR R. N HmMit, f. L
Jaw Camplejohn, r. It.
lobh Anderson, H. K.
John Perpll, H. K.
Thomas M. Well, F. I.
Thbei. Turnbull, H.K.
Henry Baldwi, F. H..
Ben ain 8. Lighthoran, F. H.
Wini R. B Sands, F. .
Janme W. FIrrington, H. K.
John Hopper, F. H.
Rohbe W. Sawyer, F. H.
William 1. P. Johnson, F. H.
John T. Wier, H. K.
Edward Morley. C'd. V,
Chrles Hain, C'd. V.
William J. W ech, F. H.
David Spence, F. H.
Thomas Hopper, C'l. V.
Stephen Dille, C'd V.
Jonah T. Perkins, H. I
Ilichlur C('usan1,H. K.
IPter Johnson, C'd. V.
iGrdinlr Baker, F. H.
William H. Fulford, H. K.
Abraham Gardiner, C'd. V.
Jobs Sherry, H. K.
Willim 8vmmonett, H. K.
Wiher Lihlhourn, F. H.
John B.unders, F. H.
Joneph Kmp, F. H.
Joseph Carry, H. K.
Henry K. Kempn, H. K.'
Rober I)uncene, F. H.j
BeRjamin C. Chilon,
Wilme G. Fulord, F. H.
Clement Hdson, H. K.
ThimaiLeagley, F. H.
George Oume, H. K.
James Maklcm, F. H.
William Wam, F. H,
Wilem Farriang F. H.
Freeman Toane, F. R.
JIame 'N la o, d.V.
a"nd Llrribot, F. H.
Amed Brhk, F. H.
Hoi Adilldvby, F. B.
Copabmi A W mR. Fme F. H.
Thom Neek, r. .
Gere T. Weiar, F. H.
Adam Bod, C'd. V.
John F. TliamDon, H. K.
John Widgos, F. H. '
Frna e Moodn, F. H.
Rober Taylor, F. If.
Edwann P. Larda, C'd. V.
Peter D. Smith, C'd. V.
Freemen Johoas, H. K.
John P. Deam, C' V.
ammel Ml,1s, C V.
Frederick Fewler, Cd. *V.
Jmph B l, d.C& V.
Jamolwh C d. V.
Jaim Vbrqdamum& C'd. V.
John WBhis, C'd. V.
IA w fl,,, F. H.
Joh-npw, Cd. V.

~m R. H-

Lprmimer, H". V.
Y. Munni., jur. II. K

Time, A 4# w4

a forth, to agramnrdveeM Candida W
lee a in P mets, in l A Omeral
1 A I ogh, peNLy, IM L mta it
1 1 1 1 whose pia P sry,
iemim aiet
1 Ior lthe welfare han ltl
i1 1 1 1 Mpof t Sa

111 dcealiefaet
11 1 t *iwiM ,d hr' f rd dn'
k da e d ism i a=or .

1 1 e1 oa ulmril ta, bm Jdp ltlemJi
1 1 1 1 f h ensr emI by tea.'ds
I 1 1 1 rwiletials opWes m tmn tibaai
1 I I a n d p ro v e l s y e g a e d ; m e a i y a

I dI icl comboa. and oe.mor;ad dhi ait
1 sI path for alim tao d le;le, a m nm o upo

1 and xpeMralsf mthmor Aring hderomists
1 1 fthen prIose am ho dyti-f u reos.

1 1 1 wiEbeout usm Mens-taMo iav by wli&

cover Ihtre du aiofl i l ipea, d
1 1 rd wig be, a fim a*e n rmuer

1 1 an e od mea, iine vi me deterlolrm aew
1 1 1 I ove ohmusely tm fl, a legion.
fromiia ooour pieda@ othire dlydlM mfH
1 1 1 estto owntu, tMand or stago
I1 1 1 1 Who ayou doeano know, thhis h

1 1 erp aondt safot motdr age ma d mad
1 1 1 adexpesuof anfotrtD adwbniemiane,

only reminingirean,-m se ppolatea
1 1 1 dLih theaopr hent iyse of thinrp,. ha iled
1 1 1 io euel rtsclake into thee rofi ; l 1i
I I yield,youronly thanks wm he drriaiat ,or f
1 1 1 1 will tem your aeulari-a ep, by c
1 1 1 1 cover h moto tuei bo lien badly .ea, atl
1 1 wi lst, plvotedge obyf a nticsal, from ell
1 1 1 1 n lo impact nl by the oI prmie
I 1 I 1 1 eread mo s Dea p, from oa de ht orhion tl

1111 We ar.,
11 1 euet enoloeta nih ion.

1 1 11 Elec Your obedience i Cnt
I 1 1 1 from our wantof the mas of affording a

1 1 1 1y remain(g EOGE C. ANDRptiS
I II 1 Lile chase of the wily serpe t, you irm fnd |

1 1 11 idio s cloaked i A gui of iNCOt;
I yield, your only thanks will be derision, for

1 1 1 NAermA, yourlh Desomer 11.

Let your mo d bTO THE
I I aNBt Iclt, a pledge of aINAmDEPm ell
1 1 Wretary, or hiN Depuy, ho hodISTRICT OF TIE LA
1 1 period, than to srve e turn of a predosmmt A

S1 u Gentemuc en,

11 1 1 dded your obedient fr ied
t1 1 1 1 a Eof A Omly. We then ~rIAd N

1 1 1 1 NAMrA, 24th t1d p31.

I I I Governor again i camlls e [room; that pteed C
1 1 1 1th, ried, e now be--- s Iii,-

a similr favour, whkh, on A grccndta Pa
pued1 1 1 1 TO THE

1 1 Shouorl e termnato ard

1 1 1 1 Wepa n edyou, lsamtl after the d
1 1 1 1 the late House or Assembly. We then cravwd

you bet ians eaIasalm bmlnt. d"l g ik i
1 fgesn, to be re-elected, whoe e'r it weud m*
I Governor spin to cial a now Homes; that pFW 60
I I length, arrived, and we now ha ot c lict,

1I a similar f Jour, whkOH, on a lrisO co
1 1 1 1 pleaded toHENRY s. AIpTL u
1 1 1N Should De tennier 1at, l d1 B1.d
1 1 I pac oDn r WuIWednpdy, Dpclh OIJI ury

1 1 im RANCE.
1 11 T Frenh Pape e War ednesdy. whii mitog
I 1 1 aintaid n, othe inherent oiaddi and privi mn iC
I 1 1 odVrd I e.b o bject aut o i he,
I I I Gentleman,

bolition of th e1 r Youihr obedient m
T1 e1 Trlesn JOHN d OO r.te e
1 1 1 mHENRY o dABRi

I ovum dw ,fopij ap ,grbe their mlragee ied
I d NAaV, December 31oppt o b1831.
1 1m Ba, iWly ADpatcld, Odeorw

d o pmday s1 1 bI FRANCE. Aory,
1 1 e ision, on the Peerg Bidl. The Mtmisters

1 I L ithreadted i e chief ob thet o attack, in
1 1 lih Htion of Pth e heredi e minority l fr t e Uper
S f eedmir pey Ldes ad rats is is wri e rmebald*
I1 86I orut adM the a tdigd is 41. Aflr heir tku
avow .of theiropiot Pena e should Xdes lad bi;
1 I sdrd inm faior of their opponoI l could me bCel
S1 I 1 adiprodue may smfl result. Accordingly, X.
1 I 1 1 this species of tactia. ad to the alarming condes &
meli t Houe o( Psinrate minority fortime for

S W I m T lesution of the Peen should exist in do cool
1 1 1 1 ad that Ileir number should be omlimitLe. 10 *
S I case thei were ingrafi d no lie th- smm0 d'
S454I 4 6i5O a4 47 proposing dicrenit modes of election intend of d "t


-- ~ ~

resismlrl the mean of men.
wGO alm> prpod cha*#ae;"

.# slelic of the bill wa .treaned, had
oadmws, I whr irbaredd a dleff at e from
-710 a "W wmmmm r Itk rlpNd clem d 6r
Sti lrJE persons, to which he Royal hulice should be
;-E- Itr w r man mal a to include nearly
- lbt bi individual to whom the favour of the
w se he J. rsedld. They were accordingly
som liaglet aim ti amt e _wmpos an part
w era- er, aiveda a ctioa of the Deputiea.
hilAd da of die dimm fwr the rejerton of
0 W, aet t, ftlrh ei s qm*), the Minisry
1r the delibelation of do Chamber, a clias
1 iua k b td .se auid by the
The eyeT was Inendoed
0 n thl e I of dthe w itself, a door for
ad -I I o aberios at a fum primd, witmho affect.
S ostime eats uitbu ity an which other part of
Ide pendl fr thair Sility. It ip d., that
W. might he luodii dheelfter by a different legI-
&eam pde nlt-TIhe bjct of the Mimr in
va iii s dmit do bmawdismry riht dh
m Ia a future Session, should tseaplaion of the cooo-
dap.,or silould hits.hltY to heredintry rank be-
igtlklaiati. i emsme ofeveMs. This prudent
was iLete In this ute of motten the Cham-
ha- Tadny to a vote Upeon the whole bill a
d lam diu ducia m f It detail, when there ap
ie e eso of ite paial 086, and against i, only
Tr' ~blmriy was, maedoubT, poped of the tw
pi aanea--ta who objected to she bill, becaeu
denial e senate elected by the paple-and those who
a i, because they jbknwti return to an herediury

I beit warin.ate The project of cplaring tb
mihr f DlrliM a conatitmeat body p4 hoc vie, hae
;, abanhedo .tdwl camquat ly the Pose will be called
so dauids ama t&atu e or rmaider of their own
m und riu. The of them wko, like the Doke
ijimisnma, rpim e Carlim principles, aed pomsan chi-
vlusr, will speak and vote against meoaare,
itnr may caa, which Biust appear to them 'njust
saltioary. Others may jin them front pique nod
a. Cien and if thuIs majority be formed to reject
lhn, dilsob wil take op the ca i of the deputies, and
Madkaide what revolution began.

|r vetarn made to the House of ConLmon it appeon
im woeroin- vhi., the Duchess af Nersacitlc, Lurd
laoegli, Lord Reuy, Mr. Percy Smith, u.hd Lady
W,.vu relinquishod their pensions on the Civil
ulaGto u ld,t( 4ae6dpetannum. Tlt is i, no
sd o the results of the expmoslre whirlh Mik I)lace
ibasujjct lusl year. We wish llut a similar feel.
i been .li..ri. ,xtensive.
bke of Newcastle has, we ar informed, 4e Yeo.
meoioned in Cluuber Ctile. TheIs, in a vir)
a, consumed fifteen sheep, besides other iatabli,
nvial, and emptied his (rRce's ccellar of strong
Cannon o ao placed In vauariou arts of tha
,W How delihtfully eas nmst the ducal coront si
mik brow! He will not find k qmilie so easy to d(
ad with his own," u he imuained.-Stamfron

Idnal Sir Byam Marnin has vacated thi situation o
anahlleruf lthe Navy, not, we believe, for oabentinI
t eum dHoue lo Commoeons Lon id Ebrington'
I, t ai eimm"uoence of a new arrangement, b,
IN whlle buine of thrbe Navy Office i to be tran
afrte by the Board of Admiralty. The Hoe
U i, for t prese t, to execue the dutie
rOenral, retaing his sat a a Lord
A m ad Adnrirmb Sir Pueoney Malcolm, Si
a, arte Wt i, a mrmn omimion to
** eeslardtell be ie for the f.ium dir
am hei f thoaweldepaitsno Sir Byar
lber mItwioe of a 0, h naddltao to Ih
d 2o iapwd makJng 1,596 O1s per an

1 ..fcl n hri- k from suh me eipgi *
LAMNtbma Owrrd.-The Afamsna Ckbromk toa
,eauisa, ,.c llaM e eo eW auM t piant

1Pi6PV of protection cad deeoo. Thau* uoc I
ak m*a ended to perform the double dty ofu waechii
t"I m bill. and Ihe mob; they are to courage Il
it" "isa the orap ; they ,a to be drilld occ
.itn ale u.a of the nrelock ;" Ihey u to wan
Omtanaa of *alI decriptioas whie pay direct
qiPrW-n mM the sumec of dthe reform quieioa
taw time a se ro nIw to are in case ofi
.dan e aioton peron., hulhueans or goods
? t h m and the Cewier delrsale both pI
U Pt the idea of embody(ing a Ntama Uord
.lr. it is a prepoiltioa whisk, uadr all t
war. scarcely believe to be eriously pI
ra have much to contend against. Id i
f amm of their own frieH e not among the leas
STme feration of a Naonal O.ard wo
aae of nsrmawi by eam that petio of t
-- a known to be adense to he hilb. But do

Sh ehl Shrink from soc as apedsur t Fir
ell marely do mat thim m to
S-psiWEh Iu t be hafeln ed, mmd which
I. aid --a."

ie'hlk which makes u bhte the religion
hati is a bad sert of Christians which i
e Lhas6 toI* tdunk contemptuously of all ol;

At the period at which we insert this, owing to ehigh
voters having been diqualiied, oe th pert of Mi .
Butlerr, Ka, igilhlhoura, and Hephor, oar e" ds
Nes. Memea, Sarr, Tayler, ad Waod, wem the m-
cwul CanHdidaes, nd forthewr'dlbquliiadon of mib a
siner umber, wasmoa t coadedtly anticipated.

Bae-aARY" *W-ga ---~

0f Emery Pr er I rai tkhe Isleas, fh
Iarig reidd ilerrtinfor ti pace of aTmr DaY mu-
pee searipy t* SBecrwiry' Ofar, orpt pi A sem in
rdd Ofce furrrtt DAS prinm aM e t ifidpmw --
tar ldi, at my tie* dwu rom-nrm-rym DAV, A Tm
may be *oitLmed.
kh* November Thon TemboL
lath Aphy Wile.
1th December C 8. Rild.
Sltt - Felr Cuim Ruby
d January Rbert Wier.

Jan. 5th.-Sloop Forager, McKenaie, Turks ishLad
lst Barram
Flour, Coca, nd 6fh,
6th Brgl. Conience, Savari, Hayti
bound to New York in distrs,
Mahogany, Hides, Lorwood, and Cop-
per, to JouN Sorom
7th Sloop lHnnah& Susan, Evens, Turks Islands
Flour, Onions and ship's materials.

Jan. 6th-H. M. schr. Kangaroo, Lt. Ilookey, St. Salv-
dor, with qoops.
The H vtien brigantine Confanre, Captain Svai,
from (;uonivr, (S. I)onningo,) for New York, put in
here in distress, on Wednesday evening, having been out
(i) days, blown of' tIn cst several times, and hort of pr-
visions. I a Rale, part of the cargo wu thrown over-
board, tad m damage effected to the hull and spars of
Sthe vernal.


]H AVING fixed the assise of anAD It the Iate of $9
f pe barrel of aperfine Flour, Ordered, that the
d llingl M do weigh e. 6os ad theasipenny Loaf
Slib 8o. By order ofthe Vety.
y DAVID SPENCE, Vesty Clerk.
Y VoTar Room, 8d January, 1~2.
S llE SUBSCRIBER, intending to eav thi i
f April Dean, for dh United Stesr, reqamu per-
r I hLaing demads against him, to reder them; and
* thase indeed, to make payment os or before the 10th
SFebruary. Al accounts remaining unpaid afer dtht
Sdate, will be left at the ofic of G. P. Wood, Eq. for
- recovery.

Januarv 7tlh.
Wt TANTED.-A steady middle-aged wou, of good
V c character, to wash, iroo, uad cook, for two iag
men. For particulars enquire at thi office.
N. I. None Nend apply who cannot coe wb re mn-
January 4th.
S The ouse and P renmis at present occupied
by Mrs. Poitier. The Houe is roomy ad
convenieas, witha largeKitchen and was house
attached, chair bome and stelia3g for dre
ormses, etensive yard and grans pirce. The out building
have been lately thoroughly repaired, and the graer part
of the fLncea have been newiv put up.
A tract of Land situated at the Villae, entaining b
cre. It is divided by the vilNe-rad into two Lot, th
western lot being intersected by do new road leading from
the village into the Blue hill rod. This lad will e dib
pad of in one or three lots. Aippl to
September 7Ith. JOlhN W. MILLER.

RfRS. HOWARD, Jr. has rmaed her Boeaon
I E.V EaTAnLIlLr, in the CMSdrl kA Oic l ar th
of the Government House.
The very airy and commanding situation of this house
should command the attention of all traveler in a warm
June 16th.

L si


O. Xmdey wr U6 4th a
AT TAh vHom anih ,

Crs iN hua, Ac. A.

So sl h .k. Ir bor11.bui Peaom
1000 hbmi Sop, 10 hump slie & d, le is
10 iurre Pt & Bherry Wie,
Sbioad. choice Brandy, 5 In l
And t cleat B,
1 balr while Coiion, I mm Hacdkeee,
1 amSuenackM do MuqleWo Nettin Laa
1 came IrhLIne., 1 as Jacoe MaliU,
o traL Ladl' Shoes,
January 7th.


n Monrdy monnt, do Wg all"de,

Low Mtdah l may, old GIa CIasr.

January Mh.

On MaIc usa, I 9t Wi .

At 1* Wo biih.A I.
Winbe *-,
The Cargo o e tloop Forager, ahm Tbs Ishl
coaiig of,
Superfie & Rye Flour, in brrb,
Kits of Saleon,
Barrels of Mackerel,
1 cue Hats,
33 bag Cocoa,

1 case Cofee Mills
Term immediate CASH.
January 7th.

Oa.Monday newt, tIe 9t, intad,
At 11 0eeks, AL .
Wil be mid
Superdot Flor, in whole and half bu e,
Ris e d Corn, in bag,
Soap mnd Cadlr, Ham,
utter, Lad, Oioms,
Pine Apple, nd other Chese,
Clear Pork, in barre,
Picklea, Cheaeus,
Ldim', GOmenlu's ad CUlUm's 1m,
Pooso.., in bhapm Jai he
1 pip sof veryJ ep-rir Cpc n aCeg I-
as paidmar,-w variey of ao amef.
Terma-Cas om delewry.
Janmy 7th.

On Maedai Mwt, tl. 9tA insd,
AT ea vaMsn g meam,
At 10 OelB A. EL
Wiabe ad
Ruperia Flaor, Satw, Tobeca,
RiB Core, Soap, Banker, Lard,. &i.
And At I M 's n a Cral.
I ce Florentine,
I do. ine Cmbrick,
I do. do. Jaemm Manla,
I do. fancy Haodkerchte
I do. Coton.,
Chiatz, Check, fie white Jess,
I cak Day and Martin's Blacking,
I do. Corn Mls, 3 dos. Shovel,
Sdo. Paint Oil, in lot to t prwamr,
Ker Shingfag Nabu,
An Enorumest of Trom Pos, OvamL &c.
It pudh. Butar oam Rn.
January 7h.

PIE isBUBSCB L e byr prin h-

6 IBhd. hialm Madedb WIae,
40 dm a. do. do.
60 dem de Tausif da.
1 truk Omd-'es Sho,
I ban Dimmr BSs.
December 24th

~ ___ 1 __


- - 1 -in 1

I I~

y~~~~l~L~ ; IV' 17.

u Is VA eoidn d the sra vt th s

pi. d omm!460 X do ow^wcAsa yAcs &- -il

u~ h, sa ge, cofh upod, Ia ee -a h i e -i- ,did m o posa n over ha Wem tes hd drem i ts. N Um Uhe
.t i r- ,. the ,ain 1 lre n ad N d ou la.ssse l tsl ah tinL i r st.r y tlr e n tdu w m s a m
whiclaev bI.fain hptc wf a m daoedtad dtarf p se eedhl..UU"ky of sh prosadd apmg dy, ml he itsp

tp,..w b m sum .t sobe masa hie tleer bt ear ~shiatmuee. The die, and y ohe ilued, 5" heo amUvad diredA. to nredemem et
jedme s vincdathie i.ME ekd. eCIt to rem ev, ao I mt oeYd; et si peoMhday hurd paei dwe h
St o.eSe an w-ual L ies far I h it to ~ .ier cars, wo mei.r i nd l he a.d m d by Li ,

warn e w. .- ipiet Enls d ea s he p er- e e.fa k lihe .di,. alo belr g e a me h.e of buosortong o sh e 1 1
a a o l s dami d a.u" she u reI ta she d osu s ofn heir fo duty so rade e o e ha ee e
urea ncs th g pmand V s Pin ed Or bemd prem henu Bill et y down geu al ord i;.rs iapl* pan ev Iird mndu o Tra r o da tom a iem is dL
r l oe t d m heo I v og hld del ae -hodgera and id pw the eingt aknr eb o rcmut ear like, is vae tEn isnd mr ealp d It se i n o t e
hictis dupre wae gwa util slort et every m ity the alomtos w a se p o pu a, with Ob ilo, h kLs ocd ovation d the.reodin so mlr Po e mee by ame, hiple

pad t hed to luten 6is ie f toshe ir chfeueln atnd o d h umla b tye lrb eeat Piee of aun hdeW r a d of Te pTomqsi pim w ih agae i o, rmii i
sde, hb e he nr me ir, wa blel di sice Of the aeio t abe e icempli ed by pteceohe and o tittionr l r ernmt r-eU lt lm, ss am i.
was aslsteemel s ive d hp igeer Chi rks laf tr pele,a un er oe ve r pp etats theta mip as au
a.% e s ru Ian i a to n a e irlbym etr e Wer m..- hby m nw to n Ireiai lhe tropi t ihe

nOd giN bejaeek asc ,4erMletithely slad ii- ch mi sud e Ladso Autheier, emp by ,ldOerl. fll Wltaci ued Mos in .

jruleI mla 2 b a aI s aLlmr ert o drlve be- n No.. 9i -ik Q sl RWeker whI. i just pub- RnAiE I L
frre tru ptei k l" o uIl u u i i"sm. 0Thke fas e AIlmW sae r oi one fllel nto le m e Thehe country om Pemmed br dm l
awim ahsie asws Ia Womidoran cwantd Inh pr- bhe thilesar aThe clemtistooesdn a ccashmalin, cl Te have r m Lived C t dp M t
ai, aid i i d i i do hesie. a db p t me upon Mi di h Theae, low. B r duty, .ot tagle the a me ta ba tes a m epi d sems e s
ie .tmaa, er i rl 4d t d lfia ed oe fdtal ladng m ithe r tire i asoleen, dso .dln, I io lteen diodl twenty ebldr i Teraen oins hoi a m4s
e.t deal mw ~ las em"dmel. u ldenre ble W te very re- ofhe som ally w a a hd, for moema linlo. i of mock in g he, o., wl wn m ineti d bto es tam
p dr lm ih rle cod wor.1 la iifad o I ew d will ne kh -- s elores in ap t l hero teing ohl rol deIr oul ri mnpo d to remi in e awere m I W

d'mir 31 by b c lley, nd daal whtver e Bocd of lthlh ni ie e pli ed of p wc e d onm.un d iut en mo oe when the E ngl ji h lathe lHea ee t, Ts a sis ne.
w at lypwe h o e Wworty on e tr esedieor pee ivs ofcholer rties hd not deciddere al desaey m i d asL
Il e a le Sbrmet of general e mlTm. We ai" O heo of hing om C s l top abvery. e ns Theltowm il pmdid
aemlier Ce re, thes eI re, ls ounciag e t e rc 1 i No. m o n the ik. o mw re, cveyer, ap e Boa V n An d
Ifus I elonew ills Is jo rey to pedle.I to have faIi Mi f ed heur, c rs of t he de ut d--ll prepared bur The eso fronted hoPa M leed bn a na ke
ead airily rag ao-s ird, uan IMo ae foan wel reaulst- Lrom he cone uieal aa y" Tt he Wod a rI b od tto e a.e plp,
eq eae wiha MeUed. u If l m a eI tered th le city i. a M re to ered if n t he o a irth f every town nd vi- cholera has 1000 depried o4b isn ai fair l cI i
tal.e h ea m ewi tL M u.w dme no eet, in ue a Ig e l. e i fies a d et ti n s w I t m ioie D oo, ma d inMndse tramim d

I iiauad mal e ea bseie rmi ka srreId far a hM rit t e laiy re- oft abth dan el" water every wa iMte"-d of other e plAt Berlin, the co Meta otiheseoinme t
de *ilo laew" Jeue4 m he a ai m that uf the fw of the pro dneo*s re- of l khs equaie oabedar obj of t hem, k. mlcu talohe mo1ia1ry. TO Wk4
fr am the pei p an pruade of public proe Uie, sr- u ndb of lime angle r isi n "d ith dair co uilineal ce ad r kat i e he ml doarn ies pnre i
rounded by a ifl l of hi mele s of uliel uerd ed by to hold o eg m ves- i re a ine faor mlof eite idhi o, end uod. it preo denrs e the s ayt a erse dus tasl
pl.s r o ie by sh ao .d d",ti thale Vhen ncei the cild pof Ierl o i nl heMid reld tlo e ichel cc" i na o the Elsih pwas. le i ed port. he h10d
wmh i auld hi po wii y dumped, or mceud ly b end or e I, ad r pepr ne a obje it en aiolI desire would mhiue It m The f cahie al ve d a Op I im i
uem* remid Ame, d e ae h himilf uea I athe ih tn at it y, in epl y diseabc of ae onlhe" Alle popa- Te loam of theL tbes i~ rhone mis o
er ieai Sawi bra b ao mo ereisinliu. We ii di F moat be or anIed," cludier, mNugraM medical porned so be very s et om. The low aiplaedrueb
ad el littiuale, i trltiee, iut sreuucig ws ale mir t- chdof lnr, atnemrmans o n the uck. c eui rise, cotveyrae, bare Boa Vr it, 1hmm Aiosioe, Is d Recie. e, 1
iltoNy mal e ade f pervin a thies pea she cy mnk e AIi pLnis of eees mu se, e op, uep."" Thim mor thel but the di-moleeand fIby taked. ', mir-
amC piespoIerep ra is r i dh sy lid, t o f htae nd hd of tw he d d-nl n l pnae med eo be e-- they ble Iuat m at yd been nat u kiead.Ld t
rle clu loeduld, a s d u eiC arlso h e i la i y o hir- e r, r e oomeaei th cemaily" Teho bolder ate tobthe t f with very ld apadm ie
Sieiy "dof Ibn inen d ri l, lo pruduoi llp i puenyeivd their pred or" gNone amidlmsn o"the pow t -herisct" ooaia me In oe doilla i l s lmr s aie uihn arleo of V lI
fee1air e istar ic a eat dsnredf I. d the di, nl i i, s y d is ar o e rd i they ouie do u of ermust l ton tavD l the pilria m eat Mep ed of cis d i eo airy. a
IyeU i l alirm r. Ha ineer, e om i rt i u e the unde r l ns I ati o of aces artel t ke ind"!! Tr e y ie boith oef in a h laot nd ty s iai t he as il
lu e rpeat shw d r iLe Wl ah of enrl ed vc r lencef duabit o l rem Dl iaes- ulvury iweka dio eie t"o ise ure their animr. hndotermi de atis rs p rrtou o vieey use the Ijodl lil bundwioe T imer very o li to re nes o eut e Bryalnts heIcholet. Pca rn oi the 1i; 6 a
litaiN f shre P-bI C tI Cl siny, oon t ihat tl lcinee lmould be dpult ine of mdic e includingg Uin ad brndy) uls. tihen Tinli nper of caet up me p tat da **

ild appll r e pip Mi prnIe on s puaic t ide casenur- nd o ln u prIose Itrsyin d trirl eoe werl ien t co ieinar a d uf dclu 974. By o he Amrs ham 0i td Sink
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