Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau Bahama Islands W.I
Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I
Publication Date: 01 4, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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", -.-

POz *

Dawn t the noul's eternly !
When bear glow wih the purity
Of a U Ceator. and the sea
Of life dlum. on bye one.
uA ges of trilliag lovliasem
nd trouh and love the booem blae,
And hope makes an etanmal spring
Of blooms, and the lashing wing
T Of ay f tbhe spiri on
To n of inoocao nlone !
Cat mi es hear whem Iempas cae
T m* she wild wen tm he deep
And mad e bill roH4Io ps-
is alMhood'a mnph-gudd sleep.
Wha outh so muchpf nplre feel
As e n to wid It goe while, .
AmJ-4e quek beatlh of slumenr
r A dthe lip's ating sLe s
Asd~ md tsa seses
MLuoalh ,UI of gmortl r = 3
am'' return N e the bliss
Of ao ennrptured pramt' kiss:-
Bo dBd, drmp eloater on thi flower,
And close it wih ecess of swes,
Adl hide its bealy till the hour
When morning's kis is op'niu g agrees.
Childhood bright vision of tha bliss
Which lilve in other world@ than thi !
How meo life's early roes shed
Their alI of sweetness eed lhy head !
And yet the dew diep. of thy mar,
Though ofhe dkeled.;lib tuner,
Like sowerd by eavilg sephln ore,
Whoe" bloom or No *bright W "of!



(Pm ie Morming Herald of Ttsday, Neoemser 1.)
Sunday Morning, 11 o'clock.
Sir Charles Wetherell has at length had fatal proofs that
is no reaction in the City of BristoL We are is a
of excitement dhat is really dreadful to contemplate ;
lwer order of people an marching i thousands to-
rds College-green, whilst the more respectable classes
s groups of from 6 to 20, are savamiag the fatal events
dtt are passig around deoa. At this moment two per-
sam e heing carried put my widow th one a ine-
leaking lad o about 15, shot in the thora, only just
hai; the ohe, apparently a sailor, the blood screaming
tn him on the pesns who are carrying him, with little
bhe of recovery. They are taking them to the loair
ay. While the soldiers are keeping up an iocsant
m am the greea, rpeatpcble feuol, on their way ts~
Smee a pleae truk, and hardly to know which 7w
pge for Maety. This i the state of -hing at the pre-
- moment. I wll nw give you a brief detail of hbe
paredb of yalerday.
hit umal for the Mayor and the sNidi, with the civic
eam l to meet the Recorder at TIoserdown. about a
alms ie the city. There he leaves his own marriage,
Gad mors the nmore gogeou one of the Mayor. Our
Pim Mayor is a reomer, and might have been very
luar; btr since he entered o office he haskept him-
iairely aloof. Hle .an amended by a ard of little
Sem a thousnd persons, Ih, on theLb prach of
l Recorder, set .lp a mon cordadt noise of grrea
bad hi Sir Charles pa*P vuy pale, and bi
fe l m by mo I eann 6ram ma lJ e the pcaeal
id e co som is himim IU dhre iV
S a or o Ibe coach, and doeI e m by
AtIlshride the crowd incm m and hi omi way
a'on was en t to the Magistrates that it wA i n'
Sto drag Sr Charles faoAhe cmach adth im
wr trooaip of Ihe 14th was stationed abol 100
41 Ph6 rki inm the NTtMarket. I ae
* d comnen emat the i week them
mia eved, a bove theavend h the

hi a do m momd 4 y. m MA of d repec le
Sh efined me ImadS iliyga
..*w Visbe ad e er mpr s-r jadgml, and
me:; loeiir am of do n-
do*d mi S h erskd co datimad la .
ha j r ith b ridge, toa wait
in i square. Thed
um hmmtim dihwala wey, al :1. !,.
it My, a sho waea hea ; bt a eijry eva
a *

-mny pblickiWi t ilii m r -d| gofre bi.e de of B or (I
Cha i laprl t ice to,,. a -m. -u Thi, I beuhs ri L 4ha mib p .
i "i d" X qu] rs its"
ay em who sould bebohi before hIa) a imer, alsme 'clok jont
a*p-da.d & the Mansin.-home, bet w al- o to im,, he m
t o & c., is the second, Mad Srt lmei e IryI disey em;

biloalmd o tn, e r Mn .
fllo mpty. C d Clrdeet td Ir f mr e, | Noing a(
NOW od the maming igxC~nase aJ 6 lamy msee awad, wve s a d, w
rOt thend oolrm. aIgoa tden d re jlts, theqily are lot. and nulr ame rnii ul omed d.-
d-dbjOd-a. mlg the oq"lTa CoeC MaAn a a i r he.
,w Ihe tl pressed up theoam, and ,was ab la I Ihreigham -- s Ur a ai -s
Sre Tahoherllts re allowed faes. A chibe sad hwfar w th eremhiy
Sd eanr puaLf the constabes them she town, s hed ab A o'clock hae bi wap.
af l denso lime bptwen hie ai go and lth doAr ol ck
th houe, and thie anhe Sir Charles ligohd he cower. I am just retourse frim wm ninm g the em hm
eddown andraninto dMhu. At th om c r uadu into the prisn and lieratinall Ihe pritmars. Thinmint
ft Monui were thrown rrimge, My Le. act was read, and the sidiers freai; but they wre obliged
a it, and a bloe thick t d li to retreat; the nob beat thea in every quarse. Many
ga of the door. T thn h Tah thern ddmt a, s lives are lost, and arlsn are da gerely waoundd.-
lmi peaceablb, a i e coagali ineM The prison is now ; ame soldierson a ordered
hall and shot the door or d atoMes D and oalan pmd every whoar.
would have very soon dipered to ther They In ransacking the homes, tible, beds, chmis, and eve-
d espremed their opianie, ind I believe ent ws ry dedipion of fu niture, were dstruyed; sod amo
dus dered up tlo duI tim. t then Sir Charles's purtmemae, wick brought out.
Bat am Sir Chaole ew elyhoad, m4 cr- and the contents, cosistig of Ai Ms in handker
rimtes withdrawn, the l collected into a sO d Pa, chief, trewmers, hies, but p Toem, pder lis-
mde a depersae thd ie crowd, in y. action tributed among the mob. At leigtb, os tp af ca-
wheace te stoae had Their conduct was dly enlry(14th Dragoons) arrived, and l work of detlruc
ferocious. The p t led In all dfec- tion was stopped (or a few hour. About eight o'd
Sla many were c inld several merely bi- the crowd allied again, and coammeed hoo
and mwe snmt of _1 Inirmary. Icri es pelli he soldiers, but were disposed by sheir
eO sa ow a l my lt the sqare, as I mlionem e wholhemadh of the stress, d driving th
thought, ao go bhme;r l tan muimas isey rudd pie before them with i ihr
through odn of due Te the back, where tbsy Twre a o'clock,
had baom to lthe bU wih strokes. Then blor- The a has Mew asmmd sach daring that they
ed a dusp:J atack iLti constables, who 6l die *sokI, aed invite tham to the enack. Ex
rut ahid oin a body *l bore down all deorae hi uae ying In every director for swap of eom ryr
Qhsparse blows were struck on both sides, and the I am fearful thy willonly Igavt ethe nio. Thei
large aru of she amre ad somnehing the appearance cond ernati pi or mi i aill Ci asas, o dus that
of a fieldof battle. Thaob several iritacceded la mr dui ngtb Dr narck; whbo, b the
eparatilpg two or three cqabls fromun the rest; but they Lave been, up to very forsbearig
contented themselves wit'disarainag them, and breaking people, uad on their irr the qunre chewed
their saves. There w u good deal of skirmashing after- the did at the name of our belospd inug.
wards, but methiag decisi till duk ; then the mob had t tshe opinion of M smpec peopls, r re
gread increased, and I auilorsn and shipwrighs had bigoeusd sai-refurmers, that if oe had ant beem
joined A desperate snl as now made on the con- for and dach a large muberr of specil comtble amed
hbles, e *wmorseesll defeated. Having dearmd with blos., swor in. quiet ud oaod ikr woid hard'
m.. dr my..i- a.. a ap- i a-d aiemm Sir r e erteg
atc Two or tree of the thedty wih a dri hef par.
iatRuas ataepi as r ed Mhe Riet act, but were each
t driv in by s bwes (oam Every pue ofgloi Tl'jnrfi-.-A eAomy.m ,n ti e zmNatiomn of
was brokn, andbth lpor lhdvered to steu. The amobn c" bl. a1y7 giaeiy fho 6r grim
t esi ai of do house; but how the Mayor, with a sik h, th eame fd l d rllag
a Ir thn Theble will g
S at d d aIldwemen qca pedl b the roa ~ mmisabie Ml y t Lh hem bo
of t ie, is not knows. very aeme wait semrched aWas d the EUss bWo t tersheir Vd Ca
.3m-. i h e Pns. Who suttduah CdOa t-e;?
with the se i dreadfusli ; furis e d t Pa! Wh ptual the Masquis Clat" -
panels ra the room i Ato piews, and the beu Pa.! Wo headed the *mob at ApsitHoyief PMre
tiful lhaddelir in the balqauelmgroom slard tllhm a inuimm yl, blood-thmUy. umpsesecC d m I ew it
fate. The dinner anadviam vry mom diappeausd. In aty u one d ant is mremy of aiam es- a-
about half as hour a troop of di ltd UDragu red io emed la those a kows hsw b s mad, rb Ia sa e
the Iquare, and the officer riefly addalm id the mi, em- ei udy skilledI he is imltmes to be be da b a dga
trying them to dspern. They werereceived wih lod baetw schedule A. ld schedule 1. And yet du -
chers, and the whole crowd ng God ave the King.", ispwstbssa th a ar p farwd
Not much further vilse ae offered, except penting s. wI osL wealth. f wih
tetal rows of lare stoesr atdies d te rtate to iniped tihe bre ioawmenal ni aMkiag ld
pr eam of the cavalry, nd breaking the gu.-pipes, pea vGeadames eMapeplr with the J and
Utg the whoe square in dark rm The crowd did mot ohe pblic. Bs bow Not by bhidlt dim
emirel dispur all night Several pronern had be wicked vengemee o the rabble ; ae by e a
kem in the court of the dy., mad emmaiuid to Bride- pie to proered to ses of violence lIgs. thi~s u r o r
wal; bha to rensc them on their way hither was bu ib the "mre mjsary to ein r o I m bm b
work of an imaduaL Thas led to sreral rushes nf the badceh share t ebl sa -
is difment parts of city, uad graly incread it,. to wear r. de iver. Oel ,M S
the deitrosLt. has he pm a .,,d ,, dol
Nothing ca exceed the esaieat hehavielr of thu fsm the a-isme w" bas am Ze* ham!=
meep (exrtptthe 14th). They have conduct heme either h- e b i an o6u i da w Iselre o bieeriy to
with admirable taeper. I am at a lam, imfrre-eo people. er, t eaerag she limmIg Lldr d im *
having beeo out thie mornig--o account for tbe fi l con- omm If a ber a h ir ddam, meus & t e
dict which hua taken place. m *s h he wa nit I Mi.
I have just returned from a hasty walk d thi city may depend a it thai while the pe presa strm n
tledowell was attacked this morning, and every prisoner slve, usdeed by ednt l me aomr am bt ah r m em.
libdatd ; the prison was caoepleely gutted, the beds &., der them the f pabae ldlita Bm. t am mlk iaf
being borlt. Thece the mob wst to he city gol, the the Pr. Nas mrdeth*er ie, eam. ok a lg the
pamof which shey succdd i demolishing; they lib. sol came of the penea esismnto. iabea
rated every prwsoer, destroyeddbe treamill, aed threw IS gre a n1J i to i i int ee
hd gallows ioto daei li nep myIr'self to d at of mto t sthe war he elememo te u -
amother wounded being d y wi i hArioh, B sit"im- -a g--k m
de IearmarO. Ii wet li iom .-m A
troop of the 3d Dagloons was o Coloml Brere- .-c Th .,l m
o i brought another tresop dliee A. They e, h md p o esen Rye r .is h e
anmre with load d s. The oer is addresg orth essa lthn aJ d R--ee r o* n I do
id pmn with prat gifd M-. d who cbr hinm dly, tns he amehoed at cai sea ofr m A pt
d he ldiers heartly oi sem i is the 14th who the carenwmy eauiand t muesing se E ar lbe
have don so muh miief. Almm every Ihird panm y had-eamr L s O ing hel bytd b p
youa met d-a will bopemi th ay ldt ead a ll' P.i udgd oi* ehy wIid bt ayl aB *
havei TIL t. Thu gm semj Imil inma. d phnorm rim a ro-ad t

Iamhs Oema was dlm ldew Iat the sp of tol PI
hy sin -m i head cl at, and Ae We like give eyam ido amd

elosing my bll, do citrhy a in powe ezciuemes AlthMLi O
D Baieol-Snday. b l I
arel is at s ammt up in arm, mJ d God akn eb .r ,,as po td
gie wil be the anL. Sir C. Wllhne yesterday mo Me no cae useo sde w o dadS. & sd
geo btry as dhy I nd hi t ml=he d r a i dtr
froem the somehow. wM m 1 0 tog we-p mr-.



WEDNE5DA~m1I~Jhm K JIe.eqsII
~`II~- VSL. I-Me. _XL JX

Aeased if roame i yeaer vary b, thia o* &urn, weekly, tw
and disus, sawr, dis- anda p ck ma.
urby thee mse incom- ,- thlo a %In f S em s, .o
or I Plimf so h l ve Wage avoured a riter. I daoir-y at Wf
Sq.estit s or ufamst, to serve Etency, that l he hid rei of Josve
I, tadi, au t o e brig EuphemBia, in Amen peel that I am I will not acquiesce in allowing rwkt-fi gt
r, w iaassir the l e I l od e saryc of dr honour a theris; and 1all be ms o phan a present; mancoaned
pbm is e days IA aes the p o ldiAct, .lay ope the clsek' table, d st will of ai'A olve to every me r of A ar a.bgt1
dnrt th Ohed loos s a:% credesntil to my right; thaat atid lrse the isterste oear at be II-- I
daof dr th s r ein In the' a thes a synoimous), tLka r. not Ms and a lge smn l r., eher by Ah ret, or
of Brbdo, the nsmined in hemdo thiMe saml e. A forty- ifin c"i of d tf the I have o(l4 ereists i the co ch w ou
hesb (e plled. They, however, reooalse Kt TIS rsaateia desert, will. a r for the Eastten inly not liefiwedy a pe4 of property
h a jeplroguifg the Psroh tl.bmAla w diatricl. ,', jik ac of It awu do gaIdkmos, lavehotlders nt'4 however new cryy ib, althlgi,
h e* iof Ocer, ud .b* i.. I ot sPat 'p IO e ocalon o aa if yo u u r, d he trm
a pouctr fyr aotlhe5p n a Rj r o e,W well u p ee opi lion used by sn. onict
i d th iss I is ;Mt j sty'l G ove rnm ent have a dou rt m y : a, utheme both n ow i nd do
ug rereasTpevnl pr o.rhdrd as regrd ton e senseL of duty," roga of im uy "Si till do I urge the Bahab
l y I Asid Cholera, im thdvailtm Kingdom; udgel The pmit De f s imperious bd constituents, gi e i ake a tirin stand, tiut| o
Ide eadn OGasso e eie com0 a sa order from Hli is te truly tai for such hakei y"-iesumption of know whether clohl eroblry, is to be le liperaal kb
ajey. dr AiUrcbihop of Casariry do prepare u to ma oi elemy e ishamib of which, hold drem brute force, or whether REMUNnuATIor. ill go luId i
A- payer, to be ad ld e I,!!! Romnmivirtue was great, bupthand with Al icirATION. t
of payer, to be ied e al Chur.ches and ChIpebl, Hi nica fds, oere trap, whereith I am one who aads fully determined, for remsonm
the cotlnunace o 'the i Oel r from the pestilenace to r la cht nsady stated, not to proceed one step pith Sir J. c
spr adang over dhe gmaler of Europe. On the I do al q cusbut y for one general to ind Smyth, in the business ofthe country a I know, thi,
side we have given the artide alded to in our last, his c ey *lL ej a hier tphe e day, or evening, pr- in thatasy determination, I shall bhelipponed by
dt L Ares ofM .1wembor, d iasoi, a vior i linpoodimi with a notification i lbe in- liluents, generally. '
th Laosu Atlas of s t r" euo tleod t ma erilaei. hoer, to cwisonno mtions upon any I now, Mr. Editor, shall id the writer, or writer of
I, A accom of tab Brloel r tioa. partial r ank, or pesiMn; and I refer both, or the a the lbyul Gazette adieu, by tellinghin, or them, t1n
SThe Amriedeo r Balower, Iammatt, arrived =gtIloU orgdemento r great General SalytA, for remarks tending to lessen the respect db the H f
e.r thi moralm n Baloq brigigafile a of news- a coetradlction of hy impoki sertion. Ti sufficient Aasembly have been made by them, not only here, h u
Prs the, to t o know a ch enemy is is front; and whether the other Gazettes of a ser colony, that I shll feel
pirr thr. othe. e l ior but thtey do t ar sl a oes of Dunds, "soa, or Augustm H. called upon,when he, or they, appear in dhe House
uMeia mp ewsn f of recent a dales u pro- eBdiPmont, th4 oy are r w d deemed good semlly, to make them she his,or their, qalifi6ction; m
received. asma of deLfe. As"It p a task, Mr. Argi- would recommend them, to come prepared, either to lde
--- -----knowing au rio, what the t ilbe-Alas! Poo r. it, or have eat, or seats, declared vacated.
Aair a lmps of dms, which, presr, wa meces- Argus, yara ask i but *agunr Ae to I!de Ef.I 5 sUm,
rhe Mentor of dte IM yl Go.u to *msed *mar, "t wandd Canterbury tlaf l te end M. .d N. if t r. Editor,
and inwardly dies," ou orvat laive be or they have ihilli i~ or their pckoto to up W Your odR ME TERIU.t,
.. d or o t fr bd or tail of it, sod eo iany ollm hiodlt her of oARC1AMENTERIU.
Sof His Majay's Overrnmet. a qgr- h S, h will be sure to projce a cniiter revulsion,
Preroptive, sad to inm something in the lap toalt of te true gravitating action-a sart of epifhJ- NAessA, 2d January, 188.
i re ly-I- doing which, we rtn he did not qat to his own natie impudence and native aleo To tA Editor of Ihe Bahama Argu.
h out either his Jeo Lindley Nrra yt whihout seating brother Jonathan to pesm, who, from h- M. EDrro,-Th address to de Editor of the Roya
c isb n* noted with an Locl l Poli. gonel B in" h"is throisicbght not choose to Gazette by N., is another melancholy proof of the inroads
cnotalilng a diges fa alumentra dy quteTeqbthe w r'so ati* as y wl time, upon the intellects of that uufortunate gentle
en of, o dm side, ad, to reply to whih, we might by those who hold dho l g, or can conmmnd the tli he n is sre, that tie members of the town will not do wht
S a abysim r We ne wr y thwfus; shod ti;.1A 9 ocan command the hbae and bifkhree tin canmiterst, have already dose-ped
h md a a. similar ip. We wi not weary the patience funds ; ad 'ti, whmn they g to rayrmenu, hal themselves. Thle dlifrence between tihe eight tandidd
11r read4m, hy re-enterillg upon a topic, which has ad- Neqbit, if he chooses, my work for nought, of the town, sem to sae, to bi this : Mr. N. anld his coa-
.eily n dncidell, and Ias long reased to be a matter of Reltpoll can feed the tol that he has caught, patriot, stahd pledgeashet hppever nsuchl the mhole may
disrui..n,-panirr,wlen iHe public alkteniu i The most impuoint part of th brier's asertions, or,to e bullied, or insulted, by the lErecutnve, they Iave pre.
Sin.-l,-li .ly- he tbl p a ~ ue s i s ),,. Ct a w, ,s.-*. r-....l..4--- L. sl~es- ,J ,-. ... ,...Ll m, p,.tllic hnIi, u ....I ..mss.,...s
iore ratll-d to ile approaching election for ,acts," i--that neither o the Easter.,distrlct candidates, Ilthat tley ornly are the prlopr persons to Ii eletred;
Reprmetatte s in Auseiltly, as upon the co mIllhoe own one slave brtlrm tIhe. How does he mean be- the oDler gentllmen, not knuiring what time nrsy brin
eprsetives, hjuremdad e ppr1d peoe l these ec the 1 Bophisticatig IolM He knows full well, forth, have pe-deteronined to wait, a4to eat accurdisg.
Sk fnr tha raedrts of t"eir griev thatc.e the re aLe an, at mbtwey five, la der their cohciences, for tim well being of their conastrills,
hhu ims bl s llden e a he pes itiobe elr of mo of does mem h d al without fear, favour, or election." The ret of i
res. @a ss, dnied though noet tS hiae, -then by tight l- ylg address is unanswerable, for tlis plain good trea
I milsrtcle bin'ld as that signed Menr, i t, yel sak tses m t e given that memr it is to me, incomprehensible. I cannot, however, imagir
Se ped a complete dismankm upud the present stat of Lcholy less of the dterMlio of their value, nd, t he would have opened so long an address, without haviN
p plide, gemerly; ie cam of our dtal, the mare time, a desire dai ansmJUnRA-ro for ech le intended some meaning; perhaps it has slipped
btr i'tes *ady elpersored, or i ls a i at; nsjned, as well as to be mIsainmd. But granting uch into some sly corner, and been crushed to death I
p ing out mec we peS the a, rooked, sel-wped policy, is not the weight of works leped upon it But must cloae,
paaLinel a lew muads of uIarliati"i wiony -tandard for -ing all Iluman character, ahhough it "r. sweeto rt,. Imm lrre ed dnger free,
fh pesmnt diEcula psiblte delay, and m igh met be uaspplicable to the general onolives actutig And mark the bill' of the raging sea ;
ikhout say grea s.ace s la u matters. Sch we Niasampoop, or Mentur. Harry Hotspur's reproof to 'Tie swee a little sitrto fely large
le rv il to do Se to jla, hbw far Oledower, i too apt to be neglected: Through tle teapetu...Gs ocemas boiling surge:
hoaveheeeal W d 'I aow -" Fie tll truth, ad Ih, r the devil." To hear the paneling rin agautil the roof,
Befmlira" WemTh llow W aek mint be the mi which requires the aid o And feel your hospitable mansion pmof t
wn --graspd a male-ll; a al li coo- ahehao d It does lt m ifry what on grounds of But sweeter fh, the truubledl find's repos
a h nd m ail; a mure JadUa il bhorned quarrel wen, or what they my be,. a we see, daily, When an address like his comes to its clee.
9 &oer of good camu to eotinue the feeling; and it is but I am, Sir,
We e i ot pre for m, ~ diL a pf of the egotliKcmgYgace of one, h wit is no Year obedient srvnt,
lmbetmydoehe era discnt a ltesry opi, ham h damr o tonm s P.
* y aym i the Gaer purv neus," the fuelieg at presatl actuatiag th* comn '-
Ams~l, au twhat le rof ealdat de yoght to pr- monity. Mea, Me--days, willtake the itroubaef think TO THE
Pr eent paosly assile ruler, but ing for themelve, and, it will be see,nim ot he lid, FREE AND INDEPENIENT ELEC'TOM
eakm -tried sp La- m- e '- 1- p es, oodwinked, by tte vascimelli-g sphip- o
*An -appr in a tos. trimeof irc,wh, rbedtisare nohomgrmn odell EASTERNISTHlTICT OF THE ISLAND
dwth m at ity. As apre doubtful ca, precedent OF NEW PROVIDENC.
MdIebg l of adthre .I.diag, j lla *= p hi. i tred gidse, I would sk Mentor if he man to Garrunm.m,
mirleh wha a dAsm rIghts, omu propnty, decair, in truth and sobernes, that it would be perfectly The battering tstimonials of eweem which we Iai
I a I eks oN I acul ay ymenst Is a ed, and eolihel to dhclt d e va police officers, to fr- received from Sany of yourselves, individually, now eA
-- mi - a6 adi d e drelto ase divided, ward bir deiios to the ministers forrevisiomt Or, jl a uonh, toFr oweslves Candidates to present
Sp t ad pr myin a c of minor Pmuishmasmt he should pronounce ll a g r l, in General Assembly about I 1
adllerObpi anion e l d poie min s hua, sha.ldl sot eve bhe matter a lti adayleast, pIth- on benld.
SehYir |lel i who dL th"e ot eats of Royal P reod i his favor,slhuld dL- AhUough, pU k might devolve apen ,e
rtln memr merei te a 'knew they care himself s !! SL s we not declined nominatuig wha fpvor may, from a n ristyd
we naard i, to rmae, or pet op- al ltector, and hi not Sir Smith, a far au o e ceash e wue o urs, ye as our ad
peas; wept, ari aMt wte i ns da, rd to i haraimet of er ti Iw r i ait ori its Weo 0 o
hai h daily amid'ed, R r d usa tL dtie ire 1hi p e prt alt pIse of ouro tidy, ands quent oDnr, we tro -
VEban ty ased n h e ps rntot an^dalwy isa due hans 1pm .1 ocf a*lae 1' isee ris ry ferab to or a trnger pledge, tW a
W a IItnlbekd, hsa so S oo- .Cnt SirC. Syt, i i anxiety to bre hwn thledy dita rgeour duty towards you, iatr
* Wrr l V .iWker, tdhe ri e the toe! hmrriar which manr btwom ter and w lIkit d ma be im s deply involved in your *e
Gp rid a uma eaem of IN ho t e wh"i A tt sackid of do easpuhl taken, lkl a uai he er h e bn remkd by tatises, and the **
Areem a -ta c-y wMh mit, ad the n- es timony against tat of dte oAher Aadl m haset writer m polite icril eomy, that dont les d e i mb
-d CaI, d-t I hod M office, who does ad d ct at agim u commn eummy'' ng a'
Cai e Nevini op tsafety agaismis *f common. eto.rks!PI
W e rdllidasr. Cm slpkiusoeheliic ? Has be. h .d eclaredes ca comhlim,. ad tlion; nk4 l flliilU mn l
je salne of a m Sgs Cariendal eM6f his lern to amj dloaneltm ,, path for do i t mub Pi mV.l'.n. r wao es
Sy ..yi p e-- e.elS d. medi eer two the MYay ,I eas d, tn ast .ral. iiCn W, aid podil d
as t)pa lismpeason paeta,6 sand iseeratceepoinm dA mh caati6 iendige tr-beh frenceseitneeeb4 lrel j ehn
00*iamrm" go ID do AL Doepair ihtmm1 All F iIC aor i i ndti eidec- Electd W Ltdi i y nevjlnvandoureda
Lah1amalsn will ett f 4. S -*,- d 8intheei Syir t ". yWdes im, di- guard will be, aki caid a meelqeerble .ptiri t.% -
a! 0adjub eI yet bertl tL la his iflhm ,will pmit, o se or slave qlm h t iaess .. i ml;s.l loda; sr, rwil,if if
Martin, d its nters, bly dhe statute men law of prove ultimately U 1, leave as
Saw 4ie i1, s. Englaid witbhet reference to, or repect flU y Coloni fe ot am ori .ri .dbcl d *9
'' W Lelasprse bAy .lessle, the haste to govern n sd t
e 'ha stiit y -ud saal d one TuabseoorcAmim, you dom or L it i the

a T o
ufe ; Will, gd, dua "akin ,r-deofheimroua atd.o
'otl6 ne ed di 4"mir = 71silr
isadspesfmnterqdwoaogyud Ofm"


L e adrelpkmn from mW M lM ms *aMue andk=o pplend Mi f s ouro or T. .
listr sosle alc a ibi amu-l lamually d a ,tai IhJst: asde- a
f the ans g a maple Co ilbl. s Masy t Ptbl had a.s cbharcer i he
qthel r doultrey, duslaied fitfort ob- bills f.tbApprorltiu Act; It o Bops ill; he i m mo .re ihL l e. g1, e Bthi
i a famnkaladm n, whose emim D of l (Ireland) Bill alati o I t oth H a I pl at L as t m a kha
mrM W their idm upoe our nm vial, ad ill Accounts (tmnd) Bill; E* pa4 4e with a diemnrg mohiass
erporco,-b pw i i poplatiol! bn I Bankruptcy Court Bill; Ad- aroe l ler l the best ae to be alw ys
tieeise rl" a*. iithA o ea
luds of the wily you will fnd Qvir in- ve o ULU ; Select Vesry (E a to be asly to tewe r T
b tine aunked inll of a lmde; hodd ou land and ait ) 1i; and* ldou Cnr n L4ad0 ls- be himied not wmbs
sly thanks 1 or wh y Bill. His Majm y two de t wha it h fMl combineal qgemid l '. m
ur slf-3l a House of i9me tm in e i to ~d l ed a
eor imto diem he a3swfil SIu, g ain, s r nothing. -bei mamas man Homsw ly f please
l pledge of aaMUNrSATO 1T el'ld Ulby I tlen e d u d to a fesiion of pnoide. hewi llaftemwarn qul ~ ll yig lhe
rupact, not byibe vain pn m oa Co lo t II 1t luratoion and lahl is Ltlors of time ooffence. In luch usel, mr.oiel plen
y or his Deputy, who hold i hsM11 Jongr deep attmler have been mrought Uair y considern- ipll in awkward pF at; the IHos, thlin
auls to re of a a ParS endedd with what .as not designed to be of(lhm or the
A ans e s 4", I have felt sincere aiiq in conDirmin, a my Py using each language, a not knowing how to cuwvy i-
AnmJa.nom Royal aent, bills for tle aeun pt f the O .L oLRhsive ideasin inme nie Iagom eBo witm a L -
Your oabdient servants aqd for u reduction of Taxea which pased d e seyi a l.aginbg th-ll, an Old aeay p om som
C.d, AN DnSNrN to some smerflon of the )edle." You IL, rl
GEORGE C. ANDERSON. the industry of my people; am lave observel S nmoo lmd.;"e hwhen thlejudge caught ee at sh eepJe soe and
CONRAD DUNCOME. luss pleasurtise comnenenemt olportalt lFpove- yid, Wha do you ay, fellow"r I "lay. my lord." epUl
IIb, StMh DeceVber 1831. olents in tie lw of bankruptcy, from luc. tla Mhe be- the prisoner, that you lie uode a iltakr."-Led" m AIth
neficial effects may be expected.
NAssAU, 26th iectimber, 1831. 1 continue to receive the most grailing proofs of the Tre Imtr(agnar S yste.--The Marqui. of o lakdl
S l DEPENDENT ELETORS OF THE Men-ly diposition ol Fo nis Power peavis in the interroptive syste l with mstmar e el
E TOWI OF NASSAU. The Coo mace asseinled in Lo lan ls tl lengh tisy: bet the fitlesness of chls re he
S opuLet ahie m of calves fromnl theo l ,e
G r terminated its difficult and lboriols dbcusio by a ar whlo o- a visit to a moeptham in the Ciy, foumd
ha Address to yea, published in the Royal Gaatse of rangenent unanimously agreed upon by the Plecipoif- olusl neBgietei)y the servants at dinner; bustnhllift ,
SP24i itlat, by four Gendemen, wo lnve offered tries of the Five Powers, for lo.p0lLUon of the Sta betIo bread ame i for beer, and he obtained it ml; t lsgth.
Mialvu u the sall fit candidlati 4 represent you in of Holland and dBelgif, o le i hl which the interests in ighty passion. to the amusement ofh i hs b and friens.
* at GMnerl Asembly, has laduced us publicly to of both, tthldr dtb ld,f9 othir con- he excleimed :-" He, I sit, as, as, als ad can't get
forward,thus earlier than we intended, in op tries, have ;I n carefully proTd for.' aothlng."-London Atlap.
their clai to public favour. These go~tlei A treat founded on thie gnmont has been pop-
tr to e mIrruT who, in a olemen addra to t rented to the Dulcnd B il lenipotentiarieo, ndl I
Mlmm have da d that dte last lma o he trust that its acceptanc by tailr r ipectli Courts, whidc On Friday eveblg les. I St. Matbhew's pl,C Capt.
lpub falhd seodl and dit you were no r I anxiously expwt, willvrt th dqln by which te ael, a native or Bermuda.
l should ba. peace Europ was itoned, whili tsb question On Saturday eeniqg lMah, Mr. omiph Thompson, at
ToY have known us too long, and we trust, too well, to mailed unitllded. F an advanced a .
Snecessary that we should testify to our political Onltemea of ie Ham of Ciemmw, AolIMr. Hmry Temp, ara liguihg ms, which he
mld grenaded, as it is, on our Constitution, which has I thank you for the proviqa n msade for the fut dir- bore IhS f hrtiSdi it
sievery crse, stacked where it was at all vulnerable, niy and comfort of my RoyaT Clonso, in tlha,,egvet of
aeprent Executive. Be not deceived by a prtend. her survihrio and for the suppli which you hve
dial: it is but a lull aftr the hurricane,-to return granted for the rice of the piesentyear. You may l -P-I- WWtW E
ppepwith four-fold energy. should you be so lust to the assure of my angios caie to have them adminireterel
e, well as to the dignity, of your country, as to with the strictest attention to a well-consideiul economy. E ,ery p0r" e9 a 5 s .hW Imdads, sflr-
1 llndentlenien, publicly declaring their senitimenua Tie state of Eutope has produced the necessity of caring residrid lheavsfr thle qsr ofTmlt DAl ns, mt
owy hnve done. an increased expenditure inl the various establishments of
dbid we have a venal House of Asselbly, yol may hie public, which it will be my earnest desiq to g Ire serity at the ecrelary's O(ce, rpgLup lAiena
tIoi to your property ; I), and every thing dear to reduce whene4r it can be ot L i wilhi tft to tim in- said Jce O feeiri s i .mnvaperrriu to (a urpide
pam e proisrrta atC / flIwi-s'sl ol pwer-boend terests of dte country. In I mnInim have d aiatL- ter wh, at a ime d
SgaIsed, ready for hanging, without pen a right to faction of rejecting that these demands have been pro- as'', ic d e-a tie dri oa T*-uTa DA, r it:
lis, (for why should you complain of your own acds) vided fur without any material iddiion to the public bur- i ay be ibetaid.
Sis a Itend to be found afterards, among aD om r donas NAMER OF PERSONS
b RaL tsold, Name rsou.L, whilt Rnue m ,M ,Wy Gtatlea, ABOur TO OeTAI TiCmEa a I w.
"iar,." In ti a pIs of repose which my now bad S h onrno o .el
We remain, Gentlemen, you, I a unneciryT for n to rec ied to lth A Welkl
Your very obedient servant, you the most careful attenlio t the dpraervatie of tram- lati Deceal j Ridd.
(ad) JOHN STORR, quillit in your respective counties. sti -- -- Casimir oby
GEORGE P. WOOD, Th axiety which has bn so generally manifested M y -_J__ wm_ .
ROBERT TAYLOR, by my people for the accompdlishnont of a constitutional
FRANCIS M. MONTELL. reform in the Commons House of Parliament will, I trust,
be regulated by adue sens of the necessity of order and as a
TO THE moderation their proceedings. To the consideration of
AMKASSED AND INDEPENDENT ELECTORS thisimportant qurtion the attention of Parliament must -
or T necessarily again be called at the opening of the ending T]ORT WF SA* l, N. P.
WEBTERN DISTRICT OF THE ISLAND i-on ; and you may be assured of amyjnaltered desire
OF NEW PROVIDENCE. to promote its setlonemt, by seh Improvements in the. ARRIVED.
Ge,, epresmntation as may be found neaary for secuIing to Ja. H,- M. scar. Mooney,
We adreed you last, ablatly afr the diLolutin of my people the full enjoyment of their respective rights, Br'g E s Fiadltatr, ispe a -
htbi Imp of Assembly. We thm aved your uf- which, in combination with tho of the other orders of o. T. a. &
h te el artlcted, whsaver i would slam t he tasta, are mental to the support of or free counitu- t A. J. te Ha C6
MbawUM min to call a new Hoas; Idtperiod he a fin. A"p eSor. &has, at.Ham a,
a t and w e now huit i soit, atuyhau d, When his Mjesty had concluded the above Speech, dte
10t er, w I aon a former occasion, you were Lord Cimncllor, front behind the Throne, declared, by his SAILED,
WLdlasenw upon. M Masy' command, that te Parlinent would be pro Jan. 8W-41. M. shr. aMokey, A ( *
*"do termination of the election, which will take rodtill Tuesday, the 32d of N6vmbehr next, and itwus -- -
_ll Wedady, the Ilth of January nit, prove prorogued accordingly. CUJInT CH i CHa PARiH.
- to s, we share you, that a strict regard to The Prorngation i now for only oe month, but as the
rm nts shal mot be lost sight of by us -ad dalt words for the despatch of business" ma not mentioned, U v,
" ol our par, shal be wanting to suppErt ad another short prorogation of fourite days ay be expect- f AVINO fald dte anis it amuse a of P9
l, iharen.t rights and privilege of a L haml of superf6a Fr., ad I.
We have the honour to be, The ttUadance from the Hloie of Comons was very shiing do weigh Wbh. Gek, md iapImmy LI
Gentlemen, mnb Ilb. Soe. By oder of di V
Yor awe ra, ., eBPPENCF Vey ChL.
JOHN WIL POLAND. Virtn Rooa, d il i1
SDcm HENRY oG. The fortags of Modlin, ond otp ele of stern. h e
SDeember 81s, MIL occapld by h e f w- W PD -. a d mled re, w t o=
PtrRIm trho havenbmietted to 3si( 'T?40e im ex- C-
Oi the rountlr in aCd Eoa Po med Fr> F -w I 11 at this a e.
IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. haIfalleno. kil ftorth pn w. The l.(t ddmse am N. B. vim C ho canootcomewal
Sprol I Inkyt ma axisfelow-olden, mia- .mended. -
HOUSE OF LORDS. -is la Meiri s ms f orow, ioadigoan., January 4th. ,
Ta PIoaomoATIo, "- w o.m D. R a- ers OQ. 4. rf MsALcE.
STanusar, Oct. 0. "The decisie moment is orikd. The eaemy pro- The Ml Prmmimei at pw s
ldnship aft e'clock,and disposed ofa me pueM d o hamiliathlg coMdites, the ieNal by Mrs. Poiar. The Hoame ll I
the ..Cm.ds. O l"'y .-s fr s t ..h a a by g)lc1S cov en. i iw KC and i
-nom m me--"l t fraal:r It se Oman of his Najay N*N f Y hair
diV- *... h'is,1 11i liss;. 6ILe I h. r.n. idhlni~ 6 ber
Pan th Kisnof ona s fnet oo srol a m yd Is o horses eesiveyd ad gras The aS fLM
b dat bMj > Sns At aup great calamiiaes on Pola We hall L down the rar. have braen lately datreahliy rpire.d, or I
al wppered f Itte ase or, w which we took up in he ue of ts iepemde and the fneas he v a newly ph o om
Bi .te e*a ring ell clr I e bi s leid, and ihe iolegrity of our native Iand. protesting goisA e iolaioMn AI.RO
,.aw"ds the throne, 'me t &ba a. Sir and the abuse of which we mo the victims, mti Emrope. m- A trat of Land eVllsa m
whi k,ushUer of6mre. d- r whose preterti place oueri. d es ponou e dw sae. It is div M is
Na a6_ = e is of i ai iCm actively on our andw country's fa.. I, tha, ear p =m wme l wm

teo i thr w _. helo; i julsie is refsd us; i t nr s rejpa e ni ,;
L "- nnor lhL l pd due Kig cl spuch of" .-.
cuvein realy 'ith E al Grey d of .the otius who are s m mres Our ASom pt i .....

1, LTr

nobwr Tyls tad ae aoI Mr. -Is 1, F-,-
Cn Edeis Ia la lu-I he rQ=Id n .d
3Wou 11u h
imars W t Me to e d00 ,eene moe r. C.,, bIad meewld IU
ibm Mb iajY- de by cl j. e &r ,hem o nm..daye A fe b heldu b5ilessdi- *,
A0 to diaquy 44 3aS e la nle of whd wasM .llled 8and 0 fil bc the nauee bei h k
of rg tihe at, bl h gwtlimd.uDyt e otos tho phonpb a
ope derhaps we fel by 4slay would be bis ipoi Of ithd lepape" liedd
t Oprthe dfnha pehic towal jety's Niahep wee beau h ida ageu. eomayf she dedora staged at the Ioa-i mused of tmeIe, public. ,
ermaosad Limue ease degree b y lthe c ..e-ia a~a of her Re inf Ta t t oiesiform n candidate on he former at be mta n
rsesinig s B eemmn mg esulor). tlme Ino pertdM-on lo me t we are ssfied he Dii wasth a graet Dimeno, in eeay ways by wh- eBms
or knar, Wee.) if li. Minlesers oweld be m (her, e ie would ,just mention eoor the eai, e ishe obe, rle the o mI o e ,
d t oa a per-,. *d nod many freolr people not to be Td Ie Thes
;idoeeme hrkiab hd hent ip. rem WoM ie td fir r a ".ober of y They preventing,.t a m h rgt that the a -n. m

i ~ n~a tI1e ofJm buu or o r wkulr het d
oeraeU48 u Aeld r pass before hea* mart to Ono nu Boer ,f dad agreed to p W-in beahh bedieoae ed ble general t k nown, and
wuiny Lrd Lieseenets of a calny wvi opposed she Re- Lordagainst Ahill The petition had been forwarded public should neither ho oe away. eaa
(arm lheere seaw hughter). The viewn decision to the Duke at 21 4, and it coenained thee remark. moch couedence in the non-coatugiose c'mmeaer
r, he c ad, were semmry so break down able words-" We o deceived into the suppo of the no, on te there, a s heir own safe,
S M party while had be in power fr so may BFl,in de t fi eby the aHuse of he Ki 'anme ano fea. whicm iotMe thb co delo
cmran,~Po cIoes t nw eelI e hofIdntnoe
y dr a Cbdr to mim etain he pea of he cnry a hades Od e Oppestisnm. r Hehoeld Ao r we m oot mceii ofw camgand
B "mats he wi ms adjusted woes eb *Il Hoap wide those observations hu t for what is sarid to have brout Is ea tol ho iw l
mas any sessolnt" porsodmn dlcacy Phle the Hiea. aro, she Member for Wai- health before he laded, uad the mortality l fb
ar iv srfere is he o madjeisJamt of a a r t such vbil killer. i ctiona ned to the member of his own family, ho "
S Lmprtancaep dier county. O Sir F. h r(detl allow ed to explain. Hl i din tely aound him, and a ear who mnrelyb ehali
S"ir Co tFrbes aad l ed m Mem be f r MI"d 30 eleaion, t*aclhe ffore th Asio e mo; he the cp oeof oclet. H peona tp thed ead-nao e b
dirlesu (Erk H-me) d, agitaiols and lese only ale o w b be lisa ar ted, uht Is was halcu. Pitn From thase fact., we learn that the m inlpts
S re l-deipo-' m he dr, of d day, at honest mo Mrsed, if heo votes had .a delayed by tho A or, m woer hold theseore pbe o all mheap
wo UI hey o~r ed, fr m the r sh y, and dba- Cat there woee led ao a coad t of 56 A or Mr. .ne pe neao t meet the aw al, should it
Sgsputar. n lenly A lerP sooby, instead of a A o i th Lord. pone ca n oe aei 6td.

lawh af Nm in g o l d r i ; tuok- M. G. I dS a nke hbgeei ouigtba. allowed s dmpc tumsp he ebb a' e o.. e c bei eublded. On atell Is
by moedaf. The lise.ld.. edmlM to te dd .. Be. lhot~p ldome ofm, the partidat ien hold tantly avail hbmielf Iof
-etsaag. e enris uera eesu- to the.. O a or- he fact, lhat he some omo shed Ames at the which any pottery wi prepare, and which ha

eliMd M bar- h, aid ln) haht defas soome of Mr. be eo he t farme occasion that, i older to cheolk the peogutre of the e posit~s -
if ail they he ard, sa4heeL- bge hiM", wMas lseu re were disposed to im ef dof tm Am, CC s deal l presence of u mind in, above all Blthings, nseorm,
Al-d upon, tim temlwal was coasa wth mindedl ed wie he (nMr. 0. Beakul oa what sa, naw,' that Im i:nns twofold, the higher aod. pe rhaps me ni
oTh T dethe KieT and Queena; haa rbe MamNrd a degree he knew rd Assesor, Mold det a ore e mao dop atmosphere, to avoid cold, thcids f all dITI
hbdll of oed hoen ery ltle feiut hl iever Mhe cmsy'eo- did not ex t. If the aRnt-ee party haed nit lh der, nd a We preserve nfthe digestion e but wll be still ma
sateows weri hawin Wr treiad d i Majuy's MoL- ed and chin eng e to come forward e Doree'nhre, he did aoid irritation of the mind and depression of the k ,t
eor would mnryI again pen a prinolsde o disgraceulul. so know Ithat e experimtea wold have r been tried ; but, my so much o- autionthe eedlhef thn s|lMd.

parl Teh tluht the Honeurable Member for At his period of the Hon. Member's address the knock wooy at sphe. nma o the ti ar gag
Middlesea need have very little fear heat his Majety's Go- of wte Uselr of the Black Red was heard at the door, and we have bad no further intelligence of its de lom a
vernoarnt would be detered by any fietliug of delicacy in a few momnvents Sir Tromuns Tyrwhtt advanced to da mmnieate, we may conclude with a reasonable uatk
or prhpri em Cly eeopsing say procaediag atcelaed to sable, and mtaoed that his Majouy req the immediate it will sot do much more mischief ia England.
lemusers d ,4 awasuroe.--(a laugl). Wish respect amehnce of tbu House la the H ior P m.
to she Refolreilll. however, he again ceded that ahere The 8ponker, ended by tdh Chu alm the Ex. Tr Ki-g of Holams New Raim.--klt i po
was a ratn io he publI4c mind. It ainailat by the chequer end all t M6taM present, theM procMeded to Camed by the who had -c to the bae r soft d s
t, e of Nobl Frend (Lord A hie) far Duor ettirw she Home of Lords. In aheot a quemter of an hour the mtio, that the King of Holland s determiad A
by a lag sOl r y- lah fro th iaheeri bechea, Spe ker return, sad slea copy of the speech deliver- Cn11 1 to enor Belgium the moment shmie
asd slee rm f O"k -heemededthathwrj e d by his Ma jaly. The Speaker and sie emhers h a ben to jbert du. to a mie
aemity. a dr all thie cga -cotiC a agh-R t liberty o jo wl, i determined d eapt.
r.) He mmeemnd the ws paIbly m
iellsing itelf tlwoagl us and L teaeed aod SPASMODIC CHOLERA IN ENGLAND. Ti Bak of Englead.-At a General Mletqd
dtrsutel that s# ld weld m b e mh id'
be ru.. -lis thll Bill wowl Fch is deavo-r Bank Proprmaors, on Tuesday, a divide" of 4 p
t be Ior been a faler with # eam". From do Ide Algasr v Ned br 6. an the half year, out of dhe proel of the cotmsr*a
Forde. Bubd slell rwii Hll omllm ik, Mmber (or Wet a very grieved so be coampded i ea- me T"emb I irculholwrnsed nu.f
ehaaJ ties like ble, all owrd lry consider- asonce in tllsa very terrace chaoctser, and 000. It was heteld s cl t Branch Baal nko. it
themeight to he laid masid, sad thbat nd M 5y Go- if it be received as i ough, will enforce on every ad a pratlbt the amount wa not o stated.
vrins should ao imi- 1 ate In miMr any meav- l olt the great de-ty of alf-prercation, for the a of the___
sight he seaoladl condruive to the access of the pgeat whole commsuty. The spasmodic choleur of Asia b tl riM m in Orinal MS. I
ouae of fm. iAn the rounk of tb. Ho., and rochbed our dhare, d of ass caet fiv e aloe dy dead. hoasig the i-e, od yet peseIlved il ltd
p a Me er (GIdlr TreAh] as to be want of pro- We will not attempt to soaDn the horrorof the fact. Geo ILWsoMee im e which melyet .
prilty aS ddecye the parn of His Majeaey's Gover.- vernmetteedy. received audentic lbelaM dat M-sya' mvumm ,ne were Ima always
am Jhf [8iF. Bede ceUd only am tda be hsopd ee or mon Hambb vese report well, ev. bee he so down the me of a mad sle" w
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