Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: December 24, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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gue6 IeeG1 iditer. B ATRDAY, DEC BrER 94. 181 sa. VOL. i-e" InZ v

THIE BAHAMA ARUS. Whl do they go the f. l, bu mlarly to c me dew and ud to be w~oe I a Dfy ad mg M
perhaps break their necks They would be much ar quite cl a d be. W
ropeLtaNuB aU-WRELY t'i NAsAU, N. r. on dry ground.-Our ncestodarsed to be contest with th aed to ai whie I vwu a sale be, *
-un, and moon, and tar, and for or rive planet, now now tbe hc4m se Sadm.lhy M: I
Sight 3Dela per saam--h admeae. fornooth d Importinunt onea m be poking their te e- woed a i d at I
eo p to the sky and dkeoworq n planets almt m ed I Iis in" or a s 4
as we coulddo with. nothing to do, mnd au ey '.d t ,
Stuam Engines--I do not think we alould ever hae ing went we enoqh whbe I wae a Iy;
heard a word about Parliamentay Reformi, if it had no l the minerie am d eomitm tha m am d
been for snm engines. I hape Mr. Colburn will not eNw. What am alanrd amd edikJu hirmvl is
lo ,v luve him magaie with this areide printed with a am iuaty, fillhy, stinking gu I The eldimp ue k J &
press for if be doo, I shall am dar toread it for fler of made look like prisons withoutaide, and Uli Ibf ie l
POXETl being blown up. What did we walt wfh steam engines gions within ; and there always i meB n ac m er
._ Did we not beat the French withoo eam engines To happening with it; people have their heiome b2 i.
THE MAIDEN'S PRAYER. be sure we did. Ihate innoveab l od ju Iliketo ierves emaright, ford y uhaveno me rWl
She mre fa her delieiot leep know what is o become of all dth hackney each-horbne, uech newfangled trumpery. The inm eed be ih
And put awiy her oft brew u i' e a eo htoave seam carriage. The poor bsts look wall enough with the good old b aioMed il Ln
And in a loe u low adidep halfstarved as it ; they will he e times wore if.they were quite good enough fao our anceaton, 1d I
As love's int whisper, breathed prayer; are turned out to make room for sIam engines: and what & might havA done for us ;ibut nythag lria d
Her inow-white hands together preled, shall we do for dog's meat if then are no horses to cut up rLust confesl I liked to mse the good a e g re
ier blue ees sheltered is the lid, Then we must have Macedamieh reds too our ances- es and their nice faming arches, dty am o d-
The if.led lines on ber eatt tors did very well without Mkiadi id roads. They better than dri modern gsa-ligt men with thdir
Aunt swefllngs ti nhen i d; took their tUew i travelling fro one place to another, lamps like so many Guy Fake.
And firul g d and i. they happened to be too lo for le stage, they had And what harm habe the poor old watchm' dea I
W pon themn ath ad p nothing to do but run after it and catch it. Let them try wonder, that they Mnt he diimbed to make roea for a
a ew snowf Ake, white and mute, to do so or. et of new polim s m an d ble coae 1 The regular o
And uthe (ro slumber so adl warm, Buildings too! did ever any mortal ee sich an over legitimate watchmen were the proper ad e domilml
Like s young spirit fresh om heavm. grown pla u London s now 1 There is not a dirty ditch defeoden of th earmer, j es rular a the Khlg is th
s bowed that slght and mtchlse fo. within five miles of Loodoo that Ia not got omae Per. defender of the faith, and a mrle harma metaf am L
SAnd umbly prayed t be forgive. dise Row, or Moont Pleasant,af Piospect Plce stuck the wtchmen never existed; they would not hl ea .
O (God. if male uenoiled a tame into it Why can't the cities Ime'n dhe city as they Thing* went on well enough when dny had te can of
o Need daily mercy from thy hoem; used to do, and stick to tl* ?I There is no such the ettee
If she, upao her beaded knees, place as the coatry now, al meneto Locdo. And Bet inaovatioun are not coalMd to and ; they Itve
Our loveliest and purt one ; wiati srt of houln do tiy aild -Look t them.- even encroached upon the water. Were Mnt Le ad
She, with a lace wo clear and bright, a bundleof matches for tie timer and a basket of bricks Blacktriars, and Westminster bridges quite emeNg i
We dream her some taly child of light; for the wall. conscience What occasion was there fr Wetrl
Iay after day, in her young yer, Rail-roads-A pretty contrivance, formnot! to pick tie bridge, a great overgrown granite miDorr thL e a
Must kneel and pray lor race fonTee, pockets of the good old wago hr es, sad the regular times nore than it is worth And what occaslm er
What. far. far deeper need have ul / legitilnate coach Iwnr.s lht lSd blood the test of aguea Southwark bridge and Veuneall bridge Our r cases
hew uhrdly, if Ash win out heaven, Pray what is to Lecome of th lirmiers if there are no could go to Vauxliall over WestmilLher or BlackHfr
W' 1 our wild errrur be forgiven! hlor.i to eat'lheir oats Anil hlw are tie rents to lid, bridge. Blt of all o tahe abominable ienovation mom
paid, andl the tIe, and the titil, and ilte poor rate.? ever equalled th illmpudence of New Londoebrlgs. k
A I) lU(l'lTrER PILt.YFR. l h is to pay tie interest oftlie eaiional debt and what wa. not atall wanted. I have lien over the o ml oa h
vritan by se tAf h most ditinAusi U aors nw lining, will ibcorm of tie Church if hluras o not eat oats to dreda and hundreds of times. It i a good ld eididge t 4
,fae thI u of his anm tUdr1 'afat. enable the ftmarrno imy theirdaik said fend the relrgy I h atood the ls of ag, and it might to Ibae hbm en 1
Eas on my bed my limbs I I i Manrlnetier and Liverpool were quite near enouel without ed with rAspect for very antiquity's make. As for pn
Gos grali ,,e gra-e my priayes o usy llhe asikiture of a rail-road, and if the building mania Ieing drowned in going under tli bridge, nonsaensl
(ib, oD. preserve niy inoiher lear. gioes on nmuch longer ithre willhe no neel of a road from would never have been drowned if they lad done a I di
In bealih and strengtll. f,r mitay a year, one to tme other, for theyr will both join, and the people -I always made a point of ever going under il aLd
Hill h. preserve my rather lme, mayiv in botll pl~as iat once. People area talking now of besidlis, if people are to be drowned, they will be drowa.
And only I pay him irverene due,!
AId may my b.t hurverencle nple rail-roads supers.ding canals, the good old canals, half of ed else.l ere, if they are not drowned here.
To be ny parents' hope anl joy wlich are alreiad) tlire-inarters full of duck weed and Talk of innovations, what can he a more outreou is-
Oh kewisekeep my Irothers both, dead cats. novation tlen stena-boats lthey have frightned the hi
Frnm evil doings and from sloth, What did the Wellinecon ministry mean hy opening out of ltie river already, and if they go on incrimlg a
Amnd may e always love each other, Iner shogal Why could not they let the good old gin they have done of late, they will frighten the h m A of
Our friend,. our father, and our mother hops an stick to dhe regular legitimate public houses the sea too; and I should like to know where all e athe
And still, oh Ioan. to me impart Our ancestors could get as drunk as Iart could will a are to go to, then. We shall be in a pretty mmne if ty
An innocent and grateful hear, thle ',lnuine lcensed oll f.isliod pot house. all come ashore. Besides the sea is obviously mde to mll
11 afleo my leat lrr I n. Look at Utl population too People go o incesing upon, or else what is the oe of the wind I And If we
Awake to hy eernd nulliplving if tlhy never into leave oil' have nothing but steam-eoats, what will become of the
-- -- --' Ilondlruls and harei of people are coomi into the makers I Poople in theme revolutionary times carm amt-
Prom lth London New Monthly forer or world wliu have light to be born. The worli a s full iog about vested interms. I hate innovation. I haw eve-
ANTI-INNOVATOR. as it can hold edy ; there is positively no room fr any ry thing that is new. I hate new ho_ they pianh my
Plgue take tie world why cannot it stand still, and go more. There na nothing like the number of children to feet; I hate new hbts, they pinch my related ; I
*etoudto do when wa a boy What do he be see n about the streets, when Iwas a by, as there i new cots, they put m in mind of tioes' ill. I he -
at ma by the progress of events and the march o in- now. I have sometimes half a mind to ask those lubberly every thing new, except the New Modthly Magesiam ad
al What good ever came by change How is it boys tlat I see about e street what right they had to be I shall bate that if the Editor rejects my article.
ptdthat any man can he wiser than his father where born; but perhaps they would make me omen impertinent Awtr-IXovATmn.
4 l mn get his wisdom from, but from bis father and anwer, for they swagger about as f they thought th they
mLhr cannot give him unre thea hb Ie got to give. had as good a riht to be bore any one else. I wish Tl Bre w.-Lord Grey refuse to com e to de .
AK ea I sh dear! I remember the tim whm the parish y wel rrd Malthims's Emay o Population, they term officers ofboth ervies the promotion which
& of ome consquence, when a lord ws would the be convinced that they have no right to be rmonobly expected at the Coomlon; and at e
a dim stared at and a sight to be talked about- d born, and hthy ewoud e aaf med of thoelves r ei m ery ae day-- deris of their
e Kng 1-Why no loan in his maen ever thought of ing to the manifest incoeveienace of geatlemea and ladim appointment, and eroinig a their ervic oame his a
Ht Kig.g but with the profoundemt r epecL Everayday to whom they are exceediany aoyot who was scarcely bore wha e hai oo eani*e res-s
dirue as mos m my father had mid gee, he pored Look at the Reform .I, that sin of innovatido, to the war to glorious and mecaml i a ey whoe b
a kpPr of poet nd drmk' Church ad King.' It .spak metaphorically; tdat ciaad aovehaly, dtlabmmis- erved jet two year as Lieutemes, mad whenever cU,.
am'shet god toe d hahm; i au good b e poke i the rib of our Ceastituio, ht d ryr of y ny po tiblity, hm n sma e lit iad l aMg, to b
mamrmw Tim wine itself mamd amel aof the glor ll that is venerable. Its opposeatI ae bee m accused promoted tothe rnk of Commander ia hd No and
Slibdetitio. to be swallowed not met, and it looked of talking nonsense sgait it Very likely they have a to, the RaI a sloopo-war,- u is ~ N i.
L ie the gla and seemed to doms ith eagrnes talked nonsense, for tlry hve been slodebbergiused at ibe mae,,s: from w"sthip Capita Illawkin i promoted
Im hil lips. BIt now a' days, If I venture to tolt innovation, that they We not kloma what they have been so Pmt rek, in order to make room for this ymeg ad
ab d King, I am forced to do it in a hurried, irre- saying. Tlh Constituion is goe-qta gone! Lord of Whig mobility.
Ssonr of way, with a kind of a sneer, a much as to John Russell has purged it to death.
f i's all in my eye ; or my boy Tom will laugh at If thingsgo o changing at this rete for ate nest hea-
mad driek the majesty of the people. 'he majesty of dred years as they have done of, we shall .sarcely perp iomn o aa IMnterior Lf & Emrt ce es
he pleoideed f should like to e it. There used to have a relic of the good old ie left. fLhe weather isa t Acdrmy of Sci r cea. iinga J he r iD h. a
ame revs ene ahown to lords in formerimea, bulhow not what it usd to be when I was a boy. h thoe were in boring to a great depth in the solid rack. HIbf eaed.
mer oseted now Snubbed at by the newspapers, el- glorious old times when we had suMnhiMe ahI through the heae. u r tthe re w i Chiae wells mamh depb of
Sthe Atreets, quined in epigrams, peppered with summer, and hard froas a thlrogh the winter; wien for Aooo feet in a mas of rtise rnk. with iarma wata
P t sh, own up ha novels, robbed of their boroughs, one half time year we could the every day, and for the by cord. he conceived the idea of cemanetig nmki m-
*est oned with annihilation. People call tha the other half could akaile every da.. The is nothing of p*le of pieringean d of Msil A e.l was e ma la e-
tof ilerlleci- call it the march of inolence. that sort now. If a man bIys a pair of skaioes in the, a eage On Mriea a bed m
a .boy, P le the books we had in the bo ,m winner, it is sure in Ilm net day ; and if y bo y H fela gI r a s, whis rapidly demed 0 b hb
- i and P nvB ok and lhe Caort Calendar: the pair of corks one day, three is re to be a hardfroM sel bst ,te, p l boas T'he intr me
a t 1au religion and the last oa political: a morning.-There is nothing but wet weather all through play by a rapid peroeasmi. mpeoetga l ti
--ermtw, what did we went with it ? It is oly the the winter, and no dry weather all through the summer. and in spit of the impedaertin of da teals, d a am-
uh tram ing the world upside down, and puatag Formerly we used to have a eclipse or two in the comre akilfalnesa of rhe workiae. he a d mae a l
Speoople's heads, that would never get ere of the year, an we med to look at it thbrmogh asked tn by te erdmy mhod to depthe f' l e a
Rglsse@, ed very god fu(n it ias, only it used t make P"aiana with the reseoae mthet e ma y md sice be.
t* el that i in the world came by innovation; and noses blacrki we did not ISke cae to hold the gI. noe he was a sink r f J Aea wall, n y m caled
m in if the wfrrldl. fre frn innovation, neither porlv. If we look into the alnIanrk for an eclil w, e w oate re in the wellt tem Ire. s iusll the a w lkw
he'*"* above, nor th earll beneath, nor the walWr are sure to ee that it is invisible in tlhes pai t; and even di sentPd l ..f w belo h lIar." saynMr I a. ls-
See ader the earth. What binen have men up in if it i viibl we ran never ee it, for ller- is always cloudy tpo msen have beew mme* in the mai Id: and I
L wi h belliuos ? Wltl ula ood can thv get there t weather. I scr;rcelv know any thina th is is ow as It doubt not that by their ad. we shall be able to enplre the a-

S- -d -_ rr~

e"~ ir- wr

eh beeto >-s --d a'twow

t a n ys..y tL ofa re b a a Our shout re Adeice will not warrant a discussion of
"-N. & the "a od day tdct;" but cdas and timblr, a e %tic. e of
uch serious necessity sami the Windward Islands, and
J.a- W S t beaffliedl by as so msck dtper then by any better
h b det l es t iadm baih* a maste a r amatto 4 it
1P we do ot ship in our .owosemmols to their ports, lien
l lx the. dtis of course will become a pa of their in-
W b with a voice cb rge upon such member, and the wood-cutters
M A popes the 8 by wil, ia no way, feel the lms of employment. During
Ph N, d m o lth c, art d e2d shi a yar, no sisls carried cedar or timber to
S' f a maral ined these Ilnd-coneuenuly, we were visited by several
tO p we inert i this day's ia the b mo large vemels; one of the cargoes of whlc, was more
.i mes detailed accamae of dith ea equivalent to the riek export by our own small
maeml p Ose of MGra h ls, pre ly ad by shipping, for the usual tiz monthL devoted to such trade.
wiha eslmetatfmu Parlismesar delbas on the sg a regards dthe failk of the Colony," it will be beat

r i =m Iby L o a Lrds By tikh it appears, who, by paying takes, ad by otherwise supporting the
aI las again as bring lshe PFdsment a Governmont, are d p d b to the individuals,
SPasM N b ied u smilwr prhariplas to those of the to whom treC nomy is pleded; sad upon whom the ha to
N a l.ra shy pla a.e dert scale. Bent dte S d S d of their pepsnm without chance of remu-
licp OGis Bril are. upon slmo mrasueof neratd, certain lam would be entailed, and consequent lo
LJubeig bi-- m cid i their represeautlio, it w of hoaour to the Colony, of a more decided maracter,than
hI .-m m In o P a m sopo to proved it; and we likely to aise from the I es ted factioou carping of gu-
mad spls, biod pthnim wl he inclined to make co- ips, who only foL that thir already small stake may be-
4~ tSo lth wifhes of Se people my he coupled come one shilling deariormd byay defend of the public
wthl wt Imba dlay as ppo atib, lhigthe Lid rights. Tnlt Sir Jame Car icmel Bmyth has I view so
Chom r p.dtlyav m d, t t eBillms pas wK. to reader valuele our Sie property, wal oe knows
a o i s omamilnai-m from fdaL aszpervce; and apos sacguc u aSas those of
Iy so adbsd of ~h Bi F gham Politcal Ulie to Sf-pnrtMtim, his Oo ent should be mat eadly
afr sim 1 i woild appear that Prrogation of opposed by evey Trau toMe sad Slaveholder, thrugb-
iam U l ad tahoe plaoe, bi ou paper contain o- out bese widely esI d Islands.
thiag e de ubject. On uaoccaio ofouch vital import- O HE
Sam r e ation, HisMajesy's speech, prroguieg the FREE AND INDEPI DENT ELECTORB
Pmimoant meat be highly interesting, and we regret not W o 55
T d sooner Blmemr, arrived h might from Kingaton, OG reTLEM.
mbL brinlgg l ar g bof I Coa.t, to the d int., The uttering tatdbimal of esteem which we have
pftea iom whll we fshll make in our Met. We have received from many Oef jm ves, individually, now call
ly gihed Mr them, and observe thing particularly au forth, to offermourelve a Candidates to present your
inslmld b sr nreders, accepting a few remarks of the general interests, in te General Asnembly about to be
Otkr of dls journal upo Baham politics, with reference convened.
aI d s cct W rsued by our Governor toward Major Altihoulghl wiblir k might devolve upon many,
Nioas, and the Magistrates, Mums. Anderson and Dun- whose preteniomns to y bour may, from a vanr y of
ems circumstances, mstn. paramount to our's, yet as our real
for the welfare of our eqa, has its origin in its being the
STht pirritm an r seas is theHoe of Amen- place of our nativity, and subsequent nurture, we trust that
ly, b a eady cMn eaed by both the bsythlies and it is unnecesary for to offer a stronger pledge, tlat we
Co elia, tere is sot th slightst doubt, alhhuagh, it is will fearlessly discharge our duty towards you, as our fate,
as y pisively known, when a llese will be called whahver it may be,i so deeply involved in your own.
getrber; sd as this muh be e inal stnggle of His Ex- It las ever been remarked by statisis, and the best
baacMy' party, h my be confidently expected that every writers upon political economy, that there is strongest
udde, wl e made ia of, to gain supporters at the en- and surest safety via a common enemy, in strong poli-
Emg lctld, a well s by bribery and threat, a by en- tical combination, and anion; and that there is no safer
desam t eaci alermla in the mids of the Elector,--a path for the inroads of kch innovators ,m our customs,
am 1 whi was mam aimiably emyed by our bro and natural thaajanring inter and political dif-
arlo d* Roayl OGaetW, o Wednday last. We have ferenceasamong a body of constitu
s dly, s a Ciadr, given thau advice to the Electors, Electors! We have tefacertinev ,sdouronly sfe-
aich ll G bumble judgment, omaider best caleu- goandsIl be, a firm aden unconquenrabp rit. To suc-
hd, a po a th is toe of the Coloey; and hall cumbatonce,isineviutta ruin; to asurr, wa ,if we should

amly hoe e rve, Sat me of the arsumeint of our co
itmpoy sve, a the leat, wrought any duch in our
soaises, as exprand at that tme. The Colony, it is
slo wed by oeery o, hau mnd materially, both i a
se sid l internal point of view, uace the appoint.
t Sb James Cormichel Smyth to the GovmenL
Ih ie er more, by ay attempts to rid ourselves of
IMa emam blete. Th i public aers, or any other
.pM cradlor, sald a r by a emacion of revenue,
oadU eni a y h att mur of regret to all; but when
prieipals. itho is om rcial W political ocieotis, frlee
entte srm, or premiure, upon ai opoal, feel it sorem
ry to aonolidate their e lars ay one mel
piat, Is the that dependents ofevwy deariptio., la
Ntity their gratliae to the source from whece they have
derived heir support for a srie of year, by refraining
f- aging thei demands for imntdima stl nl, or un-
ll esh pltd of pr-- has bee fairly mrsonsd.
As regards dMo diae upon live stock and atule, we
ppel to I general knowledge of the community, whe-
Ai my way gr at miaomvesc was ever smfred pro.
vies th heavy dethd being laid on by or Legislature.
We bieve, open information, the in tchme instances out
of hW of import of cattle from S. Domndt whnre they
ca hle Laed'opon lower term 1 thai T1 the United
l e, m ious m was incurred by S importers as
a es mledy dclos d door upon asulmequt similar spe-
eu la. As It phaers, or rather stoc-breeder had
a -Led prior o the paying that Act, wede ot
I ay chag has been made, by tine, in local cirum-
to warrant an alteratioe on thi head heing deemed
mn rJe do a 0r arreub and pods have had very
Iarp inlsm dy bdsto rd upon them, and do not require


prove ultimately uauscaful, at least leave an approving
feeling on ou minds, of having duly discharged our duties
to smsreai, and to oar ueigAbn r.
Who among you das not know, that it is the easiest
and safest mode of being generous and human, at the risk
and espmne of another And whoamong you does not know,
that the present system of things, has a tendency to sweep
yor latest resources, into the vortex of smnAcirATon,,
without aamuvNralrsoi--a stop, by which many hope to
cor the ftmre s of veb badly spent, and ohmb eek to
winm gold vated by a fatic sl, from a already impo-
verised exchequer, ao rewards for rendering the general
ways and means Ism, from a deterioration in commerce,
consequent upon colonial annihilstl.
Electors! From hecircumstnceaof our Coloninl decay,
from our want of the means of affording a staple Colonial
export to the mother country, we are deemed fit for the ex-
perimets of a faniaical administration, whose emissaries
are only comiA their attacks upon our most vital, and
only remaining reource,-our Slave puplation !!!
Like those of the wily serpent, you wil And their in-
sidios efforts clked in doe fise of ruisdm; should you
yield, your only thanks will be derision, for what they
will term your arf-sacrifice.
Let your motto Ihen be RESITANCE, until you gain,
at least, a pledge of aXueanarion, well guaranteed by
national compact, not hy lhe vain promise of some Colonil
Secretary, or his Deputy, who holds liis office for no longer
riod, than In e rr e t n t of a p edianintl party.

Yourelatli'net servants

1 fig- nalms !M*_~p-

As- -

1 &

The brig L'ander, captain (Gil, at this pa
vu Cwea, brisk auortlnouth paper of I
her, eM he t, rdaei of Aeji, a "ik[
In ros The fain-V sf't*t*W
oulmercial 5ft d e.abl us to make the followima
The Reform Bill continued to excite the mu t
terest, and the receipt of the Intelligence ofitn
i the Hose of Lords, was in most places
uenrously attended meetings, for the purpU a
ng the irlpoublelnSnt n Iavour of Reform. ,
Landm, ffber 141h.-The Pars papers
esday, and the LMeiage and uazrtte dated l L
arrived in T'wn U i morning. 'Thle as an4jT
arisians cojOls to ob delivered from tI oi pn
e question,' the important evt occur i
ind. The w ol a Telraphic desptt by 4a
ernment, announclg the mnaorily of Lord ElriL
lotion, was aicAed on the Paris Boure, on Wa i
nd dillused universal joy. An imnmediat rie ps'
inds was the conaequence.-The discanio
Peerage project as reaumed in the Chamber of Dali
o Wednesday. The impression in Patis wa, m ,
power to create would be invested in the King, bit i
he selection mat be made from lists of candidates
resented by dthe Electoral Colleges.
Private letters, brought by lhii express, ste I I S.
tence of a report, thattea affairs of Belgium lad NI
and had been satisfactorily arranged.
The Cholera bad re-appeared in t8, P etmlboa
At Berlin it had unexpectedly resunted sac ; We
physicians reckoed with cofideace, on bemi ibi~5.I
roul it.
The report of Lord Palmeraoo's resignation is |
Wednesday beiq anenced as the day on wbi i
sitilons greed to u the met opolis hold be pi
o the King, preparmtos wen commenced at a so y h-
n the different parishes, to proceed in proces les s i
James' Palace. Upwards of 70,000 pecan hI
Marylebone, Pencru, Paddington, Holbr, 2
other parishes, halted at the bottom of Regent Stret,
hen joined the civic procesion, led by the Lord Nal,
Sheriffs, and city authorities. Tese were followed by t
parishes of Newington, (Surry) St. Luke, Cli*ker ld,
James and other--the greater part of the gendtemem f
ng the procession, wearing oak and laurel leaves it
liss, light blue lavours, or bands of ribbon round tbhe,
is die Bailge of Reformers," and some wearing ad.
dues of black crape, and a few wore tri-coloured rllu
Bannersand flags we inRlerspesed, wilhdevimaund
utic in: rriplons.--al emblematical of the g -i0 "
'IThe Lord Manltaving presented the Ame, is
Majesty returned the following answer: I recmie wi
satisfaction the expression of your loyalty and attmia
to my Iw -son and (overnment, and of your confides i
my constitutional advisers. You may be assured of
si;icre desire to uphold, and to improve the aecurith,
furded by the Constitution, for the luaintenance of ta
rights of my people; and you may rely on my coomid
dis position It further the adoption of such measorm, mr
seemi best calculated fur that purpose. For the safe I
successful acconmplishmont of such metrures, it is ahm
all things necessary, tlat they should be discussed wi
calmneui and leliberation; and I earnctly recommdm
you, to use all ihe influence you so juully peu a s i
your fellow citizens, for the purpuo of preserinilg
public peac aon any interruption by acts of violeaeal
In such an immense assemblage of persons, comaisI
of at least JUO,XOU, it was sarcely pnsible to expert ha
that some outrage would be tonmhited.-Thee a,
however, very few easuaies, the principal being cotal
to the breaking of a few windows in the larquis of ir
all's hose in St. James' quae; and a the M.e of
Londooderry was proeeding to the House of 1a
through the Park, he was pethed with tone, one of Uth
was o severe, that, after being resnctd by the Polite, -
Lordship was obliged tobe taken home in a rcoae Th
Duke of Cumberland, in proceeding to the Ho d
Lords, was alo anacked in the Park, and his Royal Bi
one was dragged from his horse, and very roughly I
by he multitude. Atibi junction, several of the PM
forced their way thragh the abh, and etritu limg
Royal Iliehoss from the perilous ituties iate w
he lad fallen, acended is getting him thrlkh de 0
and escorted hbimtfot to the Hone Gu(rds, it
deemed advini Stot he should not emooan hs
NorrINoGHAI Tutsduy, Tlree o'cl 'c.-We rfsfr
in the nnmt dreadful state of insubunlintion ad re
\Ater dUe mingling in te market place, hdw windowm 4
nmny persons in all parts of the towi sere broken, *a a
windmill on the forestnearly demolished. Towardsd"l'
an immense mob went through Spnten ; at NMSrati im
place they tore udow an ininonse range of iron piltw',
and armed with ihese, they niarchedl to Coiil ick 1.ull,
seat of John blusters, Eui;ire, ai] turn to pieces the le
uilure, and st fireto tlhe house in tok placs; it wf
terwardaextinguihlid, without muc I uLry. Abuatiue
o'clock, an atiark as niade on the town house of w"
reaction, which contains a vast number of prisoumi'
miter door uas futced, lien on the arrival of the 15b
Ilussir, and thle civil force, the moli inrtanltly Juspe
In half a lionur, tle Hoyal Castle of Nottinglhao, now do
proe.'rty of the Duke of Nwrcastle, a s ilibcuL'd to
onl ire, anld ib-fre aid ciuld arrive, un ias o ctmpletl'.
lans, ti all alttlpnailt to save< iSt ,cr in ain.
beautiful estifice was niuoc tllan oic lihunorrd )arla Iros

T W ini t wias ut rucualy inhai d. TWiJohn HRuasn. in a.e oug of the whi.per of situa." he
esi cra, and I loringa of black oak gad I cotinsled wa designating the decision of the Lam rs d at
rd tho tp.stry of 4iuae An.n with every thing of '" laticom." Lurd John Rusell id sad he coul t s mict
,w o awd. 1 < w l*ut t asternJ alwir the expressions of hI evere. lie certainly did consider. that
M wUehl. "r cuonsumd. r New lfiotiall external walls the opisitiou tnhl, (till was that of faction. lie deplored
i h Tisn, rioters woaqriocipally young man , ,litrn',e that h:,,I ien committed ; they wue more iju-
Y a b IyseI's t)l country, to Lth nuiub* oN MU 01o r,us it- the rapse of lHlefiu,: but he eould not admit, that
aUn I ir sruchl i proceroline, were enrouragec by those letSn. Sir
RIOT AT DERBY. C. nWftlirre accused the Minnimn of not appealing to the law
O0 the arrival u thie Inews ,if the fate of the Reform put' down the K ommnoiiona aad declaredl he sld mo on
Il M ardayv ight, ai immn,,irs concourse of people ress ul to the King for a i rucmmsioL" to ny thke
d in rt Hu* oi Mr.iwho had fired Nottingham Cstle. because the Duke of New-
mbkoiJl is front lol th Huom ou Mr. Miley n e stle bad honestly exlrr.ed hi. opinion as"nst the Joai-
mlmrr primrsof that town, wrlhi was identified as Ani- mirol nd Rhliaruiuiry Bill.
jbr saesrespodentof Lord Londonderry. A attack Ionoi,. October it.-Mr. J.H. Plunkett.a Irish Catholic
immediately commencead on the wih l wae the House, Banrrier, us appointed to the office p Solicitor Generd in
i rlwere speedily demolished. The rmwidce of Mr. New Mooth Wsles. He is the rst RIman Catholic promo-
theil Mayor, was sunt anailed, and ds front of the ted in any of the Colonies, under the proviion of the Relif
bodesdt 'hoe Iowa clerk sw N lll6 l M y injured, Bill.
M destroayed. lif own ;and clerkw hnjuly is lurd The abllin election committee have declared Mr. haw
Iros ti property of Sir William Wilam. The town and Lord ilgestrie, the siltinlg mbons, duly elected.
The guard at the Ilurse Guards were doubled yestnday
e uas beis broken open, snd a compaIm escape of mie morning, ndil a strung fonte was atlialed in the gun depot in
5 n*aM takeU plco. An henmen. body of people, pro- the Park. At one, thi additional force wa withdrawn.
to Litde Cheater, and entirely destroyed the front Bevel of the Loard Lieoteoant of Coonties, le town on
4 Mr. Juin lHarrison's dwelling-home returning back, Sunday night, for their respeetire district.
Ase airy Iluo was attacked and reanly a window A young mn was on Monday eammind to ake his rial at
rainedl whole ; but the Anti-Rformers shared much the th' Wetminster sessions, for pdldq with mad the Duke oa
s fae. The dletmrnces euntined the whole of the Weilingn. he on his wa to the Hus of L ns.
The whole of the Police forum stationed in the eainfes, on
hiln, and tim guantest esrscu were committed. The Monday morning marched into the mmropoli, and ea lying.
hunking-houso of Messer. GOmpton, suffered dreadfully; wsoe in the lIramks at the King's mew, sod others in the
every window was forced in ; Mr. Hadeni's, surgeon, shred Palace-yanl. Large quantities of smmunltlen were aellered
dI mrue fano ; Mr. Haden's son, llenry, was killed by out to the roop i London, on Mosay morning, at their re-
he msob. On Wedumneay, however, tranquillity had, in a pecilve blacks aud qsnate, and ear th recruit at the e-
oats measure, bae rs d. c emit hos ame nader amea.
J'ho iJas (Es.)OsLate, sys-m We se redibly The gnat esderkiss ofa Mr. Okaldaston, t ride too
isnurtam t asesbarof ns pasabmlart o of B mie in te soccssive hours. for a bet of i.0l mneasigna
less, hs a d moed not to pay= a rtg monas sem a side. will takme lace at Newomuse during the eat Bough-
lm, .o denied not to pay a farte ngco m he dun meeting. The ground selected for the peformfn e, is ia
w onestil tIm l form Bill shl have become the law of the neighboarbibd of Cheveley, and lba been staked out for
tIu aod." the oceasion.-Mr. O. will ride six of his own horses, md six
HOUSE OF LORDS. belonging to another gentleman. 0. a.d the bors me
Ocoer 1. in active training.
Soum baines of little importance first occupied the a- It is stated, that Mr. O'Confi has received the pa-
mnion of the Housei tent of precedency from the King, which wll placehim st
Public efrciltmeu.-Tle Lord Chancellor,-- rise to the head of the King's Consd.
psaeot petition fur Reform, from Peterhead, and am Tim Caledonian Mercury ntmeat the typhusfeverwas
Utioes to take this opportunity of stating what I intended raging badly at Perth.
ase hut night, and what I consider it my bounlen duty The Birmingham political union, a society which says
st e in the face of your Lordships and the country, not as much power now in the country, a the Catholic ao-
mely in my judicial authority, as the first Magistrate of citation ever did in Ireland, have published an address,
cImemtry, but as a member of Hli Majesty's Govern- which we insert below, recoinmendlg the formation of po-
m.-I wish, I say, to state that one of the most certain litical societies in every town in England, to concestrte
ad the surest means of retarding Huform, particularly public opinion, and to unite all vices in demanding Re-
I great measasre of Re1fori,, which has m lung occupied form. They exhort the people to firnunem, order aad
IS attention of tie country, is a breach of the public moderation.

pace. (Hear, hear.) Violent proceedings had, in dif-
ip psmmi.s nrlnoniiately been resorted to; bet he was
bd to late, dtht every violatim of IkM public peace, in
mAr to display zeal for the accomplishment of the inea-
mn, however it might be intended, was certainly against
Pwr umentary Reform. The people, naturally, were ans-
tm, I they ought not to allow any thing like despair to
fthe~leion of their minds, or indulge any distrust in
Ig Mjesty's Councils. Such cnnilue, above all others,
y aMt avoid, if they wish the Bill to succeed. I tell
di that Reform is only delayed for a short period; I
addhe that the Bill will pass-that theBill must pam,-
ta a Bill founded on exactly similar principles, and equal-
ly eensie and efficient as tle Bill which has just been
hwm out, shall, in a very short period, become prt and
pad of the law of the land. (Hear, hear.) I have
4mmd it my duty, Iwr the sake of the peace o the country
s giso this friendly advice, most sincerely aping that it
ay have the desired effect, and that it will received in
liarit in which it is given.
I d Whar iifr-I am glad to hear from the noble
sl'hrnd Lord, this admonition to refrain from the vin-
Sdf property. When the question came before the
I thought it my duty to oppose Reform in the way
i de it was introduced. How I may act when the
mme ames nsrein before tel Hose, will depend on
d sm.ra ; but I will repeat what I stated previous to
hdamlelot, that there could be no doubt, the thie had
m rritvd when there iustl Ie a Reform in the Com-
m H ei of Parliament. To what degree, I am not
lP dto a y, nor what mde of Reform may be safely
;i ut when the question comes stain before your
IaSs, I shall eert the host of my ability to do justice
I amIttl (Hear.) Several Bills were then passed
1Ia stag, and the Ilous adjourned.
snOat I1.-Reform BilL-Os the presentation of
SBpfla petitions by Lord Hi the Earl of
# lobl observed, that he daled d il himself of
si c~ ty to ay, that, though he resisted the
hI was not opnred to all Reform. His Lord-
"PCdd that he would not object to the extension of the
.ihatm to large Ind popuilotu places, but that he did Sb-
pt to thd dlfsnichiine of so many boroughs, and to lhe
'"In of ni many 10 voters, as would result from the
ll pr red by tl'. Minilters. Thle Earl of Ilfdling-
Sirs rled similar sdnlitinnlt, lding, that ahen a
' Of Reform was hrtroulht forward on constitutional
P ias, hold have isi favourable consideration.
Ocitoher It.
STtot n Tm M lTnopi.. -.,fr. Rt in presenting a
iu r m Golwa,, m I vour of P:'r]hamernslr R4fnrm, ron-
&l, h 'e",w-, Pion rhe Lords : rrcrtrllr that the eon-
4 the Bishi"h waq what i hail leen. andI rejoiced hat the
mke hal oN. ld thlreulelr-ls p.a refuillvy in their course to
he M av. .S'ir If* n'y Ilrdinf re1prer4se astonish-
la h i tr' e ndlrct of the procesion was praise. when
rl idtmlls me.e hail .arc. nkel. reatld. ansd .oun.led
P-ftf ;.(Mnoquis oft l.oulol.derrv.) and hadl iniiml the
of Welltl hou.r. The Iln. Haronel lien e, m-
f te leter_ l,,il J. Ii,-ell and the Chanerrllr
Efl e,, ". ar"knonl,.lenc the rrreri Ihet thanks
laby I gre rat Ulriiiinli.m merli:ng that ol Lord

The Council of the Biruingail political union, have
published the following addrea:-
Second address of t tictl union to falli ir lollew comryyme, in U U.itd
Fr.inds, Countrymen and Brothers !-Our gracious
King, finn and indelible in defence of his people, has
again come forward in the moment of their extreme need.
Regardlesspf the clamours of an infuriated faction, hover-
ing around the steps of his throne, he has again, in person,
nobly put forth his royal prerogative in our defence, and
sant the House l f Lords back into (he midst of the people,
to receive a less of the duties which they we to their
countrymen, and oF te extreme dangers whid must arise,
if they should rashernist in placing themselves in oppo-
sition to the irru siie will of the nation I
"Friendas a yellow Countrymen !-Our road l dlear.
Our mind is ade up. We will stand by Lord Grey.-
That illustrious statesman has declared, that the Bill of
Reform shall become a law, in all its essential principles
and provisions. The whole history of hi life forbid us
to distrust his word. The strength of an united nation,
which he wields, forbids us to distrm his power. There-
fore, we wilLand by Lord Grey. And if by pnsibility,
he should he driven from power, we will carry him back
upon the shoulders of the people.
"Friends and Fellow Countrymen !-The King, the
Ministers, the House of Commons, and the people, ae all
united. All these have gives proof, tham they are nue to
the cau of liberty, and that hey are dhesmlod to carry
the Bill of Reform into a law. This holy league i nvin-
cible. Nothing caln shake its power, f no discod or dis-
enion arises within itself. It s for you, theeasre, t shun
discord, a the only rock on which your hopes can be
wrecked. Discord among yoselves, would give to yes
enemies the only possible change of obtaining a triumph
over you. Let no disonion arise astog you ; and nothing
can prevent the downfall of that atrocious oligarehy,which
has so lone trampled upon the liberty and the happiness of
the country.
Friends and Fellow Countrvien !-A ,e same time
that we lhow ennfidence in the king and in Iis Ministers,
and a litlu detminstio to preserve the law, let im show
no ta'eakni-4Tl F timidity, no lukewarmness, in the
rause of lilbrtiy. Let all be amiled as one man, in the on-
tlhusinstic and delnmined support in this great, this holy
cause. Let political unions be formed instantly in every
town, in every district, and in every village where they do
not already elist. Let the nation stand fur its strength,
and in peaceful and cmmanding majesty, express its will;
and that will is certain to become the law of the land.
Friends and Fellow Countrymen!-Be patient, be
prcrefhl, be firm, he united, he determined. Plare your
confidence in the King and his Ministers. Until these
shall deceive yeu, there can be no fear for the liberties ol
Friends. Countrymen anil BrA rs t'-Listen to us.
The sword inimu not I.* drawn in Enlaintil.-TlI terrible
knellof the tursin must not siund.-Th learn of the widow

and tl orphan mam t ark nan They e the
last diad khernativl of an opined smat, To i-
fluence of the aliguc, alde by a copt dd laMg.
te benc orf Bishopsi, ba obtained &m7aj.
in the Hod or Lords. But the power & i f c
fr the law, wil bmahle do mligrcky bl th4
nliant neoisFm, dti French, esfteed a "mlr ,
tio by hiA the bharides comeandl w te M dt
the bet of the naoo. We will have m e -rri.
Without bohd-- witha t mebhy--wlbtvm lilr 1f
law, we will acctaeli tb moat glories lmrdmr 16.
corded in the lM ef ther omd.
4i s the King.
ot% Vp'ni AS ATWOOD.C halma.
By order* ftci A.

On Tbhurday, am* a Uathea Wil= -n 1 6 i&
tO year, m of the lbts Mr. mar J3. 3-a dO


On Mfl nay Wi M ia S
AT TUE ioIa lOle, "
At 10 lOlIh SL
Will be Wold,
Flour, Mal, Cora, Peae,
Rice, Cheese, Buler, Lard,
Soap, Candl, Pork, Cnckn,
Le, wad Fig Tobacco, c e. Ac.
As sortmmn of Madidas
Tenr -CABH.
At tfae mah' CO ,
Negro Man OGorgep, a gd Ms.
December 24th.


Or Maday rnt, I I MNA
AT TEu wrio mousn,
At 10 O01te A. IL
Will e Sold,
Bags Shle,
Casks Whiskey,
Ditto Molaes,
I pucbhoon Rum,
Immediately fuerw at da wlm f t F P,
Nimmo & Co.
41 bale Coune,
Being part of property ie soop Fenol fr earrkei
rendered American ship i wli.ois, W ean, -mr rbr
New Orlans, bound to New York, whl shames d
Little Bahama Bank.
Ternm-Cau oa deivery.
December 24th.


On Monday ant, tLs (6i ient.
AT THE+ n rTEVW mos,
At is V0 MA..2
All that piece of Land, containing, by ameasmet,
two hundred acres, situate to d weaaMd of vh bs of
Namu : bounded nortbeily on th sea a-lhry lend
granted to Thomoi WheweU ; wmtmay oatad of Francs
Montell; and ewardly on had grad to the Ha'bles
James Mosa.
At 3 monthly credit.
Sepembher 24th.
On Mmadrsy aRn, the Mit hm t,
At l O Wiek. A. M.
Willbe amd
Superfine fresh Flour, u,
Rier, Corn. Bas, LMr4
Cadlem, Tohac, &c.
1 ca fine Pe I=
I do. do.
b1 rle Dowisa.
At ae mfJi's Credit,
Dernemer 24th.


Mea vailsar
H AVING field the nois of UADM sos o s a $9
r bmrrel of superfine Flowk, Orlsd, t- As
shilling Lou do weigh lba. f6a, ad the= ipepmy LAe
lilb. 3uo By order of the Vlry.
IVoumr Rom 6th, December, 181.

T FHE RI'SCRIBER- offer for eal, byjpriv bar-
6 lihds. choice Maderia Wie,
40 do en do. do. do.
60 dron do. Tirinfe do.
I trunk Gentlemen's Shoes,
2 blue Dinner Sne..
December 24th.


..t h atr wemmi --* oal Te m .
After chunge faut @dll go a, till th I lhad acquiratld at lol dimDwaP%
w ,w L or wltW*s L wo tilo ecomilderodd to be a fur, o,* fair represeat- spod, a. Th a eous pess he defi, reI'
aImingAli ii ffl ocalt i- fa r es- a- lir, i ear.] I hr cueud a -sbele l _ie believed ta of wnoey i o bdw I bweaI ht withi ofi ,
d" 111a L'dthblpltttiU sat P Them dashed- doe gnW enjurity ut dboreastable porthu of du hmn pscaad af ast al t ha di. [Hear,6wuho4A
p1.Sip Is.. 1a* wine led A" fthe mis am emuL afraid of ds0 fri theopposi- preu po"question a d th coeastno o do low
a g d -us dem.i Thus adle sael lahd thie beaecls, and l e., her," from the mnelnmal and an its decee would depend whether tinyw
dr os bhit theH ea t goeramat dtaid hommta Amid he hwgud to ask tho- noble aords who ead down dhat constitutioa to tllir children,., y
.dlld t t hey did tt ill y wer feed of referring to the feeing of the ople, this del li teray on one side, and popish prem
Igll ..h ha a. (la. d, from thp ee qu s -wht w d character of the aomeeta at ea the other. He had always e ad
puathle bs-cs) HRe, -w-r, ma t Lfura ia wid had buen lately gutpwith respct to the. bi n n oro hic a a
ossJbh o If I L edl b dostruc- fthcounty of York Ie oud tata requisition in face. of =b w dideLa ad aol wt whou o
tJl e e acaitutio, anl ijm intestsh bll ad been gutlp, bu namoogst the lt of anme he mihe Abiea with: shat those whichgae wd
f dhe cuwtyM was bushad ae i~W'u l pola Ie- othn diw eru of persona.ohm him bhd be hass with duene to rasould begt rid of. It a gou
j it. .4rrordingutl speech of the mubl earl upo qusleston all II land ld dWlayy sucher the Cat
break up the gIovrnmnt by rmja g it, wit th the corteai, vour of this particular Mi. It w l possible to deny, w.. caciou thatmthat meaurn would have
*or L 4af having se equally ri ex tor esemuie ms- t5g at the lteo elections, a br majority in favour of the He kjnw that a reformed Parliment would aw o
Ae l.eoda thirusqm &mn. lear.) Not eeword bl had been returned to tlelu of Comons. Delu- suffred it. lie woud no, dsereforn, aet api ,e
had d le er da to d r cy of the propold soe had b e bad recoup t, sad the people lad been judged disLrachi at or smdemduig e 4
qila en.-r~m is e a sea--a -r alluak induced to believe tu duay were called upo to decide and decayd boroe hs, which gave such powers tao a
the a hpl pgi as ra p i ad Paul, ad to ider wibh the kig or wih the borough ge That ter a rea dord pemibhle ach aoher acI. The 6
._ll 'AlcL repe smti a vicious" end defective, wu the Msec of e u ae erl's party, and those wee of such borough, whether bought by hamono r ah
Ebt e i tht the phln by which those the mas by which it hadhs achieved, and if the noble rmly to the people (of bot which they adi
iouLh s t ll ep aesnka l were to ble sccaded was ead wished to boast of it, he wa perfectly elconse to do should be gives to popular ten. To rm de
ef hrt to the, qiteeaa of the contitution. TThe o. The bill would cripple do prerogatinve the crown. uaj~t. (Hear.) Now where we the defects rd a
S Bdb repnresttelr as a complete systen, had a gmat If it should so happen that the morch wished to apoi.t toe: suall towns wih .nminatlo, and i np
r.uey vie: : bun it ems to be considered as a part of a primi Minister who ewst rich, lho wa he to obtain places unrepresated. flow did the bill rmuudy lk
system, Ind as u it was hene l. lie aold not deny a seat in Parliamnat D i hi pulitial lif he did not facts t l the first place, Uall bete free Vle
thael tkh wan u ethg eobjectionble, aomethlg anonma- renimnber a single Minister who had mst beeo copellel Iranchlised, while the freeholdr, although living lug
Ior and iprper, I dst oem of nomination; but the to have recoura so them eaminatie boroughs ; and, from hi freehoM could vow. .Was thi o ee o a
m to b iM d of th~ people o England was, who- thernfie, he bad right is coedude that mu facility of penie of elections He would ave all he cm, ha
there were nt practlal dvnoTauge attending that )sy- introducng its Ministers he the I lousn of C nommons was would uot ditfranchdi unjstlly and vainly. HigrflS
m- tihrt con4wsed or I theoredtlal wor. Illear, ementll to tie free exercise of the Ropl pretogalive ; utie additions to counties given by the bill, and he pg
hr.] They ad hi o deal with a specl plans, which and as this bill would afford no sudi facility; it nnisi, a tie enfranchisement of towns, but he could e .li
wls be held ral ble ; and lookle at die provisions a matite of course, cripple that prerogative. Tht country sweeping length of disranchisment proposed in si
o rf which it conceded tdh h m ad mo to he nictriuctn had a llouse of Comlmlns popularly elected. What was A and B. Let those in schedule A huvo each a uma
a the da rd., if not the overthrr d o e motnrclhy. hda conoquence 1 W)t was the result of astiupteid de- incroan tdie constituecy, and enfranchise large taows
"fCTl hr] There wai a pary ha fthI country who libetio upon the blt1 Aoe in the House of Com- he would support d lehasuire. To the erectiaon
alied aa adn honia of coimludladem.. s repub- mons hadl voted for the senetd reading upon belief and boroughs of Greenwnir Woolwich, Finhbury, arya,
laiesm--and aM soon as ey mw diii measure prdaluced, espuctatio adult in comminiee it might be altered; but dec. le had insuperiblrobjections. The ehect ed
they arw il b ed Nf all dat they denied, and they when in committee they were laughed at, and they muso to quake London a aceDeo political excitcem taaud
eretals .l, with rereisar to ia tiotioin and die fra- fuunid dat tim House was delegated, and lad ant the power tioo as Paris was. Already lad the bare anemm
iews o these 'The l rl l.lhdiivsed tlond ino our to dUeliermat. W'ith respect to the nominatia boroughs caused this political excitement, and is fruits were
haIds.' He leT.' smnll cmaeainJe Ia e nomination lbu he begged to I e understood aslepressing no opinion, but lion of trade, and a paralyisof industry. AiathuA
rnurh, but hi life was before 1e county as a public man, he mid of tlre rest of thel bill that it was subversive of the clauos wa in every shape objectionable, sd with i
epa he appatd bto his Imlhlic cmondctas a viilicatiun of lli constitui:ln, and wuullI ea.d to the destruction of (lie crown gross defects he thought ite committee could not im
Npriltof lis metiiv,.. Ill w oullke theliburty f lookine aid ltI ann iibilioi of tie Honse of Lords. ThIy Uwere the bill, ulid he would vote against the second mn
nI tIhel rcltinitin ipru,,i.. Id,an., attemiIIpt tloihuwthiat, if all tola, day after day, by the advocates of the bill, that the Then the three and lenpenny clause was l little betal
tle dI' coitnpry thi wau tilmegrosnta. I order to captivate inieanre ; and a plubliention wlu,:h had appeared tlat day, of the measure, for this one false step could nevn he
dth. milait of a certain dl.o"a f periimIo, thu bill gave tlhe the WrHtimilnter Rerise, sail tie honest part of the raii- traced, and its result would b e tih growing of alpbrin
francrimi to mpesons paywiu: l:. (l. or ;a. ltId. a week, calls had dole their duty as civiliins, and were ready to do power into the hands of the people. If he da-md
which was onw sup frui universal iulirag.e. But the g.- it a"u sdivis if necessary ; that it was loudly reported the individuals held unconstitulional power,tllcontim7edi
vmeruumarlt lu wiltd rawi the uriinl propostiutii, and the I Lords inlnnded tu Itruw out the bill; and that st the worst, lean recover it, but there was no stepping back if dslls.
tef wruers luad Inemalu luu. for tle frustration of de clause. the people would Iave eigltt or tun days to make up their er was given to the people. Once destroy theeqlilib
Tim ieivrrninerl w-re ri coinprl.dl it retract, mid to g't aot minds as to the course they Idsl pursue with respect It of power in the sate, nod the certini effect would L
of iti diJhl.uiniu, i tiluil ilp, in sersin of tie passage tI lii t aL). SllcIh was tIhe lani ge, continued tfIe noble destruction of the machine. In Kent, nine-lenthledt
inamdvrterne.. [Lain(li hr.j Inadvertence! No purion lord, tlt was daily addressed by tie reforming party to people would prefer his plan to that of the bilL Il[.
r.uriml iterr isre franchise wiho hadl nilt occupied for that lious. If the people of England were tired of ih The present government were not entitled to pb a.
iftimn or tweray mtlult. Besides that, if a hoe-holder House of Lordi, le thu m sayu, nod dhey were ready to fidence, because they had habmed the King's preroulig
happened to move from one house to another, he had to walk out of ihat Ilume. [Chliers from th oppuition forward this measure. Let the peers do their daily wlt
corunawnce his time of residence again. Nor was tut beIochs, and cries of No, Dn," fruit tlI manistorial King, their country, and their God. Their owo em
thr only bar In the etellee of the fnrnchlim, for tlere Ixmncls.] Thtle he said, tlut the country looked to the was a stake, and colld be secured only by the rejeimd
were reietiritmi md a vaoty of diffcuk.ies thrown in time Houme of Peers to dR their duty honestly, fuerlesly, and tils muemure. Let them look at France--llht am r
way. it was said dht every i town wiih a poelm- without ailiun ; and if diey) s discharged it, and to Europe-u nd see what a spirit was arising there.
bltu eof lI JI) ou.:!t to return a ensmbr to ParUiment, die blst ou eir ability, lthe piuple" Englanmd would be ship in lhich all was embarked was among the brat
doe% aid Imcoetlitmlmlu nov uot ch rihL. lie s grateful fur such comluct. [Iluan ar.] The Noble lio who dlrted his duly would meet the reward of d
u maremiaim t with dit grt manufacturing towna in e.nrl had aldresed some renmar k to threverend bench, tion. Bulh knew the lords would prove ihensrilmri
Yorkari r; atd their iltertet migh bep protected by six and he would follow tlme example. rih reghr vereTnd hy of iteir ancestors, of their country. To lords ipL
mnknbes thar tha by thoea prtsa who, reurned under Ilach were theee not merely to consult Heir own indivi- al as well as temporal he appealed, s iien Ih' called a
th, bill, wmud he compelled to seek for the grmetm po- dual feelings or their own individual interest, but as the to eoen tleir courage. Heaurmi might lie popular, Im
polarity, and in the-ir search ti matter dI worst feelingsand guanlians of the whole church; and if they agreed with that of th bill, the whole bill, and nothing but the bill.
premllieof thevotrs. lie conlmeedd ithl dm ahnetion hium, hoesMh, truly, and upon the beat exercise of dthir cry was dead, and could not be revived. [Hear.]
wIl rpect t tth reprenmwtu of te conarit wa a judgmeoar, ds the bill was daugerro to the church, and spoke the sentiments of the community, of propriiey
4delude la m i -I Iere, a as w the del io dematctive to the comiution, tey were boud by teir intellect, hels. he aid it themy would not supupot -
wr rpt t-o he 10. ie ir Evory one rwho duty to that church ead to that constltion, not to ach sure calculated to destroy the equilibrium of tie rste,
watm a ql with the m eafacturig towns, know from ihe avowal of heir opinions. [Loud chm.] For the best ineraest of the country. (loar, bear.)
*M au 'a a rr e a realidra lde iannce upon coun- himself, his paserity should never have to my that he had
ide tr whn c da" we li and from the pela of di.- deeed i poet i dt hour of danger, or given way to
elding As oe mmem tbhe me was till further incrne- intimidiuio. [Het, ear.] No me caid ae in a more Thie fit year oe mte elliaes o the Liverpool all .
d. He kbw Dum r doddesi and Ih. the whole re light thea hdilld, dht dthi wana 2 ts te between l hwas npi ot paemdie of the tipem bo "Ede
d th-fe f nm ea bm w rmr meauf l e hen democracy mad a seiapporterl of anI camimulmdO h; b items thit 414O per he traveled its wbe o
tm4q w -a Of Wrkwckd d shhkewame-thg,nd he implramdi dilt a ,- da pend du l Emrs of .a em pbot K Se shb. t dista nes- total id 4*
Il u may a te dlmb s wew be reMrne by ta heir cntlry, at do thir dt y ferlely ad ce iMaMieM. -. d whom ba nwk Coo00 q.-a predii
miaufeari g intst. The s to g- ti lynd to ave de in the hands Previde e ad to The eexct se produced b the carriae of geol i, -'
reprematieon afdodmu me toe iir ultmall ia e good se s of d people of England. In thua good eerailed, bkth kll a h edaC ,000. Thinis uariel
and el.ldl. th vth ears rm town r d d n m mm ha hoad frnm lag experience a perfect rlian, and vich.lg poe t f .3b-sas. and the i*
A pwrs i a town was only e fru voting f hae wa ara s rteace w ld hob ahake n. [Loud e t the ummaty. h *WO -
ountl if his pempv y gave I e To o ( e aow; chering.] The "me lord auovd a an a imtdwo Tihe avenw d mion i r lwy av sT-tl IWT
=d!i'7 pa,,w,,. b-d two frerbo ih low .,i, g ma That this hil be rae teld." the a-d a, Sepser.l. Thep h rwve enins._ ment
.ebom 6 ma hae as l e tow SECOND DAY. tar t~ jronei a sial moyle. eom leegant .
M if 9 6 A OW, sad W Te e -asty qmm Duches dlled with s she t e Zn N e marf
acnt a de I athe r. It wa a delaoa upone m Tuesday, October 4. ,a hour. I presenled another splendid triap
gr al nm a my that division oaf attmae A mgoee An u I. mand t.-Amrriam paper.
Idh mmmi eIdmliam of t m ver, wealdlpeo aes The Earl oIf W *rkle, i every v~ of the prnm t --f -- -
aLhbae bme da ee a mnm cmurig in. qallestlm, fek the raL ea biliy nttBch rl British diti for Sar.-The Montreal (Gsette of ote H"I
t Cepyidr, emhldel and, be.dy, te- Itter. (leur.) He anew a penr but mt f his muetry, nonce that it is the intention of the Btritish Cov."
amu a wil to ths am" of AS0i a year, war asntoe and punkof o party lnliag. h privatemative, dispose of the .hip. of wr a the Dock Tel a Kii
A fa~ l Ith ga- gIPm alad staig to dte htded pro. ma any internt to biu him. He wo ul ocd, un ed pUl.c a portion on the ttih o Jinry nes They r ,
rl tle f the .de p e h aney Ifu.- by the violenceof faction, or the foul, Iaicio, rncom she St. lawi.rec, lot; Kinnton. M; B irlitin 4t' m-
doeme, e *"mas, he wo .i mes SaW b-f phced la invective of a r of de pres, which prsolemig Mt eal. 4: ew moo red off nth Dock Yetrl ~ M
a pllma ithn w her psma who lbd sought tht o*dl the primcpls of liberty, exerled a more vile tyra a of dt (rems of e Wolfe nad aa e betn dem W
they had a right to d wi they pl with Ltheir m. my da any other duspoc over thum who were maw *mN pred faor I1 gm each
N.y of de bhet qplied Io wr atk dae ime of a enoulb to truckle t, and eshibtiad the mfolet in)ice -
own and of a comty, and to lrward dao dof Con. ad meethse calo ny aguaitntl who were toon vmt Our (rtend Daels. of the Camiden Journal Am Id"
iry at large, wmere stey nquallifrd to stead thbrent ofA or too prudl to do it humag. (lHew.) Eves h ma pmpol to e xhamie. TheTeaemsee editor muet Ib
ppular election, mch an li ill would ieri urioe re to. T llnatu female of this country, the most exated lady ei- og.-H.
wOtM mn be felt, and it would be fomud that the only way other for lwr private virus or Ier public life, was lacked: The Editor of a Tennath e pper. whikc has bee
to librd an aille-aqae, proersio. wol be to adopt vote wantouly and by ambomel aners by tlhse clhampini Ie se' el w "s, write" on the o"nrrin thk e nsa I.
by hat (iRmr, hear. Ad lht bron l.t Iin to nco-; of propriety and liberty lie woul to God he knew thue r h lve.- Exch e rang. -n e. .U. l Anm un
tlhe and a mot U IImptaIIa qstion. Would hi bill be a bIor calumai r-- ot tie hired i Lmae, but hli employer, r ise thedevil

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