Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: December 14, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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gIGoGS. Bditor. WEDNiESAY. BoBBlt 4, 1.s1. IV, L. I-I 1*,

THE BAHAMA ARGUS. It voei bworse theo mlo- t wdI be racheras mearmil, tht Ireda e osrrd upon te he
THE BAHAAto cn fact that the We-ldia co are prue- y n ever oo b reduced to day
ll-o, ,,1m-W L IN NIAao, N. P. P*ling taIhro. w of the yOke of DBritih & migrer .t. mu they may er L mf rt which they mer ejy.
Ir "vocation, a haode atrongerihem that which they have The fanmdl, theroflre, w odd mactlly hi e t dm hve by
j9, ir amIn -M. ava n.o. already received, only required t make them resnr t their pleasf emw cpaoo. What ia nael i ad
a measure so desperate. They am et he whole carr of with il them wrs of the wrtl bMedae I Le tm m-
British pdy, at least, of late years, nothing bet the mnat ect on this; and, at i ast, In t the cNaimsead ias-
obetinate W it of tyranny and injustire. They look for- turae with whose prospered e l 6ay weol dese
Sward to the adoption of measures still more anjust and op- to tamper, let them alhtaih fatrgi m gpn a devoted
premive than those under which tey now labour, and with Govormnt the complete of their vicism shma.
which they have so often been meaced. They find that True philathrepy cannot be their's for, with a whbd
while the lies and declamation ol their enemies are listen- which the abolitioists utterly want, it looks more to th cr-
Sed to with eagerness worthy of a better cause, no one cumma ce of men than to abstract riaipe The
swill pay the slightest attentle a t hir defence. They dves anr happy and contented.-Why maik the a o
f POe) are condemned unheard. They r grimly traduced as able I
men; and their property is deprected ad meraJey at When we te rd that a change pe te cohel e of
THE ACCEPTED. mi.di s unringhtedus and usapV. Latouringund er o the cb do tho e, mae ijmy mmt hea
I that t wigh of circ tancs so peao, they r kept i a md rede tm e ad a se of m and y mu mn
Snrea so tha th rlonnch s, at of suspenma in regard to their undoubted right than any thing over elpml d i is rlm-- m l
I would not have you raie yer eyes They are not sure that the property wi the hes per- to look to edar umns d Me m ilP m a to pr the
I would not hee yn eak: chad, md for which hey tolled, wit be loj oppreeson w.heh It I Wi l d le lml p by eplapn.
thoauK mute, I deam yea elqeest, presrrd a them.-Tby do m k Wde, hebth.r t ,,h p m y powe t n k
I esk no other sin, they are a be allowed to call Ihr ow-their o I I oglt to tke meme a nmpd the at u- ie
While thus tvor il had minMl regard n ters, as which edeobthould ei nt ade rle amn. Is L to aheldy Mi-e it
Confidingly in m saunt Gover mnt, they isemna In a state of the mo de on the ery m L po w h ei a wold
I know yon ofai wedi kM e fre m distnmeagunmrtainty. To-dy, that which form thesery dictate to me not sye JAlof ,sy. I. fact, th
The ell-tiae ias that ieali menm of their existence, may, to-morow, he taken from are laws in exisems wi cmpe th plea to m t.
Unhidden frh and hal betay them by a arbitrary act of the Legidture, extorted by hi slves. We cosl readily bel however, that, a a
The WJid* fe-a yw f feel fAIbl and anaticism. No wonder, then,that the West- matr of Sel.ineet, t jim evey de1d. e
I'me lm*m long-tried and deny loved India exists should feel im talent of a way which me- act toWrd the m idly~md ill y. Tbe
The blibtd bride m t nea their property, and keeps their feelii on the racm ndd, ntbe fam. Nom s arabsh b oi e
Than freely wup---I Deual n 1o l ove e in inh* tMe im d tet. no --rTM -- -d- or -- catl 1
A colI nfree hep- otuld ShaouM these invaluable pomelans ever E lost t En- Comme a sm taels him At t Ib hh inhtene a nd m
A cold nfe gor lin will wode r t "lhe r a- d mm d wel On ati ehery e kid i
I kow yeo lore year emtgehom led to ach diu er. They will raer to bior l haksr p t er d al. On theI e ma
Where t uhe er time. over ie reason and necessities which impeed a nation e.tair ank i We In b 1 wil
Your hand hpa tsul rhe clemuntis, like Britain to sacrifice the ry manim which upheld her re this I t we ca. as demd
AY ud emen with the clib;r commercial gremtnem-.and by which bet musofactring logic of the abolitionutshr me e to that .
Yenr little garden too prosperity has been created and esh ed. What U set i a thing wh h f die l f
lHw many fond remembrances be their astonishment and indiglma d that th i* ci e oled, by cldimte.
Eadear them aU to yoe. news of our strength have n th wa to pleae n e
ignorant and misled mulltitoe The cries of a fa phi. '- ehbolitioth e p l to a e I e ia by a Jh a
You sigh to lea r your mo 'er' lit, lanthropy, and the wicked eubition of political pimp-- extend the blesigs of libet. Good my LibL a I
Though on my suit she amiled, have alone combined to deceive the public and bully the They te Wa Inadi a one's- Tl on -
And upamg ery elf n child Legislature on this ubject-No argument hm been i ented, s ad tm als bhtid l- of Pald irg-
ot for Ir. she now may claim, or reason an edn-e pt ne amenoing slang of fae- gliag for a fnsem of which aey s be m ey d
k..d./>ro t , ticinm--o i ,- -- ~ -- .. nene or for- prved-ad which they have I way e e. fm i
..h..i^ *4 shM mig As.we r L...--.. olor In t
apponred by her Son! hn to pi the gme of a flcton which has no solid re llyb k by ., to a r e ldll ,
grounds fdM itl conduct-which acts only in obedience to ed would force their ity, upe a position whdo
Itan e you for that k-itspeaks the demands of a rechnes crowd t We ~ that English- ot n0d- i ind of uiii ersc. Wrhiy pdi-
Helience on me truth;
And never shall unkindness wound men ars too puch alive to their own dearest loterests thropi I H-w ca y e recoeo M suc coh is aI
Your unsupecting youth; that they h deep a sense of what is due the p principles of Iternal juestK" ad me forth, by whic
If fate should frown. and anxions thoughts charc lrmit themselves to be dpedo you pred u i l e c ted 1 T e poor of Inrled ae
Oppres your hosbandls mind, in this Let them keep in mind that ,, iag X ad of a die afle
Oh neer fe to eling to me- oppres-ie iaped upon the colonies will be a mmay, in thi w s It m ch s a her heab m
Ioo not be ukinMd. h t their coanexion with this country, and ith alm for iy h o m r aes1-No I The
Coed look uopt golden rian- which MLierle from that conneezi, vitally Wad IWd.- ladle e ly
Y.m hae no hrin k. the justi sad discretion of our policy toward s .l delights a. ert m lm l (
Though otI't Ii u the smle The threats, or rather the gros, of *M Wea- who' yesn .
ldisolable propritors, ougt not and must not bea itly treated ly w
And la.k upon ii hk the pies this coetry. it i the cusom of the bdoliteiolits t alseri the emedl 4
UOf leg p r I that these coloaes are of no great us to Briital; that *Wr I i ug '"
]0 WIho alifd they are a source rather of expeace than profit. Never i **
c"i ,,' "^ k was any thing mr fale than thmdedartion. What h -h m
CAM to Uy kbe| yIarKl @ban hm it that enlabe in to miaatain our navy at the comparativelyf i
s iruqnaiMlOP ; trifling expense which iruret tdie country t The colonel abeioeia Yih L yj
l dog 116g plaW' What itth. ecour e ma-- acturesr of Grn-t B. contempt which ir eM 4b
AV1.7. s i. tain I The coloniesl What is it that lighmrs hei na. arLe pios tt the diy a U aol
A4 lle y e a* tiesl ha len of irng ThB ieblorm! Wdht h Ithe Tia led We me 'sly ph W ean
Or all ink e to e enableM s u to obtain a fier t cmpf c h ep ta sfed may l af al in t, a
TY l tHl go ia i.b. colonies I What i hk t I a ml aiamdy i d no b rrler do the mdlom Wa sins -me w
s____ ppreming the Save-Tradet Tih Wea lao I es c asad agitali wEil sat
nis Our shipping, our commerce, oa meufctures, Thi olnis lh 4
THE WEST-INDIA COLONIES. our revenue-all are be6nfted by the cdoloal myste ; ntior-tso iri enei Tiem m
and from humianr half h idu a debt of grtitude to the ofhe Whi in di, h. mIar ed
Pri ti e EdJb i E rl Pe. W l di optiare.-W labLterms, Engi m a spidy ad whih r ag l
nation unjiheencalled hesl sad to lure ir lp j, they are, i dthes M ri We ma M vi m d e"
"ipoa ini which e' Wela-Indi pv Ie g r ows thr a if their lime of pnlcy i pnrid at, ihea.cmi
wmlad by the rash aid OP e tur bhe to ren the ends of the abolition wil hav ernaiive but throw w of the yoe of ihe
gOeramLent The t from co- by tWhlens which they now pios to d4t. Moher- y.-With the example of Amnrica mber
u Pih before uas few a utliiRct, which cannot 'may ruin the colonies of England--hey may alienate theireyes, will they sm sitomtr I And they hm.
II'meinie the majority of h tiu h blic, thtthe them to another power; but iin vain to expect that pro- oy to atempt a seporaline-i repeaf the dlee tso
by which the portion of his i dominions is party will be surrendered to illegal and unnatitutional it may be termed-to succeed in it.9 Wheirve y he
Lad'lIe Mother-Couolry, is fn aii the extreme, demands. The trnth is, that the imane elts of thee the value of our coloial pammaini at presema. tlmL am
"Lbto ie snapped asunder b, euy esort a--t st upid fanatics will only have the effect of making matter be question tIt they would eslrealy be worth ei p
Se n h* cile administriad T truth is, .ut ons. Should t Lre'auire be so foolish as to enact a bble espece of a long and ardm na toI gnai
. I which hm bas .pn he ar i.- la depriving olo of hi. property, he il only r- them, wr they once to dole thler aidep de ,
-edi, proprietor i the full-. we ply by eking the protection of another State, bett verL- spcl thmelves to M Wr 8ta Ptlingl a of vie
,i whI o shall wantonly make it oi m. At md in what tends to its own wel ; and, of cm 's, the h opeesness of me I straggle an er a we wa
t the colonies are raging with i ; union us law wiH not reach hid have oursee to lmie f7r the ereaity fd nstilld
hf pOple, who are deteriied me tnger to Dub- The colonists a accused f oppesion toward the i s lo As for the coloaists thiemo d hw y
m essinop ~e at a km e factio. The lave population. Fase as she asmrtio has over anmdoer lee upa Britain tnhi country doaes pn tm i
Sidhlt been Ih memnted in tha i coi n.y been proved by anprejmdiced witnemes, let adm he can do wa bou t -. It remains o be whaevm e we m-
- b region a nd'pyltM e-il al-rey asC of it forj momeLt What should this try d., do widhLer the. Deeply ma we dha smala deplem
.i e ., and the hitherto man mbi to put a sny t i hjores inflicted upon e I Ie of or colas, we cos say da d e Wal
I Ain mie and enthusiasm so eprsWm Thed f ies them e free Suppa this is done, priItorn are w i set ine and mea e tdir 1
w IT have long felt on a p* tht cea. what would consequence t The proprietor we i act, they aska for ei jiM. TheMy .
s- o a and properties. T l o longer be compelled to support the rel nt aum of i- md lhat me farther h be
I fheal- e a Prty will now be a- irm Rdigent claves which are at present maintained is al| their prpnrtl If we aL ma 4ai
' e, who olId tamely bear sig* m pmas of he colonies The price of hlair would be r- p ,hr mipW l i is time mas h iotou
h l ,illn torting in bittern' m i deaid so mini u--d thde extnl of is to a im.-- Britain mind the a ein = pp d 1l a
sL P"per spirit of riam, and, ad a combistion of ciramanes which has reduced fertile e TOemaW lscrk d M S Y I.
.. ToL I plta ion we long ago pre- Ireland to its irm' degraded acodi6en. Wulid the is a rse m and am ited. Lit d cs'-s e ss
t would come .at The crisis arrived; slaves e teteem by a change like this We elily ad w- how no er but t they wil tr impth wai deir
l time to h te colonies a Ie the'm for nwer-No Glad w ld hey he to r twrma o br- aenmie0.In ihe mealu le tes m. nd Wnei. widh
mer yoke, mad thel famm happiness. ut lt i re- agitles. Ie existence i the tiske they pliy for!
Itit *


.i d

--I--' ---I~--- ~L--~-~- --- ~-C

-_ ~-C ~-- -

4 as ragis q au & m.) o secu sa ato a sycoph ant, s e i r ea d o m
to hi s ecapiulte Is lo rous sets of Injestice, thsM When i is remembered that etry pub'
bhiMadcp*r iMt r -P W t hisc, E mnunty, with the exception, it would ppspr. of dins officer in the customs, is paid by
Sdk~ ~P.L the Conpr ary, who either has bs, a I olmdy this colony, (even when a in bdthe cae o

M'M, asleep, or knows o what cruelly a uice ae ce tho are employed for t exclusive
S . 1i.g Caad, l ru T'al, le If o.ainet d sopr me.pruecly (b More l s he, s oliunt re tat hi e Ba.llid i n
< IB L.....a s^y aT g wspoaotbIlatml a y eiti r of sub ch ae tetabl e wrechll quired a done n ec of othsf cEngad
Sd- [le a ~,l ommuaniry, wiathe dm nopti o, iot u a wise Legr, large suis for the customs, i pulic o
I gded1. 11.L do Cnatmpocry, wh-o osidr h h, box, 11%%sMojdy thiscolony, (even when as in thcas o
MK diap, or knows wht wha crnly an inJusice are crs they are employed for the exclluive
..Pee" brig Causlies..U IL T..y, he Ifthat the government h men the imprudence, in d Mothei -Country i) dat the Brith Goa
I hmJ 'o ,wlkm aluis~ C u sD tweeyt as a Govilaro of such a detestable wretch acquired, as is done in repectoF o a
dA b, p. lhn ld dnr a d h epo a lr* si as dth Contempoary observie,-it ai w to be the erection of for numerous f-
S a~ dl d .e se d 4 d esl. The homeward bound bmasled that thi lesoe had not continued 4p present ments; when it oLeai red that the d s i .
pan, PsIa ED-st lWA J.amic o dLhe*Ld uhieo, day, in the recollection of tise into whose hands such vied during ar, upo or staple artcl of o
u.d la u ld La ha ..g for His Es~sbnc d Goeror, a poiatmeOns ae enueed. What injury to our proper- been continue during a long pI -; when -
ha, what insults to our penon as well as to our under- ed that the cotled ulsr pm d *vecd, be
ad hmmas Z mu t'd p aprs ilta CMl stdings, should we sot have escaped! The general British West ldisauJ hve reduce adp
dud, a Thnday l ins ant, which wa sce good will which two litd years ago existed between ail, their inhabitants to alol a nominal value, W,
S km by th IMal Bat a Sunday night. The Mail bp we still should have ho is the enjoyment of; ad still nual proceeds of our prone i arcely d y
m dss CiMehd lind three or four days, in deservedly called by wstangers who came among us, a hap- tingencMss-we should be j tl m Utin6 to w
S Iqmo of ne-arsival of dt Mail Boat from pyandanu*"iedsociety. We are old by those who have subjects i the Parent State, that for tUhe
Tus Isldsou, U E llacy i n0 a o 1 interest perhaps in ying so, thatour application for commerce and manufactures receive oomus, ab
Tut Isds, M s Eln y vtg" mvade i a the removal of our GAernor will be unattooded to. bute nothing in return : that they alone, bydi
OF AD voI d idld espemmy for their c soeysoe know very well, that whseever any pea can be adducsd, minds of the laboring class of our population r1
'Ti Oele pnshet m having arrived at Jamaia, however futile, Jmh Minsers will endeavour to uphold eIistence of a g riea here a question of pr
previ a to ther of thfb Princm Elisabeth, the ail thm hey have patrooidl; and our present Governor dence-hat they wilfngly pay lral am u
Lo WIs m sLi mal; mad by recet rival, from OW be Indldal beiU permitted to au mble anothi r support of postilential tleoms, rm wi
dt ViilB & t a mae hasi already put our readers in he ; but he e nm tbo indeed, not to know,that the no advantage, though all the pb uiuiorsef ho
S sia hours wef imnfe lr put o nrteaders in Jwappdi, and a firm ad determined perseverance, mus establishments re pi by people of ;
purmeloftwr IMemf i taolee, coutind uhimatuly accomplish aqy object that is cooamplLd. may ask, why should Jmaic be the ooly-B
s ar IS of Kl oi papen. Let it not be supposed by the vry few whose mids colonies, where the inhabitle u ae mpelled
__ ___composed of feelings the most venal and despkable, that national protection
By t he Amerian scho r Helen Mar, Captain Cor- from any calm which tseporarily may show itself, ny The policy that has bds uniformly pelad at
Sh av idisum change in tim sentiment or determination of the people the island for the last sister years, well justify ma
s ell.o PhdIphi sish arrivd he dis b hea taken place. DiscoMtt has take too deep a root ; i turely delibmsringbefr we roction any n&u #
alnmdy fturep, we Iv bn fnvormd with a fw iha spread itself througheat &e whole surface of these Is may appear to admit of ultrior objects. It is
ppens fnm that ) s to o l of Novembera. fls lands, and if, for a little while, ist p our dormant, it will, refer to this sub)ct, but f his Mjesty's Mia t
el we have esactewd some iktenr prelloe on a p rop ccasion, but burst forth with doubled advert to the promises made and violated by the sh,
orl T y do m.t however, ferih us with d froym y forc, of his MajeA, sithe pro a lib mt
A o O f io AGRICOLA. lav esin 1815, ey will id dhu teh co amues w a
Irid t tbei apOi, r tyM ______ ________ o sued is more than justified.
I thb dme apiseid hr the msad rsedi n hg Re- Fm A J Ryal GOazett, December 19. The House can with honet pride refer to nl di r
Ibr l l, In the H u of o 1 nmunications whh his Majesty's Government, ad dsii
By a letter recoi t New'York, from Havre, dated The answer to ~Iovernor's fifth Message of the 27th possibility of adducing one instance of vililiol s( i
he 1d1. of Octo id plulishued in the Aa.eric ult. will, we Iha ubt, be satisfactory to the whole faith by the people of Jamaica.
d of Oc o d pl d in isla nd. The plac t coltroul of the expenditure of Though suliering under heavy calamity, still hi
SCepy of which we give below, it will be seen, ihat all the Troops in the Oficer coigmanding, whilst it is in ac- try's subjects of th is land are willing to meet do ai
waist in Looad n Tuesday, the lild. curdance with thl wishescexpressed by IlisMajesty's Go- of their Illlow-saubect in the Mother-Cooun, is
Ther h ban am disurtlane is the country, but vernment, will tend to relieve tie ouuse from any future to every reasonable request, and therefore tdius lhw
mof uchiinptaanre. Itappear, that Lo.rd Ebrington disusion on tile subject, nd ut atend to coMnplailnt comply with the proposition contained in your Ela
ught frr a m n in te oe of which lnve been m by a O of the cy's mensalceo far s circumustaces admit.
rtmn forward I motion in the .Holu of omm.nst, f e .. .on p -c '
d, dC ,, .C *... o.'* -r,--*, soaw w ueu or tis could perform any of the minor mrvices requited for he ment over, to the order of the Commander-in-Cild i
ajesj's Miunisrs. in reference to the Reform Bill, ad comTrt or convenience of their respective R monots.- Mj-esty's Army, stationed here, of the sum of II111
pldgi the Ilo-~i to .uppCm ,, which w i carried fy requiring a yearly detail of thisependiture, itle A- currency, for ite supplies to his Majesty's Tro ,
Tby morily of 140-- F number then at the final semnbly have retlined in their hands the power of putting 10,000 currency, for the barrack establishlnmet, abje
a stop tthe annual grants, when it lhall htedd tial dal such contract as the Houme may have already Mentar
Spagl of the bill in tht house. Ian je been appropriated to other I~ll thn in- with individuals. The amount proposed to be th p
lasL f AL--We are just lavoumd wi'a letter from dLd as the contingencies of the e stablish- into the military chest, to be appropriated to the ar
Hmavn of the li:kh coauimiag th i important in- for the last five year' annually a L ed ie of the garrison is formed from an avenge d i
I* I n asm the rm k of L ad 's aouion i a tll ow voted, and at periods when tie control was 3n)00 trop, i pioneers, during the fivi years po
*Itou. of C ea M, ind u 10-th u i island, so addiioual oxpence is thus inarrud.- ing, the year I.-the sum f 111,200 am he a
T i1 H tm t a*ll was quiet in Government thk proper tb reduce bhe umber, for by quarterly inutalmentl thie lUceiver-Gast
Ldmie a I i l. I d a ome di would still have ap prou ide for the support of tie and the su4ql"U.0,U t pa disceton of de Ce
r tea bt n oe. oeope which bmy be removed, unlersa general reduction mander-i ef.
Lard Ehi'l i sin I thm f the Army wan to take place. The report, however, IT wilconsent to sum wms in th
na lni ti of the contemplates the ofective force in the island, to I field chest, in sterling a rate of 4. d.
o a 140 at three thousand men, and if any considerable reduction ti iln tl dollar, it heing un d that the isludhd
S' rew(g of thi was to be mado in this number, it cannot bel intended are, in pursnunce of tta t captained in EJ-
W li retain t r that the House are bound stll to furnish the supply origi- rellency's Mesle, to aeM ptrd a the ram fir
oss -ar' f d, wb Ih s Baly granted, when Government would have in arms for- they are current, under the t this island ; .d
B e paed. Cono (qited their right to the continuance of thil agreement by a an account will be MeRdr i of the -
broi n y ? ywess at h, bra ed of that plsdg, upon the strength of which such in which the amount is epa
tr e Im m 4 *.,-. I i lins opinion tblat the tri mer met your Excellency's whes, and they trurt His L
S ember uof i k sr will not be p'judicial siu will remove ll ruther dilficuly on tho subject l
TadI if it irt houl to mre beneficial to Military Expendifure.
th E I1sU s the MroMps we Kmust confies our gratifigamia that the Rona-
S nwae-a lt uationlhe wnua been adopted. Onr Day Later.-A vessel arrived at BomAe, I
Aeittr J. lL y tI Ioyil I heO MAeage having been ageed to yesterday, Mr. brouplhi a Newcasle paper of Octoobr 4li. A L
aeI lsmot ob pr ~1c io 0 Biesument sn4d wre appoiied a Cuo daleof the list.( g,)aysat is udrsad stPrs
e e -in e d a hIm f t p ub llp I hi14 s ia gol st MI I w %ve rn o r w 8 d a. the l oa i n fav r of an g v ea I ne t o f T s'csoi ns P
SMu, bt witu a t ~st of hit sac o( the Messagu ee. e) p thatb eaer Do ehi'oh ansolnced bniin'
dr rta pi slpad she Contmprur)j. on Y he had, I lO have lcn into their most dgoeralrmonni- e T ira bin p `
iht asiming a manner, epr his el ; r deration, your Elcelkc'smessage of de t7tlh October, From t le PM shi Natiowal GoautL.
wi wee the m or drir of itsathor. rallii their attention to the prFoposiion of ir George Intellience from q is impVuiotnal didUL. ,L
p a hi his Kflghtenl sM ae, murder and rpe may Mrri%, fIr transferring tim uhola militlrv expunditure of sequel of the reductiud of Warsas i h cas clln Ia 5
aot l" hane se fudqontly Committed, as in the days of the ar9l1, sdoned in this Iliand, to tile Au'r coulmiand- "ubject of hope and fear. Could the contest he c
IftoQ a a An--(iasta howeverof both ca he ing0 Il fl ",aj1ty's troips hy thile Pul with choncenof succes or hwmnel I
Sew ihe tb I r spieres of life, Its wk din a On all occasions this Isouse la been most aninttos tluhiik noL soef Jn British aid mFReoc ai,
Stus psia ts be l not be Idmited, that promote thu common of the troop iorrisn hle, ad writer A nerly di t still, from sme b
a lppml tadlb4O umost all eor dus, notwldtmdion the onotinually iesaaaug purerty and quarter, fsuering e in and even p iai'gl
em'"s box rlls 0n8s d110, phrtnml yM all doairem, by which fig ts free dea in this Iland ws dictions. ere put lot Could them Perier "ini ll
SId e ua hv beano -ried I h d- aidictsdtp fund vote. r tsI seppliae to the Army hos the helm up lrances no Louis Philippe pb5. e.
ft of anuy (bnr d .b NIo sa need naver h Jen diminished nor withlehl, eeepasino in th C crwni They ememdtIo leve a majority iqd o.b'-
iw( s m Idod, u.qs to b acquId fret tls ma wh he Jul rights of the ihabitants of of Deputies, At l rlFavor of their fivesir
hliml y ; End i i t i e% l, I iin. & lan d tdbeen violated, hd redress ltterly denied. Ws cdit Q. P. Q. bowever, is hl.staieisnt ti d
D U. 3 Of "A" to say 6" w; ws a They regret thas a charge should be brought against t do st s opinion sad feeling of the bsd
SV dot 1 u f o l e e deficioncy of attention to afon of Iflp rec' naie.op which must prevail in a lime0 "
S be1 & I'M ft Win h l' hb M"jW s yCT. ls. i ha i srt. We tksno directly from is aUi
b e dfeled fi fInL dft dekd O.rl.bue toth tlw a objoft, teein t d p dao le reolutimory er t hae s m N -
w l humIia nib poll pr l; a he wuld all t sd esed, i l ot i es cope sd dept it
IE a b a b a s a-*, t itlrfs ,; aod th sickest a nd morali, dd docy of thr ppsd b'e
shor, of m "d3 a a ullity ;adhe
"lm e, e at ,,o. tT httm esre remark, that i.t em- i tec. toP Re
_ llw as do tullmsa moat.,M eboped atenit n ofhisMamJ 'Mininiss, that sung Ing it, or a eat i to k ind of ersoiri
i r~rrS m !in Ass, go'g a b" It IM80ll 62 Jmlgaic In ps a. 11 Against a popuar rprlenraative amemnbly, in .

r i.

~~i~r~);~ ~ C~~L;4110T

ruS i of thiury -tw uilaeni IhIral i ute.:i.-le unewairlpl riU wr. A volley of eUms
as ot, abities a ll skills was d, charLged at tihe execution acd his nen. who attsitsedl
,e.~ta s an [he thud tiue to eaete the sI enell uc th lee, but without
S jtsaer and lis is doomed pask scarcely paI eec, ; thl. hulf i..ti, only a light Wouned ad the reut-
T Wt aWimue Perit dill be Mrce, wlimlar by rted shrieks of d d ill-lited man united a thrill of bhoo in
rJI die Ihtliie lo his fues, to retire, t will ithe s peatLos. The aeCcutioner and his asistants. alarmed
* Iawuly dJicult to find a success for riol, likely to fur l ee In safety, biting bee" wounded by iie missiles.
'* even as lng is power. were obled to qult the sctild a-ad take t fight. Hebuad
As fo Great Britain, the situation of the vernmetl untinued all this tune with his head fastened to the fnghtiul
t as to excie ver serious pipr ;-it is Al to (block) in the cruel saittuao he reasmusdl for some
ily. P p" Yi th t o lFr ne. but it is scarcely with a wound. The chief aecuties me
i y t.a. .us c rodece, with Or reM monted the n escalfold. but without his attendants. B
i d with a criwhich muu produce, with ori maue another attempt to spai the e criminal's boad from
t vulan, a auteril change 1s the old constitution. body ;-he twe lifted hl knife, but it fell wavsrUi as bre
ii, refund to Ipa the Reform Bill, popular vi- a.d mased the criminal' neck. It should hee he atlned. that
odid scarcely fill -- :-the Whig ministers the last time (the fifth) the knife on being elevated. denged-
ils then have no iltermtirl pt th e Ia of the ili- The crowd continued thruwiag ltone a ihe scaold, d the
I a e to maintain the IsaIpla cy of the lawa. This efltooinner was forced to seek safety in flight. The blood
d troy all their poptul itytwile Tories would being now partly removed, Hebard fel his head dbsengsged,
ti o be generally obnoxious nd t a iiraiion nd lifted it as from the tomb. Some of the populace cried
eiso t h be generally obmoroe,.ld tmhe adoitranu nout "- bravo," alhe was theid Stonisment at ,seiog a hIas
Suirs be hlls rendered more dld more ardum and o hing std up after escnpien the iunument death
SThe aeces of die Rafta bill, on the h les than live tmes. T.he m1eartunate man now begged for
bi e inluences and plifct ultimately tantamount assistance. A workman e the scaffold, but uw
ob arch f i t tbtSi as the present in Great afraid to aseoud ir. After lps of a fe minutes, the yog-
in, ocb a disemt- tion of republican Ideas, such so ent of the eaeculionenr defying the thralts and miles of the
beramse of the numbers, activity, discontents and power crowd, mounted the scaffold, and had a short coonratiou
of the million, aristocracy, hierarchy, gentry, may well with Heblard.
aemble for all the old institutions. The present govern- It would appear that the letter I t d to him fre p e he a
mtBritain saI France are exceedingly s t- these cords !" fur he w n stii! farntssed to the plank. Theman-
ees of Great Britio nd France ae excedingly a t- sstnt iold him to turn bi, bead, d at the rme time seized
ea, each for the preservation of de other. Tie over- him by the neck and gave hbi several wound with a ihoe-
throw o one would be the signal for formidable attempts maser's knife. Hebard's hald, a ly half Id, h ol o bhi
against the other--at let so think many of their politi- let shoulder, and the seecstione au obligetto isp rum
i the scaffold, and made his escape mong the pes d'aues. It
S! now trmn minute nest lx. Hehrd. who i aill nronhilitv

From th Jansie Caria, Newmsr. 15.
n --
Tile Govereor's irat, on the subject of the do-
mands eo M. ipbin, for further conoesaio s f Ivur
of sw pe antry will be brought forward on the itd, in
thi Houe of Assembly. We have already eaptemi esour
mstimenis fully on this bead, and we only hope, the Mem-
Lbs of Assembly will be nnanimos determineai-
ue to decline to enter into uay ditac L -poa the mea-
ae, so immediately after ihe long and unwearied atten-
tie whrch wa given to the Slave Law of last Seasion.
If the suggestions cause really honestly and truly Irom his
Majsty's Government, we wouha be tie lata to wish to
borw any obstacles in tie way; but when. they are
bknow to Cuslnata from a f.lction nimiical to our in-
aiet, sad who are basely supported in their views lby
de Colonat Secrutary, we call upon our llupreuu-
lirmv to pause before they resume the furdler conside-
ratioe or a ,1ll of so nlilhl iiil),rtiancei to ith island.
hIt quite evident that notulingr will salisly the Iillons
5 .allty',iLs. bu ss- ei.- : .iIl Wi r o. 4paSo-
omeii of tle people oflJani irn chime in with tleirviews,
who are to be blamed 1 On this particular iirasure the
eyIeof the couIntry are direccdil toiaids the IlIouse of As-
rmcly, and if they are ruer o t lheir trust, we have Inotlhil)g
I fear, as llth threats of legislating rfr us in the Mother
Country is a mere bug-bear, which may frighten children,
hit they are tool absurd to have any weight with men wliu
eaws that when hli Majeoty once gm is a Constitution
tany Colony, ltht he las not thle p r of withdrawing
i; andlos our rights are as acrer artlhousof tlhe King
pe the Throne, th-ilare not be invaded with impl)nitliv,
I if a law shouild'ever pas to ere .with our
sighs, iheos of our fellow- ubjects clangland are
st vorth preserviaiA the same mea whib can
etoy the property dr one British subject, afects diral-
I hdat of the whole. tt our Legislature, there lr, be
t-l l them be consistent imuleading the property of
lior cotkents; and tell Britiah Government that
bey eser will he the willing instruments of sacrifTing
41trn tyv io thnbd& have confided surh a trust into
th6*de' ; linlt th.Nrdie Briish Oovernment are de-
tirql to effect it, right or wrong, let them enjoy the
bmrof proving to the world that Briish faith and Britih
Aceof Parliament are not to be relied updi by those who
a emMharked rleir lives anl fortunes in this faitli o' a
M"ntnlt said to be iroverbiallyacuplous in all its en-

ltogU Erecrriue in Frnrr.---Per Hlhard an inlse
an iansd cell in thb pson of Abby, in France, was for
hoat epectiainlg dL l order or is eenrlk--The
ob of which he was convicted wa a muna m mllt
wMem Iggvrated circrm staesrc. He slIn owed to
*l e 111h hope of a repnr esr ad even encouraged io it
Lb Turnaeys, wben one mnr ing. at 10 o'clock, his door
o.fPeed by a emminmassar of police. end he was told to
P r ot death al 4 ill thr'aferoom n of the sane lday. The
waer a man whose nerves were well strung. lie
16l his head in acquiercence of the fatal mandate, and
sdltho t he had made up his id to the wont. All the
I he made wm that a pris ld be sent for. to whom
slie a onlemson of his de d desired that it sold
dse--d to the poblie. At thlrct hour he was eodulct-
a dungeon and placed on the faal cart hbt he was
ly sited thereon. when be was informed that the ex-
cw a p offi for two horse. The uaforlnnate mn ima-
iIit al i2Ere had been received, bat this wi not the
". or 0neer fve yearni n execution had not taken place
laa h-nI ent. The cwaflold was partly broken: one of
Sminmtia uaimina s we accused of having de it in
iO play a tick upn hi maser. The King's Promear
m aO flor ita beung repaired, ad i am thoeeht
"r amu a crpoer had lined llweok, the au-
Af tae plc. The prieM- rt- ,brolt.
l-ekL in t ihe of an immenae coease of peo-
.' d'arme, *hb their words ndrw kept baek the
S i ean extensive pae paeromued the folMd.
uf-- tand two ata hab d taen their pane
It s afnrteaate crimia.L IUpe thea usual signal the
e Zlid am placed Sb he luaite. The knife fell.
I mL blg hoele, U did not toach the calinal.
yr ernI e rose loen the crowd. The kaie was
S- 1 eiLU a seceded tume, bot without reaching the

still breed
to The

crowd a
not at fi
r enrdo
feur wo

athed, remained In this siotua on lor two hourt, I e Jed
gae of the spectator. Some person declmd that
aid pevesae him moe for mon than half M hiar,
which time he freqeely opened his month. It va
ble to remove the come itbhout the sid o4l a nsron
d the milit y; and iu th course of the evening ie
uustouded the eaeculoueer's house, nd broke all the
a. It is but justice to state IhI the executioner ead
lul. as it appears, from a report of scientific perso
ed by the Procurer do ai, that the lcaolbd was I-
lly damaged; and strong suspicion g rches to a
iutet, who had been dismised by the executioner
e improper ccaduct.-Gadmll Tribiaousr, Sept. 1s

The First Saw Mill.-The old practice in making NAMES OP SON8
boards was to split up the log with wedges, and, incon- aosV TO ITAIt TICl I an roM lPaR nlta.
verlent t a the practice was, it was no easy thing to per- "L a ep m W An. J. Dl lte
CLit ..Anthouy Dyle.
sUilr thIu world that it could be done in any better way. 13Sh Osuber, (be.. Weaerfod.
Srw ills uure first used in Europe in tIhe 15th century; 1tIh Bmuel Kerr.
but, so lately as 15.3, dh Englih Ambassador, having seen tint Jobn aptisr.
na uidl in Fraucetlhought it novley which deserved a par- 7th November June Colline.
ticular wcription. It ist auaingito ehowie aversion 9th Thoma Tarnhull.
to txNhour salig cbinry has always agiuad t ng- lh Aphey Wells.
Immt r nnm w ft wl mhe4 by a Dutchman, t1rk December Cap. S. d.d.
in llJ ; but the public outry against the new-fangled -..
niacline was siV iuluut, that the proprietor was forced to
decamp with mlore expeditiin than ever did a LDutchmno
bel re-T'L evil was thus kept out of IEnghnd tor seve-
ral years or ratlle genratious; but, in 176tiLmq unlucky -- .- ------
timber morcbhati, hoping that alter so long a be he pub- 0 T OF NA A i
lic would be less watchful of its own interest, le a ib A SAU r
attempt to construct another mill. The galld L ef the L
public welfare, however, were onu te alet, and a l nea- CLEARED,
tious mob at once collected ad pulled t eliill n Dec 1 l ively, Besrndl Seve mA
pieces. Such patriotic spirit could not llteys and "eral Alebander Wl miau
now, thoucli we Irave nowlierou eer the Ih ct ditinctly 1t" Union, b
ltauod, there is reason to abeiave that uyw anI are snd
in Epgland.__ Bia, WIlhAIto
Colkn. a Jewish SirnawM.-'The Jaewh who bhea the narm lh-Am. stir. Mk Sa. .e
at 'oben ae held i great respect nt Barlbry. When i th 2~lr.-AtL r. A lE lW Navasa
synagogue they are placed higher than the rest of ite gongre- Ilth-4- Emorl. A meI, WkieO s
nation., and one of them reeds chapter from th bible to the T' seld t, s ELm-s.
tribes asembled every mabbat day. Qn the birth of the fr _
bore chili in every fn ly. it culonuu ry fr l d rthe Co-
bhem of the mm synogium a toUMlrofth. CU1x n'IMT PAMnU H IiUtl
child belongs. to be -irodrse-d t -b Ie r d,.,
whom he interrogates u to dS h eh of t h t bra wbch ai
the child being placed i his hdms, e ade. ,e AVING dM eanr meu t ta If
dmIr. pretending thi be is g to ca n it ay i to, er
to adopt it as hi .own. nd todediute it tlo the Lnd, ty bi- I -r barrel of suolr FLIIr Orde d,e d ieL I
ing it up a a pri t. Wheo, however, he riches th door. "iUin Loaf do sb ShL. D-, uaW thel apew y Leaf
the relai.,ns hf the inhnt ge round him and ALind of barghIa lb. ol Bya rrir of lh Vety.
is mae with a good deal of c onjy, by which on DA VID SPENCE, Vestr Clor
eat of a few dollars, be agrem s give back the VeTrrT Roou"AL, Deember, 1831.
apIs. The money thus obted if bhe he si, b
to eg the poor, but if pr o h-ielf, t dam hu mh OF LADING,BillUS of andk d kFems
lthi ty begins at loum. IPr'ce' Notes, to i the i('. touit-louse, for sa this odfi&
Arieal. N.B. Job Printing exsicyted with inatiness and despeMih.
Smoderale term.
A Frenchman, meetingan English soldier with Water .Novrmbr lah.
loo inedal, lcllia snin.eringly to sniumadvertgn tllhe Ehigluh __________Nr
government for Ibtowin, suchda triple, whs illid out coat TO RENT,-4 Ibeantifullv situated large
theml three franci.-" 1 hat is'true, to be sure," replied die and comnrodols Iloume in the Easn District.
hero; it did no cost uIeEll glulihgvernmaast tKlrefranos, For terms, or other information, Dpb a
but it cor th Frencha NVapu !" A ELIZABETH SHIEEH,
----- ]PlBay SeetsoM
Blpiss NRatieul Clfs.-Kimg Leopold has itead Dercenher 10th. D
older* that the National Og of Belgim shell comist of-
three ldour-n.redl yellow, and bhck--arria ha ver- rO AL
tical stripes, in thili any as the French tri.-olouns. The Houe and Premies at pn etl copied
by Mr. Poitier. The Home ir smy =a
S mo-Mr. Nortcoe teIlls u tht a l l .e fa rik il c r wi thalrgeKitc k m sacb
of Mr. Opie'declaed to him. that be n nc ieed o eao aa ci air eho e u al ing fr i.
Sir J. ReynolCdiscourss to the Royal Academy. from the honr, estens yard ad gru par TheewaM s
pulpit. as wel. .with no other *llintion bin aucb woan hv,,e b lately iro y repna d, eadl p- r Fm
as mde it applicable to rls instead of Lthe a. rs. s ft b h avebe h p t 1p.

CMaU imgrapsity-4I makng toy., the Chi-eee e- A nrectf Lead ataeid at t 911a, coming
eeuily expert: ont a oalid hall of ivo, with ahlel it acre It i divided by te villg-red Si two LasI l
it, a m er thn hbalf a inh in diameter, th will cit fir m wWsern lot binlg one d by die new l ls Am
hes to fiftmn dsti nt hleow Ilobes, one wthle neher.all itc lot inht Ble hild rned Tlhid rd bdis-
lbase, edt pabe of being em d ry direetom and 'e ina Ao. a w -
of them aved full of the m kind of open-wah is l pead aet m or thee he. Appl to
panls thbe bmd I sI ll oe m ey is th pri of JOIN W. MILLER.
one of these ddics Ode. Sepeemlt 7th.

I 1


oY--- o

17 1- ain. pae Ie'clo kdul a- 4 s. -m B o'elek.
The lights eg bs e ay chn e t lh s h m ,k e
middle of trha moh theo d t f Jea i. C am etldy
naheowi--the a" swarcly quot the hho S g
absence is siplidd by a bright twI h azit--
the calmr uiy of a fine Ina g A.

A klernet g lady being .ked at a n tia i se .ind
saug, replied, I heae a diblolircl envineti* p ngintmea .
sauar, or scedig to my Isensible cogmirs s pm tha
subject. the Irasonaity of the sugar anies the reismay of
the ite uad senda it vwll oaboxious.."

Ls.l,Eveniog, in 8L. MNthte'ws Palik b e Red.'
William tracks, Mr. Jobn Stepb l nes to Ml
Ana Caoline Mackey, both of that Parbh.

On Ibe 2d instant, Ia William's l Esm, Crekl
Island, in the 40th year of her age. ,M am d an ad
by a numerous circle of relatives ud frrdsmb, H
Dougl, wife of Henry Moa, Einire of that pls. i
In the relative situation of ddobu r, wife, ad mother,
she exemplified aDU lho virte which me hgly c c-
toritic of a Christian; spd ua a ired, may have ls-
perienced that disisenr-d U e oand LspIuality,
proceeding fios th peAn dictati of bhmeeroelce.
On Saturday evening Im after i Ihonr bi mver illne
Mr. WiUIam H. Mansell, in the d year of his age.


j, Emery p- at6s t Iaw M at Idalnds, after A
luring resided theisa fOr Ite $sparO afTr DA, nme
give scrity at lA SecrI tsary 6ae, p s, up Ai-es in
id OjBc frrtman -Av*pwT up o 1idlwmwn -f-
ter wlhIc, ay time ri roRTT-nuT DATS, a Ticket
may e obtaiand.


A COUNT OF THE TAKIND OF WAB- 7m" 1 w1 -e m om iim m .icl Gor d d' b cut10
OU T me dat mo4 deepl wy l ogo Walt wi tIb volt, s dolreot of over Gr l

nf .ee i mi iada, m mi, 1m-d Jafr 5ga te wed the aimd mt uffir, ilf id mu
mUEM R iA 9 i ow e Is.i. tm idsd amilen, ma-dced pao- es tihe hedIer Cof
I DSelayhe d tmbrmr adg a r e i t will Wa d on Wc a use Ga tre sold weeub. gt C ngo"
two "Vtd is sell. qtilo-,o. ,krld. sol ObirrQlran odariei,

SRiayt e tbalm er of Lmo i a ih im in onof ds du he tfoio of Zcame-, B. i poly tf the or t
th n malateinl t, the Wa oara,0| wd.vl the .am A i e thoh ety ilenney dimdu ms eft lty. conter Iu body is aunp.oa l ynted i y ee k lo n Iby at t
/ a imre ly Tek~en dir enmy was aielro ady f Iordid ou e r r notce i sud by hed. aulbortiensince l tar the a ,the Dsutes with t h er in l.i '
od wI a brigade, and killed md .dell apwad of sin f the sMuici m lity, and anoi c the a ppft int t i tes and C din r
10,000 men. Oa dhm fetowing day, de 7th, Mlahmal Ueneal Count Watt beWovmrnor of the city, wcd th idert the liyo rud dignty of Fran-e,
Pl ewitcb s mm.,onil in R ty, ds arinm that he wola d l or imi mr il B eo Kori, t beg Commandant of thi ce- tdo egnr ,dr of the era f tm r 6
Ia o liunme and aly pieces of artillery agine e Ae lettr pon a division, t e re appea w r (. o o

i Tline pon moin, n g r ThI, ocldoue the v dealhed The di.d i a prolanmai cllin pon all, ta'l n th e odo the 2921W, eni peTit IeAtisjmocr .
sdte md mh the er ermed I.e which imthe a mn-oidPd Ia ith in twoe o ir an hatem iea or strng of drd um tm proet m lmand tion
I tyl di %: Z arm llowed 1 ah r rmi p~ 91, Odliesi issdil he by the RuU ian autborm i iaint nbper s ry muh w edb ic

b.mee M opus 1 h d n bir belong l h c to the C All pe lr dha n a een C had m be re io ed mith ri no I nl tho ti.
t ara at of c i nt o the'd menr- Th rne into t Nh r city Ta l f rst isu r me. t .s
wirtlh aM arl, siell i .d ed. h The a of third porf cni.Mic n i frouanc Bron Koels aneppoine. the Mintners, and 2Ali w in their slikoe o
t e at tak f-. Os ib fri olowng dal y t1h. arsy cl ta thre oU, ts t elong el inthr Polith army iay Bruielt rin per. of the 2th.nd dignity of Fntadict ih rm

macutd hs ed tahB e cfter, Th h defirn r whia h had r i a b W a pitrl, ided tI bt two be on ety fo rhe o e, that everalderof oraed Dutch troops had lndel a
bm -he meeat i fer fhth hgla spread, and d al roy the fu^, ternoo pnMa oftheateivem a t a, med V epoia a decla- a nd. stae to ther D t ho force thrte mIovery incfJaniua.p
riy warrih l ame l mpl y rMicefld, mud y enemy r i hat theya wl e e ai er o al iu the tih n bers, Upon ver diviion,luhre w ned rby a ick i
df e Is-e e uhe Rmre n eee ,nd00 Gn- p nd fromlthe Mu pri o r of the Co- rhey. ter The d e LVioui h, late from *aT ,
bl eOMmld wsrrnl by er a ,leat efrllhcomr- Thr e oiin ibll fuontioaw t ind oer g neimn emt arrived poMt Bfo with ionlh.-he iheAbitc .
aw, wall ob'cw il it aoemas theo rain f prl k ml ofed i t ad .dmin trtiolna tothe ho nias arll lheir po oe doeend eeto Algps ith e Bedoumaa One f1
asrd aspi as pois bn twaem. The J lemoand ai ict belong itar mtd Crowln by Aeto o'clchving tahe eraa ipNe of stn order of ithe dy of onermt mhb .
government is noLt in dOne bWstcranice ries Bh d bala111- inl, to tlame l re runaledr, i nd oain ther um. Some reif l hove mos tol dtster, en ift he

mIn o f Kt i, r nd R public fr n o non the tenth, d c r the V l; or to a n er e t he mwouth of January. It,
I m, pamtontles, nd mau. of tis' an ea mep rentl exerc y beir iver al uione ua l o e pe T ua l of ritab Th e islhowoedo hed owly. reglars a pave .f k
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"pe ,ut maslhoi 0. ,r Penjoining .- clt ioarino and ohattheC r 1 pei either Te iPa s.-th prtckho.lm.G me iohabiel I nd
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taslr y put d o w a iby ft h9tr p, % w hoste a ithe n u M Ier A y l o occupy W asaw, In ,, it vaytio ol. lrman, abrinld clacn, debts. in
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wiMe : *m S*i a pWn sba.-Tbme n- only about 10,000 (CIohrorug the Supewam Cwrof eahe vUid c
t the ar t Ither hoe Abltbri ot M Waw, ce feni." nndrd ofM t(the s Ameriecrnad Fewig ApP*n
othbee e- s wrilln be Iy inore I ttham rtio wfill Pro- c roa and the e wanr eWilliam maybe o n tihede Rhem ur will bepop ew-adork
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