Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: December 7, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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B-IG GS, Bilim.* WObNEBgAY. DE11-BRI I, 18i. VoL. n I e. A
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palfruI~D enI-WrmlL s IN NAMAU, n. p. 4

tsman per iaom-m me----s..



Fl weary months Io e Ineam mber'd
From that unfailing m day,
When las she heard the trumpet her
That called her Isidor awne-
That never to her.heart has alhuar'd
She hear it now, and seeq lar bending
Al Ing the mountun's misty side,
IliM plumed troop, halt, having Je,
Heems like rippling feathery tl
Now bright, now with the dime aase bledl;I
Bhe hears the conom's d* rmttle- "
And fancy hum'rrises ant mc
And hears the dre mod screenag f.
Mix with the lst sad cry of life,
Oh, should he-hbould he feln in bakl!
Ye still hi no would lire in story,
And every.gallant bard in Spain
Woald C i his bharle o'er agae,
And would mot sbe for such a sraie,
Iesiga him to her country's glory
Theu Ines thought, and pluck'd the fower
That grw upon the fery benk
Where ds her ear bewil4rd drank
The plighted vow-wh ierl s ihe snk
In that too batter patlinr ur.
fBt new thdsun is welrward sinking,
And soon amid the purple haze,
That howers Irom his leading re;
A thousand Loves there meet herne,
Te chLage her high heroie thinking.
Tm hee. wiltk el its coewd o'fiancie,
Before her nits and fills the air,
And decked with Vcr'ry's glorious gear,
it vision Isidor is there,
TIk how her beart mid madness danes
T little thought she. thu forralling
Tim omin joy, lhal in st hour,
T Putone, lithe olour'd shower
Tau "smw to arch the ocee o'er,
Wmin t ie iving present falling.
Tes ee is elain. His sble charger
All bek'd with foam comes bending o ;
The wild Moreea rings a en,
Asd a heI brow the gallant Doe
And gluat steed grew larger, arger:
And new he seas the mountain hollow I
Tb. bw bak and liMle lak
No oea lt lig rvion break-
Anl Ilm er .--e's nol swbke-
Te hew hell love thi drem to-murrw
sBe l-a ssely i met dieaml
A Msdr n .mes la i star,
A te a ruan, a ben ai m
mo Im cleekM dipel te fesur
Tbn-kaliaI-it -mang.

Y- eWr'rs JFwrV.

K O Gin Britt aini, though he in me in allre-
yet bi dignity and power aa very great
-n l He has the supreme right of puse a
BEind, calkel pronage-prumernt: in
ri w lord chigf jekem, and the fromai
I j~i supposed to e derived. He alone
PMw declwse war; to meke peace, leagues, and
I tsd and receive ambah ndon, erc. He can
adjern, preroue, remove, and dheolve parhe-
I d me refuse his men to any bill which hea pm-
w'l .o without giving a rema He hI the no-
Sae ofi ers at lead or ema; e all magitrates,
and ocer e of of aMl bihopa. and other
S dignitaries: and of bestowing all honor
a *j lower nobility. He hea the power o
MEwne and punismeats:.can pardoo crime,
t penalties. He ibae guardian of idious and
ad all eostes, when en heir appeger, revert or
1a 11 klg. AR treasure trove, or in, goeds,
and d sreas known: all watse grad ed
oewrud from dt sea; and all mine of goldor sil.
bm ds king. He b deemed by the laws, God's
a d thereore oi. apposd to hae e imp r
ite r law attribmD to hi a kindof ppl
bein a corpertie of hieif, han ir ever.
of the king in, v By the grace of oGd, orthe
-m*Mof Great Britain nd Irelend, King, De-
e the Faith ;" and since th ne of king John
1111 we in hi poblir ir nrumeMs and letter
Sand Majety, on MN Excellent Majesy

la alo give e tde king ; and is a p io, him the i m lidt lIrd caioberar Lord KIeper m f dhe eM 1l,
Bin, r Your Majeay, i maed. whem amee s denitive wi het a 0ry m .
The eldM soe of the king of Elud ins her duas of The Judge hab twelve a mieNM cal M a Chm-
Carnwall; aferward be is created Weao of Waks, a tide ary I dhel e of whom Is cid meter rat te R i
iras gien by Edward V. to his eide Bioce the place of grt dignity. Another ocer wih coideally
ui of England and Boland, titles amr, Price of tends the judge, i td Clrk at the Croew egr
Wales, duke of Aquitaine end Cornwal, arl of Cheser of very high importance. There am als may eher
and Flint. He 6 qputed ia law a the ame perso whih elders I this court, which lender i very clrpgee
the king. and tedious.
Noe to the king and princes of the blood, ae reckoned 4. The Cort of NIMg's Bench, which i mat to ith
the great of fica eo care, whereof there are anie, as Parliament, in the highoat cour at commonlaw. In h
follow: handled the plam of the crown, or all thalp whs b con.
1. The Lord High telprd of England; who was for- cera dth loI of life or member of nay sei ct; an a l
merely the highest oA er the kig. lHis usineas is trmnoo, elonies, oppremiom, megover. me, be. In
so.olcinte t coronations, the arraignment of peen, &c. hi court ae four judge, the fit of whom i caled m
which when over, he backs is white taf, and with it bi Lord Chief Justice of the King' Bnach, wos pwr
commission epirel and jurisdiction are very gert.
I. The Lord High Chancellor; whe is, at present, the 5. The Court of Common Pines, o a-aed beam e
highest person in the kingdom neq aoer those of royal therein are debated the usual a"- plea etwee
blood, in civil affairs. Hised oe I keep the king's subject and subject, according to i rue o isr.
great weal; to moderate o of common law; to None but sergeants at law my plal ihb ait. Th
judge according to equity, coniena ud and reason; and to ir judge called the Lord Ch Jiusl of th Cem
estow all cclesiutical benefices in the king's books un- Plen ; and with him are comboudy thr, latefrer Judgem .
der Lf) per annumn. 6. The Court of Excheqer, in whch an b M w
3. The Lord High Tieuuamr; who bas the charge d courts, one of law, the other of equky. I lin s my
government of all the king's revenue kept in the exche- sit the Lord Treasurer, the Cimhcelor of the Eaequ,
uer. ie i superanmnladeat over al the ocer enploy- the Lord Chief Baron, theee odhiar o of the Exch-
ed in collecting the impeost, ceaos tributes, bc. be"lg. quer, sad the Cursitor Baroem; thbi cel trial co
ig t toth crown. relating to the king's treasury or as teaching
4. The 'Lord President of thne l ig' privy council; counts, dislburseents, con imn. n ilIm imposed so
whose olice is to attend upon th king, to propose busi- an man.
sem as the council table, and to report to the king the 7. The Court of Admirlty, hch tI -i prd lr
indmetioai there. supreme of the courts held by and mailer thejlrdI
5. The Lord of the Privy See, under whe hands Admiral. It takes cognizaces of nlairn, civil nd
all charter. and grants, and pardons signed before military, on the sea, which, rl within the jmurmdictd of
y come to the great seal; with dIenrs other matters the common law: therefore the proceedings is thIs cmot
Itb do not pau by the grem ami. in all civil matter, are according to the dvi law, and
SThe Lord Great Chamberlain; who present to the run in the name of the admiral, and at of de king, a
g on the coronation-day all his robe, and other parts in common law. In this court be has a limeaet4. led
of royal attire. To him belong tIh are of providing Judge of the Admiralty, who is commenly some lWrnad
Things in the House of Lords in the time of palb-W doctor of the civil law.-Thllatre t and bigh tribu-
ment; also the government of the whole palace of West- nals, or cou rtof judiature, eg H d for the public ad-
miinlter; and furnishing of Westminster-hall against cuto- ministration of justice nd equity.
nations, trial of peer, He d ses of e sword of For the government of the several counties, Ih kilg
state to what lord he pleases, to be carried before ih king has deputed and commissioned several ofl rs, with peowr
and goes himself on the right hand other sword ne t ade aldutority to put in force ad execute ihe laws _p
king'.pruon, and the I. Madahe dearly A the olbject. The are the mjustle of dte pea, Ame
7. The Lord High Constable; whose power and jurie- ofce ih is to chnre and keep the peace of the country,
diction was antcieny so great, hat since 1721, I was and to examine and commit to prove aIl who brlak or
thought too muchl for any subjectt Thi officer is now disturb the same, and dinqeie the kilg's subject. in
created only on occasions of cornation, trials by combat, order to thi, they hold quarterly meeting$ at some of the
&c. His power and authority are the amoe with de Earl principal towns, where a jury of twelve men, called a
Marshal, with whom he sits judge in the Maitlb conrt, grand inquest, is summoned to Pr; wht ape ath,
and take plac of the Earl Marhal. are to inquire Into the crasef am delhuesl ad ip
8. The Earl Marhal; whom office is to take cogni- et thes by bill, gaihy of the ikMDlent, 5 e gdle y
sace of all maters of wars ad arms, to detee mine co- a justices, after trial, punish 66 form a r eai
tracts coocerning dees of arms out of the remi upr thIe for farther ial a thie next u Wad nsm the
land, .ad of warwithin the realm, which caset he d innsea-t Thi is called the -qmod" r far
lennined on bhcommn law. He formerly had weIl ge ty..-Bherms,of comty, or the heb whm e
courts under hki, but now only the Manrhelse. dm is *eo aiaee the king's madtemd aBi
9. The Lord Righ Altmiral; who is intrusted with ac di-cd n o ftJhe king' court, to impannel jurihe
maritime anairs, asu well civil as military. He bul power to iMa g e I nals to orial, to e he aew ee
to commission a vice-adiraIl, rmr-admiral, all capies hohiacivil and lalpiren ,esedd tllowellernand
and other officers at m. To him belong all peale i, god the judges twi a yeer in d cire lp fird he eise.
tamrmiamen, goads of pirates, felon, he. a m aI Under the bhe ri oft ftN ba d teo
stray goeda, wrcks t mRa, deoedind, blC. : a .., m nwuards, oild, emu.,M. Jaae, d ke.
These are the tlstareams of government, Opcy i of the ae a vi y ancim t a h bIe Im
rule, which dow i m the original fountain, the ki, tod tae adme il a s ml igh ml -C
e ammon people of the realm: to whom it u is a gan arva en o d O Ithte o
various ways, into leser currents of power a aed horey. we, e warrats d s orde f aJi e ft pa
The great courts of jelicasum, civil and militau as tomi detty em nin -i
seven is aDumer, as follw: who are tino i quire, hbms, y y' hew., i
1 The Privy Council; which i thet eaguets rm whme y penonamm by vWn death, and osea k
t-i- hei s i advised ad mseunaed, and N -on recois eaw ae* of -te owe a they how L i
i, hl for I deface, fety and bhame lat d e sum m or cOsm.e
realm; nt meddg wikh mters which my be dr- ------
mined by the fm emn ofjmtice, hot mars of com Efess i Ch'iismity a. 6 Mrind in m .--
ain ad ade emrencies. The mebui the gld ~ f paid ad peace i vss.
aon able comil amr ech a the king, of Me 6 certia ~lm bad p mrdie teo baie
surehall choe; end are generally of the highly r by 11 w ir md w nem, e mesk ii ing, my mek
eminetfar windeo, kinegrity, &tc They ia a the coum- lam them d* which ia m-ared by a pathemt -ndersa
cil-board, when bin amijty pr;de; and at al deblea lie wau omniderd by the moi enlighteeq Rommi
the lowest delivers hi opinlg afat, and dhe king hIt o'r ua a sumricnt reason r riddi thommelves abruptly of
declarehis judgment. life. The rst book of Pliny's learn formise a wthh
I. The Parliament: which is the most high and bonour- two imeances of friends of his, one Of wrhm lnd emn e
ble court, wherein the supreme and aheolmo power of so hins apprendy coma practire and the ear in.
she eam consiass. Thi high urt or assembly cmne ns end et report to i, if t-he byicin sheLdl d m
of tw parts or homes, called the Highr and Lower 4is dm a morl am. Teirmceed ue d md = '.
Hede of Parliament. The members are of three sort, depended exercise of theirfr ll and pleime i the 1-
viu: the peerag and brony, who represent the higher part ped of dhe4ir4ve ;
r of the commonwealth; the knights, the cities and Ipe Dese a"m"l ee enlai m- soe -
, geae, whp represent the lower part; and the bielopa or -Ge M irsil b tm ar sna me,
I pelable, who represent the clergy; over all which the Hren, Zed. IL.
kg himself preside. The place of meeting is in the Bat the Christian has a higher motive I'r bd 1 him-
king's ancient palace of Westminster; the lords is ene elf to the will of Heaven, and for takin his ee
room and the commeas in another. The king, lords, ad patiently. He heliewm, that he present I s a ae i
*communM, el r the greatest part, agree to the pero es only, nmd tdtwhet he ew endmm, my be a
Smakil of laws ad repealing them. When a hill hea naem rv trd of his faith and obedience; and t b- a
S dtrogk both houes, with coaent, and received sareiful dispenaion, the great Creater mae e an
Sthe eat of the king, is pardiame ammmbled, i i pain an an inatrunet, by whidi e waer d d Mmhn
.called an At f Parliamest, a statute and ordinance. a thisbeautiful world,i whicbI llnke Oeedneebad Mlti
rule and law of. the land. dwn only for a temporary amoeernment, ineuedileglba
3. The High Court of Chancery. This coort another and better exiitmrwher w r. Ofthe dgme -a
signed to mitigate the ig of the other courlna jl l her as whom it lhas ban my prefeiaionel duty to laie e-
Store, nd is therefore e d the Court of Eqehy; and i maintired in the las hour, of tbir lives, I havrsmeie
the original of an eher courts. The judge of this cor fll surprised, tha so l-w have appeared reluctant to go

use l aIw moyo thtwsoe s howr, but were M ad
dim ae*mM dle r a imopaience of ur tin) action, of nUrm; and 17 since, from lur th e u mot favoured nation." | e ?-
rfL from hat prmive indJmren.c which i th dr f f rk
to a d wo ae arrivlr l a i -f r p ros fta.ul t upwardsof 0t) muSe. before they ure disem reception by the Sulan of a ner C
hL tmu dl r w*ho faith .rnv.d is a ferl..r. wcnt,- ed at lera Leo. In lrando it bee in which subordinate dpacdty Com.
o n dly ll-d ,n faih in kh. doctrine Inch oulr ibrkdt lSirr Leone. Ia nfoLna pe -ps, niwesded ibh e a'al H
l a mi s ume m t hhimre. It had beno the e uma tom lto
p tl,h rnee cerful in the hour of doth; and lI we one in the hospital ioegi t the establibea. gent under the rank of Ambheaudor to a1
S qltud eo a in k chImbe without ia iwh, telt my I-__ the grend n elgoor hirnelf. AB se slad r
| ad Jlis he bke itiran"-[-ir Ilepy Ilalfrd's Eisya.I New Yoa., lnth November. Sthe tnd piece igr himself. Inp theo h
A Sut.--AlII esriptie..i ceion in brisk 0l iin t at fll ,t ot to a
Siies. A crgo of ee b maL n Turks Ilahnd was told yda r W" aacutntd In dospmatcha fr the
Sarday, i suppo uedat Ct a ai eia. Last sale uo Lverpool blown,
rnda, i to so. government have boen d eoo ul n by the C mm
waua whhvm b,,sent by niail to Weaustgtoe.
WEBMESDAY. DECE d'R 7, 18c1. ANSWER. TO ENIGlA. Theimpurtmea othil't aty thean
bhatihehorof4 n Im hhol isils t nown course of uheUnilted tlte with the eadr t lo
1T, my bule oa ar _nt i ally lwon ; in manifBest to evory one acquainted with the -m ,
We hve bon favoured wih files of Baltiore ppers, Gd co ree Ian. crem ae mustC tharm-slg toe losa e. s A
Sy he American homs Abo ed ary T r- ri sirc ; uet il u. ioodar, a uitakr, of1 commerce with the S sublime Pre aore at
o kytheAcnhomAh dM ar. T- And prar do yot crum wit ny m, r c.ake- port of the Black Sean, te ee of Aoph, a
e s, to the 19th Insaunt, incluive-conmtminin London A brliht )uyu siay ar, but lor that I don't mcae, beyond the Dardnoellos, bet it lays tlhe l
dab to the 4th Oclbr; from sore of which, we have If the Arrrb I best love makes the sauce to my kan. more active intercourg with all thue nritimeru
I I Aear talk of 'aee. bu wht bhar am isa r'Oi the eastern ad soutlhorn iJres of the
u wui-tW. ,he ahr irch triln of. speed, fll a ram, bor-ring wate. which aclknwledge feally to ie Sultan."
S Th Bathere American of the 19th, contains a long A car were convement, s am were mo ate,
W dhI.iIg a. f a ddful PlaguB which I. 1 t I we ar aT upoar, we ay oe ugit d mice. h
debated i ty gd in tI nnths of April an* A ni we won't hare. kir'tUJllu Jr uir euju)u met, berlin, Sepitembr .-TwI English offcm, .
dto rhy t gded, in flnts prl Awl tear your wlles I-ol 1k lhv his ul her aroment. "d \\ V ilkoun, hb becT delnined hden.,-
May hi, which it is tul that full two thirds of the in- _____was to proceed to PI'lal. They hid eSchnuled
hkbio of that chy lhadeen sWept off by its rave Capt. Norton's Riff.khu.-Under thi name aLon- a Siest thank Ro .e adite is resumd tLhe
Wehoe ee wth flmofBatior ppes, dcoffee and we must haread with the v t to c'coun, or
The pb iu qlstin, cae to hand at too late a hour don paper tluas umotica new iunvntion of'a British Polish loan obita ii.E land. The English
fr thatiraaccouMnt o ioerted i) thl day' publia omcer:- Clhad, who pl on there behalf to the Secres y
M. Aoeidt was anxwied that Prussia did oante
tia; pt w will do m insut ne, if it does not appear We haver cendy had a opportunity of seein Captain s e. nelfIsI tie Pelish eas ,t, buit only it mal
before the public nl the iuerim. Norton repeat experiimnua with his ride-su e, with the livity ,eal ihat her obligtioa towUads Rumssia
S- success, of which we, u far a outr knowledge ol'gunnery mn r in eufftero pass to the Ironter. any thing
We havss .arlapi from La Auror i, M.mlnzMas an went, were perfectly sied Capt. N. loaedd a t$i- ro promote the Polish war. In coua
count of te arial at of rCtpain lPutnam, crew piutol in the usual way, putting instead of a ball a sheu inttn, e w the Engliarmeo, Mr. ohl
l m pnsrn of the ship Minerve, which ve. left with a peg, whichshould fet strike the obect aimed ast t Loud son, it. a eiret. declr suier
Ne Ymork e 1 ith of Octoher, bound to New Orleanns ri beingd g lrive ini, exple 'II the I u. The principle .e preened to plres gtat adiuen. with ithe
wkl cro of tone, lime, cordue, brandy, wine, on, shall always keep it is the direction whicl is given io it the complaints of the Loedon Courier.-Natmid
S o, nd dry goods. Hler crew consisted of 11B men, and leaving the muuleaf the gun; so that it shall invariab jndrlt.
her pamuagrs ww 8 in the cabin and 16 il the tearage, ipinge on the uame plut, penetrate tie substance, uad
umrki a eomplaen of 67 persons. Nothing occurred explode with destruclie precision. We witessed this The Army of PrusI.-A correspondent d f
Ise e esurting of the 1th, when, at h leltd istances. The hard fired at wae pierced a
Tae apoi els morning of the l!th, when, t half ignite d hi appeared to mn that snch sa engine employ- d"n Courier has fu rai l that journal with nh
pus Ie o'cldok, lip pglck .pun a ridge of rocks twno ld gaint muumunition w.(ans, baggage, snd camp esui account of thel Army of Prl i:--
mif dtula. insa aIdts y dirunion from the Littl page, must be of prodigious eicacy in war. The excellence of the Prussians, au oldie lha
asas.m On theafternoooof the*0th, the brig Leon an- been allowed, anid, previously to the battle aJMs
S chd at two miles dutence, the Citpiin and crew of A London paper says that Sir Wlter Scolt was about to were considered p the esM aud bast appointed p
which the greatest humanity rendered every mark on bomd tpiham. Bi gans, with a view to sped Enurope. 'I'lwa srlt 0or that bttlh did not did n
we re l, th renrd every h inta t Napls. Before leivng hume, he FIullhed llh lheir rputaiune, hot o btly convinced tIe wwtld
amtaane in their power. They were employed in iing whole noutla a wuptiomau to bun celolted novel. o' wee uthr tuldiers eully able, wlwterla th s
the pasengers and Ukggage, until half past five in the oted is or It t al a er, that th o- suited front military iscipline or physical
pyr "ht of the otiseettaseoss pa rose orks ofir Halter d attJ^
slhtrom of the fl.t, at which period, tii water having had h orn puhsed for the m er in de Exchage Cofre At this moment th eyes oo all nations are taral
Mrdf the tl Imetw hi aM dsh took fre, and with the house on riday. It is curious Met. ait the voluminous Pnriua, which is compelled, rol it. peculiu s~
retest ditohY were t h cew and the rem Mnder of the a"w ad coter ha produce, i oo fe pro pnelr of aI preserve, even in times of the pioluundtslm, a
-pmi-ge n v in the .ich of the Leon, u.r td wie, hi obnU, ptcay t eU a pfoe, ot eraling a o some- great in numer, and aul, by the line it way d
tt, an d city pd~I and that. too, after having ild aim It erfully to inluunce the destinies of the wstd b
coma uniclti~g .wth oil a d spirits, 6om iapd tbe a l ol thee I hiring their progreMse pubbieatiuo aace lo traluy is always contemplaled with suspicio; i
clh ii noeverylFa the e veL Al6 fie 'dMk- coaned with conaideeatio, ad presunid wis
Im tke mng of coip f to hei Leon get anr weighed u i om r Ametrir paper. Now, bwhe it i dustesd with the war hbeteml
witch pmlode hbe wof burend to dthfr werg A latre re mhd at the Depatu se BaoS, lem Cr. and Poiand, on its eastern frontier, and with tlmt
hih ghe. Eqm Chargi d'Affa es of th' e irited w*aes, at Holland and Belgiium on thb wrrn boundary, ids
The Mi't a prIhabiliy. he ml n d BI Sek mloeo the following etra ot ta letter ftme the poa grt polglet tiona u to which way it mayb
Pass .ha i o uponBledEngro l Physiln, St Mstber w oTfy. to LaQi o repoandersn inlIuene a-....wlnht it will joia w. k
rintg of whi, biaht -to Gd. ir l rm h l e. s, m e eronD inis imnaC Moter i toeblek iu aad olc give i i to dIu s a ps otig*
Imth nsio nr r.esptensined is Swden of the Cbsle nor- ot
Plek,,L.u. tp ir; as*dthla P k[thly und- e um-, qunthe regtlations both by ae it a Deed by Hollrd and .drsia. It i not here a a
by of two -ihidis rt col, t h ei u er ", A" Paot ite mppserh.-Tb remdy indicmd in the lion to conUide wbich chole ,ay be its pept, a
f.'ia*ir v J a r. Cqirp. Oilt pedeuced is Amboya., ad pehtap, argue the question between the oeleclun of asn m
lhsrl w*iMn. ate"ar lr B f ef the Est lMu .-weeal h e a good pre liuberliy, or the hias to tyranny. Wielltevorm
Sl C-- Wi~ o ' rmerhau, ltradig o those ommaie. to order determination ofi ilern u th io jluare, it
ThmAy~ma esbesw Mum, C-aptais wiuaai ly a that article. Praia, ducaed Pnra (sad ala i he aunt
Ub ueaRm hue ren Iuy jt '. I IY'' in the str ict d the tof any of she
tunt to loow nss eg r rrii morel 'A were wllher sol e eilu e ut alBlyable, wha vi m shift
t 14 m jm hvi St.I ""Euro e.) wil oc reCi bIelryd thd C d
the w.P tlp, h w Iqe a W, .. t' A dnod f mine lately rernemd fn Indih, e he lehu Her re rwe baine on I mUlve t o eli
i it a I. 2 Ome edall de hhig oea in the Ims Preidsey., eseept military resources, podI by wlikh ie r, y ai
tW. h of .ovem.n, has given me pg hope th us d t raised, organized, plutputed.
SofL -i wh friend fuh thee Choplla. 1ie woars JdSe at Maln e tinder the aD ilary i system in MPrei, i
r h -- t If.o, wh t the_ c .hol i n e"ilud oto a grt eah i. tion of a soldiers a e was runllni ted- e
Tts fl a. 64'g Iw t t r t, the rdy. .eOt-mi tand it r'.sh, andu ho of .Pfr -- e t wih the -
toe. Lime Ti thhe dmes t=ot m pel, a
The tkilf town of Ip Warceleas, aed asot anwna a ore remedyn staa flot: Amsomyne. chance of earliation. bu he wa an eier w ;
ti u hi di.tauc f i e the t i AttLy, J. th.e aor. -l t tdose ine a fe w.- lys eU sobj- a ictdelso his onloalo tby aesp. --
c k in i t d si rits, mom misend t e ad tbs thil pof ga r .sie adre e elc tio ue t f a, iMsal howays comp e with susiin sd
h. t-.he amech, Pra io tmie f*ed. Ab Ilif e oif t cout.tad moan ealightend countries, was -i
aUy Am. dby .a ab lh&M ,a ,r Lo a ~m by u I k ae-' andgih.g .~h matrs. N, sailor to ihsU sn i ad ingu l rt *a Im
anpigh m po p ppam or A ~dim tfhI domTl orB h aer goI .e It de ateidG o, farLn. an I o lU n the montheas ty ag dd.ys thet h Ii
wbm411 thuem ofmmn o l ry tia m e Isuma humb live on a de last day enTl aw on the fas, and i
The amber ail trobabality. rd by atd s is do- pvilg in aset moD- i- ajd. I of his Government payment for four ymydi om4do
gro th elem udt oe mk to behold a n It drops in wine.-l.nell of t wear a e for four
Iakd 6ho i d s *rilling IdAmminm te I esa well mnt atile to go oat iaos bolt. -a he con- hi jasLe only reueied two. In fact, heir a
humd m telks hm deyad e emifr nityi its I Ithe e nin.m r io doa hn regimenl un hanker das hi bdIs-0
yl ofI e wu amd l whichhIe long riutb,.aidihit the maeu hene i ha- ar. In .n to he lid out a thd boMe inerr. Many of hy '
d-> heawr the'miar d .Mheir Iri, oenader, stta k tlrh d posesold he dmeoe hos at nd, as h retrctiuons tureol aetweo the result of o noidnigbt
ts lqrIat NdlM I re l i 4 ra m ofroPam.' As t ile .r ad npeated as bov lb-t do generally .newr. n nambuscade, bIes ti saving of a yard of L
S~ l" I d"t morr l in tw n isa s wlth tie megood o o r the ntiy -of ah to b dialled J n
ton it al ,- wih omrib mlar, pnl I* Io that o a nrwom, I nZmentioed it, f iunt equally hllof beef-dirl. Te 6eh p t'rfecla dil tho i

ompees, tm eea nd with the ma anptllidg etrilr dy p, my koowledgeof Mr. Tayor, who gve n me the ilu.r- y, tton rgu hvig bee OI
adl to the attr menmr of the ulthorile of this city signedd) M. J. TIERJEY shower of rain. dlmeartmn master was obliged r
di, La BwDlowa ietd ad, fa the safety of the s that if his e ver pulled oI their cloth ih,
ry whoma, which remit uninjured. as hryi Turkey mfmed .--The New York Co,- be so pm"i.y of ever getting them o.n aga.
Orme oB, Mia: A A s-,-o By Iitn l ratel or the Pavilion lewi Hlder ie mrl ny issued om el qt a w -
W.ItsW. is d, it ofl ONa donl high apt.i Dtslrea-te, whirh tiled on th 21, miitrmher r esiucs Iild th b dry dheafo' 0s 11
Prha blaadndm date d L May, rweci~dl in ihh siv: frha Smyrns, we l ve received the importa integl eigre iLsr.paje ng there only a taes .n ouer
'It, Bck Joke fn ia pith, and captured on the 2St trm e trty with Turky Ih been coBlmed b the' wee only a remi nuiter of
i di Spaslbh brig Mariaes, with a argo rof -19 Gm r"d igmwe, ad0 tIs the rehttions of thet, ites te e s~imer aid wa e aecTy-haed is ai 5 -1
,lAr tile o hoby mtoo lighT B wi th he Port e sen pised on the footui of di mo lmd mu ah, e .wa t ia r "ch'n
Th e onman kild 1d ehe follow ofic I on ext-acat of a letter 2Irquivh by the paruig entryiy to ,e
Ase man kill" d dimma 'vrl sdJltly wmmdnd f#'n,% comIsnhe, Th e of" in t h Ifr r=i Is'-m,, ac; ul ll is voisou asyslem wa bitterly atme
apiaisih remIl had three cannon and 4 ht.h mnr o a. r bili t Prssia hum ilialed nd degraded, learnl eipe ri,
thee e Joke. t nno, n becy, i tt d te o h, rd ninor days, te h H we a
la Joke. It not kaown wichlo', the ntg- dirbrb -wll thi ti-nd S* m',nor on t -e 13h i. (-.n.)..fs i.toducd Ino PrL sls mse of eiHa "

k-CHP--~-1 LIL -


'SLA- seeW-w; a

J- _ _ _ _ I


hil ',wi work RPORuT O(W NT 4 VAEsWT M
SW am- f thl Oif Igs. The .preparations for mttck being aeifdm*, I whL a
A h* S p-and par had .U-M a rpi 0 tt Ca aelulrr atenmit fi effect a reconciliation, behim
f a andhkr. "i adopted hSo anode i hercol.- coming to thelast exreaity, and mt General mDamrhrg
amin la sor preveus ta dialuh rovelohtiu hiad tholh with dcib st priclaimaaio of Hla Ilmpurial Maajusy, to do-
d holywis a similar system. old thiasmhidaoua of he rebels.
dbartaL was a men ef gnat experience and sublilky. M. Prudaynaoi, malrtensaor-genseral of the rnhel
i sntaisll under a pretence. drdilli recm s to have army, wOi depllied by tsh corlunander, Count Kocko-
,i disposal ms*iers ul niet to li LCehbft in nemer wici, to retanime h, and in cuaseqenca I ohined 6am
of aegainuts, of which ie h:lIl fa d the outlines, and the tim haer, a the t th of Sept. a letter in which he sayn
.rJi p h Ilan was, that on the declaration of war, thla I asn equally desirous to pretnt the el'ioan of bhod,
y. "whirl was considered at only 40,l00tUlispoable bit LoughsPresident of the Polish government, my power
w, was found ti consist of 120,tIX) of the most eti- are liiterd by the decrees of the Diet repreenting tie
liet tra. lThis nay be gpnsideref as the nucleus of nationi,%hich are entirely opposed to the spirit of the pro-
m, Iuanselsr, which in 1813 began to develop its vat position made by your Excellency. The Poles have taken
imnasqinelg elcct, anl i 1414 was ornisred oni a regular up arms in defence of their independence within th li-
pai thrlouhoult dll kiigdom. The nPrusian army now mite, which formerly sparated them from Rusia. The
cea.ists of rdupas of the line, nd of he first and second National government waits your Exlcllency's informnaion,
aes of the ladlelr. The aIntr*m mn hardly be co- as to how tar the Emperor of Russia will accede to their
aielned as pat of the army. being tim laee a suae of wishes. KUCKOWIECKI." .
dh whole popul.ioin. The line is furnm of the volun- All hops of acconinodation were removed bythis letter,
qer, who adopt the army as a proTession of choice, eo- and I ordered an assault to be made at day break next
ring it at first with a fee will, or remaining in it afterthe morning. It was successful, and after ime whole outer line
rid of comupulsory service. This Ies permanent force. of fortifications bad been carried, M. Prodtylaski piment-
l: rest of tll liie is no of perpeYal chalige, renewed ed himself, bearing a letter from Count Kruckowiecki, and
by about a tllird every year. Tlis annual levy, ou con- demanding an interview.-Not wishing to lose time in vain
scription, tikes place on all lales Iroim 20 to 25, all of delbtes, I asked of him to declare what was the basis of
wlhen miust perform three years irtilitary service. The the negotiation into which he wished to enter, telling him
only perwone rxcenpted from this levy are the highest nulii- at the same time, that could admit no other than that of
lily, c.nsisting of the mediatised Couls s adil rinc.'e. The entireOubmission to tS will of His Imperial Majesty ; in
better cia.sse or the popuLation, wlhr.can a certain (.x- reply I received from him a declaration of his assurance,
anlinatnliu, or leave attained a cc-tain class in the public ti the intentions of Kruckowiecki were to return to com-
rlhoils. are favoured by a regul which allows them to pleteobedience with the Polish ation,for wbich lie was now
serve fir oine year instead of three, en condition, however, invested with full powers, and that lie wished to know what
of providing twir iwn arms and equipment, although by a conditions I required. I gave my conunt t:at Coant
later rule the government allowed to Ilih volunteers the Kruckowieki should immediately visit mP in permne, and
use of arms during service, which, at the expiring otl sch engaged Hi Imperial Jighneu, the Grand Duke Michael
time are depositedin the sores of their regiment. to be present at the interview. General Count Toll and
They are also allowed to select their own regiments; General Berg were Score also; but thelanguageof Count
and nmechanicr of ability in their branch of mnjoofacture Kruckowiecki was very different from that which I had
only serve one year, compulsorily ; and iftlhey can prove reason to expect. He entirely disowned the declaration
tlieir presence necessary to uay handicraft, they are al- iinde by to the face of the latter, and pre-
lowed to provide a substitute. All persons intending to tended that lee had not received any such powers from the
enter the clierch, or whlare engaged in oficesofeducation, Dlt. A warm discussion took place, and I was twice on
are released fri.. n military obligation, the point of ordaing a recommencement of hostilities.
In a popilultion of eleven or twelve millions, at least \t length however,desiringif possible, to prevent further
eighty thounanlul may lre considered as available annallly, ellusion of blood, I charged General Berg to read the prin.
front the aes uof twenty to twenty-five, a certain numlubr cipal condii.ins of an arrangement, and consented to wait
of whom iare required annual) for the line; the rest nust uotil uose o'clock (3 hours) for the liinal answer of Count
after ile landwrlr. Kruckowiecki.
The army as we have said, is annually rencwable hv a I even sent him a summary of ite preliminary condi-
third, that pronMrlion leaving and joiniig it. Thie mn j liton aniiosncing that, as soun as he had returned them
who leave tlhe line enter 'he cf det rearrr, (called lte u hlil his signatuml affixed, the hostilities hoiuud cease. At
Kriesu reserve) remaining lia bl ^uowevur, to return to the outt o'clock, useing no one come, I sent Prince Souwaruff
line in ile event of a war, and having Iiluongid too venrs to sny that I should order an stack ; they aiked a halfan
odhe reserve they then enter the first ban of the lnaI- hour's delay, after wbhic.n rim having beon obtained
wmer. After having served tliroo years in the lint, the ti' batteries were opened. As soou as tieir efect wa
tklier nmay have two years furloogh belre lie enters the I;e, T1. Plrondzynski appeared will a declaration, that un-
ia ban of Ihe lanrtrul r. This leave however is deer- limited pweMiah d been confided to Count Kruckowiecki.
mined by a war, and those men who are enjoying it are The Uread Duke Michael the sent general Derg to War-
caed Kineu reserve, are considered the reserve ofthe line. sawacconpanied by Prince Souwaroff.
But, in order to supply the maoy with non-commnissioned GUenral Berg reported as follow:-" As mon as I mw
oAcers, a particular decoration is given to those soldiers Count Kruckowiecki, I informed him that although the
who serve six years after the expiration of threat years Coeausander-in-Chief was anxious to prevem ike e4lusk
vice. of blood, yet that he now considered the delays, obtained
The army of the line consists therefore of soldiers hv by e Polish Conmissionem, merely intended I order to
pofesioun, and thase who enter ibr one or tliree year. gain time, and that the attack would be contiaed uoni
This force nmay be omputed at IO rb oon-H0,000 in definitive result had been reached. The Cort enodes
winter (the third year's men quittl It in October, and poured to evade, and informed me that he had not, aqdel
de recruits joining it in Spring) and 110 or 120,000 ia been yetfurnihild with plenary powers, for concudinga
training, to which may be ddJ the reserve, thdt, a has cificalion, but be expected every moment that they
san observed, i atgmtented very year by about a Ibird be forwarded from the Diet.
part the army of the line who remain ia it two years. I soon sw hisobjecwhich was to discover wr-rL
The fidt-e of the lamrir is composed of thai por- the cannonade were a demonstration or in l 5r
Iiof the reclsits who enter it a first, instead of serving prelude of an meult, of which I iwmed ,. om-
hline, andalse, f tho e's bo, having served in the mander through PrinceSouwaro". He at l .
t ,a d belong to i resaise, enlr' it on quitting tbe receiving information that tie Polish troops waore
lar. The one usuallyjoin at bout 20, the oiherat 25, %ay, wrote tie following letter to the ELmperor:.
atL remain ill they arena years of age. Bir,-Having tllis moment received power to sek
semt baj (rmnsrvu inlusive) redy for active and in the name of the Polish nation, I ad4nar eyaU i
ims vice, is about 390,000 men, not inclusive of the paternal heart of your Royal and liperh Hih-
S a she have not paruaen of the yearly duty. 6 nes, through Ilis EsIleocy, Marshal Count Paskwlbgh
The oend be consists of au between 32 and 39, who of Ergan. In subnilting unconditionally to your a-
pa maned in the line and in the fist ban of the landwehr jesty, dr King, the Polish nation knows that you "a
or in ds Abs h of the laodwehr only.-This corp is to can cam e h pus to be forgouse, and hal the deep
deead the interior, but the inrmadton, though prescribed wounds which have torn my counr., is ot i full levy an? employ. It a, however, (: NT kRUCKOA(PK .
l to comprise am available force ofd ~S0 men, Warmw,Saet. 7, 11,6 P. M.'"
king the .a I* Gen. Berg, on entering the city found th^Irucko-
PRUtSIL *R. f Men. wierki, was no where to be seen ; after same time he wa
Troops of the Line, '11I,000 informed thaihe had sent in his resignation, and t ~M.
Kra reserve and Ist Ian, 220,100 Niceojowaki had been elected President in his tead. Wlb
IS har of the landwehr, 190,0(OU him, General Berg efused to treat, until li hid rem ired
from General kruckowiecki himself a statement of his
Total, 5' I,(MO resignation. At length he obtained a letter from Geeral
The ortgnizationas safnls dance of the force will form Malacheowki, commander-in-chief of the rebel forw
anther article. informing me that at five o'clock in the morning the ci
__ wilil e(vacualed by the army uader his eomma,
whic, iould retire upon Plock, and that at that hour de
SFrom tA IBaimmeu Daily Adecrtier. Russian army might entel. Since writing tde above I am
The Washington Globe states, that despatches anl pa- informed that the w.palate corps of Romarino will take
f havy been received at the Department of Stale, from Ihe vae direction.
o Petersbtur2, contilling later information from Russia, T'h trloopls of )our Maj sty occupy the city and suburbs
tn uy which had arrived by the ast dates either in Lon- or Warsaw."
da or Paris. Ilence i clearly appar lisil thli Polish army were not
The Journal of St. Petersbuerg, of Sept. 21, announces included in pny way in It' surrenderr .
S falof Waiaw, 'in the following lines from the comman- Meawnclly Shipernck.-Th Thames. arrived at Quebec
-i~b-cief. a few days sinre from Lonl,,n. On the :Olh of October, olf
Sire--Warmw is at yoer feet. According to he RrieD' I'nl". l ne of the Bird Isles, fell in with this ws k of
i L- W .ich.hveade, the Po y r the Lad, ,vhiy., from .iverpool for Queobe. and took off
atl,.i. "viht ch. Preti T In Mr. rm".hwatu. nie seamen. ad eight -itters: the L I).
,_lL ..--. , rA*%hr.w ,lI was wrmeked on the tillt. Thury-sevei pasTom(m WT
.exat folIws the loural of the military operations, and owned. The cpai s male. snlterid ael cparpner. cooe
S ,,epon of the 'comnmand.r, with the letters betweonI sad one*- am, had take te leng-oea,. .bt esr u" wa
s asd hl the lbd of the Pulishgoverntuent.. nt kwn. ,

Dec. 7th-ship Athens, Hooper, ROw
H.M.ship Northawtr,Capt. Taish, CI
H. M. shr. Kay Lt. Hoesoey, A

The Spanish brig I arrived during the h week
at Ilavana, widt Capta. Putnam, crew pad p
of the Ameriawrshlplinerve, which vewse w ra c
upon the Little l am, end mubequently berait the p-
ter's edge.-l Awarm de Mmlu Sa d Nwa.
- - I 5 I


H AVING fird se-imf mass aIt SIadf
per arel of nh Floar. Oir, dthI
shilialri a L 6m., d do'izaaay L.Mi
llh.3s. By orrdr Vory. I
Vawrw Rn, 6ft DIe-er, 1881.

LL PWSONS himvittemmand again Tbhm
Swe lfd Ite W d o New PIrMead d s,
a~tmsd to reader t-he m du y eam ndI
a a~. mad o6 nd e"am, arm AdSd a e
i to
N DBIErl N0, Administrmor.
ELIZ BrI B mNG, Aldishien.
November 19th.

MWI HOWARD, a m.aei kl.w
ETavas-.a*msarA a*b u-
of th (oWMWmaN Bm-
Th a a n-d q mdia oa
Ati e daus a M of a al ~i h la

Jo 16th.

r ,Eg OF LAPDI.m. ilhd FO r
? =bar. JbP g r w Ml l,
Seekber X~L

A GINHAM UMIRELLA,wmstbr e ti id.
6et sIb a w& a Ml n by ado.
he owner may ecewv I, quiladmr f -- m.
Normaber 23d

O *d G AIE.

by Mrs. Pekin. T He b be -m
nveimes, wrihauis hlrKh-
harms, estansive .ad gr-- Tp
have b oum t ly there ghW n p a w su, ima dp r
of lthe few ne b en palr n p. l
AL.d _
A tra 4 lgaedm at he V3a
cre, It ,rd Illthe wTAEVWd iflm Li,
western e t m by do m s bet
the village into thS in hin rnod. Fd lIn Yidu 4U
posed of i one or th le. Apl ..
JSepOter 7th.
Septembr 71L





LaSLr. d Ysmh I I m c** mI
.y, Ladyo tham S s., 4 .

07 E-7,rA, Pe baa lo -M am. bdk
& nlaA re"fl (ia -, r t I

- awaariw 9 pyin l& wp 9e p y
s O .ut r a . .apvuisr .


-, hh Onam. L L
lab September -. 'l. a

asha ** - 8mmel
LstI -* 8 1 W
th Novema -
oth aa
lath Aphy Wa. '

1 __ I



-jr --


Dec. 3d-rl Alonia Wlmo, Beim
71b-cbr Mary mv, Sn, Smb. ldmag
F, Pork, Tdbecc, bale ie,
to Joman & h .

rvew. dI j M i lfolIsW l
,m hur* .b fa1mgiy darb a gir'r7 diaed dr fee ling of pdli t i

tr yshe Wmo th Ei ( te mourny Mo n ed b min pat ON

lU'^ ,S,1 A.MMorm osiomf dit nk, heag the ed to r .--mpahion, w--- mor us-d to
s pedgthi*to4 -,toad tiheir t p edvour M d to a me" the artls. T Msnen and rndy rked what se wtk da ,
MAoallyoai t hggirl mron at@ ofpro s ed to. in phi sin e wnt haem1 Cm',i*

N w~he i dtot eo loeft, Td, i he ghaa lrfudy ia i d dda itto be a s un,,' wa e remtn.. the tookedta

hear lshe siant 1 1 n4 B nihdbourn 'taa warycoid.tblee um fm terir heinitendedto kne hio hine dnrk eyd -eed to rae oon her with pa
ex. a s "aw -alg"ed bygue I a-d tSi hus,. The officerised the colour and tnutre kind *nd com .eiprm-o ;-e1 ibr u
| nl Ik |im.ktif d "% he I ir, isd when hiaeye fra ell due ame ofEla Ella p or it bto w the xiellut edtlce ga
S hI b il ~ l and rae4, hlip, end e uittleod, by aher more e peharennd poliely pdlad is.Cm.
m @, my aIndia i rhd mid d o hmhn to l s t aee thie bdso hi mo eh- I yb ah d at thoe mpliment, and

ic b. in mtid her re .e l.iu i.k th a atE for n rly ry s rto i onr rt oned o'clock, wheI a t,
lS S dM hendg A O, i j at po Ailo amond your gck I mea, rad I fo at your veel ere moored in their prper placed Athe ce

t rmiud iro to ght." Adolpk," a red he," am jealous, of my lowe co station tirre could notd dy have been w ea t Its
la ly mllnal a kied her r~sy haiti m our hei was ental a i the tick cu; m50,000 perwns, aoeed. A al pato one oa'aeclotl
ir he s Onl y f, ten d e r1" g alhl e hod bt om beft, and, ahe hi alrea dy eimsed hiingof the royal a rdeply.. s ute from the. p
oA; eLn Ly Emd Urew where tealmt1 sum from het athem be Do you uoe lovu m of arti fey, announce burial ofy tir Mje ij a
Sib oll The ul mcr m upn m Sm our m suite in te d cky d woere they were received wiltla
u -imitimmaslhr h be l ridoes- fhe haverm sod w yhe him eefell heams ayms of Ella fe i oftho o moweriowe. On ereving atthe docka gi
l sM7 r* mruw io kn war uf Somd erae i of pMI ad gratitude led hs i, ad is os master si right, d other euthoritisnc of he pl.ce, i.

o xfi .e nh dyeg __ Iwh 1 @"I elw y upolaty imumira. Sb d&m'I al t he mmb hercr" Hoempd6hp upo the counter, oIw o, j I r M.incf 'ih .T'an

"ntli eaY". iws, ,(aiKh, layblr do the m sld tl m th o take it M or Ade and Clet hhwho, his ig t da n to ited forS ed to the waoc t ,

[ M N'qllW I would li the world for one lhlo lock." '-rf iRotead". B--ENDICT. mAiler a eorry glnce, rie Majesty, attended by to
and" t l o h te rai. we lk y her o u ey y Pa S" th e stot of o ac gold, readily couad, o cer ofat, retired to the e fted p for Lm
uone oiorai v arad her ely mulled shouldewi r r re the best ep ion of hi ris and feeling s, rocyalprty, longide the eeng o lohe to bhe water',
a Timwr is t yes s*, Mr. Aoolp d e l he might Alo e ar pled to as pref ab n elevated and .wlre he was o sooner recowgwith viln from Lod b"

pI hM do VIM only tI- se feI *,cour, whid yo aspirin mind, Msill clouded inm d withomM of tle dark- applaus burt forth from the immense concounre w dt.
exiclamM S,,, e~ain of m hi oigin k behr ariec, and not nfreqronly river, whih the in gtry. Atonely acknowledge.
S l ls y o l ts bu"I t them rish ring- impaled by the force of ps ios which are never allowed veisl were moored in the queen er royal a ter, t he ys
, which mahh erace I pl idoli .l a n tha o dt he -a nqilliy of e civilnl lifei. Hew ar now princes, and e earl of a nster, wvera ecome red by u I.

|ys you arag, to htuls apos ega g kel te ." about sity years of age, rathlr short in nature, aith a Long to tenp.uoray platform erected roie to the hi'ls
" Iave 1-s reasset Ware to 81ve a loek, I high froehed, aquiline nos and altogether posuessng en bows, where, after receiving the accessry instuedr
lirimovW lr '.eyi agiu; for ih sM, uoud have your etpresson of countenDce which shows him to be no or- from the master hipwibb, the J sher of Saxe Weiw
irnalby I i d I uu b fur N. Adulph, diry mn red is ully ery plain; te only s- cdased p aoule of winlr d bne oft he b sehipo
prn yo i w hy of gift, ad then y ar ushl ho t I yur heat entanglo himself hi m ate coninctod wth named her the Thunlerer, pronouncing te lwlr

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,w e oalte -, te dy *a, d I wi fellow appuerance seems to hve changed considerably with the then the triger and bolts were withdrawn, the d*g-dm-
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*Ahd huAlaM l todln mdiser ousm," he L re n rmtiby ll iltedt visi es to he osipea m by the absseembdsd m ltitude, a inwered by dS Irgh
i lm waeoam an &%e= -- aih rhrd .. yer oyawmay Look at t hi lin is of thse onise river. On erilvin at the docky.
duLsv5sa Z .fllW twlc pip hermnherd ... dum uOfls. ede the lords of the Admiralty, Sirf. Seppings, Mr. Lmugk

I 'J bmim en m e lae lLorln t lrs hiek- Ot, a- d full in t master esipright, and other authorities o the placa,
tiu., and taEdd wohd -b taf rS a" s Tern to d eere thia thoeres i in u the M rttof heiderer mjeentito dip, where Nde strupelynldo
A Oll ettu M a*rPe woem i ASb wAl n in ter Ao-d with many d qor- sal, which we so l oon to b cpnsigocd the vyear a. e

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ov8;Is uisd via fhe worl for use litle lock." ad lutld. Aller a cursary glance, Him Majesty, attended by to

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Tne lo amotv around her Sly ul shoulderar t he at ex ression o f mis d feeling; a royal plan h longeidter .-erel, cu -dek ithe wte's
It T herll Je i f Y uel d a mmntets hM be hrda any erud sy ofhle hated and wfes length, ao sooner recomed than is rad b l4

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I tYe r YI am ri rin- im pl d by the forcs eof pioe, which ar never alo ted tht e onhoipn, ithe qieen fr royal stded, exet he

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ich rlmi grace eI lmw id. iau.yrod to ditab the trtnquillity of civilian life. Hae intO prince, d he Ifr of MHn str, mr hcor ed b rI.

11,6 1nd, prnc I da tis drah. W osl of Wnst C eretebied by aller
y d you Ifiu to mew "p 0 je ls" about slty years of age, rat short in stature, e ith a Lang to s mleuporary platform erected close to dr Ips
asv. I ne l wa n ioea rK IW g ove look, I highfoled, aquiline nose and altogether poai ng in b where, after receiving the necessary instrc eo
migh eeveq aYIs again; Ao edi hove your expression of countenance which shows him to he no or- from the mt lershipw t el Bhie ma of Sae Wreir

L r yu iy l e l rae. No, Au e e t dihulry mf. Hidr is usually very plain; the only x- dBsed a le of inleho s o

ehteL a w .. .er rght. e d. e d co e l the o, of mihno ete Z ;y h, A h ew-Y k, Juplry, 181.t
prhv ouaslf enhy of th gift, and then yuu hall o s which a m low, hiemsf In matte confncted with ame d her i Tuniers en prn ning to e ried
Tolla how to lgtp wrhy f s iutable a studd h diasoh lae ouinierte his outward melayt the prosperr" The wrds wrc ad .tmo er
", -~Bl, A I. h L nedyo,"l I d fllow ape irance s to havoe uched itons ati etraly h the than the trier ad oU withrl, te do- rosr
mqe p i you iat point oms e" aprgret of his yeas; for although, when hitween thirty rmll down, e d the n dous far bic gled najesti
& it hemse i" amisad ehu i painting toward and forty h was described by a British ytrUml"laf of a iat6 the rivest im load buan of the pecalams,

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for ad~lh v d b eh own- s and -, ts hebrd th oicer wr e by O e latest v ia
Ad ~t m ll to i Ino st s e p te b lae it to have beo lls never itneserd, an dte a eli forde the highest ge
J"ohn Sobove m a Ube u oj' O l 6 1ull -t the edg fl inI oeue. oe c tion. Nota sa copacint sdami r.

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sLightd ^s b W bQa ll diti med Ji d Atdolph ~ Allth may d lb, bar keel hrg bee )i down i tSb year M t. S i
and kuia~an d oa tihe he owd as p dtse of darbarism arid fieromL Imalmiof has ben hailt with Adican and En cch oak, frmad aia

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avdydelatf o". of delay ho occadonaly Le iof Sir R. Seppingxjed wader Sb direction of Mr. 0.
There was mare sm ltain o ft mawviolot bursts of pinion; aad soch Lham, the an"o aiIh-Her p ust-derk is IN
@ha i oAu and womMs throw T arldy angy cruehy which he w ao fee tn Lt n 5 fAC the is rated at 4
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ed indIusee d "M w tiphI Sbil imd p foarl a fo d Mud "'t o e tadc l Ither e olth, W Owhic' will give idditioAW
ti)o hi a aL & mention eiad in his preo that Se sth mab W l iptte dio of in decks, eeexcept
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d,; Iv m a mat airkdy followed. His prland upper qter,-dek pid =uepp, isv placed diagonally,
Iab d t, whe ad I al care- instedof fore-nd-aft, hento; mad her side bam

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a ac I not t w w .sve.e s fm," depe aling him own men-of-war. love sern-lungord ro Shb me slowip.
YrcLtsfl cui bpli parL^"^don fC wrethed culprit. ButAc,

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ho' @hod is dIr egarded, and Sb meua a as N-Ya aMnuaw, wais
oe If Jt smad do um tio ho death. We 60 peel ofa simile, G]YoLIC NaT1E bs hereby given to ,l'pel-e
o Aust,,,in sow5 L dde, wher he pam S have use d on w om it ay concern, having c am. debts, hl-
hIld. bLwarmupuml an ni~obr4 l ". T a 4= nce t he da ., unce, public secrIt, is,. pyYMre omr sAcbi,
tbs y habit amd the Sbvlty of m Ca aml e, eid se o Ihenl l As do y agent W Indi m Ue AARON H.PALMER, AreOy.
boi~# mI, (Md e pp rI bbd ma a resident ia tbemawnwnamyg aracesindr, hig Zues lan r btia h proceeding, or al
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Sb 111111 &-14 Air h Sb S b hV'y of y m sltnl .Ini were mtodlomly drawn =ively, IkeIgabs drf much valid cla im
Svtide w i h. or right ere teoooceel Sb os o h-for Maho may beodd e ad electivl
"F',tlsr, 64 imi= our anacs," mid ahe, "wea bhe U l one day i a fit or fra pulled litot! Yet these r eovmd, whea urnm.kiny, clsimita with e
mple mwi is fdom dur enjoy, mad, w6a are amfeda-gmt friends jam at willntd ml re- mkia legal proofs mad v as n y be required by
96 laa gE vrbhey." mIa so ha long am i may be ceonvit end ee the bo arof soach ritaar ca, acconupa d with Sb
solm hP& bald a m partisato cenaider eauh oder in thbat lrt i requtste Power o Atltoray; tbwe bole to beduly ess
Sa" dsie qraly stated that dowt Momlal ANk bh l laed O before a Notary Public or aba competent civil as-
d swoIFDO 1a 111 peholic, hehis amd ta be eL drty ofdophoto i A.d I ty be precbd,
for id whIl aed b. d Wr acea he sake away life, d mver with mad certified by a American C.GuL
fr a O losing orive. in amre I and if hh aherdidumeasu ffra wee wll Oidern mimakd to thin tqbliahwweat he the iyrve-
of dS ic ;iaz .40= won ai- &=.-a asnhw, the p mapl ietwihtaadlI to op. intO fundas, inh public ssi4sigs the Utnit(mtO
n 9s pVmiez audi feel their property WO mnow. or of any of the Stais of the Unioe, or on e of
Anf a. Ow i O 1pmpt justice excited mach a'ebal propaly; and m6 for tim unnctios ha bo-
lene!L .nsu a ed m-- nduerad would man writn Sb purviw of a Gama Agaoc. aU he
dhth I ~ 11am have aced em Iect. A csnnie All epwalstlia ma tI Ethis 5ldmeei in m
X .-C 0-6 th am WARdNAN hefa:overans we mhant te 91na in e y in
ufar them; csb may ho a s puneed one di ha mvan with deb Ba t if lo s pemig, should be accoompoald with
I a Ihavbeo. t b Adlpb-.haa his al before me, whilrklud him m deha Sb psalmilamy criE
Co~aa~thd -( ot adO* %OY-rit b* 6d, eittid d outraga. asailio it ad -M cummal'
b'i I Alolool awoft I p is h defines te an wh is awi pea paid)mSodrai ee
VWL be it 101i1 YMEWVo i onto owneL Tr, moid the Pariaet buthe was my (Ciaelr'oS
11l ofo Clowin Tre of* Sb Pate.St
he m sdw padded to Sheldoandi d i w ldSNOy barodae Wa- 1ima Sbm OfIe eb nm med anad Forign Ain tcy
istadWir~L~ rm fibsteur in tb cty. Th l Vaeieemin e nn am *I Sb dules paen t Is at War, Nte-York.
46 yOaM S I, and the movcYt Of hoer ller, oo=d due of maniyq mnW do liraif many omf Sbe A. who !RON H. PALMER, AKow-.

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