Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: December 3, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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alg g e BIUS, Editor. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1 I. VOL. 1-. e. .

TIHE BAHAMA ARGUS. Peopleof cultijvathi, e .t oiar l gelho ue cake, which ad entertained som e h Med
2. People of cultivatiol, tin mll houe. by my catalogee of abominations.
oas.lIMaIn nIUt-WLKKLY IN NAAsAU, N. P. 8. People without culivalm, live il lage house. I aid the was but one man whom I hated utterly,
4. People without cultivation, who live in small home. I have not forgotten the paltry tyrant, who =bmed m
t 3oa per amam- a advance. 5. ncrubs. crnefy and ndeservdly, whm I was te you a e p
An individual at the upper end of the table, turned pale wt am now too old to ratm Tim keras maty
and left the room, as I finished wilt the monosyIlable. rembam t feeble boy, whom he beat almo to maimlag
Excuse my indelicacy; but whenever I ee johny-cake nor have I any longer an icleatdon to crack hi disoiei
without consistency, and butter without flavour, I am re- bones; but if he can make a honoet prayer, let him Lthk
minded of a poultice and simple cerae. heaven that every blade of prm es at twisted lato a nw-
Apparently considered barbaroua by the feminine skin, to lash him for his brutally.
I love the magnificent. An antediluvian tragedy I This specimen of the tremendous wa reed wilh
w_ rote some year" ago, opened with the flowing sceery. great applause by a youngster, whom ise airen e I m-
TAT, ~Hills behind Bston. 4 crimn sunset forming the pected of coocealin a little ecoritla.
OZTR background. Aringtailedmartuoth seen leping along The si jirtis of some people's mnd b as ,
ADIEU TO SCOTLAND. from one to the other. The manager informed me that blu for the exertions of their Il l6ghberathey w po
d of my soul what meet farewell ringtailed mammoths were proad with dihcy, but hbbly sever have gme into ac It m wh
Shell mbling. lip lke mine addres tee perhaps something might be does with the great o Co- talking with suc people, to watch thkd.simes, whi
In h marggling thought my beoom swell lumbus are accumulating macient inteletual e egy J.
That words Iscarce can fnd to bless thee Every individual chanreitr isa otre, determined by them in articulating a mentece.
Fame to thy ses of noble ace converging attributes. If k wer ot a uoublesome and A friend of mine wa. akld l y totho dr ltdarld
Jay to thy maids of machles grace! thankless office to swuoinhoe a ma's nature too nicely, I f Cuee, a word loiqolral -po d degasa he
Peace to my father' dwelling place, should love to have each of my species abmitted to a few soneand da ofEtrei a r commm y,"ml
And health to all wa love thee! tests like the following, before admitting him lito society: the legal Petl e divided adlo two chten e I to
Vh chlld of thin may hope to fnd. Kick him, to ee if he will show ight whiles, who the tC rab, d the bWts, who me d
Amid the climesewhee fat hall lead hbm, Request the immediate loan df even and lseice. Cufeea."
The vinues that he leave behd, Tell him his talent are raher of the solid than the The miad of a bigol b lk the popi a eye I th
Thy ruth ty honeer. ad th frdm brilliant order. moe light you throw eupa the ckhr contracla. de
They siua the blood sia d of Fmae., Observe that externals am of little consequeea, with no mena to call this a d mile., ad f(oraht cam y
In Iome they sleep i death-like tnoe- evident allusion to his personal appearsc it my be a old o s if h ae, tk w ve.ry ap
Helveti mor u i knw the one Talk him down in tm of several young Lnd14 for one to y is a idrm, ahbolgh k my et ha we
And for thy Iske-I love hr There are some men that hav only soul enough to kep repeating whbe awake.
Yer there, even thre.-.hy heath-clad hill.1 their bodies from decomposition. Nothing ho o capricious th e m ryof T ap .
Th clear broewa sutama-de wood that line them, I make very excellent fables occaionally. This, beiag People with their eyes always tErM u4pi,
T fairy lakes shall haunt m se ilL a little outrgeous was articulated i a low key, very slow, apt to give te cut orn al to mry ady thei aw
In mekv the andl that Iwould utshs tk e with a pretty considerable blow oth t able. level. As individel of ths cda pplied to m het.
And rives rall majestic by, Once on a time, a notion ws trted, tit if all thepeo assis hi in forming a soallane withas old a
And mightier lkes expanded li- pie in the world would shot at om, it might be heard in recommended him to a domeatle cirrle, which
Lake ihine. I cannot love them! the moon. So the projectornsa eed it should be doae in even unmarried daughter, all warranted eov thity,
just ten years. Som thousand sU loads of chronometer the oldest family of my acquaintance.
Bounds too the all ae I ow- were dhtributed to the selectmen ad other great tflks of I generally subscribe my nitils to my little pret
rUpo hoe oul reriendtls, te lingl o all the different natioN. For a yar beforehand, nothing folies, became the few frleds who recoasise them, wi
pr, mice of friends. the angled toee
Of Scotia's music-nirth and feeling el was talked about, but the awfd no*se that was to be be we ready to fore, and what b much mon plerhp4
Oh ialy thy matchless rt made on the great occasion. Wn the time came, every to r the trifles h go with them. To aohes, the
A ms not's raptur may import body bad their ea so gaid eI toj the ui same they half cnceal, is nothg, for tk Is w ter g
ike these, it ne'er cam h the beset ejaculation of Boo, the word agreed that nobod through the tra et of fame, er whleded theag the
am iducthat lou d them! s poke. except a dea in a ( IB Lnd i ell o an ofda rly .
Sin a spot. a darling spot, a woman in Pekln, so thai the world w h never so still I have brd you spokMenf a respecta ei Y I
Whom charms no other cenes can borrow, since the creation. I was reustd to give the moral of man," uid fellow reture.
Whose smiles can cheer thdartelot ny able. It tooobious, I observed, to eed explaao- I am not a respecbe young ma-- I w amtl
Cm double joy, and lighten srrow tion. The inquirer looked very indefinitely. better, I would take an anodyne th should amb ma
Through marble halls I'll coldly rom. My force in literary matters rests chiey is pr and deep until the funeral dma of tho umre had split de
Unenvious of the princely dome, poetry. These two pleasing versra were made while sail- one above Dm.
iAnd their tate, my owly hom! ing up the Delaware A very long articl of very light matter, I emaid
SWTO A .LADT WITE Ea BK TO pregnable; a deliberate tret of ecamd am Mr, I
Sfar that friend who guide. my way, I now thy face is frh and bight, o is impolitic, and therafe I s el s hp l i, Jan y
Ta ti which Death alone can sver Thou angel moulded girl: no more about it.
u oa rer io go, or l I caught one glimpse of parent white,
Mylht would linger on for eve, I sra one subrn curl. Te Pa.--To a relecdng mid, dno at ea
lt duty calls, the sail is set,
And eyes with friendly tears are wet- 0 would the whispering ripples brambhe more instructve and interesting thm a review of he pat.
Adieu. adire Oh ne'er forget, The thought that vainly trive- -Who is there ha has looked beck on a ha n pm ,
Till I return to love me! Bhe turn--ehe turns to look at me; and traced empires and republic tLoagh t hvr t4 g o
B hck! cros eyed sevety-five! of their proaprity and decline- ha bt h a md a
THE AUTOCIAT OF THE DREAKFASTTABLE. f low mnah eaier it is to be witty on some old, hack 'd mouldering ruins of cities which where once grpad
T AUT RAT OF TH BREAKFASTTABLE. subjects, than to find out the ridiulous for one's eIf. Ifl magnificent-ht has reposed within the waeb of pame
The am of the warrior's ambition is to govern, of the had been a married man, regard for my penoul safety would that were once the eat of luxury ad fea y, bat mew
hior's, 1to dogmatize. The first ha accomplished have saved the world two epgram. deserted and forsaken, bui has tnned his thegh within
i de then his power is undisputed; the second, when TO rFAM. upon himself, and been convinced of hi owe a lgM--
hi pim r held aaced. I trout, my opinidna are They a7 thou hat a hundred oagna ; cancer and the mutabiliy of all tha i h e In lhe
h id a the breakfast table of my respected land- My wife has only one one: core of nature nations have rsen, bowibhed ad fal ;
l3dy, he e requPeted me to save her the expense of an If she had been equipped like thee, the tl of king. d h trium a cRhm of ce-
drer"u t, by sing in his place, that she will be O, what aould have doe! qeamm d hereoa av cr bld. Tin, h.
h"py to accommodate two more boarder on reasonable Tam c1. hea been insatiable as the grave: In h i rapid Aht hea h
h That it has cos me e pli thi Ny, det me oe painsto a plih this N, dear aner, do ot sheet, dased in ruin t stonget a d o h ri s
lMaid iallihility, I do not deny. I have awarded the My wife has orn e Echo out. huma ingenuity could dvei, or bmman art e--ns e he
am cherub to two infa' respectively, neither of Nothing can be mor deligful than to listen to a ba ut gland as dm pride, the pmp, ihe p~ ay
.eard features were laudable, and one of whom person labouring through a string of aburdities, in order man, and they hav faded in oblivion. Ma biesg mortal
i um a Im. I have looked unmoved upon the to prove an axiom. how can he expect to cooper immortality o hi works I
I* Of asking rolls, which has now and then breathed IfThereus should conic back and lake a walk over himslfthe vain and transitory being of a moment,how on
Smlem aruma amidt the rank and file of toasted lami- West Burton bridge, he would return into town swinging he expect that stability will be inherent in his actions It
Ua-Tdit, like love in a desert, under tie false pretext the heads of both the toll-keepers, raise mob in Wash- is true he can climb the rugged hill of fame, and upon its
dype always remembering to give my Itomach a ington street, and congratulate them on being rid of two towering smnlit light the fire of hi renown, which will
Sa-methig in private to atone for the insulting impu- tyrannical extortioners. for ages burn a "beacon to the universe;" he can river so
a- I have sacrificed my personal vanity to my effec- The Iughablo and the pathetic are sometime. strangely stupendous fabric and their inscribe his name; which far
'eig h of character, as men clip the feathers of a mingled in little exhibitions of domestic economy. A centuries will stand a mrmento of his reetnes ; bet he
P-c to fit him for action. All this and much more plate of apples, for instance, with the defective part cut cannot protect hi trophies from the dealruying head d
doe0, and in this manner 1 have gained the envi- out for the children. A mall basket of home-made gin- tinm, or fo a moment arre thall powerful arm odreh.
privilege of asserting, without contradiction, and de- gerbread, with ong or two pieces of pound-cake carefully Time sweeps by with resistless force, aid man and hi
Switihout argument. In cutting out my extracts from disposed on the surface, so as to appear to the best ad. works are borne away on hii troubled waves to the aimr
b m of domestic life, I may now andl then include vantage. lea ocean of eternity. In this light how dimly shines d
Sle irtlelvt matter, as one sometimes finds in a lady's I have but one enemy, whom I hate utterly. If he dies pomp and iageantry of earth-how uerie a unavaig
Sbek, the poet's fount and the grocer's advertie- before I do, I shall resurrectionie him. There are two the contentions of the great and powerful. Were man t
Sin-add in the mme exercise. glad mahogany cases in my apartment; one of them review the pays with calmness and reflection, Impria th
he remarks, which follow, were uttered at different encloses the mortal remains of a long armed ape; the tuthb it unfolds upon his mind, convred of the faitly
aed i very different manners. It is my rule, when other is destined for his skeleton.-Observing ome symp- of all sublunary thin he would raise theghl kt m I e
utig a truism, not to waste my vocal energies but to tome of horror, I thought I would try the effect of a little grovelling scene of ekth and fix them on a hgln 'r mad
r tean, a well as the more earned kinds of gsti- vivid description. Yes, my respected friend, we are in- better world. Full of the hopes of heave," awaril
ai cury down that which I consider flse or deed awfuDy hardened. Six human shapes--ive bran- would unlck his hoarded gold and eamenl hi hand
Trth, if I my u the languadishing the implements of their unhallowed calling, and bright eyed charity." Ambition lavi hi 1 ai d
B p m.te y rt he language of the pM iitca one lying cold, stiff, and livid, with lips writhed in the dreams, would cease to deluge comeries with b blM d d
OP bttscratnch, without a backer; but ber half s- ghastly smile of agony, twisted with the spasm of the hi fellow hting, and study to allevi their aerimal-
Phtibility, requires a stout bottle.holder. death struggle, dewy with the vapours of the grave. lnsury forRakin his revels and his bhnqueta,wmd shed the
lsb was rigmaroling the other morning, about the Shall I help you to an thing I said I, to one of the tear of pity over the woe and mirre of d b-h 'r7 nd
mloldiintios of society. most instiable of Eve's daughters. Notling. I thank dlestille-and, in ine, the prineral arCm off ity
Ii ei* 1, society is the same in all large pilees.- you, you have spoiled my aspietite." It was falir--wi:hin would again repose beeath the blinful shades te treo
iitn : few minutes, she depopulated the plate of morning of parade.


I -~

law or of- T-rinia, ese- d Pi
i4 Rwoyd opohatlo dl em eta ll Unjasty w m
graciously pLaased to rfer thehaouoro4 Khugid be
So- 1IS 1. upon himiunder the eof Lewias GUa .

MNC ji's dAlp North Star, 28 gum, Caputain NAVAL MEMORANDA. isn
ag b Om e ga h ip Wapah Tirosfia, C a H. M. Ship Wi" S gums, CaptaL the right rs
3s e, dou 28Mh dom.. wlit" arrived lwere on Wedsma- Honourable Lord Wilhieser" letb Eglandon the1 refee
Ss d ida., rhi'h IrWnd d on Wnd 1b
y, ,we lenr doM tha Onrtobr packet mved the a September a ral4 U1, n the 16th or Octer. ly
blr n North Star, siled-bringing ilodli- She experienced very hGilmu ro weather during the pas- int
se the f arm Bail aving been threw ouc r I. i psge. Pa.engerl in the Wiochester, to Halifes :-Cap- Ni
Sof Lr s the rsesod rea ing, on the ao rmp uin Hnatingk Doyle, and iestenu t the Honourable R. Pr
of rhe dith of Octmher. by a majority of 41 In cae f- i,"le, Aidle-l. C--( to I. Fell een ency Sir Pregrine ij
gqarae of whoih, veiry a nerius appruelrinms, existed, as M;silland; ('.unumanler ve, ItR. N. to join II. M. Ship th
gtthe onidut uf h e peope ol triu i. ipetleion ecCasiM o, tl('ranltirw; Lierll. Lake, Ialliday, Welch and Hunter, de
Aeda Isc,(I) had pasesled eglahe i o theiom a oe f I. N. to join II. M. ShipsBlanche, Sappaire, Hyacinth, it
o b o d larMsl ind iam estrmumet s of eacilement and Race Hnose; Meseurs Thomas and Ilenesey, to
dealg the whbm of that iaght, nt early the lu wing jo i H. M. hS. Rose sal Ranger; Messieurs Stopord, ho
w~urnigwho great number dispera d and went ho Baucher, Feely and Colng R. N. to join the Cou- ly
Isito an h r tiaed am i Ad me saof doIf lub aaI der-io-Clhie. en f
mhasidhd Lae broke oa p tI do m aqlng, whi-ch did "u Time Winchesmer left Hai On the th ofOctober,and gr
o p d lf pa l. The n espapern dvo- arrived at Bermuda, on the 5rS of November. The flag
lra the ae wem arrayed In deep mourning, whiRc was then flying on board H. M. Ship Gannett was M
i ackmgal m ofh t hediML dm "o M o the samelenling itran~faei tesi h Winchester, the proper
gehasqmady a mob amm Ld in thdo eighboumhod'of dag Ship. The Gau misrolled maet day to cruise in the th
de Dubs oWeingti'a r1mnda, (Apiley House,) which Nona paoge, until a adrd be joined by the Blanche, P
any raed to ti ground; and we understand de Duke when both Ships were to ceed to Port Royal; where, tr
wly escaped thhi lire. Iris ild, thattho lukeof it w ,a understood, Coin. Aweeny was to be tried by a c
Welgsa eeved inte H. that the saemblage Curt Martil, for getting the Gannett on shore. o
d shlargea body d peCs emuis, wa illegal.-Lard II. M. Ship Blanche arrived off Bermuda on the 1th ni
Ie henm, hammer, dOs fim him in opinion ; and sad sailed again without aenhoring, for the Mona pas- h
I i pp d, tha ti mrtim on the part of his Grace, ge. H. M. Ship Sapphire arrived the same day.
raged a already eacited mob, and led them to commit M. M. Ship North Star, B guns, Captain the Honour- g
e Vi ap hiPa s L eidhco as above stated. able G. R. W. Trefusis, arrived at Bermuda from Hali- o
m armry-la6 the Admiral Fleeming ha been fax on the 19th, and mild the next day for Naau. t
m re ly handled by a molb, his person having been Pamengers by the North Star :-Messieurs Boucher nd
e rak oh tforht of the Duke of Wellington. Feely, R. N. to join H. M. Schooners Kangaroo and y
The North Star left Bermuda so ,,on after the arrival of Niumble.
dl Pahe.shalt there was no sufficient time for her let- Previous to the Winchestr's leaving England, she had tI
m, and papers to be et os b.ord --conmeeintly, no a trial of sailing witl II. M. Ships Barhlan, Curaoen,
Elshl papers h*av bien ree&vd here by her. and Victor. After two day trial, it was deriled dit he
BarlianlI h d the advantage or tim Wincheaster, in a very
Sedneday lws being the aeelversary of the tutelar Saint of alight degree. The Victor lad been decidedly very much
Seestlnd, the St. Andre's Society" of this town, me at he proved, by ti in r rig, being now brig
C "art Hore at o'clock, for the purpose of electing omiee ed *
e for thee mning year.--hen the I Olwing gentlemen The Barbts he siimp fimas, ptne to Italy whh SirWal-
S1ieeI Wii Pmien John IFrvin. pmq. dentd fi Pmites M er Scott, Bart., to which place he had been recommenrd-
Taqicer Toyler. E. Secret; ngt K, Eah q. TKer resde ,t ed to go, for tile benefit of his health.
A e. ive. Willam trachae.Chaplain. After he eustoma- The Pirkle has gone to Burmuda, to join the Com- I
SamI eal i b a d been tranctald. Major Niaelleof the mander-in-Chief.
fd W. I. legrame l; Laut. Hill, of he same corps; George
CamIfeojh. mad Joba P. Baldwin, Esqs.wre admitted amem- The wrecking sloop Feronia, Captain Young, arrived
bse dltoe S ety. in the Ilarbour yesterday, with the American ship Athens,
At S e'elokd. tse mebms again amsmbd. uad t downto Hooper, master, 15 days rom Boston, for Havana. The
a semd bmsA& prepared in hbaner of the day, hers they Athena made Cape Florida light on dthe night of the 27th
meemali d id la heam t. he e meag, mal the uprmdl. ., then tacked to the eastward, and at day light sw
werhmisi psead a day-dlh qghet whch, harmony, io land, which she supposed to be the Bimini Islands. In
ehag sod eurisallay. reigned uriumplat.
Ag n the smk gimve o keo occisom wrg the courseof the morning,she got ashore, unshipped her rud-
The immalmemry of th(be igdal Amrew. der, and after experiencing much other damage, lent over
T h the Reef and anchored. A strong N. E. cuent drove
The Q dte ship upon Sandy Key Reef, on the little Baiama Bank,
NHk M dease Mi Graw. Drnk ii mdia"hd ePalue) where arm lay until the 29th, when the wrecking vessel ell
TIea Kk of Sbee d. in with her, and immediately brought her to this port four
Ih C .lusseee or. repair.
T Amq ad as.
Maje Neain. ad ih Oae m of held W. I. Rgtmmns. Nassae, N. P. 28th November, 1831.
The Ladbs ofNamiue.
IWha u eadisa s a th eals r 0111da tla s be. To tar Editor of the Balama Argus.
Sa rA by the rr a( t. Ad y lo St,-T-he historical account which, in your paper of
m e bth hhe du Bhm e M t Amlmewe.s ot-r.i the 26 it instant, ou have given of a lr. Park,ca Governor
me the O umr eld"@ the Beaham s to ~l to maesy of Antigus, has called forth many remarkable observations
Ir isgI am Ir d t.a Is t or doe it apply bto t meri in thi community, and though no man in power woull low
ibJ. C Smyt, II apL ..d s .64Y di im-m"- dare to procedto theextremitics rit w which thims eecrable
aL ewou speed "ad l:" whiter it i r aa Ir impreo tyrant was charged, yet we may perceive some similitude
MOI ie ws mr hartily wished by the devout wroippers by in the acta of other rulers, insomuch as regards despotic
-li, da Lut i's jel dlim/ i Not noaimMul ofold ml, oppremionand a remorseless pirsecutionof inlividu-
jkmh, the ciie wroi U seear har sarmnd onr the meri of als, who dare to actand to think for themselves. It was to
cthb ies. my reb had the applame -awi which the e hoped, and indeed expected, that the strictures of your
healt Geral Om al dra rk, reed he te momen numerous correspondents, in your former papers, would
mea whice Amee es peas ded. wene med to grat efl remm hae served to repress malevolence, and thereby dhe in-
merl whicL Aa E rmao pcosalde, stmercrst: a loaded as them justice, and oppeemion asling out of it, which has so gla-
sm, m w e.l ma toceii mrer: aeciodd ms the tingly shwn itself from a quarter, where we would
e Ib the wuan e ajr da~ reanably imcgie, that such magnanimity of chanicter
mw l O m ammOhy PeesLding, and diretig the existed, as to have disdained resortin.le ats disgraceful
o ef DIBaehm, to the temple oad GOhmsi lo, f 'e even in base end igsoble nminds.-- 'ough a disposition
am, dt aed joy ad hiity ahewe, tha from whai to military rule as hre evidently discovered itself, yet in
i er ea emiiea sha dy anticedaok It ras, neither this reign of terror, ehrtunately, it cannot be gratified
me ~ emMd em claim to y ds in e masin. by nuh asnacks oa m, a are extended to the military
m far a aa i mh r y: Whean 1rasci me m themselves; uch as the exile of an Ensign, for daring
am mm i.ll e however "m selevad be my be to speak dmthe tut ch a the oppresive exercise of
h of J C p d o power, thereby to debase in the eyes of his comrades
S aLmrd h te m or J. C. 8myth, pmeted to and fellow soldiers, an old officer, who for thirty oddly years,
oanler y eedty, a mioe. he pmptisg of o ha faithfully served him king-an officer, whom his op-
mt n beL es fi as ij ore- rhaeeedtihtredewhno presor himself has o t only frequently commended in
s ed mm of disevoment, ma i be he diate of pre general orders, in the mot flattering manner, but to the
d am l a in o nc' gai. dthe al of dh public spirited. ComaMndcer-in-Chieflha written volumes in his praise.
And from what caua h asthisexercise ofpower arisen I from
II Hma Mgihly gratifying 1o thi commnuaitv to larn, sortingg to steps 10 repel ccuatiions, shicrh, if funded,
Iht HiM Ramca"ry Maor eoer. Lewis i ean, would have forever blasted his reputation, and cost him
h cIH EQ.mrer Maim' (vnornl Le 'rant, sour his (Comirk nn; and for daring to Lick n minion, wha. in
a (overair., prvaiam to hi embaherkatioa to nresunie the defiance of all decency and decorum, ad struck hint in a

expected that trtggruor wal ham e %k
nty th highest displeasure of the -mo "!1
ae mdl- hae bhemjstm fhr
re coimmandod general applausM: bu it
will shield any criminal, whmn Couainas 4i
smae, by thekoeMm La m jst dhia '1i
ipectivdutiea, (dutima which y bhe n
liaog or designs of the now-a-doy ainto),
be prclained to de world as vagabo ,
gly persecuted witk unrelentig everity an
o wondie that disce na and excientsoai
evatl amon u ml
The favourite above alluded to, is ca
aired was not.ely placed i nerares, bui a anil
ily clothed with magisterial power, was also
cspatcled to bind the veteran over to the peace
is earnestly to be hoped that tis minion will
rallitted to preside on the bench,-to be til a t
iuister Justice, who publicly outrages it,--yyU i
ve, as an inperative duty, the tribunal that
be convened, not only strictly, and
squire into all the circumstances of such Iof a
sessions, but also, firmly to represent them to as
*ign; and that, though offered In the very pr
presentative, the delinquent wua and i
Sprotected and caed.
With that tribunal, it chiely remain to ianvai
le conduct of an abettor in th tranmction, ti
police Magistrate--the" i mfootuntelmy,
each. He will be asked, if he tmm not swear
ibute equal and impartial justice, ad i his
an acquit him of no f i)ura i that re~eet, wkh
ver an assaulted and injured individual ia the -
ary penalties of one tlhound poand, and a
te minion of pewer, in the mall personal pmy d
unded pounds, only.
I had felt some surprise, Mr. Editor, that tlai
government notices which appeared in the Royal 0G
f the 23d instant, had so altogether escaped tha
he Argu, as not to have elicited some coemema
eir contents: I have since ascribed it to a mda
our part, that no envy might be supposed to M ei
our breast, at the abundance of profitable anm wvi
hlhich your brother chip was so overwhelmed. As mpl
he first of these notices, 1 have been informed tha lt
ain a twelvemonth ago, a gentleman. from nIa
oultlem, thatit h should be known Ire wa.lIn the mf
f the cr.ilinet, permitting his vanities, perhaps, of i
minnite over his pridetnco, declared that l r. Preih
Mfunuings nerer again woud be prmstrd t ada ar
he government of this Colony. We know frmis
walrtr the new arraingel nt hla emanated ; and I mi
be asked, has thi alteration been pnsposeJ frolm Amin
a b*ni6t these Islands, or fro e rm a tlent anwrflwe
Mg I I tllink, four different times lihas tle I'resideli
by this notice it seems is to be excluded illn ulufsm
he reins of this government; and it cannot he sa
lhan admitted, that honour, integrity, and juatli, he
conspicuously marked his character, and have eik
tim to the esteem and respect of all of us. Uiapmie
Ibly, he mousl have acquired bte approbation oh iab
vercign, in having been qn frequently honourad with
Distinction of being his representative. The mmimwak
exist Iere, and that have promoted thi change, may af
be guessed at, but the piea used at home to e~d ti
vet to be discovered. I rather fear that our Prolm
illho,:h I believe a pretty regular allendant at Cl a
nevertreless, not yet suliciently a Saint.
It appears by unutlrr notice, we are to be most Om
'llly banilbooled out ofthe expected suns for there l
ment of Christ Church. There is no doubt, bfl
parliamentt had voted a sum for the building of C*Amki
in the Colonies; the notice itself prove it,--o i Im
that no rc'maruuTgramn would be applied ferto Paeri-
A portion n oa former grant must have bfesa ae
for this Colony: in fact, o o f our under Semetary'l
State here, usom months ago, asserted, as I hao bi
informal, that the reason why a um had not beea nrwi
had been owing to the Bishop's negleting to eald hi
some necessary papers; but that His Ercelleny 6
Governor would have autlomity, on the arrival e(thIL
Mail, to draw for it.-Ila this sum then, Mr. Arg, be
diverted lo some other channel 1 To the apptam
some hobby--he erecing perhaps of Chapels ad CL'
teaux, to perpetuate to future ases, the renowned maA
Carmichael 1 This beautiful village will, I predir, 0
out just mcch another humbugging concern, u theI h
macadamuied road through the centre of a part of
The former will, as soon as the contiuo u lands In"
hated, (and that will be very soon, as Blackey ame
cullivators,) be desrted. On the borders of the la
where beautiful gardens, were tohave sprung up ad "
risked, it haa been discovered by our great agritKl-i
that it wld pzaune the whole of Ili Majesty's ed Vi
India Regiment, to collect front the whole tract, o ba
of dir. The dreams, then, of lots of fees owing
the colors of the Secretary, rising from some am0ee
papers before spots could be located, have Oall v a
into make; the purposd intention 4of rewanrding
humble lavre for al dirty jobs, has been frustrated; d
the country has paid the piper so the luor of m hsm
dreodof dollar fr ti silly and wild|rilciltiae-

FPro te Boston Commercial Adrertirr.
From Rtussi.-Caplain Mansfield, of tie brit S
man, arrived yesterday from Cronxsllt. wernce she a
on the 24111. of Seplte.nler, telrprls llit of tih fsll
Warasw had eaclhed St. 'Peterhsbure before helet'S *il
caused area rajouiint illluinailitinc., Ac.

- ,


39* Mageasa Sr
's ji l SMay lasi a superb culuoal bram an. ue, Ntu long uo, C.aronichael, the vuen iluquist, wa-T rPA BGENGU Au 1IBD .
d boee emced hti Poles a the em ry of fr to crwdled hooi w in Haddington, and one day e In the ship AtLeks, As Dese -tl pla i .
at Warsaw, was firs unveiled to the public. top a woman on tie lsreets, who had an intend in her
Z Society, afler altenling divine service Im the arms, patted and praised its bonnie baby cheek, and i
mlof d Holy Cre, adjourned to the open place, lily inquired whether it could speak. "Speak! myy c30 3 L lrU'ty
o wveneabte Julien Urny Niemuwits from the did ye ever hear a bairn spek at five months, and -Idna
pfiwLrs of the smumaent addremd the aabled firn been changed by the fairies t Mine's na wan-thriven u7' Eery peram ales to la L e Ia Nd '
o siul elm6rkse and pomr, and s en yet, an' coa tk ae smith ony fy, u lag's 1 keep ds rl e ided lw iafe/r ta p ef/ urr imma
OW mn d.e lips ofa of more tha eighty, moved Bible a ththee.ud." This a o oo d an oppwur-
le..aseoluflthe liseers, o o enthusiastic pio- aciy to be lot; ad immedlaty a voice mall; shrll; igi amn'*a at &d Ora r u. t r pM na
,ad ana tn tears.--lie said tht three centuries had aud sweet-aye, au weet as the aingle-stringed notes of sam Ofre frrnrrm DATe Irwnite lo ailm -ll
im dn Cioprnicus had been gathered to the boom Pagainiai, or Tummy Puck'., when hI throat with fddle
tiiAa s rtlh wlwsl motion round the central sun he luld itinegs was liaod--exclalued, All, mother what a lee te slich, alml y tine drig rOtr-V-1rls s as, a fdll
,vmli; iles tId fourtdi'uline of the great services ye ken I can speak well enough, if ye wad let me, and may bl eaiuted.
4 il treat wea uniusially succeeded by the outbulings ye ken hoo, ye feared me, when I tell'd father about the NAMES OF PERSONS
f gnalful rmnmciabraciic and that posteriy often dragged glss o' whiskey." The woman looked confounded, au Ihe A l
I to immortal nmema.rv the iname which had been res- weU might, andwiftr mattering. preserve u preserve A T AN TcST n RN
i' in temporary oblivion. He spoe o this as die fate u! the man's a warlock, and as switched time wean," 15th Beptenaber Wi. J. Hamiis
SCupernicus, sad he Ihnoureid with deserved plaudits creoM d tle street, and disappeared s fa.t as her trem- list Atheny Dyle.
fyc, who ld dlefrayed half the oxpenae of the statue. bling limbs could carry her. On another occasion Mr. a8th (: -p C- pain a.
m enioneld Tl'lrwleisen, who had modelled it. Curiniclihal was seated on the top ul a coach, ini company 12th October, EorA. w t
j7gw," said e, after ten yearn lingering, shall every with various other lmssggeers, one of whom, at usoie lath -.. Banu esr,
ig h'eait vibrate with the latislaction that beams from point of the journey, in cross over to tie front gal, list Jobh RBa
any Polish eye: and the sun on which Copornicus happened to sruiuble on a large bug. For this fau p 7 th November -i C Ja
need in perpetual gazing shall for die first time he suffered severely, and Jinmed up as nimble as if a it h Thoam Tmbl.
Mi his image with its glorious beams." At this serpent liad stung lim, when he heard a voice wailing lauh Aphey Web.
anmet the tapestry fell which covered the statue, forth, Oh, dear oh, dear, ye're tramping, I tell ye, oeo ---- .
ud he continued : Hencelurward, over prrsei~t my leg." Front is looks u well as words, it was obvious
iiht mln he. Ilichest, happiest of the eerinal The the man believed Il had hurt a child ; but a sailor who
bcour of ily country-the glory of thy race. Let thy wai present said it was only a kitten iniitating sounds ;
binence, watching over the temple of the national muses,* while a third party, who knew something of Carmichael's
ginl it iro nall derradaiiun, and aid tie propagation of art, declared it was neither, but merely a ventriloquist.
l knowledge and all truth. And how infinitely happy A what I" said the honest tar, again completely out of
s I in the privilege of having lived to extreme old age, his reckoning; and, afler a moment's cogitation, begged
b perform this hnourable ol-m dmi .ine Dumia, ithe to open be hag, and e him look at it, seevr lAem BY HENRY OREENBLADE & CO.
sanw am." Every bad was encovered-every face erd of mch a art a ef/ t--Dmfrfie Coeria'.
Mraed towards the stain--nd she heavens, which form 0 f y s5 t t 4N4 Mu .
Ikre days had bewn cloudy and dark, broke out into sud- Beer hA se.-It appears, from ParlLanotaryReturna,
den brieltre and munlaine. There was a bunt nlong that fiee Lthosan three hdred A n mad leoi-liae" beer AT Tuh Avtr cOMe,
do people as if a miracle hall really been wrought in co- bourns" have been opened under the new Act in England Alt 10 *O@ Ne A. & .
kllation of the rreat festival, and a band of mnusicians and Wales; while the number of public houses licensed Wi e tld
ad sinren suddenly broke forth from tmlN c ll of the is forty-five thousand six hundred and twenty-four. The Superfine Flour, in whole and half barreln,
Philtsulhic Society's edifice with a hlymn, of which what numlbr of beer-houssopened in Wales, i one thousand Rice, in bap,
&lows in a close iranslasion. seven hundred and seventy-three, marly half the number Corn, in lots, (Island flint,)
Sson rof lorv Iet that glory shed opened in all Englnd-the number for England is three Cheses,
Its moet concenred radianee on his held.- thousand six hundred and six. Hama of a superior quality,
On him the urliiia of the stars who drew, Beef, in hell Itarrel@.
And nature s myri lure stnr lanocue kre.; V17 We copy the following notice from a Philadelphia A e f barrels Corn Meal
Illustriou. iim. Stariaiiia' grateful tulgue paper, hoping that it will be an item of interest to master A few bags American Pease )
Has to the i l-hng ,n rll lh) honours rung ; uf yes :Is. Butter and water Crackers,
Tho.uh lechilian v,,iCe .pehak--yet all NOTICE TO MARINERS. With sundry other Articles,
iblelang ash ets hai ly fesrval'" ile: Noice 'is hereiy Inien that the Lighthouse at h laon's ALAO--
Adaier srt ar' of bathles slerce: I)clh, and tlle Lighthouse at the northern eotrenmily of arr Pitch,AND
Si 0s of ihe earth to chum athe gOw..r win gen Bunibay huook will be- lit up on thl 26th inst. AND-
To -eI, the .uurto uwi rh c hro vent The bearing of tim Light M on Bombay Hook, A smal ot old Copper, ac. saved from a hip fel A
And take thy se:t i glory anl in lli." from Cuhlansey point, West by Nurth, from Ben. Davis' on tIe Bank.
It seemed as if U'rania. .aild bv the music of t po"it, North .est by Wet, half West, Malhonl' Ditch, Trms-CASII.
sl had h rl bn rliin'to her own celestial front Bn. Dhs i' point, North West, half No I; frii Deceimber 3rd.
m Nevehd r was wiltne.n,., ,il surb an apotl..his. the buoy of the nMiddle, West by South, half South ; front -
inocription on the In.lItal, which isof grey Iulish ditto uf the Cross Ledge W'est by North. CHRI T CHURCH PABISH.
able, is eminently striking and simple. IEO N f We L TEL -, Su .t
,acio'as Cpernico Oct. 23. Of Delaware LiegMhoum establiahaent WER R v aa r
Ora opernico AVING fixed the ueaieof naanot theosaeof j
at in n a r s. On t t per barrel of superfine Flour, Ordieed, hat the
Ii repeated in Polish on another side. On the third DII, shillingRl d, do weigh lbh. Rot. and thealpeny Leaf
amthseven planes of the old planisphere. Tlis morning. Captain William V. Clauon. of thi town. Ilb. 4oa. By order of the Vestry.
master mariner, in the itst year of his age, after a len and DAVID SPENCE, Veatry Chl
HaDof the Philomalhic Society,jumt opposite. painful illnesn.which he bore withChristianfortitude. To the mTa r Room, l1t November, 1881.
worth of Captain Claaton. many resperrable friends and ac-
Ids i alth Se rnth Cet/nry.-London was quite un- qaintance bear tetamony, by thedeep regret evinced by ihem NOTICE.
bell greeat mntir, olis which we now inhabit. Its e- upon hdecese. P eaboure P L PERSONS having demands agl
00 was onfined to what is now termnod ' tim ci Alao. in St. Matthew's h, Mr. Seaboune Poode, at a, LL PERSONS having dALLds gaist gmgm
atns confindo to wht is now t ed he city," then a n l. M, a Sweeting, late of the Island of New Proladonce.
cityeadanced age. e
amraded by a wall, Ibuilt s it is supposed, about lie age deceased, are requested to render the ar duly Utsted;
f Colsantie, and of which a few fragments are exista- and thoe indebted to the id ese, are de id mak
AI around wa open country. Towards the north- A A immed iate npament, to di
sap i marsli,-the name is yet preserved in Moor- flNATHANIEL BWEETINO. Amhilnlt .
eldsr-eamded to the foot of the Ronan rampart. On ELIZABETH SWEETINO, AdmAhitrai. -
the weaadde of the city, and at the distance of nearly November 19th.
two ile, the branches of a small river which fell into PORT OF NASSAU, N. P.
Ih Thus formed an island, so overgrown with thickets *AVAL'A .
aid bruhmwood, that the Sason, called it "Thorn'," or ARRIVED, I RS. IOWARD, Jr. has resumed her Bousam
Id Isl of Thorns. The river surrounding Thorney Nov. 30th-II. M. sclr. Pickle, LL Taplin, Cruis e EnrTABLIsHNue.r, in the Ca&l de la Oi/gi, merd
aslt mllenly along ite pllashy soil; and the sp t l as u Dec. lst-sloop Feronia, Young, Bahama Bank of the Government louse.
wil and desolate, that it is descried as a fearfl and ter- 3d Am. ship Athens, Hooper, Boston The very airy and commanding sitati of this h
ail place, which no one corld approach after nightfll sloop Frank, Bartlet, Mnansas should comnuad the attention of a travlles in a warm
w I great danger. In thli island there lid been an Cofee, Sugar, Grapes, &t. climate.
C6ai1 Roman temple, consecrated to Apollo. And Se- to Hute MoHrtLL. June 16th.
nat, perhaps on account of tie seclusion which Thorney uop Bithon, Frances, Principe-
*i.d, resolved io build a church on the site, and he de- In ballast, to JoN MrauN. ILILLS OF LADING,Bil of Sale, and BlU kFemm
mbdhe fabric to St. Peter the Apostle. This church for the Custom-Hous, for sale at this ore.
t Westminster Abllyev; the bhsy city of Westminster CLEARED, N.B. Job Prinlieg executed with neatnesa and dsltc
ild Thorney Island, tllat seat of desoltion ; and the Dec. lt-rlchr. Pomrana, Miller, Bermuda on moderate trrml
btof Sel ert yet rest in the structure which he four.ed. 2 lisho EnKnia \liiji.a, Fulgham, Norfolk November 3)th.
Auathergret clinrrlch was l.nilt by Sebert, in the ritv of .. clir. Causa Ann, Miller, Philadelplhia
Ldni,. upon the i ain% of the heathen temple of Diana. A GINGHAM IJMBRELLA,wasbrouqght o ts
Tr church is now St. Paul's Cateldral : and MellitlM be- SAILED, Ai ce about a week sine, ippoeed by miLa.
appointed the first Iislhop by Elhelbert, and Sebeit, Dec. 1--I. f. schr. Pickle Lt. Taplin, Bermuda The owner my receive i, ce application for L m.
i.cceaion hba continued to the present day. Sd schr. Pomona, Miller, Dinto November Wd.
Am. Cama Ann, Miller, Philoadlphia
A omtia of the su6ierns by the fre which swept down Am. sloop Emma Aguita, Fulgham, Norfolk FOR HAdIP R
thie of Faye eville, in North Carolina in May hl, The following is furnished by Captain Hooper, of the by Me. Pokier. The Hemn a rmsua
teld'at th al re on the 6th ult. The CoSnmisse Athens:-The ship Athens, Hooper, 15 days from Bo- i conrrnient, with lhrgeKitched and u m
i ted on Ibehlf h unfontnele uifrer, admitted ton, for Havana. After making Cape Florida light, mid- attached. chair hoi e and aImba fr t
l Tiine a e aentn of the amount revived from the night Nov. l, tacked to ihe eastward; at daylight nw horses, extensive yard and gramp Tpam. lin
"alh Stte, towns and individual. The goins amnnt land, opposed it to be dhe Bimini Islands At 7-30 have been lately thnroighy repaired, ad ds lam,
a kd ma kIards of *!' la.111 A committee was appoint- A. M. tck; ,her thumping considerably, knocked offof the fences len been newl pet ap
- e am le a ile aknownFdmen In the lmnribultor, the rdde and received other damage; beat over tie ALS
ti greal lihnlily and kindnes.-Amer.peper. nrf a anchored. Borded by the sloop Feronia, of A tract of Land situated as the Village. ein l MO
N Lo.rn,t .---n--- --a Nama,. Captain Young, frm whom we found, that having arrest. It in divided by the vini -r tod I tw L a, the
I n/m r e t.--A p ectin r.. ng a qntatin f m he been driven by a IsronC N. E. rurrent, we were upo... western lot heine interveei hy th new read lifigIh
Lste a t ahm% ioren ted ,i. ntp on, Sandy Key Reef, on dw litte BInha.a Hank. Lay in- the villan, into the Bhl hill rad. This lsnsr hedis-
SmanC of a ueighlour. he rlephe, it means tha LndoM side, until Nov. 24th, when w e were Laken out, and pro- pod oin one r three lots. Aply to
S a. ceded for this place. September 7th. JOIIN W. MILLEA

- w ~ -

s 'na ,--0 ny e,. ari, fie fe,& a.sighb-.thAI Wa i w s. sh. I
V FlTr mT LOVm-a se am tr . t dim i e e d r id hi cold hand poS her the
a s a61 wne s k. f h....mer, ad every wind that bhew scra the wine o
$2 bibelpi's cwsw toa boear to my ea a siled =a er ao n of
A qli h mu. r ade dearth. wb y spot which ps lad forced rd er uheavIg ,eas. s l
s fgs.p a mh Wa we Cre gm.. net fi a-but, oh heavea-r h was deal! Ya t-401r'$
psrer ls e biLsa.U these th aw lU, atree lips were locked i rd gin o death, mnd hat insb
m Almer and psit*a have.-Byrmi softbhm eye asclmed iemaldaep air v M w G Ihr a
Osas spring o aK, and with all ds heyday ofbe hea res semd to beat, aed as angll sirit which Am u
pp.L* -.oiashe e. At he gray twilight of m here earth, had wingeld i way todue ma ies.
T .Lk e lys be ..n thir wa.ywrd coure, and the which it was an exile-. ts own congen ial hea ,

m.-kof -rru ac'u.'able bane ad never again Yes !-whuo a spiritlike hes shall visit earth n
b e with nia, arn diplintnnt'a fevered sting ed main I'll wrslip i t-o hat is resembles oan departed- a
aevar seTinv heart. was fre-thl worlds young but es than this c.notdo. Heaven hah done eougof It
Aies. T1n sn. Ih his even .a .e, wen o. ,amd fuor nme- l. t I was blov- by bar; mod in every hour of e
time had narkel I.rthelr year o his account in eternity's gloom then is pleasure enough to know, that sies anine ha
gre"L hnkh. Like lde morning mist befire the an, the on earth-to drown every ambition which Cupid's torch pa
hwlerm gaiy of youth bent under the digniiy of p- an flie..
Inarhlln< manolOd. Reality, wilh her sober hand, J. I. B. in
maselrd from the world the nmak of romance behind Tab of Pbu ad Ju r lieenant and t
whih kIhd e ealed ins fbllie, and In the mida of al alsipown nd others o.sse aog of romance, always 5
Itho.s i gl .iri, I.eor aom ih wrouhm ad d pecuityo of ll k it a loint to visit the I boa anon as possible after e
y.u '. m,.re, lo e e do their arrivuL If they can only get onshore for a few hours, m
iThen t I larned ok an aid hggard envy. they hire or borrow horses, and proceed with all haste to ,i
Then Br l le M I % learthn and ar with envy. rk d- heinteresting scene. On rearing the spotjo whichthey r
Tadian phad em al blkdt hllm nd throw her heavy de- directed, they enter a prety arden, laid out with great
nrmdin plar l me. T blme l Ali, with her web of whevy re, andare conducted along walk bordered with bushes, m
amd lip o .f a." drw the at ws idt her orgin bearing a profusion of rome, nd having a stream of the to
.fare, mad bied d ke siaig dta beneath hern clearestwaterflowingon each ide At the end of this
mea, d bard ia rked ag t i thi d.ra neth Ir walk the visier sees a red, glaring monument, which he is
buesy l al As e. Tcar diw ppoi t mer d mrked told s the tomb of Virginia; at the torminaton of a si-
it forad thea asen openly, Inter ld marvad il avenue, on the opposite ide of the garden, sppears T
at for me; and mnla hy, ae Istervals. another monument, e tactldy mbling te first, which is in
W. ic u* m o stat d nlmg o *. deig Ited the tomb of Pa: a grove of bamboos rur- to
W ichye d i e and a ut sprad itslf rounds each. The traveulr fbel diMppoietd on behold- c
T'wit he.vm sad earth like envy between ma ig thew red 'nies, instead of elegant monuments of ,
Aad see-an everluaMg mist." Parien norble, which would sem alone worthy of such i,
Tbtm, oo. dIl mobkr pasimies, com, and harma me. purpose and such a situation. But that is not the only ri
Ambinti fand my si.ul and bursting from its narrow disappointment destined to be experienced by him: after h
being, spused to holy and unearthly object. Thn, the having allowed his imagiusion to depict the shades of f
h bope to live in other's thoughts, d be remembered when Paul and Virginia hovering about the sot where their re- o
my body sleeps through death' long nmght. Oh, amere main. repose- llnter having pleased himself with tie idea w
mitinel that he lad seen those celebrated tombs, and given a sigh
Tudla md vet il -- l mm lder In rave ad ltthe m.nmory of those faithful lovers, separated in lift.,
et sto mlingl with the clas spirits of swrmealing days. but le death united-after all thi waste of sympathy, he
il did I hope, and ving haive, hops bi to live nd learns at slat l he has been under a delusion the whole I
aMy liefor tbis. And sem ow, hide evw y b en of ime-that no Virinia wa there interred, ant that it is a fl
eathly joy, and grant me tbo this sole, inilving boon, matter of labt whether tlhre ever elised such a peron t
and rt a murmur shall I whiper t the world. Then a Paul! What a pleasing illusion is then dispelled i How
kbi m tusr e t oilmseas path, and strew it with vour hit- "many romantic drams, inspired by the perusal of St.
awa tb T hefi life's b s cup with dp ad Pierre'ns tal, are duonmedavanish wheo the truth is acer-
ruchrie to the brinm, ad when my ands hae run taind! The act is ihthal e tlomb have been built to
their he, and death's coil sweet itu clammy on my brow, grtify the eager desire which the English have always
bid fiBrcit tortures rend my nerves, ad every hert evinced to behild such interesting mementos. Formerly
mrI mek--e ut yo nhave m but this buesed im- only one was ere-ted; but the proprietor of the place t
ral h t, to wild my dying are and wake my it finding that all the english viliers, on being conducted to a
'5imull ne'er willU hudder or repine, but boldly smile this, s tai a omb of Virginia, always asked to see that of
nd It is all. IPaul also, etermitl on building a similar one, to shich
Th to did riendship'imellow light afis ine upon he gave that appellation. Many have been the visitors
m h t, and kindle fond afectin there. The-.ors who had been ratified, consequently, by he conviction
a' ( L painful thought-love cam. It wa his rstt tt they had looked on the actual burial-place of that un-
vish, and was welcomd an msnlsare- was his la, ud fortunate pair. These tonmb" are dribbled over with
wa- nCmlbed su t al isirationa of the sirorco. It l the name of the various persons who have visited tlhei, I
an auiom ven, killed by he silvery rays of nigbt'ia lc together with verses and pathetic ejaculations, and senti-
uema. she the mystic pension firsttole over me.- mental remarks. St. Pierre's story of tie lovers is very
It was the hour. when from die bower prettily written, and his description of the scenic heautie
The alhunp'le' sweet note is be of the island are correct, although not even Iris pen can
It was hoar, whm lorer's ows do full justice to them ; but there is little truth in the tale.
eem weet mi every whbpered word." It is mid, that there was indeed a young lady sent from
Te was lheed oe bulbw noe to echo through the he Maaritims to France, for education, during the time
w il, but then-M more weet, more soft-like that Monsieur de Ia BHonlionnsis was governor of the co-
hoarhs y a lr id there, from Ups of pure l my-that her name was Virinia, and that she was ship-
and heaany al Oh! ceud I pait hat heavenly workedd in the St. Geran. heard somethingof a young
*arm veIly tk-eme smiles, like rainbows is the m eig attached to her, and d ing of grief for her lou;
elme f K--mafi I bt copy oue food fatute of that but that part of the story is very doubtful. The Bav
bhe, thm wa lest ideed. I lved-and kind, pr of thei Tomb," the Point of Endeavour," the Isle o
pmkie hmve probounced it mumtal. Days and mral Amber," and the Cpe of Misortune," still hear the
paend h-ndled- ly by -we livd bed for each other; -ad a eane names, and are pointed out as the memorable spots
r th eamdng day was dronicled with the past, weed- mntioad by St. Pierr.-Recollctions of the Mani-
dad enmthar cement to the ti which bound us &nly to- ri
i irc. I" c as p"'y wen wet a dramend Pa.-a fr otified townin ihe kingdom of Poland, ad
tIa" oanr eone areh blighted. At lulumnn' ee, Woiwodahipof Movi., on the right bank of the Vitula,
we sayd slng the moonlit hank, and talked of hap- oppai Warsw. a uhirb of which it may be consi-
St ca o contancy and love. B haul dered. It is connected with Warsaw by bridge of bou,
ael me d W eprian and whn the tiame arrived which nd contain 3,010 ishabhiants and houses. The name
a eld im her aide to stray awhile trough e of Prag awakens the recollection of Poland'l bloody fall.
teatro bus.y rme he very word m lmd d -h. When Kmciu.iko was defeated, and tken prisoner at
ThnAh i maine ke the hat of the l t monener, yet Macejowice, twelve miles front Wanrsw, on October 10,
I spoke it. At the und of that word, hea .hed drooped 1794, General Suwarrow proceeded against Prngs-ihe
ieA upne m ty h uddher-bar eye shd y pde r plse oa f aumn and the Ist bulwark of tim Pols, who, to
d of l mAcais, a d b ft m bA i eaved high and Ihe number of 20,(O.l, 5,(1X) of whom were cavalry, and
q L witsh -rwa deep I aid m O. O maily enr 1.000 annemd with scythe, together withorilv.eight pieces
S mflm bler p emam. aid I d far form b to of m ann, had throw n themselves, in their irgular flit,
eA af my chilthond n ed ifrkgeb B b! how i to that town, under the comnaned of Mnkroenowdi.-
seM es e !.! Nih i h~o dtll d heavy am Thlisom having resigned, she command wa taken by
i Ar. ig n meg d roebbdw of al in Zjaek, who had ao force of 30,000 mn., in the
r and lh w A st, m l pn esmion of a forsnibd camp before Prarg. The Ru-
W g i a fe ever, a ah 1 mt wre encamped near Kobylk., and SuwBrrow nmde
ea i eth"bb. aW fwroe en d e, slaeh aw prealP" tlion for an anlbck by stons. A Palish major, of
L si mn ve d. We wr.a and me h l t a a of Muller, was despstcld to tha alam camp
i d amw co ld read the prost aoi ad tln, even wi*h maical amas for the wounded Kcitek, and
agh h 3 were cLted to 5, w 'c ? n ual hOve ewarmrow then h owrd him the ferful peparetion, that
s wir ffrP d, he ard y whLh wared ie wr making for m h, adding, that it as painful for
heart whlfea Ilo to me tem Pnol bringing detructin on thmirlves,
We e sa sadd t aine me ah whiht asiagle by a vain opposition. Arcept the amnesty," he id,
delay *r d ppoiM me. B at las, oee-the irst and end mas s all be fre ; refur it, and vyo shall all be pt
0a, *Ia sion thast o curmdsl-o.o diampplientmot came, so the sword." On the the il of November. the Risisas
and.le a conjctur the i ara s ofrartlhlyV evils o mine advanced in three bodies against Prrae, and erected tIar
n. A Iha snd pl ,icill nilr i t my nlid. Frt, batteries daring he night, under the fre of which, on No.
as mlIUB of id inconstancy of woman whi 1 vember SawUroa e yed the (ortiatit Theo

Orrvnc or AssuiLsca aND FOrusIGN Aulcn, ,
New-Yoik, January, 1831. I
I'BLIC NOTICE s hereby given to all pe
whom it may concern, having claims, debts, ibe
ancesr, public securities, ac. payable or recovelisl b
any pan of the United Stato, or Brithih Amrica, ri#
ing the intervention of legal proceedings, or toberlh
that this Etablishment has efficient and responible So
Agents in the principal cities and towns thereof regpim
liv,.ly, through the medium whereof such valid cla
may be confided thereto, will be promptly and etcl"i
recovered, when furnaihed by the claimants with
suitable legal proofs and vouchers as may be required i
the nature of each particular cue, aicompaaied with Is
requisite Power of Attorney; the whole to be duly e
cuted before a Notary Public, or other competent clvi i
thorny of the place in which the ume may be perfkec
and cernild by an American Coneml.
Olders transmitted to thi Estblishment for the in'*'
mnt of funds in the public securities of he United SO,
or o of anh Stats of e he Union, or on mortfw-
freehold property ; and aho for the tranasclion of say "
sines within the po iew of a General Agency, wPl
punctually and faithfully executed.
All application, to this Estblishment in cawee rteq.ll
the investigation of clainm, march of records, or the 11
vention of legal proceedings, should be acromppnied g*
an adequate remiutance to defray the preliminary cbal
and dibursements otending the sme ; and all cor"n '
cautions most be addressed (pot paid) so the undenirud
(Counelsor of the Supreme Court of the U'niled F"t*t.
and of the Superior Courts of the State of New-I'.Y'
in the Office of"American and and Foreign Agency,
Wall-street, New-York.

# B ewW evem" -
Naa 0

i_ _

- --- Ir-;

U Ijjdow otr A tsRn- weeM b m. ,, Wh.l t o'hcld f ofdhe d s ,l
Slauer breke p n am Ol AL
called as ad a mad
iadk biclose, until he ed mma -
Socket up rocket, id The igl r A eS
rie sholut was Io hard frozen al Il,-A
ese Psoie praemedforward eam thL
nutwiork, under the croa-fire of the Pot?%
de the cavalry fal back, and driving lJ AN
Vistala, dispened the ret in the city;
the five columns which had advanced from
e, they cutoff the communication of the Palihf
idge, and, after a bloody slaughter, made ".00
i. The third and fourth column, uaeonded a
d ptued forward on ma sven-fold line of demaoti
e third coumn hereupon took posnemion of two
lions, and u bdud die inner works; the fouat
eo stormed the cavalier of the enemy's priacip~
rt, together with an entrenchment within me a
one wall, took lave bacteria, end attn ked lke p
front and on both Blnks. Two thousad Poha
re cut down, and General Hoder, with 80
ken pioneHe. ere lo fell, after an obtiMal in
X) Jews, a well-equipped regiment, not on of
caped, with the iception of the colonel, HItbc ,
mailed in Warmaw. Both line, in conjunaness
ith column, no attacked the last intrenchmmat odf
" works, where an explosion took place of peaa
Nmb magazine. The seventh column proceeded nt
oras, taking three batteries, putting a body of m
i the route, nd driving prt into the Viat. (
ousand Poles were killed on the pot, and 500 ~
oers. As the outer-works were now stormed, de
an reserve began to advance, together with ds
lie columns, by thelselve, however, v uru i ,
ner-works of Prgs, and proceeded from street tea*
Sthli market-place, having to sustain all the tim I l
onfict with their asailants. About 1,000 ?#4
hose flight was checked by the Vistula, were cut te -m
m sight o' the inhabitants of Wmrsnw, or driven ir f
iver. Three thousand four hundred prisonenwaent
ere. The Russian fought and plundered with p
erceness, in revenge for the night of the 16th ali i
f April, when seven thousand Rumians, under Ignl
ere attacked by the Poles, and nearly one-hai m
pieces. After a struggle of 4 hours, the treble eaim
ents of Pnrae were stormed by 2V2.000 Rusim, l
orted by 33 batteries, and thus was quenched f
nag period lhe heroism, which had been fanmed ki
anHm by Kosciuako. Thirteen thousand Poleo h a
he fiold of battle, more than 2,000 were drowned i 6
'istula, and 14,680 were taken prisoners, among whb
were Generals Maven, Homier, and Krupiniki; Scahrk
4 staff, and 413 commissioned offiers. Sem
related them well, and soon after gave then their hin.
Only MA() troops escaped over the bridge to Warm. A
great number of the peasantry, who lid fled to Pl'p
together with women, oil men, children, and
heir lives in the massacre ant plundend that re
Grreat part of the city was burnt down, and it took ied
lays to clear the streets from the dead bodies and the rn
On the 9th of November Suwarrow entered Wanarw,s
ihe division of Polanld tlik place in tlIe fidlowing yer.
Sir Isaac Nrwtn.-Sir Isac Newton, one evesil I
winner, licling it extremely cold, inslinctively drew i
imuir very close to thegrate, in which large fire hdhi
recently lighted. By degrees, the fire hiring rounpn
kindled, Sir lsac felt the heat intolerally internr,
rung his Ibellwithunusual violence. John was not ait lk
he at last made his apiearsnci, by lua litme Sir Iaac 0
almost literally roasted. lItluoe lthe grate, yo hu
rascal!" exclaimed Sir Isaac, in a tone of irritit Is
ncommnnon with that amiable and placid |)hiloh.plaer, "
move tihe grate, ere I am burned to dlesa !"" Ph
your honour, might you not rather draw bacl yourch
mid John a little egishly. Upon my word" mil i
IsMe, smiling, I never thought of that."

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