Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau Bahama Islands W.I
Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I
Publication Date: 11 30, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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31_ 05GB R1 .IIIGi dltr. WEDNESDAY, NOVBUlBE e 8331. V. V I XXX


,ggaUI D aMI*if-IUL IN NAeSAU, IN. F.

ht fen per ammam--h avihur.


0 that I wer a diamad lag I
To parkle ia the light.
To heea the sigh whe su wion win
'Te sadea' beaTn t night :
To be the deme of togues at we
When gds hbeai meet.
To euch the tea oem women gri
And oft the benm to pn .
O that I wre a diamond emdt!
To dangle from a chain,
To lay unseen and feel the tos
Of woman's hear in pin:
At toilet see impoleee rise.
When eurd are mbling down..-
The tle bsted at look br' pitm.
Quite diufrt from a bowa. JUSTIN.

What woke At baried ,med tha lay
In Memoa's hmp of you I
What firit on es viewless way
Aloog te Nile' green shore ?
-Oh! at the eight, and not the storm.
Add cot the lighting's Are-
But sunlight's touch-the kind-he warm-
t woke the mystic lyre !
this aok the ire !
What wins the heart' deep chords to pour,
Their music forth on life.
Ube a sweet voice, prevailing o'er
The sounds of torrent strife?
-Oh! not the conflict midlt the throng,
Not e'ea the triumnpk hour*
La Is the gifted nd l sueng
To wake trh maunll'tW w!
Hi brathawake that powaEt



To the Editor of the Mraing Ckhruce.
Pans, Sept. 11, 1831.
iS-What isa Peer of England t and what a Peer of
Fneamt In England a Peer is a wealthy proprietor of
iomenaestates inherited from his anceaoror a man of
tnk, courage, and patriotism, elevated by his Sovereign
s herak of a Peer, u a reward for his service, or as
tar af rapeec ad affection of hi. Kingand of his con-
try. Thi n a my pomibly be poor when compared
wth the Newcatle, Grovenors, and Devonshirae of
EI i d; but be may be more entitled to respecL Or a
P' i Eal d may be a man who inherit a title, but
wiut e who mri neither I I have uid lhat
em PVea a to be fond in the ranks of all pries, all
ready t- I themselves to the highest bidder. So ten,
e have Pee of property-Peer of talent and virtue
-and Pars, lso, who have neither talent, property, nor
ine I Now, then, what Peer of Franc 1 Why,
is Frmas, ear Peern ue either old Carlie and Jesuit,
e wil swear allegiance to the King, to keep then title,
n- ll a, e time King Henry the Fifh;" or ee
L mhiml ge, who, beamm their father warn wr-
rue, wan- m chion, and spurs on their boots ; or, for we
be fw, though but a v ery ew, the decendants
S whro were once distinguisd in the Courts of Louis
11. lr of Henry IV. Of course the descendants only
h the names of their ancestors, and are the merest
Pi in the world for the Montmorencys and Roche-
ies of former times. Or else, which is the case
a de oe or two, they were distinguished warriors in
ths of Napoleon, and now enjoy the right, forsooth,
ef m-iutig to their heir the hereditary ties of Peers
I Frane. Besides these worthies, we have a few men
sat, a few men of political science, for we must not
either Roy or Broglie, and a few men of patriotic
o courage, for we must ever honour such names u
S Moetaleobert, and even Soult, though he has
i little tloo much of the weathercock about him.
wL e hkav p"ioned Peero Jesuit Peers, Peen who
Shs y ith their oud, us the Duke of Fin James
Shi iBlustriomu codjotor. These are our Pee of
rm"ld nd M. Perier, who ys he understandsthe Re-
'dsn of Jly. wishes to confirm the tite of Hereditary
a l them individual, of course without exception,
Im m rem mM be general. Now, i not ach a
epu udy montrIom
L s l f kor I endTvoured to show vou that en
Ys I Pene-ge in Freae would he an exorbitanl pri-
In he present letter I am haout to concede mv
i" t o ts i pat d the plan of M. Prier, iad in

tie two subsequent lettesn I hll conclude the subject by
attacking the provisional flich our Mialuters
would leave the Perage by subjecting it to fu-
ure revision; and shall tyou with a ploect
for re-constituting the Frm on a national, equi-
table and pemanioaie
I maimtaim, tnht an Peerage in Frane
would be inconsistent with the aution of July, oppm-
ed t the Ather ullttions o4 t rtr, nd at varli
with that popular Saverem W l the beas of our
Monarchy, andi mat form of our cow Nate of
Acm idit prag would be iA aid
JlgMa o e/ f proe thin by looking at the p -
ciple of the Revofution-at thedeat of thaJ u,
and at the rulof the Revolution. The de
Revolution as the destruction of Divine Rig He-etd"i-
tary Power, and of thus daimn set up by th Bourbsh
in ll ties, and under a circumatoes, of other right to
govern France.-WelL Well, the, if the pricipla of
the Revolution was opposed to this em, cmai be dip-
poed that it will admit of the heredlhry claims of certain
peer, when it refused to recogni those of the throo~l-
Are the claim of the Duke of Bordtux inferior to a
of the Duke of Fits Jame 1 and w' the one, theagh an
innocent little boy, driven from Frame becaup hi banish-
ment wa essential to the etabliiakat of tlhprincipleof
popular sovereignty. and yet are suih'en u ba oam have
cited, to have their former exclusive pri ls, which they
enjoyed under the old system, C to them d the
new, not because they have erd, ooved,
France, but merely because td Reall "
democratical principle should triumph o1W So d j
tary peerage opposed to the eve l Js iB MI-
Why, what did the Revolution di ude e
ter-overthrew an old Dynaoty- ed l g,
without consulting either Dukes oBM Bar or
Count. Did not the Revolution eo the nomine-
lion of Louis Philippe,and was twn of the hg-
dom offered to an accepted by fore even e Re-
volution designed to ask the peer i hy uh t
the decision t And did not the Ilupt dc h
even the young Duke of Bordeau4 dogh tai t4lf-
ing child, could never reign in Fnram mcku a
decision had l e been come tor th l o poper
sovereignty waSld nmqhia riumphed, $ e sh 4 have
beea *mys *adr els ineuta o-e ~rt f l.
gitumae ApriMs i ea i dfie A yJ lal At
deniostrate that the Revolution ma omnipotep, ad that
the people were the source of all power-were not all the
Peers created by Charles X. deprived of their ties, end
sent to their old chateaus with the simple titles of Mei-
sieurst Then why now return to that hereditary princi-
ple which was then destroyed, and why confirm to the
Carlist, and Jesuits, and imbeciles of the Chamber of
Peers, their hereditary privileges All the facts of the
Revolution are with me as well as the principle. In like
manner, an hereditary peerage would be inconsistent with
the results of the Revolution. One of thee re-ult is the
extension of the elective franchise, and a more national
representation. Then how absurd it would be to have
hereditary peer with a national, if not univenrl suwfrage!
The institution of a country should be in harmony the
one with the other, and it is ridiculous to attempt the amal-
gamation of oil and water. Another of hewse remul has
been the ccaltion of pensions t paeen; and bow absurd
would It be to continue tides without eann, and eon
make a on or heir of the present peer also peers, and
their sons after them, them, in consequence of the re-
slla of the Revolutio of My, ome of these pers will
not have a sucient income to maintain themselgp, and
will lave nothing but ruined chateau and emptycellara
to their succeson, Another of these rsul has been
the extension of the principle of equality. I do not mean
equality of property, but of rank. You should bear in
mind the natural effect of the institution of the National
Guards. Why, the hir of peer is obliged to mount
guard in the awn or village, to become patrol, to take his
turn with the ret, and to meet together at the guard-hme,
where thebarher aye," How doyedo,"a ndheyoungpeer
must say, Very well, thank 'ye"-You know the imti-
tution of the National Guards is one of the relts of July,
and believe me, when I tell you that it is wholy subver-
sive of all aristocratical feeling, while it recures tlh peare,
order, and equality of all citizens. Another of the results
of the July Revolution is, the destruction of monopolies.
I am aware that in this respect we have made too little
progre, but still we are progresing, and the Minister of
Public Instruction has announced his intention of presnt-
ing a project of law which shall olish tha' most odious
of all monopolies-the exclusive rights of the University
of France to admit of private or public education. And
can you imagine for one moment that some two hundred
peer will be allowed to retain a monopoly of title and
ank, and privileges and rights not allowed to the King, to
the people, or to any other classes in msrietyT Imposi-
ble. I miaintn, then, that an hereditary peernr in
France would be hiconsistent with the Revolution of July.
It would also be opposed to he other institutions of the
Charter. Cast your eye over that document, and although
it be imperfect, you will perceive dtha it spirit al instite-
tiao are popular. The King ha no loner the right of
making such Ordinances he may think fit. The King
has no longer t sole iht of p ng laws. A Deputy
of Frane has now, in this ipet, as mucb power as
Louis Philippe. You well remember that it was very dif-

forest under the old Charter, for them the C(hamer m ,
p itiet the King to have the goodnea mt madeA le a
think abot the propriety of presenting sueh and ls a
law. And, under the Charter, the King is o longer h
aeholute maer of the Municpalities and C eoane- '
The people aeto have electoral rights as member a
district a wdel as eitnm of tbe State. Nom has the KIg
the a~ed power pem- aed by former Monars
ovr the army aed te navy. He ma no loagerh be -
jt, and Royl Ord eca a o lomer deprive, *em
motive of sprit eof d.pN aM oeo or rladier
that grade to which ib eantma-The Thi bme il
tohily bareditlar to avoid Intrig mreelaona, and
altim; butthetisaereaouforaenheeditary Panea. TW
Charter the limt s d power and pr'vit gela KIg,
and even makes him reponsible for bLh acat aL par
o of his Mini0ers. h like ameer the Chllr Nlmh
dhe power of the Depullte, qhi( fen them rights.
It eads dhem back at saud l o their oealtuenta,
and makes ibte thau respoMnsi to thoe who have named
them. Then'bhy a the Peerage to be alone eempted
froul remstrtion, responaibilky, and even from the effect
of death t Why are the Peers of Frac, the majely
pf whom ve r ved vario dynsaties a ben falhiti
o _e .--Why the Nalt never to ha the warim y
o oknowingh tha, t le"ett h( ve will rld-kat Iof kw
esn4ie, and that the o anbd belof thee trail ora ) e
ul ihalnl not rise in t r places to follow ol It a fes p
sad 'dopt the policy of their otherss t Why we we ver
to be'egrlcated from e f gn of.this faction, ad wi,
with a n w order of thgl. newa ale of sociely, a* *
t ibauonopar we to be encumbered and fettered w t
hain" a harerdilarv Peerage1 Ideofjmy
o anwer uena, for neither public
SB ecesstie of (hel oe r Isldey she
fr on, aor the stality e the Cl r th B
811f Y .seitqirrthe conraued f mt =O.N
a'i- I and am'liqut
K miue it ill be at oece o r e *a
heredtary u in ISpec would be vu*
that popular Sovs ty, which is theS b *w

furomlly endWMt ramly atgagn Wvg itla w..
Itantprivilege. And ths niandale has belno 0 Vbk m
by the Aristocracy of France, and by only a Ill partin
of the democracy ; for all that is arisloratiral has dv
right of voting, and only a hundredth portion of thodeao-
cracy. It cannot, then be aid, thatl lis is merely a mb
cry,"and is momentaryand intemperate. Though I my
go on to tate, that if the proppal of M. de Cormeuli
should be adopted, and if the primary asembUlin sho
be convoked, and if an hones application should thus be
made to the Nation for its opinion ; you may be certain
dnta at least nine-tenths of France would vote against an
hereditary Peerage. Look at the Journab which are pub-
lished in France. I speak of the Journal of the people
-and I ask you whehber tbohe hich advocate exclusive
privilege and aritocratical p-eminence am read by tid
man I Whether thue which daily advocate the abolition
of all hereditary rights are not uniformly taken in at all
those public or private establishments where the nma of
de people aswe ? and whether the reader of the Ik-
kets do not diminish, as those of the t('maititru amnd
Ntioal increase 1 But further than this. M. Perier
hes himself admitted that popular opinion, aye, and tli
opinion of the Electors, too, are in four of a Peerage
for life, although, be profeaue not to underad the rewa
for ech a decinm.
Then, why is this national desire to be despised, and
this national wish to remain ugratified I and why wn the
revolution strong enough to decide on sueh matters as ti
Throne, the Charte:, and the popular Chamber amn y.t
why is it now to be treated as too weak, after moe nln a
year's exisnre, to deride on the fae of the Peeratge and
why wn the popular sovereignty to triumpli in July 5IIM,
and not in September IKIl I And what has ref pied
since the former period, which can induce M. Perir to
believe that the people will consent to be tricked out of
the Rlvolution, or to imagine that the people are not now
as fully convinced as ever, that hereditary and erlesivr
privileges are impossible in France! An hierlediry Peer-
age woull be als now at variance with the act ating
principle of our state of msciety. That new slate of a-
riety is" The King nansed bv the People," The
Piiple te source o all Power." The Dririe rerted
by the nation-and the Pers as modelrators Ilotren tls
daims of the crown and tle demands of the pW .r-41i
principally, the l'tun, as a second tribunal, to ahich new
laws and new mrasour'l are to be subjected, in order to
prevent errors; and, in order that all the laws and mea-
nsres adopted nay he wisi, moderate, national, well con-
idered, and harmonious. But, in order to derange th
harmony, some perwmn are to propen and inias so
hereditary Peerag-.-The adeption of eh a a pect
would destroy the whole fabric of te Ce L for
we should have the old projudica ad the 4 p leips,.
and the old fear and imtrkwe of dh Cem r Perns,
arrayed against the Rreeltim of July. 1Ill widch wosud
also have to combat with d maulral, adl ma t sm remry
selfishness and walchfuniM of the Thr-e ad dte Royal
Family. This contest would be unequl ad uniat, mat


i -meb e uw la "Wmie
S .otic s .i "wiie oo l j. C. At the Chamber of Deputies ari ro
P 6 vrment Notices, *we *ll coms d c c. cirlation. One, that the resgealiog of
Sk abMi w e he a u B wyth, t hati Mili m l be piblield in t sisa i ed 6 s lm b iey akela ce. No 1
i Rpyal G(autte hd Bamie Advertiser, be- done by eousce was transacted.
e .q n. The streets u 0 are filed whitha
pet id i taydl Peerage in thi him la de case already lhiddlo al ur s areg Idi rees
owtn" m am"I i *s am "l a IV of ENIGMA. wisrioat riot to o ight.
wheircy a u rank. Thisisudwnided. L"6i4 rad ibout e, no boaome a
er tl'm, be ca the ae P ', M., 4t-pl. h. les the Waoshigte Glo of i .
1 b iggr of P Incisios dey an r *or O 45, th, al i p lo sone. --
r Aris s because he a wlty Md pow NTak, dth. ,, dily used for breakfut nad Despatches have been received t U
S ,t us l hae a national P-nsee, maid k .t he ,. te fo C. P. Van Nes, Esq. M i Liter
hmsrdsad bl.,ul-L-The ,aerl t e c f *B bad helr d.-d. Th i felbeag : my 41th 7* ining information vely important to our
diPay ra ge in l canary would aluo be to begas a t ad J. is tha es er id sa r r d also a di a ble native to the Pot of Cadli4of whi h foth
i d Pl il d n aMteam d prt f pmordlse poi rtie of the ye ummery: By a rotd e Lee ri 21 F* F 1
akis wud be of tlelf You eay r.ely p .. adMM 4 h m1 e do. C w.-as u.da pb.t itl so .eia,
Chsa Irae will neve i r tbhaefu My od f diai a a pice of timber; my th, the 8th artic r Jle ehieth iof n
M b. @d a illth, 3. un mlbjtalm'
isw s, m .ad "an ir-poular docile adopted for thie imd 7th, is a his Majesty shoOlY .ileduced WI o al f
U -ys rP. epl d opprin t 1 I, N 7thand tlroweblmome; my ad, 6, th ad resolution witb tt intent should take n
m eauc h oppu d wb a imlent ad misalpht.. after its publication, in prdr tuil foreign nierchat
Smio l rity decked agniint tmi.s dh U,d, 7th ad th h swift animal; y Ld. *h s l not suffer by the change."
mlmlt nMm Jno js Jud coandam u i ansooe r T plaaiG ogimti Notwithstandig thisexpress pronmie,a Ron d
ea tms i calU d. The sopi of an hereditary id.l 4th and th, aSBooth nme of a pae belod was iud on the def Jane las, essentially i
Pare Frsam, woutl by dalr ig fmwd oif hi y ~i ,6 l 7th and 4th.. is ry 5th, 7th, Sd, l not virtually abolishing the freedom of theport,w
d U M the Inmt.i pre a, neo rand pblt pooc corei. Un s b a couple. forwarded to the Int.e.adnt of Cadk.l within a vi
h commry,. aSl an la Fra.c. acurage,. , aPt ad i, ta t o speed my al, th, Ia being carried forthbith into effect
s., ws, p parrhta deqne, e public rvi- and Ad, s gay and cautning. Information ,this having been ieesived by Mr.
eam, arm bily. vluhad, and I may add, unairmly respect.- y t ah. t isL rity of papr; y 8d our Cosl at Cdis, be inmsntldy lodged with Sl
L. Thi very feeling of respect lur true worth, added to ad 7thb isa fueuin" i danl, his protest against its immudmte eecati,
he contempt whicb is flt for eaure wealth, independent aof M lt, Sd and 7th, is a plaing vehicle; my 3d. ad warded information f its tenor to Mr. Van Nei .
taer eoaiturarloa, would prevent tie bliilneot of a 4h, a pleasant mna. tter a drmonst ce was dran up and ent to IA
pdslay lbgwhiicb ea Y rtofLi to tbce n y teh d nd h Is a ueIefl hrgan; mby Sd, tbo. non, Secretary of State for Foreign Affain, is i,
p r =I a P y1 ad4emh, a drllmestic animal ; my 4nh, hd nde hm b ws urgad tat" any decree, by whatever ami
iay dlbirtl m e k. a Ivd beZ n acqi bl -7ll. i7 diera te. called, or whatever may be it profeted bject,
mmy. fruality ad talent. Free never will mbt o yad aind h ia spot; my ed, th and 4th, is the in any essential point froas m freedom of ta
he gvere by my Lanrd Jolha," and my Lord i- wes pat of ya established in Feb. 1829, inasmuch a violate di
Im i "jirto hae it oeatiialry i of the plinii fu t ofr 'ly 0th -is lled o female. s as express abolition would be-nd that to m
JUlil sPer, ehid ltull leguilator al ruler of TELL WIAT I AM. otherwise would be to suppse that decree after
I :'= this part ofmy pbj v e [ e IV E CORRESPONDENCE. might be isued curtailing thiprivileges granted, a 1,
ha a to oLnitobj A ln thing should be klit of the original iglht. The deem
afls I y wlill holmalu I o failed,Orf *4 & he cala mitous intelligence from June, 1831, is certainly an essential abridgmel
em *A yu4ay be certainm.n hereditary P g W o t dC tlou e of yesterday conveyed to privileges assured to foreign merchants, by the wed dh
he i"alstonal' Mg an "ma r li qprablinshd, 4 r rt of its "lung C reeen effects. hbe monarch ; and it is impossible that his Mjaluy cal,
Sbevelij. m idely. -o. r, Sir, alntme l ht the Palais Royal, and ro tend to enforce it until one year had elapsed aAer i
S. c d thence j te tuber of 3() to 400, to the Hotel lication," &l.
of -the M minister for ign Alfairs (M. Sebastiani), on the The remonstrnce was immediately attended to,ll
SB il-vprds du Capp and made sonoi show of attack- Salmon assured our Minister that"" the order would ml
oR gLT y d, howUvevr. only in broakitg panes enforced to the injury of foreign nierchants, cootna
E or in theo when they wire compelled to re- tihe pledge contained in the 8th article or the deat
Ir t te t Un fore. They were four tim muovt 1t )."
*ia cbpl blt4 soml obtained muskets anld pistlsls n consequence, on the 20th July, the dleae od
SFiancroa In n-ker at the ce ;erf Mue .p June, 18 1, was publiled in tie Cadiz Official Je
Y'_;Itl sM. Pox-I acconspatiecd by a mclahration, that it would aothe
aa a n ctini ba tiona on with hther Oo si. On the 4rh of Asg,
ISy is m eiW Oi laci" b a body 4ikb" rn a' on witht fa
Y.Gl nte from that plce, to the i5 tas nol co, Gua. d ry tre d tothe Port t. B and yal deree ul t he meon our
S hi*i Ltmndn dates to tim 27th of September; but they finally, t ven o'clock, retired for the night. pending until fut ti, the execution of .'
comic no European nes of importance, farther thanthat At an early our this morning I obrved in the garden From by the Frn
r.v no Eusrl In no. or ipv, nearher ni of the Palais Royal mymptomta of a nature which, on the From Siily.--We latm by the Francis. froma ii
wasv received o hrough other previous channels. 26th of July, 18311, preceded the late revolution. Up to wa, made uon thsfught of the t of aLretembelr tI ina.
The (overnr or Ioeriruda has ornlred all vemels, e-x twelve o'clock the gardens displayed an increased number An, rganzed h of two thousand conspators ad sa
ept thIWe coming from the Unictd Kingdom, to perform of occupants. The court yard was crowded by the peo- in the suburb., an agreed to enter the city at a give m
qaanlautine,aaprairvointtothe introduction ofe Cbolera. le. In one cornerMarshal Soult's carriage tuod sioaly. in dvit 5o .if 510, at the 4 dilferaen gates. By some i
he Hlad arrived to visit the King. A council of Ministers or accidentl circumstance. the instant tha one d the l
t was son afterward assembled, and is now sitinn, under sions had effected an rirance, the alarm bells lwre rag, u
(Of ll our naw rrt >nt. diplnys oef rancoumus spite the Presidency of His Majeaty.-Business on Chang troops were immediately in motion. a.l moat of i- b
and vindictive retaliutin, the condlur now pursued by him opened under the moat gloomy impremions. The people 't"o who entered were killed or made prisoners Their
toward. Major Niclls, of II. M. 2d W. 1. Reginunt, bids were every where een proceeding towards tim Palais Pani. ond hearinth rm, did not attempt to la
gates. but dtspersed. It wasa ppmhbenled that fril Wd
fair to surl every other that ha preceded it, in is truly Royal, crying (as they did lst night) A bas les Mnim- mue formidable attempts would be madn e o effect a c
jeiilltArwni l and~ e generous arrater. That offer (Ma- tires a baa Lka Rauses!"-, Down with the Ministers! n the govement--a much disquietude xiated Iksm
SDbeen put under a own with l Rusianms!) Tbe frst rnasactiona were, the Illand. We have receed Plalermo papers, comuime
jor N.) IharviK hn put under arrt, fur having been therefore, at prices conside ably below dose at which the olficial account of thia occurrence.- e York
struck by Mr. ,'ndilanms, and subsequently, while und market closed yesterday.-At this moment (3 o'clock) the Adr.
mrelliim having beeo put under legal straint, and fall is to themnextent asthtoibeoatbe mornble2thJuly,
timroby plnreated from mis king redress in person, ry 18 nmely, 2 p per cnt. A SrTATuNr r exhibiting thq aggregate amount d
pr rty det.lrmir to lasy a statement of bin cP ,a. vy The poi e of the Palis Royal is at thin moment (as a dwript of pe i seveLral Disti dbI
Dre wit h vteningto .,bepori., tn tdLeGd ionLen. A iig company o f thf rd Light Infoc o f .
thewith veeching documents, befo"ra.E Or'yad Lod dionLent. A uleo companyofthe l Lightlnfi- United States, a returned by del several Mar"k
Bouglhm, leading to proe, that the worthy Judge we try is &wn up at tde end nexl at e court d--a er their aggregate returns of tl.e Fifth Censs df
Pit ealiast when he b committed the graw breach f d. i underarms at thm Bsin. Trt roop wod ool, I think, Ditrict:
sei y adready reported; and a d u aid Judge bd sheed ac against te people should orders to fire upon de leer Fre
hi arpr ils. (osl a few by the by), at lth tei in, li may God forbid that ech an order should 1830. Fee white coalrd laves. Tte.
hndin the soi (ety a fiewly thebyebe deemed Onecessary I The National Guards could pot e perns.
mad is the seely of HisEstdleency, the impptatd down a pT a ri he pam the sm cmdece Maine l 5 1,207 6 0S
a h oea e, ethat or verywory "LV eLU net ai qs iq ter deermiuatiao thu I formerly hd. You are N. Ha. 268,910 699 M
6 hir aerlf. awaref all the prdispaing canmns for thin disconmitt and Vermot 2979,W4 885
We ne iamd, that Sir J. C. Smyth han ird m a stl vehi g very ario from bence, I fear. Man, 603,08 7,006 l 10 I
-y -4rg wish to controvert the fact of Sandhd' i e as Lotb is day (generally opeking)deploe Conn. 2 A9,6 8b,64 8 0"
e een takingtheo o t> h fto of ma " M nuthe a Wamrw, but imploreo of he people not IL. island 93,681 8,565 14 9 ,
S aidstm een taking the trouble to put o g o rr to a c of vilmnace. The Jomruj di Cmmerr N. York 1,861,3H 45,0t0 46 ll91*
isedriM of teu l in the oultu of tim Rrgimeat. The appears in naourning. M. Mauguin yesterday gave notice N. Jer. 300,226 183117 ,246 w
fact of his ebriety is supported by the afdavits of mny of a motnd for Monday next, respecting the foreign rela- Penn. 1,309,296 37,990 86 lA00
wilmw ad we nae informed de Mr. 8. bhimme, tions; and a M. Laurence one touching the internal afairs Del. 57,605 15,829 3,85 7
e ltaMe, ad wese r iorte hi Mr. 8. himed of te kingdom. I think it posibl (although, perbhap, I Maryland 291,098 52,942 102,878 44
ekE.elgend tbe hat dl until nv d by exaggerates apparam) ihat Ministers may deem it their Virginia 694,439 47,103 469,724 1,211
kL ElefaTcy dmtl" ,igt F sI ad a e p of duty to resign is the ionerim, but it is not likely they can N. Car. 472,433 19,575 246,441i 73
efe," could only lend make him as r a Judge. maintain themselvm ip wer for man dye. The n- S.Caro. 257,878 7,916 815,65 5
Ch* r i Margaun is lig t wa, but has, net a frqum. tural, ad. erhapsn mote effect or heir resignation Georgia 296,614 2,488 217,407 514A
ly~'.ma that widom is filly,--adevn to d prejudice would be the acceaatlm of tde war party to oice, and, Alabama 190,171 1,41 117,494
dcotnmquently, to commit Frblce with one or atore of ler Missm. 70,618 529 65,650
Se Lig isry iL p~r r Continental neighbomu I feelit my duty to sate thip my Louiiana 09,407 16752 109,681 11
Sl Eaedbacy he placed Major Nloa eder b.rt, impenmion ndereaing appearance, even at the risk of Teen. 537,90 4,51s 142,379
ad Ideared in orders, tht his dimil from H. N. ar- fdiding, (which wold give me pleasure) that my appe- Kentucky 518,678 4,816 165,350
a lalk follow. Perilap h-owevr, him amtr ea bmay enioans re grundlesm. Moving amid eiciteont. it is Ohio 928,093 9,586 9
..I* faote* of his cnVL PiOcL.asT n, ead oay diicule to escape its contagious qualities; but looking at Indiana 338,0 8,56 84
k L fa o hi lv n d y the parent position of France and Europ, I canuoto bit Illinois 155,176 1,653 746 157'
mae h the jr of his wpm ersand Oa hil o h. exclaim, with referee to the capture of armaw, in the Mimouri 114,552 546 4,6 1
Re w l ed mad" at the Colonial oce, when word ofrince Taliyrand, when he fires heard that the Arkan. 5,6-7 188 4,57 D
his -- > nrferlimon bombeaic deacitios apiae French ay in rflnr from Moscow had lost by the cold Mirh'n 30,848 853 27 81,1
Mr. LA Negia M rima were nd in tdhe a 0,000 hore0 -" CV r cmaesseamnce t Jr la f "' Florida 18,3K5 840 15,50 4
rctm i and asdo wos da k th r hin i h he ine hene v Tg Hanlf past Thre Columbi 27,615 6,163 6,060
hm l der o o an dtm d lk / of Mch uliom oe hoe ae e' repylr isw haitl 1n in every direction. The 01 0
beoos ma s i mtac or acit duration, as to have avenue laling to thelais Royal .ar occupied by 10,526,36 8 319,467 2,010,570 128 5i1N

I \. - ---~ir__ ,_ ~LL~;L~~

t aL--We ea ilteraed ted De of AI Witha view to Avoid the infection ae ,-
Vesi b Pari i mt to Sh aima ead oi private ouraelv late two brigades; aql during the mig prm.
b e to rain he inewreignlty of his dmulnion. sued each otler from room to room, throwing water i omr
Swel awer alned that th French can only retain faces; which was the only ammunition we pommla.
'a of the town by keeping up a very numerous Among the few soldiers who consented to ours the sick,
;an and as to the country, their sovereignty is only there was a guner who had been in Constantinople, whme
lrmled within range of their guns. The Day pro- he pretended he had escaped tir plague. According to
,if rretored, to pay to France all the expenses of his assertion, be poeaed an infallible preservative
ae oquMlt. and to govern in a manner consistent with against tie infection, whi to keep his face and hands
ialy relations with nil Christian powers. perpetually moistened w But it was discovered
that he washed his h anl Indeed it had bsn ob-
Pr~ the Salem (Mass) Gazette. served in Cairo, that t g ters never caught the
Capln Barr, of tim Moranhao, has favoured us with a iPlague.
eopy of the Farol Maranhenae, of the 15th September. ~Peising the sickat Jef.-." I must here sy a few
j in maes a detailed account pf the disturbance whirlc words on an odious impulatsd made kLg since against
ernm'd at Para on the 7th of August, and which resulted OGe. Buonaparte,-I mean W pretended pobheing of
bthe deposition of the Preident, Viscount de Gayanna, the soldiers sick of the plague. It so contrary to truth
brd e old Portuguese party, headed by Jose de Araujo that Gen. IBonaparte propodli to poison the onfortunat
ase and principal military officers in the province. men, that M. Larry, first snOn to the army, never
When this inteliicenre was received at Maranham, the ceased to pronounce it an atrocious calumny; and be
nmilian party demanded the expulsion of all Portu- several times, in the last fifteen years, premed M. Dae-
a from office, and their wihes were carried into of- genettes to declare publicly withbim the fa threnhb the
t by the President of the CounciL medium of the pross. The latter, having bee ill-eed by
tie king's government, recoiled probably at Ib though
el/m.-The New York Redactor contains an official tabula of a declaration whichiight make his situation il masg
sp of the population. commerce, &e. of the Island of Cuba. painfln. It is besides, impossible to name any p eon to
am which it appoea that the island contains 804.487 Inha- whom the proposal should have been made. Finay, he
iato, ol which Ilt.0t reside in Ivap-a. In addition to calunny was spread by the English Ibile they were in
ewnmher. the military force ingrrin amount to 6.05. Egypt, and propagated by writing f ir Robrt Wiln,
'IRe ratii ol population i 1o, I-I to tile s msare league.
The ;mintl t of exports is l10,011,7tl. 'rie revenue who was then extremely young, and who in mature age
umoomins .. S,55ds,85 ; the espens of lthe government to has openly declared that he had been mitakea."-Leeaa-
pl,14\,'s letre's emoirs.

A Singular Ciarater.-There i at present an extra- Cheerfulnss Recom td.-Weeping philosophers
ordinary character existing In the Ftench capital, who di- may tell us as much as they will, that to smile is a fault,
vides ihe public attention with Louis Philippe, the Poles, and laugh a crime. The bible no where forbids it We
ald ItIe he rnies of July. lie is named Cliodruc-Duclos, are with Cesar, in hit estinmtion of the lan and gloonmy
and hii- delcription ani history are as follows:--le is a Cassius. Rogues may look gltmy fronI an evil conscience,
nmodlri n Tiimon. His dress consists of i fi w mniscrable and a want of self-respect. Hypoctes may affect mys-
var., andl hi bueard, whiirch las not It- n trimmed for many tery and gloom, for thle authority and consequence it may
years, inches, to his middle. Every evening he walks give them in the eyes of their blind admirers. They,who
round thLe galleries of the Palaia Royal, offering in tile want intrinsic materiarto create respect, may assume s-
m anneul csi of iiis attire, a strange contrast to the magnifi- lemnity of demortment, to presere their dignity unim-
ctane and splendimur of that celebrated place. Yet this aired. We believe that God requires of m to labour for
specruimln of wretchedness was, in formuir times, a leader cheerfuiln.s, and that an honest and benevolent mnn,ought
of fithioun-a im in rcilebrateld foir his mnllltitrrious accom- to simile ais oflen us lie innocently can. Heaven knows,
pli.liiihmiint -riiiii;rkab.ill tr his beaItilty, iiad n) less re- that tllhis smnshines of the mind will be sulficiently.lew
nownell is a lirst rate x uillisite! Tile hisimliy ov i ('hiodrurc- ali.l IItr b ietwe tin alt tit' -Iest. W e are not afraid of alli-
iclih Ill'r, v nri ini thl ;in of mriidT rsa ;il tr niri clt ; Ibut We always lihoare olKniglits of the woful
evenn.. in il the timst ,srikini ex samples of ;lie ralprice- counutenaicc, and thinut of tlie long ad tristful visap.
of loirtlnm. II- is it' Umiin Ui :l I.iiy, and as heir Io a---
hondisomenl r iiin, i. him eai rly lili he mw.s rerhrche i, S'hridan.-Sreridanu's devoeiuotb the I'ince of Wales
a proverb in liii exquishteism. He was a good innsician was sincere awd disuterested, hut seile and self-debasing.
saddancmi, and an adept in the use of arms. lie made For it, he aompromsed that repllorwfar puhliqsegrity,
biawlffaimouns at llordeaux by an adventure at the there. which, with his genius, palliated i 4e ofhb private lire.
A lady lavine bln insulimd in his presence, he lifted the His hollow finesse on this occasion received a happy re-
eindmr in his arms, and threw himi from the first tier of buke. lie happened to dine at time house of a distin-
hoaes into ihe pit. lie fought many duel, and killed one guismed English Catholic, (Mr. C. Butler.) in company
of hs antagon.nis He was the intiniate friend of the ex- with tile late Mr. Scully, who had come over front Ireland
minister Peryonnet, to whom, on more than one occasion, as a member of tie ('atholic deputation. The conver-
6 proved of esremtial service. In ertly life they were satinn naturally turned iumon the approaching debate.
insparAhle companions, and made sundry vowas eternal If," said Sheridan, Motia and I, from particular cir-
aisedship. 5 cumstances, should not take as active a part on tile Calholic
IurinE the supremacy of RBnnaparte, Diuclos proved petition as you coull wish, yet' you may be assured Mr.
itself one of the most strenuous partisans of the exiled Scullv, that our hearts are with you." And if," replied
hail,. In the advancement of their easi he exposed the litter, the French should invade Ireland, and the
biself to the ereatet peril, besides e pending upon it Irish Catholics, from particular rircmnstances, should not
every fran of niis lArre fortune. On the return of Louis take as active a part as you could wish, yet you nmay he
XVIII. to iteI throne of Frrnce, he with Imany others, pre- assured Mr. Sheridan, tllat our wharts are with vou.--Dr.
rlaed himnulf to receive tim rewal of his services and Lardnr's Cabiet Library, I'-L I. history of George
ildity to tie royal cause. Iis claims, however, were IV. Vol. II *
dianarded, or the offers made were such as he considered
amly inadequate to his merit. Disappointed and indig- Remarl le Feat of a Sarp Halker.--Bnrcia Castle. a
at, he withdrew from the court. The accession of seat belonging to the lion. William Maule of IPauome.
Peyrmael to power revived his hopes. He waited on stands in a fine romantic situation, on the banks of the South
his former friend ; but his mission was one of those with Fk. Some time about the middle of last centnry. a falcon
which men in power are willing to dispense. Peyronnet hawk had built her titl on the face of a prrecpitous cliff,
received th bosom friend of his youth in a most states- overhanging the river, ma the vicanity of the castle. Many
maslikemanner, and on receiving a hint from his visiter "attempts ad been made to reach the nest. particularly by
tmat his eatms were most peruing, nmagnanitously pse-i two gardeners belonging to the castle, but it was fund inac-
hmad him waith 200 frane a (ot8.; ) free that m t hise cessible either from above or below. The yountha wks were
"to1d hil with francs (8. ; ) from that moment hi. supposed to be about ledged; and the gardemne had r-
h Its bee an enirma. No one can tell who provides aohed upon making another e to secom them. The
for I& esimence, since, so far from asking alm, he is young men slept together: and on th momiag of tha day
m"r known to speak a word. His aole oerupation ap- when they were to make their final Semps upon the lom's
p he to perambulate the splendid galleries ofthe Pahais eyrie, one af the gardeners, whc. he awok mid to his bed-
ya.-l-He Ima twice been taken before the public ri- fellow-'- O. Wiu.! I bad a ane dream to night I climbed
haels, n a charred of outraging public decency, by his the ciiff, Lad pludered the hawk s net o f a con"le of he
ntient attire; bmt hae wn not sbhiect to any pa youug falcons." ." Aye. bot where amr they mow said his
set ant her but he wi not estohieied to any w enmpanion jeeringly. I thought I plfed them below that
t. aId hIe till reonminus to parade his raes and tuh which stands in .our room." replied the other. Upoa
O*tm1tn He efpendA two francr per dayv ; and his looking oat of bed. they saw thetah bottom upward, con-
~4ly, the owner of a miserable tenth-rate inn, declared trary to its uausl position. One of them spring out of bed,
I trial that he is so punrtual, that he will not allow lifted the tub, and-the hawks werr below t.-Scotan.
ey pas without waving the aid sum. Trifline -a
Sittancev is, i afforded matter for sprclaition how Due- Dwsca e of the Plats from th, .S.-The vat eesat of
eld prmcure it, since it was notorious that every Itp solar system i but raguely to be eonceived Irom the or-
Skhis property hadl deen spent. It is surmised by diary mode of tatlng it in millltos of mlee. To deaoI-
d thal a small pension is allowed him hv the lady st"te "t a more striking and a esive moane.r a coati-
She protected at the theatre of Bordeau'. mental a tronomer has proposed. o raber renewed the pro-
posl., that the computed daulan ( o the planets be measured
ly comparison wilh the eloil of a cannon hall. rated at
P~- P .-" All the Phvsicians died successively; 1 l-l Gperman mil' pr minute. With thi velocity. a cannon
e"arers of the infirmaries went away, and it was no ball. fired frm ihe Son. would reach the planet Mercury In
pr ossille to enter the hmpitals with impunity. We 9 years and a months: Venus in s1 year ; the Earth in ts
o>blime to take Turksto nurse the sick,and to pay "era: (Mars n as: Jupmter in ISO: 8atre in LIs and
ty treat price for their service, while the uperin-i I raus (Herachell) in 479 years. Wth the seme aelocty. a I
shut would hreaea the Mooo flum the Earth i La days. hute
tllides over them was so relaxed, on arrount of the Imoe ht on rete eek. m
wr ith which it was accompanied, that the most fll- more ta e
Phu Uisondumt was not te he prevented. At enC.. Mar-
"SMslaleines we here been ohli ed to do without table Renmau fJr discmlnsing a priedirol-Tbe publisher of a
d w"e nh ets; all our others were futmiated; tle out oc.ltish periodical, which recently weat the way of all things
a hex with ths of the int ertgive., in his expiring number, two reasons. which he terms
m "i'"ats hadn connevion with thmo of the inleror. .c n, nt'ooies. and they certainly sre so, for the demise of
l arig t'tewav was n"ilmd itp: while every things his jinmlLa The fir ist. that J his rntrihuton Ireft him ;:
h br.iulgil to, the house from not of doors. and even and thi aCeond i. that all his otherss." in obedience to
", *a thrown through a wicket into a tub ofwater. the scrptural nmjamction, west ad did lkewme.'

paper. t.At W ba of laop" m km =ee
of vo-a
Noatic h blhr bhgi ve aML I I~*'
Ditch, and th Lihom at the mieam rty of
Boemby hbe wi be lik up e the Lh t b.
Thf rinf the Light Hon an B sk,
from Coa point, Woo by North. fw. Se. Dab'
point, onh W by West, half Wem, Niam%
fro Ben. Dmn' poM, North Woo, haft N rt k
the buoy of ti Middle. Wou by SBoth, Whal S i iSb
ditt of the Cram Ledg Wes by Nort.
Oa. Of Delawarem LihLM M

On Monday morning, I thead I yer of her ae, Ms
Haeeah SudeNot, a a leg uad aa m,.

i,- Eve ry perm eao la m ti sas.!,-r
tainmd resided frisfor is of wmavn ers, mst
give rcurity at ai e retys0' O0M, erpt Fp A4*um i
said OJteforlrrwrm DAtrsprefetu tAildepMIW--f-
ter whichI, at any Ls dui roarr-riva an, a lrick
ay be obtained.
ACOUT TO OlrAIN TIICicrre *nI Ot a.
lath September . Wa. '. H.
gist A" .. A yI .
Sith -Ca. -- -C.
llth October, .. r-- i A. Reonl
ts ...-- ... C WmmhvfL
5lth "- -.... - emal le',,
isth JoC. Pi
7th November l Ce li.
olh Ths Takbell
lath Aphey Weo .



Nov. 26dlh-Wrecking loop E lvembg Stur,A4 y, Ba

Withll Uere b pit
--to emaw Gaeuu d
SSO1h-H. M. ship North Bar, Des

28th schooner Three Sistors, New York
"27 h sloop Widow's Son, Nw Yrwk

oI the Widow's Son, for New York -Mr. Jaden.


H AVING fired the suite of suru at the sate of8)
per barrel of superfin Fleur, Ordered, that dh
shilling Loaf do weigh lbm. o., and thesipmuy Loaf
lb. 4o. By order of the Vestr
DAVID nPENCE, Votry Clerk.
Varav Room, is November, 1881.
ALL PERSONS having demneds again Tholm
t sweetiag, late of the island of Now Providnce,
decrasmd, are requsted to render thI sme duly ansd;
ad thne indebled to the m uid state, we drid to maka
immediate paveoet, to
November 19th.
M RS. HOWARD, Jr. ba rmusd her Bosams
EnABLtuNu erTr,in he Catr di Ie Ofjis, mrsh
of the ovenrmeat House.
The very any and commaduan airtmal of thai ho
should command the atsentio of aI trveilm in a sum
June 16th.
ILLS OF LADING,Bilhlof Sa.S,a dBlhkF
for the C~omuo-Ho or ale at this ofie.
N.B. Job Printing executd with meatem and deqpak
on moderate Irnm.
November 0)th.
Tim Homte and ren s Ipmr e e
by Mre. Poiier. The Hom rery aed
convenient, with largeKitchen mad waht be
attached, chair bom and a-edg or thrs
hrns, ese ive yard *nd grand piece. T'ePa l dih
have been lately thosomgUy wnp ad, nd a pIe pt
of the feim have he nwy pa -

A net of lad d at the VIYte 11a m1
mrr. It i divided by the vildeoL e lie.L
wr-ears lihe iont e n bi y doi aem mIl bd tr Sm
he village iato the hE ra. Thihls e-411.
pnedofin near hreamloe App to
eptember 7th. JHN W. MILLER.


ak .,

T sh d .1 d Lad., whch Frsends.-Every thing dt Cicero bo mlid in h n- t
sk P e mese-hb amirl tis Amiitia is very fine, ad very od, ad ery rum;
S oWale mad idm by ts hmaO b he does ,wt eem to be ahogeber we of the rfulw.-
6- dom beod or y M A m tad oa f meaning co,ntained io dte wordfri d. A man Invito
iMancyt If as Wa m me a, Ian Io m a w,'frends 'to dine w!*l They come, they at,
** Ue. the h rr#y y .w y drink, the talk, I they depart. They
ail %bwmim e b~mr sacd to hi own IsMl hv paiseand bmasee and aily speak leam
-T b. & e" mam "sla"ves bis odsy i ieof i and out of ten o *ewip
'Tll~.ra lhel o a ., spue, bi the ssecsritrf censorioudy of ie host. either he has been oste-
od me, is s dLn propmerty bo t a s eru y tua nt, oin eli y. qrim iggardly in this deoghil d
a. r fo a theish" -
ire, m Iar d llaws o miear ol t mlm*"aay i ad o, ea n almost qa*ml at pat udto of ithea
art S ahioc thin. maph umao rsuW and bie ttns uurr e ic baii b ed b hmng Th a "
showr W"dhds m a a Tbimand Losf g remdy ma cLeni, becomes in bi atr aleo in tIo delighba of
bidire mo ,e mtn mr vairs, nmO catly nay citc im, an d ier mady emat mel ins Thao e

la ..Im dp bes he ad fwl, lbaoal he
a n ofamiplml n to ring mms twre p .l dit,.o tob .d-antednrl ml ad rheing so ;i ae
p"eudg, A,'he oi b wme Peo a ad perhich h eld thenie that ea o
e kof h as d~e e otr i he tr rd h wee fr .o ayn md de hehe and n tho haI
t i asd theor ifncl iste rof., a.hl e, 4 in urea rd .lac .iima morulIt him upon i
ina cooird y dr em lena ridhh renurn, curtains a,. And he rhi& O pbhiy f tnir
ts 6l'lyJte rmny 'of tec hio apaXl his alwly acquire d
'oa Uer efy yo wealt. And be tht, before his prosperity, scarely fi
from ae "t, aoweey know d he aei friend isdod o, i
wa nt ma sa oet consember, or uject f thi c a h bi isut of wimarbe in mo iaoir ed
dira. h s hias heL te rodereo as satl in b entice rtain e ab mI o ood rea o infrinm awe tonl baer ofd hm-

La.. t.d whr. ti be otl, qurthe icstle ol s ld*,s, otir A mae grwn por and sier s Ande world. Facthnhi o
m pratam inh dmviao; ian sofribl ii other., srre, i nd he Iears, or ersy hmar if he b patience nto limo ah tl ,

eP e ,oiy In somiue ip.Yor.n hs erminy. isanlectu upon phrdndeu, ld mtany eldiying tiuner-
p tm hi i m sa emaeven rsi ku toir aul rre and he receive many a humiliating

l m .rrym m moau der certain provcudestionu e ms, n ot y an oberves many a a lterd look, and he fhas a
-Lrmy vatm killi them without bring amenahle to the eat dea of pity and very Ilhelp, and i recommend- o

aw's. y in th of his dcmlirio, the hix-sil. dl-, oila in tre most date mam w imagneble not to poilthe un d
p I, an elirt htaso epirs ln.d property, on tu e capr kind. n plean, re ofl his prosperimus innearr by his unpro-

>odher anoy an or co untenner. And ienr, when the per.-
o f his l. se cannot uimithair l thie lo c hlds or eu preseane; sid rhileng e rnde that he haso nota
e dbml hiMs .lord can orcibly iterfern, holdr nd rhre imn oriwd, hoe is givn t under sl d ,utha hio
Spri f cme. r l ou hi fcrl rind say, ought to do something for him but unfortn. a

shmn ayprrs s of cl m | *m, pmwy >l- full. dce ppr
mn1as (and ltht dem my otder coiiy iun of lire tfo ) of A y ui nel he chantired h /r Is al ool o out.
drI. butnd Iht e.riich they werd brn, amles by coent A mAeanjuo b inninlifned rries ad omn whose fain.d
por vmer, ltkadkl. o h otl, whether mle or remand, ly are not so good aos dl oewn. hereupon, father end
sa rve it hout prm viouiley informing his lp herd e and mothr, uncle and ahuntds htersnd sionet rchoer for
.ill phv illt b lcu set it rn al ore, o ino, ho drm ai, r h wn .third. aned fiuh the poot tlefoms la into nd o f
am tomarr, Io|s lsrd, wI lJac poi the w e '3L-y" peto' ofoperate in m system of unani ous
aon'sl, tunir ha admedollr, of ime sirt-llio, e bmosm.t ukine ; insult the yorg woman n and eein The young c
euody, ano w tim ails onra lm; seiter in money or t kind. men, arespe orally if ne ly married couple iin need i of
iof the Ui tu e orlins y Wi mli. Se of PO- any "'malce or phiountenan-"Wh. Ad pihen, hen the ph/ernd. |
in. lin na oyli led, bly I in Mec s lihlenh to cr b s uth e d family niht here ring under in he pangs of womeny,e
pnel ua ionaemad peica e rhich depend on te land he moricinc tion of deshlooini annd solit ae, the world
pricseo h inh rcazm 0vnLd out ol his farm by ae m ithd, wihc dpme yiin graecy, I tlt young gsutl mn's b
suema ry proseem of rjecimeat I he msal pay them full .fI.unldida t Ipprtvw.' the aatc i."
maurn (ud thae drmll not y defined ly leas or treaty) of A young mn coms a o h frtei e a s on as he comen
dos so an" vices dlinl i" rlhg t of .leheigeshalf. sand, of age. lie hoys beros and dojs, and runs races, nd
manrvey uLe tiue th o(lmrsindi ar M eplmnlenure ld iys bets, an pleys t ardi and him, e gets into scrapes

i mvery trak ef il e otht o h appare d in d plen m d en r e y d 1 an d
servitude. Ili tline r ktrn Si o where. "ly service, and fights dueh, ned he finds hi mse none ahe richer for
till Ioppnril is all its original force, eo celsno, at hi Jeath, un- winihlgs, and much the poorer for hliist ing; and i
lidnly in *n ir of hites evof H lnoi, *h the o. hecannot spean or los his money fst enough I imtelf,
to th.e-IrI ; anl, ir many lar-,, itl lord claoi purlon ( he ihas myrids of frie tdst who will borrow it or him and i
onlI lluaer the .-me of The bm revin do .hei boea to ainl him in dimefsinlit. Then at last

onheli, n difer mhstry the a doeos Them e o n t itgh the kings
.sws sa- n ny pevah di m of sn ny. req lieed ithes, aong nud ve:e n fiell Me wlllord rit ic
rriaelally in the or riilli Wemdish 'iuta of roulo- ling fmonl phua, mme,-r' g What pity it is ht hinfri af
rnoi, S ason Leuwati, said MereLenlb.rgh ; aso in Ilol- led him into shrb extrsprendce !"
uhinO. II e alslldd, by law, in Mecklen:lrgi ; but the At r adnir t there in a no0le in the srrdeets women er,
new mure tlta i d rticslarly the apportionment ormad dhrieking and re h Sod me calling hfor
far the vanmls, sre ma yet determined, It uwas most help; and there i a wall dresed man aweerig a co
aevmbey unIfaed Ind nied. nd CMecklth; ad c stable who I ntenm to hod him, and the ld getlined mron
ins v pey rmarkhla hdI 6t appeared in loluia miter ha, obvodely r Ied in the dirt ; hi hats heis t e, a pan.
rlt, amr har ba e y, he baler. In fact, chke, his eye s red ase harrin, nu d hi i donu like
moch oppme ame tot I deemmd eir mak ,e'. hi, un- a weather-cock in dte whirlwnd, ead he most be used
happily, of aeirngw d methdicl applaro ion, eq- like a boiled rbbit before he an be magedd I; d ilthe
pMr im isam ore M *the tamtio Hanoer, where for cou e can give of himself the nel t morning o s, theh
fiEhe by fre ehneabol m by NapFrom hai bu rrevi; hea, ti n dgie with I fewicou of.--er Atm.
wih sil .mdiadlm eain by the mbl ein, altha gh the klng-
d ord, Honwmar, parer in Gwil d d ar natural re- rnikt Acti-n the year 16 o, whem Parhe w
mo ma as y d r diav of (rma ny, rnque allied with a Img smd sevre famine, M. de Salo, fetur-e
bey l g v ms ed a meat a P rat n able ing from i nummwg maley ig walk, with only a line foot
md mo t. At ep krrmlsentvmB boy, vwas atm byp a ma, wh o presented a pst'ol, awd,
iI snm, W Mrht m L tfe Vainl irth, io fr ammr fhr from tin remlugio of a hardened robber,
tbe pmreMat beiyg vi.. I. Volunary caneior M, ed r ia thror tha l-o.. td Sallo, e burist int
&omprenbe, signd and meled. lImplMed ement; came a t w a n, and that he culd get little fr
w, wh e a per heing me s T, ry eag Mei- him, added, I hse ey dat d'on boe am, whikh
rt" s m ad dady,bew ahr- e sd b ith ties lboir hw ao eaha lmn ob; s uchmod meym doyof r
(pa of o law ) erpam it, makes hima proy Bet l ma toyan, yna ee in a bad way." The ma
p 4. Taking pJ ofe property to which the wi skimg for mars, end waled off with an
the w of e in attache. & As punishment air of dejemad ador. He was no ooner gone, H than
i crimes omr em a t atmttion of pei mesm for of- M. do Sall ord md ted boy to fellow him, to e where he
fee by fre momac. From marriage, ut rarely; 4 to give him an account of every thing. The
sad imally, fom certain prsMipive rights of te bad. lad obeod. follo wd him thn, ah several obs ora r
lor(d T lnbo in omnw first 6 a adletingth mfwhimenters baker'sshop, where he o
a Ld by the eer carl te m in ti e d O the m- Ir dime lint* oe thelo v, and bhy a i brwin
Cnudl, A. D. 1096, a ma m vml dt went to the taf. Wide i Purhs he want a fei dam fiulr,
hly a mbd watd fe ha et t fconer ed in e emrig y, aendsd a pai o l stirs T-h boy
ceIS pya tie Yh4 s matrr who ta~s *I the o hfor himb to thourth -se, where he aw him
Napol Nmp omr ond a ema law abolhed body- g lae ma room dht had no otdr light but what it reivd
el naghoast N loubmi. Vamal heae also from t mac; and peeoi tire*ig a crevice, he par-
bma bssad by ma m4a, -apmad or permiusad clid him t do o t hw te floor, and, burst into
by %JedcIL salrie Is of evry figat mmnd note. lir, saying, k Tbs, am your ill; there's the dearm
almo of d P-w by t' foreMa in th e1 Batam leaf I eve boh: I have robbed a giatinn of three
wh de dhe hdy-psa s arkledWad m a mebr Ioli: IN ni d b edd welm and t mow hve no
of do.bsoi se, by .seipedm4 uier atin ma teaniap; (or mane rlsers doimedl Ia ringon"
We dit. -sMLy, fee heim y yun, th osmad adllmJtisfvyyoarclamn" His lamos.
It= pra h of ths m mh fa e atin tr aawersl by thse of6 th whob riy, ad
a( Gemmy, fairly brought ballon the European public, his wire having a eiA calmse the agmapof his mind,
-Nikko he mde kumrw. do emrenn of *%kit, aa ep th hadlu sad cailing it, gave It as ber pa star-
a a r aai as rm t hed mli wnga- hlg drildra. T T be eyb evi bm hepply performd hi
SNg'lnbfanr asm up ol pol ei maoo rmmisiomd hoe and gv ha muster an ac-
ma i mms, ,m e L, me ehof er la at o mm y td he L ien, and lard. S.lle
alarlag, Csat now c' paph" They a aid the hew mo as bi h t Im me
g ianeY g i o the int Sgtand in th is ::wmisng,. Twohoaman gemism w aro 'at d

m aI whev16 ins mie a |ays, with aw
wit; wabe heameW ti th ea aMYA;
md kiMd of lIu; tIh bhe n a taoeod-k
Mt workou ; butw ovone rbd by a h lr
ad a had nrugg to live in mac d ti -m,.
ith thi account, M. do BSllo mnasded die L
inre, and knocking at dU door, it was opened h"a
an hinmelf, who knowing him at fm ltas
:mon whom he had robbed the night befa v
et and implored hi mercy, pleading dt etne m
r hi family, and begging he would forgive hi n
I. de Sllo doired him to muak no noie, for 6i I
M leu intention to hurt him. You bhee apun
acer muongyour neighbor ," oid he, but- mt
atyour life wimao be il cud rt ifyou Man i
d uto condtie the freedom you took with t
or hand, them e thirty loua to buy lat r; ,
wi, ad mt your cbdhum a cemmendLd am
'o pt you out of further temptation to euami
iuimo and faal action, I will enc srage ya' h,
hear you re ae mat worluan ; you hall ake mei,
M ad dthi by, for two pir of shao each, haad
Soupn ayoum r bhe. The whole family wm e
ith joy, uai e mnd gratitude; and M. de &bo i
artd ready mved, and wib a mind filled r h
cios at bevi aqi ed a m perhaps na l whb
a the commIi of gin, fromua ipgohaism
ad probably from etarme perdlkit.-Uaiemsad I
u.e, Ma 1793.

1rema Americm Pper.
Tki Od Time.--The following rather *si gl .
Dpied from The Mail, or Claypole's Daily Adifeh.
f May 1th, 119l.-We bave eitrcted it for" iopsil
eneit and beoom' of the yoe inger member of tie P
ion of the parent day.
Havin adopted the *bon motto, a early I MWb
owner of adaisi to the ber, I have covesantd a.
elf, that I lwi e mer knowingly deputy from it; sldil
Puedation I have built few maInira, which dffitd i
actiaos u uupeakable stsfaction.
1.-I will pngclice law, because it offers me mep
being a arn useful member of socilty.
.--I ill torn a deaf ear to no man, because hi-pi
3.-I will advise no -n beyond my compresMon db
4.-I will bring none into law, my conscience a
should be kept out.
5.-- will never be unmindful of the cause of hbao
nd this comprehends the fatherless, widows, sad dm i
6.-I will be faithful to my client ; but never m
o myslf as to become a party in his crime.
.-ln criminal caes, I will not underrlae my owe mi ;:
or if my client proves a ruscal, his money is benerm
and : and if not, I bold the option.
8-1 will tever acknowdge the omoiponlce of legsim
n consider their cts to be law beyond the spirit of tien
.-No man's greaess shall elevate him above thej
mes my wut.
o.-1 i me rea.sent to a compromise, where I eed
Sedis etmsenrial to my client's futre reputation ; f ed s
he rama be a competent judge.
t1-I will dvie the teurbhte with candor, ad if l
wll go to law against my adie. dary mut pardon me fora
eeing against them.
It.-I will acknowledge every manm' right to miei b
own cause if he pkleake.
The Ihove rer myI role of practice. and though I willwt
It any critirml junctur, promise to fnih my businemr i
son, if the pbli iLmrrtr should require myn rremoal
hence, I wll do v h y thing in m I power for thio wasl
them, and endever to leave tLah in proper hatds. f I hl
be shasm.
Knoville, Mnrrh ist. 17T.

OrrWi or AMraCAn AnI Fomaso. Auuciv,
New-Yoak, January, 1131. i
P UBLIC NOTICE is hreby given to al p-
S whom it my camera, having claim, debas, W
Nuances, public mnwriie, dr. payable or recovered i
a-y otf he Uniead Sams, or British Anmric, nr
ing n interveio of loul proceedings, or dhertle
that i Elstblishie t ha erucient and responsible A
Agemt in the principal cities ad towns thereof r*
tiely, through the medim whereof such nvlid ch"i
my be confided heeano, will be promptly nd efrctis
recovered, when furnished by the elaimnnts with d
uitable legal proofs and vowhers as my be reqinr 1
the nature of each particular ase, accompanied wia
requisite Power of Attorney; tlh whole to he delay
cuted before Notary Public or other competent civil
thority of the place in which the anme may be peou,
and cenrifd by ua American Consu
Olden transmitted to thi Esblishmient for the isW*
ment of funds in the public mcuritie of the United 8W
or of any of the States of the Union, or on morflg d
frehold property; and alo for the traction of be
sins within the purview ofa General Agency, w a
punctual d fihfully d ihll ecuied.
Al application to this Eablishmet in cases r
the Investigatio of claim, mart of records, or the i'
veatioa of legal proceeding, sheld be .ccom-pa.i
an adequate remittal e to defray the pgelimianry char
andishmrsentm s ending the mme; and all cmu"
ration- mm be addrnmd (pot paid) to the mderfi*
(Co ellor of the Supre Cart of te United W
ad of d tie Superior the .t of s New.*Y
in the Oke of A ri ad nd ForeMig Agd"ey-
WA-Aw, New-York.

- As

i; j --e j..-

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