Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: November 26, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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-IgE 11B8EG, Editor. rSATURDAY. 1OVIElHa *a, IN2$. VOL. I1-.ij ['m.
r- _I



Ighit olara per manim-4a mdviame.

luenT cloudJ ye are gathering one by oe,
y Aor weeping in pump roundI the dying uon,
With criniun banner, and godlen pall.,
Iae a hoal to their chieftain's loneil,
pey isaeIs ye urad to that hallowed spot.
Wis a moiulded dirge, though we hear it not.
Yea mlehilnks ye tower with a lordlier ret,
Anl o ,urAenlus fluih ia he sinks ro rest ;
Not thus in the day of his pride and wrath,
Uld )a da e to prrss on his glorious path
Al his nounlide glance ye had quak'J with far,
And hailed to hide in your misty aphera.
Do you my he is dead I You exult in sint,
Wlth your niunbow-rupe, aud your swelling traInn
lieh:all rise again wlth his strong, bright ny,
lle hall riglIn ilt power when you fl IS away,
Wle. ye darklyl cower in your vapory lull,
Titleloa, and naked, ad noelemi all.
The oul the soul! with is eyesof Are,
Thus. thus shall it when its foes empire;
It shall spread its wig o'er the sinews that paia'd,
The rvilr that shadow'd. the sins that stal'd.
1l shall ldell where no ruhinl cloud hath away,
And the pageants of earth shall hLe malted away.
Th' hritaht and fair is Heauty's flowr,
r.- ,,uulit it flra rlnte mull decay;
It bllonim but for a little hour.
Aund thue 'ts doomed to Jae away.
Bul Virtue, pure and sred, lives
Beyond lth reah of change or time--
its pce, iA loelinesa surais.,
1 o bluso. in a heavenly clime.

The Sun of the evening of the 24th sys:-" The dis-
rinlaom at Pari, i'lthey have not altlogeher subsided
m at let diminished in violence, though party spiri
il ram hlgb, and the Ministry are still. doubtful of theih
poti. The debua in dhe Chamber of Deputls have
it m, it should seem, preuy nearly where they fouod
lh. The L'Comatiie l ueam na, upon authority
pmaie imlers from Berlin, thet the la of the Rum.-a
* lth apture of Warsaw amounted to 30,000 men, in
dcdiog ervun Generalt."
Ti t1l article of the Clarer as proposed by Minis
en is as Gols :-
Tih appointment of the Members of the Chambe
f Perm blop to Ihe King.
Na maa be called to the dignity of Peer except-
Prauiden of the Chamber of Deputie and other le
giltie badir; Deputie, after three elections, or si
yarm of mvice; Marnhal and Admirals of France
Lem-Oeeral aond Vice-Admirals of the armieo, bj
sea sad nd; Ministers, having a department; Ambmas
dr-a, afer thne years of service I Counsellors of State
antr a year of ordinary wrvice; Prefects of the De
Im a, and Mariline Prefects, after tae years' vice
Cll Governors, after five year' service; Members o
ih Elaite Couocil General, after three re-electioUns
6h Prensideay; Mayors of town of 30,000 oules n
pws, takin from the elective munoipal council, after
fi anm of service; Preident of the Court of Cee
im and Court of Accounta; the Procurer-Gener
btm deae two Courts, after fve years' service in the
dearW; Cunsellors of the Court'of Cessation, and
C'lora-Matera of the Court of Accounts, after fiv
mavrrvice The First President of the Roy.l Coirts
- 11 year : of Magistracy in thee Courts ; the Pro
arOanm l before thl aid Coura, afer ion years o
"n; lth members of the four Academiesor the In
ibt; Citiess, to whoe by a law, and on account o
MMl services, a national reward shall have been spe
Eiy awarded Proprietors, heads of anufactor ie an
aemmcil or banking-hoeas, paying 5.000 franc of di
I etriation fur their pateta durir, five year.
The c*oditio of admmiibility to te peerage my b
Iited by a law.
The ordinance of appointment shall indicate by wha
ah peer ia chosen.
The mero po is unlimited. Their dignity
d fehr life, an i ant trasmmaible by erediar
vThe take rank accordi-g t lhe order of their mo
Led w septd 8 mr 2-The Paripaper of Tesda
S mlday have been received. tpon the chief it
f dem ic politics, at present, the report which the
Gi n pe i he whole, satisfactory. The capital ha
= or-ably tranquil; and, if the disquiet had n

C ...... ........ lb

entirely sulidd, it had become rather a excil aent of Moderation wau amstandy united witkh 'rar Tre
curiosity among the mob in .e streets th u mit armed forces did its duty, and nothing b its duty. The
which had any loeager f its obj- serie a of t Magistrats always intervened.
peace. This laht popular fr i ts I The brig La Flechb, Lieutenant Lape. aMla
and decline, assimilate very Mu themb n which from Toulon as th 16th inst., to examine dhe w kand
have preceded it opon their trtie ex-uminl in Fob- which has lately been foundIin the Mediterra a.
mary lust, and, more lately, In July. In all these case M. Conat Pirvpst, Professo of Geology, whosra
dte elemedb appear to have been prepared is snme re- selected by hu Academy of Science, i on board thin
evolutionary club-hoaes, the exploina yr. concerted to veIel: and alo M. Joiville, a yeang painter, whols be
take place in the atmets, and the elect ware iantendd to has chosen to accompany him.
be produed in the Hall of the Legialaltr. GERMAN.
We are now a rived at the laa tage of dis late emetr ram te Anm if m4l Bt.
when tth ames of civil dcord had ched the C nt- The following are exats G pp
her of Dteputies. Towff& the close of the silting on vea this drawing, 94th Sep.
Monday, and after M. renger hd concluded his intet Bei S 1&-Chle.- n theA 14th at no thee
eating report upon the peerag, MM guin s toa remained I patients. To the 5th at a -- e were
mine questions of the minister resc the foin pol ew cas,63,recovered 3,deathd86, e that 10 rema ed
cy of France, pumrsant to notice winch he had given o TnPrunia Sta tG ba h hr sn m
Saturday. He began by -exdaimlngtlat hb soblect Poed.
not thee to incite the government to a war; for, at to From the Lemberg Gest do the a It apes s that
moment, he considered tha war would be usel % oe the lt there r ined only wh perom aic th
France had not an ally left on whose belalf to fight. Hih cholera in t te em t of the di-.
avowed purpose was to arraign the ministry for their cRa- or o te l of MIy, eptmbr ctm h&a
duct for reducing France to he degraded stale in which a lemn, 000 5 semoeri1, h er 9 tdea.
it was, and Poland to its present ruin. M. Mauguin then, at LetalarIg, 4a00cemets SO d b move I,618 d, te i.
in an eloquent but violent tirade, roceeded to incriminate not a single patientwith symptm of chdlea at rl o
all the measures of he present mmiatry abroad. lie con- dthe Leitla.
tened that they might have misted he Poles, at least, Ia ept. 1i.-The report that he Electr wi
by'bu, as in the infancy of the insurrection, the latter shortly go on a joany is reewed si the a r
posesld eks prns. M. Sebastimni met this stor my aiack Wiederhold, who, as a Member of the Depatie. of
upon his measure with a firmnnes which showed, Ilot he Estates, tel waited on the Elector, and pr d their
was not disposed to shrink from any part of the respond wisl that his Royal Highmnes might return to Cmel. II
saibility attache ald to then. lie a9sertel, in the outset, that1
thed pacific track which he had followed was not only the d appoined that the Electy during o aoFrch, o wbakrlh ted,
suggestion of lli own judgment, but the mostl approved Eletoral Prince will be at the head. A chfra ia td
wlicy for France, after the most mature deliberation. Minltry is al spoken of.
ery oon after the revolution the gmenrlquestion of peace lolams, Sept. 17.-On the 10th instant certikat
or war had ben discussed, but decided in favour of o the lth r again sd at Vienn Thb ceau i
latter. The minister thn preceded a demorae, that aid t be nde in con qaus of a dian a is ab
Frsnre could not have given any suhtetalial aitlanbce to tw the pbysicias, reapectng the i tnt of thi
Poland either seea or land, in the former way, without belg te
provoking a glwral vat, beginning widh rumi ; hy*he wL A ettr from ForbPch. of. the 15dl or sepubr.
latter, not at ah, for Poland wa without i sunlsine, pn, Ao T rhe P orbuacia G of ner e othh, iof ctsdpt
oi mean of defence. The Po eahi noportin uhe Bal- 9th and 10th, in the ninutest manner, the fortications ao
lic, and Fance could not enter thellack Sea without the Sarre.klui, and by his orders workmen ar repairmng th
cons of Turkey. But, even under all thed ditadvan- and g carries. Two inspectors or pf oio
lages, the Governmntl of Louis Philippe had not neg- ao lamly.exanineid bo sm T of the magaim e of that
elected its duy-it had remuontrated with Rumm, anad, it pitc .
was hoAd, not entirely without saes, for the Cabinet
of SL Petersbmuarn had pledged itlf thm e matmnlitv SWITZERLAND.
of Poland should be respected. With respect to the nre The 1M1'tle Die haI raised the city of Bale,andth
call of the Ailassador at Constantinople, M. Selnatiani surrounding commonsto be occupied by 4,O00 am
.justifid it to the full extent, for he contended that M. contingents of the several cantons. h Diet, it t, i
Guilleminot could not possible serve either Poland or pond, requires a full and entire amnesty for Ital
SFrance by his interference. 'urkey being unable to take proscribed in Jasuary last,which *ae Government
rany part. and to all diplomatic purposes a perfect obatinely oppem.
"corpm." The minister concuded by repeating, tht ALGIERS.
SFrance had done all that wiposlible for t Poles, con- ( tie Jonl dr Commerc of Traday,)
f intently with the rmeolutio of not involvhig the oantry Part, Se. 1K-The Aviro publishes the following
in a war with Prus which had bee qed upon am the letor:-
filtest and smfet corMe to he pu The emah of Aliers, Aug. 15.-Since the unfortunate expedtes a
the discummin itherto appears to he a strengthenhg Medhab, the Bedouim, carried tera a to me gats of Al-
rather than a didinoion of the minioerial preponderance gien, and it wai reported dat they ar amemalig, to the
in the chamber; but the struggle i not yet over, u the number of 50,000 men in the pl at the oot of the
rdeate had bae posponed Liale Atls.
The sudden and rlaher extraordinary ubstitution of
M. Saulnier, the ae Preect of Police, for M. Vivien, Trkey.-Leus r from Conmmotinope of the 10th of
is regarded as a fresh proof of M. Csimir Perier's inu- August, conrm (as we lean from the Bous OGmett,) td
S nce with ithe King, for he latter, though of M. Odillon Bar- accounts of the dreadful fre which destroyed the whelem-
Srot's violent party, was p y acceptable to his Ma- burbs of Pers on the sd. The fre comenced in a quar-
jenty, and strongly favoured by some of the members of er very distant from Per Itself, and inhabited by the
hi. family. The slidity V the prime minister's power lows clam of Greek ad Armeniam, but aevilent rth
seems to receive frnh asmranc from all the islated acts. wind caused the fanes o spread, m that several quarpsn
From the Ladmi Cmurer of iAe 24t. were on fire at once. To this wa added the wan of
S The French Chamber of Deputies, on Thurada cme water, and rsin more of the necemr hands and god re-
f to the following decision :-" The Chamber, mstimed with ulations. At noon the LKame had reached Pqra is'f;
the explanations given by the miisers, and confiding in and eleven at night the uborb no loer existed. The
d heir nlicitsde for all which intMers the l e and dig- large palae inhabied by the English, Freneh, Dutch,
Snity ofFranc, p s to the order of the day." Upon Pmien, Sardinian, and Danih Ambssdoe, with l the
Division, there appeared in favour of pasting to the order elable efects fell a pry to dte lames. The Episcpal
l of the day, 221 ; against it, 1'6 ; the m rit in faowr Church, and two of the Roman Catholic Caurches, shemd
t the ministers, 8. M. Perier, the Frenc prime mini sr de same fate: nor it possible to save any of these mred
Salluded, in the course o( lii spech, to an intended di- tmeil. The palace of the Astrian Anbamndor was
Sarnmament threutlout Eutope. is again every med, s it seems, by the exertiom of the crwe of Dse
Spearance tlat the peace of Europe will be antinid. Astrian vessels; also tie Rean Chancery, wich i
S- a the e. close to it; the Church of Terra Santa, ad some adjois-
if FI te Mnl-tr Of Wedw.dAy, Beptber 21. ig houes. The number of buildings of sloae usd woed
PARIS, Sept. 2. that are burnt is about 4000.
if Some groups attempted to collect to-day in the gar- All Per is a heap of ashes and humbling warls, as
- den of the Palais Royal. Several prisons were arrested. above 10 house remaining entire. The das g, in co-
d among whom there are a good many foreigners. The at- seqtunce of the destruction of the palaces of the Amba-
- tempts to excite agitation were concentrated at this point, sadors and other stone buildings, weaimmese ; at the be-
where about half pst 1 o'clock they mauned a character ginning of the fire, a vast quantity of property was meo
e in which there was nothing political. This evening the wed to them, being deemed safe rom al danger I ha
garden has been cleared. Tranquillity i restored in all most alicting sight,"says the accorm, to e the the
it that quarter. Not a single group has appeared to-day in sands of people, without shelter, without clothing, or the
the environs of the Chamber. The capital ha resumed its mean of ubsistence, who crowded the sem s of Pae.'
s ordinary ppr.~ Sulqosently they dispersed to the aihbring
y The e n of this evening contains as entire and gra numbers have found a reAfe a tsh cal I l, s
- fale account of the scene which took place at the Palais the Seoan by a special ordinsac, Lh asl wed i Tar
Royal on the evening of the 19th, and an the circum- toW their bomne to Chrisimaa. The Balm nl expa-
y asanes of which have been greedy exaggerated. and prea dhsatice at dhe Ltl m q aaihded by
- Awaking the moment when the manager of tha the Turkish arrangemenm for eti atgdl the ne, and
v journal will have to explain himself before a court of ju- has testified to the Foreign A rbsaodan s lia t their
d twice, we must formally contradict thi narrative. Nothing klam. He hae gives large i a tobe latorihl Anag t8
t was done ill ally: the proper summoos were made. sri cerm, amd. a mual, epresed hinrmm ao is Am-

wLgha aapqltd to takes aam M
I addition lo the placu which had prevailed or "u" i n complaints of th peope. Ist Would have bee
Sat Conuanti ple. i thole bor ve. ry desorurliv;. \p, If if d ibiY Awdis W i bo their m c-
Kb L betn 'i A"url. hbl Shad been backed by t s liwrr, d ic l, hsti- cam with .lm-eratiei b ut he i aphlat j oy they m -
se. ine.. to be lea maligiam t dt i other i" 11c fested on receipt of the Queents os ers provr,.ed the Go-
The now Amlit Aimbau dor, Co mm.lodore Poaer, vernor into desperatloc He declared, that be would co
arrived at Coinaantlnople on the 16th, with lli. ralification tin *i^ gouv.runnti spite of th inhabitant;-4o
fa the Itaty of commirre concluded last year between e ain l igthat .Im u saboutt inhabit Eaturpe,
he Pe m nd late which "g con~ have embarked, he refused to
leave W1I" tsetry.wJ t meantime, to conving the
people that Inis frminess was unabated, and that he .ill

IATURDAY, WOVE. B'B 0, I*l, a. ibsued apriamldnoatilodidolve the Asembly.
-- ---- Matterswere nuow coming ast to an isml The As-
The schooner PomNo1 Captain Miller, arrived Itre sembly cotinuled sitting, notwithstanding the Governor's
Tburelay from Phiadelphis, bringing r files of news- proclmation; and resolved, that having Iben recalled by
t p o'thea Ni iMa nt, o *les by cw ds u these his Swovreign, his conineance in the government win
Ificaied per fu our uo'Cptain ObMder of AI Them Tmurpation and tyranny, and thetil WM their duty to take
tert. chrge of the safetpmed peace of the Island. On hearing
Yes .ay, the Amorerkachame Case Ann, Captaip tis ip te, the Governor secretly ordered a party of ol-
Miller, arired frm p4u t, heavnig broauht se 4 to I around them; but the Asembly having obiia-
copy of ti Unted Ij Sa, hearing date the I*t' e n tion of his intetieda immediately separated I
Inrtau, by wMeth wi a, Lnde dems to the 0tb p tde for their pernonll safety. The ensuing night, and
September ad Liverpool to del lt Oct had be the whole of the following day, were employed in sum-
wemlved in Ualltd S e; but the papl question, owning the lhabltants from all parts of the Island, to
im edy i-s article of European Mo, wbich we hsten to the capital, properly armed, to protect their re-
bat. The content of a. intermediate paper from presenMtives. It a given out, however, that the Go.
S9thL she 14th,are consquently unknown to s; but we vernor's lire was not aimed at Iall that was intended, was
dest apprehend that any tbing of importance had trans- to secure his person, and sed him off the Island. p
phid in Erope, since the las dates noticed by us, other- On thi 7th December, 1710, early in the morning
I, se ppI there would hae been some relerooce about 500 oen appeared in arms, in jle town of St
Sis a tIheepy we have been avoured wilh. Johns, when, Colonel Park had been making provision fo
HITORICAL ACCOUNT OF MR. PARK, resistance, In ca of attack. lie had converted the Go
A enmMOS or ANTIGoA. vernment house into garrison, and stationed in it all thi
regular troops that were in the Islanl. On thle approach

Mr. Park wsea asdn of Virginia,and wmsdiltinguish- of the inhabitants, however, his courage deserted him.
1d for hi mucees at a very early period of his life- The sight of an injured people coming forward as one
having amaded the Duke of Malllough in *04, one man, with deliberate valour, to execute on his person that
f his Aldea-d-Camp, and aa such, on the event r the puniasnrent which he mnst have been conscious his enor-
heals of Hochder, having been sent by his racee to miij well merited, overwhelmed him Pith confusion
Eangaid whh intelligence of thai Important victory, he an terror. Atough he must have been apprised, that
was rewarded by the Queen, with a purse of a thousand his adversaries had proceeded too far to retreat, he now,
g" uias, and her picture richly set with diamonds. The for the first time, whenlt was too late, hail recourse to con-
ldilwing year the government, of the Laeward Islands cession. lie despatched a message signifying hidiadi-
bcoming vacant, Mr. Park, through the intrest of hMs new to rmot the Asseoblly at Parl&a, and to consent :o
soble petan, was appointed to succeed Sir Wm. blathows whatever laws they night think proper to pass for the good
dthreia, and he arrived in Antigua in July, 1706. of the country. Ilelffered, at the ume time, to dismiss
; b h wa a nativee of America, and Iis intent with his soldiers, provided six of the principal inhabitants would
ettlcik admiistoliuon was believed to be considerable, remain with him, as hostages for the safety of his person.
hliloruastof tde Leeward Islands received him with The speaker of the Assembly, and ono of the members
Sdeglar respect, and the Asembly of Antigua, even con- of the Council," unwilling to carry matters to the last ex-
tay to a Royal instruction, added 1000 to his yearly tremity, seemed inclined to a compromise, and proposed
baee, in order, as was expressed in the vote, to relieve themselves, as two of the ltages required by the Go-
him from the expense of house rent ; a provision which vernor; but A general bo of the people thought that
b ha een ever since continued to his successors in the go- further delay might he fatal to their case, and called aloud
wo se.a for immediate ve aaieo, and htantly marched forward
Altr commuting many enormities, in which he ahowed in two divisions. One of them, led by Mr. PIgol, a mer-
hidmeif to he a detestable tyrani-one of the most atro- her of the Assembly, took posamsaion of an eminence
da was, to debauch the wife of a Mr. Chester, tim most that cunninded the Government houe, and attacked it
cmaiderable merchant in the Island. Apprehending that with great fury. The fire was saerad hrikly lor a con-
e injured husband might meditate revenge, he endea- aidable tini ; but at length, th adiflant broke into the
vared so be beforehand with him, by adding the crime of hok The Governor met them with firmnesm and sbut
sader to that of adultery; for Cheaser having about this Pigot dead with his own hae n received, is the anse
tIl ad the misfronu to kill person hy accident. lis moment, a wound which le h prstrate. His atten-
Escelleacy, who had raised a common soldier to the office dants, seeing him fall, threw dol their arms and the en-
of Penve Marshal, brought him to trial for his life, di- raged people seizing the person of the wretched Governor,
ret his iatrume, the Provost Marshal, o imlinnel a sIl was still alive, tore him into a thousand pieces, and
Jry of certain persons from whom he doubted not to scaterud his reeking limbs in tim ustrt. Beides the Go-
sbtki Ceer's conviction; and the execution of this vmrn, an Ensign mad 18 private soldis, who fought ia
meat iumid m would have followed, if the evidence in his cam, were killed outright; sad a Lieutenant and
his vour had not proved too powerful to be overborne. 24 privates, wounded. Oftrh people, 2 wer killed and
He declared he would allow no Piovost Marhal to act, wounded, besides Mr. Pigot. The Governor's death im-
who should not, at all times, summon such juries as he mediately passed to tins bloody conflict.
Hold direct. lie changed the made of electing Memboer Thi peritShd n a general insurrection of an indignant
to aerve in the Amsembly, in order to exclude persons he community, a brutal despot,-thaa whom, no TATrv eau-
did at like ; and not being able, by llhi measure, to pro- miN.AL wa ever more deservedly punished. lie was a
care an Aaembly to his wish, he refused to call them to- noiuster in wickedness, and being placed in a situation be-
gather, even when the French threatened an invasion. )ond the reach of ordinary restraint, it was ca lawful to
By thee, and a thousand other odious and intemperate cut him off by every means possible, u it would have
pamedings, te whole country became a party against been to shoot a wild beast that had broke its linmit.
ham, ad despatchd an agent to England, to lay their The English government after full investigation, was ao
giruances before the Crown, adopting, in the first instance, satisfied of Mr. Park' misconduct, as to issue, much to its
a moderate and legal mean, to procure his removal; but honour, a general pardon of all persons concerned in his
aus Iah delay incident to the busine, the people lot all death, and two of theyiprncip aodm therein, were even
tmper, and baan to consider forhenrance as no longer a promoted some time aterwarda, to eats in he Council.
vit. Man dan on anempt was made on the Gover-
,, -b In m lac of which, ha u w vo- -- -" -.-- 1hP Members of the Council in tbla das am ap-
s i the aOf which, he was grievous, t pointed mm the people: few held offices.
merte wounded. Unhappily, the exasperated satl of
me'a i admitted of no rmprami e, and th r, Fres the New A York Cowrier 4. Enqurrr.
adl hipaeteaoi over or was ot of a dispeustion o ra, The civil government of the province of Cahatena,
or cowriliat, if at .ion had offered. ha dleemnil it necesry to establish regulation of sIua-
At legth, ins ions rame fm the Cwn, drctn tine i that port, to which ar subject all vessels of war
s leh inalonsae u the Cn- diret n oR of the merchant service, arriving there from an part of
Mr. Pak ,n mig hi command to the Lieut. Governor, the Luad of Jamaica, in a" luee of authentic infer



- a s. a -.n... ...n.n ~ -.


Wetran-at- the fo si 8tho e
Zeitu a ." The circumstaoce to whi h
probably that which gave rie to the a
Captain of a vessel arrived at Boetoo fioms
ls French Aaaldour had been ordered k.
porer of Ru l
The French Aibnhabmdor, the Duke da
took his passage on the 15th (27ll) in. t,
steam ship Nicholas I.-le is on his retro
His Facealeny obtined leave of abse ce
but was unwilling to avail himself of it dari L -,
naice of the epidemic in 81. Petersburgh. A
bebly not return before td end of Decrs Tl
de Bourgoing smaina behind a French l t
Cholera.-We perceive Im Berlin p IM
sequence of the prevalence of this epi. le
Government hausdlrected that the Aotuma-fr af
burgh shall not be held. The Danish Gs
also for the sme cause forbidden ilrangern to vit
of Schleswig, Holstein and Lauenburg. Thai
luu broken outat Berlin, there can be so leapit
a the papers contain many regulations m
vernmemt in comequence of its existence the

St.Jairs Pale Spt. 21.--Thi day ih
of Hi Majesty Mr. Van Buren, Envoy Es ,
Minister Pleoipotentiary from the United Slaim d
rica, to deliver his creldntials.
London, September 24.-City, Twel 'lesh
the present hour we have a complete blank dayl
nation: no arrivals with tim exception of de
from Paris, the content of which bare net yet
had it brought any important events, the FmL
havo experienced its effect. Scarce a bargain hI
done in Coneols; they left off yesterday at
opened at the same price, since which they haye
82k 1, and continue at the latter price.
In the Foreign Market not a bargain has baat d
llalf-pais On.-The contend of the eipn
Paris still remain a secret, and we apprehend w
so ; not one word has transpired, by which it k
that the French Funds come lower, in cosaqa
which the preculatour will not venture to do say
before they ascertain the French prices, and dIsy m
playing in Lie house, like school boys, with as
Consols have continued the whole of the mo*rs
82 fur their Account.
Tihe o reign Market remains in the sPme staee fl
nation as that of the British, prices same as )estelday.
Letters have been received fkom ahis to dthef
rusl: all was tainquil there
Three o'clork.-CoRsels,82|1 .
Hlolf-paelt Sere.-The price of ronu,is opmdfb
morning at 2W to T for the account and remaamil
steady at that quotation a great part of the day. 6il
afternoon however, a private expires wea received hi
Paris, bringing the result of Thursday's divisia Is
Chamber of Deputies. The terms of the reaamal
which the home divided, and the strong majority is h
of the French miniters, gave aome impule to the phi
Conaoe, wbich ra 14 o4 ~l for the acrom,"
Sat that quotation. The tranmrions, however h
borne n important chacter. Exchequer are at ll
Livrpo l, September 26.-The extraordinary idli
produce into this Hirt during thin last tuo months haIlse
so great a demand for storage accoImirlatiun, thi b
holders uo warehouse proi|.riy are at thi mouse aA
a golden harvest. The rents of warehouse roouaW
are usually held by weekly tenure, have beet dod
trebled, and, in some instances, quadrupled wihis ha
month; and the daily animals from all foreign prsn
still undiminialed. Some of the inlporters have h
obliged to forward their goods up into tie interior
in order to ahate the heavy charge of warehnose Sa
This is more particularly the cam with those anricntav
am bulky and low priced, and which are umsally r
for Mancheaer ca mptioa. Bat the grent mj
obliged ithr to hla a se t ernt r cbit epeme hLr
in their prodme, or a Iars t the market ad a
o serious reductiesof prpe. By he trading eas
ity of Liverpool this b i a a very great aggraaloadE
de preanre which is t all times attendant upon the
existence of a mupebnundant stock; for, whilst it cat
the holder of good'to force them on the market fr
it likewise deter the sprclators from coming in, as
usually do, to make purchases when prices o de ei-
The absurd law which govern the trade in faCrsip
have not a little contributed to glut the werehoai a
port. Tie quantity of foreign grain and hoar is stae
unpreedentedl, and their seemn bat little change of r
duties being lower, as toaow it to gointo ra
lion, fr many months to come. We havber n ltehlt
one ladiidual, whoe occupation is to ent warel i i
the whole and to re-let the spara roose is at tdhis
meat ander eneaeme.nts for te metal of wnrebhoses
amount exceeding 40,000. per annum !

Fros thr Cpe of Goed Hope.-We are indebted
Capt. aVeoe, passnger In the ship Bengal, for 6i.
the Cape of Good Hope Overnment Gatme, and df -
South African Commercial Advertier. The laest d
is Aunust 24.
The spirit of the age" has reached the Cpe.-"T
papers contain accounts of a public meeting held in Jiy,
for the purpose of procuring a reform in the govermie"
The rest wa a petition to the British governmel 1
the adnionuxtion of the internal affairs of the Catey

s omit ted Go uvernor appointed y the on i e r caaturies It wae their duly to traUi uimpair- PABBENO u ARRIVED.
e. s; oan Eectil~4oua~ril cIosMn by him, and a L- Ia to their dasedmnts thed rights, th liberties, and the In h oor Peh m MEI, R R tk Va
t~de Assel.nbly conpoaed entirely of Representativeil, r diat had been h andimd down to them f their fore- Miller, Mr. Henry Balwi, ,l
eltlected by tie inhabitants. In the debates, the in- waters, and they had intolended for these rig with per-
.ilnaions of America are alluldd to as eiamplel I(em- foee independence of all intere'led notivea, without the
liin were assed, reprolbating in strong turms the abuses protect uf place, and he believed he might say, without
f sies prouilt Isyer'It. ainydesire lor power [hear, hear, hear!j. If, however,
Currespondenls in tile South Africi Advertiser are en- the Bill came down from the House of LndW with an in-
sged in tie attack and decline of the principles cf UIni- liinilion that it was not to adol hias an improve-
tarn Christianity. ment in the system of tion, had strong reli-
Public attention has also been successfully drawn to ance on the widum a of the House of Com-
Bavings Banks. o mo, in tho course y might determine to BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
The paprs contain a favournble notice of the fin adopt. He believed that Members of that Iouse
iubeors of" The Fneneanlltl Observer, Perth Gazette were not indifferent to the neceusiy of preserving the On Monday ma, the 25th iutt,
and Westorn Australian Journal," a newspaper, published Ipriilege of that body uninmaired, and they were not in- AT Tan rvMDae ouSa ,
oaren a eek in the litll, Colony of the Swan Itivor." sensible to the fact that if thy drove the Lords from their AtI 'O ateo. LA .
Mylials of Lncistua appeared at smome plrt of the curule chairs, the Commonus would not long be allowed to
Cape, alout the middle of July. A writer says A retain possession of their mauttd beaches. Violence done Wil be'oll
dead of lthle piswd within a few yards of nmy house, in to the Lords, would be a sure prelude of violence to the Withltsd ..4"uf Rasrw,
a train of many millions thick, and abql an hour in House of Couniouns, for all history bore testimony to the rom Came I DomaUvau.
ballot." fact that this who incited the rabble, in such cam to out- 148 barrels fresh superie Philadelphim FLOUR,
The subject of abolishing Nero Slavery, is discussed rage and spolision, wore always theomelveasveatl lly u- 50 barrels Pilot and Navy Bre d,
b the newspaper.. criiced by a power which their pumions e bin But 0 half barred ditto,.
The amml esieinamti f th i e tdes of d Booth by a ady ad did od' i eedience t the I y oc kes water and mSCae
rican Collge" is favorably noticed that just deference to td determination 1te l* S tof 1 haki keg BaneSi ,
Wool, it i said, must eventually be the stple article of Lords, whatever h might be, t which L et 8 half marls Phladir r enu i r
e eastern part of the Colony.-Sakei ftwy. branch of he Legislature were jstly entild. th 'o 0 lep ladlia Ce
of Commons would consult their own peace, *and lMlih quantity Cbeem,
From Ath N. Y. Commercioi jdldreturr. the quiet of England. Tie star of die Conathuti was A ditto Carolina Hame,
Latet from Gibrnldar.-We have received from our corral- still shining brightly in the heavens. By following that Rice in bap,
pondent at Gibralar, complete files of the Chronicle of that star, tley would weather ite danger witich threatened 1 cae Sationary,
pie for several weeks-esrenildu down to October tllh.- them, and although die prospect war dark and lowering, Bloom Raisins, In half boxes,
By the following extract of a letter from Madril t appears would Survive the violent tempest in which they were l- 10 kegs Irish Butter,
that the Court of Malrid has determined upon the total aup- volved. 10 dito fresh Lard,
passion of the freedom of the port of Cadit. as soon as 15 dle Leaf Toh cro,
ech a mesnre can be done consistetlly with the Decree of 5 hales LeafI Toacco,
February last noed in an oneicial article e tited the other Tazatio lltutrated.-The magnitude and severity of 10 barrels Potatoes,
day frum the Globe:- our taxation imay be illustrated by a few comparative facts. 5 barrels Pork,
Errauct of a better frm Madrid of the atd September. The gin and wlkey (British spirits) which exhilarate 5 boxes Sperm. Candles
Ily a Royal Decree dated he IlI;h inst. it u ordered that' John BIll yield a suml to the government equal to the re- 20 jars Oysters,
in one year's time from that dale. the freedom of the port of venue of the Spanish monarchy. Tie tax levied on the At three maA's Cired,
Cadis shall be togetherr abolished." beer which slakes hi thirst exceeds the revenue of Ba- I puncheons high proof Windward slad a
The Chronicle of October It, says the Cadiz Diary of vari.. lie pa,; .s much on the tea which refreshes his bu Ceoo.
the Lath Seplember. bnn.s the Hoynl )ecree, riieiioncd in th tea w h es hi 20 bags cos.
Thursday's Craepembe relatise to rhe R boliion of the freeion n ifi as "I ancis ftl First draws from six millions of Nea- November 26th.
*( that pum. polilans--s much nearly on the sugar which sweetens it _
The Madrid GOuee of September t sayv- as twelve inillions of Americans pay on all objects what- BY JOHNSON & BAUNDERS.
Don Pedro was preparing to sail against l'ortugal at the ever-as iInuic on the tobacco which gratific *a appetite
baud of an eapeditiun, which has been just joined by many as four millions Italians pay to Oharles Felix-- much on On Menday nme, the WA iUated
BSitsh emmirila. thie soa;p tIh washes his hands as suices to lup rt the AT 'in vamuIm sorls,
Hi Eicellenc, Sir William llHoston. I.ieut. Governor anrld ope wilh all ii, soldiers and retinuei-as much .r ti 0et A. 30 L
Canmander-im- nef of the Garrison and Terrorivy ofI ( Iti- IAt [ *O l A
r' "d t" e e t I s i pri, ilege of havi:u daylight in his house as would fill theAt 0
leCrIell with the uurl honou,. I e n w., e ldam,i uaIn h Iy col'ci oi f tine kin'" of Hsnover--nd finally, the taxes, *
the, Depuly (lChirin.n and Memheri iir thie :.- leviid on his thirst alone. as it variously inclines to brandy, Freh superfne Flour, in barel,
hange Communirtee, on the lIolliowin day, lio presriitr d :in rui, whiskey, beer, or wine, exceeds the money paid by Jamaica Sugar, in ditto,
*ldreis of counralulation, tenderring, on their -in ehalf;. fiftrt millions of Russians foi the blessings ofpalerna des- Tobacco, in ditto,
and on ltha of lheir conslituenlet, ai suiranieri of lteir Io~allv potisn !-Scotasmn RHice and (Corn, in bas,
and ao their willingness nto o-operate with hine in all measures ---- Soap and Candles, in boes,
fa the advanceeinait o the nieruet of the 'olony. Absurd Customr.-Tle daIthar, wtrh the exception Butler and Lard, in keg
of the Times, in the morning afi'el the Queen's drawing 6 kegs Shingling Nails,
Te London papers of the 21st of Septemibr, con- room, had eacli four or five columns filled with descriptions Black Pepper,
tis a speech by Mr. Croker a ainiL tlie Reform Hill ; of tie ladies dresse--a farro of nonsense, alout pik and 1 trunk ready made Clothing,
alivered in the Ilouse of Coauniones on the preceding white feathers, and white and pink blonde, and diamonds AND-
eeasing, and eid to have been fulluwed by" loud and and pearls: thus making it appear diat the women are A crate Cups and Saucers.
g continued acclamations." We subjoin the conclu- indebted for their beautiful appearance to a few shaggy Terms-CASH.
g passage :- I feathers plucked from the posterior extremity of a great, November 26th.
The Members of that House-men justly proud gawky, gangling bird. __ _
d their situation, and holding lnemselves equal to tlle m CH IL T ChURC H PAURIS
an eulted rank of tie other freu countries of Euroe, CHRIST CHURCH PJ aEU .
san e.xaple to their fellow subjects of Ihe deference S Q anW A tr; 0 33 ra a ss
wi" was due to the House of Lords, and of the neces- -- ap
aiy of their observance whici their situation demanded, (t07 Errry person about to Irale there Islands, after .-AVING fixed tine assize of sauAD t the It dOaB
Frea them, tdereforer, lie rel.'alted, he now expected airing resided thertinfor tk space ofrTHIRTY DAY, mMd A L per barrTel of slperfitne Flour, Ordered, that
udl, and ofar fro saig iillatilae lloe sluld atvie e urityat the Ba O e, oor put up hnme shillin Lofo do weigh '211. Ho., and theasipeay Led
self by yielding to the intliinridalion, he would san that itl .r .... Se a w u l 4mr. By order of the Vestry.
e Hous of Lords could bring itself to act from any such said Of f"cr rrmeH arervious to isdett f.- DAVID SPENCE, Vestry ClL
na aid contemptible motive, he would be against the ter which, at may tS daring roaTY-FrlV DAYI, a Urst ViTrv Room, Ist November, 1881.
Lrds chneres] For what was the House of.Lords pro- maye 6c sdaintd.
ied a ite possession of such exclusive privileges, but NAMES PERSONS NOTICE.
to set aas ccasion isch as that which now presented AmSOio TO ORTAIIN t IcT roR nPART"E.. LL PERSONS having demands pagatp 'TIl
kihl: anditwas fur this that every ficed of rational li- 15th September Wm. J. amilton meetingg, late of the Ilaad of New Prealas,
enty ha for tie last few days louoed up to the Ilouse of |lat Anthony Dolle. deceased, are requested to reader the am daly ustad;
Ier the triumph of die principles of the Conatitu- lEth Captain S. Rald, aid those indebted to the laid estate, are demired to mak
lia He had been edumted in b inhoe ip 'les. He had I th October, Eleor A. Ransom. immediate payment, to
hasug to venerate the iloue of Lrds equally with 1sth Chs. Weatherford. NA'HANIEL SWEETING, AinAlsatr.
io Crown itself, as a branch of the Coatitution. He Iuth -. Bamuel Kerr, ELIZABETH SWEETING, Amhinis rin .
talct ". John Bapo=a. November 19thb.
thlir office. He venerated tbhr rights, sod he 7th November -- o hNove r 19hm
I l tothe now or never must you maintain tht th -n- To Tarab. HAVANA.
oL Whet, he would *ay, was the us of die Lordas tth .. .Aphey Webls. R. OWARD. Jr. ha Id Aer Ba
l .-W it toregister tll~eedictsofthe House of Com- [h A .R. JIOWARD, Jr. his rt md h Dre
Leheers.] Were they never to diiTerr otn any suliject E o A tn Goern.e NT, in the -. l k hs Ofis, earth
mearaslnsi of the, government H e.O
came before th. [lar!] I Tny might hoe up- t e overny int d nme din si a
toW be allowed to hold a different opiin iout a f I The veld ry airy comm and omm attention n of all m ai o ts r
Bill, correct a mIistake on the Wine Duties, or pam should command the attention of ED travem n a wrm
ITrmpike Bill. On tlemn, and such like pettifopggine climate.
Pl they where, he supposed to maintain their cha- I'ORT 01' A %%AU N. P. June 16th.
Csf forming a part of the Constitution [cleerr,] but A INGHAM UMBRELLAwas bragh lhib t a.
Ithi question the meat inm1 rtant that ever came be- AJHINED, A fe about a week since, supped by mime.
e them, they were not Ito he allowed any liberty of Nov. 24th-Schr. Pomona, Miller, Philadelphia The owner may receive it, on application for th ame.
tion" [hear, bear.] Whlin out ,'i 3(,(X) voters, there Flour, and various other articles, November I2d.
lnIY to be found 1,6tls of a majority in favour of the to Bar'siiaI C. CLArroN.
'-When in die fillet house of Commons that ever 25th Sloop Good Hope, Evans, Bahama Bank FOR SALE.
e a-mhid, with 30"2 Membern, dividing against 301- 9 barrels Rosin, The House and Premiss presanlt ld
tHl Uat wore te time, what might he not sy of that to Jons SToaa. by Mrs. Poitier. The HoIme is roem y
'*-.a it, he would a.k, extraordinary, thiat the House Schr. Gen. Victor, Sands, Acklins Island convenient, with a large Kthche ad wmhk aa
Slad should be permitted to pause and deliberate be- 3 logs Mahlogany, i attached, chair house a aatd iag SWr
ltry yielded to te language of clanour and intimida- to the MAsrTr. horses, extensive yard and gras piece ThLat bWi
Swith which they were assailed ? lie saidl tlit tis wa Am. schr. Casa Ann, Miller, Philadelphia have been lately thoroughly repaired, -ad ia a pat
n1 Important I e'asure dial ever came Iefore tlem. Flour, Corn and Bread, of the fences have been aewlr put up.
It mre important, he heirtaltd not to say, ttlan hih, to IIanRT GREENALADE C. ALSO
msan of the Revolution. It was more inipornant, ie A treat of Land ituated the Vm.
lpuared to contend, than the Hnii verian Surcession. CLE HtRED, acr.s. It is divided by the vil qe-read l two Los, he
S were mere temporal, or perhaps, iprsonal iues- Nov. 25.h---Schr. Wan, Saunders, narhbain western lot hein intersected by tde neW read lad fg brs
mc They were connected with the natural lives of men, 261th Sloop Wid lw's Svp. Youne, New York tle villaLe into the Blue hil road. Thl Ihad w bbe di
his Present question anecrd lthr interests of posterity i A u.. cr. Three mT ers, (ilansler, New York posd of in one or three lot A W e
Re vrpe ar beyond any which that house had to decide I load Sal, ;t Eln. September 7lh. 1 W. MILL


SL,.~Iuuwd bs b6em Warew bl.
m'add is doe W.
h A n ele rdlm et-d Is rbm semg, h is I the
ru anomy -- I- e m rnm and
an o rGaveli .an, & r- d Ao Pmp to Mai- C,
SA theyw awtisi iad.a
On l0. i Municipau l coall fI dim kty l d h
dlmgw Pnrc lmLa. Am tim ndall toou will this
41Yu sbn do n mdi by an- P which 6 am-
S ended, kh emni do icapre cil oml considers
is to be its duty to relieve L cilm..m from all anrily is
resort lo O eaydl their permi-n d r wly., but
th duhr and, is is cuaMl.y Ts ucd tme I h abi-
tefm wll olsoitc propr earim ilt y.
(Hltud) Oumnsm. Pmsident."
k pue 8 o'clock, Thlrsl iy morni, as the
"l e r uers, de Prmek of dt cith o Warnw,
Sby depu dt of.lh Muscipl Counil, of-
beel and sal toll hi lpril Hib t, Gra Ond
a ubMiLaL It plbmw4i Iguo rplM imly to ad-
dm a dm man wib ord af pd aw, mad be rode
lolu the cil aI lth d dam d gu armwrundu by a
brillinal st Im Saion l. db Or Dol Duke, ad-
dnremiqng do p t awy of ohi birsnts
Sofh rMoldsma bod l,' ga mu they .ID
S ln a dress themselves direoay eo ms." His Iperial
r lilba raeides in lte Royal Pasi .
C 'Marsh il Count Pskewrtch arrived in th evening
of the um day, and paepud hoiglat a I d eleildrsm.
The troops which mtered the oy on the Bmh consist of
lhe IaperJ Foo d l ll. Gumbos, va: the Probalkens
i, Msco, Jagerr mad ('mck regiments. At lie
mre dtime the relimenu of the LiM'n anie and Volley-
ms foot guards, and the OrudMo regiment of huers,
which were formerly statieed in Werlow, returned, bit
Sihe Poctolian reimeat of ceirassiem, md Lillwusain rp-
gI lest of IUlan, entered the district of Klisch. Prega
was occupied the mie day by tlie Imperial unopL
STwo davy since a great number of Ressin Lroops of
various regimens p used through Warsw, the mic of
may reimentn pIying favourte mirs.
'. the Wr Courir f yesterday says, dat asmdo
of hIeail wi eo ud r t rtaillit, untilU he djision
VA Majecty ca be hod lanm Si. Pemur argh.
er t Pubid my had left Pragl, ay spt lthe
SI (ts dth) am Tablremw on to Mudli roed. On
thy, l0th, Coust Zamvii rua into Warmnw,
a deputy from the Polkish tny. armb iry i t penet
N Moudhi ad is commanded by lrn. Ribinaki.
Sft y, the Po Osm-nl DaleIuski arrived haer
hftm m-r y at Modln. aun d re immedlsady back.
It is id that General Romreme bu g to Zamoe
with part of hm eorpo.
General Cassimer Malachbewak he resigned the coam-
mend of the Polih army, bu sil remains with them.
Tlrepon the istllurbtnes had occurred theday before
eerday *t Mudlin and the viphblourimod, is not con-
Sd. Many chiiien who *le Wuorm with the army
a f st Z-r. Report mys that Field Marhatl Count
SPm itach will take up hb ridetce l the Royal Palace.
General Knenakumpf arrived day beon yorumy a
a courier from St. Pteunnurl, anld Celoel Malwo
6am Lewis.
The Commcillor o Stte Egl, aemmima d am o
paien a P Irosiasal Governmet Poland, is upectl
lo-day is Waraw, nd it is mid wil neide in tChe Brad
The OeralM Director of the Posa O *., and the Pdol
t tlm Kingdme o Polkd, CMacillr of But BSumii
isa oapacred.
Comm Adrew ZnmvU ukimhed bae oa k l0th, from
Vie-, by da wiay of Th'or, provided with pport
from te Rumin Amhador, Coast Tastlchvcbor.
General Krukowicki is till in Waraw. There is n
pulive information of the p freat e 'eoce of (enera
kryL cki; *L probability i, itm be is i Oalicia, ii
mbe aiihhbbeurd O Cmraw.
ThL Predent, J. La wiwkil, has publdshd the follow
9 Ia aformity to the Cooveatlon the m licipal au
thirty o Warm lhtform the iladU s of the city
ath the Cmvaky Genrl Ceat Win, Ir bae ap
Goveuor of de Residene Warm, and
General BarO M Kr is a omiatas City ma-
d ; to w which authorities te ilabitat can apply in
a, M.
O* G eorr Coust Wit, li.e I the Bd Sdld
pame, sad the ae of General Kerl is for the pre
Ii Dm Byan order from the Govermr
r Coa Win, the Nauional Guard, aid Ill other pe
saim min of arm, are ordered to deposit
maivli forony- eit housn at dhe Aiunul, in du hand
ft dt Direcur f Artilry Briua O Gemnl b uamp
U Ofy 4" bmiaM pm b umed m of a Co
The as o high rab nk i the Natinal G Mrd, we
d s e mmadminuoet of dthe city. Om F'riday t
i Fkly of dh Gaprd per a daiy.
his in d 6- 1000 m wil r he dchmem th
membrh o- N-- V OaeM is per(m mUimary do

T The rsa Comier of he 10th emai thPenO
mIAw d His Majesy dhe Empmor Nihelm m the Pol
Ir te1O U J ily, with th mrk i o it-t m
to he m am l i form. Them prit m
taim th miae-lin which Field Marsal Pasewilc
head ma mh.liam the kingdom t Poefnd em ti
par do t MarMmy O dohm tle beuk of d Yb
Is ThIere ms at this momet miuy Generals f dt
Reeis wrmy In Warsaw.
Th Municidpal CI iedl csatio Mt prsam thL
dle darls.



-n, is or bw!me.-o I .V.=th -. is a ._
u, s .lml rrin do uIqiti.eaoe foers on dml p.s e tga
ahe tim fo, Ifima e h isw -
ad s whrm Tnl es. pies moumd, ami who eras be the pioneer f the d up iveti Hsd euj
by e ,ay m ..o of the Nlami OGuard, made e" rdi nswe was, that O Princess Viemie
vimby i.y e rcag te Some shout were han m ple i the Poeesaoo.' Not biomg 1
ded, which eroended 4 sed I r by. may Juallfyig We.i Ibi s sn. thi al s soIty w
sn therre o hat illbe eole fa

mo pat e silver e a-men ia W er; dan mar me bae eujoyri or asisting in the pager s
muh is agl n irculatio. citianrs hove red d4p paru isi. this hetr msal daily emplumet,
I Warm from the In o o d Lecsic, Raw, and net w te engeged-they are reading the H e,
a Wm-Kaw fromani gblealng for themselves, and preparing them for ih
For a wek p. the 0er has demanded bet few peopl s."
sammdi --m Jny soldiers of Th NoliNs army, fully oe d,l
lfti lupitael on the 9th. But yesterday several pr e Note~ Co.nadt ie the foer-iL w
ame were atcked with Ihh di n In alT t h e mMilitta doe of Ierl Ahie l .e
hpial, hu wives of the citiw and the inspectors atil clThe full s go thrie lnumid to be goain g n ha
collect as to tZ0ngo1iations mid to be going onbewn i
rider m active amistma. A grant masy Polish iRussins and Poles :--Pakewitae.l requires that Wiml di
fomio=nI a*t KrahaB; dh communiaCion between sorrender at diseretion. Jle enages his hume Ie ll
GOaidw MJdLhn will li mnpi poprd ; all'11t mumbtn from the mpgnanimity -ie Emsper a grant of
el f h an at Kuneewir dwbg the autm- dea"l A genead Iao he pmliAhd. V
md On many people at Wasw are inelod to accept t
Ate r lll paliasede were dationa, ues as hae bee found of sufiieIr coamme edL
I Tortyigt ho a were burned cars their acoap the ome dte whole mi
iA e(of Warsaw durinmine battle of lat Tueslay ev er onen(earst (hoof l Gielgud. the pwpqdM
te of deing in the bighe state of excitement. Th. grea
and Wed y. have declared rheir lsolutioq to die rather than to fke e
GREECE. slvry, or lengthened captivity in Rausi or Sibersi.
ly amsu tna Malt we hve been Inormed. tht i e- majonty of the Natioal Jo Uvernment entertain i
reueol a dispute between Adairal MinLuil mnd th P- anltime.lts; therrfo we expect shortly a mqm, q
idsrM Oree. CaVpo d'l'tm, the former had taken pa and decisive battle under the walls of Warew."
maiun of the whole of the Olreek fet, and conveyed It to
Poro. The President employed Line RBMino men of war Accoedink to the Swabian Mercury, the cordon eMta 1
lo go in pursuit of the Greek feet, and on their entering by Prusia along the Odor against the cholera smatm
Porm, the forts opened a n; but Miaulis. finding the copies 11.,000 men, the expense of which amountM to
Russians likely to prove victortioes. t fill to all the ships, crowas a day.
nd completely destroyed the whole flee. The crews made
toeir aKp ia bhoat. Md'lle Iouise, dsoghter of dte Duke de Tmiuw. dlid
A letter from Nlaplin di Romanis say The pillage of the tath ult., at Pleis Lalande, of the measles, is iug
Poe a. ( hoon after ire submision, by the freek troops, is yea of her age.
a disagree from which they will not easily clear themselves
It is a Ipl ble page in the history of modern Greece. The President of the Coumcil lately stated in the Chb
The Ult member of the Univeral Gasett ol Grerrce dated of Deputies that 60,000 musketr had beeo deliveriedts
Sd July. (Sd August.) which bhs been reeivevl here, con- National Guards since the evetas of July. 1i0. Tw pu
tuins the folwing circular of the President to the Governors of the Moniteur re occupied with a detailed iacceuteI
of the ev e provneeu : distribution of these arm, from which it aippean the
An ndncious eterprihas lately been executed at Hy- amount to 00eo,11 muaske:s, 1879 pairs of pistn, 111
dmr. W eha ractehiaes e sentiments oa the inhabitants of sabrne. t.073 lances, and 500 pieces of artillery. The a
tha i Id hey ast BO e emsen to Pomrs who appeared kets were thus divided :-To the nine Departments dr
uealpedl, and, is the mmaer robber,. seized on the North IJlt,7S: to the t Eustern Departmens,. t5&.r;i:t
Hellm (frge. which lay dismaled in'he harbour. The the si of the Allp, 74.777 ; to the seven of the Pyrem
Government aliphed for succor to the commanders of the 56, 476. aod toul ke1 interior I)epanments, 45,4.t. Th
naval lores of the Allied Powers now here, ad immediately artillery wu ihus diveded -AmungCl the ow Froo ier Dpa
sent troop tom Poes, to suppreu the disorder in he birth. Al ments, eo pieces, and the t5 of the Inerior, S)1.
this eticl moment. however, only Admiral EKcord wra ae
NapoL. -wh at the invitatlo of Blnm Ruckmnau. the Rus- England contains 10,000 leagues of roads. 1.500 leraed
siam reident. immedia lil o edl to Puros with all the canals. and tIto leagues of mil-rmad. The teriemj a
shil. under his eromm Nolnr of ihis evelt wis imme- France is twe more enleauive than ihal of Esnlh.and
diaely given also to Ire sidenls of Frence and England, has only 1.500 lIreuevof roads, 500 leagues of canal,
and the masistance of the French and English ships in hoped forty leagues of ri-roadI.
for. nu soon m the Commanders shall be informed of this
mppliction of the Government. This is the present state of Reform Ii is the Hoe of Commo .--Acrordig te
things: we reckon, however, on an issue favorable to the calculation of Mr. Ilae, this bill had already oceopited
mamltemnae of order ad trmpquilliy,. otherwise the naion will House forty-live days, of eight hours hitting emch ; sad
employ other menae: we do not doubt, however. thet the pro- debates, if irly taken down. would fill nearly II wta
dece of the inhabitants of Greece, end the usal of the eu- Ivo. of o00 p. each: mod the bill it still undisposed of!
thoities, will led lo a happy termination. We inform you
Of thle circumsnues, te you my be bhle to dispel all /aA-is-y f.0 1'ragh aliep.-Ia the general e
I s. and a pro hbmw groundless ll oru a pres d of he Promtemt in Frace, in the reign of Chs
I by the i disposed o delude the a eit IX., the Lieummaut Governor of Norunady breag a
SJ. A. Caro D'Iratu*s the Presidea." the Bishop of Lis ul, Is that province, the order wid
SNeupoil. ILth (th) July." be ha d received from Court to muamcrz all the Proestmo
'fhe to e number of the O mk Gustoe mem a sthe in tit diocese, a it hail been ixerladl sI Paris endd
ffollowing awer of Mlms. Dawkle med Ramno to the the citas, of the kinptdv.,ie. The goosl Prclate viperu
application made to th by he e P a: the orof the kinPoi. The go Prate igorw
iN-W hmats. c u;mfonably mt the appeation of your olpiPue it. You shall not," says he, ". ecutelrhe h
S l C -,Cy. to dede that our nrpee Governmemnts l or you shall begin with me, for I will never conrtr Iu
enui hih i nportance to the prameet off order and I amn a pastor of the rhurrh of Lisiu, and thousw
o trmquilliy in Greece. mnd In ih minenames Of the pro- you would wrorr are niy rckr. It is trne they are e
I visional state of affas that isn A ced Ither. ed, ban I am not w ihout hp of4 bringing them h4tk
W We Imest end haithly defiproe ho heabnertiosfry due titm, into liir prnprr fold. I do not rind in the G
m.- nt pl nd thopa ha in the ahars of the. rt hlat a *e .m
Frnch resident, ml lopfa Commanders of the rernc an I bat, o softer siths-r to aullr l t.'i be" da
SEnlfih gqnadm. this dltrso 0on ill office o ecl to ther epI' hu", on the contrary, lllt he is to shed his
duty the Chiefs ho have taken pat in the revol. We hare "ad er'm 'lay dewa is ift' for thm. Go back eil
- take this opportnnly t offr to your Exeellency the trihbte your orders, for they hall m.verAbe execIlred while II
, fer pouHel respect BArso VAJn RUvcaaAIn. in eximece." The Governor, being grrally mnedl
DAwairs. such heoi contancy, desired of the Bidshp a writ of *
s NaJuly s, (AgaIt 1.) 1t81." fmal for his e e a tohe King, when the god sPl
ai. P. Ada. lard High Commiaioner f the lomian Is- bIaI hie ono im ately, telling him he was saund d
U ~a m m es s g ou the a*mmbm ar Acona, the adnes of hi. Prince (Charles IX.), and dhut b di
mbo a '---- am dod~ bet hi Majesty would approve his refmea, aI
S ai h tFr im Crep oMnd s / Ia L -A Tm. ding, that, whatever might happen, he would he amDerb
it Thia he. be I a densnd. a serious in lipatio for II lL Good fortune attended the m ll of the
- su time crred ol by the Frenc Tru y, respeting Bishop. The King, having received from thd OUeU
- claimm ofthe dsren members of bte Ilelparte F ily, an account of the opposition, was troohid, and
e fop prepy ll withheld from them by the Bourbon diately revoked, with regard to the diocre of Li*t
de dysat. aee, Dhke of Rorigo. ha of ate reptrnmead thme orders, which were in all other diwr
S s Bn been clely e o i Aht Loiam XVI. and shi bro ithor t no a ppoitioa from the Bishops, who, o
Sdid ormsll lay violet hands upon vare kinds of propy contrary, tetid their joy by proceion, pray ers
of hie hkd k te t ba nWe of 4&.O. of fears hm rth public dalnksgiving.
e Jt of the ncbermi of the Buoaparte hs been at
o l)tmh dmeied by the French Government, but that s there A achoolmser at Aston, in Warwiclkohire," W i
m ae fadi out of whicb ach *um cae b defnyed, there proud of the program which oneof his pupils hd mdl I
must be tim. ad qagatLt, band maaent. to make rhogrpy, that he aiorded me an opportunity .
schlas vilae. hi a hound other occormna asiag it. The word he smcted for the ,splay w
throw a astag light apon the momtlnus extravagance which an 4 thu t mw aufaord ineg ior in the elbd
rign in tho old Boudrhm Court. nd meerh elees the two imi to ad tin
pricipal Prima qonied their throw s, lnk npaid debts. b inghem, whh the by to the tdmrto
Sme of theIrm e ly of a pmonal al, r which evincd *UMlK. apt in the following anor:--
a heomtmllMe d wa of principle rarely r he foud even Bi-- Brum,
- ia thm taloguen of Romyvi
, The following frm rthe loaos u 8adder e plahim why the sa
uheem of KSe and Princes Viaer. did Iet aneed the D am "!.
Contiona ______________
Having ree ived mtmol u t nend, her Royl High. A r"mthi OJVlAr.-The new born mo of the E.f
( 01er ( -ler me sme wh gio an count ro the wilge to Nicd bea been Oppointed Commnder of r the oft 0 g
In whicb t Priwe VilE would be u npo rd) etpree Lancer o the G Oa and enrolbd in ihe b.hotliond d
er anqumpscM; madedi tu, piariculr ple would, oepaSnM of the GuJa s!

I r

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