Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: November 23, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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1111 3"s 603 lter. WEDNESDAY. NOVENVER fs, 183. VOL. I-No.

THE BAHAMA ARGUS. their evil propensties, not only wih i tpi, but ap- hi pauses. I ete tis fact becae i is a
plaus; nd wha they nd a casueoof rvlpopl i to th widom and d faith of th Polis g wen
assa m n em-wuIm.I m aNAmO, N. P. lad who admire the prelates, wsher they are avariciou, ad of the (merauiaa who probably hoae rmnd a
luxuriant, indolent, haughty, ignore rich, or ulem ; he promnila d ouarcid the mondmrtio thcd
it a pi a ua-f l m- ad s. when the largest fortuoma and maspt p d dignitiae, a re romamadad to them. (Hear, her.)
_ liberally thurst into their bosoms, how could it. be other- The Minster for Foreign Al&nir- ot calad qpia
w is, a lon a human nature i as i, t1 m than our Bi- tomawar any qu ioa to day.
Chritian's rule 1 at emie, you ay my n at oace.
After referring to the caution of al, about the grie-
vowu wolve who were to enter tltu rch, be mya- Jr m M Cornspest O. P. Q. of Ma Lad.m Mama
I therefore consider myself as o ing the command of ig Cahrmisd .
__ Saint Paul, when I write thi letter p yar grace, because, AGITATION AND TUMULT OF PARIS.
POZTR in ao doing, I watch,' and at a cry of alarm against dame PARIS, Bel. Il
grievous wolves,' who have entered into Christ's heep- Paris Is in a ate of agltion dilcul to dmar-l de
THE DYING CHILD. fold, and have turned the hose of prayer, into a don of diaatisfction which cannot be elprad I The yma
Ah. look thy last, fod mother, thieves. I am thoroughly impraed with the truth u of Porier and dth Reatler now asppar befume mi toI
On the beauty of that brow- paramount to other truths, exceptgl the high mysteries of nakedne, its cruelty, it ladildwenr to filap nd
For death' cold bad is paying o'er our religion, that the Church of England, a it new con- to the rights of men, aAd France ads herself em the vwage
Im maurbe stillness now stituted, is a machine of Anti-Chia greaty uppam in of being deprived of the bnato which wnar prem d
Thbor ilkes eyelids weighigdados the groae s of its abuse, a other Jobs or system of her by the Revolutio of July. I he vetld y b wil
Upon thi glased eye, corruption that ever have afflicted de kingdom, nd so come to thi, and I predicted dtha the If of Folad wa
Are lling to thy breaking heart much mischief has it done to religion, bides all the poti- bld to conm neaas of a general, atsowM ad hlmper
Th lovely one mst die. tical enormities with which it amy he charged, that l character i Franc. The agitatlem which i kit la P
Yes. mother of the dying one, p o ns should hail with oottof joy, that high and i general. It i not the agitation menry of ir, O dr -
The beautiful must go: y day, now not far distant, when he Church of Ef appointment or surprise, hatt k is d agltla of a aia
The pallid cheek and fading eye, land will be abolished by act of Parliamet, deprived oa- aed stiment ofoatiomal huladlgnatilleoa iad lU M.
And trembling lip of msow tirely of all its revenues, & put e an equality with the It is aot ite agitaim of the urface af aima or of te
Are signets from the hand of dath, oter Christian sec tolroled this country. This is Murhce of human ea prjudica iad amit, bet it
ohen uneen angels domul speaking the truth, without circlocotion; but it n a is a deep, profound, ase s feline of gitatio, aimir
To their own happy home. truth acknowledged more and mor every day, and the that which a mao would feel if he maw the pro
more the clergy in this diocese are secustomed to hear this being deprived by death of al ba worldly hp m. laM
The soft whie hand within thine own truth, the lua will the evil dy rpri them when it coam of friends, relations. fortune, home, and mepitatio. D
May nves mor inke upon them with thunder and a arthquakeL. nt deceive yoremlf, or let others de ei y, by iS
Ita arms round the mother's neck,
Li. tendrils of the vine or the belief that it is the agition o th r d
Those still, cold fingers never more There were two ways offered toap Bishops at a refor- the new Prefect of Police, appointed in ti day's Map-
Along thy forehead fair, matioo-poverty, and the way of Cist, or riches mod the teur, will et all to rights; om that arrests, domilc lry
Shall dally with the raven curb support of the State. They wa II great haste to chose visits, the sabres two reginmets of Crubinale, ja ar-
That cluster thickly there, the latter, and for two centuries, having strained every rived in the capital; or the poclrlanlauo of ar yeanlt
The dshes of it ekin e, nerve to acquire wordly wealth, pomp, precedence, and day's Prefect, M. Vivien; or our to-das's Prefect, M.
The ushei of its paring eye, dignities, have succeeded to the utmost of their wishe, Seuiniet, will re-estahlish peace, give strength to the Gao
The music of its mirth,
Hall never mure make glad the heart whilt all their spiritual dominion, all their power over the vernm-,nt, and force to ti Ministers; and that thi public
Around those parerae' hearth: minds of the people, all te Gospel-rule over the hearts of demonstration of opinion will evapormle intq mere airnd
Then look thy laIt, lond mother, the Christians, is gone from theim forever. Tbey lr be forgotten in a few hours or a few days-No much tieg.
For the earth hall be above, found the broad way that leads to destruction ; they have The agitation is not that of a party, but of aU parties;
SAwn certain up the .le1ping one. gone through the gates of lord Mammnon's lodge with the of Napoleoniats alone, of Republican alobn, patrU
The brt bhor of thy love. lrunis and trumpets of worldly pride ; they have marched alone, or of the fausbourga, or of the studali aq of it
e le thy harming inoughta go lonh. magniifcently on, with all the gIlih ppallatlu of gold Ecole lolyte hnique aloe. No, ms ;4 is the agiati of
And pray that thou may'.i meet and power; they have been a d by a body guard of all clausS, and all opinioe,aad all itudesa, an d bhael
That sinlen one. where world, shall bow lawyers, judicial constables and gpoler; they have been and all journals; and every one who is ot a place-
Before the judgment seat: escorted by King and Queens; they have been surround- or a renter, ealais, We can go on so a lerro." If
And prey, that when the wing of death ed with all the solemities of antiquity and dominion- the Courier Francais, de National, the CoatkieMa l
In shadowed on thy brow, and with all the noise and ceremony of their splendid ca- the Temps and tim Journal du Commerce for the m t
Th. asl may be beside the one valcade, Aane come to the aend of their marcA at last, to beg the ciinens to wait-to create no diurtusee at-
Ssleepeth nea thee o reap tim reward of the choice they made. But where lend the result of te debates, which will commec to-
TO M HIDNIIT. have been Chriet' chose ones all hi time 1 Where morrow in the Chamber of Deputies, mad to Nave to the
'T oln midnight-ed rhe god of seep have been the humble Christial, who through much tri- repreentativs of France the day of overthwing te
lhb ned around his welcome powersof re, bulation enter the kingdom of Heaven I They with present syst, without disaurig St very lar af
T' gay are ired-the poor forget to weep. noiseless footsteps, have kep the even tenor of their way, political exiasence, it is Lecauu they hope and believe t
Aa ach enjoys the alm his sonl love. ea. far remote from the tumultoos equipage of Church and results of this dicossion will be to make war for Poad- I slumber 7--o-thi anxious breast State, they, through evil report and good report, through to overthrow the juas milieu sysm, to Need bark to hi
To long hath nursed its feelings as they rise the persecution perhaps of their families, through the gesn bank and i mill the Cemmercin NMinsir of Faame
Tohae eo fiame--thou. Ileaves. calat well attet and gibe of the fashionable world, through the sra and I. Casimir Perier, and to coviace Laoui Phii ppe ta
a t tLhies as have heard my nightly sigh.- contumely of lnsolent wealth, have sought the pearl of France will not be humdilitead- d a that .ueo of
S-mp, how oft thy light het beated om slepleas eyer. great price, which neve is set in the gold of dh world, or war, Belgium, Ponrtul, loly, sad pai ms
All eah repoase-yet that general nway and they also have their reward. ided be placed on a very di alert fiLedtg.
Of a remain unfelt, unwished by me, But should them epecttiom be meI umeprectedly
Se tat it kindly gits from saeive day, In the French Chamber of Deputie, of the 16th Gem. dmoppointd-aho d the Chamber apprt I syie of
Ad wh oa I wh every ough i f re! Sbastiani ouncd the receipt of the news ia dea Perir by aay voteaich a tlh which it bam a cae
a bu the cims of night y, wos and should the President f h Cecil -al .W
MTE'Bia seign and fancy taukees tight, at
Amd a mar she wing happy way, I have but very little to cominicate to the Chem- faus to leave the hel of public auairs and prLa
Her dapisiou dotter with delight, ebr: the news received by the government ha beea al- steering the veeal upa raes a quirkmlal, lalm
As s *esned the joys-thbepeaeof earthly night! ready published. A capitulation has played the city of for other language, for her coduct, far other p y,mad
Waersa in the hand the hnd he Raiane-tbe Polish army for other proceedings; aod prepare, bsould i he aem-
am tie Nva &coia of 1. has retired into the environ of the foarem of Modlin- sary, for another, and even a immediate Revolutiomr A
St a ot o24(,00 Poles alone remained in Warnw-36,000 have wine men, all moderate mn, a D mea who desi par.,
CHUPCH REFORM. withdrawn into Podisoni: order prevail in Waraw." bat with liberty and order, bs with ational haer aed
The report proceeds:- independent, desir ma ardently that the Chatmbr of
Stw s Grae te Afrcbisl /f YrIk, te p*e These few words were listed to with the deeper si- Deputis may to-mrrow or Tueaday, adopt muehdeiiona
ScOrup sltre Of te C of /nlnd by R lence, and produced a painful sensation. a will lead toan inamdiate chal- of system; hat should
r. JMS y, Eque. General Lafayelte mid,-I will not waste the time of this not he the case, the agitation will increae-the trou-
(Cowlusded from ur last.) the Chamber, but it will be recollected that it hai sent ble will become yet nnre general-and violence and con,-
liliopTomlin, be asses, died worth 700,000 which petitions to the Council of Ministe. soliciting the inter- bats omi decide the rese-I-enm mlher what I have often
m to hi family, already enriched by episcopal muni- vention of France in favour of Poland, and that sater an told you. France will nol be rajolihd 1ut of either the pria-
lte. Of Dr. Warburton, Bishop of Cloyne, who, appeal froni me conjuring them to stop the hosile pro- ciple or tim con.quemnrcs of the revolution of July, 18..
Shaig the son of a poor piper, ro to the hierarchy, ceedings of Prsia. I therefore warn the ministers that The tumults in Paris during the whole of yesterday, and
ahm 4 a account of his having left 120,000. on Monday they will have togive an account of whetthey which have been rLeumed to-day with ineimand viJleeer,
draisd thedioese of an immense annual sum, but he ave done i pursuance of this recommendation. Poland were made mst by Carlsis in the dingnlr of wmrkao-
ned ao part of it in works of charity. He abstracted will not perish, but its fate depends upon the French go- and not by priesms, wih lue smock frecks and sam me
f fr all society, and held his station more a a vernment, which ought to adopt more 6rm and enerptic techi--and no by the violent portion a the Hpubliaa
y depot, exacting a suhsidy from the toil of the pro- measures, and particularly with regard to Prumin. Prus- party: but by rich aad poor, learned mad ignoran, yeu
thes a Chrinsan pastor, in daily communication with ia, gentlemen, has given s many is for complaint and old, wormen and shopkeepers, mn and women, bey
ah, to whoa care a great revenue was etratned, as I will lor instance, ask the MinitoerWor Foreign Affairn and girb-i-b, in fine, all lams, ranks, ages, mne, asd
nIward for the children of want and misfortune. Hi whether it be true that one of his couri furnished with opinion. When the Journl eof the Miminter speak of I
wd a e e lke a rack-ret farmer's house than a a pmport signed by himself, ha been obliged to have it few hundred individuals having done thi thin, sad of a
gad a's Meaaion. The coldnesr and apathy of the signed also by the Amohedor at Berlin, and has been few hundred person having doe tha--they de e -
Sa s fieanl is he best comment c on this inutile detained, nader various pretences, nearly two months I ly those who did not aw Pari, ad did a ha t h
will ask him i iit be true that the Polish lgation had been scenes to which their usasmea refer. Net ha bIt
cane" oa common, he I wir boldly amrt, recommended by the French government, by the English thousand, not thoe a bea is ser abm dgl my
of oairadMiction, even from any priatt, if he ministry, and by the French nmbeaadt to om mode- with afetly state, di d thisad -ada d al Sm kfram h
e bea mo, that the majority of the Bm @ of the ration and not to risk a general hatti because events Barrier do Tironet tho th of Eoner, aad fq dmlat Reai
M1oif "galand, alwayvare pea ns whmsemai objct which mirht prodnee an intervention in favour of Poland to that of Montmartre-all Pari wasa a* e dm ago -
mL wealth ad to aggrandine their families. Thi could not be delayed more thee two months, and that then atilon and of tumdlt. In aese plece wer addrmn d
is."kie" fact, mad indeed thing bet a con aant and- Poland might be aehlt reckoned one of the great ELuo- Ihe multitude and cried, Vive it Peloea," aa em d
_t__ eitds preveat h from being a ; for when every pean families T-Then two months have pained, and yet I Plnes de L'Odeon. In other placm e rm s shibitJd pha.
i hd ea to our Prelaste, io dulge say of have not learned that any thing ha beea doe to redeem rcars, and cried A bae lea M uisrs, a is Si Pala

N1 M ofi Justirce.a t t Pleca VedoJone.
i ether a tih ptopt i vrbvrew the d itouba., 1o

Wppooite (e de P ri. and on the
i r oMvntnlMn m In riefm pianm they onlered
ws 01irde & Nmevmen, Vasi mre, and law-
ammpperd do assets to rsade from thea sag, and
dmmm stLr perforomc. Ieled, vrywhere Ith
m we el osed. Retir, mire i cried the erl
b-e-tae& r, a h Themr dm NwLuraibs, and do
met seek to muse a widi your follies, whilt our brmsbm
l fPdaed am biha ammacrod." in other piaies the
ommr people mught fur ans, and mntred the .sap of
bM n .saemfiasleks, smd Ihbu sought to dfeld tini-
Ive from tme swords of the Monicipal Guards mad lth
I[ tepIng of the cavalry.-The drum beat to arms in
mydimheti, but db National Guards wredWlrd
and, and out of a bhasulio of t,400 National birds ,
tly J made Ih ir appearance. Theo .Jag who
Ii4i so attend, daie showed tIh nature of their opinions,
d dangerous it is to triLd withb mional h and
it al fag, In odr quarters* the troops of the lim
"hood to. tha pBpleal cauiitled lbeOmuM
eb memeting the ciae toa retire. In other prts t
-" p " lugmer Jp l ILeahqgo Acade, wmo cn-
IpU nij,"Wib plip sh hAin mmdd tier *lraeicea, lad
Iam N dlk NrAmI til dm hoar of midnight. tlu
tadl Ilpelicelmstr, protest, and fight their way
Ikadmes asems of people in the evirons of dh
Sd-aed m *wmy where the cy wa heard of
lhe Mim i e* ,' A bas Ciatir Perir," Vive
P Lopm ." l*it Vive lI Lilnlo!"

e-- -' -~ l 8.
W1SUn&SAY. M@VEMS'3 99.l.H14 I.

D a> ewrrinal o the Emim August, frum Tdrks I.-
IWemr boam Ines meetiled here, containing some
i "lod 'Mlts of a change in the Executive of llis colony ;
and is mated, ltht lis Excellency General Nicholy,
Uiernoar tf Kina, and frivmerly governor of Domi-
Ra, has been appoituod to duni government, in lieu of
Air James Crmnlrhael Smyth, who, it is said, will go to
Be. Kitis.
4J c(anot 1b supposed, that we place inplicil reliance
en the report ltnu va nely propagated; but we can amure
9 reners, that we should hail the rhaitge as a right star
i m nmmpolltkl at rian. General Niclholy is spoken
o. of as tlenu mn innemlty oiplifiied to allay the excile-
met whirh now exists in time iahuman ; one who would
amt mariic the deralre anl most vital interests of the
coi e whi would nolt ponme te eemisary of those
yami rhes, who are daily and lhorly polluting
the ioe or religion wiA) tlhir corrupt breath.
The Mws s su opposed to Irha leen brought by tid Oc-
S shepmbke, and received at Turks lalends from St. Kitts,
d partirrn of which will no ,mobt be known on the
irivalor theMail Boat. The Intelligence has putthe inha-
hmenls of Nassau on tme pri ive; and, we uodersand, a
rm a ready tiaen plnae in the price of spanmceti
eadles. We hmps H Excerrllency Sir James C. Smrvti
will take warning by thi removal, and endeavour for thi
futi.." not to merilthe dilspprohation of a whole communi-
Iy, by vr llaing I.hir lawn, as ha been the cue during hi
admelni atir this Coloun. Whenever sad wherove
ih my y bh may rrly upn our doing all in our power
i a peerCe hm a plant and agreeable reception at hit
maamsection. ________
We dmn It neersry to sUle, thatwe were not correc
(t the iirt klffrr of being so) in our declaration las
Saturday, that Mr. Neblit, the Police Magiturate, pr
Ia., had mued to ak Maj. Nicall' alidavi against Mr
Remiadlm. orm t is, Mr. Neiit took ihe
would not art upon il, by bindling the (;ovrnor's li.,
grvad r we. over io it reiar at hlle nclt e IIILi of tll
Gemeial Counn, until compelled o to do li lie MIijeN
ty's Attornmy general and he then took Mr. S's. per
sal Trerniraserr, in the sum of ltit, whlea Mhajo
N. who had bee maos openly assauled, was obliged t
JWd enrti t tlhe amont of 1000, and wu under mi
Iaey ma at the time. Mr. Neslitt is oa of thu
Jp y &idkI pfprsf who caOeDt be blamed beyond th
dgr tha my aich to that piece of m ficafic me
wha mits wir are dran by dthe Amda of th
q~ri ri a linul Puncinello, farming one of the mae
Of Bir J. C Smyth's MAnec Lae omu Enmunom

Tur Ih lum Salt wa mold at New York, m the O
of lpmibr, at mats, 4mi. h.
It i with rebga or contiao rectiumle, a mmit prefer
reiae an your ballmr and trulh, aId, I nnte, an nmimbl
mad jul regn d fore abractor, that I now fel called o a
alirnm you.
I bhoe Ar tien s months past, been amaled, b

and amounma the local reports, I tnt hIbsv be min g a
l wt ye ih i ttho msy tde of miyng a
anid, om your truth andd lhobr, i h itude of myw
conduct, I call on _ou, patlemen, to wht my bearing
and conduaet In sule I lad rL u sod happl-
na of mvriq mongmst in in th
I am perfectly ram, I may hve gIven ofence, In .
mrferina a the la et tae for two member. for te Wemt-Y q
are I)ilrlct, ofh I a a freeholdr Bal Ile any
declars, I wa indld o do o, in coasequence of a peb- a
sonal request, from quaer, I wqs mot uanioma to smre
and oblige, and at written request of Mr. Foater, the 01
privMat creMlry, whose ona three in number, I have to
Lshw, and which any gentleman of this community, i
welcome to ee. Bui in noway did I wish to ive ofence.
The reports to whwi h lrde are Brmvated by the t,
that the premet Poe Magitrae, ( harles as
most unworthily beeq goi about, and trmving, under ohe
indlhnce of hi m isterial authority, to procure mda-
it. prejudicial to my hoer; and of this fac, I hae the l
most respectable and une sioal proof.
Under these circummmnu I feel perfectly warranted
to appeal to that comngnity, before whom we both have
beea mowing for year-at, gentlemen, that I could con-
dsman to debase myel to hi levl-but that yon, gentle-
men, may have it in your power 'o render to my character,
what it merits; nde sro all on you, for that expression D
of you opinions of me, dat in your conscience, your n
erth, and knowledge, il jtify--and as I make ths re- r
quest for the purpoAs of jrtifying my conduct to my
Bovermir. and my country, Itrst, genlleion, your reply
wil made as public s this my appeal.
I have the hoipr to br,
etlealen*, h
Your faithful servant,
Nacano, 19th Nobabher. 1831. |

Fire Days Later from Waroa.-The news we Insert
in another colunin received at Philadelphia from Warsaw
by tie way of lIanmlgg, is five days later than out pre-
vlous intelligence from the former place. It is chiefly
wonhy of attention as establishing the fact that the Rum-
sions in taking ims.-sin of the ancient capital of Poland
Iave determined to crnliuct themselves with the greatest
moderation, that the Polish army has not yet surrendered
but that an srmnitire for a fortnight has been concluded,
that mneiLoiations are ngin on which will probably even-
ate i dthe IPolisli aroly laying down their arms and nmRkine
tlhe best terrus they can with the Ruusiant.-Courier and

The Three Sisterl, (lain Glander, arrived this morn-
ing, in 11 days from New York, bringing our file of news-
IMoer l to te 9h instant from thie city, where Liverpool
dates to the 96th and London to the 25th of September,
had been received.
It will been by the extracts we have given in this day's
impression, that the Reform Bill pased the third reading in
the House of Commons, on the morning of the 22d of
September, by a majority of 109.
The fall of Warsaw has been confirmed. Paris is in a
state of great tumult, and another revolution i daily ez.
i ected threm
Don Minuel is still playing the tyrant at Portugal.
I ro thA Ne'e York Comeri 4- Eufmirr.
S By the arrival of the packet ship Silas Richards. from
r Liverpool on the 26th September, London dates of the
r 25lh, and Liverpool of the 26th, have been received.
S The most important iotelligsce by this arrival, i the
final Mpasag of the Reform Bill in the House of Comr-
I.11u on tim morning of the 22d by a majority of 109.
The vote sood
SFor the Bill 345
o Against it 236
r, MIinmity lita
On the same eveuing it wa rcarriedl up to ltie Lord liv
Loril Johlin Iti.mll, lord Ahliorp, and lniro than one
l hundred miullerls iof the lower Iouse. The particulars
Swill be found in another colliin.
Thie great question which now .aitates the public mind
i allint Io reaolulion, is, will tc Lords rriect it "--
rBell'. Weekly Memenaer of the 25th, aaya, it will pau by
a a majority of from 40 to 47, whilst other paper evident
- fear it will be rejected. Our private corepondeat ya,
i that though Lord Wllington is pleded to vote against
m thi bill, he will give his proxie about 18 is number-in
favour of its Image. If this is o, there can b but little
- doubt of Ihe reauh.
e Meetines have IfJld in all parts"of the country, in
a favour of Reform. t in London, at which the i rd
Mayor praidei is id to be the t respectable that
could be ame d thrsnothout Europe, for wlth, coin-
, mrcial importace and intelligence. In remarking on
this meeting, the Timem aya,-" TLh aise ild ed i
politieul srdi sem As se Hecoe f &emrhisaI i-
h ter The people, on one side, are in movement every
wtere, put doa te itrociou calumny which dearsibed
to are b.aynd their own ram, by dewrtnig the
1 Government which firt opened for them the road to ibhar-
Sly : while on the other ide, the agents of comrption are
a more malignant than ever, and mere deaperate-loader
nd mar audaimm in their prophci, that th Lornd
Still throw out the blL,"

IM mr *dom the It ofb
Cootrary to our expectaidona, Iia uI
Id dI members of the Perier admlinistm
imdasr pla m a in tm a
rain of France wil be idk. Theypr
bich even the leaders of theodifileni parting
lM I Mad a mre unaelmdd sta of-ti
imagined. A highly itaraadng debate
ree days, ook place in the Chamber of
uestios pat by .M augui to Mini tern,
reign policy of France. At the time whei
nd A prse-a were peculating on the
m-a m whrieh ll pantl believed h woudm
ne-a division wu made and stood thus:
For Misster~. .......... ............. ...
Agaim Minisi..trs....... .................

Mnajity for Minite.............,
It will be meno that Ministers are agia
against some of the liberal and ulira-lileral pres
Accounts from St..Pelerburg may, that the chai
gain appeared with such violence at Nishme
hat the merchants leof the city before the fair m
The news from Poland is out a late as that m
eived at Philadelphia.
It is said that a forgery has been detected o a
lankin house, to the amount of 40),000 IMialn.
He Times my that if the Lords reject th '
diN it will be an attempt to put down the Klng, do (
ons, and the People-that they in that came Sl
ebel, and the army would not obey them !
The Reform Bill passed die House of Commmeit
lst and was carried to the Iloue of Lords by L-dik
Russell, and upwards of a hundred members of ihe he
Iouseon tm 22.1. We copy the following from tai
if the 23 Seiteomber.
London, September 23.-The Reform Bill ihu
length made good, it landing iu the Iluuse of Loi*.
he circumstances whicl attended its reception thelam
powerfully indicative of the awe inspired by the prm
f a preternatural visiter. Ceremonies, which fral
memorial usages have long ceased to excite any srislw
rest, or to be otherwise performed or regarded tie
nere mechiinical appendages of the Peers, like the k
ndl sword of DpI).'it Black Rol, the Masters in Chle
or the gilt bailges of Ithe messengers, all assurned last il
in importance Ibefitting the great end for w which they I
originally institute(d-the mainmleance of a stern ads
mimn inl rciourme betLeen tIe two Lcgislative ClIhe
of the kingdom.s
Bills, on common occasions, are brought up tothelle
of Loads by the nienber who has taken the chief p i
their passage through the Cuoounns, accompanied bjai
two or three to halt a doren of his of thelam
Iluuse. The Lord Chancellor walks down from tihe m
,ack to thie ir-a careless bow, a few nilltored wide
torn, andl, ind.ler tile rose and in whlisMpers, gane Es
gossip or little joke bLegin and terminate the commltia
tions of this short congress, which is as little noticed
thie body of the Peers as is the process of lighting I
chandeliern, or airing iup the fire.
1Was it so last night 1 e refer to our report of
Parliamentary proceedings. I
On the announcement of the long expected-by m
the much dreaded-message, the grouped and stamd
Peers took post upon their proper henches, asif to is
readinesa for the ambas= oro o a mighty power. Te
colloquial easo andl idleness, a silence succeeded pri
and universal. The doors opened. and instead o l I
doien or a doaen Comnmons, with Lord John RumWs
their head, that nolle Lord entered, aliended by Lord
thorpe, as relresentative of the King's Government is
omeuse of Commons, and above an iodred, w am iasei"
ed many more,of thn most resolute supporter of dIe I
Instead of an unmeaning mutter of common place *4
followed by an interchanee of eorial under voired hMlij,
l.rd John Russell pronounced, in clear and emphatdle
cents, the object of the memorable task intrusted Ito1
and in a significant tone, on the part of the Co"nmma,
" desired tie concurrence of their Lordship," in the i
for securing afresh charter tohe British nation, the pW
visions of her ancient charter having-not falkn, be--
been crumihed, by fraud, or violence, into long diinfsiie.
Lonl Brougham, from time woolsack, communicated i
the Peers the sauliecl of the mesaee which had bere &s
livered In him, anl pri-Inwed' tihe Bill for their roasidr "
tiln. I.,mrd G;r y, tie Prime Minister, actin- at once fo
King and peophlo, prpol ed to their Lordblmips the rl
readincr if tle Ill, an xie, with theirco n i.hse, t. I
fon its second reading, viai net Monday me'night. 'M1
and not till then, did the members of the House of Ca
mono, having cured the purposes of their mission. o*
sider themselves to beh fmei ofio, and immediately r1e
fiom the bar.
In thi striking manner wu conducted, by ftuar the
important and valuable tranaetiona in he nature of e *
mand by the Cnmmona of England upon the Peer. da
ever took place between two branches of the litsalsm
since perhaps the Hose of Commoan 6nt elised.
F, P BDel' s Meu rf 2V5h.
The absence of the Dchn d Kent and the PrifW
Victoria from the ceremony of the Coronation was s*
ded to in the Home of Commons on Tuesday night,
that the alluio drew free the Chanellor of the Eelti
quer a slifactory explmatioma e dt occurfence. I0
(the Chancoor of the Echa oer) begged to ate that
Royal Hlighnss the Duchem of KenV stated to his Mjmtf
the rraon which led hae to ask hi Majesy to escu e
and th Priaoe from auendiog the Coroation, and
thoa re um were perfetl satisfctory to hi MajeMy.
The ame eplanation had io fact bee given to d pi


' .p" e .

-,,k J.-

rr *4C

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p _H 3. awj a VrIhS. ?P1^r




-Wmerthighi "m me the direct autiorsy of the Go- ing the winter. Tl'e laourimig clatues, and ui piit Ilrriol
vemom, sot thing hasl been added to our previuu the artisans, fuel the sagnalinn of trude in a very re- O mtIrday salagd hi w'h 3mM, by S
IiI m s nei.,es whh plans k b beyond col- .m ble mamer. The Ki.g .aa arimedy 'subserlbed Rv. W-- 2. W IaMCL
fa The baa vaeIshed thie cloud of f npres- rutI Mlief tf do thu istrmdl Mis Carli. ASn
tinu wU so simple a ceamr ans a the oabs ne of It will ot, however, ail to Srike every elu as Jl Do-
*_mskr and her delicate child from a fatiguing corem- worthy of notice, the are which h hbees bestowed on
ial gve birth. the property of the Prince ol Omge by pop, and
T .e ouloing, we ae told on the best authority, is a in prnicular by theae who have power here. Hi palacea s 3BtO 23 T 'l 0P13 U
hm:-Oa Wednesday last hore was a select political are stdl preserved, and what is mae remarkable,a hist
lar at ite Duke of Wellington's, for the purpae ol'con- country home at Tervueren, abt seven mile from thile B ssy pram about to lbm tA Im leda,
im measures for throwing out the Reform Bill. The city, there are stid 21 horses lon g to this expelled
la'rbo eel for this pious purpose were Lords Lon- Prince, of which geat care i taLa ; lhey am to be aold ieiN relied thersei r a sp s e/frm trn aul,I
imiaerry, Jersey, Ellueborough, Caernoaron, Salisbury, by public ale on the 27t inst. ie seg ityl ot Bt& wary' O ac.'rp p 9 eimms
Abonle I, Babrt, Rossyln, and Whardiffe. The in- 're Governnment has issued ers to establish a strict or's.ersanImn euJi A S ...
Mlst of the evening was the arrival of Lords Eldon and quarantine for the prevention of the iotruduction of tl sIsacm oAlrearlvf
Lya.on, who had been par ing of 1th hospitality ofHis cholera into this country. ter wkick, at Lay timis ro T-r a m n, a S 1
Byal Highnoes of Cumbrnnd. These latter noble Nothing of interest b taken place in the Chamber. ,maby sbledL
lrds, it appears, had parraken very largely of the juice BRAZIL. Na8 OF PEaSONB
d ihe grape; and insisted, in all the eloquence of wine, From the Waskinago Olfe6e, of Saturda d ,y. we orst vc a t ro] rsar ms.
s ddresming the soberer party at Apley hooe at great Letters and papers have been received at the Depart- Imh September Wm l J.
Igth. The flowers uf rhetoric uttered by them have meat of State from Bahia, to the 18th of Sept. t d from 21st A .- -
so been preserved, except the bold proposal of Lord Perontabuco to the 31st, bringing accounts of disturbances th CSia IU
Kenyon to take a division against the Reform Bill on its in each of those places, created by the troops of the line I a t October, tE A.
hitra ing. The noble Lord's absence from the House and lavoured by the black population. They were, how- Islh Chs. Weahiad.
I Lord on Thurslay(in consequence of head-ache) pre- ever, in both cases repromed by the Civic guards, front lath a- B- m IrI ,
mad his putting his suggestion into practice. which it would appear that lthe inhabitants in general are in a Jso Bea
The arrivals of yesterday from liulland and Bclgium favour of the Government. We gather the folowleg 7th November Jcal
ought no intelligence of importance.--Tines, 24th Sept. particulars:- th "S. I Tarmbel
BCOTLAND. Bilaia.-On the night of the Slit August, the troops of ,' Apbhy Wals.
Few Bells Weekly Managerr of Septeeir 25. the line stationed in the Fort St. Pedro, south of the city,
On Friday the Lord Advocate moved the Id rea diag revolted and their officer wre obliged to make their es-
of the Scotch Reform Hill, oblering dlat, as its Inain feaur cape. They then ruhed into the town and began to
iere already known, details from him were unnecessary. In plunder and commit other excesses, firing on those who
Itenee of the bill he said it was astonishing that the existing opposed them. The commander of tim town hastily a-
mperfect system had been ms lg ena dured, the voter for all sembled the cavalry and 100 of the Civic Guards, by PORT OF NASSAU, N. F.
Ih tharty ounires not ecereding looo! And, a many of thoe whose means about 200 or the mutiners were taken, and
Iad votes for different rounties, the smmber of eleecilo in the rest dispersed. They seem to have had no political ARRIVED,
reality did not exceed L500! The eleclom forthe e burghs views, and to have been excited by an attempt made by Nov. 1st-Sloop Little Turk, Stad Tirks I
're about 1.400-o that the total number of elector for the officer t restrain their insubordlnatin, which lad e-
leotland lid wit exceed 4.o00 peorni He then Imesrihed restrain their insubordinalun, which had be- Rat, ad Flor,
he qualifications. or mode of maniraturing electors. He come no longer bearable. Up to the 13ll, no farther com- to rWALTr LsrumT .
trougly maintained the necessity. n o.ler to meet rhe amused motions had taken place, but great uncertainly prevailed I' id2 Am. eeop Emma AgUlan, Fu M, Nr1lk.
ae of Scotland, of. refonning such a monstimus state of re- as to the future, and the American merclhatl had request- Pa, Baf Co ea C a
reseuation. Cosiderable disuesion lullowed, and many ed Captain Duncan to remain with the Leington for their Butter, Flour, h. Ac.
meabes addressed the House. bnt the debate was by no protection. to '. Om -ia Co.
maew an i redl. Th le diu., dled il, when rite members i Pernambuco the affair was much more serious, and i. Am. achr. Three S.ater, GlaIer, New Y
msits ofo th son favur ofre ingisters. t -leaving believed to Iha.e been die result of I premeditated plan Wheat Flour, Cheese, Buner, Poea-
a y r of for overlturiin;g the GovernmenL Oni the night of the toes, Apples, Shingles, &c.
FR %NC('. 1ll4th Septembecr, battalion of tihe line which had for souie to H. GmauesLI.D & Co.
From the Gazette de rancrr, Sfepit ih r 20. tille lhen in a nutinous state, broke out iult open revolt.
Paris, S.1,lrmher )19.-' Tie N.iioniil, il. Triibnoe, ."it lirTed upon their officers, who endeaavoured to rest CLE\IEr)
snd llt IRtCvltililun I -3vU been iZir.d tou-<,iy Ut tihe 'iot h(""' I to older. Thle s)irit ( cdiialfrrliuion sruael to &no- 3d, CLERED,
aOff. theIl l it t bn s d aud in a litilo elle tle whole noulber a- Nov. 23d-Widow's Sun, Young, New York
Letters from Vienna anonon .c to its posilivelv, that 'ltountetll to a thousaUnd, viIh began to break open the
the p"stilential chollera has ni;iiailstel itslf in t t il to.'""s 'tnUd plunder. At lirst tirle cru confined to .ie SAILED,
Moe than 50 persons have alrenadvlied, and th- Govern- Quiarter of St. Antonia, and a tody of militia mere col- Nov. 20tli-II. M. ship Columbine, Comr. Currie, Jamia
en ihas mainl, noi cionlunir.tiion l n thie diiljc. 'lec'te'd ol the bridve over the streuin which c Lprates it l. Mh. shlr. Spelmedwell, 1.a. warren, Crein
"Three lays atg, (s t. tihe it.vlrlii.n) ti(. plic, (n- I Ioiln 1 rest of ithe rity, IuIr Ili,' without ait nunition II. l. ischr. SkipJack, Lt. Shonliad, Do.
bred the prinritinllg miiritf the Trilbune. at !) i'icik k in thII and aing no one to;nd lthiin, Ithy were soon II. M. slir. Kanocsroo, Lt. Hookey,
moving. Yestlrlav inorning lt lhlf past 4 this ontiiri- i riven off, aInd the soldiers befurU nmorniing, liad complete W" S' d Schlr. farmers Delight, Cooke,
liry visit was ropea.ol. The wiTrant cnltain.d an order Ipos'ssion uf ie plire. I-
to aeek all wrilinos, whether I lre.adly printed or in thei Tile Preident, V'aconcellas, will his council, held out I'AiSENGER ARRIVED.
pea, andi to brinz M. AI.tLute 3lietoh the l'rfecrre iiil the citadel utilil the evening of thle 13tl, but was forced to In the Am. schooner Three Sistem, from New Yark-
te Police. A violent dispute took place between the retire, as his soldiers deserted ever) itome.-tn. Borgs- Mr. Judson.
poelm and the printers. neal, Use commander of Olinda, made a s.lly from the fort
of Buraco, at tim ltold of a few sltitd(,tS l aid police men,
SPluIN. on whom lie thought he could rely, and was joined by ihe CHRINT CHURCH PARISH.
Paris. Septenher 10.-" We have a letter from the Irontiers crew of a vessel, but he was won forced back iote the
Spi. io which are the Rolowing passages :-All the com- fort, where the soldiers and police men quitted him. He SSDB rfax 3
stuisof the Militi and Ruyal Voisteers is Catalosta i
ker bee surnlinonel to arelna by the Count d' pagoe then sent to entreat aid from the Captain of the British AVIN; fixed the assiaz of asea at the lae of$8
Shem eson of this order is not knoit. pag Packet, who refused to take any part without a written r IMr barrel of supi-rTfine Folr, Ordered, that dh
A movement of troops towards PufYerda is announced, olde fro ulthe Consul, which ruild not be obtained. The shlinli Loaf do weitg tilb. Wax., and the aipenny Lea
Iaic i to take place in a lewe dly. between lTo and too blacks nearly all joined the revolt, and committed many lib. 4ot. By unrer of thie tryv.
ma an eoder the pretext of employing them in the intended ravages. DAVID SPENCE' Vesry Clerk.
ems of some individuals." On the evening of die iGth, tie citizens and officers VaarnT Roos, slt November. IK11.
(Prm d Mager & Chambre, dated Sepltembr t ) having formed rallying points, and receiving reinforce-,
&pmB &t ree' li.-Twelve Fr*nchmen have .us ar- ments, from the country, rtrched into the city, and with NOTICE.
lh powers in theI*sd oflinsadVal dea.nd but little trouble overpowered die soldnirs, most ofuliom' LL l'ISO'S having demand ariina Tilmm
mw sompe were counsducted to Stn. eras. The wre w on down fatigue and and llalucher. Albui tw, o A it..'ln-t, late of tInw Island of New Providence,
M mrlheny b an orderof Iust Catholic Majesty, dated Au- hundred of the nmuineers were killed; about eight hundred iclrnairil, ar, rnqiu.iled to rnd,.r the snne duly tlrs d;
ugast. were secured on board two !lips in the hlrbour, under a anil tIhom indebted It the said estate, are desired to ake
PORTIUGAL saron, guard ; many had eca pl'd with ilwir plunder. I immediate ivniment, to
t' l I.,I was to be done witl o large a oumlber of crimi. N lTl %11NF.I SW:EETIN(I, Administrator.
MaBSkepitsbe tL.-Prvate account received vrter- nb, was uncertain; and, probablyl. lth will of the Re- ELIZAIIIJTIl SWEEITING, Adminisnratrii.
the movementt Aeugut l. wereed o e e- ncy has been consulted. l eanwhle uc danger c d ewas November 19th.
atsd by Don Miguel. E:0iu1iteis were exrcuretl on the to he aplprehen" d from tleir oirinit), particularly if, as
ItiB. on the (uiiy, wililnI cun shot of it h re Frcli cor was runioured, ite II rl.Ol. ret llt Itd I t. ili c.d by per- ILANT NO(TICE.
a* theyeosiiM c ol o .Illtin I e.,; nt ;iI aeti_-ll si,,l Izhh in ollire, %i,. ni1.. ins had bt-en discovered il l II Slti. ll ltllIIit .elin ibout to leave the Is-
Oli. the ll th, 0 mor r ol l s i -r tor l lie -ht, p- p Its seir-d ty ptlc I ri, r m 1 civilians hanged. 'Th.- Frernh runrrnlt ;..l :al ili On ithe lith, a mtint.-ti isi i.i hli by the merchants, in hiii, to f-or,.inrd tl.,ir iiiouns without delay; and dthiae
ial" wtr n the rivcr h.l Ii,'.r cilrs hiall i- hii.lh tI- uhiCr a It.ter a,., aIdrei ot to their l'Prrent by llenry inillbteil to lii,, will pIuse niake |Iym.-nt, o or hbere
Bis Ch rutan tPo*er I ', 1i.ere. ll.erh tl hat ihe I ,. (t nul, iiiringin hat inner the prin dw 30t h instant, otllerise their accounts wil be played
the inhabitants or im ni wil cot ue' em irs r- to I d lpo s' il (I, and r'i i e in' g hlier to give t hen it n the ha ads of an Attr' y.
te m rihbiful crueluti. It i proper to state noic wher they were to be I .'ia*ed, in Orlr that bey November It. THOMAS TURNBULL.
tlb ded ar Ponrtaguese ubic t might embark their property. In this lley added a pro-
T tRKEY. itet"against aB losms and damages they might sustain A GINGHAM UMBRELLA,wmsbrough to talf-
(tF RKEY. from the pillage of this cilv of Pern buco, by the armed A fice saot a week siace, mppotsd by mIsae
"A.-l.s M Age- sr C o, Sps, n ) t ,soldiers. of the Brazilian Government ;" signed by a *l- The owner may receive it, oa Ipplicatim for d- sum.
f c ..-Ac.nts from Constantinopl sae her i ujec November mdJ.
caused by the conslagrutlln of lern. mount if British subjects. Noe
m .oo000 of Spanish plasters (about 1.u0,000,00 o On the same day, meeting of the orl Consuls was
am5t e 6m 60,00oo sterling. i held, from which a letter was also addressed ca the Piesi- FOR SALE.
dent. remonstrating against the lihtration or frlher iontin- T The House and Premiss at present ocaipad
BELGIUM. uance of the reels in the vicinit, and declaring that hey by Mrs. Poilier. The House is romy ald
t i'., Sept. 20, Tuesday Eveninr.-Persons who h-ld the Government answerable for the consequences It i n convenient, with laieKichen a-d waSb
y Yle Haollnd assure me that the grlniest enthi- was signed by nine Consuls. Our own representative, attached, chair house and stablia for' u
t im"ai amung all classes of the people, who are Mr. Manfhlid., very properly declined, considering the horse, extensive yard and grai piea Thees
il nd to yield to the Belgians in any of their requisition a direct interference with the afairstf the Go- have been lately thoroughly repaed, ad th, gisir pat
a 'go5d w magie that i conrse ence of their vic- vernment, and the protest not only Mselie, bt highly im- of the fence have been newly put up.
t u e brave smock-frock men, thev ought not only proper." A O
h this cblnry with a portion of the debt, hut als, The President refined to acknowledge Ihe right of the A tract of Land situated at tI Village, mtut ig
ai of the country beat suited to their trrito- Consuls to addren such remonstrances, and assures them acres. It i divided by the viltrdro k Mtwo Loets,
S Flanders paper states, that there is an army that he will administer his duties according o the laws of western lot being intrsected by im read ledin fr
f n ea is Dutch Fliu. ers ualne. Ithe crnnnY, and with entire respect to tre existing rpla- the village into the Bl.u hill ni. This lI- will be dis-
Ik s considerable diss.ali ,action iirpretrnd here nt I lions hrrween his Gnvernmnt nld all others. DutiIrs is,' pod of in one or three ola. ApT to'
-ti or mfi)ry which thataens all the country dur- of course, almost lpended. September Ph. JON W. MILLER.

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m ddis rn in Hak hs, sreog Le d ii..h, w IMs Ci they an e elt a trbuV hmeity which the we othy immase, and upwards of sixty deed odie
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fo'l~a r pas, or besor's dhy wil. a, i a tfu lls, or m emeotetr5 orgh bsne t or swnt, or y barIng lest all their property. Pr.a now is
tsmnd stwhn ho qas ot adteeo f i c combm am on- thiqg of the knd. The id s amoes vulgar oad dist- one m am of rain.
e Im f m mm deov ie.ry to .ue by ~i i s i t e utam, and whet is unnatu can This ver short ic of so aa
Hk, a h it n goodtw@ tes..Aibusaady who th e wdothr e im grh convoys intelligence of, and ie the .I
liAcRected nd oone. d by arefriiat body of water; some of tamot beautiful I h rIe pe.i of a ot r fora s on i
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eons pmribs emrahae w b bees a o etri wed y be ctu ont i derable: a ejf a few feet will awey e tr e, for Per, s swell knw n, hs lon bs l;

dparribe ahedm which mt hane the end c -regarded as c, auema mtt the wonderful, when we have dsecs of European embheadora, merchants a 1
me bn adt y r tn'dtse m thi f ohe biind. Toer ies r po wil be p- report may pove entirely unfounded.-N. .i
Ss t of any rtq isimtA dimenpon r o it is airt uat pet Une t o wht i unmtu uThLis b t ry ofa Prt notice ofme ut the lab
collec tedUJerMu l andciaB esdor ;,be inNeedtown. A *Md not tbonl up o Lbp thept o npl convysitelligeDc of, sbd ld it
Silent a d *n d o.4 thby i reul rinary nperm body of r my; fo, at t bautiul 1 hiv m f .. a e o u P oes r s ion .ll to the punt Ihlar de

eircwctr glem or tm pltet, indeden a fae-pl ,eor aney jet which the world har ever seen. Tritona, mermoa- I wil give h full swing to the patronage oal
ltframe fr pes witele oni a nralsh e mit or vertical ais a n-hoes, and s r like, should ble carefully e- -l wai give imo the whl e hoist oihigi it i

a tbe ait n n Why have se-"oes or tritons, ppeng o wi give him the power hat place a
slMnisfta irpi-wbeela by yhib the oiler . m, 1t E flounder in s shallow bejn, c few yardf in diameter, ca unb, to Purca up 1 obicion an oeg h
S ad htich is sild th anw"r t"" i e sod egrded as at tept a wondful, whoo w have ducai, to Europeao u bumdon, anerh nte Wil
elldv byeinc. at te iito he m by he thas, rin f atetoin whyl G portly Neptune, y since d yetwh number it quite hbe. Wof the ol l
A.o f ny mcmlu ari dimping i fo.r barkingla. & hto olyt the wg e c- 1 aue tr in b it was meant to ehetrbrhe ldI
* n tod of iron-pl.ate instead of brick as tar takes th cours is alw taes in Liberty of roi.-Csive whe w qi 14

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h i ationof the fire every prt of the bottom md let hehid, d where pe ari doing violence to their T Ie Ch ern-The Comatia g Ptysitcsins f ate l
Istda oaf the em. Aims tarva i left between the xier- nature in attempt *s whet a pretty or wonderful. Eves Roston, having bee. called o by the Quaeemlre
c Bids ea ii l r p t Ih mae, vr cr to rfw a le~ ~ the simpl Turkish fountainm n far better tast.-Fr om of the Board of Aldernne, to gie ant opiui eo at
fr onsd f ir l1Io phy peaHy evr Ihnr e le artiet on th Aruicectr f e the lnitd State whether in the existing state of the Cholera Us t
thAe amoe proceeds, ie the iml ey, into chimney flue, Pro es, nds Jo al.he Nrth oy Europ, s i el e rving from ihat
ieThI cow of ihe oed s m ceoiected with chamber or ssereceive Whaa e. 81--o 1I the benefit wherh may result from the
pipe to carry eif the vapor given out by ahe sponge darig The London Herald says; To-day s monrch stro esa without rem ovtinag d landing the rea p
Sprocesa of biking, which vpour is condesed byt p" ,in the affections of hi. people goes forth to receive wit le io s e sm theiopn a this poi-1t
through a wirm am thl, or sa the mau pec of the tolemnitie n of religion, and amid the honest ecchntm- v south eto ae ; hid tlat a the bea toi e oe ka
dhisli. Tihe gaos proedct of thi proce. is satedby ions of his subject, a crown which is consecrated by h desnfecai.g pad ay be proceed by dira he
Mr. Hicks to he mrbomic acd ga aJ diluted alcohol: the that highest end purest hitorical glory which is uMciatd in the uid tves se further, that eroh te s, h
if.e aecpilg from IhiLf of the roadiinsmg wornm with the consluidations of ae eaion's liberty." North iof Elope, i m haver not hd eiLther site
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Sfar ml of spirit, cornmpondig to the first product of the if th revolution which expelled the Stuarts from e throne tine, than what sfficien to enable the health
Spilam d by Mr. HicLks i his beautiful invention, is that of Bourbons wilotiS' It is beruae the leon that Engl thd stated bov e -Bost De.tiin le. n
ebmainig perfectly pure spirit, according to his state- gave to ambitious and proflioat rulers of nations was Editorial Dilmwa.-Dung the dead season., the Eded
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The paste, the .rte-r, of court, will be the quaitity of subject. on the shores 1. England-presenting the ir.- by the entrance of his familar, aias *s the Ilvl,"d aie
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es, a thr m is d in of o l, in order While the el -King of France re.tint s living example "co.nt of the proigioun crop of a poles gaith d
a. the tenI premature; so that betwo n the revolving e of the lreniful force of the reoil of piblic opinion, when Tman' tree." ** Yes. .ir." Ah A e houv t Mr. Tmonne
Ss iand the inaspmctio of the tmaemrar e, we the i prsnure of power hns become too violent to be borne, kitten tveng suckled by a he gehog ?" Yes. si." -i
a ppMael proe of obking wiU he no less improved the King of England, by yielding to the reasonable desires Mr. b miyh's dieredful us ilent w lh hip one horse rit i
lby thmis uvenail, tIro tlB o of at no w product of his people,and repairing hose en.rgiesof i free Con- he p.asedr own Holborn 11h1i "-" Yce. sir." Anst
O the1m meormlC which hive hitherto been deased ,stittoin which abulse had rouptc fdo t eimpairead, mkesd men ho sole n the coren t ofthes Istk n ithe farm y
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baw and iwham beI ivnvettion,, the ethi e of Borboples Islove. stated prlsoimO."O__e Cart__m_.

h eeb ii he pertky i to mdinch so, Z isdnd, the the ____________ p. _______ t
new prom tof bakig has bee r adopted to a large eent slams s of th o P le rigas ef Orange-On Monday eve- mfitie.-Aiurborn ofti sednd their tmen E
ui L adeM sd e capmay s about to he formed is Livm- nin b tt ntivet of Frane, a man ind wora, arrived p lrer without comma orh emolon, le. avn ther
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Sesee *wise ahcyise elo It inidto in fo.mion which he had received, th vigint superb,. of beoming so. Thehlae Me. 8hbsejecommilttel
hve btees a seta the experiments made on i teodent of our police, Mr. Pariour, apprehended them blunder of thi. kind. when he wrote e lollinner ld
Imag scale as Leadeo, th loaf of 41l. will yield it at the Prince's Dock, and succeeded in recovering pro Ikeness of his patron saint:-" Believing Rirchad
laid ouMhe of liqlr, coataiit JO per cam. e poof pesy which they had brought with t t oh the unount of to h et sent, by God I have engraved hes
spiri, pr oeanded of prodeoirn frm every foer pound tetO bheorg part of the jew l olen fro m the palace I Had he removed the comma two words fore the d
n. The p fremi of we glkan this account, ms Br~ent be uttwo years At te time the robbery Be hvey Alere -From advaflSet Ihi
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at gilfft'"n ,aucht,i. the. cd ote esd u"il.Jly le,hen to lle orofN. York Orra w AE RCAN AND Foo.e.sAl
r Pere d" kig inspectioys ohatf beat i bmtined by the new eimtdaul force of 21,000 wrth, the reoilf blic opinmmion, when Nw-oink, JI. Yt.n@. aMsr. l.

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We tied both the bed and th o e n; the brea wsad the end in all probability is one of Sthet h'. drefb ttoitl wn e ri, h iseony e bre rcam I
of his people, and repairing thw energies o a free Con. he Passed down Hobom HiTi"- Yen. air:, A606

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tate parties shortlU be rnt to Brnsel-Eng. pp. that this Etablishmrnt has eliiest and rlne esib

Paue .- traveller from our country to the soth .Frme Minir.-The disappointments to which the Agents in the principml t ad towoo he et
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riety of fountain. Some exhibit splendid jet, in which rid of the general section, and which more perhpe y u terd, w then fuIreisod by the tpromly seat Pa
"r nelness of waein m thnhigh i d od te arthe maejoriy in he election of k -f Ore.--O Monde efLA urnoond yn the.r ci may nts wth it
IN d ey iy of f fe t of Chaber of Doepuie, decided them to of r ithlut legal peoo and vouchers as iy eb t-ie
1 in e vrvae po fom i in ; that city. A d abto ani their t t an! t, hn i s been recovered by the D ntorT of Ad- the nature of th e a com ao Ypanied t We ta
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havbasis io imp mlasi and f toqmnJy wsh lrrlro O a.hone-M h ed rced, Chariles Dtupen- of becoming o. The lac e in Bwich me ma hA.

See-horses, me-galds, she- a m b on tof mrie epiem s e u the arvp dm ents of Pris; and of Marshal hnery of thie place h wro te ae mol*ay h
are their oml oreammee. The varety of last is endalh. L"bsa, tim cemmader of the National Guard. ad a tratbinedy t A this Estli
I .imom Mile a em, ntheemo thlrt o f rI winU A p t e P -M. CDcimr Pnerior nd Moernhl li, met of had. inthe public scritie. of the Uh d *
mei Of lia, d nain ofT er CToas r oad proof n lve astiseey d mcaion of damages agito ths editor and or of ny of the Stast. of Iothe ion, or on mea d
Seefm. a r sparepro Tr heom eery w p proprietor of thei pton e newspaper, for pblihig fml property ; ond s so for the tr in twon of d .
Irt wpedvng sr p ireatr to dhie sndo, a mer g article acsming thae two Ministers of taking a bribe, or smess within the purview of. Gm-rnl Agpcy,
W jt; set k in ot wt. There aa"td pe di u, from the manufactures, at lirmi.gta em, who ct nd faithfully executed.
R e before t. Peter's e i s the a have been sl pying th Frerr hl govtteme th armb. Al applications to this EsreblmFmro t isnab ta
e. a~i~olte. t s. thlat of T st y Mr. Vincent obe, cl known in codomeria circte here, the inveatLgmalos of clai, search of records, or
fbrts me k and the p formerly c f of anl K Ci tthouseinNe Oh ens~ was one vention of Priapeipldlng should be acc
mdy le to gud or tri...le do thhe ded a th e Hsn to Am ric_,, wId h t renc o the pd t wMi dtrye d
bee fied che It is beae.til it is amal. Eamperer *f Br a .i.-The new envoy from Brail to nti mt be ddmed (pns paid) t o
Theew e s no art about it except mm smcalp- Franca, M. de In Rocsa, does not scruple to declare, even (Counsellor of the Supreme Court of the Uetiad &
te mon hiea e,, whicwplreoa h, in te mixom- o d seoisJuley of Parishe the mrof the Suer Coumr of the Stae of eero'l
whe momuied, h s ao 4 frmt t"he by the noew" iely wro in tofh2 heel," worth ctn th emphasis," in the O AMc Cf Americ o. ud end Foreg ApmE.
en. The wh of ist mee to have cot blite hbour to amy a better from d eu capital," well suited to enforce hi. Wa-Br, Niven -Yto ork.
t u. ghAshc; and ye tnhe is pAbah no fousais at in m" AARON II. PALMER, A ".

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Sineveryvariet of fu; Shoot f eidnt Ofr Ch r Drputie, decided the to r ble l p ad a may be qw 4

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