Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: November 19, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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1 7j)t r) 1nVxwa

60" Bla% Eder. --ATURDA, NOVEM-BER 19,P-481. -OL. I-e.
d~aB IOC18. Editor 8ATIRDAV', nOVEHlBKR r,lrtll. VOL. I~.. B



aIw se per Imem-- L .


Likeneu of Heave
Agent of powe !
Me s ty vicl.
Sb iwmk's hy dower!
Spion nd j-le
From valley mud wea,
Armies and bhanens
Am buried m the !
Wht mr the rihek
Of Mexico's mines
To the wealth that for down
Ian hy deep gatenr shie I
Ty proud waves t cover
The coqaIring weet-
Thou fling them to death
Wlth one -ne of thy baem !
rim the high bil that view
Thy wmmsk-y shes,
When tih bride orthe simer
hrieks at thyroa;
Wheo. like lam in the lempet,
Or mews in the bl t,
O'er thy ridge-broke billos
The cafwa is eat-s
How humbiig to one
Wat a heart nd a asl.
To look on lday greasmems
Amd list to u roll;
To think bow that heat
In cold ashes lhall be,
While the voice of Enllty
Wher Oa tE
Ye he the saelsi
Of Thebes mnd of Tyr ;
Bwefrom the mupw
Like sparks from the As ;
The gioy of Athema
The Iplendour of Rame,
IDeuoled--ead fievr.-.
LUke dew -i thy fnem.
oe da me almighty,
Lus.l--e, ,him.
Twir-broth of Tem
Fa, temppa a m na
Thy glory ca how,
l U meAt thei .
Be lid! whit thy wmrg
No longer all me,
And that Armament's La th
A-a-4J Ik i ea' i
ha dma babk s *as;
Th.m- i ll the pirisp
T ellu btyem mo,
lie channel. ltheatho.

APe Mi Name Scriam o/f Baptem r I.

I hlr is O w as. Amrlik. of Y.*, .e th pre.
,- st ,,rs of do C AW If eEng R..
3y, &afre. R
Th bjei t of a reform in the Church Eslablishment is
i i~mg the public mind of England, and i one
d" y ceameemsher interests nd future tranquillity,
m which -nt be wholl uninterteting to her Colo-
She pa question of Parliamensry Reform take
f ePd e nc of it; but so aoma dlt is settld,
ba i df public opinion, the Church Esablishment
' leo undergo an extensive and purifying revision.
The P mary discussions which it me neomarily
*_ r- fuh the fairest exhibitio of its a mur and
"l du r of its general character that cn be obtain.
m;ueAhil e we ust be content with sch evmideM na
m la- publication which ime. fr timno time
s "Dritimh Prom We have beside a a Pamphlet
( '- paes PO, under the above title, which in
t, d-- ith ediion, and i decidedly dh mot vehe-
I ro attack that we Inve recently Ien upon
S I h id deform te National Establishmeit.
Sdi endeavour to Iny such extracts bafrwe o" reader
. so ei thoem to judie of its contend, and of its
u P... ulic at etion. 'nTl writer thus in menes
to the Archbishop of York:-
s sewed Bir,
yI p t erm ee is your diocese who hove the bi.
. O wish, had dle the courage to exprem tr
pey, O the present aste of the Cherch of
rI umld have undem ken to kld Lh f.r-

lorn hope again time ecclsiastical bntteries. The timidity
of rmy friends conmels me to become your Grace's rorres-
pondent; and to invade the slumbers of Bishopthrope
wide sounds not usually aiddremed to archiepiscopal ears.
The high hlonour of a answer I neither desire or ex-
pect; other hands lew diguni6ed will wield te pea In fa-
vour of the Church: and a swarm of reverend authors
will oo display their interested sol, by a deluge of ron-
ing paphlets. It is no alight matter to attack th Eata-
blihed Church: but my duty and amy inclination lead me
to the attempt, and without the slightest care fur time cona-
quences, I begin the war, which shall never end but with
victory, or that inul catmastope which silence all writer.
Deign then, Most Reverend Sir, to listen to the bleal-
ings of one of your little sheep,"* and to receive, without
disdain, this unworthy offering laid at your feet, which,
though it be not as sumptuous an oblation as a heavy fine,
may not altogether be unacceptable with its" crackling
I have already aid that thee are many others in your
diocese, who have the inclination, if they la dtim courage,
to take up the pen against fide abuLe of tme Church; and
In this numerous cla I do not reckon the brutl herd of
farmers, who, according to clerici nolions, are meant by
nature to pay lythes and rent, bil a large and talented ar-
ray of well-eduated gendlenme, 'buose opinions ae, to
the last degree, inimical to the Establishment It is not
probable that your Grace should have heard their sentl-
ments orally delivered; but I have frequently listened with
pleasure to their increasing diconetet. expresd no i
termm which it is impossible to mistke. England is ho-
roughly sick of die Church Establishment, and your
Grace's diocese perhaps reckoan more persons who feel
this nausea, than any other in England. It is therefore
surprising that, from so large a nme of discontent, so one
should have come forth to expremlhe feelings of what I
am persuaded is a large majority f the population. The
great spell that keep all men silent on this topic, is the
fear of that dreadful weapon, Lte accusation of aieism-
a weapon always liberally used by the clergy, when their
strong holds ar attacked. Thl popular imagination so
easily excited by this awful acculi i, and the feeling of
society i general is so decided against the crime in-
cluded in the charge, that no oe dares to enter a war
where such a weapon is used. Is this prudence, however,
or is it cowardice 1 The man who is incerely attached to
the Chri tlan religo, and who thmlu that its momial gamr-
dim a iare lareli is wmal im-Ls, sould eminmr
even wore slander dhao this, ia doing a service to a cause
which might have even oles claim to sincerity than di
cause of religion.
It i however, remarkable, that all those who hae un-
dertaken to urge reforms in rligion, have been chrged
wit UWieum-it wa so with the early Christians: i wa s a
with the Lollard and Lutherans; it is so now with tIhlu
who u the paramount necessity of depriving the Church
of En ad of her temporal power and emoluments. But
truth mat triumph at la ; and calumny, which is the great
bturea of a alum, camml rappurt corruption beyond
a cerlai time fur as he building i filed oa the madis,
when the food arise and beat upo I m use, gret will
be the fall dmreu
O m weak minds perhaps, the unceasing amurances
from, the pClpit, that rheC of England is synonysma
with tim Christian religion, namy have nd a liale inspf
aion; and I know oues few perona wh agree with the
majority of the clergy ia their definition of religion. Our
reverend paston present a a sange picture of Christi-
anhy is their s.rmeoa their chaeang, ad their trecs.
According to their otions, the Apades, or t lam tbe
immediate disciple of dh Apeatde, were remerend go
tiemem, reaidia a wealthy livip, preachig fly-two
written, printed, or libegraphed mermoou in the courm of
the year, and securing livings for their lyrical, or com-
missions in the Roman army, for their milhary sos. In
that gulden age, acoerdig to their sayst, d the wed
was mt only taxed by, be tyshed by Came, for he
benefit of the primitive cley ; and the ~ us of dhe frat
three centuries amused themselves with cad-playing, fox-
hunting, horse-racing, shooting, fishing, and dancing, as
they do at present. Pluraliies wire multiplied, and trans.
lations were frequent. ,SI. Paul lad a golden prebend of
Philippi, a large living at Rome, another at Tihemlonica,
and was beides the very retrnrvid" the Dean of Corinth.
St. Petrr was translated from tiue Iisloprick of Babylon to
that of Rome; and St. James was entllroned tat Jeru-
miem, with eHret pomp and large lawn sleeves, aftr
having subscribed to thethitly-nineiarticas,accordinglc a
of Parliament. St. Brtahoulosew was proved to take the
aee of Jerico, hbt he preferrwl holding the deanery of Nap-
thali, with the great living ol Siccoth, which last 1as of
the clear vnmrlv value of ,(IK), and hmsilea was enrum-
hered with vm.ry little duty, as there wee only seven hun-
dred persons in the parish, five hundred of whom did ol
believe in the Christia religion. Sl. C(lnm-nt died weatd
illei hundred thousand pounds in the three er cent.
conms!s, the careful savings of furry yuar. epicopary ;
and Irenerns, having been a tutr to a onsrl's son, lhad the
primacy of Rome ollered him, which, however he refused,
being content with the bishoprick of Lyona.
All this, or aomeding hlke this, mrt eartaily be true,
according to time dream of the prisons, dreamed in their
pulpits. when these reverend teachers undertake to prove
the purity and excellence of the Church of England.
They toel u that time Church .f Eeland, a it is now easu-
blihed is th eactead true Church, witeutany alterusis,

heing precisely such as it was founded by Christ and d
\Apmstle;--nay, to sich ani extravagant pitch is t car
riod by some of our ecclesiaslics, laml aome omne f h
Bishops, in a charge, delivered within the ast hei yew%,
declared there was a enctiy in the minutes ponrtiue d
ecclesiastical dress, which it was by no mean lawfal to
lluer in any nrsper. Unless, therefore, the clergy are very
dishonest, and do not believe what they say, tley must be
very ignorant, and do not really Imagine thal thu eat
manmof secular corruption, called the Chur.h of F.nnnd,
is precisely tie saen as wea eaalmabied by the Aprate
dthy nust suppose, dat in the rau century, then wa a
sacred regiment of Archbishops, Bishopa, Prebendarie
Archdeacons, Deans, Precentor, ChacYone Proctus,
Rectors, Vicars, and Curates--hey must suppose, tht
there was a Istugle for tranhelati amunget r BhIe lapB
as there is at present; that gentlemen of adraltie, er
mallemen's sons, were selected for the higher himoea or
tluh church, whilst all the Iard work was consigned to r
cures, the rectors themselves being far away from tir
livings, amusmig themselves with the fox rhere, leading a
fabhonable life in the metrapoli, dancing at aome' pr.
miive Almacka,' or culling Ibm sweets of plumi at Iee
'primitive' Paris."
He then refer to the nature and organization of the
primitive Churches, in which he declares thee were me
Diocesan Bishops, and no tithe or church prnery," A
Bishop, with us," asy he, meaae a i rwL; i h
the New Teatamoet it aeans an Elder or Premyter of
the Church, of whih there were many in one city, uad
they a little dreamed of taking precedence of the aobilsy,
as they did of pocketing ( nes or taking tithe la klei
Afler dwelling upon their humble characters, great laboue,
and uupretending usefulnea, he tlln procee:-
Turning from the New Testament to Biasopthrep, I kd
that your a natter of course, always taks the
first place at feasts, whatever feast may be honoured wth
your company, peradveolure, the most, Reverend lFth
in God, my Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, sald be
present, in which ase your Grace mat be atomea whl
the second place, even though drre be DukeS press
1 find, also, that on all occasions you are called atbbhi
Rabbi, and take tle chief place in the synagnguoe whether
it be the synagogue of God in the Cathedral, or the syna-
gugue of Lords. I find, moreover, that you are called
' Father' upon earth, in spite of lim strict command of
Cbrist to the contrary : and, as if that was not enough i6
order to mhke you a prefect divimiy, I afid you are caed
SMost Reverend Futhel ;' a tide which can only he ap-
plied to the Almighty without prolinenes, for the am
moaning of the title is a Fa her mat to be wonelied.'
Not content with heavenly atribure, there is asn adr eal
title in all men's asouis of' Your Grace,' a silly aper.
acription which it i difirull to explain, though it a deco.
rous to ue it. Johnston's Dictionary gives us the fluowing
meanings of the word,' favour-kiandme--virtne-perdu
--dentitious,or artificial beauty--la11 --' eppauemme
-emYbei ssuen--urnecnl--fuwer-a al-or psiyor ami
before and after meat.' Let us suppose, then, thal I
were to use by'of these synonymes, and to call an Arch-
bieop your embellahmel --or your oramemnt"-
or" yewr owernhip"-er your mtriarid eesay!"
SBovester riau ioteam, e, masua shihi.
See now the absurdity of all tur ecclsiastical tite at
the preeentlay ; an Archbshop is Mom Reverend'-a
Bishopis Right Roverend'-- Dean is' Very Reveremd,-
an Arcdevcennis' Reveremi and Vene bla'-ed a com-
moa Parsoa ReL reed I' a yet does pie pm
ames to al thleneiaee. ea mmeeam o dhe Apastle, and a-
declare that tiey have olt in the sliLtTo mpn dielheyod
the commands of Christ, or ahereil his inaitlutea.
Having seen how the commands of Christ, arme e at
*ough by the clergy is general, in the pump of 0hlr tir ,
we hoekl un keave the ubljecc amil we heaw dyJ si-
dered oh pride and vanity of the archie"isp dki atun .
The Archbishop of Canterbury is Prinma and Metr-
poliaun of all England.' He heh privileger t crow
all the Kigs of England, and to heve Ierls for hi of-
ficers, as fir instance, Ihe Biifhp of L on~ s is hia pr
vilnial Dean ; the Bishop of Wincha-ler i hi (ChUarelr;
tie Bishop of Lincoln 6i his vice-ChanYeviur; Ihe iheo
of Salisbury his Precenlor ; lisr Bimhop of Wor-ser his
Chaphslain. He may cionler degree of all Linds, and cd-n-
lure and eroammainicatr susperni, or dei s, fr any just
ause. lie haa power to rant dispernemons in any ea
fIriwrrly wanted hy the S~r fi Rimnn, niit comnrary ao d
law of (tud. He may retain eight challain, and during
dl vacancy of any se, he is dir rurdian if Ithepliritli-
ties. The ArcrllUihp lf Canterbury is the firs paes of
the realm, and hall, predrilencr, after te bloud royal, he-
fore all the peers of tle realm and the real officer of
State. He has tIer privilhrg toi crown the Kinr. Nesl to
him in nll Ihinrs is tih Archiishat p of York, who has r1e-
relmlnce ever all l)lik,,. (nsm of the hblod rlvyal), and
real t ,fll of Saelr, except ihe Chamcellor. He hi
Inivilee hm crown thd QUvin Consorn. A Bishop heth a
rcnsiiinry ,court tlo I-r rricli'sLsical rases. Hes -
rrnate clhurIIh, ordmain, adnmlit, and institute priai, roe-
firms, enuspenis, enrommunirctes, grean fLM fr mar-
riases, and makes prnhates of wills. He AI hi Arc-
dercon, Dnes and Chapter, ChbelorI ma Vicar-Gew-
ral, to amist him; may grant leases ( ser lives, or
twenty-one years, of land o. lly kun, reaerving the c-
cestomned yearly rent, Ar. &k'.
Here, emre, i a is t of dismlii en d emolummamo o


L ----~e --
- .EU tns I'

4 leaI.tIb. Uldcri ofk d. que.ot, SL
re'ar (o we on editori phrase) Is -w.. i qesii lie Colony. To acod bei ng,
reported to have arrived i the ship Aja, fro Litverpoul, th sa e CPsr T a- an
laI A V, noVWu n' 1, 31 am.d ims in a w d ay o g; there, the re q every eoed"
Crvdjel, w uhich moI ird l ir wayJ ie th dibe r o PI;m Io SI* JaN CAMI. lcsv.r. Uramg
dad armnlves ohblged ito rnuark sa th sh ces. o a wDe, 3 e ell, a intns awmr we e r S RA dad the cslen of
d Mtb Exilmy shP G ,nr. in pplaB 1 eised with avidity and ummasittd intd their coluu"s. i TI I d i lit
(Ida disagm b each) Jodge HandilUd.. amd paw- Thin circus moance comired uhe aspicimns of ite pro-
clsing s bh i hL asn, dlt dare to e pre an opinion in prin s of d I Courier a Enquirer, ld, mo doubt, ha By the arivalof the schooner Balamian.,
alkto Isa e llng, of tde Jldge's bla lard be- silubatit d their arr inol apinit dl" other ditr. den, fron Wilaington, we have been asI e
Lhadbi il da hell-rem. The manna in which Hi. E-- W Lo...pLndon- dis too
emcy Lotr -d em ohehelf of Mr. M mlhnds dsineve. WebLg to cllc It lea ft di Plubllc Isntb e aIm rimlpm Me date' '
lag y ilmrfreo si taelf of Mr. a fid tho e rules of C'helA, arA mdeee to she electors of idese Islands; and aM temler, from ome of which sundry imprmi
g eal he commi ay grau a bnreah f we saof have a number ofr epies rach, ge. tloemen having have been taken, and inserted below.
soley, ideed maoy to think tre bad bmen ome pr- f rd up the out Ishl.s, may obtain them to seed away, LATER AND MELANCHOLY FROM
eame pla. asl. di aed himself, and hi by applyg at our office Mat Tuesday ufteroo. Warw h fallen after a bl oody bate; fr
t ader ma workes k appear mom rartain; (r CI cg VLA ary are prisoner; he Rusnians laves uiugaiM
m Ma er NicMk, she gRek a I eruc k, put in arm, The city of Pari was thrown imst et it nmou
h-d eser by him Eacelemcy's ksedy" ad depluy p- TO THE f he news; the black lag was dispiyed; hi
Mleaor, (NmIlu,) u keep dL pemo ins he ernorous su ELECTORS OF THE BAHAMA ISLANDS. Lad bee unucceamful in two OmeaniMs ; m a
of e dmissd po (bimwIf ra ma i.), mmd "lm nd Perir had snaruwly escaped death. A
a w 1 e myd to Jimle pm we sday ei (eo BNANeA E lOM! Er.cTo'! lo Ig, perbap before many d broken out in Madeima, but had bonampr
rd.. e awy whe Jas m being sane d weeks s imper, you will e ca led upo to exercise dhe Tie important and diatrssing details gives le r
me Sry), wmhom emy p being aig fo roudest, she mo importaO the meat valuable franchise frou English papers, received a P Jildd ,
artier ary wemlt. rL 'y pp o m l, pro oto Coloss, which left Liverpool o the ofM
Emign Hi was the et d d o experience Sir which yo pemio--o ly, of electtg lnd We are indebted to Poulson's Advenrtime d d I
Jam.' wth; for Governor, .derstandig da M represent you in thde Genal AammbY o them Islan Guazee for the details.
L bed smared, tha he, hi c, believed Mr. md ew bi bee r- imprtiely icumbst POLAND.
ILdld t a been under the hence of yt is at d i pmle t I me, to eMeris thls lgt A letter dated Warsaw, Sept. say--" Pole
wuLH lrk he Mjor, e t fur it e and akod bhimt with re and iMdeence. subject to its lawful uovereig. On the kth l-
wh hed asmi tk Major, sea y or didy amkerd hia Two part new divide the colony. The object of one Marshal Count Paskewhlh mat a conidenial d
d sai d .Mr. Hill very didly uanswred ius te is obithe removal Jv a mes Carmichael Smyth W "araw, to demand in the name of his majesty
armaaie ; mad declmred, the it was ma e ly hisn w mission of the city, and to pruse, on ti*e eie
plain, ba dlo dIe opial rao every respectable gen.e. r gvernme ; tht of th o d-- contino e the amnesty and pardon. With so iinfamtion wh
-m who was in he bell-romn. Mr. Hl war then dis- goerment i hi nd : which party i a pn- bhe sulciently deplored, these words of pe we
d, with a threat fr His Es.lency, to abide ts vail, wil depend entirely spo thie choice which you mke* d by the laden of the insurrection. O Ihe it
mme~mo h" brwtemmrity. moelmaf, lagome aer representatives. break, the Russian army advanced to storm 6I
e ase d i t o of iould you elect pesos to repent n who will pr- After a nmot desperate and saguinary aW ,
was hewad, a smdvrt i s am the tmhrm a of Ewhach dee laom of n t I'we brave soldiers, with rae iqepklity, made thenmS ;
RMl, ad derir, in eontrdictlon, that Mr. Judge udli- Ue h. step which ihe members of tb htc H~ of terms of four redbts which Iy upon or le of i m
haIs Iad dined at His Escrllency's able, sad ccompsai- Amembly puormed, the Goverfmr m b removed, end well Ihe first line of intrenchmentswhich Lw'mlW
d him tLo b h Ie th i evening; dt MI. 8. only drank peac an d hppiines may e once morre rtored tote Co- naw itself, and of which Wolna isa pedrfet lfotru,
e gamm s f ligst Fre ch wie, ad a cap "of v, lony. Should yuu epresetatives, however, elected ta however, wv not ended with this ; th
bl t Mad w, ly, impoimble that Mr. from th who can be silenced by bow, or bought by cityd line of inrrlonts nd .r
dN Ihve baen under dthe lahi of liquor; and." a tide"-from theie, who am in expectancy, or in p- At four o'clock in the morning of the th, I
a pUMl damnt," bmalsblag Mr. Hill to Salt Key, a small semiu of oace,--d l he bae as yet done, will he Marshal was preparing to overcome these lat
key among tih Turks laiads, garrioned with about asi abortive; Sir ISmes C(rmkchel Smyth will remain as when General Krukowiecki sien Oeneral Prosd i
S oldes your Governor, and runiutter ruin, to the colony, .Ul be hin; to announce the intention of tie Polish asmime
sn e m dw n s t o tli Polie tL co uence. nit to its legitimae king. These sentiments wNt, "
Sr iena, we understand, me to the Police ever, not confirmed by that Chief of the Governm,
a tot make an ldari k pagam Mr. Judge Haodilaods ElectM of the Bema Your i s at sake That son after cae, in perun to dhe marub. I
S for am amaut, aut Mr. Nebit (we promme to pleas de poper(ty, he frulmof y. homnst indwlry, or the industry that dhe consent of tie Diet was* eceary fur .id
Governr)r efudl to msear hm to it; mad it wasot until of your ane stort*-lt property, which you hped to mission. After the mua mg emhnrtatiuns ad.,
he eeived a me m er from dr e Attermeny Genl ranumit m an inheritance to your children,-- military senations of tie inutiliy Io hftheo def,.nc, Isad fb
'Hdmpl Goalels which it would imnvitid brig *ith *, ih Owe
i1 kL ed, mad Mr. Boldmaish m bndo to -o desp would mO w rob yu of, in order to raie up to him- withdrw t 10 n o'clock inet fCoa n. Ilkeri
appa M ten lmsai igm f the GOnmal Cert, to answer df, te famedf a pkdila ropit; ad to rep ierewed hourmore were granted t General Kruowierk
to may h of ild amr w i bmay he give out agint of his seice from ya bitter eemie-- Wib- which time he was to announce to the Manral lis
hm, in h pk r re gaMims qi 100.1 I Hel fare and Bustoa- of he day. solution. As third was ot ivo by ne o'cluck, ith
msk dlu ira h j ieof i Lr PM T- is not a Ld chimera. L4ok to the ctsl of Si l simlseas word tht he soud gle orders t
m 'ark dihi e of 'a Pd James Carmiw Magi strate an hirr or was wequo for fbrowl dil
mjr Nib, the pwmnm amm ., wi hbaed ov to Jam C rmid Smyt-- y speak for thedls. elopsing without a nstisfactey awer being
kp dl pae, idot h ma 100 oo M r a0mll H. he met amld n Ma lt he law at d mm, d ried Marshtl inued orden ford as m k. It wa serwthis
'd peam we am-t15ad de ielh.lisealy hla mm p oishd he minister fr putting is L e tion I very successful; lHag r of we se t, bai they b m
in Mi |pm ama d-of Lo0. W my H'a hb me ammpld to over you as aiimtry depo, only dilatory anaoers. The actlk was, dherve hes
ibis Judgd o P es, is h o ad beup Iil madr t an a civil magisate, wr to wield upon e second lin of intrscmea, width whi sw "
,* he ,c y n ij lh ne ahe a tapd -d t the point of the beast. The ommy, whio
sa, mm e h' gm.l tme. mi m m Nomal me rmeastima received rginforcement., viworoudy d
41f b mI' g ea party ere.aS pPr--, aAs i -m times "ral a'mp of ashity er thde Sbw the gadnas ad the eipe o the d cie tuwa*
d L th l ahb risabndw toler appear, wv lm d i this CA r ld P od of this Cley, and l i illegl I Jealem barrier, and mev mder t trspgive ws
me, abmlb d'a Amfess Gernel m inted uao it Ierfen bM, S lave-owneo md atir Slaves, In- a mom em; bu thead oaref the latterrevived; tary
Wa M C. NhLt m .r w t Iall et d, acd i a k of Nfrcturia amM y ouSr l i ly sid he wall@ of drcky whicb prsnd a m
nmidal lim of dfence. or m e o vaofrd b d
wil ir iLm-m he I kne-r tha t f Major Nihob -a qm e of which, may deructive o the had sady dstinguiaed he two days were remn e
S a nas daitlemid by th civil p r.., Sir Jm Ca- Cey hhe m daily eadLmvaring by de ma at mine o'clock in th eveinl tde inlreacmes, dr
midchel 8i&yt, -er, wom a ms Maor j uj t mble to weak ye oatrity ever your den, ditches, wMlh--rer dig in sDi t o i. a
f a fdi Lh Cdy.Ma i~d ml ll in e 'I mmB Slavem Deot L ahe 1 i hima f l f y opportunity ds of or brve tr Meontime, night hid m
| Mr. .fl iIamdi w to be i m I . Thi wa do rug, jopeardisiag yea property; and i h mt evident, tha the nd tie army rqu.ind repose.
Mr. hemll emmplmtm. The wgll nere.- 'lhl mThe lines of intrenchoients carried by store, #10F
mar--Te n-oser, d a P.lkE Mtint, m Mr. dam ehjct d hisadministrae ia, to deprive you o socrs nd nearly 100 pnleesof ca :on wee te
aIeda l, had phamd this, a a m s of ging pperty, and bring about yor mir mnin 1 Yew fate of thei two memoable days.
JJ-e c r---b tL, they Ihae failed; .di oedor M e- hoeve "r wa hand-Thm who bave al- Nthiag could nw sra the city d i nso&
I me -w a intim lamed, I although hI hs fel th es rady proved themselves the friends of the Colony, and Both, therefore, implored the clesnci y of the 6"
of l Ecarelly'b dispdeore--hab don dtht which the e firm defenders of you rights ad privileges, are again and this ciruanetuf made i the Mirdwilb ds .lo
Pob Magii ErMe rrmsld to do, .nd Major Nico wll wi edy to act a yer represeaative ; ad in the place of te by nch an or tase wemic. T"d!
hawe to appear am proIcautr. Rad-b inelou thoe k ecant Members of the late HoUe, who vinletd troops are in Warnw. The Polish army ad dthe
etd lf Sir J. C. mytl, mad his pmir. sn, needs no the trust epd in them by their constients, manny are have suhuited to their monarch; rhe forur. is*
Im willing to come frumard. aity with te Emperor's manilfesr, game to PIW'Aa
Th 8 i a time for resve.-Men must be namd n o t ewi his olrers. In sone da*ys e swiballbt ia
A smpmn o de f h th Ro mias bh y tl h Plm, a that yeOa y knew who to choose, and wh o to t o 'e dlilm d account of bthee imalnate eae ,
Wam, having ssemd dTmw Namm, we omceve it Memsi emmaiqg Pinder, Irving, ad M alelm, voted ad by s a e Fiel Mob ald an
L~a luiq^id'"'1*1r, &ad Mm, voted ad by mroe kT The Field M.,"I hrim" 1
to le ewdaiy to caaamilk t pbBll y, sad toesplhla how against dLthe iamea the King, for the Goveror's aceivd a c.eatmiain mo tie left arm and the Irwnl-
a m er** igma*m. *We prm e-m Cm-iorad moeal; Memiwn Btler, Kwr, Hield, Hepburn, New- kowiLcki ha resimei his power.
ilvh ofr Now YiLok a spirited and wa lllsndnl bit. Wral ter Campljoh., Mlcolm, nd Rigbys General bMalea Ai hims anmunhe d. e *
i oma, haelmrtly inesaved a expeme a e a a petiti to thea King, praying for ae cotiinea ce 'a army toP sgnk i byh insetn ho ai h di
t twelve mm dera, is the poerh 1 fas6 ei4- r J. C. imy6 In she Goverament of tlhes Isi d coan= of in Inperin Majesty. we N I N
a oeam-isota, Gma o" n coast outside of Sal dy aad Mr. I1. M. Willians mactoned a letter wrIr the P olh army will psever i tese
lllk, wric isbom 5 imfrom m t city, i ordee t Msi a Kerr, Bkder, and Hlel, to dh Gogeror, is mea. nI dmaerld the pMerfi in.ioaskias wl
mm deL-k ad to albi bM shm dheir B i be f half of lhm wa, William, ald ohers, amdeinti Ie adde md md to i."
mwepat &de at l for of the ing ti e Bm. o Aem. T ir The London Morning Herald o the sith, s
s t lra.edin o te a o A T r T ls of Warsew, mid sth ruin of ans erd a
thir pta-. T rhey emphinae,a h of ea m -hey hav w hemsal be ia ti of Poland, appear to cat mlLeral g sem"
n ammpr heing b hi dse habit of pirating" from plktially oppg a tOhe r interests of the Colony; and public mind ; hard nal iil er I e tL aPtnpilllt ag
eam, mod availlag thmelves of the result of tlhir being so, every eher iihs has te godldf iLs ne~ry t A goesramet, which by a sinle nifeatae isf I
heam, wihoes giving al dt d caelil fow the sAm.-In Aheot, mo t wilhM hm ate frs s a.,-T .n "fid have sav l a e native. Tie 1awd m -o
e prame msamae, is appears me anival had taLe plae.r, anes, however, who, without having co ined th lr, in e r a a s


- _V -1



Suniunrs, on their puliry towards Pu- ofI rising price for bi truups lur lda winter, ch ply pe.
I .sir funds IvI lIilon from to 3 per cent. rhasrud.
4 lgarke h not expenurnced any material depression. The' Ruian conquest men to be complete, ad they
lm e m fer dhe Aeouatl t81, Exchequer bills, H to 11 had aheady begun to orgame a Government; General
lo din .Inds from I di. to I pram. Russia Boud Witt is ealiuod ubas ling hbn appointed to the situation
Sa 9i4 Anther Rusian oan is talked o. of Governor of Waaw. Th term which the besinged
-k Frenrch contain an absltrnc of a circular, ltani.ed were---ecuruiy for purIona and pruprty, and
and Wrsaw, Aur. 15, and ,lrlnesswl to the Polish En. fromi these conditions tlearmy i not excluded. The ful-
ay as Parl. 'Tims dlcunilent is mmie niftecting and in- luowig extracts will be read with interest:-
p re. It clumrese tim calnels 1 ,f England indl France FRANCE.
a i bId Milel, and adds, hasi if I'olaid be again unslaved, Th LTondlon Morning Chronicle of the 9110h mys-We
tis h must he artribli.d to lsuir hypocritical syOlpalhy. yesterday received tli Pari pnaers of Sunim y, id the
S a of 1Moesasr dro Cluuabre. dated Monday.
ithe .th ilt, .en. n. -Aou"""nts fr"in War- The contents ofthbe papers, a well our corespond-
l -led in lcai li eveln anisimd ounce iat Gelal. ence, areof the mont serious import. ;reat changes at
M, inclrlod in lime c*apiillatiuo, oed ba elsen a Geoal tii Paris are unavoidable.
t :%r'Ie e Miilsl to recumiml itself to themm cle- aLtrter r.-The expre from Paris give alarming Me-
i,,,cy of she E.iperur, wse co>nmma,.la it will await at counts of b1 state of the French capital The news aof
pkak.--(Brlin Journal, published hIy Spkuer.) the fall of Warsaw sems to have excited among all ci.a-
Bedi dept. 1>.-Tlmh Prussian State (izette of this seo there a frenzy equal to that produced by the publl-
d onenmim. two accounti front thn Ru -ian lheIl-quartlrs, cation of te Pulignac ordinaees. Men view itusa nelk-
dIi AnlrdarJ Nailarzyn, Se lt. 5, describes the prepurn- a calauity---s national disace, of which sec
ea MJale for slorming the inlrenchnienti of Warsw, and individual must bear his sare. The majority of the shop
el*wii-. an apiprehulisilon thai tlle negotiations comnmen- are shut-public business is ina sme degree spended-
a l by G(enorl Saneunlnher, may not have a favourallle tle Minister are insulted, laughed at, tlhrmatd, anod
smrll, bht adds thal if the attack in tis, intlrenclmnents lienged in effigy-crowds throng dhe street, with crape' at
Isould be successful, perlips tihe voice of reason may be and arm bands, some pillaging the gon-maker' ahops,
rneid to uand then it will require but a shun time to come uolers busy in listening to the ardent appeal o the ae-
Iean undervlanlinR. paplrs--.he theatre re a almost all dosed--the blek b gh
Thi second report In dated Warsaw. Sept. I t r- boited in ome of the sainstree-the dra beats hourly
hIs with more detail, bit in substance the th as the re- to arme-tbe MarmMaim is publicly sag in the Palh
pun lrmely received, the circustarnres o.f Ihe attack on Royal-the troops of thee moe e ua miuom--ad so d
tioe intranchlennts f Warsaw. On tlm id day (Sept. 7) up all inone significant mnc ee, the Minisry ha ben
Conil Paikewitech received a contunion from a connn twice defeated on points which it hl strongly t her.
bll, which struck hii left arm in the first quarter of an M. Casinir Perier and abastiani ad a arrow escape
houIr of the ooibat, and, ihodug h no dangerous conrequen- of their lives on Saturday.
ens were aprehended, h e was doliliud for a time to quit But, besides the affairs of the north of Europe, Frane,
thi fmhl, and leas the command to generall Toll. After is would appear, es threatened Spain, in cas the Go-
reviling the circnismiane,.s of time coiilult till the Ruenmns vernmenlt of that country iterferes in th approaching
had taO pmession of the ranpars, the report concludes in contest between Don Pedre and Don Miguel. The Cn-
Mhe following seirrn. The Polei retrnelud into the in- titutionel gives pages from a mote prwe ntd by the
irrior of the city; slle jmMan occupied the ramparts, French Charge d'Affaires at the Court of Madrd, itiam-
and erecl bLtearies Lfr ca nnon, nt chaslies the rabel- ting that a departure on di par of Spain frem he pri-
hos city in cme it should peraevere in its resistance. In ciple of non-interventom, would adl to dhe creaing of
d*h course of the nivlt Gen. Krukowiecki sont a lag of the Pyrenees by tle French troops.
same, annmiuncing that tie Diet had dlimolved itself, and O. P. Q. gives spirited account of the disturbnaan
that hn as Dictator, governed alone, though he was not sure in Paris on the receipt of the news of the faH of Warsw.
ofhislilr. At duv-break order, were iuedlto allthe troop INSURRECTION AT MADEIRA.
em to ammit any ho*isilities, as hI h the capital and I h
Mntry hd hl;iltl lo his Majesty ti .nror n A vessel has arrived at Madira, which states that in
amuntry hadl oithiiiutod to lii. Majesty she .IeproIr andel .
lint, and the army was nnrching to PlokL, as llw Fi.ll cn""qlue"ce of a report hlat the French squadron had
MweIml had ordere to wait lis Majesy's command. firce"d the Bar of LisLtes and was in possession of the
Thbi morning Gen. Malnciowski caused a report of dir Riv,,r Tagus, a revolt autong the islanders had taken place
f4,i arni to 1e delivered to the Field Marshal. The i"n tvour of Donna Mriq, which however was quelled by
eporil n(luard occupied the city this morning. At the the governor after some irl. This official had thought
Jitme lem carrierr a dep.ation presented to his Imperial proper to accuse the Engli Consul of having circulated
Hihem the Grand Dike Michael, be-ad and salt. A the news, nd had place that functionary under marest in
hIede orupied the Tote do Pont of Prn. The Field the Consulate House, a larg body of roopt preventing all
Iarhal will come this morning to the Belvedere; lhis in ng'ess or egress, and he intended to keep the English
dalemsiion prevents him from getting onm horshebck. Gen. Consul tlus coined till further advices from Lisbon.
Cuat Wint. is appointed Oovernor of Warmw, and GO. REFORM BILL.
meal Kurm Commanei nt. The suburb on ele ooth- O e eeni the 1teeg, tha Refieem Bill, Mwa p feor
third endiog.
a "I a m lmias a ntirly brnat down. In the city l ord Jobe IR ll maod the hd meetg of die RKefo
h n rtllery hademo litdtInle odmae ; nst e tt would nBii whieh cnrieony enaouh. owig tom on risng sil
bas hme fell to-day. The loes of the R an army he speaker had put Ihe quesion, uad dmsed hat she Aye
OlM Mne he inconmideralem I i is etimatd at between had it, wa. vey epecedy i ght s a division. 8ir J.
4,10 and 5,0UOW bt positive detail re a sail w cMrean rm t spe a e him is pan d.
lag. The didnl wao e o itSo5. New seas, d lmmud-
en P-remn a u t (last of the 16th coeLais a dm s pestposed ail adopted noe which Iad J
hridsr nws from Warsaw. moved tilt the bilido now p a m-sa thimm
& with a good do of cltrni.l-The oeaeam.
Bedua rip. It.-(rmr a leuer)-With rspec to r t wl be am w debuted. Ir Dmoa tmig
uecodklole on which Wl-sawas surrendered, we leas eda d ti m so psaa sai a New CoImoa em." Am
ta- m-ahIy ud fredm of their pemias ud al dame -s-en 1 b m d y d wib a. i a ill es m-
me d pdbRc offims. The army is gone to Plaok to ma. M de defa an wan e md-- -m duy.
mawal Eaomrar's order.--Only for h members of A nvonln maha. h g il-.d i a bd-
ddis a promise of curity cold beohtained. he li a lols thing, bhas a gt a i malC Th a st ib
0N lg visi alternately the opera and the dtetre, beyond ds nM eko po em y M tk h inb s a
bAd hi attendants as Clhurls tr are esclduied from bh *h he my b ahe d dn a W ith a n uirty
al coalition with p rsea o the Palace. Thb ad hlw, or mlwso X o ta o ujelas. frqily iin my d
Pris *nd heir b sehold ar goe to the new Paim "ow mmemoi.--e Crier.
m PfatdLm.
L-dI, &Pm r 0.-We received bla nih t, Ra*m-
lpm p. its th 1h inst. Time burden of their
t41 as wd as of a prea ding arrival, which will be
Ma d aeao place, from the asme quarter, eentises
bm p Puld and fallen Warsaw! The evi- PORT OF NMASAU, N. P.
minse new sar conclusive upon tf lianentable subject, -1E
esa a ve for a hope theI the natiolality of Pol AI V ED,
wil bhe repecaed, anl, the lreas of de despot con- Nov. 17th-ll. M. schr. Speedwell, LL Warren, Cruis
Sdammld relem, ul his prudence or forbearance in- H. schr. Skipjack, LL Shonland, Do.
i to eaoncdle that which it is now too plain can II. schr. Kangaroo, Lt. Huokvy, Do.
w be wrn from hio Iv Polish Force. '" 8th Sch r. ll.iuaianr, Pruden, \ ilnintoan
e fraction of the patriot armuy whirh had passed Rice, Tar, Pitch, Curo,Plank, sluin-
mb PrfaY on is way to Modlin, and frunt which so gies, Ac
was expected, mrrhd, it now appears, as a body to Jous SauLuDs.
ajrn ofa war, at the cmnland of the conqueror,
She pe pointed ml by him to await hi pleasre. CLEAHED,
I aty in, im aword,lo't toPoland,exrept its hunour, Nov. 17th-Am. ahr. (ten. Marion, Weks, New York
ed as in remains unlarnish.d. The conflict in the in- Farmers' Delighl, Couke, Cuba
eaoni set mu lave been awful, anl, if the blesieed be
U4 ryaarded the palm of olstinate valour and io. SAILED,
mlrsance, it is but fair to eive to the aiailanlt tl Nov. 16th-Sp. schr. Cunota, Mendes, Cuhn
sm fll brave and huIyant impulse which bore iothi 17th Schr. Hannah Johnson, Johnso, Annapolis
L eb meny diffccies. Primnase, Iludmn, Barbldosa
h" Polt are confessed by their enemies to have behe- " Blosom, IIldson, Jamaica
rnhPolish spirit; and the Russian soldiers, without Ith H. M. chr. Kangaroo, Lt. Hookly, Cruise
Stol n theirdetestcableause,appearthavecodoucted 19h Am. schr. Gen. Marion, Weeks, New York
with psaimeworthy bravery. The lem of dhe
mi-lmed in the Prunian a rounts at 4,00)0 or NOTICE.
M ae; but it must be considerably nmre; and when m HE ntSBSCRIBER hus on hand about 200 dol.
rin adittsed. it is n Iotnnennil, to wt it lown lat M nf superior London Brown Stout, which he offers
a* L as. or (l,0n11) nrn. I'.in at such a prire o low i Cash.
"alrisci my think the caplal with all the advantage JOIIN G. MEADOWS.


On Maday meat, lte sld iolte,
AT Till VTNDUS o noI,
At 10 O'1O4mI A. M
Wil be Sold
Supelfr6 Flour, in harels,
Butner, Chea,
Cole, in bags,
Hams, Crackers,
S~, in barn,
W Paint, a kegsp,

6 plee very Ie Drill,
10 unmm ha, aaD

1 pipe Holl d Gi,, i lo to auk parcime
November 19th.

O Money aot, ane nit iuing.
AVT U5 NitOU i MO1.4
at IS O aseo mA. X
Wu be 8ob.
At ao MRmems' C, nK,
1 a Madra Huandher s,
1 dhio ine Cmes,
1 dml Calicom ad Cahins
Sdo Begals,
1 dine fi e Cotes,
I diteo Stripeo
Omabrwg Cheake, Dow I cae Stationary, c. c.
November 19ih.

On Need "xt, tRe 81 m utase.
AT maRaS movu
AG :L dm sai at&
Fresh superfie Flaw, i bulrag,
Sugar in barrels,
Core d Re, I bpgs, I
Irih and American Butter, ih lur,
Lot Supgr, Hymn Tea,
Hadl barrel Crackers,
Superior Brandy, in lotus,
8asp and CIedles, in boxes,
1 case fae Calicoes,
1 ca Jadaet Muslim,
I dft c bKi HaodkwrdiUf.
1 dnu do. Clucks,
1 b-Wlrass Cleao a -& &.
Im,--CABH. 5
At tewe maiAl' Ce,
S0 hbels choice Noe Orile Flour.
Neombr 19S&

555cf irUIWIC PaBM I

ffAVING M ri d Lu IB 'l
ur o Lmnlf irft Fr, OrMd,lt Ltha
AgIo l~ iI S gm. d doi -mpmwAsl-
MIk & Byr I mier oted Verm.
DAVID 8PENCE, Very Clrk.
Vn Resn, I November. 1881.

A LL PERSONS having demands apism- Th
Swsning. Is o4 do Island of New Proeieae,
drearsd, mn requmed to reder the m ddly ueimed;
and thoe indebted to de mid d e s, are denied to mke
immediate paym t, to
November 19t.
T IE SUBSCHIBER heing ahou to have I he Is-
land, reqmue nll person having dermanld agaims
him, a forward timr accounts without delay; and them
idbIand to him, will pleas, make payment, eO or her
he Ih iesst, otherwis their account will be piead
in the h and of am Auorne.
The louse and Premie preset occpd
by Mrs. Poitier. The Houe is room ud
convenient, with large Kitbchen nd wish
anachdd, chair house ad suImiang ar tlee
ureseatsemive yard l grim pem. Thaome bdia
have been lately thoroughly r eed, ad p W prt
of th feises have beam el pat up
AL .
A tr of Land ituatd at the VmYg containig i50
anrs. It divided byle vill i two Leo. the
western lot being intersected br I ew read leading fIrm
the village into the Blue hill rd. Ts ld will be di-
pnse ofin oneorthree lut Appilto
September 7h. JOIIN W. MILLER.

,, --~---~gL~


libe -lisl asin e :at reula hi tes, wi.c |l r Oeleeat in t- 1 in- Di CB tory in D meummrgof he ry gill5 to iAso her b.

y ..doth rd m Ma ha o tm l iu i ne i if TiU clur leo l icctriag it.
dlra or iro ls Io she pt ra uri po herd wre be astn r i e a, j ai gi ..r u. liuoteuing to bewa on an object Se ecreuiled *a
riten m far ue -- I d, Wh er. a emby lIAN re1m Im ed ,i her lmon re rmnot e dit i o her nt being cols net b i
and rourge-tdiherya ln ads t I xadl ntl Ith a ies n r- i. Ilr'r-uaaf, l6ied tr--At the Hart- u i d iadl y u of rrratewas applina tio a w l. m yde fur -e e.
e ae "ds( o S C hrch, Iai tIh i Bad rwe c nidar o eal h d a Iis a pi c uie o r ylum., a nd dbl derte n wo u g rant e
l and iu r. ntid Ire; wII. t "ho e ard, in be s sl ie ir., ..who.e Ho, national om e ante were, he p n crae ,
thop har Otere te of hieb pris.i iv.Clrch>. ,e r h aunId lo nidm is hui ira e, awl mi ee aasivu tn Bedi n evont indtu cor te o ntehin her da e sipsl. l, Iy wme

aae, pas mra sleeles nigi how aeth ei mmle mff oee i o wch record bee ao.ed mseata whihroreithnher an ewnndtee atonen ausa
asloa, to das vor b. wthe potsel6 e m they r each e 01n pan hey, by the ena o J .a U .. rare 1- t th Na. rae, plieav e hi c in wag adeo r

lpi theI pe. e utiol of nda or nul" whicrtin- ie wfas mom g it eretin oaw b e t prer enta ini ble t red inde lseal eed. iy If- d. Allo late

Shohave amatry t strugdles wromotith San, waere boundiag. suiom rrom peo w s u lary o east e orWind giap l, aiom: wit- tothas t s ew e l o n rthef e, which r titemphus bnlimtnds
dnc ap srikin 1indS jhis priebnd of hiir p tiy a f-tlery ei as o by Ms i s he sig onedex. buse her support, r s surface. But it was in vain that she punctually rpreal
lan u care -se i journied boi e as an i y h s --tmo ir w.sia s o lach mek dies rnced wa c h o yis cerai ia rnger the school room and daily devoted hour whoer lower ,
te to pre.ate whrceb y hid ldd*i sea pk mlil eam d, ihe gXe 2a er dyw relation is which rre ing their forms with pind upon a cushion. HoweveS

' r y l v elmtd ,e ia amerd fus in Sow din ca ; med hso pur esalotha
dtM4 sentgi Cahn urhe; .nd tem i t_ psl hoe d s i. fyu n b E wi t dropping his mile. Her cumate her delineations something s were, they c n.
Bt hte ih. elh ievesrlcli, I n rae:- ma d 6i Brac ahv wt d a s a tm sivee f the iu mediator so idea to the mind s n hs sa cIty Ea psei S
aB st ho araiheT in ,ours chins. I.. r .prE d ms I e miul*ld ~ t in~, thea l N is do only instance.d d ed ewier to he wer otin o thu f Iw
Jiltin ee or ldn r ,arp isron Bvailp.t hae lye agle o win regy ord is aeianl, s elm ets, which *era withio her sphel, ithn to asie
p nhr passay a sto teep s might in the fi ma ssl of iad several ane un cmir thom se was sinshei. faceuntable.

have edia glae, wiesh Sta i heey a wlel the Prin-u from sm e tampt ionary wea wichs wer presntod ar asi waestd ineti ey wrprichas lai en llprasWinvde poema d

may mayke mle@cton ofa da eomr mf Bytr, aOW gll ich I sme were of the 3e eture. Whea tie wes- the manstion. But art imnldiaty bxuiedi hernsef in O
SVowthin Impad within tn y-iv tmeouwpfund ye ar, lther beof ane cold, he wokld e asr lopn y kneel on th e ly exploring the siee of the aparl then, iad the hdsg & d

hdalp flt r d tweir hsmble t laelln, to feel whetr the other the Iaircis e; ite seve knelt, a ind rme ol ed to e ti-

,r in, e Trasury, Ga ln h md utedlmf s L chh sse if the funily were duraised with had o l- 4; and nowasif by tine ueronkrb of ad myher gms
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h A phrase hi Marton Ls's n t the Pop Lee X: sr tenacity with which he adhered to this syem o give to the idioms of Jrli'c charapet, and her mtthem 14
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