Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: November 16, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Z- 1

ts BiMabtiGmwa R g**3

*OBREB BIGSN, Edltbr. WEDNESDAY, @OVBEIBER 1, 18a1. VOL. 1--,.. S .
-srf i

THE BAi liMA AltOUS. which s admitted by the Powers concerned in the sec-
lion of the fiirtreses of 1815, will, I doubt not, be a-e
pirgsLIuI s3l-wiErRLY IN NAssAU, N.. knoiwledged by tim nation. Nogatialhas will take place
t-o regulate tei execution of the mieumre connect with
Slht Doelor per anam-Iz advance. the dolunlition of sonie of thee furtrees.-I-appy ,i
being able to draw closer the ties which unite the two peu-
pie, Belgiuin will on this occasion give proof of its gra-
titude to France, and Europe a striking pledge of its just
confidence in tIe honour of the King of the French.
Jt The eminent services rendered by France involuntrily
call iour a's"etiul to a recent event, the con.equOnce of
which, I muIt May, have been too 10ucli eluaggelled.-
S Belgiuml confiding to excess in the engiaeennts contract-
P0 S TP. ed by Holland towards the five powers, and to which it had
-. _.. itself subscribed, was suddenly surprised by an army, the
B.ADNESS AND MIRTH. force of which far exceeded that which Belgium could op-
Ye meat Itie stlaely festi of old. pose to it.
When n tile bright eye fouml in .sculptured gold, In these painful circumstances, the succour of friendly
W:tliies anld Mirth! ye were mingled there powers became urgent and nldispeamble. You know
With the sounll of the lyre in the -pented air; wilh whlt generous promptness it wa afforded us. If in-
A tihe cluudl and the lightning are bleat on high, ilividual courage-if the bravery which lih never been
Yet .mi'd in ile gorgeous revelry. denied the lelgic soldier, could have made up for the want
For there hung o'er those banquets of yore a gloo of organization and union which was felt in our young
A thought and a Ihalow of the tlamb; army-without doulit (and you will believe my testimony)
I giave it the linle notes an under tone, we should have ileritoriously repulsed an unjust aggression,
'I' l the rose a coluuring not its own. contrary to all tll pilinciples of the law of nations. The
T"'. the breath of i te myrtle a mournful poeer- nation will be lint the lure sensible of the absolute nes-
Hildues sond Mirth ye ech had your dower! aiy of the reforms already commenced and which are
Ye met while the triumph swept proudly by. prosecuted with a degree of activity, tillt of which
With the Roman eagles through the sky! will loon be apparent. In a fewday Belgium will have
I know Iha e'en Ilien, in his hourof pride, an army which, if it should again he necessary, would be
The smet of the miltby within him died, able, rallied around itl King, to defend with honou and
That the void in his boeso lay darkly still. with surcess the independence and die rights of the coun-
Which the music of victory might never fill! try. Projects of law will e laid before you during this
Thou wert Sthre, O Mirth! swelling on the shout Session, to give to the government ha legitimate share of
Till the temples like echo-caves rang out; inlliionce In tim couipoeilion of tie army, to restore con-
T'hine wen tlie garands. ile sons, the twine, dence to the soldier, and to mnure a just recompense to
All the rch voices i air were linee. lhose who shall distinguish thomelves is the day ofdanger.
The incensei the unsmhine-but. adlness! thy part, (entlemen,-I will call your particular attention to the
I)epest lo all was the victor'l heart state of our finaices. I know tIe care which this esen-
Ye inetat the bridal with lower and tear; tial part of the public service requires. The prevailing
traingely a ail lllly ye ioelt hy tile ber i! dire of nmy government will always be acceassively to
A. the glir.iln lr a na..A-lnlrs whoi. ling slied, iittlodluce in lie public expenditure the economy which is
('nies. Ihe stnorm it it llio of dread, nsi loudly called for by the state ofsociety, and by the aid
A lrlle iln'lt lep brell cf a 'sllllld r .ky- of li'lh it will be practicable gradually to lu n the bur-
a denm of tlie people.
Ye nmlil ill iite iarl' hitiiltrd breast- At present, neverlleless, sacrifices are still ecessary ;
Jasu manl and riibw alike ias gust no dme one hmnil, to dofnry thli4mcla of the re-organi-
Wlhen ihe bretaih .f the vi.le is ouit i ,ipring, zation of the atny ; on the other, to make up a diminu-
Wllirl he woIs a t ltl, Illi wikllkeig of musin.c rlin, lion itn the reven',ia., which tile circumstances in which we
O'er hot dlrealricll lril y IT I1llll piray urre s ,pa..
Lier i lrsinov sllilul lgl eu'r lurlnin s. aret for a lillie liled indicate as inevitable. The nation
Like w t n s rved that it did not shrink from the sacrifices whlicli
When will your lparlng be, Sadness nuid Mirth 1 liii Inhnoir and the interest of the country required,. I
Hightl iarreni aiild dlrk use! O)h never oil earth! will also kunow luw to Iber those of whilh tlhe (overn-
Never while trlumlllpiv Inol lnch.s lare a. near. Ilient hall have proud tie necessity. TIn confidence
While deall arid L4fve wilk tilie Wiine tm s1helr: with which tise whole nation ilst hitherto Omt ill King,
lhile osf noi n ;i .,usnillre ,e t sw ~ ives nle right l reckon oi ltie representatives in all the
i te mlliiret whici niay contiriblute to Ithe cood of the country.
II1 li t er I sir 1111!it .1 i.1,() lr,,ul|.,ll pl irl M li p Iti s "I ill in t lbi' dle.apliis ntl'l. will se us
I\lirere s' hlIlno pi.ll t Ii ti i. s ,liiiuui'r sir, -'ianiiatel l by ihe sani c irri, and Inbour in concert fur
Far triss 1I It e.ilsi f i1 i.i aul ls., tfie happ inls and s lorv of Ihis coiuntrv, to which l shall
her lile s1.' al1 'lie CIfIecls dne, ease t de ot all Ivly u licitule, as I have already
AIdjy relii e li Ii lu l lr, i Ih 'il ly i dne devoted it to tily deareit slleclions.'
uiljoy reagims misUse, as tlie inly s.u
The snew (lihambers are composed of four parties-the
BRUSSELS. moderate, the Frnrch, t It lRepiilican, and the Caiholic.
TsaSca W I LEOPOLD ON THI OPNINM Tim last has several warm friends for the re-union with
CIa O I A L rOLD OTmi T8. France amnlonit them. The moderate party is headed
Clmar--l l am happy to be, for the second time, by Devaux. The French party have among their nt-ii
amil thd presentatives of the nation. ao^ Robaulx, S~ern, Blarenes, Genbien, Le Clerq,
The prae d affection and devoledous which the Bel- Petlum, and Lardinoi The Republicns, lhe Abbe
ic nlion has ot cea sed to give from the moment I set d Hlem, and several prices The Catholic have the
y ftoo iLm territory of my ado ped country, have d majority. Several of the late mot violent spkers hve
7 hit with lively gratitude. This voluntary transport not been re-eecrted-for instane, Jot mnd, Van Meenen,
* w l .aion, while it inspires me wih very lo or" r De Farq, and the Minister of War, Charles
pial. ual Di ln le sensible of the eleny of w- 1)e lroickers It is im that time (Ctholies have not yet
aitat are impued upon m I do ot dte mble to decided on the character they *sill amume, but intend
mfy af Ade nmerors difflcuhltie of my siuaion, wiing lr he formation of the new Cablnet.
awith the aid of yr knowledge d exeriee ui It is ali stated that hI. Le lion, the ot ahembador
e alle to overome trhem. knwlede nd epr *a Paris, is o be the new Minister for Forei;n Affair. If
Ih principles, laid down by the Constitution, 'he r tireient of Chirle ,Ic Brouckere is certain. The
Si have i p~lr laid down by the ('onsnution, ktIenxn diffr'nre' between ties; two genthlmen womll
wic I have sworn to observe, shall iave received, b e knon difference bewren llK two gentlemn would
P ctiw a of tle law wlich will be suibniiled to vour eiler it impossible for them to take seats in the soime
"omars, tie development which they still require, Ch r r r in.
io eny a graer dere of liberty han any The greater part of the French army have pfaled the
lr nation in ie lr rope. e i any frontiers, and, their head quarters are removed to Mons.
i esi trough which the country has had to ps The Dutch and Belgians do not seem to have decide
*"r .ierto toain i which the en ion,r h s lid to pa n, the qistion of dykes. The Kin of Holland persists in
it a&*ctae its mR liatial interests. It mnut henceforth keeping a Irge force on the banks of the Schelds; and
'io l, T hi uhitl nlera I t it mutt h flh pinea largef,
Sect of iour united effsts to prmonole It he inter- tihe Belgians, imitating his example, are daily eadmlng
e by encouraging line muaufactorins, and opening chan- troops in that direction.
cu* nmerce. Brads, Sept. R.-The Prince of Orange and Prime
L relations already so happily established witi, Frederick went yesterday to the evirons of Terhenden
F and England, and which I hope will ouon he ex- and Gertruydenhere, to view, with the chief ocenr of
b n" to the other Powers, will facilitate the pferforance the renineers, certain points connected with the defence
*f Si of our territory.- lanlisaure Cemerrilw.
.'lmaniioln have just bern opened to effect a defi-
'm rra4e'ment of our diflrences with Holland.-The The London herald of the Iith Peptember in commenting
S'*alad interest of the Delgian nation will be defended on the double faced policy purnusl by Prssia in the pre-
S* with pereverance land dignity. With you, geonle* sent game of Euml"an politics, says:-
--? sal the whole notion, I lmk wilh confideoce to the It to arerd on all siles that the 'renme troops marched
* ymla negotiations, die result of which will e laid into Itlainamn touppor King Leopold's 1 ornet with the
Syou concurrence of the Confermner. as those Powers now call
ssfttte the pol bt of sh fi tihenhrselve which. wilh the exceprio of England. an bet-
trality of Reaiam guarantee hby the fie r n by the name the Ho Ait m. In ast, if
ian sy easer d the pocihilily of modifications in France had not the msanct. of drh other Pome re tiher a.
Sye of defence. This possibility, the principle of vance of her troops upoe Belgin the mainwme weald ane

heen considered nos only a dewlaraisf t war h -alal
commueement ot hkulMlin Prussia, head, Le a y
teoamed F-awee isl t nml iato Belgie- I hr I
mub ent aao to the proeedigs whicL th eam Ua.
vernmet aipeaed am at rmeeipt of King Ln a Efle
wa squivalre pea p eevas p ins. Ye1 a i a
remao to believe at Prh e uas emrled the la-a at
Belgium by the Dutch, at te very tie itha Frmek tnep
marched, by aw oeasnt, to drive back the leadm.
What was the obje of ProsI in pmensing this deolI-
laeed paliy We slMU an. The Invasiu of lglM Thy
the Dutch has renoered the Belgie qmalo m e Lampis d,
and more dilcf h of aljuuaema. thl bla. Te eay n
of the march of the French trope aeitcd smpleisaa oht
France was taking the filot favorable pporseaty that pe-
sented itself for realizing her view of aggoamdh at, adi
taking the rat step towards a ew series of Eaepsan can.
quests. In the fSuaer revolution Prussia invaded m'ra, e
and miscalculatiog the energies and resaoree of a people
who were struggling for freedom hoped to resua th- at-
lant despotisn b y a asop ie aim. latrnlted by Sner ei-
pevienee, her qnuiremism a muA* liberty is nol nw o ram-
Ient; she mie e ie o of culious policy with her deadly
holility to a revolluioniaed Goveramea. She has show Ihi
in the case of Poand as well as Francm. BSi has a y
taken arms against either, but she has practiced a Macli-
velian policy towards both.
The concentration of Prusian foree Ia ithe Rhenei pa.-
vinces to the amont of apwanl of aWt ,0'0 m well leuip-
ped and ready to arnch at a tomesl's eatice, n.eaids, whLu-
ever diplomatic assurances there may be to the eontrary. that
there i little probability of any long coltiasc of the peace
of Europe. That Preaios soldiers were an prwod (
joining in great aemben the Dutch inradig army of Bel-
lin. ,e aow to be placed beyond doukL. although the
Pru veamet maUaged the master U s acs a way as
not tobe openly or directly impkl ed n giving my ,nea -
nce to the King of Illlaud.
The game that Praia a hd the her poers of the Holy
AUias asee new playing l to lay t iral for a warwthi Prsace
in each a manner as that the Eallsh Govermean aa eat
fire to hat train. They well remember whalt a adiatage
they had In having Egland the paymaster of lIeir forces
during the late war, ad they would delay like to be sub-
sidimnd by English gold agln. That the faor Pow have
demanded the ervcration of Helgfium by every French aidn,
we are disposed to believe. If the renrh G(iveriment skld
refuse, or should be, at present, enable to obey, on actenet
of the mischief which the recall of die troops while te atchr,
backed hy the Prusaimn., err obvioulos preparing for new ae-
(ressions, might prnMlue sl home. Vnciland will be placed
in a situation which will compel her to make commea ecaMe
with the Holy Alltare in their prmjected crusade agaiim
Frma.. and thus the oljert of the Msehinveliia policy of
Pnirlsa will have besn latained. It is deeply to be reg rrled
lIal ullr Minrisry, who Ilet the 'oles ti their fale. should
liave evinced is little wisluom as to have involved this coua-
try in the quarrel hetreen Itelgium nds Ilulland, in hlisme uab
mnslion in the crafty Imd dangerous machinations of the Holy

ltarre, Sept. 1'.-Tim letters frun our manufacturing
towns, received by merchants in thaicity, announced lsat
bllsiness is Lever% winee it gaining its furIer activity and
Ilhi conilsiflisu f:ct is each dau isade apparent to us here,
Ily tla' iirge' amouiint of inIrchandisze which the mlanufirC-
luring too un for seoine lille past are taing out uf uat
nmarkerL Miore than 71t11K behls of cottonn have lien ul
here durinL' tlm lhal we.k. Importantl Lle of Iugwr,
Ihiligo, Coilee, Iides, I'P Ashes, &c. have also we*
made in this short siacee of time. ('Clonial produce i
getierilly hiigher and iimplrtera must havu realized a pruot.
For two months past, more tlan one hundred ships hae
arrived in this port from al parts of the globe, and th
ales made of imported merchandise have beni as rapid,
that at present we begin to feel a want of many aticks.
Business cannot have acquired auch general activity,
without hie working claea deriving breaedt rom it. I
is uicient to walk alone our r wharve to form an idan f
the new impulse which tie prsuit of conmmerm hL rre
ceived. They are covered with merchandise Soiag to
numerous vessels or coming from them on shoev. BSt tht
thisactivity should colionue, it inseceary ith govereme
lmoild fonler that industry which lask bul a opparamBy it
develop itself, and above ll that riots widow as jerit g
should not disturb the confndece or impair tat -staliy r
which France stands i meed.
The St. Peteran urgh Gasele contains an I lnria Il
cree, ordaining the levy of 4 rrrruits out of 5M0 ladiwkh
throughout the Empire, with the exception of crrt eai-
calities. It also publishesa uanlfeso In which the Em-
poer, afler espatiltingon the dislarhenc tim haoe iakn
place at St. Peterburgh, Moscow, Htaraja, Rimia addLs
military Coloae, announces that perfect em ranqily ha
been restornd, and that the rebea will b broat to

A letter from Cofu, dated Aug 17, coataim thIe ler
int extract from a letter from Napoli dl RIoms i--
Blood is aigan lowing in Greece. The Preaim ha
been employing the Russian forces to rsalt she d
the sensible part of the nation, who cal for a a j
sembly and a constitution. Five dos e w wa
ing against the Ruasians at an, mu l dibi lara
and other troops of the Pireald lh.L Admral
Miaulao oemande the Greek A-St, he he a ahn
poaeoaof i aorde todledl riti f tls Im .
The tl took place in thel pan f Por, ire
Ruosian Admiral was with a frigate med tiers brig& A
Greek sloop and a Rrmein brig kav heLa dinbled. We
are looking wih dia atmmi usiary for the reak f t oe

bo g bI llf on $ iffin) ftW enfbey dlid ofr a
o HSnn fet- Ilb Cua tlwero ; ot o '1 (LO i uurc l intelligible, that an doley W ..'I
|-- ---"* -- 1.lill) etI noI, s ling prjulicial tothle Major's rmarcler, M il "A Ti in s 6n division,
'Jtm 3#L 1AT,.0AAb v s'& 19.1 61hf I.a..rn, l& hena de an ci i. hi Lsz c a 's niuid,i ur c -i r. f.nal dv i n m of th Am
._ ... -s .u..iee or t Ilia Ecrg, ,prferrd against hnim by Mr. "1 Tile rex1rit.lCe I avlae bhd ofo lief -
tha'oup- os dleldbi l y'silt, Ma thai r eil ol J sel. Oe vor-- -d active pfn b) 1 u"', Ion' 1alll"" not a11pp"al to yu l in vaiin fur such ln.
'* S df.- d., broiilt by tie. Mil l.--1s i Haa..) S .k.|.r r. Tlh vry .tive pm -ki n ,theeigence off G(overnnient nmy require.
thlMlnlr i l i b y ..l day., ,M lM Il. ExceUenrc $ii J. (. SiSyth in this adiir-hlil sendig a fdentlca n of Ie Council,
viP Awic*. an officer of luse Nl.Mjiir's rank and staIldigl in the it r.llY, 1 Mr. SpeaAer, and Gentlom of the Asll.
7 `rL 16 bm4I, so ohgulg a nd om nx.olly, npeledt'il, ua- to Jamaica, to be. tried bdy ('oullrl Martial, lpon charges I iarnertilv recommend YOU to apply yoursnIs
eed l im l in la .oy a.rnsosni io, bgiii the Aiuualrt lnd r I xefm'rtb one jnnr, whout pr vinely instiluin public business, with lint diligence ld industry,
rnI wi ..-l. 0o.! 1 hv aliailv had --e- ion to acrknowledge, i a
hillt"i C, from tile Itjniar. tiake-, which icleft cni ea" ai U l" '" .'"""' '"' ,a useless andw irrrlerantt discussai, aor panurs
hnoleki Tlwrmilay the ti,'l ultioms ing every aUsivltnce to Mr. HWalker, in Iriingig forwIrd the Rred objE ct of all our labours--tht reJfaret as
Oulr regular likl of lit l Ciourisl luvu lin received, his charges, aill thlhwinlg rery obstlrie ini tile way ol tife preity of Jramica."
cuitmiing ftlla .lat" new. lro linat lslJ l-a- ) tp in .e.2th' Major, to weakn ll defcnre-slhow that it was not for OF- VIL
edlo.; flurnhillill. th extiiordinar. speech of tih E. .irl uo the bendrt of tli sl ice, but to gratify usalire and re- IIIIE .'li OF 'REIVILlGE Bny GBOVERIo, o IN
vM-ine, to IIth LaiilAnal fil lfol i fit lie %lin 41 lit'. rill''.1e Iti of Hlis Excellency our Governor, "u l*bs
eleasro, o Its- L-evi.lature, at time op inr of th arI i, sUm nll that he eats tiel '.s .asai lhgislstive eCe'nioi, will nt a tin
ad li die im redi.g' o is of tin Ilouse of Astembly on Ill Enellelic) Ias onire failed, and we sincerely trIu, ire trl public of thi.s ilatiel. In e ri, willr oh ast
S li sse of Au assembly hal always ml nifester l to ,,,u.n bT
the i.Ith. a great pat iif which we insert fr the infoura- tlt his present liedish llempt ruin li bre and l rovie A .r hi. nwanl, amnn eeI to nr tte f h in n
ti of ,nr srlers We ertrrt, also, the remarks of the excellent officer, will nmet with no better success. Tiem wi"h, proavile ir his wmntl, anti enl. mt i
ll'adier has inslteerd b ueiii mo ut wntonly. th .Miegl tob
mant pon the s, udlem unamihiutiuonl conduct of Ilis following is an extract frmn the letter of Lord Fituroy sel a power( never elxrcised but uonler he auil .
EIC dlemcy, which .i surnibotd i Ar. Bullock, de public Somnenet, to Major Nicolls: .riuloublf prlilegC of the Hose of An.embly-cy"( fon
semi verymcinsl ents e Irullo riniesr sbere- is, ,v;lac- i haEt
mBeesety, w.d very uhot rmbles the insolent and die In stating tli, I have to add, by Lord lill's desire, unli leht privlege of the Hoel of Alim).h n tel. .t
that ti' pro,'eedingt of tla C.onit al irtial Htfire wlli e r leires them not waste their lim). in era ls
,I lri lmhueg mase ne of tio Ihe L leltllure If the vo latelv ailearell, have not excited a fe..-lil ill li rr,,lv.ant discuuions:" in other words, the Rrpesn,
Bah ,m lalt arsion, by the fi-ry headed ullanrl, of Loisliip's mlind, Ire.judicial to your character as all of tle people of Jamaica ue to aIlopt. wihoutlionquirym
Preesas C t notority, iho now graces the (;uburnatorill olirl." sidearion, all the imagining of Lord IHowick, o w" l i.
chu a this coloy. ywolrd. syllable Air syllable, and letter for letterr" llee
a oh y._ _By a Post Olice ooticeof yesterday'sdate, we obsrve lng aboy shall, in pusuance of his threat, fro time i
As write wIll ary shortly ha eiled for the election of a Mail for England will be mde up, and closed, on Fri- No privileges of Parliament Ia more aoidoabled th it.
Me hr of Amrmhly, in order thdt Iir James mry "try day Iex, the Ilth inst. at 12 o'clock. that tie Executive must not comment upon any of tim
I-lt" n, i i t **be hoped dot the p e of bates which have taken, or shall take place in either
ib td" hMR moni, m to be hoped, ihe uopi of folo-i, bl is hhIiea Conrstof Yet, in rce foes of lar, common sene. and justirarn
thA almnms wil be careful whom they make choke of, The follo-in ter, published in the Jamaica Courant of e n ues lanuae to our Parliament which w ujs is
to Oci their rlgh and propeny. They Should not the Id Aagust last, relative to the conduct of our Governor. moment hurl from his seat the Prime Minister of Ee
pIldP th ls, to vwat for any particular men, i but will we think. be rend with interest. How it has been so lung had he dared o express such arrogant auid unlawful ditl
serve "icr VO tiU the day of eectsio, smid theen give concealed, we m at a Ioss to my: the paper was nout the Reprewestatues of our translautic felloe-ssbjuea,
serve lr vno sill the day of eletion, ud then give,.nrhanu rrior.
ftnm In favour of thin who have already proved them- aong or le. and o y accidentally met with by l Ea llencywith singular fanity.
e i ia t th oly ne r t friend, lon. whom we obtain-d it. blt evening. elected anu s him all the imbecility. faulilt. impeis.
Inol 5rid of n tee olony I a h- ave uvr lindeld SIR JAMES CARMICHAEL SMYTH. presumption, ignorance, and venalil of the Ishd: hlk
i s i aoI need from their duty. We understand, musr not imagine, that the Counsellon will suneemd ies
Rbenr BuItlr, Esquire, tla Oawerruo mar' man, hie To the Editr of the JeaA CeormW t mad Public forming the Mr.- o the Jamaica Assembly into mi
srmiady mnlard aog the Otet IJlands" upon an elec- Adeerrri. .honds. to m crouh t hi s ienaces. Ord ueen Elifabeth emrr6
itonueig emaumy ; but Electors. beware! men who can Sea.-The conduct of Sir Janms Carmichael Smyth, i, bringing the i risanen t of EngOlnd to thu uis mef o
he sraod by a bow, ad bought by a lide, or an invi- in endravouring tI indure the Members of tie l eou.u uOt i,e oabedwuce; bil were her Queenship new in Jlam
S isille y a h, sd bintA by f tlee, er ln c- hly of the BDabanla.s, to expel from that body Mr. she *woull lind it not a little arduous to sutnced is lKd
tlima I Jionwr ; men l eIpectancy of olfce, ndl roa- Wilsgoos, a very respectable gentleman, of considerull course. an that adopted now hiy Earl Helnuow.
stanly an Ih beck anid call of th riverr nor, are particular- property, savours so much of BSiatcraft, thnt I blush to \'lethetr the in.ull wan or was nut aitvisnl by Mr. Bial
ly to beav'oidl. Shun them as you would a rntlunnake: have ever called such a man my friend. I was for years is of inighty little ClisueqIence. The Gvernsr vs f
train ovcry nerve to kncpl tIh.ei rom amn ng the numhebr on the most intimate terms with the worthy Baronet, andl Ire' l f'e"it .er hi own action.: andll hi adrr em
from the apart goodnssl of i heart, overloke i lho, as a gaiitti'inlati, ttia an insult to na"usewo
of your Reprisn.iaiv,, Thel arte your e ene ie, ald rm the ipp t of hea, ovr merrly ,truggtllt i, In duty to their ComlaCiul
Sbetray y ni ny of his tle uibtfb As a oldlir he in proverbiell. a o,,.r,,,,,,n,,,, nlulllll. ailll wrctrhelrv onrsleinlnSmi.
will etry you .. ,r.vr,, but in the wnay of the world, le is but a frelful, IlullOk, if nut guhly of advising this suiicenoi y sp,
petulent, nvergrown hooby of a boy ; and as it has now ouunil to pray tie Governor to vidiicate luim fomin lhe i
The (lComlllii.ionrqr f (' um.orr.-lindlne, have, we un- ~collle the ra-,e to compassionate every blbck face, anI lalion.
derstand, rrrceivedl a ilispatch frul tinh ('tlollitll Agent, by tyrannixe over those who have unfortunately one of a dif- Ag .i s it has ieen nipopitsed Isal the pre numinr swVtN
tIIe Mil, ir. 4llowhl.llin lilI ruec.i|l lit lime three pltitions complexion, Sir James has hoen winled With Ia' eciet" "i"l"eIe, pr.te"led lrIm thie illrtrllillnos a Ihm n
sent fri,nl I-n..e in July, irayiie for tine r.l-,iivl ol "n""i. I cool,, however, such "'a tall, unfold," alollt his illscondili'nvd waspih lmniut of his pufr 't ol'er"-.r'
F nc,'sv flog Itlonirk. Still no excuse is ofltrml tn paili:,tion af usr G
Sir Jameas C. Suytl, from Ihe (Government of these Is- lenCs dloggilg a white women, with his own hanls, ernor. That lI.rd Ilowick doIes n.oI Lki, Ihe comes
e d slai they ee t itte t lot in clarit to others I shIll, for the present, relfrain liesl due trom mail to man, ir n, juatilirt ln .ls hil inrm
5lUe nod tnoieI', and Iilei hi' been iIrht miltnle Im tc n froln keing n;ore panrirular; anil I only now allude to tihe ,n ranl, and hi,. alelr ill ;sPO. Itor Ccen5sni, In relicalltoI h
ouncilc omffir, and wnlul ho- broithl lender the considcrn- circumstance to bear me o et in asserting that the nlan wlio is ite io the ilehiing-t i l ioitlher, and lu his nllthip *li
tin ,of the King in Coulncil, illi as little delay as po.sible. couhllift his hand to a white female, would not shew much high character.
SThat the Ulllmians will obtain redress, eventually, we n'al commiseration towarls a black one. But after all, Iise .d-tle-- must be the Ilouse. if it .ueumb to be t
Ave nt th slirghtet dlbt ; and wr. ir SrL M what has Mlr. M"I' U o beon guilty of T Ite has ordered trn"aItl .en.
two slaves to rereivo a punishment which Ihe law snc- tii the thrue meaning of his E.relencv. in his"
ry Ill at the head of the (Coloniam omin, we shoulil con- lions, and it is tot attempted to he shewn that he hh in any "ad imslev ll drcu. ion." is to be di.coiered by cL
dIeily eiperl to me n unworthy a representative of his way exceeded it. It i well known xiomn, that laws are Im tatresmano, ad ra leth r fo ithe ow t of kia
soverelg, as the governorr Ias proved himself to he, ro- not in force until they are broken, and while the proprie- .ubjects. Tu'e eapoetaioa is lesuine," ( asehk1b)
aovd aI oe. Upon te present imbecile Colonial SO- of slaves keep within the pale of the law, no conci- no further difltultl will occur is trferrina g he osm
e lr a ory, m Id at ny act of Hi ExcllcJ elaious Jutr oughottcleid himself to the views of party, th military eap lure to the Ofllcer rommrnmial
im yc r, e siy ac of H Exe e my who have vowed the derauction of the whole of the Bri- jerty's tri'pn." Be moured. mont excellent (;owem,
hl sam aLs, al may caus hi. Lolrdhip to up- i slave owning Colonies; and I do hope and trus, ltha on this. saubs may discnusiosa" moe te u aehm id
hold hLt n 1g ai ponible. But Bahamians, he tr to the conduct pursund by Sir James Smyti, in endcrvour- va"l" to your Vice Royal inate.wll take ptuc eno
yrsl --Le ira--rm detaeri nd -end it wl not be io ing to punish Mr. Wildgoo without a hearing, will not be t sho whom your Eaclllelny uaniol fh n ar s l
de poer of Lord V icoum odt.reich or any olter Co. thrown away upuo the ibhbitaunt of thli Colony. and irreleant to yo, will be mom useful .mid uslevatl 1*
Inaial MNid s n e miatldy Sir Jam.s, or continue. I am, BSi, your obedient sevant, People of J amica-The mry win hepr.eservel by th
CIV IS. ca-esin. ad the sanguine eiasrtion." will ion its he
\ hi mai mouth's o your Goernor. Kingston, lt Agulp, I|.11. The pulblie, hhtlheto, ha always rspectcd the Po mi
- elnmre ; La if his LUrdihip lInl his place to the be p
U m--wanaum. Rrflmqiv..-Hi- MajetlV's ichoo- fl. SiA Jamaic Cera poi uof others, thue inults his fellow nubjetrl. d "mis
m pe w arrived here from Jamaica via Iavana, Oe the rights of rhe people, he will Sm find thaus L P
1 1 1" a riin is Ex romieny's bag, with .helrtanl S.PEECH OF HIS EXCELLENCY THE EARL OF meat will cease to be comforta&te.
Slb i n alt.lainLg lls Ecllcy',lag, ith the 6rstanl BELMORE,
eed Ain mil, whirhctoeam ud a her hboarian date T TH LI.osLAnITsa or JAIAiCA Ic Ass.MlnLT. THE GOVERNOR'S SPEECII-BREACH OF IP
Ihdw AqM4b. nd dipatchl to the addrmrm of the lion. TUE'SDn, October "2., Iwi. VILEGE.
Csga n C. AnAerass, Speaker of the lHoum of Is- Mr. Ilylop and Mr. Batil apl|oiled a Couunlittte to His Excellenc's speecrl having been read, Mr.. Qa
sl"ly, Ac. Ac. 4-c. from Edward J. Lack, E,- wait on thle l;uvernor, anul report to lium, dot tlhu I ourU moved that it should be referred to a Conunimile,s I
gi the Colonial Ages. Sir James, instead of dive- "had out pursuan to piu.ilan.iun.. lure an humble address in answer to it.
Jf hi'o f of the binte nimo.ily he is knor n to r M. Silva, Eq. ti. e P ruot Marshal General, alp- Mi. I)iu sid, i, t an t-ifc:llt~cl parliamentary i-t
A im ilarl Mr. Adl r btt onard at the iBer, and sunmisyd the he to td heisiknowl tttr Ih on atteiduIlia it thi-i stase' oI tlllecN'ntion, tIo address his opinites tI
I ei en an exfog an art of xiellcy tin Governor ini tihe Council Chalu er, wlwni I|loulle n Ihe suljert .of fth (;tivernor's ai|eaclh. Heis"
ml r e .,urt., hy endini e i,, Slltln pckage to whom ImH au. ihe Iillowing speech :-- shortly it ,it thie i6inn,, and intended king 1imd
it ...a, at tie linM of its ri, iv him, lasly V (en"" '"a of the (' 'o""n abseneei i', l i. tlere-lre, the inure pa .rti ,l.rl rcl imialod
detained il uitil .e rCdaF4, a pleriud olf :4 dasl, when l .r. *eiaker, and Gi etllemea of the Assembly, Atientiion, as it nwo:ld be hrhtilap. the leat time dreb
11r. Anderon received it, not fronm a domn i of Sir have call yo toge r at rather ati earlier I riod lou1 I havl all opoii tuniy of expressing hi b imes
r. Anderc rci' it, not friii a do uc 'fSir than nas laben unal, in uordelr ti. atfiord aiIpIle tilae fir t111- te iet, on th. sllj,'ec' rlc e Hlle. L.e'tlemAlin
Jsie but fshr dierhik of tlhe Coma s oufCumre consideration uf mlchI bl sintse Its nlay 1er' htVrolt Ileefure vie-ul i tIh 'veral parts of th' perc'li of ho FtlarI
pMadn. Oh S ir Janm. Fi* upon yea t! Yew boas- "you. with all which Ie ex r itssed hilisllel prlectly Z a
d 1Ig istlmaes with Kingl and Princes should have ha*e creat sanifartion in nequinti n you, that tlli ,,.pii." tlw rionliii in which his ExcellencV hlcY
l1E1 ) hbeller ianauers thi n this !! You should have Slave Act of last sen.iu, he e. l, e l" 'tt to et. 'jp, ",I" tIe. i i t i..:. 1 t thteii, il ,, prop, .ty ol avoilineL' ,l *
beeestw as loant.'or atnh s you ave me regard the enose title, I anl iltreietcl-d ti eraw i y0ns t itlellill I" -eie rre,'.ndi 'it tli.-" Tliui, ibie'ralionati
o h you have rear llterations ando iliir-euui'li whiich Ilien b' 'f lerene-le of priviletri'. hVhen OuI, Mr,. I-s nl k r, lW i,
yr Jlrow- tLLacu -rvsf lmoil w harae lisn hrthe kigh government t dsleeii te Ite e' -.-, itial, ill urde-r to gene grealt'r andelf clursea Ire -ild flrein t)ie n (;o-i.llOr a at l tIt~e
amieasn e se norhily hold, nid whir ch mnte n r ciel to those eonactluientc wulhi h )oir o isdmn l haas devisd ll tile .ushl rivil.ege., wa, n..t tllha of fr.r,-.lon f 1p efs"
aehiI halenlM d i youi fr. Tlhis i not lte fintati of olr the be'ei of til Slate Population. mnost partircularlyv slrfied? T oulllel. ils .a Hl
ie kind of w h y v. uilly, ndn" i l Me .ry's vero are a1,guine in tliir ex- can tshe (;ilvernor's aIviet. t,. ini r~itrictit .
ia I" whlirh yn mave h t.s yuih, nnd r it i i~e sctadtiuu.lhat no further ditircltv sill occur in t rulasle- lilerty I it fonrs no subject for his Excellen(I70' eUs e
riuiual, oulu Lr teld your id s ritlsine, g th, r r beeorulmof t hei Military expenlisne, the olhicrl r ration.
wlichs, nprlVe ialividmual,siiuwoul notdare anosimp. emnm din Lmhis Ma y'Truopl. I shill sakean early Mr. B,'eaumont-The Iloene uvwes its thiius t04

- -a--

- --

/ Cpl a a fT

or 'I'rNI wa* y (,Mr. DUvsm) for bri 'liu Lore the prieat br.eahuc ul irvilegu.-Dovs thu Ilnuawable and seapedeL, d he .i s 0f -mt-- Lpse."
Slieatriun thli gow a rench of privilege and of iu- Leat: ned Gentileman mnuou to s)y, ltht in :England sudh a H" royal Hiqhyem amnmie Nsed Iuimlt appre-
yL Thei (jnivernur, as til hIud of dtie Executivu, i practice could now he pursued by the Crown, iou iom Cun- kea"i to h. MaYsty is e l sepe mamr, pray-
L to rt -c ; our h owea not rpt tO this 1 uI Howver it does appear, from the similitude. rs- t lt e heeIce o r R yal Illaghas s sad the si GAo,
I.s li. iu.e ulaue trl ruueul r. t ht II is ,euur s; t he, Iti t theo writer of c hat th ritir uv our Goveru r' e dodru widh ,. h Majei y did i n the p W hu d ai .
lir wb.iet land aol, I l11ow Thinks i, he-, icaut hid one of' Q en Elizaletlh's parliamentary speeC lt erms. anti c imnied to her Hoyal Highame. ahis c-
d ace lhsp iodiil"i lin. a peer, aid lihe Guoeerior u Ji- ii-li te himi, when lie coUmiposed die one which is now on quwcence in the deternninaiIon whlbch Ls slat. k
P ass, t11| luei s i.iionop.dlisd all Ithe talent, all the judg- due tbl. e. - ---
W.I", all I ,.loihquence, all tlie lus iulu.l tille island I It SI v,,ral Mm1bnts ,r, advlised Mr. Saloon to withdraw his
Uw mI wishl to uipprt hlis governotAmeti.,-aid I : lake this miotionfol r th IIPlIt. On the l diJuly at ti.oonmlands, county Welsord, Jobi
*,Irtu.ily of say."o tat lir.ided justice t. d..e by our Mr litts- itrst de Committe will be appointed. Hinton, Esq of Enniscorthy, to Mary, daughter f Mr.
ionlrvasn in (Gret il aitl.n, I l ainot dlivoruuIs l .IIi n.g Mr. 11.i suionint-I as..sre ill. lion. und Leoneld Gen- Patrick e rce, of this town.
ca tuI in, our polil 'it lclati.noi, nor u violent resiltiluni I ilalnn, thilt lie Ishi.l I ,bliilppo1ilted-tlie Connaiuieeshall P__ur ac ew
is ar coloiuil CIi,," llIttIi" I alls ready i, llalli'i l. t I ti Ilit be "l foI r I putl tlt. tine day rule oil lle l uolion, if
.ailc doe ,.t, ..... "'It ..a. ,. t, life I ,n' id, iii us t it nle tutu it illdru ti-thu. ii..tion for i. Coolfolitt. S3eO SB We1ll,
t he tI lltti t i -ll l, t d i tll e i* U l l it Il 1 llle nslt- the-n wuillldial h I .
le be hit irn rll tnetrl [lit oitivty we li.te siilu ii to pro- -- 07 Erery person aboat to ineare thse Isl ds, af le
i.Ie for all hil a iilns". 'Ti-. Niloble Lordl lrg egot ilut S,,, P rlm itm-airy MllsuIes. laring rruided thereinfor lthe pare ofriarTV a ma*sa,
only wlhat llu o" it is as Legislators (lie. lurlilhal clu.ui- it'is. listrrnritn, ernyat the Scretary'Ofte, ye-pt upisume is
:drua, noit eoli;,lud to Ill rspect as galeuci..,)--lhu lt.t MIr. iulleiak-r r, an commandment frnin the Queen's l
oea inguottn wise ti owesu to us IIas ei, iot tile leads m Maj ;ty). to slrnd little Iilus in motions, and to avoid long said OfcreforPrrurteN DAYvpreeies t liadepmfhle--ef-
1s fors"ttll"n whIa he oes to us lsl met. iot Ii len .peeche'. ter hic*, at any time dinmy roaTr-rITi asa, O Tieti(
caphiaUof reasoning accurately, aid of dutrmining wlhenc XXIV. JMa. Io0 e hi, t any e
Id tos to a*eLak, tIha1 tme Noble Lordl is hilniell. The The Speaker. by tle Queen's onler, directed the louse my NAMES OF PERBON
t ~i ha pnss l, white. man, with ioppunily, is thus to insult not to bels.w their lime. and eudeaouur in nmaull pM(pm A.OUT TO OlTAIn TICKETS FO DEPArL TUAr E.
sad lcorn his flilow-inanl. li Lordship is a hereditary ,and 1irtinenit, to avoid all superfluous and. unnecessary Ish September W J. Hamlho e
Lilurtor: hle inult know tllt it is a gros ireauhil of lit- notio.t iiull rid .rgueiits. I .t . Anithoy I>ojne.
,ire1 in to refer to a'" roueeli.iCgs .ir apeehca i At tlihe sine ltine. hier Majestly reprimanded the House for tat C- ipl-U- S. Midd.
di lsouise, but tlhos which lase i been cou.imnicated to toderiig a lat., and blie commanded a apology. I ttalh October, I le A. Manme
him byluy y, Sir, our Speaker, eilblr in person or by ntii- l.lh - Ch. WeatherfoL.
g. linc tauiiu is upMprenl. What iI, in their ardoui From the Jamaica Royal Gazett, October 28. lath .a- - Bamuel Ke.
-ldicir unl idl diinlerireld ardour, to serve their Couo- The horrors of the African Slave-Trade, as itesims on lt No er hn Ra pti.e.
try, e.soe Menlmers should have been considered as Ire- Ithe Coast of Brazil, are ably delineated in die etract we 9th Thomas Turbell.
paiuili on the attention oul tlle Illmse, in whom is tle have given this day, front Dr. Wals's Notices of Brazil,
rilht of cerrure vested ?-if anywhere, in you alone, Sit, and call fourth with justice the aninadversions of our au-
a..s r S'peaker, acting under the direction of the House. thor. Tlhi numbers which now inundate hat country, and
Biut u llt d.ol tllh Noble Lrrd Itesan by long discussion 1 tile feuds whicl frequently take place among tle different I,*a ut
Dill nit the present Lord Chancellor of England address castes ilto which tire negro population i&-ided, ought to
a .Ispcrh of even hours'duration to lie British CoUnsulWIa open file eyes of tie Brazilians to the injurioui effects of
anil daredl the Prime lMinisier to send down a niesage to the Trade. But not only among then, but even by nations PORT OF NA8AIIU, N. P.
the IIHouse, desiring an abstiutetice frontm lolt and irrelevant who an- bound by treaties to its suppression, is Utis traffic
.,A-srioun I So lu in as you sit in this Ilouse, being not carried on. From rihe island of Cubs epeditions are fit- ARRIVED,
ibur reasoning mern than die Noble Lord, aid quite as tell out notoriously for tllis purpose, and it is calculatedhat Nov. 16h-Sloop Lady of the Lake, Pinder, Cbab
canlilla of governing yourselves, andt regulating your own (100,11)( human beings ap tllus annually introduced into Straded article from tih Am. bri
pswpcl, so lung will you repel all insult wlicrl would soou tile western coltinlent frl do coast of Africa, indepeon Frances Auguta,
have .-ant down any Noble Minister % alo had ollired it it dealt of tlluhe who parish on the passage. Dr. Walah to Joam ro.
dat Counelious Ilusui of P1rliarliiint. Your rights are the suys--
uam ; boeler Ht once forever to clost- ile l oors-never to "In In 1i, thei number of slaves imported in Rio, was CLEARED,
legIisl.a luore, ti:an to allow your country, in your per- l. ,l)I); but in 1828, they increased to the immense Nov. 15.h--p. schr. Comets, Mendes, Coba
wm*s, to ble tll siorni mell mniorkr ery ol any iau however nsuinllr olf 43, 555, and calculating on the number inipor- 16th Schr. lannah Johnson, Johuoa, ALspol
4di.nilkl wi:i a itdv ttitious place or title. Tlere lia. ntverr tol for tie first quarter, it was supposed that 52,(00 would Is i Printne, Iludson, Berbdnee
beien a inclin.lii.l in in tis Ilowse Iin woutid the Nloble I ite-r due port of Rio allnne before the expiration of 1829. *" Blossom lludson, Jamica
Lordl' IerliingI, Ilblt li i, Klelliency inIt be tiluglht ltat ,e l. In teC year 181t1i, the inuinbr imported into the whole
are sol sr easily ti I.. inIunaIrled us le inay hdoate btre per- country amoullled only to 38,W(X. Tllus, while we in SAILED.
usaded by Lord Iiwicrk, tr iiprlhapis sotine lhumler indivi- Eulaind imagine d at lhe traffic was nearly extinguished Nov. 15t.-Brig Rolls, Wallace, Oreaock
dual. I haldv kilwn, petoiially, but little f Ihe (aouvy. in all Clristian atrios, it was increasing in one town
mr- e l ha' :always seen in hlim, ani nxii.u desire fsalonee, in a proporin frightfic beyond all comparison, nndi PASSENUER ARRIVED.
trilat., and in Is- ri ti Inr ha% nuvt-rT appeared ihal, in ,a fre, ('C.stitutiional State, under the new order of In tie Packet fruit Jamaica, via Crooked Island :-
oas mi till nifow, any ih-lire tI, Inti lit l oil irt e fIt l r aItnr u in- hiling,.-Thlere ii now, however, such a glut of human The Revd. Mr. Swieny, and daughter.
rmetaine,. OtT.i sho lhv in it,, -r6'n pariance flh.,nin i In ie markets tif Riolhat it has itscomert an unpro-
tim hinour ouf knotwin,, lini inltimiately, ihave deisci-ridlirable li ilnu. Ten Yelrs credit is allowed to the purchaser.
bim aus an ll ible iand walt-i o nlutilii, mtan-.lbel tile act i.Many speculators have been ruined by their unholy impor-
milt Ie thaut of ounie advi ser-anldl it is p-rinlly coEn slia- stations."
tonal for nue to inak thlli sai iulisiitill-this aidslir for hi Tlhe overwhelnmini mnsiwsu thus introduced into these
ewsi iiiiiilrr irporlis, hai caRIuil this inisiululing siolalion iof' .ttlenients can Ienl hut litlle to their advanltge. W ith
our righlis lilt I ire (fiiov-rnor toti-lit not tio have listened to tlhcem are brought all lle %iices and superstitions of tliir
hin. 'ie pI rar ic- Il.,s ailbys lIben aith In to allow tlhe native country, and instead of forlling a population, wlo, --
mrlion for thl (Collniitter tlo ipr. im, ai A.liltr--. i in a.- in prior.-.s of time might rli coe attached to the soil, the BlY IIENRtY GREENSLADE &. CO.
lswer Ion i Sll.-it.-ch it pain it f i.uirs,-. I rust tlhe prlponderiice of their numbers can only be a subject of
ll.our will mark its pr It leelinig, by a refusal to grant alar.m. Thel Colonial posessions of Great Britain were T-marre, Theulady, the 17th iatm
Itb Conin,.itr the first to raise tleir voice against a system, which was At the Sato of JuI Stur, Eq.
Mr. Yatesr-ll is with much pain that I hate head that not only opposed to humanity, but dangeroue in cons.- At 11 O'Ltr A. Al .
pum of his Ecellenry's speech, which has just been com- quences.-The few only who are immediately engaged in Will he ad
mnaed on. Certainly it is a breach of privilege, and I the traffic are the parties who reap ay advantage from it; Chaio Cable,
sineuelv regret at h th (. Governor has made the observa- but the agriculturist will anoner or later discover that he A Quantity of Bred,
lie. *e ought to resist such encroaIiuientsl i upon our will te more amply enefitled by attending to the comfion 8eils and Rigging,
rights alnd the increase of his present dependents, then by keep- With a variety of other article,
Mr. Rydop aid, it could not he denied that tlh passing ing up their numerical strength on his plasations by Tsri -CA.II on delivery.
wa irruhr : bt he hlnoped tlha it would te allowed to go annual importations. November 16th.
to a Camiiate, a nd daiu the Speaker would put upon h P
1iw Cmlmiltee, thone Meentier who were most a conver- Every thin~ was tranquil at Carthges, when de Pack- CHRIST CHURCH PARINH
met With prhiao.t-ntiiry ulaeiu. o et left. The Packet had a pa ge of 10 days to. and andm vass,,
Mr. Berry said, It aust coinj-ilwt with entin bn.iene. I I from, Cnea to is port, w acmmt, f h i
d Members r Trelau uly still \\lntnll,,,r, lalllI (ir. I~- I fom Cn hapse to th '*ING xd t se of UAI af thde sate of
viesed Mr. Beaumonl) that brriarhl of privile lhnd been lg I p r barrel of upLrfi Flour, Ordered, ithlt
tunmilted. When yil, Sir, as Sl'eakr, maile tile uual The Rhip Cadol, of L sdom.-We are happy to sillin l.os do weigh 1. Bu., and d hesilspen Loat
sapplication :" f"r our acc it rilh ts, 'was not fr eedomtt of e tuh report which Ilb. 4t. By order ofthe Vestrv.
eh one of those rights hleandid and conceded a our reached u from Nssu, relative to the death of ver DAVID SPENCIh ery Clrk.
adoubte privilege But i tl it ernor is to dictate pengers, and a oity of the crew of this veml, in Vlrrmv RooN, la November. C1N31.
auresare orf ourtr slerl, and by i"mplication to cruise without foundlation. br. Ryland and another passenger, LAST NOTICE
*af impertinent and frisk t.itut. iiscoi.r.... te nuost es..i- "" a j-. . .. IjAH NOT ICE.
lofim., ll urrit an i llran s ill l ould nu I was reported to have died, dined with a Gentleman IE SUBSCRIBER bei.n abuIul tI leae te Is-
lid Ofuallnear privileges 6 desired. Still he could lHSuBSR E Ii abu 1. I
eve t. hat the Gtve.trnir (illel any offence to ,1 now ill tlli* rlty, a fw di*hs l-ore le ft London. and nor land, requels all persons having dnmands against
-s; but tIntler all ti ,irunstncs, he si e o f theim inadlt Ie slightest allusion to what was stated i, reward r t-tir accounts without delay; and thie
z; buti,,nderFi(ll fitl un,, hicl,... + h i:! oniidl,,,,lld t "*he "*'*'' alu F ;lit forwrd tlwir accountsr itun u oh delay ; and ilsuie
le should atllouw l ,sag,. to lii. it tc 1he till ll uis tI- p r putt it, th a-, sic was picked 'l indeb ind to him, will pleae ntake imymen, on or before
a..,atdulwhuttniattultpro.ll,,..-litlloauth-, ilhihaittu! t ilall only y fur the present, hat hc h i, t will be pec
Idth e 1lkh instant, otherwise their accounts will be placed
Best day, st li t VI ru %ould probahk I wa folll\ IIIl r Il conduIIct of the snitur of sucil an article cannot he too ic. hme heanda of an Attorney-
aiir. Ist hueitnd..ul to i I o hus I?. t lt sentrely reirot ir..he hands of an Alture-'tlOY. M TURNBULL
Mr.r h~tv ,-- r *' "i I i 9A' v(c'rd' ]v re 'irolhatd'--(/ ir. iExcellne s1;. ii. o iiiw ti ilie e of waslinig inI, November Ist.
6Iloullstrl--. I-, titt i.prs a ho1atl that they outihl tut tmh i- lode.
** I Bhl. I tire are to I- fonldl Ipret.lcents in Lthe n-. S;,prurer to.-NnoltnZ can bh more nnjnqt than FOR MALE.
r*tic of Pr l'-.riiaii. for precrisly similar uobseraion.s t he L i on, Riva 1hnes, hre I)oRu it. of Kent The Illotr- and Premises at present oar
hr. Cth rwn ti.e C ons. i er h CnnCn. C a t s. nnn o i y Mr'. Plitier. The Ilusee is roomy and
,Ir. iltt a o1111 t i .1 . t Iiilll ll cI tlllllllt the aciu(1 lal tulrn u In ppl. I II
hnr,t-in n sn,-- l dor r--nilron.,.e has- at t to hrset 1i the pubtl, the lollowing conveninl, ithlla largeKilrhenand wabtNi e
IlstI sain i ul ii I 'i ) 1 IIIIIII L u ;,,,PI ,,,. r.,, uI ,,,,i. ti Ths I h pl og f K ii r hr a d ll a ltin an
ui0 -,bfun-r Itt- (lutittilittis Lii m. ii rotuuura-hil titili ii h. 'ht ittwhesa or Knit attaclso u iuur hturouseipe landi and fri r three
ti*ir ritlts. Thi pr... i' ],"in hlich llhi i,.I i.t 'o i.,l iih hli- h ir irra r..m -it. it t life ie rloron lin i t lin 1 llrnr us, xutnsiti l. iir d and grass pirre. Tl- ni ail idmigs
(frtiriat ull anod .,h ni ; ,, .. ",, 't is i u .i t i I. ii ti n iri th l b I- : \\..hi. lhir a.i:,r u-nl *as sat hai li 'ni lately tlh ,riulgtly r.-pair id, and dUie gali r part
alneI rtiu>;icitn,) ai i i;t th ,ai' s i nr i i r i ro:- list i hr ]ti ti ii' l I'.i l, and thim only Apii, nniinlt 1' ofth e sn hi.s Ien tn n vely Putl up.
Qlsp uife Slwcht. Tie prI .. .Ii i.s .t i n tliii n If 'rri l 1 v Ii! in, L i-lhar of t-ecrIE ing t AI.f)
QI;e -l ; iwho .l, .l I l t. t -nd ,| o i ((1-ai, u ant ,nt ar e to the d i A tract if Larl sitaalel at the Vili \h, Cronaining 25
n.tzes e- ,. t l,,l tI ltt,, ,,,i tI.t. Th. ,1,.r 1 th t th) ,e if .Wiht was uhelahted lh t irI t Ae Zet. Ir't is bii dh It y *athle a tosw u to Liovn, t
ii-. riue. s ce to shlc.u hot hile parlii- I 11 ii ls i a. u a .re western lot being treatedd bY de m rwod Id ino -,om
tItary righli were known or respected in the reign (fl wirl; and altr till inltle if oilgust her Royal ihe village into the Blus. hill rioal. This lnd sill tue ltdi-
'r EIlis .etlh: iand vyt .nlh nar- the prer, .',Iil1 the, hal every re.,on to all;,'hlend iht the lalige of the donola posed ofin one or three lots. Apply to
lrSwiabc anrd Learna l Genteman has l i'uoled t li j uill Jouru'y. and the lclngh of their rlcni.muts ought render ut Septemcber 7th. JOHN W. MILLER.

iuc Brieiiaw iaf

ASON".-A LIl LMANT IOMNEIL Frn i. A.. yet twis Slidrne.
he Swig is extracted from a wak, esidlel I MONSIEUR CAlLBEIT-,w FIRE KING.
a fl tH .v. E1. I). (Urioa," whichLh ju el Wio bha not I-ard of dso Fire King I-t-e swalloww r
by the larpLers, of Ne. Y of puloan t Th eicum atic U ad pbomphlte I
y i .steltday with a very ditsiagalmd party at die tippler ie bailing I lurame a l TI sh lelEtad lIe
NR l *a *'*, rco ting of M,.m'. Lmckl.rt Washing- seur Claubet i who ue meld lad to wlah his bhas I
Irving, Smthu, t.i a die aundm of t.e lj eecd Adl and warm hIluulf in an ame along ile beef eti t, ad ether ais s ms. it, Milld dau trlaalator of W ho astonisbed all Englead, ls arrived i thl city
Ai ;i' mm, and so asers, of Ire. lu ad lfale. and is exhliting his exerirments Climau n Hoall. He i
The as ci ally, a most trIal figu Nor is certainly the eighth wonder d the work--td rl Mr i a-
his cumsouaI, at A a.iglht, mo. prouiisig tha his maIder, to whuI firu, heat, polli, &A. are Perflcy in-
permn. Whlatm Yretdmly it, however. when you consider noesiam.
thIe of the bld crow the luiftio of die rmcding Ou ThI'rday evening lat he gave a private exhibition l frelawl ; thel marked, yet expanded and grace- of his wonderful powers to a slect udiauice of scienti I
O Ulns of dth moutlh; nIove ill, when you catch the and literary genlkinen at the lecture room of Clinton
riif asei ai lthe brilliuant e r--.emi, wiich accompany i alL On entering tinh f11.l fis thig oilt strikes nth
the Alulas uof his wit andl the allies o his fancy: you for- eyes of the spectator is a lair oven built of bricks and
pt, and are ready t. disavow yomr fratner imprmes ap- resting on the floor of tlIe building. In tile fi'rot of dhe
To M.urn., Lklknn ofers a *arng and inguler conitra ove is I sanll platform with a Itbles, ligh, ie. %!mr
Tal, n lightly, bu t iganuly unrmd, hi hand p m Monsiur Claubert pe.rlfrms hia experinmei. On lthe
th. ndoe couilaur, tht prucisinm md harmony o outline, opening of the exhibition Mas'r C. made ua .hrt addreu
which distilnpuai clsic culptura. It poeases-m to, a inu Englis--peculiatly marked however, by a foreign c-
striking ealact u" coleou, in a cnompleion pale, yet pure, cent. IHe asuire, the audience that there was not the
anld lir black an the raven's wing. Tluglh I i acsune- lightest trick or deception in any of his experiments, he
Manem is vulihfl, (he tcem scarcely more thn hirly) yet courted die muinutent investigation of every scientific gn-
I s*iM desinate rrllmctiun a. i t prouionnt, combiiied iltnman in the raoo.
flwmP sion u' llmal birad, while frlil .l; tlhue arrhod The exhibition commenced with a red hot slovel, which
eaul pencilled Iiwsr l: thas retiril, yet full, li k ev s ; lie drew over lii face nod tongue with dit greatest Meg
tir accurately clhisll'd n.a', n.ll c.mpr.eewl'd, hokmgh fraid im.a i.inhle. Not tle lightest injury was inflicted
curved lip. li famae is .aN iiein, perlmupa for conr beau- ano hinm. lie also drew it over his hair with the ame re-
Iv; Ib, t th ilefect eit.,ens ila intellkeltal cheraictr. Our sult. Try gentlemen" aid he" and satisfy yourelve."
Jii ed mrycwa iso l ahu lI tje litary higllt, S.everal gentlemen reached up their fingers and
aimd rilr *ItIut in irmnaIn. Ilis iris ilhlark and hi0 coni. placed aheo on his lhair and cheek. Tiny drew them.
lesion "ickliel Io'r with the cas of tuhighlt" lis back with all imnginable halte as if they lad been touch-
M"M ar or pal,'; isl prouie airuich-.s the iret- ing the shovel itlsJf. Ilia fae and hair were covered with
cIan, nasi r.rmarkably Ieevolmilt anl r.iiieimpla.ive.-- his antidote, a told tlhda e. This excited much sur-
Mr. mish crrriesn a ihndsoam, good naturedlc unlenance: praise.
iand Mr. AlMhrlill', phyolgnomy, though t bhaei.uuae, His next experiment was wilh snling wax. He held
hi, no his anisble. the wai to the -andle and drpt it on his tongue. DuLo
'Tim ovrrsaliion mr diner consisted chiefly in the re- any gnlle*men want to lake seal and give it the inipres-
lione of aualmal. To my groat diappoinmllent, m sion 1" No one lemred desirc of hat office, and Mon-
dimnmsh if any length or interer took place. It nntlt eleur C. took up a portion of dt ira between his fuger
h. madlniltel dll tius er asnwral m were sekect, mal told witlh and his ulliumb nd drew it imlaring from his tongue.
Iinobi wial agi iril. Many of llatm, I dlnubl not, were He paused over to other experiment, and prepared to
lie invention lait e nmirraiior. Such nIl rnHil, ti. Ie rcu- take dIe poiDun. lie tlid the company that he would take
liarly ite raw ilh tlIms of .Mr. More at.l .Mr. Siilh, from 30 to 40 grains of p oph oreu, 4 grainl of which is
whkl tlaiit *srle at dil lervt cinds f tlhw abis, frreilq l sufficienl to kill any individual. It any gentleman,
ea0 led easch la.r frum liuoe to lina-, in a sorl of ciIltest however, wishes to use his own phosphorus, I will do so,"
sur -Tlum antelri. Imnrver, wal ltill rcrriil said he. hMr. Chillon, the chymisl, had brought some
oa ia ms l Iem w. l. 1 ih irie.,Il Iy Ulhicrh l oil relate plhas)ldhruoi with him. Ile desirel his young man to take
Il.. nmt,.lrs nIIs I i a tllt .eiir. ,si tell ih 111." i it.tin- sti'ry. it out andi weilh off 40 graini. He did so, in the pre-
Thiremlipr 11l I Ii i. i rn.iis in .i...iild wi-rt c'tr'iiely sernce if the ne-dialI gentlemen. Let me try that 1"'
inismisalne. l.ord li r,, andi otilwr ,iinent mein, witi, ,sai Mon'r C. lie took a small potion and rublied it
win.llm wto .tn:ik'ro hi.adl I-i-rn or w\ere' Itnailshr, '-re fren. aiiinst pieces of paper. It prIduceL4nitionimliodhtte-
,lrnalht htit inIL -o, Iht, si.t'.. .M. lioitkh.lit nitilini, I. IDat in ver 'eud-vetv good," aid Monsieur. At
t.lmti Is lr u.n',I1d trii ipj.,v il pl.oailaritr of id til'rs, ron- lii n', Dr. Yailes undrltook to admiinister the dose.
Irilmtil noite.f liis ,o .i. WliIlevi.r Ih dild sea wa in a It waR puti inluo a spoonful of ucter, lMonsicur knelt down,
lrlltalh nd slhibihil lrain, sen-i- anld exlltinive put li hlinn blind hi bilhrii had Pis ltock trakel olT-
resailina. Mr. l ,,tin ori'int ,I IH' ow oIf IthUw Iiin ii.i, Now," said In', ". I ami reatdyi."-Doctor Yales pIro-
lik \illii.,, Ir sv plIYnv ifI e1,l il their, luat i- eerrdd antd poured it into his mouth. Well," aidIKl tl
nluol ilh.rtla,. if rvmaly clmIe.-llHi r-erve,' hw r, ri, 1),, I tr, wilhl a sight, I never ahiiinistered such a dose
of a .irkLn-rlt diill -rnt clhracter frim ltat of tlHw idiluor before in my life." When every particle was swallowed,
itf IIew q(airttrly. TIh' o nalr ;iars ltir ri,.rv-r of s,,'i- Ie called on the cnnopasl to examine his mouth and ee
hliilit ; ithI' ,,t.r hat ,f s httttlt. Thel late of ilth uii' tIhat no lcreption was praclisetd-to satlb il themeulve dliat
-1. k4,tt liim, nip~)irnitly to t\ls.itne tIw suglgstion of hit s it was not hid in his nimuhlli. Several medical gentlemen
us noind a ilf .iirli, an ti sr sc'rtIulu sit, that tIhw sIlintIi did so. were perfectly satisfied. 'They piUt their
Rist. Illn-iI IlhTi'riie. Ti. T renfl.ction ult ii. other is ic- finLers into his nioulht, and camine down from die platformU in
ilui'. I in wi-illiuin drwa setilniii-%ls xprpesw sl, and roipr.a- utilter astonislinent.
thig lh. f.i-.. frInllg true, Mr, Irviin is mihlt anil ll.til, Tle next eCperinient was with melted head. lie took a
,.;'"r ii.. ntm h':E Mt. Luckhlrt is abstractldd Id tin pan full of nielted lead, and plunged his fingers into it,
coll, l..ilii iihllrntii. louk a portion in his hand, iad made believe le was wash-
O), rimirnil t Ilthe dlwiig roam, the scent was rhang- in1 the tips of Iis finer. No mistake, *gntlemen,"
edi, iliasuli mIbs gre'. arlutor n.niinehd In part as least IrIl sail h, put your figrs here." Several did o, and
sanm. M ic a. sulbstliiuled lln vcnverliion, Mr. Smill were glad to tke them from the vel again. They were
a; n original -nl, ful of hmniur and variety. Mr. perfectly uatimid.
was illwndeol tIo *enl hln'i tl athe pino, and in- Hllis me exprimen w wallowing a spoonfl of boil-
dul ld his fdsrl6d widl two or LLrv uf his wil Irish nelo- ing Florence oil. A tia pan full of tis liquid was healed
dbi. L a ilee dnerrit, toy)a hais iging ; it iy.rfctlly to llw boiling point, before the audine. He then ook
muMtap. Thertmbinalion of musir, and of einte r ti- t. vel and plued Falnnh ei tibermanter into Ihe
n.t, panating em nt e ia mid, nad gl oinm in the very boiling liquid, and els-ihib du inutnu to the gntle-
emirotntl s, and speaking intll very voice tiht sanmo mind mi It a atd 41. "atify y aouralve," aid he,
Msrier ad irect., p fdeiman. efe t upon the ey, satisfy vourslve." He then took a spooe, dipt it i
the ear, th tae, the fretinr. td e whole ne In dinrt, the oil, fik-d it, put it i his Nout, and actually s allowed
met am onrr perofemiol exellene can at IU all pire to itdowas Every pmla pnmte wa satisfied dtre wa
equal. llis head is rast hrkwarnl, and hi eyes pward, no do e iut protand What a fellow!" said one:-
with ar trae lepirallm of an ancient bard. 11 voice, Why, uaid another," a certain place, met to be named
dlulah of litlk runpa, i inrmeswe'ibly .swetl He rrali- a ean polite,' cairr no alarm to bim." Will you
mad to me, o my M ,pern my co-epiooms of the puel int take a pep," aid dhird, behind Monsieur Cle-
ofloveand lwins; lherelinedael pgantt. thlh vohluptous ert, and oe if his eit are not cloven."
Anarveon. The modem poet hasmore sentiment han the Now, genlemen," maid Moaiur C. "I hall
remek; but can ay no claim, (what modern aolhor ran ) prepare togo .:i, the oaen, and take a dill of beefl'eaka
o, thi ro s simplicity and purity of taste. His genis, with sa to hd caked." He retired a ifew minute to
Bowaevr, is ane versatile. Tnhe vol uprary complain change his drem. Doctor Pasralis, who appeared to be
of him itmbiliy to celebrate a warlike time: his lyre wil puuaed and perplexed atnall their experiments, took Ite
ant aloy ti implen of hi wilL Butt the other of he opportunity to alep up to the oven and look in. Ile opened
Firn Worhippers gave us in the courts of be veniing, an the door and thiIma his nd in He soon drew back.-
Irish reL's lg, which ws hIbolutely ihi ilmng. Anacreon "Ilow is the oven Doclor" asked a brother physician.
's w bowever rsan-drt tar in adriining ong, compod By George I could go in omyelf," replied the Doctor.
iy he" bsa at a convivial meting of getlem a. Monsieur Chabert, however, anon appeared, went into
aesta concede t his ef ketch, without say a the oven, rsOd up the fbe, and made arrsnersents. lHe
f f omybot. l, e is a gnad looking ma, wilbh a wm orer i a dream a brae llick gretul coat. "Whv do
pa i land allmoa air. Thi glven way, you mee that" r ka mne one. "ItisU Ihe me
into rd Seu enr and critlty in rouvemtion. Ile m," aid be, lo igo i drad or andrdmse: if I go in
hes A* derstanding, and is exceedingly Imelnting uadreaed, I ma he very cautioa when I come out not to
fnrm the I n intrcoure which be has mintaimd with, atich cold. I war a coaurs great t over my dre, he-
aInd dtIe nLm knowledge he pema of all die eminent cau it prevent mne fro catching culd-l4sewid, I aoive
literary rcuam of lhe are. The memoirs of hiaelf now become economical." This wa received with ap-
and hi.t dnre, wad be insaluablr. He has been the plai. He lem put the thermometer into dle ovna to a.-
Mmu ecn of hin dayl and though not the favorite of an certain the tmperoaure. Bring dme beef steaks here."
enpemer, ia confeml nore seuantial rewards on metri. Tiey wrmI behmah. le put them into a tin dish; sprink-
rmh eves dr distingried Roman. Such has ben his I led ahl and pepper on them. I like plenty of itaks,"
lihtaliytv, tat althould miiouan have passed th*rerh his aid be, quite joially. Now, gentlemen," cri.d Mnm-
hads, he is, I am told, by ao meansexorbitantly rich. : se, c~ and am the tle'rmonwalrr; but you must


_ ___


et" rgone, h oa ekvmsapp e in66

Tire alee went up to d aethe w'n -
wised lIe bwhermnwolr fre'm the interior of do
helditest. lowmuclht hoe w mchb" i lt
aonds before tihy found the moeury mind tee
3M0. Oh" aid lt it i at eat 4WU, lt haIm
I ook is t." He replaced the heurmmet~b,,,lu
ap on his hed, had the dih of aeaks placed -*
of hliu, took a large lin tlue which he protuded
um aperture in the iron door tobreathe thug, il
entered the ven. During his tay in the oven he
through hi tube, talked rapidly and sung a piesm y
air. He was continually asking hIw any
gepilemen I" allow many 1"-" One.'-" T
" Three." Oh it must be more, gentlemen, I
very hot, gentlemen; full 500 degrees; how m *
nite 1"" Four-Five--Six-Seven-Eight im
At eight minutes anid fily one econda from his m
out Ise bhunted, came down on the stage all coevned
perspiation. Fuel iii pulse" cried several of i
sician. Oh yes, gentlemen, feel my pule,",L
holding out both his arm. It wta felt inmedht
found to be a high a 160. No deceptionn",
" The devil a hit of deception is there," said one ar
spectators. Fetch me out tihe beafl-teak," Bmd
sieur, they are well done now." The dish wrn ha
down and quite a rush wa made upon them. Eyn
that could reach tim platform, cut a piece off SaI 'hd
ltaing. These steals are very fine," aid one. i
other loo much done," mid another. That felew C
be," said a grave looking personage chewing hi a
and leaving the room, i certainly his Satanic
hinnmself." Doctor Monl went up to the oven, put 6l
into the door, drew it rapidly out, and nodded very
fianlly, as much am to my," all right, no decepti
The rat of Ihe pectaton atood gazing, talking, ad .
pressing wonder, surprise, lstonishmnml, a&. c.
Monsieur Clhauber was a Captain in the Seshed
Napoleon. li was taken prisoner by the Rumimns
ant to Siberia, where it is supposed he discovrndh .
crest antidote to fire and poison. Two year ago he
ted great astonishment in London, and satisied thes
lege of Physicians and Surgeons, that there wsl al
ceplion in his experinmnts. le was offered 501 ib
his anlidote to prusaic acid, but would not take I- b
10,00. lie has a family of ten children-is a I
looking nman-with an oval face and fine penon
wears nmointahes. He is quite talkative and intelie,
:peaks fourteen langueges-but English rather income
I e is truly a wondrous wonder.
We may now sel down the rumour of the depmrture f i
Frenclh Minister from St. l'elershirgh as unqueatipy
lal.r. Thin brin.s back the pnrbabililti of a general v a
Yere they were before. Neverhelel, In an allentlvle o
Sthe sleno il lti tii e.. rhe aImt..phlre of Erunmtr a
from intlhratlllg a a rlel calm. Prusiaa hu iron w
uia.k uf prrrended neutrality, and plainlyanows Itmdt
illeln partner in Ilt war agatlaon Poland. This welii~te
a journal Iubhllrhetl in lie Prussian capital. In short,
atrtllitr ul tihat (tminry ) shw distinctly lhal it has an espli
untlerstanllingl with Klisia, if not with Austria, whicrbh
reiaires the given signal. In ring them our side by sidl. i
the contest of oppression against liberty atll Ihe rights ro
Mr. S. C. Benjamin uf hll city, a passenger is s
srlchooner New York, from Philadelphia. left his birth ed
pluntged into the wi.t, sonretime durine Mionday night. A
Liter was lound in tie pocket of a rcol luft behind, a.
dreroe d to Mr. Isaac Price,:Mlol Market street, Philadd
plhi, in lhich Ih says: The loss of one whose atame
is insupportable, has led my spirits to the reaulutius d
bidding farewell It li.n. My body I must of ae
leave bIhlind, and tliat I may not occasion any one trla
rc.-peltiig its disposal, I gise it for its grave the deq
Atlantic. And let not Turk, Chritlian, nor Paga, in
the foolish aiaurance to pronounce my doom, ulil t i
spiritual lawgiver and doctulrn of ltleology know sn
our Creator and the mystery of life and death tha
-.Vw York paper.
Omca or AmneICAN ANDi FiEitor AgaEo,
New-York, January, 181. I
IFBLIC NOTICE is hereby riven to all pam
Swhom it may concern, having claims, debts, o.
lances, public sacuriies, &c. payable or recov eftl IS
any pan of the Uithed states, or British America, rai
ing the intervention of legal proceedings, or otlherW
that this Establishment hli efficient and reatpomns ib
Agnms in the principal cities anl towns thereof ap"'
lively, through the nmdium whereof such valid claim
may he confided thereto, will be promptly and ebtW
recovered, when fmrnidled by the clainants with
suitable legal proofs and vouchers as may be mlda* It
the nature of each particular cau, accompanied with s
requisite Power of Attrnrv; thle lile to be duly e
culed before a Notary Public, or other competent civil
dhuritv of the plaic in which the same may be pefl'
aidd cenifiod by an Ameriaen Consul.
Oldern transmitted to this Establishment for the M"t
meant of funds in the public securities of the United 9R .
or of any of the Sates of the Union, or on enortgapd
fnwhold property; and alno for the tranaactioo o may e'
imnes within tIe purview ofa fionernl Agency, WEI
punctually and faithfully executed.
An applications to this Establishmnt in cam reqrk
the investigation of clain, Search of record, or the i
rension of legal procedins. nho ild he accompatnid 91
an aie.qurte remittance to defrav the preliminary dt.c
and dishurnements amending the' a en; and all coma-
ratiorn must he addretned (pos paid) to the andeelten
(Counsellor of the Supreme Court of the United Sqatg
and of the Superior Courts of the State of New-YMTJ
in the Office of American and and Foreign Agcy,.
Wall-street, New-York.

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