Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: November 9, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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irw~eau Il-R-wRILT IN NAUsAU, N. r.
ISk agen per asm-- E sadvmse.

L is I !pay, ad enthroned in spie.
gnau ia hin mind. regardless of his mate,
ir lojm. the Rubicund Conch land's bold Vice-my,
r brooding; courting cheerful viees,
As sitmeat for his heat's ineiions,
A. neltudinanans seek a qpack,
And alb his moramas tr to call health hack.
Not mighty Rothschild felt when, a King of Kings.
Hailed by the mob; whose thinking breah" much thing
Will always, ni of feel" met eopieo give
The sovereigns' overein, thereby to live
As did our chief. the King of ailr as,
Rewarder of the feetest in
Counting on gaining a soe ofrlld
A sco of searrignu gave, to gai his esod.
iever did ministerial gras bog budget.
Excite such anxious looks from those who drudge it.
From year to year in England's House of Common.a
Drawing from Chancellor's pAig gravest omeas,
As in the rabble: when in green hair coae,
Te S erig'n a was thrust in jockey's fare;
la churms in(greles y hid from vulgar gus,
h mery towards their awe struck. deep amme.
Trom rnk to rank the deep hoa of manmer rai,
In iMraecation low upon the man,
Who sfer bringing both man and beast for mile,
CL, as tho' he would not, in his wo t of styla,
The wellearned pri : because by Belim won.
(Whoe sire a Cossack, made him Eagle's son),
A rabb hi muter, gentle 8elim sold,
A r bought hi for his worth in gold.
Not loe and Erbus by Chaos gien.
Ts empty space dark'ning the farr of heaven,
Bch dreadful apet sh.ewml, as did the King.
Whs 8ella's master receive the ilerr thing,
'lTy cal a emp-n re like a delfien bucket,
Wa which the houe-umad will always duck at
T negisog element: when your house it buruna
War predominant, and then fire by tuns.
'*koad this, m bill,' quoth Grey, be pue
My credit will be saved.
And I hall own the Lords at lst
Have Inus-ably behaved.'
TIe Lards ought not this bill to pass,
For if they do, why then
TheyN' prove their ties quite a mfrce,
Bis they're ial no-hbll-men. (nobleman.)

Priul dl 8. CArisoper Adcrtierr, Bept*rbr 13.

T felwina Manifesto, prepared by the Committe
Oppi0ed a th Public Meeting held at dt Court Home
the 7th July lkit, has been forwarded to Englnud, .
Shlaid bL the British nation:
Flaaw BSbjects !-Aggrieved by the wrings we hav
alied, ud indignlan at the calumnies heaped upon us
I enrselves compelled to appeal to he just an
r i of the British people.
We mb yOe seriosly to consider, and impartially
lm o the claim we now submit to your juusic
h U a property under the sanction of British Laws
If re of that property be much as does not exis i
Britain,, the fault doe not lie with us. Our ancetor
mnE dd toeoark tIheircBpitalin Colonial Landus
l after solemn acts of the British Parliameno
P ter purpose of enriching the nation, had de
es o e legal property: ad as such capital r
tid Bnritis traders wm dilfued through the Briti
EmPi, u"ld it not be unjust now to compel us to giv
''Wprm y without returning to m the capital, which
Smeey esrichned the people of Great Britain
ss~teM 10 the Colnasation of he British We
I,, ldm~m dSlave Trade was carried on by the En;
li 0 *This traffic was secured by the treati
Cd "oram d by dchrter: and acts of Parliame
he time to tlie a sed for its enouarsaent. I
S t is derived a a traffic highly dvanatgeo
Is aar"ng Slaves, which British laws had given t
Aricn Company of London, and other charters
-"n lsa nrity to bring to our slopes and sell, the C
tl e ly yielded to the repealed invititiio of the Mm
do.e "7 ; and fromhe year 1660 to 1774, Sou
-- *M the West Indi. Islands made siny efforts

~ak~~ ~S~gb~QS&8~~P~Ba

prohibit ihe importatio of SlavsI eeary a- of which i hLa ilas cl thae ddy; aud if he,a Mliherd d
were opposed by the Mother Conu ry. Is d lsM ie- Crow, be ignport poen a poias mesaily to be a
aanoce i 1774, Lord Dartmoth, as Predeat of h ad froel m rler h commed, mw am the lek
Board of Trade, declared dht he Caloeias e nid met swrprisd tat yoa. flow Brnos, should he deceived oa
be allowed to check or dicuage in uay degre a trac mh a tbjecLs Yea a aw s, the e0 -or t
te beneficial to the astin." wehave made, in emplim w lbmll iliel amd
From these facts we feel owmaslvs athorised to dadlum we are sl pror iL d e geat ad iantresig week
that Great Briutio, and aot the West India Casloist, ai of amliartion, our Lgiu having lately pasm a
the parent of Slavery in the West ladl ; ad that the act further lessening dm reauictios upon the adma.L e of
property of the Planter in Slaves, bu been acquired un- Slave evidence. We claim due credit for what we hae
der the express action and guarata of dhe laws of done, and consider the measures adopted by lus a
England. subject, as a pledge of what we are likely and wig *ds.
In the treatment of their Slaves, b West ladian have The Resolutioe of the Hoest of Co e of n ar
been influenced by a desire of civliag thims Savages 1823, having been fully complied with (as we dhi g
whom English cupidity had introducscuoapt them.- have satisfactorily shewn) are we not entitled to expect
Under th influence of sach feeliga ad to inaprove their that the plede contained in the concluding wente of
condition and protect tihm i the ajoymet of their ose Resoutions, which refes to the fair and equlahh
rights, an act was passed in i ye' 17r with a view coasideration o the Rights of private propery," will
to diminish the necessity for the Sl trade, and ulimate- be violated to our prejudice;-hat te hope which ba
ly to lead to its fial terminaatli; a also to great unto cheered us in our meliorating progress will not be diusp
the Slaves every indulgence and escouragement which pointed :-and that out willing compliance will the dsire
tuay tend o their moral and religi improvemeam, and of Parliament and the wishes of the British nation, wil
to secure o them the certain imnedmite and active pro- ea hb rewarded by an unjust attack upon those igsts.
section of the law." With ho t pride we eart that If, however, the Government of the Mother Country,
this Law was enacted under me compulsion. It was tdo urged by your Petitions to interfere with us, and contrary
voluntary act of the Colonial Legilature. to the spirit of the Reslutions of IM3, should dietrrmine
From 1798 to the year 1807, the progressive improve- to try the frightful experiment of prcnmaure rnsancipatiuo,
meant of the condition of the Slave, rewarded the aelou all we ask is, to be indemnified against the ronsequlnes
endeavour of the woner:--od in 1807, when the aboli- that must result from such a measure.
tine laws paued the British Parliament, and the Planter If, in spite of policy, in contempt of justice, reard-
wjss no longer able to keep up the aumnber of hi Slaves less of the consequences that iust follow to the very slaves
by fresh imlortations, interest went hand in hand ith tbhenelves-, sad in opposition to tlhe parlianentury resolu-
inclination, and imore deeply impreoed upon him the ne- tions, you still urge upon government the )priiriwt of
cesity of securing to his Slave every comfort and hap- early Emancipation; we entreat yiou, in the languImp'. I
pines compatible with his station, as thereon depended one of the early lemons of your childhood, it br just L -
the hope of their increase and power to cultivate the fore you are generous. It has often hapl.'er-d that thI.
land. From tliat period the improved condition of the rights of individuals and public bodies militate against the
Slave became niore striking, and afforded ample proof of public wish and lthe general convenience :--the cas of tih
the endeavour of the Planter to raise him in the scale of Duke of Athol's hereditary authority in the Isle of Man,
civilization. In 1823, the House of Commona entered and Almanack monopoly possessed by the 'Universities,
into Resolutions declaratory of the views of Government, are illustrative instances. Parliament gave the Duke a
and the wishes of the Englis pope, o the subject of large Iun of money fur the surrender of his authority, and
Colonial Slavery ; od as at is ou desire to enable you to the Universities were aHnpensaled in the same way, a*
judge how far we have acted up to the letter and spirt ol' though their nmnopoly wa pronounced illegal in a (out
thioe Resolutions, we here recie them :- of Justice. Our property has at least its origin in Law ;
That it is expedient to Iadopt efctl and decisive and we beseech you not to let yur felias be worked
meaur. r mrli ,ratiag ihe CaMa of the Slave Popu- upon by visionary ideas of milseken, though well imenl
nation in His Majest's Colonies. tioned philanthropy, so as to blind you to what is due to
That through a determined and persevering, but at justice.
the same time, judicious and tenoperate nliorcement of If upon any pretence, Ilth inviolability of private pro-
such measures, this llouse looks forward to a progressive pery is once vielidd, you los all security Jlr your own
inmprovenent in the character of the Slave Population, rights ; the esil nma crn.|p itl at dle itlrmniti.-s of tim,
such as may prepare them for a participation in tlose State, and le for simni, tlioe lhidlln front your viSw, nor
civil rights and privileges which are enjoyed by other iny you be aware of it until lue aggression lwatised at a
classes of His Majesty's subjects distance, be brought forward as a Itrecedent to justify in-
That this House i anxiosa for the accomplishment roads nearer home.
of this purpuoe at the ea lia period that hall be compati- Those who imprudentll urge the nrressily of imm-
ble with time well being of tLa Sves Ulemelves, with diate Emancipation, should at least he prepa-d with a Irt -
the safety of the Colonms, sad wit a fair and equitable ter system before they touch the present. Tliy should Is,
consideration of the interest of prite property."- Vrtes ready with ome organized nwans which would induce tli,
of the Hoise of Comma., 1la May, 183. strong and healthy to work, which would provide for the
That we have met the views of his Majesty's Govern- sick and weakly, and for the numberless diseamd and d.-
meat, as expressed in these Rsolutmins, is shown not by crepit persons and infants, who, as Slaves, are fd, cloth-
any statement of ours, but happily for us, by extracts ed, boused, and nourished by their masters, but as frre-
from a letter of the Secretary of Sate for the Colonis, men would cease to have any claim on the Planr, when he
addressed to the ofcer administering th Goveroment, would no longer posse the means of ffording them re-
and dated 7th of March, 128, acknowledging the receipt lief.
of act then lately passed by our Leglalsure for further We would ask the advocates for Emancipation what
improving the condition of the alves in dis Island. The means they have provided for protecting the lives of the
Swords of this official document ar as follow : I am Coloits, if the Negro, s ig the gifts of freedom,
commanded by the King to convey through you, Siu, to ruling to numerical uperiority, argued by the love of
he Legislative Council and Assembly of SL Christopher, property and power, and in the phreasy of sudden crage,
the epression of his graciom and high approbatioo of should endeavour to be master where he was oace a nr-
the measures which they have adopted or improving the iant, if toM h cpaus, or the inlispoiion of the Negro
condition of the Slave Populatio of the Island. This to free labour, cuhivaion should ceae or be materially in-
e act i remarkable for the widom and humanity of the jured, we would ask from whence are the large sums,
, greater partof its prove s, and it i peculiarly gratifying which now fow into the Public Treaury from the Cuo-
to find that the Legislate of this aient Colony have niea, to be supplied 1 What new aerre of commerce is
given the full sanction of their asnthriey to measure which to be substitted for that which is now found in the West
o have elsewhere ecited o mach alam, and called forth India Trade 1 Where is the market for British man-
. such u gent remonstrances. Uder the head of punih- features which m h s the place of that now afrded by
, ments indicted by the domemtic authorhy of the owner, it thee ColoJ aed how are the theoanda of Brii
Sis particularly gratifying to obrve mat the whip in the subject to i ted who now draw their means of
Field is entirely prohibited. Under the heed of the pro- exisence frole West Indirs t
s perty of Slaves, this act has not only executed the aug- We would press upon your consideration the particelar
d gestions made by Lord Baethrs, but some respect ex- situation of the West lodia Island, which prerludes ih
t, needed them. I cannot conclude this dispatch without possibility of their becoming a rival power, s the Unied
. renewing the expression of the very sicere stisfaction States of Amarica have done, and as the other coatinemtal
. with which His Majesty's Government have regarded the poaesaions of the Empire may do.
h cordial acquiescence of the Caloual Legislare in so In the conduct of the Colonist to their 8aves, few is-
e many of the uggetions which were made to them by deed wil now be found to deny Ihemaelves the hartflt
h Lord Bathort in obedience to his Majety's co and" joys which spring from humamity,-and we call upoa you
I The difficulties with which they have had to contend, as our Felow Countrymen, in the exercise of the vinrs
s and the humane and liberal spirit in which they have been of charity, to consider, that as chanrcer i dear to yea,
. encountered, are fully appreciated by His Majety, and n it is equally sacred to us. We call upon yen se io be
r will not fail to be duly estimated by Parliament, and by all induced by fase or artful statemese to view the W s Io-
n, class of society in this country dian as blackened by crime. We cal upon yue no a he
n (Signd) W. HUSKISSON." ed away by rep natinsof the present of soriy
u While we advert to the letter of Mr. Huskaion as amongst us, dn from examples pried e hfom yma
above quoted, we cannot but feel indignation mod surprise that have long since psued. We call sp yas ol o
ie at the resolution proposed by the Chancellor of the Ex- condemn a whole community beca se herein some i div-
d chequer in the House of Commno on the 15th April les, dual instance of enormity may have occurrl. We pray
o- setting forth that the resolutions of May, 1823, had been for the fullest enquiry. We nak that some intelligent and
o- wholly neglected by the Colonial Assemblies. We oluuld hones- inrlividtrls amongst you may viil the West Indies,
th be reluctant to accuse Lord Althorp of ignorance, hat it is view nor conduct, iupercl the state l our Slaves, and re-
to the only excuse that can be signed lor the statements urn with a true and faithful account of what the) hes

OW eIelf any ceYluey emant bj
S._ -, owail t S n r p ehild, a" hp ceu I b3e

has ad, or r hs ies ,re, an d a s u t prr te Brii t, o o dl ip a d do oudobld, w.l 1
hIw@ tAhe! pims t laaw s ou of im mc u ", hei. Ta doubt done se qu c lea a1d t l
bausnc of aeruesl ha. Itk Im aeodIe aO th b geS covenant between I
T 5 -- i .,penially whenit is uiide.d thnat ties h sa
Sdinih ants of AIslans" sy be" wig, thee child will be called nto a
-*wol -lg W -' aay ds. p-heltdw. wiew, e l lb ls tiies Pstif
e.i i what y do n t atposit." Ye, those fe.w, e are have acted usnedtdly, and had betir he k
Swinop their tend that Ig, to how they invite too minus a scrutiny into dit
Sui wdw wE is te i es entha, big fl, Johnbs Bull is am my fellow, bat be will a
T5JC Z L .a l elk ~mdolho ... with impunity, especially from those, who am
ward owl otahe n dnify, with the vain semus his ihberality, wad should know how to dia
of a s hi aogu oSmy-" Grsa is truth, and I The Duchas may feel sure of her appoistme@
flE. *M M W9 vMow prevar"; a s it wil l, i the eire m futati6 of Men- but may s act has been repealed, and if s I
H_ s *. shmlamdis, anod to d iaa iastso sofa thait mumnity, much spirit now, a may be necessary to lan
O dmy,, tu I t nt, the schooner ~sne S agly endebsea ily, salk bold up to eo hall restrain bar gambols d i future. Ie y.
I owl~, j.F.,de bhas conducted bief hitherto with Lo "
ti&, Captai Weoks, arrived at this port froa, New Y"rkT Yu w t mrant, sd much et by te peoolI wbo
pite sailed oo the 25th ulhuo. Tie Now York CATO. s he could ons t to become d e lpopal Par p
. ne alm d lk omlln(ewin the trgn o a msouths o desermelyp p la-hr---W
ppem -a Sied with interestaing wm from Eepe: em-
4adh g ti e eronstlo at their Gricism Majesi, King l'auae, N. P. 7th Nowetemer, 1881.e 4
W bAs IV. and Quoa AdealIde, which took pla To fit ile'r c t u Arg LATE ANDm IMPORTANT FROM RU4- E
eqdue Ids of beptembri-.-eunia of aerious esurusam- frl s,-WhlI *'1lue deMsMaw to doe high character LATE ANb IMPORTig ANTiw FROM r wlila
"he~ b of epteBn ofef riou disrban- r ink of Ielt|pesntmt tar e leave to oppose a few "We klrn by the brig Cronstradl, which arrived
an P ris- the Rnsi ad Polish wa-d rd of his oh lmea i udoleuw,bll I whim, thltthe doctrine rantine in this por onSaturddy, that on the
d dI Chluehr Marbm, ad dim revoluhue in Swilseetrid. of psnte aledira, Iw r I matters relative to ethics, the day when the vessel ailed from C onodti
Tim be daims are frno Havre, to hde 12th of Sep. physiek or of kdnce, all ha iseautiful and varied was received from St. Petersburgh that the RIsi
hbr, bring 10 days later han than ro e ticked In divers, is o longer oa on which the tongue of angel ment had notified the French Ambassador that
hiat. From Ith circumstances of die En perr Nicho a could deen, with the lightest chance of convincing the sence wa no longer necessary, and that his
lt. Frim th circumsnce of the Enperor Ni holsu or o obalining one proselyte among the learned. ready to be delivered to him. This inforati
having nuiied to die French Ambmasador that his Up- y other government dtn that of Britain, the re- rived front the deputy of the American Conil t
see was so lmtper necessary, and thla his paponrswere aT iteropes relatives individual interest in the gne- stadt, who considered it authentic. and was cash
ready, we have every eason to infer, If true, tru Er:ope ral good behig shewn, when their iuignificncce, ak in- the Captain of the Guard House at Cronstaudl,wl
i o-n dr eve of a Fgnral war. We have made copique dividuals, renders them tally unable to control, in the the passport of the above anied brig."
extracts for the information of o read sm ll deee, the I dltd course of national transc- The lweVi is from the Boston Daily Advert
lnru fo, th frm n of our r tions," might perhaps apply with appropriate strength and nesday. We need scarcely say that the nmesn
By the arrival f lonr PriMs, C d tat ; i bur a the commons, or people, are allowed with us to, will have a most important bearing on the pbs l
By the arrival of eKIs.n wh er Prier Capt. Iudoni V i in what pertains, or relates to their own good go- of Europe, should it prove true. Whether it h
frm Jamaica, t Moay, we have received our reul r oerme d, and a every man be he high, or be INh low," not is therefore a highly intreting question. Ow
AIh i the Jmnaica Courant, to the Sith uhimo, but they has his right of palance, in what he is so very grealy, vices from Petersburgh by the way of England an a
do mte rootain lute Eurpean dates. ahhough only indiridsoly interested, the only point to late by some days as the time of departure of
Private crcounts have been received here from Jamaica, Infer s, that such person, or individual, is so insigaicant Cronstredt. That we have not heard this news
b laer cl.ea our pae. r'c whe te hro I. mch in using the natural light of reaon, as to i unworthy, or therefore no ground for believing that it is not nsmis
eme y ter the r ppo r whi h ate that thl t apble of gaining he attention of hi cotemporurier tlhe other hand, what reasonable otivecan we
mrived from Cari(enba on the 21 t, and that e w l I need not do, more, I prsrme, than remind hIerope of the Emperor of Rusmi in thu taking an initiary i
ml for EnglJ on the 2th ; if so, the Mil Boat nea L h the caustic" burnings of some of your correspondents, a war with France Ehauted as his fnanmsa, a
hourly ell. I tMlhew him, trlt lthoughb hecautery was used to himself are, by the war ith Poland, would he thus plampi
The Conaura of the Ilh uk. contain n a account oad friends, (t least he says so), )et the act was very much self into other war which must necessarily aqp
tie adumb of Sir Willia. Scarlt, Knaigh. Chief Justice m r by the comma ,--- people, who doube pecni difficulhie, at the neoment he is ukiga
tf dal O id Willic m Srk. Ch u wl not thave ppraie al, which tlhey deemed "L iu Holland, which this new war would assuredly plm
of Im lidd, which uk pla on Munday morning, the aiferla." We sae oly elevated, or worthy m its truest obtaining. IfFrance cannot reach him by lael,ha
9th, atu One Pea, in the parish of MIancheter. sense, when our iprmciple and actions shew that we are are now suffciently powerfulto blockade the Re pi
_- not governed by self-ierm nor warped by injutlce, and in the Baltic and Black Sme, and thus annihilate 6
TIh Jaimai Couraini, of the 6lh uk. suy, that a however praoig wasy prove to the mem or a il, r R. Hp Th.- RBussia i otwpappoirt Iromu Trinidad de Cuba hau given information we can never be adofir t" to the good and worthy. thing, which desroys her export trade, we haid
tht t Save Trade is carried on to as great an extenl n I praise not him wh in his pety dealg pilferm n. evidence during Jb reign of Alexander, fr th
thatt, lae Tre urre o to i geat an ee i Bul be *hous eoeiere puns* cI rBud, compelled him wo a bnach of hi tsecir mhoh
hat Islaml as ever; and that a veai cuntainig 542 he who, osen do r compelled him to a breach of hie ac t i s wiAnd Na
lave*, lately entered that port, reported her ear o, and On the e-jdgs o r a pa il te hae his lown evidence to the fact. And i it a
Coesult hisosafree sill, awl boldly dares that he has ready cmed the unfortunate pFoW It
pruceeed a sht distance frnm he ton toland linm. To be Io to be thought. an honest man." has not, would he eek a war with France, which
N levP, N. P. d N mb 1831spetable commoner hs always sm ifluence materallny aid them in their during struggle d
T Nd November, 18o11. in the political chati which links him to his country, and tionelly dintinish his chance of terninatinig cc
To the Editor of the Ilahmo Argus. inmta y brem |se Mre, where uch influence h. war in which he it engaged with then. That bae
Ms. EDron,-Thle delusions of such a self-created been pefersed, ,rt he derived from a peerg be abetted in a war against France by Austris or ra
Mentor, .a graced (last night) the erulite pag of the Royal If terope mteas hatir l all* colonial inueoce seems hardly probable-we have seen no iodicatissal
(;laute, serve unl) to excite our contempt at his eluava- now on the wanei e ter his ill-eomeed mue My The policy of the government o Louis Philippe sae
galt self-ronceit. One would be led to imagine, by the be, vet the mour costitietn he maoir of th e'"inently conciliatory to the great puowe of the m
ietrem arvani hI mnanifret to youthlsit parti, that he vssUld corps of Mtie fraumertimu," de& ont make Between England and France the best underawdig t
has lug sinic possessed the experience of mause old age such eoe die maw firmly gounded on moraliy, and pears to exist; and would all the continental po
Supposition which his communication by mao mesus no under mection of the jscaer of the King of gather dare the luatiliiy of France, unaided by the
warrant. Lame in its style, erroneous in its sentime Kings. WAM swerpmered, we mur sh l e te atrrE power
li se in its sassetim, and disrted in its stemm of facts, Proc l s ib ide, dmer L uise worhy ueal ent ae e We cannot therefore give credit to his news. At
i will ats* sink into that oblivion it so jutly merits; un- roLrmieTL sam gis ri rgh ad pam ssimiu. ame time, we are awarethat the acts of adespot area
worhy of iaire, if the sphere of its circulation wer My pradt e h been deemed a one emanating from times neither guided by policy nor prudence, mad dha
coi nd to this community, but going abroad, to qprwd its the Brain Jnoto," became, I preume, I tacked a little blow is frequently struck before it approach les b
malicious falehood's among strangers, i de reaon hy Lain to Kits ta, fr which rewoa I shill write nothing but whispeed among his people, or that an enlaved pr
I, Mr. Editor, have troubled you wide this letter. English, to wit: given the slightest indication of it.
To all hoe rad Meator's puerile a y, I would my : A Cobhler's a I who is always sreadfst, The lest Petersburg date in the London papers d
Be so dceiveid. Mealr says wat is palpably fase,- For to gain al ends, kh ics to l r; 8th Sept. is the 20th August.
what he must know is as. Do os be duped by him, for He care seaf Braia, nerTihon, nor Redpoll.
he ha his own selfish ends in view. He says for what Wil his rem-tll-t t, he takm care of his owna s. FOREIGN ITEMS.
arewe disputing 1 O flly o rob the crown of its mot I am, Mr. Editor,
a"rrl t preroative, the prerogativ of pardoning." No, You ebdlint servant, Disturbances anmons. the populace of Paris, appr
Me. Editor, th is not the object of dispute. Mercy is CLAUDIUS CRISPINtS. have broken out, and to have otntinuel for son diE.
indeed a erficel pre-ugtive of the crown : this we all TDIUS CRISPI egive ot them e have calre d or d
allow;: bt sill i is inferior to justice. Juice goes be- CORONATION. aIvre Journal. Thaw do not sem to have bea -a
sfe-od rrw flows atibr; and mae thu-an The om is ah i ed to the details of the crontion A change in the M istry Is spoken of. It is l I
should h eercim d with due reg toJ circumstances of the King and Q of England, which took plre onthe M. Decases, ho wa a Minister of Louis XIII.,
of the cap; bus when we la s ItaI e absed, ath of September. ef asr thesemonisal of the cre nmati take the pce of M. Perier.
thait a e in rversed, to cloak iea i r, malice was comeered. it as pamrfer in all its parts, although much The cholera rean to have made an alarming pIfl
and lf-intere.r, who is i, (unks it cold blended of the impmig del sha rendered the cormalion of George t is stated with much confidence tha i has bn
Meonor and his unwathy cooper,) who will set exclaim the 4h as inam cen, as omitted. V nn ce tht e has broe* 4
agais such abmas I do not, like that would-he refrcmar Isead of te eeman romnaing is Wes.tmise H.ll. Vie"n, at Brlin, be committing d lful
build a aste in: a. t ad having laid e to ie a 'sh sa ma"o sa r.a to the Abbey their meajesin Hungary. One account from Par. ya-- We .g
iiai tfhe viery Gre orm the acaevent'; b ht whaP.o e* i = 0 zCm a fro pt. Jame', la hc h to the re oHilire ourtrives with iti idea Of asco t eus rs ithf. Sir ams C. Smythh b chuch. kw. i e pest diflgs were coodctrl airing to scourge soon reach s; ronsiderebly diminished, .
Sha o sdinar is" fs Si J Sy, o hie sad n 'se la The recogntion. the anoinrtin, the in its mos daneerous characteristics, and we rely 1
es ordinary eserci of fe pardoashus mauifued, e gad tdeb' e to the King., d the anoining. dal on the skill of oo physician."
mat tho iTives mentioned above, mere Nor i ti I enroee. rid anhrumen of te Qrm.e and lle m nl. Fro Polnd here is thing definitive, on -
the only grierane of which e have to complain: have the admiaiMsrario ef ea uamen to bate wee all dirtin- rpndanc can e pt "d. The Manilrr of ther kthls
ao r laws bees trampled poea, our legidsat. dfied, Ipehd by he oadeM ceremmoa of which Westiner Ah- A
the magistracy nFraged,--he rcomunitvy insultmd Who i' has been so frluently the seee. The haquem, which an itereing article on the lte events in W.arsw (.l
the it injuring the colony Who but Sir Jame C. m t ed'te r pa of the ceremony was dispesd we will give o-morrow, should e have no lter
mySth And he who preumm o jusily hi conduct, is n with, the mni of the crown givin magnifent, eter- with the followingstement of the situation of the
Sto dC .olony. Le his nae ih fm .ime at le mansion instead. Te preparations fr a armies at de latest dats frnm the seat of war.
mark be st upon. him, that pr h rm s Igenerl illmmaien ti the evening wa of s pledid de- The head quarters of the Poes are established le
w o" a a'," upon b l t leeand famine. y oiad,s we eiq n. of the Pases of Warsaw, and the different corps of t r
wtus.--pslaii pestilece, sad famine. e bh a v o nae o- sigular cicosmsa e steuding the my are coc 'ntraed s a short distane.
Buet yso a me," they ho question thi prerogative," eoas*e;, the aaee oft e Dbhesu s of Kemw alnd t e M.ahalPaskiteh has beta joined by P1rd
--ha isto say, ey ho oppose thoe unconstitutional arts p Vic toria h tb esr pnmpive to th, crown. It ars aP. ,wh h,'s ."v n apt id
of or Governor," are voong; thev are no the old head. a lbenalegal thas enomitc.iivedsindlh. ues the division of G(en.eal Rud iger is encamped Ii
n whom we lokLed op to, ai guidee" then. hy do not bm f r~m etmen. but this is sn urd, se palmenrar miin tance of one or two l'Iueas. ,Neeverthele t i"s
them nh Iou,l she wthoem lvhe, and di|plav 0heir i|lon Mtio m h er ic e I n tson: the proble reaon, is, lived that he will attack. Until now there has ba ,
bt refuline, hat is falvly said I s I the. iun solns d thr her h nat l hihnes has identlifte hrH btI with tie aierrs thine but skirmishes of no importance.
bym Oeof ine days idl has cl y naid this mIlhod in is of ify er diap- Two cawp have been sent off h% the PIoles, on e
Royal lacutt, tde', lave an opportunity to signalize deeni- probation of the royal publics. Tlse right of dtl lady to ab- Palatinate of Pudlachea, the other to the Palatin

SOMME b" which am mlea i cornm d h- S3d. To declare war, or make pe, e o aeI Di-
hy eeral Ranmaroe. O Sunday moilm ame. t'i ) in tM alw r
Tb e -liitiud by eonedplling Generol Oelowin to 4th. Tu alnato sx m b e as, of wIt LA of beSny. Fnma Wam 6L26 Miii
I'm n o e nrage As ccnhelyTsm -n f s order B(lUn Prfo.r for. w.-For of dy (p
s Wuosaw h alrnray given an opportunity to in- counternirn hi aide (r tUil e WiaIpowCkl for- r% dw e hro i
td o i ehat place a tolernable lare quantity of provi- eign affairs i oly mundom.) -c--a-wa C.---
"adsa ton he ns tO e aiS mess of proio ngig te The mew bead of thae gov menthas hosel tal doe, and those will be conaldopeld as rubela wlho tas*pie F r U B* d
sop u urev filed, however, that on 7ith, in the eve- to form new ones.
. tine Itusian. lail rvturnecl in force to Minsk, and The huat roubles have Oi t een ex egend Tbe
& deM wrm fihting then, notwidlhanding it s certain, populace murdered the gpneraist platd mt le ct -
dc the grotea prtionI af the Polish army-that whid, piracy. The accou nt e by the Ru-rn ofter PEy OI NAS SAU, N. Er .
SI ng n ingo i ale isntrenlchrmnnle of Wa esaw--insu notetye m asmcren must, however, be raerved with wt ro. O hAI
Ss rim egaug-erient. As it can hardly at present Bj ra of t/ Rhira, Bdat. 4.-Fr fifteMn days put ARRIT D,
act m the uoffeniiver, slrracks of wood are erecting for tin te Ciolter bha prevailed without it being grfuelly Nov. 7th-Sp. ahr. rComa, Menda. Cuba
pe uderthe cannon of tien feorticltion. known at Vienna. We now blar that the Austrian u o, to JOb 8&i
Such i the critical ibt still iiiposaing state of the l Polish ,,overnaent hl a officially informed ane var. the .i t tbL .. .. Am. eihr. oi ,j N York
Iy. Wisat will be tlse i ue of tile Irruic strugglel-- dislrer iimakio great ravge in iothe capital of empire. F"l am o r, Wern, Bd Poco r
We venture to say llut it is nlot yet decided if order can The news of toy) and yesterday is, that thi terrible di- o JFl P. BoLnWt .
liLus toe l muintYieni ainhe city, if tle nw hd o order lse broken out in BerlinAed rdut many iodivoidui 1 8l Sdcn. Primros, Hudan, Jamaic
de UGovernment displays inllurible lirnieuss. have been carried off by it Rum, Su Soap, ad Lrd,
Accounts fron Mdaridl, ol tile 31st August sltat, that It is stated from dte head quarter of die Runain army t Joa TMONr s.
a General Torrijeo was itn arns against the government whiric waus ou the l3d till at Nadarnyn, that ea the 19 h
ear tie Iornler of lnlualutie; his force consisted of 150 tie Mardnal had reconeoitred the enemy, but that night CLEARED,
en, all old ldiers. C sierable unenainea was in con- intervening before tie troops s ived within a l e of N 8th Am. hr. William Roe, Wall, Key W
epuance eviuced by the Government, sad uoopw were Warsaw, no engagement took pace. N. r Poa A om Untio, Casidar Cuba
macuiog to oppoweu imi. Yesterday even hee greatest prt of the Polih my .. o op Union, Albvy, Tortea
Paris, Sept. 5--''hi morning a n.meroms collection of dIrew sp in line be N rand the foitctimtonl of W arw. It ..I .. Hal, Balti rs
women assembled in the Rie do (C'dran, under thr pre- is ;aid tait 11) or 1,000 men have been detached against i. L ,
tet of destroying a machine for spinning wool. An General Itoen, who has received order to avoid a battle SAILED
aimed Ilfrce arrived in time rn I rovent then, and at tsis a id to maintain his posts a near the enemy a possible. SAILED
etwPent t|I: two extremilia of tile street are occupied by An alltunpt has been made to bun the bridge at Prnag, Nov. 6th-H. M. scahr. Pickle, LL Taplin, C('reL
te troops of ties line and tile municipal guard. but did not succeed. 8th Am schr. William Ros. Wall, Key West
Sept. 6.-There is still some agitation apparent in the General Rudigr is still in tile environs of Radom; be
Rue do Ca(dren. This niorning a number of wonen pre- has in his front Polish division. Yesterday, it was sid On Saturday lt, off Royal Island, the schooner Ge-
eanted themselves before tie house in which lie maclline a brisk cannonade was heard in that direction. General neral Marion, spoke e Russian brig Anluinelie, Llder-
was used ; they were imni diately arrested. KreutW will arrive Ihre on the tilh. 'The arrival of bhi man, from Exumn bound to lavana, out 14 days, and sup-
Letter front Brest of 2It Sel,I annouuce lhe arrival of troops and tlhine of General Rudiger, will augment the plied her with water and provision.
Adm:ral Ruusin, with his squadron fn, ron Lin, and t l arsriy lo 25 sto s ,000 men. This reinforcement will, it is
captured Posnurtguese priw helievedl, b the e e sl of the cI o the contest.-Pru- PAHdENERS ARRIVED.
The small quantity of Gmiln hrolugt no the markets in i, State G.zte. In the American schooner General Marion, from New
the environs of Paris, keep tile price very high, and the, 1. Yor :oaph John, Esquire, Lady and mily
canaqenre i loud colai and tol sina, and even worse. Some From Joeo d Hare Se 1. :-J eph H. Johmon, Eluire, Lady s d famil
iltreasing occurrences took place at ti two last markets Private letters which we have just received from the l s Necks, Esquire, Led md faily Mrs. Cl
.t C srbeil. The crnIp wiltoult Ieing bad has not been as Polish legation at Pais, contain the following p Mige s Bimaon, Johnson,nd olom ad Mr. Jol
productive as w,. tlhught, and the lfrraeis ame not able as Field Marshal Paukewitcht h a been beaten on Pta t Baldwin.
yet to supply the markets. of August by General Skrynsecki, and compelled t 4q11k
It is maid that on tie 13th, a billet was found in the roads the positions which he occupied In the neighbourbw sd ef
f Trassun, on whlicrl was written in Danish. All the Warsaw."
new of the shii lhlenerietta Dorodlea are dead of the We are far from glaranteeing the truth of this agreeable
Cholers except nme, Niei Peterson, second mate." intelligence, of which our other correspondcntas ake no
P. 8. A quarter before 5 o'clock a group of from 300 mention.
ts 400 iidiviluals, coneposed of men, women and children A serious disturbance has jut taken place at Harleur
Sa just pau(ed the HRe du Mail, going to the Pais o consequence of an attempt to taniport the cargo of
Rem It ia believed they wUl I-. il .l the brig Wa. lleory, fm kb namh m sLamlnh de BY HENRY GREENSLADE &d CO.
Pari, Sept. $.--1 must speak to you again of the riot. men employed oni lighter lts'lpsed to ponemen it appee-
It pu in motion yesterday a great number of the national heisive that the ulse ot steatsets would destroy their On Ftidey ses, t Iltl thea
sad municipal guard and troops of the line, infantry and customary mode of earning the livelihood. The Soldiery A *T r e V asOr,
m aniry. Some mniichivous persons threw stones at tine "d police were called in, an officer wounded and T TE d an
tnsop and broke the windows near tlle R e de Clery. many arrests were Uade. Al 11 ,OI Aa. DL
Thai wa tie nilost arious part of it. The Criu river Farmcail contai the following:- Will be Sold
Paris Sept. 9.-The troubles increased yesterday Ihe question upon the Perege nde Man pro The resilue of the Cargo of cEr. Sarh Johnng, vi.
em and the arned force was obliged to make frequent yesterday. A meeting was held at the house of It r Potatoes, in barrels,
dra t clear tise streets in die naighbourheiod of oet aient of tie Council, at which several PeeM attended. Mackerel, in ditto,
m dei Caros. Tow ds eleven o'clock te mob di- Ti project of the Governm t was taken into consi- Turnip,
med by degrees. Maosy persons it i said have been ldration. If udie n-ports an dlo abject an to he credited, Lumber,
useaud. This a.orniiag many individual are again col- the hereditary eight to lit it iChmher of Peer is given Shingles,
heaedin de quarter lMomtrtre ; it is hoped thnt thescenes uP; but tile government peAM in requiring for dhe Slt Fish, &. ke.
d ti lahs f nw das. in not be rpeated. Government has Crown dte pr,.rugative of direct election, and unlimited Ter ant-CASH on delivery.
m ameasuwes to repress tlrnl--.all tle troops of thle line erngmentation of se number of Pees. Such ae the November 9th.
ia enshd to nvove at the irst signal, and the National basis upon wlich it is ptopamod to re-coostiute the Claim-
GOm Lbalso direcuel to hold dinaelvee in readiness to her of Peers. The matter of difficulty is how to CHRIST CHUR T N PARISH.
men-le at tlle bet of the drum. obtain a majority in tie Chamber of Deputies, s many
Th letters which we receive from the South of France of the mnlbenr living bound themslves by lmn and AE IaE .a ar
parea the departments there as in a sate of great fer- disRinct pledge upon tIe atbject." W AVING fixed the asmi of hanD at the Iate of <4
melati.m At Clermont Tnrrand for me time past the BELGIUM. Ie pr barrel of superfine Flour, Orderd,dee, the
peoeg ha risen in consequence of the indirect reports. It hs% been officially aneuaaed by GeOnral Belliard and shilling Loaf do weigh 2h1a. So., and the sixpenny Louf
It ppeand tht dhes troubles lave bec moe mo eriom-s Mr. Adanr, that the openings te dyk on the Sedt lb. 4oz. By order of the Vesry.
A abe of airess have been made, but the people at- made ij the flollandere an I be closed, and that a battery DAVID SPENCE, Vestry Clerk.
tcMd he print sand delivered the prisonen. Courier ected during the rmstice between the city of Antwerp and Vamty Room, ls November, 1831.
base been despatched to Lyons and Moulins, to ask rein- the ctdel by the Belgn I toa raaed.
tfce 'g A chaenge has taken place an te Itlgin Ministry. M. NOTICE.
Sof the national guard and gen-d'nrme. de Maclenserehes te Depaa of the Interior, in the U RIER being leave the Is-
0 the 14.h August an officer belonging to one of the place of M. Tuchman; M. Lelb, Ambamador a Prui, is E SUBSCRIBER being about to leave th I
atchil whirh remained in the Taus, being on sore, called n Foreign Anfain leu of M. de Muckletre; M. a land, reqientl all persons having demands against
win stacked by the p~,lle, and his life with difficulty Cb. de Brouckere remians MiOnite of War. him, to forward their accounts without delay; and lo, th
nd. The account which mentions this occurrence, indebted to him, will please make payment, on or before
nlp: "There n every resan to believe that as mon as George Tierney, Esquie, has been appointed Commic- thae S0th instant, todwrwe their account will be placed
a nrach Government learns these diorders, a rupture sioner of Greenwich Hspital, in the room of ate late Sir in Ite hands of ae AllorneLHOM T
SeaiM, unlen Don Miguel immediately gives the most Willia llpe. HOMAS TUNBULL
a Satifaction. Noe .__ ___ v
WFaio, Aug. 27.--The Gazette of Silesia, contains
d n lowing news from Kliasch, dated Aug a c27.t a, NOTiCE.
The day before yesterday, ome thousand Russian ra- ilE SUBSCRIBER has on hend ahoeMt O dos.
, coan.mauded by Gen. Knowring, entered aiour wall. C7' Eer person a to kam eae teIe landsd, afltr iT of superior London Brown Stout, which ha offer
waryhing remains tranquil; the Russians pay for what loi e sided t leinefr fie sp afTHmnrrrw A*Y, et low for Cash.
y tlae. Were it not tIo Ihe change of tle eagle and JOHN G. MEADOWS.
f 6 ctionenriei, one wolld not snppose there was an gi" Wc Si at te Al ecr elarty's Ogr,r l sp lu October 12th.
iso i"s ia tile government. This body of cavalry i said Oflr forr/rrzTan DArSpmernsias to hisdefart.v---.
4 to nirrh an zentochsu, and will be replaced by PFOR MALE.
"iGay. General Doimbrowski is about to assuue dhe t'r tal, aa tim g ilneg roa,-rITa DAYa, O Til pr
IgvenmetThe Home and Premrim at pmemenaoccupied
Iev mo l guvernn ent may be asetaid. by Mrs. Poitier. The Home i roamy and
tled that Warsaw will be summoned three times, NAMES OF PERSONS l j convenient, with large Kitchen slid waubs s
Which the town will be cannonaded by all thile anrtille- a m,,'T To orrmta Ticsm ron DEPATeUag. attached, chair hiom and ailing for three
ry d the srmy until it has capitulated. A counter revo- oh Jly Manuel Arron horw, erensive yard and gra pie.. Thei hildisig
ie e broken out in Warsw: but the object of it has Ith September, M eO'Brien have been lately thoroughly repaired, ad the atmer prt
Retha antained. I1h. Win. J. Hamilton of the fences have been newly put up.
d. itehe S" eJ P/anmd, Augst 27.--All the members of tir Anthony Doyle. ALSO
N National Goveranent have given in their resignations. oth Captain 9. Ridd, A tract of Land situated at d ViLe, ontaming Y50
"twi is noin atod Preident.L The following ar th e A. Ransom. acres. It is divided by the il -d ioat otwo Lo, tie
o nru l h.h ....... Chs. Wleatbeosl. wlet.rn lot being intera.cred by the new ad ledling from
T aplpsint lle Chief of the army or depose hin. Pauel Ke the vile into the B hill rod. Thi l ill e di
( ][ d d a h i is p ro v isio n a llv C(l im.l: ) It s I a u u e K en. B lowl in h ill rea d hi
i T 1 nos6tt, ul l. l John Baptete. p'mod ofin one or three lts. A pply to
Tl ftnonill"ate a slstittnic. (Nisoisni is d__ina- 7Ih No..ember Jai Colis,,.. JOHN W. MILLER.
"na thtu obilir.) tih Thonma Turnlull. Septemler T7th.

Ti hiing is given made m e had Warms ,As-

At-d -m,. of Bh ,, adae,!-CI )di
dn choiu of d h -mdm and year cmldr s, o oe
&W. mmL -. mI-fwit-, e -li W miriw
elbema I shamrei af l d ,is alld ded pd s
e 0 I i. 1 r 2m I omlea n, l pell tid
wM M aoms I I a- Up it ad *have bitr 4w
eMiaed i. w nA no"iN us it b ampi -
tlid ill f J ctullin it wa mu my -
te'nglMe 4nto ea but I was raaulved so
hI tl Ir given Ih exauple of tiha perstverana ef
.Mc e are m ch mmmd in ur pemrnt ndsai
A dpmallus &am, ed by dt Die, fund it advanl
ifr di good df the cs ery ta coeide tIl chii cam-
mond af le ary to aher hemAs. While I .ulmil wide
Sresig ium on thiinter.reace, I will ddrreyue forbthelm
l a, o testify to you the ebire msse wikh which I am
ilkid for yaw bravery, yuwr devu*eda u an seaL Your
cmoetry jUdge by whre you hive hiidero done, of whet i
smay enpecl fron you in f(mor. Tie czonmindrr, whoam
IZwlar a ntivenlo dlh astie ioe paced over you, a
to l you by i braery mid ki rnluou,
simr by overcoming ahe greens difaltie he ayed
yer Otntrades frum that delruction which, for a les re-
aihe mean, would hnve been ieihable. Let us sairound
him with the ruolldence end aviation his merits deserve.
Implicit rounfilenc, obelm lanc, de first virtue of a soldier
of evwry rank. will le a powerful support oa our ide
de new coumnnuider; ain I, whu lid he bumour to be as
your hed, uay owr te allowed to aspire to another, that
of i(lhtin in yiMur ranks, oad giving yomu n euseaple o
tde' diariin. whrtIch I have hathertu reqisiil from yuu, and
to whirh I will with you willingly subnil. Soliere, le a
alwnvys unite margnanimity endl a ilh cemraup mad
mel., aIitil lbh G;il'e Iwlp Puland will sill rise from its
ruin-IP.'l nd linrevr.
"Tiem C 'munander-in-Chief of tie ma med Nalional
H Hr at QtaTrrXe. tOLI.MNe1w, tiiaI 12.
.lndie! (Cilled by tie trill iof tli Diet from your
ineks to yawr imlJ tke n me llti past fn of emon
dlaore and hope. The eirrims o tie chief anummand is
m ut diffirelt where all are animated by oe feelin--tlla
,,f urrifiring thld lrvs for d dr iverarne of the roun-
try. Yes, it will certnly Mld it in :uur curane, set* in
1i"- '"eranre whibih i hie lt rounqrr rvcir tbin. Citi-
,rn. moIwl deiritsn. I have n'rved mennMg yve during tllib
lulitelal war; I therefore know LtI' spirit tikt aniLmate
.oue, aial will ie* eillex you te oldlience and harder; an
elll h uniIlY I will um, tat eitranrdlinary i uflrt arena rr-
qllirn,-nelly lne tlle shl aJell directly oulr elusearnnt.,
llul of renouninn every tililngl lul tmen \pial instl high--
Iv in order io sensru our illl.ndepeairJr cu. Whatever lha
movements nluv be, thl isel alhicrl inospires you in battle
nsisl n4e renild during the pirepralrmins for it. If my mili-
earv life hiherti, and tliningin ck Ito their families some
llseaHsnds f yi vr iraihnrn wlhom yis perlhap already
S ave ep eas hit, ran eive e. any title so yenr coeadence,
I rlnim it of vint in the name oef (iGod nd or country. I
I know thl I cnn only e strong ihriouli your isrength; I
know lis tIhr demands i the nation and the army, sand
will mt diappoint your epectation. You shlul se m
every where partke in your hardhips and J.aers; but
I mea nln e allowed to hope, that ihem we go alloer-
ther to dLe come, you wil depend on me an I do oa dhe
cunruy md a you. delivernce sk* guide your
steps -s wel Is ini t s a keep away every thing
thla might wanke the awal strength of dte rny, and
frm erm ve, d a we ball leave to our paseteity a 6e
"&Cni-,We-Caid. a *irm, of the u ad ,.
With remper to the choik of a fila ComuM r-i.-
Chi-f, re vons am divided between iou pere:-a
Prdmi- i, Uimki, Lubioaki, sad Wldini e 7-

Pre n Le Cour 4r E. ir.
SeilnTrela -We cepy fr a Ledeo paper tel fl-
uwmig ersc ma a prenIt aln of ti iun mnC cwm-
try. Dectaid ecaCteM of the dtiurbares exieing in
mrm of d cantoam hive Irredy reached a; but we
wacid a brief state of heir orign and objec. Our
slectios frit Eurnpean lpaprr will hee am rd he
main wih n pariclur iw o tu iJLrour r f ad" pm-
sing events them.
Tin Frnch papes for e time pas havne Im daily
cnpied articles from joarnua of Switarrland, hbowieg
the dlwrd ses of the cantons which coampse the
Swit CMofdwsiou The revolutionary shesck whirL
overthrew dl Rimubon throe lat Jy twolee. -a ,
wa fel in lbh Si m. naiM. 'The enahlalimen o
dte iew principle of pinier ren nly ienpim the
mm o d l pnpit- ith tiL r idhe t the line was
arimd for inihtie verry ves of privllsge and
-rtiglbeir eqmliy of right. ArTcdigly, by ln d i
of Ocber or dhe middle of Noremaer, elven or tnwelv
oat of dio cantons of the bfdwati ere a Di n.
Thi sepnre catmul protested ein the tyramy of die
Dirt,-dhe popl rae Faga the enunils of dee canton,
--nd the iminhlesto of the camry tok up rm against
hir privileged icins of the towns.
It comes e bcor sd hat there was much case for
dircomat ia the political siution of man) tof these li.
te republics. In meai of themi the Grand Council, in
whme hands the sluremn puer of tier Msle asn sIflid,
as. elrried by the rhirf lowe, and nipnrv-elrd only Ih.
enmustiy of dlt liuohlutn. In others a prirvikd oo-

bees m a eN eis maeolumminasl the gound vet meant. flo an do pert ao Reah would a" be in Aki
Ta ee g I agoon, end inetated wih' lb Asm as seny oqeeI
Sr L "c e ..wy lb bamd bs hsfl d i.--ler sh* is may.l t l feBll ne per olss.

rhi pide r mrito nd of a o ligarcical olt upplse that thiL d easion ows ccaionL i h
i s casd iberty of l. press a of rupture wilh Enland on account of tb
i ad il cases rh sriclad. of Belgium. On that hei d th 8peech hr t.e
jThe nlive al elgh d spiri d l cn t antry aw shlows lmark prup iy ym to proleig tat q e
a lba nsts in France -s calcuod both uo o s beyond spe nt; and the Mnifw eves a- ma
dl paeleie mae their ightad a remove that speedy return of pa t of It French art.
dnier a forei iugntirv l her Tf which, during
l mncendency of td IIuly AMee, bad prevented tem FRENCH CHAMBER OF DEPUTEI.
Ihm m tnl then. nommredt of dthe unprivleged Beni l
mee gly teuk ph s every canto mc- The Vice Preslent. M. Dupont de I'Erur, to
cmpleud with morn or l violeCe, nOd followed by t hev pl It ii o'clock.
gr ceror ler cncs ,a cs er For the mas After grirating seend leav of absence to soe l
pat those isn person of er aieed, on the me aembe., the Chamber heard the developemenl of a aei
di y of physical fwrce, to dr their institutions, and N. Rogier relative to individual liberty. The Hoe-
to admit the people to an tqllry of right. In very few Member proposed that any person Iuilly of u u s
inances was there any bluddl, (hough people of the aishable by only three monit.s' impmionment, sheends
omatry invaded the towns, sad irrooded due legislative at liberty, without bail, until his trial came em; the p
mocils of the cauntos with arneandeaddisciplined mobs. guilty of offences liable to a longer confilemest, s" as
By the end of the yearor tses ba middle of Janu- admitted to bail, and the suma ned hby the Prenident (e
By he e half oh de s is bad agreed to plDofanu- Coutn; that no prisoner should be kept in solitary e lal
uny,m then fearmoo ir eid teend to plhn of t hr ee t dny d ay t tinme: it the Jnda ri
fundamental reform, dividing i really tihe burdens, stuction might, however, prolongD a i if tboughlt pma
ed saring more equally i pr ges, ofd thletat that it should in o cam ever exceed one month; ad
amoi tb citizens of own or ry. In this predica- all prison-keeprn or golers, who wonld of their ou m
meat were Friboai, Locre, Laus e, Zurich, Shafl- put a prisoner in soliltry confinement, without an nthI edo
ilmeos, airven aristoculic 1ad oligarchical canton to thra effect, should be punished for that ofence.
of Bae The Chamber decided that the motion deserved ith a
BRt deoigh new coesitutios were in many case voted eldleation, and that it would dislem it a aoe of hL a
in hste, and under the inluee of terror, dIy were not M. BLONDI w afterward preneedl pnpemiliwmAuh
im ditely put in force, and conequently room was still to Deputee holding office under Govrnament. lik
left for intrigue and re-actioa The meeting of the Diet that his proposition was, n to prevent the public fameiu
bowed the partisansof changand the supporters of an- ries entering the Chamber, but to obtain an economy imli
rient sowes their relative asregth, end Ithn differences be- expenditure of the State, to which the pr'btic functsiao
tena Itbe are not likely to be soun rrangd. unome of his colleagues in the I.igisleture, would, he wan sure, e
them IsBl on a revision of t federal compact, and others gre i. e. that the Deputies who filled situation i. 6
ce for its continence o its prst ing. The Adminitrallon should renounce reviving any amiry
eformers of ivn ne Federa e n haveootin. h the time Ihey were absent from aid siteruN dini
refurmern of tier ednl ave ptiinioned for their legnlltive duties. M. loldeao dduced i eS
a freedom of trade in tie interior of die federation,-for of the State functionarie, and of the ocerm of the m.
tie right of every Siss to esublish hinuelfin any canton whose salaries ere reduced by one half when they call
tht hie my cloose,-and for a reprleentaliun in tie Diet n leave of absence, and trusted that the palriotin o d i
ia ble to die Ietent or population of each canton. Deluiit would induce them to make a similar sacrire.
tahiam a.e resIted by the majority of tie Diet; and The hammerer decidedl that it would take the motia in
i u to cuntests and isurrectiona in the separate consideration. and then proceeded to discuss M. (ilae t.
sl, great dissatisfacti is fel at tilhe conduct of the oin's proposition with regard to the salaries of the Pril
a.l Que1oars of the Chamber.
Federal Dir cory. It s loped, however, that the caui Afr a hor dscuio.n, in which the Chsaber nr
of reform wilU be dceided wiltl a Ilarter recourse to aan hilrnlenl, having liu it obiecl wU aupwpro i b hI-
eral. salarie of I ele Uollrc it Iw agreed ItlIt the furmr el a
r.. receive a.UOO Irancs per month. during the Seuion, eM tih
I're the Jonl des Ik s. Queitor, 6,000 franc. per antjitm.
After the adoption of the law, M. M 'Asnsoury. Miniter
The report of their exliarsl of tl chtlonr m i oly, rm ..... .. ii..dI i .. e iac e of tM deIpartmLean
which hs spread terror in Lynn, is aid to be owing to credit ol two million of frane@. in addtn to to he six m i
the establiihment of a unitary cordon on the frontira of vete* last year. for the completion of the canas.
Savoy. We can positively affirm that there is no con- i T'le same Manulser afterward called for a suppleams
tagion in Italy, nor has the French Government formed .'rel" of one nslllon. to defray the expenses whin M
the fron r -Pa r I yn nal-,rv meaaurea about to be taLen agaills the inltolucla
anv torlon on the ironlo.rf.--P rrwr.rrr de Lyo. e o iheriaerleia into France, would require.
It s stated," ays the (elobe, in tie (Council on
Wednesday, in consequence of the dillicultiet tih mighl
arise between the Enelih and French cabinet t with regard The Shaikr Srlrtlmrnt in Amerira.-The Shaker eall.
to dthe eacuion oo Belgim by the French troon, that Ien "at Nikayuna is 8 miles N. W. of Albany. The Shkei
M. Casnir Perier waps the point of eating out tor Lee- amre ie followers of Ann Lee. called by them Mother aS
n; he of thi step, fearing re enihusiast, who was bore in Engind
(ltoo bulh King did ifpp e o t step. antl ,, to the, revolutionary war, s d while yet in hvl
tha it might prinlice an v suffered much tribulation and deep exercise. of spirit. m k.
Bl gla, Avg. 6.- .7o r so thI ee of a civil war. converson from the siss of this wnrid to a atme of gma
The Pope i endearourig to arm all the troops he can. perferlin. S4he endured severe Iriali and much perai
Rimini ihs nbcomes aort of strong plce ; tio it i r- according to her own account, from her country mn ; bI C
risomed by 1,EMI men, with e piece of artillery, wonder aferwars favoured with visions end an rehibition of mis
the co nmnd of Beativolio. Te Court of Rome eem in her favour. Although in early life herself Ihe wife. de
to be deter insd oN resoing to force. Romage nad poor blacksmith. the principal tenet of her creed i sniter
Bologna orn arming. Te letter has formed four regi- nd entire relihary. shich ie defended on varianslll sprin
l ig. Them er h d four pi- gnnd. ad fully set north in a Work recently published by
mental of National Guars, 16,U0 strong, and mshot all te ,iey. In aouemem e of the perecltioni elpg
provided with mnskets. by Motder Ann, in Engllnd she a o thki conoiy, oi
Pro if C maih --& established a mavll society, which a ben followed b -I
b lihshmienl of olhen. of which thi in e e. Her iWems
We ae Informed tiathe d ews of the interference of regard her memory with pion veoeratioon ad consider o
France in te arffirsof B ium has produced an extraor- selves a the only peo i possessiona of the te- Is .
diary former tionu i Spin. The Ahsolutslt ar furious 8onme of the oldest and most perfect members It i mi.
st il. pretend to speak with innnes." heal dieaeel by the i r
Te Nwisberg Cmar(ellt the fiilo wini of &"c Themmamragecontrae c dissolved onjoiningthesbnei
tlb 9t iuss, f( Vinema :-" Up tlhe New whidei their asscia* on is a perfect eoommnty of gods. msI p1
ached o-ly, em 0, Fre h Ipropety being thrown aint the conoe stok. and wtey
reached an my, of $DAN Free hasving en- "e to baninh the love of esabet, smt. end Insy -C
tered Beium, on Beak .me fell fro 9 I t tbnuh the love of aubiton, wealth, nd ldnnr
tread Beginso Bakhaon111 to91. It their glvey territories. lhe own at tis place eM 00
in aert 1 that ldb sat pvperntio which lad been of cn ld. laid out and kenp in the order. mae's
eaenpded is d An Ai = m u to b ue rwliti., and an cleanliness, which always ditimgnihl their sect. T
that the new los wr he enforced with grt actiiv. is divided into four hrms. or families, an they are calle. *
The Carlrm Jenr d Onmtain the following, dtadd cpiat by ahnlbot en y-lve pereons each. of both m**
Konigsberg, Augsa 5 5- All th population of thi town l and of all ries. They cultivate garden saff, seedl. L.
are in a setoe u inunaectiou. The (iavern at hou for sale. as well as every thng neceanary for their owe r,
has besi dmsroyed, ad the rmoutre' l shops ced. por. and they manmofctare various ueful and ormem
.Evn bd is y ." atles. These, ae well ma the surplPs produce of ithelke
very body lvin to ve" are sold. and the avail deposited in one ofl he Alhany bms
Tb; Swisre m to nhove t ,0o nwn rldy to de' uil required. The division of Wlhor which they crry ais
fend dis coalary, and a their neutrality to be re- pnetice. every occupation being intrusted to separate r
pered in car of need. bet. and their economical habits, render their gaio very Co
IZs Pm Newm L reipets toh tle most perft good idea ble. The men work aN fa eas, carpenters. ishede
mndrlnding Li ta t e bwe Fraace and ll the other t"lo", dc.:; the swomeml weaving, pinning. *whisg.l-"
greet Powers lespel ng t ptocvin.i,nal nnd nomentiary ing. nd in the duties of the hJr; making ned iae
rtupaion" of Beli by the former, which wid e closes.-the occupation of each e bring l p"wd is
st er f parade buildings. They an eat sepamlTely, end wAiter
e t n definitive evarneti o tin therhritsv by the Dutch e.m will sit down toe meal with what they rcll the a-wW*
troop, and the nohlmslom miene q.s ion, In the speedy people." The drm" of the men is dral. perf' rly plio
decision ufwbhiel mpe is nol ea interested than France. that of the women irewith white ope, all made sa Pa
Prem le Jormal du Csamrrc. oad eay poible. They al hve a peclir A, id
capeially the females in cwaeqaee of theLi am
The King's reply to the Addrn wa only publied worship. from which they derive the n ot lehakers, a n
yesterday morning in dhe Mmueitar; yet it was generally and diagreeable mode of dancing. companies with a mas
knom t Ith Booe, hear his Majety'a silence on te onon. mog. The yonng member of the rommeanloy il
Ifainsof Poland ecited a lively interest. rioElarly taught the steps of this dence by the older *
Some prsons mn in that silence a certaintv tlit the hefae they are permitted to joi in public worship-. h i
Gevermnment wasin pmenion of smer unfavaunrable new uull h-fore the almi,.ion of a member te all the plrviti
from tiht country. Othersm.on the contrary, alleged that of hie n ori r ". a i e novicate of three meilLs hej
St nr.Ol r.n II; nlrerv. e that if he derelm. he mal Live Ihem ; if n0l. hbe is rfoell
M. Sehastiani hadi jut deleatchld a, r.ry i-ing note to dastte a e mbr. e d tbroew his mert) into the co
t81. Pstnrbulrgi in favour of dl Pullil onutrality. Were mock.-Frurerr'i Tlar.

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