Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: November 5, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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3-PoE 1100. Edlbr. SATURDAY, NOVBIBEB a, i l3I. VOL. I-N.. XUIi
IsI- I-r


,Lssm MstI-WeULT IN iSNAs, N. P.

Oh se-es Per a mumm---h aesmes.


unod whistles nd tin trumpet loud,
While I Phenra'n famWiy sing,
Dbpd fram his head, the dark lowering cloud !
Ig live our aulele--grest King!
ke me of rema Mum--4he warrior brve,
Tm plUted old Enagld's renown,
Who emd hs lsar, his cmnay to uve,
F m he Eauepean monqueIr's frown.
Hij pereee, his mg-hi l to7
Of his Igod AmilS sword will tell.
s war hone s dem. is shrill monding neigh
The curb hi impaieace to quell.
Mse fel ts might whom th beatte w o'w.
Who hbe claped the rude soldiers hbad,
His voice. like a tramp. pierced the ear's cme,
Wbhe the news aew wif o'er the ad.
Ms arwed illemla'd Ir achbbard tht Ihun
Frm a dhie tha played by his side,
To dim it wilh blh d. his oul toldd have wamg,
And the weapon omuis r na tried.
Nwo pireed with the aper, ow sgned by the cah,
Te eharger his paic did lose
Bmsk'd his hse Imptsh load to diib,
e gullepped and ewo wheo e eeoame
l vain did he ty to mansr de sled
Al he plseud w te ipooed aputM,
Iged a rflly rmed, for help did he eed,
To rnder km mild a before.
He aulted, he bolted, ad smoted by rtes,
gIr Phania now deemed him askind.
Pe anled him uik. h he Itai e crimes,
t all ha d. wa be mlid.
as Phiege kicked p. whe plump ih some ad,
t Pbe i laid like a boer,
a f sbuse hd sad d ain mounted-O lud!
BDe his bfce w behind, nt before.
lamedMd rthe brile e d ar the Sail,
And swift may mile did he go,
Te ue his career, his frimd long did fail.
Tll 'ti rd, hbout two year ago.
Tlm Jddk m the L. -.e sometimes il.,
But 'l In politics s nr atl el:
The se a medium -r the term in rogue,
0 either ide, is horms u or mgue.


Arw hvig explained de conduct ofthe Govern-
-m i legad to the interior policy, M. Casimir Perier
a e at do reign aflain, and say :
Th syta that we have purrsd broad is reproach-
Swilk having beea to the neglect of the con pquence of
Sa Riedunta of July.-This system we found already
Walihe by egouiiatios set on foot, ad which we ne-
a tly falloed up. We entered into the path traced
S "r m, ht we believe thu we ensaord them wih a
e p, uad wmo decided aietinu. We adopted
Ssnm Of pace, because we thought that a dyuaty
Slm maad darable awaited our country by placing
i dl evd of civilisation i Europ, by the aces-
aoral forfe father than by the slaer of bayonets.
%hO of Europe, dte interests of the powers, their
L- anmd their conduct ; the eveans that have oc-
wih -i i onbudes, within eight days; the was in
ae s earsc or witaese, all attest that the pa
d w rmi my he maintained, and that it principle de-
P" a" Frae. Thisisnot o say that we ob to
ro.ima cot whet it ma. No, ernllemen, to avoid
sa L mn sacrifice of the amour of dhe notion, bet
" t of pemious sd theories. (Cheers.) What
S *ltherie y s Ia That the principles of r Go
'as ng oposedl to those ofd t Grat Ste of
,C ar in the sequence f this comtraikc-
6 Th Francs liberty can only be awed by tdh c-
S univ erse. Eens are before m to contradict
- tL .. For about a year France hu beem trt-
i. 'I*Sdiver States of Europa, whatever ma y be
6 *i ""I 1 t- ; dueconveotions thit i ftor wish
ially eecusted; and accord has t asMd
Pde s amon e Groat Powers; they have labowed
kt as rm up hrones and create nations As to
I"- huimd, whosher by glorious recollections or
"gnIts, tbey demand war, sometimes a p pie-
inlan l.r" as a revenue. It seems to soam coum-
Pk ahee that the rumeumbrances of mourning and re-

verses an only be eacsd by bood. Thus, gentlemen, visited by the foreigner, it s with the cease t of EMep
war would be the ear-l destiy of the nations; and from that France is a this moomeont ac ds endliup
veageoce to vugenace, from reprisak to reprisls, the an unsupported Monarch, the imd den dt a lg
esnermialh of al the utiune mier the blown of a single and a friend, sprung from our revosion, sad Braus dh ai
asim would be the sole dewser e of tm sanguinary allies in the French uniform I What a oeverwholmle
draem of idtory. Geademse, I latest the immortal lus- contradiction to the prophes of the aropa da ad re-
tre of r revolution I al methe proupt respect of all action France, with the comemUr oe f c Europe, i
the dses for our recorded ildependence: France has protecting a revolution, the offspring of the of July, and
rew raumed i Europe ds position so worthy of herself, will see fortresse raid against her by the Holy Allisace
of whik a goveormmnt eo laved to foreigners too lg de- demolished !
pded her. Moreover, die reuls of our diplomacy and These facts Gentlemen, continued the Preaidet of thb
of our rms, in the short space of year, muocienly prove Council, prove that without France ad whl due has sc-
dhla the policy of peace is no more a sacrifice than ns il- complished, the States of the Pope would be sti covered
lusion. I leave facts to spea. Portugal lad outraged with foreign soldiers, and baramd with prescription ud
dte laws of humanity with regard to Frenchmen. The confisrationA--t without France, Pled would have
government announced to France satisfaction or justice.- been long ago crushed by the united efrt of dthe ihew
Justice asboen done and stifection obtained. In Italy pwere, by whom dhe is urrounded--ed that, without
you have sen, as we announced at this tribune, the Iroops Frnce, Belgium would have been a prey to nasrchy, or
of the Emperor of Austri evacuat the Roman States. sunk in a restoratio !
Romagna is pci6ed. That fmble insurrection, which wa Far, then, from France having abandoned thd papl
unable to eancipate it, has not led to its opprusioo whom she st in moveot, thbeag wiqhes may hw i
Owing to our segotitioms nful reforue have been in gption frm her, she hus modered dm all as y he-
part obtained. Whet m was thee to be done t The ntsu ua an impredes PfCe he e meedn l
evnts of Italy were cou amoed before our Cabinet was evils. She h aumred to elhim idependece ad a-
frmed ; we (ond the Ducly of Moden invaded ; the lionalily; to Poland I leM qu y I the erale h whch
Austrians wer mrchi toward Roul gni ; the govern- she is engaged: and hu served Itly brm the mt lmist-
maee thee promised that if theyentered it, they would not able consequence of a ifilure in the at*lem ht w
occupy it this promise has b fulfilled. Italy breathes mde. By maintaining a gemral peace, Fse has
gain, and without u she wodd now probably be the thes- been able to place hersef in posion to gP to war. Is
re of bloody re-action Poland, more strong and more short, he has resumd her due inaece, proved her wi-
diretemed thun Italy, occupied the world very differelly. dom, and esablihed her power.
Witnemes of her heroic courage, ud alarmed at her perils, We have obtained all these results the same of the
we participate in that profound sympathy which France revolution of July, and by availiug ourselves of the hig
experiences for a nation whoes glory and misfortunes have reputation it had acquired.
so often united the detinioe of the two nations,-- sym- Do not deceive yourselves pea this--kdh which aused
pasty, due eaplessio of which es been openly proclaim- it to gain credit so rapidly ia Euwspe, ad iposo sB aue
ed in a solemn at I (Strog seaution.) But wisbus upon its enemies, wat he justice of its cu and td wi
would be oniy a fruitlem omag On tbe 13h of March, dom of its c-nduct. Our ruvoldon broke eo -ly he-
no mediation had yet been offered for Poland. We coun- cause it ws just and necessary, ad noshiag bes wheu was
eled the King to offer his the Arst. His allies hastened just and necusary Im bee done to mainmai il. It ha
to unite with him to rana the embat, and secure to P- respected every right and regarded every ineseie. Free
ad coditionsof nationality with erer guarantees. Theme this ha rise dh srpect aed ragrd whikb ewy Power
negotiations continue; we follw them up with anxiety, has felt itself bound to show in return to Frarne. From
for blood is owing, the peril is rgen, and victory is not hence has arien that moral authority which we have ben
always iithfuL The, whils we ir accused of indifer- able to exercie in her name. We have not been cum-
oce, every dy behold us employing new means of in- pulled to appeal to force, we hve only hed to claim ight
ierceioe. To whet other m escould we have reour I justice, au gd order from Earope, ad i we hae
Oght we, a s ha been sa, slm reoied Polnd mid 1 end mmesidlaceof ll, is I hame e ha e speL am
But suppoing ev eneth the sfih of treats and the re- u France had acted.
spect of our oreip relation hadgiven us the right to make Rarely, perhaps never, had France, without to
his acknowledgment, it would have been illusory, unless war, so much weight in the sale of Europe. lb ha
it had been followed by efforts, and then war would have clainid nothing with a view to her own interests dtt sa
ensued. I appeal to the reason of the Chamber. not been ausensed to, uad at the present day there i no
Ought France to recommence that gigantic cannpicn in influence that is supriior to her own.
which the fortunes of Napoleon beamne a wreck t Has But to preserve this influence, it must at be forgoten
dis war which we are called upon to wage been well re- at what price it is obtined. Our reapet for the amil-
feoled upon t I is a war which will lead us across th ality of all the nations, and the right of al the tmsis
whole breadth of the Continent--i is a universal war, the the first condition ofthe respect tt th ate lions and Kings
object of so much delirious ambition, of so many clhiim- Iave for us. Eusope believes inthe authority four word;
ricl sio Can h be proved that this heroic crusade she believes in our reason,and ransn take admLag at
w d save Poland I No, Gaedemen, lor if once Franc, our pride. But if ever France ahadm herself to ds
deviates from her neutrality-that neutality which has spirit of faction and torrent of popular pmaelsa she weod
hitherto been observed by other Powers will be abandon- immediately lose her influence, and weald he red to
ed, and their armies are only four days march from the make up for it by violence. It then true, that the pear of
capital we wish to defend, while it is 400 league from s. the world is dependent upon the Internal Goverment of
(Hear, her.) In the fae of those facts, who will venture to our country! And do you, Gemimen, who bve s great
call for a war which cannot rove Poland, but must be the a slare in this Goveranme, ceasider he imp-ica of
cause of her downfall.-[Hear, hear, from almost every the determination* that yoan are at to form. The di-
part of the Assembly.]-Our esplantalions with regard to cussion wilh which you are occupied will probably decide
Belgium shall be no leu distinct. How many times have the fate of Europe. To speek the truth, war o peacema
we not had to apprehend, from the question of royalty in Ihe questions before you.-Let this thought be presme to
Belgium, a came for a general rupture throughout Europ 1 your minds, and let the Chamber, in ezuen of e power,
We came into administration at he time whn the reImal be aware, at least, ofits respoaibility.
of the crown for the Duke de Nemours and the exclusion Our responsibility would not alarm ua with the sppert
of the Duke de Leuchtenbourg, limited so narrowly the of your confidence, which alone can give s courg sto
choice of a sovereign destined as give existence end unity devote ourselves to public adkirs. But, Geaemen, we
to this masent kingdom. The election made by the Bel- can only serve oar country by resmaiig fteiful sd sor
giants wasjudicious-the personal character of the Prince principles, and, consaqaumoly, tAer tibt yee nd hve ea
they chose rendered is doairahle-France received it with sociated yourselves thewao. Youa m saalsend with
satisfaction, for she never feels mitrust without evident them; for they have bee explained to yeo, a they bhve
came. Besides, previous to her acknowledgmet of King been to the country and Europe, by thee two word which
Leopold, France stipulated for all the conditions requireml anwer our friends and our enemies, at home and broad;
for ber safety and honour. The demolition of the for- thee two word, which characs rias w two syemo of
tree will efface the las vestiges of ti events of 1115. internal adminiration mad felrrin puley : m- me
The independence and neutrality of the new kinrdonI words whichaum up the opinions and interu f Fi ua
were equally guaranteed; and both, in cae of need, shall -" The Charter and peace !"
he fended. Of this the late measure of the French Ca-
bint are proof. A French army ha received orders to LETTER FROM DON MIGUEL TO DON PEDRO.
ente BIelium, to repel the unexpected aggression of
Holland. This expedition, which ws decided opon im- Fe the Cuia i
mediately on the arrival of the frt dispatch from the King We stated in the Casitudisnt of dte 9l Aqmuas s@h
of the Belgia, and was the result of the full understand- a letter had been written by Don Pedro so his ib e,
ing between all the great Powers of Europe, proves that ordering him to embark on board the Jeks IV. to come
Frano is powerful, that her armie ae ready for action, to Lonon, and declaring, in cos of his refmal, he lmsu
and mt her yo ag solders, as well as her veteran general, take his daughter to Li nem; and we hve neAked sw
are worthy of inheriting that glory which is deposited in Don Pedro ot having tak.e advuage of ad Framc ae
third hands. It prove that France is the faitlhfl ally, the lbeine in the Tu and exeauud is plu i fSe of
natural support of Belgim, and that she know* how to his daughter at tha period, it now apprra erilo ddil-
protect what she ha raised, that treaties are more than vain cult for him to esablish the rights of hi da r. The
wort, mad that the Powen of Europe who have been arrival of Don Pedro, who hs for the prtas la up
pointed an plottng war against her, are faithful to their his residence at the chnate f M da, idmes ma m a
eouvses, and respect our independence and power. believe that hi projt i thi particur ha hee drfaes d
h Geetlemen, in opporition to the predictions which for the present, an we know dt pla derred me
hav ao long proclaimed that is a salrt time the absolutism alwaev without erfct. We have rart at the same lime
of Europe woud reduce France to the neessity of defend- that Don Miguel has addremed a letter to his brnller in
iag her own independence, and ltat Paris would again e answer to the one bsove reerred to. Don MAigu rs letter


i- sd shm Ma i thh by 0m, enA
L M @- m; vrblu I i v .
I as r, ne d m ra d M o Jdsos 1o sHipj ,*' eeiigly inad h. He ha1 &gpMn- iSt
D ,lis e rply, delays dm-Dim Pa Mo eday milt-lli Esmcod ry Lhe nj-idy m9"l g sU bsmas ouf tis vlbl d Lepdla
having hame the dide of Duke of 5Iagp-a, la bry tht is fa te ess against hi worthy e du wish aI S aga me, yet def f
hl-. i ls r, ii rn a.t a e a hi, by ad givi. n hi5. adI ar time. B, ur tlie 0jyn, so pad jupp rtuniy of expr sl s
ZZknd I A ioud bI for bhi crime, as e br his dence. Thi nay d e for his pl ; but e ie ds of he office o the Royml S
wholesale id0 mya h ""d is --dwh- of lylaisay N pgW
am s i sm U i ha ld m sigh, a- upa seatbe th s Adjusami then to their e*ue, do fmlWe 1e up veg bt o
Ie dw of li ahum the ( i uke of Bllragmus ,s management of shi dllgraceful trnactio, om tbh t prand womua's -ate, are lysag in diguM from b
dletnd ipm l Ki '* u; ln. s .tle to I .s i o. of oBir J.m Carmichael mythd wIl do ll justice to dIe soil, leaving .behid t ., perhaps kv
iAii V o abL diwf "'q "" .n rn a o
WL I0 cy evo i F Puh, wm iloua dat, mc- appsed of r,.- d, the amt timer, a merited obti- train of relatives ad cousnexiaDn 1 I. i to be
Seuhel l *-TO rhat one lu *oen l|gura( that, ac- W"-. "<1'* t ju.e tht sM o-- my vished Aui n** 'riaei
edin i der Mlh is of hel Curus ul Lau an, which quy op the ppre u gu h ilam bi dawpaie ayn, ia .
diural hdms, i of a d ivisiu of lsi trwo Crums, Our Governor really l-hros Herod. Millary lr nity aru pr oment irtel by which they ca d
asaop e d e mi se of Am L ing. doareh st S a mea spo ld be- th
um lheg docis ms. Ki, end de isarllest nls lle ild is already very seven, bus lmt mukClntly fi r the reat their propertie, S ey a very a doeriord p
L p m le L W mhh ak d dl e a e r the dIe uf J .IaI., Ief-l. and vindictise miKsgity of so very great mea to their effortL that the progress in the ere da od t
.s rm Pedro Lrei aed in Brna, d a l We ofunde nd io.t l imeoa.,y of th cer, s ers wbho live buildings, Lha not toly been arrest, bt e
.ught Palnae ha. idr in BrAtul, ind s Ogt souel We uadsly pud wtpat dl a inh toibe d dm e gentlemam whi had coaeamplatedld smh mp
e t to hare aid. mad hal Pnrtu l, e hs lt to know u w eo jUeily paisd a plaJtm apot, N icu be leave ha lam determaled with a large and amiable i
dh te Proage mi a, i vi'e at hi IuveigLly, ml evidroc ginst Major iculb; *nd re lave it t o abandon a country in which he lua reared dib
hkd prsitMned hom KL, t ad u d o h i ccMsion iren to every ,lrce professing, or in posseion of the true now become hateful to hIim, from the nmelancliol
him pi a prea of tab muach t im agust per-
hm p is oias ire ioa we m. Y apparent a iu p keling of blnour, to say, whether any credre is to Le that within these last two years has taken nlc, a
se of dbei. sdhqeueaadr em Tus apIa t @ary give t i "P h tesiny. administration o the government of. this ill .|ltd
Fms d in Ibr Iad i he Ta l ur ; tiat eery ives lo uh iaomy. ____ Is it to be ascribed to them, Lda the marine., is*
m it he P gse r his a d er son, a dty e hink worth a ping cption of a very few, detest the man that leds h.
at M I e d h Panu fr i menud peuno, ad i. "Y MuTOm e do mo tlIk orunh s paing Ro tal diem And is it to this omnipotent Junto to bhel ,
aoe oVf ite lndrd islhouT brh roell ed to cry chrmgch as his ,Mo a contuid in the Royl charge, that every inlibianit of honourable le
a W Vir Dim.-i l" Tnte r chief- disbeiobar Gaiaste of Wednesday Ins, i m dsur of absurdhies, ad long pass the h threshold of the door of ourp.a,
e da arn MMe-aon l s m ab e d s urieof W cia declan aions. Whoever be may be, we heartily thank rulr, (a door that was once the entrance to bpig
k is dLbrl osm ato ililm--aet be ad him for he kiea of the Cuckoo's eggs." We canno god humor), and ow ony entered by ofim bhls,e
1ed all Ibe erim sLk ill fri'eds of Boyalay ad in vain imagine maor correct amslgy, than tlht whiCh elts be- p be aspo d or thr y eak, vein chatnd o 1d
t so smasier -n im- t these was no one at ae twwe HisExcellenbe suppoeid bet my remark extends to a 6.
emht o aer a hin--ldlt p l o e o s m ibe twee, Hi Erxelklncy and tb newly hatched cickoo-ob- gentlemen holding ofces in the colony; I allude .l
day P h ., oo place codkin e l a Pined. lik. rusve and ungrateful in tei eniltrea. No ione had our a very few, and wo are oo well known to rende' it
lm omhe liwet eordne sC bfo people. or ll Gvanor received le outriment of lift, and fLirly cemary to paricularias them. The ino ttaltened M i
E:vey on, mcoinuem Doe Miguel---r poubebly M. de traded in the as', dan in beanie t kles of the happi- aast independent of our public officersn, fortnatlky Ir
Suartev whose dernmens am merely cumlersignedl b) new of tim e who provided for him, and, accordingly gave colony p e ven to high a sene on ho nour, o
Ihaa Miuol-revery omn, in fact, can jular of lion Pedru way to the vici.usnes of his nature, and, mustering ellhis af eblimhing to the world, hi intinlacy with l
l ani by l it tns it variance wih slltrenth, entirely overshi.e the order and social cmpt d Prince From tsh above remrks, Mr Ed
the manners oral int.l-crnal accqlulraia'na of the nation; of li community. conceive I have proved the mrtnions of the e
nd wih the pe fidis m cl pci u p hasned by ailioa dee s- ams being altogether fake, and that the charge of dals
gages, his agents. Du Pedro hiemlf citing more ass Althbough dathere was vwry lide more wind yesterday, Gauete bein the vehicle of deception and filly, i
sevomltsery adsenur* tham as a Prince of the Poru- thma upon hl two previos days, the vessels entered to ij bumbe rJ oale lu mube
irrm m beL ail for the Cup, started at the bho appointed, and sailed lL tronly ha erhbps Si, my i
m mi be imagined aiha Much an epistle is not asle woth rongly of ofice. Pelrhap, Sir, a ama -
a th cilm rme a irit of rsm j bet n ti e round Sal Key, returning to the Itrting price in the fol- four or five binim-for isance, such a deputy
wlc brata le lowing order :--choooer Moning Br, John Pinder, Es. Secretary.hip, a Judgeahp of tib Infrior C
Sure ; Egle, Capt. HoUb R. N.; sod Willum IV., ion f Police Mu'iairue, and a clerk of th
Robert B er, Emquire. iWinin y Council, a intelligen dstrieas cAap, sheL wem
Robet Auter, sl, irn.t. The MarningI Sua wion by ha ve no objection to two a tre me nsIrm
T sRJS abou fteen minute. of profit, and mposibly looking out for thei; aone g
-. i A beautiful doop beot, built for Willam Vesey Mue- eline, perhaps f(clolum, running foolnman, and newr am
MATW ERBAW-ISWS~EB' 11i3. ninga, jun. hy Mr. Timothy Cos, ship build, for also. With all these distinuished situations, it is k
tbh purpoee olf ailing l r te Cup, was, by a subsequent eIupW asd, hn u s use ha em ergies, l Mor I &t
1T CORRBI PONDENTB. resolution of the committee, deprived of the prvilege, a in sde, aM Editophold bountiful a res I el
Cos WHPtassessed Somear Meea. en, vinatisaed, Mr. Editor, nat @gain to haveaTpsa qi
ri l lia han beed t ear aelt. "* Onle" d RlUs se u under the lmiled toner. She, however, tartld the kindone of your dispsiiion; perfectly nrsl
lmiw" bwa been meived, and r hid s our pigeon with them, and did maple josice to her builder, beating my efforts in writing,.ae of too humble nartures *t
hMem r hthelr enerldrrshs. the larger vemei cmiderhly. the space dery occupy in your valued, and amch did
paper. I was earful that so wek a production ld
ear i.-~l s ous renrks of adst Wednesday, we Since our list, the d Ceres, and Jne, have arrived Menor would he pared over by your Itaented fm
ilemdve sly ned MsI Dvis to be a free black her from Turks sledl by which verse, we have r- pondents, as too insinificant to be noliced ; yet I v1
e o winch, sed ue cuured women.' cied" -. that his nsertions nld not go forth to the world
-wo ?- id of which, neead" fr culw d wom." reived ppers from New York to the 12th ullh., com"un- cantradictd, n d tbron by be supposed to he fooe k
ing London dates to ti flt August, which is not o late, truth.
At a Ad given by die ocern of His Majnsty's Navy, by two days, au dh formerly received. Bermuda pe. A MECIIANIC.
ae Thumnday eam ing, to be bdim ad gamelerme of ibi penr have also coe to land, but thy contain nothing of
phis, bh hammey of bd evnaming dismubed by the importance not being of very recent da*es.-We ae in- NIaMsA, ad November, 1811.
appermac of Hb Emelency Bir J. C. Hmyth, end quite, debated to a friend au Turts llgds, for files of the Anti- l the Editr of Me Balema Argus.
as a ary je hor, (m y 10 o'clock -ad, ua is always be gua Weekly Regii.,amd ether paper, from some of which Ms. Fnrrom,-I am glad to se the advanced -w d
cr wblnwr dt er uTs e m sa ws himsrf, ennui se- we shaU make eltracts oe some future occasion the QUIRaLIN u CANAL a IM in mltion, for I begasl
cmaded ry, in as qui mesio a it does in the apprehensive, bth Doctor M'Quintibme, having *on
ids of them who a sbjerad to the sudea influence Our wreckers, amogt other articles, have brought to th"' r.rd a forlorn hope, and having been a
of ar mo was thim l t bhenly bleful sequence paut n fag, -8uppmed Io be the pivate signal of the Ame- 0erd t bt as thin body rwe e diL tmko asp Iyl
f his pp-rac. His EscfleBy chose to bow to rla s 'ship which we noticed in our paper of the 9th mastling hbimelf Mentor, let the ondasading be-
Mager Nical. a n hom, an we sliady simied, he hd ullimo. The coouns -red, shite, and blue, with the Iav on. Maed a,
bt very melly aun to parvoke, by imlt ; and his alter M" in tbe white, which form the omere piece. And d-d ed be he r o h ete, hold eneagh"
w was an rotdly, but ot dhmprtfully, retued by A bLord Byron is made to ay critics are already m
the. M .l, The Major th advanced to shake hands A this dIa, in co-mrme rio o0" the discovery of I will admit tha irch a renark, comiu from that
( Majar. The Mavor dhn dvencd tohake hands ri the ever emor mae glpodler tmreaton salte es Lred from writer, might, ahnugh carrying in itlm mnt much
a gu mal Ia ad having do so, in uleppin ackh, ac- rlM ualotig heuery, nd Menmed by Hii Majery's vemb ln o emesion, with but little proof, (more particularly ak
diem-ly pa tA faet pn dt see of Mr. Sedilbds, pen. plied to tb credit Jeffrys), be remind on dt be
wc, be id lh Abe valer to degrape, struck Major -wd endhornhip oeM; bii when I see the MeMmer
NksN v ltet blow vwhh hibe enched a-. The odenier Tmamasvo November 3d, 1831. Royl GMsee ply it, bwho cmeot even lack tjge
rr' 'Lely roul~fe, andeodkeed lred oor b teewspoer, within dAm
was mndrly c rd, and led out of te rom by ter To Etdil f n Bal Arpg.. g hb idhasnce, I only fee inadiKd to wteommes l
ills b h p ap of nmdicting chastiement upon his ML Emrra,-" NaM eat eritue, at prevlebit," is to esinm the inre appellative, and most appli P
mbemis ~M bet His Et eallecy inserted, nd im- qutala the mot appitel that could be epplied i opposi- himntf, of Toa-urpror of number, person, mood
ndbsly prced Major Nirulb mle-r elae arst, ad lion to de asseetm of a writer, who sigs himself Memar, lens.-Having first tormented His Majesty'slings,
allwd m- ie y had im hnd aver k e i wh fiure y i the m er i Royal o pm & hi lie subjects the run
-m, while h ri i ne r mh ndl m arrem- ma e m umt m w became, I m merry a my, the vehbic of jvemile celebrity, that they do o swor ga9* a a_
per, whe re ined de rb r modeo depton d of flly. This moeescrip-i cam I h himr-exhbiting at the am imae rme of the
selhg e mid Ite be bper at bhe sem towers of upon me appelation imore suaible to a crasure-who N b hie nderinsi of tin far-ued md rik dof
the Grand Beiter, ad mely h Je espedlance with Sr discovered a his predection such abjecta mad slavish al- pray. Oh Mentor! pray never talk rinig;
wanwd . wdM inr as dot,^ Pn < apmj. Ob Mentor! pray never talk of allowig;
JmeC. tm hr a of syramy. Wae a ld, iU. lea roppm' keepalffM/ li dr, proefidity being maneh tl hat m be spokes of
S d comndly v wU oi kihm ti ed, lr the grtvlasting principle is s taps, mail wote
S thi be ~eee bert he im prt diu to am id aver, nil em mwd ader f h et Resistance, it rp ei y I efi o., and
m &e indi md gstlemen prmna, the gsmthm pear, M is his i a criea From ile begiasing Vw r a rrhtoi
e Oflt -s-Yhg,,d m p,...t dd ., pta ,n,. b oninu, epe. of ,'- h. I,,e apt las freomtse e aiy trie, te the'.
sIr al my, per te r anmel dhlo, to leend, his ei.a y is a compmedof faitlmas aud in a washing hie, nines that vow wines W~r es
ad Ir. .eliadb mar m iremdy trnd al iaie l by. i H n i" wme"vi that priae m well a dry, and reminds m of a ver les"
-IlL r m e- rb by ihrmn pqkl and reerage, lmor the ga b of pb spirit is Stoo fiht of m similar nature maude by one of lte Q tist
Tuch n e t oft hing st p eoat in .NamSu -E t e CAsAL daring hIs pledingL at oiur bHr. His rlltl
timrday msing i ofa te e rtinem of ki ha already bem mrid to prove, frm rwha qwmter that prad to be ipes trial (he was a p rmn) for madil
Jam C. mysth ad him ma Pal a dr e pim arId levenlge rer em analed, aid which doinb- a age; nd his counl, after making aisy
whrtleailgh as pi vet it, a lining eek i between lsllm will fm thes- el er to "eMphlin" to ,heir end the injury,
Mr. wd br. adi Rmgie, aof d be cm with redh d hitter b l ma d piio hei r (amed kew nothing of the matter, made a ref
mc r w d k rry'S bal i te bret. Tl. itself fr so doing. He acib to bo, a he d a., one of a nae dericire end hri
b dvin uinal by him ahr DnBi jam, 'im: B MHy h please year honoun, and grnlikP
woeud, however, t aid ot to be dangrit; but t all "els ecilelom lt so geme y pr il Ilhrghl hi th j mv client knew no mst .f l is rhalleie,
Jiln il be cm6md to h bed for ome time. widely exltuded clduov: siluOthsl r ftcina. tl t ..i ., i..- t. t...1 _L t! Ilare





, em m an- e men s t e

r__ Maama Rrgvu.

/-a2 Al as y w friend di,. ia say of your I Belium aild ee. n. the object of a c moo disc.m
dI si" If Iye have ore, haetre yu attempt t, get amon; fur bhavi hitherto tre d in concert with the oter
M S a Wco of- b the way la wItih bh managd his States respecting every din that concerns Bel*g tbken
nkoad what quality of halls he parted with oa thn woidh be bad faith, and evae aourdity, in Cmnai to nct
in cnocurt while tllmu, at the moment wlhn tie elgian
s reainy, Mr. Editor, onee f the moat counamo te question is on tlw eve of its enal slunion. It is enough
u eim I la ve ur w.n: Mentor is a cluasic naim tile we did not wai for the asometiue slow deliberations
y i MinLrva wae le UasIamndI thile care of tile of die coOferences to lemUs to tihe aid of the Belgians, BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
Tele.alrinla, and we fi*l this maid Mentor of the but u.tted die frontier without giving time for chicanery
Oielste, asuosing tel guardianship of a sxage- respWectlig| of mamieg ofthe uaicle of die protocol, 0 Monday next, the 71th ioa t.
ero! a tak dida would hlve been deemud impossible, which places indefinite -upeasion of arms under the gup- aT rTu TVarounI ouVs,
i tbs. ormwnnce, by tim goddess of widom slu rself! runtee lof lle Fie Powers. When tie article wa drawn At is O'Lek. A. s.
lol sucl i 111t amibitiouls sarims ouf Mentor, that if per- up it aenend against the Belgians, who were preparing to Will be Sold
ntl.J, In wauid attempt to pi rsade U tlw Coincm, stlat Iesiege blMestricht. Frano consented fur die ake of
d of demlu are cable of ithliking for themselves, Anlwerp. Now tile hame atilleny turns against the Dutlh. aperfine Flour, in hrrels
withat tl aid of eill-r die Brain Junto," or hiuUelf. France han taken e opportunity of tie flagrant violation Rice, in ib h,
Hiii a 1ppl to Slaveholdller, with his vey une appli- of it to consolidate tle Belic revolution,-to cause the ap, nd nadl, in boxes,
pat other Cuck.m's unanatural conduct towards her recognized neutrality of Belum to be respected,--nd to lperilr SN in ,b l
n, is one that oIugit to lose a prim to any school boy Move that sae will never nlr an enemy in that country. Irish otatoe, n hampers,
might use anly thing o perfectly original n his thesi. The Frencl Cabinet has therefore acted widl vigour and Ham, dCrkead P
tirvehlders, judge for yourulres, anl consult your true deciion,-with justice and widom." dfew do Ten erioe Wine,
bat, s far as I" L kep Jsh plic YMc rs as thlL ,Fre tIe Cmurr Francai. Wiit a variety of other articles,
aiy Iruia allght inl whicli your dave Bprulwny, as well u Berlin, Aug. 7.-We hve received intelligence which Term,-CASI.
a iofr.presentalilu, nny Le inlvnuld He is one of the has filled us all with joy. Thu Polids war is on the eve
l' mrinwkg tools e a military dest, I. after he has of lbing settled. In consequence of the intervention of A tem M t" C d
Iae returned by you, dhnoild you have tfI aurace to three great Powers, Poland will e recognized as a free 1 Cam Irish Shooting,
p.inatolt his errors, will tell you-" ye dogs. I bouglltyou, and independent State ; her Inhbitants will thus assume LIKEWIBE-
aed so I'll rl you." Give the false uiphistries of all a rank among tile nations ef Europe. This salutary in- 15 Puncheona H
Muatiur m i.-winals., aind uake care, alboe- nall thing, that tervenlion, which does honour to humanity, was in reality and 4 Hhds.
ye are not chelted, where yeo cdasot 69 legally robbed ithe only a.ans of putting an end to that fatal struggle. November 5th.
Spear slres. We are assured that the Poles have already received, with
I am, Mr. Editor, hne most lively gratitude, the promise ofthe Beat Power; BY HENRY OREENSLADE & CO.
Your obedieulnt servant, nevertheless they are determined at to suffer themselves
BRUIN. to be lulled asl p. In Waraw the people's ardour is On Mfaad a ul. th 7't isates.-
da-- -- ily increasing; young and old, rich and poor, are con- AT TI vruIDr novs,
FRENCII PAPEHS. tinually working at the fortifications, determined a they At 31 O teek* A. X.
a-re to conquer or die in the conflict.-Frankfort Paper Will be sold
Thm anfiell part contains a ntell to nie King by the The Cargo of the schooner Hannah Johason, from Amna-
Minier of (:',liul.rce. Count d'Argout, re lative to tie ( ACrTt (07223 pLi ,pl N. S. coosiing or,
chonlra mnorbis, which imposes some faider measures of Beef, in barrels,
precaution, in consequence of the continual advance of G ? Erery person about to eae these Isladls, after Tongues, in ks,
*ei disorder towards the eart. asing residrd therri for the space of THITY DAYo m*u CBher,
Ti tie report is aided a Ioyal Ordiannce, as propoen git security at the Secretary's Ofce, or put sp h ame in Buoke Herri,
by the Mintlner, in wich.moked H
Considering that sunatry mneasur have been taken s"id Ofer/forrFIrreF DATvO refa to hisdepartwre-of. Barrels of Au,
e the whole extent of the costs of tie kingdlon, accord- ter which, at any rise duin rongo -FivE D.AY, a Ticket TPoitao, in a ots to uit purchabner
len to the Ordinaace of the 7th of August, 1'22, to pre- say be obtained. Turnips,
vent the introduction of tihe cholera nnorbus by leans of NAMEB OF. PERSONS Mackerel, in barels,
marliuia ciomlunicallions, but that it is equally necessary Anor'T TO unranT rua DRarPTvaR. Humaked Beef,
ni proidle against timo cans, in which dais scourge, passing tolh July, - Manuel Aroa Jan of Oyter,
tm harrier which still separate it from the Frenchl terri- Itoh leptrnber, Mathew O'Brien Venisoa Has,
say, shoidd reach to the frontiers of the kingdom, Iis a -. Wm. J. Hamilton ALSO-
Ma y had ordered that Boards of health sall Lb esta- tit -. Anthony DojIe. Boad, aid Singlm,
oatih B .i Captain 11. Eidd,
brimd in tle chief towns utf i doernants, from dat Illh Octow. .l- - A. R Terme-CAH on delvary.
'lSmi Pal de Cal.ais to tlha of tilr t ar." lIkh Chs. Weatherford.
'Tke nn-official part of tim Meoitar paulishes the re- 1th J F. Founyne. BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
gaiions that have been adopted in tine Gernan States inth Bamuel Ken.
ijl'la E:llaid to avert this disease. tl1 '-" John Baptisle. On MeMday melI, khe 7th mal t,
From the Messager des Chanbres. Immediately after the ale at the Vesdae Home,
Pari, AgaUst I.-TIhe Enilperur )on Pedro, dte AK ,43 At the Wharf of John Start, Esquis.
tpanee, and Quren Donna Maria, are expected st Csla Will be sold
,alitr Tlheir Blajestis will come and inhabi the Pau- L ot
T ir sts wll co d in t the P Sndry materials, saved from the wreck of the Ameri
I t oM Minden. It said they will pat several ton a can brig Francis Augustus, Discey Thomson, miter, lost
A letter from Valenciennes, of 17th August,.vs, The PORT OF NASSAU, . P. on the cas of Cuba, in ber posage from Ru Key, to
harvest, which is nearly fnislwd iha ol the lparu of thle .New Orlans.
kingdom, hsu been the finest, buds for tei quality slnd ARRIVED, Terw-CASH on delivery.
quamiy of the grain, within the memory of thie oldest Nov. 4th-Schr. Hannah Jehnon, Annapols, N. S. BY IENRY ADDERLEY.
farns." Apples, Fish, Cheese, c. &. BY HENRY ADDERLEY.
From the Gaette de Fraw. to Iluar GaiUmsLAUo &# Co.
Pars, AsWat H1.-Tihe Arriduches Mari Louis Sloop Coes, Balfour, Turks Iland. t Monday ent, the 7th int,.
Las hated the example of the Pope in mitigating the le- Flour, Oysters, Brasd, HIm., c AT THU TvEDus M ovSe,
arity of the first decree against tie insurgents. Sie has to linear AuDDRLrv. At 10 0OE11 t ee A L
rderd the suspension of tie proceedings against all those 5h Jane, Crissn, Turks Islands Will be Sold,
whoslamed offices under the revolutionary government, Corn, Tar, Shingles and Porter, Superfine Flour, in barml.,
proida thy were not the author or principal agents of to IImanr AuDDELEi. Sugar, in ditto,
she nmek. -Corn, and Rice, in bngs,
The Counaa of St. Leu, whom arrival at Calais we CLEARED, Soap, and Candles, a boles,
lve meucaand, is going to Switzmland, with a passport Nov. 4th-Drig Roll", Wallace, Greenock HImn, Loaf Sugar,
um 6e French Amhbasador at Lomnon. l" nloop hppo, Bartlett, Cuba 300 Bunches Onions,
From the Jourwl d Commerre. 5th Schr. Bithon, Frances, Ditto 11 Barrels Tar,
Pari, AngaN IH.-Tlhe Vi'cuuint de Chuteaubriand is 5(10 Shingles,
u lced t Calais lo-morow. SAILED, Term -Caa on delivery.
ne answer of the King to the adress of the Clanmber Nov. 3d-Schr. Margaret, Cape Ilaymi At me Mlf's Crdit,
DePtm was only published is di Maiteur is morn- 8 Punchne Windward Island Rum,
was, however, generamlly known on Change, and CHRIST CHURCH PARINH. 2 R choa Brandy, in les.
was excited by the absolute silence respecting --- November 5bh.
4 which is a ulhject o highly interesting. Some r rwai W Ng r
n colder thd silence a a proof thal the oern- .AVING i xed theh miso ar a ta te NOTICE
laid rercived bad news; others fBnnmed tha M. Se- AVINC fixed theaiou f SNEa.AtDw the nAt@ R -ti& NOTICE.
i* lhd just sent a vry pressing note in favour of per barrel of superfine Flour, Ordetdi that th FOR KEY WEST, to emil in ahs 10
Pidl S r lily; but even if the fact were true, lw l can shilling Loaf do weigh 21m. Sus., and tde sixpenny Loaf days, the fast ailing shoonner Willim Ro,
S ed from a diplomatic note, when it has been de- lIb. 4*-. By order of the Vetry for passage only, apply to Cap Wall, or,
d hefimorend that reftal will lead to no result- DAVID PENCE, Veary Clerk. H. GREENSLADE CO.
.the funds have fallen a frane. We do not think i sA"ar Room, Ist Novemher, I1131. October 12th.
th mfero a nptlure wilh England on account of tie
rt ofn Belgium. The speech from the throne in- NOTICE. FO SALE.
m a determination not to prolong the ocupeaion be- r llE SUBSCRIBER being about to leave the Is- The House and Premises at prest occp
7ri asunrts, and the Mtnifear even announces the and, requests all persons having demands against by Mrs. Poitier. The Hoese is romy
return of part of our army. Perhaps, therefore, him, to forward their accounts without delay; and those ii convenient, itha largeKitchen and wabhe
naelnae i only a temporary suspension, to realize the indebted to him, will p ls e lynsent, on or before a ttacad, c.lir houe and staling far
h'"e rained and prepae flr new operations, the 31h instant, otherwise their &co s w ill be placed roses, extensive yard nd ran pi e TheiseI ldsi
e Mrssaer des Chaibres, replying to the ohaerv- in the hands of an Attorney. have Ien lately dorougdly repird, and the ga part
St ppition journal, relative o he nduct TIIOMAS TURNBULL. of the fences have bee newly put up.
F4.e G .ermnnent with respect to the occupation of! November Ist. ALBO
*ll, anys-" As we mniit admit what is, that is to say, i A tract of Land sitoated at the Village, Masiming m,
ln series of the nerotliolns that have been carried NOTICE. arres. It i divided by the vilage-rand Inotwo Lt, tie
r m i than iis months past by Fiance and England lIE SI'BSCRIDER has on hand abunt 200 doz. wltern lot heingintersected by ihe new rod leading from
ill e owher three Powers, in favour of Beclgim, and as I of iperior London Brown Stout, which he oflrs the villa. into time Blue hill rad. This and will he dis-
ma.y has interfered only according t tthe inlerrss low for Cash. posd of in one or three lots. Apiy to
Li. t hd i asmed to he .erknowlde~ed bv the confer- JOHN G. MEADOWS. JOlrN W. MILLER.
D s quito natural that tie duration of its slay in October I-2h. September 7th.

-M m .4m09.& LTr&U.ol

wane hdasm.tepo irnte te e winds dothe Avon. hi s .
11AOP Es om e (no do r d dier J keeps up a nto
To m i tu s s he hi a b winu.eaA Ad dm* mks th spA wha
ad l is e,,.I UNfnline u secribedo and
ofmp atlu awl Ibdapds aLc0- said W have bullr *rill.. by -UMlf, SW which have in say
*eayd wiyn, ftr a Atkg kury days e| ilg I lrrsly I aI' oesy a indetmd his
ad sabes, utina es h feaet "int ePal rel J sttcs lam ., y shw that sho, I ulidoismle wwho hi quit of h baho
sbit bhefuee d llr.. Let d, w.tWli w a t may ygra I, which umetu I e noti itis and a le
lan kiingd r am wr fall; kingam has dol wharlll Iugtfou luinL:- Bse
o p hiLU, Ie is, forl th rlim n L u very aurcl Good friedl. for Jess' ade ***t M
of atll h ver To dig tde dust enciesd bee I
ThU ar chair hi Is hra, lo poker his sceptre, and Bledse he that spur theme bes
*e litine p"rios, uo m atw e ls squAre, bi utldia- And cruswbd he he ithat avu my btho
pOa i'I jm"luovr lerte grue'ini&.aids o ofItowag" ,is a''a O
IT isa mrld ru alaty, asntcl d from the midst bhakser, put up rly er hisdeath, ad c ideed r.
f Le acm ilo5n is it s a Mutny moment g kml ,s a r bl a ica. T aspect is pmnasn t see ih bse
Ig It kdly on a cluly day ; and Ie whbo has adv.and ,sly rch, d forehead; and I l t I cold red i d
som way n, the pillrimge of existlence knLws ile impor- it car ilise. ius of lat til eful, ar dsipi tio, by Bid
at.,tr hu-banding even imores. and aioamo s of at-,),- which be was as much ch ehtmrired among hi eS- coa
mMa. hill I lk. iine 'ai in auin mni tiheugt I, porarkis by the vesine t his p"e"a. T"he n j Cdi
a I gave dw Are a .sir. lulled back in my lbw-crhair, lion mentions his ag at tlhesims i daess, my-h lier.-
und eau rembclaent loukwbout lle bhil ploul of tl, )earse; an uninmely death for the world; br what ruit
Red ir n. I tr.lfs.atrd-un-Avon. wI. might not Ie trpected frm the golden antumin of such (f
'The mrds of tli swet ,IakperW were umst pas indg a in, lerd as it was emM the stormy vicianitul de t
tlhrumgh tm midl as ihe clorek rsruck nidnillt from ue of life, and ,ouribing is dhe snshine of popular and & ld
,rwr eo the church m which be klie barid. Tlere was royl avor
a geti tap Iat Ile dor, .ad psuy chdimeima.d u As I cr osed the bridge oer Ih Aen, on my return.
ong in bea smiling Ike, ilOned, with a bheilating ir, I paused to conlemphlte its disata church, in wlich Ihe t
whleeer I Ial rung. I anderoad its as a a s hkiluttha pet lis bImrled, and c a de t ehult in the mai diction dr.
tk was t n m L whichh las kept his h nme Auhei iquiet Ud &h- .ad
My dream of abulue dominion was at an nd ; so b- owed vauhs 1
ditacat my Ihr., uis a pruduies puuntatl o avoid be- W ,t ho cold his ham have derived from being wit
miK drieerd, ad peling hse Mirsllard Guldmesook under mingled i dety compania bip with the epitaphs, and we
my arm a'. rLa Nw cim.l went to led, and dream eacscheens, and eulogiume da dtlied mukiude I Wiht
alli ight IdspaMre. the Jubil, and Davi Garrick. -.oud a crowded corner in Wetminste Abbey have been, Ia
I had a ,m to lmrfrd us a po tical pilgrimage. My compared with this reverend pile which nems to eltPad
fir visit was to tli oue *sire Siapeare was ebro i bn eaitifid loaliMe as his ole mausoleum! The soli- the
mad win-r, astcrding to tradi'u he ua brought up to ,ude sbout the grave miy he but the offspring of o to I
i.6 father's rraft of weul-ombinr. It i u all mean over-wrought sensibility; be a h n nature is made of
lwting ediar' of w... and pbhser, a troe needing plce foible sd prejodic; ad it best and teodeiset ffec-
for genius, delight is hatching its olrapring ties ar mingled with thee factious feelings. He who
l re verd with r Imsmult renow n athe wodr udan t aed sd rsp full bar- tor
i'el wl. if it quli aleh n w .vri s of w vorldly favour, will fid, after all, a t there is no wo
mnatim sid inscriptmins in .very languag- by pilgrims o lov, no adBmiratios, no apple so weet to the soul, as F
all iationa, rask.. rad rmditions, l romn lte prime toth diht which springs up is his mesn plc. I is there tht is
peasnt; andpren a simple, has striking Imsnewi of he se ks toe gathered is pe ce ad homer m his or
the A.aWiMIne and universal hemsp of makind the kindred sad his early friends. And when the weaIy bL C
gramt pu e of ser. and failing head begin to wer hin tht the evening of up
Th h uo is shown by a p dilous old lady wihh a fremy his life is racing on, he turns, a fondly as does the ifnot ro
re fa. lighted up hy a od bhl an ium ey, and grr- to thd noth'e's arm, to sik to dslp in the boom of the a
a4d with artificial lrcks d' df m har, ending from un- mene of his childhood.
der an so.dingly ltiny tcp. How would i have chesred the spirit of the youthful tI
Shb was pculiarlvy mslua is eahihiing the relics bard, hen, wander g for i disgrace ope a doubtful th
wieb which thi, lik* all ether cul:nlrmd shrines, abounds. d, he cn bck a ln upo hi piernl home, o
The was the r.ttered sockof he er match nrk with co have fer n that, efo may years, he should
which dit the der, aw b appnachingI reo a c oaorted with enown; vthat wia m s dhouh p
phes. Them, was. sl hi tomern- i; which proves become de boa and glry of h native place; de hhis r
lthl he ws a rival smAer of Sir Wah r Ra iigh; the man should be religiously irded as its mot ci E
sw.rl i.. with which hi Iplyed Hamlet, and the identi- tre,.re ; and that its lemn piae, on which hi eyes in
cal laitirn wit which Friar Lawrw diean vred Rom', were ixed In fearful contmpltio. should oe day become
and Julim at the lombl!--'rT was an naple supply alo the beeron, towering amds the gentle landscape, to guide ol
of .Hhkspreem' mulberry e.w, which eam to have as r- the literary pilgrim of every atio to his tomb. th
train liinry puowa of self mullipriliaion Ihe wiod of ti
llhe rm cro..; of which tere is enough rllant to build a T.. Ha*ot. Augast It.-Ths Jw r of SL P.teairwg w
sopf t in*. contain the fol.lowr pwlhmstiou to thd Ples, lemd by a
'I'T mals A ritaobjent f cmriamityhrw iBhak- th Emperr on the a t of July :-
spren' cLair ; is stands is d chimneyv onk, of a mall "- oles- !-Our P'lclmmt of the ITh of Decembe ia
g le ay crlamer, just behind what was his father's shp. q ammd you wih r em m-e: the han oe hhto b d
re may many a time her a when a hey, watch- dumrasarded.
ig the s revolving pit with ll the going of an urc+i. ; ,- Y v eri o a o the m of sto IN "r
er of sn evening, elnming to the cream.n ad sgipa of t o7e, by a p p r. rto e ar h. Fpra Im
o~tntr of oaii a h cdl n Imspi of le'a t2+nis; Imtenia to his voice. yon b liaee am m tthe perfidi b
ieratford, dealing forth eh m dhyard takes and lgendary suggest m o embis e me, who make ia ope o"f the fall b
aMeloom f do te. sme t I of Eaglaid. Ie lhit of mem. Them minmeshle hboe eadreoend to make
chimr is is the cui of every oa tha viits the bhum to all meneciiatio, mpmi e ; they have invited you to deed
it; whothe this he dmne with the hope imbiibing any of which mm apose y ea itrremediable misfortunes, and close k
the inspirti of due herd, I oa at lo to sy; I merely at t you evry wy to pedm: they ha a cribed to yar
meadae the fact; and mine huse irnlately a ed me, KEa iteatios which h Mmer coacerved.
though buik of mlid nk., such was i fer eI wal of de. ea sanguimy and obtinats straggle bh ad.
womesn thet the chair had to he New bmottomm at ___ Demilo l misnfutusm hase desolated year eootry : thousand
se a no a of your bivew monasryme have flle victim of a fal I-
o M ihree yearL It s t nthy 4o aNie alo, is the futio. t
himury ao this etrrdinary ir, thet it paridrea mom- .. The Divin PmridaL e hb am permied te meabt I
thing f Ide volatile naure ofthe dtm Ca e of Ireta, project of ihoew wh yer blood ad the tasrm of
r the lying chair of the Aranbian enchdoer; fr though y ae ery to propr. Alredy t hem prriame of tb I
wild fw years since e to a twern pr nce, ye empire which yea edeemed to uaite in the inretio i
sa to a ll i has found its way bck agia to the old srnmed to order und eadl n-the band kich w re -
cimmry c es. ed rl tprend didsr and deeeolt-mars anuLihiled or
From the binh plan af Shakspeare a f i pmaes brought I n io meeat m hewy. me p he mb ed
mwe s hI grs. Hme lis bridal d cheer d of the theVi -b which ye idd ar hopemik hor.
permh church, a irpg and vamenhbn ple mauldering with It ndmt ademig apin Wraw.. A -e ceade swah. yeL
age, he richly ormend. which can le an or than dan d elano coseorences.
I sands es th beks d th Av e a a embeweL d "l Ithis decisive momnm we an address tr you waon
pie, uad separated by ndpoiiag gardeus from ler sumuher of peace sad claney. May yea pay mu repid to thm
fdthe ton,. Is situtio is qeiilt a dlli( ird; the' o did before! The who would implicate you
river ma mumring, at the fom of de chthb ylard, nd rmial proje ad draw you into their own destruina.
he l. wrich re i upa in bk drd p tamir gn cm or to peruade yo that ys have no iterative but
sle. it w Immune. e r te bm batee deerte uand death, d pwlldmeoat or exile. Do
l its dar beom. An arve of limek tIhe iuag nsg d*- a her .doesins s. The eant ih
Of which e r endely intertlaed, a to form in ummer have taken place have ca t oar teme yea the wy fa your
an arched way 'f foliage, lends up from the of t the .tL ekimme. Retri to yor du(y. truly ahemid criminal
yard so Ith churrk porch. The gres are overgrown pmojeis.--w are sill mady so re we you sMe nhr. The
wi kh u the nmy imt u snaa, mM of them nearly paternal dmpe which cLau d -e the 4kt J*uy,
el de nLmh, amhr cf m d with man, k:r h has take a reolris a to pa. shall g wde e n d
'dl i ro Ier ed ead IiU-i d. ed mwes yo. har ety a pumpt and i in
have m-- b tirM eem t cm te esame d a f r o the e yine a right i
G ree h Oeu ea, m6 July.
Mad keLp up a contind fer mad Chirping; ead (Ss ) mICuOLA..
rAs e smaing nd cawing ebt it lAy py spi. .The Miaster fB er of Sear,
We V 6 ar he h chln iiengh the wrbases o i Con.t GRABOWSKI."
and IMd by a pthic porch, highly nrmaemtd, with
cma d d a- of amive mikL. The n r i pci Cari la Dnrm- Miaihnve n h i e the l iii
and the &mlcm s and embelsi uhmes or to s d pa *Is e a I of I. me diriduw in or aew Ledoe.
af eet couMary crlrhne. Them a e avral anient prrit ftS w, al pay of the maeIutL dekb. Of
meame ts of mahliy and entry, over mime of whih w ~ t hlimA ed imL or oea i wl* a indieh
bean funeral ewmruthe s aul hanners dropping pre-me idl l i Art g. that the priv csara f r of y I. Im
frum tim walk The omneo of Shakl|ieare s in the chan- inidnslns ia the empir could be to such a etrems.-L-.
crL Tier (ld.,a ias ulanm anid w lclihral. Tall 'clah I lpapr.

4P9* Mi-f^y .^-

,- A*

__ i

stit. b o e of the Pe.le aLIU g
t keedih pee In te som of mm.
be W fers doe. bee rusiceatlie lr .
gI the Lyunaeld olutel, eouto etooy ZN4M
Mo the plod and shooting in the oe
ng ibainamt have hbd a ver eager e.rl c
aisef Ithir movheelen hit awhis o i
simeoma been raher trutbleso ely idhem'e
mne, whose object was sel.uuo. .
, they wre In the fields abootng each wish* h
; a considerable number, aileen or twenty. h
edrooseere their motions and some fat to
rwe p wbly obtrusive and impenirtn.
a pimun trem BStoethim, Col. Elbridgp ]. i
ureec.t, went towId Ibthen in the Ield, Pa -
iharael and irritatl couidenbly by ote.
an of the Sianwme requested these person toa
by way of bravado threatened that if they did
mse would fire at them. The Colonel opened h
Snd dared them or him o fire. but they did aIs
Dnel then indiscreetly accused them or him ofl
-4te a tendnnt spoke to the Siamese heet te
l.-they eumclaimed, -o He secure us Io lyia2!" .
he jck the Colonel with the butt ead ofi l ,
Coleel matcbed up a heavy uoo and thm a .
mes hit hi o- the head, broke through his lab
made the blood low,-the Biamese wa b wh t j
d by plitoo at the Colonel, who wu horribly frigl(
mot other people would have been, though it
afterwards that their pieces were charged only wh
The noise ad smoke were ust a g u M |
been loaded with balL
Ile 8anese went immediately into the Hotel adhL
h ball.-The Colonel and Mr. Prescott leaig
Srestly iaed, and endesvoored to keep w
; Mr. aeont fed to the barn and seretd hmoh
Suow. The Colonel went to Danvere md lodgd ai
in against the Biamese mad their uttedast, a ysesg
man, for breachof the peace. As oleer wO e at
m, but by the interpoeiineo of a gentleman, who
be at the Hotel trce wu eoaclodetd.
Ancient WritiMg Merio.-Books were en
e among the Scandinvan uad Noithers ani. .
Their communication wih the Latia Ninke-
ad appears to have been the material upon which d
se were chiefly written; nd the verb "write," LM
derived from a Teolonic root, signifying to "m
"tear," is on of the teamonoi of the ag,
yri adopted the ume plan. Their poems wa s
on sell staves or rods, ne line upon each bhe 6
d; and the old Ellbd word "asave," an applai
uin, i probably are of the pnctie, which m th
e, previled in the Wer. a the Easr, ye ais
Scusto still subsisting; the slipso bembnite pes u
Sinhabitants of the Indin Alrcipelog, me "a m'
"scratch" their compositos e itb bodkin, m
tntilly the same with ou ancient Uave. Vdane
irchment aferwards supplied Ihe pce of the ge.
a. Reel paper, madfactu ed fom the polite 6t
gyptman Reed, or papyrus," was till used
Italy, but iwas very meldom exported to anyd
entries beyond the Alps; and the elaboate prep
Sthe vellm, upo which mch greater cre was ba
an in the od manufacture, mredend th calk,
dei; so much so tbht a pais-taking clerk could d I
orth his while to esne the writings of a old be4
der to m the blank page for another manuscript. obe
Ha re-writtea are called -" caducu nripti," r "
ets." The eserceent traces of the frt "ly"
hacter n may occesoonsy be discerned beneath th m
cent teat which has been imposd upon them slade
aluble fragments of dbe ancient chlsical wrimbsn
een lately recovered from utch volumes, by thIp piC l
acelof n orl tiqueris.-F- i ily, N*. XI .
Ipartance of Triu.-The fate of Sir Johe NI
ins' History f Musc," as decided, like thel of n
ore important things, by a tride, a word, a pe-A
ailmI, chauoted by a fll-de-chamber, undernmd Ib
*- sal power of Alberoai; a inrle line of Frnderk
second, relenting not on the politics but oe the peMy d
he French Minimier, plu igd France into the seven y
war (Evimes de Bermis l sterile ebonddoe ;) and a p
*odemand Sir John Hawkins' sixtee years' labms *
ong obscurity and oblivion. Some wag wree the I -
ng catch, which Dr. Calcon set to muuac:
SHave you ret B ir Job Hawa' Hitey I
Bau ks tink it qmite a mye ;
Both I nhae red. dI ever
Thm Berey's History I prefer.
n His Iisry wn straighrway in every ome's mai
mad the bookwBer, if he did not follow te advise s d
J In I lres, actily waste, as die tam is, or s1 o
wate paper, some hundred copies, ad burled Ite rw d
the impressio in the depths of a damp celar, m I
article sever likely to be called for.-Hmemnire

A m pwsper. some years sae. gave the following rhaert
ie Ipecmen of what he calls that ancient frmi
which my be termed an Englshman's dialogue :
A-(Advacing) Ho d'y d do. Brooks ?"
SVery wel thank 'e: hew do y do 1"
A-- Very well I'm obliged to ye."
B-" rs. Adma and the children ar well I hop."
Qeite well, thhk '." [A psm.]
B-" RIaar pleasant weher to-day."
A--" Yes, t w a e m isthe meina."
B-" Yea, r we m npet hle i th e m f theU
[(Amet pm. eibrIk h >d ad rkdirid, ed.)
A-" een mith lately 1"
B-" No, I can't y I han: but hav ; b e Me The
A-" aIrded : and how i he "
B-" Very well. thauk 'e."
A-" I Ild of it. Well.good morning."
B-. God amioUng."
Hereit is always observed, th the a s kpemkr. hving tl
leave, walk faster thLa useal floa, sm hundred yrds.

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