Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: November 2, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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S THE BAII.M ARGUS. polity. It is en anomaly in Govelnment which could only
-be permitted by a weak and unstable adminiistrution -fur
peiSMau stI--WERKLV IN NA5AU, X. P. she purpose of bltaining support, in their e il and avari-
cious proponsities. With eiiual propriety might Ikey Solo-
S IDltrs per annam-I- D aduvano. 1mons be placed in the S paker's chair, or (Carlisle and
raylor installed in the Metropolitan seie of Eneland !
Tihe office of Secretary of State for 1he Colonics was
confessedly established for guardag and promoting dheir
interests. How completely this i l bean reversed of late
years need not to hi told-sutice it to say, that eUery mna-
sure has been resorted to, Ihich could lead to our liitrress
and injury, and eventually to tie utter destruction u o
these Islumis, as British Colonies. In tiu regular coIn-
POE TRY. catenation of perverted measures, enmaating fruonithat of-
r fice, nothing has been lost sight of or neglected which
SIL8UG(;FE$.TI'UD BY ACCIDENTALLY TAKING could promote their unjust design. We have their ac-
UP AN OLD NEWSPAI'ER. credited spies-their uaprod chl. Mformers--their con-
Tell me, brief chmnicle of hope, and fear, cealed correspondents, who are prowling over tim country,
Of fete, and revel gay; and in utter defiance of truth, feeding them with accusa-
Tell me, thou herald of despair, lions as false as their own hearts. Fromsome such source
Of death and battle-fray : ia been derived the information that the criminals wiho
Theo. on whose long-forgoiten breast have been condemned to the workhouses are worthy of
Benms ua primeval night did rest their attention, and they now ar striving to cap tihe clinms
Ten me, where are the myriads now, of their iniquity, by letting loose thieves, and burglar, and
Thy darkened page that swell ? murderers upon the peaceable and orderly classes of so-
They on whose proudly-coascious brow city. That a fellow-feeling should be excited in the
The laurel blossomed well; breast of Mr. Stephen, and hii associate, is not tobe won-
Kings, heroes, statesmen; whenr ar they? dered at; these criminals have been ladividually guilty of
Borne to what far off region, ay ? those several outrages, whirh the Colonial and Anti-Colo-
Where is the tyrant conqueror now, mia office are now striving anxiously to connect generally.
And what his counted might I Such a gross violation of all local law sad justice, was not
Bow, human grseaness lowly bow; wanting to let us know their unbounded inveteracy ; but
For glimmers on the sight if you, my fellow-colonists, submit in silence to such an
A smeissu grave;-nor bhlm, or speak invasion of order and subordination, you actually, not vir-
To ell Napoleon lumber there! tually, surrender every right-very privilege, which you
Where now th' econdent of the day, claim, and which you are now contending for. Without
The wooed. and envied, where I such an order, it is certain, that as the representative of
Beanty, in darling array, his Majesty, his Escellency the Governor is endowed
And Genius.,-peak,-declare,- with authority to commute the punishment, or to pardon
Where Genius, towering and subliue; those upon whom the sentence of the law has been visited;
And where, oh, where, the steep'd in crime 1 but the situation of a slave crUisil, involves a conside-
When are they now the marriage rite ration, which must have its due weight in the exerc:s of
Had bound, no more to sever I the prerogative. Whether it is extended immediately or
Th' conscious babe. in Heaven's sight remotely, after the sentence, time party is at once admitted
Vowed o its God forever ? to te privileges of freedom. Thiis a boon which has
hi, here areth'ey and whre oh, d hen, been hitherto bestowed on our slave population for fidelity,
Th e Death's croll recorded here correctness, and attentive regard to duiy. It is, therefore;
Whee Is the pagentry and show, a monstrous reverl of all our ameId allatloa--ell the at-
Admiing crowds that won ? tachments between master and slave, that such a reward
Tih cavalcade anouncing woe, should be held out to dtme who let at naught, and have
Eandd, scarce yet begun, violated every compact which could have entitled diem to
Lile's mel r race ;-youh in its prime, it. Slaves are, for the most pan, condemned to the
The dso'd of casualty or clime I Workhouse for crimes which, committed in England,
Where anish'd all -peassant and king, would inevitably have incurred penalty of death. Not
The lofty and the low ? one, however, has been placed there, without being allow-
Tuae bss swept by. on noiseless wing. ed ample opportunity of turning front his wickedness:
And all the living know Not one that has not been placed there wit the greatest
AId auggles,-riumph s,--lucl h h o e m reluctance, nor until a disregard of ell other itnishment
and admonition had failed, and their obstinate adiierence
Uive bee !-no more -and this the lot, to crime had pronounced them ieorrigible.-Tb- requi-
Toall below decreed I sition front the Colonial Office, orders a report of the
To dmale.--o ffer,-4e forgot,- conduct of those criminals, whose good behaviour igh
Oh spirit-crushng creed! entitle them to the leniency of the Esecutive. In oer
Esoug to mr the dreamer's rent.
And lr, for sye, Ambition's crest words, entitle them to the highest reward, which our polity
can bestow. This uvour strongly of the Anti-Colonial
Come, I will fold thee up again, doctrines, which call on accusers of the West-lndia
Fr,a Ilingering game chracter-" no matter how eha-how unprincipled-
Up thy smbre page, a strain, hew depraved-how falae-bring with you but accusatio,
Bemas f, bne n the bdlat, come and sit down by our sides, clete in white, and be
It wspme ile bhurr'yig pst:- our brother" In the workhouse, there a. doubles,
many who have behaved well, and for the best reasons in
"Ad plmaiem owu'd or ocean-tot, the world-they had it not in their power to behave ill ;
Frm joy, f sguish tore, but if the inquiry is to be limited to thom who are truly
Elra gnad thee, to Wem ry lost, repesnlal, I dare avow the search wil be as fruitless as
EO and chhdrk waters borne that which was intit,ted by God's command, in the re-
Lsa he, but for eternity !" owned cities of Sodom and Gomorrah ! If, however,
his Excellency should consider it necessary t orumply
Ti veiee ha ceased,-but on my beart with the suggestion of he Colonial Office, it will be at-
The leaso deep impress, leaded with dUe mot baneful effects; those whb are now
Ig o though it pierce with scorpion dart, peaceable and orderly, will become crimiul and refrac-
To tethe the wounded breas ;
Aebidding vain regrets adieu, tory, and those who sre already depraved, will resort t
as% the better land to view; higher crimnes-subordination will in at an end, and that
a e catastrophe lhich all are dreading, viii be speedily ac-
asm will I still the rising sigh, celebrated.
Amd ilhe tmine. when mine tIodi. In the Session of 28 or 29, a cluse was introduced i-
o e'fi oroten here; to the Slave Law, to the purport, that the Magistrates and
h.d at I my remembered be, Vestry of the several parishes, should be autlurisnd to re-
By Hli who bled on Calvary lieve negroes who had been condemned to the worklouse
for life, on proof of good conduct and sincere rrpelnance,
EPIGRAM. by putting them up to be sold. This plan was sulti-
Be vy vilely Penny writes, ciently objectionable, but far less tlan that now propuosd.
CaEing Methodism in disguise, It was, however, rejected, in consequence of a hint being
De' l-eail his merit slig s, given, that it would be an interference with the prerogn-
Delari that he's IPray- BRUIN. live of the Governor. This was a ust deference of that
branch of the legislature, to the audtority of the Eerou-
Frsm the Jamaica Comrme. live: but had it passed into a law, with the Governor's
THE SIGNAL. consent, many of those evils which are now apprehended,
No.9. might have been avoided. It is, perhaps, not generally
known (certainly not in England), that an opportunity for
Ipilrenits lul jctitetr u obsueqio. repentance is afforded to criminals by die course which i
TO- now aloplted in moat of our Slave Courts, of incarcerating
TO MY FELLOW COLONISTS, culprits for a limiwld period of six, twelve, or eighteen
kC il, ona appointed by Government for the re- monthly which, while it shiws the disinterrstedness of the
*- f Cloial aifair., in placed under the coolroul of owners, ,aves so much money to te country, aud leavris
I;h. t' e "cn expect nothing, but what will be de- only dlw snm1xt hardened and incorrifible to tli operation of
S on ad injirious to our local interests and i lii" sumimui 'in." Tic.e, tlhe rf .r ,'nnothbe is imroper

subjects for royal favour or clrmency-if they do im
so, there is at once an end of that eatablihIment which was
instituted for the wisest and best of purpose, which was
frained on the soundest principles of humanity-om the
basis of mercy for that population, which the avarice and
cupidity of thi Parent State had forced upon our pre-
iitors. The hard labour of the workhoume, a il iuJ ur-
ly called, is the only legitimate mode of punishment over
and abue the scriptural infliction of forty ave ore."
This is the mode of punishment pointed out to our high
cliam-s to prevent transcression of the law, and to prevent
the indulgence of limteon in tie outrages or aggravations
which the rebellious or contumnacius slave il apt to pen-
tire on his owner. Always under he control of dhe
Magistrate, it offers a sure node of reforming the sinner,
and it is only in the neglect of this sholesnom discipline,
liht a few cams ol cruelty have appeared among a.-
Of those now incarcerated, most have Iben done with a
serious sacrifice of property, for the laudable purpose of
maintaining law and obedience, which is the end of it; but
to say that any' conpeneation can, or will be made, is ab-
surd, as we have uicient evidence to prove that the
British Government are, in the firt plece, too paninmo-
nious, if not too poor; and, in the next, oo dilamM .-
The Anti-Colonial object is to do mischief as crep na
To abolish, therefoor, this institution, which the Cole-
ital or Anti-Col mial Ofce contemplates, would he at-
tended with the meet disastrous conequences. Hefloe I
conclude, I cannot refrain from remarking on that maen
sure, which, dictated by humanity, and founded in sound
judgment, passed the House of Asembly in the las Ss-
sion, for permitting proprietors and managers to chain
their runaway slaves on the property, after proof aorded
before one or more Magistrar. This wl be the ams
of bringing many to a proper em of duly--of reclaim
ing them before they are hardened in sin; and I aver,
without fear fa contradiction, will keep hundreds in the
bosoms of their families, who would otherwise par the
remainder of their lives in the durtace of die Workhese.
It thus appeals, lhle every thing i in operation which ca
prevent an accumulation of criminals in our Workhoeat
but if the Anti-Colonial schemes are put in execution, we
shall have them filled to suffocation-our Slve Courts
will have a perpetual sitting-the bonds of society will he
loosened to destruction-we shall be falling willing virdti
to the macunatlson of our eemies-it will bin rin
premiunes for every desariptioa of crimte-nd, sbovea
I would suggest, that although perferly in accordance with
the tart of our enemies, it is, of al aIl hrs, the period at
wliichl rch a serious innovation ought not to have been

Picture of P'ari, 1794.-I arrived in Paris towards
the middle of August. When I left that city in 1792
the people, freed from the wholesome restraint of the
laws, intiuincaed with fury, and elated with their abomi-
iable triuniphs, were inadly enjoying a sauvge lice-
tiousneus and, ever threatening, ever oppresive, mst
bouods to deir tyranny. What a change did I ao fund
after tie short space of tree years! Scar:ity was
terrible, misery at th highest pitch, and die dethroned
sovereign scarcely dared to complain. The people were
no better than a vile rabble, devoid of energy, shrinking
under the rod that clastised them, but having not emn the
thought of resistance. In the morning, the city preseaned
a deplorable spectacle: thousands of womes and children
were siing on the rtoas before tie doons of the beln'
shops, waiting their turn for receiving a darly bought bit
of bred. More than one-hlf of Pari lived an peasea.
Paper money was without value, and hbulion whmt cir-
cultion: This lated naly a year. A still sranger igl struck
Ihe observer's eyes. The unfortunate priuaenl d reco-
vered their lihbrty, and having escaped almost cereLm
death, they enjoyed their good lurk with a of erarcy.
The danger to which they Iad hasI so lb aepind
excited a lively interest in their favour; but vanity, sa
ingenious in France, discovered the means of turning their
situation to advantage. Each person pretended to have
sulffred more than hu neirhbimr ; and as it was the* feshion
to have been puereuted, a great many people who had
remained safe in their hiding-places, or had boogesi their
security by hIwe concessions, boasted of having languished
in pris.n. An imnipmese number of innocent Iernos had,
in fart, perished on th- sr ffid; but Ifcredit could haer
been gives to the acciumnts propagated by awtred and
vanity, one might have thought thla on-halfof Paria had
imprisoned or ietchered the ollthr half Conafmiou was
at this pi'riod at its highest pilch in sc'iey : all diliarlions
of rank had diusppeared; w.illh had changed posisssrs;
and as it was silldannernes tobosul of hinh, and to recall
the memory of former gentility, due pumnots of nrwl)-
acquired wealth led the Ion, and added the aboerditir of
a bad education to those of patronage devoid of dignity.
T'Ie class of artists, more rininm ndable, acquired cae
siderati',n through the general thirst for annmemrnt, iad
through the necesity many persons were In onf Lking
a livelihood in the ari of imagination. This ame mot
for time fan arts so universally diod, med is de
fashions, and even in ithe nurals of tih m eulupoe a
nmost iiinconcivasle licernthinuiess ; tle young men draNiL
their hair mn rictimvs--lhat i to say, raid up at ihe
lack of the neck a i' fll.y v re roingo In suier on tll
sIalTuld. The wountn, im lih contrary, imitatevl in Ieir
dr.ess., Ilie c slullie of as ne-nt Grttluc. It is scarcely

Cog saaA 0tge

,, es. a, k- Si, yee sf.aa ,
a dlm byi h birds inme hn
ae. A sm-lslpi Medas eS i ther eta,
an vuaepares pgen dreme, whie mirw bess war
Ia whea dley appd l Pl plan ia-
sred Id mkg mmd, thy bec mer objects of
eomoasea adalaile sad au The pal-e Rsad
prias areas were cu iet seam of risou
plke, cmI Elysam, aphes, Tivuli, Idali, Ar.,
wherecrdrs people, bistrosm diversions, had ma-
mrns,ad me aer cosempt for decory, ceased boh
Ss and dhsL.-N-sr-f LeldIe.



A fw days ago, Mr. James Reid, a planter upon
Sdaes isle, petitioned His Eicaeancy the Governor,
fwr t re n al of hi own, and also the slaves belonging
Sa Min Davis, ( free black woman), residing upon the
me Ilaod, to n estate on this Island, recendy purchased
by bir; maker the two gangs were moved together,
separation of families would necem rily take place, and
th agresm be made unhappy and dissatisfied.
Wkhtor Hi Eicellency was les under the influence
t his angry paenios then OMal, and wished to excite a
lugh at Mr. Reid's exprse ; or whether, to gratify sone
bae gling, he soaglh to wound a quiet, inofeoive being,
who, if be in a sIlr-mwsr, perhaps nats his dependuats
with grater kiadn than Sir Janme is id to triet one
mreclaely connected with him, we do not know; and can
only add, tai the former intention is a unworthy the re-
prnmeaalve of Hi Majesty, a the latter is disacaful to
Sih coramtr of a gendenms. Hi Excelleny after ap-
proving of ti mativs which ieduenced Mr. Reid, in de-
siring the removal of dhe two pop of slaves together, ob-
surves, that u Mni Davis owns no land on this Island,
he could st legally grant permimaom fur such removal;
amui as 68 slaveI o die two ovn s amre intermarrisd
tha llty cannot be eparrted without a separation of ra-
ulies, the only mode which occrrn to him by which the
law can he complied with, and the widses of all parties be
midesr would he for a permaneu Lgal camerism" to
the place between Mr. Reid and Mis Davis, when the
had and slaves would become joint property, and the
dave could he legally aoved froa Andrm Island to New

We ihave inderstnl from good authority, that lis Ex-
rcllency Sir J. C. Smyth not only shewed great discom-
oa upon the rare-ground, on Wednlesay lut, et the
ood ortnue of Major Nicolls, when hi horse Selim was
declared the winner of the Cup, but that our waLrth
Geer ," cbhwed die cud of bitter meditation on hi
mae hom ; i fact, to great a degree was be galed,
It he drew of the sml proportion of worldly uidom
which might hve induced him to draw a veil, (if only o
G Ow ") over excitemeo, which, in its demastraion,
acoM ealy taed to expose, practically, the wokeeasm o

Aheghb Major Nicoh i well known not to be over
fad ft t t P- ise sf called gold. and although bi
tunk ad sadi n ik te army, would preclle ti
am i of hi eiM li price, eve to His Erellency
yeu di tLht OGa Paanr an prmn to ofer a Surm
Ltr Sd CUp, which, rantling it might exced it value
did bat Lh ckrm b sem the more, a well a hi
asedi-ag aldle n at its being so wa We under'
and. d st sheimpltd inmi wus mom properly, promptly
aI dbimashy rw red, with a lat refusal, to alow the
frpmdedp a to return to the hands froe whe i
Eseapt fom the voice of rmour, we ar not eacldy
wrnd im sain the farther purport of the Major's an
smr; ti ar dipped to believe, that it expreed, in
Sn*kia arman, Im.eofm ie gp a inuat mad ale
a a rity to do my thiUg shm Hi Ecdllecy might h
lieMd s1 o e*fr; -d which, Lf ther relative skilnem
he doml ae dom The caqeaces mIbt he
a Utead-leimg, vi the ec'aiy o a re n
aQp-i- ; b a the win er bh cm ered, His Ex
cecy deemed phslab*omy aiummse y to hi cow
sda- binnc k wa, we premme, tha the gplle
ajor revived se evcenraigmet.

TYeldy was the day 6Led for the cmmaemnt
ti RWem when ta Cup given by Hi ES.almey dh
Owemme, ad (ar dtr prims, wr to he a Wded fir
be It pawqin l cal, tbhe jdge avoid y paspose
de dy of maig, t the weather should become
favaurblt.-The diippointmet to our white-wantr mi
n Lu asm ds been great, as much amuarment was an











has any one of your correspondents to be esavims,jealos,
or even disuppided; surely not of the favour of men From the L don GCloe.
of such high protenions u Meor Buduer, Williams, The Fortusate Yo'e .-Prince Leopold, it ma
Illeld, Nebitt, Strchan & Co. nor even of that of td pear, was born to thwart the Psinen of Orange--m
BANANA Tvanur, hinmelf. of his lady love, tie lamented Princess of tahr hId
teropes ha eviace much anger, little judgment, md of the Bllic crown. Prince Leopold owed lish
as wit, in his telling this community that, although they all troductirn to the Princess Charlotte, to ibe then
extolled the works of your correspondents, and approved of Oldcnburgh, a very clever woman, who heing
thir wit, tha they were incompetent judges, and by his ious of nmrrying her sister to the Prince of Orap.
endeavouring to s up hi hilh carter and rae us ae menc<'d by prejudicing the young Priaces's mid
right of dominant criticism. I shall take my leave, with her cousin and lover-then artfully painted herfri
the following qumoation- aspiring soldier, Leopuld, to a youthful fancy, is i*
Maniua shasem Noviom cam carpers : hews glowing colours; and having thus wrought up tht
Uuidlm sit isora teo an at agnoium dare nob tion to a proper height of excitement, she quidi
Verbs putss' shores; and the rival of the Prince of Orange i
I a., M i. Editor, over with an autograph letter from the Duchess the
Tour obedient servant, lustrios young friend. The 6irt introduction oaL
CLAUDIUS CRISPINUS. ed impression upon a mind so predispused is his
Nature had given him sone external advlafn 'i
FIm tie Jwmaica CarSt, &8ptrpmr 19. king was anxious to see his daughter nmaried, maid l
PROSECUTION. kind father, smiflcd ineremt to ffection-'l e
On Friday, Mr. Willia Brace, the Editor of thi quickly united; and the wily Durhess quickly
paper, rave ail to answer, at the eat Grand Court, a ed in carrying the other point, by the union of he
alleged libel on the Chief Justice of thi Iland, con- with the Prince of Oroge. Old Baron Stud, the N
tasied in the Coaent and Advertiser of Monday ist. had the impertinence to tell Prince Leopold, whoe
jecting to some heavy charges in his bill, that his Hi'
The following is the article above alluded to, and sid oght to be mn reiberl to English trandesu in'i
at contain the l manor the country had done for him. Your Highue'o
(CHys Stltz.) annelly come to mor money new S
A CHIEF JUSTICE CARLETT. whole produce of your priney incme wbr
As S Rei.ns of oa Hoe of Ameubly are up- arrived in England."
preching, we d res it aaommry to cal t he deollection
of readers, the vari acts of grievance complained o In oe of the London pp e ohbsrve i satb i
again our present Chief Justice, Sir William Scarlett. s species of fraud practm e b certain de
It w he remembered, that this individual had scarcely the city :-Petit s to Parliaent are to be
jbesoenleald to bench (fo sei renderd to Ma- got up agpint dthe tally system in theehy. The V
jr.-GemnuJ Com ), from being an almost bride Bar- carried on by peans who deal in hio evs Y liSm
river in ao Coar, that his conltct became as overibar- domestic economy, fom the candle to dthe o 1
ing and tyranical, that no lea dea d individuals pet- coal, linen, S eld gopads, ks, lace, I c. Thle
tiosed the H e of Aembly against him, for his nrbi- in their employment numbers who travel throw' the
trry and l v acts; an d although the Amembly re- neighhrourtud, hawking from hose to homea l
pte ad, HU ir n he d an lme dru edd," the mat- the various guods, with the tempting offr orf tki
tar ae asol ewld ap by aimupechment, which, we nrnt by the low inmalments of Is. 6 to. tPe. per
have me doubts, would have induced the Duke of Man- Their custnaers are EneUy of the feele l -
chasr recommend to his Maj y's Government, the y pe l to c by the arml t hi
al of a character so edos to the comm ty. can never he missed from the weekly eaat d
Since that period (185), the arrugance and petulnace of payment goes on well enough while the haeliad,
the Chief Jastice, has not increased the rre rct in which knows nothing at l about the mttaer, on tina s *
he had previously betn held: and athe dread which is now buthiseuiployaent failing,he is hunteud after aldb a


It ; and so & Sima eterimid by A dume@ of nmiag wi
tcwid ad the t b nast4y suy he S, b iuta a y, alm stra the veois
Now oM f as amo' cited a Sir Williaum Scarlet is, wit
iw gru pat of t year, pwvail a g th lalh, who are nut versed in ti law, sad whi
-A make d so h briu cndie ed to uk, Isves ewr li
~ di I eof a man, td lo wlm sfe hla
The Lily, Cap- Hall, arived her from New Or- iart of the dste degrees of Jutice.
lbese unday mutall; by whih vesl, we have re- tu i. dreadful, ad the commeaity tt
ivd a file of de New Orle an B "--bu they do na odu ct, in a Judge, deserves to subr mfhn
cinved a file of ie w Oreant Ba- y do a independoce; it cannot be forgotten, the
contain Europuen news of s nmen t dals as Pap Jury for s county of Surry, present his
received uy ti: HUsfru Liverpool. unjust Judge, in attempting in his charge to
-- judgment; it cannot either be forgotten, the
NAuiv, N. P. 31st October, 1831. uan, while the must respectable gentes int
To the Edl r of/ dt B amo ArG-s. by virtue of their atls, charged im ith a
Ms.ought to have nured him from diejudgnmaa
M. ErTr.-TIe sections, as well s writings, of eithhe stills remains, a monument of the warn i
,aot~u, or m asicre, A climno o now ct they hve e" pa of thee whom he has oppreed. W. oi
am eranle, or ml ely suicig t to know that they hne peter nto a detailed statement of the We
beeo unskilfuUy endoasring to show their capbilits', iced upon othen, the r iter having eeagh l
ad making ample dmotratmtio of their folly. A me- d o hi own account. The writer having es
greo of such asupead is t essyist" Itsropes' n o a his own account. The writer w as
ur onl of w ih c*ymae Ois ettewyho" preui tom y, April Surry Assies for a libel ; the only er .'
corre.pondent of 4he Royal Gaute, who premi to my, vi him of which, wsu on unuthenticatod can 1,
spaking of some of the productions of your corrnpon- vt a wb, an uneot hent ed
pen but much was the anxity of the Judge to poass -1
dents, Divet such pe of their personality, t victim, that he t sie he usual form
local and teniporay A us, and how small a portion vi th at he st monai the's ipriLment,
will remain of real genius ;" and it would appear, that the wrier to ughix mother's imprvidonal who d
the Editor of dhe Royal Gassette adopts Iteropos' flimy, 100., although another individual who led h
the Eithed Royad Galti a ,dopts leripel' driny, guilty of libelling the magistracy of a whole
salfT-onceited and uif-isteteead ion. o uup receive judgment for en
which he, by his own writing in a prior sentence, di-prove, cad up to nrece ye judgmnt for ehl '
Extravagant pplame" is never bestowed upon either wrds, he he wa only fned 2 ati0.!
o ee he the malignity of die man, and satimfimiir
men's writings, or action, unlms elicited by intrinsic tht reve ought to form no pert of hec
merit, and is oftener long sought for, and deserved, th that revenue ought to form na pert of the dcars
asily obtained; uhefor, ch applause" ha ben dge. h horror which was felt in the
bestowed upon what eropes i. pleased to term personal the demoniacal display of vengeance exhibiti
invective, we are to infer, that he is one of those who have Judge, must be remembered by every one
suffered, and are now writhing under the "caustic" inflic- this feeling has spread far md wide in the ous
sions of your correspondents. If so, le may be excused the Jude's conduct is popry preciated. Iu
for using the unwarraled epithet of dark ssassi, a he h s already complained o oppre ion Rid is
has already declared that the productions so offensive to he shell continue to do a entil he obtains redrms-.
his morel na ie hae been awarded their due meed of ed in Jamaica (which be does not believe), he wil
praise, and he must allow me to add, without, in o in- formal conpleint to a quarter where tim injrte
stance, having bad the truth taxed, even by those against pressed never applied in vain,nd it hsse ba
whom they were directed. No nan, however high his higher the public functionry is, who sets th bas
tltion, can be levelled beneath the dignity which his prin- fiance that the more prompt his Mejsty' jo
cip and ctios y give him a jt claim to ; and worth knowing, as he must do, that nothing tends m
of every other descriptia, discredit upon the British Government, and td
s merely leather, or prunella." name, than the toleratio of oppressive slts up
Our very unwortie Governor, and his more worthless meanest subject. The conduct of the writer twn
supporters, have eadiled much warm, but ju cuInsure, William Scarlets, shell be open, but determined,
and I em very sure, if the mak of Iteropes was with- grievsices are redressed by proper authority, ed i
drawn, that he would be one of that hopeful bond of in- spect for the laws of his country, as well ast
feri stellius, whom hs the vanity to infer by his remarks, a Judge, will prevent him from ever taking t hn
that, in attacking himsd his compeers," a spirit of level- his own hands.
ling high charaoers r a e ree, is one of the distinguishing Chief Judge Lewis, of this colony, was
marks of the present tims" HIeaven ave the mrk! under a charge of partiality, which was m t h
Whence do they, this happy colony, derive much a ved, and judgment pronounced acc. igly. t i
sudden infux of greastae I rank, too !! Where is it I was suspended from his office, and afterwuedsd
if Ils Excellency m aufacti'r a counsellor out of a it by that expression of public feeling which le6 Lt
pspu"jay, with dte msfrotis of an am, the creature ima- choice but to resign it; compassion afterward m
gieus himself immediately to heve undergone the transfor- him a pension of 1000. e-year, for the remin~ d
mnatio of the cArylsis, and would feir, from the greed- wretched existence, and in the event of the AM
ag wen, ammni td winged glory of gaudy colouring of coming to the snme dermination in the ca efk I
the butterfy,---o had emblem of ti shallow pretensions ; Scarlett, our influencethall be exerted to Mmew l
an equally just one of the weak understandings of the equal allowance to prevent him from follow
sapient leader, sad of the ain gl/rimu arew. Of what honest calling."

61c S3a0amsp X2gma4.
b iwhol live by ammninag as tio seerl oumrt o in ca :uence, look place yeesaday morning in dth Bo a Jis, ZZ
.asC N cun an pay," and move ane till they de aulogne. Admiral de Higan acting a die second of On asurdn evening, by t Rad WI. pwa
t lacking him up in -gol, where the expense of Use. Sbunliani, and Gten. HIariasp a that of Ln- Mr 11. M to Mi Ama Chek.
Sn Mi cstM, is most cams, Mre than the whole marque. Two pituol-slhots having been excliged, wish- __..._tM____
a of sh deba during his J or 40 days of confine" out injury to either part), lte scwod interfered, and ti
* O of dhea limbs of the I w I been known *to *afai was amicably ettled. Ca
Slar sae tally-man,. about SO persona in one day,
Shas recivedea o f ot C swhiclle Lono r inaaa o aie -
Iasid in byv te unf of .tun4a debis. Th truth on mod in which dbe Londom fre iuranc oAc arfr- .F-
is ntl can be certified at lia oilfererantpriwon which of quIutly p reed by dimnts for killing c imi PO T OF NAMAU. P.
ti sCouat ol Hequrtl deburs. I is sid tht, in tich CUains a requently masde for am acid al tumbling T OF ASAU .
deobtuv Court of in Weuel debtor. It isg aias twelveintim of clothes into the fire; and it was not long "sine a claim
debtor's riao" in Wilec ua-rl. during tle last twelve was made fr the value of the dresm of a little girl who was ARRIVED,
moadso, upwards of one hundred have ben cuunited ti burnt to death. As elderly gentleman, who was insured Oct. 29h-II. M. schr. Skipjack, Lt. Shorthand, Cruie
due, it 'ee lly-shop a l ,ey al man. utand their o'r is in tie Etgle Fire Ilsuranco Ollice, a few years ago, pro- 3lt Schr. Billion, Frances, Cub
er r rre by u ma. But the ry duced Ills hat, with a small hole burned in it, at the office, In ballast to J. M A.
.ae confined to Ibhe wIho purchase. It is the practice of and said he considered himaelfenitled to the sum of US, "s Lilly, 11ll, New Orleans
to to get hold of others by way of the price it originally cost him. Why,' said the actuary, Fhour, liamr, and Tongues,
security, and thus two are oulen confined il prison for the yu have worn it *or ever year, and it is worth little to JouN Tuouson & Co.
seini debt. If tlhe wife fI : p lr noun is given to drink, or nothing.- Tolu me,' said the insured, it was of great
e, gratliies her propensities by pledging the tally article value, for lesteened it as an old friend, and would never CLEARED.
to the pawnbrokers, who in most instances refuse to lend have parted with it while it covered y head.' 'But how,' Nov. 2d-Schr. Margaret, Johnwn, Cape Haytl
suich commodities, its lite (lay of redemption seldom am
an such anetlmditihs, as the ,ay of redemption seldom said the actuary, did you burn the hole in it I Any one
with the rithiney vicis. One of tht body declarimi ed that Iany burn a hole in an old hat to get a new one.'-' I did SAILED,
ie h fd orgy pledges from one woman, all, t believed it by accident,' cried the claimant; I was reading the ac- Oct. 30th-Schr. Favorite, Clark, Mobile
Iad forty pledges ayfrom on woman, all, the believed count of a victory in a newspaper, and I really knew notl- Am. schr. Sca-flower, Iammet, Boaton
u husband. Ti injury io s not confided to the k poorer ing of the matter until I found my head on fire.' The es-
lf husband. Thi e neury wis not confined to the poorer tablishnsent asked hint whether he thought a guinea would PASSENGERS MAILED.
duses. ''le dre*sy wives of respectallec hopkeeern not be a recompense under the circumstances, and he con- In the sclnoner Fnvourite, for Mobik l:-Mr. Robert
deck tliemselves Irom the tally-shoip for monthly in- sen d to take it.--Uin another occasion, alady demand- Wier, ean. Mis s FC. C'. Wiir, M. A. WH.r, II. M. Wier,
rutlnuns, to a lareo extent, al rid tihe firs intimation the ed tihe value of a quantity of beautiful curls which slhe Mis Rilttr, ani Master Fnreerick Wier.
factlluds receive to desribe the misery entailed on whole wore-' The skull that bred them, in the sepulchre.' It In tihe Am. schnoner Sea-flower, for Boston :-Mr. W.
fact, imnposible tudew happene th, ,at s nodided over a prayer-book, and ihe Ti r- SIu.HI. Mr. Sile, nil Mi Siblev
families by lhis misclievous method of trading. So con- ap hat ddd er a pryer-book, ad h T. C. Sliel, Mrs. Sibley, and Miss Sibley.
vinced are the commissioners, of the great distress to claimed caui diately allowed.t them in a blze HIerr
which it gave rise, that in must cases they order no _im wasm CHRINT U H aA H.
more than 6id per week to be paid into court in liquidation 'rivileges oJ the Universoly of 'Par.-In 1304, a
of tle debts. With regard to the quality and description clerk or scholar, namecd Picrre-le--Brbier, having been r .wF r or lsr
of tsla articles sold in the tally trade, tlhsy are generally of convicted of auu.asination, was arrested, tried, and hanged flA VINi lixed the aliz itf uIINaV at lthe satRe if(f$
the woist kind, being, for the mist part, obtained at sales by the orders of the provost of Paris. Tlisi act of lju- H ixr ImrriI ,itf mui.rsain Flar, O rnk-rrd, ns. tll l
of bankrupts' effects, and ime stale andr refuse stock of lice occusiouId a general insurrection in tlhe univeraiyy. ishilling Loaf do wreighs 2lhll. Sox., uand tlheixpenny Loal
warehouse s-stock not salable for the fair trader. The Tih rector iisncedi,.lely put a stop to tlh exercise l' tlie lib. 4ul. 11) order of the \'estrv.
progreasofthe evil within tie last few years has been classes. The ullicial of Parissaw, in the punishilent of DAVID Sl'i.N(CE, Vestry ('lerk.
enormous, and the correction of it will, it is hoped, go this crinilnal ecclesiastic, an attempt against his rights ; VEaTRY ROOM, Ist November, 18:11.
hand ia hand with that of the vile truck vsysem, which it and, by a sentence of the 7th of September of that year, -
rivals in it pernicious conseqiwnces. Aid. Wood and Ie, commanded, under pain of excouniunication, all tie NOTICE.
Mr. Ilume were prevented from taking tp lthe subject in cusates of Paris, the arch-priests, canons, &c., to repair HllE SULSCRIBER being about to leave the Is-
parliannent last session, ly tlheo sudden cloe of he business; the next day to tie church of St. Bartheleni. There all land, requests all persons having denmnds against
but they are determined to call the atlension of the House the assembled clergy arranged themselves i proceuion, him, to forward their accounts without delay ; and tlloe'
dfCommons to it asson as |iisible in tile ensuingsession. preceded and accompanied by crosses, banners, and car- indebted to him, will please make paynant, on or before
rEN LAND turs of holll water. T'ley directed tlrir corse towards the 30th istlant, otherwise thlir accounts will be placed
tm taru.-The value of te house of the provust, 'nrruunded it, directed a in deI hands of an Attorney.
Cr oanMufacures.-1Te value ofthe coton manu- shower of stones against die loois anil windows, anil TIHOMAS TI'RNBILL.
facturerexported during the twenty two years of lite late vived with each other in uttering these lirious cries : Nv,.mler 1.1.
wat, Iroui 1793 to 1815, namunted to 20 millions ster- Begone, begone, cursed Satan ; make honourable re-
ling at d official value. The raw materials, at 4 millions paration to shy muLoer, bhy Church, whom thou bast NOTICE.
Saamouju, amuoants to HM aillioni sterliaig. TIe net disho.oured and wounded i her Irivileges; mayst thoue, r E ll SH IISRll ER wil put in suit, indiscriminately,
amual reeipt from foreign countries, lor profits and if thou dust not explato thy crine, I swallowed up alive I all account du, tu him, and remaining unpaid alter
wages, was duerelore 12U millions, or about 5j millions in ,the earth with Datliar. and Abiria." These repeasd the lirsa dn of NOus.her next.
per umun; but the wldole value of all the British manu- inprecasiuns meie I llowed by a formula of excoui- J)IION WILD(;OOS.
picture exfport d during that p rid w ns 148 millions, n municatrion, launlhed b the official and the rector. So S,,ptet.dr 2Nth.
hic, afr d.luln for t raw maial 14H millions far they ihad been ridliculuus; but, in addition, the clergy NOTIE.
will leave w4) millions added to the axable capital of the of Paris wild to be.cote o dious by their venheasce,- | HE SURBSCRIIIER has sn hand shoot 2W0 lo
nation, t the rate of auiore than In millions per ann by the den tile c of prvoL Te kig saw of r London Brwn Stout, which I
amount received for the s ages anld profit of British pro- himself oullilg.d to t.lnsporis; and it was agreed : lite low or London ash.
ductive labour. II tlhe eti.t )sears since the return ol prvo; ,t should oi deprised of his place; that IH should JO0N G. MEADOW.
peace, friot 1I81, to 1822, lthe cotlon manufactures ex- go oil loot to As ignou, to be absolved from his excoum- Or O N G. MEADO
purted are upward, of 177 millions al their oticial valise: iuication; tha lie suld solemnly beg pardon of the I toer 2_
and dedcrting 5 millions i.r uunumi lor thie raw material, university; thus |he lsoull kiss tihe oult of thie slsolar NAV 1A.
hmves 137) mlllihons, being about 17 nmillions p,'r sanlum, who lhad been. halgi.-d; that he should found two chap- h r
which beine added to lte export f the twenty two vsyears liihips in dolt" ounatlu n of that privileged boildy, and 'RS. HGWARD, Jr. has resumed her BOARINn
precedine, sill masnke ,,uwardl u f257 millions contributed pay a heavy litl. O1 these coditioo the unersty ""V u.n a, in the Caol de Us Oficae, north
ine tlhel counincenUii imIl tlhm ale ae r by colton mnil- was willing o let tile provost live, and to resume tile or- f tle Government omandn
f.ctun.los altoe o Ialte taxablee capital of the nation. But in diary exercise ouf st uuction.--Dr. Lrder' Coblne The very airy and coitmat ding situation of this hoasa
the ula eight years, tile whole asiount of exported British Library. L I.; l e cal Memoirs of he 1ouse of should command die attention of all travelles i a warm
manufacturers ai prolure is :312 millions; and deducting Bourbon, IuL. I climate.
ther w materials at lie increased rate of 7~ millions per A June 16th.
anam,.willeave 272 millions, being about 34 millions per atplhieir.-Ameong the numerous bogitrphie Ml worse LOBT
san: which being added to al produeI s profits and s.l; published. lew can via in inlterestul wlh the Memoirn LO T.
a : which being mded to the produce f profit sand of Count Lavallete, Aid-de-Camp to Napoleon," just ready GOLD BROOCHl Garnet Son, e with Pearl,
wagesrthe twenty two years of aIh war as before men- for publicatou. Count Lavallette was exactly the nsae age A in the form of a leaf. A suitable reward will be
oed (400 millions,) will make 6172 millions. received a. I.l illustrious frird aid protector, Napoleon, so thaih the aid on its bing left at this office.
l the IM thirty years since 1793!, being upiwards of 2J first French Revolution found him just entering into manhood. Octslwr l bh.
allio per annum for wages and profit produced by Bri- This work ronains the expression of hi feelings at that
lit industry, and received from oilier nations. During eventfal peril, and a narrative of his whole military career, NOTICE.
the r, the sum added to the national debt by loans first on the Rhine. ani then in Italy and Egypt. When F OR KEY WEST, o ail in about 10
SS miions, which at ltos aip'ars as i-sca-sleed upwards Napoleon Ircame FintsConsul. Count Latvallee, aIfter ful- FOR KEY WEST, to mil in asos 10
S100 millions, w hich e atpio ars caexred rom r killing a lpl omanitc msiom.n, was appointed Postmaster-Gene- days, the fast ailing schooner William Rosa,
0 millions b e nnt receive from forei retain until the lon the ur passage only, apply to Capin Wll. or,
tanatre I for ihe in.nuily of the English anisans and Bourbons. Several hitherlo unknown lIacUt concerning the 11. GREENSLADE & CO.
o industry of the English lahourer.-llrywood's Dis- intrigues andi plot going on at that time to facilitate Ruo- October 121h.
war, No. 22 EdinburgA Philouophiral Jorional. naparre' return to France, sand an account of the state of
esorire t o'aris. are introduced into these volumes. The ap- FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT.
M s of t e afoair betrrre Generac l lf n ar l d prehenrion andl imprisonment of the aulhsr--his trial and That commodiu House ad Lot, m
.-We announced a few davyso, ao, hostile sentee Ior conspinry-- nd his escape. through his wrfe's in S y h r
mttlgh in the Bois de Boulogne between Gen. Sehbstiani, agency-invest the work with all the deep interest of a romance. ichi Baae Fr t whic
W=har for Foreign Affairs, and Gen. Lauinrqae, arising Richard venrtll). F aor t e (re h I
-odFa spaeic of the latter in the Chamber of Deputies, isne.JA m d o vhenee madelon, ) d ob, r pfo o
Swich he presented M. Lebeai, Belgian Minister for ap t JOHN WILDOOO.
Foei* Affir, as the Seltasini of Belgium. The e- (0 Eery perw f ai e t the t I aiwds, after October 4th.
hpreatt o this occasion, G n. Jcueminot and M. ,eing rrsided lerriniafr the pe efrma o earv n, -NU
e "Mipy, wern those chosen by Wen. hSebasiani, ca Office, lrtuLi iOR SALE,
Sadveary expressed himself satisfied with their gi cari the & ta' O p A n The Houe and Premiu at pr l a co d
nae" alown, and declined appointing any on his own aid Ojeufrrlrran aritr'ri u ta adr rtle- f- by Mrs. Poitiar. The Hom IL remy an
o i The amffir having been arranged without isots be- ter wkki, at any time durng roaT-ren nDAv, a Tiketr convenient, with a largeKiken and woahl
ha chadngl., a detailed account of the circumntances may be obtained. attached, chair house a md saitf n or 5 l
anamdnt upon the intended duel was published by the NAMES OF PERSONB horse, extensive yard and gp pite. Thons k
l'a. the tenor of which hetraved on the part of Ge- AInrT TO oTrrAIs rICKIT roa DiPATarrIu. have been lately IhorogBly nupnds l a tM Irp W pt
arl Sebiestiani's seconds more anxiety to settle the dif- toth July, Mannel Amona of the fences have been newly pla p.
a ithoet fighting tan in usually considered consist- toth September. - - Mathew O'Brien ALS
Swi' t die heonsr of the principal whom they are called Ish - Wm. J. Hamilton A tract of Land sistedsit eed at et Vie emasg
I *raprese.n. A leter was in consequence address st ." Anthony D le. acres. It is divided by the vlee-rald ewo a ,
t* Editor of the Tribma by Gen. Jacrueinot and th Captain 8. id. western lot heing intersected by the new ed le aing frwn
:.d ..l,: ;I 0chOes.... ElenorA. R ..... thveI Blue,,, Bhil rod. This willbedic
Ste Rumig"y, in which they contradict a ereat number ItChh O clt,- --- E hRBansomr,. I 'd oille into e e ill rd. T lan will e di-
m circumstances stated in the repor of that jrnal, 17th J F. Fnantayne. po-d JO inN W. MILLER.
atl i ino an explanation which (;en. Laniurque in- Iah .. .- .Smuel Kerr, W
b'p ta as uufitvurablc to hiiinell. Auotlher meeting,, tas John Uapste. I Septcmber 71h.

olt Mvqw 2r0.g

sflm she Lnds Lw 's ihgas 2. of Vsne friend ss asnothler Iareunn "" upciatS
We IaiM i Flardnly that we wuid this day give the a uarch fullow. I have oaG.antee,, lt but Dre
dr te s- r ies icosmiu ld by tde presat ukr uof Pedro appear, he would be bt all. and ua tyra
r duriMg he at month, and after arrount of and his u)ymid.. would i.m Iy fall.
as l to .c dm enpital lind n brought. We --
mu give she leer of a cerreslpndet o0 wlhse veracity nT Enelll ini are thee nhiit ked o h e i. throw
O. .slj. grsi"igs on she top. thnoasgh which masau'd lusse is thrswu
'* Li x, July Sg.-" I am sorry to be obliged to con- a. s t. qssmy ub Sle f caue ctelas,
$ Messat. shef luens la.sses is mi iafmI reitira
inn every ioa of the insrlauan I at u you in my lellur wish clubs ar es at ti odl. with iem polsu.
of t he 1 inst nt happy nahud he coldJ 1 Iamui si t
any boes1 of amelioranlon with respect ti: tde miserable GENERAL Hlll'l'PING AND COLONIAL COMMIT-
ate it this wretchle country. Nu one, but a prison on TE:E.
ie sut, can form any Idea of the barbharus puoreculisn C ty of Londao, 'ramer
which am daily, nay, hourly carried on, not only in this Augst 1i, ti8l.
eity, but, accordi.g to arrounts received by respecl.btai Atso n sperial Meeting nof si Commillee, helI this tiny,
inlividtas ennrntead with Ilhe provitnct,, thru,,illut time "s t o .sidner the intenom l I isn jesty's Min"ite to allow
ma try. To Ia' prison of tlie .imrow-inr il llte I altle luned by yUerr Dadoui, Esq., scon ie by Gee. Ilibiert,
have bten comnmisted Is h n thn .t"s rslcrl.l's lle ItIrmnII 'qa.. and resolved amsnimouusly
braware teaI lIh, and the date of tlli, klittr, and awory uni llt Tl his Cuoin ittee la re Ia iuformed, that it is the in-
I t, may aany of ther are ronfmed iln Isa Eac.uri ;* I enlion ol his Majesty's Mtstliiste to real tlie bill isr per-
ilcnel inlatUncio. have Uccurred 'lart' rcriinila lor Ili. mIilling foreign aos be refined in Oatl Britain, which,
vUlsMs lasoe oin remumosl to upper clambers Ironsl tIthqnlst, iranol fail o stimulatle tiegmroth if f.reign S.gar,
tlle- hkurilh, lelgi-.imi, to make rooll n lo the infortLunule' amsa thereby mot seriously to injue the British % eat India
m, 'also hose lhsis oaken uis as iusIeted of liavouriig leasesss R.
m. ah hai.vel prinrild. n t he a 'iellured of thui Moved by Rober Gillespie, Eq., seconded by John Bain-
cityhuinl prSntralemia. In Thiatnt rhood ol s bridge. Esq.. and reuohed unaliioiusnly.
cily, atl Manarn-m, 'To'rre, ('aria, fAlada, Oeirau, That fnom the close connexnoa which subisis between all
Pacro d'Arcoa, anil Hei!l', no les llhan lMlx) perisNs parts our colonial system. ad peculiarly froui the large
hase Iben lakini sp, anld secured in the different gauo. market which the British West ladie afford for the sale of
Every day adds t ttie number, and I see no chance of any the produce of our North Amnerisa Colonies, any injury in-
ana'ainration. flicted upon the West India Coloaies most be detrimental to
'llr tru,|. continue umler arnsi, and every night en- Canada and the Iritauh North As rica Provinces. and to the
cawalamnis are fi srud in prlt of Lislon; and at shipping interest of this kingdom generally; and therefore, in
lL'm, she artilkery in sir day d tits' 'ils lilitel nmsrl's. the opinoa of this Coommittee, the prolmsed bill for the re-
..m, ad arlmiery an lae da l Iou 1 ill. luld s matl -, of foreign sugar shouhl be strenuoouly resisted. a on-
At ad roud de P'alce ac Qu.elulA ls rong camp is Ifon- just Iowards the Wet Indlman dangerous in principle and
i1, comprising al eas. 3,1U11 troops. lTe plate aui vwall- tending to aggravate the dstres in which the colonial and
ahlts fromn t l'mliferent Royal domainn, eovn from Villa shipping interelll are now involwd.
Vico.,h, lhue I.i-a broutLht to ad icoatisse in this Pa'lace, Muoed by the lion. William Framr, seconded by Alexander
ainl all parke'l usp rreln, foir renoival, at least at I asi in- Bason, Esq., and resolved onlnimon.aly,
failed by persons who are connected l l'h thl Palace, That this Committee cannot refrain from exprssing their
and io bhom I iam Iunnd it give credit. The lerla and nrprise and regret at the inilrlnction of any measure which
les from tme Riyal stables at Belem law' alas benes re- by wsoirraiing the growth of fllrili sugar must inevitably er-
mules frso Ry sta ere end the slave trade; and in the opinion of this Committee,
,moved to Quelus, quite a novelty, for tli stables there if lihcapital be lent to foreign pantera. in the manner
cannot accomodale half the ouunber ; in fie, engineers in which there is reason so belie it would be, if foreign
have laIn ordered this week to proceed there, and they sugar were consigned to Great lriain for relinin, this country
are now actively employed in fortifying pans of it. Doii will be hargrable throughout Europe with the gruosst in-
Mig..Il confines hillself chiefly to si I QI ilux Palace, in consistency. and will be herself implicated in the guilt ol
hi .hootingernnrsions, seldom going beyond Ihe prearves continuing tha traffic in slaves, for th suppression of which
lltarlred to it. sln compelos are ihe Ilorbhas the Tan- enormous surs of money sre anuaally voted by Parliament.
rm., Man Lsmrerncos, sndi ohr similar wourhies. Lisbon Moved by Thomas Geddes, Esq., mecnded by George Shed-
den, Egq., eand melved,
ai.I BIlen re lircally deertd, not a respectable person Tht thee Reeoluion e puMlied in the usual manner.
to hr v in tir astrets, where Ihe police, tie royalists, NATHANIEL GOULD, Chauman.
anil tl-ir friennds, the rccetats,t reign paramount. En-
r,.rsLem l annd lIy the de IBatos, anid dw' Trh good efrcts of a Suoday Diuer in a Man of
hInti-niant of 'Police, Helliri. HL'ar.-On Suii Vy, the captain always dines with the
lI,.pirts, wirtihy of credit, are circulating,that a strong officers in the ward-roonm; and although shore-going
sirlv among tlw nolility is formlig against be ('unde, people" sometimes -*ke upal themrives to quix these
'rii.' Minilter, and Miguel% principal confulant and agent; periodical, and, leaven knows, often formal, dinner
drhv is'tin to Ierceive heoy are in the wrong box, and tiat inrtiel, there can be no doubt that they do contribute,
lit, Ilasto, is a principal rtnast of the misery around theli, ani that in a nmst essential deree, to the maintenance
at tle saantm lise they tire well auare oi the support ie ofstrict discipline on board ship. Indeed, I believe it
receiveir from his iemiployr. 'ho Oua given up tlim Go- is now generally admitted, that it would be nest to ini-
vernmeni t to hii, a that when one falls, the other will possible, so preserve good order in a man of war, for any
so long asand. Baste is now Primne Minister, and kSc length of time, without this weekly ceremonial, coupled,
cretary ef State for the Home and Navy lepartneats, of course, wishthat of the officers' dining in turn with
wbhih gives htitm three votes in tile ('uouil, in cnase- their captain. I can compare the harsh and grating
quesna of which, Councisof die Miniilry are disconlinu- state of affairs on board ship, when, unhappily, there
*el. It is also statll the l ililary faction lha no little exists bad b eld between the captain and officers, to
iafltsnre in the governmentt, which cerninly memo in a nothingso well as to an engine, amongst the machine9
tottering state, for Bae" is stnud to have lately made of which a handful of gravel has been rcst. But it
ew of da esprlsmion-"Sim, hao de levar a pescda as may be asked, how can the simple operation of dining
m, lais a dt alte sar podre primeiru quu levem." "' Yr, together once or twice a week, stave off so great an evil.
Alry slU oat last eltain Psussie of J'ortuoal, hat it Suppoin, in di, '.; l'jace, that the captain comes upon
absll Prterta raind d aimelair." This I lave deck just before noon, and on seeing something wrong-
frio an adeonbuml sarce, and ison this you may judge she main-yard not braced tp enough, the lee foretop.
of his rnienti ts. gallant sheet not home, or dhe jib not quite hoisted up ;
A decre is daily expected to be i'noed, calling into and sou that, as thee a points upon which, whe-
service all military permou discharged between the year ther whiially or not, he is very particular, he eipres-
1114 to H141I thise of IO 10t 1i81 luve already ap- me himselfto the omier in terms rather too strong for
pamr. The psoe h has ben anutentiat; In this Cy the occasion. Without rejecting upon the injustice he
I ihe are be tha n 8,70(t; of Royall some h ,500; is guilty of, the captain my perhaps, in this way, be
f Carolte, 1,6f1: tlwe cr prh- Ite only force on which pInishinga zealous and hrd working, man, for a' ere
ie tyrant depeadt. The regular troop anything but tride, almost severely as if he had been found
saishod; and baU Do Pedro appear off the Rock sleeping upon his watch. The officer, who can mA
of Libon, whith a CollA tiulonai lag in his blud, anmia- ahinag, bowl and submit. In a few mines, Ihe sn
santaneoa change would ake place. comea to the merida, and it is made twelve o'clock.
O thoe 5th, the following French ships loft lhe T- The boa wain pipes to dinner, the deck is relieved, and
re fA To|om :-t-he Trideat. 74, Admiral lugon ; Al- the lieutenant of the foreMe watch gue below, in a high
ents, 14; Algters, 74; Karengo, 74; Ville de Mar- tate of irritation with hs aptain, at what he conceives
eille, 74; leaving in dr river the Suffrein, 101), Rear Ad- the undue severity of the reprimand. The first thing he
airal aluia ; PallUa, 60; Melpomee, (6i; I)iJeo, h; does on entering the ward-rnm door, is to ling his hat
Per'b, 1; andl te Lyno, 10 guns. The Piortugues the whole laglhluf the saprtlinin, so liat, unless it be
eail with te tri-cilon a d lag flyying are--he Diaa, adroitly caught by the marine officer, who is general
S1 Amsmmea, 10; Pertla, 4A; Don John the rsm1, ; playingthe gateon the locker shaft, it would sand a
ie hladie, 9; IDe Pedro. 1H; iR. Sebastian, 10; and chance of going out of i srn windows. The soldier,
I MIwat O; e 6 gnL. All he above were rdecorted of caar *t calle upoe so look up, sops in the mid-
oe th!l_ with flag ad fired these gnId sala. In dle of the second har of" God avelhe Kinr." or"Ro-
aIWV M hwas a ball on board the Suflrein. The bia Adair," a which he a bm an himmerigr in con-
emly ship of war in the Tags, with de Portuguese fag pany with the mater of the band, for the last the
Shasted, is the Don JoM athi tl e ar beside two months, and aal, Holl! man-what's the matter r'
ll"ships and-.a tkil. Mnter," ci Ihe other, P11 he shot if hi not enaoit
Oa i rivM i i ofdh Frmlc Iret ia Tn in s. make a ma n sel ark ring mad!" Whim' L
m .and mm y Sit Dem Pedro we b at al I aM k ypaP' huge t marine, preparing re.
wis m gl m so km. Tbe msii showed dair hb. commence tie eternal tone. Why, there hre I been
ings ly, se. -l r e mais efngie of working, and lvilg and wearing my life and ul out
g ~Pea wesrnt is t t Sdmi Tae a fr the all the faraesna, to plera that ill tempered, snappish,
Prp ref ami dS Fnresc uawp thy eapersed to ill-to-p knob i a skipper of ours; and what do I
Ind. Tn Og smmeet ita a parlysod;ud it was g lI Why, he ke. mig. ty odl are to dhot his eyes
whm SI.NmW o .L eie Gevorumet maasiard to ell the good a 41ow does, but catches hold eanerly
hat the rissg we ai gea a (and dst ir am ao m enong oa he smallest omiion in his thousand-and-one
eammsedy (fre da p ni ap L tha y had bem deeivd whims, (none of which are of any ronnseuence,) in o-
as to bDo Pedro bhelo a boned the rreach ships) they der to indulge him.ilf in one if hIi reprimands. It's
aion nmri loik heart, al on slie lth mnicomluer d their quile clear," slis tlie officer, warnwad Iyv tis explosion
old syalve of pl.oracrati and insiprisonml'nt. Tlie poli, of Iis uwn Ipnmion, thas tie captain Ilas a spite at me.
ii 111it i.) dirtilion ; alld a roasru on .ill of compliment n and is det.rminill to drive mie otls, to make ay for


sme fa f d hia own." "BaSk d a afeipM
cl&aI he pMM-aU-aki asw of wr Iate
die best friend ya have. 1 Friend I" ram. th5
SI ell ya what--But jut at t his mom- nt the i
reward east the ward-mma, es going ap to llmasa"
ficr d e fo umreaoo wateb, Siys meclanically i
" T captainai co'ienimoets, sir, and will be glad f-p
company l dinner." To which dm uffire plit e ,
a meclhaically, My cooiplimensl, and Ir' wi
him." But au soom as lte door is lsut, he tlurns gai
dm mariner, and says, I'm deucedly sorry, now, as
did not refuse." Are you says tim soldier, tleli
inte his loyal tune again. By and by, however, cu m s
o'clock; the ward-room dinner is placed on he table; d
drum buots the Itoat Beef;" the officer of the foret
watch i seat for, a usual, to relieve his nemanale
deck; and, in due coure, after strutting aud freuiat i
hour upon the stage, in "full togs," nursing his anger, in .
der to let the captain see that he ishurt, he istnold dimtdi
ner is ready in the cabin. In he marcles, peelrdia
and there takes Isis appointed eat, a do edly as i
were nailed to the clair. The pea-soup r dieruadi.
pretty solemn silence; but while the remove is under ad.
jusnment, tie captain says to his offended officer," Coa,
Mr. Haultihlt,shall you and I have glss of wine Wit
shall it bel" By thew few magical words; and ins t
single glass of sherry, is forgotten, for ever and ever,
the previous irritation. It is not by the words, so much u
by the tone and manner of saying them, that the replai
makes the officer feel how anxious he is to have the god
understanding restored, or that he regrets what has petal.
Of course, if the officer be not one of those pigheaded d
inflexible fellows, upon whom all sense of kindness is
wasted, he eizes the bottle, and 611ing his glass, replies,
SWith all my heart air." And there, in all probability,
the matter ends. The above example is one in which tI
superior is supposed to have been wrong: but, as may be
imagined, the opposite case will often happen likewise-
I have seen an officer go on, for several days together,
purposely teasing his captain, but all the time taking the
greatest possible care to keep within the law. Who, I
masy ask, that has had to do with command of any kind,
whether afloat or on here, in the navy or in the amiry,
has not felt the provocation of such petty hostility 1 For
my part, I can compare it to nothing but the stiogiag f
a moslqito, which you spend half the night in tryingto
ratch, losing your mat and your temper to no purpo,
owing to the dexterity of your antagonist, who thn .u.s
that, tlhougls hI e small, he is far from insignificam BI
if, while this sort of snapping and snarling is going so,
Sunday comes about, all is settled. On this day the cap-
tain invariably dines in de ward-room; and, when onrs
there, he is received, as a matter of course, with attention
by all-Mr. Mosquito inclusive. It is the general custel,
on these occasions, to unbend a little of the traigs*
lars lness of discipline, so that a kind of regulated, starch.
ed faniliarily is permitted to appear above the smfias
This the captain rather encourages, though of counrs, i
a cautilou way, but more than ie ever permits himmelta
allow at his own table. During dinner, all time olies
drink wine ith their guest; and when this office of hospi-
tality i performed by the tormenting officer, above ai
lidedl to, tie captain, if he be a man of sense, will set
fail to play off a litlir of his agreealieness upon the per-
son wlai has been buzzing round him during the prrc-
ding week. By this means, or some one of the nombhr.
le devices which people who are net together profeIsed-
ly to be social, always know how to hit upon, all erll
srole as this, and many others, may be wiped off. With-
out Mine saufety-valve of this kind to the high pn.reureof
navaldiscipline, I really do not know how ars enomnwi,
and comp!icaled a contrivance could go on at alL-Half'
Sketches f Sea Lift.

America and Egland.-The following was found
among Mr. Iluskisson's paier:-" Fraternl Diasist
behesea Jok IB.Ulaed Alu breotr Jmlalta, (Date, JMIy,
1825.) Jnatahea.-You are a very good and coasmta
customer, John, at my shop, for four, houml, staves, sad
many other articles of my trade; you are good pay, and
I am always glad to deal aith you. Johi.-I believe all
you amy-I wish to cnnsinrp a good customer; but I nma
say, your mode of dealing with me is rather herd. Ever
linw I travel to, or send to your shop (Sunday or sot,) I
am obliged to pay double tell as the turnpike-gate, whirb
i close before, i. Jaoiuath-You need not take that
trouble. I prefer sending my goods to my customers by
my own porters; and as they are always ready and paor-
lual in delinesing the packages. I do not see why you
should complain. Jahi.-- complain became my ewe
cart and horses have nohins, to do, and my people am
upon tie poor-rate, whilst I au paying you fur punrerae.
I will not go on in this way. Jo~udha.-Wel we wil
onside of it neat Christmas, when the partners in our
firm meet talk over the concern. (John remaiei pai
tient for another year ; when finding the Sunday toll sui
continued, he asks what brother ald hiis fr
lave decided. (Jyly 1R26.) JowaMh--W e lave rMnl-
em to grant a new lease o tdhe tolls, without making say
aeration in the terms. Jeoh-You have !-lhen I with
draw my cutam. JaloMath-The devil you do! (Aid-.)
We mistook him for a more patient as theI hi I roves to
be. How shen we contrive to brig him back to uar
shop r-Mfrw aired, Mr. Hskisaiu es's 8 a,

BigMUed" AGfir ae ij' mJ BIm,.-A ~i ma i F.linh gl .
ntMW eeeppi a Haa, ebeld a HIlU aml m ea-
during a vuit to a man of fa hini-Dimer havig waed a
unrrmonable time, one day Ir the goat. Duncan was sen
into his room to inform him that it was on the table. ilt
he nrot coming. Dunran was sent again: still they waited, ald
the Ioly at hlat nid to tile man. Whiht can the genllenma
be doing l" I lreae y, nmladm." midl nonran. "the entle-
man aIs slasrpleilg his .lili.' -Ha-Lia'as Mrenirs.

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