Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: October 29, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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bowlsBIGGS, cIr. SATURDAY. OCT@3kR 35, 21. VOL. I-No.9Xi


pIsu~fl, aaS-WSKKLY IN NAnsAt, M. P.

Dom e "ate me ea-h aba.

lauy isles thatllrough the Atlantic sweep,
Whoe shores resound old ocean's thundering swell,
Wille rocks deform the bosom of the deep-
iaried pilgrim bids thee, aye, farewell !
But ita emergl'd form Neptune's hoary bed,
Btrs land, in nature's humblest garb Is dret:
No mountain here, in grandeur lifts its head,
Mi the dreary scene by streamlet bless.
ee, ll is tame and sad monotony,
Though crystal wters circling round thee low,
And o'er thee spreads a brilliant, glorious sky :
As if in mockery of the scene below.
o truth demands :-bot healthful is thy ir,
Pare from te gelid wave--thy are bold.
Farluess maert of their righta-hy daughter fai
No petty tyra hren, his sway can old
This man that gim am In erst to the land,
When he is upright, rolute, and fme,
Cofined to artie snow, or Afric's and,
By these he sahew his native dignity.
Not so the silken slave that hngs his chain,
And to the gIt one. bows the supple knee,
is sordid mind from bondage feels no pain.
For mammon ways his oui,--ot liberty.
'Ie Arab rude that through the desert stays,
Laughing to scorn the stern oppressor's yoke,
Compared with such a wretch as this, we praise;
The lacred dame that burns in him, invoke !
Cherih the sacred flame, heaven's derest boon,
That free from earthy dros still upward soars,
Join patriotic heart and hand, mid weoe
Spua the non.ed r-5 --- '.** 1- ti--.l su.
I srnise from the gold-moltled east,
In the face of the new risen sun,
And I shine in the blaze of the west,
When the race of his glory is run;
I sil in the breeze from the sea,
And I breathe in the ocean-weed nmell,
As th fresh wind, from prison set free.
drweep in joy o'er each mountain and dell.
Whe, on the young wings of the morn,
Thelrk springs aloft from her nest,
My woe gils her Orsons, borne
Pr away on the armament's breast;
The poel who loves the lone stream.
With fce s impassioned and pale,
Hiums faint, as the vie* of a dream,
My sends in the ephyrine gale.
Sam ftea in the night's starry crown,
When e i agele and eraphim stray,
L the Ikt-ai, where pits look down
T1n4ghthe mist of the pare milky-way :
Aid whe midight sweet drowiine breathes
O'er the love of a love-sickened dower,
I aleep i te sp that it wreathes,
And ip the bright dew in my bower.

Pn lA Laoerud Courser, Aug"t 31, 1831.
rPiom5w.-The most important clause in the whole
S10Ireat qualification, has been carried, not with-
"a w3m Opposition from the Tories, io which they
nuniid by some of the more moderate of the reformers
The majority in its favour was, however,
LU.lhie, and nio hope reininis of it, modilicalion, at
6matt" Lower House. It run be not longer now a mat-
triumph to the opponents of the bill, that they were
t li1 some clues favourable to the influence of
n upoty; whatever might be gained then, i
t I tlerando however successful they night still
"oef the details, all would prove of little conme-
*Xe0 thea tion of this single levelling clause
S -ts in, atl in all considerable towns, whet
*to universal suffrage. It was against hit fatal
ea h tro that the great effort of the true friends
r tti"io ought to have been directed; for this
Ss. e resea rvred themselves: in comparison of
Ne "hi" se, oueh to have been considered a trife;
policy would have been to suffer much to pass
S, to give up entirely the boroughs, and all jea-
h s omep- Ial and manufacturing places, and
Ia effort and study, and to unite, in spite of
'ld, S of opinion on points important, but not
,ilr.l the qualiication, and to preewrve the enlarged
"_ocy from "s powerful an infusion of democracy.
teed "i reYMet that they did not take this course, be-
tein led ot w"stin their strength in resisting
t e ,in detail, after they had failed in resisting the
ng, there is little doubt but they would have


isccoodA in crying amodifiod qIumicationand have
greatly promoted the aafe working of this grat and perdim
experment. If blae attache to the oeai, o aw h
mom to the authont of thil scheme. T air's i a reapo-
sibility which so rudet ean wil envy them. For be-
yond all doubt, ths very claue, if It pam into law, wil
be the death warrant of the constitution, a it has hitherto
existed. f f a better hall be fouad, well; if the state of
society which this bill is to remcae foas will better accom-
plish all the ends of good government, bind together the
different ranks, and uphold mutual right, we ball, indeed,
rejoice; but a new constitution we mut bae; and society will
be reformed only in the sense of breaking up its partsn and
framing die whole, of the old material it is true; but in a
perfectly different application and with new relations.-
There is the principle of balancing, it i true, in the bill;
the counties are to balance the towns, and the towns die
counties; but this very principle, o cried up by some, i,
in fact, its worst feature. A good Reform Bill would
lave aimed to bind up all the interest of the lad in one
common interest, rather than to balance them against
each other. For ee how this must operate. The oc-
cupiers of low-rented houses must necsarily be more au-
meroua by far than of highly-rented o0 o that the renters
from j1 to 20 will carry any calidate they please.-
Who, then, will be the favourite candidates with this clam
This i an Important question, and let no one pretend to
answer it to has own mind who has no considered dte im-
manse breaking up of old pre jdics is favour of the an-
cient institutions of society which ha taken place in this
rank of people, and the prevalence, ve may ay the ge-
aeral prevalence, among them, of polical sentiments fa-
vourable to the boldest innovation Nor can the question
we have put be truly answered, unlen the operation of
the national dealt, the premssue upon commerce, and the
diffculties of obtaining a comfortabh living among the
lower and middle classes, in a centr overcharged with
mechanics and trade of every descrition be duly consi-
dered. These are circumstances whri naturally tend to
faction, and bold demagogues, who ca best atter false
hopes,or appeal to malignant pmiens,ar the candidates
most sure of hiding favour. We thLt it a most certain
result, that the members returned by the rental consti
tuency will, for the most par, be t rue representatives
of all those bold and reutle pamionmand that timre can
be no balancing of county members against them, without
commencing a stormy caliso bs whic oem party
**-a a .mrly rg.V way, whkli rreant party, most
assuredly, will not be that of the towa. They little know
the towns who think so, and if oncea triumph over the
aristocracy i gained; a triumph aters struggle; a triumph
after excited feelings; after deiance on one side, and tim
hurling back of defiance on the other; that aristocracy
falls to rise no more. Such will be the result of balancia~
Ah parties; it would not be more ridiculous to talk of
balancing the Rusians and Polos. As the war in Poland
is one of extermination, so will such war be In St. Ste-
phen's. There would be then marked out, and plainly
charactered, but two great parties, tie repreontatives of
the people and the representative of the great land pro-
prietors. All minor parties wold be merged in this grem
distinction, and the very existence of such clearly defined
and unequivocal factions, would he the signal, ant for the
ordinary struggle of debate, but for the very eisteace of
the parties themselves. A better consitutncy for the towns
would have prevented this. If the qnalification had been
J ) or 25, a body of men would have been entrated
with the franchise, of whom the majority are loyal, intelli-
gnet, and patriotic, and although, is many caem, free
enough in their opinions, no at all likely to enter into dan-
gerous schemes, or to elect repreysmnvas diposed to ra-
dical changes. In this case te eoatitoency of town and
counties would have been subtantialy of tim same che-
raeter, and, instead of a system of bai ,ciang there would
have been a unity of object, which aeeds balanciag
end a feeling of a common interest. The matter is, ow.
ever, declIed for the present, and we confite th l-
though the bill removes sone very obvious evih, k appears
to us to give us in return, both more i number, and toae
of a more formidable character.

Cmas of the Conthammner of ers on th Eart.-It hae
been too much the practice of historians lodwell npon thebright
points of war. until the pomp and circemestlnce of glorious
war," haq pased into a poet's byworl. BI bright points here
I mean those which appear such to the weak and ignorant, for
to all other war has no bright point. Conquerore an
kings, and the instruments of kings. be they generals or
salesmen, have spread ravage and desolation over the earth.
end recorded their fame in characters of blood. And poets
and historians have sought immortality in records more hor-
rible even than these; for. by dwelling upon the bright points,
by bringing forward the gandy equipage, the gorgeous drn-
pry, the pride, pomp, and ciresumtsiaee of glorious war,'
and throwing into the shade its horrible ad revlting feaeta,.
they have tended to keep up the scourge, to perpetuate
rth cure. to carry down the degradatio through all ages
through all generations of the earth. Upon the former. the
cure which they dealt out to mankind will return, and rest
for ever npon their unhallowed and bloodstained name: but
it is the latter that will be visited with the highest measure of
punishment. and upon them most assuredly will fall the deep-
est execration of their species. The minions of war and
chivalry. Francis and his courliera, might. Ia dissolute and
michievous buffoons, have exercised In evil inlence on
their own age: bilt such imbeciles could have exercised
none on any other, if there had not been found to exist men
so blid and so degraded as to attempt to holdl ip such cre.-
tures as they to the admiration o posterity. I treat that the

dam l Pa, or at lea p i away, whem nd mekhmm le
Bh foad*** ao of Ioa*f he I y la ml _
o little by kwledgo sad oivlimatea ate e the bease, a
hi Wnauoa upoth owl p elda I ha w1el
choost to ri he p,-ltts of eabjdel rad
all that is dear to him. to so rlul a daoy. he dea
is horrible, but it mas nt and all n paO. d ae.
The head may shrink fsom clang, the mind Am ~o- aph
ting I, even as the hm usimt erve will a rik m Ib
caton of the caterising stea la which ie the eaoy
of safety; hut the steel and the An mt de thar b, *r
the patient must die. It would almost defy the mc
to conceive the Inlamous eilravagoceN, the boavi mauelsa
which men, released from the a17. arelnto to which lr
long they have been accustomed, milhsr dimeipilme. oei who
acknowledged no other law, human or dini, ae eapa lt of
rpetrapting. Of such a character were the ladigalhti wh
Rome had to endure from the soldiers of Bonrbon I am*
avaricious, mon r eel, more dissolute, and masmpieoath
the Goths and Vandals who had formerly couqred bLr,
Beauty, youth, innocence, and wekneam toured, and "-a
dosed to ignominy; the most haamefnl oatrage commit-
ted on women of the highest rnk, aad us thoe coerated
to the &srie of relgionh--het form dismooanad la e
presence of thar husbband and families the latter vlted
an the very alta; churches prefamed, plundered of thr qea-
maet ad converted into stablese in i e pars. Id ame, bishle
and cardinals mounted, with their face to the tails, a m ad
mules, paraded In the public places, exposed to hoelap, to
insult, nd to blows i n another, proceasios of lN'
boys. *esaed in sacedotal robe u cooiinltiag the chanuamg
and the ceremonies of religion, having their train horn by
prelates, reduced to the condition of fooamea and lacqaaya;
re., gtupa of woar and ire weeping. dr d wIh
violence by the brigands who had rried them ';
citinme loaded with irons, lacerated with blow, mutlated
and put to the torture, till they dloemvred the pin wter
they had concealed their tremaaraol se w n a few Oa f
ascen pnented on this oecasis by the capasad cy, aad
enacted by those followers of ei those renow n ael
babes of gor ad g1lory-Dr. Zrar's ClaMrl LZn.
VFe. VI. Hintoriil Memra ofl ReoM of rnm VO I.
The Bee Tiger.-The sealing schr. Pacik, whicb
arrived at Portsmouth, U. S., a few weeks siace, brought
home the skull and hide of a sea tiger, taken mer the
South-Georgia Islands. This brave tenant of the deep
measured seven feet in length and girted three and a half
when killed. The general shape of the head i like thst
of the com mon seal, with the eceptioa tha it i aore
elogated, and the sockets of the ayes deeper and broader.
It aa a beena and a quarter inches from the etmoshy
of the noe to the great hole of the occipital booe. The
length of the lower jaw, florn the chia to de paint of arti-
culltion with the upper jaw-hone, is eleven and a half inch-
es. A straight line drawn from one articlating promms
to the other, measures sil inches. The nunober of toee
is thirty-two, four of which are tauk. The latest tusk
is an inch and a quarter long, and one Inch In clcmifer-
ence at its base. In each jaw there a tea grader
which, immediately after emerging from their soce, em
divided into three distinct conical po the central
division being more than half an iwnch loa, mad the two
latter the fourth of an inch, all terminaung with sharp
nmoth points. The skin is covered with Ae, thick, iet
hair, of a grey colour on the back, and spoled with ack
and white a the abdomes. It bha sort rang dippers.
The see tiger moves with urpiing velocity i the water,
and all its nmtioMi in thal element are indative of gat
strength. Its principal fod consists of pe ie, amd
when a dock of those beutifnl birds a daicoved at a
distae, he ges upoa the widward ad, li a me bii
ack, and in this attitude ader hbima f ride ups the
billows, wilh his head slightly raised above his body, a
ing his large, dark, vigilant eye steady Aed u th e-
fated object of his pursuit ; a nd oon ash ha lomad
audiciently aear to secre it, he m apes hi hody,
cleaves the billow with asoaishing swtiaa meand dh mat
moment he is seen plunging into the water with a pau
which weigh forty or sixty pounds in his apaci jawI.
He is a animal of undaunted courage and drewda.
The crew of the Pacific were frequently chard by s
4hgers while they were cruising is their Oe oe
occasion, when two of the men weem at a oaaiderale
distance from the shore and fr the schooar, a tiger,
nearly twenty feet ng and sil in circumafueca, dscu-
vered their situation and immediately paurnd the bot
with all possible speed; when he got within am or twerve
feet, he leaped for the hnat, at the same time eposing e iI
teeth with great rae ; but failing to get into the bout, be
made a furious attempt to ups.t it. At this meet ems of
the party lodd a musket bell in his body ; bt this sly
served to alument the animal's fury, and he again lemp-
ed to spring into the boa ; and, had not beea thal
received a severe blow from a lane, would have marceed-
ed. He still kept up battle with unabated cnirage and
violence; repeated his efforts, and seed resolved that
neither the power nor the weapon of miaa sould preil
against him ; and It was not ill the eond ald third
were lodged within him that he was oev omme. At ae.
ihor lime, some of the crew were three mal frome
choannr, in their hoat, when they saw a harge t lgr l-
lowlnr in dteir wake. He kept at a dimaaanes ft l
boat and betrayed no dispiMitioa o naoy thep pgf. wirCl
circumstance induced them, at that time arqmiaal
with the habits of dthe a tier, to pmma I b at .h
soon found that their ignorance of ths cieaer of th
enemy had betrayed them into inmate da illaw, nmd that
they were likely to pra dear for their te rily, for dhe
tiger prepared himself for the battle, neld aove rme the
crew, whu immediately pulled for the vea c; ad it was


a eba i IOi DWU.o osidi ne W--- -- -- - r-r m a iii -i, i i .hte mamne
en ar Mi f rla& -Z J1aaa l U smnpLm b and bin
d S il i a i o killed, md d r. icrdon' nsy lilton.. Mr. Whitfeldm upoil
-1:k n= Po iL-.
Ib .a-e t It ba bem saepped dhat deea tiger ad --pink ad yellow. Wenor, i e
do 4sllew wta-ino d Aar is wE I- t bey hat sPo y-w "k.W' y M pmdyWnr.k Win.He eMIs, m up Iham
p, sd relative H w an bt solutions, and conduct of te late H
It tit l m form of Ia beard, which Thi was a beautiful re between Hamilton and Paddy- d herevr h could, paid complimeeb
I bast, a dm,- e waq llssa w Whac. The firs net being won by the latter horse by One of.hese five, it ia w.e kaown, had la ot
S bee ma m p lta.--Amlrie ppep. alf TUa neck only; and the aecoad, by little moro than a sn wueuli have sii iiurltd thi nhnasoreiaf iThe h
Slenth. Bruin and Pamghles both bold the fire leal, another we know nothing of, as a legidlar, he
iTW 3 A. O^ aS. and thrst their riders. served. I would rec.oni..en it to el l h'
Sidle Itrems to rter to the minulea of tIe DHell
$1 .1 .1 TIIIRD DAY--FnIDAV. bly, from the year I16, to l1It. He wii
I&AVjIIU AT. OCTOBER 99. 1131. Time f s Prise, a pure of 80. rtiiaiiiiinil three of theiI- t iodernlt (t i lenie.
S Dr. Richardsonll' bay horse liamilton. Mr. Whitfield imost conplicuous lart in the pulilice o thole a
TOl COnR HItrtl'ONrDNT. -earlet and black. of ti er the very main spring of resolulioul, ird
Paroeg y"has becn r-eived, and the Inonvenience to AIr. G. II. Asdesoa's bay bors Conqueror. Mr. regards violence, throw at an unmeasurable die
"be Alludes hall t remedied a. moon poimsle, bat we Andersonblie. that emanated from thd late House--; d yet ine
a elad shall be remedied as oron a p 'l, bte Dr. Clutsam's brown bone Panglom. Mr. Downs-- transforined, moderate iien, have hl ulie bra aUd
Iepanckd pulushai his letter. pink ad green. iery, not only to make their remarks on he
*Fetrl" the ham we think, mother unlaeky i hi attempt. Hamilton won this rare with eae. of the late Iloise, bt also as the g general t
h dtalgtg the pre(s of Bir Phrias, and he is ejoineld to try that now prevails. I will ast ImI, wh i has e
The second Prise, a pune of $50. e 0citemnt 1 Who isit that conltinl it, hly actu
*A Co"er s l meet due ane If he will hfeor as Major Nicolls' bay bea Old Nick. Mr. Win. Hil- sion and insult, not only o private Individuals
yellow and bIho. lie functiuonrien 1 It would be sperlluour to a
wI lm aa. qr-i he aot Q. i a corner. Mr. G. II. Anderou's bay homa Conqueror. Mr. question. Theme now moderate nmn, in the
------- Andaron-blue. alluded to, professed to be thl friends of the Cim
THE RACES. Mr. George Adderley'schstnut hone Bruin. Mr. Ad- strong supporters of tme rights and tie libertnei s
w Ra es comsnced on Wedonslay lst, upon the derley-white. habitants. The ostenible cause, a breach of e
S w Crn, wkic, from having bheeeoaly reaotly Mr. W. Nicolls' bay are Kate. Mr. W. Nicolls- legs of the Hose of Assembly, that coated
m., V ey hemy.-- Wih the oexepti of na r two i ltw and red. ment of those years, is the one that has given
SMr. Whitfield's grey hrse Light Bob. Mr. Whitfeld present general discontent, aggravated by am
Bi l b qlua tmra. d y wa peus. an t, h ruD- -pi ta and yellow. authorized, and illegal interference with or.
inhaste gnasermlly expected. Dr. Clutmsa's hse PanglIa Mr. Downm-pink and aiming, in fact, at its total annihilation. et it
FIRST DAY--WsI naTr pgen. bared, that these moderate men mainly contril,sd i
The Ar prim, a Mt ilver Cup, given by Hi Es- Thi ree wa not a well contested a some of the years' loss of revenue ; let it be reinmbend, a e
slamy she Ov or, wa aiarted rfa by the filowilg fimer, and as wan by Light Bob. was the heat of those days, that to allay it, an
S_ dor was dispatched across the Atlantic, tbe
DI.'. ied m hor kim. R We ware pretty ar, that, in the present roh ate of law f one of these moderate nmen. What did 6
Dr. Ridbm's bite honse Skimmar. Rild, Mr. He put into his pocket tie agn itlsunmof Ia a
0C Ip-lL .e d bed k. the d w conle, may accidents would occur to the riders, sven hulred pounds, and thead ta the bsy
Mr. W thel. gr e Light Bob. Rider, Mr. It we am happy to ste that, although reveal genle- rived from his embassy remind me o that whish
Wldd--yellow and I-. n ws thrown from t bo rses, with but one excep- been said of one of the Kings of France,--h
Mr. Maicon's chaal mare Cynthia. Rider, Mr. ion, they sustaine no injury. Mr. Willoughby Nicoll, up the hill with ten thIousad me, and then
Mmndar--smua and nrlets.
lsr. Nlml' browe horse PI.ay-Whac. the younger of theMajor's sas in the Reg't. with him, agai When we ee meo n changed in their
M~r. L Nikof brown buns dy-Whack. 1er, w I principles, the very opposite to those they itm
Mr. Wa. Hill-yelow and black. w thrown from iis hbone yesterrdy, in the last race; professed, we naturlly and reasonably roadule, r
Major Nicolb' bhy horse Slim. Rider, Mr. Hill- and, we regret to sale, was seveely cut and bruised about is something hidden behind a cloud wliici time only
fUa- the face. We uonmbrasd, however, that be is in no dan- develop.
Mr. Wa. Manaings' bay mare Spasmodic. Rider, ger. Besides, the charge of excitement attributed by h
Mr. Dwm--pree and pink. e derate members, to their oppomenis,--that of iqnst
aThis a well contested race. Paddy-Whack took Hl Majesty's Kscoo Pickle, Lient. Taplin, returned to their iLader, hIas L een rumle) against ilthem. Aus
SMIe t starting, and kept considerably ahead for half home hn moratifrsm a cruoe, bringing chains, sails, and 1o rescue te Coly om o man, s base, as
tion, I ave made the most earmetr enquiry of the,
a ille, but tn lss Igro ad, RAeldi pMaing and taking the rising, of an Am ri shi (nei a. hic). whisd ~ e i,, a ,tl R n mftcinrTerl y ad
ad, which he kept during the reminder of the eart, been burnt to the war's edge, near the Little Isaac, upon very capable of affording it to me; ad 1
deny Medl d by Ligh Bob, mad Cynthia. the Gingerbread Ground. Some barrels were found, discovered what are the great benefits, tm great aids
Ikhmmer, ltogh olce a swift horse, and with many, on branded New Yok, near the wreck. gs that thee ill fated Isles have derived from the de
e sia, the favirit, peed to old, and cae in of this leade-. There may he nwme, but of uiom
Ili occasion, he f.v;ourite, proTed too old, and ca1m in cant a character as to have been totally obliterated
wed l., Mbarey saiung the duitanc; and Spuamodic NAssAe h October, 181. threcollection of my informants. Be it, hwera
lead ff th course, imnmdiauly a er starting. Slim To tae Bitar of the Baaa Arg u. may, are the dats of this gentleman from our u
aM fim lt lhet eaily. SIm-'-Tbe 9th day of November, 1829, was ulsered amounting to between seven ad eight thousand
At It second strting, Selim took the lead, and wa in by the molt vivic daues of lightning, and unusually not full remuneration for any possible service hi
tremendous thunder; portentous, as it has proved to be, have rendered dese Islands. 'The arccrion. I
shd hard by Cynthia, which once paied him, but was of mome dire event about to befal this unhappy colony. nounce to be the greatest libel against the Colony,lhat
imadimely re-pamed, Selim wiining the hbt by little The heavens showed down deluges, tears as it were, for blv could have been raised ; and I defl these lmlre
Ias omu a neek. Mr. S. Hill, leading his bhor, was the wretched fate its aw4ted nu. Blackbeard has beeo, whoever they nsay he (perhaps the pithiil remainill
a etderted to Hu Excellency by the Jedge, and re- for apwards of a futry pst, and will continue to be, expiring part) taken into arrount the rftrefmdt
calved de Cup. for agem to coen-, identified with the history of the Baha- C.lInvy, In name another, wlierP me same eereidl.l
mas; so, in like mnner, will the great ler-anage, who on same lilrralitl, boIh as the pnhlic fnnrtionaries, aid at
As te Governor hd intimated, tha either his lady or this memorable 91 of November placed his foot on our the promotion. .of every measure tending to the is
himm i woult present the Cup, it was expected thal rocky sore, be indelibly recorded on the minds of the and improvements of these Islands, have been ea
oina g would be said on the occasion, and a mnerous present generation. and handed down to iscceeding ones, A MECHAIC
awed nvrm aded Hb Esellency's carriage, to witness be a equally idetified in the history o these Isls, an
t esemomy, hbt EI was taell a dm a e. Major Nico ned charnact above mentioned. Nassirev, N. P. 27th Octobr, *
Lthee y, oflle a d Ir w ll Major Ni b So The inhabituats of the Bahama have ever been ao-
k It o ner of bell ud it is well known, that th Go- markable for their inpiality and kind feeling, to stranger; To the Editor of tie Balm Argm
vware nd La i have been for momn time at variance; and aevr was it i a greater degree exemplifed, than S.a,-The learned and devout Mutapha hasu ap
h we ea family smbht, (dnepicabl as lii Excellency's toward our prea n Ruler, by all those wboe circum- vomnil me with a dispatch from Prince Ahul Keli m
cha ter Is, he ow opinion that a man of the Governor's s"nes anad aitmda i admitted of it. In him wasexpect- Excellency Sir J. C. Smyth, which, although ISt a
a r d h iO ihdu) then o he ( a ed, or hoped to be 6und, all that urbanity, that easy access come in the same numerical order as those of Hi ti
bmaed r ad intimay w l t greet, would not, in of, and thae friendly filing, with which his pdeemh lency, I denote as dispatch N, 3. As he (Abl
a pb a maraer, betray the chagrin and vexation he was eminently endowed. For a few month, I will allow, gives sonm very notable hlsnms andl apopldthet
fAl, a the Maior's good fortune. Never was a highway- partly was it experienced: amee little frivolities dnicover- ab>llite government, I forward you tle trnmslatio
m 'a phiad more roughly thrun at his prey, han was the od themselves, indiative of innate vanity only, but which, insertion in your very valuable paper, alluld yea
Ca plemmed to Mr. Hill. from the respect fdt for high station, and from lte ap- it worthy of such notice.
panrnt desire of amending to the imnprovnuenl and in- I am, Sir,
The second Prize, a purne of )I. terests of the Colony, prone as man ia to observe upon, as Your very obedient servant.
Dr. Riclrdan's bay hour W udlpecker. Mr. Whit- well as to ridicule the frailti s or weaknesses of our na- PcrMT
aid-yellow and pink. ture, not a remarkeas made uionn thcmn. Most forlunate- TrANl.ATIOrN.
Dr. Clutanu's brown horse Pangles. Mr. Down- hl for u, the deceplon that lmad hiiherto bIrn m suicessful- Ant. Ktr.., the wretched! from the sink of 1a
pink and green. ly practiced npon m, couli, (from atenper irascible in the misery and gnalwing vermin (ycvrlcl Chigss) eAtAt"
Mr. Wea Manings' dun horse. Mr. S. Ilill-rern. extreme,) no Ingnnr be contine,.l; the cpven foot was mies Red Brother of the REr.t-.tGENT lirEu ail
Ths was ronested Wo r wini d lrn. Tlml fimrii prnclaiitionn (infamous' would he the derl.est sorrow ha he hard, that owin! to rbel'lls
Thi was i.y u ntste far ; Woodlwcker winning, od "more applicallh) ilainly dli.rovenrd the feeling, and tel his nsljects, he cannot alliot any leiell for tie rreat"
Lving e oppuonese fr bhind. ldsiips of tlui aulthr. I ili public street. in o|rn day- the descendant of Keli Katclablac w in the pp'
NECOND HAY-Tiaurnsvy. licht, tie violence th.ut was i xlhibirl to a PgellInmati, a of his liMlloipitl,'lih doni in.
The first Prizr, a purse of *101). Magistrate, wlIo, from his .ace and long standiae in the Tllie ..>il I.1I..1.'Ii;,. ,*i,-r assiduouso to clear thedtl'
Mr. Whilfia-ld'. grey hore e Lighl Bol. Li-ut. Hill- olony, wa nti l, at at oi n lheil, s my rdio
nk and wl iw. Lul. Iil- been Iarnonable ina maniar. ih' errrainlv not in so high l i_'|,',, i,A l n. i arcount, of )our girnIm:nt,:'"
Mr. M.clean's rIslnlu mar. Ce nlia. Mr. Ca a cha rnter as a man a.Inm -,itiri thii, .Lvernmenti of a miiine a.,l tiui of Iil,;.l 'tr andl iheir a
Slannd painck Ci ony. If thr'.e rr I 1 ',he ..'.r. T1; ', ar pink. r. sith C or in wi '* s, m in atre -iir clninr tor 1, h.1' ir. a
Mr. WlhitAhl'. I-a hsor litont-fihi. lMrit. irfi- W, --;mt,, i *, I ,. '",-,
.-a pk anal crim.n-t. 0, of his infinite s t i rip ser `, % I. I ;;; t"! 1. it, i 1a 1a e t d N #y
Desa h hsl-ed off lw c r l- firt r d i it, that eIsira l n, uL 1. it r ansli, .r vi ,,, f [i. of l. v .,,r a s to I,, tIl sn It m ,
hisri-s. qaDia gaims l e- lirt * by t rnsl kngelm; rai n trrace al;ir on -., fro ll ;i nobll.e t. L, L. i. il,,< o ti.ln. h;; i li li th e Jr.m n ,hone t I.\ Ahu Kili, ll, .
mel i tll rm inal, Litrli lob wa dis ilimtn rinqnnu-t : htsN ,.r\ !'n r"n n ]'t;. t n'r' rank Il:i< Irni a bave -.I aii IhM, i 'il ...1 hi, l.n pi t (:p:' "
Thr second Imi.e, a. puinr.c if *Al m r dv iti l iIn. t ,riii r ;hi re.tro-, antin i',-nti m ,-`a jl o ,.; ,I i ti.. ir i 0 1 dI
S, ai ,, .', 'rln ;s i a L el, Ii' i l t, n -l l , l It re I r I i t P/ i
Dr. Claeu i's l irown l i.r-ar l...lo h C..u plejuh r i. I,, k ;,. ,,, s .. I i h th h ur ,/. :, ', ,, ,.,:, .. \,;n: i'
-fpLa and blac like tihL mu-hl i, il. u had .tipruig liatra i dnghlill; Kt li i ttI n;: ri, ,... .,,r. .;i , .i! l k.i

-a- __ I

y Nsui ny to she Ili Tor ru at , Tl' mwOureomcnt to be, from tie lfuse part of
m th =r e s of yor follorn people of this So- Stem to the after part of the Tramni.
Lms nt. Renmmber, tllt should you overlook this Time following Gentllmel ar tdie Umpires, for regulat-
U, ml your Kiskan will count upon tim aine lenity, ing the Races of each day.
I you will co'ne to be deslic-' by your subject, and TUESDAY.
throe will be soon filled by some one, who will carry Lieut. Luke, IL A. Lieut. Warren, R. N. and Wea.
omi f bhand witlhut relaxing. Ciewougha has said, Muneiugs, Junr. Esquire.
H who wo ld reign ill sfet "must b as the lordl y TIIURSDAY. BY HlENRY CGIEENSLADE & CO
lum of de fi,rest,--.v hd to tlear ae..Iwler every one wlo Capt. Ilobson, R. N. and --ny nmel, t-he st imie,
bld place himself in oppoositi ,n to hIi autlnhritv." May (;Gorge CuImplejuhn, Esquinr. t, 1
*m iumainasurable GUorw w' ho icial',zilIA nl stIlit; SATL'II)rY. AT Ts TKNn vom mnoa,
pavseents amoil, the son's of KIetll K:tclibarl, murrouod Lieut. Shortianl, R. N. Ens.ign Win. Hill, 2d W. I. At 10 O'COlek.. A .
y and place in vour heart the crm.imn, of the foi--ltbe uu A un uiWill Bold,
Mf the Aqpena.-tlme courageI of the lion, anti Ri.c and Georg Adern, Esquire. in old,
a of the o rtl ""/- that your enemies, sad ''hl i"e illte'd ulle.s and Rtw*ilations ,or ailing, may Ie Rice, in bags,
Matiol subjects mny (q ilt like lamib, ltf rre Voulr dire ladl o pli.-ti'n to (; eore Camillohl, Esquire. CButter, lns,
Ye"anece ; atenl nay, vu, like tim. (ti.trT lloA, encircle Ipy order of tnhe Co(tiec, crackers CIleese,
a e in the strong folds of your lwe e r, is the' isit of W. T. PR'IESTON, Sec'y. Mackerel, Pork,
A IILL hELI. October 21st. Soap and Candles,
Wrapping Papor,
nu Coloiies.-Mr. Human's I~ ruinets -From the very IXt RIIt s With a variety of other article.
platimoenl5l anti valuable Iles-c preparcd b) Mc.y 5h. lu, fe lot t Im I ALSO-
nation to gnie relreatbila 's 1 tie colonies. we laoe the At Harbour Island, on Wednesday evening, the 19th London Bottled Pqe
fllewing ilforniation :-The Britihl colonies amoulll i num- Oct. by Paul S. Lightbourn, J. P. Mr. Richard Albury, Old Jamaica Rumn lot to .ult p| lm.r
har to thirty-sreen, exclusive of the lBrtish possessions in to Miss Sarah Sweeting. Ter-CASH.
India. Of these there have been captuqd eleven, ceded four, AA m._tl's rad,
emaeldA by settlement nineteen. The population of these &mo aa ine .ath di'm
inhel e is. as North Aimerle, li ltnltfibrl Guiana landl GtT2DII 4L3V 40 a rrele perry Philadelphia Flor,
Ab West Indlie, whites, 40,481., free coloured people, 60,a, -- LIKE WISE-
daIl oB4isO.--lotal. alJs,'57 ; Crown colonieii, whites, ( Q Every person aboit to Leave Ihese Islands, af/er A 4 wheel new Carria.
saL,. free colouured people, 077, 107,; states, including, f d Oclor o91f
an on, 1.cov t6, 8.--toal. 1.-. ,11. The imports tving o residd tereifor the space of trmtY DAYn Im October 29th.
ka the whole l1a, in official value, were l11,08,849. ; iee uri at the ScatSt y's Oce, or Ypu is s in BY HEItY GREENSLADE & CO.
odkil value of exports. 0.777,t14. Ships Inwards,
19e,0. tonnage. 75.,975; ships twardts, 1.977, tonnage, said O Eformrrre nDAl peious to Aisdepartmr-af- -0 Monday t i, ai d8 (ala.
i.06 4.1 These aur important data whereby to estimate ter kic, at any time during roaTr-rIV DAYr, a Ticket Immediately after the mal at the Vendw BlM ,
5im wne om oor coloniem.
may be obtained. At the Wharf of Job Storr, Esque.
A Map of Matriamoy has been published in Boston, in NAME OF N Wihbe eld
which the qukkanda of Ceaure, Cape Courtship, Point NAME OF PERSON il
Prpoal, Point Pin Money, sle of Envy, Vale of (;lad- amouT to osTAII CIC FO DIeEPTUrR. .r n raa
Lake ofPresaent, and all the dangerous quicksands, Loth July, - - Manuel Arcon Ri A A.
shoals, reefs, are aid to he accurately laid down. A loth September, - - Mathew O'Brien A &c.
Brom n paper recommends this map a highly useful to 1h We. llalton Brought to pv t by Hi MNajttms ihea. I
Snle gentlemen. 2lst Anthony Doyle. wreck of a voel ying on ate, oa ti
e th Ca.ptain S. Ridd, Ground.
Ilth October, -z E abeth Bibley Terms--Immedli CASH.
NOTICE. Itth Elenor A. Rasom. October 29th
At a meetine of the (ommiltee of the Ba- lah Cho. Weatherford. October__
hatna Regana Club, held in die Publir Build- 17th .. J. F. ountayne. BY JOHNSON & 8AUNDERS.
leg, on the Bth ult. it was ltrh -Samuel Kerr,
Resioled, That the day of sailing for tlie Cup, be on I.t John Baptiste. O JMonday men tAI S1 ihn sd.
-a, L. r .... ...r. .. I Oti 00a i

Amr ay, itu first abv i ovelt r; ann nii ia no ve.Fel AT T nHE TIDUn HOVUB,
ander fifteen, or above forty lons, shall be allowed to At 6 @ 0' ln. A &K
Septel h W Will be mold
-e----- 161 I A& ISuperfine Flor, in barrels,
AT a meeting of thc Committee of the OlRT OPF 1A IT. 1AW- 1 P.*T Sogr, I n ditto,
g.4 1R. ." h, td -, t.he Z I Tobacco, in ditto,
S .r 5i. ,e-^ w,-..,n ,' in si i x it- Soap and Candle, in beso
uIL in the Public Buildings, it was agreed, ARRIVED, Soap d Candles, in boxes,
that the first Annual Regatta shonild commence on Tues- Oct. 27th-Sp. polacer Union, Calsndar, Xibara Rice, Con, and Coffee,i bagp
day, the Ist of '" vember-on which day, the following Fetic, Mahogany and Tobacco, 1 ale Paburg,
Prim are to be contended for. to JoHN MAUca. 1 Ce" CPo ingt,
A Silver Cup presented by his Excellency Sir James C. 29th II. M. hr. Pickle, Lt. Taplin, Ba. Bank 1 aie Carpetintg,
Snyth, Bart. With stranded Chain Cables, Sails, P"as d Paint Oil, Ac. A.
It. All vemels that are to ail for the Cup, which are Rigging Junk, Tobacco, and Span, A -
sm under 15, or over 40 tons, are to contend for the to JOHN STro. T A ory,
prim outside of Hog Island. Terv -CASH.
2d. Two Prizes fir the 3d Class Sail Boats, which are CLEARED, October M9h.
met to exceed In feet over all-the first oat into receive Oct. 29th--Schr. Favourite, Clark, Mobile
85, dla second $7. These prizes to be contended for in " Sea-flower, Hammet BoE;-n NOTICE.
tie Harbour. HE SUBSCRIBER will pot in nit, hdriid .,
Sd. Two Prizes for the Id Class rowine Boats, which CJI IST CHURCH PARISH aI accounts due to him, and remaining paid after
asM no to exceed 18 feet over all; earl boat to be allow- the first day of November net.
ad fear Oar-the first boat to receive $20, tile second $7. nwa raarS JOHN WILDGOOB.
The Prit to be contended for, in thie Iarbour. September 28th.
Peoon. wisiing to enter v,.ssls or boats for the above AVING fixed theassizeof BAu at the tate of-
Pri, will be pleased to send in ltheir names, with tile s per barrel of superfine Flour, Ordered, thae the NOTICE.
Their F to rge amplhn illi Loa do weigh and the penny Lo HE SUBSCRIBER h on lind about d
Fsquka, oa or before Saturday, the 01h inslant, at 12 lb. 4oz. By order of the Vestry. of speior London Drown BlSou, whic oa
o'dlok, at moon. DAVID SPENCE, Vestry Clerk low for Cash. JO N 0.
SECOND D RY'S RACES, VETar Room, 4th October, 1831. JOHN 0. MEADOWS.
S Thurday, 3d Norember. LOST.
Firs Race, foi the 2d Class Sail Boats.., not to exceed PARISH OF CHRIST CIIIRCII, GOLD BROOCH, Garnet Stone, as with Pate
Sfeelt over all, which are to sail eastward, from Fort 7th October, 18I in the form of a leaf. A suitable rewi wl be
I-M e--frsm boat to receive $.5, the seond 10. ERSONS desirous of completing a Buildi on a paid on ts bing left at this oce.
Second Race, for the first Class Rowing Boats, not to Loin Shirley Street, lae the property of the late October I~lh.
nimd 80 feet over all,-earh loet to be allowed .ix Oars. Aaron Dixon's Estate, will please give in propose for
Tb thrt boat to receive $30, tlme second l$15; to ie he a"me, on or before Monday, the 31st instant, agree- NOTICE.
Ned for in the Irbour Boat. for lthe sSboe IRace. toI ably to a plan and specification, whicl can be viewed, on FOR KEY WEST, to sail a about 10
eadered on hor before the Is proximo, ast 1 o'clck', reference to Willisam Iliell, Esquire, Church Warden. days, the fat sailing schooner Wiliam RI,
Son o o By order of tihe IVtrv, for passage only, apply to Cpi or,
TIIIRD D\Y, October 12th.
Saturday, .Sti Nirrr'rber. NOTICE.
Frat Race, fur esl or sail lI, i ts tf the first Class- IIF. SI'SCRI lER, intending to leave these Is- FOR SALE BY PHIVATE CONTRACT.
Th irst vessel, or boat, to receive A40O, tie second $20. land in a Iefda.i, for the Inited States of Ame- That commodious House and Lot, imite
Second Race, for fourth ('lass aSdl Illhea, rwhicIh aire rica, requests all those laNin demirnands against himselfor in Shirkle Street, the property of Mr.
0 to exceed 14. feet over all-to sail in the Il.arbour. the American schooner DPHT, tl render their accountsac Richard Barnets. F. r terms (which wi
Ir .ol ceive i20, the secondl t. fortliilh, at tie office of Jlohn Sti.rr, ;e|i lire L he IN made convenient) and other particull
rmld for the sconIl C(lass ro. ii,-, which W. T. C. SIIEFFIELD. apply to the Subscriltr.
emwt i d 25 i'(et ove r all, ea h Iiboat allo'(-,I lieur Master of tile American schooner Dart. October 4th. JOHN WILDGOO..
S Fil'oala to receive $25, lie second d e (l10-t riow Oc Ioelr 22d. FOR N1MALE.
Vemels, or boats, r ite ihe e, t I. e ered NOTIC The Housm ann Pr'miea at present occmped
li the or boea, icingfor nic ato leaf eIthe" l' ,'* ared NOTIbe. med *,
" w before the 2I prloxi,,e, at I .',,lk, at ... I r1111: Sr cilslI ein, aot in leave the Is- Iy Mrs. Poitier. Tle House is romy and
Sll, r.e.ius all e-r-on havinL dermnal aain convenint, with a IlargeKitchen and wad&h
ITr 1 , ,e ir .rceeets withul e .v anl il, alstachied, lchair Ihonu and mstmliLngr rese
1'6 Clhain and] enr lan-(,.nr e ;I- Ie l,,wh w, to 114%% :d du ir arr~ m did ; and ih
lee (*lass not t0 ee .,.,l .o 'c,; 1e el. *; "e" e1h t h o"an .eLrne, o !,ase len .Itel- thoroetltoI!t rrvmired, aEd bde rmler part
S t c" '2ci cl'l ee, i clr ci ccll.n llire In-r. ii e been newly put op.
1d Or ... le Ir A tract of Land siltualel at the Village, containing 250
4 14 anrr. It is d;liid )i\ tell viliaL--roed intotwo Lllt, the
Rw i .T'. FO)UN I).- sr.inn lot In-ing itl.r cl.l lv tlio new road leading from
1a C'1as, not to exreel :l o i;.,I--- ar, A 1 l I .f'll OF( KIEl S., (l;or in nrool.ei). The ow- the village into the Blue hill-o d. This lad willbe di
?A n.u" " :e i n,. can bate them, by appll ng at this office. putdotia one r three lts. Apply to
d 1 2 I October Iblh. September 7th. JOHN W. MILLER.

an, v do dp T a F3u Peamr in 3i
PANS. Aug" 17 Sm Ii looked Im do "a 1
-- he d BSron. nd very little a-res
8o.Yet d&I unm day-t d. fT- b lmbor told," Cal eadtounothe .Jdl. which
d 6 Pole Cd almmL. Deo @m he hnuread. I Yet the strip" aniad dm thisf had been be mlbjet o the rdeldaionm of n J aunl, d
waimt Nober l up fe ti,-a ai of tie setha har by d @ mU o i n id W it a pete viet deposit ofaC. fM
bu I est Lamer deh ase of my ghnad rthele y, in thei an prison and ated .wh the some m~ a Cor. rTio wa y adly at ae it. ni Caome m f
Ss. oa sof Fra the peni, d.e wis t artiris, the, No., then let m'e ask you, m a plain rea mnablm man, C r tioaUe a ckan yet aler tmis, some lh
o f tma r my bre s ad ne wmS tm r .o e am an of sew, whethdr you believe sam a Goveramea thick-hmetd bok of thajm k-nltau ommemj
ja-e df te a ha. d now dM bym etor e theis can be te able in Fe r aeou I I you ao-ve would fain persuade me that Casimir Periau
jsteu eoiefa amd Cap mdeby at great ad theis re of a rewad beiom g eiai d for the discovery of si d apprecate l the Revolution of July I
nr ror d t r ik c ng gd ma i c= ews- P.Q. From such painful and ad reflections as h
r nd kw amhating id i um u c o macn After some pickpockets ad vagabonds, child-stealers, cannot fail to excite, let turn with mtfit
P a h p at erfet ing Ipdmad th cuia-mee auie y ad dirusLeyear hd been triad Mal of fire, n de hatJud- idoptionce of Insurrectione in Hungary I! I ,,

Jur Pa ion. u m el l eem him f up for a ple a you very much in E ud, i. a gentleman in majority bein- apprehensive of eh ying too muc --a m
prof o esRem, a ea ncuty tma Over ann- g called fon t Ha e h.of Iat nk Baheemf sateehcoan and because them have bee local a d
iButbe for t hi mr be able to inflict o Bar- Tow P e cuvr .aw Rol od h and BDd not a L movements in gHungry, excited in f the o ietrould al
jumind be deuly paid. Yi yes, we are com d to Perhap yeuhave nd r e our Birheley, whose dr a s tape stblished by teo Austrisi ,'
d. I told yes Sl m tu ha sgo, whet wsr the nature NThe chlar in Egyph," and who Fib de' telo mm" eont to prevent the spread of the cholel a sn of i
o fl th ril system; ad so you will be pr wal have woo for bi and his oatdjutor Me perishable because these insurrection will, in all probability, h
to all th sq un a ofthislstory. Ym ilrdal its Wpods, acer. Than I rill describeoini toyou. le is aboutN a mast materially the caue of Poland. Whilst Biti
hillings, and pnce, againhot pobetry-t initout rof Cum- inll wh your Lord Mor poli, as ct in v your Sir Francis oulls of commons recei ved a i cold indifference i
u o a( m iu aG b-ecdbte fenties aaism Barthelemy Burdeptthain the completion of an East Indian, with a proposition of Col. Evans, and rejected it-and while
ad thm Proeurhyo du Rol hearts a Fst! Yet Csimir little colour, is a young umn, his hair is jet black and French Chamber of Deputies discussed for ame hours
Pe you ys he perfectly ndeek ndr tie nature of the d aill, his eyes rme dark and fa of fire, and, what will adoption of the words "certitude" and i urance ,io.
July Rveolutio. lie milg*l el at himself np for a please you very much in, co 6add, is n gentleman i majority being apprehensive of l saying too m ucha r
pI oe ofy Chinese er l fo a dan llg mater manner and form. lieo has, w think, the rand eseye- France and England ae so acting, the Coemitat ofr Hu,
But before the Drama came an Epode-at maot brow I ever sfu w, a god hand, and not a bud fopl, adred a ry-p people who your ftthioae s woultid call hll
amusing one, and ne ylie. AI ndaged till I wepl-nd e a tolerably well, and, I a-u stirct riea-have petioihd thae Emeperor of Austria in o
somtimeea cll Jugmy hae, l nh at w their b k cean d Theb chua r against him was 6 be-" That e, ou e alid of the Pole, and are now actually in a st ae p o intal
smy feet with delight. Wilt de you think it was whliclh Barthelemy, did publish and write, and write and publish, tion, in order to add weight and imporence to their .
crled all thi fun and ll y 1 will to y. Well certhouai journal or periodical writing, called Nemesis Don' priviltoe. Let such of the xaplow encourage crea trioti
then, imagine a youh without a heard, without maa t- in which, e treated of political subjects in vere, wid th ut ot to shame andth th s ham lovers of liberty in Francd
ahlt (in an oblev a d to by friend alasimir), without depositin the caution-money required by alw to be nuran, who pIrat by te hour about an Election or
aiwhiskr ws fur nald-- youtp h otnlnieteen yeas of depoeitd by every Journl before le shall publish a Reorm Bill, but will tnot extend the hand of atstained b
age- lnrogh yhout h-a ght-hearted and gy youPh-ru Journal! !" Thi was the cre, and for which, ne even caint a look of aibytiou ad sympathy on a pm
a youth willho i n' a fr the hoa -en te thar-nd of all, the Governmen required he should be fined, next dying for the defence of freedom and civiliatio.
dean afr l pima yis ald memory, lia nmd Imaginaion. imprisoned, and rd, he comt aded not to pablis al. e There ios oa revolutld be t c ai le It is E ngland e i

crosedn, hio could fiercely nIfrain from lu .hine, and and on thikr paer, having not a word of newsi, or distance to civil or national authority. But if it caaid
I gink e it ~u hl e a through a little deor, har of future numbers of his work without firiat king the a ri- than it was at firne i mgined, and, therefore, I refer jto
dk" sad gloom ri in atedy of two Muniipl quired deposit. The Prcn"ur dou oi discharged his This Insurrction at Basle is the fault of the Goveronat
aids-with swords and bayonets and helmets and painful duly with moderation ad ability i but he pleaded and not of the people. At the last insurrection, promlsa
mrtich ,f a earth like. And tleoo n on te h o art c out a rthed ae, a nd, I sourna l y suspect, against his were made which have not been performed, and bhp
U of fu n and mirth, arraigned before our elderly gn- principles feelings, and wiahel. le sought to show excited which have not been realized. Thim pliciy m
lm c called Ju le who wore black ca l ad back t het" Netwnesh," though a poem, was a journal-that n of tde country do not enjoy the am n political or vrivk
drum pe, and ut an l of row aod ench, and were though it treated of all o uhlject, like Byron's Don privileges as those of the town. This creates d! tihete.
'Jtdrawing ld an Inum ie another grave character who Juan" yet that lsentially it w political, and that s it lion and distrust, ndt thi has led to insurrection d ad
wa in ae elevate t, ed t, h wearing black robe, trim-L wras published every Sunday itl l periodical. So now, turbances. I am no friend to insurrections for trifles, wh
ived with white fur, and la p tlh tMs on the top, sidthe agent of Giovernment," nd n pect hel Judges will to insurrection where the a object can be attained bhich
sad imagine thai he as called a Prmonreur dh Roi," do their duly, and condefin CM. Bartelemy." violent means, d by Parlimentary nmeaures Far
mr, ilyou ill, a ing's Attwie -Oan e rl. And now he The desence then commenced. The Advocate ore instance, 1 would rather n Radical Reform ow ef e Me,
reriles t he tie youth l stated ha name, age, ai ddres, Barthelemy pleaded with tasu, talent, and zealv le of Commons should be carried in England by the Thpai
andi profesion, a prn wr athe Cdaul i l, lo meai bce alesru ed that Nemesis" was poem, published in quarto, Powers of the State, then by public meetings ad are-
uvlenal, who could scarcely a reo ran from laughing, and and on thick plfom r having ant a word of news, or siou tane to civil or national authority. But if it cant
thinks it sti be a lark." Well, what is the charge political discussion, or reviews, or trials, or advertise- be carried one way, it must another--and this ijust Doaw
Why, O nat he d maid stipling, heaing formed part and menta or price currents ; or, ian fine, anythig the e te iew at Basle.
rtior a certain ab or prcessin on the 1th of sary to constitute a jou rnal, in e showed that, a to its Tlhe news fromw oland i encouraging, though on t; de
mat Jely, ad having hea arrested (without aine) and publication in oumbers, Mi. Barthelemy was under no cisive. I Ilave been much Ileassd wilh thle simplicity ad

iant wal the audhanink d, shsa he worda and ain French Fudgte Family"-t i weekly tVmeoiu a L the non-succu of thi. RuLtian campaign wour d creaihe
cnvsyd the PreCecti e -an Pltir, did treuma d the m weekl ; no day w iora d; piobdic sd the next num- devotion of the new National Prayer, anl I cannot vad
.iu. apnmpen f the ilin sand; wod dl then aMd there anar iohen he anhoeugther nd reie would awer -the given by Pruia to Ruia, Scky. ork has hislf a tr-
writ and draw and design a tIn walls, the following rebus," &t. ; not rorgettiag the Omnibus," nor yet rible and decisive momenIspprochef Cover us ca L
dr wieF and wAerdy-G .ia., ah guilletine-Louis Philip the R we ekl." lie shorad, that sometimes the nuvimers buckler-dus ield ut with thy elrcy-hand conduct m te
will usone day hlm his head on the altar ofliberty Long were purely literary, sometimes satirical, sometimes on glory and victory y Il ave peity on tIs creatures, awhom
live te snaclof Jule! Long linve liberty I mad lona lve the matter of th r day, and not enfrT ecton tly they contain- thou lo est, and accomplish the great work which i-y
the I'triu s of 17!r l dantfenc .' AW that he Iey 1 aidW end etieal addresses to friend (:asimir, and his men of powerful land hath enabled me to comlence I" A letter
strillif alld Iy s uch d auih ori and w hrd a then and there the jucer mile, but always in I etry, always adorned by Iro l Warsaw, of a recent date, which is mow before me,
imintl in tmnace thre life o tho King, and did in ufart ha y ble and fiction-always a n poet, fan never as a ,mr- contain the following sentence :-- I do not de pak .
weh drawings and wproldcs afn opnionr so menace ihi.' nliat. e read extracts from Nearitem. which mane two success. Our ehiemies are numerous, but cpty am t
N,,w don't lauh! Don 't imagine aina this is a mere of the Judges bite thelr nails-the arocureor do Roi C ou ralizled ly the death of Diebitsch and of Constatim,
iavethio, a more caricature t a my part. No uch thing. wrioele from annoYance--n d would even brought gby the cholera morbus, by their repented dlefeatn and h y
4 hkrdsemin oa d lmie ona pde n lnd m de ar ore shame into the face of eld Baron Louis. He asked the tIm difficultieee wlich oppose thenelves f o their program e
before f The Atsaery-Oeseral contended, irtt,dialu Judge, if tluwv would taken thlis French Don Juan"and Ti. fall of Warsaw would not terminate the conflict i ad
rih lae wors athe uthor-scoad, h ht t hae bee and this French Fudge Fniily"--tle weekly Veiasis as le t hen n-siacce o r this Russian campaign wold creates
drwinsh o w si n a harnd hruh ho requie d r th a e i- Iekly nep per, or periodical account of political great dlliatlsfaction at St. I'etersln rgh. Bat fi r the aid
piunment of the stripling fer two yem in St. Pelagic! transactions I and whether Nefmusis would answer the given by Prussia to Russia, Sckymwerki has himself sar-
talk Atoraway-(e! ral rays" he perfencey under tad perpos e of weekly journal This carried conviction to ed u that the Russian force, wnotl have before this rc -
ts RevH lution of July and now the young man i every mind, and produced a powerfd eect on the audi- third. But it anppead s tiet hr e mllRep esfntativnbef tin,
railed open for -ur hio dene hi he 1s Why ence. Nest came the Procureur du Phi, who replied to will no Frnci over on ent have not ba n dewrtly m
firt of all" I ni the a mhor," and what then Why the pter wiof the accsily lie aid it laic helnd without vailing in this respect, for which we are grate ul. Th
afltahelngarretlateduandkeatoprison fornothing,but iump- spirit. It was clear that S.e Government Ied cehoen an army is in the best possible state of patriotic feeling, ad
4ly hi in mte meet a ti e 14h of July last-not hvoing organ whia c did not bertyment it, for die Proea rrr could has gone forth determined to conquer or die. m dTh
uthim ud a pro a y opiniw--nuie done any- net refute the arguments hi. narthelemy's Counsel. naee will he hidtoua if Paskewiltch will ccopt bat ol
agdi who waha n i away fio thena Nation alu n G ds whn And then CiameBnrthei and e M addressed erer t C a The Lithuanian Revolution is not teminated! We
paiay tried t hairs hi- pueta bly did, in a oens of fora ahout half an haur. He gave the history of ie pro- haveud lt received dtis cheering intelligence from the Poin-
a dllla ane with pfllasgd of ceag s, dranw Fecul -- Ousei he had een allowed to publish Nmesi Governmeon For the moment te 90,a000 Runne the Po
him as to nd ofa g etia ea o pr ; aon did for three mon e ut efon e he was attacked until he had have suceedeyd-nbu t it only o tohe mosmetl --ao l
wrimt the weob ld to bie wlh wichllly ght ihave ben satriand Paerlr ad rdicaled Sehustini, ancd that then plem the Rssian Government dshll be able to mintais a
b id m with hard humb, or rubbed over with little thi enai plur iutie bad coin enced-ave ehis history million of soldiers constantly on foot in a time of pr,
dchk ald waem This wa tmL defence! Buo t where under the Rentoeratoa-lhd s forth with him io im aina- to y nothing of war," it cannot hope to succeed in
wat the eo 1e Who ree aracd 1 The King of the tion during the loerieon das of July lto 0, when he frio ght maintaining order, and, nmuc leas, it cannot expect to tda
Frieme, -eetd by O milonas of people, and with four afor libertv nd braved dmeath-nd then pronounced m an- derquw t and soner ord three m yilli no w human aeiss, wh
seIosem oaIrt dtal Onard to maintain him on hi Throne, tire an the Go rnment of Louis Philip, which its sler will no longer cnnwent to be slaves to a Ruowian destpt;
Wim r" Lie t ightn milins, an a arm orf porters wil not easily fartst, and w n which he lelon- buwhodel and thl rey-es blishmnt of the ancient, iad
4VI, l m 'a i time of peace !--- w lof enaced rated that more liberty hanl been acceleel to l inm under i p ent and formidable kingdom of Poland. I am de-

him Iage All elemr, students he p o-mh be decide aaint me, to pounce upon ns 0. P. Q.
him A tpeal pre ai ad y youth wle of thndd Gree and the reign of Charles X. d ay n by the llinister Poli nar, li ghted to ald, that I was right wa en I told vNo the otr
dicl, and hae w ia uiasion, but in a prion, oad in a than I ,s tim Citlien King and the Minister Perier. It wan day that I was convinced, nolwithstandingmthe defeat d
pamit having been p ut into prin without any the Jad splm hel o and masterly eoirt, andehe Court rung with Gielgud and the retreat of Dembinski, that still the iar-
an an seel proved, nc so charge was preferred against a nppluse. For these," mid he, who took no part in reaction in Lithuania would not be labndoned by the Poic as
him, as the o and of hiut rommittal ao pri eo, but only ti a Jualy Revolution, hut who ished ucce to h n- n that they would not consent to ell thpennlves to
rwht he wrote a the walls when illegally put is prison. guinary and fatal Ordlnamcs.--honoura, cromess, places, timid policy of Lord Grey,and the milk audter vstem
wa aq uitwa the f clprit-his thsre wre chpp lor--hi po ann plualiteve, andi neeures ha h e been reserved of Perier, heo would give e I alf tahenrdi s if the
thean, a am ig the mn crie; lad for t his thueorga by that Government, which ha prepared afor who ef- Pole woud consent to be utsfish with n natls
1" tof aGveseat required that tidm stripling should he put fecte e Revolutioon, pmreecutionse, persecutions, caution Aliry of the Duchy of Warsaw. No, no, till not d
Spria for the period two years. And thmder," mid manev, stamp, etures, imprisonment, sad fines; and now; and sooner or later, you may now he m red mlt
s PFe er dt Rol, he will have time to reflect on there" (pointing to the doom), mid M. BDrhelemy," there Poland with all her ncient province, will ad m hat
Lom of atre liberty, and we hll hear no am of sands th Ta Office orpn, between two soldier, watch- wholly free.
Vwam al haaCh sloseat The fmly ofSi yam ing the rmult of this fieal process ; fully prepared, if this a a m a m a e
S s cla students, his esinst. and proca, s all be decided against me, to pounce upon ta 0. P. Q-
bi frlmos. Thbey employed a Cammoesl who mocked prey, anUd cannry me to prison for the non-payment of
Gewm momam leltsied am the penc and appealed to sampdutirs on a Poem called Nemesis." e te Nsre-Yrk HJig.
the goad i ad fotdhry cd ctsre of the Jlgdam I cannot do justice to his address. You ohall read it
The appel prevailed; mad t0 of them are Ca in print i a few das time. I will ed yu a copy of Copied from the hack of a Five Dollar Note, of the Uor-
lits, anod hae renmsmd Judges since the Revolution, yet, hi trial. his speech produced an evident effect on tie rim Canal Banking Company :-
anflna srht abaoren fm Court, they returned with the Jodges. They could not avoid expressing their dnira. This is the la.t of EightThne.end Dnolslr. bmltitt w
eleorh a lanana ," No, the drawings and the words ion and surprise. Bu they deferred passing their jetid. this ecty by me the 71h Jan2earv, 1530. most of which hae
hm q"lke de sw amount o a meaence," and the youth asnt, and at tIc hescr I am riine. the result it nko r t aI the CGambling Table; mnt a prennytll pTom
was aqoited! Of oenes, tim there wre clpping of, I cannot, however, believe but Ihat It defense must pne m n. mi edile r wntq.4or stier rhi mofenlenl. 1 mha dew sppl
IheadL, sstmping of Srct,&nd cries of bravo, whilt the vail, and that no four Judges is France can be brought Ner-York it. December, tsio. C.

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