Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: October 26, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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BBGE IBIG618. Editor. WEDNESDAY, OC(OSEI -, 18I. Vel. ---. X
S THE BAHAMA ARGUS. placed tle black republic andthogovernmentof de Bar- of de brnch of hir engaru wme as if heyb haid
-ricades" Is such threatening opposition to each other. a glorious victory.-Li-da Times.
purssLM, D aus i-W.mnLr IN mAUAU, N. P. Hayti, t is well known, ea been practically indepen-
dent since the failure o Napalo's expedition s In l. Pr a r am Chemisl. Eq U.
egllt D la per ammnn---4 adear e. In the time of recognition, France never comneasd to f
recolpise its independence. When the South American The MNYr of Lonadalosrry ead @ i
republics bad spruon up ot of Spanish domination, the mda p cintm tbe BgIn a nme- a to be mihed,
treaties with themis, ew he alenliy of entering into com- nmde, that a pion of t Fre'h op hve be re-
niercial relations with every odAr antlanuic tate, e.- qoused by Ki Leopold to remanl in the cutry. Eld
cept with d rmt which had be d to its owe country, nd Grey udohe relied on the eust Frent ch (sL ea.
w h e b, therefore, might tili be supposed to be animated mmn, and mor dan the he could r ,y. MNtoplgeM.
_wid Frulch tfelings. At the sme time he could not re- had reaed his M;je= y' Minist d ordesM fer i
Prthe revolutionary principle without cethdrawl of the rech troopdj had b d. a ile-
P T Y. exorciam-ho could no t or e r the. r the French we jutified by their M ements in
ofhismato eor e matewri-h oul mn foe thearen inovereidn-
Frietid Paul, Pve herd your e nea cry, t of ehis muter without mae Haytu a for it. He '* n prto of ther troo a n l otry fr
At leant, I hope tim -. the re ound it the King of Frnc, the Dutch e d retired, or whether the hNloory of dhie
I'.l pl of m one w is nigh, emancie them by Royal Ordince, before wud ouo do r uty y
And causes all our woo. treat with them; but afterrds made an oneror treaty meals from the French this hea d ,
the price of a needless act of emancipation. As a body pelforman of tho eplrage when ile n iA ,
The a I mean, to you is know, f revolted slave could t be admitted into the society of would be subjects herar so be com .
By words and cool bad ; et widoul he t o ir famer mow aud Td J*k of WeMmllqngto a w b Le I e -w
Upoa : bill, '. fed h throe,- fhe hat without e cosma ther fr me a d pa heth oef ber naee
'm any thing but glad. as thea H 'govrYneO nt tw iouo ereloased fro m0 ldne m
im ban orexommunication, ik edily reed to any terms of pi kin of Leopo. He wa i f L l.f
This man, wht does he do, bet when which M. de VileBe imposed. or rfore, wu dt i ought to be ca-Bed so in th Hom.e, bh se hi
A female la ise i rid. rejoicing when their independence was procaled, and rn ied a ac by this oetry." He oPpnf df
I .he ha evn .uck hit. m hearty de promise which tey made to dischrge a im- m" po"ri t ch ,eep _ren,.
1hs pardon is applied. possible amount of indemaky. Lo IP.i he mi*, wa ap" l ut 1
His pedeceaer, Ge'nal GraN, The day of reckoning, however, wkh thee Improvident d only f tU e p ts pmet t him mIe
Wa nmerifl Cad l5 beings cane, and while they mind that they could ot action the pat ol I o h ab r pani a lmeil
He did nmo ua th 4rL y mt. make more sugar or drink moe runn- their labour did of h own troop. Bm dte aip of l yment
Which is i ths man'. mid. not become lighter or their lad mor fertile by the Bor- i such cases, wa ierven which wa
He AI d pardon, when 'twaaight. boo ordinance of indepeadece, or by the suspension of wrong" GHi mn esbornl the ccuatin of
Not rangsos old, 4 the cap of liberty over their e they discovered tht i by the Austrn, and at Spai by td F r I
Who may prdon'd. thereby mht wa not so pleasant to pay te stipulated price of thir n- wth r*pet he Lmaen ra i pri thM BIr
Become indeed too bold. honours. The indemnity we, indeed, enormous: it Peel, who declared in the House of Common that thd
Then all ye islands fw and near, amounted to 150,000,000 of frncs, or 6,000,000 .ltr- Austrians were jtifed in invading NplesJ But he b
Con.pire, ad raie the cry ling; a sum which their terrtory would scwrely hve probably changed hi mind on thi subject ince.
Down with ihe Tyrant, now--this year- brought, though it had been put upto auction. But as they
Dost wirikm"..- say I. JOHN. could not discharge even a mall fraction of this amount, The question of Poor Laws for Ireland was leai eight
n l as the system of paying by getting into debt wa thm introduced by Mr. Sadler. It wa met by the previous
I am. O Paul! unknown to fame. in fashion, they bethought themselves of the Inpious mtion, bu the divisia was only a majority, of 1l, or
A hapless bad.i without a name, Ipln of making the French indemnify one another It their ~ to 5
But yel I'll ma hea hale won, stoed, by contracting a loan at Paris. Paris capilists en- Mr. Sanley, who al ea ed from giving any opinion on
By James' (mther'a mlime son. tered into comjtitiun aboutti boan, which amounted o the general question of the production of the Poor Aewe
Wimse'er he I cannot tell, 30,000,000 of of whc the lyne halve not yet int Iebdm, deeardi, aatwhading, that d
By sighl alone I know him well, P due in a. V not eacdude without eiprelrt hbi ptledis thea a-
A tun rol pedl he miy be. Thus sands their det at present Instead of being moe in favour of Poor Laws wa evey dy ip ig
I dnt ere him bk hiword, reduced by the trifling consignaonts of produce which dtey ground i Ireland, and that to an eluet which m Go
But this I b'lre uprn your word; lave sent to France, it has been increased by their failure ver"nent could or ought to oppoe."
Nor lid I see him run away. it advancing tde dividend on the loan, and amounts sow to Colonel Torras proiessd his rmediew to cene i
Belrreai he came not near that day. 155>,0(M),It) of francs, instead of the original sum of any plan for allowing rate-payers voluntarily to mma
But let it pasm,-I'e seen him here, 10,t()J,Utl. themselves for the maintenance of the poor. Nothing
Like tiger couching in his lair. Since 1825, when tih treaty of emancipation was con- lhort of a provision, nmking the maintenance of the poor
Or like the panther grim, or ounce, luded, various attcipts Imbe been made to obtain nmodili- compulsory, will avail. Without a comnpolory amn tllr
Prepared pln his prey to ounce. rations of it favourable to llayti. Missions lave been can be no check on landlords, and o security for the peace
When e'er he gels yoVUu in his IMHtwer, nlr
Yo'll ru e the day th'nhppy hoer, diMatlched from America to Europe, and from Europe to of the country.
And if you equal beneath the smart. .\mrica, on the affair. We lear indeed of no proo- Lord Alhorp met the argument drawn from the ex-
rfwll give fresh pleasure to his hertn. cols" or "cnfenrnces," because, the parties being only aniple of England in rutlera a awkward way. Then had
Behold your King : ye ',nchr, behoill two, such terms are not gencially applied to lt r works or Irrmerly been a high spirit of independence among Eng-
This ih the man to whom you're sold- prsMons of their agents; but many iountll of tngotitiona lish labourers Whet a high spirit, when the country
And will you let thi. wolf like fo., have passed both at 'ort-au-Prince and Puari, to stlmi tile wa overrun by beggar and vagabonds, and when llman-
In sheep skin dret insult you so I quantities of .agar and coffee which llayti could annually ner of punishment having been fruitly resorted to,
Never-lntons are Britons still. par to answer the faith of treaties, and to ind niiy tiy the Act of Elibeth was at last paed. The indeped.
To tyrants yield, they never will. salre ene of
Thatm thi and he'd quich belone, late colonists for the Ios of their property. Be it remark- nce of labourers gew underr the Poor Laws and
We all do wish, and I for oe. A. R. C. M, however, that during the whole time of the Bourbon they are yet independent. They wer, ater te French
dynasty, President Boyer never thought of releasing him- Revoution, cheatld by a conspiracy of dt Gany ii
self or his country f ers te eous engagenmer imposed the recepeo of part of their wag in rca hbt dtL
HAYTI. upon him and it by legitimacy and M. de Vilelle. conceived they were only receiving a fair reLure for heir
If we can believe the Ilaytian journals, and the official But when the Citizen King was called to the throne- labour. No len are lss disposed to he idle dme du
pidanmi of the Ilaytian Government, we are likely when the treaties of 1815, which restored the Bourbons, abourer of England.
* hiae another war to settle a question of separation, in were declared no longer binding--end when the rights of Tim ate outrage in the agricqhsital diris have ld to
imr of the war between Holland and Belgium, while nations to their independence bec me he fashionable doc- better understand between thn employers of alknee
Frm, which iano auxiliary in the latter, mua be a pri.- trine in France-the Hlaytum thought that they might ad lbour. We have beeL fermad by gnam, on
lipa in tLe frmer. When these papers, which come down take advantage of the new mate of thing as well as heir whom we can rely, tam the farmers in m y plsm have
I de wt of June, left the capital of the Hayian repub- ancient mother country. They did not exactly em why me L the fasy *of aaln ao the ddmiaminat
, slte ble citi o of that new state had screwed their popular sovereignty should be limited to a certain colors of tim Poor Laws to ihjm the lbomm and sa the
aP""up to the fighting point, and were a clamouromu of the skin, or why blacks should pay money for their ditinction, which ought never to have been los sigh. t, is
hAilit to defend heir national independence and to emancipation, wien their white brethren obtain their's made between industrioue lnbourea sl r ianmpotent r.
kieir money, as ever die Belgians were against th by the dexterous employment of barricades and aing We have no fear for E pngand mad S ad. The P.w,
m"since their gloious days of September." If the stones. Laws compel the owner of property to beir thesn.lve...
Haytin persevere in their present resolution, and if Borer has therefore annulled die new Mtiplatio enter- But withe populatitm Imyond te meansof .pll.-
randenies the principles of popular overeignly to the ed into hlv his agent at Paris, and declares that he will at- ing i, and consequently in the rlowet slate of degradeliiin,
iawe may again see hostile expeditions cruosing the lend to nothing disavowed by reason." Iii prolia- ro"npeting for land as ith only nruans of r.pporn, we defy
A to ab nake contest or levy spoils in lispaniola.- lion announril this rmolution acuriou piece of sophis- the poor of Irelad to rie in the scmil seak. Wilbt
Wds a know how tie French government can insist try, not inaptly turning recent event .in" regenerated" the rich he forced to improve the poor in their ow de-
t e renmbjugation of Ilayti for its own behoof, while France to his own mne, in order to release himself from his fce, the condition of Ireead i hopelea.--I.
S i a army to Belgium to defend that kingdom from engements. The French Consul, who had threatened
b D c, who certainly were not harder taskiasters to leave Hayti ifthe new realty was not ratified, is plainly DEGRADED STATE OF THE PRESS IN GER.
a I n dlan than the French dlave-masten were to the told that he may depart when he pleases, and a nmagnani- MANY.
e L St. Domingo. The movement party should momu appeal i made to the Haytian nation Io defend
ak rply after their Government in the matter, in their liberty and national independence." The language To the Edilr of the AMmuns Chrowic.
~ t boesle go on, they re more likely to wites of the Pari Liberals is employed against themselves enl, Sa,-,uch is the degradation mder which d
I_ principle than the recovery of a colony. in word which General Lafayetm might adopt, the sable press labour in Germny, from the ma ars
id we al on this ocrmion, from any strong population of emancipated Il ayi are told, that "Ther against our libertns by the great cammpiq n
.b mrsos f bloodshed (even ol black blood), and not patriotism and comuaeoos determiaieio to defend their the both the Police and the Imqikin t o Prma,
in sympthise very strongly with either side, we rights, whlaever may be the futurity which awaits tham, will particularly in the North of Oerny, vhi ai s V
Se t leim re to be amsred with the dexterity of command the esam of tt world and tbe admiration of mo t wi eah other, in essarti fu ny
b an d the dupery of European autio on this posterity." feelia that might he publicly exlpmed w ae P
el eas o-it. the display of so clever a bmrsq Thus ends the indemnity expected by France from lnd,r feor ofgiving oena tc t yhe lyis f d ri-
'as l m of n otiotion,.--nd with the kind of Hayti. The blacr republic seem resolved to pay its ou. country. In the Kingdom of Harmnp, i n b d -
A.s- be sti of Haytian diplomcv. debts by the wager of battle, and boars as much of being niM of Kig Wiliam the Falth, n laqaiitrn of the
SCap t l i mayl happen beyond the Ajlantic and e. arle to discharge its obligation in thet coin, a any organ Pre do nt emn aloew the inerMtim b d thing* acled
r of War readers intent upon do stic inte- of the movement party in Pa. Thly have even began the sewsppea," of a y privaete m ion raind for
f. m a talm m nearer home, we shall make no apoloyv to celebrate their anrris before lb'Y lve been caled upon the benefit of the souring heroc Polo. .A irom, S,.
fcapitlatic of de circumstance which hve to contend fur it, and illuminated their houses is hoba r third Polosni," write by ofa he moder peoes,


t arm.4r it.____o

LLU M ma Chrla Sl m i fomi onb Si I r ems SB" S- U aw
we dn o dwe aMni.m.s "aos A o _m is a a I Y 1o 11 .S1 i -. S

*, and K j.xwie i pird a d le ofthe nw c iof e ue at a pio --- n-' w

hds budenspp ohinw ,edh to d h tit o y h noL t rr vre ,d ant y m p l -----
W he rSe hnrc neAlu i c a pr d w Gamma to be low

Th u- et d A0tori1 mlams had dean isA w m s th fs
a lmss r -ri ntal i of daer 5,.rBhy dia it-- a r prn r ,s, on Ir prim -
mimneedm the remain m' m li e ssutema conscitutiomal independence c

ither wan thl e r lly mdr t, e ae or g up nli s, t e I t e s uni lerua u. n c to the he dlor i of Goe-
at d Aim o t lnie m et r aj, rtiol of UirYt, l, p
tr Ilmra Clk rai ., ppui,.ld o 3ert di.- "r n, r n, rest p Iptively, coa ndo i
psiclmd in i way. A Rusimn Caplain f cavalry An ipinios ha been p iande opinion by farlou o
wiOn hd boon woundl nd takn pii,. was we from widely < nto be enidn o ee ookd r pid, en
dt elIOn And ruelly ut ed DurAring the sighsa heu- o respect it propose ea violtion of jucstie. It is t
Nevl Kerikomeri ws. 1 .-Vppuiited t(lheroiurn a he City. such an opinion as whei it relies to the affairs of GO t
On le 171,th,Ime ismvrmnnrt hitherto sting was dio- vremenr, aIways, perhaps impcratively, commands ae a
val, and was pla*nd llne hed of the n sp clae of defe rece.
(l mvKernel with rerlyswil plrowers. a o. Presl yo o a It is iwe especially de at a period when ititU
..m ,.rnbee. appontd y Il. ended po et s iieun rs ions, oasyet scrcely broaht forth, wmnltll pulie avour,.
imbein teinr .lbnv.raer t ies m. a sy mGenera un hS which no reveend autiquily supplies t le substitute.
wieckhin hea dasplay great fry heod ', henali -ry.- is li such a period, thatwe ought o rmec the t itntilu-
Tiecri de diplayld As t mnsrus bInsl d nded lheiry, tion, hlow,.ereellcat, aotl be inipoed upon a pouple I
Tbl Fr,r t.^ Awtria CuneuLs lad dend.d dwlr, 7i
pIsmotmirl; L t de i iretlotraIn of order they deter- by luero furre, .ld igalet its wil.
imi dn r ai. r. i. i r i n.i.
W- fiw w row dm te rcm list gl p d a fal a- "', ferntlF e n, s iam s onstitutionul independence ,
pnicli.-s wh Wasw wil be iu te lands ,,f atlr ltus- wlich outl to b re ~es.d in tlme.ry as the prolectes of
si. On dSe I, e Nlri am yso Iugmn In ul- public lib wnti is co)ntd in ihe iuaginsaton of tbhe
miltr Whd i. I drme Vi rokie tip snoi Luwiar. l ol prp, with tim ancient rie icvnlic power, tie oppressor
adI lvancd a the 6I to BL uei 16 EnglusiL milte of our civil ce oar duty, our absolute neces-
S front Wasa,..o de ilv is ti consult te ppublr impression, wu propu e to t
Un, lgs 17-n Iarm de Garl R-w. you, as linilorM charged to collect the public opinions,
iter, lm ri- t 17.-tls, then Itmemi si ralo u d to sat isy them is an inot contrary to jurtice-
fdi iF sim,I ll n itll" Viitlai, the Hwiulmn avy broke up it ieopeO to you, :m 6 depositrie of the interest of
kin L.r-7, s.n lihe I.'e-m, nvd wilel Jevion on t th im pobli order, but at thie us time throwing upon you, a
wf ri-gr e rmie u eamrv, ndmvrnaol sn de 16 leh Ut slaitor, a t, a gn t part of the re|pooiilbilt ul' tdi t
hllui., 16 Iaih m taiHst frwun Wanras. Thl courage of deteroinmaio---we propose to you to ditclunartt tkhe
dll morwt- metansr lam pmatily stah. Mu i oiruved by perr, hae ceased to e rreditory."
a ll i t, cMrumntl t srltrianl, n hal by Ilrm nnmmcri deIMn t is w r*'erim ar th the Houm of Ieers in France
thal in laurir mr siiul.lir panim comr dly to the Rus hs never had ny umhorilty with the nation. Now, ii is
.si.r, sol au rs mAti a o t e lir nmt.mes. T r"i hrad-qMr- no i enough for M. P drir to pronounce theory to be is
k.r h ofl tie -irL-.rtinul mre at this uta-n in Bli, favour of this or that, while the nation are opposed to ii.
rdearim the r rih. r pMarl I ihe mlm rpe hamu luly ulvutnrc. l eIt i d r o m tl rhat he unt r thc word i
Itflow tu-mrr w. Thei crisis in t h ld--irl sn. ooWin u.justifi.tlle sense. A (iAovernfmelt whicm,in ihe par-
bill d rmnio. ticulur circ.anutem or( country, will not work, cannuo
SAer in te he ppvred of by they. N. Perier leaves out of couni-
A It llOndtmn, .sYusarme, .4arsm I s. sil.rtiou tins very important question of the distribution
A hi e o h al dm ils de proweiinee of he Itre intn of property in a country, which, however, nmiut always
nw onits .1lan I e. Ime Lttwkr Ind seat the hu matri ut
army ou ie lirs mn In Lnrirer T mtlih'ulnl l maerilly dternine the character of the Government.
whillni rlmlue, rmlv thurne wa a slierll *kfrnnslim alt ,~' Tie Illim ol' Pemn will be more powerful without than
s..r, whimre In. lmritr r ns. li rulken luswn. fyRmil.l lnw, with hereditary miccessmo. In a country like France, it
U* liamr? Inirmi. 'rTi e ue-y tevri w.r nlrellrYa l, is inmpunihlr to sllmlor tduht lnere tlile, without reputation
m,.I1 lucilm L ecai l an, rdvisa, mrmn not twn til ntmn and witllout talents and opergy, n posses any influence.
Lna, tl aI Ii ti. ll .ar Illmmm. lie uaandoned tihe )Iet Prlerny ny give influre to bereditary imbecility, be-
Im.k fnl the, Itrati ImtrAll firing a ail, but pruice-d ti osu-. prnoeriy i the poWer of commanding the services
blin mll br mir.e, l lmaie ied dispumal to dispute te p re- of ilsrm.
ay, bit ai tle n.imprm h ,f tllme ('turs trs y mtirril, M. Perier hea, however, done wimsly in abandoning hi
and l nl ml hil.ll.r ihe lHiuins by their mire frnm re.- own particular opinions to the opinions of the nation. We
tnringe im bride. Many ,srntggks vemiy u .ll uiY utenl kn,, of no way by which a country can be governed
tlirmm-,hrei I, 1 t ken pimri.on on f lightI bank. Tin, eript with tihe asset of the inlmhitanut or by foreign
wl.,l armuy' encuial imn Ibr rveni rvuill tIe IlI.-m- Ir. fc Our Cnntempornmy (The Stladard) pronounces
unrris lrst tlieir. On the tl m, in afte rnln, ('usnt tIe doctrine laid down by the Prlsieon, trrmble. If that
Wilt, with l0 slro s, muni hunlml rossacks, nl is t ie rilmle which lead to peace and order, then it it terrible.
fire Iiasrrl if lhoe arnilhlry, pri-.--.l -l ti ri-mnnoitr Oti Conlemporary's views would be, in our opinion, ter-
iwmarnis Waraw. Tin eWru*y hl set Iwo bmttlions rible, became to attempt to give efe to them would lead
of hi 3d riuent of hlifnuay, the Kaimb r"giam f o violence and bta sh l-
hrse, end twa asnon, to i villts of Ormin This This (says our rontenporry) is plain acknowledg-
ifor nu Romiundeil by Cmoul G akhm. The Rm- me not nearly tha, France is o be, but that France i.
rins hain lm ure det eh aut in dm of ti e a~ly pure sIosdr; and that the formal depoi-
Ple- sut off ir rir etre Wamrsw. l a it. or des* of parn are but the blind unrsuonig minitets of
lhei cnavm p, ltna a u f e i fantry re- a rnble, ill. Wm to the country in which hme doctrine
tnsl to am,. 8 er d l In d were kilMd, ad are Ih fouandemns of her goveonieset; mad alms!
('CIm ri Gall.oi, with ve sntmaf nd other ofivers and to her g ursm-hbe President ha taught the
S.:LN men were iseprpnm The wo guns were French populae dt they may cruril the homrunof the
tiken. Tm-day the ma im bdy advanced to Nadarmy, Porage. Ti ln comprehends the right to shiver to
tahe vengwmd t Rears mvr (lIEl) ml fromn aitm cra of the King. He bn taught them do
Waamw; a hisah. of IOlrns, in io Il9i60; On-I he maMt a ead, or rather ked them, in the attack u po
%rl (tism inwri, with nither brigade of Ihe t Ireay, is their own ritoacy, and he give n them in this leon
*A.t i wm m iL mmmms A do n the right to ca n epoe him nd his maer to led in any
Se al Rdi, is dtu n in rota Radom. aessnion apo the nelgh bour which cdprice shall s g-
r baidg ever wiLL h t rp psed dim Viist a t. bgi be formally evavated this month, bet
J mrw will tv e br ht to Plawy, and tint ha oth r d ti seeh of rlidn iadel s a sleon pledge that i will
at opida wril e einorn d to the army. Nio cria l, hari d blbrr chrs* i ov. No s
imfartm bm hag wg Motlr there are nsicient miacion U mle dotr veeks bhor bresaeched in
m of pisrom i Wa'aw ~old out fa E erope doml te im t95 yearn, ma may be daed by
time widm fms 4u-. D -nsmn 'd fgutt% a nW direct and inevimtble Inference from this ubnpl speech."
h mbiI aMla tad pd t dearnes s g The bero maw to our Contemporaryis to he found in
one i is is SW as War sr fi tm an on the Contittion of England, published aony.
mWr home gi so WarmIns-, oC -g "a ,l v in 1706 --
mad ht s. a 'd rnd-h m Cactth Rt 6h a itigemnilsm author, who are fnly
S______ ne wish Omridvton of the commonly deined

M as tlw of oar teiety, demernary, md an forth, while they
wFrm fny Stey sar deep lo the eance of Govermnm, ar
We amimd yrauiy de Paris Papers o Raf Rurdav, mly smog m ls with the paper and packdmnmd
W. wve fh opo r a Evs mig co nrMT'1pM T. of I oe in which it i. wrapt .....
Shet mppms to he as aIdueato of Sa T is ano axim more usiveIaly received than thin.-
amdn BLwhof at. Crmimr Peeler al the chamr/ 04 Dope ta e "ou w; mhnd
rsem artiy, which rad" will r whe I alerod, the i. none no ulfor t
Id rF PFanse. whie do. the ipea q=i of pmerti of im order end heppiam of a Blt.. Blt
iMe Pera. then H h Op- be jdems.od by the wtorde, lbt pen
M Per vir Paid that g m mai nghe of the memb rs of o nly w Id h is lo ugltu a "rm
tha Obeahar o Pins el. d ha with thewh of th sut ag IItIte, and
ahair of Pair hle i be wi h ta t gal- to whm itnate ad opinion he must evror e a ce
irmmbe sh be le g.d Is ..he d. . .........lot thog c ha sld
Po I I be cmfeW for tile, m *d s3L bet d by & . W
m is aswy d Sm sd n mako L e it av plain to thei menemt apacity, that thei
as A. drlh.. ,-io.p A,, ti.def aid ,o. t only maxi nec-ray for e ea. and
IL PsaWW dee sms h1 m in h dwih w tA4in sub-lity of may Overnment i to have an attentive eye
r- I ow vei, wt v, atoment mtti hay pr- to the mtesa of its contituents, yet I am fat fro ih-
ist ioed isPr- ing the nppllnateioun of this simple trait equally simple and
An hunim" -w 6 ( m) eais im it the eay. It i by n m means esy to d on t al Ol times with
S .he mp whothe constituents am ; and the g lener-
pmlimli d ae ra r-t is the nmld -apin-te ed nd experienced rulers have brought thenm.a4 into
6 Thme, md i involve a prinrile of indpedene diffcutieo by mmtaking them; nov, there is a certain wl
hi the btw gu tnte fw liiir. Timorv is in fa- of learning and exeri(.nce which, hby the cnfdemne tht
uur m If're-mlitarv mtiuce t ; etlericntc it four rhenrlitar ofen attends it, is nmor destruclivcr, in this rspet, thia'






@IN kM b wi math. Tz m i. -its

Our Co iO J rbodily -P 7io | a0
wiash= nd-- waithm o m

mac ri t im ser an hys, hmue oro e, Is
hoinm tohe d ioe a sonhs i pmia t ofh maien,
owes oMer of coemoqm"a-.e io doBelli
bha sre actually becotD heMg o. .i 1
uiar ps, or It worm force of a te ty, a;

woie oa tnh We ; whetette wao i
iunvenaieot i comatit L ad-I omn aupl is
inner of iodiclth bodily dastirt ofo, pi, a,
SIn-th remitga th eye iways which all p
bedreice to Goverast are *sated, c oad, su
ommands mde eectuul. And wheoder thi
im hbnd oftfe or of mtiny, of the rich ort
he wi re. asout the foolish I rhe y tho e w
nardinti of Rome, Paleti of Poland, he
:onsinliemiple, or Burghers of Oe an, luy m
rbhl I eao by the CVeonigrluwa e Oo rn-fdi
Our contenporary s-ya-" The bIaoe
he right to ali.vei to atoms the Crown rf the
Vhy the Crown of ihe King might hbye beet "t
he July revolution, but the French emtion, ri
nluential parhtof it, thosilt the inloeret of F
Ioinded a King. We are not aware in what way a
an reign in any country by any other tesain
opinion of the infueial prt of the national t
if a hereditary King i benefcial. That can ,
which is oupled to the opinion of that part of
which ha the power to give e&,ct to it pioai. 1
he French should chuse their opinie.
ne6t of Monarchy, awe 6r at boo it d I
bha the right of a Kiag ibould be rlguaime
hmsn by foreign bayoees.-
SWo repeat our conviction, tiht N. Caitli P
very conipresed hnoioin rspeoting pritciplh d
government, but that his instinct is goad.
It would appear from a Maifesto of di
Romnagna, dst they regret the departure of a
This augur ill for the permanence of the Popa' k
6th October, luL

Balema Turf Club, the following rules wersne a
1. That the Races do commence o r the 6i ,
2. That the lores to run he brought to the Pas
ings at 12 o'clock, pneciely, on Ti rnday, tia i
to be there entered by one of the Clerks of th
The coloun of the Riden to be then made kma,
the entlance nioumy fto time cup, to be paid.
3. That the entrance mo-ey lor te the cup K
the purses, at the rate of 5 per cent; and thai t"
money for the pulrse, to be pid o the d oday
4. Tlhat not less than three horses -shalm i nb
or any of the pursem
5. That the hone winning the cup, or a pi
be allowed to run for another purse.
6. That the weight for hones to un for n a
purses, ess than $100, be, weight for age-l yad
atone,-4 year old, 8 asone,-5 year old, 9 at-4
old, 9 stone 7llb-and aged, 10 stone.
7. That all boner to run for $100 purs, Wr
8. That the heatsfor i100 pursm, be twice
of heats-foi the lerer punrss, once ound and a
bert of heads.
9. That Mewo. John Irving, H. N. WeiI
Kerr and Freeman Turner, be the )udgs. To
dipules arm tobe rfrred, and te decmisd sI
1(d. That Mr. George P. Wood, be clerk of -
11. That the following tolls be akea at doa
entrance ItI the cotur, vi: for every saddle
and for every carriage, gig, or other vehicle, I r
12. That the following be the rae days ad
of pure to be run for, on ihme days.
2&6tk Ode&,,, 1881.
Ist. The Governor's Silver Cup-weight lfe
twice* round, and best of hats.
1d. A pune of 50--weight for age,-breatN
and a ditantce--am of beot.
2711 October, 1881.
1. A psr of S10i-weikgh, lea atm-
rond, ad bha of ha be
Bd. A pune of 50-waeig for ,-ha
and a distance, bat of heLta.
Mal Ooar, 1881.
]L. A pIof *100--wgigh, Itoue --Im
round, and lt of ba.
d. A pare of 50-'mgt f ,--ar g be
and distance, heat of beat.
1. That if dthe is auy money re iaf
above pu have beea r for, the lna -I
into a prne and run for by a the beaten Lhai-
14. That any horae j img or crsing mahaera
deemed di tan d-the accmr to prove dall
is to be mdernood, that any rider whoa WO
clear lelh before die ne et ba my chasm W
15. That tn riders be weighed befe amd a
heat; that dhe rider motridetheir hlr t dtr'
gi pma mud weigh; ad the dimoonts bhefl
weigit is ditesd.
16. That the tme of starting em sech dy he
pctly ; tat half an beor be allowed WRtO
eat; lead lth a buglebe smunded a q-n e f 1
Before starting.
N.B.--It is earn ly reqaueled that no dogs i
to the Rae Counrse o tli days of dHe Race.-
SIncatmrtly printed onae," ma the Iamb itat

1bgeOBE BIGGi. Edilor. WEDNENDAY, OCIOIBERI 1831. O&L I-No. I.r
S TIHE BAHAMA ARGUU. placed th blick republic and theovernmentof de Bar- of dhe hrach of their engWags a if they ba id
-ricades" is such threatening oppitio to each other. a glorii victory.-Ladu Times.
ru wmino sEun-we uKL IN NmSAU, N. r. Hayti, k I well known, been practically indepen-
dent since the failure of Napoledo 's nepediiun la 1I f A& Zr A rai CAeai al, a4 a9
--M 11 r ,Wf uM b WluW. In the time of recognillom, Franc never cunsotod to
recognize independence. When die outh American T Moi qm of Loadodrry ammd M mes at a
republics had sprung up out of l3panih dominstion, the isi Bi 0 to he demo
drot Government o( M. de Vielb, which wished to frm to put ioe rfepodtiag te smtmetI wich hio et m
treaties with them, nw the hsaidy of entering into com- made, ta portion of the Fma. troops he bees ir,
mercial relation with every other Trmaalatic state, ex- qutedal by lD nopddh to rmmela ihe co tr. Earl
cept with that which had belonged to its own country, mo d y *id rled n the omou of the French everm.
ww1 o, therefore, might still he mppand to be animated t, and mere than that he could met my. LrIm nce
w iin Frwue litelings. At the i time he would not re- had reached hi Mjety's Miniers, bet ainder fr ie
POETR T. cognihe the revolutionary priple without certain d ti- wthdawal of the French rouops ad ben honed.
_ouThe on 1 meanomotse exorcism--h e could not bore te a irren siee ther the French we, jbtifled by thoei eng men. in

By *onli *n d u *c hon e bid ; wlhutor tha nnts zr to ense ,u and eT- Wa he a
FIe Pule heard year s ty of his master without making Ilytian pay a r Lit a keepg anyortn theI s n cntry
A least. I hope tis tre therefore found it ncesary o make the King of France thu Dch d metirce or whether the Htry of
I'll speif of some one who ia nigh, emancipate them by Royal Ordinance, before he would outry bad dose thir duty by req t n I pe erI
IAnd he s all our woeh. treat with them; ibut afterwrh made so onrous treay "s i frm thie FIench em ie a or
Slpadon ou pple.the price ot of a needles ac of emancipaion. A a ebody perform ofa h e t c d
The m I mean, to you is known, of revolted slavm could "o ih admitted into the msciey of h Du of WdMsuj scts ii orYm l s ti.

HB edeceso, Gen'sal rms. The day of reckobioa. howThr, wh thofe lliprotidonl y I- ma y a pron"cM k w.
Up miorls, e d hiedl bad : teines catme wiout thie onsey on t hfor y could notof their fo r P and"
I'm any thing but glad. mak the Hyrti' go drinment -was iou to her our dd fr i ofea i o Lps. li e m as rhi ieof is o
its ban of excommunic tion b redily agreed to any term of sekin of Lepold. 116 w g oi
This mu, wha does he do, but whn which M. de Vibe oe imp Oad. Gres, therefore, w i b the B our- to bce soHo me, I emme id Isch
A female slae is tried, rejoicilg whoa their indepadeea w prodlmd, mad recogeald a sa iob hb mu. H. e Idt-Hmed d-
if nhe as even strck while men, hearty te l ome which theoy made dto an ra u a ir dpe o re Leep hm h is'
lia pardon ieaepdiehe sad, we aghe s
Wlw pardon is applied y possible amount of indeonty. Kiu Lepld, e troi o mopm a otns hm it tde
ITe predees.s, Gen'rl OGo. The day of reckoning, however, wir these Improvldent could only wI t pro troop to pa n o no.
Wu merwil ndh Ta b einpg came, and while they found d ti they could actiosl am te port o hism abjec or lma
He did sot us he m ke more gar or drink n m their labour did of his own tro o. Lot be emloyrlnt of el niree
Which is i thi n's i anot become lighter or their land fertien by sthe our in iuch com, wa itoerf rec which w
I mrm parduon. hen 'twa fa i, bo ordinancet of idepedee, o by the iznesion f wrog. Hie Odvsm oaede nd tia mp
n to transgessors old, the cop of liberty over their beadi, dy discovered that c by the Austri sad of Bspw by of 8byP i
Who hlwayi pbadoo, thereby mwpht wa not sa pleasant to pcy the stipudatd proe of their o i thi respect e i more libal i ib plisi tha. ir l t
Become indeed too bold. honour. The indemnity w4 Indeed, normoa : it Peel, who declared in the Home of Coimmon ilt oe
Then all ye islands far and near, amounted to 1.50,000,000 of Ifranc or 6h ,0000 n ter- lUtriaml ue jstid in inlrodcilon of tiJ Poor i e
CWoenire. ead raise the cry ling; a sum which their territay would srly have probably chgd i mid t ubjectice
Down with the TI knt, now.-thi year- broIght, though it had been u up ta action. But as they
DA wu rwitl phl"-o he y I. JON. could not discharg even at psal action of thiea of ein, The quetlon of Poor Laws for Irlad was last night
B hi un yoand as the sytem of paying by getting into debt w the introduced by Mr. Sadler. It was mt by the pvi
I am. 0 Paul unknown n to aa e. in fashion, they bethouglnt theimelveo of the iounnious to oonl t te divrio was only a majority, of rT a
A haplene bae. without sn name, Ilan l of nlaking the Franch indemnify one another in their of to r .
But yet I'll zg the battle won, eted, by contracting s loan at Parb. Pri capitalist en- Mr. uanley, who stained from giving any opinion oe
Bu James' fisher' a stie son. tried into aumptition aboutds loan, which amounted ft the general quiet aine e of th e Poor. No
Wltke er he ouc I cn ot e. tellOince fl a, wn 000 rc, ro whkb e a nciy in ha v yoet i Ireland, mader I, ew maneiag n t ht" poo
or likeht al.e aher g im e, pior unc cl d, vrioier pt e nobet amade uo ode out expri. hout i cmpon rti
A tin coat pedlar he may be, Thus stands tloir debt at present. Iead of being niou in favour of Poor Law was every day 'c dIn
I de net krow his pledig"fere. by te t g o e prdteroui.d ;n Ireland, and that to an exstns which T e Go-
Sdhold not re him hack hi swotrd.wo, uch term r nol gncially n pe o work or y been i pr of idp dec m
nut this I byo lee upoh your word; have aset to rance, it has beanrincreased by tieir failure v oe" lvert c u d or oeg ht to oppo d n ."l
Nor did I see him run awuay iou advancing tio dividend on the loan, and ay ounts nulw o Colonsl T enmi prog bee rndiml to rned r i
JIte'oiie he came not near tdot day. 1.5,OtN),tNJ0 of francs, instead of the original sum. of any plan for ullowingl rle-pyers voluntarily to mans
But let it po s.--I'e seen him here, I' ,Its wr t. temarl moves for ite maintenance of the poor. Nothing
Like tiger couching in his lair. inace 18i2, when the treaty of emancir p lirt was conu 'hoer of a provision, m waking de thenanre of the poor
Or like the panther grim, or oun e, cln4ed, various attenipt have been made to obtan onrdili- coryeuloV will avail. Without a complsory rote Il, r
Prepared slpn his prey to pounrce cautions of it favourable to Ilayti. blisioni lave been can be no check on landlords, d nosecuric y o f r the peace
iWhen e'er he gets you in hi, piwer, on ru h cntr
You'll rue the ilay th' onhalppy hoar, dispatched from ACitri l to Europe, and frto t turope t bourd me e er ment dron o t le c r
And if you qAHai beneath thermart, A.merica, on tre affair. We her indeed of no proto-
'Twill give fresh pleasure to his heart, coin" or "coiferences," because, the parties beiig ouly 5mpl if England in rather i n awkwardl way. There had
Behold m year King! yer tuionha, hof al two, such term are not o generally applied to the works or Tormerly been a high spirit of indeproalence hmong E g-
This in the abetn to whom you're sld- persons of their aeinInts; but many miontls of ine gotil. is o a la Ibourers What high spirh, when the country
And will you let this ol-a ike for, have psbsed bot i t PFort-au-Prince and aParys, th I setl th e was overrn by ggrs and e vagboeds, ad when all, mon-
In oheep hkin tdres insult you so ? quantitke s of si iar and colfe e which luayi coul ai inaly nh r of punishments havion been fruid a y record to,
Nh e r o rntne are pritons still, spare to answer itoi faith of treat o, and to indemu ily th the Act of Elizabeth ws at st epad. Tbe i -

To the I ntb cield thya new te had crewed their popular fvereigty hold e liied o t rain colourL P r L to thoe, an d a
Ta" up to this la nt, and we uic belon late colonists for the loss of their property. Be it rentir ditnce of which ourera grw onder the Poor Law. a
Wer i l do wid and I for ona. A. R. c nd howevermti, that during the whole time of tie Bourbon they rew ye independent. They we, afier ie IFrench
ptir _oneydynasty, President Boyer never thought of rel s ing him- Rvo lin, cheated by a conspiracy o"f ti Getry itoa
slf or hi country from te onerous engagements imSLmd rOceione theof p oof thir wig" s is i bri e ihap ty
HAYTI. upon him and it by legitimacy and M. de Vilelle. conceived they were only receiving a fair retr far t er
If we ca lilieve i ta theaytian journals, and the official But when the Citizen King wu called o the throne- L'bwu No uaen enre le dispoerd to be idle .then th
cedenieof the Harinci Government, we are likely when the treaties of 1815, which stored thd e Bourbons, labour rs of England.

Backs, we masy again, ue holile expeditions crousing the le"d lo nolhiip disvowed by reson." His proclamai- r"nTenlate for lanl in the l g only mens di sup|rict, we d ft
to lave another war to setde a question of separation, in were declared no longer binding-nd curious pi of T rphi- he o erla t hiSe r thel dwir tls have ld out
i p the e war between Ilollan and Belgiuoo, while nances to their in odepende became die flionabe doe- better uner stnd*ia e Ireetead pilo ym of e.- ar

iteds nanty io Beneium to defend thut kingdom from enapoesn.n The French Cosiul, who had theyitened ---------------
Fance, which ie an auilihry in she latter, mm be a pie- tri in Fenc--the Ilayu thought that dey migh and bor We ave be ilrmed by Ie M
ipal in Ih former. When these papers, wbic coe udo ake adm ntage of the new At a of tbine a well u th whrm e cn ely, the frms a may phemt have
o the Ub of et there cGpito l of the Hayti n repub- anient mother country. They did not eanctly se why Lon the flly of availlg Edi emr ve s of cth ndCkmie.ot
Ic., te holie cties of that new rstae lhd sre ed their popular Lvereignty should be liinid to certain colou, of tim Pu Laws tie jre the lab mer, awid dhet
ou up to he fhting poit and were af clmourou of the skin, or why blacks should pay mxg forp, there dtinecton, icho t neer to have been ht sig of, i
lo iseditim to defend their naosional ideroadene and to emancipation, uoaen their white brethren obtain thnir ade between r indstrious latiours and i o n nt u enl
p teirmoneoy, as ever devenof lgin blwere anginst the by the dexterons employment of barricades and pheinr Iaw bo el the Polie anad o Ipey to beiti themP .
ch since ymptheir" glorious days of Septenly w mbr." I the w sto righ teermy e tys opawi w p y Nrs of P- rmyn bestir i srmevor
laytaao persevere in their present resolution, and if Boyaer hns therefore annulled the new stilmratio ter- But with a pthpu o l etyod ie meo nn of ,t npl -
acdenis the principles of popular sovereinly to the ed into liv hit. Rent at Pari, and declres that he will at- i it, end cns que ntl in the b lowest illy, degrmalpi,rn

seemaion,--wit the display of so clever a beer1es Thus ends* the in ily Ilpia Bl s we may again see hotile expeditions croteing dt tend to nobhitig disavowed by resoln." I t pray it oui citg for In th e i nly mtanh ifer silut, we deft
A letic to make conquest or levy spoils in I lispanioe.- tion snnobheiag th t r solution n a curious piece of bphis- he or of Irnllad torie in the acil we.. Wbhe
We m know heppw th e French government can insist try, not inaptly turning rtist evea in" regeneraled" the rich he foretd to improve the por in their owner ae-
up" the re-subjugation of Ilayti for its own behoof, while France to his own ae, in order to relksm himmif from him fnce, the codklion of Ireland is hIpelem.-- I.
itds a arWy to Beigium to defend that kingdom from engaerments. The Frcnch Consul, who had threatened
d Dutc, who certainly were not harder taskmasters to leave Hayti ifthte new trutyv a 'ms ratified, in plainly DEGRADED STATE OF THE PRESS IN CGER-
' th Bel sn then the French slave-masters wereto the told that he nmay depart when he pleses, md a mearni- MANY.
leansI o St Domingo. The movement party should mori appeal is made to the Ilaytid nation to defend
l oL abarply after their Government in hlik matter, in their liberty and national independence." The ulonguae To the Edidr of tie M ease Cl romi,. .
h ripif i btilti go on, they ar mre likely to which of thePnar Lih en illempil d against theselve, and, iho rit uchd ri te degradatio r d t wichr
Sofa principle than the recovery of a colony, in words which iGeneral La yette might adopt, the sibe pr, latbors i Germay, frem he min
rIla ads we a on this occasion, from any strong population of enncipalsted layti are told, that"'['-wir tinst our liberti by the -grepat en als0 e4
eli o of bloodshed (even of black blood), and not puriotism and coues determinatmion to defend their that both the Police end td Iaq.Ia of d, r.m
4ed t a sympathie very strongly with either tide, we rights, whetevermayhe bde feority which awaits them,will pa tiolly in the North of (Oaramy, Vi i db Vi
imea at leire to be amused with t dexterity of command the easue of theb world ad de admiration of meas with each ether, i exo to soI
X tenlat ad the dupery of European caution mn'thi posterity." felinl tIht might e publicly eoxpnrmd im b Pe-
M16% oinu,--with the display of o clever a burleque Thus ends the indemnity reported by France from larnd, for rof giving of 1 tshe tyllllOf Amt prl-
P" oar forms of negotolatiion,--and with the kind of HaytL The black republic seem resolved to pay its oem country. In the Kingdm of al(rLHa m, lte doel-
hIb life below stair" of Haytian diplomacy, debts by the wager of battle, sad boasts m much of being nien of (iug William the Faw t it ef the
pt aim may happen beyond he Ailantic a s. a* b e to discharge its obligtion$ in that coin, a any p, Pra m do not e ve alow the inseties bn dI ailed
eas tI r oce of or readers intent upon domesic into- of the movement party in Paris. They hav ewes bgn the anew pe,," of nay private miptsaii raied fai
'w" t licetimo nearer home, we shlln make no apologyllv to celebrate their ncere before d' ha;e be" called upon the benefit of the ul ring hroic Puls. tA Ja., a.
la l vet P ilatio of die circumstances which have i contend for it, and illuminated their heas ia heer ttled Polemis," written by ofoer hA moda per s,

~gD~ ~s~B~s~sac ~



* .

P Ahy f fly dollar for .dim ,h copT, and this
is ha M erl vicy to Proaie, fr which country

--Wr m Y-r -- m z -- . .
wa g *ii advocalet d seted rame. This aerl

Snarwear rryt st ar degraded cotary a
Me permitted to hr C, lr plihe at Pari will do
am ac o ptrwioet oaind ~ sem hundred copies to a
blS r im money, i odnlr wi thli e dletuad of
r ,h..efre lbthe. highe in she awuf prfiety to
& med-l, eujoy he atliraction of r l uing one
tb Ian pduciw wilbth wi.the hpures anl nublest
ldem for a great camo uoald ever aspire dot poet's

T writer of tliheseoa win iglly mbarib for twenty
A(g 0.
Aqspt 27.

T52 TP..7S..

WEDIW iATY, eo(1T ER o. I1,31.

Om liday aitm Cip land Adderley, Wa. I. P.
laesm =d John SnMdes, Enquires, three of the Me-
ihel ret n their cLoniuions i the peace to Ilis
uc.shli tdo Go ore, through the Secretary,-thus
pnii agthir ildsorolmias of hU illegal and iuco-
dte -talel ha ne m hirm swaey. These thre
Let a ml liois here, a conemcentious and
plsfMt lmen I and having sworn to discharge their mags-
Weria, dles, in the execution of justice equally to all, have
iad k wt ere dea usele to retain the bauble, without
,a poa w d oan inhesn. Thly have acted in an in-
dperdant manner, in dcoumnenancing the daily acts of
Ili Eicelncy's tyranny and injutig ; and very pro-
pjrdy consider i at disgrace to be participation of his
avonir. We really are atunished at the furbearance of
the ilahallmts of dthies lands, upon witnessing lime
samefuld Invasion of their rights, and invults upon their
anrnrstahling; ilm wre still have Iolm., that they will yet
aml a dusteraiuod stand on ma to clck his unjustill-

L.-' - -- ) -- -- 1 I

cm m. w' ay do so by applying at office.
'"y'm mm most A y (1y The resolutinMs we were entered into by the
S beh t Arety and directly, eadeavourinig W p- House of Assembly, In cIncquess o of the undue Ztb%
tm ytsl to his caus. Do not Wb entrapped by them, ference of the Governor with the rights and privileges of
lam onagrdwel nonm If SirJame'. Smysto he per- the House of Assembly, hve already appeared in the
l to aemi yar" (emornr .ele eolth loagr, tl Courant; tine will shoe whether it belongs to the Ee-
i in er o r w months Iger, th lie or to the louse, to judge of tim expediency" of
a.soay *il he thgared, pat mremppt n. repelling a member ; our only asronishment is, that a,
(live, dshn, *, Nct'iutnr sKNTr to those who support Sir Ja.ies C. $Sntli went so lar, that ie did not order
hi, in the renuing election. ('hose those to present his guards" to remove the Bauble," by which the
yue, wlho ail atieseuldy uppen mur, in order that hi re- RSpaker is enabled to oern his authority !-Sir James is.
trn ho. may b farilitatid. in rcae thler has not been no doubt, a very loyal subject, but we regret, that In his
e. hibition of it, he shew so little regard to the loyalty or
aIeady matrivN dune to indmre lm Majesty to recall hin. fe|lines of others.-lt weald have surely been quite time
Perarvere ia tI detrlrminatiou to do no more businen enough for the Governor to apply for the expulsion of
whe hi, yeu who may he chaosn Memlbr of Ameumbly any member for cruelty to a slave, after he had been con-
AdaLt ithe e me t the Ceamldian did, aina evicted of infringing the Laws of his Country. We have
Sept do then e 1n h a be.n hrn furnished with a few anecdotes of Sir James' econ-
sI Earl of -lh "d be mem go home ! duct, to free while wonn, which sone of these days we
Th felowi is a apy of the gtadtLrnm letters, re- may be induced to publish, and before he exerts all his
teivu by M ius-- Addrry, Johmon, and n ouders humanity towards black women, we would recommend to
(l h dnh i p.ilrueas M agicrens,) fri, Hli Ecelleary him to laud his sin had--an' no beat white anes," or
She ll b he further from aus.-iJam Cear .
(mverrmw, threat dUe teretary of the Colony, an-
mancg his a of thr several egtions:- Eas CorraTa, NAsac, 18th Oct. 1831.
Naissu, Oaeher sId, 1831. To the EdiFer of the Ihaama Argu.
-- a required by hel Gverr to acknowlolgo Dan S.m,-Theloe interferencesonthepartoflthelEe-
sd smea* o yer hse eof this day's doee, tndering yeur cutive with the promedings of the Slave Court of thi
miiOa oft Jmi-- of ds Pne ; an d to acquaint you, colony, having invoked may into the field of duwunion,
a,.l i am ry mne tihe with pnleurm, inma as to whether it is stricy constitutional or wrrsnted by
m= n 6 w hm very wlg to keep tde sasme of exi inlaws of the lad ; and a there also appear
e n m irah (n mion of dhe Pme e lnger than that to be d onceno o opinion on this subject, between yor
i maOy wist perform e du tis of the appoint- cotemporary. (die Editor of the Royal Gamne,) and
mam yo-urself, I shall endeavour humbly, (for I have not the
I he the nw to be, presunption to suppose, dtht I can appear before the pub-
ir, lic at an eleluit U rie.r,) to add miy qiimla, in sipimirt of
lear mant na"irnt smrv ant, the bite poaion, auasaurlcl s di, tlnk it an unwar-
S. N s.lllIl"rI tSeruory rantable asumlniuo, and aon not to be tolerated.
leaving in ,our bast Aiaber but one, ins-ertle, under
There ulmerihrsn to the Baluena Turf Club, met t de our Edlitorial Iead;,i'rse to certain questions pot by
TPh. BhUi^irr to Th Tr i t, I u, diitlin t t e i e gl Cori.mi iin of Inquiry to T. Mathews,
Puulk Buhing, a Therday la, erding to e lura le Police Magistrate, nrelative to appeal and
motes*, and de spread lbuminess" iumned out to be noith refeream s from this Co(rt to the Executive, it super
ihag am am a" t lmp on the part of a few idividuhl, the neremity of my reapirulating them; I shall therefore
at put off ihe race fur the Cup till Jau.ary, although the call your attention, while I briefly advert to the report of
wrpas mer in training and every other necessrv pre- the mu comnmisner upon this subject. They state,
h" "i n thaat no appeal is allowed; and that the law it sees doae
parata a m a ig. We are glad, however, that lh not require any refrne to tie Governor before the
s t d; ad de Ram wi comence this daY saence is carried into execution ; that by a very mli.
*an nst*h" Vtry regulation of the General Courn, notice given to
the Govervno of all sentences pund in that Cot in cri-
We W pnd, that a Monday, the 1Kth td minas cases, whether capital or *ot; and that thev could
sm em momm of dth iummlua of dt RImmarr M-. not e any reas why wnotia should amt he given in like
ORwr t 1aq W d-quarm, or, as it Rb mwans rd iniay manner to the Governor of sentences passed in the Slave
dnr1 Ib Ld-pmr- tes or ani h m rbastinalY Courts in s of tracmuparalioa."
s yW by its IiaIIsI4 Cmitrl Bfl," (for Carmi- Wlhy then would dw (;corkdmen, (who fron the re-
chda Villa m ggon lhroughsL by fHi Exialancy SiJ. bh on which they had embarked, mut have been selecl-
C. siiy, amd andi ed heor tal ent and long standing at tim bar,) have ad-
v in he revision and amrnnlimal t in the law, did thle King'.
lm ae as t leapp n prroative (of which mm nmth has been s ai!) extend to
dk id be u IwA ng; a. the awful found u of the tones of I th Crt Iuy diut t" ause s conclusive, to shru th

.d.'r *h lI u ,W* kWM g ant, s."u
p in 1.6 liaghinG, surround da:m, liken black at arm
round a N.. Ili. Escelleacy with the-greatet
a- g ieaiihia iTy,. resmld hi e*-il
am upon the aloulder of8soiuel C., uld lis ldexter
upon that o Cudjoe Smsith; enqiuiring in a mowt afale
n familiar manner, after thr w es t ,and fam s.
Then in a speech which Ised for upwards of twenty
miouaa, at which all tle Com.ical Billios" rolled up the
wbtes o their eyes like d1s in thunder, and thd pur-
port of which, as it wa in the Comical Billy" hmng, our
reporter could not fully comprehend. He told them, that
" Me so for you Gublmr se me, dis ye backra, Misa
Rtighy-dy for you Gub r ow a;" which nobly turned
predation wuo the finah o Hi Excellency' harangue.
We have mid it wau a ohlt peroration, became h wau
the first time in his life, that our Governor had ever reasid
power of any kind, withoutahl; andourreporter solemnly
declared to us, that he heard NAtn a Ag, mer a grom *
to which we ejaculate, woDsserL!!! After this most
uslemn and imposing ceremony had been duly performed,
all the Comical Billiea, old and young, male and female,
pressed His Excellency with a water-nmelon, a musk-
melon, a doaen ochra, a may cocoar a few bananas, a
sugar cane, &e. &c. all which, we uppose, were deposited
where it is customary to deposit such provant; but ofthlb
our reporter cannot sufficieny inform us, as he rode off
before any uchb depot, or omminarit, had bena. de-
clared. Iis Excelleney, aftr o gleriM forage, must
be in good condition to rstad a leg.

We copy the following remarks of the Editor of the
Jamaica Courant, respecting the conduct of our Gover-
nor towards the late louse of Assembly, from his paper
of the slt August, received here by the sloop Dilipence.
These remarks were caused by the publication of a letter,
from John Wildgoos, Esquire, to Mr. Bruce, and shew
that Ilis EXcullency's uucunstutional memage tothe Ilouse
of Assembly, on the subject of the punishment of the
unfortunate Phoebe," is received in the same light in
Jamaica, that it is here.
Mr. Wildgous' letter would occupy too great a space in
our columns; but if any of our reader wish to use it, dtey








l of-tb authority Sir J. C. imyhall
yi Yim will also perceive the only
ion to transportable offence*, where Sir J. C.
tan asuned to hi"malf a right not only over this, oe
other, wherL dMe a concernd ; and revoke
linately the sentences of each.
Were I to narrate the evil tendency the m-soa.
i e smetme b eo only among the dAm.k
mireby escuap what they oa justly merit, but aeo L
power order of the free baihla, I should have Ueas
o trace the footaup of Some of my pe
lull therefore coonte myself by remarking, that l
uct of 8Sr J. C. Smyth ha mnifeatly absea, tder;
ine himf ee from sutsmate, he mresOecta L
ons of those over whom he is placed to govern;
would wish (tyant like)to make then impikitly s .
is will, however despotic, and at varilace with
trict economy of te stlt It rina to my recols
n old adage--" Hominioa'rr ,heiiaentu. vemroait,
prseverare." I sy,therefomt,vnderlem circuma,
resistance is jutifable : it is the only resource agaiL
violence of power, and tht by which, not our pan
but property will be respected. It was msraiesa
ove birth to the great chimatr, that lasting feoadunim
English liberty.
On perusing the Royal Gaseue of the -15th imst,
was not a little amazed on perceiving, that in a m
communicatingg to the public the dismissal of BC e
Duncunme, Est|uirelronm.and the appointment of Chis
R. Nesbitt, Esquire,'to, the ofce of Police, it isn
taled that the thrw Judges of the General Coust "M
unaulmously ofopinion, that the sentence passed on 1
lughes, was illegal May we no, with the strictest p
priety ask how to, and on what have they grounded hi
opinion 1 Or is it to be left to the wild imagiStionmi
onmance. In nmy humble judgment, Sir J. C. Smyth i
endeavouring to enoutrap ens; l how is it pomiblUe d
hluoe persons whose nanms ais appear on the comi
lion of the peace, can gern thenelves in cases o
leacription, if they are totally .inorant of the reuse.
The law appears many, very explicit, and (as t
conceive most cleyly invests the Justices with author
to transport-insomscb as it wa evidently dte i
leniuon if the Lerislature, that any *sae comominmin h
ssaillt, or making use of abusive or scandalous lmaa p,
to a white person, should be visited with any pnishm,
not exceeding transportation, tuts the Court tbouht pt.
ier to inflict. This then being the cai, the tree defwi
lion of a law, (however duliously worded,) ought tl i
in Msrict colirence with the resoa, or cause, that mo
the legilnaluro to enact it. Be it however undernd,@
that this is mwrelya sugeaotionaf mine, Mr. Editor ; f I
anm aware that, like all earthly mortals, I am sulijct a
error, and nma therefore have taken a wrong enoralo
if the provi s of this elause.
I am, Mr. Editor,
Your erf obedient servant,

NASSAU, N. P. 25th October, 181I
To the Editor of the Bahama Argus.
Ma. Einrrio,-My former definition of the arseamid
the wiods life and limb, having been fully adequi tse t
maintaining my thesis-tI least, as it remains so fr-
contraverted-I have now to consider the git eof a
arrmnlents, offered by your correspondent Procuuuar;
and the only point of moment appears to be in his tr
plication to the word transportation," of the sIr-
quent penalty attached to it, of death, in the event edls
turn of the culprit. Without a penalty attached t eitr
bond or penal infliction of subordinate character, he ed-
feet of such bond, or penal infliction, would be mewly a
dead letter, calculated to excile derision, raths Ihe
awe; therefore, its necessity warrants its ue. May et
it be alleged, that any one who wilfully incurn a pea
of any kind of a legal nature, stands indictment sr
such willul milprision, without relation, or mubslqsma
cnrrenre to any anterior offered.
'I'he first rule of our criminal jurisprudence is, tht a
man can he arraigned twite upon ea breach of the he
of lis country; once declared either guilty, or not gall
hla c.mviction being followed up by transportaltis I
penalty, he stands fairly discharged of tie original dHm.
Should, however, sorh culprit, return frona srac
ment, the question on which an indirtment would i
founded would be, not of hills uilt a prior, hot upen e
open flaritiousnem of murh return, and lie would ONt
deilh, not for the commission of an oflence to whiAt r
right of pleading his hlrrcy was originally forfeitnd, w
for one aiulmlrn. My oliject in the precrdine *N'
meat is to shew that tile ife of the culprit is not invare
in is aorigcial sentence ; it therefore cannot be sid to*-
tend to life. Ils innitslation is not allowed; it raenatbe
mid to extend to hmb. It may as well be asertil d
any ine paying under a ruin declared to be in a f
state by a Grand Jury, is guilty of fei de K ; he he
his risk equally with the transported felon ; he chewO"
incur that risk. The/fee de may be therefore mitrc
ed, in the event of uch casal fall of the rain upen Id
droted head of the pairing victim; for the chencm d
etamp were deemed at least eqMal to theie of finmi bt-
fore the attempt was made.
1 am, Mr. Editor,
Yoaw obedioet aervnt,
Our's i a lowly race, but oft in humble station d
uo&mbtal worth, beyond famsidim pomp,"--.o it is w
us. We an blest with considerable advantages from
tore, and our pbli utility i uaqnationable ; our (ha
is extremely eammero, and though ome might hbe irllie
to call n useciable, from each of e orccpying a separa
domicile, yet suc is not h fat,-for at pr.ier tli
and eawe, we congregate other In tr gnorattlt h'
0 g


rrr" ~~

710e ilatasuWa *rgaw%.

ue lr hiona ca4nnot1 in coNmUiderastly viewed, with-
I; l -itairanion,--mome of them are remarkably
J ifid, ethern prodigiously strong, whilt others again
iethsimm demirabk' qualities; upon the whole, we imy
a ievasity, my of tlhe-i, that the durability of the nm-
s the Igreat strength of tie fabric, and high finish
d intLerior, are rarely excelled ; notwithstandilng all
o ac.h, they are so lighl aI to be removed with ease, at
l of td occupant. We ar elow, it nlnst hib adininted;
ed eona r want of vivacisy is couipenteatd by our str.a-
diom. The christian principle of mleeknes is well ex-
s.pibd in pur conduct, being perfectly passive under
y, and oflrwing no resilenie whtsoever lto the via-
eum of our upprenmrs; without ime aftication of poetic
Swe do really enjoy, the clear water and ples-
l md of tllhe tropiical ea. Here we peind our
im, and find our sunsrntance ; who will dispute our
*ribt The fisherrnam fully al)nreciates dhen,, for without
Sbhe would bto ofln lit a loss in [pmlait of his calling ; to
She convaleacmlt applies for the restoration of health
iD ,imour, and even our leserted tenenenIts may be up-
id to very useful purpowIe.
aisamian. to v u we addrem ourselves--ctplinwhom
w are; if we may not presamne to call ourselves your
friend, we may certainly lay claim to tin honour of an
itimate acquaintance with you, and of having given you
a mane.
February 17th, 1831.

IIs Majesly held a ('lhapier ol thle iosl Noble Order of
ite Laiter, at Windsor Castle, on daturdny week, when tile
Duke ol daxe MAllleenge (Ille brother of her Maujaly) wlho
uns elcIted into the order ua wards of a ear ago, received tlhe
inveesiture or the en.iigln, &c. The uetn. tile Dunhess nof
Cuinmterlaoln, and the Princes George of Cnulnerland and
Canmbridge, were present o witness the ceremony. A mnag-
nilicent bamiquet was afterwarals served up in St. George's-
hall. where several of (ie ambiune minimerm. tile great offirer
*' Ilale, tle principle ofiirerr of tihe liomashuld, annd tie oicene
ol Ihe order, had twe hoaoun r of diuusag Wilh ltlher Malnjeaies.
The Inmagnificeun service l"t gold plate, emntillanl :iI i: o.noont.,
wat used on Ihe occasrriuion. .\ lnable baruu oat liocl, It-iIng
177lbs., graced the dinner table.
The King bus conferred the honour of knighthood upon J.
Re lis, 'sq., tie archlitoct of I.aundo-hrlaige.
Thenational tribune to Mr. ( 'n:oinialnei iionllal, I:iY tihe
Dlia Mofrang Reagiatr, to 42,n. 5,s. ;;. :il. A' large
tualribulion, tlhi% (ronu nlie pIooresl anld Inisot di.lrtsed
peaautn, on Ithe face ot tile cartnl "]
On 1 tedn-4nay last, s t)roin,e elatne aw;q erected inll IInover-
Meqius Edinburgh, ito lnie aleniorry of the llte Rightl Ilion.
ll. Pill, on .i peilealal coinmpoa-d o th besth Sncoilh granite ,
lslee thee in height, eacllslive iof the stillne, whinrc IN a111 tLctl
khgh, and weighI upwards of lour tons. Mr. Chantrey is the
Mr. Wellesley has been discharged frnn the Fleet prison,
IL ar of ie Ln)rd Chancellor. MAs W'elrle.ley healing
Sbrouighl back within Lle juraldiclion of tle Courl of

Bridl Trerarmtl of tf Eastlish in P'ortuanl.-Several
Eaglishonen, we are infornied. lhae lately been grnnsly insult-
ld aid il-mreated, and on Ihe Consul remoilnlraling with Ihe
Government. he wau informed that tholw who did not like i, i
migt eire the country Lieouu.nanlts PaiIell and Fitzroy.
Shis Majesty' ship Itriton, in taking an rciurrion into the
couet, were attacked by a bouly of peasants, robbehl, and
ea with bluidlrons in a nust dreadful manner. They were
erwanil fauna by mome counnlrvywlinan 1I) ng lln the ground.
IIast dead. ninh thai sympaihy ,hln h wimadlni seldlom nfail.
ts eereise for the dinlrnsenl, thly immedliaely c.onve)ed ourr
aewMnrmn to the nearet cottage, dressed Iheir wounds. paid
the every pousble attention, and at length hald he hanlpi-
am of semag then safely couvoyed on bonrd Ibe Britonl.
I saueuum Parnell and I ilzroy were, however, in a very
pairnle madiuoo.-J'Fan u,, Pucker.

1t1 Clans not to exceed 40 Tons,
2d 26 ftee
3d a 184
4th 14


1st Class, not to exceed .*0 feet-6 oars $4
2. 25 4 3
la. 1. 8 4 2* 5
The menasure'nrent to be, from tle fore part of the
Steiin to tle after part of the Transom.
The following Gentlemen are the Umpires, for regulat-
ing the Itace of each day.
Licut. Luke, R. A. Lieu. Warren, R. N. and Win.
Munnings, Junr. Esquire.
Capt. Ilobson, R. N. Ilon'bkl. John Thomson and
George Caumpljoln, Esquire.
Lieut. Shorllnd, R. N. Ensign Wm. Hill, 2d W. I.

Regt. and Gouorc Anderson, Enquire.
In consequence of lte remonstiances of the Irish Re. and Anderon, Esquire.
Member, and we should hope with a fill conviction of the The ir intend Rul e and Regulations for mailing, may be
impolicy of arming one peculiar class of the I.iopil, to had on ap1ification to Geor~o Cmplejohn, Esquire.
keep down the other Governnomnt have deltrminl. iil not t ly order of the l ltere, ,
call te Yeomanry of Ireland sagin into nrivl, w.rnin,. W. T. PRESTON, Sec'y.
The au oof that country, haowevr. reqairing a lIrigI mIi- October 21st.
hlEay force, it is in colinlliniatlion to send ovar thi Militli -a
Of tWney-eight of the English counlis.., wlich insav' Il- dL .A IZ ,
ready haa trained, and will be fnnrtwith rndernrdi nvnil-
S- far th ulic meric-. The Kent, Surry, Suasx, At Liverpool, on the 1th August last, M. Richard I.
H u- and idl.leie Militiai are to form a Iart of this 'Farington, to Mis Elizabeth Sergent
Amd they will replare uome of tie' Reginiis. f the ZIEDM,
l* which are to be iarisnmed in tile n nuofact.ring On Monday forrnoon, aofer a severe illness, in the iehtlh
" feverish TIta e anh ie fIripUnblic l*inn; h tin' year of lii age,, Octavius Pauli Lightlburne, son of the
Sfaveri success of keeping doin al' in'clin vo,; hua al l1e late E. J. Solomon, El|uire. e
t-her IacCs in ke |)iinag down ;i ll inCaliiv.clins illn lli-
1" of discontnil will not, in either kinld2iii., iinlluclie tie -
Gm aesnt to r.lHx their exrtnions for tile rFli.loal of ftie L X~stAn s'r.Y; JG0
Ifd disffection.-Obserrer.
S ort Mmry.-The fit bh- Errr perro m albot to leave thee Islands, after
Sa d l of Meruer.y.-Tlie first bhllow nearly ctnh-
etWd s. One mre ethirlt was necessarv : and whiln e ther larng rsindei Ierrai for At qpace o/f TMiTY DArvg,S
athi, pale as death, conurnuedl rowing wih lgair, one, of Rec raiy l the Secrefay's Office, erp p histaae In
~ iblinag eomnanions. an ofncer in the (:uidlre fell ono e
a Iind began the onrl's Prayer. ol which he did not said OIrefonrrtrrA.Tr Dv prfiwu lto
-'aie word. Whem the danger wa over, his roineage h Ticket
I and, ashamed if an met he coull not himseif c.m.- ar' wlhl, at my fime d'ing ruo"I rrr t! DATI, a Tkumt
IIi whispered to me, I am now thirny-eelghi ean may be obtai ed.
11 a smy sixth year I never sald a prayer in mn Ille.
~ aonreive how f recollectle that one: awl I do lde NAME9OF PERBONS
t l eS t the present moment I should not he able ao re- aOUT TO oeraim TicaTis roI DoreAarng.
Sin a i of it."-M i f I le. th July, Manel Arrne
s oth September, -- MaNhew O'Brim
NOTICE. l.tlh Wi. J. liamilem
At a meeting oflime Committee of the Ba- toh Robert Wier.
hama Regata Club, held in de Public Build- Anthony Doyle.
*i. the 8th nil. it wasM th ....- Cap.ain A. Riadd,
t'"d, That the day rf %ailing for the Cup, bo on Ilth Orcober, Flialh Pibley

BI I _"l s :7h .- 7. P n;ml. .
th Rm A. Ransom.
Se forty on., hall allowed to J.

'AT a m oeting of te Cuomaitiue of lhe
Bahanin Begatta Club, held on time 9lt
uilt. in tal Public Buildings, it was agreed,
that the first Annual RienHta sahoual ronumence on Tuaem
lay, lt 1st of Nove nabclr--on which day, the following
Iriz s are to Ie contended for.
A Silver Cup preentod by his Excellency Sir James C.
Smylh, Bart.
st. All vreels that are to nil for the Cup, which are
not undor 15, or over 40 tons, are to contend for the
prize oulide of Ilog Ilamnd.
Yd. Two Primhs for the ad Clam Sai Boats, which are
not to exceed 18 feet over all-the irat Boat to receive
$35, time second 07. Theb prizes to he contended for in
thle Harbour.
3d. Two Primes for the 84 Clas rowing Boats, which
are not to exceed 18 feet over all; each boat to be allow.
ed four Oari-lhe first boat to receive $20, the second $7.
These Prizes to be contended for, in the Harbour.
Persons willing to enter veaela or boats for the above
Prites, will be pleased to smnd in their names, with the
dmecription of their Signal Flag, to George Camplejohn,
Esquire, on or before Saturday, tie 30th instant, at 12
o'clock, at oon.
Thursday, 3d Novneber.
First Race, for the 2. Clam Sad Boats, not to exceed
26 leet over all, which are to mil eastward, from Fort
lMuntaie-first boat to receive $50, tih second $10.
Second Race, for the firt Class Rowing Boats, not to
exceed JO feet over all,--ch boat to he allowed six Oars.
Tima first boal to receive $80, the second $15; to be
rowed for in the I arhour. Boats for the above Races, to
be onlmervd on or before the let proximo, at 12 o'clock,
at noun.
Saturday, 5tU nrctmber.
First Race, for vessels or ail bats of the first Cla--
Time fitr versul, or boat, to receive $80, tie second $2)0.
Second Race, for fourth Clas Sail Bouts, which are
ant to exceed 14 Itot over all-to mail in tine Harbour.
First boatn to receive $0O, the second 53.
Third Race, for tle second.Class rowing balts, whicli
are not to exceed 25 feet over all, each bolt allowed four
Oilis. Firlt boat to receive Ww,tlu second $lI-to row
in tint
l\'Vels, or boats, for tie ablovo Races, to I renteired
on or before tlhe 2d proximuo, at 12 o'clock, at noon.
The Classes and entrance, are as follow:

September 29i


T IIE SUBSCRIBER hm on hand abmeut 0 doe.
of superior London Brown Stout, which he offers
low for Cash.
Ortolw'r 12lh.
A GOLD BROOCH, Oarnet Stone, at with Pearl,
in the form of a leaf. A sitable reward wi be
paid on Its being left at thi l ce.
October Ihh.
M RS. HOWARD, Jr. haI reamed her BosanaI
ErranT.anIHrrn in the Cae& de I& Ofe north
of tld Government llous.
The very airy and commanding mitunmat d chif hole
should conuand the attention of ad trvellera In a war
June 1I6h.
FOR KEY WEST, to ni in about 10
days, the fast sailing schooner William Ros,
for pasumgonly, happy to Captain Wall, or,
October 12th.
S That commodious laome and Lot, sime
in Shirley Street, the property of Mr.
Richard Brnett. For terms (which wi
he made convenient) and other ptiulans,
apply to the Rnlncriber.
October 4th. JOHN WILDGOOR.

S The Hose and Preima at pras occpe
by Mrs. Pokier. The Hoe li i any I
convenient, withdarlKikrhem id Wt
attached, chair hbores adl WItIaB a
horse, extensive yard and gram piece. Tie eam
have been lately dhoueeilly repaired, aid d oslor part
of the feacs he ha ee newly pitup.
tnret of Lantm situated a the VifN Ceetarinitmg 00
Hare,. II ii divided by the villpe-nrad two Lo, the
uwsern lot heing intesrmwld hv the ei read ledine frmi
dte villa Into the Blue hill road. This ld wil e di-
p !dIie one r dree lms. Apply t
I Srpember 7th. JOHN W. MILLER.


Oct. 6th-H. M. chr. Spdenll, Lt. Ware, Cran
." H M.. Kangaroo, LL HoLay, e.

Oct. 25bt-Am. Kchr. May Traver, Maniu Ba-am

Oct. th--Am. ihr. Mary Travern, Manske, BaIM me
In the Am. schooner Mary Traven :-Mr. Rmch, of


fH AVING fied the asse of AD n the 'eo uf
fa per tarel of superne Floor, Onlered, thatn i
shilling .Lof do weigh lb. 8r ., ad themimpeay Ler
lib. 49. By order ohe Vaesy.
DAVID PENCE, Votry Clrk.
VrTrn RooM, 4th October, 1881.
7th October, 1881. I
P ERSONS desirous of completing a ilie a
Lot in Shirley Street, law thd property of Jit Ii
Anron Dixon's Estate, will pleue give is proepe fr
the uame, on or before Mooday, the Blat imL, e.N
ably to a plan end ipecificaio which can be IL S
reference to William Hield, Equire, Church Wards
By order of the Vaery,
DAVID SPENCE, Vestr Clark.
T H E SUBSCRIBER, intending to leave thee -
T lands in a frw days, for the United StiLts of Aw-
rica, requnlts af tIhos|e having demands against him eor
the American schooner DArT, to render their accomen
forthwith, at die ufoice of John Slorr, Esquire.
Muter of the Amsrican cheooer Drn.
October 22id.
HE SUBSCRIBER being about to nave the Is-
land, requnst aI person having emba aiamc
him, to forward their account without delay; and dam
indebted to him, will please make lmdia pymet.
October 18th.
T HE SUBSCRIBERwill pu in mit, imdiarimiatly,
IIl accounts due to him, and rem aiiog unpalil ae
the firt day of November next.


-' X

_-. ,t-emm the in ll, r h be r tew odc cak.A
ma ro fsib Jesse. t enti rie Ord with d a- o uV" 5 aInsr.aTT = t*i Achs =oRtW, besm en as called downe. Hfrose re isl,
Av did wh n nen d p dm an- and an dehimsene buiomr which hmas h:
ashe irasd f r imh dosvral Dphi ta*w r of which a gired early e it Rire g ,a tat t uc- mor h ;Zaae tolmaz bo widch r
ur AeIaiMste.,W Teuiial to tointera sas @11 e1e 11 Ofa d entmtasst d amntm ote d' B t of d. Freanch p d d O rad o Us arO. The Party bhe
amgtho T aThme of tde U of Jae contain ti h e O made. 1il see B %het Ao we arbitrary dth cin Ias 6, after wsmee bild a po aiogmt meal, -
veI~~rame mauterano d for N urel dharom ber:- and falnthe luoodowthof (Ju daly Bhoemlie uiucd s timesr pod nt efoteparture, when be eamnedy s mid to them-
SS h s rie~a msl eemm ie the e,.r mee mepled, anid he u ir b rf e that ie L gctiou s "Now if ay tricks ae attempted to he payed a4
mus bl sidm n rd Il A wi, ch are does, i.o .ae may throw ou lf. yuk of m P eop. and give hlmwm Hr e Il in ire at hie tcrpw,if one ik er If
ndo d w wshmmsauon wsch sbet insbr moemli to a Por er which ou ldu tr mtin e blwver st ds mpect it is living being." Thay ade oI he
bpMr l g ems Brman e fmy, the me M a se u aunmirid tl btn haa "r -maer td fm o'cl tc."
O(ik a n i sIn tora tnt r tha t ye ou l m i o nr etyrt MANIFESTO. am be twel e o'clock. d
may, bpe cps m drm the petod ,na.sm4wioa do w T"e Aarh miei oI ewd i phroi Had dcipline tHe n e ft aloei. He gained hi.
peaed wits ie rpidty rwich yo think anemary to we ndaisd, hi o ly i h i, we n it was mc- r h h.e ldm nl oui of d lh f co l bl r
uu welar, T om M tim e isa C-a-noer reronie. a, wefln A c .,ry R indg, ouh proied, o o mc, lenhed hed or of midnight arrive a d, A1,,,.
ymo rilie. TIl wM klul nrrogn o w cen"dl by a dtodM of *. oU "* f" llousd ibuel on hn esr, I- dotfctly Pe fit
asu yal do esity of rrms of the erils which Re Go- amended by Cardinal Be.ivfll Afew houne aliert at m oud viae at bed his ear, ie d ftnctly bsaw b
m st-rated forh mn your destrectlue bt arrival. etim lih July. as ldonser d their cin- be t mnove- o to d p s a o isl from tI %%
Municipa_ d o -.pnewl s m m pd te oo s uvancd at ti coln, and eiclsaerd, If you a
*u0, a well i as Meuidlpl, man pa.reive t.e a.mpo udme without any proJW irsd kelt hot a n p i fire." To thi injudo he reeied
uime of fr i U i ng i s de, a time uU amnsa lo d r n- c. numlba of yaoun me wio "r, O" w a-' ,e i orp roe up in u tohe rcof t. e.
Le wh inecsr rily rs roa.ed inm ti n in e e bu o te suivt s si gingh s sy bou r i s do h peto~doh ias up in the cll o iUc- (
mles b) m I le fe s b h e h a o mn Tie o ld d tioh he y uof ls Amustri ro ws nve. ute m and te bullet wu thrown back in his face by the
oni r ade ee h gh am l ev @ a rs d wic the fr m l ramisga tine of tde youtnl.ti aedo He fell to tie foor with a piercing driek,
Carnies, l e mOb> o yo o edI n w Lerthy Ial alr u ded, f ne oro y.d Ty vloj t of iitl yh rnm a lunatic-in which wretched state he reiMar i
a.n tihe. c of asj cto n dAilsm l, l ut rom gi bov e folloht ed by atm" nodm eggpeuns, which his death, which Ikppened about a year saftef the in
so h sd f u On AeWly, d bd g-ivm n have put tie ddpouloo of td aarod oL do ma ofl civic laid truly heart-rendinp scebe occurred.
Skrep d. r. of it a(;o. rerlu-te. o foA mo rere lamentable naancof cruel folly prLmp.g,
eB.m Lot an i m arm o of Ow Repn- A cry of indication aur through a the provinces occurred. Had its victim re ected but for a mon
maietleres, wlo, hlog dmra orf as n he maor dlve an, Rotains: ith masncre of indu paeambe citiaensa of Ri- a of mr
au hes Iatr dbt ieat ers. T hey kno w o r mii by the Pontificl troop wan cosiered a their ir d hae ee aed th e o. idea o f ting b
WaetS a id rn put.. ad thm. exploit; a general feeling of honor was excited, and still returned, or perpe that of shooting a fellow ct
o M preipluesr do na mr ourselves to be d- farh icr d on the Ih of July, when we a d tok sch an eect upon h nere, that raso
c .ld, .V e de i rt im hippinem or yr country-if f Roma. g Uan a th it C bd be. f r herd pire never to return.
ry dbk.e di raml smild had e alys a uIa o )f lrwes, m by tihm uasuon of tle PpMaid some cities, fredr Dumring t timue he wl gone t ofe hie romhic to
re ar in k di Al of hoaor, sad you i ll U e Mnattiot as the Auitris roop gave up the e to the persons who wished to re him, fwhrom tat
h* ie puld mn replaln year m d. Support tie M, the Civic Guard; the ramnicatiom of this plot extendd pony concerned,) the bullets were drawn fro thea
Cemnr di t c.h od-hi obdintt th h laws, l over Rosmagn, iad ,e object of it was r e .eteni- t o given into tie ands of the corps, Wo
=Mit do ooannt o uti da riCs-l iis timea th o lio the li one of tmhe party who was present when the wg n am,
et he pi l etit, anhe mailrv. Lt hurried from p nli- Tai olofne h retie lr ed tomreqire of hne comp is ld. The occurrence is never thought of by any d
dJh. h^ | ud. t -imry. k ur p=ci The Bolopnes thenI resolvd to require of tho ronipe- acL ,^,a?.^ ir cSn..^
fm to p rSl, e- DI fan nototl ruin. And shall sent authorities tim disarmin of tbhee suidiera, snd tdey actors in this foolish affai, ut it occasins a sigh, a
iL boe tIh, mrult of dm many InbouL of the nay din- obtained it; this suMi indes d the inhabitants of Foni Pang of remorse.
s to wIrldH you Imre esxpor s yorselve r th u ion he thie s me demand, hbut being refused by the Pro-
of Vi mnor lrv 1 SId i he thie spertarle which we legate, thie proleded to ditw the soldiers thenumelves.- NASSAU, BAuNAu,
ll exhibit mo rivilhl N tions, which now be uld M Frinas, Cesei Funrepogpli did Ilh meow without any 6th October, 11. |
Wid mate saei l tI Certainly not ; voe are Brnilisuu, tumilt, nd with tiea rcoi of the authorities. In these 0 AT a meeting ThlDu, of he Stewards lf
and ith ilO sil still admire your donce and yow events them no inw 6n tLnit e Boerei ty of tlme Pope, Bhlum Turf Club, the followiji rules were greed t
a5O n w noear tmhe Inw no ne owr the Magra, nao chuae in tm aees-. That the Ract do phaernc on the 26tl imhit.
Fire oar Holy Rlifnloa., fe Drualin Nti om, the blisen order ; in ahrt, n i of rebellion. i. Thal tie Hlor s to run be4sb ght to the public Bd
im-ratl LQtiruive Amenrub, the Caonitiotdal Esmperor Thee people are very wnllieg to live in objection to ings at 12 o'clock, precisely, on Tlmurilny, die 6th isL,
Di. Pirto le.! paternal led wre Governsens, but not to be given up to In be there entered by one of the ('lerk, of Ihe' Can
Painer of the MOnai lpal Crhmber, May % 1I31." de arbi iary rill of a lietiou soldiery and noililtry dit- Tile colours of tle Riders to be then nude known, ri
ilmWDl hiv F, rcisu, Luis iS Cota (UliIrmiraeC, Prai- poitbm; they will no mre be viclinouutariiced to imtrigues time untmnuce money fui the cup, to be paid.
i- antlJ *i rri msd the ohber Mrole-Tr of lose Muni- ad olth veigesnceuf threen en, who, byimoin)ed urdl Thltu Ill entrance money lor ht, cup to be 5,
cripl Cbhedor.-Diw 4f GOmeru to 7tA11 J of peac and confidence, eek only to gain utise to con- le purses, at the rnte of 5 per oent ; and tl tthe enilrn
too Ilaum Iheir persections and hiri nasaucr. money for the pusnes, to be paid on the day ofsartingn
Tk Qawrn' (Viu .-Tb Crown which tIb Q n Tbh inhabilinut of Ra n n iherefmo couasir the en- 4. That not lea than three homes hall run fur ithe l
warmln t tAe Coroation diriln ery little fruon the Crowln trance of the Papal trapo a hostile oppreuio, which, or any of the pures.
of Wum war by his Majty, es ,pl tIt it is mailer, ruing img national right of defence, they intend o rest, if 5. That the home winning the cup, or a pure, sat a
awl tme jeweim an not so numerous or an large. The they do not obtain die mot specific and secure guarntees. be allowed to run for another purse.
au-ud ir o goa, inted of qlanmri. Tir Crown in Try are, besides, autborised to do so by the brigmdage 6i. That the weight for honres to run for the nip
whirl Irme Quie return fro the Abbey to W.nstminmter which several Bili|ipo and Priests have, by order of the pursne, les than 1UO0, he, wriiht for age--3 years u, T
H4l is dm to elipjr al uwlbe. It i of the forun of hie Ponlificl (iuvernnmnt, endraoured to encourage in die mtone,-years old. tone,---. vear old, 9 atone-6 ya
pnresdiol, bu so t hickly oeoiud with immnlely l rge dil ic of Monte Fctro, Pesar, &c. old, 9 atone 711l.-and ged, 10 stonp.
prars and ois-onls., ail otllher invaluable jewes, that nt Every boly, and especially tee Ministc of the Powers 7. That all horses to run fuor 00U purses, carj i
a pirmI l ofde to ld rnn I se e .n. Ti nound nd an rch- to tie H'ly See, knowl at tht ohe public wish of the ppu- stone.
m ore an renirr nrms of va lh e1 of thes ltion of all these provile i to obtin wise laws which N. That the hlats for 100 purne, be twice round--
rtL is Ill ,'NIt. ; and though iy are so onuimrns and mU imUprove their silatias and ensure Iheir welfare: they of healm-fog the leuer purses, once round and a di-m
thL t walb Cr:e weigh only 10 o. 10 dwt. The d ime, hbove all, iitations conformible to he spirit of best of hets.
Alhsim Ma ths tudus r.paitle y of d IjeweL in di ihe a.e and to th pregm of (iviliatin, bwich mnye- 9. That M re John Irving, H. M. Willianm, B
m m lendal of didem cur e iem g unia te d npoic capriced of oam newr nin: Kerr ed Freemno Turner, be the judp s. To them, i
Tweaty d mnmad rod ihe circle, I f nch r b 10,000 they demand t lul th e execution of their laws s be gua- disputes are to be referred, nd her declions to be L
Two large erstr dosonds, ,.UUOL each 4,UXI rnuteed by the creation of a National Council, which hall 10. That Mr. George P. Wood, be clerk of the co.
i- cami dinlpat o placed eat Ime ail a discum and premrve tmei. In making these denands, 11. That the following tolls be taken mI ihe not
the frm er 10(0 thu people of Homagm solicit only ameliortions which entrance to the coune, vis: for every acdle hoeu, I;
Fe c m, manpd ofiatmy-frv dio. love been prinisbedd ind guarand to them in orme ae. nd for very carrige, gig, or other vehicle, Is. j.r wrLe
mma 12 ,0* surp, by tim Animbmuron of the Forein Powenrs when 12. That the following he the race dys and die Urnto
Fem ha diLaa, of i a of the tuen 41J10 thoas Power w, aered to the Holy See the temporal move- of punes to be run for, on those day.
Trirt d-mm costaid in the iB d r-adsis 10,a ) rmigty of the integrity of is dominions It would be ri- FIRST DAY.
FJ1i1me aemb dimMIeo canmlad Is doe maw VJ10 diculo to coaider Dm Edict of 5th July an capable of f a .
Pr.a.s dbmnm .do l., as udrm &eOeUO r nvourm he people f dn legtiou. 6th Octorr, li l.
Oe w n c acid s oatd fo ug no a dirome fno hi st. The Governor's Silver Cup--weight for s ge-h
O ed d fSt d Full of mrepmctfor te PowresI nd ~ ially for is twire round, and best of heats.
Twesm7- din h a e pper crm a00 M estpy the Empror y Aunri, mb people o Roln ags ed. A purof *50-weight for oge,-leat oncer tl.
Tn i cmisren o m rerm da pruots loudly before Ea op theat tw hare bn cam so d a dse ace-brt o besat.
Sh l d h d, in be ra repaue bc a rebels ruady to tlwow oSEaONd" DA
-Eoma Pa. pe. mal racial pow. sad desire to have popular republi- ECOND DAY
-Er pw.__~_ _~_____,p n government etaoblmed in the leamtios. If they are 7tb Oit or, I1l.
hmdpM ig ueranrw Tb.T. al .i m es ge n m noow a ins iMrmrecia anime t the Pnatiical Govern- lt. A puar of *100-weight, ten stone-lerl two
wi ide mHa nes of dhe a m,,wo Ia m .as m atn-i they Ihae pmtaneou y uo asp ar t i to round, nd best of hents.
od oa es d ise rhisl.r of dmaol gihed bema. dfed dten ehl ame mes he umuins paid by Bernmi. 2d. A pu e of *50--weight for age,--leat once rn
In a dia n ka e "opeloiag r iRh aOsmC and to obtain ythyie easn ih instilations and lawsr and a dmstnce, best of heats.
The l*s sd of It Roon sPerL a ine boy Tera"s which t a heve in ked in vain. i DAY
aae mi ow te m e, sad bet, n. pertpsp., on f the THIRD DAY.
Iqiel taareu is le kbingdto. a pe amet. n der th -SA Octoerr, 1111.
tawin of ha Di. FE mL. mat doe m "cy m eodVf Pato Fr' .--Abm 9 years go, a younr gentle- It. A purse of t100--wight, te slone-4hca t
h e L d rv as m De r o. Robk mai r a dY man re ru for s e nrves, wa. ata prty editing roo r nd, and bet of heana.
Phls ao ae b m.ii.e ni lmbl-me, fr of f f ris~e o, wi glas d s spernaturl agency M. A pure of .50-weigt for ge,--ben once
ler P he m s to n ma Duke of Richsmoad, sem d b ,d m Aorma mo. Af a few rnmr ad e a dime, be of heats.
Jde a Bihu. by a of the petty, in e yog petiern's opinion wa 18. TLIt if theen i uy money remaining after d
The Nre .am ly Mlamisa mys & rniel i tse asked, when he nvely desired be had no belief whoever above pimm have been run fr, the snuM hli bem m
I "i rs m. as ovt sad rea ity ai c da In s s hd t he ad In oa a od et a herd into pose and run by nll di beaten hones.
st ei oesof thisim Amns. of go n a Back o-lep- ald thaLt ho would mn moti 14. That nay horse jrlinglo cr om sanoher smai
Saeiy. st mt c'l Land Adlph Ppd s sind n. .. a might n p re d ha 7 deemad diatmcd-the cc r to pve prov e othe of
Un a ia iN ah.3 iatH ie rl, .His Li.laebs i own dir aid. Os or two party Ietrmn Ito is to be medemood, that any rider whose horne hbs i
Ito ece oa d hm rbuhl merf sriin we: and aw of eadesna is particular, clear lgt before the amt hoie my choose hib is"
fW.s n r.. f Lad Adlphku a ob soe wag e hil a sof in* that he w be IS. Thlt dte rides be weighed before nd ater Crl
Ls' aea ry dn Mer* at nfraId tn @t up night willt corpa( He lm ldy e a- heat ;thet rhe rilds am rid. dir m to the
m e 6'telst. p n W pdo oidnd he wnsllo wd a re, a par of i post ma d udeigh sad hetht dimounts before, or *
T le I 9Dse mad the Marqis9o TnmlaP p s o a irmi ae, d bi h ba being mde weit id &di-"ed.
kaolin adaw .a 19 m&hlea aseambrand abt am efpice sp tihe va ackia Thed s amid e h oto artianma each day be O'f
T-is .L mth Hi ae em b. i. o. wnI bq" the pa- r--nd, ad th i p cly ; diot alf an or h allowed between

&MV buet hil Rem a lly Du ev a hele mar i h in rtif.
e f L llii aZ' g. hi hig m... Tn me v even lg rame, sad every thing bLi in t- N.B.-It is esimmdly menled tht no dog be r(
amar TMbo'Is h ,omthi dng L Ca H La kp dWm---to, fire, armol Vro-h corpe ow ,brmugh in to the Race Coum e the ,ties of the Races.
s om yewefm age, and r mide =h i i the b or y vthd pam im wlaid the I aer, aild hby fried, en- --
Sr i %eloped n rge shF I et, and placed i a ncufln, u l Iwnorrctl printed ono," o the Ith instuat

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