Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: October 22, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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 11ie, Editer.AT DAU TAY, IOCTBl 1 Il. VOL. I .o. lx'


peaUIult.mMI-wKnlt.r IN NtMSAUt. N. r.
Iigt sai p' r uas*m-m--t WaM

In deep brown study pl ged, the Chief one
at planning plot, uoid looking aught but gay;
Revenge and malice held his hean by turn,
With hatred now.-od now, with anger burns;
When lo! Some one comes in the palace gate,
Anl to the mnnnreh marheai il great state.
'Twus Tommy Vist, the valiant and the wise,
Ail when he sees the Chief, he loudly cries.
" Mt Iotunt Primtr I combine to you unud,
A ale of ierce assault, and rubbers bold:
The drunken meail of the mean police.
Did dare some leaves of bread frm me to rdeece,
Under presence they were not ofjusr weight-
They only wanted once sir os ight;
Then did the der a want false o make,
And on this fase presence, one peod to tke."
Now joy lights up iheJkfmid Vicery's eyes.
To hear an o thuse h did despise:
. Call ere my Couenl. ad to tlem I'll ahow,
What yo have said. Friend Tlmmy, you mug
Behold, the Council comes! The remnant .ra
Of those who were before the Jnto named.
To them he tells, what Tmmy Fist had aidl,
HNw roliee-mei had robbed himofaome bread.
- I wat," suy he, "to turn that Justice out,
Who will not be useful, hireling coul;
The man I hate, because hadid refuse
To lend an ear to lying Nrera oews,
When ots, by such base, invidious aid,
I alely might some wcme grudge have paid;
The fellow will not humbly cringe and bow,
ike Nimblefst and Arid, to my cm-
)r praise my stars, my shield&, my silver cup,
Or run and lily fetch the Argus ui.
My wrah is not because he breaks the laws,
Te' this I will pmened is th' only cause.
BNe want of earned seal to serve me well,
Ib native Nimrbleflm. to run and tell
Every whisper, ouusel, look, ad measure,
Thm is not uuned to my pleasure.
And more thn this : he greatly did dispiease,
When Idid lose my nie old Chehire cheese;
Of al for me, he seemed to be bereft,
He would not prove who did commit he theft;
Aid then, indeed! 'Twas only my surmise.
The cheese was ea by man, and not by mice.
Agama-aout my prrco fire-wood,
To take the hief, I'm very sure he could.
He chuckled slily at my great distress,
Awl said, the rogue he really could not guess.
A mighty grdlge of old to him I owe,
mneas ir 8 0.. M. "y was hisfripd, you k
ataham the reels made a moky light.
Ald thought that they would pl me i a fright-
Blt they mistook. To rest my achmig head,
I tna my door, and took myself t bed :
And heard no more of all the hateful clatter.
But snred away, like nothing was the matter.
In ader once my noble fame to raise,
And g new honor, di nity, and praise,
D t he sonrk, I ade a noble road,
They ell'd me RedpU, a vile scribbling toad;'
A slia toed I'll be, and venom spit,
On mry whie-faced, rebel, asnering cit.
T take a pleasant ride, I once did go,
Thy aid I only did it for a show;'
Aad e'e my nice mang dinner dishes,
An an to cause some new distiche.
I1 l diem how to tam a noble knight,
A bmas by bhLt, sill more by right :
or oweed a good long rood of lad,.
Oaas ril soil-Mi barren rocks, no amd;
And L the rebel' master, in a palace live,
Ad yet they sometimes dar r lding a iquib i
Newspaper Iuibs, that ae to me much louder,
More lefnl far. than noisy qunibs ofpowder.
n be ermged on wicked master Birn,
E-land ceab-I'll work their utter rain:
Th tl rlm the luhappy time while I stay here,
Ad them bumn my image, if they dare.
I'ladl the t opa and I wi cut them down,
Boi in the water I will cause to drown;
I'l re the town. then laughing I will say,
Oh, glorious! happy !-Jorfl! happy day !
Look here! A list wre made of pardon'd slaves,
TnOhaw the rebel iolks, they are but knaves,
o eail, if I ply a slpp'r gaml
Wha sh ine beoreme did Ihe very same.
Bm, a!rk! I widely hide the better half
Of whe I've done. I am no simple calf.
Be, take il down to old Nil Fict pess;
Ta Ie isu atement, he his ta will bleu.
H eI paper i a roid of all that's nel,.
He woi be glad to advertise old .hoes;
Ad m far 4hat mae Magistrare Police,
I nmamiv'd to move him in trice.
T yeI. WimmWfl, I'll gire the place.
am ly the a with anch grace.
mA I il n --or much I fear,
ha hmla I cans say another year;
Ad th i o ne, my darest pet will give
lib Manet office. m a eana to live."
Wih many bows, the parnv now diperse;
Eln end the Council, and bere ends my verse.

kres th. al Mi asmi Ch'urnide, Augusy t. the disorder til it ius hab puibl a m A .a M.
We received Is mnght DraBn Paper to the 97th Au- Krajewaki lau li d it d*ve bJ b a e1m e- m to
gus. They bring accounts fm the Polish frntiers down be used in ai- ,to furnish he saldi es Of his Reg Ienl
M. to the 18th August. No action of importance bad yet with a presorvative powder, which powefl
taken place. the ast ymptoosof the disorder, and ivea t L t
The Dutch are accused of having again violated their to all in mendial advice. The pu l gernl ha
aitiastice by attacking dle Belia outpoua at La Trompe. o much confidence In Krajewski' Powder, that i is to be
They were driven Ieck into Duuch F'inders, having had iuld in almost every bhoi e-PAn im saf aSuitc,
one an killed. Offcial information lhd been received of Amf m 81.
thi attack by tim Governor of ih Province of East Fle- Brussel, Augus 24.-General Daine removed om
rn. Does the lDTrrMuoLus will to prevent the ith- actual service.
druwal of tie French, in order to excite jealousis amntng The resignation of General Der Faly i accepted.
the Powers The Committee of Inquiry is going to Ihe p as e -
The following are extract amine the conduce of the army of dte Mea, to lavewi
lay, St. Peteribmrgh,August 10-Her Majesty was happily the facts relative to the diuolwdience of the King's ardr
delivered of' a Prince on the 8tl inst. in the forenoon. to the precipitate reltnl-to the abandoning of their armed
Tlis lu ppy event wu amuounced in the afternoon, by a and baggage by aoue orps. When th u ants ul m r-
salute of artillery, and by Imperial Lkase, dated Zarr tainted, die affair will be brought before tim Supreme Court.
kojesselo, August 8, in which hia Majesty inforus hi soub- Ang l 25.-The review of OjO Fiehlarh tropta
jects of this additional prof oof the bleSings which D)i- Tiremont was very brilliant. Tk King and tie French
vine Providence lavisaes on him and his E Lpire." The Princes were received by the troops with repealed cheer.
young Prince is named NicuOLi. The weather beg very favoorable, nuerou spettors
'!'lie cholera continues tlotae In four days, from the from Briusela ad Loui rendered the scee til mre
5ll to the 8th, there have tam only 136 new cae, 99 animating.
deaths, and 400 recoveiiea. M. Labeau is now at Liege.
Ollicial accounts from Jasy my, that tie cholera, which The King, accompanied by the Duhm of Orlens and
in a short time had carried off 6,000 persons, lad spread Nemiour, will arrive here to-day at mn. There eya
to other partsof Moldavia, add had proved very fatal, es- Ilighnemes will only pars through Brmasel, ad preenad
specially at Galacs, but tlat by the judicious measures of direct it Pag.
the Russian Commander at Jasy, it had entirly ceased at Four carisges ae elen a ine hores helonging to tI
o." Jasmy, and the inhabitants returning to the city. As King, were landed at Ostend the day before yestrdav.
ned the effects of tim choler in JMoldvia have been so diffe- French engineer oicers are at Englhein to mark out t&
ent front wlut dey wore in other places, aul the phbyician line of the camp of infantry which is to be formed then.
in that country have been imvted by the President of the The French troops are preparing to coumance their re-
Divan to keep a detailed journal of their obseratioan.- trograde movement m our southern frntiera. Tat pr.
A prize will be given for the mot satisfactory composition lion of these troop that is to remain in Belgium till Ith
on tis subject. final arrangement of our aff ri with Ilolland will la can-
From tie Poliis Froemti, Agust 18.-According to toned in the environs of Nevillee. The lheadiluartrs of
authentic accounts from the iead-quarters, duted tim 13th this army will be lied in ltha little town by the end of Ihe
inst., the colsi of (;oueral Rudiger, whicli had passed ite week.
Vistula, has Rnproaclod ltadomi,, and pushed its anianceud A letter front Flushing, of tie I6h,. say--"- that thirty
posts to the Poligs. The vanguard ul this curps, coun- six 24-poitulers, will tlhir cairiug l, are embrcked, and
indaned by General (Gismar, lha totally defeated a tde are to Is. emnipli,.d in arninig Fort Lillo and die beaks of
tachtenul of tie enemy, who, besides several hundred the Selthh-l. A battalion of infantry and some sappr'n
killed, lot two cannon wan 800 prisoners, among wlom (one thousand am a in all) have lately einfnored the arri-
are many officr. o et Maasricht. They am quwatn d m the linaa ."
Thie corps of Genera Bau Kreutx, onsistingol 20,01() Agust XU.-A Iloyal Ordinance a lpinn lara Jo-
infantry and 5,Ux0 cavalry, arrived at Pruanyn, and seph Vanilerliadn l)'lluoogors to be L[vin y Extmordi-
received order to liastlu n march to join the Russian nary antl Minisltr Ileni, ae enlisry ts notify lis Majesty's
main urluy, so as to Ipa on the 18th the bridge over the Accresion to la- Cuirts of Austria, Bavuria, Wurtemburg,
Vistula at Leran. Choca and iHchwall wtmr uocupied Ilesse l)riiistiaul, and Badihn.
liy Itumian troops on the 14th, and they were exlwcted on M. Ch. .Scrmys i Kerernry of Legrtion.
the 15th and 16th at Kalich. Tin public coffIer and T'lher was y.smnrdly a grsnd fi i is the C(itadel and on
functionariof the latter place are gone to % (IIIIlatihau. Imard tim Dutch squadron, in hbnour of king Willium's
Thlre being no Polish troops either in or mnar kalmili, birt-day.
there is nothing to hinder the entrance of dte Russian Wagers had twen laid on change to-day, that the citadel
troops into that town. will be occu:iel by our trops by the Ytih of next manth.
It is said, that on the l7th, twenty Comacks and one of-Te D h
ficer went from Konin, to occupy the frontier town of Ofciale irs, Ghat, Asgaut 2C.-Thc Dutch hbae
now; 8iuagain violated the armistice. The Comm-sioner of the
Wupce. r i i district of SL Nicholas has just inhfmrd the lGovum r of
Warsaw, August 20.-Generl Dembiuski, Governor our province, that he had received ofcial intem mi of
of Warsaw, lha imued a Proclamation, in which lie sate, an attack made by .e brignds on our oupest as L
that, having been informed by the National Government Trompe, on this idle of Kemoke. Our brave sharp.
on the 17th inst. tiet the garrison duty at Prega was showers, aided by the Civic (utd, repuled them beyond
negligently performed; that no patrols were sent out, and St. Jens Sleen, in Inlch Flander. The Dutch left Lb
ht the enemy's cavalry had come up to the Tete de Pont, hind one of their killed. We bhd neither hld sor
he immediately sent Lieutenant Chnosa, one of hi Aides- wossided.-BrU Pw Awst 27
de-Camp, widt an order to General Djekonaki, Governor We reeived ha st igh Branil Papers to he hi J
of Pran: lie examined all the batteries, visited all die The following a elxtrcts:-
posts, ind convinced himself that bod. in Prage and the
outposts, the duty was performed in the mot satisfactory Rio di Jnmire.- The Dre d d GsTrm from the U
manner. Tlhe ofres decried tdey had no fear of nn at- to 1st June, eoth inlive, is wbolly fild wih offial
tack, not merely of 4,000, but of 14,000 of the enemy. nolioa, edicts, decree, Ac. from the general Mniserial
The following day he submitted dme Report to the Military Deprtan and the Provhieonl U nae, relative to
Council, which was fully convinced tiat Geoeral Djekomnwi th inueral sefii of ti Empir
bas shoa the great eal and military kilL Since An Order of the P enviiual Gheernmem iae m* a
M. Ulaniski, Adjmant in the Nationa Guard, lad of the EmpPrsr, ejui the Ouvid of th at
rented a complaint, accusing General Dj konuki and io0 de Jneiro to in.luire into and punish tIe -ani s-
jor Majewaki of negligence in the performance of their miled by artain marclnat, wha, oentrasy t e Tneaw
duty. The General, as well as the whole Council, being for the abolition of the Slaiv Trade, cotine to vra
convinced of the falehood of this accusation, declam so contrary to the principle of bmm ity which dicsatd
thai the conduct of all ihe oAcers of the prison of Praga dat Treaty.
is exemplary, and laniski is to be prosecuted before an PertieL-Letet from Lisbon anmu us tlt the
extraordinary Court Martial as a calumainuor. French squadron as to quit the Tapes on de 18td, ahi
CracMe, 141t Augus.-On the 11th no news had hen with them the Poertgoee ship of war i tht river. Tim
received at Warnaw of die Coumnimion sent to the head- French Admiral, we are liaormd, ade an r to the
Quarters; it is reported theton the 10th and 1th, con- Portuguese Govera attlht be wid kve a whle of
siderale riots look place in tll city. A great part of their shlps, provided tI et a n l e rtyI lth a pn isu
the students and subalteen ofitr who began the Revo- up in dungeon for political nuae tlroughl Prt ,
lltion, and on the 29h November last year, attacked if they would ena to liberate half the amer a
he Belvidere; also the member of the Committees which imprisoned for poiticl conduct, he woM lave h~Ml
propmed the deposilion of the King; lstly, the chief of half of their hips. No answer won emrmd sto ir
the patriotic clubs, and the editor and assistants of the proposition. If the numbers we hve heard of the
revolutionary journal, feTring, that in case of an ae- tical victims now suffering under Miga l's popurlr Id p
ty they would be exclued from it, left Warsaw seral ternl away be correct, we are nt rprhd a i pard
daysago; about 120 of them have amembled in am wihl hi ships rather d extend mery tesh pa.
abhut Nichow, intending, as it seem, to seek refuge ia ons. We an told, and Io gom d sm SI a
our territory.--Aatrime Obsrreer. o than 26,700 i eamo s this ni hL
Ierlin, Augdul 20.-A letter from Posen, of the 17th, within Miguel' domin'io for appoed pilao& i
nav that the soldiers of that garrison, who were attacked that 1,600 have already bhea trasrt is r mal
by cholera, are gradually leaving the hospital. M. Kra- Africa, and 7 pat to death Thaib s i' emra
jewski, Surgeon of the S~E Regiment, to whom the di- from the kingdomn amount, ik i ,M a 13,700, a" dm
reaction of the hospital was entrusted, las recovered 30 of who have been coWdema d Ar anmenmry, bet are sip
56 soldiers who were altarked, and tie proportion wouhl posed to he conresled within the kingdom, are estimated
N M E. have been greater had not many of the patients concealed at 5,(10, making a total of 46,fif, in a population of

I dS dhot 6. wenm i t 111 his a hguisde, I mser would h avo hi SIsFrom w t
wis li'*11u UO ,tra atal l tel Mtaken onlyh Ilf o upon*in h il ue iid h ed iew i rc ooou
romie ac s lh tribe b un cil of Pr ctio e slaver w i Ln ad hal uf uw i senitu formed to tr rotation a

i' ~We known o in oir o lave ollH u* U rl. tile "i I ci ""o. of tlat wositdatbd Lae Aut, b"4
t''woJCW5 ,W 'yi nh -o. tr, vlmo two do0 I "to Cui.
ill is,-that such. u triliasal is Umd of Pructiuii 'ite dave hhry Wa. annceil to transportation Ram
a ~t .PI~b is got known ini our S ave coll. iiesption was Mir.,tile 5el section of the consolidated S ve At ,jji
A_ Quen'ss oubjtect, anil die wreds in question were a8l,1d enarts, that any slaoe who sha4I use any threw
1. .. -Eonly to hiave him a cloak. in dl event of such decptiuon lawofulskai artis ly, amy scawdailou r k
.4, 3T AY. w U 33 .'* It -ai. beior'i ; ;for had in. rally iintend(d to give a fair ste manguidg, to any dlite p.eso., sah a e
is e olutl tu wl aorld, lie would. whIu hI stated tt ollur vilhA such puInishamt, sotetoanding to Ifi or limb,
b CORREgSPONDENTS". us ad not provide a Cmuuuti of Protection, as liu been Courl shall thlik propu to i"icL'.
SA elr b e.muiold pomlpone, but will ppsear dome in, have, at tbo sam time, muntiunud how T'lie question ppuar, tben, o have been, whether
eis ma nlabt fa. Johb" uad "A. B. C." have beom far hoe laws had gone, a d shown whos the dilltrunco ex- words shall be vanished th afd meaithn,t a
sdl l4d will he stunned. We muuadclie npublhi l the ised between ltms and dae Jamuia laws. Without .uch tending tolfe o uith, a uLt C a it Aitiakt krorpelr
st. ofea friid m ill h"-The aCl upun Def- addition, bis remarks must cartaisly laded to crto pn- W i ct,' would atlhorio, tlle MaLgistrates to pasn asetea
mlit hb w-i k W the oyal UioUe of Ihe Ietit ctuuclptwn on dle slubjuct of die govruument of our slaves trniisiortaton, wiech, if curried into effect, and tile n
Sew bl' e bans Wa a tdo piy to n.' g i, Fie, Mr. MIQueen Get your corriiotdwlt C. 1'. to write should wilfully return front such transportation would up
S"thefi t e in al Ml nosimn an essay on 'Trutlli. Stuji. coin iction, sollir ldenti without benefit of eh'rgy. a
Wks isgo- m msteeT I have nfow, I think, mid quite sulricint on diii point, Ily the dkl section of thl sauie act, allslavs in
to confute the Ioyal Editor, and shall the subject shiall run away and continue absent for a tern, sol ea.
Sy requentin lim to give me a plain and straight forward ceiling six months, shall suffer suc punishment, al M.
y b 1 Capui W lla, fro ierpa answer to one question, namdly-When publishing Ge- tending to life or limb, asu e Jusices shall think l
wreh sirid hne Oe Wednmedy afternoon, we harem ,Irl Uiant's letter to the Colnial agent, acknowledging to ainflic." But bythe 4th asecion, any lave wgleid
crled Ib d pd 1pem Itthe Ilth of August, and Liver- tIme receipt of tie Plate presnasd to him by tie colony, commit tihe greaL" ofrece of contiaag abaule fer
poel io de id altio, frou which we liave made a few as a Itctilmnny of public regud, what reasons restrained than asi muontts, sha be transported, or suffer uichk m
mt W t m, h ehim (Mr. MYuein) from mtkig an Editorial remark on pulliniitllent, not extending to life or limb, a the C
W room, owver, s abe tie occasion I Whilue General Grant held the reins of 'hall think proper to infict;" then if it is only for I
s r tdh parnet, Emlopean fw&, deeming as we do, government here, the Royal Gazette was the unceasing greater onaiice of being absent for more than rn mondh
Lhal meltol of infinitly tmnie consequence to this op- inn of lii praise ;-never was Governor so lauded by that tile act nltlorizes transportation, the words in ti
pesmd coliay. The following i a short summary of tle lho, s Ib was by Mr. M'Queen. In fact, it aipcaied ;l t section, shalll suffer surc punihramnt, not ewndin
Sltl E rop iro tim constant addition of the word to the name ol ro life or lim,," &c. do n'ot authorize transportation. Noe,
At hs the i bi m mW tha praomte itselff, |In the Oeneral in the column of Lhe Royal Guaztle, that lthi. e words are precisely similar to daio in de 53ild .
At'ls p-i as p iUB tle, is h Editor was determined that the cognomination of lion, under which tim slave Mary wi sentenced, andi
Idt, which is hrld to accomplish to the aSliatfi of sa ,a worthy" should Ie as Insparably attached to Lewis they do lot authorize transportation, in one clause, sir
p taem,-4em Reeform Bill; no ander diaailmn, in the Grant, tllsha of great is to Alexander of Macedon. they can.uot in another. It follows, therefore, from thi
HI m of Common. That clause conferring lhe elective But mark time sequeL Oenelal Grnt is now in a reasoning bn the subject, that the llMaistrales had exceeded
bamebhs a hliouholerasat a rental f not lhan i. 0. distant colony; we lave nothing further to pgin or their powei, in entiencinig the shive Ma.y to be transported
Sto los' by himi ; a graiteall remaoibrance of hiis p)ulic W\hat niy o own opinion of the law is; or whether their
per murn h pased, and is generally suppused so in- and private wirtlh, i6 the ai feeling wlIich can nqi> hlonoulrs were right or wrong in coming to the carclWsio
sh a, as m reaonblehi, inadHnrios and beat informed be experienced by us towards himn; and such a feIling whicli tliy did, are subjects which I do not at presai
pn a dth e omoahly; and to exchide tih lowest, and it was which induced the commissioners of correspon- think it ncesuryv to enter into: this much however I ail
Maot m at Should this principle In, in itself, good, dence to direct that li letter to tie agent should be .av, that take it in the lmst umfaevorable light for theL
we have a I aL.I yet to hope for, in its practice; hbu published in thie Gazettes r" the Island. Here, then, Magistrates. nall thatii can be attributed to lhem is a r erM
Sthat th ulk th e in t as a splendid up oplprtunity afforded Mlr. M'Queen, of in j.dg~mnt ; a mere mistake on a pint of lw ; and that
we are opinion, that themlk ofl he plle in the Uied proving that his former praise was dlisintensted-lut rnmval fir this, is an act as arbitrary, as uoajua,
Klegdm raquie something mmore es ntlial than die did he avail hinii.lf of itt No!-lle published the letter ra s, %iilltive toIl iiwa tihem and as insulting to die pub
Job B II (passing in whatever shape it may) can ever ordered, (which I presinm will be charged for in his ac- lic, as evcr digiiuced the tyramnical upstart.
acompiiph. Went of employment for the working classes, couWt against the public,) whhout making one connient, I 11, Sir,
eemei taxaties, and diamieutio in foreign markets 'pressive of Itn own feelings on the occasion"! Praise Yur ubedient wserant,
in General (rant he feared, d ound s censure to Sir PROCURATOR.
Si La demand f r their marnulares, strike n a be he Jami,. C. S.nyth -!!
S mhij lnm of their dinfo and discontent. To conclude,--I must infm Mr. M'Queen, that I shall NAiuav, October 18th, 1831.
The lain n oew am Poland doe not apper to be so always fl proud to act ua suxiliary in espoiing the To the Editor of *te Bhama Args.
faVouable, as could e desred ; and without the asuistale mchliinaions of the contemptiblee party who La. now en- Me. EDrroa,-The removal from oIc, of the pll-
r th ads of CEngland and Frac, we fear that hrae devouring, by falsehood and misrepresentation, to uphold man who lately preaidtd over our police, a second hi,
is Ih colony an unjust and tyranni ruler. and from whose arrangements the public have derived
aion will not be abe to na med I shaking of the yoke I am, Mr. Editor, (among other amr) so much advantage, by the ackaow.
sf shdarn da polin. We ase onry to learn that dis- Yew obedient servant, ledgedl u :rity of their property-putting aside th
sahala hs crept Inh the camp of the Poles at the ma TIMON. cruelty of the act, liy rendering almost destitute so lare
smes whac s at hud, as it at of necessity retard their P.S. lHarvng heard a petleman this day enquire, whe- and so repltable a tamilv--is one of the greatest outra-
east f .. me of freedom, tber the challenge mentioned by me in my last letter, to ges, aH wiel as arbitrar.ll, prolrledings, that ever a cown
m n I ~r n ~ have been sent by the Governor to a public functionary unllllnv as iIsiltd l 1. My situation gives no oppor-
ri ILnmand th account are very alarming. The here, had been accepted or not; I must taste, that thle tunilv lt' I.,ersoailly b, i;,, aciloainted, in what oiiginales
Omeal a -l ua dered it eiprdicat to disband the ye- gentleman who acted as the governor'ss friendly on tle any particular nouns re ulf our administration ; miy knuw-
om y f tha ceatry, aad to nuacaiwa h te Militi o o occasion, fearful of lthe conselqurt es, delayed delivering l'ig is obtI:inid from etquirv, and front opinion.esprrew-
w y,-gh Eg th eoal, the meoage for some time, whe his E cellency's paiuon id I ulicly. I have not vet Iwen able, poailivelv, to nd
nhving subsiddl a little, be was induced to abandon is out, lil al has t.en iher real cause assigned for tile di-
TL saj of heredhary peerae occupies the Cham- quixotic intention.-There is little doubt, that had the lissal of tlis worlliv gentlenman. Sonr say the illre lity
ber O Deputis i Frnc. mesage been carried, it would have been accopieil, and of th. .IIm.inco of tile Magistrates, on ilho woman larn;
never did friend act for principal with more judgment andl hat tillhe (overnor, alter a week's consideratioo him-
His Maajes' asip of war Columbine, of 18 gae, tha Ii Excellency's friend did Lfr him, in keeping back u.if, at ltnith applied fur advice to the crown oacera. It
C rie, Cowmanda mli se i h* yesterday frois mtlo a. iT.. rh as liIaIs u rtunate thal, at this time, the Anorney
hil aimspan d a u mai i om etm to reft, Errat.-In the eleventh line of Timon's letter in the G(eniral was indilspodl. for frnm hint, a candid, hones,
and t Adlkial Colpoya wl shotdy pay this Island a last Argon, for ding," road" drug." and fliarls oplinion, would have tien obtained; and doubly
S. Ns N. P. oth Octlaer, 1 n831. rlufrlunatli, at Ie-sl fir the community, that recoune wu
NAsmAu, N. P. 2UJII October, 1831. had to tli ,! s,,licitor (Geeral, whose jewsilical opiniuo, a
NamT the E.ditor of tfe Bahama Args.. doubtle-i, his led to die mischief that has taken prce ;
Nu N. P. h Ot'e*, ll* Me. lDroa,--JWilth hioulilde of braa,andhiainaide and if the trlth was known, has also entrapped dte Julg
Is d qB BDama Ar of r ed," dhe Prald ea Dosoms of the QwLam.I CasAL, In saying that the Judges were entrapped, I agle y It
I sm,-i ans'r t i i m by t Ed e a dd da i fa Docor of Phye, to tha of two of thee gentleen, whoae priht and hkonurble
1 S I NW IN hiae m b p n my klear t Laws, wc h n a em b t .el to feeling rendering them unampici of any deak and m-
df i .I m ie m m I us 1 mp Hbn aM n a I n elied totddk,' ben h king led- nister design, unwarily perhaps have Ale them into msea
Ma u h *a I 'lly a 1is am-sil a IIk e M s hL p te Blr J. C. 8myth, in the Im dy of snare. Tlh other learned charter, I know bat little
ml ap"anthe i *T o mhes" cam i mymsedb La TyI ain f hf e tr ov tri o y hard to advance the of; learned he may ba-blt as yet he has displayed o
had e km ai tht, wear IN A*itl din imaturO my am f d Rfora Powder," ite has the "Gamy & Co." otil,,r ability, thin thle cunning to bleed our revenue, and
be a crisl dimeel camamiedla I a lesr ia me slmp, that I ha p ce Doteor M'Quintibu tobe hhavine lon precioulitte fur it. There i an old saying,
bma amher too amcfor him and his codjutorw What at the vian cris la is/fewer. One of his syop. Iu nteertheleb s a very tritu one, tht" h of a ftlhrr
a com of tbhe famouwartr efr dons ld coman ta- tr b ing thatoft.rnig upn hi friends, and essayong clk tlrthl ;" we all se, who ars th intimatsf this
tle Nt Oe wo rd is eo a1i in ppolt fri itltbhoug to bi tbe.n,-o-emindindi a by his vrcet ddenatel, d- i ,ns ,- i ll a ,a.i ine the nmne predilectioni for blek fIm ,-
I Qen Ispaks at it wasAt b coodod in cr- paiy, o the quesad," Thou an toothless dig, and cat- iall th nll, e interest and idmer feeling for your Phbrbe,
(iarr d ment ch value, s arly ia t bite." your. La.r .,a .. your Mns,--dear gentle creatures,-that
fa U lt ioe Is t she aa vrernmeat I give tdie one passing token of my good will, M.'Quinti- I .an readily imegin.lie would be the Guy Faux to spritl
W w;ii l f di r I a1 b m afraid bu: may you neat year fiad those friends in the Gusorn. ile mine that would blow up his brokers of ibe lench;
es amoU i pmeda an lis mo laid up ai or, Erl (reay, and Colonel FRstlal, whom you lave andl if he could but succeed in dishing up the chief,
st dl p~ al" bhlet. Jumiy last in a too ogenerous comnimuity !! Ad tay you how s)ii ,dilv and nicely he would be served up into hi
As dro0w g m 's ae said to catch at mri, as Mr. a, when symptooni f cholera ar. dt.velol d in )youelf, u-atl. \Whi; r have been tie opinions, if they have
Sa-the preacipal posit, mtal' an enpiring he fbu d throrig ap your devi.., press, tyv a and all!!! -ive n a h.,llanl. todi e Governor to dismiss from tifce ihe
Sa hie ret by recr minatiag on me the charge You presd to havejudt discovered that Tini,, waa. a ly I',llirc,. M,t4 riralt., the public 1mve a right 'o he urquinil-
1 a l ta' ttat'on, as r Tgards the Coon- fA pan to form a part of I. lBrin Junil" .o your o.wt. i% ilt, II i.,. The impression on nli mind, (nnd whirh
S"I b'qtv ao, I will shw that he has me ; forge 'ul that Ie was initluh.l by yu in tllit n.i.r ,;.n lw remrnoved, whatever attenmlt nsay be made to
m '' pleo flWer. In letter I said, that by tily sana ble body, when your la' was si roused ha rsI lll tiei::i!a or tf.great -ersona.nwho unfortunately
Im I e f l r t oida SlaB e Law, the m, the ahbussa laihu;hLr, 1er ia u etmnatu d lronE tLe I arsi r rl ae over the desunies o his colony) i, that
B au l nd i rof d perish a created a CouncJ for Biain H e.L, and ahichyou knew were caIaMd by d love an ulnnl nllv un vindictive feeling I' s hurried M into
Sle I e b a be illulnly motieId of in at your capea. is. lii rcollis.ion of an act, that must ever remain a bbl on
S h6p 1 ~a t r d of te r: th Mr. M Queen W of the BnaL JIKro," are, at all events, belter Ilhi character, and satialY the warid, tIt oa that humkn ils,
I Ma Ib a rblahrodI ora misp entaionl lawyerI tha rno of tile QrInI i.i aI ('Ain., ahlluI i I I .. s .lle n kiindliss of heart, ascribed to him by the saves. s oot
SI w o h i to & iw or misad the pelic, I would of you my uoast of having Ieel aii.itted at the TLimII. I, hi,,, I,; I non llnltion in truth. My litin friend, (whom
e Jy huaieated t fact or the Jumtircs and V'esty of I ai, Mr. Editor, I 'lws cill 11 ,n Ihen ent-o *d in undertsking of te
a peris being Coumc of Prumection, and have left Your obdicut ervant, u,.it l., ,ri ), that the taorthAs s ribrlnd." a
il to Mr. N'Qums to sow to what cass thiu powers RILIN. liro pu.t ;tlt lead a i rrup addrticd to it, sry fir-

Which, to etdestl a not to exsoed 14 feet over da-e am le the Harubou .
41iaehy i6 experienced. ITht Panders's First boat to msccive W90, the second 5.
I'-- fdopoitr~dd aH she Hls with which u unfor- Third Race, for tie second Clai rowing bats, which
0 a nm b mi erupted, and which from morning to are not to exceed 25 feet over Ill, eah boat allowed four
'ra m at, and a light too, so doubt, when Oars. First boat to receive $2S, the icond B10-to row
aiMbrhlf kis 'stwrlrk, has vomited front its peti- in thie larHbour.
Spal, a dectment, (thai throus paper pronoun- Vessels, or boats, for the above Races, to be inteard
I mrdon of' Mary, ad published in one of your oi or before the 2d proximo, at 2 o'clock, at noon. BY HENRY GREEN8LADE CO.
Slag Wicb, it 'pwIxers, was never intended to neet SAILING.
pSk- OL I as it too plainly demoinslr.aed the uhli- Tie Classes and entrance, are as follow: On Ms:dfa el, id 4Wt intem,
tdign our tuler-4hA at once leer sng principki Entrance AT T* nWNDUE HOUMB
ait mr lies upi. a footing woit their masters. 1st Class not to exceed 40 Tons, 8S At 10W o0Ish dA. L
SmcLrths," then, Joined to tihe L reat enllaunrv al- i 2d .." " 26 feet 4 Will '
a silteida vludakfacs oaly-those miMld ad gentle 3d " 18 2 Superfine Flour, in barrels,
atsm.l-ve placed the greea man ulan the horns of' 4th " 14 1 ice a, Corn, ,
diLesa timl which ll his ingenuity can never relieve RowaNo BosT. I half box superior White Sugar,
w a t ( r t st Class, not to exceed 30 Iet--C oarsn 4 1 trunk containing Fancy lldkfs,
Wi- now admil (whether the case or not) that the 2d .. 4 3 Onions, in iots, our consolidatld Sieve Law, and upon which the 3d " 1 4 Irih Potltoea in hampen.r
ulis t funded tlir-rinin a, was illegal :Is I Tn rrTor The nmcasurement to be, from the fore part of the With the Monday's usual asortment.
is ""t to e v is th inion I wll takne the libe*.a Sten to the alier part of the Trammnm. Terms-CASH, on delivery.
f i tHo fEnxcllency t ifhe.cnin r du will tile liberty fiAlowing (Gntleme.n are the Umpires, for regulat- October 22.
' askilg His Ex'llri'hv, if he can piroiduce an1 inslainc g tit i .c dy
ims any ijldge, under similar circumstances, ihao nlet with ing he 'aces fach DAY.
,listitur visitatio~k~n I Il duty a ny int rolduc ill suh 'n UESDAY. BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
Siaailmr viilatiul 1I dots any'ian to produce sucr an Lieut. Luke, R. A. Lieut. Warren, i. N. and Wm. O M d t, the 4 .
alne. The fact is, any opplnrnnitv was to be se.ial I Monday a tt 241 hated.
ape, to make the ,ppoinliment that IIRs lake place in the Pun.nings, Junlr. Es!uir'i RSDY. At the Store of John Storr, Eq.
pubre. ile e lYI.editey after the Pin at o oTHHSA,
plm. I tllink hit ,i rs well. Power is on te wat'- Capt. Hobson, R. N. Hon'bhe. John Thomson and Immediately after the le at the Vendoe Hos,
em vyount Stephens can no longer holster Ii|l a man who We Fr iL beef ofil e Csaeold
a all laws at defiance; nor will our (;Grious Sovereign, GuorSA CaTplURejo, DAY. F
if u complaints can reach his ears, permit, however dis- Lieut. Shonrland, N. Eign Wm. iHill, 2d W. 1 Ironmongery,
mrshe Colony, its inhabitants to be tyrannized over and Mt. and oancyfacRd TohgW.Io,,
ppreel. Power mustm, however, while it exists, provide lu ed Ge ulos nd Marciliu beed
fi the thing that sIn much and no constantly administers on pit s ad Iltis or li, may e Naila,
ais gratification. But does the reptile suppose he will had on application to George Caiplejohn, Esquire. Sundry articles Dry Goods, In a damaged state,
is lolet atd in the situation he now holds He will Ie By order of t Ph Cam sttee, Saved from late American bcheoor Cheaake, Spiar,
ialed out as expeditiosly, as he was sneakingly introdn- W. T. PRESTON, 'ey. Master, lost at Abaco, i her passage fo Ne York, t
adl aId wil ever after be the scorn and contempt of all Apalachicola.
mad him. I would advia. the insect to accompany his Tern--Case Oa delivery.
sr he may be of some use, if only to brush his shoes October 22d.
Wfit has caused, Mr. Editor, a cesnlnion to nor Sun-
asening's parades, to the great joy of tile officer, sol- On Msaday ne-t, tIe 94t inst ,
tsad the numerous hngry Staff, that lpraded on lithes. PORT OF NAS8Al, VN. AT Tax T raND HOUaS,
mils I Has it been dirovered, ttalt such hiiniljgging At O' s .
ti have not hid their intended effect No, Sir, we arr Allill ED, t Will be Iold
ad to be astonised by the wavin, of Ipluoi s, tlie dangling Oct. 20th-- Brig Rolla, Wallace, Liverpool The following Goods, E Rolla, LiverpooL
stsbit of silver at a button hole or a lIwalry pie(e of Mlcrchandiz.n &c. Boes Candles, H'L
il formed into the siHlHW of a star. I ihve seen it, to PETt.: NIMMsO & Co. Kegs Pearl Barley, and Split Pease,
om every pmeronnl has en it, where rank and honours 21Wt II. M. slin. Clumbine, Currie, Comi. Bermuda Boxes Ling Fish,
fae been conferred, not fin nl'.rli, bill upon nore ne- Sloop W'anilerer, Russell, Abaco Irish Butter and Lard,
p civecharact-r, to gep nt thilu (ulwo otlherise could not . Spinlwll, Curry, Do. Loaf Suar, and Yorkie Ham,
6 pi at, without hr,.nking tihou.nlh estallih',led uiage) I' Friend's Delight, Ingram, Do. Brardy in lots,
h, jeily and Irdyv nrited distinctions. Nor are Ime to h. Johln, Low, Do. Port and Sherry Wine,
is @ hdierd either, Sir, by the boasted inltinacy with " Siter., Tonmpson, Do. Rounds Beef, and Toagm,
Ii, Prineas and Dukes : tihe truly great mniid ac- .... ,s r. I)al, Curry, Do. Terss,-CASH.
mamed to interrourses of llii natllre, neier dramsn of i 1. Wsde, Sawyer, Do. October i2d.
gir publity to it; it can proceed from only tie wr.aak, With stranden.d Merchandie, Iron, BY HEFRY GREENSLADE & CO.
n rainad otlentatious, u. id may, tllwrefore, create soen Spirits, Hardware, &c. &c.E LAE CO.
a as to the reality of .'rh intercourse. My mentor to Joll. STOen. O Ta a_ t, ta aa i n.
s, oli nobilitas emt tirIs." o niex OI ke S IA .
A MECHANIC. SAILED, A t .11. Jof h SMrd Esq.
.. -..Oct. 20th--I. M. schr. Skipjack, Lt. Shortland, A cruise Wil he Sold
NOTICE. II .achr. SiPeedwell, Lt. Warren, Do. For the benfu of the Coanerad,
At a meet.ine oftili CO mnmiltce of te Ba- II. M. achr. Kangaroo, Lt. lookey, Do. Th.residue of the Cargo of late Americe schemer
habsi -'eCan ("ilul, held in the l'ubliie IBild- Chesapeake, Speer, master, lost on the Abaco Keys, hi
,p.. tnlw Nth in. it us I'ArASSEN(;IRS ARIIVED. her page from New York, to Apalchicola, uess-it ef,
&rumadl That thie .!av ,,f -iling Ior the"'Cup, lie on From the wreck of the Clhsapeake, from New York: Superior Broadclothl, Cottons, Boat Cleaks,
Tiinlv. tl In-t day llof N'ovnlnwr; and thit no vesrel Ildnman II. Woole., ll1nry M. Sieman, Jacob L. DilUo, Cofee, Pimento, Hardware,
Aedr llnt or above forty ton,, shall be allowed to sail Jacob Tamron, and Johan Petsold. With a great variety other artids, particular of
i thd mamn. Crew of the American schooner Chesapeake:-J. 0. which are not yet asLerualed,
Spaaetabr 16th. Spicer, master; Nicholas Hume, mate; John Martin, Sev ALBO--
Ihenrv Barber, and Thomas Noaledge, jr. eamen; Ly- BLeral Cak priy.
I AT a meeting of the Committee of tile man Welch, cook; John CGrendlede, cabin boy. AND- er, n.
Bahsnna Renian Clnlb, hldd on tihe 21Slt T wS-CAH e n deirepry.
u~it. In th. Public Hiilli.ns, it was acn..nd, CIIRI T CHURCH PARISH. October lad.
Sthe first Annual Refeintt should collllence oni TLues-
,the It of No.mber -on. which day, ihe Ulloowing rW SrP A -rTa NOTICE.

lt AUl vsels that are to Sail for the Cup, which are olb. e l 4o
By order of fie Vestry. JOHN aO L B V ORAT .
Ssar 15, or ow 44) tons, ne to contend for the DAVID SPENCE, Vetry Clrk. h ep Olem r o w
a maiude of IHog Uand. a\d:sTn RiM., D111 October, L53 .1.
i .- VIPm Ns for the 3d Chm Sail Bnats, which are ber, 1 NOTICE g
'A ea- d I febet over all--he lrst Beat to rerie PARISH OF CIIRIST CHURCH, 1 FOR KEY WEST, to a&k Sh M.
A o ead t7. These pries to be coata ddl far in 7th October, 1881. iy, tIe fad mo a wn. sonm,.
L if e oi i ERSONS desirous n of ronpleag B oildi o a o dm io, Ti osLAe e ar
l TwN Pre feor Ie .r4s Class owine Bo et, whic-h L Lot in Shlirley Street, lt thbe prIpry of th H. h LAblateE C
,s atcss d feet oer all; esin I oma to be allw- Aaron Dixoin's Estate, will gpls give i proime for Ors o Ieph
Oriin e ba tocae receive second $ 7. e, la, on o rr bf2 Morda, J dth l i slant *md FOR SALE BY PIIVATE CONTRACT.
Pries to e contendned fur, in tbonlarbonr. ably to a plan annl sperificatio., which can be viewed, a That commodious Huo amd Lotdt
Pr" wil a ote e er Veases or bata for the ahoy, rtefcrc.'e Io W- lljan Ili Esqui re Chuich WaLdeS treet, t pro y o
'n 'will be pleased to end in their names, with theli uriler in hirlrv Stree, the pr, of W
* 'w8me h, 1(eery Cormpejoon, B)' uinr of" Richad tarnest. For termn (rwLck w
1 her Stinl F-, to (Geog Cinlnjohk, i Very rk. e made convenient) and other particuil
S at tm. N OTICE. apply oB the SnbTcriber.
SECOND DAY'S RACES, SIII. SISCRIBER, inlendiag to leave heese Is- rto L41h. JOA N Wi LDGOOaI
Thmialaa y, 8d Nonsaber. lanls ina f'-w days, for tile U'nited Stlatu of Ame- FOR SALE.
ie.m dI. r W sd Clas Sail Boats, no, tIr Frcd rica, rc.ei'is ai ll ( rose having demands against himselfor The House and Pmime at paemse aml
R. all, which are to ail r'te'arnl, fromn ort tlhe A.nirican srthoiner DaRT, on nrillcrt dteir accounts b y i P'oiicr.a. Tie How irnal y MO
beot to receive $.I, the second 10. fortll itll, at die uoiice f Johln Storr, E,-iuire. convenient, witba largeKscha- mda bola
ae, for 't first C(lass owine Borats, n iit to W. T. C. SEFFIELD, i attached, clair house and hIl a r ll
SII over --ch boat to be allowed sis Oarn. Master of thie American schooner Dart. Iornes, extensive yard and gros pim l. Tol1 b1a1
*l boat to receive uatf tile rcond R15 ; o be October 2T!. have ben lately thoroughly rermird, td o @I A ~ P r
r in o h fl Ciro loats fllr the above Rachs, to of diu fetec have been JOel W Ml met.
I i 0,. Or before the Ist proxin,mo at 12 o'clock, NOTICE. ALSO
0' IP f. SIl'SCnRIBER being abounlt to leave the Is- A tract of Land situated at tI ViiI e-*I t g O
)Tllnn n\D Y, J lanrd, rep<]tml. all irsnonis hivrino demanls against acre. It i divided by dti v mi a itwe L,
ire R_ &94. 1tla, 51iA* A -,ercbr. timt' fin-wrirdl '-,ira.-lun l ill-out l flin. farv1als or uil honts ort' tine firl Cln.- indr'hted to liIn, >ill pia' lntIl ii'nl' l | io mllllliitO ntin. % ill )inio ti lu 1lue Iill ruml. I is land will h "i.
Of l, o boat, to mn-ri. i-."tii, ieW ',n'cnoi *;1n. '01M1Ul.1 S TUIINBUL'LL. )nwed ul in one or three uts. Apply so
I'nd Race, for fottlh Class Nail eoaui, whicrhare O, oln-r Ili. Se7lrnnleir 71h. JOHN W. MILLER.

am 6 h ai M4ImdIaM l aya .
n J IAdA A ,, I
We mmww le W& Isss s isMums y lm i-
do 11111aloAerie sod N mo 0.F r do B.. s.

atCie. ot d el the son of auarchy during
dth 15 and I1kF Aqng ; b s s rw us length re-
tee. T lr M N ml ime w e, and
lGenera Ja Suocy and a.r prime of Hasue to h,
uni or seven, were m nred in their rwosm, and
teir bodies tor ais t o pg w or haog up am dl
hp-pua. Ape of he b e police sad chet, r
tIb Ilmm of Casne, a tr number of 85,werr di-
pached i dim way. A Rumin Capoain of cavalry
whr had been wounded and itake prisoner, was emr from
the wu and cruelly smmlrdred. During ihe aightl e
Anal Knrkowicki was re-appuiid (overnorofltme City.
On die 17th, die GovArimmlnt hitherto elisling diwl-
vs-d, and Krkiksriuci was paced at the b of the new
Uisverar ent wril veryevtnndedpowers. Gen. PrudiyuskL
ha been appulted by hisl o lhe hiefeemmneda f t i my.
tmuring the p eae ofs da e anarchy, General truku-
wiecki had displayed great esnery sad personal brvery
Tim Freneh amid Aunrisa Consul luad demanded their
parmpurts; bis a the reasurtion of order td y deter-
asined I. remain.
We feLr frb dlee arrcnat dmt tim paild fast ap-
prdmce whe War w will be in tde lItiands f lte Itus
sia*. On the Ishil, dte Ruissinarny,ou learmsing dutl Iu
dir-r had pav isl le- Visal, broke up froIn Luoic.rz
and advanced au the 16th ut Blusi, 16 English mile,
tronm Wmrsaw., Ageustl 17.--On dt news be Oneral Ru-
lifgr hail i sl tl Vistula, ihe Riussan army loke up
from Lowir,, on tile 1:h, and without having oAwt with
S any rinba froms ir eearmy, advanomd on the d f1h to
111hr, 16 I;alish miis f(ru W arsau The courage o
dr inmemromU smes asn be gretaly uwek, a i proved by
all i d coscumrnt accrontsl andl by lthe numnseiiu denaer
thea in larger imr inuIdllr parties la daily m the Ru.-
eSan ramp, and are msent to their iimmle. 'T' head-qsuar-
"ter of tie- Firll-Mardual are at this nsausn in Dlusir
tl-mugh the sreamir part lf thie tr imp hia alremuly advances
tm r co Warsaw. It is probable the lhei-qurters wil
fimur lo-norrow. Tih crisis i as haud-ill must son

Ilrl-Q mroers, M ad.rly, August Im.
A ls Blletin details tim preowedines of thie i-ian
army ao its admieJnc Iron Lowirr. Tim' Pules renrvnsted
willslloll faeilier, Ioly thieru wo* a llirhtl skirnishat Sazymr-
now, where aiH' bririleTr W broken down. MlynianiIow
.as mi rli.y Inirnt. Ti'u ereuay every wVinre relreoted
a-mli lumiusmg miMadl an advance, w,-re not sn lite' t eIx
day, tim lmihu. till near Illnie. lie aulbadoMe time hlf
luak iof the train imarllly fiing au mloN, slt Iruceeded. t
imsnr lws britlri, and smenead dilpusaso so disuMn the pai-
sme, but aI thll aplmprunah of the ('oascks they relired
and dil not hilnidrr die LRusians by lthir fire from re.
ring dmie bridge. Mlsy -sraggk-rs very quimlly aufflern
tlinesv-ves, tin Il laken |,rimrners on Wtli lmht bank. Th.
whole arsuy encautpd liu Ih m veni0g ruundl ti Ille H
Quartris at Imeir. On their 7lth, in ithe afrnuon, ('uln
Win, with .0 qw lruons, asuli hunldrl ruiarks, amt
five halteries oft ior arnilkry, proiwremd ti reconnuitr
toward War Thle cminy lid west two battalion
of de Si regiment of infantry, the Kalish regiment o
himea, and two canon, to iher village f Uronii Th
forue wau mmunaded by Caloiel Goliu. The RMu
*lans haTving sen a large deac acWut i the rei of 1i
Pul rut off ihhr rtrst to Warsaw. Only a fle o
their cavrlryv mscampd, iha not aa m of the infantry r
tlurne to *arsmw. severall iamnd s were kLled, an
COimn (Gallois, with 6veat and 09 other offierm an
I,-M moe were made prisoers. The two Funs wrr
taken. T-day the makn body advanced to Nadarny
the vanuard o oysva, waves (English) miles fro
Waraw; a hriigar of Il r n main in Blal ; Gene
ral (tGrinweri, with *anoier brigade of light aalry,
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om erld Rudim r we, aw h advancing from Redom
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ioeresin can e give whether there are sufmfien
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We me r d ysrday tbh Pari Paper of Ramurdml
We h copied frm an Evening coomeponrq (T
Ad wd heat appears toe ae n as idrat l
d ofK Casi" Parior ii the Ch mLr f D.a
t e a orday, which omr readm wiD d nader di
a td of Fmach Pape. opn the importaam qins u
Abh Pnmp, wsh tdh preo-t.
M. Pmerir Sid dm tde minausam Of the members
e OLha e of Peesn io the wkih the Kians, t
hor amber dhm be mlimied, dtha the dignity of
Pae b he c aoered for lif, sd not mandmb e

ML Peir den mnot kat to darlms dtmi prind
pius of4 mw lw ner Met is reyanm c w hit ow
Sir. R own views, however, eamosedinly pa
As hiawdi ms ae (he mye) c aem in is th
plehipl of e mrvetke-it-k i the omet rtiid supplrt
tas Thimes, and h imvnhmta prinrilde of independenc
which is ie hbe goarntre r f liltrr.. Tlnrry is in fa
%our of Ieredilary mrucrm in ; eiMperir'nc i torki h irlitar

WaCl Ios a m ah a a I en M h a M. wc IP
ammy -ses, duringmagyd (arm y add NW -
s hna ives e' ll m t"- *u." ami alvre yai mae -ar low is i
-A whe GeVllard obsesvm adsbs& Wbre e duoo usag vise wals apels my
frsmt it-itMnile rccanic t itse slt o So of a se PON. my pals5 ed aIar I
and in plce imulatin g realitie to prit idl, or prin- es o tbu the Ile o m
dm a realit;es, it saa itself to mingle them sgaletr New larger of -ea-ss- b d a Oglsst
by a who ae actually bemoom ig o. .
reality then is uifet ta .llt pronset, ta rm, ma
i, the ivesI n t u the hereditary succession Governsent i coimsd -I am ly a
of tbs Peerage. rus a u0just, rational or irrational, power of indicting bodily destuctin pse,
r lm a, rr ea P r nO s NU, rn I LL Ma eATMrLD belg te ways I which all peal i
An epilmi has been prmoanced--n opinion by far toa obedience to Governm t ~e eadcte d, ad, I
wmll .pre toe eher oevertoked or despised, bwen, cooum da madee ect A-l whedthr tis
is other re c., it proposal violation of justice. It is e bands of a few or of lny, of a rich or
such n opinion as whn it relates to the afairs of Go- ds wise or the foolish whether they who
Sverument, always, pedlmap imperatively, commnds ome Cardinals of Rome, Paiatie of Poland, a
spaclm of deference. Comstantinoplt, or Burghers of Goene, they
"i t is more especially due at a period when institu- what I mean by dhe Cmutitumrs eof Gewra
i ons, as vet scarcely brought forth, want the public favour, Our contemporary says--" The klems
for which no reverend antiquity supplies tm substitute. the right to shiver to atom the Crown of d
It i6 at such period, that we ought to rall I that institu- Why the Crown of the King mige have been
sions, how-everr.cellent, cannot be imposed upon a people tIe July revolution, but the French nation,or as h
by mere lrr.c, and agais its will. influential part of it, thought the inHtrem of FnLam
monnded a King. We are not aware in what way s
SYes, gentleen, sine a constitutional independence, can reign in any country by any other lre am t
which oulght to I. rermided in theory as the protectress of opinion of the mfluentiml prt of the nation dhI i
Public lisbn, is conforuded in the imagination of tie of a hereditary King i benecial. That can! a 1
mlson with the ancien:t ristocratic power, tie oppresor which is posed to the opinion of that part Iof I
of our civil liberte--since our duty, our absolute nees- which has die power to give elct to its opinion. m
s ly, is ti consult the popular impression, we pro pse to the French should chuai e heir opm a tion w t
you, as Ministors charged to collct the public opinions, oeit of Monarchy, we w not bow I hi l
Sand so stisfy tlim i in al d it is ot contrary to justie- thai the right of a King aeould be maIaiIed
we propose to you, as ab depositaries of the interest of than by foreign bayoanu.
pubbe order, bat t e ame time throwing upon you, as We repeat our conviction, thlt N. Cami Pli
visitors, a pat, grt part of the resmmnsibliiiy ol that very compremed notions respecting pricipiem f,
determination-we propose to you to decmrAn-that the vernment, but that his instinct is good.
PerraAg Ahs ceard to br hereditary." It would appear from a Maniese of te pn a
It is wel madertood ot the Hous of Peers in France Romagna, that they regret te departure of dtL AA i
has never had ny authority with the nation. Now, it is This augurs ill for the permanence of the Pope's OG
n enough for M. Perier ao pronounce theory to be in nmunt.
favour o this or that, while the nation arc opposed to it.
What is theory 1 It is dear to us that he us the word in ASSAU, Bas
un ,n.juttifabe sense. A (Governmmnt which, in the per- 6th October, 18L )
ticular circumstances of a country, will not work, cannot 0[' AT a meeting This Day, of the Saew eida
he approved of by theory. M. Perier leaves out of consi- Balsma Turf Club, the following rules woer agrml
tsii-ration the very important question of the distribution 1. That the Races do commence n the 96th ani
of imnrperty in a country, which, however, must always 2. That the Hores to run be brought to the Pab
materially determine the character of the Governnent. wings at 12 o'clock, precisely, on Thursday, the
The lIlh i. of Peers will be nore powerful without than to he there entered by one of the Clerks of the C
1 with lhreditary sucresion. In a country like France, it The colours of the Riders to be then aMde klnwa.
is i mpe.ihle to snppoi e that nmre title, without reputation the entrance money for dte cup, to be paid.
s and vitiumt talents and energy, can possess any influence. 8. That the entrance money lor the cup to beli
'Prnopery nmay give inl oce to hereditary imbecility, be- tie purses, at the rate of 5 per cent; and hdet lihe n
rnu. prolmery is dl pouer of commanding the services money for the purse, tou be pid on tme diy df
of oti-ri. 4. Tht not ess than three horss shlmllm f hI
M. P'erier has, however, done wisely in abandoning his or any of the purse.
own particular opinions to the opinions of the nation. We .5 Thea the hone winning the cup, or a pm, inI
know of no way by wlich a country can be governed be allowed to run for another pure.
.excirpt with the sent of the inhabitants or by foreign 6. That lhe weight for horse to nro for tahepa
Sforre. Our Contemporary ( The Stadard) pronounces Purses, les than I100, be, weight for age- ye nm
tthe doctrine laid down by the President, tcrribl. If that stoae,--4 yarold,8 none,-5 year old, 9astmun-u
J is teirille which leads to peace and order, then it is terrible. old, 9 stone 71T.-a-- d aged, 10 stone.
SOur ('onmemporary's views would be, in our opinion, ler- 7. That all horse to run for $100 pusse, W
Srible, because to attempt to give effect to them would lead stone.
f to violence nad bloodshed- fL Tha the heats for 100 po1oss, e twice rea"
S This (says our contemporary) is a plain acknowledg- ofheetst-flor de le er purses, once m and ad e
- ment not merely that France i to be, but that France i best of hets.
sw reody a pure domstraTr ; and that the formal deposi- 9. That Meoes. John Irving, H. M. WiDiam
If tlrie of power re but the blind unreasonig ministers of Kerr and Freeman Turner, he the udlge. To *al
- a rblble will. Wo to the country in which such doctrines disputes ar to b referred, and td decisions be
a*re Ihe foundations of her governoment; and alas! 1). That Mr. George P. Wood, eclerkof thei
d wee to her neighbour--the President asu taught the 11. That the following toll. be takes at the
re French populace that they may curtail the homer of the entrance to the course, via: for every saddle hel
. Peerage. The lemn comprehends the right to shiver to and for every carriage, gig, or oaher vehicle, Is. pI*
m aoIms ie crown f t King. He ha taught thed tht 12. Thal he following e the race days and t
- he mnt aeed, or rather led them, in the attack upon of pures to be run for, o those days.
is thrir own rktocracy, and hej given them in his leson FIRST DAY.
t he rigOt to cal upsa him EJ his metr to led in any 96th Ocdkr, 1881.
Sggression upon their neighbour which caprice shdll mg- Is. The Governor's Silver Cup-weight for op-
i gia. Belgium mvy be formally ervacted this month, bit twice* round, and bei of heats.
e the speech of the Presidentis a olemn pledge tm it will 2d. A pure of (50-weight for age,-bhet lmU
i he ngal irsd before may weeks p over. No sch and a distace-hbi of eats.
t mischevou utai-ocal doctrines L ve been broached in SECOND DAY
SEurope daring d tea 85 years, as my be oddced by l7t October, 1881.
L direct and inevitable infrence from this unbpa ipechb." ]. A poasn f 100 -weig, ton w e ne-l *I
C The bet answr to our Contemporary is to be found in rnnd, ad ha aof hats.
San Ery on the Constitution of England, published Snony- d. A p se of 050-weigh for qi,-ht-asea
Smorulv in 1766:-- and distance, best of hbeat
" em" ap y ingen hmioa athor, who are hully THIRD DAY.
akes up whih h eomridertion of the commonly defined 811 Ocdtr, 1881.
odne of arisecr cy, democrry, and o forth, while they ]s. A patf l$00-weig, o acl-K
ficcy they ar deep In he b men of Goernme, Are round, andf ml of hars.
,only l ring tbhemeS with the paper and packdhrad Sd. A pwastof $50--eigmt for ,-bt so
'e e(ru domlum in which it in wrapt. . . and a distant, bes of hae.
a Thervi no maxim more univerally received then thi- It That if them is y mony rem inieal
Stha thltie llesing of he jr is the muiprer ; and above pures inve been rm fr, te same i
e when meil adersood, there a non more aneful for le into a pure and ron for by an the beaten
preervatio of the order end hppins of a 8ate. But 14. That any hrn jeling or Casming aen" er
then k ls be undestood by th word pre, thba part deemed dltaned-the co er to pwre the o
SoIly wihicmh i coeahuat of the prese Magmaat, and is to be ndemoasod, tat any rider whoe bha r
Ito mwhe bimssem s and opinions he mst ever a va re-c cle h h before dthe nt bas rmy hose he
n figos regard. . . . But houg1 should 15. ThIa the ride hb weighed irw aid &'
y make ever so plain to the manest capacity, itht the bea; thmt the riders ma ride their borea o do
hief and elosan only matim necmary for the ease nd i pa and weih; ad he theMdiamea hbds,
- ability of any Government is to have an attentive eye weig i hs dbenacd.
n to the isle es of its contituents, yet I am fr fromltink- 16. That dI time ofmaniaq e ach d ey be **
- ing the applicamti of ti siple i rsh equally simple mnd prucly ; that Mlf an bor be allowed bhemr
asy. Itis by no means easy tu id nat at a m with M eat; and that a btgle be aamded g ter of
e preciioa who these constituents are ; and the an learn- before sarting.
of Ie and experienced runlrs have brought them-er into N.B.-It is earesly rueqatad LthM no dog s I
e difficulties by mistakin them; nay, there in a certain srt to the Rce Courn on the days a t-m Racs.
- of learning and eliIerience which, hy the cnfidence that --
Suften allans it i, s more destru:-ive, in tlis re pecl, tia Inr terly pritsed once," an the Isailb in

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