Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: October 12, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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aglE ut lCS,. Editor. WEDNESDAY, OCLBEft I, e1831. VOL. I--uo. XX



tgh Dolla. per ammam--a adva


Think not, my friends, the tiger is at rest,
Ior when troubled waters he is blest,
Know still his brain with wicked mischief tee
Although a lamb that arch-deceiver seems;
ie' scheming still, altho' 'tis long, since wor
Of that vile plotting Junto we have heard.
The mighty Chief, aware there was a scout,
Who told his plans, and let his secrets out,
Tuns off his Junto, broke up the rabble crew
ArI fewer made of those who first were few ;
And now advice he asks of two or three,
Who with bihuelf in badness most agree;
For be it known, of all the scurry host,
This same, great chieftain, ever is the worst.
With tliee around him, he the silence broke
And thus disconsolate, he grieving spoke:
How oft, alas! are friends obliged to part,
How oft a friend's departure rends the heart !
To yon, my Faux, obliied to bil farewell,
Oh! Where to lined your equal. I can't tell:
You've been my friend, a tried one-liinu and
Advice in trouble. I dil get from you;
And now thou gueswt,-I ne'er shall sei thee im
My dear Guy Faux, at least on ('n .n I-. .nil
Hhen glad thiu ,doIl on England's %*liore re-I
Ano treail again, thal dlitant, iniichlu -lv'd itrain
Perform lotr me ihis eatv. pleasant task,
aosy it --tlhe last I have in ask.
Convey this letter to Colonial hllop,
Imperant 'tlW-s when you landi, don't stlop,
But post away, and %afely give it in.
For there I tell, what new rebellion's been.
Yesterday, to me, a Slive Cour* record came,
Ama ginte lad not sublscrihed his name
As I hafl lidl, and wihen I a hk'd [tle reason,
Why did 6l% uiin ia iii)law commit high iruea'on
This csonfurnactous relel dil reply,
'The others cringe tI thee, vet will not I
Thus putting on myv onour a loul Iolt,
For, as to ilnliflin me, why he will not.
Lo in this letter to my Lord. I say,
He'll not he magimtrlnt another dv ;
And bil him ai l, not like his predrceo ir,
And not believe lhatle'er lie says yv letter.
And to make sure work. I'll nothing say
Of his dlgrrce. till you are on your way;
Leat should the culprit seni a single letter,
To tell the Irulh. and I nae his cause the hefl
What think my friendli,-s not ihi Ideed quit
To sheb my (onIn,.uience, sndi vent myp;te
Quite righl (ulle right '" united all excl
"'T will heap great honour on your noble nan
I'm glad ou like it,." said the nirley Chic
Yor apprhairon gives my mind relief.
Since you approve. I'll farther shew toin you
Whit, oi revenge. I am resolved to do.
That giky Slave. whom you do know full w
I'1 pmdon. that often she may tell.
She struck her owner, and Ixasting she may
That afely she may do the same another day
Thau will I bring the rebel loIs quite low
AId t my power, they will have to bow."
S low wise! Ilow wie "' again erxlaim'd
"Bach wisdom surely ne'er will have a fall."
Hope not." said he; but I remember we
A dream I had last night: to you I'll tell
The ominous prodigy. lMelhough I lay
OU bed of nettles, and cotid not gel away:
Whenthus I liv. the bell for dinner -"ng,
AA then the enchantment ended, up I spnra
Wen, Io! A ropel down from the ceiling let.
Before I thought, had caught me by the neck,
And raised me lip. Imhweun llie earth anIl *kic
When thus I hung, I downward turned my ey
Thilher attracted by a deafning shout,
Aid aaw of eolours all. a nrbble rout.
Bome did mv head with rotten eggs assail,
* And kick anad hlown tell on me thick as hail:
And aofe vile wretch did dare a fire lo bring
While did the air with shous terrific ring :
Thi, when the fire hal burnt the rol I lill,
Th all the moll most horribly dlidl yell.
Aid with the fall. I happily awoke :
Swl but a dream, or 'd not been here and I
Thus rasewd the Chief, the sages homewar
lt not before they had him bid good-bye.

There is a tear more pure and right
Than even mom's first blnuhing light;
It sparkle with a milder glow,
Thain unheams on lle tuoen snow ;
It a parer, sweeter gem.
Than ever breath'd on row-bud stem;
Ob! yen 'tis even lovelier far,
Tha evening'a first and lonely star;
Fo. 'tis that holy. sacred tear.
Affection claims her offihnlng dear.


From the Jlaisca Couran. by any other order of men. Proufuionally taught dl
THE SIGNAL. rights of the people, they wrem among the foremost to de.
F cry every attack aude on their liberties. Bred in dte habit
No.'7 of public peaking, they made distinguished figure in dt
e.* TO THOSE WHOM THE CAP MAY FIT. meetings of the people, and exerting their abilities in tis
S TO THOSE WHOMTHE CAP MAY FIT. cause of their country, they were rewarded with its con6-
In days of yore. there w a time, dence." Nor were the Clergy at all deficient in promo-
If truth may now be told intynme, ting the common cause. I hey answered the appeals of
When Honesy took up his elon the general Congress, with that ftru and r~lious fervour,
Among the gret folks of l maltion; which a confidence in the Being whom they served could
And not ashamed to shew his face, only inspire.
In open day or any place, Ther were at this time no unhallowed preachers of
Sat side by side with stubborn Honour, sediism. The baneful virus of seclariantlrason, had not
While Justice took decialon a her. yet cromed the Atlantic. The voice of patriotism sound-
Thuse three upon th jadgm s ed perinuaively front the pulplit, and de examrpl of te
Slanc h e their likes to mscle, pastors, convinced the people, that the cause of juati
Without the gibblet' help j eail; was the cause of God %o'no would have betlded the
Or without cumbernam t(Ill, man, who in those days had preached il passive obedience,
Kept rich-poor-great--.4 small in awe. or the divine right of Ministers, much more to hiu who
ms, It is deeply to be deplored, i t ia the present aspect of would have ventured to disseminate among the slaves of
our affairs, any thing like achi should be established that country, the impulse of rebellion as it i now dune,
d among us ;--and yet, if we look through the ranks of our and done with impunity by too many among our own
society, we shall find, at tboe who oght tostand foremost Clergy. To our shame he it spoken The evil is now
in our defence, are shamefuly lukwawrm, or treache- spreading, and nothing is done either by those set over
rously inimicaL lie that is not for me, is against me," them, or by the community to check the machinations of
is a sound and appropriate maxim. In times like the tlhse ISCARIOTS, who are totally reversing the objects
present, even moderation loon its character, and dege- of their missions--.'rverting ll'e iimil aInd benevolent doc-
noerats into indifference ; and he is an enittny to lis coon- tines of the Scriltur -aTnd using their ,pastiral authority,
try, who does not join heart and hand, and give the for the most unchristian and dliaolical lnrploMss. 'Toi the
utmost stretch of his power and ability to the sacred orthodox anddevout, anl truly C'lristian partof our Clergy,
e, cause; but, alas! too niany of these have we to complain I have little to a)y. TIsy are doing their duly faiinfully
of. Loo!: through the ranks of your high-paid pen- but to the deprived disciples of Wi'llb'rilirce (and I /low
sioners-your piunpered offtcials,-yuur those by Mue who hare his credentials in their pockets,)
charactern,-your- your I shall take leave to point out1 the alteration of those prin-
who are drawing. as I havepaid already, their ill-earecd ciples upon which IItyv were originally called to the mi-
true, 4undrreds and thousaUna from your Island treasury ;-" Ai nistry of the WeIst Inlies, anti will Ioilill., uvtir that lth
nigri snut-nho tou Ronasme Caocto." lThese re the men religious instruction !' ur Ilabonirine classes, as it is now
ore, wlo are iuitui their influence to neutralize the feeling of ciondncil by themn, is a deil riu a, frot alil the cnions
I1iii'. inlligination, whicrl has justly arisen among its for unme- of the ('Clurch-a ti.lalion l O'f tl. priniil t l ,f C(lric-
""., rited wrongs. These are the men who are striving to tianity-of all tei nrligioiu views of lt' I aren't State-
d* clhek that disposition to UNION, which is so indispen- all the objects o' tile local Igislation---ll the hopsm and
sable to nur ultimate success; the men whoml you are wivlhes of society. It is in direct contradiction of every
fallaciously and vainly hlAOing no ti as leaders iv the in- thing that is hloinst, honouranli, or just-in short, it is
evilable contl,,. In pluiic, thel stalk silently among conducted on llpinriliphs Iirectli at variance with religion
you,-in private, they sneer at your exertions. For tlie -with tle doctrines olf rripture--aith God's words! and
most part, they are in league with your enemies, whom lhas degenerated inon a measure for rompleting the schemes
they mean also Io deceive, if ii(lt with eventi-for du- of a political 1PARTY, whose objects are anarchy, confu-
plicity is their game; and vieasrg tie struggle at a dis- sian, blood, and maussa e I I IJMBRATL'S.
S ltanc, their minds ire made up to join the strongest partly Inilratitu has received the commulicatlons of VYartsa,
Precious fruits of nisplaced favour! Had the appoint- whicl shall, in I'due linm, take laeir stations in the SIG-
itents of tllhe honourable stations Ien lthe reward of NAL. IIh would ie alippy if a fiw more of the talknted
imeril, such would not lbae een thie result ; but it is no- individuals of the island would, like V rTEaAN, ford
torious that (ourt favour or accident has placed tlein tlere him tliir assistance.
i-" caius plerumque ridiculous mullo s erarit," a n! si --
servienry alone is the guide of their conduct. They are Grecral Crmrtery (t',mpmny.-The first annual meeting of
to be known by thlir arrogance in private-their slrr- the members of tIn' sIl.,e cotipsill IoikL place on the Itlh
ciliousness in, or rotal avoidance of, public meelinus.- of last month, in lAmnd.n. 'lTe oljetrl of the company is to
In your domestic circles, they have one uniform remark- lorm a (;-n--al (emrtery. whi.h is to he laid out and plan-
of what use are your rreslutiowu To this, on- plain an- ned after the nanner ofi the reliebratrnl rneter, of Per, Ia
S t e (n haise. surrmlundlrd a lh III ornamental enrltisure Of osf-
er. swer is to he made: Our resolution, if Ilty Shave noollher firc, re t hlilg, and .o .atcred ri l an gnarlid as to pr.evt
e right, effect, will, for a time, preserve to you the salaries you so i,,te epuililhrl, within Iroml being violatel or ditlurbd. H ith-
'" ill-dleerved !! It may be ualded, that our resolutions in the area, parishes, public ,lodles anil individuals, may be
aim, stand in thie place of those petitions to Parliament, which able to obtain ground. lor the purpose if inernnent. with
e!" our fellow-subjects are permitted to pour in every Ses liberty to erect mausoleums and monuments after their own
' sion, upon the most trifling grievances. They also tend designs. A Chapel in to be erected for the celebration of
to shew, that we are not appalled by the formidable com- the funeral service, and the reception of monuments. A
binalion of circumstances which appear against us. That plan of the ground. with the situation of vey monument.
ii a u ugh w he T S s gaus, ant d a reference to the nanmn of the oaniers, as well l a
el. although we have TRAITORS among us, we have also agter of the death. ge and decripion of every dvid.l
determined spirits, who know their rights, and knowing, interred, wi:l be kep1. and he open to inspetion in the same
ay, intend to maintain them. Let me not here be supposed manner as the registers in parishes. Original nasubriber
to- allude to time House of Assembly. There are in that will be entitled to the pnvilege of removing the neaim of
body, men who are as firm, decided and patriotic, as the their relatives from other places of interment to the cemetery
they all, warnst heart, glowing with seal in their Country's cause, at rediruedl fees. The calilal of the company, which in
could wish. Some few have been hitherto misled Itoono<>. is divided into t5f shares, for the purpo eofsf-
11 hy the Ipreises of Ministrm but they are now the- boring an opportunity to a grater anumbe of individual
roly convinced, that confidene in the is vain oing in the speculation. It iu calculated that a sure return
rouly ovinced, that codeine n them is in and will be made for the capital inventel. owing to the number
ilelusive. There may also be some who consider them- of iterments which annually take place in the metropolis,
selves Ibound to Government ex-ofcie ;" but these are which amounts to alboul 4U.lio. There was a plans of the
very few, and will ht' mule in the ensuing Session. The cemetery in the room, ui(nh was much dnmired for its
g- leadinuL men of America dillered widely with those I have simple anil tasteful arranzrmenl. The site appropriated for
just descril 'd ahove. They boldly Iook the post of lio. the building in question is m the neighbourLood of Prdding-
S nour, and qttiminlated hv their exanplde those who were in Ion.
re, inferior stations. At a very early period of tliat contest,
we ree the nanies of may who were-o, and Apipearanre of a nar Islandl in the Mediatrrma m.-
-, and -- and ThI- Paris Mesa r'er des< ('lhanlhres contains an interest-
I1at were eTger to ie appointed to the dangerous office ing article, of which the' following is a translation.
of leading in their oppresed Country's cause. We read Towards I o'clock of the 1Pth July, I1M1, Captain
of their in particular, whll, although fully aware of tlie John Corrao, (ommnmnderof tlel brig Theresine, goingfnomn
risk they encountered in standing thus prominently for- Trapani to (iirgenti, in Sicily, at dli distance of about
ward, under the colour of an excursion of pleasure, made 20 miles from Ca(lm St. Mark, perceived, at the distance
a tour of the state of Pennsylvania, to ascertain the lnti- of a gun shot, a mass of water which arose f0 feet above
spoke." ments of the people, and to nite them in those honds of the leave o the hse and presented a circumference of
I hoe. resistance, which were so essential at the time. It is need- nearly 400 fathlomt-a smoke proceeded from it exialing
less to say tlat their effort were crowned with success, an odour of sulphur. The preceding day, in he gulph of
G. S. X. and,eventually, they received tihe rewards they so jstly iTrois Fontaines, he had seen a great quantity of dead
merited front a grateful Countrv-nor wns this trulv Ho- fish and black matter efluiineg no tle water, and he head
man spirit at all limited, among the principal men ol Ame- a noise like that of thunder, whirh the Captain altrloes
rica. Ahntost all those who occupied official stations, paid to a volcanic eruption, lie continued hi vyat g Gir-
by the Conuntr., joined the patriotic ranks. The entil- genti; and all tle time that he was occupied an Wji h
men of the law in paitictlar, were connpicuous--and it is ship he saw a thick smoke rise inceantly fre tih same
a remarkable fact, that of tle first general Congress, one point, Iwfore which he arrived on the 16th, his return
half at least, chosen as delegates, were of that profession. from iergenti. A new spectacle was thn prrwnled to
-" They had already acquiedl the confidence of the in- hinm-namrlv, a tract of land, of the sae rirnllference
habitants by their exertions in the common cause. The as that of the nma of water whirh he ihd remarked in his
previous m;insiur in lthe reswrltive proiviions had been first passage. This IllandI (hlich we shall ral Curran,
planned and carried into elect mure by their advice, than from tlle name of tlitm luh wl it former) is elevated

- 1_q

69 Sa 9fAwAS5

.as I Cn dO athea the M; iI iliI ite
mi b L o plai a the cwr U rof .
whar r l Lav kin sem a t lq d~rig the si
The Island h barded by a gl& t k. The mound-
ID rMiud th Ld riv nr ditp of 106 &thMi
bh tudia T 86 .6. uJd 9Iltod IO. m theu meri-
Oai of Paris. Soch 1 d rmlatie of Capt. Corran,
bimslf, who earwd te port of Maeallu e tIhe Bth of
Itm July. This voel m bhaso been sen by several Cat-
tLu ls t from Mh ani Tagearoc to Genoa ; he PileU
iave mral f.-oa swrmoun, tbiton the day of the erup-
dem of the voicun be had sees a brig perish, ud also a
Aidm beat, his companion; ad tlum be cusidered his
w nape miraculoum."



A leter signed a CasrvTiaiseo Jew," has ben received,
Lt -" Hoservu" had, in a m sure, anticipated him in
his smethet, respeeting the ipropriery of Minister of
the Gopel etering Into newspaper discussion, we have act
menerd It. We, however, perfectly agree with our coras-
peades, Ith the Rector of St. Manbews, by the bom-
hetie and unesessary expresions," in his lener to the Royal
Gamt, bus corroborated the asertio of the poet so fa a
egards himself.

It mas have been mch oa immune eertion for the
editor of the Royal Gasett, to depart from his old, regular
rtine of business, to march for fads, in order to unde-
c iv the community, a to the unprecedented exercise of
the King's prerogative of mercy, by Sir James C. Smyth,
ht it bi to be regretted he should have failed in his object,
by laying before the public a document which plainly de-
otrate the uutruth of what had been aserted, with "so
mchb temerity and conidence."-That a man's cause may
etain greater injury from the aets of Ill-judging friends,
than from the open attacks of his advesries, is her well
esemplihed, and we shall endeavour to show that His Ex-
cellncy has gained nothing in argument by due "fuets" of
dt Royad Gaate.
By the consolidated Rlave Law, passed in the year 1796,
the juridiction of the Slave Court was as extensive as that
ofthe Geeral Court; the Jutices were empowered to try
laves for all ofences, to pm sentence of death, and to
mmn rch sentence to be carried into execution, when
and where they might think proper. Then, ofoure, the
Govemor, or Commander-in-Chief, could exercise the pre-
roative of the Crown, in cases wher the felon was ader
etenue of drat ; and we find the following clause in the
law, which bears upon this point:
LVI. Provided always, that it shall and may be law-
fill fur the Justries t any Slave Court, or extraordinary
trial, to rEpite the exeution of ny sentence, by them gi-
ven, for any term not exceodini thirty days, or until the
pleasure of the Cjm~nuder-in-Chief shall be known, in
ea proper cause AiU appear to them for so doing, or the
Jury small recommend the prisoner to mercy."
But In no case, except those in which sentence of death
i-d been passed, was then any reference made to 'he
Commsder-io-Chief; and Mr. McQueen's return shews,
tha it a only in a i cases, that comantations or pardons
hId bhe granted.
Ti law continued in force until 1816; when that pan
relave to the Slave Court was suspended, and a new act
passed direrg dtat Slaves should be tried in the General
Cosrt Is the m u manner as whites, for all offence in
which dey could Mt plead their clery ; and restricting he
Juriedkl odo f the Slave Court io clMerWy e offences.
From 1816 to 1891, there does not appear to have been
any ca of reference to the Executive, nor of any inter-
frence with the sentences of this Court; but during 1821
and 18, there occunrd three cases, where General
Grnt ltek upon himselfto prdon three slaves, sentenced
In t aeponion for life--rom the pressing solicitations of
th owners and others interested; and when we take into
omideration, General Grant's comtant endeavour to do
every thing in bis power--ye! to over-stretch that pow-
r- r the bew6t ofthe society over which he presided,
w ae am mrpried tht these iolted am passJ,
oaerntively, without otice: particularly when thd
jare was so extended to the prioners, that they were
eds perfectly sensible of the punishment they h deser-
ved, and s very narrowly escped.
Fr a 1809 to 1890, period of twenty-one year, only
Inbmmariao and perdons occurred in the Slave Cort,
ul i of those were cases where m prison were m-
tmaaid death. Compare this with Sir J.C. Smyth's pbi-
olhael q campre it with dte bmnnity which amcted
h m, whom l ai ed the invalid band-master H-r, for ik-
ag for cp f cosee; or caused him to leave his brother
emiat,le Collecta, semlen upon the public road. In a p-
rtidles tbm feairml ne, Sir J. C. Smyth has pardoend
si ar, and mla them hark to their owner. not only


5 5I -- -- .

* a .

rre~ - -- -- ----

_ _

,. Ir

-i |wum dw U""".nla SS t^hn S or nlaa
"ho i aetd he lfylag dot, sane to &a m am
iha pasnd tou,,,pl s J.w the m h ,a subjelpct 6lva his I
Sasuting lguage the al forentaly bAre tioulpator of errimn.
M of Imaulting language toward thn, sad thrts to the ministers of ur holy religion plead t the fio
Afortunate owners. Tem ves were all pardoned despot'sedairafstae; did n recoabineid Tve
wlb out one circuypneanc la favor appearing in ti tioning community lend it aid in bellf of at
evidence, and fu ra extraordinay as yhose Hinilo Inesxorablea to the cry of one about to
evidence, bndy fur lly i s extraordinary as the beggared widow; areless of the cry of orphan
epred by His Exce y i h of Mary Hughe. tion unyielding to the declaration well vouched
Those are rActa, and sth Editor of the Royal Gazette Ithon .at ignorance of the culprit we see the
may contradict them if be likes, but we defy him to prove with intent to hill, hung, while he who provokeed
to the contrary.-I this not an unprecedented exercise of sault lied and still lives-a walking monume at
the King's prerogative 1 I it not both illegal and uncon- Governor's philanthropy and tender mercy.
itutional r We answer, es-it is abll this, and Cmore; Hinson! your face was white; had your colour bees
stitutionl t We answer, l-it ist ll thi, and more; able, you would have been, not only pardoned, bl
and although Sir James nay eek to deceive the public by raged todo so again! Facts are too stubborn for I
his nonsense about preroaive, and s forth, we can tell terfuges and sohistries of the Governor's minionu
him our eyes are not Ash; we are not asleep, and hal toassail them. Theymay,ever.ndanon,liketheei |
always put the inhabitants in possession of our opinions of surge, dash agint the proud and firm basis, but
his acts. timately share die same fate,-lesving no other tIg
his act o their efforts, than a foaming mass of pent up air,
We beg to call the action of our readers to the fol- ing only to meet annihilation.
lowing answers, given by die late Thomas Mathews, Es- I am, Mr. Editor,
quire,deceased, tl then Police Magistrate, to the Commis- Your obedient servant,
siones of Legal Enquiry, on the subject of our lave Court, BRL'.m
and which, we think, place the subject at present before NAs N. P. 10th October, I
us, beyond a doubt: To Edor f Ie a Argu,.
Q.-I, there any apple, In any, and what cases, from TM. EorT--I was mot highly amusad by an.
the decisions of this Court, and by whom, or to whom, and of the Rector of St. Matthews, upon some poor del
upon what terms, ao where mia it be entered, and it would appear, has been treating his cassock with 6
within what time prosecuted I aspect: so augur, from the violent paroxysm of
A-There is nt ay ppre. philosophical nightware, under which the Rector w I
--M every, or Ind what sentence of "h perently labouring-fighting in his somasblaueT
Q.-Murt every, or d what sntences of soime eril enemy; for I have not seen those li
Court be submitted to th executive, before it can be car- which e so vituperatively rallies their author, in eigh
ried into execution 1 your columns,or those of the Royal Gazette. Scumale
A.- The law does mot rerire nci referees in casl as they may be, they would have remained in compMwni
cagisoble before tahi Cnort. obcuritv, if not made so very notorious by the *r ed
classical, Billingsgate lang and abuse," showered i.
To the same questions, put to the authorities in Jamaica on them by Mr. Strachan.
and Honduras, answers more explicit than thee were Mr. Editor, I feel a little piqued for the lileray Is.
returned. To the latter quaion, in Jamaica, the Custos now of our pari, so must beg your good leave to ga
replied-that except where sentence of death was passed, e animo,' a little Latin to the Eastern Rector.
the Executive had no power to interfere with the sentences Non Dindlymene non Adytia quit,
Mentem sacerdotum incula Pythius,
of the Slave Court; and in Honduras, the Judge answer- Non liber aqu.e non acuta,
ed-that, as only minor olences were cognizable before Sic geminaar Corybantes lra,
this court, the question did mot apply. Trises u i : quas neque Nonrius
Deterret ensia, nec ware iausragum,
We would now ask tq laliZlatws, what reasons they Nec savus ign.s, nee treminudo
can assign, for persisting In doing that which the law does Jupiter ipse runs tumultu."
not requiree I why will they refer their sentences to the Having applied the above quotation to the angry f1k
Governor I In not proceling strictly according to law, ings he so v-ry anxiously tries to disavow, while hisa
o ty nt v t W t ; a w riuus distortions of tropes, so evidently shaw tiht sea
do they not violate theila l We think ; and we trust aberration has been induced by enger; the hop, ship ad
that they will, by detenured resistance to this arbitrary jump style, and consequent confusion of sounds nikia a
demand, convince His Excellency tiat dhey are men of bad jumble of good words; I would asain apply aatha
sound ense, and public spirit. Mercy, when exercised quotation as asedative to his excited ne-rves.
with discretion, is truly the brightest jewel in England's Lupis er agnis quanta soMito obtagr,
Tecum mihi discordia aet,
Crown, and should be always extended to the culprit, Iericis peruste funibus latue,
where the slightest circumstance in his favour can be pro- Et crurm dun compede.
duced; but mercy extended indiscriminately to every vio- Llce' superbus ambules peeunis,
PFortune on mutat genus.
later of the laws, becomes a crime that must be produc- Videsnr. cscm nrtirte te viam.
tive of the most serious evils to society. um bin tir ulnerum toga.
UI_ on rertat huc et huer untism
N. P. 10 October, 131. Liberrime indignanlto!"
NAes, N. P. 10 October, 1831. Mr. Editor, I pray you do not think me vain, becas
To the Editor of the Bahama Args. from my humble sphere, I have dared to soar aloft. Tim
Ms. EDrroa,-Mr. M'Queen having d-voted a large credit of Christ Church is at stake, from die very no-
space in his last number to a cause, for which every well- merous Latin quotations of Mr. Strachan.-Who is tier
wisher to the country must ever reprobate him, I stall so bae as would not love OLD CaHRST Cuaccu I itf an
beg leave to examine even his own documentary evidence, speak for him have I offended.
to substantiate the generally received noon of improper I am, Mr. Editor,
and undue interference with our slave code, by Sir J. C. Your humble servant,
Smyth. From the year 1809 to 18V2, says the Royal BILLY COCKROACH.
Gas tu there were nine commuitations of sentences and Sexton and Dog-Whipper to Christ Church
pardonm-the most of which were commutations from the
sentence of death, to thatof transportation. There is but ,To the Reverend HW. Straam, Rector of St. M.ttls.
one instance, and that the lut attempted by General N
Great, of free pardon to Philip Wier; end it must be in NAnSA, 91h October, 1831.
the memory of every peio tim msanmr in which it was Rv'oD. anr, DEA Sta,
received by the commnnity-losing General Grant for My friendship for you, cannot be better expressd thia
some time, the good wll of many of its members. Be that byy assurance, of the deep regret and mrrow ahich I
as it may, he did not try it again, during the remainder felt, on reading your letter, (without date,) in the RoylI
of his administration of thi Government. Gazette of the 8th inst. It s not until I perceived your
In this very year(llEl),ays the Royal Gazette, there signature, with Rector of St. Matthirw's atchet.,
have been six free pardons, and the case of Mary Huhes that I could bring myself to believe the production to be
will make a seventh, should the Governor follow up his | ur's,-'or that the servant of the meek and lowly Jea
avowed intentions, and her pardon is coupled with a de- I"'ld have given utterance to the angry and inipassined
clration from the execuve, that l warrants slave aaults feelings with which that letter abounds.
upon theirowors, under vocation! Can Mr. M'QUwen How must you have altered since I first knew you 1-
bring forward any thing li this from the hands of Gover- the day has not long passed, when you would have acted
non Cameron, Grant, or President Munnings.-! never very differently ; when those Verses,"*' who-e auhor h "0
recollect having understood tat any of our Kings required now with such heated and angry feeling, abuse, would
the proceedings of the Police Courts, for consideration, at bet, have but excited a smile of conmpassi.n. Where i
ahoughtheymightpossibly have always found as many se- my once honoured friend's frmnes, charity and huni-
eren cam for eosideration in one hour, as our mock lity I Can a poetical production, written no doubt but to
philanthroplet wil mae during his prolosnd sojourn create a laugh, throw you so far of your guard, and rob
among a. Mercy is certainly everything that Shakapeare you, even for a moment, of the most valuable, lsinile,
has delinated it; but false mercy, and a total extinction and prominent feature of your cliracter 1 I1 it my t'-;
of punishment, have been as ably reprobated by that veeredd friend, that has stooped to revile the rev ;lcf' '
author -Ilas the Rector of St. Mattihew', in accordlnre with
Now, as fond Ilther. the example of his blessed mater, alter receiving he
Having bound up the threatmin twigs ofbirh. blow on one cheek, held up the other 1 or lbs lhe exy=I-
For terror. ou t for ue; in time. the rod sed himself, before an observing and intelligent niblic,
Becomes more mocked than feared: s our decrees, and thrown aside those amiable qualities, that isould al-
Dead to iiection. to themselves are dead, ways tenacioosly adhere to his sacred character I
And liberty plucksjnstice by the nose: Sapientia donum Dei," is a truism none can doubt;
he baby beats the nuns. sd quite slhnrt but fromn hence, my reverend friend, has emanated that
em anll decrnnm."--Maimm for Mruamr. wisdom," that could have induced )yl to ovrr-stl p 11t
Whle the life of a fellow creature is at nke-when pn- threshold of your happy and re nrcteil houe, to mils '
de marry, assuming the kind garbof hope of subsequent party spirit, and to give utterance to argunennt your o'

- -ar- -a-

~L--- lhl

ssal Yout n o honeetreuolog could neapportn
Sa wi i th e asuranoe, t er ans c i nirute inm-
party Ur me might write, the tonymoua might
a id ne ogry give way to inv.ctive-but wrept ia
as vairtlur, or your coniciou rectitude," respecl-
in scatioty, and happy in your home, the stormy waves
f dihUasio or party spirit, ight break where they cho!se
A lanedlion soe niru that ,u which you have hitherto THE TYRANT AGAIN DISPLAYED. BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
Lmo, coukl not have been injured, 'nd here I would unite
oita yb in the fooling, that a clerfynano's character should We have just learned, u our paper wu going to pren To-wmrro, Tursday, Ite 13th inste,
a u mared as woman 's virtue, but then, my dear friend, lhat ROBEeT DUNCOMe, Esquire, has been dismised from AT THE TVeNDI HOUea,
b wuldl not give provocation. tile oflic of Police Magistrate i We have not heard At 11 Oloe k. lA. .
Bmamber, however, should you venture again on the whet reason the DESPOT has assigned for ths rbitrary Willbe Sid
Iraubld sea of party writing,-there is a vast difference 70 barre SuperGne Flour,
eltones eurrilous and anonymous writing ; and if you ste'P. Being plt ofthe cargo of the schooner Win n Ro,
would be advised by one who most sincerely wishes you ,from Key West.
ad your heart can desise,-you will never again allow NASSAU, BAHAtA, T enu,-CASH.
onlf to b betrayed into such angry and passionate in- 6th October, Iola. October 12th.
irtivo -and he you well assured, though a few may, an 0b AT a meeting This Day, of the Stewards of the BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
uig people, will never maniilebt discontent, without it Bahamna Turf Club, the following rules were agreed to:-
ua been foircrd upon term. Pray do not make another 1. That the Races do commence on the 26th instant. To-morrow, Thursday, lar 13th iutat.
mistake, and be angry with me, for I repeat, I do wish .. That the Horses to run be brought to the Public Build- Immediately alier til salt at the Vendue Hous,
you weU. wings at 12 o'clock, precisely, on Tlrlnday, the 20th inst., At teb Stores of John Storr, Esq,
IIONESTUS. to be te th entered by one of the Clerks of the Course. Will be Sold
The colours of the Riden to be then made known, and The Hull and materials of the American schooner Drt,
Hun verses written with considerable talent anid scauer- the entuince money fr the cop, to be paid. put into this port in distress, in her passage from Charl
ad about ibe streets of Nssau. 3. That the entrance money for the cup to be $5, for ton to Jamaica, and condemned by a Board of Survey
.Fre laaa he sloop Livly, Captain Prudde, the purses, at the rate of 5 pl ent; and that the entrance an unaeworthy.
Fr Ci na- h s loopie money for the puraes, to be paid on he day ostarting. T rnst--CASH.
which arrived on Monday, the 10th inst, front Haveaa, 4. ,hat not less than three horse sallU run for the cup, October 12th.
brought regular file of the Haveans Nticioso Mercantil, or any of the purse*.
fron one of wlicL (dlated tim 3d) we have made the fol. 5. That the horse winning the cup, or a purs, not to BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
lowing tranlation:- be allowed to run for another puree.
lowing trsntlbaion:- 6. That the weight for hones to run for the cup and 0n Friday naet, te 141A insat,
WESTERN ISLANDS OR AZORES. purses, loss than $100, be, weight for age-3 yearold, 7 At the Residence of John Malcolm, esquire, at the South
The Count Villa-llur es take the Ihand of St. stone,-4 years old, 8 stone,-5 yearn old, 9stone--6years West corner of Fieeming's ioquere,
llichal.l. and is in posu.ion of Ponto de Gada, the old, 9 stone 7bs.--and aged, 10 stone. At 10i '-e1ol.o A. W.
capital of tih said Islaud, which he entered on the third 7. That all horses to run for $100 purses,arry 10 lln a g w h
day. stone. A very choice collection of Book, among which are
Tie Count Ville-flor disembarked on the north side 8. That the heats for $100 pures, be twice round-best the Encyclopedia Britannica, Dr. Johnsonr folio Dic-
of the Island with 1500 of the troops of Terniia ; gave ofleats-foat the lesser purse, once round anda a distance, tionary in twwvolumes, and an Alas on a moet extensiv
battle to thse of St. Michael killing and wounding 300 best of eatr scale.
men, and only losing on his own side 30; and after- 9. rhat Meinrs. JohnIrving, V. M. Wylly, H. M. Hou old LurniSue Si--
ards was received in the capi ital by the i th Williamn, llngh Kerr and Freeman Turner, be the judges Household Furniture b vi.
open arns, the Caltain o if tlle English vesasl (Broke,) To threm, all disputes are to be referred, and their de- Bookcase-Sidebord,
lef t tie lime of hi a sailing llte flag of Donn Maria cisions e to be final. Dining, Card, and other Tables,
flying in the port of St. Michael.-The (Giernor took 1r That Mesurs. V. M. Wylly and George P. Wood, Bedteads-with a variety of other articles,
refuge on board of the En0lihlvessel SITniI llrin OI, c I. rk C ol'thoIcourse. IKE IE-
which was .I Inher voynge from tche lErl of France to 1. That the following olls be taken at the northern A Jersy Waggon, well adapted for a Family.
Loaidon. entrance to ile course, viz: for every oaddle horws, Is; TermS,-CASi
li fslr rCl/i a.--I a St. JotlhnI ". paUlir of the a"d for every carriage, LiL, or olher vehicle, Is. per wheel. OctoU r 12th.
lic uil. w rli.ld tI straneI do.ui.. tn, bthie lr o I T... 12. "hat the follI, ing be the race days and tle aEmount CHwIlT C WURCH P rP .I
tkhn a claim na,lee ly the pre-nt Earl of Stirling ant of purse toble run for on 1hi1e t me days. me Re c f-A tItH-.
DevAn, as proprietor and hereditary lieutenant of' all F IRaT 00l A,
Noel 8otls &.--it seenl "to a claim of l-T 1a261A Odoulor, 13l1.
N ot Scotia, &.-it aiprir New to unwt a claim ofN sl. lhe Governor' Silver Cup-weight for age-heat, H AVING S fixed ten assize of c nZAD it che iate ofd
rei, In oer t lhe ri Adiress tst of te crun i "'r ich tof Iwod. H1 i hh barrel of superfine Flolr, Ordered, that h
Scalia, c. In a o filled,"A es s to hh flot once round,
lie Autr ritie, Lnd sitter In rbiAnts, And iie l oters a .A p urs of -weight for age,-heat once round, shillin Loa do weiu m ., and ile sipenny Los
whon it may concern, in all thie Ang.lo Scottish Coloy and a diance- f lb. AV. By order oVefrythe Vestry. Clerk.
of Nova Srtlia, inclsaving new Brunusick, &c. the Earl 27th O October 31 Vr. Y Rom, P C4h October, C3I.
of Smiling andl Dovan claims, that tie first I tl, cement Ro 4h October, l .
of the Colo w ml, by his lncer Sir William Al- 1t. A pure of $10-wlight, ten stone-het twi e PARIIS OF CHIRIST CHUIRCIH,
eiarler, wine was afterwards cn adl Edarl of tStirlineL- round, and lhest of heats. 7t l October, 1831.
lan he ha.l a raiII of the whole country from King Jancs 2d. A porve of 50---weipht for age,---heal once round, D ERSONS desirous of completing a Building on a
the6th, of Silanl, bI a daelr;l 1th Sept. 1621, and a distance, best of twat. Lot in Shirley Street, late the property of tle late
which wa confirmed by Clharles l, on lthe Wll Julv, TilliD DAY. Aaron Dixon's Etate, will please give in propolds for
16s5, and e wr-re ratifind hv the Pailiament of ncot- 28tk Ortober, 1831. the same, on or before Monday, te 31 instant, agree-
had, in If6td. The address toncrlen on some of the im- l1t. A purse of llr-- weight, ten stone-heat twice ably to a plan and specification, which can be viewed, on
In t paint, of the history of the country, which tih- rou" nd, best of heats. reference to William Hield, Esquire, Church Warden.
W U tes dires not aff-ct "his rights. Timne will sooin 21. A purd of $50--weight for age,-heat once round, By order of the Vstry,
daoe the validity of this novel claim, set up by the Earl nd a dilance, best of heat. DAVID SPENCE, Vestry Clerk.
rf S Eirling aull Doven, and show u, how it is relished by hr t i there s a ny n oney reninn ater Osb T Ithe
ld Snfu 4ruSinr a above pura.s have bee non for, the same hhall be made K.r a NOTICE.
into a purve and run for by all the beaten hor-n. L FOR KEY WEST, to sail in about 10
British Bibte Srery.-T|he income of the British 14. That any horse jostling or crossing another shall be days, the fast sailing schooner William Roa,
Blie Sciety lst ryar .was 100,0), or $ r44,444 +4e. deemed ditancedn--the acser to prove the offence. It for passage only, apply to (C tain Wall, or,
Therecepts sinceits institution exceed seven milionsof is to be understood, that any rider whose horse has his H. GREENSLADE & CO.
pSed sterling, or t" dirty-on s one hndd clear eneth belor the next "how may choose his ground. October 1lh.
'avsn thous. ..ndn one hunndrede nd eleven dollar 15. That the rider be weighed befre and after each NOTICE.
t t n h d ad he ; that the riders mut ride their horses to the weigh- HE SUBSCRIBFR rle on hand about 200 do.
Sing pot aend weigh; and he that d unis before, or wants of superior London Brown Stout, which he o&er
UT ivht i distanced. low for Cash.
--- --6. That the time of itartine on each day he 3 o'clock, JOHN G. MEADOWS.
1 Every person bsout to leare these Islands, after precirly ; that half an hour be allowed between each October 12th.
hruiAdd tieririfor the Spae ofrTHInT DV, 'lu eat I and that a bugle be sounded a quarter of an hour

msp ta d -oa 4- JOHN WILDGOOS.


t lsh .ieber . aMalthew O'Brin .. r - Richar td Barnert. For term (which wiUll
niu O ----rl-r-rr ---nPiO-I to kdWi.POrYr--Of- t. tiN Rare Co Frl on the alirs of the Raaes. nd Pml iase at pohm ,e tncrcnpied

S Wm. J. ihmilon ARRIVED, be made convenient) a nl d other panicular,
L. Foter. IR. E. I ih Oct.-Sloop Lively, Prudden, Havana apply to the SNbscariber.
se Rort Wir. Molasses, Cocoa and Rugr, October 4th. JOHN WILDGOOS.
i-d Aothony Doolr. to JnltEPH TuoMPaDo.---
ta of inm KOv. a Aom. sch. Wm. RoFO, Wall, Key Wet O CONTRAALE
C in Rid. Flour and Chairs, The House and Prmis *s present occupied
I fOltoae, r ad W. h1.Ret. to H9NRv GEiENSILADE & CO. by Mrs. Poiher. The Housis is roomy ald
h N T C E .lhorA Ranb " Schr. Margaret, Johnson, Cape Ilyti convenient. wilth lrgeKitchen and wnshoua
Tobacco, Coroa, Hides, Wine, Coffee attached, chair hou"e and stealing for dge
Cordials and Perfunmei, horses, Pxtiensive yard and gnu piece. TheoulloMigAnan
I NOTICEt* to HN.T GRZENLADE & Co. have ben lately thoroughly repaired, and the ay f pr
SAt em meeting of the Commiee of )B of the Be fen have been newly put up.
S Regaa Club, heldin the Public Build- SAILED, AL N
asd9n i T OIL is w s Oct 8th- Am. schr Julia & Laura, Willcomb New York A tract of Land situated at the Village. cmaining 250
T ami Tih t the day of ailing for the Cup, he on Schr Maria, Wilsn, Cuba acres. It is divided by the villare-road intetwo Lots, the
d i dy of November; and that no vessel towetn lot iein inter ed the nw read leading Tfrom
The loNGR and Premises a pr'rni oiCnto

above forty tns, shall e allowed to sil PASSENES ARIVD. t By hill d. Thi land o ill be di
l s In the Margaret from Cape Ilayi:--Dr. Turnbull and pied ofin oneor three l. Apply to
ai; 10h. Mr. Henry M. Spiro. September 7th. JOHN W. MILLER.
16tr lh. /Mr. Henry M. Sp~irt,. Sepl mher 7th. Jt)ltN W. MTLLER.

W INDI AGAZINE.-C nL espo lancy of mak linMg the am our hs ee s ad
MENTATION a- imah nmnl Indian dapenden We do Nt ramt this my habe toh sN
opeaon om may slMh driMs e securiy and tdo civilignm ad
Bad ldi U sqalhasm CaedL C4muml-sridl Ja permanence of oe Ildian b antliu ir -. a iweu ar dei
purLe eaweel fvotarbl r d its, succwnard to the tplrneo s ofns iw i hal ForntIeryah nont
-t Junoe, Vi. will not be dead, that the Xi a privilege to men by alone sugg" mad
Thi periodical, of which tbh three lt nu her am whom it can neither he a r ereised, wod education or di
w lying before i condured with much spirit and not merely be useless, Iu weld be positively injurious, ro ntmil rof
talml it has been brought forward by its Editor, at a Inatention to te first axiom i philuso py, the cause of wmct, must of o
p d nrwely favouurle for its succ-when the all II erroneous conclusions I which this writer has been whid any vroin
public mind i deeply interest d in die mue of many qua- led. For he asumnms, that in o der to sea ntion from think of improving
tiue connected wish our Eastern dopendencies, and laie a state of barbarisu, all tlati necessary a to beptie it immered in the d
an opportunity was greldy needed for an exposure of ait the water of popular eedom; or, as be himself once beatowig n
tim defect and abal*l existing in various branches of expiemsut il-would a
e CJimal (jovermanena. Without pIpnlar freed, which injustice, no peo- nan who s only
We have for inme time marked the progress and che- ple, nor State, nor Principally, ever merged from barba- and eulgence of
racu of this perilical ; and we should regret tofnd it riy into civilization, or asceaded from poverty and degra- Let then the ad'
In any respect deviating from that tone of modeaatlon dalion to prosperity and greatneLss." mmlera e in their do
and god feeling, b which it has been hitherto dis- In order to establish this lition, he gallops ovet and tllir declamation o
tingeisted. It Editour may rest asaurel', that ihe best racluk the anutala of all the alions of Europe, from gool, so long as it
nmehod of securing public favour, a.d of reconiMending (Greoce down to betrayed d insulled Ireland ;" and he the British colonies
lr particular voiws which bie adopts aid upholds, is not eema to imagine, that having proved the pession and source of which no
by indulging in violence or rulshLess of arusmtenl, but by enjoyment of liberty lby all nations which hare risen to flicted upon which
removing llh pages for fair and temlwsrate,n. power and silendour, he is eatided to infer, dit every ably-penned article
One of alse nmst iiip.rltsnt topics which we find treat- people upon which tie like mesam of liberty is confer- ine, intilulcd C
od of in this periodical, is Colonial Re resentation--a red, will as infallibly reach the aenilh of national cele- and we are happy
subjectl slichl deeply acru ibotll tlim prmsleriiy of a great brity. But such a concluiom is jult a illogical and ab- gonce," given at tI
prthlln of our E.ilpire, is w.ell as the character and lio- surd, as the supposition, ait because Ilerachll made brooke, his Majesty
naur of Great llrtilsi. Inll the nunflaer fur April, there splendid discoveries with a tlescope, therefore any other on hi passage to
is anaraicle on" Ihe Illrnith Cowlini,." which deserves mans, into whose hands the telescope is put, will alio be granting Colonial C
ho be eOirdI. l boil, n account of ts nmoduration and capable of effecling similar discoveria Tme Greeks and Colonies which he
merits, anld trnin its incr,.iaruilies with other articles ou Romans, it is true, inspired by the love of liberty, conti- the Cape of Good
tim mue siulijct in slit later numlirs. From that article nued for many centuries to display those noble achieve- Even. Post.
we willingly give tll following extract :- ments both of heroism and geai., which are the imperish-
S1 It not othe iniprslively necessary for the British able nemetoes of their fate. But what was their con- jm Ir A 1
(;nvernmnat to pay immediate alte.tiiin to tile discon- ililion when they fnrt were quickened with the spirit of Extract of a letter I
tented stlae .f .mr Cilomies, norce pariicul:rlv to th.os Il,.rtly I Were they in a stm of rude barbarity, totally to his correspond
that do iol re.jov tihn bi.esini. if a C(l,, A.s\.ii., ;l ignorant of the arts of civilization I The early history of I have not ye
eprflcially wien mev cornsidrr, thai by thl present Refurm thelle nations does not enable us to give a very explicit to-morrow and hav
Bill, the Colonies rill be most completrleyu itmhot nay answer to this inquiry, but the principle is sufficiently il- very interesting wo
repreortation il a ritish Parliament i ? Wide tihe re- luasrated by their history and fate; for the moment that iniversaries-it was
met corrupt system, dn Agent liar a ('Culov (the ('ape they began to hx painted by coiruption-ihe moment that of opinion were for
of G(odI IIlp,. fi,r instance), mniht, with the aid of his pal iotismi ceased to be a virtue, and luxury was no longer rent and the polio
canstiluaents, p.rchlas boronL'h, and watch over any looked on as a vice-from that moment the tree of li- every thing went o
bills passii. through the, and likely to have any bery began to wither and f(de. The soil ceased to be the 14th of July, w
injuric.u effect. Let there Ie given to tiose Colunie congenial to its nature; and that mane Rome, which had painful scenes. T
which have prayeil lfr II., boon, to Newfoundland, tlec once been the nursery of freedom and of genius, became must striking mann
Cape of Glial Illp, Ceylon, New Soith Wales, ai I the pri.,cn Ilouse of slavery and oppression. Greece, too, ete, who had so
the Manritius., HIusM s of Assembly, sinilar to those poi- has left uslmn the page of history a bright and gleriousex- celebrated, would
soeed li the (:Caa;las, Jaaiinica, d&X.; !et tlie taxns re- iaiiple of a peohlle animated by a jealous attaclnment to ihe procession, but
qui ed for the 1 uppirt of tia ('ol.iyr, hi au-ssed b tholir independence, and awakened to the culture of those ed ilt ceremonies
te p ple who iar to pY then ; hbt lir, bhe, io j,,bhiniz arts which are always the band-maids of liberty. But with the badge of J
Sthr IL a f patronage ; but let vrch Colony pay its that ';,e (Grece, whose son had once responded to the Iis colleagues of th
o t e tn, without lning as several now are, a con- cry of fredoIn, and awokq from their moral slumber to made him ainenda
slaOt di th o Irh Parent M.sle ; It til e (C'ulial youth%, deeds of heroism and virn, soon became deaf or indif- ment. The mom
witbia rel'rernc to cass, ct,'l., or c,,lour, he elgeile forest, eien t tlthe louilet calls of expiring patriotism; the cries of Vies
to 611 the various offices in tie Govcrmiiinin ; 7l, tiahere and that country which, with a handful of her sons, had meet taken from hi
be freedom of hli press equal o th at iiij..vy'd Ly tle repulIed and anniiilated the million of Xerses, ultimate- culty that be succe
Modl.r ('uintry, ani tri.l by Jury, in ritil a. well as ly ilikcilc and sunk under the feebler ornament ofPhilip. numerous crowd ol
in criminal rnw Then shall F.,lanlil hae 1noi caums Whlenever public virtue became enervated, and a regard condition followed
to fear for the al..-giance of her misil isiant settlement., to tlhe welfare of the State was swept awm by tde were ended. The
the inhabitants f which wnuldi letl thell'i vesl bound in ovorwhelming tide of private ineesat and selfshoess, from artillery as he pas
affection, gratitaide, and interest, to the hleme GIovern- that moment the spirit of liberty ceased to animate his discourse, whid
ment, whose glhiy and prosperity lhey would share in, Greece ; ti fibres of her constitution were benumbed papers, he was a
and shoen emergency or distress they would anxiously and paralyzed; and still that land-once the vigorous and f'ie Iafayetl! I
press forward to relivee" favoured child of Freedom-remains in the same state of also seen the short
With these Mntiluents we mnst cordially conner. Ex- normal sorpidity, from which neither the cruelties of the lie received for it
samples three are, we fear, Vf many dark and nefarious oppressing Turk, nor the generous and fostering eorts dti applause of all
acts of misgovernment, communiltcl in more remote Colo- ofher friends, have been able to roue her. The condition To return to
lem, whose interest with the Motllrr Country is perhaps of Greece is not yet sliciently purified for the reception burg would have li
loo aligat to awaken the sympathy of those who can of the sacrel tree which once flourished in its soil.- ferred beiig electi'd
give redress, and whoe distance woubl alone render any These examples prove that even nations which have had District of Meaur
siempts to obtain It alnmo impossible.-These dismal conferred on them the institutions of liberty, and which vernment, had 7-1(
abasg, we are free to admit, may often be ascribed not had most occasion to know its bleaing, may yet from government, indec
so much to the vices of the individual Governor, aa to their own degradation be unable to retain it; and tha election; but ths I
the vies of the system, which places so much unbridled a people may not be fr advanced enough in the work of for they set up Ad
power in the hands of mercenary defendants. who are rogenetation, to be capable of appreciating those privi- They succeeded on
neither controlled I-y tilow for whcse benefit they are hkes, which are only compatible with a sate of civil- edition to about o
apointid, nor influenced by the fmar of public opinion. iation. It i a palpable error to sppoe that liberty is voted against the
To te whole of our Colonies without exception, we the primary caue of masional prosperity. Civilization are botla elected.
would rexend dh bhl'singa and privileges of fro m-dom mat have rst ettled ad taken up its dwelling on the They speak
salisfd, that wlail.l, on tie one hand, we should thus land on which free imsu actions am fterward to spring would come at an
rise ao iiipreniahble barrier against oppression and ex- and prosper. Liberty is ot the hmdmaid but tlie rioned with Italial
tordon, we hrildl al,- confer a loon upon subjects, from daughter of Civiliation ; and Do example i die history are in Italy.
wiam, fear amiliadl as they air, we shonll by these of the world can be adduced in which an opposite order I forgot to me
means secure prririannl atltihinrnt ndil allegiance. is observable. It was not till the shores of Italy had celebration, the a
But we are far from scrteeine with the writer, in the two begun to feel the quickening influence of wealth and itself in all the po
succeeding numbers of this Iwriolical, who maintains, that industry, and Commerce had spread her oil on the boomn troops of the line,
even to lInda isailll, lI enIiilmlu all its vast extent, aould of the Mediterranea, ht the ciia which beaded its Government and d
be tranrplantd the political inistiutionsoffree State: margin became the abodes and nureries of freedom: We do not know a
There must he riven, (he asys ) equally to all our and in like manor il a not till the Low Countries firs trial of strong
larlr foreign settlements, trial by Jury in civil and crimi- became the great tare hoase of industry, and mart of dent, le Ministry
al casei-freluom of the prea-unlimited and unlicen- merchandise to the world that they signaled themselves sign, if M. Lalte
ead ingrae and emgre to every portion of he British domi- in their struggles for political independence. Yesterday th
inan--whelher they he insular, or on the continents of Let u briedy apply these principles to the condition of tory obtained by t
Asia, Americs, or Africa; the people of the Colonies Indis-that land of dark barbarity and gloomy aspre- duced to an adva
mot be permitted to levy their own tare--ro make their sition. Will it be mid that i has yet reached that mea-
own laws, whether they be Hlnios,i Maeumrdmu, Par- Isre of civilixation--du it has yet attained that degree French Noay --
nse, laos, Cisagalos, Malays, Chineer, Australians, of moral regmeeratioa-o fit it for lie reception of po- sate of the Frmelh
Tesamiaas, Anolc-Freach, Augo-Portuguese, African- pular freedom 1" be immediately Bi
de, Malhse, dc.!! !" The people who still worship the Gange s a deity, guns.) 4 of the ift
To the ume purpose, there i an article in the number and who fall prommrat before a seam-boat, believing it a class (H4 gum) 7
fb the present month. intiuled, Degraded State of the supernatural agent, are rely very little prepared either m~ tt gfa bis
HWdeo -Popular Freedom, die True Source of Nation- to comprehend or estimate the privileges of freemen. t of 141
al lappineo." The object of both of thie articles is But, says their advocate and trumpeter, without papilpli Generah are pr
to p" that we should at once confer upon the Ilindoon freodonm, no people ever merged from barbarity into civili- vanquished, and t
tben of unlimited freilom, as the only measure action, and, therefore, we mlus grant popular freedom in of their own troop
which wil s theemfr:ua their presenttate of moral de- order that civilization nay be its offpring. Surely this fare, nor yet to p
radaion. is to revene most completely the order of nature this is lack rope dancer
Now, hovwer cordially we would join in any encomi. to mistake tihe scion for the parent-stock. No: Let India quarks, charlatans
um upen lhe bleings of plilical liberty, and on the prac- firt be loosened from the liackl's of superstition; let her description, pofln
leal advantage of conferring on all our Colonies Legiala- lift herself tp from the mvae state in which, Leviathan- and fanen. Evel
live Asu.mblis, with their necessary counrmitants, free like, she lhs sn long reposed; and then sir will he fned of good and evil,
prei ad trial by Jiy, wVi are extremely doubtful of the Ito asuunei the mantle of liberty, aod claim her pioan crityand humility

in ,

rskhhuld be aapkoyed tano .
ultimate emaniDtion mlofm la
i important qc estion. Upon
Swithb de character ofhe d m.a
speorisend the best -moane fe ,
dg generation in the principle s
m, and in the first elements of
rm be the leading chanaeld
at benefits can be bestowed; ;
the condition of a peop who oa,
ark ne of moral degradation
hem Ihe fall light of popular fi
iburd and dangerous, as to ezp
covering from blindness to the n
ae noon-day un.
vocatus of Colonial Reprmentitie
tmandi, and not so violent or rah
n popular freedom. Their am
i confined to intercession on baWe
, the intelligence and merccntel n.
nme will dispute, end the injustice i.
all ust equally admit, wo rd
in the present number of thi MN.t
roan Despotism at Ith Maurkas,;
y to observe by the Home Iat4.
Send of this number, that Maior Ci.
'a Colonial Comimisioner, wh= ia ,
England, is strongly in hvor of
ouncls and Assemblies to the diema
has examined," including, of acom
Hope, Mauritiu, and Ceyloa-Pjk

'Aidelphia Nationl Gazette.
rom a gentleman of distinction at Pa,
lent in this city, dated 90th July, IM.
t seen Col. Childs, I hope to we hi
e a long conversation with hilm oaMi
rk. We have celebrated the July a.
done in very good taste-all differvac
the time forgotten, and as the gover.
Sleft the people to do as they plead,
fiin the most perfect order, whereins
rhen they interfered, there were so
he public opinion was manifested ihei
er-it was expected that Gen LI .
great a share in the events that
have a distinguished place, at les i
there was no such tling. lie atsd-
in a plain citizen's dress, decorated alh
uly, and took his seat in the midlta
e House of Deputie. But thepeah
for this affected neglect of the goer.
nt he appeared, the air was rat wit
Lfqeyaitt. His hoes were in a me
Scarriage, and it was with great dia
eded in having them put on agaia. A
f citizens of every age and of eay
him to his dwelling after time ceremiaM
National Guards saluted him with dt
led. When the King had pronousia
h no doubt you have read in the mee
answered with shouts of 'ire I Rn!
I'i la Jibertr You have no du"
speech of the young Duke of OrieM
the reroacrs of the government au
t he friends of liberty.
Gen. Lafayette-the Ipeolle of Saw'
imn for their representative; but Ir p
I by his old friends and neighbours dth
, and in pite of the opposition of
ths of the voters in his favour. tM
d, profesed themselves friendly osi
language was contradicted by their rb;
Imiral de Rigny, in opposition to bi
ly in obtaining a very few votes, is ad
ne hundred Carliats, who would hir
General at any rate. He and hiss

here of an inurnrction in Hungary. I
opponune moment, as Hungary is P
troops and the Hungarian regines

nationn to you that during our three days
national sympathy for Poland dimplaYt
pulation, the National Guards sod dl
in a manner that must have truck tl
W menbean of the House of Depa
I yet how the Chamber will he. Th
th will he on the election of a P"
having declared that they would a
Should be elected.
e news was propagated of a great ir-
ie Poles, but ia the evening it was ire
stage comparatively trifling."
nTe following is sid to be the p1e
Navy ;-Ready for sea. or in a isatll
ed out I ships of the third rate (7 or s
h rate. (74 gnagu) e frigteo of the hO
f the third clans (44 guns.) 7 stoop. I
md 9 vessels o inferior rank, maisa
af war.
one to magnify the enemy they i"
exaggerte the discipline and coa
s; but buiiea re no nt peculiar to w-
erformers in legerdemain, or wir *d
SThey are the rper instrsme"i'
a, and monmetik, of every ser -
Sbeing the aliment upon which Iorh
a the best charmacters het comrislf
o saith Holy Writ. What a eae

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