Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: October 8, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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310B BIGGB. Editor. SATURDAY. OCTOlER 8, 18I3. VOL. I-N. XXIV.

THE BAHAMA ARGUS. public notice, and to seek for safety in retirement. Ti to restore that harmony which had prevlouasy eani
tide of patriotism therefore was left at liberty to low I but in hopes tI their fellow-abjecta i Gem Brcl
prwasmuID sMI-wURK.L IN NAISAU, N. an uninterrupted and irresistible oue. The Commeius would reore the Colonie to tht stte, In which bhth
were active, and issued their recommendations, which cquntlris would hpinp s ad prosperity, they ah-o
W t llr pe r am -- a advance. were more religiously attended loand executed, than the cofine themselv f the present, to cartia meae
most solemn enactments of a legislative body. The acts which were decidedly peaceable. These sore to enter
of General Gage, the Commosder-ii-chief of the Briub into non-importatiog, mn-commuption, and non-esporta-
forces, also contributed not a lilet aid he efforts of th t tion agreements, and amocitis,-so flame an address to
patriotic party. Imbued withdl the despotim that high the people of Great Brihal-another to the people of
military command is too apt tatgeoder-impremed with British America, and lastly, a loyal address to the King.
the efficacy of the coercive measures which he iad been The last wa a most pathetic appel, they begged lave
ordered by Ministers to execute, and perhaps anticipa- to lay their grievances at the oot of e the te. After
sing tie rewards which victors would insure, he pro- a particular enumeration, they declared tt they wholly
POE TRY .' cueded to tile most violent act* l but these oneasum so far arose front misrepresented reports of the Coloies--tbey
from intimidating, only servo"tDg increase the ardour of took on themselves all charges of Civil Government-
TIlE GRAVE! his opponents, and to redouble *eireffort. In Boston, the defence of tim Colonies in war. They asked their
The Grave! 'Tim the bourne where troubles cease, the very throne of his authority, the people assembled Sovereign but for peace, liberty, and safety. They a-
Where mortals sieep in death; under he orders of the Commitcte, and forced every co- vowed their wish to maintain the Royal Authority, and
'Ti the goal where all must res mn peace, lonist who had been appointed to civil posts and office by their connexion with Great Britain. They claimed a
Defying envy's breath. that Governor, to resign lhir situations, and to swear redress of the grievances enumerated-and appealing to
The Grve! 'Ti the hallowed, sacred spot, that they would not again act under royal appointments. that Bting who searches all hearts, they sMleaol pro-
Where. K ings ant pe dsant rest, I n moat other parts, siniilar trusactions took place, until fessed, Ilat their Coamcl had bees inflmucedby a
Tis the place when storms can enter not, in a very rlort time, all the newly appointed Cooncillors, other motives tha a dread of impending destracio ;"
Nor wealth corrupt the breast. Cunommiiuners of the Custoas, and otlers, who were and implored his Majesty for the honour of Almighty
suspected to be in favour of Great Britain, were obliged God-for his own glory-for the interest of his famly-
The Gnve i 'Tis the place that guilt doth fear, to take shelter in the nearest garrisons. It is not to be for the safety of hip Kingdom and dominions-that a the
Where the virtuous never start, supposed but that many outrages were committed by the father of Iis whole people, coaected by the ane bh s
'Tis tie spot oft 'nointed by friendly tear, people on those spies, traitors, and inendiaries, who fell of law, loyalty, faic, and blood, le would not suffer he
The balm of a broken heart. into their power, but lte Comuittees found means to pro- transcendent relation, formed by those ties, to be farer
The Grave 'Tis the home of the warrior brave, vent the shedding of blood by recommending that whole- violated by uertaa expertation of erorts, rick, if at-
Where outcasts forgotten li, some discipline of tearing and fau ering," which was tamed, never could compensate for Ite crlamitie thr eegh
'Ti the last mansion of the fool and knave, speedily adopted throughout the union. wliAh they maus be gained
'Till summoned to the sky. The Committees Ialw went farther-in these times of UMBRATUS.
Thie nve i 'Tim the place whrom wo-ns consume, general distresm-distreu which liad been produced by tile
The morave l n ofi man, unjunt acts of the Britisll overnient, when all trade was /"ro an American Paper.
"li the e chrnel house light cannot illome- at a stand-whlen cultivation of te sil was useles-when Mr. Draper, the hearer of the Treaty lately concluded wilh
None avoid it ever can. it was impossible for the merchant-ithe planter-the the Government of France by our Miniser at Paris, carried
tru-deisnen--ll e mechanics--o answer the debts which Ie recently a Wlashington. No official nolficatiou. of lhe pie-
TIE LAY OF TIE DISMAL CRAMP. had contracted in better times, they considered it neces- vision of this *treaty has l ero iulth nll, nor slll. be,
They made him a bed that was wretchedly damp, sary to apply remedy, and they issued their mandate for ori Merantilhe Advert tinser however, gres. he follow
And had reason thar same to rue. auspnding all proceedings in the Courts of Law-desired view of it, as denied from Mr. 1). hainulf. It is said that
For he awoke in the night with a thundering cramp. the SherilTfsto desist from the execution of all judicial pro- it nay be depended uion as sulmseninally correct.
And he thump'd and he wore and he kick'd out thelamp, crss in their hands, and called upon internal creditors to .'* e learn by Mr. Draper, who obainned his laformation
With a plague of a hilluu-ba-loo give that indulgence to their ebtors which the necessity from Mr. Iives-that the amount ol claims to be paid by
'Now my lamp is one-nol an inch can I see! of the tinws demanded. in some few places, however, tlie France fur spohalions of Amernian property. is twenty lve
And snoring the dolts I hear, regular courts were convened, to save aplarances, but millions of francs. piable in s eiqual aIrly insn:;,tn-ts,
But short and not sweet their snooze shall be, for this time Committees were .,wepared; o wared a with ineres at the treat e of 4 per enr p oenllm, iInts thi
SI'U lock op the nY and tou ithe hey j rar sl f Ist was u, the Ireaty berin ratified by our guvertIensn, whit Ii
S d I' lack up e m and tos i the key er ere special se t It wl ienter ll well the amount to should lwenly-enght it Jllm.
To h bull of their table beerT' impossible, therefore, for the courts of justice to proceed, five hundred francs.
Away with this dismal cramp he ped, and the issuing or la? ing of fines would have been attended iMr. Hires has stipulated on behalf of our governmll, the
Though walking you'd think a hire; with no small degree of danger. In the mean time, the paymoul of one million fire hnnilred thousand franc, in
And onward he went with a hop and a tread, generall Congres of DELEGATES had assembled in seltlrennt of the IlHaumirrchals claims.
Till he stood at the side of the innkeeper's bed, Philadelphia, clhoe a President and Secretary, and 'That wines. (white and red) shall be admitted in our
And he bellowed a terrible roar. taking uponthemselves all the authority of a Legislative country on the following terms:
And the landlady. startled, began to break Body, PROCEEDED TO BUSINESS. They quickly e in bottles shall pay io c n. n place ol 10.
Her sleep, as he bawled in her ear, responded to the voice of the nation; and in the first place, All other wines now paying 1t ct. shall be admitted at
Till she cried to mine host-from her dream awake: resolved that they most thoroughly approved tie wisdom e cta. duty.
SAh what is the row ?-sure didn't you spake, and fortitude with which the opposition to Ministerial mea- The French Government, on their part, stipulate to relia-
Or is it the devil, my dear sures had been inducted throughout the Country, recom- quish all thIe Iouisianm claimed. The American long stple
d t mended perseverance, and declarc] that no obedience was cotton shall be admitted at 10 francs per 100 kil. (the asam
d the rrt i I pay you a my bed wa damp! due to any of the said acts, but hat they should he univer- duly a short staple pays) in place of 40 francs, as now
I'11 be cnntl I I pay you a screw \haropdl"
And I've locked up your maid, and kicked out the lamp, sally rejected as the attempts of a wicked administration, to charged."
And you're in he dlark and I'm losing ocy cramp, enslave America." They proceeded to organize the mili-
do I'm off with a hilloo-ba-loo!' tia-to appointsuch officers ashey hadfullconfidence into Gunpowder Treasuo.-On January 30, 1606, Sir Eve-
command hem-orderedthem, without delay, to seis on card Digby, Robert H inter, John Grant, and Tlhoms
From tle Jamn ca Courant. much cannon, arms, and aminmunition as were within their Bates, were executed at the west end of St. Paul's Church;
reach-and this was elfeced in one instant, by storming and (;Guy Fawkes was executed with Tlmnus Winter, Am-
TIlE SIGNAL. one of the Royal Forts (Poitsmouth, R. I.) They or- browe Rockwood, and Robert Keyes, within the Old Palace
No.6. drained that no supplies or accommodations should be Yard, Westminster, and near dte PIarolimenll Iluee,Ja-
granted to his Majesty's Troops; and they used every nury 31, 16i06. Besidestlhe abov.-no ntioned culprits, the
V' unitafortior. inducement to draw the soldier over to their side. Lords Mnrdannl and Stourton, two (Catholic lords, were
Pending these proceedings, all Civil Government, fined 1,IK). each, and 10,00(1. afterwards, Ily the Star-
TO DELEGATES AND COMMITTEES. judicialprocess, and legislation, other tian that of the chamber, uon farther discovery of their villanien, and
As the aggressionsof the Parent State increased, so did provincial and general Congresses, were annihilated; Iecau's their ahsence from parliament had begotten a aus-
the spirit of the Ainmricans rise in patriotism and deter- yet was order preserved. Reason, moalivy, and re- picion ef their being deep in the conspiracy; moreover
mined resistai'e. Their committeess were the soul which ligion, took the place of municipal law ; and binding it was proved that they had advanced considerable um
kplatlive tllis flame, which now extended uncontrollably the people in social bonds, preserved a due and un- for carrying on the above work. The Earl of Nor-
thro ghout die whole body of the people ; but it was not broken degree of regularity and decorum. This desi- thumberland was fined 0,000. and detained for several
till a very late period of the contest, that any idea of in- rable state of things was in a great measure ef- years a prisoner in the Tower.
tdependece pervaded the minds of the majority-that on- fected, by the activity and intelligence of the Committees,
ly arose after all prospect of a reconciliation with the who ween every where on the alert, and whose influence THE FIRST PARLIAMENTARY SPEECH OF A
hoathr Countly had vanished, and the certainty of its was unlimited. It was fortunate also for America, that BRITISH KING ON RECORD.
accomplishment was made visible by the assistance of, anil the first hod, of DELEGATES, or tie Congressof 1774, Trnt was delivered Ann. Don. 1106, by Henry I. to
aliane with France The unprincipled administration was enqallv zealous and faithful to the interests of their the great barons of the realm, whom he had sunmmooed
which ruled the councils of the empire scorned all pro- Conlitluents.-" The public voice had elevated none to a by royal mandate to London. lie had nspplanted hli
Pmds of acconmmodalion, and indulged only in idle seat in that august Assembly, who, in addition to consi- brother, Robert of Normandy, in his right to the Entinh
drea of conquest, oppression, and revenge. In the derable abilities, and a regard for morality, did not pol- crown, and being apprehensive of that injured relhnrve's
ery part, and progress of the contest, there were not sest that ascendancy over the minds of his fellow-citizens, vengeance, he endeavoured, by the most artful inair-
anting men, who upon principles of moderation and which can neither be acquired by birth, nor purchased by tions, to engage the herons and other nobles in his narest.
ancins .ttachment to the land of their progenitors, wealth." They adhered steadfastly to the intructions My friends and faithfl subjrl both foreigers and
would mot gladly have compounded the dispute, even at they had received, which were, for the most part, couch- natives, you all knew very well that my brelher Robett
the pri of their constitutional rights-There were als ed in terms of loyal feeling and constitutional dependence was both called by God and elected King of Jerem sm.
0nay, who from the effects of timidity, and dread of the on the Mother Country, but strictly declaratory of their which he might have happily governed, and how amm-
pu'ar of Great Britain, would also have submitted to rights as British subjects; and their determined opposi- folly he refused that rle, for which he joutly darnes
ewy encroachment, rather than commit their fate in tion to the unconstitutional and oppressive acts of the God's anger and reproof. YTI know ade, i enay
hat they considered an unequal struggle. There were British Parliament : Upon these grounds they proceed- other intuances, hi pride and brsality: becwache i a
even many who were attached to the royal cause ed, and framed declarations of their riss; strong re- man that delights in war and blooihed, I know th he
fn principle, and who strove, on every occasion, to monstrances, on the measure pored for violating those thinks yon a parcel of edmauptibl fRows; he you
hek the spirit which zeal for liberty had rained. rights-the legrl riht they posseed to assemble in the a st of glorton and dr akards wbom he Iw oteed
Al th persons endeavoured to persuade their country- character of Delegates, for preserving them-and all under his feet. I, trly, a meek, hImble, ap pe able
men into suhmission, and to bring about a reconcilin- these acknowledged rights and liberties they claimed and king, will preere an chwrism you in ye eImet li-
tis t al their effort were vain, as they were mani- insisted on, could no he legally taken from them by any berrtes, which I have formally sworn I prrform: will
LY inabenced by motives of interest or timidity, power whatever, without their own eonsent. They hetrken to your wise counts with peina. and wMill
Se"e4'orn and rejected by the determined dispoi- then took a r vi, w of the different us v which were con- vern you jmslv after the example of the leat of princes.
*if Misters. Losing their credit, therefore, with sidered as infringements of the rights of the Colonists; If you desire, it I will strenllen this promn with a written
SPniel d they were in due time compelled to avoid declared that the repeal of them was absolutely necesery charter, and all those laws which thc holy Khig Edward

qoag d lp r ad tht tm p eratt the mcoa unu theu t M rio o(

S mcam. There does not aiper, however, to be any pro- I am nt so vain as to believe myself capable ; iat
M IT 's; tt ,od with deep s -tiliy is EUropl ,JiULd wu dm terS r'al tive to government ExhK dlta tim is

Yfbebility of tie warlike interference of oiler naiioin or of gmmar scholar only, and no very proficient one witm.
t aeney can muraL ae d khe lg- Laa genetic war. The situa tin of the people east of tie though aome time ai, I tsawin peame public f
4111L.,"~q i wo.n! ..'_" .md poner Iur inforounlhinks do dmr-- of"do Pole is tcb wowh ~ uw righ e Irthelbmbjeee4 and Wq

i.. 4tIP-i n ..i- Rhine mlucl that their government t would becIom remarks .I lade, closing contempt upon lle of ui,

SAT ESAY, CTSDEER N. UNU1. saceasivily unpopular by smleting item to thIe scourge could not speak, or write Greekor Latin ;y it m,
I CIoee Rm f'n b n to N N' pe.tiience. After an ablseacl ten years, ono change for rpc wrilde hself upon ha erudition, had been es co
II TO CORREI PNDdy ear is e t observed sg th empe Somet of the govern- filed bya ho young onae, whom he lied pointed lot
srnm. Then doesl .at pllpeor, however, to bo aoy pro- I Um nut so Vain U to believe myK-]f c.apble ; I go

l 0. .." il p r in ul na. bmenit, o es specially that flerecia, live introduced partial ihd moly a grmumlar c ool education, tha Ientay ete.
SOr in" tAn ** Ziniral owar. The sait atiln ol the people economy t ain tlhugh le iof procuring ig e a teti n of tho I u
Sm, Id Is she ie time o rake Linlley Muray o hand. dt kin irmuc, tone alf is applied on the maintenance of prwnl l ovmdeor, tidown g o o very upolav wo o ia,
MlA bnyl A my m Oeet with r couragent fom the ie army, and ivy drawn from a population little exceeding lin, and tuldinot m ors to his parsons that the t ie, it as

Rodal (anete. eleven milliitn. Th'e pocrr classes are all desirous to rived, wlmemi losremarance any longer would bne a cris.
'- -- -_ e.oniigrate, hut dry want dluerana to do so. In England, I lmave observed an indillerence among many to wles
We ie norry ltoo observe (for hsi own the) that the at pr y thiit the qppro u ac i in e vid ent, about t ae ame tim that r ce rtlin man,
Editor of i l Gaee in hi. N r of lt Wd- pestilc re is great dia esf eag the poor change ir p rides himrel upon la erudition, hare te en e I
o y apal whle in aland at no paseriod baa is been r m dreadful. inofofrnied, whby o earou have bone m h kld by flpoiteRd a
mday, visited m with a rather spiwful remark, rlmiv We gve these as th oft ervaion of ain intlligent muanioyg comply nits, or entitled, fou r l ie firt timay

| Bminm Juno." We should have let it sail he- eye-winess. The picture of distress may rein to liinm tleirlive,for th e epithet of gentlemian," liythe voi ae
Sr le l" d ofl Z just contipt i r cicsd, i eadntio. reforms into the da col bllfrom e co ntrast it preconomy. t a great man, who boasted he had made lii of Ti
We monmond ow Od 8a-loriber" to try the other of- Of a revenue of about fifty millions of dollars mied in upon as my equals, as well as to couvin theus, from

fined S ine made time o allusion to It in his letter, whilc kido n country; but it applied to doubled that ene a i- indiff rencet hi had a greater elect in forcing imyelf
Mil hmylg my meet wlLt better aneouragement from the ftil army, and is drawn from a population little exceeding hini, and am rini,tors to his passions, thllat the tinm, hin

Illod tia. ntin of illiurope on o clasrine are all deiroe s to riveou, Mr. editor, bean ce any longer iould emtanc ri
we ph .-day and uat ther -tfore eirt, but they walt m reu to do so. We do nogla now tiave for every nan indifone among hiel y to

patince of our readers, fur a few soconda, to reply ourselves, apprehend that the Cholera Morbun will cross Will you inform me, Sir, for I am wufitlly ignorant a
I e a m. ry to obnrve (tic; and wer think i t general but it is likely all maiuve of o take, whether nd he man who apponisntd
if Mr. MQNeen Iyl anne d at in r having p ar of listed to happen; indeed, wie cann c eig th e poorer greas t evern; us, takes an oath tl conform to,and govern acs c.
a mewpper In tti plac, where he has enjoyed ithe up- leof principlen and inter no cnrid has it n more dre dfl. inrg o ed, laws of the land -Ief iso, wickd ly become .
ndof ibrdal uic rter f pinul remark oel wfred. ThWive Ilh may bi poaervalioanges, a iinly ifvoiir- our slave coil lime e meortited, of our ruler rso tirn
In An ie m Jusro." We should have bet it sail be- The picture of distress may seein to hin I thirlives, for die epithet of t gentlemen"byftile vuieeat

port o a li-rd publst onlemti it eaci ed, lhad not our m ol r iticy cond, from the eontras t pr on cous, thaat s forgoen, ia ot two yearhe h ave pum so. si
isoid Buin made ,mvent bi auoen to in hislf, ter, up hihoue asp c portray but v io t srmt be doubled nvuio die sit- incdilfe rnc tras wad agreaerd toee it Iorcie net beel

hirling friend. who irdhced hi, m0 devote his presen- ----- ---- vumilittiog fur months past thin law 1 What then list Is.
thily it th pportl of ttranny and oppresion, and noi NAse o, N. P. 6th October, re.ectio:s ou f is oat ? Are our magistran ts, who by a cirumstan
u ponl. Td public f und ist neroenary to cll uin tano tr o pathoe st aisr of the Baheu Argu. We do not enoactments if this law, ad who, receiving
S i o o r rn e e Map. Eo r eTn,-" Likte gentle plhyrs, breahing willno lcro or reward for te Sir forvice, and w lo cannot hbe u
ps to their i, to ctrdir e the cali," were ani dire ex cerbat iogenrl spirit of liocelor osd to be, in any way, iner the m in who ir dppciinsd
SIfMlha and mis repreeotn aiony t hi foun d ready i-to happen ; indeed, aerial of oeinsan, con pred rwithe gi are they to be insuled, to canorm those decision do a
Snpapon in thI column of whe Royal Gae en oyed the ep- lai of hicniple, and interim al, was nudeinc or tean andsw the lviws of our military chi eft Does he income
cluiot of truth eand justice; ad we were solicitld to an uiiieanriiiied wbiper, of c Bhan Jsteo, atinlyed, iar- iniu self aoilve all law-an Automat, ar the wavin r o
p io c.naderlor. We hbl v a very hmlet opinion of in ty i political hori-on 4-c. Now, Quin, ibus, Ihe will wrose, that hopes all forglst fall down atd woers have 1d
io. he should vent bi iptin tell you inh plai, unvariiupl p violent sor e or ato drop nvuloiu. ie miikn. sig urietude whih to it ex ls lilied not b
iour ab riends. to incherg d him arou duev of the oia- hi pr violalstin why I have ridicd sd s first tghi law chrstiat thken haeli
tidem but we Afntor ourlsvns, that in thpr eustion cn ii t to ridiiir yu-'is because Nou are a miuOc ral e ooI l lloinmie ol is oathe railtrs of human iiatur,who by rneraii

of ht enemies, the Arguis will sicisuafully vim with tIn' of Sir J. C. Sitmyhi's, and zou shall be judged by your lli' li|me leimi Ihe woulmi be sensible of lis i lourgeoau coo.
Ruoy Omtsthe inp all its parts. n e havry to llp d own ai/il/, notl by i Wni A Aruta. e actens t emleti lawa. nd who, rec ivimi nor.
m of our fried ind to monte use iic our journal to play lIr e you not ala ,- s setl your ace against thiy actis of iinto ni or reward lf in srvic s, and wo cannot be at
pl to thi an id, to ctlmdiiren ratie lo n ilori cl," were te dire exaerbations ofv spirit of Doctor I mlod to be, in any way, inte rcmted in uir da acrik o
a ema o their. an d m p tire lthi e Enshir oud rtedy inl od f'inhios edi," rial of tayst praisent c aed ithll lo. ren te to be iontemptd, iblleue those decisions do et

(Gasfie is tni well aware; but, that our press is at all through all khi ncts Yowurpraise, I admit is deamatorry, anil mimmhlt only In he ruled with a rid of iron. Ij el
underon in he control of any person, or person, we m ast ;but yu do not think so; nor are you anwan re four le aeranted iviews oi o ion if itary chlie n fDoes e i bynl
unheiain ol; drent and jrqueti in ftii re, tht this Editor, stnIg pecuiarity of w ibiinr, g your own want of i -tltt, thie conduct lve puillanimw- us slaves halilited into hi
he n iclndoin r. We nc ve a very hticl.U le oy appi r ii and your patron's delinquency, uide your Atlingbus, I will who pIence; but e is usst l rl edgiwousy wo isirke, if
aeour ianlitielto tisnotire saiatili' a iueDi not tell tie people, ithat dy lad forfeited e ir lhe IIlhves tier. are nuo men wholih will maxfull, rsiiedt hie
our c elumnie, will noi atimmipt oi remove she sltima l- coloi charted1 and did ve ridiculed ant know w shn you said fird t sly coInsel him ro quit a Coloni, whi-lih he is

rieiy undeniably cast upon hiniself, at our expense. In so, tlihit you pmublisheul a falsnimood 1 Did you net, to tuially incapable ol goiverning,aimd shot. intlubitants ge-
spite of the Editor uof le Royal Geite, or any of time t raif ditle y lo -li of f belsehoU, inherent in ore of your rilli he has so mfui insulltd. o las h nt feelnrtain fle
of ltl enemies, the Arrglu, will wue shall rly vi ntine conne i ir J. puis. h a n ltter an d sale falsely, t )at Mr. vilnturs it look any of us in tib e fen ce,- doe he not a
Roy cnl altht inll ll its o ar ll public e have picnte one s lub l, not by Miny sultcribe to e senimen lrl only depicted our countenac et and yet is

e te cidt of al p c r in se iherein contained, and have not both thuse gnilenien r iii.iins amunag us. I repuat again, forbearance any
plan manner that we have hItherto done, and shall leave given you or your friend tie lie dircl ? Can you imci. lonUgi is a h na our reader to de id how far our eertion for the gine n's minio are made of lul old ainterial ats I in i A MECver NIC.

public good have been successful. nlt to be routed by muci Aerr'id,-such lor, di.snepspn-
o p ionof -i mi"a Io You will' feel, re our winter is I v e, tne gnuin te o the lditr of the fhs llahame Arus.c
How e icellently the Govetire nt of t i ham Io. public opinion of your hollow services. You do wll to Ba M, li Octcontemptiber, 1ofa s .
lands is mow admnl were Sir Ja r press iC. myh, aftlr alok to guc all is ovt Your io patty liamtrary larcni, S.ed
ndforing there Jutiroc bay leter ron, or Dirons, e moSe bst "yln do notl l thinso nor f ate you aare Jlu" I our sarrantd in w words, i y i wy oi r ,'ie'rk or
unesili.nlv. deny and lr.q i futlre, l this di after atr ing p uliariv edof ehibiing your o own want of intellect, "he John lllt f t he puillani tbr, whslaves h into ir
ary, t inlie ia noticed the King's pardon to e Sl and your pavero's d eli, and a I have already lion; sour e tli.I ltnsevce; but li(te of is sterd2ei; oanly hilsak, ifl
Mary, has thought it moatr pdenmt to re-consider te af- iontemp tell thifee, do but deymplify tie trudh of their l llitliv, I think, 'meren wi ituhall never eside it
fair; and, awlte a delay of a sipt days, remo n e tima RE tiist, o in farer it appldid you noit knw a enas you a id anel f illy coe h o qui a Co y h he
causy tnde nisly cn t Uponr Th lnf, e at ourres.n Tern- tWhl I yo e a otchan smile, I mako a liberal t r. I ll s, of all cowardly, and unfair systems of

S M allowance oor the rancour of his iiara." Those oim attIck, .nminiymiuabl s wriorinei sinst mary man's caitnrcter, a
pio the E i R l (_or any o style, and whoe r nlo wounded therent in one of" Y sur r edly tihe mosi vicinsulted. las I;tni nb e."-Wlinga Ii,
guily pritinsl o nepotism, e shall farley ronrinue onn" are iio r publish a letters, and stateill ev bhe laiy I ures to look, aonsii us ch e racter t Or how not a e
Sto lt. nd Mit blc spirit Editor in any way in their I y to cnmly at dected kinookdr cotl mnane's clandu ye r

ladelpni, bohnd to Vera Crus, winch put in here in dis- power. lIe is ot, however, a M'Quintibum in st pidmty, I Udobiolttiy by his acts-i l aMbits-liis lr'nmrrl bear'
meon ae ithe tinsant, having lost one of her span, and t herein conlance of se we consider, and now admit iem and his language. A man's t aneal character may
and tlm Captain (llutchinson) being in R sickly condition hu publicly, o e largely in his favour. I Can uem r, nol lir bad, aloule ary iave iI vil prpei
e m m r ide to decide favoar wtr eaertionl far the gi inye mn's minds at made of aucll roed acr im t, asM, or II No ie.
Sleicue ol have been so cct sfule nr to be r you endeavour sed by o hide or arld then so wl clculad t crrec his ic,
paciperr You wtill eel, ere our winter icp oe ro, Aim- ate nuin. y s E r of te rita inArs.
Hog i ellce, dental d by the Editor n from a gelma I. public opinionew of your hgraciouly lert you dby soe hme ini writing is neither vicious nor ri.w l.
oJes b r oas d there from a our James Crop. smth, after R allyk to ls ver yoiur in ae uful po ith rare, to individmar
Fnro thPle Justicesa by letteGazr tt, e er If the by ce lin of so is marred, 'hti by His Etcel-e "ad tc J O." iwy; and 1they alone should, bey ay of dprlrk as
far. te adia at tic te nc, Ktllehatimne deedm falonelood in so the aidu a mourer, J e nd Io scui' letter, or nte4 Otesry awhbu,-or a har
,We ha conve a ed with an intelligent American gent that he ha yo afely at gained the pitch of she olley as ln e ; 'our 'I ilfrom truot. On (;se l principles adv tllhn w i

im who is jmantretmrind ktamadiee c nmnrltof uoE has!! And had the Argus been eslal sised sin mantle | r'erui.m immi mind, will ever uphold or approve of
Mtry, w thcet it moa prudent to r-onide tsh hf- coner ptible thin do but eo mpblfy e truo th o the "11 wr ; uilit?, I thinroy avowere r thalt sch ner it de i
the gend, afctr a delay orf ia d ayy at pnnt is a hve no right t so sar a e aplve wa .to iking the ons, l s, viciuh or cowardly," i an 'rin I ran
CAN To TE DnnION OFTUe "ryuHn Jr'pGo. O Ten- %'boo I we n &Sctch mn smile, I make a liberal .Mr. Bull sa., ofenil cownrdly. and unfairivtyrmi o

ChimrN 0 M'e. It had reached ie r iers of Sm lsia qoence of an aenul from u ir slave! Th! To oId and never 'ua.crihe o ;-neither do I acquie.e, in Mr. a
a making its way sedy ht lowly into t he eat inm have most dred ft on such dorine, nd friend ob that the mn, who in security ta Si
IIumps The public aBrigntie Mar of ie rosm towns M ou" aire riel, of the Ars, v nu do nol receive yior I course to, eopres the malevolenra e of di Or h ow ii an
ly thallphol, bound to Vera Crum, Mwich putinhfroe -to 10Reint its public mpirited Edit in ny way in tleair inanity to rone at Iae knowledge .fa t maa'a, ciarantter 1

md lM. bud toing every C u. ihp in in d power. lie i nit, houg eve, a I' efinrti of your time d oi. ld trelmble o do o wheis s n-- e Ipohl." Jhn unrly fear
nd the Captain (alulchanson) being in R sickly condlion p tt publirlv, to be lrly in is our t ba al whol heave wabm. evil proph learn
we have b ee u politely vourd the a Pilr l M' uinty I am, Mr. Editor, ao I h is.-Can he conceive an hoest, nouprilt man, I slinr
ir e t., swherewdith yw ir Your ob d iedt servant iar.led rI the is so wence, nppract on, ad to rancl of ice
P o nf ult*ed. tiao thirl. In St. ho ml-s- rs'iiraiown, ahth in-like, scotabsp t he felrom ains, character, dritin
ing itaelligenee, derived by th Editor from I gntlenman rican newiaerr, or gradcullo y kill ). by some Jmoinble 'A .,nous writing iq neither viciots nor rcowadly.

J the rm sccu al" wherD em st viErous Tt d EdEitr of the Bamlhama Argu. honour f the an he i re o not me le, to individh f
m (mAis aopfibt where its ramaze hive, pe pd M o hieyave bien ailed 'ti b pectatr of the cv tuch a crae, (and these ale not wane in even itd who
nWae l ir m inA moNcial rerts endavo t le- pasingve le atof the last eighteen mone, amid hae been lile comuni ty,) as I have her dencribemry I would ask
W he ncanv they have io Ainl American ha- thacoe by as .ly tciate of uniconquenable aplahy-a hlim, which is the most des rinab chils ar te The priwll
6.mus who "-just sr o m fa r onlinn of EUCOpe. has! And had the Argon been eal *-',shed six main rerp,,-Ited uItlidm will ever uptildd or approve ofnllOlvlym,,s

m o reo edis e oaeraly auccerli luhai e sn with out a sou. Te faould nt, Sio, Itm a Ierv w ppresiing; trnt, or hel wo adopt the only riine. is lt
m d avisad: telm wh prov'rled in some place th hfa ve no right ti ; anti, a I ehink w ta distlinctione in all the only m ode of ott ardlkan which even theion I car
C Yi n Iem ai i .'he o ave produced soieties are aaloluthely r squ e isie for T goo d of e whoe, I place hibe on ;--nei thermi do non es wriinr; an. e ll
Wa mm ia is way dseve lY lat oesw ind t eahe- ini have thought mst hto r he higher stations of lifr, o say, he eay heer he mrs the ** i ll a stah." wuilet
_u affiliate were .ltainevelry oglgod v gnion, p.wal M ib hworu d,.9 vote do not receive eyour counter tI) expres the malevolenee of hsi dislmoili,n,
-A mA I 9bvim e womb __pen"i,_."-somi oe "is I ,.i 0,gh 0, Unity, effrt of your aillno ,,soud tremble to do so whenexsd." John sunr.l for-
-. kil ases r--,- e excludedd. In srving pop gol hiiaiusul gravity, Whea he gOSve Wiv to stfleliongmel
Well tem aurla w W- no lman I am, Mr. dlitoar, SAI oin.--C.n he conceive an honest, Urigllt man, o&i-r
bIw wificd is a.,NI ao ahC am, Ia~rc Your obodienl servant, ina from the insolence, nppression, mnd tyranny of one i
bea at.. m o- doe owre& In m- S BR UIN. Office, li, mewnly and infameolv, under snver of his
d r lalu a te e I .. n St. Pelz.- L ,silltallen, as.sin-iike, stabs t the fielint, character, mntd
ha- i bull ccrro l m r_..o,, .'Ao,, ,l TeTAs Editorrof tic BaOAa Arg. hontur onfthe man he algresnotet Iif J,,hn can fa
wa __-1 -~omo aswu rianlem have proved Mm. Eolior,--I have been a silent spectator of Ihe cv such I case. (and theos lif not watnting eren in fi
eam r ok d reilports .ndw r ur to I,. i-in~ge vetatof the Im eiefh, ,nonhalw, snd Ihlve bn j little community.) .1 1 have here describedI would @.
.+,. .+ .y .--+no. oh wno++.b e +hy,--. im, m.-'+h ., the rost don,irubi, charater i Thepriou.
baise .W nno. 61y mwcmful.tav lman without a soul. The Iact is, Sit, I am a I erv olppreseunt, lrant h e ndopts thenrnll meansb'4
,-,Wrlmd- bin in -- m p ,cs rfald humble in, idall ; and, a., I think dit distinclions in ail, the only mnoe of atllk---end thich even ihen Warfel?
"04 ,u mom i .is issaki to have prod" socities c aetOlulely requisite fur the good of dthe wlle, places iiim on rnlol Im'ml-nl.+--on niens writing; ard ear
VAm IIq h av imamu cd iJ emou- d I he aho that 4Mdo in the higher statio,,s of lIi,. to oy, he 4 aAers.9i lhE'l the r will 0 slab." willo

I or, a John express it, without the NOTICI
to raise his giilly handd" i an assertion, ?' A during ad outrageous Burglary having ba lately
S.ld only be made by one of very little experience, committed in the subecriber's boe. a the South side of this
a o not clhoeio to avow his own sentinoants. Island, andl rndered of oriio since the location on that
ll J Bull that I know un ds of as ide the land of the of Guinea Negroes, and a
I wold ltll Juln Bull, tlla I know hundred. or as common tloroughfare established through hi yar and premi-
bnrable mOen as over lived, und I believe there are ,se by Negroes and other pereos employed or not employed
Iau is thi couiiiiuily, who, wiUile they have gratifiud by vtha superintendent of the said gang of Negroes. notice is
arir' f(elilmp by giving anonymlous squibs to ite public, hereby given that any person, or persns, whomoaever, so
llmnther givt all they posseuued on eartll--would sa- iiid trre.pa4ing, oil ally pretence whatever, will be posecnueld
ari, a I, gladly sacrifice, every under tie-every hope wili the uimost rigour of he law, and all person am hereby
4 ( aSure happiness oI this side of the grave-to have warned from so trespasaiug.
ir oppressor, "iI fair lield," within seven yards of their September Wt t.
's muzzle. S muells.
I know out if John Bull" calls this brute-spirit, but DI1SD
I a tell him, if helo ues, that the most honourable and
*rica lot n of' all re, Iave not blushed to resrrl to it, At Key West, Florida, on tb 27th July, Mr. John
Sslciely lis anppruvw'd their conduct. If John Bull, P. Fowler, aged 26 years.
,,the either hand, ima an by Irute-alirit, to raise the
aciai'%N dlagger, hIe shoulal bli'ah to lrave u ed satch Ian- J O P 8 DIR &S tEB
plali in the prescait excitedl latu of society--lt is bit
p.inii toUt t he wrl n diiie'-iiiia hlow they may y get 0 Eerry prson about to leave these Islands, after
ril of enIiny ; iuida, as a irtlous woman feels haring resided therein for the spae of THIRT DAVS, must
ainrjvd ihei, lar dlo first tile, lse lhars the libertia u give security at the Serretary'epe, orput up Aisns in
uting heIr ti dinnisour, ci, will tile uIrigilt Balannlian
(I will venltre to astuit) f iie inldignnat wheia lie reads, for said OrerforPtrr~ .EN DAvopmruio to hideparture-af-
lae rst ltine, ain anonymous writer, (fur a ficticious ter which, at any time during romar-riVE DAY&, a Ticket
naIme is lbul IaInnvInIious), pointing to a crime tat hals tie- may be obtained.
er vet diosraced his country. But Ifrin whatever quiver NAMES OF PERSONS
Ibe rrow ham Iben shut, John Bull, be him who lie may, AoUr OBTAIt TICETI nan nreARTVE.
ls very clearly lshwn, it has hli him, at all events--for tth J Mnue, Arcon
be nas evidenilly writhlig under the pain of its wound, 17th August Wm. II. RoRh
.eiwia lie sent his uanoiiymuus letter of the 4th inst., to the 10th September, Mithew O'Brien
Royal lGazete. A T"tI'E BAIIAMIAN. 13sh Wm. J. llamilton
14th Lt. Foster, R. E.
For waut of rolnom in our last nuiober, we were obliged oth Robert Wier.
0 leave Iout ltle l ,llol ig Eurlopenn news, which was recei- Athon Doyle.
red lIy the Anmarican schooner Dart, from Charleston, on Blth Cptain Ridd,
the 1.t iisatet :- td WV. I. Regt.
Warsaw, July 21.-The Warsaw State Gazette of
yesterday says, a" tihe 13th thle l(iauians leult tle rdlouba
which they liv ad thrown up belbre the blrillge bevutil N- ie
paws, and retired entirely to the right bank of tile Vistuin. ___
soanoa Cossacks, wiah lhad ventured (1.5) mtilae from the
istula, iave been nmadsh prisoners by tle peasants. The PORT OF NASSAU, N. *
wune paper expres.,es nuchl sIurpriC at thie ltu nVLaaeCiint movem -
of (iInerR l (;ield's cirps. ARRIVED),
Tie Waisw (;.lazttce s:,vs, saftr tlhe Ruiiain, with Oct. Gth-l-\m. Brgt. Maria Louisa, Ilutclinson, Phila-
1,(I) inlainry and 5 1) c\n.%lrc, laud rros.asd to lite Illi delplia
Iall, of llt Vistlla, Ilaiy set alaaiot airclinii redouiilbtL In distress, bound to Vern Cruz.
before lII bridalre lich is inot yelt coiniilted. 7t" th-ll-II. M. rlr. Skipjack, Lt. Sllortlind, Cruise
'rle Gra.nd Duke MihaliIal lias beI.n n in llis .ale to look I 'Sloop Diligence, Tenisou Jamaica and St.
fuor suiitable splt fior a a('anip. Otn our side G(n. SirLin- I Jago de Cuba
sL'r, wilh .iiinie ::;:iadron' of cnIHlr\ and a unnironiiriis Sugar and Flour,
bid) of huniarntrui, has ucrupied %IZla.].in.Lck und Bi- lo JoIaM SANumees. l l:aria. Bi Sloop Mayflower, Clear, Abaco
Polihk "'rotirrs., Julil 22.-Il.ini. 'rra enta'rtlindl at I LilHrty, Johinson, Do.
War'ta llt (;ntera;l Cii.-izuonki wold i It aila.] iholl% A nrchr, C lopper and Iron, from lBr.
itldetruv or take priaiion'r thLe orlaJ of HIdliger: lit. Brig Matchless
laietl acriaoaIlis hoiwl that hi.s liil illahappeledl, bill lt at il to JolN THOMiON & Co.
tiL late actions the PI'olish troopli ure en'gaiged whilld l
a small advaancd p) of thit cur1p, t;iking a ( L I\RED,
cirteatraied po,ilion in tlle pirovinci of Lublin. It im Oct. 7tli-.Am. schr. Julia & Laura, Willcomn New York
dsueiht that it is to cross tli. \ iasula at Pallaway, and l sic. Ragged Island, for Salt.
o-oiperate will tie mnain army I.Iainlst Warsan, hby whichh lth Sp. schr. D)loren, Adolfo, Cuba
titl cit) will h tlle minre diistrc,'sd, as it will be dificult ito 'i Scli. Mbria, Wilson, Do.
provide for the iaintenancel olfso iiiiiiLneroIt a popUiilitin Hid1
the arnny for -. loirL a tiin'',espriailly a' atscrcitr is aidi toi S SILE\D,
I alr.eail Itl. Shiuld tlheen. I*. liit truth in the repoi t Ort. 7th-HI. M. srhr. Skiplark, Lt. Shortland, Cruise
that plwdelr behrins ti ail, al li final caIlntrop)lhe may bh. "' Sclr. Hlosuon, fludion, New York
ansarcr than is sIIluppoII'. i\\' liTar from ulite province of A N iu ARRIVEI).
.\ubutuIwo, that on lihi 17th and I81l, 20,hit) Hussian I PAnN AR ). coming froIin Lithuania passed through on their In the -loop Diligence, from Jamaica :-Mrs. Teni-
wa to join ilthe main ranny. son, anl Miss Lindsay.
Bedn, July 25.-T-e' Koni -tmbre Gamute sis %: tiat ,..
the Polish corps ,,f ;i.i. t;i'il. .i wlicrl siaiu. i roI rae ire i, CHRIST CHURCH PARI H.o
Prusia, under (;Gienrnil ('lilap iski, linilano and Szy- !
mnnmsicki, consilas of fli ?i olirc'ers, 6,(1X7 privates, wih ali rS r ia rar
26 cannon. Time late of Gen. lI)iiiirski is not known. VIN(I fixed the assizeu of RREAD at the late ofrts
Tie Poles are in two conseniint bivlnuirs, and there is I per harrel If isuperine Flour, Ordered, that tIh
no sien Oif choler. n onaIiii th(l- I hillinI., Loaf do wceigIh 21bs. M ri., andl the sixpenny Loaf
Jrmel, July 16.-Ith seeml thiat when Ge;n. Giel',Lil, 1il. 4loz. By orlder of the \% trv.
enmrid. Litlhuania I, .at .aI Kowno, on ile (ilh of Junie, I DAVID SPIENCE, Vestry Clerk.
'l Russian troipis amiiolinlltl Ioi ( ) II,000 II in di(l'll.l'l VRF.TR Room, 4lh Orlolwr, 18.1.
po.itions, biial.' n -,,ra-. (i en. kauly., li' ar'ngth o -- --- --I--
hkirkc not kno,,wn, .d 6ti call o,,ln. (i'i.lilad dlila- P AIlSl OF CIIHIST (11H'I 11' I
P'loLi., wlen Iuilled, hal onlv .(Y111 IIn en anld 2N caniiiln, 7th October, IlHll.
n1d were in tin' ".*il o.liiedil to w.k refuse in lle PI'rnt- DERSONS desirotio of completing a Buihling on a
ni territory, which thLe aicri are('rred o sirr.dier- Lot in Shirley Sirerl, late the properly rf the late
irf to the RuKsslUI, lir the rieaonls in thie fi- Aaron Dixon's Estate, will please give in proposals for
lwine declaratiinii, signed by ite untfiers of the Puhili th samein, on or before Monday, the 31st instant, gree-
aWPs detached into Lilltiiinin: dIly toI a plan and aiscification, which can be viewed, on
The Iolishi arp1s dleacired fur tie purpose of ora- rcfcrcnce to William Ilield, E quire, Church Warden.
"iing1 thP Litiineaiii.a insuirrection in ri'sul ir corpo lian ine By order of the Vestry,
f"dll that insurrection ner lvy snppr'sa-Il by verv situri.r DAVID SPENC(E, Vetry Clerk.
tuitns forc's--havine Iln*.n reduced, y r u-'saral rn!..- i. I-
mesta, to 30)0 me.ii-and havine epel'ii. l all thir am-. NOTICE.
ulantion-find ves. rnedceild to, le necruie r. ilt iier A LL PIERSONS having demands against the estate
Ot suetdsrinl to the RuHIian', or of fiorcinig il'ir wa a t, of tlw late Anlrew Seton, Esq. dceased will please
ser'o the Pntirian frontier. Desirim, of protetninr iont render the same duly attested ; and those indebted tomid
y against the union of Poland with BHssia, ilhe- have estate, will make pa ment to Mr. Conrad
one to Ihe renolition to throw themselves iotou hl hands ELIZA SETON, Executrix.
of tie Pruuians." JOHN TIOMSON, lr
flmr wr September 29th.

At a meeting of the Committee of the Ba-
hw a r Rrealt Club, held in the Public Build-
SM, an the Rth R imh. it was
o's9sed, That the day nf ailing for the Cup, he on
Tlaulal, the first dla of Novenml-.r; and that no vi'
[mr 6teen, or above forty tons, lshall Le allow ud to sail
Pa t6 omn.
islrW 16th.

T IIE SUBSCRIBER, being desirous of paying offall
demands against him, and closing all hm accounts
nt the end of the present year, request an immediate pay-
nwnt of nil sIins dih him. 'Any accounts remaining unpaid
Sfter the 1.- December will be put in suit.
October 1st.


On Monday mnet, the (0 i awit.
At is OwOIea. A. .
Wil he sod
Superfine Flour, in burelk,
Rice and Corn in bags,
Sperm. and Tallow Candls in bomz,
50 Leaves double refined Sugar,
1 Pipe BRANDY in lots to suit purchaser,
Crackers in kegs,
With a variety of other articles,
Ters,--CASII on delivery.
At tie MuoAhs' Credit,
16 barrels Choice Sugar,
2 very valuable slaves named John, and Sarah,-
Terms will be made known at the time of SMle.
Immediately afterwards at Frederickstreet slip for CASH
2 Lo Mahogany,
October Hlh.

On Monday mnet, the 10ith histn,
At 11 0'lnks. A. A .
Will be mold
llthout Reseree,-(by order of the Ezrectsr.)
The valuable House and Lot situate in Shirley Stset,
the property of time late Mr. John L. Bisuon, adjoining
East, on the prenivi's of Don Cipriano Palaciuo
Tesmt-3 months' Credit on giving security.
O(toler let.

On Monday next, the 10th instat,
At 0O O'lok1, A a
Will be Sold
A quantity of Old Iron,
Copper, Anchor, &c. &c.
Terrs-CasH on delivery.
.19 three Months' Credit on giving approved uevrI f
A Nrgro irl, an excellent Iloum Servant, Ic.
October 8th.

On Monday next, the 101t istant.
At 1O Ow'lk, A. M.
Will be Sold
Superfine Flour, in barrels
Jamaica Sugar, in ditto
Mackerel, in ditto
Itice and Curn, in bags
Soap and Candles, in boxes
Fig Tobacco, in kegs
A new hair Mattress, &c. &c.
Terms, CASH.
October 8th.

T IIE SUBSCRIBER will put in uit, indiesrimiMtely,
all accounts due to him, and remaining unpaid ari
the fint day of November next.

September 2 th.


T IlE SUBSCRIBER, intending to leave the Babam
in all November next, calls on all hese to whom he
may be indebted for their respective demands; and thbo
indebted to hin, Ie earnestly nrquests, will sette e amme
hy the end of Selpt'mul'r ensuing, tou enable him to msEt
lhe demands against hin, and all accounts remaining un-
paid at that period will be sued for indiscriminately.
20lth July, R111.
That commodious Iloue and Lot, itnale
in Shirley Street, tim property of Mr.
Richard Barnet. For term (which will
be made convenient) and other particular,
apply to the Sabllcriber.
October 4th. JOHN WILDGOOS.
The House and Premises at prest oeeupid
by Mrs. Poitier. The House roomy and
convenient, with largelKisehe and wra haou
attached, chair house and salfiag for th
hones, extensive yard and gram piece. The owl bA
have been lately thoroughly srpaired, and e reaW part
of the fences have been newly pat op.
A tract of Land situated at the Village, raloainng 50
arrs. It is divided by the villfs-nmrs imeatol Lons, the
western lot beinl interrecte by the new d leading from
tlie village into the RlIe hill road. This lad will be die-
pued of in one or three lots. Apply to
eptember 7th. JOfIN W. MILLER.

LU, .E~r

a-ozdeNe mo tlt ls b with

A To.DAt K '--h rnd wh-hlhe aluh.i Athat mamao,
AUO-DAft LO& c?.m"- Ism .1h"s;,
Scomao reaso, but ;. d may I be allowed to Uy,
tI MUril leh .] p ued by tLis we e accomplish hed that
And fr aey, Giamp whkh reald for a.oW L, ad ur bod, whic ha ,t
My lord and o. ri. -a he il in d sets of Pla na bn 6. in vain:
mh : promd i terity thor will opd who will weOO it in .
A Ipn ead .d the T m. ajus balace, and, putting ids all party spirikw V grant t
Thre Fnreo veel a anchor in the river.-Ier m Man ne .
mourn a my mnaes. Try it pi "We have obeyed di orders of MarMhal Mmoan t, id
My loN aed foster, your pleasures am no quito bcae wour honour required us to bmit. If the fusion i
hand, l thak heaven, tiheB yet remain to you base of blood hu been greater ta it ought to have been-- a
o be uerorked and d uchea to iat at your at thousmds of brave men have fel, it is of te Duke of
Mo e, UlIbm, than I hrae dhe st to enjoy. Ameady Ra we must demaud matidsction-for he alone must ,
I tremble like an old on, and I bhav not seen my twena fetrd sting o conscience" h
ty-sliat your. My Ilunray is go ; I canmo think or Is
rPisct. My bead is a pa.ce of coalusion: my body one Glory.-A writer in the Now Meomly M egane quotee the n,
,.am nf agitati. I should thi.k dhat a king could en- folloewl g emedote a a ipeni of the Fenscb love of sl
dues. an. glory :,,-" After numerous aphunta bad, with infinite labour lI
Md and St, succeeded in climbing up a high pole (well pgased to in-
My i lrd and master, yiut ya too haird pon y lurifel crease the difficulty of the eplpoit) and had dismantled it I
It is youth which pruiduee in you thi imltmncai ol life. a ll prisne-hets, watcs, and m forth, suspended at the n
Titus was like you. top-- little ragged boy a the attempt. Several times
Titual it was he who burt Rome, wa it not I did he fail; but at length, by dilt of laborious perseverance,
If you please, Sire. he succeeded in gaining al, indeed, that remained for him
To tell the truh,. my old oonvulion. have become in- to gain--tbe hair point of do pole. Having achieved thin. n
upportab. The asec.tans Hum, thy are well enough he re-descended, sidst the lamutios of the mob. As
an or isw but are always pretty uch the anme thing. be rutted by me I said to him. 'Pray' ow, what have yo
A In whom you drown-whlt i he but a body which gamed by aloolof thisbour' e, d, d a updden stop, eyed
dips into dies water, is 1ulkd up with two or three pilotis in we with sluook of meonishmmt, sod, drawing op his tmowsers,
dits into the water is pulled up with two or three piit in tryingg his hat firmly dow apon hib head, and sticking hi A
i< hngsl, lnd that is the end of it. T ie gibbet 1 Will do arms akimbo, eaclalmod, ina tone which Talma might have
fiw the people, hbt fr me-Gilbao, I cannot find in it but envied, *Comment, Monsieur! et la gloire?' Now what do e
o's moutent of entrtainmentlt, and that is wmhn the fel- all this prove, admitting all the Frenchness of the story. to
low's lounru becomes green aud foauy in is tlhroir. which the narrator woulil lay claim I It merely proves that
Perhaps, ire, you would like to uaut of a little cd- the French people have an ieaistible propensity to talk
anoeny. about glory. The Engluishn loves glory quite a heartily
le.eys I I I f e is a beau. the Frenchman does; hbt the Englishiman is no great
Clmeny-mh k iood t ure lto myr f, 1wit is a bmnu- aod at talking about it. It is even questionable whether
tiful womnin who does not bite; some t'ueu water ming- thorough Englishman is always aware of what is his motive
lhl with oki wini--his ckmeay of yours, when he is urged by a love of glory to perform any out-
Mv lord anil mastr, it jet ual think. rageous exploit What is it but glory that prompts, u we
G(lhuo. shy lave our laws permitlll the ceatoni of sometime real in the papers, some todeour two or three legs
autlo-lI-fl to fall into disumr, the punishment by firel of moon, or two or three pounds of candles. or to swallow
Thiv must be as refreshing on u wam muunmer night gallonof gin-oher to walk thousand milus lothousand
Nirn, tlhe est thirgsi pass away. eceassve bour.. other to ride horse to death, othe to
What if I should give the people astie oof suto-ma-fesl hill a borae worth 4500. ii catching a hare worth three aul
u are' antnu nine revolutionaries await diir fate in aiopenge. mail others to sped a fortune to obtain a seat in
t H' are i.u e ni rvelut Ponris await oir fae i ligament, where they never si, or only sit ad sleep ?"
th are'fi lr of vr o dev ned. CawUmt, ;doaeur! tr t gla "'-Atls.
TIhy an jnrllld *nS Ci;demoned.
To' walit. siro e From the Jornl oef Healt.
Toi ire! Tl'-aiurro@ lot rte windows of the palace which Defectinr Visioa.-Accoding to Professor Beer, one
Lntk aUltI tin' itinre e openeimd. I invite to this fete my of the oust di-tinguished oculists of Europe, defective
fritinil, all the yvniiing nhlles who eliven my everings, vision is very often the result of inattention to the preo-
all th' hliei ofn my nobility. Gilha,, you make prepm- -ervation of the eyes dluing infancy and youth. By in-
rniioie for an ert.lilnt supper at 7. 'ires and diamonrsL cautiously exposing the eyesuf young child to a glaring
shwilif e seen at iiighlt. At lIst I have found fete light, inammniation is very liable to he produced, with al
And wlwn dark night deseausnl, gnmmed with stars, its various train of spci clouds, cataacts, and partial
tie salnreci di.riirged their inmates. They uock to ihe or total blindness. If l infant be carried ioto the son-
sqluare, and sisue i.on places here they can behold the shine, or placed oppoiate to a bright light, it instantly
lisertaclr, which in preparing beneath the windows of the cries, from the irritation which the light occasions in its
kine. P'vr mnid. of dry wnmd, rreinois fiagots and burn- tender organs. Of this the ignorant nurse takes no ac-
ing torches are waiting for the human It-eh which they count; but to quiet the fretfulness, as she terms it, of the
are asha* t to ruusune-A.t last the prions onpn, anl chill, increases the evil, by endeavouring to direct its
nine victims rlothed in saibeunmt, and bearing liamubeaux, attention to those surrounding objects which are the bright-
are rdnurlil tio tlh great tqumre. Pes anil most dadling. The very common practice of
Lii! one I lnresrly mounted the pile. Don Miguel offers holding a candle, lamp, or mirror near an infant, to see it
a lans of chrlisnirne to the Count Perm The revoli- take notice, as it is called, is very often the came of
tionary skin shrives ap, the hair catches front the rein, indnmmation ofthe eye and loss of sight; or, if the in-
and the victim is wrapped in flames. Long live Dou fant escape tlese, i most probably has its vision perms-
Mierel !" nently impaired, or its eyes straitened into an incurable
T'. aeond ascends. squint. Allowing infant d young children to remain
His Majesty toucrls with the tip of a fan the cheek of in a smoky apartment, i other caam of injury to the
a duchem, wlao attention wa ditracted. "How ami- eyes, and ronsequent defective vision. I more advanced
able is the young king !" childhood, the eyes sidd be cautiously habituated to look
The whole nine pas on. Long live! long live Don at distant objects, in order to avoid near-sightednem, as
MituaI" Al the bottles are emptied; all the duchemes often produced by the absurd practice of onfiing children
are embraced. Tim ensuii roomring you might see dogs for too long a p d to mrerie and school roons, and
in the- reM who were gnawing human bone; on die renting her spending suffcient time in the open ait.
uor before rit pala rw tre yt lay fragments of bottle, i too much the fashion, though on this point we are
a few dusty plumes, and so giirdle which had fallen happy to find rational views are becoming every day
from tim balcony. nore prevlent-it is too much the cutem, to strain the
The nest day was Good Friday. eye of children, even to very aching, by hourly ntak in
Frc a -A of poltwenty different sciences, which they may indeed be
Fvt renlato.--A boest of pampleti, or ~is aught, parrot-like, to matter, but which it n impomible
are now ducking forth to commemorate the glories of they can take delight, i, or comprehend. May a fine
the" Thee Deay." Among the we notiac" A Nar- girl bnhad her ight, in this manner, most cruely smcri-
rative of the Revolutionary Events, which happened ficed, by being competed to strain her eyes for hours
during the last week of July, 1880; principally regarding daily, in poring over music, or in the still more trying
the conduct ofthe Swim Soldiers quartered at the Bar- occupationoornamiteal needle-work, while it i denied
rarks of Babyon;" by a late Capt.-Lieut. of the 2nd her torereahtha i wit thegreeneryofneM re,ex-
Rerg. of the Guard, and translated by Lieut W. P. cepting perhaps in a akomn walk of a few minute in he
(owlinr. H. N. This memorandum of the work will be apology for a garden ofasoe city boarding ascool. The
useful to such persons as are collecting facts and arra- eyes, ays Beer, must never be fatigued i youth nor
tivn towers a hksory of the gtat event; and the fol- till the body acquires sagth. For if children are put to
lowing extract may dearve their special attention: study whoe dte body i weak, the might is in the umnno
SIn terminating the recital of facts which I have prilofbeingadetroyed, and that before the parent are
wnemed, I cano hllp adding a few words the aware of the danger. Net to the too early and too pro-
psitloe In whih we found ouselvea during te bloody longed eercis of the eyes i youth, thee is perhps
ays of the 8thr and 9th of July, this posion evnn nothing s injurious to perfect visio a expoaig chil-
spakj ia the aroagd aunas r for a. drea to the earactis of au evening aembly. By
The Swh we u surromedd by as army of acitmem the gl of the light, the sparkling of gilded furniture,
ready to overthrow every thing tI related to the power briliantdm m andchrystalla mps or chadelierstheeyes
of the king, to whom they had swor dearsction The are udly excited at a period when naur intended they
Swi rem la the Barracke of Babylo" aloe, w their should he ahtea d from all smuli, and daed in sleep.
.slmur. thdi oalh, and their arm; if they Id ma The injury fram this ae further Increaed by the
*aderd., dey would have tarnsdhed firt, vinaid the heated and vitied air of the room, and by the improper
mme aad ad o longer have been worthy to m- the mord article and excitment too often take., ine the omach;
ai mdhee M nter d to Lm furel it be recolBeed by all as wer the young a the
citsen troopsof Paris, hn, as it might le said more aged, that whatever tendo to injure he organs of
armt A the boaom of the earth, would hve received au diae -i, is a very powerful means of impairing the
and qaI lour livea but himery would nto hm e fargleno vision. One ofthe beat rules, thereoe. which can be
that te t t of Wiliam Tell prefrssed infamy o given for the tio of the sight, is that which is
deah ia -h ting a sacrduty by duining hek in plicableto l d Mn; namely, attend lo the gn-
the day of l heahh by tmwnprte living, hy reul'r eserre in the
We ought a et, ain we could not refue to ight, m opep opnair, by sfcient sleep, and, though lait not leas, by
w wrm t cerraib of ing or cnae. But there eials in early riing.

qqw.- -



0 a to b whichse nd k I used tLo -a rm n
= m 3 t *"oPhit mf the day, F Y O
ia bath be wa continually t g the i war a
im the t mpeanmre; so that I was sometimes
61h 0 deose vapour that I could nm on to read, and
Open the dwor. BOa e digly
Id avers to all eeas. is lattern pbably
ea that sleep i incompatible with getau, hae
Squal disregard of truth in speaking of his night
g. Buonaparte made others watch: but he hamlf
nd slept well. Ilia orders were that I should eal
boring at irven. I was therefore the Ant to enter h04
er but very frequently, when I awoke him he wkoul
Himself. mad ly Ah. Boonme, let me asleep s
sMger." When there was no very important bulns,
at disturb him again till eight o'clock. He hi g
lept seven hours out of the twenty four, beside t
lort nap in tlie al'teraoon.
Among the private instruction which Buoneparte gita,
ne was very curious: During the night," aid he, 4
iy chamber as seldom n possible. Do not wake me
ou hare good news to communicate; with that there k
ur1; but when you bring me bad news route me im-
e then there is not a moment to be lost." This wai
ggulation, and Buonaparte found his advantage ia it.
[Bsericnne's Memoirs of Nopaokm.

It has become almost unquestionable that some al
Cidd, as he saile," is doing deeds of darkness an |
tLlantic waters offthe American coast. It will be I
efrence to the arrivals at New York, that the ship
.hmaf, t4 days from Mobile. aw oa the 0th inst. a
ir, off the western coast of Florida; and beheld the
asts tumble overboard. Let our readers compare tait
he representations of the captain of the achr. Philideli
t Newbom, on the 4th July. He was informed a ionitr
reviou to his reaching Newbern, by the Ocracock pi
hat a schooner had been seen a few days before of C
Henry, burnl to the water's rdge. The piratical venel whr
nay be supposed to have burnt the schooner of the Iu
Cape, having had between a week and a fortnight to s
outwardly, could easily have been by the Oth of JIly
Florida reef: could have plundered a ship, met her oa
ad sailed out of might. There is great reason to be ig
when ship after ship is burnt at se, in a short sape a
no one nurvives to tell how or why. We repeal it, th
hbing look suspicious !--Phiiodelpa Galette.

It is not improbable that his Majesty may visit Rom
luring the present year, as a motion made by aMueimi
he Lower or Second Chamber of that country was ra
owrlds the close of last month by a majority of 4M l a
i1 votres for transmitting an address to his Majesty, soldier
him. with the greatest eamestnes, to visit that ponied
his domisions. The visit ia the more confidently expsa
ai it i known that his Majesty intialted to one of thle
bern of the Deputation, who came to this country froa am.
over about three months back, that his Ilanoveriu s aips
might exper a visit from him in tbh course of the sum
--Jma im Courma.

From Croly's Life of George IV.
The adventurer, vicissitudes, and fiseinations f ti
Clarke. had been for some time the engrossing tbhm
conversation and curiosity. She wal a person of ioin
origin, who had deserted her husband, passed throuldi
usual alterations of luxury sad destitatlon, which mak 6
career of certain peronms' as Mr. Wilberforce decrau
expremed it,-ruinng. by her podigalities, those iuwhm
fascinated by her charm, until she had pased the nmoi
of life. when it, was her fortune to make e conquest di
Duke of York. The appearance of thi modern Phrym
the bar of Parliament fully vindicated the interest wbicli
had excited, and the renown which preceded her. Pbcm
of, or nder. the middle stature of the mei. Her figure
beauty were stilt asereely impaired by age. But the mn
of her away lay chide in her exercised, if not accomnliA
lacullies and manner. Her obeisance, oa presenting ha
at the bar of the lloue. was pronounced a chef-d'w 11
theatrics grace. In the course of her examination she am
rimes discovered the pert effrontery of women of her ari
Hut the ease. adroitness and pleasantry of her replied i
her artfil ornmiand. at pleasure, of aelf-pssesaion and "
rioan. soa obtained her personal as well as political Btatt
When the freedom. pont or levity of her naswers,
checked with cn nf order, and appeals to the dinit
the House, by Mr. rereeval and Mr. Wiloerforce. otheb
couragted and cheered her. 'Who,' asked the Aftorsey-'t
neal. brought rou that message ?'- A particular fri r
the Duke's.'-- Who was he ?'-- Mr. Tayler. the ahorma~
of Bond-treet.' (A lhugh.)-- By whom did von send y
desires to the e ke?--' By my own pen.'--' I miean
hrought the letter '--' The same ambohsader.'--' W'bg"0
bhamior.'-' Why, the emnibedorof Moraccu.' Tis al
produced an explosion e merriment, and the Speaker th
ened her with the displeasure of the House."

PAILbotom.-An Italian wason his deith-iod. P
rently came in a man whom he had aggrieved, and wim
although told he was in a dying tate, resolved, in the Ih"
lian way, todo the businem with his own hands. He en~
ad the chamber, gave the aick man a desperate stab, a
o departed. By the flni of blood that irned from
wound (for it sems he required bleeding) he quite rtw
ympalky.-It is from having suffered ourelve, dol
we learn to appreite the misfortun s ad want of odi'n
and become doubly inserted in prevention r or relir'i
them. The heman heart," am an elegant Freach istd
observes," resembles certain mdicinal tree, which yiTi
not their healing bahm mtl they have themselves bae
Dumonlin, the famous French physicist, at his dit
observed, tlat he left behind him two famous physiucm
Upon being asked who they were, he replied regimen
river water.
When the lmrgeon of Tripoli take offa limb,the tis
is dipped into a bowl of bet pitch, which ettles the 1U14
ing, without the trouble of ti iag up the arteries


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